The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1950 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 8, 1950
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER QF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI YOL. XLVI-.NO. 14 Blythevllte Courier BlytheviUc Daily New* Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald BIA'THEVILLE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, AIMUL 8, 1950 TEN PAGES SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS McCarthy Openly Attacks U. S. Reds i TO GREET EASTER DAWK—These U*e« cresses, lilhouetted In rtark simplicity agitast > glow- tag sky, represent those on Calvary. They form part of the Impressive background lor Easter sunrise services to be held in the majestic Garden of the God* near Colorado Springs, Colo. hristiant Plan Celebration of Christ's Resurrection—World Rallies for faster Joys By' *h« Associated Prew , The joy of Kaster will fce celebrated wherever Christians gather tomorrow; bringing to their hearts the ever-hopeful message of the risen Christ. In the great cathedrals of the Old World and the New, In villnge churches and at hilKop services, the devout will kneel once more to « Pontifical Mas* in St. Peter*!. At Us end, (roin the central loggia of the Ba,silica, Pope Plus will give his apostolic blessing to the city and the world. Washington, D. C., where the hopes of millions in the politically divided world are'turned, 250,000 visitors are expected for the day. Many mark the miracle of the Resurrec- lion. Millions will observe the occasion In other ways, too. It will -be a day for fine dress, and flowers, and for children's games and Easter baskets For. moat _.of ...the country, '.the. TF \ & Weather Bureau p\edicted cloudiness and some showers; i Jerusalem Begins Celebration \ rpJf bra lions already were In pro \ f^ in ancient Jerusalem wheie ; jitaily ?0 centuries ago Cnnst suf- H^ed died and rose /"* Bells thundered cut their Easter messages from the Basilica of th Hoety Sepulchre, and from dozens of other churches, as thousands gathered to pray. Eastern morning Protestant services in St.' Andrew's tn Jerusalem rmircl.>ard were to be broadcast by *hortwaye to the United States and Canada, Ptljrrims hrbng Streets More than 100,000 Pilgrims throng- ad the streets of Rome where the climax of the Easter observance will come when Pope Phis XII celebrates were there not only for Easter but also for the delayed Cherry Blossom Festival. Police In New York marshaled «t force of 639 just to handle the ter parade on fifth a veriue-y always •, colorful event. Thousands wearing their most festive attire, traditionally throng the midtown Manhattan area in the vicinity of St. Patrick's Cathedral. Cross In Orange Bowl In Miami, Fla., About 75,000 are expected to attend Easter sunrise services—about 35,000 of these in the Orange Bowl Stadium where students will form a huge "living cross," A huge, rugged cross atop Hot Springs .Mountain will be the focus of a sunrise service in Arkansas. ecial Services Will Mark Fuel Blast Victim In Poor Condition The t^pdition of Mrs. Raymond Bard, who was serion.sly burned Thursday night Rb her home In Victoria, was reported as "poor" by attendants at-the Methodist Hospital in Memphis today. Her husband, \vho suffered painful burns about the hands, was listed as doing "fairly well." He also is confined in the Memphis hospital Mrs. Bard suffered first nnd second degree burns about the- body when a metal drum containing kerosene exploder! while she was obtaining fuel from it for a chicken have wliili kcro ^ Her hi sbnnd was burned when he Uttfmplcd to extinguish her flnminj> clothlTi with his hands. A match was believed lo been struck near the drum Mrs. p.ird <v»5 gettini; the sene. rnu.stng the explosion. ir-jr'-yille Man Fined S?f^ Fo//o',vmrj Collision R. T. Patterson of Lcnchville vra. Mncd-sim and costs in Mimiripa C'int tli is rrrrirmi^ on a chnrgo p driving while under the influcnc of liquor. 'Patterson was rmr.sied ye-terrfa; afternoon aflcr Ihe car he w?! driving collided with one drii-en b, .Y'ss J.inet Chcc-sman of JJIyUievill at :he intersection of Fift3i and Ash V/, D. Mrrlln was fined $35 «n crr:^ on his pica ot guilt} Uj similar charge. <Kfp.rr.ther. forc l .is(: partly cloud and warmer this afternoon and to night.. Sunday partly cloudy ami mild. ' Missouri forecast: Increasing cloudiness this afternoon, mostly cloudy tonight and Sunday, 1o w tonight 45 to 50 extreme .s on t h; high Sunday 45 to 55 south. MILD Minimum this morning- -40. Maximum yesterday—65. \ Sunset today—6:£7, l Sunrise tomorrow—5:36. = I*reclpltation 24 hours to 7 j today—none./ • Tnl?l s'ncn VftJV 1^-24,'ift.' ire .{iiilciway 1,'hiffh And low)r-52-5. Importer Claims He Supplied Data In Laftimore Case NEW YORK, April 8, Wl—Alfred Kohlbcrg. New York Importer ot Chinese textiles, says h« has been supplying data to Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-Wis) for use In the current stale Department probe. Kohlberg toltl .the Associated Press Insl night that he hud fed Information to McCarthy about Owen Lattimorc, Far East expert, and Ainbassndot at Large Philip Jessup. both of whom have been targets of McCarthy. Charges Were Identical Baltimore said the charges were Identical with old and "thoroughly discredited" charges r.Mscd by Kohlberg, and circulated by William J. Goodwin, described by Lnttimore as a S25,000-a-year registered lobbyist of Nationalist China. Kohlberg, long-time foe of what he considers Communist activities, said at his home last ntght that during the past five years he has made public most of the information that he recently gave to McCarthy. He said yesterday he was summoned by two FBI agents and asked to tell all he knew about Jessup. "I told them the data I hnd was largely In the hands of Senator McCarthy to whom I turned It over last week," he .said. FBI Asked Bali Earlier this week, he said, two FBI agents asked for all the data he had on Lattimbrc. ' "r toltl them I have given part of it to McCarthy but that part of it I still had." the importer said. He said the FBI agents then asked photograph data he had about the Institute of Pacific Relations. Kohlbcrg said he was willing, but told the FBI men to wait until he had removed certain personal letters from the files. Kohlbcrg formerly was a member of the institute, but split with it some^ycars ago. charging It. harbored "Communists. Senator Shucks' Immunity in Talk Charges Are Milder Than Previous Ones; Libel Suit Invited PASSAIC, N. J., April 8.— (AP)—Senator McCarthy (R- Wis) shucked off his Congi'es. siorwl immunity today and made HOW attacks on Owen Laltimorc, Philip C. Jessup and diplomat John S. Service. He challenged them lo sue him for lihol. McCarthy's latest ; accusations against the trio we're considerably milder than those he originally leveled in the Senate, whore he has constitutional protection from court action, r,allimore has called on the Wisconsin senator to make 'the same statements 'without cloaking himself in senatorial immunity. In n speech prepared'for n meeting, of the Marine Corps League, McCarthy said "I Invited the individuals whose names I shnll imm« flumes of Easter fmerj, and messages to church 3ngrci*ation,s.about IheYRisen-Lord ,wiir mark the observance of EasUir Blythevllle tomorrow -^ + Although there mil br^no joint rvice.s, individual churches have aimed special program for awrn- g * or ship services ' At Dell .Methodist, church>» spec- , —Courier News Thoto EYING EARLY RASTER E(iGS—Carol Hubciier. five, and her four yenr-old brother. Louis P., HI, check a possible source of Easter eggs on the chance 'that..the Easter bunny made hi* 1 Hlylhcvilte rounds curly this year. The children of Dr. and Mrs. Louis P. Ilubcncr, Carol and young Louis arc shown making an early check of the front yard of their home at 1305 Hcarn. West Europe Asks Free Trade l Easter afternoon concert Is to >e presented at 4 pi i by Thomas Webber, Jr said to be ont^of 16 South's .ovitstanding" organists. At the first Presbyterian Church, ic Rev. Harvey T. : Kidd said toy that a piano and organ prelude, Je.sii5, .Joy o£ Man's Desire," .will 1 e presented by I,. T. Moore at le. organ and Miss Carmel Pop- am of Steele,-Mo., at the piano, he choir will later present "God o Loved the World," by Stain ex, shood's "Lift up Your Heads," nd Cain's "The Lord's Prayer." Ilss Geneva Bruce of Keiscr will resent at vocal solo, "Hosanna," nd the Knights Templar will--be pecial guests. "^ 1 Communion planned Continuing observances ol Holy Veefc, Holy Communion at 6 a.m. omprrow will be held •- in special ecognilion of Unster at the St. Stephans Episcopal Church. The Holy Communion with choral eu- charlst will rje presented nlso at H a.m. The Rev. w. J. Filzhugh Is' rector. The.Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran,.Catholic and Christian Churches also have, held special services during the week, ami the First Baptist and the Calvary Baptist Churches v.'ill begin revivals tomorrow. Special music has been phin- ried and ministers have chosen Easter theme mcsfaycs, but there will be no other special services. Negro churches in Blythcvillc also have planned Easter services In iong, drama, cantatas and sermons. The services begin at 4 a.m. at Enoch's chapel, and *•"! continue through services in the afternoon and : evening at '12 other Negro churches. A drama entitled "While It Is Yet Dark" directed by Mamie Williams will be presented at the Enoch chapel, where the pastor. Rev. J. E. Hughes, wfl preach. Flu Cases Decline in Week Influenza in 'Mississippi County s on the decline, according to reports received lociay from tlie N'orth Mississippi County Health Unit. The Slats Health Department last wee* repcrtcd thnt 380 case.s hr.d been . reported from Mississippi County during that week. than 100 had been reported by noon today for this wee);. Several physicians had not completed TK- however, but had Indicated lhat the instance of the disease was on the decline. More than 3.000 cases t>t Influenza in Arkansas \vere rci>orted to the State l:ealth Department week, compared to approximately 2,200 for the previous week. Chrysler S*nke Enters 74fh Day DETROIT, April 8. UP>— ffopcs for settlement of the Chrysler .pension strike edged upward ngnin loclny after union and company counterof fers. Both offers were on IVic table in the 74th day of n walkout now estimated in industry circles to • be Hearing one billion dollars In cost. Yesterday Chrysler came up wiUi a counterproposal to Wednesday's offer from the striking CIO United Auto Workers. Negotiations resumed today. No details of the Chrysler proposal were revealed. However, It was believed to coier many non- economic issues as well as the central point of dispute—how SlOO-a- New York Sfocks Closing Quotations: A T ft T Amer Tobacco .'. Anaconda Copper .. Beth steel rhryslcr Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward .. N Y Central Int Harvester National Distillers .. Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum Studebaker Samlard or N J 155 1-8 103-8 30 35 1-2 685-8 1541-4 -16 3-4 197-8 55 1-8 14 1-4 273-8 23 " 267-8 191-2 . 17 1-8 31 - 69 1-2 Request Is Expected For Lowering Barriers. At Big Three Meet ; , By Wes Oaliagher FRANKFURT, cscrmany, April 8. (tVl ;— Western European countries want freer trade y.-ith Soviet Russia and her -Eastern Eur9pean. satel- lltes , . ^ A i eiiuesT for relaxation o( the barters, imposed by the united Stntcs under the Marshall Plan is expected lo come up at the May conference of Frencft, British and American foreign ministers in London. Europe Is Anxious 'Authoritative sources say several of the more industrialized_Wcstcrn European countries are anxious to lift &ome of the bars on trnde with their traditional market, 1 ; to the Enst because they cannot find mar kcts for their manufactures elsewhere, •Many American European aid officials are said to back this claim They believe the State Department blacklist on potential war material: is doing more cconomt'* harm than good to Europe's rehabilltntlon. This view is supported by the argument that American taxpayers* through (ne Marshal] Plfin, have to month pensions would be financed, make up the deficits created by the ban on this i\ge-o\rt cast-west* radc. 4 | Other problems. Up Informants here said the mhi- sters are expected also to discuss -hese other problem 1 ; 1. U. S. demands for Western European nations to drop the trade and'tariff walls;that separate each other. - _'' ' , : =2. y. 1 S/prcssure, <SnWest European nations to, -'bring Germany quickly into thctr pollUcal ni\d economic orgfinlzatlons and to give the Bonn government more voice.:!:! its foreign affairs. \/ 3. Proposals for n uniUetl American, British and pYcnch policy on German unity to meet Soviet pro pagnnda claims. 4, New disciiRslonK of vrnys and means to end the state pf war with Germany, Any liberalization of cast-west trade would (UrecUy atrt West Gcr many, whose Industrial production has its natural market in Kast Europe. And In counter demands for liberalizing western Europe's trade, the United States claims West Germany has opened its trade doors westward, but Western Europcai countries have not rUaltatcd, Unless trade liberalization Is exerted one way or the other, Wcsl Gcnrany may have to crnwl baci into its controlled economy shell Texas Corp .............. 643-4 J C Penney .............. 59 U S Rlpel ..... ; ........ 32 1-2 Sears ..................... 45 Southern Pacific .......... S3 3-4 McCarthy to Receive Marine Award Today PASSAIC. N. J., April fl. f/D — Senator Joseph R McCarthy, whoso spy charges ngftinst Owen Lnltlmorc have raised a furore in Washington, will , -receive the MarEnc Corps League's National Americanism Award ^hero today. Choice of the Wisconsin He- pnbllcan as winner of the auard T.EIS announced several wecka ago to filarl their libel..suits, If a slngia worrt..l My is not trtio." Then-he proceeded to' charge that: ' "Iiatllmare Sells Out" man commonly JOHN FOSTER DUf-LES, HC- publlcnn foreign relations .expert, has nKrced to serve as consultant to Secretary of State Dean Acheson. The State Department announced ilmt Dulles accepted the post at the rcn'icst of President Trumnn nntl Achesori. Dulles will rank as one of Acheson's top advisers. Missco Woman Seriously Burned Rescuing Her Children from Blaze A Milliean Ridge farm wife and two ot her tour children are !n St. Bernards Hospital In Jonesboro today suffering from serious burns received at 1 o'clock this morning when lire, caused by an exploding nil heater, destroyed their home at Milligan Ridge in western Mississippi County. The mother, Mrs. Dennlson J. Jones. 40. Is suffering from burns about the face and arms and part ot her hair was bvrned away while her children, Judy. 5. and Toney, age 1. are in a more serious condition suffering from burns about the face and body. Two other children. -Tuuger Don, S. and Belly June, 13. escaped from the flaming house uninjured. • ..'• " ' : . Prom her bedside In the Jonesboro hospital, the heroic mother told how she received her burns while -"-*nTn2 r-f-r two younger children from a bedroom that was engulfed by the, flames. She told how It w«« bed in order to save her youngest child. ' [Mrs. Jones told this story: Her husband, who farms on the Armour Sparks farm at Milllgnn Ridge, left (or the field at 4 o'clock leaving her and her foxir children alone In the honsc. About seven o'clock she lighted an oil healer In the living room of the home and then went to the back bedroom to sec abo"> her youneesl rhlld, Toney. She Entire Room Ablaze said she had been In the bedroom only a few minutes when the heater exploded. She ran Into the living room to see what had happened. Tne entire room was ablaze She went into another bedroom and escorted her two older children to safety and then returned to the house to get Toney and Judy but found their bedroom cut off by flames. i\trs. Jones then went bacn oul- side, ran around the •M USCUB *• house to » —Courier N'ews rholo MBTHOniST PARSONAGl^-The Rev. and Mrs. Roy I.-Bagtey and children, Uovmie, Kge 12, &nd Sarah, age 3, arc shown here on the front porch ol the ne»lv completely Methodist parsonage; ISO N. Ninth The Dutch Colonial style home will be opened April 11, 12, «n<l 13 ff° m 7 U> 10 P m. to member* of tno Methodist Chuicb uui oUur guetU who with to Mil. Treece •-Acquitted 01 Manslaughter Negro Also Found Innocent as Circuit Court Adjourns Here s Shelby Treece of Blythcvillc ami James Hcnclrlcks. a Blylhcvlllc Nero, both were «cr|iilt(cd of n charge of Involuntary manstnuKhler ycslcr- Usy Irt Circuit Court here. They liru] been charged tn connection with the collision Dec. 0 that resulted tn fatal Injuries to Mvron T Nalllini;. South Mississippi County deputy prosecuting nl- torncy who died four days later. About a dozen witnesses were heard during the trial, which began Thursday morning and ended ycsterd.iy afternoon. The jury returned a verdict of rot ptilty tn the case of Mr. Treece and circuit Juagc Charles w. Light of Para- sould directed the jurors to find In tavor of the defendant In Hcndrlck's case. Mr. Treece was driver of the car with which the auto driven by Mr. Nallling collided. Hendrlcks was driver of the truck, which the slat* said was parked without lights, lhat Mr. Treece said ho swerved to avoid Just before colliding with Mr. Nait- ling's car. Court Adjourns This was the last case heard for this term and court was adjoi'rned yesterday afternoon after naming Jury commissioners. Athcrlon Hiett of I.eachvllle, J. M. Cleveland of Blylhevlllc and Claud Craln of M.i- nlla were named jury commissioners and returned sealed lists of prospective jurors Jor the fall term. In other action, 16 sentences were passed—10 of them suspended, tnrei bringing prison committments and three resulting In tines on reduced charges. , ; Commitment were issued torta for James Lee Gee, William C. Gil llnm and Jfmmle D. Barrett, «h were sentenced to the state penl tcntlary. G«« was sentenctd to thie years for. grand larceny, Gilliam t three years. for 'violation of a rob form of the Communist Party.'' Ha said this plnlform "will" tlcllvor vast ureas of the world to Communist Russia." 1, The Institute of Pacific Relations—an organization which Jessup onco hondcd—cashed $3,500 In check.s "rcprcsenllnB Communist money," and "must be credited by the American people nx having originated the myth of the 'Democratic 1 Chinese Communists." . 3. Service wns "picked ;up by ths FBI in connection with ; the theft" of secret government "documents, later placed in charge of personnel in the 3tate Department's Far but instead of being indicted was Eastern division. Charges Not Tlcpealcrt Under immunity, McCarthy has told the Senate he can prove Lat- tlmorc Js n Russian agent and a present or former member of tho Communist Tarty; that Jo-sup has an "unusual affinity for Communist causes" and that "the Communist affiliations of service are well known." McCarthy repeated none of these charges today. All three meri have flatly and vigorously denied McCarthy's 'accusations In full. The State Department has denied the charges against Je.«up, a I top official who holds the ran>: of mbassador-at-large, and service, vho recently was called home from consular assignment in India, It aW Service was cleared in tho ccrct-doc'jincnts case McCarthy .entioncd. Of Ltittlmorc, the department has aid he was as:oclaled with It only 'riefly about five years ago. bcry . sentence suspension COUUS •» grantee }« Power Line Okay Asked by Ark-Mo Arkansas-Missouri Power Com>any of BIytheville yesterday asked ,hc Missouri Public Service Commission for authority to build a $275.000 transmission line tn South- cast Missouri nnd Northeast Arkansas. The 110,000-volt line would extend from tne company's sxih* itation at Hayti, Mo., to a switching .lation south of BIytheville. Tho company already Is building a 30,000 kilowatt steam generating plant near Campbell, Mo., and a line from there to Hayti. Construction of the Hayll-Blythe- vllle line was announced here ear- icr this year In expansion plans for 1950. Fires Hit Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA. April 8. l!Ph- » was Good Friday yesterday for everybody but Philadelphia's firemen. Fire bureau headquarters reported 131 fires, one of the busiest in ths city's history. Fulbright Leaves State FAYETTEVILLE, Aril., April 8. WV-Sen. J. W. Pulbright left here today to fly back to Washington from Tulsa. after spending a week with his mother, Mrs. Roberta Fulbright. Sh* »ccompanied him to the

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