The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1944
Page 5
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 3944 ULYTHEV1LLE COU#IEB<.NEWS ihaver Renamed In First Ballot Officjol Tabulation Him Majority Lieut-Governor LITTLE. HOCK, Aug. 1. (UP) — fflcinl preferential primary returns from Arkansas' 15 counties show •hat J. L. Sluwer of Wynne has been rcnomlnntcd lieutennnt governor without necessity of a run-ofl. _ Secretary Harvey G. Combs of •the Democratic state Committee fays tlic official tabulation, inudc mtllcr fill county committees hnd ccr- Itlflcd tlic vole In last week's i>rl- linary, • revealed thai Slmver had a J934 majority over his nearest opjjo- •neut. state Hep. Lee Baker of Luke •Village. The offldnl vote was: Shaver—80,4-10. Baker—08,099. Prince—20,407. In tlic race for a.ssoelnte justice •of the Arkansas Supreme Court, the •vote revealed that Circuit Judge • Lawrence C, Auten of Little nock |lf!id a plurality. He will face Cir- •ciiil Judge Minor W. Mlllivee of De •Queen in the run-off, j. Fred Jones •of Little Hock, who didn't cam- •pnlgn for the post, was eliminated I Congressmiin j. w. Pulbright of iKiyetlcville polled 15.0(10 more votes lin the senatorial race than Ills near- lesl opponent, Governor Homer M • Artklns. Here is the offidnl vote' iFulurlght 06,352; Adklns 49815• Barton 43.409; Caraway 24,881 and |Venuble 880. The official returns In the govcr- luor's nice revealed Hint Ben Ln- Iney of Camden held a 7,000 vote • lead over J. Bryan si ms . Sims was Ito have met Lauey in'the run-on • August 8th, hut withdrew Satur- Iday. Former Congressman Dnvld ID. Terry was eliminated. The vote' ILnney 70,065; Sims 63,463 and Terry MB.3.-. «Hic?:t<itnl vole for the state was 36,397, some 16,000 greater than I the number of votes cast in the 1942 I prcferenti.ll election. . Crude petroleum production in I Peru increased to 14,653.728 bnr- Irels in 1943, and the Peruvian gov- I eminent is conducting explorations 1 to further increase production, [with one region in (hat country I reportedly the largest potential I area in the estern Hemisphere.- Full Speed—and Danger—Ahead , JsS Taking part In the lightning assault which wcstcd the key French city ot St. Lo from Ihe Gcr- JIMIIS, this U. S. lie.-ivy tank, loaded will) Infantrymen, roars inlo tho outskirts ot Iho town— despite the ominous sign at the roadside. Sign reads: "DaiiRei -Road Not Clenr ot Mines Beyond This 1'oint." • EPSOM IN WASHINGTON How Dewey Writes A Speech •BY S. BURTON IIKATII ALBANY.—During the next three months you arc going lo hear-and read a lot of speeches by Thomas E. Dewey as he campaigns for the presidency. You may be Interested to learn how these will be prepared. I can give you a pretty good idea. Let's suppose that Governor Dewey has accepted an invitation to speak in your city on a certain date. He win call into conference about half a do'icn men. They will probably include Eliott Bell, former member of The Ne\v York Times editorial board and for several years Dcwey's personal adviser on financial matters; James. C. Hagcrty, former political reporter for that paper; Paul Lockwood, longtime Inti- iiiale friend and associate; John Burton, since 1938 Dcwey's chief research assistant; Charles Breiicl, his former law partner; Hickmaii Powell, writer who has been associated wllli every campaign Dewey bus miiilc. Bell now is his superintendent of banks, Ilngerly his executive assistant, Lockwood his secretary, Burton his budget director, Brcltcl his counsel. Powell Is research specialist on farm problems for the 0. O. P. National Committee. THEUK MAY »E A FUKK-FOU-A1.I, To this group Mr. Dewey may present » very tentative first draft of the projected talk. More probably he will tell them in broad terms what he proposes lo say. If any disagree, there may be a free-for- all without gloves until substantial accord can be iilluincd. Then ouc or more of the subor- WINDOW GUARDS and *• METAL WEATHERSTRIPPING Now Available. Thone ff\ For Estimate. E.C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PEACHES Georgia Belle and Elbertas $3 Per BUSHEL At My Farm on Greenbriar Ridge. H. L KNAPPENBE W dinates will volunteer or be n.sked to prepare a draft. If more than one is written, l|»; Ix-st material from all will be combined by somelwdy— often Powell—Into a single version, "There is." one jmi tells me, "no pride of authorship' | n the members of this group, (hough sometimes we will right for a phrnsc or which we are proud." Tills working version Dewoy's Ideas < by Die discussion) combines (as modified, ^oftcn, «nd the 'facts and figures obtained from or'check- ed with the most accurate sources to be found. -Mr. Dcwey Is a' "bur" on checking all data. ' There is another get-together on this clriifl. if the speech is io t bc n major opus, somewhere along l'he llno fovir oiuer men are llnblo to be culled-In, These me Cleonjc Modalle, who Jlrst brouijlit Dewey Into public life; noger W. Struiis, mlnliii; expert and philanthropist; John Poster Dulles, expert on Inlema- (lonnl iilfHtrs, and NulUmnl Chali'- maii Ilcrbcrl. Hrowncll. As the campaign goes on other consultants will be added. A speech to be made In California, for example, would be Inkeu up with one or more trusted advisers from Unit stnle: one for the middle west would be gone over with persons who know at first hand tho problems and sentiments of that rctlon. NOW KNTKKS MRS. DEWKY Al about this singe Mrs. Ocwey looks over (ho drafl. One regular parllclpant cannot recall a shiKlc siiccch which she did not sec shortly before the Ihial version was'pre- pared. Nor is her part perfiihctiiry. She makes suiiccstlons as to both content and form, and often they are taken. At last a ill-nil., now pretty well worked to correct lenstli, Is taken by Mr. Dewey into seclusion. Prom It us i-.-uv material lie dictates—or writes In longhand with pencil on ICBiil-sl/e ruled yellow paper pads— his own words. He may, and often docs, lift a 'smooth phrase Intact.— Powell and Burton are good at catch phrases, but so Is Dcwcy himself. Some of (he best are his own. He dictates or writes methodically mul meticulously. His principal willing Job consist.'! of chopping lone sentences Into shorter ones and ar- rnnglnj; his phrases so lluil when delivered they will fit Into the rhythm of his speaking style. The acceptance speech wns » partial exception to this procedure, lie .slaitel on taut Tuowlay morning, locked hi a room In llic executive mansion. That evening he went over It with Uell, tockivood, Powell and Hagerly and sinonlhcd it out on the plane (lying l o Chicago. .Vitamin o conlent In evaporated milk can now be protected by 'vnc- unin sealing of cam. Salvage From BAAF Brings Army $5,833 Wlinl comes out of the tack dnm- lit the niythcvillo Army Air Held BOOS vlljlil buck tlironuli llu: front dooi 1 , thitnks to the vigilance of tin: local Sulvaijc Department. Their records show that during llic fiscal year cntllm; July 1, iu,. 151] I'.oumls of sera]) paper were roi- It'rtwl nt this stiitlon, .bundled fen shipment, and sold to factories lor $801. All salvage mnterluls colli-cl- Ccl oil this field and sold ilurlni; that period, Including greiLsc, tnoi- uls and paper, brought Hie Ami)$5,833.78. In nddldon, liu-ge quanUllos ol snlvaue hiivo boon either stored w converted for use by Hie incn ot Salvage Department, workl»« (lie (llrrcllou of First Lieut. •Sfiii-cy, fiilvai'.o officer. vllln . Tlie . busses, oiwrullne fioin tins I'ubllc llotiHliiii Quartcia and the Knsl oalc to nil (tepiirljnciito 011 (lie Mi-lit, were mndo avullablc so thnt no necessity will exist, for person"I use of other military vehicles of this s(allon, thereby Mulng gas- id lives, USO Camp Show Will Be Offered Hero Thursday "Monkey Shines", a USO i:»m|i Show production will bo iiresoulnl be Tore military iicrsomu-l and Ilirlr fuinlllcs at the IIAAV lli'cii'ulhm Hal! Thiirttlnv nlslil. dipt. o. h. llenson, siicclnl .services ofllccr, said today, "Monkey Shines," to apiiour line under Ihc auspices, of the Special I Services Office, fwitmvs the ilnnr- lug of iji'iici'lul Allccit Ueml, tlu> jjltigliiK «f the Hope skiers, and the mimicry of Ncal Hlanlcy itnil Marl I, Admission will bo free to all mtl- iliiry personnel. Gets Commission Dcncy Porter of 305 Ea4*D»vir?' lilylhcvlllc, yafr, graduated, on '. Jul&>" 'U fronv Ihc JJaval Air -Trainin/ Ccntei, Corpu^. OJirlsU, Texas, and was commissioned; a- lleutenarit, In Ilia U B Marine Corps R«s*j:vi < V I Ictiteimnt porter received hls~- picllmlnaiy flight \ Instruction* f«t tlio Memphis,, Tenn, naVal a!r paiK' '' of Moy, 1044, one out of ev— wy thicc civilians cWplojfed 'at ' depots ----- " ------ Bus Service Started At 8/yfJjeyif/e Field An Inlrn-pasl bus system Inlllaled at the 13AAP lust Tor the benefit ol military mid cl- i» ELECT . . . JUDGE MINOR W. MILLWEE . . .ASSOCIATE JUSTICE Thanks . . . for Your Support al the Polls on July 25th, Which Put Judge Minor W Millwec in the Lead Now'.. Let's Elect... JUDGE MINOR W. MILLWEE Whose Judicial.Qualifications, Character and Integrity, and Proven Ability As a Judge- Qualify Him for the Higher Office of— ASSOCIATE JUSTICE -Here Are the Facts About Judge Millwee * A native uf Ilimijo, Scvier Counlj', Arkansas; 43 Earned Ms expenses while L.llcmliiiB Hcmlriy A yfiira of age, married and a father of ll.rcc Collc K c n n,l University of Arkansas. Received ~ " B. A. and l,;iv degrees from the University. Tliis ts tlic Ofririnl Record Of (he Two 'Uuii-OIT' CaiuUilalcs Vcars as Judge Cases Affirmed Cases Hcvcrscil of Cases AfRrmcd Minor W. Millwee Lawrence C. Auten 7 66 20 6 40 23 (Millwce's rcrccntagc Is 10^4 Above the State Average) 77% 64% »' for nine itucy anrt Nearly 100% Or Jiulffc Alilhvcc's "iromc- foiinly I r olks" voted for him ill the Primary. His "lloinc-T-'nlks" know him and hcticvc in him as a man, and his ability a.s a jurist, Tlicy save him 1,108 votes anrt his opponent 30. , In Otlicr Wortls .. . I Judge Millwee Received 91 1'er Cent Of his "Home County's Vote" Ami . , . Too IMillwce Kcceiveu" S,i8! or 20 I'cr Cent of the Voles Cast in His Opponent's Home County "POLITICAL BOSS" LEO P. McLAUGHLIN'S ciirlorscmen or tawrcnee C. Auten, and his political; Don't Let Anyone Dictate Your Vote ... Exercise your riftht of Free Clioicc. Tliis is a Democratic Slate and .von can still vole for the man of YOUIl OWN CHOICE whom YOU think is best qualified. We Ask Your Consideration of ... Judge Minor W. Millwee Candidate for Associate Justice This Is a political advertisement . . . paid ror bv frirnrk ' w t d 1 ,' (tgC .^ l " or W - Mlllwco ' ' ' wll ° arc interested in tin- holding the dignity and Integrity of our State's Courts. I Judge Millwee Is the Type of Man Most People Want As Judge of Their Courts. —Political Advertisement I DRl/vfK OR. PEPPER. ITS FOR . UTTLE \ISHAVERS NEW PROCESS Makes Harf $ Bread THAN EVER * *; * AN IMPROVEMENT YOU CAN SEE! Just take a few slices of Hart's bread and compare them with any other bread on the market.. . Notice the velvety smoothness, the freedom from holes in the texture of Hart's . . . Then ask your family to comment on the improved taste! A TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU! (All This Week!) We will give $5 to any man, woman or child who can show us another loaf of bread being marketed in Blythevitle or this area that has the same smooth texture Hart's Enriched Bread has! The newly improved Hart's Bread is the result of months of work on the part of our experts ... At last- we have it!—A really better loaf, with an improvement you can see with your own eyes! Although the new loaf goes through two extra processes, there is no increase in price! . . . This is just what we've been working to give you—THE BEST LOAF OF BREAD IN BLYTHEVILU, AND STILL AT A POPULAR PRICE! Hart's B/ythevi/fe Owned, Employing Blytheyille People

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