The New York Times from New York, New York on July 1, 1865 · Page 8
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 8

New York, New York
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Saturday, July 1, 1865
Page 8
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II s ' Satebam Mn i. 1865. 8 is i J- XOCAL INTELLIGENCE. THE PtiUCE COURTS. jtftrMn Flasket Before Jeelw rK,K"" rrAIUT-VALXE&S UUSRD oa I1SM NIGHT. , Cn Tburwlay night patrolmen Jo Cmw, . Lawis P. WATMi3i, Zmxrt & -DlXAFOT, Jams Cuirroii. Jobs Qtow. d aoi to r Uie Eolith, rirtrcnth. end Twenty-ninth Frecincta, appre-iveai.Iod L!ne etxee4-wa2ers, bo on aprnrte before Justice L l.b. yesterday morninK. described them-elvee Uu.-'-KxwMcGiri,.bf thtown,Myesr of ace. or Boston.: nata rpuoci, ori aaaAar, 33 of ure, a won of Vermont; An Wax ssfrant, a native of Xrftd 23 yeera of age; woa Bfkd, 20 years of age, waiter la a concert asf a native of Ireland; Eta Elliott, actress, 24 jeers of age, a native of London; Eats Shebwood, of ' ike town, aged 22 yeera, a native of New-York ; Catha-mimx Fxheb, of the town. S3 year of age, a native of piedmont; Aoocsra Wajroovsn, 40 years of age, a native of Ireland; and Airs Ebiat. a native of Ireland, aired 25 years." Several of the prisoners candidly ad-aattted that Cley followed no uaefnl occnpatlon, and mm aaid thai abe dwelt with her sister, in 81 xth-e venne, and that her family were aware -of her conduct In welling the public street at night, Theee arrests are Cke result of eeveral raids' which were undertaken by aha police oa Thursday night. The raids Twere aborUve"' because of lie many Hie ' efforta which' the police have recently made, tarnenlarly in the , eTown-aown-diatricta, and partially, perhaps, because Dm men who were sent out to capture street-walkers m loose whose monthly day off came round yesterday. Men who were entitled to sleep from P. M-nntil midnight on Thnrsdsy night, and who at that car we e required to go to port duty until 6 yesterday morning, then to go to court with their prison-are if any, or to their beds or elsewhere if they bad no prisoners, were sent out in iSdIa attire to mate prisoners of pernocs who, notv recognizing them I would net report them for neglect of duty. The only wonder is that they took a solitary, offender. If the satire authoress really wjh to elearise the city and Hii it swell's Island, they nave only to make a raid wttH omcers in uniform in Broadway between East Houston and Broome street between 1 and 2 o'clock am the mcrning. j TOE 8TOVE-POaTZB'ClinCniAI. IWSCTT. lfr. Gtnntrxa 8. Bedford. Jr.. sent a note to Jns-m Dcdoi, yesterday arternocn. .stating that Mr. Jobs G bah am. counsel far Da-ibl M. Pobtbb, bad siIiItt Vj- been called to attend a funeral. The hear-to4f In tie cane icanut Pf TKR, for an aliened fraud warn. h:a client, Uekbt D. Stovbb, was thereupon poetpontd until Thursday, the 6th inst, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, ; . TUB FETBOLEtJX BTBBLK. " JA!rrei. gTBATTCit, Jr.. partner of W. D. M45 , in fee United Service Petroleum and Mining Company's a having heard of Uie collapse of the balloon and arrewt of Mams, at once started for New-York, and rnnl yesterday. He immediately preeente! biin-melt before Justice Duooi and gave bail (or bis future appearance. "-) TSAfFEOPBlATIOH OF CNDEBXLOTHINO. 1ST. BienARD Cox.;of No ISO Broadway, dealer in gentlemen's tarnishing goods, preterred a charge of larceny agiinst THoaaa Clabb, a young English valet tm the eurvice cf Mr.? Mtebs, of No. 66 East Tweltth-atreet. It appears tbat on tbe 2fcth of May Mr. Cox rat a mcMWDKer witi nine nhirta, of tbe value of $31, which had been ordered by Mr. H. W. Wimso, to be ' elivercd at No. CC West TweUtb-etreet. and tbat the . ahirts were delivered, by mistake, to Clakk, at No. 66 ' ttmmt Twelitb-etroet. Policeman Halts P. Biisn,who efe Clabk into cunlrxly at tbe Hotel de Cuba, found Soar ehirU in his pueeeeaion. In default of $500 bail, the prisoner was committed for examination. zocmxT-ficKisa oh thk ughth-avesce baxl- strs-BoranoK Acbkbsom, of No. .30 Eighth-avenue. eaTpeared aointtt WnxiAJf E. Johwsto. a young Eng--!., ,.o wuo pretends to be a hardware clerk, and ai-: lage4 that while ahe was traveling in an Eighth-avenue car. on Thursday evening, be stoie her gold spectacles trees ner drtes pocket. - The. accuaed was arrested by Patrolman (irc snK C. KoBEsraca.. and committed . without baiL -On Uie prisoner's person c'apt. Hktdem, mt tbe Sixteenth Want, iuund a diamond pin which iiv . believed to have been stolen. It may be seen at the ' Sixteen ib Precinct pouca sCidon. "' ATTEMPT TO BOB A SgABDCIO-HOrBE. On Thursday evening Btephtw JomrsTOW, ship-enulkcr, and Jobm Jomes, bur-tender, one of whom is ! a STaduate-sof BiAiX Sing Priiion, entered the room in Mrs. Catbabisk Coox's dwiiUing, at No. 2r5 Seventb-' aveeaue, oucupied by Cohbao Bowse and Wx. Hess, i sHt packed up $2C0 worth of wearing apparel, with : vrnlch they were preparing to depart when they were Aiaouvertxi. They were captured by Patrolnurn Heh-mv C. Hioax and Thadoecb Dwtxb, and committed 1 by Justice -JDcdgk in diJbult iof $2,500 bail each, ' Johbstok, wbo is otherwise known as Jakes Ltsch, ays that, iiavir.g Kpent the last Fourth of July in prison, he Lad hoped to be a free maa on the coming : VaurUi. i. . Tbe Tomb BUort Justice Hogan. , . A" THEFT AT T3TE BEVEBE HOCSEf Hr. J axes Ahnoijj, cf No. 511 Broadway, made safh that on the night of the 5th inst., at the Revere Houue, on the southeast corner of Broadway and East Houaton-Mtreet, one Chabxes Bikd, of Prinre-etreet, aar-temier, entered bua room and, stole from.hia waistcoat pockets $150 in money and a' gold watch, which few Values at 3150. Brno was apprehended yesterday . Vy Peliceman Kewt, of the Fourteenth 'Ward, and anrnniituti to pnaon in default cf $1,000 baiL ... TAliDEBUT AT THE TxSmBS. . Complaint was entered against Mrs. Esm Bowna. . ea Isrouklyu. cunfechuner, accusing ber of stealing a eaae cf suited birds from Mr. lixntar Biscnorr, of No. iJ liwiivl-treet. The property, which Mrs.'Bow-sota did not attempt 'to secrete; was found In her poa-amnion. It appears that Mr. Bowehs had mortgaged ' tha ca.e to Mr. BlscBorr, it being bis wife's, and Lhkt that lady, not knowing that ber husband nad made any diaiHMiUoa of the tarda, bad fctken them. Mrs. Bowajui ga-e bail to appear for examination at the Oaul OY special beiaaiona, BUaex IZArket Before J as ties Shaadlcyi KOBE FT) AITO CLCBBED. Hkwbt Fohaw, discharged soldier, of - No. M KorsyUi-strei t, entered a Vater-street basement slen on Thursday evening, and was there robbed of fS& He alleges that Bebhabd Bosarrxm robbed him Bd subsequently struck him on the head with a dob, flirting a serious wound,. Patrolman Paxsons, of fk Seventh Ward, took Boasrro into custody yesterv asiy but did not recover Fokax's money. The prisoner vms committed tor examination, . Ben BED Et CASAZ-STBXET. Xavieb Wetzxx, of No. 251 Slxth-atreet, fell aaleep tm Canal-etrtict, near Cbxysue, on Thursday evening, asat was wakened by two fellows searching his pock-" ssav Ha seixed one of the taievee and turned him wear to Patrolman Mcsrax, of the Tenth Ward. Tbe ysiaouer, who rendered his name as MoBrmxm Sbax, ass couanirted t t examination, 8a ax's confederate sa raped with 28 Of the soldier'a money and a silver srar. W. P. Blsiaie's Lears Beforw . tit a Trawelarsr Clatb. Last evening, tLej diating-oiahed tavern. Trot V. P. Eixx, of California, read a very interesting paper befora the Travelers Club ofthia city, at their aplendid suite of Hub-rooms, No. 1 West rourteenth-aaraea. The sutject of the Proibsecr"x lecture was a alaacriptlon of his explorations in Russian America, ssaa same account of bia views and opinions relating aw the vaat .eucticn of territory known as Huasiaa 9Utwithstandlng Use sudden storm of wind and rain, the) lecture was attended by a numerous and disfon-aTeaaaed u rnnilUga ot laaiee and aentlemen, wbo take snterwc in the resource and geusoerioai wealth, of thia great conunetk The hoor of meeting was, how-aer. scmewbat drlared by the storm.: The. pxeaideat. in lan-edrvang tbe lecturer, took oo asaaun to remark that the club. aUhougn a roaam os ssHiizauon, he bxrpsd and was T-titTTnl that soon the araAtnngv of the membere and the? frienda would nil the room. In speaAing of Prof. Bxaxx, na asad itMmt the puilfmw was wd knows se a distwfoiahsd aisiairit. wd unnoted th nuiM aoaMqusu poa Sket-eMary prt paratioca for his departare Cur Caiiibrnta, wtuclt luu piaoe to-day. (Saturday.) wontd not causa the ieciurvx w UtI ths labors of tl evening. lu sixwcg of lUiasian-America, Mr. .olaee refer, red to Uie ignorance prevailing in regard to the mo. graphical puaiUia of tUa great tract of territory. Ha gave great bouor to Fetkb tbe Great, Sur hie efforta to aa-tnr-n the nistanme from the then esaaern init-mrj o the iiuian - empire, iwnrnwi. as ttnsy !'.' ia ujaovexing immnnse aw nins of eomntry; ssad also dwKAUat the Ruswua . aetUemenaa, their "maimer of living.- trautng. and general , pr2rosR, aansg that theee seulemente were tn fair ct jiwitii. U-cU- ira-le cctaiaUng pruicipa4y of fura ad. lumber, hot their progress in Impruveuent and ettvelopsaeut was very akw, acd it was aaubjeceof saucn eomr-bunt thAt aurit' waa n aact Ha aooA- ' eecaaiorr - tn - epeakii-r of tia first - Tiatt as Smu-B - Axurua. a to - give several nnsm i lu and totareauag deacrif Uuna cf the soenery and ci-ir , uevuiing in a nappy manner tne) eceaes nod mratiits of iiay occurreioe. and spoke of tie wrmcr' piisc. with its farzuit?-. axd prctcn. Xtorji tiic ot b4-iiag, r.ta iu old guts and Olid sMisi bf . . anuArarua. la . spekiug of tba na tia, we kvrrrr A"Tnlad aavexai str-ixrig and asHTraJ, "reitr. aracng whici ws tie tti tt c P .i..ig .their tka a deep bbrk. wpfin a suex Cu.tuf ear and nose rxa, and also an u-iy orasuttait itvis inicb th lover lip. cf fthn i.iimnin For tJccpaav, tne asrtnrar aaid mattt aaa subject to the- ttome Uewesuteet, -vraav cava nfiiccrs of tbe army reaniing in the r't-rrmt to pra. i order and inanaga governmental departmenta. gitka ia tbe centre and the capital of the settlement. The populatian eonaicta of 84T ofSeers and revenurient employes, 10,000 tnnabttaata (white and black) and 4,700 converted Indiana. In the) Winter the climate la disagreeable, being moist and very trying; the days are abort.. In Summer the hunt ia great and the supply of tea scanty, the company being obliged to send great distances fb4espeeiallv since the growth of California. In the immense tables of stauatics given by the lecturer, the audience gained a very good idea of the scope and wealth of tbe m-pany, and tbe territory which they so successfully 'farm.- The lecture was of deep interest, and waa listened to by the audience with attention. Tne Axiom Socletr. The members of thia healthy and hearty so ciety pre their annus! Flc-nlc and Summer Night's Festival" at lion Park, on Thnrsdsy last. Lion Fark is located on One Hundred and Tenth-street, between Eighth and Tenth avenues. It is approached most readily from the first-named thor. oughfare, where the cars' are always to be found. Mr. pACt Falx has recently become the lessee of the park and its surroundings. Ha has eon true ted an open-air concert hall of huge dimensiona and elegant design, There is nothing like it to America. Here, then, twice a week, ; concerts are given under the direction of Mr. Tbxodobe Thomas, and here, too, all the flrst-claaa German festivals take place. It would' be difficult to Imagine a mora v deliciona spot. Occupying very high ground it pes-sesses the great advantage of being always cooL At nikht-time. when it ia lighted up with innumerable gas-lamps, the spectacle is almost fairy-hke. This was especially the case on Thursday last, when, -in addition to Mr. Fate's preparations, the members cf the Arion Society exerted themselves to make their festival and the place in which it occurred beautiful. The hall and grounds were decorated .with variegated lampa, arbors, evergreens. Ate The exercises commenced early in the afternoon, and terminated late the next morning. They included a grand vocal and instrumental -concert under the direction of Mr. Tbeooobb Tbomas; a series of comic processions satirizing the political and social events of the day; a line display of fireworks, and lastly, but not lcastly, s grand ball. The beat of temper prevailed. Nothing indeed could have been more orderly or enjoyable. The tun was kept up, as we bsve before remarked, unflinchingly until decent bueinees hours on Friday ; the Eighth-avenue cars running all night for the ac-comxnodatiun of the visitors. Inquests y Coroner Collin. POISONED BI A IXy-BITE. Ob the 22d ultimo Charles Schwetoeb, a boarder at Johh Bora's saloon, at No. 9fi East Fourth-street, was stung -under the right eye by a large fly, which flew from the carcass of a bullock in his slaughter-house, in First-avenue. The wound being intenee-ly painful, Schwxioeb went home, and, his face swelling, arnica waa iipplied, but without affording relief. Tbe sufferer lay in torture until Thursday nipht, and then died, se a jury say, of poisoning from the bite of a iiy." The deceased, who was a native of Germany, was 40 years of age. ; CaiSOWH WOKAH POfSOHED. An unknown woman, of about 33 years, ha Tin n been found, on Thursday evening, by Patrolman Cbbistiz. of the Eighth Ward, suffering from hysteria, at the threshold of No. 60 'Woostfcr-etreet, waa taken to Belle-rue Hospital, and there ahe died. It ia supposed that she lived with Mrs. Joh3btow, in Amity-etreet. A post-mortem examination, by Dr. Tbobias Bobimsok, in th stnmsrh- Deceased, who was about five feet six inches in stature, wore a black and white plaid skirt, red and green plaid abawL black bonnet, and leather gaiters. . A Sforgue to be Estnblished. At special meeting of the Board of ?nper-visors yesterday. Mr. Pvbdz offered the follbw. resolution: 'A Rttototd, That it be referred to the Committee on County Omces to confer with the Coroners of the county, to inquire into and report upon the expediency of providing a suitable place for tbe reception of unknown dead bodies, tn order that friends or relatives may have an opportunity of Identifying said deed bodies and claiming them for interment ; and that Coroners cause public notice to be published in two of the daily newspapers for that purpose. The resolution waa adopted, and the board adjourned. ' Arrivals in the City. Hon. C. N. Olds and famflr, Ohio; Hon. James H. Uodman, Ohio; Hon. John Henderson. Baltimore; Judge K. BelL Toledo; and T. 8. Richards, Memphis, are at tbe Metropolitan Hotel. Maj.-Cien. Barlow. TJ. 8. V. lent. . H. Wyllie. Fifteenth Regiment British Army. New-Biuawick, and CoL W. de Baasdoff, Danish Minister, are at the Bre-voort House., i Geo. W. Childs and wife, and Mr. K op pel, of Bogota, South America, are at the Clarendon Hotel. .CoL William Whaily, Ch arlesum, S. C, is at the New-York Hotel, CoL John W. Noble, Third Iowa Cavalry, Atlanta, Ga., is at the St, Nicholas Hotel. Firdinand V assault, ban Francisco, is at the Hoffman House. Dr. W. C. Tract, of Boston, is at the Filth-Avenue Hotel. ' GENERAL CITY NEWS. Mxtbopoijtan i Police Mattebs. Capt. Fbasx C SPEiaHT, a veteran policeman of twenty years standing, having received leave of absence, will Bt this morning for Europe, to be absent about two months. Capt. Sr eight bears a graceful letter of introduction from Superintendent KxmtEDX to ;- Inspector Tajtsteb, of London ...Commissioner c-Mc bat will strive to pay the members cf the force their salary for the expired month of Jane on the 3d of July, if possible, so that the men can have the money for use on the 4th. To do this, twenty -nine days are to be counted, instead of thirty, aa it ia necessary to obtain cex4ficstei thjgt the men have performed the labor for which they are 'to be paid. - In tbe first week of August, the extra day ia to be allowed. Since the 1st of April, . the - department has : experienced much difficulty in getting money with which to pay the men. Cntil recently, the, Comptroller has obtained tbe funds for several months pre-vious to October an scrip to be paid from taxes col. lectedin October and November. This year capitalists have been unwilling to advance money on this scrip, ss they can get a higher rate of Interest on government securities. By direction of the Secretary of State, Treasurer McMtnuuT deposited the funds of the department in the Shoe and Leather Bank, and on the 1st of April Mr. McMcbbat applied to tbat institution for a loan of $175,000 on the Comptroller's scrip, for the salary of the force, - The bank refused to make the advance, and the department applied to several moneyed institutions without success. Mr. Mo. saa Tatiob, President of the City Bank, waa then applied to. and he advanced the sum required. Charitable Concebt. We call the attention of concert-goers to the complimentary concert to be given this evening, for the benefit of a deserving soldier. Mr. J. W. Oouoleb, who was wounded at the battle of Honey Hill. Ga. Mre. Moxabt, Messrs S..B. Mit.ij. Geo. W. Moboab, and Ictn G. t.wpt. among the artists who have volunteered their services (or the occasion. The character of the performers and the object of the concert should' insure a good bouse, even in this sweltering weather. Mr. Gooo-Lkm has just published a new song, entitled the " Deserted Rebel Mansion," the menu of which are in keeping with the rest ot his productions. . He will open the concert himself. . ' : Fabole or 31b. OsboiT. By order of Gen. Dix, Mr. OfcBOK, the naval reporter, who waa imprisoned On a charge of giving inform stion to the enemy, wss yesterday morning paroled until the verdict of the eonrt-martial uf promulgated in general orders from 'Washington. It is understood that the verdict acquita Mr. Osnoa of all the charges brought against him by the government, and that Gen. Dix hss approved the finding of the court Mr. Otaon has been deprived of bia lib-ty since the 3d of July last. His health baa anff ered oeeiaadarahly daring his incaroeratioiB. , ; Dbowxexv At about 4 o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, aa unknown soldier fall overboard from the Grand-street Ferry Pier, and waa orowned. The body baa not been recovered.... At about tbe asme hour an unknown girl of about ten years fell through a hole in the Delancey-atraet . Jier and waa drowned, The body haa not been recovered. - Ovrr of Bed crro the Stxeet. Early ywles day saorning J as a Bqbus rtlled out of ner bed and feS to the street from her bedroom window, at No. 7s Baxter-street. Patrolman Johx Dowyst, ef the 81xla Ward, took her to the Sew-York Hospital. Pabadb op the Twelfth EgGiyExr. The Twelfth Regiment N. Q. T Cot Wx. O. "WasD, will parade on the Frwu-th of July. The iH be armed on Washington Psiade amend as. T A. M. ' IiK.rrtJEE rojt Counuro Pxorxot. Mraoa Xea. seas, of v7s tor town, H. T-, will daUvar n asctnre tn behaU' of tbe colored people of this city, at Hope Chapel, on Monday evening, at o'clock. . SrxsTBOEE. On Wednenday afternoon Johs Fl.TJrji. a laborer, fan tn Third- anna, near EUmtr- Uardxresit, and waa taken to !! ua Hoapital, Aae- UROOKLTIt KEWs, SXiUTtzT pECESs fob the ForTrnt or Jcxr. The InUswmf orders have Ussn nsraad by General CcaTEA,' to be observed by the nahtary on the 4i , i...:'..,r-i' p:.;."': ; : "': : ' BxAXKsrxrrxns Saxxwp Er-a-tox, X. G. B. w. Y i , " aXTji. Jane EL JS6X . ). srwaAtmutMasyw a. jm tznr am ox 4 Biy tng th fUUl Brigade (except the fonrteestt ment) wiS fbrm ttne at octock A. bL precisely, cn Sooth Second-street, E. 1 right on jronrtn- n t X. The Eleventh Brigade (except the Fifty-aixth Begiment) will iorm at the same hour on South Fourth-street. - 3. The Fourteenth Regiment. N. Q-, CoL . B. Fow-lzb, and ' the Fifty-aixth . Regiment. N. G CoL J. Q. ADAJfa, wiS parade aa volunteers. The former (being the first volunteer regiment from this dry) will form the special escort of the volunteers. The Fifty-sixth waa the last volunteer regiment raised in the city, a&d waa preparing for service when tha waa closed. Tbe volunteers will form on South Thirty-ninth-stzeet, E. D., right on Forty -fifth-street, at the same honr, nnder direction cf Gen. Jor ta-. . - a. AH societies and crgasizattona of dtizena desiring to participate in the ceremonies wiU form on South Fiith-etreet, E. D right on Fourth-street, at 7.' o'clock precisely, and will - report to CoL Davuk Stxels, Diriaion Inspector, for assignment of position and other information. 6. -The march win commence at 8 o'clock, precisely and will be through Fourth-street, and along the line designated by the Committee of the Common Council, to the new County Court-house; where tbe command via be reviewed at 10 o'clock A. M by the Mayor, city and county officers, ana rtitmiesml at or before 10 o'clock A- -M. 6. -Commandants will promulgate these orders and see that the utmcat promptitude is obaerved in their execution. H. B. DCRFEA, MaJor-GeneraL Wm. H. Bebgxbv A. A. A. G. : The Ldno Island College Hospital. The annual commencement exercises of the Long Island CoQege -Hospital took place at the Atheneuxn, on Thursday night, and was well attended. ! The Rev. A. N. LrmuoBS delivered an Invocation, when Dr. Mason came forward, and. after a few introductory remarks, conferred degrees upon flity-two graduates. Prof. F. B. Hamixzob delivered an address to tha graduates, after which the Valedictory was read by M. iL S. Bates, of the graduating class.' GurutLis Band famished music during intervala, and the proceedings terminated with a benediction by Rev. Dr. Littlkjoe-. j ! Sexztbe . of Po-n5EB- Fire-Warden - Javes Wright yesterday seized five kegt ot powder, on the premises of Mr. J. C. Bbo web, corner of Myrtle-avenue snd Cumberland-street, and put them, in a place of safety. They bad been stored in a shed not more than fifteen or twenty feet from the store, and being considered ilangerons, they were removed. The quantity of powder kept on hand waa in, excess of the amount allowed by law. State Boxds a-d County Cebttficates. At a meeting of the Kings County. Board of Super-riser last evening, a resolution waa adopted authorizing the County Treasurer to exchange State bonds for county certificates cf indebtedness, in the order in which they are issued, after deducting a sufficient amount to redeem those which were issued to draOad persons. Child Scalded to Death. An infant son of Mr. Jakes. Stabt. aged years, reeidng st No. 26 Sanford-etreet, accidentally fell into a kettle of boiling water on Thursday afternoon, and was scalded so that it died in a few hours thereafter. Coroner Ltsch held an inquest, and a verdict in accordance with the drcumatancea was rendered. . The Bboosxt- Public Schools. The closing exercises preceding the Fourth of July vacation were held yesterday in the different public schools of the city, consisting of sddresses. singing by the children, and awards of premiums to deserving pupils. Tbe proceedings passed off pleasantly in all the schools. , . IVilllamsbargh. Boahd of Fire CoanussioxEBs Hemoval of Bellbinoebs. A meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners (E. D.) took place last evening at Firemen's HalL The principal .business transacted waa the removal of two beilringers, Tbom a.,Kjbemaji and Thomas Ames, both cripples, ana the selection of two stalwart ycung men to fill. their places. Sxbjuias, about eighteen months since, wsa fearfully burned while in the discharge of - his duty at the old Bell Tower, which caught fire ' while he was arranging bis lights. His injuries, although severe, bsve not prevented bim from the performance, of -hia duties faithfully- since his recovery. The minority of the board express an intention of resigning, in consequence of what they characterize the heartless action of the. majority in thia. matter. The facts in connection with this affair are stated as follows: A short time since there was an election fcr Clerk of the Board,', (salary $500,) and the then incumbent found a majority of one against his reelection. (The board consists of five members.) A bargain, it is asserted, was then entered into with one of the majority, wbo agreed to vote ' fcr- the reelection of the old clerk, (a man named Dohbvah.) provided, the bell-ringers were removed and friends of his put in their places. . The bargain was censum-mated, it ia alleged, laat night. Pbogbahxe fob the Fouhth of July. The preparations for the celebration of the Fourth have' nearly been completed in this Diserict, and' the exercises will be of a magnificence and character never heretofore attempted by the staid citizens of the Burgh. At daylight a salute of thirty-six guns will be fired, followed "by the ringing of bells. At 10:30 A. M., a meeting of citizens will take place in the chapel of the Ross-street Church, The following gentlemen will deliver addresses: Rev. Ei S. Porter; D. D., Ricn ard H. Huntley, Esq.. Rev. E, W. Bliaa, Rev. C. S. Ponii ro-. Re-. A. H. Partride Rev. Charles H. Payne, Rev. J. T. Wilson. At 4:30 P. M.. exercises nnder she direction cf the Citizens Committee, of which Hon. Wm. Wall is chairman, will . take place at the First PresbytTian Church, corner cf South Fourth and Sixth streets. D. L. Ncbthbct, Esq.. will read ' the Declaration of Independence, and Rev. E. S. CasfiElj will deliver the oration. The Churches of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Mary will celebrate tbe day by a pic-nic. In the evening every householder ia invitod to illuminate. Tbe Germans of the Sixteenth Ward, it is understood, will bsve s grand procession and public meeting in Dutch town, in which some thirty societies will take part. Found Dbowsed. CoronEr Babbett has concluded the inquest upon the body of the unknown man who waa found drowned in Newtown .Creek, oh Thursday night, by Sergt. Sloate, of the Forty-sixth Precinct. No information as to bis identity wsa elicited. The fury rendered a verdict of " Found drowned," having no evidence as to whether he committed eui-citie or not; although it ia probable that be did. aa tbe water was not deep enough for an accidental drowning, and there were no indicauoxia whatever of foul play. i Bescttd fboji Deowndto. Abont 6. A. IL yesterday, a gentleman while attempting to. jump on board a South Seventh-street ferry-boat, tell into the dock.and was reamed by the gallantry of a young man named Philip Bleil, of Fulton Market, Naw-Yorx, wbo waa on tbe boat at the time and who plunged into the water and brought ashore the unfortunate gentleman. This is the third time Butt alias r Whitey" has rescued his fellow-man from drowning. . As Old Labi Shot. An old lady named Tcb-hzx, residingln Morton-street, E. D., while sitting on the back atoop of her residence, abont 4 P. M. yester-dsy, was shot In the leg by a bullet from a pistol in the hands of some person in Myrtle-avenue. It if not known whether the shooting was accidental or malicious. - Incendiabt Fibe. The paint shop and stable, corner of Division-avenue and Eighth-street, F D., owned by G. L. Rooebs, and occupied by A. Gunbebt, waa yesterday damaged by fire to the amount of $500; no insurance. It ia believed to be the work of an incendiary, i . NEW-JERSEY. ! Bcnawat AocLOEST.- Yesterday noon, as Dr. Oolb, a veterinary surgeon of New-York, was riding up Montgomery-street;' Jersey dry. hia horses took fright and dashed off at a furious rate. Just above Washington-street the light waon came in contact with a dray, was partially demolished and Dr. Ocxn waa pitched out head first - upon the pavement. and sustained a scalp wound. He waa conveyed to a drugstore and the wound dressed. Hia injuries were not very serious. t . Ftee at East New abe. The pondrette works ef Mr. Dat, at Fast Newark, were totally destroyed by fire cn Thursdiy afternoon, involving a loss of about' $30,000. The fire took from the sparks of an engine used for driving spile near by. The Foubth ni Hudson Cm. The Fourth will be celebrated in Hudson City by a dinner given to the S "'f frTrrn Wsrie-. an era-tton by Hon, O- B. Artartw. and a diapiaE of fireworks in the evening. m.imtfJ Iir Ciosisa of the Public Schools. -The pubEc schools of Jersey City were closed yesterday until the day after the Fourths ; ;V. -W REPORTS. ; C ' : Will A4amlttel. ' : " UBBOGaTS'S OOCBT fC"5E SO. ' ' J ;" r. -,-. v.BJaaEBsn BBjasnakaEA. VhasBaaaBsa. " ' Pssas . Si saBBESBBBs. t-mm . - - " w: y The w2-i of the tUlowing-ruuBttad person have jnat been admitted to probate t Jacob SchaSier, 6am- wLLSIScjSv StMWr. Jonathan Trotter. 2fto"OCYPZh!vipa fswrence. Edward M ett Rob-taaon, irdia Ortdn. John Bottomley. MaUnde B-rterBB BwnG- Tteaia& The beq nests- eon-Satnadto thaws wiUe arscTno mtt iKTvblT -v : DwcUismsw. '.' '' '' " . . SU7BX3EX OOUXX ei'ACUX. TEESt -XC3E SO. : " John OXiJimea r. Th. Central AnExican Transit Comramy. : The plain? must have Judgment ea that cVsnuxrer, with ossta. ' vnleaa the a . amend tn twenty days, and pay the coats of Lb de xurrts to be adjusted oy the cterk. fBet csitm.y : The People ex rej, tchcas ss. John S, ones, and The People txrel, Darragh ea. George A- Jeremiah. Judgment must be entered in each case far the re Islnr witli rmsts. r r&M aninion.1 i Chas. W. Darling ss. Dcmorin Libby et aL; Judgment for plaintiff, with leave to answer on payment of costs of demurrer. Harrison et aL ss. Homer; judg ment for plaintiff for $500 damages againse tne defendant; as the defendant has succeeded o the pri mary claim of the pisiTnnr, let it be without cos is. rSee Or?inlon.) Bravnard te. Bravnard; Judgment toe plaintiff, without costs. (See Opinion.) Dougherty es. Dolan; Judgment far defendant, withotit costs. fSe Crnnion.! Wm. D. Ludlow ea. Chaa. W. Hey- drick; judgment for phuntiif. with taxable coats, but no extra allowance, (bee doct&ron.) ' ' ; J By Janfcs EUlsr. Clancy, Administrator, Ac, M."Th Emigrant Savs imra Bank: indirment that the hsrir.ts iiunM pay over the money to Mrs. Comoran. (See opinion.) Mary T. Higgens as. Sarah C Clark et aL; readjustment ordered unless guardian ad hum consents to striae out trial tee of l.UJ. John M. Scott. Receiver, s. Caroline C Hatch et aL; stay modified- so far as to allow the ludirment to be entered and docketed. Hor- tense M. J. Moore vs. John B. Stouvensl eUaL; motion granted. Peter Mace vs. Theresa Jane Mace; report confirmed and Judtrment of divorce -granted. Llanx Gilbert ea. Duma Gilbert; report confirmed and judg ment ui divorce gransea. nm. X3. iawb vwi muu Lstson; motion granted, opening judgment, Ac-Owen Griffith na. Elizabeth Griffith; report confirmed and judgment of divorce granted. j Tbe Croton Aqnedwct Board Judgment Km "AN.n. It,lfl.r. 1 8UPBXME COCBT SPECIAL TFJUtWUSB 30. ' ' Befcrs Jsniea LssBsra. ' j ' IKe People ei reL Stephens vs. John 3. Giles. The PtopU ea reL Darragk vs. Gea. A. Jertmiak. In these two. cases Justice Leohabo has rendered s deci sion in favor cf the relators, supporting the constitu tionality of the set which extended the terms ot the former occupants, and ousting the, nominees of the city. The following is the opinion in the case: j . i. . , ' -M Lxohabd, J. These actions are proseeuted to determine the title of the respective claimants to certain olnces in the Croton Aqueduct Department. I The relator btephens held the office of President Commissioner, and hia official term expired on the Pith of April. 1b65, unless it was lawfully extended by an act of tha Legislature passed April 3, 18(53, which declared that the then chief officers ef the Croton Aqueduct Board should continue 'to hold their offices for four years from the date of the appointment of the then Assistant Commissioner. (Sess. L, 18C3, chapter 68.) i Mr. Giles has been duly appointed to the same office, if any vacancy existed cn or after April 12, lfcoS. The relator Darragh wasappototedlAssistant Commissioner Dee. 8, 1862, and hia term of office had not expired in May, lb65, when the Board of Aldermen passed a resolution removing him from office, claiming to exercise tbe power of removal under tha Charter of the Cirv of New-Xork, and the defendant. Jeremiah, waa then appointed to fill the vacancy so created. Mr. Darragh was lawfully removed, and Mt Jeremiah appointed in hia place, unless the power of removal was taken from the Aldermen by the same act of tbe Legislature before referred to. The provision of that act relating to thia removal, declares tbat the heads of Departments in the City of New-York, shall thereafter be removed only for the cauaes, and in 'the manner provided by law for the removal of tbe Controller of said city. The questions hi dispute involve the constitutional validity of the provisions of the act of -the leghdature beiure mentioned. Mr. Giles haa been duly appointed and qualified se President Commissioner, and Mr. Jeremiah as Assistant Commissioner, If the term of Mr. Stephens, in the one case, had expired r and in the other, if, a vacancy existed upon the removal of Mr. Darragh by the Al- dCUis tosisted on behalf of Mr. Giles in particular that the enactment of 1863, is a direct invasion of the second section of the 10th article of the constitution of this State. That section, alter providing for the election or appointment of county, city, town, and village officers, by local electors or authorities, where no provision 'is made by the, constitution for an election or appointment to those offices, declare i" that all other officers whose election or appointment ia not provided for by the constitution, oad oil oncers te&eae opica mas be kertajler created frjr iaCUil be elected by the people, or appointed aa.the Legislature may direct" It was not denied at the argument niat these officers were created by law in 103. Since : the adoption of the constitution in 1846 ; and from an Inspection of the laws tbe fact, appears to be so. Within the decision of the Court of Appeals in the case of The People w. Draper. 19 N. Y. R.. 532. the Legislature may provide for the election or appointment in any manner it deems suitable, of ail officers, j local or general, whose, offices were- thereafter created by law. -1 think that decision would not be deemed good authority to uphold an appointment to office by the Legislature, although its language appears to be broad enough to embrace Such an act. Such a case was not then before that court and the validity of a legislative appointment was not considered. The validity of the law extending the term iof office of Mr. Stephens is claimed to bo upheld by section three of the tenth article of ! the constitution, whether the office ia local ; or not, and independently of the time of Itai creation whether before or after the constitution of 1848. That section authorizes the Legislature to declare by the law the duration of -any office not provided by the Constitution. This provision speaks only of declaring the duration of an oflct; not the duration of the term of an ojeer already elected or appointed to an office, the duration of which haa been declared by a previous law. The act of 1863 declares two things, via. : the duration of an office, and. alao, the duration of the term of an incumbent. The first; ia clearly within the constitational authority of the Legislature, while the other, were it not for another decision of the Courtof Appeals, would appear to be as clearly with out sanction. Th nt Th PaotiIa ex. Bachellor. 321 N. T. B., 137, is controlling authority on the subject and as a member of a subordinate tribunal. I must Hollow it as authority. The act of the Legislature extending Bacheilor'a term of office was apparently the precedent for the law under consideration. I I r It was also urged by the learned counsel for Mr. Giles tbat tbe Croton Aqueduct is the property of the Corporation of tbe City of New-York, and that so far sa relates to this property, the city ia strictly a private corporation. , ' ' ' Without referring to the starthng doctrine (from which I must decidedly dissent! promulgated in the opinions of the Court of Appeals in the late cases of The People -r. Kerr Brothers, 27 N. Y. R. 118, snd Darlington vs. The Mayor, not yet reported; The People se. Booth, and others, decided at, the present term, in relation to the power of tbe Legislature over the city property, which are pointedly adverse to the position of the counsel, his argument cannot be sustained. The chief officers of the Croton Aqueduct Department are appointed to public offices created by tee Legislature, which may in like manner abolish thenL ! . " J. I" " Other pubMc duties also devolve upon these officers, connected with regulating, constructing and repairing the streets and sewers of the City of New-York. They are no leas public officers than other heads of departments tk Comptroller, for example, who ia the financial officer of theaty, and baa in a great measure the management of the income of the piers, wharves ana other property of a like character which has heretofore been considered as property belonging to the city. They are not less public officers, aa I conceive, while performing the duties of President and Assistant Commissioner of the Croton Aqueduct, because tbat great work waa constructed by taxatioa upon, and the public credit of. the City of New-York alone as distinguished . from the residue of the 'State. The title of this aqueduct is vested in the corporation for the public purpose of supplying the city with pure and wholesome water, and ia a trust devolved upon the corporation like the streets by legislative enact-ment for the benefit of tbe public Should the reven. uea. or the use of the croton water be diverted for private purposes, under the authority of the Legislative, enactments without compensation to the eity, as tbe streets and avenues to some extent nave been. I know of nothing under the deciaiona last referred to which would avert the calamity. But the principles which places the control and management of the property of the oorporation under public and not private officers msv be distinguished from that by which the use of the streets hss been allowed for private emolument. There are officers for the management of P abbe property in conformity with the existing public trust, and their control ia not for subverting the property to private uses without compensation to the public corporation which raised the money for its so oeixition and construction. , j i These reasons are controlling in respect to the suggestion that the Croton Aqueduct ia the private prop, erty of the corporation. The case, as between tbe relator, Darragh, and the defend snt, Jeremiah, becomes very simple when it is assumedithat there is no ques-, tton of private property belonging to the city involved tn the case. i - The power to remove the relator is claimed nnder the charter of 1&37. The act of IMS is in direct hostility with tbe charter in thia respect, and necessarily operates aa a repeal- of that provision, i It follows that the resolntion of tha Board ef Aldermen removing Mr. Darragh ia nugatory, and that he ia sail the sasist ant commissioner.: The resolntion appointing Mr. Jeremiah ia inoperative, because there waa no vacancy in tha -office to be filled. i I - . . The resolution appointing Mr. Giles to the office of President Commissioner is also inoperative. hecanBe the term of Mr. Stephens had been extended by the act of 1863, and no vacancy existed In that office. i Judgment must be entered in each case for the relator, with coats, Ac - i : Mr. Marsh and Mr. FnEerton tot the relator r Ex-Judges Pierrepont and Whiting" fcr the defends nta - ''; - -"' -mmi j ( i . ; Evtnlag Ezchaagc! -Ft) Eris RaihraT.....a5 19 'SPOChi. A 3. W.P..b3 " i daw.. rai os .sis' ss MOPtrtou.Ft.W.AC.... lid Cnmh. Pfl b oe ......blS -7 TJ0 Mien. A. A- N. L-... " C2 kusCieve- A Pius.. ..a 2ui0MariBaaaa4.Cew-, Kit Gold and Stocks very drill, but firm. No Gold sold en can, b after eaJI said at 141& and stood a tna a tbe doseof the report. ' r .. ..- , NcTTCX- Thsre will be ae Evening Stock Board antd .,' Flags ' .- G-L.nJ.B- k.Kl.SYr Na 39 Bread way. " Hzsaajra's Patent Champion lire-proof Safes, and Hraarso's ew Pvxent Br?4sr-prer.f haies, w:ta Hzmn nwiai wntca eaanot oeMrtuied-ea ke. aU. Broadway, sera. ' fAi I SS I I I To IT MAT CoCEBBv we have. during the pt three yeses, sold grsat qmaatities of the vondsrfal BOBsehold rsraedy, . .. . PLANTATION BTTTERS, far the ears of dyvpspsia, sour stoiaars, hsadacba. pain fat tne aide, heartburn, fssrish Hps, Ae-. aa.; ssUt Whereas. 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July Asia Virginia..- .J nij &.. Boston ....... Li varpooL ....July B. . nsw-T ora ..xJTerpoov. ranM rrranpn. Edinburgh. America. . . Himi .i... Glasgow.... Africa...... Moravian-. Germsnia. . China. baxonia..... Pereia..L... ......JuneZI.. Liverpool If ew-Tor k. ...... ..Jans a.. Southampton.. ..New-York. . ...J one 21 . . Soatham Dtoa New-York. June a..Now-YorS- Liverpool. ...... ..June 21. .Boston Liverpool. Jons 33.. Liverpool Qnebae. ,...Jnn-.w-Yora Hamburg. ....Jvna..Livrpoal . BoMsn. June 28.. Southampton ...New-York. July -1.. Liverpool ;..New-Yora. I. . .. - r - . Hsvaaa. Ifew-Orlensts aad Paaanaa. Vara Craa. -July 1. New-York V.Cnu A Hav. Colombia... ..JTjuly s.-New- York.... Havana. Manhattan. .......July U.. New-York... Hav-AV. Craa. Departare r Foreign Malls. Mails for Europe, via Southampton, per steaaw ea, close to-day. a MSB A- M-; via Qiiuoasiuait, ner teamsr City of Xe -York, at tha same hoar. ' r- " . ( Mails for California. Central America. South Paetne, Ac. per steamer Oetam sira. close to-day at 10 JOA. for Havana aad Mexico, per stasias rare Cnm, at X f. at. ' . . j Departare of Dosaestle Malls. East Mads does ak..i SA. kL, 1 JR. 1XB and P. M. Wasters aad ooathwsatem Made.5 A. at. aad i - P. M. Long Ialand A A. AC and X P. M. Newport and Fall River. 3 . 31. New-York Central Ratlroad.. -- 3 r. at. North Mails . . : ?-aa 5" C" NorthMaiL War.......4......... A. M. and 1 P. M. South Mail at...... .5 A. M J0. IJtadur.a (--.-: - i j . XHaaseasers Arriveai. . Tm. Kbnutin RmUm ' .Star Vaat JfAaai M s. Dr. Hamsoo. U rs. Wilvouand servant, Mrs. BUne. J- Graen- leaf. wile and aarvaot. Mrs. Sterna, child and aarvant, Mrs. Stavenann. child and servant. Hn, Sitaer. Miaa Metcalf, V. DuraU. wife aad servant, G. Levis, Tf.H. J. Reynolds. Miss E. Barber, Mits Barber, Dr. Moea. wife. 2 children and servant, U. B. Maalor. Mrs. D. Homerroa aad child. Miss Alice. Mrs. Couvarse and son, Mr. Tamer and wife. Miss Boahnall. Mrs. Ralph and child. Miaa Biaac, Mrs. Hamblect and child. Mrs. Baid-win, 4 children and servant. A. C Petara, Mrs. Hamlin, L. Pbolpa. Mrs. Fairweather aadaarvaat. W .. Shannon. Jr MiiVRicbards, W. D. Clark. witirsniLrtld. E. A. Junaa. i wife, child and servant, fL SmitiuMra. O. . Sheaia. Mias a. E. O Doonell. Miaa acTO'Donnall. J. BeeraTH. Beloc. Mrs. Sullivan son. Mus BananL, Miss Sullivan, Master Sullivaa and aurse. li- H. Drake, W. fcL Uallett. Mrs. Halletfc. S childraa and nurve. Ll. Bid-weU and wife. J. La Thome, H. Atrill. B- Duval L. A- C. Jewed, F. G. echiesinger. J. 1 ikaiser, B. B. UaXL M. Princej M. Prince, Jr L. Abbott, Mra. aanaom. K. F. HiiL F. Drawn. G. B. Harvey. M. Bardstt. Mrs. Parser and servant, Mr. Jackson, O. J. Fiqaet, Dr.- fs!ott A Drams, Col. Lawrence, CoL Hoi 8. Jamea, W. Leasick, U Keep. I Cape Beretow. Mr. Wolf,. Mr. Lai V OL uoiutwk. atrs. lurnnn, Uot. James U. wri ithran, W. O. Lathrmp. Cap. Smith. W.J, Ried. Geo. H. 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June 2a. with mdaa. aad peeennn lira ta 14. H. Cvoaawatt A Cow - The trTftam.hip Guidina' Star waa aa aail tba aama day at f P. M.- Jess U on eat ward pasaasra. RueeeU BenneU. fireman, sied aaddenly. with aonreetioa ef tha heart: wss bnned at see. Met ia the nvar. steaaashspa Empire City, Exact, Trade Wind. Blackstooe. Republic, Anchored at S. W. Pass, ateemships McClelland Meteor, De Molay. .1 h, A.M, saw two ateamere, bound W suxmosed the Mariposa and Star of the L a ion. 'h. U Ml tTmiles W. of Grand Key, sxcnalired itswiwC. Whitina. bound wwstward: TP. JL.ll nxuee E of bom- brero. aawateamaniri Eveaiie Star. - . , . ' . . - - BeaaaaaioC't v of Du-uiv -r., Eynoac pool Jane ia mL naoav a- i Uutriui.A li'.o, iu box. tad ii) . . : , ' I . . M i.. Luna. . Had ttne an liar Wua en. itre aaaaacs; paed eeveral lar icvoers on the north af the lha Luinbora aud Kar.ahroo arrivait at Liverpool oa tha loth. Lab. 1 -1. Ion. 2j wa, paaaad ship CanaJa, bound la: lei. a 2A, Ion. &a '. psaasi stsasBshia Asia: ia. Iwcia, paaaail ship Uarvaat Ouara, from, Pa. John. N. 3 tot Liverpot; id milas L. of Sandy Hook, parted nteamahip Scutta. hence tut LiverpooL bteain-bipGaxiins hear, BU, New-Oriaaaa June 24. aad -6. W. Paaa ath, at J enUl mdaa. aad paeaen a-re a J. A. fcayaer. June A a nooaw paated ataan-aoip Mariposa; aa i P. M. same day, paeaed steam? hip tar of the LnkMA. 2Sth, at rr.i.liuaht. od Key West peeked steamship Evnieaj Suuv Jane ST. od Capo j tonda. paaaad eonrs. Ida Delia Torre aad Cbt.'oe. Juua 7h. 10 innwe north of F " T -. piiaarl steamihia rnna ahuey. ad bonsd 8. hMsamabip CUeaapeaka, Fherwood. ForUand, . with Sanaa, aad passengers te iL U. Cromwetl A Co. biaamae -astern star. ,traaport,i bumhaei. Hilton. Head June 26, via Fortress lnjuroe hoora, with r aa aeniters to U. n. Assist ana tuartermaater.. bwamev baetauaea, Keeny, ronreas itianm 99 boors, ,uHUa ornn ii rj, SWfttS to U. o.Aaatatact toarter- miutaff. ' noin Vartory, Brissn, Liverpool May XX with FUrrr, Vorhta, WaaninaToo, v an Drum m aiariu; ueeaa Wave, Cook, savannah. A- at -odroy; Oarer Byran, Siaeper, Una laiand. J. ei. InajTauom: Gertrade, Ooi-welL aUixabethport, Jed Frye A Co.: John Baclsy, (Bc. Windsor. SS. o D. au De Wolf a Co.: MarvesS swrs teTlavtxOardsa. One birth. In eu, loo. et U, passed a le-w icahefs. ners ciias zi i aa, (oi irk Ellas Baraa. ( of l iraao.) FrttX Bermuda 1 da i potatoea. aac to Tucker ALiahtboara. xk Cordova, (of LiverpooL) Xamer, rii'lliaaa "ta. tllaat to Geo. F. BailayT aiaore S eav wrtn c Bar! in ballast Ertr FraoeBia, Potter. New-Orleans 90 dawUhlanv' per (returned eareoi to J. u. aaSnrd. Brif A. L. Peek, (of St. John, S. B Peck. Albert. JL H,t da- wttb eoal to A. 8m i there A Co. . n i. A n in..J ' ' ... Bd2f iiliFSfi?xt BiCosta Rica, Pesi, A spin wail U da, with mdaa, as 8ir.'irf-iiiia, (tt Xirnpm, Jara) Olabton. Craa A Cayman 72 da with suaao, etc-, to J. LeayiaiU Leit no Scar. Nellie Saunders, Smith, North port, for Etaa. ; Oetn. 8 hr. PwBdlMo Socklwdo vith llmB i IT. 1 BroWw) m Oa. 8chr. 8aralrA.Read.Raad. BalUmora, for Hartf onL, witn eeaL . Schr. Thomas XTBs. Etener. ft In si wsaiir witit sod aaaV mackerel to Woodroxf A Robinaoo. ochr. Yapor. Bogart, Georgetown, TX CL, ? dSL, with-eoal to master. Soar. Lewis 8. Darts, aUnrpton, Ylrgtnla, with weee to Jonas Smith A Co. : 8ehr. Frieod. fof Halifar,; Campbell. FJeuthere sa ' With pineapples toJ. M. Reqaa. " ' . Schr. Mary B. Haskell. Haa kail. Lmxan Ix da,witkv seal to master. Schr. Coral Isle, fof Turks Island.) Stubba. Oraaxf Turk. T. L, la da. with mahacany and tobaeos to Calnav B. Knox. Left no vessels. Schr. SUver Star. Lrowtner, ueorcetown. S da, with) Schr. Gem, Godfrey, 17 da., with Soar sm osdar to E. S. CrowelL - Schr. Rani (BrO Bethel. FJeathera T on, with frsia to Jamea Dooci Schr. John X Wiahart, Ylraisdaten,witb wood to master. Schr. Hauaa Low, Warner, Tlrainia S dswith Schr. J. B. Meyers, Smith, Georgetown T dsv, Wsth to master. Scar. Elian A Catharine." fof NssssaJ Oaojsa. there f da. oath fruit to James Dooclae. Scar. Wide World, Wylar. Washinavon f da ta as wooes smitn. Schr. Royal Arch. fRr.. ) Davidson. Windsor M da-, with plaster to D. R. De Wolf a Co. Schr. J. C Brooke, Bsaraa, Boston, with aades. as A. W.Lewis A Co. -Schr. Graos Girdler, Clark. . Boston, with isias. to CTOUUS m I A Seer. Carlton Jayne. Rowiaad, Port Jeffi Schr. Amerieaa Eacje, , Norwich. oenr. li. a, Barnes, Jonas, froviaanoe. Sche. Celesta. Tar lor. Providenea. Schr. Avail, Carter. Providence, for Roodoot. Schr. Gen. Sheridan, Basil, Georgetown, with WIND At sauastS. W. H Bjr Telegrapla. BOSTON. Jane 30 Are. steamer Jereev-TUaa. ' New-York : snip Lisxy Moan, from Port Roy si; brige Aftoa. from Port-aa-Prinee: H. tunith, from Miragoane a. . Aarraoee, sroax Georgetown. Spokest, Ee. Glad ndinca eliip, from Portland for Wew-Qrlssasa Jane 25, lat. 40 JO, Ion. C9 301 - Jacinta bne. from Cienraagas for Boston, Jane H., lat. 2t 37. loo. S3 37. Waa. Tucker brie, of London, from Siaal Bar Liverpool. Jane 23. 1st. XL ton. 78 IA. 7ATXTT B0S0K SHIRT. J3T ADDITION TO oox usual stock of 't MEN'S FURNISHINGS, we have opened a full sssiiiliimiitof - ' PASHIONABLB CLOTHING, ; AT POPULAR PRICES. - -? JV? TTIA PERECK) & S017S, Ka MT Broadway. NATURAL LUBRICATING OIL . sTSLOBt TBE . . -, '.- HICKORY FAEII OIL CO.'S : ON WEST HICKORY iCREEK; VENANGO COUNTY, PA. V.J' Tameeaayiaay- are now recal lns: oil fracn tho abuW ' weU. of which they are the earroaivo ueaaie, aad are prepeaed to an ordora tor donvery aa tnis pars er aa too- The e0 is ef a rpecific JS'lti of S desisus Beau me, aad' , sy au wno nave as area is. xne ossa Ordars troaa radroad sosapanias- yoCDars ana largo-laoafacturers are aoiicrted. sod anil lecei ve prompt as-aauoa. Parties oaa at ail times rely on a pore and ana torn aratcta. Omoeef the eoespany, aa, SI Maiden tana, iiew-roray ARTIFICIAL LEGS. ;j . WESTON'S PATENTED METALLIC ARTLTICLAaV. . - ' ' LEO. -s" ' ; i Oerk-lined. oovere with tteab-oolared liaOiiw, wiUk two . bee joints, and without cat gat eords or eparsj epriueu, It is aelf-adiastin. makes no noise, doeo ao got out o order, ia cheaper and lighter, and jviU last k niter toaav the wooden legs, and is worn with ease aad eomiort, A real blessing to everybody so unfortunate as to need aa arunetal leg. bend for a pamphlet. - . J. W. WESTOIt, Office and Salearooni No. 70S Broadway, New-York. AS EARLY ' u AS THE 3D AND) X11 OF AUGUST. ISSN. Coniaasaa, wader she eontrol' ef the gmeinmsol set thos-Hiea, the public drawings of the newest grand tot ry. wrtn a eaprtaJ of BatkLtsa) rranca, ail as wnten war within five months be distributed in priaua. - ' This kaierv ta. in dependant of other a Tiaillaalis m offers, preferable to all ethers for this reason aloos. than ua man uercnaenai mquswiea navel the proper Davnasat of the orieee. Br means of a aerr iawanioos arrana e me lit. chanoee of large gaina are ofiured. whilst tna eoetef a- acare w out emeu, me pnncipat pnsee nejng snares oi rranci. d9v,vvi ijw.buii, JetVa.OOO" 80,IHM, 40,0M, v ai(l,OCMI, -,IHH 9U.UVV ssO.OOO, 10,000, eta. which an ne orawn. : i i- .- v i i. . . Coat ef I original lottery ticket dollars. -, . - Cost of oriiriBal lottery tioketa. a dollars. - t 1 Ordars aoeompanied by the amount ia notee or bills r exchange oa Loadnnjana. Hamburg or Frankfort on the Maine are to be addreeeed directly to tne hanking eAtear l rrmsxcxEB t schleslnges, " '1 Frankfort on the Maine ' Or to 'i'- H. SCHLKSnfGEB COV An orders will bo promptly aad panotoaily aiieorted. and the proapactnaea aad authorised bass e me aueneere drawn will be forwarded immediately after the draw inga. Ths prises will be paid either by. remittsanss di reet from aa or taronan ear aceeas m aa of America. , " - " alei. 2 2 Z Z Z X. a - j a. a as ii'iwirmnv a vwvv a T.T SMTTHL date styled' Smith a brother J . ' ra. EAST INDTA AND BITTE R PALE ALES, ' FOR CITY AND bOCTUE&N USiw. " : These alee are of fan pi used euaHty, brewed with Saa' oare, olaaaaat. nutritive and arangthsning, ana san se relied oa forpurity. . " Brawarr. West uta-et pets sea Tta ana etn rn rbe vwtafl men's forniahing trade. P. T. SMITH FOWLKtt, Manufacturers of Shirta. Tiaa, Couara. Ae-y No. SS Warren-ak. offer to the eousamer direct, st tcetr new Retail Department, No. 3 Park-row. opposite tw Astor House, 1.UU0 doa. gent's superior nne bnea 4-p r Collars at $1 SO per doa.: su,one nreo-elaas Paper Couars aa St te a hundred? euperior white eihina, SM; very beaW S30. per noaso. The largest uiapiay eek Ti -1 . . ....I K.tam Raws at auo Good Socka 2 34 sad (2 a doaea. Bay frost & OPFICULDRAWIXG9. , ' - a KXNTTJCKT- ExTBa. Class So. tta. Jane SX iaO. 40, T5, 67, 5, 43, S5, 2, 12, 60, 84, 23, 8, , - I .. sLESTUCKT Cxass Na. 410. JaaaSLiaa I 12,- 22, 61, 18, 12, 4, C7, 20, TS. T3j 10, 43, C3. j SHELBY Extba CXaaa Ka sns. Jane 9X . 1 23, 78, tU-U 23, 13, J, 60, 43, 27, 17, 6, V : IHELBT Class 5o SIX Jane 3 tO - (Not received.) ' LTBHAaT-ExTma CLase a 1 JaneSX ' ' 45, 63, 58, 78, 60, 20, 10, 48,77, S2, 53, C 7J- . ... LIBRARY CLAaa No.Ua. Juam ntS. ' i 67, 61v 15, 43, 17, 4, 65, 50, 77, 57, . T V I ' Cironlars sent free by addressing - ' ! J JOSEPH BATE3. So. U VYa3-at- Ssw-Tar. ; Cfrenlara in the aboee Uattenaa swat fr-. bv adsra lag hLMMOAa. RuGfciLi a COl. Na 11 Wad-st. ROT AL HAVANA LOTTr.UTPW paid ia eold: lafis msl mm furniahad. liir'ieM r raii las rtiMiiiliiiaas aad s i a n ot h 1 and a-.n-r- . , - TA1 LoK CCL. iJnrS - OTOTHO.IAS li- A(..i:.'s,i. . and JCi Graeosncn-et, tnrnar il array, and -T na win una i wee. wiuw - , . .W . . i . . . . , . T . . . . I ...I lH.ll.'w . r, auu ' .Vcuk. t-ios pr.e j else cheaper loan any store iu N bonoa. ""1 TIT"' r' - fT 'ar i f -.uusi boari in a r . -:vi j i fis i.u son: terms ttaaxnk.a. 4 ewiiasssii ST .1 j alsl ISIa i .Aw a a Uf s ; i ill I: f IM t ! s ii- 1;-

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