The New York Times from New York, New York on November 20, 1865 · Page 8
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 8

New York, New York
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Monday, November 20, 1865
Page 8
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1 !J t l i ' I i r i 8 r.i i A RELfClOUS SERVICES. St. Albaa's Ww CHapel. tr.iiWAiY rMOS ASP CTBF-MCMEfe A TEST high cnrsra " wtituto5. TLe new chapel of ft. AJb&n'e, situated in Lx-togtoo-aveoo. corner of I orty-s vcrAb-tr. ut ex-trttooty BBpretendmg edifice of pointed GoUdc structure. lU.(mt aotfceab'.e exterior craaiuent, was tysrH iox divine wrvic yvUrday nxniitg, by E. Mgbbiia, celebrant ul preacher, fied by Be. Ut. WaI.tlb B. Soxe. i :J-Uaai.iVuit cf the Parh-h, bd other reverend genUeuen. Tbe interirr f th chapel ia equally unpFeteadin, if we except ealy the prtoo of eon features of construction and d Attrition anmsual ta eburehe cl Episcopalians. At tb soalhwesiera end of the building, dimly lighted by tbe prismatic rays from a window of paint-od . g. an altar surmounted by a ajj out cros. having at- eltter elde of H an ornamented vaae of choice exotic. Between mm A H r wrmm ir rwo candlestick I of fknu workmnnahin. and to the rUebt and kit of the ltar. rial us from the floor several feet above tbe steads il LLe officiating clergymen, two BiAseivo tre-sbaped candelabra. The altar, approaching it from tb eat e the sanctuary, la reached ty tare steps, and bean upoa It front in a lorenge, richly carved and colored, tha letter I. II. 8. A cbalice rtsts in tbe under a ahade of crystal, anil on either aide of tbi tbe booka of the ritaaL At Ut western aide ot the edifice, not far removed trom the altar, are the aeebj of the minting deacons aad enb-doacoha, and to the eeeutrn aide those of the borteaere. Immedisfcly above these laat la the organ, rich is colored ornament and elided pipes, and at the extremity of the eeitem aiale i tbe pulpit, with hanglnirs of crimson-velvet and embroidered golden cros. Tbe pew a, er aeaU rather, are of .oak, jfeun, without doors, there; being no right of lndivid-aal property In any of them, the doora of the church being thrown open alike to rich and poor. Snort ry before tbe hour named for divine service fh caudle were lighted In the Sanctuarv and on the alur cauain'g expreaaloBa of stonjsbment from many msoss present, but more UberaUyfrom a number whet unprovided with seats, atood near the doorway, and who doubtless came leaa In a epirit of prayer than ta one of curloaify. At half-past ten the ceh brant, Kev. E. Moannx, approached the altar, aacended it, aud began tbe morning service in tbe manner cus-louiary to the Episcopal Church, differing only tfcronf bout In the preeence of morj lorm in the elevation of the material of the communion in the frequency of genuflexion and In the manner of giving the benediction all of these, with the surroanauit,., boing strongly (ui'uea'Jve at the ceremonial of the T..n, Catholic Church. After the miTrilne of tbe litany and Anthem, tbe responses being moat effectively rendered by the eboirthe celebrant ascended the pulpit and proceeded to read, with much grace of manner and ease of delivery, an elegant sermon. Congratulating bla parish-loaer on tbe acquisioa of their houae of prayer, praise and holy sacrifice a reward of much anxiety and earnest endeavor on their part, and yet but a promise of that which they would eoon do in the raising f a tabernacle iLe more worthy ol the glory cl Him to do homage to whom they bad met In thanka-srvlng and in prayer. Tea, good Indeed the good God haa been to us, proceeded the speaker, lie drove ua forth from our old aabernarle amid doubta and misgivings, perhape not altogether childish, to bring ua in, who deserved tHh.r.gj to this better place amid hopes and promisee, at anight seem neither obscure nor unstable. Then we had need to rouse ourselves to make prottart against epretwion, and to contend with and make headway acaiort the clamor of those who would be noisy. A eeonturfeit or worldly prudence might have suggested that it were well to abandon the work we had essayed to do, seeing bow diecouragemente multiplied, and betaking ourselves, one by one, to other pa-tarea, to relinquish the residum of original expectation, which, however pious, were based on no solid lotmdatlun. Blessed be Ood, we gave place to bo etckly considerations; no, not even for an hour. This aaorning we find ourselves before our own altar once more, and with those conveniencee and bent tin g appliance for the divine worship which we never be-fora enjoyed. Instead of scattering ua abroad over ah face of this great city, the good God is graciously permitting u to serve linn, to oiler our sacrifice, and to extend to others all manher of gospel bloaaings and privilege uncier the condition of, so to epeakv our own parochial autonomy. "If the land of rest be not yet gained, the distxeesea of the exodus are overpast; if Che temple l net built, at ltaet the tabernacle hi Mtchcd." Aftsi further thanksgiving for the position In which aba congregation now toianl theuibVives, and in grati-tado lor the f uwiiiacahip confided to him, he proceeded to expiaio, lor tbe benefit of atrangtru and there cf his parishioners with wheru he had iiot had the . pi r iimt j" cl ccnvtrtlijg. the Uitoie of the work tefcre thf m one of it? ! acUng dteigna being to provide kr iht j imthiiiH ct the Oobi el to tbe poor to exU t" the i i.or all the unistiations and comforts and tlcfcaiUK of Christ's Church, ire liom any un- rciou cirrarrn!tat.n. He could not see how whs jcfulie lor - M.y cci.hiderable Hum-bar ct toe pcxjr to b-e evanei-zed so long as cur Lhurcht at e furl in tr'i'.t, and a box or pew la nuh a irtnant i:lusrntif n of the discrinal-liklK Lirijt lc Le ica.t lii v moral people be-twtu bixLX' tbjre. With m;l lurihcr extended remkilif, Le aiv utii the free churih syrtem the pastoral support by iclunUry coEtrltution. He then, at erxai-kialle leLfeth. txpUiined the time and njauner of UTRCP, cxtrllitp tee new BmntfiuHit as cCering luuiiy r.. lLi t ineiits tht the o2d did tot. In the facility oT;i- t: ;i,r the titi'.uut attendance at tervice and at ex.trmi-.i;.cn. Ke uext c"ck up tbe subject of ritual aatd ere:uoiii lu xhtce words: "Ite manner in whKL --r tr.r-.erc-us fctrvUe are to be conducted, cmr njctto is d-ctiicy ana orur ra understood and mcit ir 'eae observed by the Reformed Church; to a ertain extcr.t, the, nit-tica tl the I'rayer-book, &eUvi4 wnat aud tuw to do. Atd yet it is equally true '.' t :t actr i-n tter.t t be v j re upiose on the l-l 1 1 J t'cth c fci .icte snd pecj it- a knowledge of the kK . i.,' :i.'7:.iutA cufctocu t'f the church. And ins; 'livtrtitic ol"" wte," in the several lrifl.i, oi oui couiu3uii.on; it being a taak to find any tu ebarchf in thi c.ty which recite the Jdiviiie cCh-cc cct-r.te tit htiirgv in precisely the aan:e w.. V. .tucut pitsuiuiut.', tLtii, to criticise (he " use" of uiv ol our titter pint uee. permit me to say em-phaucsdiy that o far irt-m intruding to introduce any ck-v itics'or Fpeciiuens of individualiam into our choir or naii. 'iiaxy, wc i-fclavely eschew and abominate the whole ir:r. :!c. If jcu observe a lew unessential features of ot-jtctive worship here, which you miss eWw tiere in the neighborhooJ, let us entreat you not so commit yourself to the mistake of decrying them as uove.ut. Let none, at the expense of his Christian ktrgo-Leartedness, despise us because, in point cf ritualistic terlection, we at present fall short of that standard which our mother church of England haa wis-ly maintained wAh much more in defence of their desire to adhere to ritual and ceremony aa pre-acribed in the aacred Scripture, and instituted by the Holy spirit. Concluding this feature of his sermon tm aajicg, ritualistic dehghta are aa the fringes to a garment, or sauces to substantial and nutritious . foodt no sensible person would ver think of displacing the latter by the former or of using the former without the latter. Cndcr the head of preaching" he said: What is to be preached from this pulpit ? lie answered emphat cal-ry the Gospel; the religion of Jesus Christ, aa it haa been received from the beginning and nothing else. Ko interesting topics or questions of the day, will be suffered to usurp her the place of the blessed Gospel. Ko deference will be paid to any min's in dividual! urns ta com uica ting on Holy Scripture, however distin-gmlahrd his nam and Influence. The endeavor will be consunlly made to preserve perfectly the analogy er proposition of the tilth once for all delivered to tbe hamta. . Tbe sermon concluded, the service was returned, terminating shortly after noon. The announcement being made that Bev. Uoaur DlX should deliver the sjscauag sermon, the beaadlctton waa given, and the ongrcgation flmnitised. . On our way otrt we aotlced the baptismal font to oar light aa we passed owi, tbe bowl of which waa filled wuh the rare tftlo were, whoa odor filled the atmosphere of the place with tb rarest perfume. , Th Bmrmlaif: jf St. George's Church,. XUSOOCASX DIXTTUn) AY XBTXSO BAZX BI EET. CX. TTJtO. The congregation of . St. George's Church Rev. Dr. Tnes met for worahip In Irving Hall yea-bwdajmoc'ning. TV Hall was filled at sa early hour, and before seme commenced a tan ding room hardly obtain aM. Dr. Tro selected Ala text trom the Sd chapter of the 1st EpUUe to the Corinthian a, commencing it tha 11th verse: ' For bar foaadstkva laid, vbi is Jaaas Chnaa. la than that la how, it any ssaa kaiid apoa that fcoatf .Uea cold, auver. prci as sie, wi opd. kar. euao-e mvurx aaaa s work shall be aaade manifest : tor U esclar . . . . . i . kra ( ad ihe fire shall try every man's work, of what aort it enaii c ravaaiaa b ia ia if an aiaa's week abtd wbtcb he hath baiit u mpoo, he ahali reeeive a reward. It any aaaa'a war k iha I a burned, be shall smsae fees; but he himself shall be saved; ! so as hj bx. Tb rTrnd gsnUaman commenced by saylAg that zactlj as van teen years ago, a tha lth day of Movetnber, lUi, public mttIm was first pertfanoed ia tb then wTfin1ab4 Church of 84. Oeorga. WbM awanta had oocurrW atnoa that fdmt Ha had antici. Sblthat moral fir, th firs cf tha rpirit, would eoso anon them. QuirkanTpg sad vtvifyina them, but that a material fire vrould s-wvep sway th work of tbetr hand ta on abort hour wa eertaiary z t among hi anticipation. - On th day that Bt, Qeorr- a Church, wa pnd far public worship, he bad dLv red a sermon, which h should now refer to. Va bed then spoken ot th material church and the sp-tsmaL and of tha beautiful sdlflos which had beca reared by the ecfigragaooa. Ha bad said this chare i shall stand lor age, and her ahaU be preached tha oavel from gmaerwUoBi to feneration. Alas! how vain, said th preacher, vm my expectation. Tie labor of a lite has been destroyed; tb result of ts saasy years of toil snd ears and aaxtoos thought bos been swept sway la a mo-nent. Ha would not xeler, be said, to aia owa laior, but to tb result ot th rh arch's tafiueno. Of that he thoaght it was not too aauch to ray that It had become a national fart. Th rood that ft had doae could b seen by all. yrcm it bad gone forth many preachers of tb Gospel. It had wuciitbed , rundsy-Scbonis snd City at iraicfts; bad ozdributed to charitabl works many thouaaaUa JT. lj jacltnUcns Igl Tr j - t i high aa 10,001. It bad asaiated In etatUch2&g other cbercbee, ad it had becam a numt and praif-e in the Und. Tb its beautiful courts famllie bad gathered t gether for worship. Th youag maid and her lovt-r bad there been joined la the holy txoda of matrimony. There the fcttKr bad brcuybt bla fcrrtbnm to I t jniiued a n.en.bC Cf the Churrhol Christ- There the rich and the poor had met together, and bad drank of the same holy -cup and eaten W the same Memed I rt ad. They Lad bn as one Candy bneato its root, U vcg in peace-end narmtny, aad now all th-e ini-ao-nta custered rotxid a acatb red and blacttLod ru.n. They had indeed been tried by tre. Their work ha J been burned they had salTered liws. Tbtir uiu-ter-.U cbareh, tbe eauice tn which t.y bdtr.kenno much pud-., witn llm heauuiul couiu -i. i ' Uwers atd pianacles, a nought. The i -.t " quevlion V him was, would his spiritutl wotS J r.nh aa this h .-d Would his prayexs, his preachiiifce A teachings be of no avad ? Wouli they be fcwep; away and no mark of them be left Thie be often asked himself aa be eat in bis ofn ial home, boncath the ahAuowofthe desolate ruins cf the holy house, lie besought hi eon ?re ration x.ot to separate. Iht.r beautUul houae had been detr'.el, aid they were now but wanderer in the clsert and dwelle ra in tents. The place to which they had met last buiiiiy waa very cliflerdnt to the one they were r.ow tkI.:!-jm in. H re there was butt little to attxa. t, .jt;:t ;o aul them In their devotions, lie kxew the cUrifetr ol a congregation under such a breahing up ani straying away. He trusted U at they miht kep together, and that aa electric chain cf love and holy cemmunion miht bind their hearts as one. In con-elusion he eld that if hi word had the eflect ol inducing a liberal contribution of their raters f ' r the parpoee ol erecting a new church, he felt that he should aot have preached In vain. Imring the Utter portion of the discourse Er. Tt?o appeared to be much affected, and once or twice had to stop to recover command of himself. Hla tmoLon found a sympathetic response in the aud.cnc?. lie announced that this evening the pewht-lciers of ht. George's Church would meet at 8 o'clock to tako some action to regard to raising funda to erect anew church, and that he trusted to be able in a short time to an-nonac that some deaite action had been irttd upon. L: the Poor Indian. BEB TICrS IKE CHTBCH Of TUZ JILOSrMB, rCBTY-EICHTD-BTEEXT. An interesting congregation attembled yctttr-day morning and evening to hear the word ae interpreted trom Scripture by Bev. Thomas Paha, an Indian of the Oneida tribe, in the Church of the Pilgrims, in Portj -eighth-street, between Eighth and iinth avenues. The services were in no way different from those held In any rcguUr church, nor was there anything marked or peculiar about the occasion, aave that the clergyman is an Indian. The morning sermon waa plain, practical and evangelical, evincing careful research and preparation. Like all of his ra.e, Mr. Dajha la poeeeseed of many of the powers of oratory, preferring to produce effects rather than mere ixjpresalons. Aa a missionary, he would Mem to be admirably qualified to do goou among his fellows. In the afternoon, Rev. a dam Oioeok preached at the same place, using the vernacular ol his tribe. Kcv. Joh tiumv, a well-known and much-eeteeio-ed clergyman, interpreted his matter lor the edification of his hearers. The theme waa a fctatcn.tnt ol the sinful condition of the human race, a revelation cf the plan ol salvation, and an exhortation to repentance. 4 At the close of the sermon a collection was taken up, alter which Rev. Mr. Bak-EB, the itstur, naud that these Indian clergymen would like about 1 200, with which to purchase seat for a church in the settlement. The Indians then stationed themselves at the door, one on the right hand and cue ou the .clt, and aa the congregation paused out received many pennies and some currency. The Church of the Pilgrima la located in a neighborhood where a great good work can be done. It baa already produced desirable effects, and it is believed by those competent to Judge that its future field of usefulness ia immense. The enterprise commends- itself to the prayerful and material support of ail who feel interested in the growth of morality in that section of the city. Services will be held there ewh evening this week, when preaching and other miiiistratione will be provided. Seats are free and every one is invited. THE RECEPTION OF GRANT. LIEIT.-GEK. i.inniiia nr t tin Ucntral Pros i a mine ot wlted Seventy Generals and Five Admirals to be Present Tlie Commit lets, the Guests, and the Badges Gen. Grant's Movements Yesterday Anticipated Pnnlle Farewell to the Genual on his Departure. To-night ihe leading citizens of tide cit j inlc hd giving Lieut.-Gen. Gkaut a splendid reception at the Filth-avenue Hotel, and from present indicaticcs the interesting event will prove one of the grandest all air? of the kind ever aeon in our city. Already the preparations have assumed colossal pioportiont:, noth r.$ being spared to make this fete every way worthy the metropolis and the gentlemen who are getting it up. In the past few days the several st:b-comm.ttee have been laboring most assiduously to perfect the items of arrangemementa confided to their special care, while the General Committee, of one hundred end fifty membera,have held regular evening sessions, ex 1-lecttd money, and arranged the j rogramme ol ceremonies. In order that our readers may have tome idea of the scope of the preparations, and the splendor of the proposed reception, we pubbsh the foilca-lng programme as adopted by the Commute: of Ar rangements: 1. The reception will take place on Monday tven: fng, 20th tost,, at 8 o'clock. xne cinei guesca win . . i - avenue UOtei to carnages, uuuer uiicwuu vi Committee ot three memoers, aiessra. uali, ci-i fc and Ir.TMOLn. S. General officers or the uniiea mnies Army. sutioned at this pott, or temporarily present, win te invited to assemble at tie noiti, anu w rci in selves to MaJ.-Gen. Uooxxk, for preeenuUon to Gen. and Mrs. Ghaut. 4. commanding officers of the Navy, in like cLrcv.r; -stances, will be invited to aeemb!e ft the hotel, and be presented by the senior officer present 6. Military and naval officers will be first presented. 6. Gentlemen and ladles will be presentee! by members of the Committee Of Reception, to be des'r?i:ite.l trom time to time by the chairman of the ccru:-:;io. Gentlemen, unaccompanied, will aleo be presetted. 7. Badgea will be provided lor all the guests, for the several committees, and, aa far as practicable, fr such ladies as may be present. 8. Provision will be made for flowers to decorate the reception-rooms, and for presentation to ladies. 9. Refreshments will te served during the evening, under the direction of a select committee, to c ns.nt of creams, Ices, preserved fruits, oysters, Ac, aa tie Committee on Refreshments may direct. 10. Appropriate music will be provided for the entertainment of the company in the halls and on the balcony, under the direction of a select committee. lb. At 10 o'clock precisely a display of fireworks will be made in front of the hotel, exhibiting appropriate mottoes and sentiment, preceded by a discharge of colored and illuminated rockets trom the park, with richly-colored lights. li The following comprise the SXLICT OOSOfTTTEES J L Arrangements, Including Police. Badge, Crimean ribbon. ALFXAircn T, Sttwawt, Chmlnnsn. Proa. M. Wfimort, Ben), w. Bon nay, "Win. B. Diasmore, Hatchings, HsnryM. Taber, J. H. Aircy. Heary Hilton, Frank W. VTorth. John J. Jones, Hear? Clews. I- W. Winchester, Wui. li. XL On In vitatlona. Badge, white ribbon. WixxxaM B. Astob, Chairman. Alex. T. Stewart, Wa H. Forg, M. O. Koberta, R. W. Bonney. Paul bpefford. Robi. L. Stuart, E. D. kforaan. vTm. T. B:odtt, R. D. Lathrop, Cbii P. Daly. Jams Brr.wn, Wm. H. Webb. Levi P. Mortoa, Goo. Opdyke. &aml Wei mora, Vm.V. Allen. AUx.W. Bradford. Aaaos R. Eno. J, p. D. Lanier, Uaary Hilton. E. C Bens diet. . pi- liefreshmenta. Badge, bin ribbon. HtMl HihXOX, Chairman. . Uarehal 0. Robert. . William B. Dinsmore. IV. On Reception. Baue, tuft of white, red and bins. All th members of the General Committee. 13. Invttationa will be addressed to officers of the army and navy, elrrgy and other guests, and to each member ot the eotamittee, inclosing tickets of admission to th bet?! blt aach peraou, together with refreshment ticket. 14. Badges will be delivered to the General Committee at 7 o'clock f. SL, on the day of reception. 15. "otioe will be seat to each gentleman named on th lists of th committee, requesting definite replies in regard to acting. la. Proper arrangements will be made with tbe polio in regard to admittance and preserving order. IT. Tb cereanonie of reception will close at 11 o'clock, and the ladies ot Gen. GaaST's party taken in carriages to their hotel. Ob behalf of th Committee of Arrangements. : A. X. glEWAliX, Chairman. Tha General Committee con&ists of one hundred and fifty fen tl em en, each of whom will be entitled to tan tickets, thus mtrig the total number of gneats fttUy fifteen hundred. I Beside these there will be a long hat of specially invited guest. V e understand that tb following will comprise nearly all the special gusts of the evening. ABJCT. , Id cut. -Gen. wmneld Scott. Mm Ormtrmh Jntin C Fremont and lady, John A. IX and lady, Joseph Hooker and lady, George O. Mead sad lady. Ambro B. Burnald and lady. Sam-ael P. Heiaudeaaaa. John O. Parke, A. Doubleday and lady. Peats Batserflald, Henry W. glocuxo, John J. Peck. John O. Barnard, bamuel W. Crawford. Beth vTHUexna, P. B. D Trobriand, Gouv. K. Warren, Rob ert Anatraon, oaa K vtooi, rranci' c Barlow, Charle W. Saadford. Henry A. Barnum. H. Jadsun iil patrick, C V. Augur, Lewis Wallace, Rufus In- gall. Briffoditt-Genrraltl. 8L George Cooke, JJpnry 7. Taal. KarUn Burke, Stewart Van Vhet, The. J. Leah, Henry T. Clark. U. P. Keif ah on. Daniel P. Ya Luraa, V L, VM Buren, Jaa. C ruan, K. H, ZAwrenr 4 AbeTcrcbie, Israel Yogdca, f, Q. Hazard. I C. Hunt, Abram Darywa, wHKaiB Hall, Harrty Brown. HATT. A3w iraUT). O. Tarragut sad lady, Charles and lady, H. Paulding, a. U. btringbam, T. H- rS( re j Charles H. EeH. James L. Lardner, Usury EagW and lady, William Mervui and bviv. Cofdain John L. Worden and lady, F. B. Ellison, A. M. 1-enx.ock. J. L. ooett, James L. Hiddleton, J. li. VI. Muihtney, D. L. Braine and iai. crvnjays. Sena t-rt1. 8. Poster and hvly, Ira Harris and lv.r, E. I. MTgan ed la-ly, Jtzrr- W Jfre ar?d lady, W.L. fctuart. " .... W. C. Bryant, H. Gieel y, H J. Ttsr-or-d, Mar.ton Marbl?, ThuihiW Weed, Geo. T.-lhtf. James G. Bennett, Robert Banner, Charier G. lialpiDe, W. C. Prims, JuBf. Urooks. Eraatus Brooks, Oswald Ottendorfft. P. WJlis, Geo, Bancroft, S. Irenajus Prime. W. H. Hurl.urt, Heia-y Pield. Theo. L. Tiltoa. framuel Nelscn, Judge U. 8. Court, Siphon J. iield, Juc-fc-e U. S. Cotcrt Uon. J. 8. Bosworth, Hon. J. C. Acton, Hon. w. McMurray, Hen. P. O. Bergen. Superintendent John A. Kennedy, Inspector D. F. Carpenter. T:n.rt I'otier, Arilibishcp McCloekey, Rev. Ic s. P. Thomi n, Rev. Wm. Adairw, Be v. H. V. Ltt cUr, l;r. II. W. Bellows, Rev. E. H. Chapin, r.ev. Frar.k Vii.ton. Rev. Garlner Sprihg. Rev. M. A. Kchog?, Irr. Barnard. I resident of Columbia College, ChanccOlor l erria, hew-Voik I niveraity, Prot Horace Webpter. Every guest present will be in full evening drcr , and the Army and Nuvy cfacers in the full uniiorm of their respective ranks. Last evening the General Committee held their laat mectiny, and perfoc.ed the few remaining items of preparation yet remaining undone. Ihe following are the arxrrpnoir oommiti tj s appointed by the General Committee of Management: Special Committ't to receive Military OtftU. John J. Astor, Jr., J. Van Buren, Isaac H. Bailey, George M. BuUer, S. L. M. Barlow, Smith Cliff, H. A. Smythe, John Uoey, Wm. U. Fogg, John D. Sherwood. Fptcial CimvtUle to rtceix Naval OuctU. W. H. Webb. John R. Brady, George W. VIcLean, C. V. Garrison, W. B. Duncan, C. H. LuddinRton. Gilbert lean, A. Oakey Hall, F. G. Churchill, John H. White, Si da I Comviit'.te to receive Civil GuttU.K. B. Eno. R. Schell, E. C. Benedict, A. A. Selover, D. BcvUn, VI. H. Ltvinc, Paul SpotTord, John Heck ex, W. If. Ver-milye, Joseph Stuart. DIBECnCXS TO OTESTS. Twum-arxTn Pkxcijct Hetbopoutah Polici, ) Nkw-Yobk, Kov. 30, 1865. f Ccmpauy to the reception of Gen. Graht, lh!a evening, at the Firth-avenue Hotel, will be admitted at the pr.vute uoor on Iweuty-third-etreet. Coaches will a I j roach lroru bixth-a venue in delivering hcir eom- lUi v. In taking up, couches will form on south side of Tweuty-iourth-f treet, eo as to rvecive company at the private dcor on Broad-tray and Filth-avenue. Gentii men will p.ease use the coach at the door, and rxrt wait for anv particnlar coach. Fare in all case a will be f 1 f. r each paeaenger, w.thout regard to dis-Unce, in the city. 'o cr.rriave will be allowed in the line but such as are pasted by inspection. CHAfc. N. BRAClcETT, Captain and inspec tor of ilcckney Coaches. OEM. OHANT'tJ KOVXilENTS VXSTERDAT. To rrorcre u st so much needed by the Ueutenant-Geueral, in anticipation of the fatigue inseparable from the ceremonies attendant upon the grand reception to-tiiRht, Gen. Grant took a seat in a carriage alter bre-kiant, accompanied by Mr. Wabsek Lsiasd and Gen. Inuaixs. and drove out to Rye, Westchester County. The party had a delightful drive, the day being admirably suited for such a trip, and the General sc-eined rejoiced at Ins eccape from the excitements of ihe city. ViMiting the "Leland Farm," and going over the exteneive premiete belonging to the brothers Lxxakd, the General examined a superb trotting horse, which was presented to him last week by a few personal admirers. The party remained at the farm nearly all day, taking a home farm dinner before starting homeward, where they arrived after dark. Tho family of Gen. Gbajtt attended divine service yesterday morning, at Lr. Chatw's Church, inBroad-wav, and in the evening vieited Rev. Hekbt Wabd Beecheb's Plymouth Church, Brooklyn. Both chure hen were Lastly attended, though li any went to Bee Gen. Gbavi, they were deservedly disappointed. FBOPOPFD PUBLIC TAJIEWELL TO OEt. OBAST. The great mass of the people of the City of New-York and vicinity, will no doubt be glad to learn that there is eome proepeot of a public farewell to Gen. Gbant on his departure for the Southern co&at. The arrangement, although in a crude state, look toward a suitable military escort and a procession down Broadway from Union-square to the Battery. The General to te fccated in an open barouche, so that every one of bit aUmircrs can sec the mio whom they all delight to honor. An Escort for Gen. Grant on Tuesday. HEAI'vC ARTIR8 RITFNTH HrOIMTXT, 1 NATIOWAl. GUAHt), 8. -N. Y., NEW-VORK, Nov. 20, 1PGB. f GtMRAL Opdf.b, No. 21. I. In compliance with Special Order No. 13, Headquarters First Division, thie re-yimer.t will parade lu'ly uniformed and equipped, (with-cut overcoaU or knapsacks) on Tuesday, Zlat mat., as special ebcort to LieuU-Gen. GRAHT. Kcll cal! of ccnnraules tt 12 o'c!o.k M. I. Field and Staff, mounted, will report to the Colonel, and siaff, band and crum corps at tr.e sniue hour. ... II. The Min: ers will have their overcoats and fatigue caps at tho Aiuiory, to be worn shoald the weather be umavortW EMMOJ53 CLARK. J. H. T.ii-ut vat?, Adjutant. rATKlOTIC AND IJCSINESS EJfTER-PIUSK. An American Line for Enxope The New-YoiU and Havre Steamship Compauy Again in Operation. "We have already alluJeVl to the fact that the Hew-York and Havre Steamship Company a purely American enterprise whose operations were suspended by the war, had determined to resume their old place in the Trans-Atlantic carrying trade. The Arago and Fulton, widely-known and favorite steamships with the mercantile and traveling public, are the pioneer vessels of the route, and their trips will begin on Saturday next, the 2Sth inst. ttolely irom a patri otic point of view, this enterprise oi an American Steamship Company is worthy of support and encour agement. We have too long been dependent upon foreign nations for facilities in inter-oceanis communication, and no true-hearted American can help feeling that we are disgraced aa a mercantile people by permitting the vast traffic between Europe and this countrv to fall exclusively into th bands of England, 'France and the German States. These nations being fuliv sensible of the great degTee in which well-established and properly conducted steamship lines contribute to their wealth, power and prestige, iostexj these enterprises by the payment of large subsidies, and a genexoua sum each trip for carrying the mails. Without this governmental assistance, the New -York and Havre Company launch boldly into the sea of competition, deeming themselves Justified in making the attempt irom the very large patronage which they enjoyed before the war put a atop to their enterprise. The reputation of their ahipa for comfort, economy and aea-going qualities, is already well established, and by prudence in the management, the line was always self-supporting. It w ould probably have never been suspended had not the perils from Anglo-rebel privateers made the riak of running longer too great. As it was, the Arago waa the last American steamship to leave tbe port of Havre. Alter the discontinuance of their European trips, the Arago and Fulton were employed by tbe United States Government in the transport service, in which they remained until the close of the war. The popularity which they enjoyed while running across the ocean, was increased in their trips from New-York to porta on the Southern coast. The Captain of these steamships Captains GancnKX and W ottos have both achieved first-class reputations as experienced office.- and gentlemen, who are always considerate of their passengers, and leave nothing undone which can contribute to the pleasure and comfort of tho committed to their charge. It is fair to presume, therefore, that the thousands of military men who traveled with them while their ships were la the quartermaster's employ, will be glad to renew their acquaintance, now that the hot stress of war has given place to peace and good-win, if business or pleasure shall calf them across the water. Not unmindful of what the luxurious taste of the traveling public demands, the management of ' the company, under the superintendence of Isaac Beu, Esq., the efficient general agent of tbe line, nave spared no pains or expense in refitting th vessels. Ia every respect they have been repaired sad renovated, and put In aa thorough condition "as on the day they were launched, being as sumptuous, as comfort-sbie, and as safe, as ocean steamships can be made. The Arafe, which was thrown open to inspection on Saturday, has received new boilers, and under- gone a general overhauling. She haa two odHating engines of 2,000 horse power. Her length Is 800 feet, depth of bold 33 feet, and breadth of beam 43 fees. Her machinery ha been placed ia proper working order at the If organ Iron Works. In proof of her staunchness it may be said that she waa selected by government and atationed at Hampton Roads after the attack by the rebel ram JaVrriatac, for the purpose of running that iron-clad down if she sgaln appeared to molest our fleet. All of her staterooms and cabins have been newly furnished snd elegantly upholstered th brimming snddacoraticitia being ia ad-xairable tast. The ladle boudoir la a sumptuous apartment, supplied with everything which the fair sex will not be alow to appreciate. The ventilation of th cabins a matter of first importance-is extraor-dinarilT good. Of course the ship has been thoroughly painted insid and out, and is aa dean and bright as possible. Th Armgo is capable of accOLO-modatiiig two hundred and fifty cabin passengers, and every rare has been taken to provide for their comfort and to guard against the contingency of a ftre occurring oa board the vessel. She is provided with two steam pump, which are worked by a donkey engine, and th hose, which is attached to these pump, can reach with greatest e from oa end of the steamer to the other; beeides the ah haa a pomp amidships, with bose attached, which can b worked Independently, or in conjunction with the donkey pump. She is provided with water-tight compartments, and ha a bulkhead stretching completaly acroe th ves-e 1, about thirty feet from the prow, and another just forward of" tee smoke-stack. Ta. A rape will kan 2cr yicj ca cf Beachretrecoa fefmrdav next, the iSthtnt. Bb torches at FktotToth, England, to deliver the mails tor Havre, inateadof at Hodthitmpton a hereto tore, thus ssnrlng ontljl hoars' Bnrng on the trip. We are glad to learb that a large number of paasenger have elready -gaged to go on her. If the suooeaa which the Com-pany merits shall sOend their enterprise, it mi said that at an early day other nrstclass vessels will be added to th nni, to enable them to male semimonthly trip. . The loBowing Is a Bet of tbe Arago'. officers: C'aM-BMkl A. GiWDM, Purttr Frederick W. Ely. Swuctm VIr- BrownelL . rvm w CW Of.crrA. J. Barclay; fcond Officer, T. Weeks; inird othcer, J. Bradford; Fourth Olhcer. nraCbief. hjJtnl iarains, seccma as8, . ant, ltowrt eyno;os; xour . 1 SI.,- Fifth Aaaiatant, J. McBnde, Sixth Assistant, Henry Smith. Sttu-ard John Greenfcld. w ' STARTLING DISCOVERY. Eighty Thousand Dollar In Kitty Cent Currency Capture! 'a n i-riawf-Engraver aad Printer Arrested T I Press and Raw Materials i tto-HM. f the DetecttwcsSO,00O 8U11 Uadls-overfdi On of i b moet exteneive attempt at coun terfeiting United States currency baa Just been dis covered by the government detectives, wno bt arrested the principal manufacturer and are now In nnnii nt hia confederates. They have also secured s large amount of unfinished fifty cent cur rency, amounting on it face to over zwi.ouu, ot miiv rontainlna naper. ink and plates; but so far they bars been foiled, through tb connivance of a AAA prison-keeper, ia obtaining possession t som aAu.v of the counterfeit currency ready lor Issuing. .Tb facts in this remarkable case are briefly these: One Cras. J. Robkbtb, a very talented bank-not OTrTr ia said to have been engaged during the past four years in counterfeiting United State cur rency, with some success, and baa been wen-nn to the Government Treasury detectives for a long time, although they have, natQ recently, been unable to bring positive proof against him. Tbe "bar pest thief, however, gets caught at last, sometimes because he is altogether too sharp. So it proved in the present case. Detective R. R. Lowaix, of tbe Treasury Department, assisted by bis brother officer, H. A. Otto, were working no a case for the government, when they unexpectedly came upon a clue to one of the most daring and consummat attempts to throw upon the market an immense amount of spurious fifty -cent currency, so well engraved and printed as almost to deceive the department itself. Mr. Lowell has had a sharp eye on Robibts tor nearly two years, and by mere accident discovered, in the early part of November, that the fellow had succeeded in getting out a set of plates in imitations of tlie new city cent currency, and so well bad he done his work that the samples printed almost defy detection. The only trouble wss to get tbe stuff properly printed. It was in procuring the necessary help and talent that the scheme was discovered. Tbe detectives, finding that something was in the wind, set a trap for Roberts, who fell at once Into it, and waa secured. A certain young, honest and very expert bank-note printer was placed ss a decoy, in order to throw the WbOie TnlTg Open. XI o y yi ' 1 1 p. muu with by Robebts and the gang, and finally he seemed to make all right for their purpose. This young man was told enough to give the lynx-eyed officers of the law a sufficient clue to go to work, which they did with alacrity. . ' It appeara that this Cbabxks J. Roberts baa lived in WiU'smeburgh, Brooklyn, or New-York, aa circumstances or his fears dictated, ever since the postal currency has been in use, snd has been exceedingly successful in eluding justice. He bad an office some where in Fulton-street, Brooklyn, but waa seldom seen there a watch having been placed on it for some weeks past. The decoy at laat obtained enough information to satisfy him that the plates for this new counterfeit had been completed, although no legal evidence existed of the fact. The detectives, however, determined to proceed to extremities. They therefore had an interview arranged between their decoy and Robebts, at a certain secluded spot in Myrtle-avenue, Brooklyn. The plan was a success, for notwithstanding the determined resistance of Roberts, he was secured and lodged safely in Ray-mond-etreet Jail. This occurred on the night of Tuesday last, the 14th in8L So far everything was in excellent order. But the next thing was to discover the stuff" and the plate. By preconcerted arrangements one of the Jailors, Mr. Cab idt, inveighed warmly against the officers, and gave the prisoner considerable hope that he woulde! clear. So eucceasful was the affair carried out that Robebts was completely deceived snd shortly alter asked Caswnx to carry a letter out of the prison for him. Unfortunately enough there was another keeper, superior in authority to Cabsibt, who wns not so honest in the discharge of his duties. He obtained the letter from his brother keeper, giving him s copy for the detective and carrying the original to its destination. Ihis letter was addressed lo " Mrs. Lloto, corner North-street and Third-street, Brooklyn, E. D.," and read as follows: Mart : Please go at once when you receiveing this and tellLorriMA to come and see me at once tell her clean tbinss away I am raymond street Jail Please go seme roundabout way and take care no body follows yota toll Locika keep cool I ain all right do thia right away please to night and oblige CRL ROBERTS Of course, the letter reaching its destination put the gang on the alert, and when the officers went to the house no trace of counterfeit currency existed. It was not, however, too late to discover the mill" from whence came the stuff. Mr. Lowxrx saw Mrs. I.lotd, and assuming to be a lawyer engaged by Roberta, telling her that he had been employed to look into the matter," as 'Indeed he hid, although not by Robebts. "Mrs. Llotd" fell immediately into the snare, j and said enough to give the officers a sufficient clue to follow. They at onco went to Philadelphia, and pounced upon the place where stood the press, plates, printing paper, ink. gold leaf, gold bronse, and over $80,000 of unfinished counterfeits. They also found that the finishing process was being done in Brooklyn, and that three weeks work hsd already been done there, so that not less than fiO.OOO worth was stored at Mrs. Lloyd's bouse, and would have been captured bad the prison keeper not proved false. Thus endu this most interesting case, for witn the confederates in custody, and the entire working machinery in the bands of the officers no more remains to be done but place the matter on triaL The counterfeits exhibited to us by Mr. Lowxio. are fine specimens of the engravers art, which can with difficulty be distinguished from the genuine currency, and had it not been discovered in time fully one hundred thousand dollars would soon have been in circulation. So well executed are the plates that Mr. Lowell expresses it as his belief that they would eventually have taken the place of the government issue, aa they are so much better finished. The prisoner, Robebts, has been fully committed for trial, before United States Commissioner Jokes, in Brooklyn, while a number of others implicated In the scheme are in custody aa witnesses. - Too much praise cannot be given Messrs. Lowxxx, and Otto for the admirable manner In which they carried out their investigations, aa they had to contend with some of the most expert and adroit counterfeiters in the country. They desire to acknowledge the efficient help of Officer McWaxtebs, of th Twenty-sixth Precinct, who was of material assistance In working up the case. Kaval Intelligence. The United States steamers Hornet and Rhode Island, having the rebel ram SUmewaltia charge, were to leave Havana for Washington on Saturday, the 18th instant. The HiTtfori, flagship of tbe East India squadron, was at Bio Janeiro Oct. IS, and waa expected to sail for Batavia in a few days thereafter. There is to be another sal of naval vessels at th Brooklyn Navy-yard oa the 80th inst. The list comprises some twenty well known vessels. Among them are seven of tha Twenty gunboats, eight captured blockade runners, two navy -built tng-boata, a schooner, etc As they are nearly all fins vessels, ws do not doubt they will bring good price. Oa Unary. . GCOBOX BTXPHX5B05. On Thnrsday, aged 89, died Gzosoe 6txphE5-' sera, one of the three survivors of the lata sad lamented Dr. Kass's expedition, and who accompanied Dr. Kan in bis search of 8ir Joxs FaAjrxLnr. Ste-fkx80B was born in Dablin, oa the ICth of September, 1827, and early took to the sea. He waa a fin seaman, a generous man, and a genial, social companion. While in th Arctic regions bla heart became affected, and be baa always suffered from it. Tbe government, in recognition of his services, gave him a position ia the Cnatom-honse as night Inspector, tn which capacity he remained up to the time of bis death. He waa at one time Parser of the Baltic, under Capt. Josxra J. CoasTocx. Dr. Hates and Capt. W. W. Wnaoa, U. b. B. 8., are the only anrvtrors of tha Kane Arctic Expedition. On Saturday the remains of Sxepbex-bob wer interred in Greenwood. v- Market ayl Telegraph. '. BnrTALo, Saturday, Kov. 18, Flocb tlulL Wheat inactive and nominal ; Ko. 1 Milwaukee Spring at $1 63; Choice White Canada, $243; White Wisconsin, fl; WhlU Michigan, $-j 1G4S2 20. Cobs scare and firm, at 75c Oats at Mcg,43c, as to condition. BABxarr, Canada, at $1 10. Bra and Pxa nominal. Mas Poaa steady at f 3a. Wbiskt firm snd quiet at $3 So. Cakax. Firioim to New-Yobe Wheat, 20c; Com, 18c, and Oats, lis. larroBxa ros TwEirrr-rocB Hocta ,787 bbla. Hour, 41,57a bushels Wheat, 63,575 bushels Corn, 14,950 bushels Oats, 7,843 bushels Barlev, and 1,450 bushel Peas. Fca Waxa 66,306 bbla. Flour, 401,331 bushels Wheat, 394,331 bushels Corn, 302.123 bushels Oat, 3,235 bushels Barley, snd 33,281 bushels Bye. Caxax. Fx posts roa Twebtt-tccb Hottbs 138,800 bushels Wheat, 130.490 bushels Com. 73.090 bushels Oats. 8.34) bushel Barley, and 14,874 bushel Bye. Foa Vfii-7.79 bbls,Flcur. K4,ll bushels YYtesX 031,270 bushels corn; Se0.15d taaaato Car. S,W4 rmahl Rartov and 133.804 bushels BT. Tber 1 afloat oa Eri aad Oswego Canal, destined lor tide wter. Including fourteen days ship man ta from. Buffalo, ending the 18th inst., and for nine day from Oswego, ending the 17th Inst. 84.163 bbla. Flour. 1,288,-668 bu Kbela Wheat, 1,740.827 bushel Cora, 845,610 bushels Oats, 31X746 bushels Barley, 'aad 146,053 hush els By. ' v Oawmoo, Saturday, Kov. 18. ' Ylotta tn Rood demand and market nnchanred Bales 1,600 bbla. at 8 9 for So. 1 Spring, 810 60 for Red Winter, f 11 50 for White, aad $12 60 for Double Extra. Wheat unchanged; sales 1,000 buahekt choice Whits Canada, at $2 60; 8,000 bushels Canada Club, at 21 M; snd 7,000 bushels alilwauk dub, by sampW, at $1 60. Ooaa Arm and tn better demand; sal 19,000 bash els Mixed Western at bOo. Oats scare aad nomlnaL B ablet unchanged; sales 23,000 bushels Canada, at $ 1 14. Bra doll, but unchanged; sales 2,800 bushels Canada, a 98o. Caxax, FnrxeHTS unchanged; Flour, 62c; Wheat, 18c; Corn, 16 c; Oats, 10i'c; Barley 16c, and Rye 17c to New-York. Lumber $5 60 to the Hudson. Laeb Ibtjobjb 116 barrels Flour, 19,300 bushels Corn, 30,400 bushels Barley, and 4.700 bushels Bye. Caxax. Lxpobts 2,000 barrel Floor, 29,000 bushels Wheat, 14,000 bushels Corn, aad 62,000 bash-els Barley. SBxrrxs bt Batlboad 1,090 barrela Floor. Chicago, Saturday, Nov. 18. Flotjb declined 25c Wheat active. Freeh declined 2c3c ; Old declined 3c5c, and Ko. 2 declined 6c d 8c 8ilea of'No. 1 Fresh at $1 37 $1 39 ; Old. tl 81tl S4, No. t U 0511 10. Cobb Suiet at 67e.67ta. for No. 1, aad 64c64Xc for o. 2. ' Oats firm at 27c28c for No. L PaovmiOHS eruiet, HieHwnrrs active at $2 25. Fbeiobts firm. RECErrrs 8,900 bbla. Flour, 4L000 bushels Wheat, 28,000 bushels Corn, and 26,000 bushels Oats. Barr-wests 3,000 bbla Flour. 34,000 bushels Wheat, 49,000 bushels Corn, and 41,000 bushels Oat. Toledo, Saturday, Nov. 18. , "Wheat, old 2c, and new, 4c5c lower: aalea of old White Michigan, $2 23; new White Mftnigan, 21 70; new Amber, $1 64 $1 66. Cobb's ahade firmer: sale at 62c62),c Oats dull sad drooping; sales at 84ic Laxb Fbxiohts dull and declining. TOBOBTO, Saturday, Nor. 18. Flotjsv Double Extra at S7 758 : Kxtra. $7 $7 40; Superfine, $. Wheat Fall at $1 45$1 60; Spring, $1 18$1 2a Bablxt at 68c fc. 70c Oats at 36c Bt None. Peas st 0c62c Spring Wheat in better demand; Fall steady. CracDotATX, Saturday, Nov. 18. Flotjb without decided change. Wheat steady, prices unchanged. Nothing doing in green meats. Labo dull at 36 Mc for prime new. Whxskt dull at 2 28. Hogs quiet; receipts 1,900 bead. . , Mobile, Ala., Friday, Nov. 17. Cotton nominal : aalea to-day. 1,200 bales ; aales for week, 8,650 bale; receipt for week, 12,548 bales; exports for week, 9,934 bales; stock on band, 67,277 bales. Gold, 1480160. Milwaukee, Saturday, Nor. 18. Flotjb dolL Wheat at tl 38 $1 89. Oats : dulL FminoHTf firmer. Bxcettts 2,600 bbla. Flour and 95,000 bushels Wheat, Smraturrs 29,000 bushels Wheat. . - (AavsrOMBMOtl Hsbbtmo's Patent Champion Fire-proof Safes, and Hebjubo's aew Patent Burglar-proof Safes, with Heb- , bubo a LOTO s Patent OrystaJised Iron tn only terial which i ess not be drilled at No. 361 Broadway, New- York. Passextgers Arrived. 7a tUamefilp Emily & louder, from Ckarltmicm. M. T. Hatch, A. Pot er, II L. Siddona, Mrs. Mary Belcher and 3 children, J. L. WooJ worth, J. H. Bamea, Miss M. Bowen, Mies Quinn, G. P. Jaeoby, J. Atkins, F. tiuilL H. Daly. Miss iBurnham, Miss Murphy, Mr. Sly and lady. J. Kendall, C. B. Grant, J. 8. Ryan and son, J. H. Hood aad 'ady, 8. Louder, A. J. Bockner, K. F. Shother. H. Hernaek, J. Haines, J. Twomey, 8. J. Look wood, James Ef an, Gee Browne, Geo. Blackmail, Tho. Libby, J. M. C'hishuim, and 3 in steerage. Nov. 19 In tteamxhip OtOa, from lontUm and Brrwre. H. Randall and wife. H. Farmer. Mrs. Kerr and child, W. K. Moray, Sarah r rank. Ebsabeth Barrett, H, Soanltse, A. Bernardln, 8. HoUaader. 8. PhUlip Adelaide Lan-rjots. L. Pels. J. Cragnette, 8. Ehrlich, Panlin Eber-berdt. Ana. Oarnier, wife and 3 children, 8. Gilieme, O. Clark, L. Isohr, 8. J. Chartrana, W. Obarachm eider, H. Kiviara. In wniwAi. Euterpe, Vest SawamnaJk H. A. Gore, W. Knight, Samuel Cooper, B. Eocleston, J. Lianemaa, O. Kfiermac, O. Burnett, W. Gordon, Alex. Freeman. atUnATTBE ALXABAO THTB DAT. Sua rise S3 Sun set. 4 39 I Moon seta... S 43 HIGH WATEB THIS PAT. Sandy Hook.. 8 681 Gov. Island. 471 Hell Gets... 11 09 MARINE INTELLIGENCE.. . NEW-YORK.... SUN DAY. Nov. It. - U. 8. steamer Florida. Act. ToL Lieet. W. H. Males, eommandinc, Norfolk as hoora, having ia tow the tugboat Poppy. Steamship Henry Chancer, Gray. Aspinwall Nov. 13, at 6 P. M ., with mails and specie to F. W. U. Bellows. Had fine weather anail paaaina: Hatteraa; from thence, dense fog aad strong breesee with bead sea. Made the passage in days, 3 hours and T minutes. Steamahip Euterpe, Kldridge, Savannah 93 hours, with mdse..and passengers to Lrvingston, Fox A Co. 30 mile s N. of Hatteraa. passed steamship Vloksbnrati. bound 8. Steamship Emily B. Louder, Loekwood, Char las ton Nov. 16, with mdse. and Livingston, Fox a Co. Steamship Propontis, tBr.,J Higainson, Philadelphia, to Tappaeott A Co. Bteamtan Game Cock, , Belfast 4 da Ship John Bertram, (Bars-,) Edye, Hamburg 35 ds., with mdse. and 308 nassenaers to K. M. Sloman A Edye. Had 4 deaths and 1 birth on the paasayp. " Ship Enersy, Oaalkina, LiTerpooi Oct. 4, with mdse. and 163 passengers to Kpotford, 1'Ueston A Oo. Had 4 deaths aad 3 births. First part of pasaas-e had heavy weeterly weather; latter part, light waster! winds sad calms. Ship Yorktowa, Driver, LonOoa aad Isle of Wig-ht Oct. 3, witn mdaew and 123 passensers to GrinneJl, Mintorn A Co. Oct.ll.tieo. Phillips, seaman, wnil making aaii. fell from the foiwtopsail-yard to tbe deck, and was killed. Ship Ivanhoe, (newj Herriman. Belfast 6 da., in ballast to R. M. Cooler A Oo., to load for Saa Franciaco, in tow of steamtng Game Cock. -7: Ship Louis Henry, (Brem.,) Fairer, Bremen 49 a ta ballast sad 384 passengers to Barer Bros,. . Ship Uno, (Itah.) Filippi, Leghorn 78 da., with mdse. and li passengers to FabbrkaUi Bros. Bark Heaperia, (ot Salcombe.) Jarvia, bhanghai Jans 13. with teas to Oliphant A Co. Paased Cape of Good Hope Sept. 12, St. Helena Sept. 3a Sept. 3, Ut. 34 40 8., Ion. 27 20 E., saw a schooner-rigged steamer, strg. K. S. E.. flyin a pennant and a rebel ils. Bark Florence, fof Boston.) Smith. Malaga. Oct. 4, paased Gibraltar Oct. 7, with fruit to master. Had heavy westerly weather th entire passage. Bark Lamplighter, Behra,Fort Royal 12 da with eot-ton, Ac, to fJjSl Bixby A Co. ... , Bark Prins Carl. tSwed.,1 Bernster, BordeaoE 4 da., with mdse. to E. CajlasDe Ruter A Co. ... Bark Eliza Bars. (Br.J Frith. Bermuda 9 ds., ta bsl-htst to N. Harney. Brig Meroedea, (of Turks Island.! KohL Cisnf aegos 23 ds.. with suirar to Fowler A Jova.. . . Bri Bresae, (of MaiUand, O. H.,) Brown, Cardenas 16 da., with sns-ar to J. K. Wbitner A Oo. . Bri? C. P. Eaton, (of Windsor, N. 8..) Cany. Malar a Sept. 36. via Longlslaad So and, with fruit, Ac, to D. H. De Wolf A Co. . . t . , . Brig Nietoria. fNorw.J Leehstoer, Rio Janeiro 63 da., with coffee to Fanch, Msincke Weudt. Brig Renshaw, (Of Ban or,; Smith, Malaga Kda, with fruit to J. E. Ward A Co. ', ,. . -.u Bn Tyro, (Br; Leihton. Windsor, N. S., 14 ds., with plaster to D.TL De Wolf Co. ., f; Bn Cbaa. Beach. Dia, Fall River. Briii Whltakar, Took. Prondenca, for Rondout. . Brig J. F. Carvsr, Lovji Nsw-Havsn.. i Schr. Express. Hix, Calais 1 da, with lumber to 0. Bhr?MaVia Jane, (Br.,) Maloaey, 8t Andrew's 10 da. with lumber to Jed Fry Co. , 8cbr. W. K. Chapman, (Br. Anderson, Dorchester, N. B., 14 da, with stone to P. L Nevius A 800. SchrTHenry Middleton, (of Broo shaven.) Prior. Jae-mel 18 ds- with loswood to master. Lett no vessels. Schr. wm. H. D Witt, Corny, Gloucester, with nab to SamL CweU A Son. . . .. w a Hcnr. Geo. Jraraer, ( or.i mcoriav, vum,,iu ... n.. 9 ds . with potatoes to U. K. wmtm.m ti T B. Da Wolf a 1MV Sehr. . a.euy, x oana, rmuraewvit wi Bu w w. rhr.iLB. Gibson. Crockar, Nsw-Lodon, for Phila- Scbr?G. Carroll, Mahaffey, Middletown, for Phlladel-Pchr. B. F. Meany, Wilcox, Portland, Oonn, for FbiU- d tehifAaaa M. Edwards, Ellis. Gloucester, with flab t 8am I. Crowed A Son. M . Schr. Louiaa W.BirdaalL Trippls, Nsw-Haven. for Yir- 'Schr. A. Peters, March, Ellsworth 30 daw with lumber to C. A E. J. Peters. - Sehr. Gea. Howard. Goathrle, Bath, with lumber to !nSohr?8svsa Sisters, CroweD, Cntlar. M si 4 da. With 1 spars to Snow A Riehardaoa. ' , ' i Snr. Farragnt, Ramadan, Eondoat, for Boatov . Sehr. Chase. Mula. Providence, for Rondont. -, Sehr. Ruth Haly, Gear, New-Loadoa, ias AJbaay. bchr. Falcon, iiafa. Btratford. ' - Schr. Beiap. ek,Avry, New-Loadaa. .CMJi c a, uucrw iu Mmrwww. Sclsr. Mary Anna, Mnrphy. Fail itavea, - - -' Schr. Hudson, HardiH, Pawtneket. Schr. Ann 8. if aJUr, Baker, Portland. Com. , Schr. Clyde, Baker, Boston, for Philadelphia. Schr. Mary A. Ueyer. Lewis, New-Bva. ; L-h iiuu ImIu. riinne. Hmrtea, .' v.a'i Senr. M. K. CarbaleJeldoB, Newport, Schr. Wm. GiUana, Whit. Portland, Coaa, - - Bebf K. BL Wilsoa, Bu7aU Rivar. , . . - '. ' '' lehr ConnectientTstopHn. Kew-lMsdoa. IcwBoadoaa. Irk, a Schr. C A O. Brooks, Brooks, Bridgeport. Schr. Lacy Jonas, aUrsoa, Portland, Loaa WIND At saasst. S. X. H.'.-- , . , , . Below. Brig Msrrie, frora Schr. Ba.from :r .. .-.. ajy- Telearrapxt, : BOSTON, Nov. 18. Arr. Btaas Mary Sandford, New- York; (Rip lAdT BBBUm.- AiTWinai, wr Gere; Kvav Ardrossaa; 0 astral a, Tarka lalaadi brig Alarabau. rsw-xorm. spokcexa. Allison-ship, bound E-. was aignalirsd Iter. 8, Ut. 43. PuVtyMaisrBr. bark, from Calcutta f or BH, Sept, sasfe 1. a sea fi Imb afl tsaT Gea. Wsdsworth Br. ship, from Liverpool for Charles ton, no date, Ut. as, ion. aa. njirw. it Uemisphers-Ahip, bound , was algnaQsM Os. 17, IuaRi. .hip. from Mauritius for ioadoa; off Si. "joVJph-Snad-ahip, bound K, was algaaliasd Oct, Lady Octsvis-Br. ship. from Calcutta An. J. Ut 0 8- loa. 33 30 lrota Bombay for London, Sept. aioatros nr. sn-p, sn i.t 14 an. Via. t w. . !Wm. Molhaisk Br. ship, July 38, lt, 43d &, lo. 1 U from Shanghai for London, yorciSx Jor(s AarrKWAl.L. Art. Oct. . steamer Oosaa Qwn, Plo- cvsa. New-xora; ana, ang oosvi, wauwi ww- Schr. Geor, a, Gilerura, r aAiauvw. , . . ' Schr. CLi- "ooper. Snow, Pro vi dene, for Kondout. , fcobr. Isla. lome, Allii, Harwich. .t : ... - bchr. Wur-Mt, BeJvin. Nerwieb. V . . Schr. Pavibriakwk Portland, Cwaa.'- - r Schr. B. 6mi2. Rankl. PortlaaOoeua.'' Kohr. H. Kemseav HbblL New-Haswa, ' - 1 - ' Nov.X bark MarlalscA, BsarK NewTork; 9th, 31st, bark Tdaho, Chapman, Naw-York; Mov. T. brta b irota, Lindsley. New-York: Uthahi Lisoon. tort Swan Island; 13th, bark Masdairas. Kaarte. bew-Yor Clo. uca. aa, ong. vrtotea, v Siemens, nwasi isiax at. k Idano, cnapman, jsaw-YorE; jroy. t. ens B- erif tAsnry cuunr, wv. .vw-wa. FOB SALE BT ALL DRUGGISTS. W A Tl. TlTtTTOOTST- J ' t 'A r "SVL'JftS iVTT adbet "tocks In tbe city, at Lpy, E8TPRICES. 1-REEMKN A BURR'S CH.e-1 at tb e-Priea oiouiiag warwhoos No. m Foiton-nt.. and N. 80 Naa-f aao-sU eomer, oppoalu th Sua Balld'iag. KENTUCKY NATIONAL PETROLEUM Un MINING COMPANY.' 4 ' lj Cinnati. Onto, Prewident.- : 5 - LAFA Y TTa UVUtIET, iTMtdewt Qneen City 1A suraaos Co. CincnaatigiSeetary and Treasaraa D AVTD GIBSONjof Wilson, Gilon A Ca',New.Vcrk, I Col. M. N. WISEWELL, (Vlce-Preoidewt.) New-York. I THOS. F. MORRIS, Banker, No. I WaU-si, New-York HENRY a LORD, Presidaat J. and CL Railroad, Cut cinnati. WM. CLIFFORD NEFF. Merchant Cinoinnari. i ft P. W. 8TRADER, h. M. Railroad CV, Ciaoinnati. JNO. BHEKMAN, United States Senator, Oiacinnatt, '5, A. L MOWRY, Frasideat Third National Bauk, Cia einnati. - t.- i LAFAYETLE DEYTNNET. Preaideat Qasea Cit LW . snranco uomsuj, iixBBai. T. W. BARTLEt, Ut Chief-JusUos ni; ni..iti 8aprm Court C. ALFRED GAIT HER, SoperinUndent Adams xprssaV Ootnpany, New-York. - -, JNO. G. BEi VER, Mining SuperinUadentof Company, ' . TRKSFe'r OFFICE FOB THE CITY OF? NSW ; YORK. No. 1 Wad-su - -il THOS. F. MORRIS. Faq- Transfer 0ffier. ?, i 3L871 acres of petrolenm and mineral lands, (in Johaw -son, Magoffin, McLean, Davies, Ohio, aad Barren Conn ' ties, Ky aad Pope County, LXJ selected with the rraat ; ost car by gentlemen of experience in the production ag ou. Lands Tolly reported npon by Prof. Hagar, of Yatw . moat, Mtata Geologist,) and Dr. George WT bkumard.' . formerly United Btatee Geologist to the United States exploring expedition to tbe source of th Red Rive. . and State Geologist of Texas. - - The Unda in Magnfhn Connty are near the gvest Bar1 tag Spring of nentacxy, several ou springs exias oa us premise; in Barren County are near developed propert V prodncinx respeotivel ia two ,wells (0 and IS barrettf Aail,i la Pom Count. I1L. is a portion of a regiun I erly reaerved by the United States Government on as-count of valnable lead of lead which cross the Ohirf-River at tha point. . i ' - t TEN WELLS are now under contract, part going down, upon this property, and enerretie measure ar is. progress f or the rapid development of the valuator. - sources 01 wis company, necm jivmciai? irutii " i " company, rteporc (omciaii rrom nmiw . 8, saja: M Oil uvUible in WeU No. 1: U.v terday plain in the bonnes;" an i OcL s 61 feet, and haa some oil. Some eighs Ao. 1 ana x, oci. b, st. ooald be seen yesterday 1 in Vn 9 ia Al m or tea gentlemen ware her to-day. and ald to.y nvaa saw better prospects for eiL The smell of petrylsoia iSV - as strong on the bo.ings aa atthe sowing wsi-a, v : The recent large strikes in Kentucky must oonvisee tha most skeptical that thia but bids fair to rival Peunayi-vania in the production of ol'. V ithra the laat sutjr days two wells, reapectrvely of LUO sad 3.000 barrels de -velopment, have been struck npon lands lying upon they Cumberland. A diopatoh from Louisville, Nuv. 1 te Mr, , J. L. Smyser. says : If yon have not sold yonr interest ia , bacraraento Company, withdraw it. Another 3.0A1 bama strike near the big welL 4 , ..i "ft ' " Prospeetos showing in detail descriptiona of the proi- erty of this company, embraoing foil reports pom rrom. ertr of this company, embraoing loll rnporis from c-ro. u.-.. TW Hinniinl . nnv nt thm act of lnCOrOOC- Uon and by-laws of the company, and farther tafon-- , tioa and specimen of coal and lead taken from lands of. thia company can b aeen at tbe offioe of Mr. T HOMAa F. MORRIS, Transfer Officer, No. X Wi aU-t, N. Y. . f H ava a a 1111 i'H m i . a . 1 r n w r.. b raaaar - - ... CONTTNTJATION OF OUR GREAT SALE OF TRIMMED BONNETS at fciu, $13 and fla. . n f - ' During the last week the demand forthee bonnets w enormous and the sal very great, being, as they are, at least 30 per cent, cheaper than ths same goods can S boagktloroa Broadway. Extra bands have been est- ployed, and these will work over-hours in order to get p , another assortment of those low-priced Bonnets, aad en MONDAY MORKING next, and every day during ths EXTEN8TvEALETY03F, TRIMMED BoWt ransing in prioe from 10 to $25. Thesi oonsiat of Blactt andOolore Velvet Bonnets, of every price 'nd dn-' tion: uncut Velvet, Si k and Satin Uooneta Blvcic CYp snd Mournlnr Bonnets; Evening, Dress and BrWal Boa net. Travelin and Carriage Bonnets. Ws iaviM oar eitizens and the pabl c generally to visit our t ' ... MAMMOTH MI LLIN ER Y EST ABLI.H rTMENTJ to examine ar stock sad not prices, and if oa BPCT tioa ther do aot admit that oar goods are firsW as. asa at least 30 per cent, less than the aame can be bongDt lor oa Broadway, than our statements ar fae and our onar BONNKTSQB th). SOLD OX BROADWAY AT f IS." BONNETS FOft lt SOLD ON BROAOWAJT AT llfci BONN KTS FOR IlS SOLD O. BKOADWA Y AT 2ik. BONNETS FOR fia;S.OLDON BROADWAY AT JM. BONNETS FOR SOLD OX JlMOADWAlT AT Ji'J. BONNETS FOR l SOLD ON BROADWAY: AT ajO. Country merehants, milliners and dealers reiiuinoa bonneU, or millinery goods of any description, .either by wbolesale or retail, should not tail to visit oar SMAblwh ment before making their selections, w guarantee at savmg ef at Isaac 25 per cent, beeide ths important ad-. TTHELARGEST STOCK IN THE CrTY j to choose from. Son! hern orders, by mail or olnerwise, solicited, and dispatched with great car and prcmpU- m-nriim mraov. A VT1 TTTTJ PlNH I TRIMMED DERBY S AND TURBANS of French and Domestic manufacture, icoludiae all ta new shapes, styles, design, and materials for tad'er-nUase' and infant1, ia all sixes, at all pncea, of svarg - FROM $3 TO 23. t- Ws lnni psrenvs no gunuw; " , , You wiU positively aav 85 per cent., beside the botBe Ind fatfroTof rtiopping. LaAiei. Hving at , a send ua orders by mail for any article ta nr h, i check inclosed lorine pnew, wiui ; " measnrement of head, and sweb part-ioaiars astoeoS r-rfrr i - . v. l- an an LmUnil mar exaea- ......-'irm.nfa will fnaore sou. within a reaaea- ' . tioa of the goods as thooga tb partie were oa the sptt. W. gUxanteVcomplet? sati.iaction, aad feel crtai that, once favored with your order, w. will command number of bonnsta or jockeys are ordered by ems partv, . a ed action in th prioj of each wdl be msd. - J expressed to au prw 01 u j-- dihau ,'7 . . nt.i. .v. .m -. im Unnaa or Canal-at- tell tn . conductor to let you out at J'JZlTr tL m ploy as ef amy of th botsls will direct ooaa try loic; ten -r . . . r . 1 niuRnKK iwtndin. K Inrt reeeivea iroia lucwm, v--- carvons) 01 ooiotw 7 r1r:rV .L- wldtns. ootors anu .u.-, w-.w. RI I low their value. Also, a iuii nw JZ'JZZ h.H BON 8 at importer's prioss. , Parwoulaae j,w wa r WW W a Wa Tl SB N I H M irV llNIlL (3 jsasaar - MR- XTOUS OOUGH BALbAM- t - v - Lxlda, hoaraenaati.asthma, whoop ling eoagh. sor throat, onm P warranted uon. aad all an actions 01 -" uSroat aSd tnnga. Utt4 pre pa ration iwra ie eoagh. asuima ana T 'uoa. It never faU toear. wn icpa Ibavaaa a.t ing sough and oroan. Udireetly. It is pr rly reoommendnd 101 pared froav Ivonsy. It.U parucaiarry nw- " . ' J - J ... . ,1 MHU CrSTFTkL'-t.rA aj I pyglCIAL, PaaJa-WriBOB ; ; 1 KE5TUC11.T Extba Class 5a. W. V dry 18, 1883 ; : 17, 2, 13, 88, 69. 66, 84, 51, 55,11, 8i 44, L-ji i EENTCCKY-Class No. 650, Nov. IS. 1865. , y I 88, 13, 25, 48, 5, 13, 57,8, 1, 86, 81, 63, 7L., f SHELBT EXTBA CLASS No. 843, Nov. 13. 1863. ! .. L4,8,883,S5,89,10,50,A IV ' s.rrvFfB rvai Na. UL MfiS- 1 45, 20, 82, 80, 14, 2, 47, 5, 85, 26, IT, 8, 54 ..r fn IVifr m JABsaa wwag swaawa, vt ; Cirealara aaat fro ay soars sing JLji -"'JOSEPH BATES, We.ll wau-sai , S Olrealars lata abovs LotUries seat fre. by adires" tag SIMMONS, ROGERS A COw No. WaH-sA f - iltrTaid in rold: informat oa faraisbItirbertaaw, W4fo. dounioon. and Vl, Tivina A COa Banaers.-, . Vo. 18 WeU-, New-Y era. r.i-. ' MEETINGS. i- a - crrizKwa -ojj iAsrSkb,, (Aaeorporaiea ny special acv 01 xne liMnaiatar of aaa-f tneky. Aot approved May 27, 1H8&, ? "WORKING C AS HT CAPITAL, iA.OOO, A. L. MOWRY. Prasident Third National Bank. TmA TUESDA Y EYEH 'if ' i awlmsn AldO' V aospiea of th J1 iKATAtmi V th Anisrie UaioaCjBinxu .MiaaionayAjiat. J of oar auffeneg f 'ifc T oana. J r-D. D, icv. ut : ' Addrossos by Kv. KS. "Oaaa. tfg- Oa B'ZVi. lLlDl' l!aW a)i "partiao.axl, . to b pra a. .- - - - ' j -a" J : "2rmzzrTv. r wm. ttCTIlK II F-O II IJ. aA. V'Ta- near 01 j?" . . m,a. sopy. j Wstitb-t,Kew.York. Canada papr. px f JIMMY KBSKggLi ?A&EariuT bi- tooaU oa th pianist. Old JZJA'lm7' i - 6th-av-. 3d door above 3tUt-W wghfAsaa MmmmmM9mmUMmmmWmmmmWmmmmmmmWnWmWmm. 1 1 1 li I

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