Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 30, 1949 · Page 11
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 11

Oakland, California
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Monday, May 30, 1949
Page 11
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; . r .1 i . - .. . t . - - Nation Honors Its War Dead ' Continued Frem Pare X ar.d coast itiardsmen were each as signed an American Hag. wreaths and other tributes of flowers were ic addition. ; j. 'r . MTXZD BTMETOESS I J Speeches t gratitude for those who jave their lire were mixed w:th reminders that living Ameri cans owe them the assurance that they djd not die in Tain. "The account can be marked "paid in full." said Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson, "only when we can guarantee their wives, their sons and daughters a strong America free from the threat of another war. . . . Peace through strength most be our The other leaders of the military departments:, spoke similarly, in their Memorial Day statements. Gordon Cray, Acting Secretary of the Array, said while remembering the sacrifices of those who died for the ideals of America, "we must da everything in our power td further those ideals.T . NO HIGHER DUTY .. For the Navy, Secretary Francis Matthews said: "We have no higher duty today in memory of the dead cf our wars . . . than to pledge, ourselves anew to keep the Navy" as always a worthy" member with the Army and Air Force of the unified defense team which helps to guarantee our security and the peace of the world." Secretary of the Air Symington expressed the Air Force's tribute to those who died, and 'said honor goes too to those who returned to work in peace as in war "to preserve our . ; 1 ; American ueriiagc. Gen. Omar Bradley, Army Chief cf Staff, put in a special word of remembrance for those who returned "only to spend long months in veterans hospitals." For official, Washington, and for the thousands of visitors here for the day, the highlight, .was the tra ditional laying of a wreath at thej tcmb of the unknown soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. Memorial Day Is Observed in Europe LONDON, May 30.V-Amer, ; ne les south of Carmel. and Le-icans mjEurope remembered their ; land Stanford Thome, 47, of Vallejo. war dead today. . 'A heart attack also was blamed A memorial service was held in or the drowning of Thome, who St. Margarets Church in London, was gathering abalone near the for the officers and -men of the U.S.1 Armed Serves who are buried in Ambador and Mrs. Lewis W. uougias ana ineir aaugnter, snar- J - TCi txt n t r i tt c- CoL Wallace L Wolverton. U.S. . Air Force chaplain from Montom- Al, - a: the ?bbey. Memorial Day services also were held in American military ceme- tenes in Europe. j Gen. Mark Clark returned to An-J Tin. Italy, to salute the soldiers who: t - . &aszm k a v c m litciiiui ioi aviui died with his famed Fifth Army. Philippines Chief Observes Day Ti"r ,rfi o,,rnthv'iM th m i a 'it t .v wrociianT ; cf... D darted into the intersection of Eastli There were no citations. S.SS t-fif S TZ S'fEightli and Fifth Avenue with the! Irene Tanzer, 27. of 1632 Page ur,T: f L A !ri,I-chan?e of a traffic signal and ran Street San Francisco, suffered a 7 - J " y J ; ior ait In a Memorial Day address on the r.ited States embassy lawn, across the bay from historic Batman and! Corregidor. Quirino said America vas still the world's greatest hope "The wonder remains,, he added, as to what extent those who make America today W.U1 heed the spirit of her heroic dead and continue the unfinished task of liberty and justice for all mankind." He concluded the whole world looks to the United States to lead the v.-ay. Trumon Home Todnv I r UiTI url IlOme I OUay a r. e.. rier rOrCmaC V-rUISe "WASHINGTON, May 30. JP) President Trumair was due back at his White jHouse job this afternoon was "heavily armed and very dan-after a-week-end cruise on the Po- porous." listed his address as 126-A . . ti.. 3 v Pu. CU rtnn Park Ran Wa nri crn Bav. He interrupted his cruise yes-' terday to attend church services at the Naval Academy in Annaoolis, j-r r. -r.. j u: ? .lum..r.,.u ms. jisiciicu . mui' ujc jjv au ua uug class to t&e baccftlaiireate address ' opening-June week at the Academy. COL. JUNASER FAIlMd ATTEND ." MEMORIAL RITES CoL John S, Dumser, now 101. Oakland's only surviving Civil War veteran, "just didn't leel up to" cn supplemented th Democratic! participating in today's Memorial'01'8 eflorts.toelett Day services. I K.ia!nt T!?min Ia!L yea' hfs dis It was the third time-since the 'banded with the Presidents ap- .--. . :-t t-. : ,;o .u- nrzi Mtmoudi ua? 111 iooo in- former nauonal GAR commander Vin't takn naH in t, trarfitinnal services honoring the Nation's pa- sen' -letter to the President, : April triotic dead. j21. signed by himself and other dub His daughter, Mrs. John Milton , officials, saying: .' : ; Howe, said her father was confinedf ,This decision was made in whit to nis oeo in nis none at sjo HaD - over Street although he made every effort to be up and about today." - . .. T She said he went to the Veterans Hospital about two weeks ago in order to get a complete checkup and rest and was brought home Sat urday -"feeling fine." This monwrjaiimx. , 1 ' . , J i a . . . i mg. nowever, ne una an aaugnicr: As much as I want to, 1 just dontl'Mi:2 Hlnmnr Rnrlr-J feel up to itr :- . i -:r"T"-w",. - The aged old warrior was sched-iTUnf.' Pn ulcttc's TiHg tiled to deliver the invocation and! 1 nar 5 TUUieilB S I IIIC benediction at service at the HOLLYWOOD. May 30. U Chapel of the Chimes sponsored bvPauletteGoddard today was named Dorothea Dix Ttent No.' 6. Daugh- "Miss Glamor Back of 1949.-. The ters of Union Veterans of the Civil California Chiropractic Association. War, and soeak in Mt View Ceme- meeting In Long Beach, said' Miss terv darin ceremonies; sporisored;1000 - we most penect by" Grand Army of theRepubUejspln! structure, of any actress in posts. -4 it . 1- ll. 1 ' ! t GAH survivors may. miss today's: services alsa He is Charles I! ChappeL 101, of Long Beach," pres-i er.t com mane er if the GAR's Cali- fornia-N4vada DepartmenL ' "Like' Dumser, Chaopel was "fust not-feel--, ing too' good this morning" ard apce?rarce 'n Long Beach -services t was doubtful - ' . - 1! -' - 1 ' - . . v. i 1 . 1 ' i . T i 1 i h r, When George L Hall oi Lynbrook. N.Y grand exalted ruler of the Elks, mad Berkeley his only official stop during his present State visit luncheon dignitaries included Qeft to right seated) Hall President Robert Gordon S :roul of the University of California. Lafayette A. Lewis pa3t grand exalted ruler and (standing) Louis L. Stein, exalted ruler of the Berkeley Elks Club; Morley H. Golden, state president and William H. Burgess, vice-president of State Elks and host chairman fdr the day. Tribune photo. HOLIDAY DEATHS ARE 226; OAKLAND HAS NO FATALITIES Continued From Face 1 eluded Philip B. Schmidt, 23. of Sacramento, who fell into the water ! after a hart sHaplr whila fiehifeer mouth of the Navarro River south i of Fort Bragg ' hlTrl Z"elZ , head cf the rhirA Stat PaIW v. a .wae j. lvaiic. t;. . department, who was lost; wiitii ine sm? ririar in tt'n rn n c .1 was filing capsized in the Sacra mento River near ciico . .. AUTOS HUKT THEEE Three persons were hurt in traffic accidents here. Two were auto - pedestrian mishaps. Martin Boro, 58, of 1(515 San Pablo Avenue, suffered fractures of both legs when he was struck by a car driven ty Jack,E. Pntllips, 51, of 6U 22nd Street at 2l5t and Grove Streets. Police said Phillips was pro-. ceedTg slowly at the.tkfie. He was' not cited. - Ecbby Simmons. 8 of 721 Fifth Aene. - suffered bruises-. when he " - - ir-to the front of the car of Arthur! h Mrs Stella Thomashrser S2 f 5773 Manila Avenue, suffered a cisca The drivers of the automo-knee fracture when her car struck ; biles, Stanley E. Rossin, 47. of Rich-a pole at Manila and Taft Avenues. , mond. and Harold Pepper. 29, of Seven persons were hurt, one of 569 Birch Street were unhurt S.F. Police Hunting Kidnaper-Gunman San Francisco police were search in ZaZ AIICn TO 2.4-, Jenkins, 27, of 1232-H Ninth Street. .Kiertified m an all-pcints bulletin!. . , e. . ., . .. D , as the aunman who kidnaoed and,is beld under $o00 bail m, the Berke- terrorized a Reno police officer for,ley City Jail today for hit-run and more than an hour Saturday night Reio authorities, who said Nite They said he kidnaped Patrolman Wade Drear. 38. afteV the officer ( soucht to question him pn the' n-inorhin nf an infnmnhilA ho aZJ " 7 i ---c- At one point the gunman told Drear he intended to murder him. auamg: 100 oaa. copper, xou ye ot evervthina to lose and I have , nothing to lose" j Reno police have issued a warrant Ifor Nite. a Folsom parolee, charging assault with a deadly weapon and , kidnaDin - -i--- , - , v - t Truman-Barklcy Club Disbanded WASHINGTON. May 30. fl The national Troman-Barklev Club. OrOVai. - . " - - . NJ.U- 1U ot .wauarroma, -MdlI IlUtn. BUnoUHCeQ lOOaV ne Dad we oeneve a dc me Desi interest of, the Democratic party. " We be-' 'lieve while separate political corri ! mittees are necessary and useful fpr 1 campaign Durrjoses. ther tend to- ward diversity of effort and divi sion -of loyalty when they continue as separate entities between cam- Hollywood.' l. t I .."v.: T 4 ( I" I , . 7 1 ' - - ! -7 them seriously, in a three-car crash : on ; the ; Niles-Hayward Highway yesterday. ! William Hebbard, 34. of Kiikare i Woods, suffered possible internal injuries and face and leg lacera-j wben a car driven by his wifCt Lola, 23, collided with two . oncoming cars. Mr, Hebbard was irpaTPn taf is a ann wnrr inn rioc 7::1 others injured, and" released from hospital after treatment for bruises, abrasions and lacerations, were: Mary French, 35, of 7214 uwuiuab x v .( m as ss vs ( passenger in the Hebbard car. ' Richard Quist, 812 Finedale Court jHayward, one of the ether drivers; Boatswain's Mate lc William Mc- Quain. 27, of the Oakland Naval Hospital; Carl Heyder. 28, of 3241 "entiss street, Oakland, and Rich-; ard Massie, 18, of 19a38 Via Finale, j oan Lorenzo. Highway patrolmen. .""said .the ithird driver was James T. McLen- non, 17, of 553 Folsom Avenue, Hayward. who escaped injury, possible! fracture of the pelvis when Un - . .-iK v., D,. hn VtMu; at CnmK: Dump Truck Driver Held as Hit, Runner BERKELEY, May 30. Edward drunk driving with a dump truck.1 , He was arrested by Albany Patrol men Kenneth Nicherson. Pertle and Dave Perkins f;rmhlt,ck assertedly s aUo i tn: -(hp J-"i5.r u , driven n" cnone oi i HCi-F .Sixth Street Albany, who told offi- cers he was stooped at a stop sign! at Ninth and Gilman Streets wheni Jenkins truck turned the corner. s11 hl$ car and then continued on.l A tne turie- Jenkins was being) f""uf,d Howard D Wilson of 1U Aioany. ne . " 77;., o'' 7 " aigiuu sruiinun oirtet ana oani nwwTk. k . . t i - a rduiu lvcoue wnen jensms ituck struck Mm from the rear. Rites Tomorrow for Victim of Blest BERKELEY. Mav 30 Fur-ral services will be held tomorrow for Joseph Georses. 76. caretaker at Carbone Orchid Nursery who died : , . " icmonsi nospiui , Saturday! from injuries suffered in rrr,e nlMA. TVJ.. j Hospital attendant said Georges suffered- severe burns when the gas ; exploded : as he attempted to liht fire ini a greenhouse Xurnace at the nursery. He had hn carf alter thr fori about 12 years and lived in the caretaker' - fcouse on iht nursery grounds- f- ; Surviving t are his widow, Mathilda; four sons. John, Peter, Lawrence and Josefs Georges Jr, and a "daughter. Mrs. Lucille Viale. Ryan Doing Fine Now DETROIT. May 30. GJJD Victor T. Ryncofsky changed his name to Ryan. He said he worked for 22 years mthe isame company and never was promoted because no one could spell his name. FtAMTO fUI YOU no ii U Ct rid of debt warrtes. m. A tested, successful ssetkod, -Fsr fait details, write, telepfeos er come ia, M0 ciarf it emmtultmtnm. FINANCIAL COUNSELLORS Botvlcd aad liceased vodet Ctl t. laws OAKLAND SAM ItANCrSCO iseo I Street J 1J Brweway . 717 Market CL 2-431 5 - D0 2-S7 BHD V 11 Oakland Church Bolts Baptists Continued From Pace 1 given to the unified budget of the NBC rather than on common faith. we can no longer find fellowship in this relationship. 'VIOLATES CONSCIENCE "While the church could again be in good graces with the New York offices of the NBC by con- tributing substantially to the uni-lof the San Francisco fire depart-fied budget and by allowing the iment- died in Hollywood yesterday. program, speakers and literature ne woulQ nave ,J v" "u"? of the NBC into the church, this ! Death reportedly was caused by a church . cannot do so without vio- he?rt ailment which forced him to lating conscience I retire in 1943. His home was at 95 "This church is interested only in, 2610 Avenue. San FTancisco. Be-a fellowship of churches united to- cause cf hl? hPalth he 1?adbf1en aether on a doctrinal basis of a common belief in the New Testament and not in an association haspd unnn the rfnllar i(m an since representation at the North- em Baptist Convention, by virtue of tne Grand Rapids Amendment is limited by the amount of money given to the unified budget; and since this is clearly an invasion o autonomy nf the loral rhnrrh arvri . subversive assumption nf at,twit tk. -.. tion has linked its democracy to the 1 DAasI ana "P ine Pa? ol A".e-imntwth3n tn h. tr,..! His daring acts during the big worthiness of the Scriptures." OTHER CHARGE Reverend Weniger further accused . acid, overcome by smoke 13 times, the Northern Baptists of refusing to i nearly asphyxiated by gas and suf-adopt "a minimum confession of ! fered numerous broken bones, faith in the clearly revealed doc- j His only survivor is his widow, trines of the Bible." i Lillian. Funeral services are pending "The church further charges thatl the integrity of the Christian faith was questioned and even denied without rebuke from the platform of the 1946 convention and the NBC has repeatedly by official action and unofficial statements of it. leaders indicated that the "Inclusive Policy" is here to stay. "The 'Inclusive Policy,' " according to Reverend Weniger, "is the practice of the NEC of appointing as missionary candidates men and women frora all shades of theoloei- cal belief and unbelief in the Bible." He said the "hot spot" of the pres sicnaries who do not believe the dcctrin of tne Virgin Birth in- a ucti vi ine opening gnap- xers oi iwaitnew ana iUKe. CONSERVATIVES FORM This refusal to be "faithful to the Bible." Reverend Weni'er said, has brought about the formation of the Conservative Baptist Association, which, concluded its annual seon at tne Mammon square Baptist i viX: jninuaj. . j. ne ursi assemoiaee oi tne iNOrtn- em capiisr convention will take: . Ti . . rcil ent controversy is the "Doctrine of, he presented in accordance with the ,et - ht 'ne virgin Birtn or Christ and theiSTciiciiiioni. last n.gni. - . . ... ' nf h D'rector of Purchasine. Room rn.cw- tn 'BC insistence of appointing mis- :i.in'Liutr.tion Bnildine. 1025 a. - . . . . Tomorrow's proeram will include1 an address by Sandlord Fleming.! president of the convention and president of the Berkeley "Baptist ,Pj Divinity School TV,. . , - m iurn;i.tiniuu rcH'K:iiu i.ot;j.wj Baptists in 36 states. The session will 1C3D11SXS in Jl " rJr S'ZZi ! " - ADVCHTISEXtNT miwmm Bheumctum Keuritb SccHca SUFFERERD IN OAKLAND WHO WANT RELIEF AND HELP GET OUR ARTHRITIS BOOS. . WK MJkVX SO MCOICINS TO SEIXI Matte how ion you have suffered, or what you have tried, this Instructive Artaritis Seek, written in easily understood words, will enable you to fully understand your own case and may save you years of suffertac. m. ii..v ... . torm known eaUy to Specialists. It exolains ir. aiuereoe between types of Artkrttls and betwieu Artkmn and Eheumatm. Sciatica. Neuritis and Lurr.baro. It lists causes and smptoms and describes associated canpUcatina diseases. U expls.ns the Anatomv and Physiolosre of the in vohred Muscles, Joints and Genres. Few realize bow serious th diseases can become tt loaa aedeeted. Methods .er treatment are mentioned, ioa are told where to look far HcJa and Pam Belief near at home, whbont thei expense os traveuaa tm another climate. This book fs sent lr to Sufferers who and ee kelp. The edition is limited. Notice may net appear axam., Wn at or.ee todT for your copy. SEND S Three Cent Stair ps (Set to help cover distribution cost.. You incur bo obUsat,on. We have no medicine er anything 1m to seX You will not be asked to send us a penny oi mor.ey. Aiim . Mr. Revere (R & R Ine ), Dept. W! Box toe, Alboqaerqtte, XJ mace xonignt at b o Clock at the( J b- thi City Manager at Furst Congregational Church in San hi!l office. Room 509. City Hall. Oak-Francisco with Dr. Warner Cole of; land, California, on Thursday, the Detroit delivering the sermon. "4l". V & T Special Last Run At a puffing 25 miles an hour, (the grand old fal of them all the Virginia and Trudc.ee pulled its texpected last excursion across the XTevada desert yesterday with p- prppriate flourishes, putting the silver star of success en a Memorial Day week-end party like few ether week-end parties in history. . The guests, soma 450 of them, were homeward hound today, but the climax of the week-end, the big moment, came yesterday when all the rolling stock of the V and T made a whistle-blowing pilgrimage from Reno to Carson City to Minden and return. The occasion was the "final excursion' arranged by the California and Nevada Railroad Historical Society to bid a fitting farewell to a railway expected momentarily to be abandoned. FANS FROM ALL U.S. Tans from all over the United States, including more than 300 from Oakland and San Francisco, climbed aboard a 15-car special, the Corn-stock Express, .at the Oakland Pier Saturday night, to take the last cooperative ride. The special, run bx the Southern Pacific, delivered the passengers in Reno yesterday at 8:30 a.m. and two hours later, the V and T excursion train made its spectacular appear ance. Trailing behind two locomotives. No. 27 and 26, were four flat cars, two box cars, a tunnel construction car, a flanger, mail car, a combination coach and baggage oar and a jaunty caboose. And hanging from every usable Inch was a fan, a waving, shouting enthusiast AUTOCADE FOLLOWS A caravan of automobiles followed the train on its Journey and a goodly portion of Nevada's residents lined the tracks to return the greeting. After a day at Canon City, Virginia City and waypointa, the excursionists returned to Reno last night for more modem celebration. The return trip over the Sierra was to be made today by daylight, with an arrival time of late tonight BRENNAN, FORMER f rmr PMirP ft ICC ' f rlrL LniLT UIlj Charles J. Brennan. retired chief spenamg pan oi nis ume in nuu, wood. One of the most colorful figures in the history of the San Francisco jfir department. Brennan was born tm in fiimun. oi Piu..i enis. in nis yeum ne worwu Cleaning bricks, drove a butcher cart and was a locomotive fireman. He joined the fire department in iliXJZ. In the eartnQuaxe ana lire oi i . . . t a 1906. he ana a companion orougni in Qvnamne crmcauy nct-ucu iu fires of San Francisco brought many ; scars. Once he was blinded for four months. He was burned by fire ana LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice 1 hereby given that the Bburd nf Education of the OUT Oakland and of the Oakland School District of Alameda County hereby (call for sealed proposal to be e- Boaj-d. Room i ZZ. Administration Building. 1023 Second, Avenue, Oakland. California, until Tuesday, the 14th day of June, 1949, at 4:00 o clock P M.. at which time, and plac ald olds win he opened tor: SCHEDULE NO. 151 NEW STJEAM TABLE CABINET Bida ahall be accompanied by ea?n or a check certified to without nullification in the amount of Fifty rtniiin 1 150.00). These bids shall Second Avenue. Oakland. California. Pr'ce. fitns and -TiaMtv hine coual preference wi' piven to the products of the State of Call- frnia' JOHN W. EDOEMOXD. Secretary of !th Board of Education of the City of Oakland. California. Xo. 794 -May 30. June 6 - fit) NOTICE OF HEARING APPLTCA-TTON TO OPERATE A CABARET. Notice is hereby friyen that Aeos-tlnho de Pona ha filed an applica tion for permission to opera a abaret at 747 Seventh Street, uaK- land i . . ouc Is hereby further tren .4v.ni 4 r no- t tl a nn irs non rni puce any persons interested may appear and fllethelr objections 11 any mey nave. No.'tV - May SO - (3t .X' 1 n r. r ri r.t r!.-v -1 r r am v -wre a, n -V"rf- a O rT T" a jiox TO OPERATE A CABARET. Notice is hereby riven that Jerry ! r.a llrdo. doinr business as El Ar- nI,d an pjiration for nrrnission to operate a Cabaret at 591 Fifth Street. Oakland. Notice is hereby further sriven tht a hearinar on sai aprlieation will be held by the City Manarer at Ms office. Room 39. City Hall, Oakland. California, on Thursday. he rrd day of Jane. 1J49. at the hour of 10:00 o'clock a.m.. at which time and r'c any persons interested may appear and file their objection If nv they have. rilf. M. rON. Citv Clerk. Xo. 795 - Mar SO - (3t) NOTICE TO BIDDERS Notice is hereby given that the Board of Education of th City of Oakland and ef the Oakland Hlrb School District and Oakland School District of Alameda County hereby calls for sealed proposals to be delivered to the Secretary of aid Board.' Room 122. Administration Buiidinr. 125 Second Avenue. Oakland. California, until Tuesday, th 7th day of June. 1949. at 4:(M P.M, at which time- and place said bids wi'l be orjned for: SCHEDULES - NO. 121 FIRE EXIT ' BOLTS Bids shall be accompanied by cash or a check certified to without nualification la th amount of On Hundred Dollars (S1M.I0). These bids 'shall be presented in accordance with the specif icatioas on file in the office of the Director of Purchasing; 'Room 11S. Administration Bat!din. 125 Second, A venue, Oakland. California. - is ' Price, fitnes - and quality feeing eiuaL. preference will be given to the products of the" State ef California. -- I ii , JOHN W. EDGEMOND, Secretary of the Board ef EdncatioB efi the City of Oakland. California. No. 751 - May 22. 3e - (2t) Makes i Used Car Theft! Suspect Caught! A wire fence around a used car lot at 22nd and Peralta Streets was just a little too low for Robert Doria, 20. of 1719 Castro Street and aa a result he is being held by Oakland police for investigation Cf burglary today. t . Officers were called to the lot last night a few minutes after a two-car collision at 16th and Cypress Streets in which the driver of one car fled. They found Doria. an employee of the lot caught under the fence. In the lot was a car with its engine running. Three witnesses told of ficers they saw Doria drive a car out of the lot earlier, then return on foot He. again entered the lot and drove another car around for a time. When he heard the sirens of po lice cars and an ambulance going to the collision at 16th and Cypress Streets, he attempted to flee and in so doing was caught under the fence. Upon questioning, officers learned that the description of the first car witnesses said Doria took from the lot answered that of the car in volved in the collision. Two passen gers in the other auto involved in the wreck were treated at Highland. Hospital for minor cuts and bruises and then released. WOMAN SLIGHTLY HURT BY GUNSHOT A young San Francisco woman was wounded by a myterious shotgun blast yesterday as she stood talking with friends in front of 1711 Fifth Street The pellets struck the arm of Mildred Jones, 23. but caused only minor flesh wounds. Miss Jones said she had come to Oakland with two friends, Don and Willie Mae Prison of Building 17, Sanina Street, San Francisco, and was standing on the sidewalk talking when she heard the blast Neither she nor her friends saw the person that fired the gun, but, police picked up a former friend of Xfi. TTL. ctoio. Tyr-,. Q Miss Jones, Stanley Thomas Of San ; Francisco, for questioning. ncconimg 10 xmss curies, ne mu appeared at her home Friday with what she believed was a shotgun. Piedmont Kinney MS:M CU.JJ UDtlOn CXtendea ; PIEDMONT, May 30. Extension jof the option on the Kinney property to June 30 was announced to-, day after approval of the City i Council mee-tinp in snecial Region I The option would' have iitfSZrgSg1 Tuesday. A citizens committee, attempting idnfvi f- rM,rv, f t hi use $4o,000 for purchase of the to raise I ororjertv for us as a rM-reatinn center, reported $22,163.22 in dona-.reserv lyinjr In. and alons the oatnastern iine-pi, vox i . j !tion after rnntartinff ahout ?0 nrh reserves lying in. and akmgr the northwestern lines of. Lota U, 10 and , lions alter coniacung aDout JW per ln Bte.k H; th(. reserves lylnir In. and alons the southwestern linea of. icent of the city's residents, Walter iLots and t In Block H; the reserves lylna- In, and along th aouth- A Stafr, chairman of the special ift ' -j tv- gifts committee, announced. The City Council has promised to match the amount for the purchase of the $90,000 property. CALIFORNIA BAR EXAMINATION LAW REVIEW COURSE Faculty of law specialists, intensive lectures, actual experience in the analysis of and the writing of cor-rect and model answers to Bar Examination questions. Marshall Law Review 336 34th St. PI 5-2S25 S LEGAL JfOTlCH NOTICE BITSFOR FCRN1PH-ivn rrRTT MATERIALS. STTP- PT.TES AND SERVICES TO THE CITT OF OAKLAND. CALIFORNIA, DURING THE FISCAL TEAR 1949. iflft BFCTVVIVO JFT.T t, 1949, AND TERMINATING JUNE . 1950. I" . i, ,,,j The City Clerk will receive sealed bids or proposals in hia office at the City Hall at any time prior t"iit' nour o i i day. June 7. 1949. for tne rurnwnin;! of Certain Materiala. PP11"- .lILa Services to the City of Oakland dor. Inr the Fiscal Tear 1949-1956, as fol- lows: Automobile and Truck Tires and iurps. Kfnp Auioraur . A' ' i Pevelopin K3 ner. r n o i o t o n Paper, Untied eiay sewer i ipe ana Fittinrs. . . Specifications and blank forms I i'ennt bv Aathony Van Vliet et ux., by that certain Indenture dated proposals will be furnished by there rM.ordd January 25. 1949. in th office of said Pity Clerk on application. Price bid shall include all applicable state all Inrlude all applicable State taxes. The Citis exempt from Clty,n h d ,ecorde December S. 1941. in Valum 4119 of of Oakland Sats Tax and Federal Excise Tax. All proposals shall accompanied by a check in , ! , V amount not less than ten per cen nc.i nf the aerorreeate amount the rronosal certified by a resocasi hie "hank. nayable to the ordr ot Phas 11. Ton City Clerk of r-ltw of O.tVcland. which check j and the amount therein specified shall be forfeited ana reiainea oy "Recorder: In Lo 1 in Block K of said City of Oakland if the successful y that rtain ijidenfnra dated March bidder fails to execute the contract j B Volume 2894 iof Offictal Records, in the required form and furnish tk a in TUnclc O nf as Id the bond required. Bond in an amount equal to one-rourtn or tne total contract price to be siven by successful bidder as a guarantee for faithful performance of tne con- tract. Contract to he within ten (!o days enterea into aner awnru there-of. Said certain materials, sup nlles and srvices to be furnished in accordance with specification- therefor dr ptf,a ZZZ 'A..1'- CHAS. M. DON. City Clerk. No. T9 - May 2$ - (at) Oakland. California, Mav 24. 1949. NOTICE rALLTNO FOR BIDS FURNISH 1XO FIVE LIGHT DUTY MOTOR TRHCKS TO DEPARTMENT OF THE i OAKLAND. CALIFORNIA. Notice is hereby riven that thliV.it.. . 1L Hiin l,ntn 'Board of Park Director of the City of Oakland, will receive sealed bids; in Room 1111. City HalL at any time i prior to "Wednesday. June 8. 1949. at I the hour of 4: o clock p.m.. for lur-nisine five lla-ht duty motor trucks to the Park Department of the City Jof Oakland, a described la more Getu ara ctiiw ror m tn specin - cations dated May 17. 1949 Delivery shall be made to the Oakland Municipal Garare. 541 Stb Avenue. OakLaad. within fortv-flve ! 43) days or sooner, if possible, after jth date of the City Auditor's certifl-'cafe to the contractor, and shall b to the satisfaction and acceptance of the Board of Park Directors of the wood Extension" tract, granted by Alvin II. Frank et ot, by that cer-Citv of Oakland. tain iadenlure dated October 19. 1939 and recorded October 27. 1929 la Bidder shall furnish a faithful; Volume 3S3 f Official Record, at page 141. the office ef said Recorder, performance bond which shall be f All of the aforesaid work is to be done ia accordance with the pjass executed in a sum equal to at least and specification adopted for this work by said Council by Resolution one-half of the contract price. . jNo. 21SS2 CJlS.. to which said plans and specifications frefertnc is made Specifications and form of pro-for th full d detailed description ef said proposed vric osa! will be furnished by the Secre-1 Said sealed proposal or bids are to be delivered to the unfiersiraed tary pro tern of th Board of Park; City Clerk of; said City and Cferk of said City Council, at hi office at Director upon application. A certi-taar time prior te the hour of 12:3 clock p.m. on Tuesday. June 14 fled check payable to the City Clerk iera the rre- om- or ib tur oi - uiKuiBa. ini amount of It per cent of the arrre rata amount of the bid shall accom pany each proposal. The Boara ot rarr in rectors re-1 not oe less man xw per cent w me serve the rirht to reject any and allbnd for said ametat and rayabl, a proposals. BOARD OF, f.PARK DIRECTORS. ; By HELEN RIGNET. Secretary pro tern. No. 7SS - May "5t Oakland Tribune, Monday, ROpBERY SUSPECT KEEPS SURRENDER DATE WITH POLICE - I i -!-.,!?- On of the fthrte men sought' for a serfes of robberies surrendered to police at a Lake Merritt rendezvous last rligbt titer making a telephone offer to give femself up. - -The suspect John Gregory Rivers, 21, said he returned here by train from I Lordsbcrg, NAL, with the! plan of surrendering on the rob bery Icharges. I I - . :r:W He telephoned police after arrival and et a meeting place. He was picked up by Inspectors Arthur Simpon arid ohn J. Murphy. Rivers said i he had left his two companions, Henry : (Hank) Limon, 21, and Gilbert Kunes, aliai Al Souz 22, in xrdsburg. . . , The three have been wanted for 11 robberies during the . past five week in Berkeley and Oakland. Warrants for the arrest of the trio were Issued by Police Judge Joseph A. Kennedy Saturday and bail set at a ttal of $35,000 on each. Complaint against the men was; signed by George L. Roy, 44. of 2693 : Alvinl Groom Court, who was robbed of $575 during a holdup at a grocery store I at 8225 MacArthur Boulevard on CMay 14. . . lrere Dunne to Get Degree From College HOtLYWOOD, May 30. UJD Movies star Irene Dunne will re- Ceive in honorary degree of doctor iof law from Mt St Mary's College "in recognition of her courageous fidelity to Catholic principles in public: and private life," the college announced today. Miss Dunne will receive the degree at . graduation ceremonies next Sunday, . . i LEGAL KOT1CB jtjuuu-iA'Utj --.'L'- nrnr - " " NOTICE INVITING STREET WORK PROPOSALS. Pdnuant to th prorlstoB of Dlvimion T (tb ImproTtmeat Act t itu - sirut. ami HirhviTi Cei of the State of C&liforni and to Refclotion Ko. 223SS CJLS. passed My 14. directlnir thl aotle. ald Conncil invite elei prop&l or bid. ,for the 'llCw'f work fo be done in accordance with the provisions of said Improvement Act fT1Jn aa4 ln accordance with the rins and specifications for said work Sostd and on file and which were adopted by Resolution No. 31112 : concrete jacket, drop connections and T-branches) be constructed as '"""in ? Broadway Terrace, between Leo Way and Pinehaven Koad; in Mountain Boulevard, between the southeastern boundary line and In northwestern boundary line of the "Glenwood Extension traet a said boulevard and boundary lines are ahown upon the map of said tract filed June It. im. in Map Book K: 7. at Iof Alameda Ceunty. California: in sion-' tract; ire Capricorn Avenue, between Broadway Terrace and the. southeastern boundary line of said "Clenwood Extension" tract; in Taum Avenue, between the northerly terminus thereof and the southeastern boundary line ef said "Glenwood Extension" tract: in Virpo Road, westerly ofrfxjts 1 and t In Blok S of said "Glenwood Extension' tract: in ferriesrood Dr' irora srotawif I the rath between Block l and Block K of said "Glenwood Extension" tract; n the path southerly of Lot 4 in Block N of said tra ct: t th lth i ad jace nt to Lot 1 in Block Q of said tract; In the path adjacent to-Lota 9 JJJi toil Bl ock O of said "Glenwood Extension" tract; in the following t- nf th farMM eaater lines of. Lota 10 and IT in Block G: the TfiP J'l' z alone the southwestern lines of. Lots 18. 15 and 14 in Block G; the reserve m'? u ! . .a.thwtra linea of. Lots 12. 11 and 14 ln Block L: theireserves lylnR in. and along the southwestern line of. Lot ! Block P; the reserves lying in. and along the (western lines of. Lots 19 and 18 4 n Block. G; the reserves; lytns; in. and alcine the southwestern line of. Lota 1 and, 17 in Block G: the Teserv lyinr in. and alone the southwestern line of. Lot 4 in Block Gj the reserve lyins; In, and alone the mthMtrn linn of. Lots 10 to-16. Inclusive, in Block J; the reserve llylne fin, and ainsT the northern line ot Lot 9 in Black J : the reserves Kine i. and alone th western lines of. Lots 14 to 15. inclusive, in Block K: the reserve lyine in. and alone the southwestern lines of. Lot 15 'and l"3n Block L; the reserve lyinjr in, and alone the western lines f. Lots ls to 20. inclusive, in Bloek X.; southwsterr. Une of. Lots S ni 9 in Block at: the reserves lymf in, and alisne the western'line of Lets 10 to 13, inclusive, , in Block M; th reserve! lyine in. and along th northwestern line of. Lot 7 in Block P; thm rMirvM "lvtne in. and alone the western lines of. Lots It to 16. inclu sive im-Block P: the reserve lyine in, and alone the northwestern line of Lot 1 and t in Block. O-: th reserve lyine; in, and along- the north-easternUines or. Lota 2 and 3 in Block O; the reserve lyine in. and along-the northern line of, Lot 6 in Block O: the reserve lying- in. and alone the western lines of. Lota IT and 18 in Block P. ; i in the following- sewer rieht of ways heretofore granted to th City of Oak Hind, to-wlt: In Lot 15 in Block H of said "Glenwood Extension" tract, eranted v Derwin C Moss et ux.. by that certain indenture dated November 18. W48 and recorded January 14. 1149, in the office of said Recorder under-Swies Number AD 3109: In lot 4 in Block H of aid tract, granted'bv Marian Rose Reyland and Frederick W. Reyland. Jr by that certain indenture .dated November 4. 1941 and recorded January 10 1942,-in Volutrie 4150 of Official Records, at page 44, in th office of said Recorder; In Lot 4 in Block II or said tract, rrniea oy uaaiana mie insurance ana Guaranty Company by that oertain iadenture dated November 2a 1941 and recorded December t, 1941, in Volume 4157 of Official Records, at bage 168. in the offic of said'Retwrder; in Lot 10 in Bloek L of said tract, granted by Kenneth L. Powell et ux.. by tht certain lndentur dated October II. 1941 and recorded December !2, 1948. in Book 667 of Official Records, at Mt 41. in tne Block G of aaW, tract, jrramea oy ueorge .lAmaas. oy m ceru.a (indenture datet November . 194 and recorded November 26, 194. m tBook 5S5 of Official Records, at pare 117. in the office of aaid Recorder; j in Lot tJn Bloelc G of aald tract, rented by Albert G. Monahan. et tix, by that eertain indenture dated October 1 194S and recorded November F 1Mg, ,ln Rook SSS of Official Reeorda. at pmSe 110, In tha office of 1 Rfcirder: n lot 2 in Block G of said tract, ftranted 1y Mari Balais, bv that eertain Indenture dated November IS. 1941 and recorded Decern- Book J7T of Official Recordee: in Lot f in Block iRorers et ux.. by that certain indenture dated October 2, 1941 and recorded iDcember 2. 194t. in Book S7 of Official Recorda at pae B, in th offic. f sa-d Record,r: ,B iot t9 in Block J of aaid tract, granted by Earl R. Smith et ux.. bv that certain indenture dated November 17. 1948 and T)!Cf,rjei December 2, 194S. in Book 57 of Official Records, at pare 54. in the office of said Recorder; in : . . , i tv;h t.- Heraty et ux.. 5. 1939 recorded Maur t 195J .Imm ni in tbe office of said Recorder: in Lot Iii Block K of said tract. prd i,nder series number AD ,t.H vw wilHam T. ilcGreror et by WilHam T 0fflpla i.ord. at pare . in ths Block N of said tract, rranted by indenture dated November 3. 1941 and recorded X -unie 41 f Official Rtcorda. at pare 240, in the in Lot 4 in Block N of said tract, rranted by Reb certain Indentore dated July 19. 1939 nm ja6S i Official Records, at care in Lot 1 irt Block M r said tract, rrantea oy can layior et ux, oy idsi ..,..1- i.j..tnr. p,hnnr IS. 1942 and recorded February 2C. 1942. ; volume ' 415j tof Official Records, ; . b ht 'certain indenture yBruary i, 152. in Volume 17 of Official Records, at pas; 35. in the 'tf ice 0( 9tAs p,tCorder: in Lot IS in Block P of said tract, rranted by .Truman H McClurr by that certain iadenturei dated July . 191 and ,.orod jutT jj 193J.! in Volume th 0ffjc. ef said Recorder; in Lot ' raikt n-r bv that certain lndentur dated Jane I. 1947 and recorded Jue lit 1943. la-Voluwie In th fficerof said Recorder; m tne vv t,,,.!.. u. enerrv bv that certain nd recorded Mafch H. 1S42. !n Volume 4174 of pfflclal March H. 1S42. !n Volume 4174 of Official Records, at pae 271. In the efflce f said Recorder: la by Guy O. Clarfc et at, by that 1942 and recorded March 1. 1942, pare 2J7. irr the Iof fire of aaid Recorder; in Ixvt jz in stock p of sail I 'Olenwi Lnvntn re dated February n. I94S November 2fi 18. la Book SSS5 of ffic f said Recorder; la Lot 271 TH E PARK wiornc v i u 01 v a a , t v e r M ri4t.i t Dsels m9 oao-a IT? 4 re 4r rt a Affisi aVsvT M RaMWvfaP ffTV nr n XX)X 21 OI LTIC .nrncwa r:t- mm miu ivk j . iu W A Vav . ... m a a. I k. e llti a Xf K D a A y Edrar D..Jons el m, by that certain inaentur eateo rovemor 17, 941 and recrde4 December 2. 194S. in Book 547 of Official Records, at pare 44, in tBe office of aaid Recorder; In Lot 42 ef th "Clareroont Wood-and Weights? traet. a said lot is shows soon the man cf th "Clare mo nt j-Woodland Heiahts" traet filed July (gj, jn the office of said Recorder, rranted by Maede I. Shaw, by tnat oer- jfjin indenture dated January 14. the office of said Recorder under series number AD fioav; in Lot 4 ia Block O of raid "Glenwood Extension- tract rraated by Kurene c Earth, et ux by tat eertala indenture dated January .1949 and recorded January 14. 1949. 4a the office of raid Recorder tinder series number AO 17: in Lot 4 in Bloek O of said "GJenwood Extension" tract, rranted by ;thertne S.-Caristmaan.' by that certain indenture dated August . 1939 ani recorded An mat 15. 1939 in Volume JS22 of Official P.ecords. at rare si. in the office of said Recorder; For farther particular, reference i hereby made to Resolution of ' ror tartner panicuiars. reierence is nereoy maoe to Resolution of ; Intention No.21f4 CM R. passed AprU 24. 1949, and to said plan and specific tion son file in the of f ic of the City Clerk ef the City of Oakland, j Bidder must file with each proposal er bid a check payable to the order Iof aaid City, certified by responsible tank fori an amount which shall iy two sureties wo snail jusiiry oeiore any otticer competent to sdmfV. itr an oath ta double th tail amount and arer. and above tU mtntC exemption. : v t r 1 - . ttutory May 30, i 1 949 D- 11 Rites Set for Crash Victims Funeral services will be held here tomorrow for two Oakland area girls killed Saturday in a head-on A requiem mass will be conducted A SP'". IV, 111' i " - i s. inensa umxren as 8 a.m. lor wAvenuV ' University of the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Haul-ton Dahill A sister. Nancv. also survives. I The Oakland Mortuary, 3007 Telegraph Avenue, Is in charge of funeral arrangements. Services for Patricia (Patty) Mur-denv 17, cf 243 Best Avenue San Leandro. member of the senior class at San Leandro High School, will be held at 3 p.m. at the Clarence N. Cooper Mortuary at 1580 Fruit-vale "Avenue. ' Patricia was the daughter it Mr, and Mrs. Ralph W. Murden. She was a member, of San Leandro Jobs Daughters' Bethel S3. The girls were passengers in a car driven bv Carol Archer, 18, of 1177 GlenjDrive. San Leandro, also a U.C. student, who suffered a back injury in the accident Also in' the group, which was bound for Lake Tahoe, were Lois Barber, 18, of 911 Arbor Drive, San Leandro, recent graduate of San Leandro High.; and Nancy Lee Schmid, 17, of 316 Bowling Green, San Leandro, a member of the school's senior class. Miss Barber suffered leg and arm fractures and a head injury and Miss Schmid st head injury. ' Miss Archer's car passed another automobile, highway patrolmen s&fd and crashed head-on with a car. driven by Willie Jenkins, 47, of Wood Street Jenkins sad passengers also were hurt in the! accident LEGAX JTOTlCE . . i i,.nV,u. pace So, m tne oinc or me ttecoraer Aquartus Way between Broadway in laic souLscrtj, iii wuwm avciiut, in watniana noaa sajsceni is wi aremont wooiland Heiirhts' tract: in Glenwood Extension" tract: the the reserves lying; in. and aione xn ortiee or mw itecoroer; in rxx in Recorda, at pasre 255. in the offic J. of said tract. -ran ted by Robert R. Lots I and 4 in Block K of said tract, by that certaia indenture dated-April in Volume 1775 of Official Records, at 531: in Lot Mb Block N of said tract. ux.. by that certain Indenture dated offiee of said Recorder; in Lot a in Ross B. Lonry et ex.. By that certain anuary zv. J3i, in voi-office of said Recorder: Rebecca M. Wasser. by that and recorded July 13. 1929, in Vol- 33. in th office of said Recorder: at page 4J, in the office of said tract, granted by Hat tie Bemstem, T. 13J and recorded March 2. It33. at pare 4lft, in the office of said tract, erraated bv Addison S. IXoore- dated January 19. 142 and recorded 385 of Official Record, at page 14. in 2 in Block Sjof said tract rraated by 4IU of Official Records, at pare S98. property or outse . r-perry, rranten indenture idated February Ji. the property! ef Guy O. Clark, rraated certain indenture dated February Zt. in Volume 4183 f Official Record, at and recoraea lreornary z. iz. in AtA Vovember 9. 1941 and reeordeS Official Record, at pare 12S. ia the of said "Merriewood" tract, jrranted 22. 1925 in Slap Book No. 4, at pare 194a nd recortiea January z, J9t. ia and in Lot 4 la Bloek O of aaid "Glen- agsrreraie or to proposal or else a. aforesaid, airaed by the bidder and CHAS. lM lvrc - t T

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