The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1947
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MAY 30, 11M7 BLYT1IKV11.LL3 (AKK.) COURIER i \ Suggostons For Better Farming j featured For This Section's Progressive Farmers. '.MNEW, PAGE MINI Published Kvcry Friday in the Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. Food Preserving lejhodlmproved .. \ki WcJSiington Experts Combine Features Of Two Systems WASHINGTON, May 30. (UP)— iic Agriculture Department, has oike<i out a new 11:01)101) of pre- rvlng food which it says coin- nes the best features of IrozM M dehydrated eniables. H calls its process dehydrofrcez- ug. It thinks housewives will like Dr. Louis u. Howard, chief of he derailment's Bureau of Agri- iiltiira) and Industrial Chemistry, old a House appropriations snb- oiijinittcc' about the process in rstiniony released today. The fruit or vegetable is dried 0 remove much ol tin: water. The •artiaily dehydrated product then 1 fro?/?]). This can be done more nsily an ( i with less (issue dam- ;t;e than in ordinary frczon foods ccausc of the smaller water con- ent. Other highlights of testimony be- nre tlie subcoininitlre: Secretary ot Agriculture Clinton '. Anderson s aiti Hie Government lay have to pay out, $25X03.1100' f ii|>I!ort egg prices in fiscal 1918 ecause per capita consumption is xp?ctcd to drop by five eggs next I ear. "A ^op of one e^g per capita cquii^i S5.UOO.CO of support,," An- 'erson ioid. UndiflRcrctnry ol Agriculture I lorris 12, Dodd [old the subcom- liltce it miglii cost the Govcrn- icnt as much as S2C0.030.CCO a year -> bolster egg prices if per cap- a consumption were to drop back ) 1939 levels. Anderson told the subcommittee lat the Government has cleared bout sie3.0D,C(iO on ils cotton Km operations since 1935—princi- ally because ot increased war- nic demands for cotton. Anderson said the Government I ithcr had made loans on or ought up some 31,0:H).e6o bales of [ attoi> since 1933. Interest, ]:ay- ocnls and sales produced a gross rofils of about S2(i3,COJ,030, he •lid. Anderson emphasized that the I cinirtinenl was not claiming any I articular credit. 'It took a to accomplish | liat," lie said, Of Ihe 2<1.C03.00 baies, about 22,M,00 were redeemed by fanners oicling loans. Another 9,CO,OOD were I iken over uy the Government hen borrowers failed to repay •reir loans and the- government I urcliascdJiSibout 3,C03,ODO bales to lent ils JBfigations. Newest Missc 4-H Club The latest addition to North Mississippi County's roste;- ol rural youth organizations is the Calumet 4-H Club which was clu-rtmM early tins year. Pictured above lire the olticcrs: Lett to vlutit, Agnes Mae Brint'lc, treasurer; Anna Elizabeth McGill, secreiary; Velma i ford, song captain; Bonnie Flo Roberts, club reporter; Billy Sligal, president; atul s. Cl, Smith, vice-president. All of the 28 members of, the Calumet Previously were im'inbci:; ot some other North Mississippi County club. Dcspile the laci thul it a new club members are .showing much progress. V-v (Courier News I'liulu.) Clear Lake Club Sets Record of Pictured above arc the officers of Hie clear Lake 4-H Clul), one North Mississippi Comity's finest clubs. D?it lo right. Roberta Lunsford, son;; captain; jiminic Ifayne. vice president; Jan: \Vuccl- house, club reporter; Betty Jo Yarbrougli, secretary president. The Clear Lake Club look a lending part in Die- iniC County Fiiti- and Larry Lunsford was crowned county dairy champion la-»t, vear. He. also won first, place :n Ihe Irish polalo contest. Another Fair winner was Roberta Lunsford, who carviu:! oil top honors in the fig and pear presrves contests. . * The Clear Lake club has 28 members and boasts the distinction ol having every eligible member in the community as a member. (Courier News IMiiilti) :ONTEST Colltinuctl from | car. Ifc now has 45 acres of soy- eans ])lanled alony with apnroxi- lately 10 acres of corn, In speaking of the plot chosen y him for entry into the soy- ean contest. Mr. Bradford stated lat for the past 10 years cotton and Ciirrii: Form Safety Competition Plan Expanded The N:Uimiul Committee on Hoys IK! Girls club Work has iin- noiirevil Hi,>.t jin al!-< I rip 10 (In- •I.'alwiiiil •!-![ C'lul) eniiKi-Bss in Chicago is now providi'd for the ."•lair winner in lh<; 1047 1-11 Farm Safety Program. Formerly only srciional winners n-rcivcd iriij awards. 'I'hciv will he no si'iiion:*! recognition this year. This inc'iv:is"s lh<> passlulj nuii'.bi'r nt cim\i;^o Irip winners •1-11 safety I nun IS to 40. Last jvur'-i stale winner in Arkansas Thurman C. Dabbs. ol I.ill!'.' Uork. wliii received u 52i U. H. Savings Ilmul. M''i!:ils of honor for a maxiun of live members In rich partici- palin-.'. county and a sperial plnf i'l'<A r i<li'tl by General Motors lo i he county reporting the mos oulsliintliii',' -1-11 safety program h tile slide this year, will bi- awarded a s in tin? past. Ihe coumiitl 1 mid.' f.mnvn of Hie about Ihe sliindiiii cif Mississippi County in .soybear r.roduclion, but it is believed Hint Ihe coujity iiad a bt'tlt'i' per a:re avcrni 1 ,' 1 l.'isl yi'ar iluiil sonic of the leadini: soUn-an prodnciii!; counties of the nation, Members of tho Junior Chamber of Commerce's A^riciiHnrsO Coni- millcr. \\llo were resjainsiblc for Ihe National Col ton Picklnc Con- Ins 1 , (Jcclcled to hold the contest thir. yc'iir a^ an exnerhnent in or- ilr-r to Irani \vliere Mississi|)|)i Count-; r'nik-^ amoii'r ellirr soy- nroiini'in:? counties. It \v;ri niinli'fl onl Unit nnv far- mnr in Mi-,sis,u:pi County is eli- lor p:u-tiL'ipalio;i in the con- Pj'L'inois v.i.shin',i tfi enlei the ronti'st should conlruet the; ALirirnltur;il C:nmmilfrp of the .Tav- ccc-; cr the C'rnn!v Agent's offic Knlrv- blank 1 ; must IK- poslniarker nol luir-r (!>;in .Inlv i. Musi riant at Least f> Acres Conlf'sl plots niuril contain a least, fivp acres in one conf itinoui rectangular ploi. Small acreaire wil not be coTiMdorcd for ev.rollment Ail entrv fee of $T accom iwnv nach ai;])!irati.)ii for cntrj This fi-i' is iiiUrnctctt lo defray i imrlinn nf the expenses of tin conlcsl, Tin- p'ols will be iiuk'ed h nitMiilKTS of tlie Auriciilliiral Com :»ittee nntl a'.v,u\l.s will bo base Seeks Break for Taxpayer LOOKIT THAT.'/ s. IT'S OUTRAGCCUS! j YOU rruAs iwvir ( GOTTA STAKV ) Ferdinand the Hat Likes The Smell of Flowers I.O.S ANClKIJvS (Ul')—»r. Georsc M. Uhl, city hnillii olflccr, luis (lls- I'uvrrcd lhat mis have u definite lii.sli' for flowers, paillclilinly carnations. What's more, ;,ald nr. Uhl, soiiu' of his rodrni control crew.s liuve been unable to line the city's rats from their hideaways until Imps wcie bulled with blossoms. "The ordinary rat will walk a inili 1 for a hunk nf cheese or a piece »f urcnsy bacon." Dill Srtld. "but unco ills palate 1;; pumpcrcd with ilflkiile flower petals, It takes a iiiluhly strong slencli even to turn his head." In price l Council, umition for record of the county. had been planted on the plot. He builders'" slated Unit the plot was the lo'W-1 one of the est part of his farm and he was the contest is using the soybeans to help keep the record of the land flat enabling it to drain itself. Mr. Bradford io the father of ciyht children, all of them llvlns on the farm. Besides the help given by his children, seven Negro families live on the farm, he said. Data Sought on Yields "Ths is the first contest that I ever entered". Mr. Bradford stated. "Win lose or drav, maybe I can help encourage move farmers in this county to raise more soy- ber.ns. Besides bcinE a Rood money crop, soybeans arc good land tlie midst of clauu.r In ron-rnmrnl Hrclin In \\'a-,h n:;U>n lor •ductknis lo Kliibllt/i' bu.iiH'i:;, |]u-,;,; I'nbiii: i:>;]M-nilltun' and other taxpayer Knmps over the nation imvi- foui.d am- thclr drive lor econc-my In cinvrnmvin. on Itig nailonal, Into and Incal levels. And lo otik-lr-ls in Wa.shtiiKlon wno lire elamor- ig for lower juices Ihey say; I'nu-lice what you prcacli. ;Mo»r insurance coin- piinic.i iii'c slroni;, hut iiHcm-ie.1 ilifffr greatly in tin: service they n-niliT. In miy ciner- I!cne>', «-e can lie do-; [KMiilcd upon io pro. 1 I eel our. cl ion I'd j n .' teicsls. 7 ~>~^J NOBLE GILL AGENCY GUNCOE NortL IUDG. Heller Aid to Housekeeping Rent Our Now FLOOR POLISHER Mississippi Co. Lumber Co. Phone 4445 was named in honor of Ed CrlU. :i former county agent who pluyeil •A major rule in the introduction of soybeans into Mississippi County. This trophy Is to he hold by the 'winner until next year's winner Is nnnmmml, unless the first year winner should place first for three consecutive years, in v.'hh'h event the trophy will be in his possession pmnnncnlly. Winners of llv contest will lio announced at the first Junior Chamber of Commerce meeting after DeccmbtT 1. , Sing a Song of Savings! (^ Mo tor in Tune II yoivjtractor is popping, missing, losing compression (Uu'ly . . . bring it lo us now before Kcricns trouble develops. In jnsl' a few hours we ciin have it aside in good sluipc and ready as if new. Trust your farm machinery to your 1NTKKNATIONAT, DKALKU for truly reliable repair service. We use the best in materials . . . the best in labor, to see that the job is done right! '• on urinal r-vcrucp yield |ier acre of Nmnbrr '2 b'an.s. riualitv, frrade and moijliiri! content to be considered. main objectives of rirr.t |-.!nre winner will be awnrrl- lo Bet an accurate rd tho "Ed Crit-/. Trcnhv" and S100 per acre yield of c,i;;h. Second inar-e. S75 and third t present little is place S25. The first place trophy National Spelling Title Won by Georgia Girl WASHINGTON, Mny 3'.l. (UP) — Fonrteen-ycar-old Mattie Lou Pollard, nn eighth grade pupil in a one-room schoolhouse near Thom- a.sto]i, Ga., won the national spelling championship yesterday by rat- llii'.f: off "chlorophyll" and "mu!;- toly." <M:ittiu Lou .emerged the winner over 34 oilier boys and girls, all under 10, who won rcu'iona] til Irs in the annual spelling bee spnu- sorcd by the Scripiw-IIoward anil other newspapers. PEST LERS W»». flies , WEEDS GARDEN INSECTS Ask us about the Purina FARM PROVED programs for killing these, pests. We know how to do^ it right. MIS. FLIES FOR WEEKS Electric and Acetylene Welding Our Specialty DELTA IMPLEMENTS Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone 863 NTERNATIONAL Trucks Two or throe sprayings with Purina DDT control flies in farm buildintj3 all season. PURINA DDT SPRAY FOR FARM BUILDINGS AND STOCK CATTLE PURINA PICIAI GRANULES Mix w i I li ration lo warm pigs. PURINA ROOST PADU Paint o a roosts. F ti m o 9 kill lico on birds. PURINA DDT FOR THE HOME Its killing c;foct on flies, mosquitoes, roaches, antg, etc., lasts for days. CONTAINS 5'/' DDT c-' PURIKA WEED KILLER Kills ail common broad , lea! v/ceds in lawns, pastures, fence row?, com rowt. KEEP FLIES OFF DAIRY COWS V. ... Use Puiina's quick killing and repellent opray, _v •;. ; i. i . PURINA DAIRY SPRAY L. K. Ashcraft Co. HEADQUARTERS k PURINA'CHOWS _FA§M SUPPLIES N ft. ivi You'r« probably well acquainted with our service man, but »re you iw»r« th»t ho'« faclory-trnined to ncrvlcf your John Deere tractor »nd Equipment th», way tlioy should be ncrvlccd? Whatever your trouble nmy bo, our Mrvlc«.cikn. con fx It up quickly . . . al a lurpriiing- ow cost. With the §hortnc« of nsw eoodi, you renllr.e, of course, how Important It U to keep your present equipment on the Job. now wo .lUBRcst that you tilk with us. \Ve'll givo you expert ndvice. And, if repairs arc neccaaary, you'll he completely , •atlsflcd with the work we do for'ybu; For your oiyn protection, have your John Detre trnclor and cqiiiinncnt serviced by a ninti who knowa your rnachtnes — a John Dcoro factory-trained nervica man. Don't delay . . . »sk about our plet« Borvice NOW. v&gmMmmmJZ : '.+.',*'. >!>:>;;*: »;»:>; > PROFIT />'// Heading lite Classified Ads livery Day! • PROFIT ll.U 'Adverlisiny In The Classified Columns When You Waul To Buy Or Sell Ads Placed by 10 a. m. Will Appear Same Day ASS Classified Advertising Payable in Advance Phone 461 Blyfhevilie Courier News f ,T(Wftfimm\w®m

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