The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1946
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY X, 1046 Deadline Tonight On Petitions Voters of Arkansas To Pas* on Several Legislative Proposals. LITTLE ROCK, Ark., July 3. (UP) —The deadline for filing petition? lo get initiated nets and amendments on the Novembt? general election ballot Is midnight tonight, Secretary, of State C. G. Hull announced here. Hall warned sponsors yeslei'dny of tlie measures that they must have the full number of rconlreH si7nh- tures on iwtltiens by the ilenOlliio. He said partial petitions could be filed at any time, but that petitions rfor initiated nets must v-on- tain signatures of 17,348 qualified electors, and those for a constitutional amendment 31,685. Only two of six petitions circulated have been filed with Hall to date. One of thesa proposed to reduce the number of school districts fron) over 2,000 to L'llghtly less than 400. The other would allow counties to vole a millnge tax for Hbnnlcs throughout, the state. The last omendmenl was filed yesterday \vilh 25.440 .'Signature; on it. Other proposals being circulated B-29 Leaving Kwajaleln With Bomb "U.ivc's Dream," the atomic bombing plane, roars down the Kwnjalein 'nirstiip at dawn on Able Day for the first test of an atom bomb ^KLinst nr.val vessels anchored In Bikini Atoll. Major Woodrow P. Sw uncut! was the pilot of the big 4-engine plane which made history by dropping the fourth atomic bomb ever to be used. iJolin Army-Navy F'orcu One Radlophoto from HEA Telcnhoto.) include an amendment to rais four years the terms district and county office servlni; four yei\rs: another to allow cities t!t vole a tnilhigc for recreational purposes: one which would allow husband -wife divided . Incojne for tax purposes! ind one I to float a $150.000.000 bond Issue for highway Improvements I The., .1?45 x legislature suljmltled' two amen'imenU for a popular vote. Laney Observes Reaction, of , 10 nusL 1 10 ,-> *-* j | or an state, Buyers, Sellers ccrs not MOW ' . one increasing the salaries of constitutional officers, nnd another nl- lowlntiTo.untiM 1 0 increase' the mill- age fbr road, purposes tvnm Hive" to 10 mills.- '• . - • UTTLE HOCK, Ark., July 3 (UP) — Governor Ben lodny wcis fearchtni* the KliiLo's sliUiitcs to tte- lenulnc iusl wluit emergency powers he hiul to dciil with cvcnUiuli- llcs which might nrltie from the cos- sntlun o£ lectern I price controls. Lancy snkl yesterday lhi\t ft jire- 11 nil nary rev tew of the statutes tail- Observer's Assert No Nation Safe From Atom Bomb Attack BY JOSKI'H I,. MYl.KU United I'rfss Staff Correspondent OFF UIICINI ATOLL,. July 'i (Ul')--Thc Bikini atom bomb test hnr, shown tliai no nation — not even the United Stales— could ker,) on fight Inn » vi/p.t 1 i[ Its industries and 'cities wens subjuetcd lo atom 1,-omblinj, a high army official s*ld todny. Maj. Gen. Anthony C. McAullfle. army ground forces udviiier to Vice TriirtriarY Seeks WASHINGTON, July —President Triiman is 3. (U,P.) going to try lo jet some genuine rest, beginning .today, it Shunsrl-La, the prcEWentlhl' hideout in the Catoctin Mountains,. _bi. Maryland. s' expccl.~d to be ,fr<yikiHhe Hcusc ed to disclose thnt he hftd nny powers under which he could ncl to put ii broke on rising prices. He Admiral \V. II. P. 'Bluntly, i'M n lidded thnt. he had some "lawyers Press conleionce alter mi Insycc- 1 looking fuiiher Into the mnlter." I lion of atomic destruction In Bikini Enrller In the week, the governor La(;oon thnt the deadly missile announced thai*tic might have lo I'llvcd up lo expcclntlons" as n call a special session of the leijis-| destructive force. "If we had possessed this weapon early In the European war. It would have been so terrific, that tlie Germans Would have dull as Ihe -Japanese did, before the invasion became necessary," MeAuUfio said. "If nn enemy druppcd a bunch of those things mound Washington, New York and Detroit and PiUs- Liii'Kh, ilo yon think we would continue lo flyht?" he anke<i. laturc to take necessary price control slcps. Governor to Enforce Ban On Handling of Snakes By Virginia Cultists RICHMOND, Va., July 3. — Gov. William Tuck snld (UP) today thai he had repeated his instructions to state police to confiscate , , unlil simdaj night or early Monday ^filpmlng. ,~j"_ ^ : -' - Ther'prcsfd'enl and his wife will I inotof-lo 'SHangri-La, : ju^t north ' of Tturmcinl^ >,«.'; 'this afternoon. I 'Only last night Mr. Truman 1 signed a bill to give oilier, federal employea^n J.rihg Fourth of July snakes whenever Holiness faith licnlcrs. Ijrjng them out for a relli- (jlous demonstration thnt might endanger the public. The governor's reiterated instructions carac nflcr reports thnl ono cultlst had been bitten Sunday. However, stnte police said tlie incident must have taken' place at'n public demonstration, for ho one Ihc some "Shtu'fday" would -nnje off. hey Tile official presidential will iriclude"-jusl Mr. Truman and Ins wifej" plus necessary Secret Service (igents, and Navy cooks end stewards'. < . •= •'. Reporters and photographers— instead"" of accompanying in'.' President's motor caravan as usxia! — will precede the President and take up quarters nt a fishing camp nbpttt foUr. .miles, from shangi'i-Ln. Sh?.hgri-La is .hot an imposing resort. The .President's quarters consist of a living room, kitchen, butler's pantry, and several small bedrooms.; plus a screened porch. The. house, was built by pulling three tourist cabins together. There ,are adjoining shacks fo: the Secret Serviced wns bitten. at Ihc public revival I session. '.-••,••'• '•••'• i: . v. s/ .1 •The governor emphasiv.Rd ' that i stale police are not to interfere with any genuine religious worship party B(ll )le snW llla( ; snukc imnOling g otherwise "•I doubt II. McAullffe. wlio once replied "nuts" to n German demand lhat ho .surrender Bnslogne, toured line wounded target ships ycsUrnr.y Mlh Secretary ol the Nuvy James Forestul and nlnndy. director of His $1CO,000,0[,0 operation crossibiuis Tlie ihree top officials sav; how he might flush sunk Mi's s!ili>s. .'recked two others beyond repair iid did varying decrees or damage to nearly 30 more vessels. jn Kwajaleln, Forrestu] rtisclos- tlial from "all available c\V lience." Hie nlom bomb's cflloiency was "nppai'enlly pretty near Ihc top." He said he was convinced lhat Ihe test showed the iifcct for and apartmenl lale Monday. A coroner's jury report Indicated that Mrs. Costeel reached out to turn on a lamp while bnthini;. The lamp shorl-circuited, atui 120 volts passed through her body. Her screams 'attracted nciyhbors, but she was dead when aid reached her. Her husband Is employed by an electrical construction company in El Dorado. Other .survivors are hev parents and two brothers, all of near Batcsville. - was no part of their religious wor- sliip. <V''I.k Is.'faerely demonstration," he declared. ''A sort 'of * added 'attraction/ The people ,do not worship snakes as such." ! Summertime Comfort 1 For Fretful Babies —_if baby'a ihiscriiblu with the burn and >|infc of prickly heat ami dinner rash, nso MoTsrvna (reely. This niLHlk';itc<l powtlcr ftoolhea nnd cools minor irritudons of tl:^ akin. Grown-ups, I<ID, fiixil relief froi.i lienl rnah nntt cliiifing. -1(1 ycnra i\ fiunily fuvbrito. Coats JitUo. Ask for MOSHILII.K Women is Electrocuted While faking a Bath BATESVTLLE, Ark., Jtlly S. (UP) —Funeral'arrnngembiils wcvc being completed'here today for 13-year- old Mrs. Paul-.Castcel. who wns accidentally r clcctrocutctl in her More Firmly In Place Do your false leeth annoy and embarrass by slipping, dreppinj or 'wabbling when you eat. laugh or talk? Just sprinkle-a litlle T'AS- TEETKonyourplales. This alkaline (non-aolrt) pa\vclDr holds false teeth moife fir-ily and more comfortably No gummy, gooey, pasty taste 01 feeling. Dotsn't tour. Checks "plate "plats oc!or" (denture breath). G"t FASTEETH nt any dnij store. ATTIC FANS We have a few 48" LAU Attic Fans available promptly. ; . $165.00 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 319 W. Ash Phone 551 In the "closest co-op^rh- lloii with our clllzcn sclenllals." One or the thlncs lhat surprised him most uhoul Ihe lest, Forrestal said, \vas how a tanker or narge In ihu outer rinf of tl>c target circle caught fire. The clfcct. lie added, seemed to considerable distances, leaving ships only superficially hurt others badly wounded. Lt. Gen. Curlis E. Lemav, rtfipuiy chief of All 1 Slaff for Research and Development, arrived at Bikini today lo'study the ntomic fulurn of Army Air Forces. Last winter. Le- miiy announced n multi-million Hollar nlr engineering development, urogram envisaging research in apm ic wea|)ons, guided missiles and Viu- cleftr energy for Hie in'opulslon 61 aircraft and IOC'KCIS. !s siwkesmeh' 1 ;! mcaiuvlille disclosed that six target ] ships blasted by the atomic bomb' two days ago were still too Uun- Farm Lands ; :^ For Scilet ' in NorthOiisl Ark- rtiul Southeast Mis- All sizes Trncts— >\\\ up. On Good Hroads. luis and mail route, line. Good buildings. Cousins Die When Truck Freight Train Collide HARRISON, Ark., July 3. (UP> — Two cousins were killed and Hire others were Injured when the It In which they were riding wa struck by a MIssouri-Arkansa freight trafn near here early todaj The dead are Mllford Chancy, 1 ami Von Chancy, 21. The injured are L. L). Dixon, 1 driver of the light truck, Roy 1 Frost, 17, and O. li. Chancy, 19. Dlxon Is In a hospital suflLT severe burns. He was thrown clei ol Ihc vehic.le but bis clolhin caught afire when the truck burst lo flames. Prosl and the other Chaney youth tlfercd minor burns and shock. All lived in n rural community ve miles north of Hurrisun. Mil ford Chancy died instantly. He s survived by ills pai'ents, Mi 1 , and Irs. G. A. Chaney, Iwo brothers ml one sister. Von Chancy died soon after the cclclent. He Is survived by Fijs par- nts, Mr. and Mrs. Amos Chaney. our brothers and two sisters. been married to Eugene llhodes 34 years. £lie was the mother of Willie Augusta Doone, who too now re- tides In Memphis. Funeral services were licld Sunday In Memphis. j Memphis Has Four-Alarm Fire With $50,000 Loss MEMPHIS. July 3. (UPi—Dam- Negrb Deaths Irene Rhodes, Negro, died last Wednesday In Memphis at the age r .l 60. Mother of George Olllison, Mio long has been a servanl in he C. F. Tucker home, she had LIGHTEN TOO DARK Fade freckle*. Loosen blackheads. Use at Intervals 25c mi. fVMi+m,,***:**„, age- was estimated today at S50.000 in yesterday's four-alarm fire which virtually destroyed the Tvoiisilnlt' Attic nnd Window I'au Company In downtown Memphis. Some 12 firemen suffered minor injuries in lighting the blaze. CAUTIOM: Use only as directed. Join the Refrigerator Service Club (Two Service Calls a Year $1) Repairs to Electric Appliances Fully Guaranteed BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO. (Where Courtesy Is Not a Memory) 13* E. Main St. Phone S61« Advertorial! Dcspitc the absence of 0. P. A. Price Controls, our policy In Ihe future, as in the past, will be lo maintain our present prices. No! one sin^li; item in our stock has been marked up., and none will be. As new merchandise comes in it still will be liriced in conformance with (he standard O. P. A. Refutations. NO EXCKSS PROFITS WIU, BK TAKEN! Our strict, [wlicy of Quality Merchandise Moderately priced will be rigidly maintained. We appreciate your valued patronage and we will continue to serve you li the very best of our ability. prffiWi'iSgip 5 ™ 01 "'' 5 ' ft gerously radioactive for inspection cre»s to board. They Included the mangled Dere- lect Submarine Sknle, which was Reached several miles a\va;- - on Eny Island lest Us presence nenr- cr Bikini make reci'eation bencnes unsafe. The Beaches, which were closed two days before the bomb was dropped, were reopened this afternoon. ...', : CSftF n ^-.-^ nnsas souri. nores School I'owcr C. E. GOLLADAY Rimcho llolu! llaytr'; Mo; " Phone 931 for better TAXI SERVICE i For long trips—5 or more in Memphis or Little ttock, near train fare for round trip. | LOCAL CALL . . . ; Twin Gables.. . .35c Midnight Inn 50c Golf Club . . 50c Manila $4.00 Osceola . . $4.00 Olliftr places in comparison. J. R. Payne, manager Ijake and Mam Yes, Folks! Get Them! We have a Good Stock of ,rs Roth roc Free Delivery DRUGS Phone 451 Join the Ark! Automobile Club and enjoy it's many benefits YOUR MEMBERSHIP SAVES YOU 20* ON AUTO INSURANCE Ivan R. VanPatten ,, • Your Safes Representative 418 S. Lake St. Residence Phone 2409 Where Yo«r Flower* Are—You Are! One call to iis will arrange to have your remembrances sent, nut just once, but month after month. Ask about this plan. . i. *. All Brands of Cigarettes per carton Tux Pa 111. Radio Repair IAH Makes — AH ^Models. All Work Guaranteed DIXIELAN! » ATTIC FANS * Record Players • RADIOS • Electric Toasters • Electric IRONS and many other Hard-to-Gct Items in everyday use! NOTE: Even though O.P.A. price controls arc off, our prices still remain the same. CAFE and SERVICE STATION Approved A/\A Station Highway 61 at Holland — 31/2 Miles North o* State Line Now You Con Inexpensively NODERNIZE YOUR KITCHEN W« have been fortunate in being able (o secure for you a good .supply of Modern Metal Utility Cabinets, Metal Kitchen Ensembles with 1'orcelain Tops on Metal liases. Come in an<] let us show you f mw ( o K el that built-in effect with these hand- sume, sturdy, convenient all mcla! units. 24" Double Door Utility Cabinets $15.95 18" Single Door Utility Cabinets 11.25 14" Single Door Utility Cabinets 10.65 All the above cabinets are 6" high and 11" deep A!! Metal Lawn and Porch Furniture We have jusl received a good selection of this good looking, sturdy all meta! lawn and porch furniture—the kind you have been wailing for. Choose yours here tomorrow while selection is complete. Comfortable All Metal Lawn Rocker $ 4.85 Comfortable All 'Metal Lawn Chair 4.60 All Metal Lawn Settee to match the Chair 13.95 All Metal 1-passenqer Glider Chair 9.95 All Metal 3-Passenger Glider 18.95 Other lawn furniture in metal and wood with canvas backs and seats. Chairs priced from $1.50 to $12,95 CHARLES S. LEMONS Phone 2069 Quality Furniture — Moderately Priced 100 East Main Street

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