The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1946 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1946
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)] COURIER NEWS 'TUESDAY, JUFA' 2, lf>16 Attlee Explains Jewish Policies Whole of Palestine Not Involved in British Round-up. LONDON, July 2. (U.P.)—Prime Minister Clement R. Attlcc said yesterday that Britain would not tolerate any nttempt to influence the Palestine situation by force and that its operations tire directed not ngniust the whole Jewish community there but ngnlnst those participating and encouraging violence. Attlee told the House of Commons that, the government' drlvb is directed "solely against those who have taken an active part in the campaign of violence and those rcsponsiblf, lor Instigating and directing it." '.•'• He snid thai while Individual members of the Jewish Agency have been arrested "it is not our intention to close and proscribe the Agency as such." He said that Britain had been forced to act because it could not longer "tolerate this direct challenge to our authority." • Attlen estimated nroperty losses In Hie current outbreak of sabotage and attacks at more than »1G,000,000. "I know what deep sympathy there is for the sufferings of Jews In Europe," Attlcc said, "and I appreciate the natural intensity of those who have experienced the atrocities of the Hitler Reslme, including murder and the • taking of hostases. "But this cannot condone the adoption bv the Jews In Palestine of some of the worst methods of their oppressors in Europe." Attlee .said authorities in Palestine had been directed to tnke r.ny steps necessary to restore order and break up the illegal organizations. "About 2,000 Jews have been detained for quc-stionincr," ho said. "Some will lx? released but I have not received particulars of those so far set free. A vast amount of nrms, ammunition and explosives has already been found." Author Wins Fellowship DENVER (UP)—Mrs. Virginia Ccrstcn, Denver novelist and nnlhoi of "A Little Lower Than the Ati- Eels," has been awarded a Guggenheim fellowship for creative fiction writing. Getting Ready to Radio Bikini Pictures All moving parts in n t'iis tuv- | Before the war, 10 per cent of blue Mitilnt) move in the sumo cli- | u. S. pasxcntjcr car production lion, cIlmiHiilinB vibration. ! went Into export dmiinels. Tuning up their Telephoto equipment for rndio transmissions tit ' Bikini pictures are Rndioman l/c nobcrl Tliomas, West Chester. : Pa., and Seaman l/c Rtchnrcl Cowan, Stratford, aboard the USS Appaliichinn in the Marshall Islands. Doth 11 e Nov> and iSi i Army arc using Telepholo Trans-ceivers to send picture) ol Uie - •---.". -Atomic Uomb tests back to the X . S FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAV/VTION ^free Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVlLLE'ARK. Just Receive'd! . : . The Famous 'A-B' Porcelain ELECTRIC RANGES Bungalow Size . . . Ideal for Small Kitchens in Homes or Apartments $9775 Ready for Immediate Delivery Note These features: • Three Cooking Units With Thi-cc-Wiiy Separate liroilcr Co . . . and Thermostat iciilly Con(rolled Knlly Insulated Oven! UcaulifuJ While Porcelain Finish! Approved hy Underwrilcrs Tills very ixtpiilnr biingiilow type A-li Electric HOIIKC Is ideal for sniiill kitchens in small homes or apaituienU;, givini; ninxl- Jiiuin cooklnu L-npuclly in UUlc sp;ice. Stiinds 28'/i Inches hiBh, lli'.i inches wide nnd 24 inches deep. The ideal size Electric liiniBo for modern kitchens. Pre-war (|uality, expertly made mid in a beautiful %vhlle enamel porcelain finish. Hubbard&Hoke Appliance Co. General Kltdric Appfiantes—IJendix Washers 407 W. Main Blythevillc, Ark. NEW HIGHER PAY for fhe Army! NEW PAY SCALE /ii Addition to Clothing, Food, Lodging, Medical and Denial Care, and Liberal Retirement Privileges MONTHLY RETIREMENT INCOME AFTER Sfarf incj Base Pay Per Month Master Sergeant or First Sergeant Technical Sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Private First Class Private Member Increase i OF REGULAR ARMY ENLISTMENT • I. Enlistments for I.'-j, 2 or 3 years. (One-year enlistmenls permitted for men now in the Army with G or more months of service.) 2. Enlistment age from IS lo 31 years inclusive (17 with parents' consent) except for men now in Army, who may recnlist at any age, and former service men depending on length of service. 3. A recnlistment bonus of $50 for each year o( active service since such bonus was last paid, or since last entry into service, provided rccnlistment is within 80 j days after last honorable discharge. 4. Up to 90 days' paid furlough, depending on length of service, with travel paid to home and re' lurn, for men now in the Army who rcenlist. 5. A thirly-duy furlough each year with full pay. 6. MuslcTing-niil pay (hasi-d iijwn length of service) ti> all men who arc (ii^d;arKi'il lo ei'.Ust or rcmlist. 7. Option to retim :ii, half pay (or the rest of your life :i(ier 'JO years 1 ycrvu'O — increasing to three-quarters pay after oCI years' service. (Retirement imwmc in Rrailr c,f Master or First Serneant up to ?185.G3 per month (or life.) All previous active federal military service counts toward retirement. 8. Hcnofils under the GI Bill of Rights for men Who enlist on or before October o, 10-16. 9. Choice of branch of service and overseas theater (of those still open) on 3-year enlistments. 4 Room 305 Federal Building, Jonesboro, Ark, AT YOUR NEAREST U. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION A GOOD JOB FOR YOU It. S. Army JCH'OOSE THIS FIHE PROFESSION NOW! IN THE CHANCERY COUKT OF MlHSlS.SIl'l'I CUUNTY AllKANMAH ailJOKA.'iAWHA UIKTKIUT HOAHI1 OK DIHK.UTOHS. ST. FJtANOIK I.KVKi: JJISTHICT __ I'J.AJNTIJT KKNKK'V'cKOIIHK. KT AI,, AND UKIITAIN WMNQL'I-'NT liANU.S, TOWN J.OTH AfJI> HUIIJKS. " _1>r)'KSJMX'Pl COMMISKIONKK'S SALE NOTJCK l.i )icrcl>y K!V™ tliut lln> uuiJcrMKnril (. 1 i>imiils«[um-r In r.iiMi.liiiii,., ivilh tin! ti'nilK ol 11 curmin il.-tri'ti rcii,UT<'.| on |In. |;ji|, ,|, ( >, ,,f Muv j'J.lii hy Ilii! TOWNSHIP I'OURTEKN (11) NOHTII. HANOI: l|!«r.|.|.vmi> Co., All OriB. .Survey XKV, XW'J I'rlilu J.ln,. nii.l W. ,,l |. t . v «. _ <j » """ ky ' A " " Ji "' """''•>'' liKYTswYf f in,,],' '_ ...... """ ~.J ,f ,1.1 Irv ~"~ " W 14 Ktt' ,,! . , „ uv ,l dull,, of l.illlo «'H .SUM S:,til,.. K',1, NW« Sunn,, .V. 22.21) i JI.U.I (Jin,,, of . ""«!. N',4 K. of JlifM ll» Hlvrr "ii, I \V. i,f mtih ._. Sum,.. Prl. UK l/. S \V i,j ,. s . ,,1 'u^,--,'"'"'.'. » li', Ml SWH .S, „,„! W. of nrvi-r " <'. XKli NK',1 K. ..f I...VM --------- 5 l... N'K',1 KKV, W. ,,f I..H-,.,. M '""' .b'S .41 1'Jll 1.1:1 J..SS l.i>l 2 .Sup. survny - () 1%;ZX:S!!ZZ --::.--:-::=« l.ut r, K,,,,. .Survey _~_~~_~_ ~ ~,', mini, N\vy, jjW'M "NBVJ :.„ (.'arKvrislil. All ,S y. !,„( jf'j; V~>\ ' Vw '', ' . HI <f<> .Mill i M,r TiilwHI. NW',1 TOWNSHI1- K iiM.i'vi'v ':n; -in 70 ft 1 'i.OD l.r.rl •,-, iyslilc! AiUli'.lon to l!lyllievM . . WCil Ell-J Sllbillvlsloii — myrbcYll'lc C. :i :i l.f,u .:i,< ,.- ., .,, Wcstfiato Addition lo BLytljcvilli- Mrs. liulli. Oju.s (..i.l IMiil,, ' lo Boll 7 i . I'irsl Addition li. Ii Crnwdird, I'. \~ I i anil 2K -i -. r >.<lO }.->', ,j£ "o'^n Original Surrey to UclT .Mrs. W. J. Hul>l«ir<l . I II 3..-0 .R-< "-, , ,;., Hi" '!• U .'•» .1:1 ''•-, S s in., :< II .-,(> .1:1 .,.-, •„;, K.^ L. Hays Addition lo Uaclivlllc roEiilar Lots In Town of Le'icli'vll'la j; j.. .su-t-.i. [.,n i in s!-:'i Matthews ^nd Addition to Lii'aLUvMic Mrs. !>.•<• Truviilhaii f, :', r,.so i.ra .25 s 'is Nclsoji's First Addition tu Leacltviilo .1. \V, \VilMIII \\'Vj '•' I! r..fiO !.:>« .'i.i 7 i-( I'.irk Aililltfoii to I.caclivlllc It. I,, Nli]|.[i 1:1 H l.fin l.du /jr, r,-T, Sniltli's AdilltlOLi to Lcaclwitle Mrs. Hyjviii ^'i l> I no i.on 2-1 r. "r, -V -l ]> i.nn .2-, :u i.;,« W. V. Johnson L:c7 (J 'J/.n .'nil 'jf! '•• T< - Na 'JH II I.nn .'Jr, Ml i r!i> C. D. Asliahriinncr Addition to tlaulU Mrs 1. W. Harris,,n . . N. H. Asb^liraniiRr AiMitlon i.. \v.\viiiiiiius 12 i i.iin .-jr, '^ Si ...... - i ; i i.nii .'j^ .'j Original Survey lo Manil nii- Liiilfi. Nil. r>*« X 'JT, , Is Ml 1111,1 11 2 5.UIJ 1.J5 .-J r. Kus^cll ln,- al falisliy i ; .a.s Co.. All SWV, Sii], s riFTEEN (1C) NOHTII HANGE iivlonl, W. 7f, It of H. 2,.lil.l ,7.—7.7.-.-.— 1 1 Same. Xtt",', KK'A -~-~-"-~~_._~_~,~~~~.~_~~~~ ~i\ Andy ntwlti^K 1 "'. " F W E °0, ' S\v ^jlF" "^ E ELEVEN (U) EAST A. C. Jlnoily. W'.t HWV.' XK'/i --^—-. -1"" " '' ^' •- 1 '"' K;in Wnlli-r I'ahi '. (HI .10 .L'.-, (8) F.AST I'. ^ S™^,lTHw f K"J!^""^ Ho ^ "'^ ( » ): " Allison llonry and T.uln .U-tNm 5 4 Lf>0 H ^S ,2o 2.K! ^Anio (> 1 :i,00 .75 ,2s 400 Hubert anil Aloiui \Vifoy ifi -i .03 .r>5 3 ns N'ora H. JtcKinnoy J.. W. Bafler Additiou to sfyUieVillo Karl . fimrlor 7 : ft.nn ^.'jri .'J." Barrpn *: Lilly Addition to Elvttievlltn Mrs.'C. ft! Kitty- I I f».fKI I.:i3'.^r, 1 7.Ki K<1 U Ilcfislcy r i .r.ri 30 i i.ob .'*r> .•-'."> 11 i .aiV.L'fi i,y i i.oo .Sr.' .'.:.-> i.rifi i.r,f» j.r.n 3'. a 8 s. PI. r; T, ^.0^ .7,-, ,?.-» .100 Blythc Addition tn BlytlieviHn ^i«rn1 (in 7 111! ">.;"0 1 :is .2> 7 13 lylheville Lnmbnr Co.'s First Addition to BlvthcviHo Bljthcvillc Iilir. Co.'s Kncond Addition to BlvthBvllle K M, Bry»n Addition to BlytheviHo lliu Hi-ll Crmn i". i 'j.FiO .nn .?.-, 3 IK Ki i .-id .1:1 ,:>.T .PR Shelton 20 r:i . i i.on 2r> ,? r ! i r.'i nm 7 :l i.oo .:>.-,. '^r, i.'r'n m« 10 4 t.r.o i.irt .i>-, -,.ss mo ''O 1 ;!.00 7.^ .•_'-, ,4.00 BLICC Addition to Blylhcvillo CJ. Iinriip.t ~' 1:1 /'.-. ?r, i :,n ">" « t;) 1.00 ,'J,> .'j,') I..10 fi I! -So .in .°. r > j Chicago M*M *: Li»r. Co.'-= Second Addition to Blvllicvillc linf; l^pu-is 11 n i.r.o .r^ ,?.-, ?.i:i l. nil .53 .••Html ;-ji 10 - .^iiiiin -i':! it; i i'u i.iio .:.•.", •Sitmti '22;t iii I.IKI i.oo .'_'r, I'arkvicw AUiHtloji lo Tilaoii* llturh'c Cailwri^lit H!^ ti 2 t.r-o I.MS .ur, ^illini 1^ 2 -l.'jO l.U .I'D 1'. U. llmuiihrrv 7 s .r,n .1:1 .5s s r, .i.iio i.oo .jr, 11 r, ijio .^:, .-jr, I'l f, .I.OO 1.11(1 .^.', IS (i .f.D .Ml .'J:> ir. i: ..-,<> .i:s .L'O Southsldc Biil.'.llvisloii to Manila A. li. Itulliinl -25 .i.r.n 1.1:1 ,i:r, r..s-i Sin, ic ^15, i. mi .-jr. .i'" i..',o Isrcyiilar Lots In Town of Yarbro [;. li. I.!,,..!, I'l. S\\'Vi N\V'i, s. i,f Hiiv.m 27-HM1 l.. r ,0 l.Mt ,'J5 n.RS .1. A. Watton. l.nt -IJvl.M) fl li!!U ft i-:. of s\v ci.n.,-1-. .,r N\\''', 27-t'MI ll.'iO .R3 .'.Ti .l.flil \\illii- I'urr.'ll. :i strip flxl.'.ll. ft T-l) fl. K lit KW lonu-r, ,.[ A'W '/, •27-\>:-l I .M) .1:1 .'_T, .S« Said sale will In, linil I,, satisfy s:,i,l ,lr,T.',' foi- Lax, s anil c,,sls .111,' Id.. I'liiinl iff s,'|,ar:it,, 1<it ' anil ' lilc.clj. a< is svl nut iii s;ii,l ilc,-!-.'.-. f-.r v.!ii.-ii sai.l |,rin,,.rtv i^- ili'llniiui'iil us iifi>r,,«aid lur tin' yi-ar 1011. ^Tl'NKSS my hail,] iui.l l!ii' <if s:ii,l C.nirl .Jii IliLs llio Ci iliiy u[ .liinil 104U, A. 1). HAItVlA" J1OUI11K, C',ni. : r in C'liancrry. I-00 First Addition to and Alii-o Font r. r. i.oo 7 Ijll) Ford H 1.00 !l 1.00 LM ,"-, I 50 Blythcvillc 17 111 '20 : i.OO /jr, ;?.- i.of) .'js .i^r. i.oo -- i.oo .IT, ,^r, i :iU ilaKory L?^ i.oo .''5 /J.', i.>0 L'I I.OO ,^r. .25 1 ">0 ^", i.urt .ua .IT, i.r.o :!'-, i.oo .'2$;.2.i, !.',{> =. Addition' -to r.Iythtvilto' Krlly M Vnnco I.croy Lai 1.00 i.oo I.on 1.00 rno i.oo i.r.o Phone 931 for better TAX! SERVICE For long I rips—5 or morq to Memphis or LItllc Kock, near train fare for rounil trip. LOCAL CALL . . . Twin Gables. . . .35c Midnight Inn . 50c Golf Club ... . 50c Manila . , . . . $4.00 Osceola ... $4.00 ; Othor places in comparison. J. R. Payne, manager Luke, a nil Blaiu, . ,., --\ = >_, to Blythcvillo i *'.'.'•• .?."i ] ./ii 1 .-."> .'Jji l.fil Mill 1": y Third Addilion -Mn^KK? Craft '.\ \.< H'ibt. JlcCarncy 7 ].(>O Same s 100 George McCiatcliint: 9 I.OO .2."> .C!"i O. Si>iilon" II i.Ofi ii-r, /V-, Kfiy H Ifarp IT. I no ••-, -^ .T U', \v.,od 17 1,00 .1!.-, "^, • Mm MirMlrlmi ^:i 1 00 -', '•-, Si.lnoy \V,,o,{ »l ] .(ii) ^.^ [-•-> I.r.o AdilElLon to Blyihcvlilc 1'carl Milnln-ll 1 1.00 "r, -jr. Marsli Ad>lii " \V. W. U;iMi 10 ft . to Blythcvlllo . Jon Carney Jr. ;iljnrl UnssXjit . .T. . 'l'. l.nrtdnini ^ Third Addition llll .'J-, J To dire 7 berry -> to Elyihcvillc burn i :i i. no .^r. ^". 1 r>o -f> i.;;,s '•_'.-, 7 | ; ii i :n -'-, •/ 1:1 -t r.n r.i:t .Tofm Hiirnrlt . Miller & Orocnlcc SiihdfviKion-Blytliev'illa ' 1 Tt U.OO l'iO .'„'.-. 7.7". • Ifrorl I,nnd ruin .> it ".~.0 .r,:: ,'j.;- :t :i,^ i. H. llolton ii :i :i.oo ,-r. .••:•, .i.nn 'uvlnK Districts Ni»s. i> and :t 7 o 1,00 /_»•, ,'j^ i.-,n 'rsst' \viii 11* s o fi r,o i.i;:t .::.-, s ru^ K Wimhxrty '2 II S.SO I.IIR .'!', 7. la Hollanrtale Addition to BlylhcviHc .Irs Tom ani:l]i 1 K I.OO .?.-, .CT. l.'O 'nnio L> F I.OO .?'! .2.". I ".il viinn 3 P 1-00 .'jr, .•_>.-, -ni-r. 4 K I.on .-•-, .->;, t ; -,f» r'rp-1 HiircfFyn fi V I.OO l.O''* ,'Jr, F,.^,-, • Hollipc:er it Shonvn Addition lo Blythcvillc A. l.ilU" 0 1 4.0H 1.OO .1', 5.'J> mic Snward 0 ^ I.OO .2"> .^^ I -,rt II. Young Jfi R l.'tO .^fi .^r, 2 i:< •II IVH: 9 5 ^,.*»0 .6.1 .25 :).3S ibcth Colliron 11 5 .1.00 1.00 .23 S.-jo And rcw Wa sh i n cl o n l,i G -t.OO 1.00 .2.1 . r i 2 > 2^ -i.oo i.oo ,-j.i r,.2% O 0 Hubl'^rd 24 1 OO .?'i C."> ^ "iO Irregular Lots N>A NWl\ Sec.' 16-15-11 Blythcvillc G. o iriihKirr) v't i.oo .T* .?-> i :>o Chick a SAW ha Garden Ad-lih^n to Irregular 1-ots in Town of BlytheviH') Kf.M S-l.*i- II l..">0 1.1-1 ^ "i fi PP Davii Second Addition lo Blvthcvllle Joe Trifsdimnn I* R 6..^0 1.K3 ,'J.t S.^S Davis AddtUon to Blythcvillo Mrs. Mnndo K, Tr:m*. \V. •12 It. 7 4 K.O.I 1 r,n .»:» 7.7.-, s,in»o K'.i s i i.oo .-:-, r,.-*, Orccnwood Addilton lo Blythevillo Je^ic Mc(ieo N**A 2 I 50 .Tl .'::, .fifi Kamp :< 1 1-00 .'2'> ,^.> l.r*n Murv Xrdrv i 1 1,00 .'25 .'.'.I 1..M1 I.uciJf HocVrtt l~> I I.OO ,'j/i /:r. Hcarn Addition to ElythcviUo NV.A.Hirkcrntiff Q 1 «.30 ,S5 ,2;> 4.63 Highland Place Second Addition to Blythcville I'. A. Har K. Pi.v N". Jf. ft . . Fed. Housing 10 ^,"> 1'J.Otl . .i'r. cr.- BE' irs ss* siv ov'i oc*r O?-T - BlOTiis Addition to Blythcvillc Unknown K. ^" ft 11 n 1.00 .^r. .^.^ T.M1 I'. J. O'Brien Subdivision —Blythcvilla Original Survey "in Rlythflvillo Villif nnd K,,,* Ttrll J. W O»-cn Addition lo Biytircvllla' C. Hfinmr 2 I.OO .?.'. .'jr> 1.-10 Park Addition to BlythcvlUo Sterling French R 2 o r>o i.r.s .3* s ^^ ilat of J. r. Pridfi and Gateway Subdivision lo Blylhcvillc 10 A i.oo i.oo .0.1 S:?.' Krhwprid 1 l> :t.'.n .RS .^r> l r,:i ><* - n i.oo .2r> LT> i sn _ K. DnvH '^1 K 3.SO .S3 .2.1 -1.63 Mrs. .M. A. Adkim 11 -I.OO 1.00 .25 A.2: Chcslcr 12 1.00 .2." .":. 1.50 i Vcrnon Boyd, \V 50 ft n[ K 2On >lr<. T. M. KiHrl,rp« : .''i;. '17.-,'"' ft. i:< 3.00 .7,". .25 4.00 Mm* Ofrlc, X £'^;i fr of \V I'l t:t .r»o .r; .?-> .R* inir> K 1 -'. -ir. ,:^:> .'.TI i.r.o RichMMs AfMiMin to Blvthcvillc . K. .T. Krr*v-n«* R K 0 MO 2.2..1 .'!.% 11."n Edwin T^ohinson Addition t rt BlvthcriHc IVarl \Vliiift 4 I I.oo .25 -2.*> l.^o U. G, Galps .=i 0 l.f>0 .^5 .25 ?.i:t Mrs. Myrtrous CnoV; ^ I'J l,.>n 1.1,1 ,?.> r- S^ Krnefcl Oillior R 12 I .SO .3S -C5 2.13 Mr*. Myrlrous Conic n i;i 1.50 i.i^ .25 r>.s-^ Kn*t Ark. Bni!dor< Kunnly Mftrlo Miller ft 17 I'.NO ^s ,?-i 2.H Snmc> 7 17 l.SO .rtp ,'>% 2.1.1 RolHson's Rej>lat—BlylhnvHte .T.iin ij« li IVrrcll 1ft ft 1.00 ,25 .'2-". W> .Too Hurdlings Suofinrislcvn—Xiiwuovihi) 'INSURANCE „,„ 2311 [ For Complete Protection ACCIDENT & HEALTH • HOSPITALJZATION • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE • LIABILITY '•' • BURGLARY • PLATE GLASS ' •TORNADO . SURETY BONDS • AVIATION FIRST NATIONAL I INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd CilAS. l II Every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday Music fry f»uke Doy/c Lcc and his 7-Piccc For Reservations Call 3984 TWIN GABLES *AV

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