The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 12, 1967 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1967
Page 6
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A Remarkable Absence It was not at all atypical of the Mississippi County political rationale that those first candidates for the open legislative position are from the tiny principalities of Burdelte and Ltjxora. Neither Blytheville nor Osccola at this writing has a candidate, Blytheville and Osceolii being merely the site of about one-half of the county's population. One Osceolan is rumored ready to announce. He is a farmer with practically no urban interests. This is not to intimate that the county suffers from a lack of quality in the candidates who have thus far announced. As a matter of fact, they are of the highest sort and the county indeed is fortunate to have such candidates offering themselves for public office. But the point which should not be missed here is that the time has come to end any "gentlemen's (?!) agreements" which set up arbitrary and highly-artificial political zones in the county. Representatives are elect to represent people. Since most of this county's people occupy some form of urban niche, it will be remarkable if they have no one representing them in the race for a legislative seat. rJL 'ttei (Letters to the editor are welcomeo. They an rntiject to cditlnt. bowetei. IBS must be signed. Signature will not be printed at the request M the writer. No letters will be returnee.) Dear Sir: Your Editorial of December 5th, "The Political Non-Lake" has much merit, but certainly, you have overlooked some material considerations. •.J agree that taxes should not be wasted on- "pork-barrel" projects that are simply undertaken to buy votes. But we cannot reject out of hand the Lake Neark project as a fypical "pork-barrel" program—granted, the niotives of our former governor probably were influenced more by potential votes than a desire to fill a need in our part, of the state. However, the fact that a need exists for a'Lake Neark is evident—the fact that our section of Northeast Arkansas has been denied this type facility while every olber section of the state has received consideration is ; also clear. ...The question is not whether this was 3. "pork-barrel project, per se—but whether the project as envisioned is feasible or whether itxsliould he abandoned. Further, has it received proper consideration by the Arkan- sas Game and Fish Commission. There is conflicting testimony and opinion on the feasibility of Lake Neark. The Game and Fish Commission itself has offered contradictory statements, most of which have been reported in your newspaper. An example is the report from the U. S. Corps of Engineers last summer which supported the feasibility of the project. Now comes the Game and Fish Commission proposing to dump Lake Neark. To the layman (and I must place myself in this category), the reasons presented by the Commission in its most recent statement sounds impressive—if, that is, we did not have such a hodgepodge of previous pronouncements and statements which were contradictory. All of which leads me to believe that a public investigation of Lake Neark is needed. There has been a lot of sweat and effort put into this project in the course of the past seven years (not counting the 545,000 in state and $170,000 in federal funds). We deserve some straight answers. Sincerely. Ed Allison Cannel-at Bay By WAHD CANNEL - NEW YORK (NBA) BEATWAY IS MY BROAD ... Seems almost sure that Sammy Davis Jr. and Mai Britt have split ... t also looks as though Frankie and Mia are falter - bound, too ... LBJ and McNamara have definitely pfffttt ... Better luck next time Gen. De Gaulle may let Francs try it, too. Insiders say De Gaulle will be happy to give up the presidency If he is mads king. Whadya call that — Hour- bon Renewal? EXCLUSIVELY YOURS Lloyds of London will definitely not insure McCall's mag If Lynda Bird gives up her ca- I reer when she marries ... Film WISH I'S SAID THAT: "Who,dom's looking for fern do you have an affair with to:lead for the Bible spectacular, get out of this show?" (Allison I "Solomon and Sheba, since Mackenzie) j Liz Taylor turned down the part DISSA & DATA "My agent showed me the Heloise and Abelard are that book," she told yours truly, way ... It's a boy to Hie Rocke-! "and I just didnt like it ... feller Institute ... Gilbert and I Millie (Milton) Eerie is working Sullivan have reunited ... Ethel f on a book to be called Stones Kennedy's dog is that way ... j My Friends Tell Me. Chug De Gaulle has definitely CANNEL'S CHANNELS pfffttt. THE HORSE'S MOUTH: Advance ticket sales are SRO for "The Man from Aunt" — National Educational Televi-lthe new musical comedy based •sion has signed up Ed Sullivan j on the musical comedy, and Lawrence Welk to teach a j "Where's Charley?" ... Art course in Near English ... Life magazine will be out next issue with an article proving there Linkletter is finalizing plans for a new video fun game called : 'G e r i a t r i c k s" ... Due for \V11U Oil Ol L1U.1C fMUVlllg LIIC1C. i v-^iiu"".--"-- , were four assassins in Dallas .. spring publication, Mrs. Helen Oscar Wilde is that way ... Gurley Brown's long - awaited Look for the World Bank to sequel, "The Son of Sex and the start bombing Hanoi. ! Single Girl" ... Ramparts mag- TODAY'S TINTYPE: Abdel azine will be out with definite (Abe) Nasser i Pr°°f 'hat there were six assas- A method actor from way i sins in Dallas ... CBS has a two- /lews QtLi-a The Anti-Court Bill " The Administration's war on crime would be making more headway if it didn't keep running inlo John L. McClellan's own little war on the United States Supreme Court. Now Senator McClellan has succeeded in tangling up the Administration's unobjectionable anti-crime bill with his own favorite anti-court bill. The senator's rider' would overturn a constitutional ruling by the court last year making a confession inadmissible in cuort if the defendant hadn't at least been informed of his rights. -•.Senator McClellan's war on the court, in turn, keeps running into Hie Constitution of the United States, which makes the Supreme Court and not the Senate the judge of "all cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution." So Senator McClellan's favorite bill is unconstitutional on its face. Of two traditional ways to fight crime, Senator McClellan has identified himself wifh the wordier and less effective: Curtailing in- tit WKTHE SHORT m TO CHINA, maf\ n llieuiuu dtiui iwm *» a j • . . , . * back, Abe has played in dozens ; hrour documentary scheduled for of Easterns and feels he's now January, proving conclusively " la ' " r - Watson was a woman. BIOSSAT AND CROMLEY IH WASHINGTON Changes Due in Pentagon When McNamara Leaves By RAY CROMLEY | will be less tendency to equate j of it. VEA Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON (NEA) Ten Pentagon changes are dividual rights. Another and better way is likely when Robert McNamara to build more effective police forces on the goes. local level, which was the purpose of the ' Large institutions in the long Administration's bill before it ran afoul of run have a way of reasserting Senator McClellan's ministrations. their authority over the men inal It is to the President's credit that his orig- who run them. For awhile, a il bill attacked crime without opening a ^determined man may have his second front against the Constitution of the iwlll, and he may, during his United Stales.—Pine Bluff Commercial JACOBY ON BRIDGE I tenure institute systems that will change the instituton. But the institute weakens such a man and turns back on his slowed NORTH It A 107 63 V1086 4 A 6 3 + Q10S :WEST EAST (D) "A K A 8 5 2 VAQ973 V J 2 "4>9752 « K J S 4 v* A 7 3 49542 SOUTH - AACJJ94 * K. 5 4 «Q10 *KJS East-West vulnerable West North But Sooth Pass 1A .2V 2 A <V 4 A Pass Pass Dble Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 2 Roger doubled and Norbert made the brilliant opening lead 'down^'burnV "stopped,"when . of the deuce of diamonds. South one "strong" man is followed hearts. North raised to twoj went r jg nt up w ; tn dummy's °y another. It is unusual that spades and Roger jumped right i ace . H e didn't want to take a a stron & man tollows a stron S lo four hearts. chance o[ losing the first trick . .man It is therefore best to bet South looked hard at Roger Then he made the mistake of (""'"f,. 1 " 5 " 1 "' 1 ™- ,, ,„ and Norbert. South didn't really taking the spade finesse. West . ^ t , nls reasoning the follow- mad his singleton king and led j'ng changes are like y in the 1 think that Norbert would be able |to make four hearts, but after a second diamond. Roger won & . some more thought South de- j and led the jack of hearts. j cided that he would surely be West's ace pickled South's king. The trick we . Pentagon regardless of the man who follows McNamara: 1 — Undoubtedly, more deci- will come. Men line will surely get down at spades and that since he fourth defensive trick, a heart i own , e lne . wl *". , __..,j -„-., . ..... ..:-i. ... ,.....„ uu. K r.u __j .uL ___ ., more chance at responsbihty. I could afford a two-trick set he j ruff ttie fifth and the ace of had better bid four spades and : clubs the sixth. South lost 500 insure the match. i points and the match! The late Charles Lockett of Str Louis was a rubber bridge player first and a duplicate bridge player second. His grand son, Roger Lord, played with | Norbert Kremer in the national j rubber bridge tournament at the Sands. They reached the semifinals when Roger jockeyed spade contract and Norbert made the killing lead. It was the last hand of the match. Roger was vulnerable, his. opponents not; but his opponents held a 750-point lead on the. score. If Roger could make a 'game he would collect a 700- po'int rubber bonus. This bonus plHS his point score would give huh the match. Otherwise, he needed to pick up a 500-point penalty. This would also win the match because he would get a.'300-ppint bonus (or his leg on the rubber. He didn't think he had much chance when he picked up a king and two jacks, and he passed. South chirped t spade and Norbert overcalled with two 6 m; i» MM, h«r . "H Otc to turn mrstlf iff—en some of mj 0*frrtmo» 4_ moil, I didn't at Zip <Mts!" 2 — Morale wll probably go up. The operation will become a little sloppier. 3 — The intangibles of war honest difference of opinion in | On the other hand, McNama- the services with disloyalty to-ra and his immediate predeces- the chief, less internal spying on what officials are saying privately. As a result, officials who disagree with the secretary of defense won't be looking over their shoulders furtively while they work. tired of sand and airplanes. , born ... 1865: Ulysses S. Grant Sleeps in the cellar ... Would i was « years old. give up show biz tomorrow if!NOBODY ASKED ME BUT somebody made him a better I Richard Nixon looks as O ff er j though he wants the Republican nomination ... falling stars aren't nearly as remarkable as the ones that stay up ... the Marine Corps will need a new TOMORROW'S HEADLINES TODAY Gen. Eisenhower will let Bill (William) Buckley Jr. run the, recruitment" program now that United States during the first ! bflth JonnsonPsls t ers are ken two weeks in June m order toj for ... if Gen Gnmt wn ^ in -preserve the two-party system today he>d be m , d ... True magazine has an arti- " ' cle in the works proving there were five assassins in Dallas ... If Quebec and New Orleans become independent nations, sors have made some vital] changes in the Pentagon. T h e j 75 Years Ago — In BlytheYille most important of these — uni- Mrs. Nelson Edens oF Oak- fication of major services, uni-! land. Calif, has arrived to be fication of the budget, systems j the guest of her parents, Mr. analysis, computerization of [ and Mrs. W. T. Shelton. some important functions and j Mrs. Richard Rose and Mrs. being embroiled in the "turbu- lance" brought about by constant reorganizing. 7 — Some McNamara reorganizations may fall apart. These are the ones which have been held together in name only by his insistence. 8 — A step-up in basic and state - of - the - art research is possible. 9 — Greater receptivity is likely to adopting new systems — such as Polaris (a pre-McNamara decision) and a nuclear Navy (which McNamar has dragged his feet on) — with greater speed. 10 — A tendency may develop to adopt a greater variety of weapons systems, each to backstop the other. The new men — 'those things that cannot be [will not likely be so certain as measured on computers — will I McNamara that they are dead likely receive more considera- right in the systems chosen and 5 _ Pentagon officials will | cost effectiveness in its true! John Hudson were guests of have more time to move ahead I sense of getting the most for Mrs. Harry A. Haines when she on positive programs instead of j the dollar — have been the re-! entertained members of Kibiti suit of hard-fought changes'zer Club with a dessert bridge which began With James For-j a [ her home, rcstal and continued down] Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fleeman through Charles Wilson, Tho-1 an( j Mr. and Mrs. Earl Buckley mas Gates and, finally, McNa-: wer e hosts to members of Club 28 for their annual Christmas McNamara's genius has not dance last night at the Ameri- tion. 4 — Things will be less exciting- 5 — Almost assuredly, there | will fail to do the job expected By Wayne G. Brandstadt, M,D. assume that in a war it's impossible lo predict exactly what jwill happen or which weapon been in conceiving new ides or ways of doing things but in his salesmanship and his drive to put deas into effect. He took concepts begun by his predecessors and whipped them through by persuasiveness and by brute force. McNamara has had the effect of a strong purgative. He has gutted out some musty ideas and obsolete ways of doing things that everyone recognized as being wrong but most men dared touch only chip by chip. Unfortunately, McNamara has, in cleaning out fat, also carved into some muscle. The Defense Department now needs time to digest those ideas that will work and to eject those changes that weaken it. r\ . r I 8 ? Wayne G. Brandstadt, M JJOCtOr jaW Written in Newspaper Enterpriw Association Q — What is glaucoma? What] The first step in prevention _^ causes it? How can its progress I j s f or persons over 50 to have j there a"ny operation for glau- be prevented? tensjon o{ the eyeba]1 meas . | C oma? The doctor says my vi- ed. Q — About a year ago, my doctor said I had glaucoma in both eyes and that I must use eye drops the rest of my life. Is A — Glaucoma is a disease of the eye in which the tension within the eyeball is increased. The resulting pressure on the retina causes, in the early stages, rainbow tints or halos around lights, especially a night. As the disease progresses there may be headache and contraction of the field of vision. Glaucoma is the greatest single cause of blindness in persons who are past 50. The cause is an obstruction of the drainage of the inside of the eyeball. Causative factors include a hereditary tendency, hardening of the arteries and farsightedness. Blythevlll* (Art.) foufler MMT Tuesday, December 12, 1961 P»ge SB ured every two years or oftener. Warnings to victims of early glaucoma to avoid alcohol are no longer given. Alcohol may even decrease the tension provided the total fluid intake' is not excessive, as would be the case if six bottles of beer were consumed in a brief period. Restrictions on the use of tea and coffee have also been lifted as they do not affect the intra- ocular tension any more than the drinking of other fluids. Although no definitive studies on smoking and glaucoma have been made, many doctors believe smoking should be restric- ed because it causes contraction of the small arteries in the eye. Viewing television, however, is harmless unless it akcs place in » room so poorly lighted that the pupil* become dilat- sion is 20-40. What does that mean? A — The removal of a small portion of the iris is an operation that benefits selected cases, but unfortunately, not the majority of persons over 50 who have glaucoma. It is better in most cases to put your faith in the regular use of the eye drops. A vision of 20-40 means that with the eye tested you can see clearly at a distance of 20 feet what a normal eye can see at 40 feet. Q — I am 73. I see halos around lights at night. My doctor says I do not have glaucoma. What causes this? A — In addition to glaucoma, cataract and certain lesions of the cornea can cause persons to see halos. can Legion Hut. •HE BurmKTiLLB COURIER NEWS THE COImiBK NKWS CO H. W RAINES. PUBLISHES HAKftT A BAINES *Mist?nt 'iblM>-'-l-:dlto« GENE AUSTIN AdTertfsing Manaf«f Sole Naui.nai Advertising Representative 'Vallari Wilmer Co. New Sor*. Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta .Mornphlv seronrt-ckass pnst&ge paid at Blytheiille. Ark. Member (it the Associated PTM* 8UBSCKI7T10N RATER B; carrier In ttu city of nlle or asy suburban town wlien carrier service' Is maintained 35c pro week. Si .50 r»r month. By mail within • ndlna of f* mile;. M.OO per rear 9500 for jti monthR. S3.IW) for three montha. by mall, outside M mile radlns *18.0fl o?r rear payable In xdrance. Mail subscription.* are not accept- e<* l » townp and cities where Th« Tonne. News carrier serrlce l> maintained Mail cnbscriptlont u< oavahle in atlrancc. NOTE. The Co*trr>A m?m MsTimei no responsibility for photograph* marascriiits engraTingl or mat* left «t»n It for possible pnhl'citloK Birdlore Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 —— hummingbird 7 quail 13 Small pit in cacti 14 Baltimore — 15 Stratum outcropping (geoU 16 Opinion IV Interest (ab.) 35 Classify 38 Songbird 41 Gilt (ab.) 42 Flatfish 44 Auricle 46 WinglifcC part 47 Feminine appellation 48 Cravat 49 Spare 52 Careless 55 Feminine same i« rto^ntanTfeh \ x "inner.course 20 Blue _mo™ " **«.'« *«» ? River Islet . an oath jj saunter 58 And region n Girl's name DOWN 12 Small 1 Virulent depressions SMuseof astronomy (myth.) 3 Rankle 4 Hawaiian-birds 33 Worn 24 Brazilian macaws 27 Term in solo wliist 30 Peak (Fr.) 32 — grabeai 1 «T1 XTnta in I*!ii;i4n'l depressn.-- 19 Odd (slang) 25 Primates ...... 26 Farm structure 43 Divested 28 Aquatic 45 Set anew fur-bearer 50 Also (Am. Rev. figures) 36 Remains erect 37 Small child 39 Withdraw 40 German ruler 41 Koman helmet SCaucBo " : S9 Girl's 51 Son of Gad __.[ote in Guide's 6 Surgical thread appellation (Bib.) scale 7 Thrush, for ' 31 Official bird of 53 Mariner's 34 Masculine instance Ohio direction nickname 8 Blood money 35 Ethan and Ira 54 Mountains (ah.;

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