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THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW, DECEMBER 2, 1917 A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE WAR CHRISTMAS BOOKS tuW tkU Lat bWcA As tA erks Tky JCnees. i 530 IN their latest catalogues Amfrtrtn puo-Hshers tnak mention of a numtoer volume irelatin to the war that were not listed lit th war bibliography of 1 Autumn Book Number of The Nw To-Ttyts Review or' Rooks (O-t- 21 and tha. have been published since the appearand of that number These additional war book arc given the arrangement being alphabetical according O.V TWO KltNTS By Major II. M. Alexander.

New ork: k. 1. lutton o. Experience of the author at Neuv Cnap-pelle and Ypres, and at Gallipoll. DATS OP nCSTIXT.

Br Corell Marnes. Xvew YorK: Longmans, Green ft Co. War poems at homo and abroad. I WTLLT-XICKY COnRESPONDENClfi. By Herman Bernstein.

New Tor Alfred A i Contains paper from the private archives at Tsarwkoe Bel that epose the telegraphic romspondenc carried on by the Csar th Kaiaer. jj By Daniel Flumen-tnal. New Tork: G. P. Putnam ptudy tf th relation of tha two province to Franc and Germany.

i i-l THE FIOHTlNTJ MEN. Br AWen Brooica. Torkr f. Charle tcrtinr' Bona. A serifs of narratlen that Incidentally present tha author' conception of iia several nationalities involved in tha war.

RUSSIA IN TRANSPORTATIo'n. By Arthur J. Brown. New York: II. Heveil Cotnpuny.

1. A blrilerevlew of condition leading- up to the revolution. rOEMF.S DIES i rOILUS. Boston W. A.

ttuttertleld. Collection of French soldier poem, published fur the benefit of the New England brunch of tha American Fund for rencn Wounded. 5 1 'i HA ICItT Bl TTKKS. R. F.

A-, Vb Uriel Mecord of a California Boy who gave nu life for Khglanrt. Kdlted by Mrs. Innis Huilivan. Illustrated. leral John last Company.

J1.50. I ka Pin TRAi.vixa or recruits, ny m. V. Campbell. New York: Frederick, a.

KtoKea Company. II. practical handbook. MEATI.KSft 5ANT WIIEATLKSS MF.NfS. l)y Kugene Christian.

New York; Alfred A. Knopf. A food specialist" suggestion foil conserv. tug edible and for reducing the cost or living. 3 jj I RHT1IG8 Olj THE ROOKIES.

By W. E. Christian.) formerly editor of Army and Saw Journal of tha Philippines. New York: Uodd. Mead A Co.

1. Contains verses written by member' bf the American Army. TREASURY "br' WAR POETRY. Brit-Ish and American Poem of the World War. entiled, with Introduction and notes, by George Hubert Clark, Professor of Ilnclirt In the University of Tennessee.

New York: Houghton Mifflin Company. $1-25. i V. DEMOCRACY AND THE WAR. By John F.

Coar, New York i C. FutnanVB Sons. Dlscuolon "of lssua Involved In the. great wti a Tr CMtnnr. story.

Illustraied. New York! (George H. Wran, Company. 1.40. .1 1 INTERNATIO NAL CONVERSATION BOOK.

"English-French, EnHsh-Oer-man. Prepared especially for American at the front. Philadelphia: John C. Winston Company. and 75 cent.

THE CHOICE BEFORE UfiV Bv O. Iwe Dtcfeinson. New York XWd. Mead co. i a study or corxiiuons niter inm war.

TANKS. CAS. BOMBING. IJQTH FIRE. By Captain Dion, i New York: Oeorue Harvoy.

$U25. of therllarvey military series. TANISHEOl HAMJS AND CATHEDRA 1. 8 OF FRAKCri Bf Oeorg Wharton Ed- ard. Illustrated witn color-pictures oy the author made before the Philadelphia: Jenn Publishing Company.


Fales. New York: McGraw-HUl Book Company. A manual bf aviation pracUce, FRANCE. ENGI-AND. AND EUROPEAN DEMOCRACY: ll.Vl'.iU.

By a member of the Faculty of the University -of Hortleau. Translation by Profasaor IUe M. Turner of the University of California. Naw York: O. P.

Putnam" ton. Historical Purvey of the principle) underlying the Entente Cordlala. I FOR FRANJEi Tribute by American au- -i thorn, moHloiana. artlts, and actora. Manv illustrations.

New Double- A Co. IS.Stt. A JOURNAi, FROM OCi. LEGATION IN BEIXJIUM. By HugU Gibson.

New York: Doubleday. Pag A Co. A eerie of letter written on the spot by the then First Secretary of the American i i ItiVDItnot OF MILITARY BIGNALINO. Revised to Ausust. 117.

By Captain Howard i K. Gidding. New Yrk: D. Appleton Ik Co. 00 cent.

THE FUYElfS OUIDE. By Captain N. J. Gill. New York: E.

f. Uuuou Co. as. Iemcntari1 book for aviators. it HOW GERMANY DOES BUSINESS.

By V. P. Goiirvitch. New York: B. W.

Huebsckv i Chapter att export and finance methods. OFP.M VfYiH ANNEXATION AIMS. By 8. Cruniboctt. Translation by 4.

Kill Barker. New York E. Y. Dutton Co. 11.60.

BTion that annexation has been tha Ger-mKa hvio and eapectatlon fr(uvy ears. BEUJ1UM VNDER THE GERMAN HEEU Kv Odon Halaal. Illustrated. New York: Funk A XYagnall Company. SUM.

Vivid portrays! of tha torture Kultur kae IttfUcted on Belgium. OMR NAVAt, YARNS. By Mordatmt Hall. New York: George H. Draa Company.

tecrlbea stoma of tha work dona br offl- ar and non ot tha Royal Navy. NAVIOATIONl A SHORT COl'RSE. By Frank Hrvmour liasLlitus, FeifcTat lecturer on to the naval rvcrulls of New York and New JerHry. New York: V. Appleton A Co.

75 cTts. FOUR DAS. By Hetty Hemenwsy. Boston: Littlej Brown Co. 50 cnts.

Story of an EngllBh war marriage. THE HIGH COST OF IJVIXG. By rreo-erlc Howe. orK: cnaries Sctibner' Son. Take such subjects as The 'ed-lag of the Nation," Our Agricultural Coa-siitiUties and IToblems." tisinuJing in Wheat," Ac.

MY HOME IN THE FIELD OF MKKCl By France Wilson Huard. New tor-George H. Poran Company. 1. Describe the author's experiences in transforming her home In France Into a K-'d Cross MANUAL OF MILITARY MAP MAKIAU AND KKAUl.NU.

By. Lieut. Col. J. M.

Hutchinson and Lieutenant A. J. Mac-Kiroy. iew York: D. Appleton at Co.

$1. SCOUT, RED CKOS.3. AND ARMY DO By Theo. F. Jager.

Rochester. N. Arrow Printing Company. JI 2.1. Historical sketch of doga In the war.

MY GERMAN" CORRESI-ONDCNCE. P.y IToIesaor Douglas W. Johnson. New York; George H. Poran Company.

cents. The letter passed between two professor, one German and one American. RUSSIA IN REVOLUTION. By Stlnton Jones. Illustrated.

New York: llooert M. McBride A Co. Author, an English resident of Petrograd. was in that city in the period immediately following the C'xar's downfall. CRUMPS.

The Plain Tale of a Canadian ho By Xouls Keeite, Untuwa Txpeditionary Corps. Introduction by General Leonard Wood. New iors: Houghton Mifflin Company. $lij. THE WAYS OF WAR.

By Professor T. M. Kettle. New York: Charlea Scrioner "Sons. i Essays on- various subject vitally connected with the war.

THE CANTONMENT MANUAL. A Military Textbook for Armv Kecrutta. Major W. G. Kilner and Lieutenant A.

MacElroy. D. Appleton Co. 11. PRACTICAL FOOD ECONOMY.

By Alice Oitchell Kirk. Boston: Little, Brown A Co. 11.2-i. THE NEXT OF KIN. Storlea of' Tliose Who Walt and Wonder.

By Nellie L. Mc-Clung. New York Houghton Mifr.ln Company. 1.2a. Stories and sketches dealing with Canadian who.

in their homes, are doing their bit to help win the war. SONIA BETWEEN TWO WORLDS. By Stephen McKenna. New York: George H. Doran Company.

$1.00. Novel that picture what the war Is doing to the heart and souls of th people Involved to it. BOTTLED UP IN BEIJGIUM. The Last Delegate's Story. By Arthur Bartlett -Maurice.

New York: Moffat, Yard A Co. 1L20. Mr. formerly editor of The Bookman, was the last Amrrluii 1l.r.t. Relief Coinmiaaton To lesve HelcriHm.

He tells tbo atory of three exciting month. OE9FArHICAL MANUAL AND NEW ATLAS. By C. O. bylveater Mawon.

New YttrV Doubleday. Page A Co. M.Oa Among a number of special feature, con- wm vaiiie sronta. THE VOICE, tF BEISIUM. By Cardinal Merder.

London: Burns A Oate. The war utterances of Cardinal Merder. DRLK NT! "lVAR- Mrr Murray. New Tork: K. P.

Dutton A Co. 60 ceou. tJmtnt 5-Mt that oldler benefit through us of Intoxicating drink. OK TACTICAL PROBJ kZZ -v Need-ham. New York: Ii P.

Button A Co. $2. Give a logical and eaay way of worklns out tactical Kbemes In war. 8 Chrlsloph Nyrop of the Unlvereity of Translation by H. 1 2 UoUa -JX 4 "int aggreasiv.

war nexeaV' and an- Sin Urd StT, lork: Robert M. Mc--. Bride Company. ONJTHE REMAINDER OF OUJR FRONT. By Private.

No. iMO. London: Harrison A Sons. Tells everyday experiences of Infantry soldier in France, GERMANY UNDER THREE EMPERORS. By Princess Catherine Radsiwill.

Illustrated. New York: Funk A Wagoalls Company. 14. Intelligent presentation of the events leading up the formation of the German Empire. FRANCIS JOSEPH AND HI3 COURT.

Prorn the memoirs of Count Rocer de Reaseguler.i By Herbert Vivian. Illustrated. New York: John Lane Company. AMERICA'S BLACK AND WHITE BOOK.

By W. A. Rogers. New York: Cupples Leon Company, ft. A collection bf 100 war cartoons.

THE' WAR AND THE JEW. By S. Ro-hold. Cincinnati. Ohio: The Standard Publishing Company.

75 cents. A blrdseye view of the world situation and the Jew's place in it. X-ETTERS AND DIARY OF ALAN Arranged chronologically with the dtartst letters to his mother and friends. I nllorm with his book of poems. New York: Charles Scribner' Sons.

IN PRAISE OF WAR Military and sea verse. By Don Belt. New York: Harper A Brothers, fl. ON THE ROAD FROM MON8. By Captain A.

Ctifton-Shelton. New York: E. P. Dutton A Co. 1J 23.

Gives tha experiences of an officer In tha English Army Service Corps. HISTORY OF THE WORLD WAR.1 Bv Frank H. Bimonds and others. New York: Review of Review Company. The firit volume, ending with May, 1913.

SOLDIERS' BOOK OF WORSHIP. Tncket atxe New York: The Abingdon Press. cents. Contains all the word spokrn by Jesus Christ, ss recorded In the New Testament. arranged ACQUIRING tVTNCS By William Stout, -vew Vork: alollat.

iard A Co cctita. Illustrated, practtral haiidbook oa tha basic principles of aviation. SEA. SPRAT. AND SPINDRIFT.

Bv Taff-rail. author of Carry On." Philadelphia: J. H. L.pplncott Company. Volume of bii-f naval )ftrns Till: CHURCH AFTER THE WAR By William Oxley Thompson.

LI. President Ohio Stute University. Pamphlet of paces. New Yoi Abingdon Press, 'i rents. THE NEW YORK TIMES CURRENT HISTORY.

Issue for November and I voe tribe r. Illustrated. I'ublished monthly by Thi Nkw Yokk oeais. THE CROSS AT THE FRONT.

By Thpmas Tiplady. New York: Fleming II. Heveil Company, fl. Experiences of a field chaplain on the western front. THE GERMAN TERROR IN FRANCE.

By Arnold J. Toj nbee. New York George H. Doran Company. A continuation of Ths German Terror In Belgium." AN AMERICAN PHYSICIAN IN TURKEY.

By Clarence D. U.her. M. snd Grace II. Knapp.

New York: Houghton Mifflin Company. ILTo. Experiences and observation of a medical missionary In the early days of the war. FIGHTING FOR PEACE. By Henry van Ityke.

Minister to Holland from June, 1113. February. U17. New York: Charles Scribner' Sons. 11.2.

An Indictment of The Potsdam Gang ami an appeal to Americans to stand fast- THE RED FLOWER. Poems written In wartime. By Henry van Dyke. New York Charles Scrfbners Sons. cents.

HOW TO FLY. (The Flyefa Manual By Captain D. Gordon K. Re Vley. Pocket size.

San Francisco: Paul Elder A Co. $1. A practical course of training In aviation THE WAR ADMINISTRATION. Boston: Ferry Walton. Gives the President's war message and aketchea of Mr.

Wilson and hia Cabinet. THE WONDER OF WAR IN THE AIR. By Francis Rolt-Wheeler. With forty-two Illustrations from unusual war photographs and sketches. Boston Lothrop, Lee A Shepard.

$1.50. Story of adventure written for tha amusement and Instruction of boy. "THE UNSEEN HOST AND OTHER WAR PLAYS. By Perclval Wilde. Boston Little.

Brown A Co. 1.2o. SOLDIER MEN. By Yeo." New York John Lane Company. $1.23.

Sketcbea of soldier life and character, seen for the most part In Egypt and at Gallipoll. MR. KILMER'S POEMS MAIN TRFET AND OTHKR POEMS. By Joyes Kilmer. New Tsrk: Ueorgs U.

Deran Ceta-paa. 11. A DISTINCT advance In th power and cope of his poetic expression mark each new slender volume of verse that Mr. Kilmer sends forth. In singing quality and In th command of hi medium thi new col lection, largely of lyric and sonnet, la quite tli best he ha published.

More marked In It also than In his former books, although it ha alwaya been one of hi distinguishing qualities. Is a certain friendly, human feeling. It 1s especially evident In Mala Street. th titular poem, and also la Roofs, perhaps th beat ia th collection, which begins The rosd Is wide and the stars are out and the breath of th nlgbt sweet. And thla Is th tint when wanderlust should seise upon my feet.

But I'm glad to turn from the open road and the starlight on my face. And to leave the splendor of out of doors for a human welling place. A strong religious feeling marks many of lh poema. but It la a militant piety alway and one that accepts th 111 of life without complaint, a I evident from these stanza entitled Thanksgiving The rosr of the world Is In rav ears. Thank God for the roar of the world I Thank God for the mighty tide of fears Against me always hurled Thank God for the bitter and ceaseless strife.

And the sttng of Ills chastening rod' Thank God for the stress and the pain of life. And Oh. thank God for God! Th last poem In the collection. Th White Ships and the Red." whose them Is the Lnsitanla horror, a how a fine and vivid Imagination and a pleasing mastery of Its poetic form. It pctures the ships of all past ocean tragedies as lying white and ghostly at th bottom of the sea.

and then Down through the startled ocean A mighty vessel came. Not white, as all dead ships iuut be. But red. like living flame! Th carlet visitor explains to the af frighted and curious hosts of ghostly ships why she comes arrayed In living red to Join the ship of sorrow," and tells them, finally. Not all the seven ocean Shell wash amy that stain: Upon a brow that wears a crown 1 am th brand of Cain.

Mythology for Children Jrssle Tatlock offers a volume entitled Greek and Roman Mythology'- as a textbook for children of the high, school age. Site ay the content of th volume Is so limited and It treatment alinpl tnu boy and girl of ordinary tutelllgenc should be able to absorb the Instruction ah baa provided In alut thirty lessons. (Century Conpany. l.M.) A Nmtwrml Bmrm Ckriatmtmm Gift Laugh and Live By DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS it the book of the year for everybody 18 action pictures Ij00 KJiakt. tot Iks hU, Imts (at.

om wraU I 00 Laatbw (boaedt il 00 Om calf (Vaaadl ILtt THE ROAD OF AMBITION (PjT's-Vb1 sgTTg 1 ksf JgagTsTBB ay LLAJNE STERNE. BILL'S LETTERS TO HIS NIECE KAY BROWN. IJ THE CASE OF MART SHERMAN A faaaaaan ilaM ty be Jasper Luing brady. i A THOUSAND WATS TO PLEASE A HUSBAND A miBMiri ia Md cwuaary kr Helen Cowles LlCron sad Loursc Bennett weaver. i jo BUTTON rVBUSHINO New Yarn Little Stone from the Screen Br tk WaUi Cmms Pietara PW Wnaw WILLIAM ADDtSON (LATHROf 1.SS ne The WITNESS ficH War 1.

11 M'll Intrigue and Adventure in the new novel By George Gibbs "A swift-moving; atory with an Ingenious plot mod plenty of sating atoanents aew Tsr rtaws. IUus. $1.50 net. BIG EDITIONS BELGIAN TOWERS CARILLON MUSIC A Calenaar for. 1918 Sketches by Roy Hilt a Description by Win.

Gorfura Rice Through centuries. In constant companionship with time, on feat day, on Hundaya. the dee arid silver note of the Carillon hare floated eer lb regions of Its birth Ket In te there, this unique, communal music has nobly celebrated histort-aJ events and made holidays merry for young and old. Tir. mrt.

Knr'4 At all lktmrr. E. r. DUTTON CO, Ml Fifth H. T.

In the Name of Love A Book of Poems By Mildred Crist McGuckin On sale mt P. Pntnm' Sobs. 1 CASH r-" BOOKS tmrmt wad ewaU NllwNni eaek ead iiis. e4eo. ww.

THOMS tc ERON, tii at n.w. sts 4ts-47SM BtaT.

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