The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 10, 1949
Page 8
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PAGB EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JUNE 10, IMf 'Hoppers Again Threaten Missco Farmers Are Warned Of Serious Menace To Cotton, Soybeans North Mi!.«i.-.-i|)pl County fanners were warned Mils week that grasshoppers may be a ,-erinus menace to col ton, soybeans and other crops in the comity this yenr. County Asenl Kr-nh Bilbrey said thai thoucli erassiiopptT dama»e was largely coni'iied to noilhwesl Arkansas last year, conditions favor a widespread out-bieak in the .stale tbi.s year. Some ijrax'Oiopiior damage wa.s re[x>rted in the county year, he -slated, clue!!y anniml the Gasnell area where some 30 farmers had to poison their croj>. c , but the inscct.s were checked before major (iam.tae resulted. Practically all hoppcis have already hatched. Mr. Bilbrey no:rued out. and risht now, while they are young and still concentrated in <••!(; bed.s. is i he time to kill them. Tlie county a^ent stated tha^ hi.s office has already received several reports of young hoppers in the north half of the county and that therp had been two calls for poLson. Ycllou- Type Is Worsl The yelloM- 01- differential grasshopper Ls t)ie !no.s t de.strnctive t\'pe in this stall', he said. Eggs of this type hopper are usually found in roadside areas, pastures and idle lands and can be destroyed with either .sprays or dtists. Two new Insecticides, chlordane and toxaplwne. are particularly good. T!ie.y can be applied with any type of sprayer or duster, either on plane or ground machines, Mr. Bilbrey suggested that' farmers make a local cooperative project of spraying or dusting railroad right-of-ways, ditch banks, road- .stnes and other bleeding places where young hoppers appear in large numbers. All farmers in a community will benefit through such a joint operation, he snid. DRUMSTICKS PLUS—This three-legged chicken is ieal!y a" shopper stopper. The unusual bird arrived in a shipment to a Cleveland. O.. poultry shop but won't end up on someone's dinner table. She's on display in the store window and owner Andy Howar says he'll keep the hen as a pet. Veteran Pays Way Through College By Aerial 'Spray-as-You-Go' Plan STATE COLLKGE. Pa. _i,\'EAl H There are more ways than one of working your way through college. Attorney General Rules Treating of Small Grain Seed Urged By County Agent The treating of small sji-ain seed before planting is paying several North Mississippi County farmers dividends in the form of correcting existing land ailments, nccordln" to County Agent Keith Bilbrey. Treating of the seed before planting controls most of the land rusis and smuts and betters the land for the planting of other crops, he said. One of the most recent cases where a North Mississippi County farmer reported good results from the treating of small grain seeds was from Herman Matthews of Yarbro who told the county agent that "It's certainly paying me good money for having treated mv barley seed." Mr. Matthews, according to Mr Bilbrey. was a little short of treated seed when lie planted his bailey crop so he finished his field with untreated seed. The part of the lieid planted in untreated seed is badly infested with rust and infection can's be found In the area ani[ a 25-y found a new way to do it. ' Harry J. Moorr. of Philadelphia, sophomore a t Pennsylvania Slate College, likes planes, and came up with a plan which permits him to go on flying and still earn his degree. When the good weather comes. Moore Hies a plane to the campus and e.ich weekend takes off on a spraying assignment. His assignment may take him anywhere from South Carolina to New England, but he never fails to report for classes Monday morning. In hi.s plane, he spravs cotton fields, potato fields, forests, and sometimes cities. It's not dangerous, but "people think It is." he says. "It's really a .summer job." Moore -say.s. "but I begin earlier because the spraying season begins before school end " License Can be ------ - _.-b..*r.,«. *» u *r fcrt Revoked by Eclectic Board "By Missouri Guardsmen LITTLE ROCK, June 10—<V!>j— The Arkansas Electric Board has authority to revoke the license of Dr. G. n. McClure. who was convicted of abortion in the death of f. young married -.voinan Attorney Genera! ike Muny has advised the board secretary. Mtirry told Dr. Clarence II. Young. Little Rock, a complaint must be filed, the board musl hold a hearing and then "may or may not revoke the license in the board's judgment and discretion." Dr. McClure. formerly of Para- aould, was convicted in Green Circuit Court. May ?o. 1343. and sentenced to a Dotes for Cotton Mechanization Meeting Changed DALLAS. Texas, June 10— Wednesday, July 27. will lx> the date of the cotton mechanization .sp.=,s[on of I lie tenth annual Coltoli Research ConicreM In Dallas in > change In plans announced by the Statewide Cotton Committee of Texas In order to permit larger attendance of corton growers, Bun-Is C. Jackson. HilLsboro. Tex., general chairman of the committee sponsoring the event, which was intended by more than 5.CXK) persons last year, said that the two following days of the three-day meeting July 28-29, will not be changed. Oriqinallv scheduled for Saturday. July 30. the cotton mechanization session was changed to Wednesday after- conferences between agricultural leaders, 'members of the committee and representative.') of imulcMiKnt firms developed the desirability of the earlier dale. The machinery exhibits will be displayed at the Stale Pair of Tr-x- as in the Automobile Building' the first day. while Congress se.sstons the following two days, accompanied by numerous exhibits, will be held at the Baker Hotel. More c.xtensive exhibits and bel- ter display facilities for the machinery .session, as well a s a full program o! timely discussions of cotton subjects, ure expected to result in the 1949 Congress exceeding all previous meetings in attendance, JnckM>u said. Truman Is Greeted JEFFERSON CITY. Mo.. June 10 —'.'I 1 ' Southeast Missouri National I Guardsmen and the 35th Division | Band from Springfield will greet i President Truman at, Little Rock '• SURVIVES CRASH— Jack Con nell, (above) of the Bronx, New York, first officer of the plane which crashed and sank off San Juan, Puerto Rico, was one of the survivors, coast Guard headquarters in San Juan reported 28 known survivors out of the estimated 75 persons aboard the plane. (AP Wirephoio). today. ~ He ail] be there for a reunion of the 35th Division, his old World War One outfit. With the band will be a provisional company from (he 140th Infantry Regiment, including men from guard units at Cape Girardeau, Sikeston, Marston, Caruthcrs- ville. Kennett, Dexter and Charleston. Different forms of the B»ntu language are spoken by tribes native to Africa south of the Equator. The first man-made balloon it believed to nave ri»n from the earth In UK. 11 Bamboo planU have been know.I to grow M much u It Indue l;f a sintte day. The Appointment of W.C. Gates G. W. Wiggs XI AUTHORIZED MORTGAGE LOAN SOLICITOR THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA KOMI OTTKM NCWAJtK, N. I. THE NATION'S LEADING IXSUKAXCE COMPANY FARM LENDER LONG TERM IOW COST -*.-j».. j »„ PROMPT CLOSING A. Loan Plan To Fit YOUR Preference, YOUR Need*. YOUR Operation GATES-WORTH INGTON CO. 115 Soufh 3rd Street Phone 2751 year in the penitentiary, j He served eight months of the sen- t At. Penll State. Moore Is study- """.before beins paroled. He now j ing fon-c-.stiy. He hopes to major in entomotoby and he sees possibilities of combining his spraying activities with Ids forestry career. The jovial Navy flier tried cross- country running at Penn State, but lives, in Harrisburg. Veterans insurance matters. As chairman of the committee on in the executive tie- gave up (he sport when his spray- I panments. the Arkansan also intro- ing job took him cross-country at duced a revised bill establishing a considerably less eflort. to himself, new agency for property adminislin- "It's easier to see the country this tJ way." lie smiles. Veteran Insurance Bill Introduced by McClcllan WASHINGTON. June lf)_r,r,_ Senator McClellan has introduced a bin to create a veterans insurance corporation Tvhich would relieve the planted with treated seed, he said. .\fr. Bilbrey stated it is a stand- ins; recommendation of llie colic-Be or Agriculture that all! grain seed be treated before planting. SPECIAL SALE of PAINTS TOM SAWYER PAINTS ACS ROLlsON LUMBER COMPANY TENTH STREET CAMP MOULTRIE DRIVE BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS SALE FROM I JUNE + Paints -Ail Colors INSIDE OR OUT: WOOD, CONCRETE OR METAL + Best Quality GUARANTEED TO BE AS GOOD AS THE BEST Manufactured ar Blythevillc by MARTIN TRENKLE, Inc. 4 RARE IRIS $1 KnsLUh Originations, selling th/oiifh r.iciiott al as hich as J| p rr tnhpr. SL'NSKT COLD Flamfnjt oran B f. rery heavy hlooming. CONSTANCE MKYKR Rrtllian rtd, an unusually hrauttriil (lower. NOr; HOSE Dainty Orchid in color. and like an urrhM In sh.ip^. One or thf most attractive [lowers *rowM. RMCK.MAGIC Jet Mark, vrry rfcr». Plant now, will multiply rivr limes first year. EXTRA ?5 Kainbr»w .Mir Rnnnrtilus a dried without c^tra charge It you order lortay. Send SI ta CANTERBURY GARDENS l)epl. 184 Empress Rid*. Seattle 4, Wash. 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