The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1953 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1953
Page 2
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VAOB TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS June Haver Gives Up Movies for Life as Nun HOLLYWOOD On-Actress Jim Haver turned her back on jnovic land's tinseled brilliance today I become a nun. The 25-year . old, blond dancing star, whose salary rose to $3,501 a week but whoso career also brought her personal tragedy ended months of rumors about her Intentions by issuing & polgnan statement last night. Without disclosing her" where abouts, nor where and when she will enter a convent, Miss Hnver telephoned the statement to her studio and nsked that it be dls trlbuled publicly, It said: "To all my friends: "Now that I am about to do something that some of you perhaps will find it difficult to understand, I have thought it wtH to make a public statement. "I am going away to prepare myself, by several years of player and study, for something I have been contemplating for the pnst two years, I am determined to be n Sister of Charity, with the grace of God and the approval of His church, and to consecrate my life to the service of God in His sick >ant- in His children. "To do this will take more ability than I have. Tjiut Is why I am going to prepare myself In a novitiate of work and prayer. If at the end of my two years of preparation, my religious supcr-ors Judge that I am able to do this, I shall consecrate myself by vow to this kind of life. "As far as I am concerned, I know what I want to do. But what I want must also be what God wants. May Hts will be clone. "You, my friends who have helped me so well In the past, 1 know will continue to help me with prayer, that J may nhvnys be generous In the service of God." Miss Haver sold her home In th Cheviot Hills section a year ag and recently auctioned her posses sions, closed her apartment an moved in with her mother, Mrs Marie Ottestad. Bhe has term natcd her nine - year assoelaltoi with 20th Century-Fox Studio, he most recent contract running to Feb. 20. She finished her last picture "The Girl Next Door," a miisica comedy with Dan Dalley, last No vcmber and has done no movl' work since. The picture Is yet tc be released. Corn June Btovcnour In Rock Islnnd, III., Miss Haver came to Beverly Hills, Calif., as n young ster. She Rang with Ted Flo nito's bnnri, then went into the movies In 1044 at $75 a week. Her picture included "Home In Indiana,' "Three Little Girls In Blue," "Irish Eyes Are Smiling." "The Daughter of liosle O'Grady" and "Tho Dolly Sisters." But ns her movie slur ascended, tragedy clouded her life. In 1941 she eloped with Jimmy Xlto, swing band trumpeter. Later (hey were married hi the Catholic church. But the marriage eu;!ed in divorce a few months later. She resumed an old friendship with a dentist. Dr. John Duzik, and hey reportedly planned to marry, nit ho died after a short illness n October, 1049. Miss Haver visited the, Vatican n Rome during the holy year pii- jrlmngc In 1051 and became active n the Newman Club of Catholic turtenls at the University of Call- ornla at Los Angeles. During the filming of her last icture, she fell, Injuring her bank, .'hlle doing a dance on a whirling able. Tho Injury, and internal •ompllcatJons, kept her from work for months. Sea Captain's Data May Be Clue to Origin of the Earth LOS ANGELES W — A strailgu triangle of light In the sky may be the key to man's oldest mystery Where did oiir world come fronw Most people on this continent have never seen the heavenly trinngle. known to astronomers as the Zodiacal Light. It Is best seen In the tropics, In the east before dawn and in the west after sunset. A Dutch sea captain, plying •• South Pacific waters to the Dutch Indies and spending the long, • lonely nights studying the mysterious light, has come up with 'ne\v evidence of Its source; .. .r^ The evidence is in an announcement by the University ;of California at Los Angeles, where Capt. Moj. Eisenhower Now Sfoff Officer WITH 3RD DIVISION, Korea W) —MaJ. John Elsenhower, son of the President, today became staff intelligence officer of the U. S 3rd Division. Eisenhower had been acting Intelligence officer since Dec. 10. He attended his father's Inauguration on orders qf then—President Truman, Young; Elsenhower left (he If 3 Jan. 30 for Korea and arrived to find himself in.the Army's offlcln! language, assistant chief of staff G-2 (Intelligence). Jnn Drent of the Dutch Ncderlnml Lines, noiv retired, is a graduate student. The school calls Drent's observations of the Zodiacal Light "the first Important evidence (o support the theory thnt the strange light is cnused by the, reflection of sunlight by the vestigial remains of a cosmic dust cloud from which the solar system may have been formed." This means that the light seems to be proof that such Interplanetary dust cxlsts:j.nnd on a scale exlemlj/ig thiWh We solar system. "It Is not difficult to conceive," says the school's statement, ."of the cosmjo cloud ns the remains of the primeval source of the larger pliincls as well .-.3 the rest of the system." POPULAR "INFLATION"Londoners can keep leaking (ires pumped up while riding to the repair shop, II they own one of the devices pictured ' above. A small' compressor is on the innrkct which runs on slorage- liattcry power. It can be attached by means of lubing to a universal Joint clipped to' the wheel hub, and from there to the valve stem of the inner tube. IN THK CIIANCEKV COURT CHICKASAWIIA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTV AKKANSAS JOAN SWIFT, by her mother & next friend, Audernel Freeman, P)tf OUY W. SWIFT, JR., Dft. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Guy W. Swift, Jr. h hereby warned to appear in the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District Mississippi County, Arkansas, within 30 days to answer the complaint of Joan Swift, filed therein Otherwise the allegations thereof will be taken as confessed as by law provided. Dated this 14 day of January, 1953. Oeraldine Liston, By: Cherry Sue Barnes, D. C. James M. Gardner, atty. for Pltf. W. S. Radcr, Jr. Guardian ad THURSDAY, FIB. I, WARNING OltDKlt In the Chancery Court, Chicka- an-ba District, MKsteslppI County, *krkunsas, Charlotte Mac King, Ptf. V 'S. No. 12.3CW Norman King, Dft. The defendant, Norman King, Is ereby warned to appear within lirly days In the court named In he caption hereof and answer the omplalnt of the plaintiff, charlotte lac King. Dated v this 21 day of January 053. C. p. Cooper, attorney for ptf. Ed B. Cook, nlty ad lltem. Ocraltlme Llston, Clerk By Lavcrne rinll, D. C. 1|22-21 215-12 avoiding Monthly Look' Ho ttlt-lali ilent an tile lace becaute cramps, litters, bolhar hei no mail Whjt liwV otiler, warn out, Jittery for 2 or 3 ifnys cacti month! Why let cveryl'oily know your "l!ni«" [a here7 .Thoiisnnila of Binnrt iirb and ivomen Uk» » little Cnrdul «nch. dny (o heir build new enersy jnn.l re,l,t,,,,cc, Th,y look. Act. »leep betl"'/ (ctl less nrtd Ices misery cneti month. Some tven liei throuuh r-er(cda without pnlti ultjr u wh.le. Stny lovtly nil rnrmth - nsV ij««l«r for C»rJul. (S.y: "ca rd-aM-,^" ), MOHTHLTCRAMPS CHANCE OF'ttFE OA^ V 1. Auto Accessories SEAT COVERS as low as - TIRES BATTERIES $755 (12-Month» Guarantee) - (18 Months Guarantee) $1195 OPENI24 HOURS Savings Gives You Lower Every Day Prices on ail Your Auto Needs SAVINGS OIL CO. So. 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Gertrude Nelson. Dated this 21 day of January, 1953. Oeraldine Listen, Clerk By taverns Ball, D. C. O. F. Cooper, atty for plaintiff. Ed B. Cook, atty ad Htem, 1-22-292 6-12 >N THE C'HANCERT COUKT FOIl THE CillCKASAWBA DISTRICT Of MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, ARKANSAS Betty Lou Godwin, Ptf. Bill R. Godwin, Dft. H'AKNNG ORDtK The defendant, Bill R. Goda-ln, is warned to appear In ths Chancery Court for the Chlckaaawb* District of Mississippi County, Arkansas within thirty tejri wid uuwtr th« complaint of the plaintiff htreln. Witness my hand a* clwk of said court and the seal thereof this the 2rl day of January, 19S3. G«raldlne Ltaton, Clerk BekesCOUJSTeveris ness X M* S. -IK -Jli Ufeli 7k fcy r*V"t ot «M- WAIT'S OtfIN MOUNTAIN COUGH SYRUP Sue Btrn« Personal To Wom«R WMi Nagging Backache N.K.I n c tukMlu, to.! 0* M 1.4 «__ down, of kldnw fjJMllo.. jjocto »r •«> v f.l* &J U *"* l heollh. 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