Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan on October 30, 1957 · Page 26
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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan · Page 26

Battle Creek, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1957
Page 26
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1 Wednesday, October 30, 1957 THE BATTLE CREEK ENQUIRER AND NEWS Sec. Three THE GIRLS .Ann Landers' Mali 5 VARIED FEATURES GREET NEW MEMBERS OF CLUB 'Tattle-Tale Gray' Can Show Up Even gBUPJa J 'III w the club's recent rummage sale netted the sum of $210 which will finance the Little Notes, Relations Women Still Seek Equal Rights Law (Continued from Page One.) ferior to widowers' in many states. Emma Guffey Miller, chairman of the National Women's Party, comes to Capitol Hill annually with a briefcase full of specific grievances. Recent examples: "A North Carolina woman's father bought her a trousseau. She started away with the bridegroom. There was a wreck, a fire, the trousseau was destroyed. The husband sued the railroad company for the loss of his bride's trousseau. He was given a good sum of money and he kept it for himself." "A woman in New York keeps a boarding house and has a drunken husband. He is allowed to collect the money that she has worked hard to earn." "In Michigan a woman wanted to be stylish, so she had her hair bobbed. The husband sued the barber and collected because his wife's hair belonged to him." Statutes Discriminate Rep. Martha W. Griffiths (D-Mich) declares: "In state after state you can find statutes which discriminate against women solely because they are women. Under the guise of protection, women are denied equal job opportunities, equal pay for equal work, and other advantages reserved for men." Women are by no means united behind the equal rights amendments. Groups that oppose it include the League of Women Voters, YWCA, American Nurses' Association, and women of virtually all labor unions. The equal rights amendment "expresses a theory of sex equality and ignores the fact of sex difference," Miss Louise Stitt of the National Consumers League told the Senate Judiciary Committee. "Men and women are differ- "We both weigh the same." By Franklin Folger Registered Jeweler American Gem Society 18Vi Wert Mich. Ave. A PERMANENT TAPE RECORDING Of The Ceremony Alio TAPE RECORDERS FOR RENT For Full Particulars Phone WO 2-4122 WO 2-3078 Included free with our j finest Lanolin Wave ' is our reg. $2.50 pro- - t e i n reconditioning j treatment. i Stylist Prices Slightly Higher. Phone WO 3-5559 B&WgU& 20 W. Michigan Ave. Use Your Charge or Budget Ace't. raw T45 ent in biological structure and social function." Miss Stitt and other spokeswomen of the anti-amendment group said there's no getting around the fact that women are more delicate and vulnerable than men, and hence need special protection more than "jungle-type equality." Read Ann Landers' Mail. YOUR "HOOVER" MAN 419 Upton W0 2-7221 a junior musical group spon sored by the-club, and also the musical composition contest prizes. A aonation irom tne sale's proceeds will be sent to the Michigan Junior Scholarship lodge at Interlochen. Mrs. A. P. Peterson, chair man for the club's contest com mittee, urged that all interested persons send in .their manu scripts as soon as possible, or write to her at 395 W. Michigan ave. for further information. The competition will close on Dec. 1. Dinner Ends Gray Ladies7 Instruction To mark . the end of their training period, members of the latest class of Gray Ladies who will serve the five local civilian hospitals, held a potluck dinner on Tuesday evening. The home of Mrs. Ben F. Ahlschwede of 204 Chestnut st., chairman of Gray Ladies for the Calhoun County Chapter of the American Red Cross, was the scene of the entertainment. Following their final exam inations, uniforms were fitted and assignments were given to the group composed of Mrs. George Adams, Mrs. Lawrenu Ball, Miss Loretta Banks, Mrs. Loren B. Cain, Mrs. Thelma Henry, Mrs. Harold W. Herrich, Miss Hilda Heusel, Mrs. Eugene Jackson, Mrs. Frank B. Jones, Mrs. Merle Kraft, Mrs. Mabel Lewis, Mrs. Philip Mayo, Mrs- Ralph Meyering, Miss Marian Nicholson, Mrs. Dale Nors- worthy, Mrs. J. Henry Parsons, Mrs. Richard K. Portman, Mrs, James G. Russell, Mrs. Norine Schill, Mrs. Avery Schroth, Miss Dorothy Shurlow, Mrs. Donald Thomas, Mrs. Russell under wood, Mrs. Robert Waltz and Mrs. Karl Weik. Some members of the class will assume their duties today. and others who are business and professional women, will start on Sunday. Other guests for the evening were Mrs. Gene McLee, executive director of the Calhoun County Red Cross, Mrs. Thomas H. Ladley, chairman of Volunteer Services, and the hospital unit chairmen, Mrs. Carl Gaul of Leila; Mrs. George Laimbeer and Mrs. Donald Kriner, Community; Mrs. Elmer Hermann, Sanitarium; Mrs. Harold Feeny and Mrs. Maurice Caldwell, Labeview General, and Mrs. Lloyd Kater, American Legion. "FINE ARE NOW FOR FALL WABER A coffee hour, a musical pro gram, a discussion of European musia festivals and a short busi ness session were the features when members of the Morning Musical Club met on Monday evening at the YWCA. New members of the club were complimented during the social period and were welcomed by Mrs. Hymen Ezra Cohen, president, who presented each with a corsage of bronze chrysanthemums. The Halloween decorations were arranged by Mrs. J. R. Mohlie, chairman for the day, who because of laryngitis causing an inability to speak, was represented by Mrs. Mattie Willis. Mrs. Willis presided as moderator for a discussion entitled "Festival Echoes" in which Mrs. Richard Lake and Miss Mari-beth Amrheim told of their recent experiences abroad. Mrs. Lake, prominent in the city's musical circles, traveled in Europe with her husband and continued her vocal studies there, while Miss Amrhein was Battle Creek's Community Ambassador in Austria for several months. Each told of her musical experiences in the various countries which they visited, ranging from the European version of rock 'n' roll to the classical, but both agreed that the most impressive performances were done out-of-doors and by candlelight. Both of the tourists are teachers, Mrs. Lake in the Kellogg Agricultural School at Hickory Corners, and Miss Amrhein in the first grade at Riverside School. Mrs. Lake was graduated from Michigan State University and Miss Amrhein from Ohio Wesleyan, and it was interesting to note that their choice of musical entertainment ran almost parallel. Miss Amrhein. who studied violin sporadically, confessed that she loves to sing, although to quote her, "Nobody wants to hear me". Mrs. Lake was the featured soprano -on the evening's program, singing German lieder to the accompaniment of Mrs. A. P. Williamson, pianist. A piano solo was given by Miss Susan M. Litchfield, a newcomer to Battle Creek, who is a music teacher in the Lake- view school system. She is a native of Grosse Pointe, attended Colby Junior College at New London, N.H., and the University of Michigan School of Music where she was graduated in 1957 from the School of Music. She is a piano student of Ava Comin Case. Miss Susan M. Litchfield, a grade teacher in the Battle Creek schools, gave a trumpet solo, accompanied by Mrs. Alfred G. Richards, pianist. She is an Ohio native and has made her home here for two years, being a member of the Battle Creek Symphony Orchestra. She is a graduate of De Pauw university as a music honor student earning the Vandenman Thompson award. Mrs. Cohen announced that 'ew Fall Shipment Of FORMALS AND COCKTAIL DRESSES BERT.NI'S Away From The Farktnr Problem! 35 N. Washington WO 8-6059 Zippers If "4Jtr I 0nv NURSERY n Family DEAR ANN: DID someone sit at your desk when you were to lunch and write that re- ."LJS ply concerning . teenage nieces being openly seL affectionate to P- fra their uncles? ion, its both re- -voltina and nau seating to see sr a grown girl ' lolly - gagging f&Mmm over an old - man, whether Ann Landers he's an uncle or not. It's a well-known fact that men between 40 and 65 just love to have young girls fuss over them. Do you think that because a girl happens to be a niece a man can have only lily-white thoughts? One reads in the papers regularly where some old fool has married a young chicken. I'm a former school teacher and have been married 36 years. If my husband carried on in this fashion I'd leave him, even now. I suspect the poor woman who wrote you was having problems with her old. boob. Your reply could only have made matters worse. N.M.G. Read on, N.M.G.: DEAR ANN LANDERS: I've wanted to write to you in the past as I've read your column with great ' interest and approval. But as is often the case, I find myself writing only now that I wish to criticize. In a recent column you gave tacit approval to an uncle whose nieces showed unconstructive signs of affection. Recent research in phychiatry has shown that such adolescent behavior in girls is present only in families where there is a highly seductive relationship with the older man. I believe it should be pointed out that the uncle is unwittingly fostering something destructive toward his nieces. In contrast to your many replies which I consider to be psychiatrically sound I comment on this relatively small item because I know of your wide influence and the role you play in preventive psychiatry. With sincere respect, DR. (name witheld for professional reasons.) Dear Doctor (And Mrs. N.M.G.): Thank you for your comments. Because I felt that most uncles have a paternal interest in their nieces I hastened to approve the affectionate embraces. In viewing the problem I made no allowances for the chemistry of the situation which COULD be explosive, uncle or no. A seductive niece, on the Jap of a not-so-paternal uncle could add up to a highly provocative seating arrangement. So, rather than examine uncle's head to determine if his motives are lily-white or unconsciously tattle -tale gray, we should assume that a female on the lap of a male is bound to affect the blood pressure. Off, girls! DEAR ANN: PLEASE advise whether or not I should mind my own business. My widowed mother, aged 50, is considering marriage with my wife's 40-year-old bachelor brother. Mother came to visit us and the two of them spent a great deal of time together. They've been corresponding regularly since her return, and now she's talking marriage. They are both lonesome and need someone. We would like to see them married, but not to each other. The age differ SHOE REPAIR SERVICE 133 W. MICHIGAN m Fine Gifts for AU Occasions 93 West Michigan Ave. "You should have heard my mother-in-law!" "When she heard that we now have unlimited Culli-gan Soft Water automatically she said, 'It's about time! No woman should be expected to keep house without it That's why I suggested it to your wife weeks ago!'" Automatic Home-owned Mode!, NOTHING DOWN SMALL RENT-LIKE PAYMENTS Automatic Service - Standard Service aim MISS JANET LEE ATHENS Mr. and Mrs. V. D. Lee announce the engagement of their daughter, Janet, to Norman Keyes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Keyes. Both are 1957 graduates of Athens Agricultural High School. Mr. Keyes is employed by the Battle Creek Box Co. A June wedding is being planned. Omar Kindys To Celebrate Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Omar D. Kindy of 3794 W. Beckley rd., will observe their golden wedding anniversary on Sunday. The couple will keep open house from 1 until 5 o'clock in the after noon, when their neighbors and friends will call to congratulate them. Assisting in the hospitality will be their daughter, Mrs. Jack L. (Margherite) Young- love of 8 Richmond St., ana their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kindy of 3810 Beckley rd. They also have six grandchildren. Mr. Kindy and the former Miss Maud Wolcott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Wolcott who resided near Climax, were married on Nov. 6, 1907 at Scotts. The Rev. John L. Mer-shon was the officiant. The cou ple moved to Battle Creek in March, 1907, and Mr. Kindy has been engaged in farming here since that time. They have been members of the Sonoma Methodist Church for the past 30 years and are both active in community affairs. Personal Mention Mrs. Bernard Angood, Mrs. Ward Jackson, Mrs. Charles Ade, and Mrs. Ben F. Ahlsch-wede and daughter, Ann, will go to Sturgis on Thursday to be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coye, formerly of Battle Cre.ek, in their new home. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Carstens of Chicago are the parents of a daughter, Corinne Renee, born on Tuesday. Mr. Carstens is the son of Dr. and Mrs. R. D. Carstens of 1027 Highland blvd. Chuckle with "The Girls" Daily! PAIN RELIEF! FOR MINOR ACHfci r-Airo 100 Tablets $249 EAGLES DRUG STORE 567 E. Mich. Ave. While your child is at the "learning age" start piano lessons! piano from Grinnell's per month 10 lessons included! r -J 1L as low $ ence is pretty-great, plus the fact my brother-in-law is not the most reliable guy in the world when it comes to money, and he doesn't like work too well. Do you think this marriage has a chance? Please tell us what to do. IN-A-SPOT - Your mother apparently hasn't asked for your advice, and she hasn't asked for mine either. I suggest we both mind our own business. Mama is old enough to know what she wants to do, and she'll probably go right ahead and do it, so let's keep our pea-pickin' hands off the love-life. ' CONFIDENTIALLY: YOUNG and IN LOVE: The trouble with too many kids is they want to get to the Promised Land without going through the wilderness. Stay in school and sweat it out. CONFUSED: You've got a mental block, Boy. Get a professional to teach you to dance, and leave your friends alone or you won't have any friends to dance with when you DO learn how. (Ann Landers will be happy to help you with your problems. Please send them to her in care of . this newspaper and enclose a stamped self-ad dressed envelope). Open House At Club On Anniversary A surprise open house in celebration of their silver wedding anniversary, was given for Mr. and Mrs. Max Cortright of 17 Harvard st. The entertainment, planned by their son, Philip Cortright, and their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and . Mrs. William Prestage, took place at the Riverside Country Club and was attended by 65 relatives and friends of the couple. Another son, Kim Cortright, lives at the home address and they have two grandchildrea, Ronald and Scott Prestage. The serving table was decorated with a three-tiered wedding cake, flowers and candles emphasizing the silver theme. Mrs. Fred Cortright cut the cake, Mrs. Ray McConnell poured coffee, and Mrs. Ed Krauth served punch,- the latter two being from Carsonville. Mr. and Mrs. Cortright were married at Angola, Ind., on Oct. 29, 1932. She is the former Miss Lucille Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Jones of Carsonville, who were unable to attend the celebration. The couple have made their home in Battle Creek since their marriage and he is associated with William C. Roney Co.,. investment brokers. Relatives who attended from out-of-town included Mr. and Mrs. James Robson of Detroit, Mr. and Mrs. McConnell and Mr. and Mrs. Krauth of Carsonville. 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