The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on April 4, 1895 · Page 2
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 2

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1895
Page 2
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THE GALVESTON Al'RlL 4. ~4it?A.* It is not yrt cU-ar, however, whether *. the Klbelrt-d was on the high s^a* or was, A* liotll of Ihe Jurisdiction v'laUued by ·p*ku If within the ilDifl the oase may . Vroeatut an Interesting comparison of the VflrltlKh »«U American policies on marine ? jfirlaillttlott. In Mr. tire.-Omm'K demand:- on Span* iie , tfce odvanetd position that vessels on fular rout* could not b* molested, ivtn-Kbtn I.i jurisdiction of Spanish wa- D i l l U/i V IMTCDCCTQ KAILWAJ IN I tntoIo. ! Safe of the T«c*s Western Railway to her merchant ships on ihelr route to Jamaica It *vlll so far toward. the ' termination of Spain's claim of the right of search and seizure with In Cuban wavier*. i SMALLPOX IN CUBA, Tampa,. Fla. April 2. -Reports from Havana state that smallpox has broken out at nun K im- A|mni*)i troojtt in tiiai viiy. The Cubans tlreaO this disease as mm'h as thi) Spaniards. Salvador* Ctnc-niit, known as the mar- SUis o' Santa Lucia, is *aU to In* i» com- m«nil of GOO men. It Is stated 'by Cubans arriving lure ihai when Muno Capture J ilia convoy -ther* 1 weiv 13W Spaniards killed Hiid 170 wounded, u KM In. si Su Cubans killed anti wounded. · Antonio Lopez Oolnm, tin- Iriuler of th* band of ·lusuixeniH which went out from Mattmxa*. and who was afterward trap- t tired with Donna Ampararo oibe his af- Ilanoed bride, In umu'.s attire, wua brought there to-Oay. They ure now t-onrtned in jfcll. lie will probably be banished to Africa UIK* she released, i ;Jo«e Viller Unanbelto Gunea and Pedro Avacedo. now in -Mora castle ut Huvaitu, Wire also lu be i-ourt-murtluled -to-day,. Tht- i'nbuns held u me til UK hetv to-nighl, ar which they t-uJled a meeting for t h e 13th in honor of the organization or the first t.'ubun congress in ISfi9 in (iulramn. The town will be decorated w i t h Cuban flaps. Colonel Azo, just from Cuba, will address . the people here for th** first time. REPORT DENIED. . . Washington, April 3.-- The Spanish legation does not credit the report that the Spanish admiralty office has congratulated Lieutenant Ybarra on ·hia course lu flrlntf on the Alllancn. The report la credited to revolutionary sources. It Is . said .that in view of Spain's disavowal to the United States of the act of the Spanish commander, the .sending of congrratu- Iii t Ions to him would place Spain in an attitude of contradiction anil deception. The Spanish officials bore have no information as to the reported firing of a Spanish cruiser on a British steamer. FLEEING REFUGEES. ·Progreso. Yucatan, April 3.-- Every ship arriving from Cuba brings a large number of revolutionary refugees fleeing from -that i Island, -for refuge in Mexico. The population of this and all the southern ports of Mexico are, 'belnj? augmented from this source, and the new comers are making every apparent preparation for a continued stay. Some of the leading residents of Yucatan are ex-Cuban refugees who have , sought safety in 'this country during former disturbances, having never dared to again : venture home. FOK STEALING A BUGGY. . Bastrop, Tex., April 3.-- City Marshal Nash was notified by telephone from San Antonio that a Mexican had stolen a buggy in that city -and left for Baatrbp. Upqn Investigation the buggy was found; The Mexican had sold it here and skipped out on the north bound train. Marshal Nesh telephoned to Manor officials to look put, and then went to Manor himself, where , he arrested the Mexican, and, re' turning, lodged him in Jail here, , - J. D. RHODES SHOT. JSmlthville, Tex., April 3.--At Alum Creek; f6ur miles north of here. J. D. Rhodes wafi shot and killed by ft. A. Rutherford at 9 o'clock this morning. The weapon used was a double-barreled shotgun.. Rhodes received the contents of both barrels. Both are men of families. The trouble which _caused the killing dates back about three years. Rutherford .surrendered and was placed under a 12500 fcond. BRYAN DOINGS. Bryan, Tex., April 3.-- pave Rone, a n\e- nro, fc'hot his brother-in-law, another ne- . gro named Richards, In the Bethel community yesterday and. made his escajje, He has not 'been apprehended. The district court Is taking a recess this week, the numerous big' cases s'et for the week having been summarily disposed" of, as heretofore reported. · PROTRACTED MEETING. BeHon, Tex., April 3. --A protracted meeting will be .begun at -the First Baptist churc'h next Sunday. Rev. A. H. Mitchell of the First Baptist church of Austin is expected to be here to assist in the meeting - · ·' CIIli,D BURNED TO DEATH, i ' , Dublin, Erath Co., Tex., April 3.-- The 4- y ear-old daughter of J. G. Bennett was fatally burned yesterday. She died 'this morning. Her clothes caught fire while her -mother was making soap. ELECTRIC LIGHT PLAV-' 1 SOLD; Taylor, Te-x., April 3.-- The Taylor elec- · trio Ifght plant was sold under foreclosure sale to-day at Georgetown. Major B. ' Garry- of Taylor bought in the plant for a consideration of $10,9*5. PRESBYTERIAN CONVENTION. Hubbard City, Hill Co., Tex.. April 3.-The Central Texas Presbyterian convention met here-to-day, with a large num- · ber of delegates in attendance. INDORSED LASKER. Wharton, Tex., April S.--The colored republicans here at a meeting last night Indorsed the nomination of Mr. Lasker for state senator. F3QST 11EXAS. AT CHRIESMAN. Chriesman, Burleson Co., Tex., April S.-- · *A strong north wind blew here oil day -yesterday and this morning there was considerable frost, though not enough to kill any- thins. The cold wind hurt corn to some extent. Farmers are needing rain very badly. AT BRYAN. Bryan, Tex.. April H.-- A light frost fell here last night. No damage. AT BE I/TON; Belton, Tex., April 3.~There was a light frost here this morning, but not enough to do much damage. Parties In town from the northern part of the county say the frost was quite white there. AT CAL.VERT. Calvsrt. Tex., April 3.-A light frost In this section appeared this morning. From reports from the bottoms there was a light frost, but not sufficient to do any damage. AT JACKSONVILLE. Jacksonville, Cherokee Co., Tex., April 3. --There was frost last night. No damage Thermometer registered $ this morning. ·MORTUARY. MRS. PARAN STBVEN3. New York, April 3,--Mrs. Pa ran Stevens, one of ihe best known women in New York society, died this afternoon She was Htrtcken with la grippe, which finally rte- velopM Into pneumonia, which was the cause of her death. Mrs. Stevens was born In Lowell, Mass.. nearly seventy years ago. Sufferers from Coughs, Sore Throat, etc, ·hould try "Brown's Bronchial Troches," ·tapl* but oure remedy. Sold en)y in boxes. Price 25 cts. Named for J be First Tues- · * - .-·* ·* ^ . f\ ·- ·- --· . udav m May.-'. · * T;. TWO BIDDERS AFTER IT. A Decision Rendered in the Farmers' t OJ" aii-J Trust Company's Cast Against the Chi- · " cago and Northern Pacific RaUrcai The Hon. Davhl K. Hryant. Tnited Status district Judge for the eastern district of Texas, on the 1st Instant, mud* an order In the circuit ruiirt at I'urts us to Up jmbUfatton of the notices of suit* of .th* property of tl'.e-Texurf Western r;ill- wayVoinpuny. under the decree, l!lt * on *** r being as follows: Uirited fituU's Circuit. Court- Eastern District of TeOLiis» at Galvestau--John. \\. KmUh. Complainant; v*t. the Texao Western 1 ' railway company and Elijah Smith, · defendants. No, 238. equity. Ordered: That publication of the notice of Hale required in the tlnal decree In thlrf CAUSC entered November it, 1SH4, be published oncij u. wsek for four week.-* prior to any sale of the property ordered to be sol'd In Baitf decree; such publication to be made In two newspapers, one of which newspapers' shall' be printed, regularly issued, and having 1 'a general circulation in ·the county of Harris and state of Texas. D. K. BRYANT, Judge. April'I, ISao. The Galveaton .Dally News " and the Houstqn Post have been selected as the newspapers In which the notices of sale shall be published. The. sale is advertised to be made before the court house door of Harris county on tiie first Tuesday In May next, that being the dny to whlcH th.K sale was. udj^urned by the order of Judge Bryant in February liist. The property to be sold consists of all ihe premises and property, real, personal and mixed, rights, privileges, Immunities and franchises of the railway company, and wheresoever situated, Including the ontlro main line of railway of the Texas Western railway company, commencing at the city of Houston and running or extending In a westerly direction through the counties of Harris, Fort Bend, Waller, and Austin, to the town of Sealy in Austin cpunty, a distance of about fifty-three miles; and · also all the roadways, sidetracks, switches, depots,. depot grounds, stations, superstructures, bridges, water tanks, section houses, car and · engine houses, machine shops, repair shops, road, beds, rights of way, terminal facilities, lands, buildings, erections and structures and all and singular the equipments, tools, Implements, cars, locomotives and other rolling: stock, machinery, materials, furniture and other personal property belonging or pertaining to or acquired, or useii or intended for the use and purposes of said railway or the operation or maintenance thereof; and also all the chartered rights, libftrties, privileges, immunities and franchises of..the said railway company, and all property used In the operation and management and construction of said road. : : The News is informed from reliable authority that' two parties, one In Wichita. Kan., the other In Chicago, arc expected to-»be bidders at the sale on the first Tuesday In' May. One of the parties came down to attend the sale which was -adver- ·tlsed for the first Tuesday in February, .and was prepared'to pay the amount of the bid required to be paid In cash, $20,000, but the sale was postponed. Ic Is also said that the Hock Island, which it Is known, Is desirous of securing a giilf connection.'may secure the property as a. link to be used hereafter. This property, which also Includes valuable franchises in the ctty of Houston. In the hands of a corporation as progressive as the Hock isiaiu!, could ?? develoned into a powerful competitor to the various lines entering that city; the line also having the right to" cross Buffalo bayou and to connect with all the lines entering the city on the north side of the- bayou. · It la ao gald that' a syndicate may be formed in Galveston to purchase the property 'and by connection and running arrangement with some other road, open up a new line to Sealy through Houston i n * competition with the Santa Fe. As Texas seems to te 1 taxiing; · in radlnoad building and investments just at this time I t ' Is -expected that something interesting will be developed in railroad circles in connection with the purchase of the Texas -Western railway, which may result In advantage to both H cms ton and Galveston, RUMORS.ABOUT S. H. H. CLARK. Mr.-S. H. H. Clark, who Is-now in St. Lou la, authorizes an explicit and emphatic denial of the story that he Is about to abandon his present position and return to the presidency of the Missouri Pacific, says ;the St. Louis Republic. The rumor has been circulated industriously during the last- two or three weeks, and has been mentioned several times In dispatches from New York. Mr. Clark says, however, that Is , Is . absolutely without foundation, 4 and that ;he 'does not understand how it gained credence '-or -currency. The matter has never been considered or even mentioned by himself or Mr. Gould. Speaking o* Union Pacific matters, Mr, Clark said, that It was Impossible, to foretell the outcome of-the roatl'o troubles. The uncertainty which existed as to the government's, attitude and the apparent impossibility of effecting a settlement, of the government- debt effectually blocked all progress toward reorganization. He thought that the dismemberment of the syatern--effected by the appointment of separate receivers for various properties- was an unfortunate thing for both branches so lopoed off, and for the trunk -line. The failure of crops in a number of western states had injured the Union Pacific seriously, and its normally heavy business in Colorado had been reduced to an exceedingly low point by the collapse of the silver mining Industry. Mr. Clark will remain in St. Louis until The end of the week, when he will go to New York on business. He called on Vice President Warner and a number of friends yesterday. IMPORTANT TRAFFIC MEETING. Dallas, Tex., April 3.~-Chatrnian Day has called a meeting of the Southwestern traffic association at Lookout Inn, Chattanooga, Tenn., on April 9. Tlila meeting me.y be one of great Interest to the jobbers of Texas, because Mr. Polk of the Santa Fe and Other railroad traffic managers have announced their Intention of trying to induce the association to so equalize the leas than carload rates out of St. Louis, Kansas City and other nearby markets that Tei as jobbers and Texas manufacturers may. have the percentage of decreased rates which they claim because of their nearness to the consumer. It will he remembered that the railroad commission · of Texas adjourned its hearing on the jobbers' tariff question to await the action of the Southwestern association upon t h e assurance by the traffic men present t h a t they would do everything In their power to have the association take action in order that the Interstate locals may be adjusted to any changes In Texas. On account of the importance of this question there will be a very full attendance of Texas traffic men at the meeting. KATT'S KANSAS HEADQUARTERS. Work was commenced on the Missouri, Kansas and Texas' new general office building and station at Parsons. Kan., last Monday, amid the firing of cannon, the blowing of whistles and the ringing of bells. Demonstrations were held on the site of the proposer! structure and participated in by thousands of people. *Tho. e.rec- llon of this building forever settles all disputes as to the location of the general offices of the Missouri. Kansas and Texas in Kansas, and ends all litigation with the state as regards the railway company living up to Us Kansas charter. SANTA FE'S NET EARNINGS. For the month of February the net earnings of the Santa. Fe--all lines--were £05,- 271, an increase of $S8.719 over the swxme month of last year. For the eight months of the fiscal year from July i, 18H lo February 28, 1S9, the net earnings were $7.- (KwrMne of 1I.W5.925 for the cor- rtv.ponJing I'rHoil of Hie previous llsc-al 5v:ir. The n*»t i»a rains* of the Si. Iritis . and j?an Fraiu-is.M for February wviv ! $139,W1. u d»-le**e of **v"*": lot the eight month* :he net earnings were V.KM.rJ. an . increase of $}$. arc! \\st Texas s. .. v i t r !int bK-.-n. n !d nax'rr.w . . o!d nax'rr.w xmz* o a f j of ih a n j \\Vat · Ixj5 railway. £liipters sh$l\ nut be reo^u' cur.s f jr other po; Tfc-xas lla-lroailfr and Immigrant, teft for Austin a.t night on business for His paper. Mr. \V. J. Tailor, xenoral l^gaxe a$*nt fo:* ih^ International ana Great Northern, is in the city. OF A SPORTIVE TURN. . Houston on the tlousi^n Eatst provMe-j mat ^ d t o u«e such sraiworted t'vtvvten , Effeciivo Ap:-a 12. · -KATES AUTHOR1XKD. Aujiln, Text, April 3.-- The comm^'on to- cl.iy uuthorize*t tlie lni^t'nu;.ona! ar.d Urt-ui Northern and tJalveston. La' Porte and Jljuston to publish the fo»owttig cluss ratt« to apply 10 shtpmeut.t -bet \veL-n Hoiu-fton a n j Nortli Galvestrft anil GaiVv^ion anil North (..a-lvestun: ' - t-'la^s .......... 1 a ;t 4 5 A. U. *·- l- K. H a l f ..... .- ..... :.i) is it i» ii iu 11 w v vu Kffectivr- April 13. Austin, TITS., April ::.--in the Fifty-third district the ^isf-of tin- state of Te.\iis vs. the Houston nnd Texas Central and the i/t»lv**ton, Harrlsburg and S"ii Antonio railroad*/for ihr recovery of upward of. Jl.iHfJ.jHW h^lftniv du^uii principal and interest on Amounts borr/jwft! by sitH road* from tht- iohool fund, wfls^«used by ucreetiient, to Ifo.mibmttted ou ^in agreed KAILS AT BKATMONT. Beaumont, Tex-.t 3.--Tl«* Gulf and Interstate road to-day"'Ve^lved Its Initial shipment' of steel 'mils for -the 'construction of this end of the line to Bolivar point. 'iUie citizens of Beaumont seem to looK for the prompt anil early, completion of the line and the receipt of'the rulls.iiaii given them fresh hopes. ' " ~*^-\ OVERLY CpNVjpTED) San Antonio, Tex.", April' 3.'/\VaUer W. Overly was ^Iveii two years In the penitentiary to-day for forging a Katy railroad ticket. He procured the ticket from City Passenger Agent Johnson, stamped It and made it good to Dallas. Overly was !·«·· cently arrested in Vaco. HOUSTON-COTTON MOVEMENT. Houston, Te'x., April 3.--Houston received to-day 1G69 'bales of cotton and shipped 5813 bales, 32-10 bales going' to Galveston and 2573 bales golne to New Orleans. Of these shipments 419$ bales were from the local compresses. FREIGHT AGENT BOOZE RESIGNS. Fort Worth, Tex., April 3.--B. T. Booze has tendered his resignation as general freight and passenger agent of the Fort Worth and Rio Grande. He will be, succeeded by E. T. Cornel of the general office. HOUSTON NOTES. Houston, Tex., April 3.--Mr. R. C. Courtney is distributing some very handsome souvenirs for the Missouri, Kansas and .Texas railroad, among which are' fine calendars, with steel engravings showing the large new 'depot -at Union station, St. Louis, where the Katy trains stop for passengers. This Is one of the finest pieces of engraving work ever distributed through the south and speaks in mute eloquence as a glowing tribute to the Missour!, Kansas and Texas railroad. Work was commenced on the new depot at La Porte to-day. When completed it will be a neat structure and an honor to the Galveston, Houston and La Porte railroad. . , . - ,, . . Two sleeping cars filled with excursionists from St. Louis will arrive In the city In the morning via the Missouri, Kansas and Texas. The party are en route to La Porte, and their cars will be transferred Immediately upon their arrival to the Galveston, Houston and 1 La Porte road, and will he-taken on special train to the new city by the sea. The Southern railway has issued a neat circular, showing a fine photograph of the church where the Southern naptist convention will be held in .Washington, D. C., May 9 to 1G, 1896, which also contains a neat address to .delegates. to the convention, which is confined to the advantages offered "by the Southern railway. A large party of tourists and home seekers will arrive In the city at 10 o'clock In the morning, via the Missouri, Kansas and Texas. They come in a Wagner tourist car, ami will remain in the city until Saturday, when they go to St. Louis. The first of the new Wagner tourist cars recently put on by the Missouri, Kansas and Texas will arrive in the city at 7 a. m. tomorrow, and will leave on No. 2 for St. Louis Saturday night, at 9.50-o'clock. This is a new venture for the Katy, and In these tourist cars passengers holding cither first or second class tickets can ride. : The passenger department of the Hoiis- ton and Texas Central has .Issued, the following circular in regard to through sleepers between San-Antonio and Kansas City, via Hearne, Fort Worth awd the Rock Island.route: "Houston, Tex.,. April 3.--To Agents: Commencing April 7, 18S5, there will be a through sleeper between San Antonio and Kansas City, via Hearne. Fort Worth and the Rock Island railroad. Leave San Antonio at 8 p. rn., "arrive in Fort Worth at 10.20 a. m.; leave Fort Worth at 10.40 a. in., arrive in Kansas City at 8.20 a, m. Leave Kansas City at S.4U p. m., arrive In · Fort Worth at 5.50 p. m.; leave Fort Worth at G.10 p. m., arrive in San Antonio at 8.35 a. m." " ' ' . HOUSTON PERSONALS. Houston, Tex., April 3.--Mr. Charles B. Sloat, assistant general passenger and ticket agent of- the srreat Itock Island route, w i t h headquarters at Fort Worth, spent a few hours In the olty to-day and left in the afternoon to witness the ball Kame at Galveston. Mr. Sloat is BomeUiiiiK of a baseball critic 'and he Is thoroughly posted on all matters pertaining to the intricate moves of a curve pitcher. Mr. M. L. RobbinR, general passenger agent of the -Houston and Texas Central railroad, returned this'morrlinff from a trip over the northern end of the road, where he wan looking up the company's interests. Mr. Aubrpy Maguiro. traveling- freight agent of the Katy, left this afternoon for Huntsville. Air. W. 15. Groseclose, assistant general freight ngent of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas, went to .Galveston to-day. Mr. A. T. Drew, assistant general freight agent of the Missouri, Kansas ami Texas, whose headquarters are at St. Louis, la in the city In die interest of "the Katy. Mr. W. B. Galbralth of Denlson, claim agent for the Missouri. Kansas and Texas, was in the city to-day. Messrs. T. C. Purdy, general manager, and A. A. Allen, assistant general manager of t h e Missouri, Kansas and Texas, whose headquarters are In St. Louis, accompanied by J. W. Maxwell, general superintendent of the Missouri. Kansun and Texas lines in Texas, arrived In the city to-night. The party are on a general Inspection tour. Mr. K. M, Wlnstend, representing ihe Texas car service association, left for north Texas to-day. Mr. J. K. Galbraith, general freight and pajsfdfer agent of the International and Great Northern, came In from Palestine to-day and after spending a few hours In the city left for San Antonio. Mr. G. W. Barnhart, general freight agent of the Cotton Belt, w i t h hcndquar- tera at Taylor, ' was In the city to-day. He wrifi accompanied by Mr. C. M. Swnnn, his chief clerk. Mr. Tom Cronan, superintendent of the Houston East and Went Texas, Is out on the roati. Mr. L. J. Parks, gftneml passenger agent for the Southern Pacific, has returned front New Orleans. Mr. A. C. Upchurch, agent 'or the Cotton Belt at Reotor. was In the city to-day snaking hands with the boyn, Mr. Win. EdmiuidK. personal claim agent ol the Houston and Texas Central, is in tne city. A. A. GHflson, traveling passenger agent for the Cotton Belt, accompanied by M. H. Bone, is in *he city. Mr. J. C. DlBhman, agent for the Cotton Belt road at Blooming Grove, is In the city. Mr. T. E. KInsey. district superintendent Pullman pata^o car company of Galveston, la In the city. Mr. Hank Whltt?, train dispatcher of the Southern Pnclilr. IB ill and is taking a real for a few days. Colonel Thoxnax Bowers, editor of the Mr .T. K. ualbraith vf ihe International is in th* city. Traveling f'aaReiigvr Agent E. K. ttixby r*t r*r. V' 1 ".'^;;! 3.; ;^ e Troinont. Mr. H. S. Miibr. who succeeds Mr. J. O. Lindsay as I-QIII racking »;ent for the Kaiy at (.Jalveston. has arrived and is t-e- ing introduce;! in Mr. LlmUey. Mr. Miller cc:nes from Fort Worth, where he has been acting in the capacity of traveling freight agent of the ^anie load for the pa^t twelve months. Mr. Undsey will *o to Houston as com rac- ting agent, he having occupied that fleld ut Houston for J.OH1C- liin*- ptvvivtiri lo ni.s irafiriiVr to *;«!- vest in. MU. HOGG IX NEW YORK. What He Has to Say About rhe Rockefeller KfquiMlion. New York. April 2.-- Hx -Governor IlOffff of Texas is in the city. In a recent interview lu- sui.l he was justllled In signing the requLsitlon for J. D. Kookef filer. "I slmpJy acted w U h i u tlitf si-upe of ni j a u t h o r i t y as chief exe-viiilvr oftirer to carry I out tin* laws of my stale," he further said. "I know of no lilg-her authority In any j siu-te in this country In prosetvilng indii't- iiiums limn ihf grand jury. The-nt gt-nilr-- men were indk-ted by the grand jury in Waea, about loo miles from t h e cupIttiL A more intelligent, honest and upright body of men could not be found In this country. The recommendation was Indorsed by the district attorney of 'the state. -Mr. Rockefeller and the othor gentlemen mentioned In the indictments were reported to me as fugitives from justice. Of rourse 1 knew them by reputation, but J did not care who they -were. They had violated our laws and 1 sent out requests for t'helr requisition in strict accord with my dirty. These indiotments still hang over them. "Texas seeks the investment of northern capital and does till in its power to It. If norrherners will take the : trouble to read our laws InKteaO of aceept- 1ng without investigation erroneous inter- prciadinnri or T h e m , they may easily lind vltls out. Texas is a great fit ate. "I do not t h i n k t h a t the. present temporary advance in cotton is going to fool farmers down our way. They feel t h a t they have been 'sucked' enough. They will devo'te their time and energy to crops t h a t . warrant a .more immediate and substantial revenue. Our agricultural products last year amounted to -more 'than J120.000.000, Which is equal to one-half of all the personal property -In the state or to ·one-seventh of, all the taxable values, including The railroads." SHOT HTS WIFE. - ; Oklahoma City, Ok.. April 3.-- Hon. H. C. St. John, residing one mile west of this city, ' this afternoon shot and instantly killed his wife. The details are very hard to get, as Mr. St. "John" is very reticent about It. He came to the city immediately after , the tragedy and secured a physician, saying he had accidentally shot his wife. The bullet struck her In the left breast, about an Inch above the nipple, and caused instant death. Coroner H. H. Black has Impaneled a jury, but a verdict will not be given until to-morrow. Mr. St. John is In the custody of the sheriff, H. C. St. John is the son of ex-GcverhOr John P. St. John, the temperance lecturer of Kansas, and Is a bright attorney. He was one of the leading 1 republican mem- beis of the legislature and a member of the codification committee. This is his second wife. He married her in Garden City, Kan., In 1S89. CIRCULATING BOGUS CHECKS. ;· New York, April 3.-- Checks for small amounts, purporting to be issued by the Empire state company, manufacturers of refrigerators and store fixtures, of Brooklyn, N. Y. ? and drawn 'vm' i-Te'sv" York, .city banks are being circulated throughout Texas. These checks are signed "James B. Stillman, president," (which is the name of the president. of the City national of New York), and VQHv'er.B. Carter, secretary and treasurer," (which Is similar to- the president of the Bank of the Republic, New York, except that the latter'3 name has the middle : letter "S.") -These checks are beginning ; to come into the banks of this city from Texas correspondents. No such concern aa the Empire state company exists in Brooklyn. 'FIRE- HECQRD. THE IRON QUEEN. Pomeroy, O., April 3.--The Cincinnati and P-ittsburg 1 packet Iron Queen was burned to tne water's edge at AntiquCty, twelve miles above here, this morning-. She car-^ ried ^thirty passengers and a large cargo. Heroic work was done by the captain and crew In rescuing the passengers, some of whom jumped Into -the water, while others ·had to be carried off. Mattle Walley, colored chambermaid, was burned to death. Every one else on the iboat escaped. The loss is about |100,000, partly -insured. ' , . CORN WAREHOUSE. Roekdale, Tex., April 3.--Fire broke out this -afternoon in the corn warehouse of J. R. Rowland, but was under control before other buildings were damaged. Loss on ·building, ^00. Fifteen hundred bushels of corn were in the warehouse. The damage to the gorn is not yet known, though It Is about $400. The building and Aocli Is in-, sured, but the amount is not known. 'AT GREENVILLE. GreenvlHe, Miss., April 3.---F^re this morn- Ing destroyed the Phelps building, occupied by J. A. Calvert, photographer; Miss Inge, millinery; the Southern express company; Torian Holmes, dry goods, and a number of offices. Loss, 535,000; insurance, ?22,000. RESIDENCE AT TEMPLE. Temple, Tex., April 3.--At 9 p. m. fire destroyed the residence of Air. Dan Waiter on the edge of town. Loss, $1200 to $16iw; insurance not known. RR-SIDK'XCK. MIneola, Tex., April 3.--District Attorney J. Gordon Russell's residence burned about 9 o'clock last night. Very few articles saved. RESIDENCE. Mlneola, Wood Co., Tex., April 3.--The residence cf Aaron Munsesheimer and Us contents burned to-day. W. B. DAVIS' RESIDENCE, Dublin. Tex., April 3.--W. B. Davis* residence burned to-night. Loss about 56000; insurance, $3000. W. S. PHAN'S RESIDENCE. Brown wood, Tex., April 3.--W. S. Phan's residence burned to-night. Loss about $500; insurance unknown. COMMERCIAL MATTERS. TRUST DTSED FILED. Port Worth, Tex., April 3.--A trust deed, executed by Trinls Bros, at Rockport on April i, wo3 filed here at 7 p. in. to-dft.y, C. A. Qlnnochto trustee. 'Property conveyed Is the stock of goods, notes, accounts, etc., of the firm In Fort Worth and Rookport. The claims secured arc divided I n t o three classes and aggregate about $50.000. ASKS FOR A RECEIVER. Pine Bluff, Ark., April 2.--Mrs. Annie lllrka, wife of the late J. K Hicks, has A.iked for a receiver for the Arkansas and Texas consolidated loe nnd ooal company. The property involved amounts to $200,000. The refusal of the present ·administrator to make a settlement Is the. ground alleged. Karl's Clover Root, the great blood purifier, gives freshness and clearness to the complexion nnd cures constipation, 25 eta. W ct»., $L Bold by J. J. Schott. CUivmton. A Description of ttm Races and Throughout tha United States. JIM HALL WANTS TO FIGHT. The Majority of Favorites on (Ite Various Tracks Won Yesterday--Prospective Milts in Texas and Etesewhere NVw York, April 3.--There was a fairly , big crowd at Hit* boxing bout before tlu* | Seaside oihleilr club to-night. At S.3U p. | RI. fully 20W people were preuont. Afu-r two preliminary bouts iH-uvetn local lighters, Micky Finn of Australia and Joe Walcott of Boston weiv announced for the biy: event of t\vfnty-fivt» roun.l.s ut 152 pounds. Waleou was seconded by Ton* O'ltourk*. Jue Butler and Ttfu Muriha of New York. Dunn was seconded by YounR Griffo, Torn Denny and PiiciUy Gorman of Australia and Denny M u r p h y of Unglaml. Dunn looked like a giant compared w i t h Wa.1- cott. The first round did not briiiff out either m^n and they lavished at. each other. In tht* second they became more serious and Dunn received a- hard jab under the heart. Walcott then received a lively one in ihe mouth, Dunn thud gearing first hlood. in ihe third Walcott rusfneU Dunn to the ropes, but Dunn planted his left again on. the mouth. Walcott landed -twice on the neck with his left and again on the jaw. Dunn gat in t w j right luimlers under Wa-- Ciitt's 'heart, and the colored 'man came back with a ritfht and Cert on the jaw. In the next Walcott'P 'ieft landed on 'Dunn's throat and 'n a rapid exchange his rlsht got to Dunn's stomach. Waleott h'.t Dunn with h'n right on the n e c k ; ' W a l c o t t landed on the chest with 'hlK right and 'led again, and doubled Dunn up with a 'blow on the stomach. He followed th-ls up with a right and Ceft hand swln? on the head and neck. Th'ls was Walcoii's round. In the fifth round Dunn Jabbed Walcott five limes on the nose with his left, and Walcott retaliated with a right on the jaw. Walcoct go'i in a rig'hthander on the head. Dunn landed on the nose and Walcott countered heavily on the body. Dunn uppercut Walcott on the nose, but the negro got square with a few punches In the face, Walcott rushed In the sixth, but Dunn stopped him and uppercut him twice and landed his left three times in the mouth. Walcott out in a blow that was rather low and hesitated a few seconds, thinking Dunn would call a foul, but they continued the fight. Round 7: Walcott. fought Dunn into the corner, and after a bit of sparring he got In a right hander over the heart and followed it up with a left smash on th2 chest. Walcott swung his right and landed on the head. Dunn countered on the neck. - Round .8: Walcott landed on the ribs twice and then put his right on the jaw. Dunn went to his knees. Walcott hit Dunn when and where he wished after this, and after putting In a heavy left on Dunn's stomach Dunn seemed to be dazed. Walcptt used left and right as rapidly a? trip hammers and s.oon had Dunn groggy. When the bell rang Dunn did not know where- he was. Police"Captain Clayton then stopped the fight -and Referee Hurst -awarded .the bout to Wa'.catt. GALLAGHER-KBLLEY MATCIi. Houston, Tex., April 3.--Interest Is increasing in the glove fight between Denny Gall-agher and K J. .Kelley, which will be pulled off in this city on Friday nig'ht.' Both men have been training actively for the event. Kelley is claimed by his friencis to be in the pink o? condition and all'his backers are confident of his being- the winner in the coming battle. The fart, however, that he was defeated by Gallagher once before in this city give Denny's fi'Ieuds considerable assurance'of .'success. To this they add the fact that he is In first class form- The methods «r Uie two men In training are much alike. They walk and run outdoors port of each day and box the bag and take other beneficial exercise indoors the re^t of the time. AHKAHN ACCBPTS. Houston, Tex., April 3.--The News sporting correspondent is authorized hj- Bob Ahearn to state that he accepts the challenge of Joe Lawson, the Austral Ian i to flg'ht in one week from t'he 5th of April at Hmuvton or Texas City.- Ahearn says he will cover any money -that Juawson or -his backers wish to put up. Articles of agreement are all ready to be^signed. HALL WANTS TO" FIGHT. Detroit, .Mich., April 3.--"Jim" Hall lias issued a challenge to fight any man at 165 pounds for a reasonable stake. Nobody is ·barred. Hall claims that -he has -been called a back number, and wants to show that he Is still In the game. HaJl also states that he will bet any sum on a ·limited round contest with Joe Choynski. BASEBALL FOR CHARITY. San Antonio, Tex., April 3.--A novel and interesting game of baseball was played for charity at San Pedro park to-day, the teams being composed of well known and popular professional and business men .of the city. The players wore red and blue Mother Hubbards and the reds won by a urorp of 24 to 23. George H. Walker; manager of the opera house, TVan captain of the reds and Jones Irvine, a commercial broker, captain of the blues. Fifteen hundred p'eo'plfc witnessed the same and the proceeds were fur the benefit u£ the Protestant orphans' home. THREE UMPIRES WERE THERE. Shreveport, La,, April 3.--The fourth game between the Grays and Little Rock team brought a good attendance to the ball grounds. Score,- 15 to 5 in favor of Little Rock. Battery for Little Rock. Morse and Wiley; for Grays, Mackey, McCoy and Kemmerpr. Umpires, Zeay and Brfggs and Weckbecker. LTTTLE ROCK RACER. Little Rock, Ark., April 3.--The wpathpr to-day was clear and warm and the track fast. The attendance was good h n d the betting heavy. The biggest surprise of the day was in the Capitol Hotel stakes, which wenj to Lady Tnez at 6 to 1. Following are the summaries: First rare, purse $.700, for -1-year-olds and upward, three-fourths of n mile: Philomena, 1(T, C. Weber, 1 to 2, won easily; ilopuy, 116, Matthews, 30 to I, second; Glad, 110. Graham, 3 to 1. third. Time: 1.16*1. O. W., Ada May, Wild Arab and Poll Tax also ran. Second race, purse $300. for 3-year-olds and upward, seven-eighths of a mile; Frank Gayle, 107, Reagan, E to 2, won by a length In a brushing finish; Santa Cruz, Jt3. McLaln, 8 to 1, second; The Queen, 109, Ballard, 1 to 2 on. third. Time: 1.36'^. Tiffin, Royal Flush and Brown Dirk also ran. Third race, Capitol Hotel stakes, for 2- year-olds. J1000 guaranteed, half mile: Lady Inez, 115, C. Weber, 6 to 1, won by a neck in a drive; Sallle Cllquot, 115. A. Clayton, 4 to 5 on, second; May PInkerton, 115. C. Graham. 20 to 1, third. Time: -19 seconds. Henu Ideal and Montgomery also ran. Fourth race, selling, purge J250, for 2- year-olds, half mile: Xlkitu, 103. A. Clayton, 3 Lo ft, won easily by two lengths; Bellena, 103, Mcl^iln, 3 to 1. second; Lela Dell. 107. Graham. 12 to 1. third. Time: 50 aeconda. Z. Pinkey Potier, Kettle Hill. Starbeam nnd Topsy also ran. F i f t h race, purne $200. free 'handicap, hurdle, one mile, over four hurdles: Car- racaa, 12-1, Withers, 12 to 1, won; 7Ynvie- more. 138, Belle. 2 to 1, second: Mil Kendlff 1R5, Blnkely. 4 to 6. third. Time: l.l! Roader also ran. NASHVILLE RACKS.. Nashville, Tenn., April 3.--Thte wa# the third day of the Cumberland, park meei- JiiK. The weather was plciusant, Iho track fast nnd attendance good. The stake event of the day, the .Maxwell house, for 3-yeac-* oM fiHie"-, guaranteed vatut? IISui*. pravoj an easy victory *Ar ttae favorite. Jiaiier 6 *";rntry's Qm-eu May. \Viltie M a r t i n *-ame down from Loul»viIU?" to ride the filly ami she- won. galloping all th- 3 way, She was the on!y fivoriif to win. the "!tt:'r races twinf \\ on l»y t h i r d fboices ;uU u "· «« ! «!M-t. Summaries: v i l l a ' lt"\Vtiii«nts'. C*"io'l. "w-on'^iriving by haH a V n g t h ; Pine To? 1'U, Graham. 2 to J, seecirO; Lady Pepp-r ?5. Thompson. * to 1. third. Time; !.W. erv-.-imu nure, h*tt nine: i*'ranees 1*. hosier, Si. TO l, -,vyn handily by* a length ana H h a l f ; Maid of Honor !·«, \V. Jones. t ·· to l. Merry Thought 10£. IVr- j kins. 3 10 5. ihtrd. Time: .*!*^. , Third race. Harwell fcouse staked, for ' 3-year-old lil!ie. $l.W guaranteed, one mile: ·ijueen May !»·. Wm. Martin, S to C-. won easily by four lengths; Lily of ihu \\ e.-it h«9. Thorpe, )i to 5, sevond; Victorious ItjH, Orahum, 3 -lo J, third. Tim*: Fourth nu-e, selling, one mile: Mllturd lit 1 . Perkins.. 6 to 1. won handily by a length and u half: Clementine m*. Thorpe. 7 to 10. second: Caiutragus 90, A. Barrett, 12 to l, thinl. Time: l.-tt. Fifth race, sellintf. half mile: Pollock 101, Perkins, -1 to 1, won d r i v i n g by a ; length: Itaffs 107. I^elgh, 5 . to i, "second; . Jjoyul Princess KM, Thorpe, 5 !o 1, third. I Time: .M. N K \ V OItI.EAN'3 RACKS. NVw Orleans. Li».i April 3.--Third day ! of ihe New JjOuIs-lana. jockey club's .spi-lni; | mealing. Weather fair, track (jood. 1 First race, three-fourth* of a mile: j Curious 97, Morrirf. 5 to l, won h a n d i l y by . a length; Alice IX Io9. Scott, ty t»j 1, .·*«- ' oml; Colonel Atmore'97, Slaughter. G to 1, third. Time: i.icii. Second race, selling, seven-eighth;* of a mile.: Oak Forest 114, Gardner. 13 to j, won driving by a half length; Buckeye : IW. Scott. 4 lo 1. soeond; Rally 314. Me- ; l)o:ui!d, 4 ;o 1, third. Time: 1.32\. Third race, sblllny, seven-eighths of a i mile: Wekota -111, Mhijrley, even, wen i d r i v i n g by'a nose: Void 106. Blake. S to 1. { second; Jennie 106, Shields, 6 to 1, third. ( Time: l'.i»U. ; ' J Fourth race, handicap, thfrteen-slx- teenihs of a mile: May Thompson 1R L McDonald. -1 to 5, won easily by half a length: Fidget 105, Verplanck, 3 to 3. second; Furlong- 107, Scott, 30 to 1, third. Time: l.W. Fifth mre. ml!e and one-eighth; Billy MclCenzie 101, Aker, ( to 1, won ridden out by half a length; Florence P. it, Caywood, 9 to 2, second; Hotspur 105, Slaughter, 10 to 1, third. Time: 1.58. ANOTHER FIGHT ON. Springfield, 111., April 3.--A fight has been arranged between Johnny Connors, bantamweight pusrlllafof this city, and Ed. | Vaugimii of'Trenton. K. J..-for $500 a side, · to be fought before ihe club offering the largest purse. LITTLE LOCALS. Cards are out for tbe wedding reception of Mr. G, G.' Levy and Miss Sonnentheil. April 17. · · . The regular monthly mee*Infe of the board of waterworks conimlBeloners" will be held to-day. The stockholders of the cha'mber of commerce will meet In the' rooms of the association this evening. .· | Sheriff Dirks' sept two- lunatics to the San Antonio asylum yesterday. ' They are C. C. Cherry and E. L. Soreno.- Justlce Finn married Theodore Delatta and Miss-Gora-Combs -yesterday, and Mr. .Edward C. -Alben and Mrs.--H-onora Dbora. The refrular monthly meethig-of the German ladies: benevolent society will take place this afternoon at 3 o'clock at Eaton chapeL ; This morning at 10.30 o'clock the preliminary committed on arrangements for the charity circus, will meet at the chamber of commerce rooms. The funeral of Charles Winy, a Chinaman, took place yesterday afternoon. There was a 'brass band, a tom-tom band and quite a procession. Sheriff Dirks attached Paris Boswell and Andy Brown yesterday. · -They are wanted in Harris county and -Waco respectively, as witnesses. Bonds-were given. ' The St. Mary's team claim', that in their game with the Victors the .latter did not have it all their own vay. . They ~3y that it was only In the seventh inning that they made the winning, score. V- P. J. Pardee, son "of the representative, of the charity circus, arrived yesterday. His father is In Dallas working up quite an enthusiasm over the appearance o'f the circus In that city. - - · The ladies looking after th.e charity hall, which will be given on April JG for the benefit, of the Protestant arid lEraelitiKh orphans' home, are progressing nicely. The affair will take place at Harrfiony hall. Cards arc out for the wertding of Miss EsteUc, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fene'ton Cannon, to Mr. Joseph Voltson Hertford, which will take place r a t Trinity church Wednesday, April 17, at half-past six o'clock. The newly organized tennis club Is endeavoring to obtain the use of the courts used by the Ball high school association last year, on Nineteenth and Broadway. The courts are splendid grass ones, regulation size.- . . . . . Owing to the fact- that there was no quorum present t h e ' Island City boating club did not elect officers at its meeting last night, but went into executive session and transacted business of interest to members, only. . . . Prof. Bernau's athletic exhibition will include, beside the professor's Wrestling with three men, .to.-w.hom.he..proposes »to give $50 if they stay-.with.him fifteen minutes and $2 for. every...minute after, a boxing contest of t went v.e. rounds between Jess Clarke of the - .Pacific. .coast .and Charles Black of- London.- -England. - AUSTIN HAPPENINGS. Amount of Deposits Made With the .State Treasurer During Marchi ;PEHSONAL. S.' H. "WalkeKofQuaiVah, Tex., has headquarters at the^Beach'.'] Mr. E. P. Crooker.-went to Houston last night, but . Mr/Alfred Cv-MIntzer went to Philadelphia over the Santa Fe last n!ght. Dr. A. V.'BaneS'bT St. Joseph, Mo., Is among the late' arMVals at the Beach. Dr. J. S. Lagan, and. Mr. Jaa. Lawlor of Houston .were yesterday, stopping at the Beach- Mr. Harry Sloan-.--the advance agent of Louis Morrison,-is in-the city making preparations for the-appearanoe of that gentleman at the Grand-opera house. -- I!. * " · , HOTEL,' ARRIVALS. At the Tremont-:- F. W. Davidson! Louisville: John F. Dulieo.' New York; D. O. Martin. Chicago; W.-D.- Judkins. Danville; James T. DftvlflrBowling Green, Mo.; I. S. Owen, P. J. Pardee. Chicago; .T. A. Baggs, New York; G. E. Simmons, Boston; E. J. C-eorfve, Providence: A. Hanshere, L, ,T. Katzman, New York; George M. Ferguson. Rochester: E. E. Hooker, Richmond, Va.; C. L. Dunbar, St. Louis; R. L. Lindsay and Jnmes P., Adair,. Chicago. At -the Beach: W:*H3. Humphries, Houston; S. II. Wfclker, .St. Joseph, Mo.; Dr. J. L. Logan, Houston: J. A. Luwler, Houston; I. Cohen, Tyler: P. S. McCaM), Tyler; I. K. Mi'Padden, Philadelphia; Dr. H V. Banes*. St. Joseph; B. J. Price, Laramle, Wyo.: W. I. Herman, Chlcacro; E. Sweeney. St. Louis; Chas. Jaurus, New Orleans; P. M. Johnston, Dallas; Henry Sloan, agent Louis Morrison Co. At the Gtrardln: W. H. Dockery, Atlanta; A. Rosenthal, New York; J. C. Lenk, Willis; E. Humphrey, Texas; L. Munford, Dallas; A. Wolf, Bellville; A. T. Drew, St. Louis; W. V. Galbreath. Denver; A. T. Sauer, Houston. DOCTORS MEET. Beaumont, Tex., April 3.--The Southeast Texas medical association met last night with Dr. Sholars presiding. This was theUr regular meeting nlcht, and only their routine business was transacted, with the exception of an Interesting paper by Dr. A. N. Perkins. Their next meeting will be held on the flrst Tuesday In July In Beaumont. \ ETMER *; AMEND'S PRESCRIPTION No. 2S51 has cured thousands of cases of Rheumatism. No sufferer should fall to try it. Preston Co.. acents. Galvoston. Ill health gives way to Brown's Iron Bitters I COUNTY BONDS REDEEMED, A List of Charters Granted--Some Personal Mention--Current Capital Comment Austin. Tex., April 3.--The -total deposit* In the statp treasury for the month oC Mtuvh were as follows: General revenue 1240.493 97 Available .school fund :£6.941 W . Permanent .school f u n d 42,038 £ r » Available unlversltv f u n d v ..., CSS 89 Permanent university fund 7515 Dt*af and dumb asylum f u n d . I tS Lunatic asylum ruml ; 418 I'nors»nlz**d c o u n t y t u x . . 1,H" SI Kedemption lands In unorgtinlKed counties 13 40 Land sales meet. a*:t March 29. 1SS7) 20601 Pru rata indebtedness f u n d 10J 32 Available lunatic asylum fund 43 W Available deaf and dumb asylum fund \ 10610 Available blind asylum fund 72 W Cost advertising lands 4 ft) Harrison county 1,795 6T Itexar county 3.521 47 Dallas elf 2,233 16 Direct tax BONDS REDEEMKD. Austin, Tex., April 3.--The following county bonds were redeemed during- the month-,of March: Court house bonds--Hale county $500 Oomanche county ; 2.1WO l j ecos county -... 2,00u WhKi-ton county 1,000 Ochiltree county.. 50f» iillam county 3000 McCulloch county 900 Victoria county 2,000 Nolan ',-ounty....; 1,000 Hamilton county -.. 2 500 Bosque county 3000 Bridge bonrt#- ·3111am county... 3000 Duval county * j.OGO DeWitt county 2000 Subsidy bonds-Bexar county fi.OOO Total bonds redeemed .130.400 Total amount of Interest paid durlne month on county bonds was t26.640.06; sink- Ing fund paid, $490. CHARTERS GRANTED. . Austin, Tex., April -3.--Chartered to-day i The Dallas New cotton compress company, capital stock' $100,000; In corporators, C. E. Allgeyer of Louisiana, J. Rene Blech of France and James P. Babied and Waid Hill of Texas. . The Darlington-Miller lumber company of Iowa amended. Its charter so as" to. authorize an Increase or reduction In the capital stock, as they may see proper. . The Waco electrical supply and construe* tton company, capital stock 110.000; 'Incorporate!*. W. W. Seley, S. -A. Hobson, A. Moore, Eugene Early and C. M". Seley. The Texas humane society of Waco; Incorporators, A.. Abeel, J. D. Shaw and M. B. Davis. TAKEN TO THE PEN. " Austin, Tex., April 3.-Sheriff. W'bHe today conveyed to the Huntsville penrten- " tte-ry Mjjler Hammond, under a ninety-nine year sentence for murder of Captain Dunn, hear Llano, 'about one year ago. , .Miller escaped from Travis county jail last 'July, but surrendered a week afterward. Charlie Catllff. his accomplice, who escaped at the same time and was recaptured three months later, -was taken to -sue penitentiary last November. i - :\njST SETTLE UP FIRST.. . Austin, Tex., April 3,--The county commissioners adopted the following -to-day: It Is -here-toy ordered that the county clerk be directed to issue anyone ·in arrears ta the county for -taxes, and it is further ordered that the county collector be direc'ted to furnish the county clfrk at the earliest practicable d a t e - w i t names of all parties who are in arrears for laxes to Travis county. SEEKING A PARDON. Austin, Tex., April 3.--Stillwell H. Russell lias been here several aaysetryrne to get Governor Culberson to remit the jail sentence of a man named Aaron, who resides in Ellis county, and who was convicted on the charge of selling liquor'in local option precinct. Mr."Russell-said tonight he had succeeded in his mission. AUSTIN NOTES. Austin, Tex., April 3.--Harris county redeemed $5000 bridge bonds; also paid $2942 interest. , (Governor Culberson left last night for Jeffero^n and will return Friday. Captain Grove of Dallas is here. D. 'A. Nunn o'f Crockett is here. Nervous Prostration Hood'* 9*r«ap*rlll« Oav* Nwv* Strength and Good Health. "Hood's SoiMpcrilU h«3 helped me wonderfully. For three year* I hive been d o c t o r but could not get cured. Soon after beginning to take Wood's Strupa- ^ rilla there WM · change for the bet- tei. In a short time I w»a feeling __ _ ___ splendidly. For everal~montU5 previous I coulq not lie, down to sleep on account of ray heart trouble and nervous prostration; I now rest well and am able to do wort of whatever kind. If I had not tried Hood'i Sarta- parttla Hood's M. '.4LAAA Saraaparilla I do not know what would have become of me." MRS. S. SHADDOCK, 401 Erie Avenue, Williamsport, Pennsylvania. _ 'e Dillc act harmoniously wltk S fills Hood's Samp»rlUi.»o. H yon are in the marlcnt for WHISKIES, in bond or free warehoa-e,' it will bo to your interest to (ret our prices as wo are positively cfoeior out this branch oTcur business, CASE LIQUORS, Wfl have « lnr?o stock of CASE LIQUOKrf which we »ra offarljwat raduced pricei. LET US HEAR FROM TOU. flLLMAI, IMS-1'-OH

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