The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1946
Page 9
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^WEDNESDAY, JULY 3, 194G >l Housing Plan uffers Setback Permanent Death For OPA Would Hurt Veterans' Project. WASHINGTON, July 3. (UP) — :)Uslii B Expediter Wilson W. WyiiH id today there is serious doubt jfetlier rent ceilings imposed on *¥ homes under the Veterans ncrgcncy Housing program can enforced if OPA Is allowed to Wyntt told a press conference, nvveer, tliCrs is no question about s power to fix sales ceilings on I homes. This right is specifically Hilled him in the Veterans Hous- K Act, Housing officials have Hoped at asl half of the 2.100,000 homes yaU hopes to build before 1948 ill be rented rather than sold, 'ilhout rent ceilings, this plan >ult! be out the window, Wyatt Wyatt said rental ceilings already ;recd to by builders as a condi- >n of accepting building prloii- •s ar c safe. These arc a matter of mlnict between builders and the ivcrnmcnt. Wyatt said the whole housing •ogram will have to be recast If is permanently abolished. He •atecl that it is possible thai BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.X COURIER NEWS Baptists Plan Hospital Board Policy Changes MEMPHIS, Tenn., July 2. (UP) — Retirement of A. E. Jennings u chief of the Memphis Baptist Hospital executive committee and the retention of G. D. Sheats as hospital udmitilstrfttoi will be recommended to the hospital's board 01 trustees, Hospital Chief of Stall It. S. Evans said today. Dr. Evans said he would make the recommendations at the special meeting of the trustees today, which trustee chairman Dr. L. T. Lowrey said would be doors. held behind closed controls off prices of building rials, the $10,000 sales ceiling ventually hnvc to be lifted. . l hinted that new production idles for scarce building mater, miiy be halted unless price rols arc restored. He said he icd premium payments for I'ood flooring, cast iron coil and conveclor radiators. The hospital Is charged with Poor r.onprofessional service, serving improper food, not enforcing proiwr sanitation rules and showing favoritism to some doctors. Jennings, who Is la years old, has borne ihc brunt of the charges made by 51 members of tne Memphis and Shelby County Medical Society. Dr. Evans' recommendation Included that all administrative and professional persons holding policy making positions be retired at the age of 65. ' The hospital is owned by Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee conventions of the Baptist church. It was pointed out that It had grown from a lOfl-bcd to a 500-bert institution and has more charity beds than all other private hospitals in Tennessee. Refrigerator Improvements Are On Inside Most of the new refrigerators look the same as the pre-war models simply because the manufacturers could get them to you faster that way. According to an article In the May Issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine, Ihc improvements are on the Inside—In precision building, refinement of detail, perfected material, and greater usability nt lower operating cost. Classic simplicity of line, style, land proportion, with the cover all In one piece, speeds up cleaning. The finishes are made to stay while and promise to be chip- nnd crack- proof. Some refrigerators have an acid-resistant porcelain floor that withstands spillovers and will not be permanently marred by acid foods. The better the Insulation, Ihc better the refrigerator. Insulation sealed Into the door and between the cabinet's Inner and outer -shells, prevents the vn|x>r resulting from Han Btarh SiKrdlnr CANNON BEACH, Ore. vv,. Motorists who have been uslne the sands o{ Cannon Beneli ns it speed- wiiy will luive to hold tliflr vchl- "les down to 25 miles 1111 hour, Vne 3lnlsop county court ruled tiller residents coniplnlned. Tbe bench ofli- oinlly is clnsslllcd as a sVale UUjli- PAGE NQiK ya unds Allocated or County ock Shows One Landlord Really Fixes Things Up With His Auto Court Tenants PHOENIX, Ariz., July ?. CUP) — Auto court owner E. H. Mitchell today celebrntcd the end of Hie OI'A by giving his 27 tenants a week rent-free. After that, he said, lie was cutting rents $1.50 n day under the OPA ceiling "to start the ball rolling toward good. Hld-fashloned free enterprise once more." ROCIC, Ark., July 2. :-.»— The ArknnsRs Board of al Control yesterday nuthor- Ihe distribution of iCO.OOO to counties planntng to hold live- k shows this Pall. f this amount, (J7 counties rc- cd $40,000 while four counties lississlppi, Selraslhin, Hemp- d and Jefferson received $5,each as the situs of district stock shows. inonj counties receiving the funds were Garland, S792, epciulencc $58G, Union JM5, kson $596, Boone 5500, Puliiski 00 and Polk 5500- PARKS Duality Cleaners Prompt Pick-up and Delivery Service * Phone 3555 for Kettcr Cleaning-Pressing '128 West Ash The automobile industry, nor- nally, directly or indirectly, em- >loys one or every 11 workers in he United States. NOTK'i; OK (iKANTIN<J OK I.1<HK)K 1'KKMIT lluous liquors for bevernnc nl rolsill on Iho pn' desc'i-H»d us 10t> U, Nollce Is hereby nlven Unit Ihe - 11(1 SlriTl, Ulytlicvlllv. This Commissioner ot Kevonuex of the l "' 1 issuwl on (hi; 1st dny of July, State ot Avkunsns luis Issued u pi'r- '940, and expires on the 30 dny mil, No. 101 to lUissoll K. Miirr loj o1 >>"'«'. '»'''• sell mid dispense vinous or splr- Hussell K, Mnrr, 1'erniltU'j. temperature contrasts inside and DUtsldc the door. Your dealer mny be able to tell you about the new insulations—fiber glass, gloss wool plastic, and specially treated papei —that are replacing the old standby, cork Sec that your refrigerator Is correctly placed in your kitchen will an eye to ventilation requirement:; and that door oijenlngs are quick easy, dependable. Sec that your refrigerator is large enough to meet- your family's requirements. If you allow two cubic feet for each i>cr- son in your family, It will pay dividends in lower operating costs. Think about the extra space you'll need for entertaining, for storing frozen foods, and for extras like midsummer melons. Manufacturers, alert to entertaining needs, have introduced models that will freeze cubes In an hour. Some have tho capacity to frec/.e from 9 to 12 pounds of Ice. Some have special fixtures for easy takeouts. Th? fastest turning wheel u the world is a gas turbine wheel in an aircraft turbo-supercharger which spins 30,000 rpm. PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 9* SUBMITTED BY FIITY-FirTH UKNEKAL AK.SEMH1.1 UK IT ItKtiOl.VKI) IIV T1IK KKNATIt AND 1IOUSK OH IlKrilKSKNTATlVKH Of Tim KTATB l)t' AHUANSAH, » uiajorit}- of all Ihn iiifinbtra tlvclcd t* oncli Homo aiiriu'liib: Ilirri'lo: Tliat HLD foilowlii^ la licreoy i>ro|iDAi'il ^J an ainriutinrilt to ttui Coiulilntkuii ol Ihe Stale o( Arkaii>», anil ujm. lii'EiiC xublnllli'il la llio rh-ctura of Hi* Slaltt lof approval or rfjoctlim at tli» Kt'iiCTiU I'U-cttoi; for lCi>pn>si<Eit&- tlvt-.s anj RanatorA, If a inajnrlly vi (lie eleclorn volhitf llicn'on, at auch an ulrrllori, adopt <IK|I aiiH'ihluipiit, ln> aoiup KliaLI become a (inrl o( tKo Cwu- atitulioii of tho Klatoa ol ArLnUBaa lo wit: NKOTION I. Tli»l Ainoii.liiiiMil N«. •1 of Iho t'uiiKllliilloti ol tliu KUlo 01 Arkaiicai lie ainciidoj to r^aj as lolIowa: 'i'l« rounly courts of Iho Mlate In Hirlr roapi'ctivo cvntill<>» tottclhrr *im a in«]«rlly of llio Jutllrix nl Iht i.eacn "I fiKli coiinly. lr aJJItlon lo In. lovU'il. ahull hftvo llio po\vcr li) lovr iml ovct.,11,11; (on mill, on u,,, Oollai on all taxabtu jiroiierty on Ih^lr ri'apuc- llvu couulfos, \\TIICII ulnill u 0 kiiiiwu as Ihn foiiiilj- roa.l Inx. niul wlinn cnlloctoil Jiliall bo nscil in tliu ri'ii'^u- 'ivo t-mmllps for llio |>nrposo of tiirta- IOB anil rcpnlrlni: pntilic roaiU am, brMcca of Ihn rp*ue*>i-~ •niiniica. a<ul for no other jnirnosi'. ami tilml'l h* coitaclril In UnlU'd Mlntfa currency ui '""'!,.. tn>: '"'"' " " majority ol ln« >iavo voted inilillc ri'iai'l tTx" al * in» KOIicrnl rloi'tlnn lor filiito and toilnlj ollicrrn [irt-roilinK aucli luvy ut siiuu KlU'il in Uin office of Sccrctarv ol lalo on llio 20lli ilay of Murcli. l»l'.. Wllni'sa my tian.l n ,,,l SL ,,1 „( ,, rr ,™ i Ihla the ^&lh day ol FoUrnarr l[fl^ O. O. Hall. E«crclary of Ktnto ARMY GARBAGE CANS Medium Size Cans without- Lids Extra Heavy Large Size 32 Gal. Garbage Cans . . No Waiting! No Delay! In Arkansas - Missouri Tennessee - Mississippi 4% LOANS On Good Business and Residential Properly in Towns of Over 2500 MONEY PAID ON DAY OF APPLICATION IF TITLE IS SATISFACTORY Call or Write FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LOAN COMPANY ANDREW J. FLORIDA, Vicc-1'rcsidcnt PHONE 210 Mississippi County Bank Building Osceola, Arkansas J. LOUIS CHERRY New York Life Insurance Co, BbtbevUlc, Ark. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Also CULVERTS 12 inches to 48 inches We are Dealers for THE FAMOUS WATERPROOFING Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 OSCEOLA; ARK. Hubbard & Hoke Appliance Co. General Electric Appliances—Bcndix Washers 407 W. Main BIythcvillc, Ark. About Prices O. P. A. is dead. Bur that will not affect our prices. We will follow our traditional policy, established when we came to Blytheville 19 years ago, to sell as cheaply as possible. During the war years there was no "High Jacking" in any of our stores. We will not advance any prices on our present stocks. We will not advance any prices in the future unless our costs force them on us. We will continue to take as low a mark up as is consistent with good business. Kirby Drug Co. Second and Main Kirby Bros Drug Co. Main & Broadway Kirby's Hi-Way Drugs Kirby's Thrifty Store ; THERE'S NO FINER BLEND Rl Admiration Coffee is a product of quality, skill and experience. The choicest, most sought-after coffees in oil Ihc world go into it. They're blended with a scientific exactness acquired only through years of study and experience. DELICIQUS AND PUNCAH COFFIt COMPANY • HOU ST O N, T E X A 4 • ROASTERS ALSO OF^ARVLANO CIOI Aj<& IRI&HT AH'J £ARLT COMIiy J

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