The New York Times from New York, New York on November 28, 1916 · Page 24
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 24

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1916
Page 24
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B B 1 21 THE NEW YORK TIMES. TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 28. 1010. FROM HER SICK BED PLANS NEW FLIGHTS Mrs.' Pierce, in a Plaster Cast, Gives Orders to Have Her . . t Aeroplane Ready. TELLS OF FALLING 800 FEET Avlatrlce Says It Wat 'Very Funny Whin She and Sparry Went , - Into the Water Off Babylon. Although aha fell 800 feat In a hydroaeroplane nd was hold fast for mora then a minute la mud and wreckage even feet under water, and suffered a fracture of the pel vie and other Injuries. Mrs. Waldo Pierce, daughter of Mrs. Isaac U Rice, donor of the l.0OO.-OU fund for the. Isaao I. Rloa Hospital for Convalescents, haa no Intention of , giving up flying. On the contrary, aha asserted at her home at the Ansonia Hotel yesterday . that aviation waa tha finest and aafeat aport of which aha knew, and that aba would be extremely sorry if her mishap ahould discourage any of her friend from taking up flying. . Mra. Fierce la tha daughter of tha lata Piesldent of tha Electric Boat Company, who made millions of dollars In submarines. Her husband haa been for several months with tfce American Ambulance Corps in Franca. She and Lawrence B. 8 perry. Inventor f the H perry automatic stabiliser for aeroplanes, were testing his .hydroaeroplane on laat Wedneeday when the breaking of a guide wire plunged them bite the water a half mile from the entrance to Mud Creek off Babylon. They bad been flying for nearly an hour, and had ' traveled from Amity villa to Babylon before the accident happened. It waa announced at that lime that either Mra. Pleree nor Mr. S perry had been badly Injured, and the gravity of her condition we . not made public until yesterday. " We didn't- want to- alarm my another." said Mra. Pierce, "and so we told her that Mr. Sparry and I had only auffared a wetting. 1 waa afraid aha might not want me to fly again, and X would not want to give up aviation under any circumstances. It is the fines; aport of, which I know and tha safesfT:T3m"T you think eoT" Mra. Pleree smiled ' at thin notwithstanding the fact that aha waa suffer. Ing great pain and could 'not move her Body tor the plaster cat that encased - LOST AND FOUND. Lr.ttT Ob ath A. exoreee train, southbound, Im.Idi S4th X K At.. No. XI. a tan We her wallet. 'routali.lra a number of bust. r.t letters, BiMrt ul to the undersigned; tyndmr viu Hcun ulMuili rewanl by re- i .mint te er seUfytng Ksbcrt Mexbam. 120 Itmaawaf. 'ImTT pim return te Mrs. rraderlck kVk ei.ln. 123 JCaet 47th 8U. the alacB areas auuraae. rontalnlnr wearing aprerel. taken from tje BIT morning train from Oyster Bay, lvnnsvtranta Station, Luna Island platform, ar. it: tli reward no auestkm asked. 1AJT Platinum and oUl link bracelet, with ! flva diamoaiia, Frliiay raorninr. between T West lTute at. and 4 West moth 8u; Choral reward; no question asked, . Tele-Shene Audubon Apartment TA. loaT bli mead and 'sapphire bar pin. be-twm Eastern Parkway. Brooklyn, and Ma !t. Theatre. New York; reward. Charles l Gilbert. Noatraad A. and Su John's lke. Brooklyn. irurr riidar. Nov. 24. en Madison At.. I teem M and 14 Cast eotn 8t.. pearl and lltBMsd pin set la platinum. Beward re-e.ra te Mrs. It. CBrlsce, 14 East auth 8U. t a-T T n ImiKiv ult rase, frem train No. a nlatfurm. Urmiid Central. Nov. 14. marked with owner's name; reward If returned in tact te Kenneth U Allen. l.WO Euclid At.. Cleveland. LOttTHudaoa seal muff, Saturday evenirui between Criterion Theatre and Savor Hotel, probably In tas); reward on return to Van- ear bill Hotel, ttoora LOST-old and pli eapithlre aetttne, in Stem Brothers' mlaaea' department. Reward If returned te Miss Een. 6T West Tftth. lxST Near 2d 81. Leilnctun Av' Satur day moraina, small pearl sod diamond bar, reward V returned to Mrs. Adrtaa Lambert. 1S East 7 1st. VoeT Friday - evenlna. blue silk bee. eon' taln.ns small amount money, which finder Sn.y ksa. Return reel of contents to Mrs. AC. UK blltmore UeteL iiOerp Leee embroidered pillow dip, between 21 Eaat 4eth; 40h. and at At. and at At. sn, 4ntu HI.; liberal reward. AM. 1-B, 19 IN. AT, T XXMrr Oold cigarette ease; name sad ad dress Inside. Return te Room 622. roadway, for liberal reward. LOST Diamond bar pin. t-Hb, bth At., ar awn. eetwwan 4 at. ana uroedwari re ward. H. K., 14& East SSth. . 1T Dldmona platlnnm pin, Llnrela Square Theatre or .Uroadway; reward. ckuyler 0T?a , XXT.' Kappa Blrma Fraternity pin at Pole urounde Saturday; reward. Box a, Sai antra, N. T. VOBTT Satarday. 121st St, shopping district and Jeresy city, aold bar pin. sappnire, Ulat Bu earls; reward. Burke, 42u west I.C9T,-Monday. Forty-flfth. near Madison. Fsralaa lamb collar; return ; Fifty-third Street; reward.-' te 94 East LbtrrwBrewn pointed fo muff. In Cort The atre bateony yesterday arternooo; reward. C. B. B.. 114 West mn. . - . ... LOST Sable fur nerkpieee. Satardar nlaht. m Honors or usirab; reward if returned. 1 West JOth St., Apartment L . LOST. Usdsaa saal muff. taat. Saturday olaht. 11 u; return lid Carnegie Hall; re- watd. LOST Muff, Friday evenlna, taxleab; gist to 124th; S3 reward. West Blst, LOST niack fo load er subw.7; heekplece. rather worn reward.. 24S West 103d. LOST-4 1 40, Monday. Liberal reward. aeL 111 West End A v. ... . Wen. err Fwa for aerkpleee. Bnd At. Mrs. 8.ala. Beward, 824 Wast ' - - MfXK MCFF. If parry who took name by mistake will rat urn it te ehoe at corner ath At. and Stith Bu ana will recetTo a toward of (Zt and tiaokp ef owner, who Taluee same as a gift from bar deceased mother. REWARD Pansy pin. with diamond, an route Grand Central from Jeraey; oentl piental value. Berrtck Law Departmant, Municipal jtuuoingM , .- V. REWARD ITR stETTRK OF PIAMOND . AND yVATlSVU BROOCH. WITH WHITE i PEARL IN CENTRE. I-OST MONDAY KVE-N1NC1. KOV. 20. Ul. BETWEEN HOTEL PLAZA AMD HARRIS! THEATRE. NO QrECTIONS AeKED, CALL BETWEEN 1 AND 11 P. M. J. L. RIDUELL. HOTEL. PLAZA. Kfc. WARD. Heart -aha pad pearl and diamond pin; en 3th A v., batwaca awth and tad 81 Pbena columbua esoa. B30 REWARD for raturn of diamond and sapphire butterfly brooch lost Polo Uraunds Saturday. Lost Articles. Hotel McAlpU. . Loot aad Feewd. rU aad Oea. LOST Irish terrier, about t years old; no collar; very roues nair. Howard It i turned to C N. Buss. Jr.. Weatbnry. L. I. LOST Chow Chow. Red.) rather short tall 10 months -eld. Jt East eVUu 'Pbou It from ' waist to ankles. She bad 1 a targe bruise on her forehead and her left hand waa swathed In a bandage. ' I've also got something- tha matter with my knee." aha aald. "t had , a pretty trying time for the .rolnut I waa under water. ' and o did poor. Mr. P perry. worked 'desperately to free myself from the wreckage- and- tha mud, and when I finally did so and came to tha surface Mr. 8 perry waa Juat coming up on the other aide. . It waa, really Very funny." - ine nycroaeropiane in which Mra. Pierce was flylne- had dual controls, and ahe and Mr- Sperry were altting alda by aide. The craft waa known to be " nose heavy," but they decided to take It out anyway. Mra. Pleree le a skillful avia-trlre, and earned her pilot's license seV, eral months ago. . Mr. b perry waa - re-cently chosen aa one' of the' reserve aviatora of the United States Govern ment, and between them they felt they could handle tha machine notwithstanding its defects. ..--.. "It la one thing to-go aucceaafully through the air as did Mlaa Law and an entirely different experience to fall." Mrs. Pierce continued. " Although, to tell tha exact truth, I ''did not realise t first that wa were falllnc. Mr. P perry la In the habit of doing ' stunts ' in the air, and I thought be waa merely dipping the machine. By tha time realised tnar truth we were under the water. I learned later that the trouble re sulted from tha breaking of one of the control wlree. Wa shot into the water at terrific speed., and Mr, was fortunate for ua that tha aeroplane plunged Into the' mud noae first, because this tire-vented the heavy motor, weighing about i"a pounds, from comlnr down on top of us. If it had wa would not be alive nowj The motor was attached to the framework Just above the seats, but aa the plane tipped It aent the motor paat -our heads instead, of . down, on top of them. - I had on a lone: f'tr eoet.nver m' aviation suit, and thla 6t .wet .and adied to my troubles. Mv feet were caught in the , wreckage and I had -to f aht bard to free mvself. The bottom of the hydroaeroplane came out aa we piunsrd into the mud, and . we . found ouraeivea In a bad way. It seemed to ma hours.' but I suponee- It waa about a minute and a half before I hsd freed mvaeif. and then I came to tha surface. A part of the plane waa above vater, which was only aeven feet deep mere, and I he'd wi to that until we were rescued. So did Mr. Sperry, .who wa also lJurd.- - - . Th spot where- the hydroaeroplane fH waa ahut a l'e and half from ahore, and Mra. Pierce and Sperry were rescued by duck hunters after they had rlung to, the .wrecked plane for nealy thlrt" minutes. Notwithstanding her In juries end her long etnv in- the Jv weter. Mra. Pierce : retained he con-sciousneas and courage), r She and fne-rv were removed to. the hospital at BAnt-lon. from where ahe waa transferred to her home in the Anaonta. The first -thine- ahe asked me after rettine; nomavu whether I would permit her to keen on flying." said Mrs. B lea. her mother, to a reporter. "How she ran feel that way-about It In her oniiuon ta beyond me. Mrs. Pierce has her own aeronlane at rra. and ahe irave inatrnctiona to If. it., iloodmin, her chief mechanician. yesterday to see that It was In ahane for uae as aoon aa eh had recoered from het Injuries. , Thla, however, will bt be for many weeks,, according to H doctor,' ., '. MILE. PAYLOWA IN DANCES. - - - ' - HerVu mbers In Place of " Sleeping Beauty Ballet at Hippodrome A prcWram of dancea waa substituted by AnnaPavlowa and her corps de bal let, for the ballet of "The Bleeping Beauty yesterday In tha Hippodrome ahow.v This waa - the ballet ortglnaly produced ar the beginning of the aea- son with settings and costumes from designs by Leon Bakst. and gradually condensed Until, when It waa withdrawn. It took but part -of the time occupied at tha original performance. For vari -ua reasons Hippodrome audiencea evinced but the mildest interest In the ballet, and this, coupled with many re quest . for some of the dances made fa mous by the artiste, led to the change. Ho the genreeoua tranplnea of HasKt save way yesterday to simple velvet draperies oerore wnicn tne new pro-trim wss clven. Mile. Pa vlowa' ntim- here were Kreisler a " Draaon Fly dance, t-er own Oavotte, danced wltti A. Vollnlne to the strains of I.lncke's popnlar at-ng .The Glow Worm, and ' Ole." danced to music from Blxet'e " Carmen. The first two nurobera are familiar to pavlowa'a admirer, while the Inst Is an elaboration of tha dance before tha bull rinir. which ahw cave last season in the Boston Opera CortV pany s performance or the opera, rne nreaence of her company in Hp blah costumes f urslshed tha requisite atmos phere, i , - . . In addition to these numbers given bv the premiere danseuae. the corps de ballet danced 1evandowaki'B Polish dance " Obertass " and Massenet s Faridanao. while other soloists cava Dtigo's Polka Ptsxiuato -and Bixet's " Farandola." The whole group of dancea constitute only eighteen minutes of Jae entertainment. MRS. SANGER WANTS A JURY. . . -, i. . . ' Application with That Object Defers Her Trial Hi Brooklyn. A new move was made yesterday In the case of Mrs. Margaret Sanger, who has bean twice arrested for operating a birth control clinic At 44 Amboy Street. Brooklyn, when her counsel, Jonah J. Goldxteln, appeared before Suatk. Kelby in the Supreme Court and made an ap plication to have the matter, taken from tha Juriadlctlon of the Court of Special Sessions and submitted to a gr..d Jury, o that hla client might be assured tt a trial by Jury' In the event of an Indictment - Justice Kelby reserved decision. Mrs. Sanger, her sister, Mrs, KUiel Byrne, and an $ assistant,, Mlaa Fannie Mlndell were to have been tried yesterday aa a result of the first police raid, on rharren of violating Section 1142 of the Penal Code, in having distributed lit-eratare concerning birth control. Tha Justices of Special Sessions, however, agreed to postpone the trial until Justice Kelby had made a decision. .Mra. Sanger was also- called for . trial yesterday In Special Seaslona on the charge of maintaining;, a- public nuisance, which was made against her at the time Of her second arrest, Through counsel she entered a plea of not guilty, and Justices 'Mc Inemy. Collins and Oarvln set Monday, Dec 4, as the date for trial. - Downtown business men will iind our Victrola Stdre a great convenienc Victrblas $15 to $350 ' 'Complete catalogue .records. Ten demonstration booths! TERMS TO SUT Music Cs 29dhnSt. NeuA&rk sTBsif5-Puiies,aLa KaPsudMHttrbaKli: (la"- DAYAHZATI ART SALE NOW NEAR $1,000,000 Francia's "Madonna with Child and Saints" Brings $41,000 62 Pictures. $200,190: TWO TITIANS FOR $50,000 Each,, Brings Its Reserve f ries at First Bid Mrs BenJ. Thaw ' Pays '$1,1 00 for a 01 Pletro. The big Dayanaati Falace sale came a good step nearer the minion mark at the Plata last evening ' when sixty-two pictures brought $300,190 That brtnga the amount of the aale to late to $393,014. Tomorrow ' at the American Art - GeJieriee ..the llnena and . other varied and Interesting things will co In tha final sale with a chance to make up the reat of the . million. There waa : av large - and InteresteJ audience at the Plata, last evening, an unusually big gathering for a collection of primitives, for it is, aa a rule, the pictures by modern artists that brli.g the crowds. The Interesting ' moments of the evening came when the pictures Were sold un which reserve prices had been set. One of these was the Francla. ' Madonna with Child and Saints.". No. 1.018, a panel, with value $45,000. but with a reserve pries of $15,OijO. It waa from Professor Volpl'a Villa Pla at Florence and brought the price for which it was held and, soared far above It, and was finally, after having climbed Sl.OtO at a bio. knocked down, to the Ehrich Galleries for 4i, wuu. Tltlaaa Bring .Thrill lata Sale. The two Tltlaaa. Mos. 1.042 and 1.043. which were the last numbera, brought another thrill Into the aale. They arere canvases, companion plcturea, " Portrait of a Venetian Lady " and La-vlnla. Daughter of Titian.' Thomas E. Kirby, from his auctioneer' a dealt, made a little apeech about them. ' ! Thesej . pictures hava never been doubted in Florence," be aald. " They were always considered to be Tltlana. The hlgheat authority In Florence pronounced them the work of that artist. It . waa not ..until thla. aaroe authority had made an-offer te purchase the plc turea, had been refused, and they were brought to America that he changed hla mind. V " The reserve price on the pictures Is 123,000. They will be put up at that orlCc. They will not be sold for leee. If they are not' sold Proteasor Voipl win take them back to Italy, and they will be preaented to . a museum. The plcturea will 1-e put up together and sold lor not lesa than $2S.U00 each, one with the privilege of both." - . There was elleooe for severaj second as Mr. Klrby ceased .speaking. It looked aa If the pictures were going to be returned to Italy. f t2.000., aald Otto BerneL Mr. Klrby's assistant. There was another allenca while the audience waited. " One or both I aaked Mr. Kirby. " Both." aald Mr. Bernet. The audience drew a long breath of relief. Tha r.ictures were to stay in this country. They will also remain in New Tork. The name of the buyer was not riven last evening, but it was said that lie waa a New York man who Is building up a fine art collection. The- two Titian, are similar pictures. In eaeh is a plump damsel hold in a; aloft a trencher of food. There were few private names given among the buyers. Mrs. Benjamin Thaw nald il.100 for a panel. " Madonna and Child." by Sirio dl Pletro. The Rhode Island School of Design made a number of purchases. The Pfetvuwe a4 Prieew. following la a list of the pictures, with tha names of artists buyers, and prioae 1, o Portrait at a Venetian Lady, . (CanTssl Tislaaa Veoalil. tTklaaJ Bernet 28.000 1.4S Lavinla. Dauanter uahter of Titian. Bernet. Agent.... 2S.0db By special pernnieloa or the association a reaerre pHo has been placed by Professor Volpl on tbsae paintiae. 1 on Tobias and the Ancel. tPanel) Primitive School of Siena: O. K. Stetson v ,. Tat Hauling Smith Fonn-dr-Truck has aaKxxnpCshed in a few months what hundreds of manufac-i turers have been trying to do for ten years. It has placed hanlins; on a definite econo- my basis established the lowest tcra-mie hanjliiit; cost ever obtained by any form of service. It has been found equally adaptable to every .'line of hauling and delivery work, rancirig from the service demanded by the smallest users to that demanded by the biggest contractors, rnannfac-tuf eis and stores in the country. The Smith Form- a -Truck Attachment combines with any Ford to make a one-ton track. -Big, new manufacturing developments now adapt it equally well to the power plants of the Buick, Dodge, Maxwell, Overland and Chevrolet cars. Attachments adjustable to an even greater list of power plants will follow. Smith Form-a-Truck is being bought by thousands of users whose requirements call for but one or s few units, and by . big business concerns whose orders include entire fleets. Smith Form-awTrucks are in the service of Cudahy, Armour, Standard Oil, Indian Refining Co., Montgomery Ward, Schlitz Brewing.Morrisoj Co., Fleischmann Yeast, Smith Iform-a-TIruck Co. 1470 Michigan Boulevard. Chicago, U.S. A, SMITH FORM-A-TRUCK SALES CO., INC, 245 W. 55th St., New York City. Phone Circle 3 SO .'JU Chancel Croaa. ( Wood rrtaal-mi genoul of Klorenre; Mrs. '. . La a'O 1.04 Saint Paul (PanelH-PrtmlUve School of Tuarany; a BourcanU. ... . l.Oio 1.041 Mt. AntbonT. I KMnflK Aretlno: R. 1. thhool Lwatan 0,100 1.034 Triptych (panel) Bernardo I-ad'll: Kllnbmrr uaia. i n l.OOi- Ma-tenna and Child panel Primitive School of r lornc. ". M. Wool lay t.OOe 1.03 Incredulltv of Ht. Thoma. ' pan- el I.ora HlsnorelU : O. K. Swaw. . 1"0 l.o: Madonna and Child pearif- School of tSlatto: Klelnhcraar Oal... l.e l.ocil Bacchanalian fV-ri icsartii- Fran-Mr : Pnwt. aaeot.... jw l.OS'--The A. location of tn Mast can- va El Orcco: S-azuaa. mmiI. era !.OV-Tort rait of Auaustlna Lomeill- nj. Icanvaat Anthony aa Dyrb: Warwick House ' 4 100 1.017 i'ortralt of a Falnt.r. (canTa.l Fra V It tore Ohlalandl. (Tra Pae-lotto: Warwtrh Haw. 1.000 LOSS Football In rporanee. (canvas.) Hronslno; Bernet. Arrnt. sow 1.03B La Bella. Icanvaa) Parta IVir- done Bernet. A sent k . . . . J, Madonna and Child, fpaeelt tchool of U lotto; Bemat sceat i l.OTV-Madonna and Child. (poaU primitive Sohool ef riortnre: Kletn- barser Oallanaa l.OflO 1.024 A Cruel fl Ion. penet gcheel of Giotto: T. Itrnmmer l.BOe l.2i Madonna and Child. (penelV Ha no dl Pletro: Mrs. nnjam:n tnew. i.ivw 1014 Madonna with Child and Saints Panel rranc.aro ftalbatUil ( Francis I : Eh rich Usllery 41000 lOtaKplaede In the Life Of St. Mlrhaei Burftindtan Srhool ; Kl.ln- herrrr Gallerlea 4TS 10-0 Episode In the Ufa of St. Michael Buraundtan School : K Win- be rr-r Galleries J00 1021 Kt. Michael the ArchaSKel inan.D II Uuarlenlo-. A. Kiiia.iri Porter 4J3 By Dedal pormlaatAn of the aaaoclatlow a reserve price baa been placed by Prof mar voipl on this painting 1 014 Portrait af a Man (canvas) Darto Varotaii: Warwick Houeo TTS LOt. PortniH of the Abbot Ueaaral (Ircworio Barbartao Jwcooo Ponte. (11 Baasano;) U. I. Jonee fjo LOIS Portrait of a Venetian Aaibe- mmAnr I na n V.IUju-Ma Pnflta ill Baasano:) R. Edarbelmer TZ3 I mt.U.ri.nn. anil Chilli I nana 1 1 Rot. tlcelll: Keaman. a cent T.tVJ 1.010 (Carved and painted aroodV PtimltlTa School of Florance Trla- tTch: Klelnberar Callertes I.OOO 1,011 Tha Annuiielstlon ito leave, of a wooden tabernacle) Domenlco Blrordl (tihlrlandalo:) M or d leal Ben- aulat SOS (tl Madonna an.l CM Id inooell 3ano dl Pl-tro- Seaman, a cart 1.000 LOIS Portrait of Corolus de Mallery icanv.ei tor Paul Kubeaa; War- -wick Houae d.l 1 OOe portrait of a Man Marco Ba- ttl: K. i. Sc hool I tain e.0Jaj 1.007 Portrait of a Young Man. (canvas) Glrolamo Homanl. (11 Komau- lno.) Mrs. C. 8. Lee 1.3 LOON Portrait of Aurello Onltb. . (oanel:) Jacooo Palma. (II Veechlo:! Bernet. aent 3.S00 l.OOb A Mxalied Ball In Vanfc a. (can- vaa Franreaoo Guard): Bernet. arant ll. IflBti Madonna and Child, (panel.) Bernardino, dl Betto. (Plnturtrchlo:) Rhode Island School of Design a.;00 1.0U3 Drpoaltlon from tha Croaa, Inaftel I ?.iihl H rn.4 - 1 Unk.r.M Oa Merle. '. a. TOO L.0O4 I art rait of Hlmae.f. ironvaa) Baldaaaare Perussl ; Warwick llouw, S.400 I.OOO-Portrait of Remrfrmndl (ran. vms. Ferdinand Bol; H-rnet. stent.. 1.000 W An Incident In tbs Life ef urtat. (panel) tkumenlco Theotocopull. (Kl Oreco;) Ehrtrh Uallerlas I 900 The Annunciation, inanol) Iido- vlco ( at coll do: Bernet, .rent &23 L0OO Madonna. Child Chrtat. and Anal, (panelr Nlccolo Rond-.nelll: i. E. Aid red 1.0M 1.001 A Cruel flslon. (panel) Primitive School of Florence. A. Klnaler Porter 8&e 904 Chriat Beartna the Croaa. (canvas mountad on panel) Attributed -to Pranresoo Halbotlnl. (Francla.) L L. Jones I 80S Salome with the Head of John the baptist, (panel) Domenlco t am- t-aino.a. U. K.. tetaon ST& WdThe Nativity of tba Vlraln. (paper) Jacopo Caru"-"-!. (Jacopo da footer rao.) Seaman, ateet - Iti OPT The Nativity of the Virata, (wood)-Jaeono Carucrt. (Jacooe da Poetormn.) Heaman. asent I.OOO K0 Resurrection of Christ, (panel) Andrea Prevttall: Rhode Island Hchewi af Deetsw. . 123 Wl Madonna and ChlM. ( panel V Tommase dl Olstofore Fins. (Maae- llno da Pan lea la :) A. Klns'ley Porter Trj swz Madonna and Child, ipaneii 'ien-tlle MaaL lOentlla da Fabrlano.V Klelnbersrr Oallerieo 4.T0S tax Ecc Homo. I oanel ntra Boot. . Warwick Houae ?T BH 1-ortralt of Glrolamo ravoi.arla - Fra Flartolommeo; ltrens. ac-nt ... OS a, Head of Dante Aliehlerl ipanol)- School of Giotto ". A. flcke TV, !w Studv of a Man a Head (raava.i Glambattlata Tlepolo. Bernet. 1. 100 fSO 8tudv of a Woman a Head csn-vaa OlambattUta Tlei-olr. Berawt. a (ant t.000 A3 -Portion of an Altarptece panel) - Luca SlsnorolU; W 0. Greenln.... 100 BM Portrait of a Teini La ly. t cooper VU Guttent-nnn: It Y. Holly.. 1 BAe portrait of a Tauaf Cardinal, (caaraak Schaot of Valaaouea: I- 1 Jones kli aa Madonna and Child, (wood a4at-ter Primitive Reboot of Flofeace: Beraet. A sent STB Mo Painted Cross. f woodr-Tuaraa 8cnnl: A. Klnsaley Porter Sin BS1 Portion of aa Altarr-taro Luca Slanoralll: W. S. Oreonlaa- ISO In the audience, among others, were Mr and Mrs. Benjamin Tr aw. Mr. and Mrs. Much Murray, torte tlrey Bar nard. Mr. and Mra. F. K. Lane. Mr and Mra Frederick Lewlsohn and David Costs Placed on Definite Economy Basis rielasco. The aale will be recludet thla afternoon at the American Art Oal-lertes. Aftei There not aa targe a total for the sixth aftemoeo sale of the Da t ansa 1 1 Palaca oolerctloa at the American Art Galleries yesterday afternoon. gTT.- 29 L, but a number of (he Individual ' sales ran up into four flgwea. The grand total reached 977 34. The M'nneepnile Mueeum and the Ilhode Island fW-hool : of Deelg-n were pure has era A buyer. giving the name of Will lama).- Can. and the Iniveena were amoag thee pay ing the higher price. . The beat price of (he day. $1,700, waa paid by Williams for a els. teen cwrttsry Florentine cabinet. Inlaid with walnut. It waa feet 2 Inches ajgb, and 2 f-ed B Inches wide. la the Inlay af the appc part a as a Latla . Insert ptlen. Is Roman letters, which translated read : By virtue yoej wfU avoevjorne tha envloua.." This urrper part bad a fall- down front, the Interior fitted with inany drawers, while tha eower pert waa a cupboard With two hinged doors with sunken panels Inlaid wtth panels ef ratle. Thla waa number are ef I he rat ale. cue and ahould have been sold Wednesday, the second day of the sale. hot It had not reached New Tork froca Italy. A sixteenth, oantury broaaa Inkatandl supported on a tripod by three wlnaad angel caryatides. al Inches high by 7 in diameter, bearing the arms of the MedM family, went to C. H Canaaw for S2.3TO: Wllllame paid tlJOnO for a sliteecth century Venetian bronse Ink stand, tha tripod for mod of standing esglea with outstretched ' ' wtnga. 4 inches high br TV. broad : to the Iu veen went a fourteenth century wrouc bt troa Ita'lan candle rind. 0SH laches high, and another e1 m 11 e r eao. ' 64 u Incnee high., went .to Williams for 11.110. A fourteenth century Italian fire guard. '0 Inches high, af rectangular ahap. the aide atandards with vrrourht Iron Illy . leaves and pistils, terminating with basket cagea with hooks for holding cooking utensils, went to Mma Paul for sz.ia- Anotner buyer, jprtrag tne name of Mme. Kellar. paid fl.OOM for a fif teenth century Italian Iron cauldron or braaier. IH Inohea high by 23 la diameter. .The Minneapolis Muasrom paid TT0 for a sixteenth century blue Venetian glass gnblet ; SMO for a Muratva btavn. clear white alas, circular dtah r S-4) for a aeventeenth century "Mdfano blown, greenish white glass Oocenter, pear-shaped, and 1K for a blown, clear white gtane oil lamp. The Khode Island School of Design paid aUSO foe a fourteenth century Italian lamp bolder, a wrought Iron wall bracket, with a support decorated with fleur da Us Venetian t aadleetlcks for tTza. : Among other thlrura bringing the higher prksea of the aala ware a pair of Venetian bronse caJtdleetlcka, i Inchaa high, which went to Can rasa for ST30; Williams paid 1410 f r a fifteenth century Frendi candelabrum. 104 Incbea high; 8. BrOmmer gave lt) for a four, teenth century Italian enameled and brrmte reliquary, with a cut rock crista! holder, 111 Inches high, and a sixteenth century Italian pitcher. 11 Inches hlgX with deorntkono in repousse work . . of flshea end fleur Oe lis. went to WUIlama for MSO. Mma. Kellar pa d tVk) tor a pair "f seventeenth century Italian bronse candleetirka. IfH, tnohoe h-cH. and HVI foy two f'KjrteeMh century Ftorewtrno candle hc-tders, 1' Incbea high; auo for a fifteenth century Italian fire cuwrd. and gn-js for a Florentine Iran basin stand, with a copper basin showing the Bible el-try ef tf-e Uptee. the banch of grape tn repouasd erk. A ll-l gal nixteentb century wrought Iron Italian chandelier wont ta J. K Johns for t-VX) ; tha iMiveena paid 1473 for a fourteenth century Vareetttae troa torch holder; Wl'.l ame gava gauo fur a flfteeath century Italian Iron fire ruard of gate form, and te the same buyer, for ITM. went a fifteenth cenlary Italian Iron ws.hatsjvl. aja Incheo high, with basin 30 Inches ta dtame-ter. deep, and Jar IT Inrhee) higw. The basin and fountain were af copper. An Interesting fifteenth century Italian v-ito tree af amachl Iron, with bmncheo and learea. JO' Inches high, arwnt to A. Hudert. agenL f"r J-TA A rata Is a ne-alllofi portrait, generally la was. realtatlcalTy evlorea. proasatod te hrine In anenvery of ec-rno one deBarted rarh branch of the tree had a hook for hsngirig rot o A flftennth century Ima trtsmd haata support B ten went to Rud.rt. aaeat. foe f7W A fMireenth rentary woturht Iron Italian candle balder, la feeaa 0f v.u bracket, aurmeuaied by a prick rt and wtth a dfipnrng plate, weat le J K. Johns for ItaU The Ufsis-4 figure ef KL JUhastUa a tall nude flgur- la wood: -a Voreneos painted .rood etatue bv Klaaa. and aa. of his masterreeve'e. ereat In SoareaB agent, for T1. H1j le the ec-jlMor of the fameua statute of Adam and Tve at the entranca to th ftucauV Palaee In Venice, oa the Giant's Ht.irv.r a tfteonrh centarv riorayitlna walmit cab met tabU went to K. Jasnee) for adTj U. S. Mall contractors, and many other nationally known concerns demand ing maximum service and proved economy. For local contractors, department stores, grocers, provision stores, dairymen.- and the farmer, single Smith . Fonn-a -Truck units are performing their work In from one-third to one-quarter of the time required by horses and at a coat of about one-third as much. The first Smith Forro-a-Truck ever sold , has already covered 1 8,000 miles at a' total cost of $8.00 repairs, and is still ranling an average load of 2200 pounds in dairy service, totaling from forty to fifty mQea. The demand for Smith Form-Track has exceeded that for any other, form of motor deb very vehicles. . Sales have always exceeded production capacity, despite tremendous factory facilities and every con The Smith Form-a-Trock Company now ranks as one of the biggest and best motor truck manufacturers in the world. Arrangements have been completed for doubling our present big factory. 30,000 Smith Fprm-av-Trucks wiU be the production limit for- next year, and even this tremendous production will be too small. The Folly of Personal Bonds gslPaal Wit m r tbsy-f Ita4j y wm I finest f f sjsajf t-ejsaf t weia e ( . S t- tasis Ifaa4 M gf MMlIf i i $ raafs few arajrapt f r sj ssj a a r A p-as-s sjet rer fajjaaia lea t pm rJ tea-, .4 aaaa raaaejhBitV lea ja frnf trmmt mm tlel tsSaaajaaT . aar tbass T easjj csffteae tat f laest sjsjj pmm m4 mi issaawsae f w fm Xmrm iMtesmaj T"rej f eaaw Bawea sag. 4 ejaf ameytJt4T Wajgej f vaaa a mm i a t f raaraa 4 ii i la f ajsr twU.ty fa i as. asws mt 4 lm) III C44 American llSurety T..l- 100 Broadway a sxn Tat Me l.aa BUSCH URGES TEMPERANCE- Brewer Sue, gears Means to atop tas Prahlbltlen M.vtm.nL 8T. UlUIS. Nov n-Augyat , Buacb. preaedent and rt.lef oa of Ahheveer-Busrh Itreenng A e -iat wn hes outlined his plans to rhevk the pe hlb4Uon mo-t emenl. wnlch reultel la a anore Stalee gotng "' dry " at te ree..i elettlon. lie predicts that the petit. ten snoveeneni will lawd le t.'-a eetahv Itehmenl here ihe tie-man ulona ay- ( Im, where tbe aaloone aell uetly Vaw. . light wine, and traipertftr. d tnaa end I there are no tars aid tve iteotlag Mr. Uueb I plana for recvtlatit.a; pres. ent rondl lions n u It l-etrar a the , prohlbtteoei awnllrwaol were rn in fnaan tat eusgeatlona Theoe wave tKat aau j author! Ilea non a I Ne esctaje law. wb great otrrtnoas. that th hrewere o i Of e rate with the Male eutrxwlttee te b-wt I every saloon keeta-r ami of buein is ohe doos not Obey the alrtct letter of the I else laws, thai dr.nking to eiieee bo 1 dsoouraaed by the abuti-a of ail Heating in aalwrta. tksl hers be ab4laaed la saloons and patrons bo er w-d oruy al tabeaav. and that the Oenian uke .) lean be establiahed throughout the nwa. Ta re.enlsii with hla .uee.tve... Mr. Itaech haa asked Fre-lewh I-Uardner. ore--elect of M.eatwrt. I appoint an Kirtee I'amm la. fwttrr wt.o W'.U ebforto tre etrtae taere to tne le-tter The brewer Is now making a drir.a ran-talnlng leee I baa oeto-ejuartee of I lr cent, ef alcorenl and la er e. 1 1 r. i; . UO.ian pla at In St. Louis f-ar Its mane factum. If pmhlbitaoa futned IS AnJwer-Baach Itrewlne Aeeurtatloe) to r mi f buslneaa, Mr. Iiuorii aald. tho ! ! plaat of the eesawUitnn la St laie would be aaod fr Mlwt ?r an 3 fat jr!n( wurpo.e. eviS feel ed that it arlM be made ever Inte a munition fctoc Into one ef IK larxeet rnaal M' S I r a plants la the wreVd HIS JOB TO RUSH THE MAILS. LaMfh Valley rtailroaa) Namee Hae-ran ta Head New Deparienaai. The Lehigh Valley Railroad aa-nouace-d y vo tarda y the ri f i ; post of superalerer ef ana J IraffV w-raeat of the not a las growth of IN rttxe along ta line end the reei jent a-panalon of letr tnatl traffv ' a.' rood ana aa s rae. t has dWn-d tt oe, a aa ry le rrnale a det-artmeet a -e- . - tire time rould te oeinted ta nen f pfasnpt and efftreent haaallirs af I Ml. -4 I St a tee snail thfe-iash tha ter..t. tar.. 4 br the lehl(k lii William T ile-i at I . ' . - I Ing fra-'-abl aseol af IKe ..or ' at St. talk. Mi aem aal... la aa a . 'iN deaartanret Mr Ilea. on ..a If OX V Newbrk fai a. i is. am l Seaje. ft a. I aa blawaaae S aeaaMra V awe ne-w a a. iha. railroad eervei In Itaai a i l -a, . Iha aeaeral f'-lHt ar-4 -aaa-a . edeat a affuw of ia jkiamti mit. : al Henss.laer. N T Ma v.-e-i t-e ' forree of Ibe ledb alv., La la laid ee a fret, hi aaaeritoc im he baa he'd watt, the .rrut.i t e-aa he a need waa derided n hit II- aa S headtaattets elll he la New Iwt v. Wmmm pfefc jgjegHg- jib .. I 4Mt eaeaa. a a fe-aaa ... Tri Xeteaaa- I ia aarWa atajkaak. S. . aia 4 ..aa a... T.4. Meleaaa aX I Hb "In-LUTbrc.- Aa W 'a a twtla .flM.ltiea4i( (t.l MWetIMUatll r-J'-A M I - .e.naJ,arMl rLaaV- rLe-el tv' f eree.ete' ta a. efoaef TJ- J C J K I ca at aaeaeeoe a aa. ia t a a aaa e-a-c a a m tlw el ere ear ta(aaa.ea.aai..a rlult lelMin'l' I I K 'HS. .--J 1f J C eJAta 4 CO, UX - .r - - - Holiday Gifts! Vh.t SUM The)- Be Thu Vc Your Photograph T a at s aiat ate art tHoa Btateay aaaea. aaa ruva tatar-ed a (-aval I a aw a. SryV Sllb-.. Special Combination Xmas Offer t . raiaataa raa gwrw a r r.eaarrs . (be -crag yttm tfi n a a r TT. L rCOlOTo .a.ej, r- JfoM rw et-b-et 1 aTJV.. P-IOtO 1 O " f P f reas Bi. ' hi' r' rwartiew ta teoo. M sTTJ-lt W war. eee .It 1 3 i-xalt.i. at Dl ee I vr i a s awe w ,. III k .MM oao. . a .14 .1 wear 1" A -a Maiw -m ' ijr sm. aMa i a -a:t raw aa . awaa t- a CUT COUPON N'OWrff.. fl1!' J - -1! -1 - - a. .1 a. r tad7 saerfrr TOIIT-N1 ADI Fc tat ITCH jtu trill Btxtr rrjrft it TOBElmoie One hundred ye xtt frotn now Tc-lrr I Und-tniJe prcti .f t;-i!ay r c n)cnt vi!ua:)c cf ir.aiqjr lc.aur thr- utilirf ill the clinical iJc cA the Seventeenth Century whrrr xhey fit mrvJrm crodit.rvr.tL The TO B EY Furniture Co, Fifth lAimu at 53 Srrrrf Ca'a aer aa. mm ym o a aane aaa. aew W"aj ueaj anaj ioi w ana) a a . - "ar v "ir V VV UVUVV V V W v The v.j.Wrrk l-cto'ial rwb'iffcrJ -.ffllr Yj Te Nrw urk limrt. a iT'fc Hi !rr,f it vfr lVta?c Wrtilr, c?.t "rf in hr flJ Ihfu'.;t fh.t;pifh t4 thr tiirf, lanji inj r-ffr.j(rt 4 f ufr-f ' ftni tt . 3 ia v ft fot riurr t.-nrt . .!vo 4 t-.ri tw'trr.J r rrtv. Gir?rtt fil f i.t lupftb iiltilf tc.r.k. alw.atlr to : r-?ctlfi lilrf. U crr.ti a a pt $S ci a jcar V.ii.Uffk ftlwUt Ttrrt uff. Nfw Vc fl. . You are cordially invited to visit our new display and sales building, opened to the public this week at Broadway and 50th Street- Willys-Overland. Inc Broadway at 50th St.. New York City. TeUpKooe Qrtle 15 Sn .aaa-Taa. laata. SJtt a.e.Va ea,i,. T I aa a , I.,, Ta. letter a-ta- W, k aa.a aa TBI a-ae rw. let. tkaaaxae SJ I I Qa tea aas tx a ia ia.ii atssva stsatwsjsaa. ixx sVAinusx. to 114 Ml a.. eat IM HI n ai, eta. .we tl ,' s-aSoae -a araat aaab a. .mi as aaa. aa aj mnnajas : eM 1. OH ar. Si ana a - tea B he aa,eaa Bt BS llb-ell j a.e , . . - ' - a. -a f BVaa, Ulea.... fiaaa) aaaaaasw Baa-aft -a .a im. U aee i : A -mi as iNnwaraw f

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