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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 15

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 15

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

.11 Hi Oakland Tribune, Thursday feb. 12, 1948 15 Immigration Law Tough on Baby Boy Slayer's Parole Date; Announced RADIO OPERATOR'S ZONE VIOLATION SUIT DELAYED i X'- i CHICAGO, A 16-month-old boy must leave his Chicago parents for year in Europe because of an unusual immigration law situation. The boy will leave Chicago by plane for Denmark Monday to remain for at least a year with his grandmother until he can enter-the United States on a quota basis. Neils Francis Rebholz, of Chicago, That act provides that if a man who has lived less than five years in the United States after his 16tb birthday should go abroad, any child born to him in -a foreign land does not' receive American citizenship by birth. When Neils was born his father, a natural born American, now 24. was a member of the merchant marine and had been in Europe since he was 19. Damon, ease, so, sentenced to a life term in 1934 -lor gunfire slaying of Hugh MaHoch, Berkeley qpidrairt of blindness, and sever sirrss and emotional strain. After aa 'impartial examination, however Garden agreed to a trial delay. Neighbors had forced the suit be ctijse of the of the num-befof amateur messages relayed ojsfpow'f over-seas station. The City of San Leandro's injunction suit over alleged zoning violations of amateur radio operator Clifford Dow, 4t, has been delayed until March 18 because illness of the defendant caused. byr "emotional strain" in the neighborhood row. Presiding Judge T. W. Harris of Alameda County Superior Court service; station operator and pre-medical student at the University Humbert, of 333 JEstudillo Avenue San Leandro, covering the symptoms. The. physician attested that Dow, center of a general neighborhood dispute over his erection of a second story radio room to; his garage, was confined to bed at bis residence, 278 West Broadmoor. The affidavit which was questioned by City Atty. Arthur M. Carden reported Dow is suffering from diabetes "with the danger of a relapse, nausea, involvement of semi-circular canals causing loss of of California, wQl be paroled from ion of Mr. Mr.s. William J. San Quentin in 1951. nch Plans Tour This was disclosed today by the yesterday advanced the hearing A month after his birth little Neils INiLES, JTeb. 12. A garden tour for Rebholz, was born in Rome, Italy, on October 7, 1946. His trip to Copenhagen was -ordered after immigration authorities explained a entered the United States on a non after physicians of the City of San Leandro confirmed Daw's condition. Dow's attorney petitioned the advance of the court session after presenting an affidivit of Dr. James Ajjjril was discussed at this week's meeting of Toyon Branch of the Children's Hospital at the home quota basis, coming here with his parents. His mother has applied citizenship provision of the Enemy Act of 1940 to his father. State Adult Authority following a meeting at. the prison. It reported Pease will be "granted parole when served. 16, calendar years." The slayer was admitted to prison on February 18, 1935. At thfr time-of Tease's conviction for the 1934V mimlir 4h 4urv lor ner cltizensfaip papers. equilibrium, labyrinthitis, having a aars ueorge, Roeding Jr. wtiMton mmM'w Whumn wwhu.i.h wmul jijimum WjjuihWioswi 4 1 v- ii .11 impfisonmentrecommendation drew 10.95 VALUE 2shT Year aychseks Fro fire from, Superior Judge V. Wood. Wood," who- termed the crime "a deliberate, cold-blooded murder." RADIO FLYER criticized operation Of California's parole system and told Pease: "Well, this a chance to-fo out ALL STEEL VJAGOI) ana sou anotner man. Mallpch was shot down when he recognized Pease as one cf two men ho had robbed his station and attempted to capture him. After the shooting Pease and his companion ia the robbery fled to St Louis, where they were arrested. Packed in original factory carton assemble it yourself and save plenty. 33 inches long 14 inches wide, 4 inches deep. So well built it will last junior for years to come. See it carry it home and save dollars! TyUn MIn Flr Other Alameda County, convicts on whom the Adult Authority has ii- i m. i it i in. i i nn i "-ill, taken racoon "include William E. Adams24, Army private sentenced in February, 1948, tor assaulting a 12-year-old girl, whose term was re- fixedat 10 years." The authority stipulated that he be granted parole NeHs Francis Rebholx, 16 month old, will Ieav Chicago Monday by plan lor Denmark to re-enter this country on a quota basis. Immigration authorities ordered the trip to comply with citizenship provisions. AP Wirephoto. Berkeley YMCA fo Hold Annual Dinner when be has served half of the time Vltvfixed the term of William A FRESH FISH SPECIALS FRIDAY FEBRUARY 13TH Cannaday, 43, sentenced for bigamy in August, 1948, at seven and a half Special on Men's YIliTE SPORT SHIRT! years, stipulating he be paroled when" half the term is served. Can naday: allegedly made marital con Kipprcd COD gg(J HALIBUT STEAKS tacts (through "lonely hearts" clubs. lb. ii SMOKtD B.M VA1XJT! Good looking harkalda aport ahlrta each ta a bvtiful JoU tift box. Small, medium, lante ilsea. Dad irffl aurely appreciate this (rand Valentine li 4: while Frank Drake, Berkeley director, will be general chsifman. It win be the first annual meeting since before the war. The program includes reports on community work and setting of new goals for future service to youth in the area. Assisting Drake are Robert Howell, Fred Elkinton, Alfred Maf-fly. Dr. Scott Fox and Clarence BullwinkeL BERKELEY, Feb. 12. Forty-fifth annual dinner ef the Berkeley YMCA, including its branches in West and South Berkeley and Albany, will be held at 6:30 February 24, in the Hospitality Annex. Guest speaker will be J. Roger Deas, director of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, Af0 Half mmm4 VU LAST RITES FOR JAMES PEDGRIFT T1i Pacific Coast's Lartest 94 f) FrssH Fkh Market 1 lliifky tea's Wtar-SeeeaS Fleer Funeral services tor James H. Ped grift, 71, of 518 Apgar Street, a retired builder and general contrac tor, will be held tomorrow at 1 pjn. at the Truman Chapel, 30th Street and Telegraph Avenue. Pedgrift TA Boys' Striped T-SHIRTS First quality cotton knit tee FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13th Ifatit 16 be thriiiy? IXL W4ani to shiru that will wash like ai TAtlALES BoneIsi chickan APRICOTS syrup No. 2Vi in 1U 7.95 VALUE Utility Tables All cteel kitchen utility table on iihih i rolleri In solid I white or white I Jjl mm with red trim. 1 28-inches hJeh I ideal for I kitchen work of 7 all types. Honirhold Min Flr 2M i j. Hju charm. Assorted colorlt stripes. Short sleeve, ere neck. Sizes 2. 4, 6. Truly grand value at this price! Scotch GRANULATED Saratoga Prepared 31" 15 DDIIMEC IVx SOAP No. tin No. Children's Wear Second Floor riiuiiio) Reg. pkg. Fills tfce tin FOR WU 2Vg JEWEL 3-lb. carton SI10RTEUIHG 2.98 Value! Children's BIB OVERALLS No. C.H.B. Chili PPor who died yesterday at a local hospital, had been an invalid years. A native of England, he came the West Coast with his parents when he was six years old. He settled in Oakland 48 years ago and was a partner in a local building firm which bore his name. Before illness forced his retirement; he was an active member of the Chamber of Commerce, Merchants Exchange, Rotary Club, Ki-wanis Club, 100 Club, Hi-12 Club, 50-50 Club, Golden Chain Chapter of the Order ot the Eastern Star, and Standard Masonic Lodge No. 440, of which he was acharter -member. Survivors include his widow, Iha; a Mrs. Marjorie Coustier; two Philip and Delmore Pedgrift, all of Oakland; a sister, Mrs. L. G. Wilson of Los Angeles; three brothers, Samuel, Frank, and Edward Pedgrift, and four grandchildren. Services will be conducted by F-dwihttiaylor, master of Standard Masonic Lodge, and Henry W. Weberi superintendent of the Sec-ond Church of Christ Scientist. Mayflower tlflt 6w VI UHour kottle FOR Sanforized Gabardine bib overalls with gripper fasteners, reinforced points of strain! Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown in sizes 2 to 6. Broken sizes and colors come early! 49 ivonvsowcrini! Mod. 2 toe 23t --ev MORE Vj 'V'rr MONEY! A SINGtl BOWL OF VJ5! Jjk SOMAN Ml Al IS RICH JrA Children's Wear Second Floor Dromdry GRAPEFRUIT linns 4. 19 SPECIAL SALE! TUSSY CLEAF1SII1G UUlLii- Hi Jhn RIPE OLIVES 010 Mammoth, No. 1 tall tin All Gold 24-oK. jar Aftj SLICED DILLS iW pork BEANS mt In tomato sauce, 1 t-cx. tin Spaghetti 1fi(i In sauco ..15 Va-ox. glass Regular 89 Libby'e fianfen Svcc PEAS i i MM 1ST QUA SEAHLESS UTY 1YL0IIS AM GU Whole Tussy Pink Cleansing cream or Tussy Emulsified cleansing cream ftfl Rfl 12-o. Keme Golde Kernel Folk Dance Groups To Hold Festival BERKELEY, Feb. 12. A Folk Anim 00 "DOG FOOD 070 tine 3 far Ul tins crIqkers t. 280i Faro 1.75 size Tail Lovely no-seam nylons with mercerized cotton welt for axtra wear. Sun Shadow, Tropic Blush, in sizes 8V2 to lOH. Limited quantity limit 2 pair to each' customer Hurry in for this terrific bargain pair 95 3.00 size Dance Festival, commemorating Washington's will be stagedby" the Berkeley and Albany Folk Dancers groups at 8 February 2L in the Veterans Memorial Building auditorium, 1931 Center Street Colorful folk dance exhibitions from foreign countries will be given under the direction of Mrs. Robert Kleinhammer of the Berkeley group. d1l A4 i QJIALITY' DflEflT FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13th plus tax Cosmetlca Mala Flaer Floor Hosiery Main MARKET MEAT ICO. according to Lowell Hpff, SCfflOOIi NEE 'A delicious, hearty breakfast so rich in cereal protein it provides hours of lively energy. Everyone loves its nut-like flavor. Roman Meal is the cereal "bay" of today. chairman. 'The program is sponsored by the SIRLOIH STEAKS T-BOriE STEAKS RIB STEAKS lb. 55 65 lb. 59 United Veterans Council. Mayor Laurance Cross will open the cere FILLER PAPER Sizes llx8Vi-lrt. 8Hx5-in. pk. Ruled or plain. HOTE TABLETS 5x8-in. note si2e. ruled or plain. 8xl0-ln. letter size, ruled or plain. 9 FACIAL TISSUE Regular 31c! Well known brand of ffi soft, absorbent II WJ 9 monies with greetings to the danee groups, with Dr. Harry. Shepherd, as if general chairman for the program. Folded or flat sheets with envelopes. Blue, Eggshell? Mi BOXED STATIONERY I tissue. Limit 2 II mjl UNION MEAT C0. box boxes box Tan, Pink or White Main Floor Cosmetics Main Floor legv'eal SHOULDER VEAL ROAST 0 34" .43 Ib Tliree Daylights daily fo Los Anoeles 18 Die in Accidents in County During Month Eighteen persons died in accidents in Alameda County last month. of the January deaths were due to traffic mishaps, according to the Eastbay' Chapter of the National Safety Council. Home and occupational accidents claimed four lives each- One, person drowned. Nine of the total of 18 deaths oc VALENTINE GAUDY 2 HEART BOX r2 nuncniATE assortment HARRY'S HAM BACON STAND NO. 104 EASTERN SIDE 35 19 full 2 1 IAC0N by II: 3 pic: o. i curred in, Oakland, three in Alameda, two in Leandro and one each in Berkeley, Emeryville and 2 pounds ids poand Hayward? There was one industrial ftj Lowest Price on Valentine Candy BACOH ENDS li Jvl 45 fatality in the rural area, i In 1947,. the county! accidental death ton was 233. Traffic mishaps headed the list with 128 fatalities. REGULAR 2.50 SIERRA; REGAL CHOCOLATE Santa Fe Names New Fresno Agent ASSORTMENT PMOlBtUCjE GRAPEFRUIT 80, 525 TOMATOES Louie L. Bond today assumes duties as city freight agent for Santa Te Railways at Fresno, it was MORNING COAST DAYLIGHT Leave San Francisco (3rd St) 8:15 a.m arrive fcOO p. m. Connecting train leaves Oakland (let Broadway) 7:39 a. bl, Fruitvale 7:47 a. m. SAN JOAQUIN DAYLIGHT Laav Oakland (16th St) 8:32 a. Berkeley 8:40 a. m-arrive p. m. NOON COAST DAYLIGHT Leave San Franciaeo (3rd St) 1235 soon, arrive 9:55 p. m. (Ask about convenient connecting Iros eervice from Eastbay to San Joee.) On the Daylight you ride in a big soft seat reserved for you in a beautiful streamlined chair car. All Daylight also have a tavern car. The Coast Daylights carry a park ear. Popular meal service on all trains. LiUi nmirin announced by Elmer B. Johnson, freight traffic manage Bond was formerly in the freight traffic de-tartment here and in San Fran- if-ruunu HBOX Cisco. Bond entered Santa Fe service in 1 2a '1941 as a stenographer in the divi sion freight -office in Oakland and Your Choico KING'S TREASURE advanced through company ranks to Save on this Closeout Your Choice Puerto Rican RON BOMBO RUM Look at This Value ROCK ifc RYE the positions of clerk and chief rate VAliHTIIiE GIFTS If FQR DAD WHITf 0WL ami tpl TAN clerk; I 89 GLEN ARGYLI 86.8 Proof Scoteh-TYPE WHISKEY im 89 Dimes Drive Nets $680 IMPORTED PANCHO TEQUILA el: TO LOS ANGELES EWAY $9-IOBHDTtlF Mohawk Finest Quality Regular 4.58 VALUE FULL QUART NTLES, Feb. Tllprraimately $830 has been collected for the March of Dimes by Washington ofr56 $60 Lowest Price in Town 7 YEAR OLD BOTTLED IN BOND 100 PROOF STRAIGHT B0URBQI1 WIIISICjEY sunn cove Township public schools and local business housevaccording to Prin NEW LOW PRICE GENUINE TOSCA BRAND California' Finest SWEE? HIE cipals E. D. Bristow at Hues and J. 5 year old 86 Proof IMPORTED 11MJBY (piu15 Ftdtrai tax wtkkk oppfic to transportation in streamlined chair cars. Please reserve your seat in advance. VAN prKI oisiins GARCIA. GANDI mi IDOUTA V. Goold at -M Cterviller--This amount does ot include money de 929 3 posited in wishing wells. ADVKST18KMKNT cisiins i-v. i.C3 Spanish or Portuguese PortS berry-Muscatel White Port Tokay 98 Regular 2.38 VALUE full mi lt 2.09 VALUE mi HALF GALLON Fifth Llan.Ycu're Crazy 98 I85 6.76 Value FIFTH C3 Tha friendly Southern Pacific For reservations and passenger information, telephone TWinoaks 3-3633. 2 Pkte HOLIDAY T03ACC0 A eav, l-QTt I19 FULL Tobaeeo, Caadr. Lie a or Deatm. Mal Floor GALLON "pippmc up- Cwmx. Oootaiot vooi tar rontiowa totting boT" fc5 whkA auor nwa at aa ull "out. Try Carts Tooe Tb! tor pep. rmngef tmunt: thM ry dy. Kw MtuDM At II dru ctorca vrrwhr la Oakland Owt Btera. 4 2S" i A. A i -g a r. ii itmm it 'a fm it ITi i I t-j -p.

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