The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1947
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAY 30, 1!MY BLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEW* Mobile Presses Bid for Top Spot Another Win While Pels Arc Losing Could Mean a Shift ATLANTA. Ou.. May 311. (U.I 1 .) was a uooil :li:-ntc today i e crowning of Hi? South-1 'prssoc-iuttou champir) i a fev, f month:-: hence, will ije celebrated; us fur away as ijrookl/n because the Dodgers' farm hoy.s-l!ie Mobile Hem.-; arc winning names in! the best Flalbush tradition. I The Dixie Dodgers even c-ilU'd on a former member 01 the or- iRimil Dodders --. tliir..! Ixisi mini Hill Hart—to deliver tlr.' clutch blow last nielli when th«v defe.-it- id Nashville 2 to 1 ".ml inovr-d v.'ilhin one-half ginni: of the itavel-wcary New Oilcans l'cU"aiis who lost to Chattanooga Jt was a brilliant liuilintf (| L icl between Mobile's Roy WhiUikcr and spcedbail arllsl Loo Twardy of the Vols. Hart settled ii w lth a homer in the four:.ii -immi; whicli gave, Whitaker his fourth I v.-iii of ihc season. 1 Hart, a familiar face in trc Southern when he pl-iv'd wi'h! lyn and as n member of the Dodder farm system uaimately found his rt-iiy t o Mobilo. New Orleans inciinw!ill» was floored |, y third-place chatlsi-. ncoHti, 0 to n. as the rallied for two runs in t inning to give ihe victory vin Steven.';, who pitclit.l o<ay the ninth frame after : •Zukcwski. nnu Ha:iski turned Hi u sinootli- Sf! *^hil performance li.r ,r.s scc- oii'.i jjjctory without deieit as the Majlis Chicks defeated Aliiinlp. 5 (o 1. The chicks land\l on Stan West for three tallies in the fourth after lying r one-run Cracker lead in the fhirl. Bookie George Koval relieved West in the seventh when t!:e chinks scoi."l PAGB nri Fast Finish National League Pennant Race Shows Competition is Terrific Closing fast al the finish fjf tlu? lOQ-ynrcl dash ;H tin 1 Coliseum Anyk's, Allen Lavrlcr, rlyl'il. of Texas Ujiivji'sity, finishes sec Mi'l Ftitlon of UtiivcrsHy of Soiuhoin California, U i f(, IMc s n ;lown (ho track in i).D sec'-nds. (NEA Teli.'pJujto.* Spring Squirrel Season to Find Many Hunters Taking to Woocfs i Kl-W VOHK. iMny 30. tlll»>--ThJ ; hrushi|! problem in Hie Niiliomi! i."ai>ue was terrific liidny—pracli- (ally every team was trying to live on llu- same pi i rcenlu&v point. Onl; 1 ivc-und-a-lmtf Barnes sep- •uralcd Ihc l:;sl place Cardimils who linKlud Mist a yctir a^o Irom the j tir:.'. ptnce Giants who finished 1 lust in ly'ti, I And it !]i;it topsy-turvy situntlon ' isn't enough to contuse the issue, U'uiMclcr ilm fact Hint Hie fifth | i:):U't' rihsbmi:h Pirates could P.O lahiiici en the leading Giants provided they win bolh of their holl- !<::iv i'.line, 1 ; aLMiinsl the Cubs while • the Giants drop their two lo the Phils, Tlie Gi.inls, with Clint llarlurg piteliini; his fourth s! might victory, klKvkcil Ihe Oou^ers out of the Vad ye-iii'rcl.iy by vvlnnii'.B, 5 (o 4 at _ ihe polo uioinids. Hai'Umg \veak- [rned in ihe lute innings and had ] to arct'pt relief when Gene UC!'- ,:'ii',n:ki kd olf the ninth with a living up to his hitter, whanged a 'ft'J-Uiut ni;:le and a siiarp single 10 sliinv I he batting load with Bill Ifii-ney wlin not two doubles, a sacrifice and a walk Sor n perfect day. Tile i::u'c-.settiiig Tigers In Ihc American also were cooled off, Charley (|(,-,ii Emtjrei' of Cleve- luiul beLiiInu them 4 In 1 on n Ipiir-hiu.'i at Uelroii. Dick Wnke- fielcl's iiinlli Inning homei- spolldl Kmbr.T's shutout. Hilly ,loimsfin. who now has driven in Hi runs in Die lust six Barnes, led tin' Yankees to n 5 lo 'J victory livi-r the Senators with 'a tlirci'-iun homer In the sixth, Larry 13eiTu lii' mi insidc'-lhe-piirk homer In tlie same intiliiii as Ihc Yiuikei'S put on a five-run rally. He shook bimsell ii)) J0 nuu'h In a 10-fool heiul-lns; slide for home plate (hat BASEBALL STANDINGS SOUTHEBN UtAGUE New Orleans Mobile ChuUanuoKii . Atlanta . .. Nashville , . rjirminkjluini Memphis , . LlUlo Rock . W. ua 27 20 •a 17 21) n . 10 Fastest Human Lookout;; >c ninth. Sunday, to M-u. ii; Alex Fislnny in Mississippi County will* ^ take a back seal as nimrods oil im ... _ . their guns and take to the woods West Point for 15 days of squirrel shooting.! ' ):erniittccl in this state bceinninx Veteran Sun; House won Ivs second ^anie of the season willioiit a defeat ns last-place Lit!!.- Rot-k downed Birmingham •! to i j.ick TenKnii !he losini! luirler, was relieved 0:1 the mound by Babbit in the eighth. Recommends Dropping Barney Poole WEST POINT. N. Y.. Mav ^3. (UP)--The U. S. Military A-.idie" The Spring squirrel shootins ses- I0(!ay p!>ssr(| nll lht , W ar Depar'- 1011 was halted briefly last year men [ . m ollid . u , ct oiniiieiul:nirm to give the pencil pushers of the! thai Oeoi-Ria (Danicvl Poleo stir Arkansas Game and Pisli Commis-j c .,, (i „„ th( , Armv fooibal] te:r>i. sion a cliance to catch uo on the f ), c dropped from the Academy For census taking aniona/ the nut , academic dclieicncy. had in leave the twined credit (Mime. Frank for his fifth Wired for Speed All series contests be v c cracking tribe. Tile effect Ihlt Spring season has on the squirrel population still is beiny urgued by the experts. 'Arkansas is among the few Southern states Hiat has an abundant supply of squirrels and plcn- Iv of good Limber, but even considering these fai-ts. some authorities ar^ue that the bushy tailed tree, dwellers' population is great- h- endangered by June shooting, Ihe time when the woods are think with half grown squirrels. Tlie ba? limit remains the same, cteht ner nay, ami huiHer s were sinned tonight and (lie cl'ilr; will move Saturday for do u blel leaders -' w ained bv Joe Whilley, state °ame "— J — '— " ..... ' " ' Poole. a varsity letter man on Army's unbeaten gridiron teams of the last three seasons, had a "small margin of proficiency'' in h's slil- die.- throughout the year but "deteriorated rapidly in the final le- views" and failed l.-i ;i:!sr; find (\ aminalions in military liis'oi'V, ordnance, an ( i mechanics. i igers fo Play League Leading Lutes Bali Cub With only n game and a half of a i;ame separating them from the leasuc leading Lutes team, the Bly- thevillc Ti<;er s will hit the warpntlv ai;a;n Sunday afternoon as th?v clash vJj*. the Huffman nine at Walker TTirk in Mississippi county Amateur League game. Coach Carl Bryant staled that, he was a s yet undecided as to who' he would start on the mound aoainst Die Huffman nine but in all probability Frank Ellis. Tigers' mound ace, will draw the siartin;; assignment. At the same lime Ihe Lutes nine will journey lo Manila seeking to protect their lead or extend il, is possible. Manila and ihe Tigers are tied for third place. A win bv Ma- nilr. would throw first place into p. two-way tie between Lutes and the Blytheville Route Two Lookouts, or should the Lookouts win their same at Little River Sunday. wouid put the Lookouts out in front by a half of a ^anie. : Other league games Sunday are Biytheville Route 2 at Little River, Yarbro at Armorcl, -ind Cooler at Number Nine. Tobacco Town Baseball Fans Proud of Team's in 30 Games RALEIGH. N. C.. May 30. (UP) Pairpf Beauties jWATiONAL TAfiPON am- warden for Ihe connl.v. that this liu,it law will bn enforced. Hunters returning from wrekeml hunt- ine treks are allo'.vcr! to have only a two-day Mini) in their pnssession, he said. Spring rains that haw- flooded] bnltom lands of the Mississippi. St. Francis, white. 'Black and Cache rivers in Eastern Arkansas will constitute a handicap for hunters who am cxnrctcd to swarm to these favorite squirrel hinitinr spots. The liillv-countrv of the Crowlev Ridjrc seetion of ihe si ale irotuvl Pai'jiROiild nnrl Jonesborn as well as the bottom lands arc reporte»l be harborine plenty of 1-011117 squirrels. Several MUsissinpi Coun- tv Inmtcrs will hail the npcnini of the Spring season in the hills -round .Ravende^i Sprines antl Nn-^ fort Lake in the Norlh-Centv.U •''lion of the state. The ammunition sitinlinn doesn't sccoi tn be much better Ihim it was din-Ins; Fnuincl season last Fall, mil several nr i| lr . S tx>r[m" dealers of B'vtlieville hn'-e stated that they hove a "foir" «np')ly mi hand 'and are advisiiv local Inmters to ret wind munition they need as cm possible. Mcnn-.vhile. fisliini? in tins ^i-c- Mon of the slale went into a siiimvt this week as thr miidriy waters of Bic Lake fnd Armnrel Lake pr.i- tectod members of the finny tribe from anglers. •Bass and crapp- 0 fishermen suffered the most from (he weather conclitions with only a few came fish renorte:! taken from the lakes, nice lakes in Hie .Tonesboro area seem lo be about the only places Northeast Arkansas that aren't effected by. the murky water. However, very few anglers in this vicinity care lo drive that far for n good mess of bass or crnppic. —The fans of Tied Spi-iiiasTNTc'., had something to cheer about to- dav for the first time in two weeks—their team won a ball canio last night. It took a 375-fcot home run to r!o it and they i;ol only four hils in a rain-shortened five-inning came, but Red aprings defeated Lumberton 2 to 3. 'A baseball viclory is an evert in the little tobacco town, it wns the fourth win of the year for the Tied Springs Red Robins. They've lost 20. Rocky Graziano to Meet finaizo in Memphis Ring Memphis will i>e Ihe scene of Rockv Grazlatio's lust bout before' be clashes with' champion To-.iy Zalc for Die world's middleweight title in chlcnito in July. Graziano fiahts Eddie Flnazzn. flic I-URW^ Easterner, in a 10 rounder at the Pair Grounds Arena. June 101 li. a bout that looms as one of ben all ructions ever scheduled •Oilthern boximr. victory 1ml went out In (he sixth with a "houlder Injury. liuw Christopher, usually u puny hitter, was permitted to but for himself for ih ( . second time In 12 IMIIU-S and Ihe relief pitcher was so oluird lie singled In the win- njnc run as the Athletics upset the lied Sox, 3 lo 2 with two runs (n i hi- ninth nt Philadelphia, Don Giitieridiic «ot a lloslon liomcr. Tlie Drowns cdwd the Willie Sox. 4 lo 2 nl Chicago as Ellis Kinder won his second same, holding Ihr opposition to seven hlls. - CiiiniKo al Pittsburgh in the National «a s rained out and no olh- ]cr' Kntinniil LcaBUe tennis were scheduled. Yesterdays Sliy—Billy Johnson of he Yankees, wiiose three-run holier paced them lo a 5 lo 2 vie- ory o\cr the Sennlors and gavr "lim u KiUil of 1« runs bulled in In he pus', six games. AMERICAN LEAGUE Detroit . .. New York . Boston . .. Cleveland . Chicago , ,. Philadelphia Washington St. Louis . •W, ...22 ...I!) . .. 18 ...14 ... 18 , .. 10 . .. U ... Ill Pet .itDD .CCO .GYB .500 .•UC .435 .415 .4119 ret. .1)20 .51!) A'M .4S2 .nx .U'M NATIONAL New York . Brooklyn . chcngo . .. Boston . .. Pitlsburiili . Philadelphia Cincinnati , SI. Louis . LEAGUE w. :,. la H Pet. .51!) .559 .•112 .417 ,4"0 Cincinnati Reds' Kent Peterson keeps his pilching arm warm \vitli aid of an electrically heated jacket while sitting in dugout between innings. 30 'Ho*' Cars Set for Start of Spee'dway Tilt 'INDIANAPOLIS, lllrt.. May U (UPl— Perfect weather was forecast for the SCO-mile Tndianapoll: Speedway race today, but nellhci officials nor the drivers who will risk death in the M super-powered cars entered In, the contest weri willing to predict n new re?:>rc In this 31sl renewal of the nnnua sjiccrt classic. The old mark. 111,2 miles pel hour for the 600 miles, was set bi the late Floyd Roberts, winner u 1P39. Since I hen no champion ha: come wiihin two miles of his av ernge and 'Roberts himself win killed later when he attempted n surpass his own mark. Most ol the drivers and official niji'ced tluil a US-mile per IHHI pace would be fast enough lo tak' the crown. Yesterday's Results SOUTHKIIN LEAGUE Memphis 5. Atlanta 1 Litlle nock -I. IJIrmliHihnm 1 Mobile a. Nashville 1 Chuliaiioouu U, New Orleans AMRR1CAN I.KAtiUE New York fi, Washington 2. Philadelphia 3, lioston '2. Cleveland 4. IXtrull. 1. NATIONAL LKAGCK New "York 5. Brooklyn H. Chicago nl' PlttsburKh, rain. Only Annies. Mel ration Is (ho fourth man lo run 100 ynnls in 9.4 seconds. The University of Southern California llyer did this in Modcsto's California Helnys, equalling tlie murk BC-t by Frank Wykolf of the same school in 1931 and matched by JCSBO Owens of Ohio State In '35 and Clyde Jeffrey of Stun- ford. in '40, Two U. S. LinktnunGet To British Semi-Finalt •CAKNOUSTIK, Scotland. May JO. UP)—TAO Amerl.ians—little Willie i'i|i-ne,sa of White -Plains; ' it?.' Y. I'nil Richard Cliapman of Finest. N. C., and two Scotsmen today and will meet, this afternoon to determine tomorrow's finalist In the 30-bole match for the ehani[>lon.>hip. Tunicsn, the U. S. Amateur Champion in 1038, put Mavrln 'Until Ward of Spokane, Wash., out of the running, 2 tol, In the qiiui ler-flnals this morning. and will mod John Campbell of Scotland in the upper bracket scml- Illlnl. fn the lower bracket, Chapman will meet S. L. MoKlnlay ol Scotland. Chapman advanced l>7 dc- deutiiiK Hcbsrt Rutherford, another Scotsman, 3 and 2. McKJnlay beat Jlmmlr Wilson, sllll another Heolsnian, 4 and 2. while Campbell li'liiiiiplii"! over W. S. Wise, Britain 2 and 1. Read Courier News Want Ads. College President Named Presbyterian Moderator MONTRKAT, N, C., Mny 30XUP) -Dr. John R. Cunnlngltnin, president of nnyliLson Clllcge, Uavid- son, N, C.. wns elected last night us moderator lor the 87lh General Assembly of the Southern Presbyterian Church. Today's Games SOUTHERN LKAGUK Atlanta at Memphis. nlRlit. New Orleans nt Chatlanooiia <2). •nirniiiiBham at Little Hock 121. Mobile nt NHslwllle (2). AMERICAN I.EAOTW 'New York at Philadelphia (2). IDoslon al Washington (2). St. louts al Detroit 12). Clevelund at Chlciigo (2). NATIONAL LEAGUE Philadelphia at New York (2). Brooklyn nt Boston (2). Chicago al. Pittsburgh 12). Cincinnati at St. Louis (2). Cradle ti, (:uM<y P MEADVILLS;. pa.. (UP).-You can get a complete education In Meiul- vllle wilhout moving off Main 81. Within a hnll-tlor.en blocks are n kindei'^arlen. two elementary .schools, n high school and vocational school, and Allegheny College. Mumber SICK WATCH?! A beauty hooked a beauty when Mrs. Francis W. Dudley, wife of a Coast Guard officer, landed this W/4-pounder at Venice Inlet, Fla. The big one was entered in Sarasota County's International Tarpon Tournament. : HAVE IT FIXED I by EXPERTS ;•; Watch and Jewelry re;«; pairs by n»n who know >| low cost to you. 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