The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 31, 1944
Page 5
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IIONDAV, JULY, si, 1944 CLASSIFIED )VERTISING INFORMATION kjly rat« per line for coweeutire irlious; 'mum Charg* Ho "> P«r line . t ..Ut f Wr UM per d»y ,...Ue •'PM line per d»y to rt»r line per d*y.;...... 7o ~-J> P«r line per <l»y 60 nth per line eoc • ordered ror ttiree or tix time* •topped before expiration will JA&rged for th« number ol timei ltd appeared and adjustment ol | made. I Cflattlfled AdTertWng copy iltted; by persons residing out- ol the city must be accom- Jfd by cash. Rates may be easily united from the above table. Kvertislng ordered for Irregular •rtlons takes the one time rate. lo responsibility will be taken | more than one Incorrect Inser- i ol any classified ad. For Sale |ut!ful 22 ft. House Trailer. ; seen at 701 W. Ash. 7[28-pk-B|l Lrta PeacliesTlI,~A. DefocTNorth pnklln. 7-31-ck-8,>7 ldalre Electric Stove, table~~toi> loclel, with cable. Call 495, Osce- 7(29-i)k-8|l loom residence with bath and •Ith one acre of land, on North Trar.klin. Price $3,500. See I[ C pmptell, Phone 446. V|27-pk-8|3 Iroved SE Missouri farnis7~AU •zes. Don't wait-buy now and |t choice. Wrlte^ your wants. |ardwlck Co., Sikeston, Mo. 7j25-))k-25 |ts commodes and pipe. Arlan's '•nk Yard. Plione 2890. 7|in-pk-8in lacre farm 4 miles east of Bernle, •o. All In cultivation. Good black l n lto>»i sets houses and barns Ii'Kp» i jS i O per acre. Terms. Ver|on Jordan, Bernie, Mo. 1-28-pk-a _ I have no sidelines.— EXCLUSIVE REAL ESTATE I Stiles and service. | H. C. CAMPBELL, Ph. 44G. ';-2G-pk-2C koyal Brunswick pool tables; lui I; equipped. See W. H. Heath, |ho»e C27, Blytheville. 7|26-pk-8120 [fios—battery and electric. Appliance Co. 7-25-ch-25 I cold watermelons, whole or half! luaranteiKl. Shtirpe's Place, Air- ise Road, phone 3157. 712C-pk-8[9 [farm bargains to SoutheasfuHsT burl write or see W. E. C.IJSTAF- |ON, Farm Sales, Clarlrton, Ma. 6-B-pk-8 s bicycle. Call 289G alter 5pm 7|25-ck-l the heat with an all nelal attic fan from I'Jant- |:rs Hardware Co. 7-25-ck-25 For Sale Modern 5 room home, excellent location, built In cabinets; nice yard; perfect condition. Will sell witli or without complete furnishings, cull MI, Sebaugh ut :*:4i or 2460. • 7|29-ck-lf Suburban store building with living quarters. Price $1800-$900 cash, balance 25 months. Possession today. H. c, Campbell, Phone 446. 7-28-pk-4 1 model A Formall tractor; 1 planter; 1 cultivator; l-dlsc harrow; 1 middle buster; l breaking plow. Cnn be seen ivi miles west of Holland. J. L. Austin, Steelc, Mo., Rt. No. l. 7(2«-pk-8!l Fresh milch goat. Sec R, G. Cash, Loy Elch Chevrolet Co. 1i27-pk8[3 FEED—Hay, oats, sweet feed, shorts, poultry and dairy feeds. Custom feed grinding, Blythevllle Grain & Elevator Co. 6-10-ck-tl Registered Hereford bull. Old enough for service. J. C. liuchanan, phone 578 or 3335. 7-7-ck-7 •vw v*nnf*r^r**~ -wvw* For Kent Bedroom, twin beds; men preferred. 622 W. Ash St. 7;31-pk-8!3 Pasture for mules mid horses; plenty of grass, salt and water. $2.00 per head per month. E. B. Brett. Lnxora. 7|28-pk-8|2 Bedroom, convenient to bath. Men only. Plione 209G. 7{29-pk-8j2 Bedroom. 101 E. Sycamore. 7[28-pk-8H Rooms for men. Atkins. 6|30-pk-30 Office In Ingram Building. Inquire •t the Parkhur»t Co. •, 11-30-ck-tt •**f***v*r*~**-^rv~^^,nnrv*r*r~^ *. ~^~-~~ift^r*f Help Wanlei BT 'YOUR PROPERTY with H |. CAMPBELL, 120 S. Second, [hone 44G. We get results. 7-3-pk-4 electric coffee mills; one iced •rink box; one electric drink box; lie counter freezer and hardener. J. L. King, Mnnila. 1j25-pk-8;3 loom house with bath; also, 3 l>om house and water conncc- lons. Mrs. Herb Thompson, 1605 ' Vine St. 7(21-pk-8121 ) lots near American Legion Hut. |ames Cotton, Osceola, Ark. 7-n-ck-tt ktrlc table radios cheaper at The L ad!a Hospital. 204 W. Ash. 7-12-pk-8-12 Ircbred registered Durot hred gilts. Bred to outstanding boars for September Jitters. Prices are reas- bnable. J. C. Buchanan, |fa*n 2 1-2 miles W- on &•. 18. Phone 578 or H335. 7-7-ck-7 1 — • —— fee used A-c Combines; one •racttcally new. Write or call E B : Cotton Co. Phone 2026. 1|l-ck-tf • linen window fan blades. Build Tour own fan. Blythevllle Ma- |hlne Shop. Phone 2828. 6|23-ck-tf .. jlitical [nnouncements i Courier News 6«« been »n_._«d to winounce the following •dldadea, lubjtct to th« Demo- itlc prlmEry to Aiirtut: • STATE RKPRESENTATTfl I ALENE WORD • (for re-election, Post No. S) J W, J. WONDERTJCH •{for re-election, Post No. I)' 1 J. LEE BEARDKN |(for re-election, Post No. S) LUOIEN B. COLEMAN IK. O. "GENE" PLEEMAN .- (Post No. 4) P1WSECOTING ATTORNEY MV1E C. SPENCER MARCUS PI KITS (For Re-election) JAMES C. HALE IIRKSIFF AND COIXXOTOB EtALS JACKSON _ (for re-election) , |W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON COUNTY TREABDBKB K- B. (SKEET) STOUT 'UBS DELLA PURTLB COUNTT JTTDGI ROLAND GREEN (for re-cJectlon) r™wSH, a BLACKWOOD CIRCOIT COURT CLEKK HARVET MORRIS 'For re-election) COUNTS CLKEK T. W. POTTER .(for re-election) MALE INVESTIGATOR-To get personal history Information on individuals in connection with credit and insurance applications. Spare time, fee basis, p. O. Box 912, Little Rock, Ark. 7-31-pk-3 Experienced cooks mi waltnases. Apply Hotel Noble. Id-ck-U Lost ladies -red billfold with wish and .valuable papers. Believed lost in Kress or Ben Franklin store. Finder keep cash and return billfold to Courier News. 7-31-ck-O Wanted to Will pay cash for J10,000 worth of good nsed furnl- tnre. Warle Furniture Co. Will pay 20c per doz. for wire coat bangers. Hudsoc Cleaners. Wanted To Kent Couple desires small apartment or room willi kitchen privileges on west sicie. Calljj630. 1 )|28-i)k-8JI Lost or Strayed Dnrk brown innre mule, bob tail. Charley Bedford, nobinsoi) Addition. 7[29-uk-8]2 'Jobs Wanted General office work, some experience. Live in town and prefer local work. Phone 2900. 7129-]>k8|2 Anonymous Thanks PALL RIVER, Moss. '(UP)— An out-of-town couple found refuge from Hie famed 1B38 hurricane in th e Union hospital. Now they have expressed their gratitude by donating n special $1.500 orthopedic table to (lie hospital, under the sponsorship of Mr. and Mrs. Anonymous. Sare 50% OB TRUSSES Steel and Elastic STEWART'S D r n i S t * r • Main & Lake Phone 2822 Dr. J. L; Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main Spring and Sammer TUNE-UP Sare Gasoline . . . Sare Tires. Get All-roimd Better Performancel T I. SEAY MOTOR CO. D««I«T PirU ft SerMoe Vtl W. Aih Phtm Kit MOVIE HORIZONTAL : 1,5 Pictured ; movie actor 12 Near 13 One (Scot i 14 Verbal 15 High card 16 Born 18 Spain (ab.) 20 Close lo : 22 Toward 23 Negative 25 Donkey 2G Insane 28 Sums up 30 Tunes 32 Measure of areu 33 Accomplish 34 Portal . 36 Month part 39 For 40 Shortening ' 42 Alternating current (ab,) 44 Road (ab.) 45 Kind 47 Several 43 Standard of value 50 Anger 52 International language 53 Tantalum (symbol) 55 Male quadruped 57 Him 50 Spider's nest C2 Mineral rock 64 Long fishes G6 Lieutenant • (ab.) 68 Long Island (ab) 69 70 Ho has appeared in a number of :' ICgyptian :='.;;i god •! Allirmallve '•> Therefore . : 0 Vases 7 South Pacific l>orl t Beast ot burden & Virginia (ab,j 10 Perform 11 New form) 17 Finish 13 Father 21 Incursion. &• 50Ailments 24 Unusual '.IglSI Bxclamationi 27 Let fall ~/'53 Uppermost/i 28 Operatic solos part ". n Male offspring 54 Arrival (ab.) 31 Sad 32 Every 35 Wand 37 Support 5(i Sheltered side 58 Sprite 60 Tree til Twice "- -....f.^.ly. t ^ u| livltC 38 Male sheep ': 03 Dawn (comb, •11 Colorless ' ft form) « Veliicle ' G5 Steamship £ 40 More honest (nb.) -'(r •18 At present ' 6V Palm Illy r* Try our "Own Marie" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Inn WOOD For Sale! BARKSDALE MANUFACTURING CO. 1'hone HOU OLIVER FARM EQUH'MKNT H»lci und Service. HARRISON AUTO J*AKT8 CO. 517 W. Ash 1'houe S If y»» w»nl u M BT.ll BS THB •U t« . Alrin Htrty Fir». Co. E. HD. Refrigeration Service F. W. TATUM Phone 657 We Will Pay Up To CEILING PRICE / For Good, Clean USED CARS Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Phone 578 GOOD HEALTH DESERVES THE BEST WATER; Bad Health Demands It Over five million American Homes have ordered the Famon. AUKJS VAIiBVMINEBAL WATER Fro,n HOT SPUINo" AltrtAr»bAis, It is reliibie—au aid In treatment of Arthritis Rheumatism, Kidney, Bladder, and many Intestinal disorders It stimulates Kidney diminution. For Particulars, Free health booklet. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP •, niyllicvllle, :Ark. Main & Division ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES- GIN AND MILL SUPPLIES AT PRESENT nnr slocks of repair parts are as complete as thiring pre-war times! Put your plants in shape for Fall NOW. WE GIVE SERVICE—call us day, night or Sunday. I fe't'ng * Belt Lacs / Steam Packing * Pi pe Fittings / All Size Pipe * Crane Valves * Gin Saw Files and Gummers Hubbard Hardware Co. Serving BIj'lhcville 25 Years NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your property. Call me f<K check-up without cost or obligation. EATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTUOL GUARANTEED WORK ,«-^ IN E. Kentucky . C 8LANKENSHIP Thane UK DRS. N1ES & NIES OSTEOPATH/C PHYS/C/ANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY CANCER; OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 614 M»I B BlytheTille, Ark. Phone 2»zi FALL TERMS FORlORDlEPAIRS Don'f let your Ford wear out for lack of needed repairs. Make your Ford operate economically for the duration. New For'd Reconditioned Engine The only remedy lo worn cylinders, pistons ami bearings vJl < ,Ii ewSteCrfn9Gecir ' New Painf and Bod y ^pairs. YOUR FORD NOW. USE OUR FALL BUDGET PLAN. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Tel. 453 "The No. 1 Ford Repair Shop" Wafnut at 5th. Ebntr Cnnntnghti VUtCARlZIPG Tire A Tnbe Repair C«tt«n B«lt K.E. * 8. ami. « with Kncler Am. «fcl PRESCRIPTIONS Freiheat Stock Guaranteed B«t Prten Kirby Drag Stores Will Your Car Last Another Three Years! YOUR CAR you HERE'S WHY— In order to produce new cars quickly and savcTivili^ transportation, he first cars will be modifications of the last cms built and not completely now models, • Even when production starts on a big scale, it will toke 3 to 5 years to replace the 6 to 7 imlhon worn-out cars and fill the terrific new demand Since doctors and essential users must come first, rationing will continue! Before there are enough new cars for all, thousands will be walking . . other thousands drmng rambling wrecks. The better cars will be in groat " ° 9 inducomonHtt securi "9 «0'ly delivery of a In view of these facts, whatever it takes to put your car in shape, it will be a good investment. It will assure you of a car until you can get a new one. It will return a good dividend as a "trade-in" on a new model. Any way you look at it, YOU CAN'T LOSE. Investing money in your car now is like putting money in the bank. —LET'S TALK IT OVER Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. Blytheville OPEN DAY & NIGHT Phone 578 Hare Fan & Refrigerator Motor* Cleaned .For Bummer. New Location 1 1 6 N 1 st J. T. (Charlie) Stikup Pb»ne mi or ISM JN J. LOUIS CHERRY NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. Ark. Givu II u Yank, Oooln By V. T. HAML1N "FOJGHT TILL YOj ,.,BUT WE \1MT TO KNOVJ V'HKT Re^Ll-V H^PPENED.' Cl-E^^l,VOURAT/ 1$ALLEVOOP? OF A B'-CODY B«TTLE WITH KING SOLOMON 15y MERRILL BLOSSE1 *HAS HE A 10% iNTEscsr. AND is THIS STUFF REMuy GOLD, OR AM I BEING fl FGUCES HE'S ENTITLED TO A INTllE GOLD MINE '' 50 HE'S GIVEfO THE NUGSET TO .BAk'EC AMD '^-^T 1 - <( ^_ —^ _ ' -: i-7: 1 ^. FURTHER WITH HIM, PLEASE, ADVISE Mf COMCEKHING By FRED HARMAJH Wzw^Ml SORRY, COWBOY, BUT \^^~ ^^ (NQ T: ) ^faw!£?3^»^^ WASH TUBBS BY LESLIE TURNER ' HERE THEV ARE .COLONEL THEACE. fftOM ... TOWeR...OVfc5 CLEARED TO WSSIMHEE AT JlWJEE TRAffliT ZOOC?FEET..,/PATTERH.,U<c NEW GUINEA f LOOKS LIKE TO FLORIDA IN /THE AIRPLANE 59 HOURS i / IS HERE TO HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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