Jackson County Banner from Brownstown, Indiana on June 14, 1922 · Page 3
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Jackson County Banner from Brownstown, Indiana · Page 3

Brownstown, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 14, 1922
Page 3
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KURTZ . Owen Township. E. B. Hall is painting his house Snton, Mrs.. Mollie Zikes of near eetown, besides other relatives and ; friends to mourn their loss. Funeral services were conducted had his house 4 the grove here Sunday at 12:30p. HOUSTON , Salt Creek Township. Mrs. Cora Cross is reported better. James Hendry and family visited FREETOWN Pershing Township. Tl Viae' vaviu UTrcio uoo 1 r . 1 .w i 1. J allies neuuiy auu iiuui painted. . I : , !, , J1? VJS" Natives at Kurtz Sunday, Kemember the aii:aay mf"s. pvKran sk cfT nt st t?; m 1 Marcus Lutes was a business vis- fcere next Sunday. . Jsfelly was well knowk here and her itor-at Brownstown Friday. The K. of. P.'s entertained with a . untimeiv death was snrfrfpT1 How to ' Ziba McMahan of Brown supper here -Thursday night. . hter many friends. Interment in theted his parents here Sunday. Mrs. Belle Bower 01 rm; Chimmings cemetery near here. The James E. Pruitt took a load visiting Mrs. America cower. .bereaved relatives have our sincere calves to Brownstown Saturday. josepn u " . sympathy. railed on inenus hcic TRnhp-n. Hanner .has had his house repainted and lightning rods put on. Earl Lahrman left Monday for -Honeytown, where he has employment. ! ; ' ' Mr. and Mrs. J. W. . Elmore of Bedford spent Sunday at their farm near here. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hornback of Terre Haute spent Sunday with John Reeve and" wife. - N Mr. and Mrs.! Frank Smith of Bedford spent Sunday! with James Hanner and family; ' John Shortridge land wife of Acme j were dinner guests of Mrs. auary Williams Saturday. ' Ellsworth Brown and wife of near Clearspring spent Sunday with Mrs. Eachael Weininger. Mrs. John Edwards left, for Bedford last week, where she will ( visits relatives and friends. , Thomas Fleetwood of Washington was the guest of Mrs. Man Browning Saturday and Sunday. i Miss i Pearl Whitrich of Houston spent Saturday and Sunday in the family of Roy Pearson. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Moore of near Freetown -are visiting her parents, 'Win. Edwards and wife. trr of Brownstown spent Sunday with Mrs. lan Browning.' James- Hanner and family of St. Bemice are jspending few days j here with relatives and friends. .Mrs. Wmi T. Williams of Pennsylvania visited her mother-in-law, Mrs. Mary Williams, from Thursday until Saturday. i Mrs. Tatlock and great-grandson, Maurice Browning,! of Seymour spent Saturday night the guests of Mrs. Nan Browning. NORMAN STATION Owen Township. . Mrs. George Terrill is ill. J.' O. DeFord of Oolitic vwas here Wednesday visiting relatives. Miss tseacrue Adams went to ierre Haute Tuesday to visit relatives. Ilene Lutes of Brownstown was here the past week visiting relatives. Miss Tenza Hegwood went to Bed ford Monday, where she is to be em ployed. r Conner Wykoff and family of Bed ford spent the week end here with relatives. - - -"'Grandma" Stogdill is very poori at this writing. TheDodds girls of Liberty fpent Sunday with Mildred Denny. Mrs. Mary Culbertson attended Ziba McMahan of Brownstown vis- chSrch a,t pray'n- Suda?- , oeverai ruiii nere aitnueu wie basket dinner' at Spraytown Sunday Rome McElfresh had a sale Saturday and sold some household goods. Koxie Chutes spent last week with of Attendance at Christian Sunday school, 41; collection, 40 - cents.' Farmers finished planting corn and setting tomatoes last week. Mrs. James Hendry and Clifford Brown have purchased new cars. Claude Bowman visited his sister, Mrs. Fern, Ball, at Brownstown Friday Johnny Haskman and family visited Marcus Lutes and family Sunday. Ewing Cox of Bloomington visited Thos. Scott from Friday until Sunday. Hezzie, Cummings, who works at Bedford, visited his family here over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Kindred of at Hous- Wttf Dr. Chas. E. Gillespie Practice limited to diseases' $ of the Jbye, Ear, Nose and Throat, and Fitting Glasses $ SEYMOUR. INDIANA 9 "While There's CHIROPRACTIC There's Hope" Andy Martin and family of Sey-' Sevmour visited relatives Inbour spent .Sunday, with Lowry Fish ton Sunday. and family Mrs. Susan Owens visited her sis ter, Mrs. Jake Henderson, at Bedford, the past week. Orville Clampitt of Bedford spent $e past week with his grandparents, hn Clampitt and wife. Talmadge Bartlett and family of Bedford spent the week end with Lowry Fish and family. . Emjly Montgomery . and Eugene Henderson of Bedford were here Sunday visiting relatives. J ,Mrs. Valen Coble of New York came ihursday to visit her parents, ,Mr. and Mrs. Lowry Fish. Rome Engle, who is employed at l iberty, was here Sunday visiting lis mother, Mrs. Jane Engle. Clyde Arthur of Vincennes was r ere the past week visiting his randmother, Mrs. Wilburn Arthur. Miss Beraice Terrill of Bedford came Saturday to visit her grand-tarents, Mr and Mrs. Geo. Terrill. Dr. Brucei Fleetwood and family of : iieltonville were here Sunday visit ing the former s parents, Jerry Hen derson - and wife. Herman Kindred and family and Linton motored here and spent! Sat urday and Sunday the guests of Ira Fleetwood and wife. . i Mr. and ! Mrs. Charles - Buental-spacher and! T. E. Kindred and family attended the Children's Day program at Clearspring Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Armbmster, Misses Fern and Lillian Armbruster and Sherman' Berry of Freetown motored to Mr: Armbruster's farm near Worthington Sunday. j A special car containing the relatives and friends of Mrs. Guy Kelly, from St. Beraice, West Clinton and Terre Haute attended her funeral services held here' Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Fountain of near Fairview spent Sunday with Bart Kindred and wife. Sunday school attendance, 52; col lection $1.34. Remember Rev, West's appointment next Saturday -night and Sunday, also the children's exer cise Sunday night. Orvffle Wray went t Bedford o ! HSwK and fa'mily, Lewie eent, but has returned . i , . i m : j nome. - i Lantz and family and Ira Emery and family visited their aunt, Mrs. Mary i Williams, and attended the funeral o4 ' Mrs Hn-l!Kollv R-inrfav - . t --... ; J . . sie Pearce, IMrs. ECLIPSE Owen Township. J. G. Lutes took a .truck load of lambs of his own to the Indianapolis market last week. Louis Brown, who has been confined to his bed for over three year? ic rTWr1wl nhle t.fi Ka nn .w - 1' - -v. r" , Mrs. Pearl Lutes visited her broth er, tjeqrge isetser, at tsioommgton the latter part of last week. Vireinia and James Hedden of Bedford are visiting their grandpar ents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Lutes. Orville Lubker and family and Miss Marv Berrv of near Browns town visited Emery Berry Sunday. Meedy Brock, who has been visit ing his uncle, Elmer Tidd, at Lyons the past two weeks, has returned home. Several of the Knights of this place attended lodge at Kuitz Thurs day night where they had a. class of seven to take the work. . Those that entered school at Bloomington last week from here were Jesse Davis, Jason Hill, Brad ford Scott and wife, Altha Lutes Veil Hendry, Henrietta Pruitt, Fred Cross and Marshall Lutes. K. of P. Lodge, No. 387 have elect ed the following officers: C. C, John R. Lutes: V. C. John C. Noe; Prel. Jas. M. Hise; M. of W., Oscar Rod dey; M. A., Paul Brown; J. G.-Clif ford Brown, O. G., Wm. P. Setser. The lodge held decoration services at the following places Sunday: Chris tiansburg, Lutes, Houston, Robertson and Cornett Grove, eleven graves in ail. CLEARSPRING Owen Township at J. W. Fountain is hot so well Loris McPike of Seymour was "the this writing. guest at jtrs. fhoebe Fish and tarn-! wm. Mitchell 13 in very pool ijy the past week. 'health again. v Mr. and Mrs. CJ C. Hutchinson of w. , e;u t t-.. ; f-n i x Bedford, Mrs Doyle Hutchinson and e Creef Tuesday, ' I Miss Ruth Donnell of Sevmour is daughter of Myfield. ky.y Mrs. Jes- Spv.rai frrtm w t.l . ti-J visitine- Mrs. Sarah Jones. ir J?ower : aiK dhildren's day exerewe at "Clear-! Mrs. Mary Teters visited her chil her nephew, R. R. Denny, and fam ily. . .... " ,Tom Sprague who is in poor health is consultjng Dr. Hauss of Sellers-burg. ,v ' ' Glenn Denny and wife spent Sat urday night with Geo. Denny ann family. Several from here attended the fu neral of Mrs. Hazel Kelly at Kurtz Sunday. Rev. T. G. Smith filled his regular appointment at the M. E. church Saturday nisrht Willie Warren and family of Red Brush spent Sunday m the family 01 Jonathan Brock. Dolph DeLong, who has been em ployed at Anderson, spent Sunda with home folks. Mrs. Ruth Campbell -and H. V. Winklepleck and family spent -Sun day at Heltonville" . ' - Mrs. Amanda Bowman of Seymour is spending a few days with friena and relatives here. Jesse Lucas and wife spent last Wednesday and Thursday with their son, J. C, at Kurtz The ice cream social held by the Christian church Saturday night was reported a grand success. Lawrence Dennv. Jul Kams an Lloyd Spurgeon, Sr., transacted bu. iness at Indianapolis last week. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Wheelei spent the week end with Matt Fleet wood and familv at Cornett urove Shirlev Jackson and ramuy o. Bedford spent a few days last, week with his mother, Mrs. Frank Kerner. Mvrtle Spurgeon, Forest bcott and Marion Miller of New Albany motored to Columbus one day last week. John Meyers and wife, Elmer Kerner and wife and Sam Meyers and two sons spent Sunday with Jim Mann and family. John Brock and wife, Asbury Gob le and family attended the funeral of Mrs. Brock's sister, Mrs. Gillen, at Leesville, Sunday. V. F. Ripple, Chiropractor, will be at Wheeler Hotel at Freetown, on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9:30 A. M. 8tf Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rodman ana his father and mother-in-law of Indianapolis are spending a few days with Wm. Monahan and wife. John Will Hanners, John Pruiti, and William Cornett, who are e- oloved as carpenters at Bedfoi-n spent the week end with, home folks. Among those who entered Bloomington college Wednesday were. Misses Ida Dennv and Krna Spn-geon, Fred Brock, Bruce McRam ar.i Chas. DeLong. a . aaugnier, mi j. w fcimore , ana l,, s -ndav nieht.- idren at Heltonville Sunday. ivirs, Huoen t.imore or bmiom were ; , Neal Horton went to Bedford! Fred Mitchell and family of Col -guestsThujsday of A. J. Elmore andjWIonf)av to sepk ernpjovment and re.'umbus are visiting relatives here. cf Coraett Grove, Jirned' home Tuesday. i Mrs. Sarah Jones and son Welcome ' je,fu -T-11 vere Sues ?. Sunday . Mr. and Mrs. Emmitt Fish ' and I and Miss Ruth Donnell visited' Her-f Ra,Pv y nianv fanVyl Lucy I oi Guthrie Creek were Sundaviman Louden Sunday. Anterelli, John Clark and George of Wm G e and.familv ' ; Mrs. Delmar Aynes and Miss Es- Rowe and iife of Indianapolis; Lew-, The SumIa scll0oI ig preparitlg a;tella Loudermilk attended the funer- BoHvJri andiam'ly of Cortland; Aildrerfg da exercise which will V i al of Mrs. Gillen afLeesville Sun- B-Hendry and wife of Freetown, Jjvert the fourth Sunday night 'in ! Ray. Brown, and wife of Ai-mstiopg, 5 s '. At the all-dav meeting here Sun- Ill.; Clyde Noe, Kuth juarsnaii. am. Attendance at Sunday schooL 47: y, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brown of daughter of Houston James Hendi-y 4,llectioil 51 Birthday offer- California gave some very Interest- and family, D. L. Beck and family of Mr ra rm; t. i- ino- talks on their visit to foreisx 'Grandma" Tatlock celebrated her 1 J' , "rio;f uiiwji viauitwb aiiJ lands. ' Welcome Jones, who has been in :i 83rd birthday anniversary.' ..Sunday. i -.n. rLs-S-j thP IT . S. militarv service in the Ha- Those present were: James Tatlock christian Scott aiid fannv . waiian Islands, returned home Satur- ana iamnyj r.imeir uwens anu.,wue Shawswick SundaV ' dav having been discnargea iron of Brownstown; Walter Sutton and , aTu1 Ml. 011 tw-jt, service. J.UI- family of Bedford, Geo. Mitchell and Ufo;,i ai ; a . Last Saturday evening as e T 1 11- 1 X IT-l Mirutu --EIVJII MlilJIIIllt' n IXIlVt tU m . 1J J wne 01 inuianapoHa, ,urS. uagrarei ghtgrs of Spunkev Point and Mrs. ooPeI. 01 Tnour ana a lauy menu McHargue and son James, CTen Han- idaKm Rlack atP a sii . 0c,ock . of Indianapolis were coming up the Siiriflav Kurxz niu, mey ran uui oj. k mx Lester Cummings went to Bloom- !n to tura around pn the hill, ihgton Wednesday, where he will at, ine car was lurnea over . p" Lj r..:!- T.. : - -1 occupants underneath. Mr. Hunter Mrs. Lfckey, Geo. Nilson and family, at ive "Sered at his W wife of Se-mour came along in ' 1 Obituary. f . ' - XT8 short time and. helped.. thm out ners and family, Mis. Beitie Butler and family John Allman and ' son Malcolm Browning, Mant Tatlock, Earl Tatlock and family,- Mr. j and T : r n : i come and gb Se the ebb and flow o? ,1 was ;sptjnjnusicand game. MARTIN'S GROVE Owen Township. the tide, carries with it the forms of those we ldve t other realms,! and by their going there is left an aching ! void before I us still and quiet in the! ,,i f i;, n, . t where he will attend colleee. aha .whn was w'0,1 h,r oil ,w v' Dayton Zike and family of Free her 7 ' J Vtbwn spent Sunday with Peter Fields Hs71 cennnrl ' rrainmcf 1o.iil.ti. USld family. rf w n Ata t?k ti Hiram Burris and family of neai was bornvl near Houston. Jackson S?'1?- vsite,d m the family of Peter county, March 10, 1893 and departed A I and brought them to Mrs. Sarah j Jones' where their wounds were I dressed. The lady received a severe cut on the arm and the man was cut 'and bruised on his lee. The car .was , , , rot damaged much and with a little Howard Scott has gone to Muncie; hel they r)hted it and started te- ward Seymour thanktui tnat tneir lives had been spared. Fields Suhdav. n 11 ft ' . this life at Terre Haute June 8. t022 ,t frtna Acton is staying with being 29 years, 2 months and 28 S?r brohe7' H(Ward and vnfe near days of age. She was one of a fam-'.???.?" J a ' ; xi . ily of eight children, seven girls and I Da'e,,Hudsf and- family of Hob-one bov This f.milv all n. Hill spent. Sunday with Curg manhood and womanhood . and. had Ttt JP. LIBERTY Owen Township. homes of their own before the death iivnc ui tinrii. uwi ur lux c vile ucat.ll rt n j " , r angel knocked. The first to answer M Jt 3mL0J:ns' ODta:ned her education. November"';.' ' -q. his mother, Mrs;- Minerva Mize. The early years of the in this county where she G. S. Ballard and wife and Claude Miss Anna Mize of Brownstown visited home folks Sunday. Harvest will begin this week as the rye will be ready to cut. Rudolph Scherschel and family of near Bedford visited relatives here Sunday. j Quite a number from here attend- 1 n j a : 4. the summons was Mrs. Eva Chastaini'l . " T iy 1 sprine; Sundav. in Februart. 1900, the ' second I was ' . 'VJ?? " Dick Vaumeter. and wife and Mr: Mvs. Anna Truet, who died March 17, ""1 and Mrs. Moore of Bloomfield called 1920.- - !' i ! on friends here Sundav. ? Geo. H. Conner . t Jeweler Victrolas, Records Musical ', Instruments ! Pianos, Player Pianos Phone 249, Brownstown It ::!. 11111 rv kit- 1 ivjhi lmi jri 4 . Pi 1 frJ f w IHI . 1 in 1 1: n ,tz, 11111 Economical Haulage jShngffe Equipment: Himm. Yotrr choic , 9fHhr Ikm mfimc- nl iMrim HI Do you realize that the TSZSJZEZSZ i Ford One -Ton Truck at $430 is not only the most V I lull wuuuciiui iruu& vnu,o ovci 111 till offered but the most economical T 1111 In I - Alffll I I I means of solving: your haulage lail ! and delivery problems whether 11 . you are a farmer, merchant or J manufacturer? - 5 ' T no rrilxrA rnii oil Vkfifc forfc II! I I Brownstown" Auto Sales Co." II- ; I ' - 1 a j r 1 " 111 1 11 ' liueuora Aiuo aies lo. r.. i 11 1 - it 1 r -, - - -i As sippetiteg of rlor n sradl littie fblks: "Lis'ten, you Herbie, you let go of those Kellogg' a Corn Flket or you'll bm late for school and f ' won't wait for you ant other minute!" tt: vtvi. utoi, v,o v. ' Jvereit Mize rexurneu w oauhi .T tTlZ. " last week after a few days' visit with Pleasant Grove, srjent Saturdav in mamagp j. , . v m - to Guy Kelly. The outgrowth of -.S1?1,? LirJS"1 1,er 4, 1917, she was wnited in marriagp to Guy Kelly. The ' outgrowth of this union was a hanpy home, a home where all were welcome, and whereji genial comnaniohship could he enjoy-1 ed. Mrs. Kelly was a woman" of! pleasing disposition, always .looking ; on the ; bright' side of life enjoying ' . , life in th ( fullest . sense ' and 1 one ; whose friends were numbered by her CORNETT GROVE Owen (Township. George Brown and family - spent 'W. Lockman. Sunday with Mr. and -Mrs. Bud wm 1 we are sorry to near 01 i:ne- aeaxn f Lester Cummings and John Lock-man. went -to Bloomington .Wednes day to enter Indiana University. j Mr. and Mrs. ' Henry Brown ofl Bakersfield, Cal., and Mr. and Mrs. James Martin of Clearspring spent 1 Wednesday visiting the family of L. Put it right up to Kellogg's Corn Flakes to do a master job sharpening breakfast appetites! And; they'll repeat at lunch and supper for Kellogg's are irresistible in goodness! KeUogg's win every one because their jflavor is delicious and because their crunchy crispness is unfailing! You'll prove that! Such a cereal you never ate before! You'll say Kellogg's are a xevelation and they will be, in particular, to any one who has eaten - imitation corn flakes! Kellogg's are as distinctive in flavor as they are in crispness. And, KeUogg's are never tough or leathery! Start eat- mg Kellogg's Corn Flakes tomorrow morning! You can't afford to miss such happiness as Kellogg's hand out to young and old alike! acquaintances. She was free-hearted of Mrs. Helen Kelly. The family-has , ft jur sympatny. l T7i.ll ' T T ' The K. of P. lodge . ; of Houston -.rjSLeilH' II. r:rinr.H lecorated their deceased brothers''?. , ... graves here Sunday. , . - , X ; ivmp f Mrs. Pi-yce Callahan and son spent Apent fnr Natinnal Siirtv he week end with her.v parents; .Mr. ? . - i - , narture Rh leaves a sad -and loneU- and Mrs. Tom -T.ntet; . . ''X .'i :',';':V --vOltipany - ' t 1 . . .1 At J . 1 fn .1 . 1. t - 1 1 I J . i:usoana, an ageq jainer ana moiner, uauae rieetwooa ana iamuy sna t. always willing to help where she could. - She seemed to enjoy the best of health even until the great change came.- She (was a member of the Pvthian S-sters and the O. R. C. la dies auxiliairy. ; By her sudden de- - .-' .f XT4 17.-1. - Whose hearts are crushedby the un- Robert Fleetwood spent Sunday with ' ,Vi p -V 1 even- Wow; one brother. . JamlMr. and Mrs.. Wm.- Havs. ' KOQrri J,,11 b. Alain istreet T : lour sisters: Mrs. Lizzie - lttoss . oT and Mrs. Claude ' wneeier spent Sat- T ' r., - ,.- 9 ' .Ta.9fmville. Mra. F!Tna f!n1e-mat nf itrAttv nicrht. - unfit fhoir : ngmnto J T BrOWnStOWn."-;-.- . . Indiana . . - - - - .--- . " ' ' " ' . uw. f w . -. ' 1 1 mW jvurtz, Mrs. cnanotte rowen oiear ai. rieetwood ana wne. . TOASTED conn FLAKES 1 M.ff,raillI But please be sure' you get KELLOGG'S, the delicious "Corn 'Flakes in the RED and GREEH package. bok for the signature bf'.W. K. Kellogg originator of Corn Flakes. NONE ARE GENUINE WITHOUT IT! , Also maker of KELLOGG'S KRUMBLES ad KELLOGG'S BRAN, cooked and knanUej - r - IV

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