Lansing State Journal from Lansing, Michigan on April 12, 1932 · Page 13
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Lansing State Journal from Lansing, Michigan · Page 13

Lansing, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1932
Page 13
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n Experts Claim Gas Cooking Has No Equal for Speed, Efficiency and Economy THE STATE JOURNAL, LANSING, MICHIGAN, TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 1932 1 is r 'Automatic' Ranges Greatest Value in History of Industry Season's New Gas Ranges Embodying Latest r improvements Offered at Lowest Prices in Years; Builders . Succeed in Combining Beauty with Utility and Increased Efficiency 'THE story of gas, its discovery, the strange superstitions it created, and its eventual adaption to practical use, has long been a fascinating tale gas the romantic, the reliable, the inexpensive fuel. In Its advancement from the gas lighting stage to the range and other modern household appliances, gas has demonstrated its ability as a fuel The flexibility of neat control pos- Pianist to Play At Cooking School MISS CATHERINE PAXTON 'T'H03E who attend the opening ses-' sion of the Gas Kange Cooking school at Prudden auditorium, Wednesday evening, at 7:15 o'clock, will enjoy an exceptional treat as the cooking school management has secured the services of Miss Paxton, who will render a piano recital during the intermission period of the school. . Miss Paxton, who resides in St. Johns, Mich., has gained a wide reputation as a finished artist and has to her credit the winning of first place in the Southern Michigan Musical festival, held at Marshall, Mich, in August of last year. Those who are familiar with this event appreciate the strong competition, as the contest is open to professionals ao well as amateurs, with no age limit. Miss Paxton has appeared on many musical programs in community affairs in this section and her services are eagerly sought because of her outstanding ability as a pianist. Miss Paxton is a graduate student of Katherine Seibert of St. Johns, Mich, who is known as one of the leading teachers of piano in this section, having studied at two German conservatories. sible with gas as a cooking medium had never been experienced with old time methods. It has never been equalled. The ltnenslty of heat, available on demand, and the depend ability of the gas supply makes it the most co-operative fuel known. Gas is always on tap, ready to serve at any time day or night, and is claimed by authorities to be the quickest and cheapest method of cookery known to modern science. -Like all other fuels gas is depend ent upon the appliance to which it is applied in order to produce the perfect job. It is a case of "together we stand, divided we fall." If a range is inefficient, as a result of years of service, it won't give the gas flame an opportunity to do its best work. New standards of living have brought many new appliances, which take the drudgery out of housework. Outstanding of these is the modern gas range, which has been designed to present-day requirements. It is with the modern range that this story deals. It is difficult to say wherein lies its biggest appeal. To many the fact that the modern range can boast of beauty in line, of color, and of de sign, is most important. To others its many utilitarian features, such as complete safety, durability, low operating cost, flexibility of control, and the fact that the range is so easy to clean, are uppermost. In any case, such a happy combination of virtues makes modern day cooking an attractive occupation. Since such interesting dishes come to the table by way of the oven, it is only natural that this section of the range should have been improved to the point of enabling them without uncertainty or work. The modern oven of the new style ranges, which will be on display and demonstrated at the gas range cooking school, opening Wednesday evening, at Prudden auditorium, are equipped with temperature regulators. This is a simple device which means freedom from oven watching. It operates automatically and will keep the oven at a constant given temperature. This feature also as sures superior roasting and baking. and makes possible a saving in gas and sometimes in food. An oven heat regulator or thermo stat, which is located on the oven, gives a choice of measured and controlled heat for every kind of oven cookery. By turning the wheel or adjusting the handle of the regulator so that the pointer is opposite the de sired temperature, as indicated on the dial, the oven is heated to just that temperature and automatically kept there. The principle of the oven heat regulator is. very simple. A non-expanding carbon or porcelain rod is encased within the portion of the thermostat which extends inside the oven. As the temperature of the oven in creases from the room temperature Juvenile Artists from Virgiline Simmons School Of Dancing on Wednesday Evening Program rifirtafiAftri ft MlrrV-f THIS group of dainty little folks from the Virgiline Simmons School of Dancing will entertain at the opening session of the Gas Range Cooking School at Prudden Auditorium, Wednesday evening. In the group are Ruth Fillingham, Betty Jane Slegel, Marylin Miller, Janet Olds, Elma Louise Rees and Kathryn Blanding. The light-footed miss at the right is charming little Miriam Olds who will present a delightful number known as the "Tambourine" dance, also a tap number. The Virgiline Simmons School of Dancmg has gained an enviable reputation for the successful method of teaching the little folks the secret of rythm and this season Miss Simmons reports a marked increase in the number of pupils enrolled in the various classes. VAN'S BULLETIN 2884 Any Wo m a n Would Be Proud To Own This Gas Range THE kitchen of the modem home it always open to guests. The owner is proud of it! And she'll be more proud of her kitchen when she owns this latest addition to the fa moos line of Magic Chef Gas Ranges the Tiffin ModeL Though built compact for the smaller kitchen this ultra-smart gas range has sufficient capacity to cook for ten people. It embodies every modern labor-saving feature and possesses a colorful yet classic beauty that will win your instant admiration. Before you buy any gas range be sure to see this newest CoGOODGas tang That Has Urn J Wb,tt AMERICAN STOVE COMMNY. Magic Chef. 9so up See Our Display At The GAS RANGE COOKING SCHOOL PRUDDEN AUDITORIUM WEDNESDAY EVE, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY AFTERNOONS VANDERVOORT HDWE.CO. E. Michigan at Grand "We Deliver" Phone 3113 the thermostat expands. The thermostat valve is thus closed, cutting down the supply of gas to the oven. The expansion continues until the oven reaches the temperature indicated on the dial setting of the ther mostat where it is maintained, and a constant supply of gas is admitted sufficient to keep the oven at the desired temperature. Through this sim ple device any desired temperature may be constantly maintained within the oven for as long a period as desired. One of the chief advantages of the controlled heat type of oven is that oven-watching is unnecessary. Once the focd has been prepared and placed in the oven for roasting, with the regulator set at tee correct temperature, it need not be looked at until ready to be talcen out. In fact7 open ing the even icor is wasteful, as each time it is opened the oven is cooled. Thus more gas is consumed in order to. reheat it ence again to the indicated tempsrr.ture. Leaving a roast alone for many hours at a time would have been considered disastrous several years ago, not only because of the intensity of the mounting heat, but because it was customary to baste every so often. Now, however, according to the results of experiments carried on by the United States department of agriculture, most roasts are juicier and have better flavor if cooked at a low temperature in a deep open roaster, without basting. This is especially true for tender cuts. Veal is one meat which is better when roasted with a cover on the roasting pan. The heat regulator is often called a time and temperature regulator, which is quite natural since it is set at a specified temperature for a cer tain period of time the time desired to leave the food in the oven governing the temperature at which it is cooked. ;.- Actually, however, there is a time regulator on many modern gas ranges which does exactly what its name suggests. It shuts off the gas automatically at a specified time. Better than that, it also automatically turns the gas on at a predetermined time. For example, if it is desired to have the ! oven lighted at 4 o'clock and turned off at 6 o'clock, but it is inconvenient to be at home at 4 to light the oven, the food can be placed in the oven before leaving the house, and the time control set for 4 o'clock. At exactly that hour the gas will automatically turn on, the food will cook at the in- ; dicated temperature set on the heat ! regulator, and when two hours are up, the automatic shut off will turn off the gas. Naturally, even such a worthwhile contribution to modern housekeeping must De used with common sense.. It would be quite unwise to put a perishable fish into the oven early in the moming and leave it there until late afternoon when the heat would go on. There are many foods, however, that would not suffer as the result of being out of the refrigerator for several hours. The advantages of the time and temperature regulator are obvious. i They permit hours of leisure away irom the kitchen that could not otherwise be managed. And by their very service of maintaining an even, constant heat, permit better roasting and baking under ideal conditions. Hand in hand with the foregoing features of convenience on the mod ern gas range is the insulated oven. The principal advantage of insula tion is the greater comfort afforded the appointed cook, since it keeps the heat well within the oven, thereby enabling a cool kitchen all the year around. It is assumed, of course, that the oven is well insulated. Some ranges have only a small thickness of insulating material around the oven, which, although contributing to a cooler kitchen, is not as effective in this respect as where the oven is surrounded by a greater thickness of insulation. The range that is insulated with the idea of keeping the kitchen cool and conserving fuel has its oven well lined with mineral wool, asbestos, or some equally effective material. Some ranges incorporate two of these materials with a dead-air snace be- I tween them and thus really achieve a nign degree or insulation. I To many women who have dragged ! through the cooking hours on a hot : summer's day, the insulated range is ' no small blessing. So thoroughly insu- i j lated are some ovens that the gas may j De snut on two-tnirds of a lone-time - cooking job has been done, utilizing I the retained heat to finish the work.; This type of oven cannot help but' Isave on fuel costs. i The time, temperature, and insula- j tlon features of the modern oven, in ! making the oven unusually efficient! for baking and roasting, also make ! possible the cooking of a whole meal at one time. This is an especially ap-1 pealing convenience for the days ' when it is necessary to be away from i the kitchen for any length of time, I : as a well-planned oven meal requires ! no thinking about after it is in thej oven and yet it guarantees the j family a delicious dinner. Full meals j for the oven may be planned for! mitting all of the in-between time for other occupations or diversions. The temperature required, of course, varies with the cooking hours. 300 to 325 degrees are required for a two-hour meal, 275 degrees for a three-hour meal, and 250 degrees for four to five-hour meals. All meats should be seared first as in regular cooking. Cover all dishes after adding a small amount of boiling water. Even the interior of the modern oven is resplendent m its finish of mirror-like chromium or porcelain enamel finish in color. The chromium plate, which is such a popular trim now for so many appliances, not only lends attractiveness to the oven interior, but actually aids in perfecting oven cooking. The mirror-like surface of this lining a hard, stainless metal reflects the heat and helps to do the work more quickly. It. is comparatively rustproof, which means that such linings proably would not need replacing during the life of the range. In addition, the chromium lining is easy to clean and to keep clean. Enamel linings are used quite commonly for ovens now. They are certainly an improvement over the type of lining which became rusted from the moisture in the oven and was always difficult to keep clean. Enamel is an especially endurable coating. It can stand extremes of temperature unless subjected to the intense heat of direct flames. The oven that is enamel lined is easy to keep clean with ordinary soap and water. The season's outstanding and most popular of the new style gas ranges wiil be on display and will be demonstrated at the Gas Range Cooking school, Wednesday evening and Thurs day and Friday afternoons, by Mrs. Dorothy K. Harris, a home economist KC BAKING POWDER IS CHOICE OF MRS. HARRIS "The price you pay for baking powder" stated Mrs. Harris, noted culi nary expert, who will be in charge of the gas range cooking school, which opens with the first session Wednes day evening in Prudden auditorium, "is no indication of its leavening strength and it is the leavening strength that counts in baking. That's why I prefer K C baking powder to all other high priced brands. In her cooking classes Mrs. Harris will use K C baking powder exclusively and points out the fact that this prod uct is "aouble tested" and double ac tion," the perfect balance being con stantly maintained. Because of these qualities it is only necessary to use a level teaspoon of K C baking powder where a heaping teaspoon is called for m the recipe. For more than 25 years the manu facturers of K C baking powder have maintained the popular price of "25 ounces for 25 cents," which gives the purchaser more than a pound and a half for a quarter. A suggestion of the manufacturers of this popular product is that house wives prepare .biscuits or muffins at a convenient time, placing the dough in pan, covering with a wet cloth and set in a cool place. In using K C baking powder there is no necessity of hurrying dough or batter into the oven. Several hours may intervene of reputation, and an expert in gas cooking. Special displays of latest design gas ranges will be presented by Consumers ower company, the Jury-Rowe com pany, Sears, Roebuck & Co., and Van-Dervoort Hardware company. between the preparation of the dough an1 the baking. " ' To aid in successful baking the makers of K C baking powder also suggest sifting flour and baking powder together at least three times as they claim the more sifting the lighter, finer texture the cakes, biscuits, etc., will be. Following are several ,easily prepared recipes which, if instructions are carefully followed are certain to prove highly successful, as they are; all thoroughly tried, tested and proven when. K C baking powder is used. Again the fact is stressed that it requires less K C baking powder than any of the other high priced brands and a level teaspoonful should be used instead of a neaping teaspoon in recipes that simply call for baking powder: K C Everyday White Cake cup "Golden Jersey" butter (4 ounces), 1 cup granulated sugar (8 ounces), cup "Arctic" milk. 2 cuns Thomasn's "So-Lite" flour (8 ounc es), 2 level teaspoonfuls K C, whites 3 eggs, 1 teaspoonful vanilla extract. Frosting for White Cake cup granulated sugar (4 ounces), cup boiling water, I ounce or square chocolate, sifted confectioner's sugar. K C Jelly Roll 1 cup sifted Thomasn's "So-Lite" flour (4 ounces), scant half teaspoon salt, 12 level teaspoon K C baking powder, grated rind of 1 lemon, 2 eggs, beaten light, 1 cup sugar (8 ounces), 1-3 cup hot "Arctic" milk, glass of jelly, powdered sugar. DON'T FAIL TO ATTEND THE FREE GAS RANGE COOKING SCHOOL PRUDDEN AUDITORIUM V. . EVE., THURS. AND FRIDAY AFTERNOONS VISIT OUR DISPLAY BOOTH SEE THE NEW 1932 MODEL "Prosperity" Buffet Range With Insulated Oven and Broiler I j i I Ji IF Delivered and Connected Ivory porcelain enamel exterior with marbelized top. Porcelain enamel oven and broiler linings. Oven heat control. Strongly constructed in accordance with strict quality specifications in every detail. Delivers on Easy Terms Small Carrying Charge 9x12 t. Felt Base Rugs Last Opportunity at This Price Standard quality and good weight for kitchen, dining room or home use. Good selection of patterns in popular colors. Typical of Many Values at Sears Store Everyone Has Taken to Nelly Don Sunday Morning Frocks Have You? Sunday morning comes just as often as Sunday night, yet only Nelly Don designs frocks especially' for this important once-a-week occasion . . . when there is time for "him" to notice yon during a leisurely Sunday morning breakfast. The frock shown It one of several new ttylet just received at 295 Others at $1.95. -SECOND FLOOR KNAPP'S Thanks, Mrs. Harris!" WE could ask no higher endorsement for our products than your per-; sonal selection of MILK CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE AND "GOLDEN JERSEY" BUTTER for use in your Cooking School. It so happen that YOUR CHOICE is also the choice of the LiOOD COOKS in our city ... the majority of the discriminating, thrifty home-makers of Lansing and East Lansing who KNOWthere is ECONOMY in buying the BEST. They are our customers. ARCTIC DAIRY PRODUCTS Dairy Division, 228 E. Main, Phone 2-1681 Ice Cream Division, 312 S. Capitol, Phone 2-0821 I Jl BSA 1 1 TASTE THIS DELICIOUS i El jFU !i NEW "ARCTIC" ICE fA: v CREAM IJ i i AT THE i PJ j COOKING SCHOOL AT ALL "ARCTIC" DEALERS j Journal Winf Ads Cost Little, Accomplish Kuch I !Sui atfe Invited to . Attend THE GA Sponsored by THE STATE JOURNAL For Consumers Power Co. and Participating Firms Wednesday Evening, April 13 7:15 to 9:30 P. ML Thursday Afternoon, April 14 2:15 to 4:30 P. M. Friday Afternoon, April 15 2:15 to 4:30 P. M. fe-ti ' 'ft IN. Be Sure to Notice MRS. DOROTHY K. HARRIS' Demonstrations Using 25 Ounces for 25c DOROTHY K. HARRIS nationally proviinent domestic science expert in charge of Cooking School Sessions MRS. HARRIS shows you that in using a Double Action baking powder such as K G you get Fine Texture and Large Volume in your bakings that you can use less than you-do of high priced brands. You will realize that it is not necessary to pay war prices for baking powder. Then try K C yourself. Give it the oven test and judge by results OUR GOVERNMENT USED MILLIONS OF POUNDS r pfT,0,, I sBk j from tsp to five hour cooking, per-

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