Lansing State Journal from Lansing, Michigan on October 31, 1943 · Page 16
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Lansing State Journal from Lansing, Michigan · Page 16

Lansing, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 31, 1943
Page 16
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16 Sun.. Oct. 31. I"M3 THE LANSING STATE JOURNAL Regency for Italy Proposed been a pronounced monarchist, but his first specific cotrmitmest cis- closed that he does cot favor the Italian king as the head of a regime the country new needs. British Favor Monarch? Badoglio also is known to hare monarchist leanings, but whether a regency would be acccptabie to the Allied governments is cot kaown. NAPLES. Oct. 29 (Delayed) MV- the full sense of the word was dis Murphy and MacMillan were expected to return to Algiers over the week-end to make full reports to thrir governments regarding Italian opinion and the general Italian sit The shelving of both King Vittorio cussed. Emanuele and Crown Prince Um-berto in favor of a regency for Um-berto's 6-year-old son, the Prince of Naples, was proposed for Italy today as American and British representatives conferred with a group of Ihe foremost Italian political leaders. The conferences were believed to have dealt with Italy's future gov The presence of Croce. Italy's eld er statesman and one of the strong est influences in present Italian politics, and Count Carlo Sforza, uation. former foreign minister and antifascist leader, underlined the importance of the conferences. Italian leaders have agreed un animously that the establishment of i some form of government with greater prestige and powers than Badoglio now commands is an immediate necessity, but they also agree that any regime can be only provisional pending liberation from the Germans and the possibility of consulting the wishes of all Italians. The 77-year-old Croce himself, in disclosing for the first time that he favors a regency, tended to confirm earlier reports that both King Vittorio Emanuele and the crown prince had lost considerable prestige. Throughout his long career as a Croce said he understood that British favors a monarchy for Itair, but expressed belief that the Bntaa mean a monarchic type cf government and not the present king. Croce said he believed thai a regency would be acceptable to the ira-jority of Italians, while ar-v-frrr-; that the industrial masses of northern Italy showed a tenderer toward "socialism and communism." Howe-er, he pointed out that a regency would not mean an end to the aspirations of any repufclxaa group, as he said it would leave room for a full play o! repuhiicaa mechanisms in governing. Badoglio in Naples Premier Pietro Badoglio arrived yesterday with Murphy and MacMillan for his first public appear ernment, and afterward Benedetto Croce, perhaps the country's most ance here since the city was freed from the Germans, but whether he powerful political figure, suggested in an interview that a regency for the boy prince under Premier Pietro Badoglio now heads. participated to today's conferences was not disclosed. Both Murphy and MacMillan held long talks with Croce and Sforza. The nature of the meetings, attended by American Minister Robert Murphy and British Minister Harold MacMillan, was not announced, but it was believed that the organ and the latter two, who have not met since the Count's arrival from the United States, are scheduled to confer at Croce's villa at Sorrento tomorrow. ization of an Italian government in POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT statesman and scholar. Croce has jjjj i wmv'v,H '" " "' '"'l' "J1W' ,7 7h "ir i ! v& ......- V i It-' I ..VW Messenger, Attack and Casualty Dogs Are Trained to Aid the Armed Forces By MARTHA G. MORROW (Science Service Staff Writer) the office of the quartermaster general and at the war dog reception and training center at which the dog Dogs are being trained so that receives his training. thT can give aid to the armed Number Tattooed on Dog icrres. They are instructed to be ! The hair is clipped from the dog's sentry, attack, messenger, silent eft flank so that the dog's identifi-scout and casualty dogs at the cation number can be tattooed on Q-artfrmaster Remount Depot, him. This brand is permanent and rront Royal. Va., where the first dog will never come off. Every dog that training center was started. But 'comes to the center is vaccinated before learning to be a specialist, against rabies, and if under two evcrr dog like every soldier, goes .years of age, he is also vaccinated through a period of basic training. against distemper. A blood test is To be eligible, the dog must i made. The dates and kinds of vac-mraur- m inches at the .shoulder. jcie.i and wrums given are listed on wr:Kh 50 pounds and be between one the dog's card. and five years old. Dalmatians, aire- I if the dog does not meet the rigid caies, giant sennauzers. Doxers. uer-; requirements and the object he is to guard. Just as the sentry dog is taught to indicate danger, so the attack dog is taught to attack. An aggressive type of dog is required for this type of training. They are taught to hang on tenaciously to an object or person until the handler tells them to stop. Though capable of catching an escaped prisoner, as soon as he stops resisting the dog will not attack, but escort him back to the handler. In the early part of the training a heavily padded suit Is used to protect the man who is the "victim," for Instead of grabbing the right arm, the dog may attack anywhere at first. Ability to scale a high wall is lm- for admission, the man shephercs. comes and Dober-! owner is written and the dog offered ; ponant in caicmng escaping prison-man Pmschers are preferred for this , to be returned at government ex- j ers. so the dog learns to go over a training, but other breeds and cross- nense. The owner is told exactly i fence eight and one half feet high. are also used. The dog must what is wrong with the dog. In most ' n? the dogs demonstrating his not be gun-shy. . cases, the dog is returned because he The cogs are ail enlisted in the doesn t adapt himself to the trato army by their masters. All details ing. of procuring the dogs are handled Many inquiries come into the cen- bv -Docs for Defense." a patriotic ter as to how the doe is and if he training at .front Royal carried a long pole over three jumps, up a ladder and returned by the same route without dropping the pole. in m anted contrast to the lero- o.-can:zaticn whose sole activity is to can be visited. Children who former- j ciousness oi tne aog in dealing with obtain these dogs for the armed ly had them as pets sometimes : nis enemy is his approach to his fnrres. i write to the dogs and even send ! handler who has been tied with rope. Fcr any shipment of 10 dogs or presents. The donor, however, is not Chewing the rope rapidly, he frees ever, an attendant is sent out to; told where the dog is at a specific "le man. nmrlv emntv flew into the dark- ,h. .. H,r ,...l .lm Messenger dn nrp rnlnrt fr. i.n'ncarly emPl Ilew i"w UIe u'" and training center at f ront Royal. The dog's mess is prepared in aaoui tnetr Dusiness no matter what This c:ves the attendant a chance spick and span dog kitchen. Fresh I occurs, and to even go out of their r-r:p 'screen the dogs, or find and dried dog food is used, andiway avoia a iignt. iney are par-ht they would be best fitted served in individual pans. The food, ticularly fond of the two men to ELECT The dogs of war are taught to go over all kinds of terrain In every type of weather. A mere fence (top left) hardly slows their rapid pace. Attack dogs (top) are ferocious by nature. A wall 8!i feet high is used to train the dogs to scale high obstacles. Some of the children who formerly owned the dogs send them presents. The signal corps picture (lower right) shows a dog receiving a bos of cookies. . Heroic Pilot Lured Japs From Carrier Lexington WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 (JP) A young navy pilot his gasoline tanks ness to lure away Japanese pilots and save the aircraft carrier Lex ington from attack early in the war. The sacrifice of Lieut. (J. g.) Paul !or. and avoids the necessity of hav- about 30 percent of which is horse'nm they belong, and their duty is;BdKer. ban ljiego. uai., now lisiea io carry messages irom one to Ult """"' -- - in to return many of the dogs meat, is soaked with hot broth. The which would not be suited to this diet of the dogs is never changed, training. the same menu being offered them The dogs are uncrated in a fenced day in and day out. At this time of in area so they won't, in their ex-1 year the dogs are fed once a day, but citerr.ent over getting free, go A. colder weather they receive food O L A regular induction center twice a dav. other, Carries Messages Every messenger dog wears a collar to which is attached a cylinder of aluminum or leather into which the message can be put. The dog learns wans the dog. A questionnaire has Mast of the kennels are box-like not to leave until the messale L at-prerjousiy been sent the center by affairs which are insulated and geJ5S55"f: rinrs rwfor,." c-ivincr th Hv ot wrwf a ntni nortin V??nea- 9 artiiiciai scent is usea in hri l nri Lw?. ZXT S:: " trauung. so. long as .the dog name, A ce: wnerever he is goes in the right direction, he is not -service" card is made out at the mertime, is used to cut out drafts, tweeted to follow the same route n:er which accompanies the dog, Bedding is used in the winter, but !ea taWta tauS?toto5 W-FVP- h it shinnprt This t. t in n-ormo,- nrotohr A ha rrol I . I"e DU,; 18 JaUgni H) trail r ik.! . .. J... . .i.rVk.' the outfit to which one of his belongs be forced to eludes the name and address of the i type kennel, jokingly uupiicaie records are kept in bungalow, is also used. Man Trained With Dog called the V0N'S FAMOUS- STOMACH TABLETS Zrzf2.a'.j com:o"r.ded lor Stomach IXitres. Az.d Ir.c;.ge:ion and periodic -n ars dijcosilon due to Excess Acid. VON S have inf endorsement of Brate-ncnach ulrers everywhere. Ask your LTuttist bow good they are. Every service outfit that wants a attendants move. Casualty dogs are used to locate the wounded. They must be docile World-Wide Theft INSURANCE . . . covers loss of your personal effects by robbery, burglary, theft, or larceny, anywhere in the world. One of the broadest theft policies ever written in the United States. Rates are most reasonable. See your local Auto-Owners agent. I dLuio-Owner. INSURANCE COMPANY CIS V Capitol Avenue ACTO GENERAL CASUALTY dog must send a man to be trained ( by nature and trained not to attack with the dog. Some of the dogs go to under any circumstances. At first ine army meaicai corps, some io me the dog and handler comb the field signal corps, or the army air corps. ! together while the litter bearers stay Others are turned over to the coast back. The dog looks over the field, guard, where they patrol lonely locates a wounded man and comes stretches of our coastline with the back to report to his handler. When coast guardsmen who are on beach fully trained, however, it is not patrol. It is the function of the .necessary for the handler to go out quartermaster corps to train these into the field with him. dogs and men, preparing them to do Perfect teamwork is needed In the their important specialized work in 'case of the silent sentry dog and his the field. j handler. The handler must leam to Every dog, like every soldier, goes interpret the indication the dog through a period of basic training, uses. The dog learns to be quiet and Many of the men who are trained to stay down even when shots are un me aogs nave never imuuieu a Hired over him. dog before. Each man has four dogs. An hour s training is given each day to each dog. Must Show Appreciation In the basic training, the dogs learn to heel, sit down, stay and jump. The men are taught how to handle the dog and show their appreciation for a job well done. At first a suggestive motion of the hand accompanies the verbal command. The leash is held in the right hand and the command given with the left. Soon, however, the verbal command is sufficient. t The dog which approaches a hurdle with his handler is taught to Jump when the command is given and to heel immediately afterwards. So that he will not be afraid of noises, during one stage of the training men run by the dogs, which are Trails Prisoner in Silence The trailing dog Is used to catch escaped prisoners. His principal work is the same as that of a bloodhound, but he is trained to be utterly silent and not give away the position of his handler. These dogs are chosen with especially keen scent as they are often put on a "cold" trail. Approximately two months are required to train a sentry dog, but 13 to 26 weeks are needed for a messenger dog or special tactical dog. About a thousand dogs are being trained at Front Royal war dog reception and training center. Major Dean Bedford is director of the center, while Col. T. B. Apgar is commanding officer of the Front Royal quartermaster remount depot, army service forces. The training of dogs for war pur- GOOD PAY ... GOOD JOBS APPLY AT ONCE FOR GOOD PAYING JOBS OLDSMOBILE'S GENERAL MOTORS FORGE PLANT Men are wanted at once. Immediate hiring of men for forge and shell-machining work. Do your part to aid the War Production Program and bring Victory to America. GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS If you are now employed in a non-essential industry, and have clearance from your local United States Employment Office, come at once to the Employment office of GENERAL MOTORS FORGE PLANT DIVISION OF OLDSMOBILE Apply today and do your part to keep 'em firing held on the leash, shaking a stick at poses was first officially undertaken by the army in July, 1942. at which time tne secretary of war placed this responsibility on Maj. Gen. Edmond B. Gregory, the quartermaster general, under the remount branch of the quartermaster corps, army service forces. War Dog Program Expands The first dog training center was started on a modest scale at the Front Royal quartermaster depot in August of last year. Many difficulties had to be overcome during the first few months of experimental operation. Including the assembling of a training staff and the develop ment of dog training technique suit able lor army purposes. During the past 12 months the war dog program has made tremendous strides and is now a highly specialized service. War dog reception and training centers, in addition to the one at Front Royal, have now been established at Fort Robinson. Neb.: San Carlos. Cal.; Cat Island, Miss., and Rimini. Mont. (Copyright, Science Service) them, making rattling noises with pans, and a gun is fired several times. Notifies Handler of Danger The dog is trained to notify his handler of danger, and from which direction it is approaching. At first men assisting with the training hide in ditches, behind rocks and up trees by which the dog and his attendant will pass. Soon the dog learns to spot more distant danger. Night training is also given with a man trying to get between the dog and SAGINAW SHERIFF GETS HIS GAS CARD RESTORED : SAGINAW. Oct. 30 (INS) Because law enforcement 'would be handicapped. Sheriff Robert Mc-, Bride's gasoline ration was restored by the OPA today, j The sheriff lost his A and C ra-i tions three weeks ago when the jOPA found he had driven his auto-! mobile to Cheyenne, Wyo., a dis-! tance of 2.600 miles, to see a rodeo. :The gasoline was 'allotted him for Huron county business. ! At an appeal hearing before the regional office. Prosecuting Attorney Thomas R. McAllister of Hu-jron county testified the sheriff's work would be hindered by lack of i transportation. miral C. H. Woodward in a Navy Day address. "On the eve of the Coral sea engagement," said Woodward, "an American task force of which the Lexington was part, caught up with the tail-end of the main Japanese invasion force near Tulagi and accounted for three enemy carriers. In the savage air fighting that day. Baker had brought down five Jap aircraft. Towards nightfall, he was hovering over the Lexington awaiting the signal to land, with only a few gallons of gasoline left In his tank. "Suddenly ten Japanese planes approached overhead. The light was poor for shooting and it was feared that the enemy, rendered desperate by the loss of their own carriers, might make a suicide attack upon from the carrier and headed for the open sea, luring the Japs after him. The men aboard the Lexington saw his plane disappear into the night, dellbcarntely facing certain death at the hands of the enemy or the ocean to make certain that his carrier was safe." Baker, incidentally, said Woodward, flew the plane which Lieut.-Comdr. Edward H. (Butch) OUare had piloted earlier, shooting down five Japanese bombers and driving off four others which attacked his carrier. RED CROSS CHARTERED SHIP STRIKES A MINE LISBON, Oct. 30 (INS) A Portuguese freighter chartered by the International Red Cross was reported today to have struck a mine six miles off Marseille on the southern coast of France. The one thousand eighty-ton freighter Padua was carrying food and supplies for Allied prisoners of war. Six members of the crew were the Lexington and Inflict serious : killed, while 16 were rescued, In- damage by crashing their planes, eluding the Red Cross delegate. Baker was ordered via radio to turn off his landing lights and under no conditions to attempt a land ing. "He sized up the situation In stantly. During the radio exchange STATE CAB DRIVER HELD Walter A. Gammell, 35, of 419 North Butler boulevard, driver, of a State cab, was apprehended Saturday night by Accident Prevention bureau on a reckless driving cnarge the Japs had located his position! at the intersection of Hosmer and and were closing in. Without hesi- Kalamazoo streets. He was lodged talion he turned his plane away i in the city jail. Over 20 Years in- Business Past Chairman of County Board of Supervisors ' -Ay I I 8th Year in Council. Past President of Council. Present Acting Mayor of Lansing, Michigan. mm wa GREG A Man Whose Record for Progressive Administration of City Affairs Is Outstanding Honest Courageous Efficient Be Sure to Vote Tuesday, Nov. 2nd Polls Open 8 A. M. to 8 P. M. This Advertisement Paid for by Friends Ao ilbo' Sir yi'- ' ! P ! JS niZSmt'M&&AteaiZ"--fa1l mimhiim M I'jujt Tl '111 I III 1 II I Hi I' i And why not? Michigan National bank-by-mail service not only saves nay tires, gasoline, and shoe leather but my valuable time, as well that's mighty important, considering all the things I have to do these days. Come in tomorrow let one of the Michigan National officers tell you how easy it is to get these bank-by-mail advantages: 1. No parking problem 2. No banking hours to meet 3. No standing in line 4. No minimum balance 5. No maintenance charge 6. 5c per item our only charge MOGKIDGAM NATDONAIL BAD CX BATTLE CREEK FLINT GRAND RAPIDS LANSING MARSHALL' PORT HURON SAGINAW ASSITS OVII ONI HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS MIMIIR FIDIRAL DIPOSII INSURANCP CORPORATION

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