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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 11

New York, New York
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Tuesday, January 28, 1913
Page 11
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THE NEW YORK TIMES, j TUESDAY, JANUARY .28.' 1913 IX SOCIETY CHILDREN POSE IN TABLEAUX A0f ar as Paintings by Reynolds, Velasquez. Van Dyck. Rae-bum. 0ther Ma$ter' AID OF BABIES' WARDS Uttlt Boys nd Qlrla Posed In lm-Mnu Frama by John W. Alexander at Mrs. M. Orma Wilson's. VeatSr- JrSierioon at th. chlldren'a tableaux !L t J East Sixty-fourth Street, th Tk of Mrt. M. Orras for the ort 0f the district nurse of the ba-TVd. of th Post-Graduat HoipU T Eighteen beautiful children, th. sons and daughters of prominent peop'. tok P ln th pro" Iu. appearing la art reproduction. VlTbT John W. Alexander. Vcrad series of tableaux, for ths -jot cause, are to be presented to-night a Kn. Wilson's, which many of the ng society women of acknowledged ltY sre to poe after old masters. A stags u erected In ths west end of .M ballroom, and as the curtains were rwn aside an immense frame was dla-,iTd. la which the children had been in the costumes of the period of L makers as Reynolds. Lawrence and ,t)rn. Mr. Alexander used a free band a l arrangement of the lights and ,rls. and, knowing the methods of iTDslnters. r was able to reproduce the ieaeral effect of a Reynolds or a Lw- "JSvld Wagstaff appeared In the first utleau. after a V'elasques painting, flowed br Miss Martha Kountze. in a R,molds. "Cornelius Lee. Jr.. posed after , Raeburn. and Henry -I. Cobb. . Jr.. and vis Audrey Maynard each appeared In i tableau after a Hoppner painting, r. uuie Misses Margaret Cobb, Alex-tnder Walker. Marjorte Oelrlcha. Gloria ijould. and Urenvlllo Emmet, each posed tftr a Reynolds, and Elbridge T. Gerry, JL followed them in a Fragonard. tittle Mi.s Elsie Benkard came next In t Muriilo tableau, after which Walter Xaynard posed after a Van Dyck. Miss imenn Pierson In a Oreuxe, Clifford tjochran In a ljiwrenee. Miss Edith Gould m Nsttier pose, and Robert and Jamea Blrtop in a Raebum. brought the pro-rramme to a close. Between the pictures iPr were songs by John Barnes Welia. The patronesses who attended Included Mr. Charles B. Alexander. Mrs. Henry A Alexander. Mrs. George P. Baker. Mrs. Robert Bacon. Mrs. 8. Reading Bertron. lira Htiyvesant Fish. Mrs, F. Gray Grlswold. Mrs. William P. Hamilton. Mrs. E. H. "Harriman. Mrs. Edwin D. Morgan, :ira J Pierpont Morgan, Mrs. 8tanley :iortlirer. Mrs. Amos R. K. Pinchot, Mrs. 1L Fairfield Oaborn. wrs. James Sneyer. Mrs. William Douglas Stone. Mr Cornelias Vanderbllt. Mrs. Frederick V. Vanderbllt. and Mrs. Orms Wilson. MISS EDITH DOUGLAS WEDS. K.rrled to Wm. F. Whltehoute In St. George's Chapel A Home Reception. The weddln- of Miss Edith Sybil Doug-m. only daughter of Mrs. William P. lieoslas. and William Fltzhugh Whlte- bmiM of this city and Newport. R. I cu solemnized at J :S0 o'clock yester- ay afternoon ln 6t George's . Chapel. Tie Right Itev. William T. Manning. Tiftr of Trinltv Parish, and the Rev, Hurt Blrekhead of Baltimore. Mt, for ay- rector of tt George's Church, offi-mtrd. The chancel was banked , with vension lilies. The bride wore a robe of white satin trimmed v.ith point lace and a veil of Mnt lace which was csught up with wire blossoms. She carried a shower inuquet of while -lilacs, orchids andlllles M the vallev. Mb Helena Whitehouse. who was owned In white lace over Dink satin, artea as maid of honor, and little Dorothy In a white and pink frock, was tbe flower girL Little Oordon Tougla ai the page. The maid of honor car . pink roses and the flower girl car d a luket filled with Dink rosebuds. Norman Whitehouse was the beat man. md the ushers Included W. Delancey Keintxe. Henry Whitehouse, E. Towns ! Irvln and ErnMt Iselln. Followtng the ceremony a reception u held 'at the home of . the bride's nothrr. S7 Park Avenue. Among the guests at the wedding were 'Jr. md Mrs. Norman An R. Whitehouse, xr. Luther Kountze. Mr. ana .Mrs. Jiere- tfth Whitehouse. Dr. and Mrs. John McU, orfbury. Mr. and Mrs. J. Gordon Doug-a Mrw. nirhard Irln Mrs. Vanderbllt, ''L 4l Mrs. William Jay. Mra. Cornelius Vandrrbllt. Mr. and Mra Ernest Iselln. Wf. and Mrs. T. Suffern Taller. Mr. and !. Arthur Iselln. Mrs. GeorgJ K- Shel-Jlrs. Sheldon Fuller. Mr. and Mrs. Uvts Iselln. John Clinton Gray, Jr, 'earie E. Pollock, and Alfonso da Na- 'rre. In South en Their Honeymoon. HUs Laura Buell Clark, daughter of Xn. Allan Jay Clark of 20 East Ninety tarth Street and Walter Br&trohall Eer were married In St James's Church a the afternoon of Jan. 25. The Right Rt. Bishop Frederick Courtney officl-L . Miss Elsa Schaefer was maid of tax, and the Misses Grace Buchanan ri Helen Hatch, bridesmaids. Robert & Carmichael was best man. and the "tier included R. Percy ?cherck. Ross Hair. Bernard 8. Clark. .Arthur Sher-'X4. and George Itterhouse. Mr. and Vra Eaper will reside at 20 East Ninety-:urth Street 1 on their return from the Sooth. Miu Kinney to Wed H. C. 8trong. Urs. Henry Nason Krnney announces u engagement of her daughter. Miss fellna Kinney, to Harold Clarke Strong J this ctty. Mr. Strong was a member th class of 1906 at Yale, and is ln lpss m New York. No date has been for ths wedding. . Julia Marlowe Better. fecial to The Xru York Tlm$. CHICAGO. I1L. Jan. 27.-Mlss Julia awlowa, who waa stricken by ptomaine ""isonlng In St Louis last week, arrived Chicago this morning and Is conva at the horn, of J. W. Ben ham. a fnena. at 2332 Commonwealth Avenue. MUSIC NOTES, i - wbetVr. orranlat. and the eholr of ? Church of ths Holy Communion. Sixth 'M and Twentlath BimiI mrlll win a m. ?!" rnjay eriUn. Miaa Loui-a Potta SSVIMJMSSW ' J "rt which Maaria Teyta and Ed. I4 riement art to irlTa at Aeolian Hall oa arteroooa wiu begin at 2.HO o'clock. Be Kind to Your JLlVERy nTh,. ! yew -baiky.- at whlw T ' it lata f wii ftraatla -mrgatlvas o Jfary. Try "moral aaatoa.'" r' a remedy whloa works f"ly U th rlyht way oa taa anoaaea, Llvwr. Xatastiaas an "rvpaa ayataaa. This ton- aad MMtMir aettom haa fjalattag affaot, aad yoog S1 rstwm to normal. IW aad aUQXT aUmsdy Hanyadi Jsncs Pills 2 J1 y rssmlta tham " bum. m tune J7 yoarwalX aad 1 ptlla to-aiga tr-r wlU Too- Prloa aa a J-jrap-tWaU Drag Star-. oaata. sag SOCIAL NOTES. Mrs. Gilbert Colgate Is giving a dinner on. TnuradHy evening. u.ud will lakw ber i Kunl afterward to the charity ball at the vuilori-.siona. trw. . Curtis. Mrs. Henry A. Todd. Mrs. Guy vn Amrtnae. Mrs. Frank B. Wltherbee. and riAreiue Martin are among others wbo are to give dinners before the bail. The annual Dohbs Tea and Sale, which was to nave been held at the Plaza on Saturday, has been postponed. The date is to be announced later. Mrs. Edward McVlckar. Mrs. Stephen 11. r. Pell. Mrs.- Harold de Raaaloff. and the MIiki lUln le Roy Miller, Louise iselln. Mary Carifleld, and Joan v nu-rldae are members of a committee which Is arranging an entertainment to be given early next month for the benefit of the Orthlpaedle Ward of the Post-Graduate Hospital. Mies de Peyster gave a dinner party last evening at the Hotel Manhattan. Mr. and Mrs.' George 8. East wick gava 1 a dinner at the i'laxa last nlgnt. Among the sues to were Mrs. Frederic Nellson. Mr. and Mra. W. Btorra Wells, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Alexander. Mr. and ! Mrs. Whitehouse, and Daniel B. Fearing. Mr. and Mrs. Clendenln J. Ryan, who -roa'iTwaS? Yt Mr. and Mrs.' Stanlev Flare (Miss Dor- I othy King) may b congratulated upon I the birth of a son on Sunday at their I Philadelphia residence, Mrs. Flare is a I daughter of David IL King, Jr., of 612 t uia Avenue, i I Dr. and Mrs. I George Howe Winkler of I 329 West Eighty-third Street have an nounced the engagement of their daughter. Miss Esther da Ribaa Winkler, to Herbert de Sowerby Brown. The wedding Is to take place early In May. An auction bridee will h. held at the Ootham this afternoon at 2:30 for the neneflt of the New Windsor Fresh Air Home. Mra W illiam H. Harria and Mra. John Harper are in charge of the tick- eia. ineaire oozes ana seats will be among the prlsea. Mra. John Stuart Ha ira. Mrs. Aahton Crosby Clarkson. Mrs. G. Morgan Browne. C. Blackburn XflllB . M B T-V T- .w. 1 1 ll i , , i ' C .VT. - " , . " . i Mr. and Mrs. F. RA-rmnnrl Holland. I (Florence Jenner Bethune.) who sold their villa at Tangier, are spending the Win- ter at jjsrien, conn. I invitations nave neen Issued 1 for the weddlng of Miss Ruth Snow, daughter of I Mra, Thaddeus Snow, and Herbert Henry ITarriss. which is to be celebrated on Tuesday evening, Feb. 4, at the home of the bride a cousin. Mrs. Roslne K. House. au- xuversiae urive. Mrs. F. Orav Grlswold will srlve a small dance at Sherry's on Wednesday night for ner two daughters, the Misses Laura snd Josephine Mary Canfield. The guests asked are young people, no married couples having been Invited. A dance will, take place this evening at the residence of Mrs. Robert R. Liv ingston. 11 Washington Banare. for the Denetit or the Kt. Agnes Day Jurscry. Miss Margreta Xeekman haa the tickets I In charge. The Reception Committee will include Mrs. Howland Davis, Mrs. Jo- sepn Aueroacn. Mrs. Henry 3. coo. ana Mrs. Livingston. ; I Hamilton FHah. Tr . tv. Fellowew Mnr. I gan, Jr.. Gordon Ware, and Charles de Rham of this cUv will be among the ush- ers to-day In Providence R. I., at the marriage of Miss Rose P. Grosvenor to ueorge Peabody Gardner. Jr. , Mrs. Lauterbacb will entertain with a reception, music, and dancing this even- ing at tui utn Avenue. Mrs. George R. Read will be the hostess to-day at a luncheon at Sherry's for her I debutante daughter. Miss Fanny de Groot I Hastings. Mrs. r. Burran Hoffman will riva a. large dinner this evening at her town nouae, as East Seventy-ninth street. Mrs. Lewla K. Hvda of Plainfleld. N. J., will give a luncheon to-day at Sherry's lor her daughter. Miss Helen Hyde. Miss Hyde nas asked many of last years debu tantes. SHEPARDS ARE GOING ABROAD Expected to Sail for Europe Early In February Shopping In the City. Fpertol fo The Jfete York Timet. TARRTTOWN. N. Y.. Jan. S7.The Rev, Dr. Dtniel Russell Of the Irvington Pres- bytertan Church, to-day sent to Robert I Dashwood. Town Clerk, the marriage 11 cense of Flnley J. Shepard and Helen Mlner Gould. The witnesses to the cere- mony were Louis Shepard and Miss Anna raien, a cousin oi Airs, eaepara. nr.ani Mrs. Shepard are still at Lyndhurst BlT-iiuiiiB iiiw-.r iiunr iiiuvii. a vubt j did atom Rhonrmintr rrntratorY to their "? T-rr, thav n earlv nnrt nt p,hrnir I "THE MOVIES" SHOWN. A Day'a Happenings In a Picture The- . Z. , ... . . I ire ucpictca m Victoria. i "The Movies" was seen for the first time yesterday at Hammersteln'a Vic-1 toria. which also had as a novelty Aids , -,i- . . , I vTcnuu im mr company in musical comedy offering. The first was supposed to derjict a dav's happenlnra at a moving-picture theatre, and showed three scenes, the exterior, the rear, and tne interior or a " movie ' house. The o iivudv. i no i nff..i.,a a. kim.4 ... ..i.. kAi popular craze," but It was not glaringly evident where, the satire came In. Dur- Ing the piece a -burlesque film-drama. " For Ixve s Sake. was shown on the acreen of the miniature stage. T2..a- T.nt a iu. f t aa .w. v.i4 over from the previous week In "The Dance of Fortune." as was Sol Lee, the sinaing ticket taker of the Victoria. 6ther acta were Samayoa. Grindell and Henry. Bert Melrose, the four Athletaa. " A Night on a Houseboat. Alexanuer ana scott ana tne la i;ose Troupe. Aquatic Carnival at Union Square. Keith's Union Square Theatre presented restraint and subdued color. Into Ros-noweif vMt.r.r t oamf. sinl s brilliant and rapid song La a novelty yesterday in an aquatic carnl vaL A tank occupying the entire stage was used for the offering, which was I called the Rice and Dore Water Carnival. Tb exhibition waa made up of high and fancy diving, diving by horses and dogs. Indian log roiling, a water pantomime. and an aquatic ballet Eddie - Leonard also appeared for the first time in " white race." assisted by Mabel Kusseu. other numbers on the bill were the divorce com dy, "The Battle Cry of Freedom" with May Tulhr and company; Horace Wright and Renee Dietrich In a vocal specialty. Smith and Campbell, Ben Linn, a story teller: Helen Trix. singing comedienne. and Flyan and McLaughlin ln a dancing number, Theatre Party for Mice Warren. Mrs. Charles Elliot Warren gave last night a party to the play, followed by a supper at Delmonlco's and dancing, for her debutante daughter. Miss Susanna I ( warren, inoee atKea inciuaea me Misses Eleanor Hartshorne. Amy Johnson. Mar lorie Wlggin. . Clover Todd. Margaret Wagstaff. Eleanor Taylor, Caroline Wyeth, Helen Hiss, Cornelia Cammann. Prlscllla Bull, also Hamilton Campbell. Reginald Banrs, Donald Carr, Burgess Wooley, Harold Hartshorne, Vivian Palmier!, Brenton Groce. Frederick Macdon-aid. Brenton Welling, Geoffrey Taylor. Thomns L. Johnson. Llndell Bates. W. T ravers Jerome. Jr.. Bryce Gray, Charles Hunt and Dr. Haroia 1'araee. THEATRICAL NOTES; "Oh! Oh! Delphlna" will be transferred to the New Amsterdam Theatre next Monday nlcht th. plec on that evening being presented (or th lSOib performanca. Ivaa Carr it th. composer, will conduct taa cneatra on thla occaaloa. Mile. Lola Menawlll will rep lata Mil. Daxl temporarily in the ballet scaoaa la " The Uti n-i.i. ., c.,- a. n,Mv vc ..- . Halt th original dancer In th cast having been sllrhuy injur!, according to u an nouncement. William A. Brady's production of "Th Painted Woman." by Frederio Arnold stammer, will occur at th Auditorium Theatre. Baltimore, on Feb. 10. Florence Reed wlil have the leading feaclnln role. Th 130th sei forms iw ef LlrtVa Woman " will be gives at tha i' lay bo us Thursday even ing or una week. Mtas Leigh Wyant has succeeded Jesrt Arnold as La CI rale hi the oast supporting William Collier la " Nevr Say Die" at th Forty-eighth Street Theatre- Katharine Emmet, sow Dlavtna- la Anatel." haa been engagad by atauiic Campbell for th support oi xv. a. Yi arnar la " Tbe Uhost Breaker.' At th Olob Theatre an Sunday amine- Feb. !. Elbert Hubbard will deliver his lecture oa - aiasmg a Living. William Hareourt has been added te th cast of Hutchesoa Boyd" " Th Hundredth Man." which will b presented by the National Fed- era uea or ineaire ciuoa oa Feb. 10. JAMES B. HAMMOND DIES YHILE YACHTING Typewriter Inventor, Noted for His Eccentricities, Succumbs in Florida. HIS SANITY THRICE TESTED Gave 520 Stock Shares to His Old Employes, and Scattered 10,000 New Pennies to Children. ST. AUGUSTINE. Fla.. Jan. 27.-James B. Hammond. President of the Hammond Typewriter Company, died suddenly here Mr. Hammond was the Inventor pf one of the first practical typewriters and founder of the tvnewriter rnmnanv wh:rh bears his nume. His many ecrentrtclties kepi him continually in the public eve. a,nd.I1n April. JW7. his brother. Thomas K. Hammond, and Albert Hryce. manager of the Hammond Typewriter Company. tried to have him declared Insane. Hu was sent to Bellevue HospiUl for obser vation on April 13 of that year by Mag- . . a l ciia i.eal oiuo v,uui l. and was later taken to a private sanitarium. On Sept. 21, 1H07. a commission appointed by Supreme Court Justice Davis set aside the earlier verdict and declared Mr. Hammond to be sane. He returned to his factory at Sixty-ninth Street and the East' River on Dec 0 and received a nig ovation from the emDloves. Mr. Hammond was then said to be worth some W,ou0.0W. and his relaUves attempted to snow mat ne was incompetent to man- are Ma im. In February, 1009, Mr. Hammond stirred public intrt by turning over to a few of the cutnpany's oldest employes 520 snares oi ine company a siock to oisirio- ute them as they saw fit among such employes as were entitled to participate ry reason or long service. He was very ill at the time, according to the story, and feared that his plant would bo absorbed by the trust. The following May an attempt was made to declare Mr. Hammond Incompetent, which resulted ln his twice being declared mentally sound. In June he went to Europe, and while there, according to his counsel, he received notice that the trustees bad made the distribution of the stock. On his return to New York Mr. Ham mond got back some of the distributed shares. In August. 1!KX, he started suit before Supreme Court Justice liiegerlch and It wan then aanerted that he Intended the transfer to be made only In the event of his death. Mr. Hammond was suc- cesnful in hi- milt Arsin in Aurust. 1910. Mr. Hammond attracted much publicity by driving in his automobile from downtown New York to Oyster Bay, L. I., scattering 1O.U0O bright new Lincoln pennies to the children along the way. At Oyster Bay he boarded his yacht lounger. In July of the following year he again caused a sensation by sail lng for New Haven in his yacht Lounger II.. the first leg, he announced, of a cruise which would carry him around the world nd occupy twenty-seven years. T ne Lounger II., a ninety-five-foot yacht, was especially designed bv Mr. Hammond, and had a earare for his automobiles, an aquarium, and a large refrigerating plant to cool the cabin In warm climates. The cruise lasted onlv a short time, as tne yacht brok- down at New Haven. in nis ailiaavn wnen ne enaramreu have his brother declared Incompetent Thomas F. Hammond alleged that Mr. Hammond used to excess dally drugs and alcoholic stimulants. He asserted that Mr. Hammond was a menace to the public because of the delusions that his large estate waa being gradually .dissipated. Mr. Hammond was born in Boston Apm "3 IR-Tfl TT waa Graduated at the Unl- ve'r-itv of Vermont ln 1861. and later studied at the L'nion Theological Seminary and the University of Halle. Ger many. During the civil war ne was a correspondent for Tne xew iora inoune. at the close of the war devoted many years ia mechanical experiments, ana patented In lSSrt a typewriting machine n nn .iUn riTlfi nrlnclnten. II. Intro duce the Ideal keyboard and true allgn- ment In the machine that pears ms name. It was put on the market in .. n , rpaitII MR. GRISWOLD S RECITAL. The Admired Dramatic Baritone SInaa Sonat In Aeolian Hall- 1r Piltnam f.rlawold. Ilka manV Other operatic singers nas nearn in. i-ait i " concert hall, and responded to It yesterday by giving a song recital. It waa in Aeolian Hall, and that audience room of mnHerHta, alze reanlinrled with his sonorous voice, one of the biggest richest, and noblest baritone voices now to be heard by this public It Is well Known to ire- mlr-d by them since Mr. Grlswold has been a member of the Metropolitan Com- Pny. He nas Deen neara in conr here with orchestra; his song recital yes- terday was the first he has given here Mr ftriswold allowed more skill In the Interpretation of his sonKa than he aid in tne selection ana arrangement oi mem in his programme. It may be doubted whether all the three songs in English . : - -, :,. . . . . . bv M&non xiauer. .inn xoiag. anu oiuney Homer were desirable Hems in such a programme. But even If they were, they ;erjner.ereliLa,n kS'1.,10 glaced Vl0"L AvTfT Schubert and before one by Wolf. Strauss Brahms. Mr. Grlswold .8 remarkable voice is con- J11 bf fI5 Dif- .Zl.VL'S f Srf Judgment and what he sings bert and with the greatest sympathy is tmpres rive. He waa at his best in two familiar nM Italian aonrs. with Which he be Kan. Carisslmi's " Vlttorta " and Caldara's Come Rarrlo dl Hoi." both sung wltn breadth and beauty of style, the first with prodigal voice, the second with effective Danza" he put dash and spirit: but he has hardly the flexibility and certainty 0f technique for all its, requirements. In the modern German songs Mr. Grls wold showed sympathy, appreciation of wide variations oi mooa ana leticiiy in denoting them in his singing. He was happier ln Schumann's ' Mondnacht' hich ne sang with sustained beauty, than in his "Wldmung": and Schubert s aonoroua' " Oruppeaus a em lartarus gave him a greater opportunity lor his most characteristic powers than the in aenuous " Wohin." The splendor or Mr, Griswold's voice was unfailing and beguiled the listener's senses throughout hta ilnrtnr. Tet it seemed that with all the enjoyable qualities that he put Into his interpretation oi nis programme, Mr. Grlswold Is at present more at home and more successful ln dramatic music upon the stajta than he is in Lleder singing a different art and a Oirricult ana subtle I ona BUFFALO JONES' TELLS HOW Also Shows In Moving Plcturee Las soing of Wild Animals In Africa. -"Buffalo Jones." who "catches m alive," told a large audience at Carnegie Han last nignt about nis trip to Kast Africa in the course of which he and the cowboys who accompanied him lassoed au sorts or wild animals, including war hogs, hartebeestes.. rhinoceroses and lions. Col. Jones's lecture, which beitan with his experiences aa the son of a pioneer in Illinois and covered his life aa a plains man Dei ore tne aesire to snare African game seized mm. was Illustrated with moving pictures showing clearly how ha captured witn a rope animals which up to his time hunters hesitated to face with gun. 1 The nonchalance with which the West. erner and his associates went about their i wore maae me capture oi a run-crown I nonea aiiva aeem almost commonplace. 1 HSKBaawia C:0 The liner iatescciyv ! BROOCH PINS -j 175-00 to $1200-00 TheodcreAJ&i8Sn j JtWt.iiJ-.K5 321 Rfth Avenue wt yim streer I COLC.HJOnjES, EDITOR, DEAD One of Organizers of Newspaper Publishers' Association Succumbs in Italy Col. Charles II. Jones, one of the orkan- izers of the American Newspaper Pub- ! lishers' Association, died ln a sanatorium peror Francis Joseph and a brother-In-in Ospedalettl. Jtaly. yesteraay. Col. law of the late King Victor Emmanuel. Jones was a native f Talbotton, Ga.. and ; died here to-day. ased SO. He was born a veteran of the Confederacy, having in Milan Jan. 11. 16'-7. the son of the served through tjie civil war first as a E. Johnston and In the latter part of the struggle in the Georgia Reserves. Immediately after the war ended Col. ! Jones came to New York and made this city his home until 1S31. During that period he was fof many years editor of Appleton's Journal and of the Eclectic Magazine. He left New York in 1S81 to go to Jacksonville, Fla.. where he began ine puDiicauon oi ine r lonaa, I'aujr Times, which ln the following year was consolidated with i The Jacksonville Dally Union under the' name of Th Times-Union. For many years' he was the publisher and editor df that paper. In 1885 Col. Jones was elected President of the National Editorial Association, and in the following ear he was one of a number of prominent publishers who or-ganized the American Newspaper Pub Ushers' Association. After a residence of seven years In Jacksonville. Col. Jones ln 1888 removed to St. Louis to take I charge of the old Missouri Republican, now The St. Louis Republic. CoL Jones was an old school Democrat and under his editorial management The Republio became one of the leading organs of the Democratic Party in the West. After several years as managing editor of The Republic CoL Jones again came to New York as managing editor of The World. I . Col. Jones remained In New York for a year, and then returned to St Louis to become, the editor and general manager of The St, Louis Post-Dispatch, one of me fuutser newspaper properties, in is position he held until 1SU0. when, on ac count of falling health, he severed his connection with (dally Journalism and purchased three of the old Howard Lock- wood publications. The Paper Trade Journal. American Stationer, and Lock wood's Directory.) later combining the management of the three under the nam. or tne lockwooa Trade, journal company. During the last ten years of his life Col. Jones spent all of his time In Europe. mostly In France, in (the effort to get back ma ucmin. Jm WL mm rrn on went to the sanatorium at Ospedalettl. where he aiea. Mist Van Baerentzen'a Recital. Mies Aline Vant Barentzzen. a young pianist who had played with the orchestra at one of the Recent Sunday concerts at the Metropolitan Opera House, gave recital last evening ln Aeolian Hall. She possesses a technique that is in many respects well developed and some feeling for tonal quality. But she Is a child ln more than her pleasinr appear ance: her playing! of an ambitious and auricuit programme made a speedy dis Closure of her comnlete immaturity. Such performances as ahe gave of Liszt's transcription or Bach s organ prelude and fugue ln G minor and of ' Beethoven's sonata, up. 03, dedicated to Count Wald stein, are not adapted- for public nresen lauon, ror cney are in no sense interpretations of the music Mlaa Barentzen evidently has talent, and should ultlmate- 1v Havelnn intn ant .rrl.t IF aha. la iHir.n time and opportunity to do mo; but. the concert platform is not the place for It - , "Tales of Hoffmann" Sung Again. " Lea contes d pioffmann " was pre sented to the Monday night subscribers last evening at toe Metropolitan Opera House. The cast as the same as here tofore. including J Miss Hempel, Mme. Fremstad. Miss BorL Mme, Maubourg, Mme, Duchene, and Messrs. Macnes, Gilly, Dldur, Rossi; de Segurola, Rothler, ana neus. jar. '0itcco conauctea. WEEK'S BILLS AT THEATRE8. Proctor's Fifth Avenue Theatra haa for tha ek aa Jta headline ( act -Olaa Petro-a tn her "Tienna. comedy and Traireay." Ir. Carl fiermann 1. eeen In I an electrical exhibition The Window of the rimnlnl Hnuae." ln4 mil Arcoie. the diminutive comedian, offers. with his company, the eketch " Tommy, the Hallboy.". Dick Tnbb the EiikH.1i irotaviua comedian, la another hi Amber of the bill whoae appearance ia featured. Other acts are the Avon Comedy Four! In "The New School Teacher." Patay Doyle, Roaallnd Coahlan and company In Edrar Allan Wooirs " The Ob- ttnatn Min Oranrer." Weiaa Trio. Mario Trio. Kramer and Morton. " A N:ht In Hawaii." and Shirk and Mayer In ' Take Off xour uiassea." . i Kathryn Kidder ana her cemnanv hea tha bill at Kellh'a Colonial Theatre In " The Vaaherwoman Ducheaa." ln which ahe plays Mme. na Uena. Truly 8hattuck and Nat M. Wills are seen for the flrat time thla aeason at thla houae. Elphye 8nowl-n makea her vaudeville debut aealated by Earl IJenham of "The Little Millionaire" comoanv. Othrr acta are Will H. Murpnr and Hlancha Klchols m " ine benool or Actln." Harry De Coe, the fully family lnf'Tha Information Tin. reau." the Musical lebnaona. and the Dara Drouiera. I Kelth'a Alhambra haa aa Ita headline far th week Stella Mayhew. by Blllte i ayior. in aonrs - aad dlaloaue. Robert T. Hainea ana company lOresrnt " The Coward." and Jamea Thornton; atvea hi. mnnnln.ii. Other acta Include Relne Davlea in a repertoire of songs. Ward and iCurran In " Ths Huuta nMs,.. , 1 1 1 i-Kj .it,,.... . . . . mwi vuieiie. aaainewa ana ename in " A, Chinatown Fantaay.' Maxim a Modela. Ralph Smalley In 'cello ae leotlona, the Tira Jonleya. and the Briaaona. B Tanruar heads the bill at Kelth'a Rmnw Theatra (or the week in a selection of new aonrs and costumes. The remainder of tha nil includes tn joe noranny Troupe of acro- dbib Mr. ana Mrs. rcrklna Flutter in "Tha Half-Way House," Hi T. MacConnell aa the ireeiaem oi tne i n ;neen umt Hritt Wonri th Wheelers Company In " Fun on tha Wil., vard." Ward and Weber, th Ixrvno Troup en the high wire, aadibllckney'a circus. Proctor's 123th Street haa aa a hurilln. art for tha first half oi tha week the tabloid musical comedy. " SIxNursery Rhymes." Others on the bill ar William Morrow and ram. pany in " Mappr Millions," the Chunr Hwa Comedy Kour, Burke I aad De Rohme, Jean uraaam. th inour Hawarde In " The Comlna Man." Duffy and May, and photo plays. " Th Modals ef tha Jardln da Paris " ar th beadllners of the hill for tbe flrat half of the week at Proctoi's Flfty-ela-hth 8 treat. Others are th FourJ Baldwins, Crosby and Lee In " Whose Baby? ' Harry Harvey Fox ana r oxie s cornea y v-ircus. uiimor. Kinky and OH mora, and photo plays. Clarence Wilbur an hta tea Funny Folks ar at th top of th proaramm for th week at Procter's Twenty-third Street. Other acta on id Din ar jonn ve ciair in comedy Juggling, Oeorra Kvea, iCoats and Marguerlta. omun ana veto, tn ureal mcnoia. Da Voy. tarrtr ana rompany u xa Tlxe Fackag and photo plays. At th Amsrloaa Theatre 'the fnllnvtna Is tha Us of acts for th; first half of tha week in Dancing uaddana Four La rwna Comlques. Dlxr SeTeaadera. Marl Hampton and company, McMahon Slaters, Jimmy Britt. Sanson, and DeUla. Grey and Dell, and the Ami Trio. j .vTh,..oIr,,1p,0Thitre ha" u ,f attraction th "Merry Go-Rounders " company, with Ueorr P. Murohv and Renia . Miner's People's Theatre the offering la th Gay Widows company i In "A Night fa a Cabaret " and " Th General's Wife." Miner' Bronx has th " New Century Olrl." sjid L.'t!TcVm 5 Mlnr" Elhth Avsane is " Miner's Americans." I " Th Yellow Jacket ! which la gives at th Montauk. Brooklyn, thla week. Mmaa a long run at th Fulton Theatre. New York. Th play tells the story of a young man's p.wsrna inrougn iui in a manner that la uiretn rwpy vi tne conventin of the Chi stage. Including Ita hnmoroua features. Richard W. Tullys Iromance of the Booth Bess, "Th Bird of Faradlac." Is being presented for the first time In Brooklyn this week st the Majestic. The cast Includes Raa.i. Karri seals, who originated the principal role a am t-ami prouuctionL uuy nates Post. Mar- saret Lanrnam. and (Lewla S. Stone. Th company alao contains! a band of native Ha- waia aiugera, oancers, ana musicians. Th stock company at the Crescent Theatre. Brooklyn preaent. p Te th play in was seen onglnaJly, Tbe drama offers opportunity for au tha fa. vorins in tne oompangr to be seen In good . . renoa. aad Frank J. McCoy. Wlllard Slmma SsVlSKa AS (HI a ID " r IIOari SClirllaiha4 Via a I a '" PP-rs. Other act. ; .. "muna Russon na 'oom." Macg Maltland, Ma Hart's Six Stepper, th Balton Trnn - sertal I parfornwrs. aa AaakJ. ths Japan; .... At Kelth'a Bushwiek Theatre In the 1 racka" la th headltae r w.n is a military play by Cecil de Mill. Robert 5 i'"'" J9nnt Stewart. 1 wh Td V'J.Z!-" Brewster. . . . ' ' aiso sei " '" u cnaractansatlona. Nil orruj ana company present "The Yell fru. a draroatlo playlet. Other arte ar ?T'2,M section. J. F. K.lly ind Kmma Pollork tn dinner Bnapa." WUaaa Barrymora makes her Brooklyn vaud-vuie debut at Kh'jOrpbeum, appwuing in J. M. carri' Th Twelve Pound Look " In ber support ara buxanSe KhaMon r .i a. " i - ARCHDUKE RAINER DIES. Brciher-lniLaw of Late Klnfl Em-manusl Was Patron of Science. VIEXXA. Austria. Jan. 2T.-Archdukc Ralner. second cousfn of Er.i- Archduke Ralner and . Elizabeth, a Trincw!s of the House of Savoy. He was married on Feb. 21. 185i. to Princess Marlf-Carollne of Austria. . Last year the couple celebrated the diamond nniver- sary of their wedding. - Archduke Rainer was primarily a sol dier. He was for a time at tne neaa oi the Fifty-ninth Regiment of miantry. and later assumed command of the Lano-wehr. which he completely reorganized. In addition to his military work he In terested himself ln aclence and art. It as he who created the magnificent sci ence and art museums ln Vienna, and who organized and promoted the Inter national exhibitions neia in lenna, in 1873 and ln the Prater In 1SS9. The scientific world owes to him the possession of a rare collection of papyrus records and Egyptian manuscripts, among mem manuscripts of the Gospel dating from before the fifth century, and now known to have formed part of the world-famed library at Alexandria. The Archduke ana Arcnoucnras wr mono; the richest members of the House of Hapsburg, and. next to the Emperor, were the most popular. They had no children, but had adopted their niece. Countess Maria Ralnerla. now the wife of Enrico, Prince of Campofranco. , i Obituary Notes. ! ANDREW LTNAR. 70 years old. died e Sunday at his home. 1.412 Franklin Avenue. the Rrni Mr. Ljrnar retirad from tne fire Department In February. 1010, after serving nesily firy years. He Joined the Volunteer Department In 1S61. and was made a member of the paid department In 1P68. Four years later be was raised to tne rank or ucatenant. Mrs. PT'PAX BOYLSTON DON' AO HE. widow of Dr. William Rlc Donarhe of thla city, who died In London on Jan. 23. was a member or the New York Society of Mayflower Descend ants, h Society of Colonial Governors, snd the Colonial Dames of Massachusetts, i Mrs. Donar'.ie was a lineal descendant of Jov. Cod- dinston. the founder of Inewport. K. 1. Mrs. ELIZABKTH HILSENDEOEN'. widow of Valentin Hllsendeaen. a prominent real estate operator In Detroit, Mich., died en Sun day or pneumonia at tn noma or ner aanrn-ter Mrs. William. Decatur Parsons. IS East Sixty-third Street. She was SO years eld. Mrs. FANNY P.UNTON, . years old. the oldest woman resident of Greenwich, Conn., died on Sunday at the home of her nephew. Klbert PI1KH.-X. tin waa tn widow or Henry Rurvon and part owner of tha Sllllck House, which ahe ran for nearly fifty years. WILLIAM BILLMAN, a retired butcher, died on Saturday at his borne. 63eA Halsey Street, Lrooklyn. - : i SAMUEL BBICKMER. 'a Jeweler who for thirty years had aa establishment In East Forty second Street. Pear the Grand Central Station, dh-d on Sunday at his home, 41S West 15th Street, at the ag of 67 years. WILLIAM CKT-SCHE." an employ ef tha Pennsylvania Railroad Company, died on Sun- Cay night of heart dlaeaa at his 'home. US Fast Thlrty-aecond Street, at th ara of 34 years. . Mra. ELIZABETH A. DOR EN STEWART, wife of Jamea H. Stewart, a builder, died on Sunday at ber home. T4S Palisade Avenue, Yonker. at the ace of Oo years. She was a descendant of Louis tluron, one of tha Huguenot settisrs of New Hoc he 11. WILLIAM WELSHMAN, 80 years eld. a vat. eran of the civil war. who fought with Company D, Twenly-slxtli New Jersey Volunteers, died at his bom in Caldwell, N. J., on Sat urday night. He waa a member or Bartlett Post G A. R. GEORGE! FARN6WORTH. a pioneer lumberman, died on Sunday night at his home la Chi cago. lr. Farnswortn was born at Fairfield, Vt.. In 123. and went to Chicago ln 1638. lie spent several years In th lumber trad in Wisconsin. JOH.V HRNNES8T. manager ef tha Postsl Telegraph Company's messenger service at 2&3 Broadway, was found dead in bed at his home. 406 West 141st Street, yesterday morning, trr. Llndemeyer said that death waa due to natural cauaea. Mr. Hennesav waa 43 years old. and had been connected with th Postal Telegraph Company for twenty-tbre years. 111a wife died tbrap months ago. CMARt.ES E. MARTIN Is dead at hi horn In Flshkllt Landlnr. N. T.. In his seventieth year. For twenty-four years h was Secretsry of th Mechanics' Savings Bank of Flshklll Landing. AUGUST SMITH. TS years eld, th first srchltect to practice in Bayonn. died last Saturday night, at his home in that city. JOSEPH HARTMAN.-pioneer manufacturer of oarrield, r. a tea in tn rasaaia gen eral Hoapltai on Sunday from a complication of diseases. WILLIAM O. BUSH. S4 rears eld. first Mayor of Garfield. S. J-. died at hta bom at 87 Pasaalc Avenue, Garfield. Sunday, from paralytic stroke. i GEORGE 8. FILLINGS, S7 years old. a law. yer. of Brooklyn, died at his home. ST South Portland Avenue, that borough, on Sunday. WESSEL T. B. VANORDEN. a prominent resident of Green County and rated to be worth several million dollars, died suddenly In New Baltimore. N. Y.. yesterday. He was a candidate for Presidential Elector on the Re publican ticket last Fall. Hta widow survives. JAMES COLLINS SEYMOUR, the son of the 1st Harvey Seymour of Hartford, Conn., died in his apartments at th Hotel Savoy yesterday after a short Illness. Mr. Seymour was unmarried, and for th last three years had mad bis bom at th Savoy during th Winter. - . ELLIOT BIGELOW, President of TOHot Blge-low a Son Company, woolen manufacturers, of 4S East Seventeenth Street, died yesterday at hia home. 53 Sidney Place. Brooklyn, follow. Ing an attack of pneumonia. He Is survived bv his widow and a son. Billot Blgelow, Jr.. a Director in th company of which bis father are President. The Rev. Dr. C H. W. STOCKING, TS years old. of Hartford, Conn., a retired Episcopal minister. Is dead of injuries he received tn a railroad wreck near Bowling Green, Ky., a last Saturday. . HENRY HUFF, M years eld, of Terrace Avenue. Hanbrouck Heights, N. J.. was found dead from heart disease br his wife In front of the furnace In the cellar of Ms home yesterday. He waa a retired diamond merchant. GUSTAVE THEODORE CERDUA. 83 years old, for nearly forty years a florist In Orange, N. J. died at nig borne. 49 Hlllyer Street, yes terday. ( Swift Cnpaays sal ef Fresh Beef In pjew lorkt city lor tn weea ending ttatur- dsy, Jan. it., averaged cants par pound. AOV. Jkfarrfai; and death notices intended for ineertion in The Ifeu York Timet moy be feles nosed to 1000 Bryont. 2$etttitH, Newark. , CLEAVER DAT. Jan. 24. Mllared Day te Chester H. Cleaver. DILLS VANDSRHOOF. Jan. 14. Mahal a Vandarboof to Walter R. Dllla. AflnCL. On Sunday. Ian. 14. 1918. Henry N. Aslel, eldest son of th lata Jacob and Hannah A. lei In tha Slat vear of his sc.. Funeral from his late residence. 140 East Both St.. Tuesday morning. Jan. as. at :3u. BAKER. At South Orange. N. J., on Jan. 27, ( IBM, Eleanor .. widow or James H. Baker. Funeral services Wodnesday morning at 10-ltO o'clock at her late residence. S64 Hertford Road. South Orange, N. J., Mountain Station. Friends ar requested . to ' kindly omit flowers. - BIO E LOW. On Monday. . Jsa. IT, ef pneumonia, Elliot, husband of Edwlna Richards ln the 6Tth year of his eg. Funeral services from his bit residence S3 Sidney Place. Brooklyn, . V. edneaday. Jan. 2. at 2:8o P. M. f . BILUNG8. On Sunday. Jan. 2, IBIS, after a brief Illness, Georse , Bll'lnrs. beloved husband of Anna Marshall Billings, in the 6Tth year of. bis age. Funeral service will be held at his late residence. 27 South Portland Av., Brooklyn, on Tuesday, Jan. 24, at 7:45 P. U. Interment at Palmyra. X. T. BCRTIS. Mary Gertrude Dtsosway, widow of v Toamsend W. Burt Is, daughter of the late Hon. Gabriel P. Dlsosway. Funeral from . the homestead, 429 Columbus St., West New Brighton. N. Y., at 1 P. M-, oa Wednesday. Jan. 29, 18 ll - BYRNE. Mary J., on Jan. 27. beloved mother of Mary Byrnev Borart and Jennie Byrne. Funeral from 421 West 84th St. Wednesday, Jan. 29, at :13 A. M.. thence to St. Mkhael's Cbrrrh. S4tb St.. tttk aad 10th Ava.. where a requiem mass will ba celebrated. London and Dublin papers copy. CAHLSEN John O. F. Cartsen. on Jan. 27. 1S13. at his 1st home, S.014 Balnbrldge Av.. Bronx. Interment - private. - Kindly omit flowers. DEUT8CH- At her residence, t Wsat 8Mb St.. Annie, widow of Joseph Dsutach, In ber S2d year. Funeral at oareoienca et family. Kindly emit flowers. DONAQHE ln London, SngUsd. an Jan 23, 191X Mr Susan Boylston Donsgh. widow of Dr. William Rice Donarhe of New York City, and daughter of the lata William aad Harriet Mai lain Richardson of Boston. , Mass., and Richmond. Vs. runeral service t her )ate residence. 82 Mspt Av.. Mor-rlstowv, N. J.. Friday. Feb. t. at S o'clock. Interment prlrat. Boston papers piaa copy. ELGAR. On Monday. Jan. 27. 1818. Eleanor I... daughter of the lets Jama, a Kigar. at her raaideftrs. ih n Dirt. EXGEL. William Melville. a?c4 1.1. eon of f H iliiam and Mabel A. Ensei. Fcnerai r- vu on iuouy. Jan. at 4:Mt- e. u.. at h.m lata ton.r. I'pper H djaK-tood. N. J. FITZPATRICK.-Juhn. used US. Funeial from THE KC.VEHAl. OHChCH. -J41 Weet S5-. iCanipbeli T:aie later. FP.EEMAN.-Joseph Hurlli, on la. rt. at hi. resilience. ;i IMcrrevwr.t St. Svrvle- . at h ji rei.1ei:ee at WedneUiy even- in. InuriiHnt at Down nstXAti, JVa-3. .....V . a n . ... . . :a. lDU. at her home in N. v.. -w.fe o. toe- u.4 oevrc H Uaviay. In her ' Mat year. Funersi r-.t. at Uiivet i iiiu:e:y. Weanes Jay afternoon. t CEBHARD.-3I-.nJiv. Jan "7 l!n after a! BltAKD. -M-nJay. Jtn. 27. I91S. after ! short lllnt-n. Angelica, beloved wife of I August Gvbhard and devoted mother of t Waiter ard Eleanor Rlethmul!r. aaaSv-rl TliaillU li O U 1m Ik. as I ! hrvl!-es Tuesday S P. M.. in the chaiwl ot i the German Hospital. Ptease Vfllt f.owers. GEER. On Jan. 27. a t 477 West i2d St.i- Rob-' ral private. Interment In crt T. Ser. i Funeral FhllaJelphli GOXZALKZ. Miguel, aged 81. Funeral from THE FUiMtKAL UHRl'H. Weil 2M. (Frank t:ampbeil Building.) HAMMOND. James Bartlrt. President of Th Hammond Typewriter Ctmpany, at St, Augustine, Fla.. on Jan. 27. laia. In his T4th year. Funeral at the chapel of the Union Theological Seminary. Broadway and 120th St., New York 'Hy. Friday. Jan 31. 101.1, at 12:30 P. M. Interment at E ms ord, N. Y. HART. At MontJlalr. N. J., on Jan. 26, 1913. sum imogene nan. oaugnter or tne utte Col. Joteph Colenwn and Maria Glfford Hart, in her 8Mb year. Funeral servic from her lata residence. 83 Highland Av., Montc'alr, N. J., on Wednesday, Jan. 29. on nival of train leaving New York via lackiniiiu Railroad, foot of 23d St., S:10 A. M . Hobokep 0:33 A. M. Interment Roeedoic Cemetery. HECKMAN. At Flushing. L. I., on Jan. 27. 1913, Max Weber Heckman, Jr.. son of Max Weber; and Harriet L. Heckman. In his 12th year. Funeral strictly private. Hl'EO. On Jan. 27, 1913, Wm. Harrison Hueg, ln his ZJd year, oeiovea and only son of Charlea F. and Lillian Hueg. Funeral services at his late residence, 4." De Kalb Av., Brooklyn, N. Y., Wednesday evening, at 8:30. i HILSENDEGEIf. In this city, en the 2fth Inst., In her l"t year Elizabeth, widow et Valentine Hilaendrgeff of Detroit, at the resldenc of her daughter, Mrs. William D. Parsons. 18 East 63d Hu Services and Interment at Detroit. HIRSH. Jan. 37. in her 40th year. Hattle. (nee Frey.) beloved wife of Simon and mother of. Jerome, Eatrlle. and Ruth aad daughter of Kern hard and Philllpln Frey and sister of Sarah, Hanover, Leon, Sidney. Monroe, and! Saul. Relatives and friends Invited -to attend funeral from residence, 790 Cauldwell Av., Bronx. Wednesday, Jan. 29. at 10 A. M. HUSTED. On Sunday. Jan. 2S. 1913, 8tanlry W. Husted. i Funeral services at nis late residence, add McDonough St., Brooklyn, en Wednesday evening, Jan. 29, at 8:30 o'clock. I KELLER. Jan. 27. 1913. Earl Hsrmon. Jr., son of Earl Harmon and Helen Keller, a?i months 23 days. Funeral services Wednesday afteraoon. Jan. 20, at 2 o'clock, it 94 6 he) ton Av., Jamaica. N. Y. , LAW. On Monday. Jan. 27. 1913. ElUahefh Hharer. widow or (he late John t. Liiv. FXineral aeirlces at her recent home, on Wednesday. Jan. 21), at 11 A. M. Interment at convenience of family. - LUCKSTONE.-On Jan. 27. at 2 30 P. M.. at 148 Weat 82d St., Elher Phillips Luck-stone. In heri 79th year. Funeral private. T.UDI.OW. At Westchester, N. Y. City. Sat- urdny, Jan. IS, 1813, Banyer Ludlnw, son of the late Robert Henry Ludlow. Funeral eer-Moee t St. Peter's Church. Weatchea-ter. Tuesday at 19 A. M. Waahlngton and Baltimore paper please copy. PEABODY. On Jan. 25, at Atlantic City, Bell Ward, wlf of the lata George Harmon Peabody of New York. Funeral services will be held on Tueadav, Jan. 28, at Mount Pleasant Cemetery. Newark. N. J.. at 12:U) P. M- PERKINS. Joseph Grlswold. on Monday, Jan. 27, 1013. suddenly, at his residence in a Lyme, Conn., In the 78th year of -his are. Funeral at his late residence In Old Lyrao. Conn., on Wednesdsy, Jan. 29. at 2 o'clock In the afternoon. Kindly omit flowers. PLAT. At Merlden. Conn.. Jan. 20, Judge James T. I'lat. United States Dlstrwt Court. Funeral service at his lata residence, 130 Lincoln 6t-, Wednesday, Jan. 2U, at 2 o dor it. POE. Jan. S7. 1913. Samuel K. Pee. aged 14 years. Funeral servioea will b held at is South 4th Av.. Mount Vernon, en Wednesday. Jan. 29. at 8 o'clock P. M. Hiawatha Lodge, No. 434. F. ft A. M.: Mount Vernon Chapter, No. 2A. R. A. M. : Bethlehem Commander)- No. 63. iw T.: The Veteraa AaaooiaUon of 7th Reg., N. G., N. T.. are invited to attend QTJINN. Julletta. Sunday, at nr resldenc. t2 Weat Hth bt.. Bayonne. jw. J. mnersi from Trinity Church. Bayonne. Tuesday, at 1 P. M. Train from foot of Liberty St.. New York, at 12 noon. Interment at Moravian Cemetery. Statcn Island. Boston pa-pera pleas copy. ROBINSON. Sunday, Jan. 28, I91S, William Ci Robinson, at hia late residence. b4 Kaat 6th St., after a brief illness. Funeral services Tuesday morning, 11 o'clock. Interment private. Kindly omit flowers. Albany papers pleas copy. RUN YA N. A t Greenwich. Conn., on Jen, 28, Fanny Run van. m her !8tn year. Funeral services at her late reeldenos Tuesday, Jan. 2m. 3 P. M. i Philadelphia papers , please copy. . . J , SEYMOUR. At the Hotel Savoy, New York city, on Monday, Jan, ZT, 1013, Jamea Col-Una Seymour, son of the, late Harvey Seymour of Hartford. Conn: Funeral service. private at tha Allen Memorial Chapel. Hartford. Conn, please copy. ; Hartford tConn.) papers STOCKING. Suddenly. In a railroad accident. Howling tireett. KT., Jan. S3, 1013. Kev. c. H. W. Stocking. D. D. VANDERVEER. At Fcobeyvllle. N. J.. Mon. nay. Jan. 27. 131.1. David A. Vanderveer. Funeral at hta late residence. Thursday. Jan. 'JO, 1913, at 1 o'clock. Interment Maplewood Cemetery, Freehold. N. J, WATSON. In New- York, Monday. Jan. 27. 131S. William Wataon. Jr., aon of the late William and Adele Lynch Watson, in the 6;tth year of hia are. Funeral private. Ilurial at West New Brighton, Staten Island. Chicago papers please copy. WF.1LER. Helen 'Caroline Weller, fne Dem-merle.) beloved wife ot Louis Weller, Jaa, 27. at her residence, UI73 Fulton Av., Bronx. Funeral services Wednesday evening, Jan. 29, 8 P. M. Funeral on Thursday morning. Woodlawn Cemetery. WILLIAMS. Almena B. Williams, suddenly, at her borne. 1 West 108th St.. Jsn. 27. Funeral notice later. Washington (D. C papers please copy. WHITTEMORE. At Catsklll. N. T.. Jan. 28. 1913, George W. Whttteraor. youngeat son of the lata Philip and Sarah Whittemore of Arlington. Mass., In her 74th year. Prayer at his Catakill residence. Funeral and interment Townsend. Mass. BLOOD. Eleanor A., 119 West 184th 8t Jan. 26. Funeral service to-day. BRICKNER Samuel, 413 West 115th St.. Jan. 24. Funeral to-day. 10 A. M. BURNS. Frank W., 172 West 10th St.. Jaa 26. Funeral to-morrow. 8:80 A. M. BYRNE. Mary F., 18 East Klngabrldg Koad. Jan. 25. Funeral to-day, 8.30 A. M. CANA VAX. Mary, 526 1st Av.. Jan. 28. Funeral to-day. 9:30 A. M. CRANE Robert. 179 East 77th St., Jan. So. Funeral to-day, 2 P. M. CROWLET. John, Jan. 23. Funeral (5 Madl. son 8t.. to-day, 2 P. M. CULVER Annie D., Home for Ihctirabl, lH3d St. and Sd Av., Jan. 5. runeral private. DRE3INO. Wllhslm, Jan. 23. runeral 88 East Mth St. EVANS. Emma, S83 Bast 169th St. Jaa. 28. a red 40, Funeral private. OATTERT. Charles H.i 408 East 88d Bt.. Jan. 26. Funeral to-day. 1 P. M. JACKSON. John O.. 2,640 Bainbrldg At., Bronx. Jan. 26. ared 83. lipHEiMElMSMi NOW ON The Art of the Col: Henry Thomas Chapman THIS AFTERNOON at 2:30 Ivory Miniatures, Oriental Pottery and Porcelain, Crystal Balls, and Chinese Bronzes. THIS EVENING at 8:15 Paintings by European and American Artists Corot, Diaz, Decamps, Troyon, Millet, Lawrence, Raeburn, Hogarth, Rousseau, Mor-land, Davies, and other great Masters. The Sale concludes Wednesday evening. The Anderson Galleries Madison Avenue at Fortieth Street, New York. Dirt. l-YNAR.-And.-e. ' 1.413 .Frank!, m-Xa . HeWS. Attua t.. ti.t Wnt UUi i,t , :fcal M,tJ o'l-. Jn. -:. o-iift'- v A- " OW..t.LL-4wPt 8 . 44 Eaet 13lUh 4l , ,,."-V-u- n. J-i private. rt.t,F j:.ta,r,l.k. i; weat lain St.. Jam "j.i.i.i.-tusf, ; , Eaiker Ar . i 1 k'l-r ... . I ...... ... Jin. Pint t i? , - ip-iitv, ..j.w---tI-II;e. Coumlu Av. cuncmi Krvhv to-dl. . . tt toth St., Jn. o.-,? ;...Hn7al. -". 2 '. M. C.Jon.1' - I2r "a:n v- Urlos TM.tV k "i: "V1". 80 p- M- -. ," V "l ., 4a.. .V Fur.eral to-dav L'Eit-fH.KXI'En -Hermann J i w. ., . Su. Jan. 2J. aged M 'J J-L? ' a. M FMnerai to-morrow. f I ' I V- " a... a" . ' WEKX EHT. Nicholas. H Waat -itk at 2d. strrd SS. Funeral eervlce lo-d.v." ' H'TE.-Elixaheth. 1,400 Amaterdara Av. J -,JB.-29-., Funeral to-morrow. . "'j -ni'iinw-r, mm forest Av.. Broi. Jan. 23, aged 87. Funeral private. Brooklyn. " ALCOCK.-LIIIian, 33 Hovklnson Jan. a. Funeral service to-day. BALDWIN. -Jemes E.. 103 Wyrkoff Bt . Jaa. aged 43. Funeral tol.v, 2 P. . BEDt.LL. Ethel, 0 Clymer St.. Jan. 28 BRACKEN. Frank. 423 Troutman St.. Jaa. 27. CX'LI.IFORD.-Oertrud M.. 720 Herkimer St.." Jan. 2. aged 2. FLANAGAN.-Nora. 164 Pearl St. Jan. 3 Funsral notice later. FLOOD.-Patrkrk F.. 104 Franklin A v.. Jri. aged tl Funersi to-morrow. 1 p. M. GREEN.-Mary, 263 Adams SU Jan. 23. I i- m-ral to-oay, 10 A. M. j OtlM)UCH.-.l M.. 8U CathariM'a He. ; p.tal, Jan. iS. , . . HOIlLi.-Emlly L.. 171 Wlllougbby Av., Jan. .'. Funeral atrvice to-dav. JONES.-Grlfflth. M. Ii Hospital. Jan. 25, aged 20. Funeral to-morrow. 9 A. M. JOSSKLY.V. Nathan W.. r. Bedford Av.. Jan. 26, aged 71. Funeral private. KEMPF.-WllTiam A.. 87 Bradford St, Jn. 27, ared j. runerAl to-morrow. McGINXIHS. Jamea, 444 Myrtle Av., Jan. 2H. Funeral to-morrow. 3:30 P. M. MACDONALD. Mary A., ml Kast 8Mb 6t Jan. 25. Funeral to-day, ft A. M. . r ii ct.- ... c, v..: 27. are.i KS. Funaral' niU ln-Am n "' . . MANNING. Cornelia 8.. 419 1st St.. jsn- si . Funeral private. . f MEYER. Albert M.. 133 Flnlay St., Jsn. 21 - aged 46. Funeral to-morrow. 2 P. M. : i MUl.LEN.-M-.ry J.. m Franklin Av.. Jift. 26. Funeral to-day, 2 P. M. i MURPHY. -Margaret. 37 Bterlinr Plac. Jatl 27. a red-. 63. Funeral to-morrow, i : PATTERSON-Ellsa. M. R. Church lloqisi " Jsn. 2i, aged 91. Funeral to-day. PIPBIt Ellen, Kings County Hoapltai, Jan.. 1 aa aV n V51A rw. PRESTOX.-Wllllam. 652 56th St., Jan. St Fnneral notice later. ROBINSON, Elisabeth. 829 Fulton St.. Jtn.--' 2.1. age- 91. Funeral service to-day. . ROTH. -Caroline I!., Chestnut St, Jan. 2 a red 3H. Funeral to-morrow. i SCHWEKDFUGER. Margaret ,1 Grove Ft:. 26, aged 25. Funeral to-day. 3.i) Ti M. . T 1 " L. . . ., . . . .- 0 . I aa n& . sir.,, miry r.. jin, io. aget4 veb , Funersi Ti79 Nostrand Av. . i tVlnvirt ..l.-l. u a- a aoa a. , o ' WHAt EN.' Sarah. 273 19th St. Jan. 2:1.' Fu neral to-day, 9 A. M. i - vnwj www .ivwitl, , ANIERf-'ONj Mary. 73 Jassen St. Jexeey City, Jan. 2.1. Funeral to-day. ARM8HURY. Isehella. Newark. Jan. 26. Fit- ' nrrl eervlce to-day. BENDER. Conrad. 30 Bright St., Jersey Clt. Jan. 26. aged 45. Funeral to-day, 2 P. 51. BROWN. Leone, Newark. Jan. Uft. Ftineral notice later. " r ? ..,, r , . it. . , . r. . ' . . . u Jan. 2ft Fureral to-day. 2:30 P." M. BUSCHMA??. Martha. 78 Sip Av.. Jersey C,y. .Tan. frt lenneral nrlvsta. COPB. iloae. JB Bergen St., Newark, Jin. ' 23, aged 60. CRATV'FOUD J. Frank. Oould Av., New ark. Jan. 25. Funeral to-lay. FINN. FJd ward, 43 Sedway Av., Newark, Jan. 27. Fvneral Jan. 30. FORMBEK. Msrgaret, b25 Berren Av.. Jtraey City. Jan. 26- Funeral service to-day. . -i FOX.-ilary A., 9 High St. Newark, Jan. 28, ared &H. itAikn .Tiilltia T1 Vairviaw Ar.. Nawarlc Jen. 25. ared 23. TIITi : IT V llr.ahlh 4.14 Smith 17lh St.. NsW- HrK, .IBM. . I . runeral I.II . a. ,T i- n.ii..d. no U'.mL.b til X' - ii t ' r. . .llir, Mir, f imi-iv. k.,., . , Jan. 2H. Funeral to-day. JOITI'.E.-Llltian, 42 Monmouth St.. Nwsrk. Jen. 27. aged 21. Mineral Jan- 30. KP-UGER- Frederick. Jersey City, Jan. 28. Funeral service to-day. -IJSDDY. Patrick, Newark. Jan. 28. . LONG. Patrick F.. 173 1st St.. Newark. Jan. ?6 Funeral notice later. McGintF- William 11., 1R3 South Orange A v., Nea-ark, Jan. 25. Funeral to-day, 8:15 A. M. MERZ. Percy. 8 Lewis St.. Newark. Jan. IS. ami 15. , Funeml to-morrow. MITCJIEia- Archibald R., Jersey City. Jsn. ri Funeral o-morrow. MUSSGILLKR. William S.. lit Beach St., Jcrey City. Jan. 28. Funeral t-morra, 2PM REILLY. Mary. 7 Johnson Av.. Newark, Jan. L'6. Funeral to-day. 9 A. M. BACHSE. Elisabeth J., uonievaro, jer sey City. Jan. 27. . SCHMIDT. iwthold, 80 Niagara St.. Newark. Jan. CO. Funeral to-day, 2 P. M. SELZER. llary o Iitn av. rewara. via, - VANbKilMAST. Garrett. 102 South 8th St.. Newark. Jan. 26, aged 4 months. VAN NESS. William. 32 Hecker St.. Newark. Jaa. ;.. - - lng Island. CASEY. I4wrene A.. 597 9h Av., Lang Island City. Jsn. 24. sged ' -DE VOE Elisabeth M , Woodhaven. Jaa. 2. HOAUXAND.-Jsckson. Esst Norwich, Jan. '.'4. aged 96. v Fuperal to-day. ... HAHN. Katherine. 300 9th A., tang IlUns CItv. Jsn. 24. sged 89. ' HANLET. John J.. Bay.lda. Jan. 28. Funeral to-morrow. 10:30 A. SI. trivivifnu J 67 Halsev St.. As- V . v ME If ENHOLDER- Albert P.. Wlnfleld. Jan. 24. sred 14 months. - MO NGC'IJJ. August, Evergreen. Jan. 24. arod 47. - . . P0SP1SHEL.-Mati!ds. 121A Tempi St., A torla. Jan. 24. aged 3a .'.'-,. SAMMIS. Anna Jamaica. Jsn. 28. Funeral aervk-a to-morrow. BOBBINS. Benjamin T.. Northport. Jan. 26, ared S3. Funeral to-morrow. J P. M, EQUIRDES. Eleanor. Wbitestone, Jan. 24. aged 81. ... . SWF.EZY. J. O.. Rlverhead. Jan. 23, ac4 70.: Funeral to-dsy. WRIGHT. James K.. Patchogu. Jan. 28. . Funeral to-day. 2 P. M- 4. . j Westchefcter County. COVODON. V.nillam E.. Yonkers. Jan. 24. HENRY. Abraham U, Jr., 133 Convent Place, Vnnkae. Jan. 24. LINEHAN. Hanorah. 134 Elm 8L, Tenkare. STEWART. Elisabeth A.. Tonkers. Jan. 26, aged 57. Funeral to-day, 2 P. M. COWEN.-Arml. masa St. John's Church. Newark. N. J., to-day. i :30 A. M -FTTZ81 SIMONS. Owen, mas St A!oyslu6 Church, Newark. N. J., to-day, I 1. 51. ' tnrDKHTAXrita. FRANK E. CAMPBELL '41 141-141 CsUfsTraOUBS. THE WOODLAWN CEMETERY tttd By Brlsai Trabi sad tUJL Offlea. to Eaa X3e Saw M. sV - I CEMETERY LOT BROKERS-tf you hav a plot to Mil or If you contemplate buying one ee. us. Falrrhlld Cemstsry Lot Bureau. 702 Fulton St., Brooklyn. PUBLIC SALE Collection late .v-. . in vamin a saiiayara. , KoUc Of Xuaersi beraafiar. V

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