The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 31, 1944
Page 6
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r t 481 III Browns Tighten Grip On Pennant St. Louis increases Lead To 4Vz Games Wirh . Double Win Yesterday Iiy_United IVess The St. Louis Browns arc making n bid to sew up the American league pennant. In Sunday's full schedule of twin bills .the Brownies swept two games from Die Washington Senators. A)l other I aims in the junior circuit divided hargain Mils. By winning that double bill (lie • Browns moved into a four and ono- tislf game lead In the American League race. That's the longest lead Brownies have season opened. (he enjoyed since tile St. Louis had to go 10 hillings to win the first game from (lie Washington Senators 2 to !. The the nightcap going — — „ Sox beat the Cleveland Indians 5 to 3 and then lost to the triue In Ihe finale, 3 to 2. Joe McCarthy's New York Van- Leading Mat Stars Featured In Tag Match At Arena Tonight BLYTJ3KVILLE (AltK.) COURIER n i» i n THE CAH1) event: Ta? match, the Browns won away, 7 |p 3. The Boston Red Welch Hrolhciv, Roy 1215) and Joe (135), versus King'Kong 1230) and "Wild Bill" Canny (215) (90- wlmilc lime Until. Preliminaries: Hoy IVclcli versus Canny; King Kong versus Joe Welch. (30-mfmile Itmc limit each). Everything is hi,order and ready for Prmoter Mike Mcroncy's nnnunl birthday and anniversary celebration tonight at the American le- Bion arena as he presents lib cxlra- speeltil wrestling curd, starting at 8:30. The lociil ring Imnrossarlo, who passed the 49th milestone yesterday and began his illustrious fighting career 36 years ago come this August 3rd, will trot out four of his biggest and best performers to help put over bis yearly celebration of the twin-event. A Ing juiiicli with the usual pnlr of preliminaries between members of both teams are on lap and which promise to .set u new high In action <md thrills. Heading the card are the Welch Brothers, Roy and Joe, who tnkc on a pair of glanls, King Kong, 235-pounds of bruising humanity, niui their arch-rival, Canny, one of the roughest iiiea in the Ibis fine wltk In bringing them excellent shows from week to week. The American Legion and friends «i'e expected to remember him with Blfts here tonight. ...^ w ...i. v „ i.tkv AUJr* 1,1,1- ., — , c xces looked good as they walloped grappling business. the Detroit Tigers 10 to 2, but Ihe Roy, tbe oldest In point, of service Tigers made their hits count in and long the top favorite with lo- Ihe nightcap and won la to 7. leal Mm, faces Canny In one of the The Chicago hite Sox turned! preliminaries, while Ills younger brother, joe, hooks up with King back the Philadelphia Atlilelics (i to 4 in the first game, but Jess Flores hurled n shutout to win the. second game for Philadelphia 3 to 0. In the National League the Brooklyn Dodgers came to life against the St. Louis Cardinals. The Brooks burst forth to win the first game 10 to 4 ivith rookie Tommy Warren winning major league ball game. his first In the nightcap the Brooks came from behind three times to knot the score, but a wild Ibrow by Mickey Owen in the nth inning allowed Stan Musial to score after the balling champion had stolen third. That wns the deciding run although (be Cards (Hilled one more run to win the game 9 to 1. Rube Fischer pitched a shutout as the New York Giants won the first game from the Cincinnati Reds 8 to 0. rlrst baseman Wank McCormick hit a pair of homers to pace the Reds to a 9 to 3 win In the second game. The red-hot Chicago Cubs ran their victory streak to six In a row by beating the futile Phils in a cloubleheader.' Charley Grimm's charging Cubs won the "first, game 4 to 2 n'ml the nightcap 11 to 2. That twin killing puls I lie Bruins justvronc-httlf game behind the fourth place New York Giants. The Boston Braves rose up from the depths of the National Lengue second division lo humble the proud Pirates twice. Kong, in Ihe other. Mike to Officiate Despite (he fact that he Is recovering from a fractured jaw, Pro- molei'-Matchmaker Mcroncy snlcl lie would be Hie third man hi the I'liijf tonight.; ivoiildn't miss Ills own party for anything. Mike was tossed overboard by canny during Che wild affair last Monday night and not only suffered a severe fncc cut, but n fracture of Ihe cheek bone, lie has been under treatment from the famllv physician who has given his okay for the popular and efficient Irishman lo crnivl Into the ring and take his usual place as referee. Spoiling their opponents some 50 pounds (ho Welches announce they will slioot the works In an effort to get It over as quickly as possible. They realise thai the longer It goes 'the tougher the weight difference will tell on them. So they intend Iq get It over as quick] v as possible. Boast Fine licc-orrt Roy nnti Joe hnyc been wrestling together as a team ever since Joe tossed his hat into the ring and began his career. They have worked it out to a fine perfection. Plays, signals, signs nre said to be included their plans during a lag match. At any rate, they have been quite effective as a unit. Their record In local circles Is best of any pair. The Oklahomnns have a simple, but effective plan. They usually concentrate on one member of the " — .M.^, ~f,iitjiiuii; un une mcmuer ol tnc It took four pitchers to win Ihc opposing team, preferably the first game G lo.4, but "Hard Hick" Al Javery won his first game In Ills last seven tries in the finale. The score was 2 to 0. All Southern Leaders Win Twin Bills Ky United Tress Four double benders \vcrc played in the Southern Association Sun- any and tlie three lending clubs proved tlieir mettle by winning both their games. The first-place Nashville team scored k 23 rims in their double victory over the Chattanoogn Lookouts. They won the first, M to 10, and the second, 9 to 1. 7ho Atlanta Crackers—still striving lo take over first place—won two games from the Mobile Bears 6 to 4 and 5 to 1. Tlie Memphis Chicks—who now occupy third place-captured a Pair of close ones from the Little Rock Travelers. It took (he Chicks 13 Innings lo win the first emnc, 10 to nine. The result of the late game was C to 5. Birmingham and New Orleans wii 5, (o a riraw '" thclr 1°«Mc K ™ e 'Barons HOII the opener, o to 0, but the Pelicans came back to squeeze out a 3 to 2 win l,i the nightcap. ' , «' iij T m i i rm i ng l IHm pla - vs Memphis and JmiiM? mcets New Orlc!ms ln tonight's only games. weaker. They u^.to single him onl •nd apply their one-two punch .'ithoul permitting him to' eel back •n his corner for relief or holj). If they tire successful it, Ls n mntlcr 3f time for them to put the finishing louche.'; on Ihc oilier via a systematic drubbing, Shoulii l!o Formidable Boasting the tremendous aclvnnt- i>Ec in weight, backed by many years "f ring experience. Kins Kong nnrt Canny should provide Lhc blssest lest (o the Welches. Both arcllistc<l as villinns, types who go in for everything in the ineanic category. So, it should be interesting to wnteli Roaches, Hats and Mice eliminated. Contract service In nest control. Biddle Exterminators Free Estimates. US 8. Third Phone 2751 expected battle of speed und the skill iigalnst power nnd skill. Tlie program will not be without (he feud angle. Tt Is an open secret that the Welches and Canny are Just about as friendly as n weaning animal. They have been nt each other's throats for several venrs niirf all efforts by Promoter Mcroncy to soothe the breach have fallen on dent ears. The customers rton't minrt. They rather like 11, us evidenced b v the way they pack in whenever the fcndlsls arc booked "gainst each other. Oihers Plan Events Tonight's show is one ol three outstanding celebrations during the week in honor ol Mcroncy. Sikes- Jon, MO., and Indianapolis, liiri., have special programs aud toasts for the ring master In honor of DOPE BUCKET Ay J. i: t'KIKNI) *~^~*~- ~~w~Axw«^^ 1'AOlNfi CIIAJfMi; OMAN' 'J'lils sloiy jiiny njilly I ,,,,. •> J »(•"> uu L-lmlK'U, ine case of the Mysterious Kisses". A few days ago Mrs. John Wnl- den received a two-pound box of assorted kisses hearing a N J. jxKlmnrk. Since her son, jiobby, was stationed with the Navy In Hint iirc.'i when she last heard from him she presumed that li c was the sender. Naturally, she thanked him in her nest letter but was amazed when he Informed her In his reply that he did not send them and was not entitled to the thanks. To add to the mystery, Hobby .said he loo received a similar box and was at a loss as to the sender. The box bore only the name and return address of a firm where bought. Hobby ~ *" "** u«.(;tm;ftj|i.i Mate 2-c and attached lo the giant, Dallle wagon, USS Wisconsin, snld lie believed he had a clue. He has a Niiciikinjj suspicion fjiai some member of hi.s art class In Philadelphia was the donor. While walling for his new ship lo be launched Hobby accepted an Invl- Ititlon to join mi art class In Dial historic city ami made friends with they presumably who is an Electricia We have plenty of WHISKEY At all times! CEILING PRICES ALWAYS HASSELL'S W H IS K E Y 315 W. Main S T O K K Phone 2531 WRESTLING Leg/on Hut, Monday, July 37, 8;30 p. In ^^^S^!^ Reserved S,a. 3 On Sab af C' Le^on Arena ETery Monday from « p. m . on . TAG MATCH The Welch Bros. vs. King Kong & Canny 2 30-min. Preliminaries JOE WELCH vs. KING KONG ROY WELCH" vs. BILL CANNY However, li c gave no hint as Lo whether she was blonde, brunette or redhead. Interested In drawing from early childhood, tile former Chick fool- ball star Jumped at the chance to continue his Interesting hobby, lie has completed'four sketches,'framed and mailed them to his parents for entry In the Mississippi County Fair this year. He was awarded several ribbons /or his drawings while in high school. TI/FFV" SEEK ACTION Pfc. Jimmy (Tuf/y) Allen, one of the earnest little guards ever to don the Maroon and White football loggcry at the local high school, write* his parents, Mr. and Airs. B. J. Allen, that he was with the •Illi Marines when they swarmed all over the Salpnn beaches June !5. He described the battle as "horrible and terrific" but said he fortunately came through all right. It was horrible to /sec our buddies mowed (town", he sadly reported." Hut, we have jusl about completed the job, despite Lhc heavy losses. Just where we will go from here, I don't know, but we have them o . . .— —..,.„ ,, tlll 4 uw .i t rl]UW( UUL wc n!lvc (tieni oll pf J-.CW Eiiglamliira. the run mid will not stop shorl of Tokyo. I sincerely hope you arc enjoying as good licalth as I am" he added. Jimmy was a member of the Bly- thevllle Chicks for three years, and played a prominent role in the glorious conference championship day.s of 1940-41. Weighting less than 150 pounds mast or hl-.:)taylng days Jimmy earned the nic'name "Tuffy" by his Intestinal fortitude in luce of nre and overwhelming opposition. B RECEIVES SKKIOUS SETBACK The football prospects of tlie Chicks this fall received a serious setback with the announcement that Berry (Hands) Allen, younger brothcs of Jimmy, Is expected to enroll at Kcmpcr Military Academy Oils Fall. Although Just, a freshman and generally untried In varsity competition. Berry was considered perhaps the best Papoose product since the days ol Norman (Monk) Mos- Icy and Mayfleld (Sonny Lloyd, and Ills loss Is expected to lie keenly felt, especially in the light of limited liacfcflcld material. Possessing tremendously large hands—ond big feet—Berry is a po- :nnl f°, r Icntlal triple threat buck. He piss with uncanny accuracy for , Ms limited coaching and can kickj We pigskin a mile. As a frosh lie could hoot the oval over the goal line on Wcko/f, rcmltnlsccnt of the great, Lloyd. n c showed definite' signs of developing into an elusive runner with a deceptive hip wiggle atid didn't mind throwing his 165 pounds Into the line, m fact, he rather preferred H. In Spring practice "Hands" won the praise of hoth Head Coach Arvil Green and Sylvester (Po») Masley, who predicted a great future rorhlm, If h e could escape Injury. He has much to learn, has mai'iv rough edges to Iron off, but has the compttftive spirit and is unusually well versed in the finer points of the game, especially the rules. SKIN ERUPTIONS **• »•• B <e«U»ully cjiatd) • RELIEVE" ITCHING PROMOTE HEALING BLACK udVIKIlEOINTMENT MONDAY, JULY 31, 19-W •— . Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN BO Borcncsa—burning with antiseptic Blivck uiij Whito Ointinuit. UBO only an directed. Clemuo willi Black an Memphis 10-0, Little flock 0-5 Birmingham 5-2, New Di'lc'i Nashville 14.9, Chattanooga ic Atlanla 8-5, Mobile 4-1 AMERICAN LKAG'DF New York 10-7, Detroit 2-13 Chicago 0-0, Philadelphia 4-i Boston 5-2, Cleveland 3-3'N ' Washington 1-3, St. Louis*! NATIONAL LEAGUE* New York 8-3, Cincinnati rj-9 Chicago 4-H, Philadelphia •> 2 Brooklyn 10-7, St. Louis 4-9 Boston u-2, Pittsburgh 4-0 ' I to Headache v nerv;«i uj>!ot by ihc Lain. It la llciuul-olreaily dlsso!«J—all 'cady to net—nil rtajy to Mae comforL Dee only u it. 10c. 30c, GOc. WANTED By 140,000 Arkansas Fighting Men-A Senator To Serve Them! A FRATERNITY BROTHER-IN-ARMS Young Mr. Fulbright Has Nothing In Common With The Soldiers and '.'••:(• -No soldier will ever call him "Buddy" President Gives Approval to War II Veterans'Rights Bill Part of Wcll-Kounded Program of S»cei;)l Hcncfits to Veterans and' Serves Notice That American People Will Not Lei Service Men Down, Says Official Statement. n-,, lm , n «'"?', C ' y , a " er S]K '"" K T)1C Am e"™n legion's Omnibus Bill of lights for War II veterans, 1-rcsirtciU Roosevelt issued the following: slalcmenf through u Wliile House relrasc: "This bill, which I hare signed today, suhslandally carries out ^" 5 ,nl > , 'I rccommcn ' l: »<'<"'s made by me in a speech on July ffl, 1943, anrt more specifically in messages to tho Conercss dated October Z7, 1343, and November 23, 1913; "1. It gives servicemen ami women tbe opportunity of resuming tbcir education 6r technical lrai,iin B after discharge, or of lafcing a relfcsher or retralncr course, not OT ,U. , v itlmul tuition cliarRc up lo $500 per school year, but with the rfclil to receive -i monthly livins" allowance Hbile pursHinc tliclr studies. "2, II makes provision fiir the guarantee by the Federal Government of not to exceed SO per cent of certain loans m.ulc to veterans for the. purchase or construction of homes, farms and business properties. "3. It provides for reasonable unemployment allowanrcs niiy- ahle each week up to a maximum period of one year, to those veterans who arc unable to finii a job. "4. It establishes improved machinery for effective job coun- selling for veterans and for finding jobs for returnini; soldiers unu sailors. " f T oddlUon,! linn 8 ; " "w'"?,'^'^."!" iluthnril > - 1>f lhe Vclcrans Administration to enable H to discharge its e.vistii, K and .added responsibilities with promptness and efficiency. —Reprint from National Legionnaire." No women. . Young Mr. Fulbriglil could novcr be tlic| Senator for our Service men and He could never sit at the council tables of the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, or any oilier groat veterans organization which will wield a potent influence in America's future. Sir. J'ulbrfghl forfeited this privilege w hen, at tho age of 36 and with the age for service 21 to -15, he TURNED HIS BACK ON THE ARMY and ran for Congress shortly after Pearl Harbor while action ou his draft papers was being delayed by a transfer from one board to another. Young Mr, Fulbrigbt added further insult to our 140,000 men risking their lives in thundering war in Normandy, Italy and New Guinea — , HE TURNED HIS BACK AGAIN! HE REFUSED 10 COMMIT HIMSELF AND DID NOT VOTE ~ on one of the greatest pieces of Soldier Legislation in History! Before the vote was taken on the G. 1. Bill of liights, the American Legion sought his altitude. The Legion's Legislative Director in Washington telephoned, telegraphed and wrote, but all Hie Legion got from Fulbrigl.t was silence-* silence that said NO! He was marked on the Legion poll as "Non-Committal" and with a negative sign. When the roll was called, when (he peacetime welfare and security of our Arkansas fighting men and gallant women were at stake, Pulbrighl was given his ONE CHANCE in Congress (o do something for them . But No. J. W. Fulbright was ABSENT AND NOT VOTING .. . non-committal and negative, absent and not voting. Mr. Fulbright has thus repudiated tho Armmy and the men nnd women in it. Have the Voters Misunderstood— or been cleverly but deliberately misled? —Tlie "rumors" that Mr. Fillbright has so glibly brushed aside now become glaring facts . . . facts no true red blooded American can ignore. The swell of righteous indignation at this double-dealing will engulf the. congressman-candidate at the polls August 8th. The People of Arkansas Are Going to Repudiate Such Conduct— for themselves and the service men and women, they aro ' going to choose a soldier- Senator, a senator who went to war when his nation called, who answered the call lo duly of his flag, a senator who served 26 months in World War I, 12 months in France; a senator who is a member of two great service organizations and who sits at their council tables, whose first concern is the welfare of the men and women of our military forces. The man with these qualifications is— HOMER ADKINS Open 7:30 (>L Show Starts 7:45 '" Monday Night ONE SHOW ONL 'Above icion Susp with Joan Crinvfonl anil Fred MacMurray Paramount News Sliort Tuesday PAL N1TE 'Underground Guerrillas' ivith John Clements & Mary Morris Selected Shorls THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEKK-IMY NIGHTS Vox Office Opens 8—Show Starl'lf al 8:15. '-' SATURDAYS * SUNDAYS Bo\ Office Opens I Show Starts 1:15 K Last Time Today "SNOW WHITE AND* THE SEVEN DWARFS" In Technicolor KKO JVcws A Sporls ail Tuesday & Wednesday MILLION DOLLAR with Tlie East Side Kids KKO XMVS & Comedy CHICKASAW West Main Near 21sl 8t Sat. slarts 1Z:45; Sun. starts 1:' Nlsht shows 5:45 , ; i Except iMonday, open* 6:45 ]' ' Continuous shows Sal, and Son; I-asl Time Today "COMMANDOS STRIK,: AT DAWN" nidi I'aul Jluni & Anna Lcc /;' I Shorl: "This Is Amcr Universal News Tuesday KUDDY N1TE 2 Tickets For the Price of 1 'THE MAD DOCTOR o|il MARKET STREET" "''"' ;•• Lionel Afivcll & Uiw Merkcl jVl Also Comedy *f'M J»

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