The New York Times from New York, New York on September 29, 1854 · Page 5
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 5

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, September 29, 1854
Page 5
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u i..t 23 . -. - rt1 SPECIAL KOTICES. mm.ii.i, f"lb "" Jw nm ere seventy-dve ' eitee ef iftftMila nN" . . , fnMmtoitopnwMM. Abm "fTV?: mm. Th. -Ublfc tvJ2JL rrn, idtaa- mu- EstaHishBt -Ths oTHE METROPOLITAN bTE Am PRINT- svnAafeJIy sutaae1argisgane very ar...ii,. - fag the hast four fn, wweld respect ally apprise . u - us b Public that thsir faellitiee lor exe m,trmTimtfBOOK AND JOB PBINTINO. anraransre perfect thaa ever, embraeiag the greatest aaaar sf the mom approved ftaui Praam of every nu, sad the bargest " ef all the beet yrartetiee of type roam nrim foeaderiea of the eoaatry. fos-Tbe bteatnees of this PBtaMiahaieal saw sxtsads wer a great part of the Vailed Stated, and embraces the TiUlaf af every sssrilptisa af Books, Pamphlets Cate-lui Sermons. AMnaw, Newspapers. MAgaziaes. - mmT -SKUa. Finn. Proanaenaaos. BUI Haada. Ci real ara, Checks Certinestee, Policies oaf Insurance. Law Caaaa, awBlaaka Labels of errT variety, CARDS of every hind ; Gold. Silver and Colored Work, and, ta fact, nearly sreiythtag that earn bo doaa with type. Tha eeretaat and increasing patronage bestowed by 'the Pttaanpal Publishers. Merehaata Profeaaioaal aad IimmmMii, (together with tha Highest Premium for SuerorTn-oirrs?tr awarded at tha World ' Fair.) fully atteet tha chutver of this Establishment ss reooects Quality af Work. Price. Promptness, aad Punctuality, j The sabscsibers havs eely to add that their aim he ever baea ta (sake thair I rennet syBonymoue with Good W ark, , bohevtrg that tha BEST la THE CHEAPEST forth. Pat- j roo. aad stoat oradilaMa v tha Priater. Orders treat ever part of tha country respsctfully olioited. fee-CASH PRICFS TERMS CASH, i BiKtk, GODWIN A CO., Tha Premium Print era. Caxaar Ifaaaaa aad Kprooa-ata Eatraoo Ho. i Sproea-st. fT"Tb Talaabla rasally Mlcleo af Pro-foaaac J AS. McCXINTOCK hare aoquirad imjkanaa aad laiaind aopalanty. Thoae who ara aafferiaf at thla aaaaoa aaa Coagbs and who da aot wiah to araj tbam-aalaa with opiataa or aaaaeoaa aaatraau. would do wall to taka Dr. McCUNlOCK'S COLD AND COUGH Mil-TUKK price, & oanta or if tha diaeaaa ia chronic, hia PECTOBAL B HV P piica, $1 par bottla SoldbyaUra-apaotabla drocaiata. Tbay ara aaoat plaaaaat, rapid, aad aflaaiaalrtaaadiaa, by oaa of tha first physician in thia aaaatry. A. CTJSHMAN fc CO , Proprietoia. No. m F nltoa-at., Naw-York. tr DysrX-Psia Cured. HITM A UN'S DYSPEPSIA ELJXIK A aiila bottla of tliia (Teat mediciaa haa eurad ana of tha propric ton of thia papar of two yaara' auf-icrisc (rasa that dreadful diaaaaa, Dyapepaia. Wa racom-assad It to oar raadar fiom a aaasa of duty. iamraa Craurr a Sep IS. UM. . Priajcipal arffico,No. 17 Broadway, N aw-York, aad to ba bad of all drania'J. Pries f I par bottla, rT" WsMopla Coach Vmrt 'This dictraaaiac diaaaaa m thoroughly aaat quickly cured by DR. McCLlN-TOCaTa ASTHMA AND WHOOPINO COCOH REMEDY. It caalsixis ao opiasa, and can bo pirsa to chlldroa with po'foot sofoty. A faw dropa at bad-Unia qmot tha ajaugh all aisiit, and a faw doaaa curs entirely Pnea SB : esota par bottle. Sold by A. CUSHMAJf k CO.. Mo. LZT -. raltOB St., i ad by all Druwiata. t7 Trait a aid OraauDaaitml Treats aatd Plaata. lacludiaa; aarythina ascos ary to the Oardea, Oraaahouaa, Kareory aad Orchard, with all the recent inlrod actions, at -rsry krw rate. Deaeriptna price Qatalos;uea gratia. Carriaca paid to Naw-York. Oraaraaa'1 and other piaatug aoaoia say part of ths country. Addreaa B. M. WArsOIf. Old Colouy Nurseries, Pbase nth, Maaa. rf" Lauiiea wha Value Clemai, Smooth aad Tc Ilea ta Campleuoa Slwuld oaa tha BALM Of THOU-A1D FLOWEB8, whiah raaBOrea tea, freckles, chape puaplea, blotchaa, ao., aad mparts a porrelaia transparaa-. ey ta the akia. FEi'ltlDGE It CO .Bastoa, C.H R1N0 No US Broadway, New-York. CT t'itlsras and trnrrs What is the use of paying ti or K for a pair of boots, when you can get as food, aeadete order, wrih aping shanks, fur f 3 75, at A. .. BAKERS, No ISAnav-at A good assortment constantly as head. Try them. rr At a Special Meettaa of the Hcnrr Eckford Liaht (jnard Court neu at Uitir jrmry V b on Hul, corner of Avenue C aad 4th-at , oa TUKiDtY EVENING the ftth iastaat. tite following members were aopoiat-td a Committee to draft suitable resolutions expresarre of the feeltDKS of the Company opoa hrarine of the demise of their lata lamented brothel. JO -iN R MACiJWtN: 1 H. Lackweod. Charles E Waketield, Michael H. Fvher, ware appointed said Committee. I'poa reasea-n.ViliDt , the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously Utopia i : reEAMBi.a. Wtrtm By tha dispensation of an All-wise Providence, aat hsaaesd brothsr and associate, John R MacOowau hsa been lesaovad from ear midst, a young maa of starling worth aad istagriiy. a good aoloiar. an mS'Cti joate soa ana brother; and whereas, "ttnuch hs nedeal still shall he . lire," at least ia ear rmenbiauce ; tha refers, Htftred. Tbst we daepiy lan.s t the lias nf our deceased . btotaer, Joha R Mactowan. and that we sincerely sympathise with his bereared end agea paraata, aad hie friends in this, thear irreparable lots. K'totvr, That tt.eAin.ary aed On" ors of the Cotapaay be duly draped ta mourning, aad that the members wearthe . useal badge for the Urm a( thirty daya f r m the date of Bortre, itasefafa. That thla Company will parade on ths oceasioa of his fuaeral ia cmzaa's d em Kehrd, That oc ties of this preamble aad resalutiona be pabliahed in the Herald and Tnacs aaejsvsia aid aiaa toiarardad to the fsmi.y and friends of -be deceased. Sisned.) WM D. LOOAN. Captaia.3 Cuas E V AJtETLILD, Ordarl; . H" Dr. Vlarse'a laTiaarmtlaa Cardial. Whence Srooeed the laaaatade, the oepreeeioaa, the debibty, the ia-lneraaeo ta life, the instability, tha t oatmeal reeliag of iilaeea which it ia impossible to define or localize, so eon. moa, ao hard to beau , aad ea tittle pitied by the robaet aad '. healthy 1 We answer from the stomach aad ths nervous . eystesa. between which thors axista tha closest sympathy. Want af sits! ononry. slejrgishnsss in the secretive orrar a, a reaaial anertia of the e etess, is at tha bottom of all the ' dimoully Te rosso the whole orgaaizettoa from tha torpor, ta inabae it with aew life, activity and vigor, and to aastaaatt hs that eonoition. there is opreparalioneooipar-.. able withDr MORSE'S INVKJORATINO ELIXIR OB COsiBlAL. Other stimuli may excite tha dormant physical aaeisiea for a time but like the aight-flaet of the lightning that leavae behind it a deeoor gloom, tha exhibition of taeee eiculersaits is follow d after the drat eanvulsavo ef-feat is over, by s depression of body and miad nora pro-foe ad and paralyzing tuna over. The remedy is literally worse than thsdneasa. But the Elixir has a dyaamie in-Saanee. It aot only creatas a aew condition of the physical erxsaixatioB, but perpotuaUe it. The aaimal spirits -are not eaJy eheered and elevated by its agency, bat kept au to their aew level without flaggiag. A vegetable tiocnpouad. ecngenial ta the system, it teems ta act upon tha eoastita- tioa itself, and as revolutionixe It. In chronic diaeasee of the aarvea. the aumiaoh, and tha liver, its operation is all " but miraculous The Cordial is nut ap, highly conoentre-' tad, ia niat bottles. Price three dollars par bottle, two fur ' ftve dollars, six for twelve dollars. C. H. MN(J, Proprietor. No. 191 Broaderay, New-York. - Sold bvDaua sau threwgaout the UutW States, Canada n Nerlce, A tpeeial meetlag af Stock hold era of the New-York and New Hares Bail road Company will be held at the A poo lie Rooms. No 4S Broaderay, ia the CltJ of - New-Yore, on Tl'KSP AY, the M cay of October, IIM, at - II e'elock A. M., to take ints onsideratioa the fraud a lent i of Stock bv ROBETIT SCHUYLER, late Premdont and Traasfer Agent of -vaha Company, and ta take order ' thereon, and to transact any other bosiaess proper for said sauting. Br order of ths rVart) of Directors, , WM. W. BO ABDMAN, P reel dent, pro torn. . ry Wlldarra Patent sMtlasaander Kafh. Msssrs. TKARS MARVIN. Noa 144 aad I4C Water st , cea-trane te make sad sell WILDER 8 PATENT 8ALA-- MANDER SAFE, and are the naaly persons authorized, tith tha exeoptioa of the New Pngsed Mtatee.) te make aad sell tha same. B O. WILDE JL Pataalae. n" IfatJca te Ytaai Mrs.-The Everett Club will meetoaSAIURDAY EVENING. Sent. M, at its rooms. No. Se Bioadwayat t o'clock. Theeseremaa will eonJUl of a Debate, Keeay, Doclamattoa, kc Youag moa ara oor-diaily invited to at teed . A H RRIS. President. Eowaao (Mt-aaar, Baeorthag Secretary. nP Nottee to Caaaalaaearm. Th, beat OYBTERS ars to ba toend at Nee 31 aad ii Haekman st. Asm Baa-' clat A PBBKIias STOUT oa draught aad in hotllee A very superior ap af BURION ALK haa baea reoerred for ttM occiitOui. Ox-tails aanp. Be., for dinner, from U Mil 4 P. M. rf A Kaow-Prothlag Free Bhaw At No 44t Broadway. Nrw-York. Ihe HAPPY FAMILY aad a KNOW-NOTHING us the CAGE Now tor a sight, CP" GymaaslaBa "law Upea Noa M sad si th av., hear Waehiagtoa-equare aad kth-st. Soa pietaro of the esme ia tha City Diisctoriee, under 8. PERSONAL. IN FOR MAT I OP WANTED Of JEBEMIAH atcCAKr Y. wha came ta this couatry. from Ireland, in par ship Dased Caameas The last known nf him about '"ree years since, he was aSeat leaving for Spring (eld, "aea Any iaformatioa reapao iar him will be recoived by -adaraesiag a letter ta hie sister B ART MCCARTY care SLAfl11 Hasbbook, East Fiahkill. Dutch see .auBily , NY L Y OX, who was thirrl mate . aad Mr. WM. HENRY CARS, who was steward af a ship aa a voyage 2LTTII?,, lew-Yeek. ia the aeeatha of Jaly and ;V- or amy p si sua asgaaintod with them will asam thear srirtrsss to Ike otBoa af tha CesBsniaaaonera of graAaaa,N.M Frankha-at-. they wiU aM a great JflLl. THE 6FKUIM4N who bought a ticket y.S' ateasaor GEORGE LAW. for Mrs. A- JalOK-1 BP. please eall at the Compeer's office. MILLINERY. SIT asaalaotaag thacheaoeat geade in auUiaery the Puis a4 Lendoai s arfcet. caa arodeoa. aad for tale, elegance ad rheapaom rat aot ba aarsaeeed. A eeatatsat saocos- iar. WMWW,U " miMiFfa uvr num. 2Jwilh tha choicest pattoras and ncheet quality, all of enthTS aiaaaAvclsre, end eoavbuung hgbtaess of tettxro , Jjjhelsgaac,. sir-sgth aad stylo aot to ba fouad else. saaT'f?'" enpee. aoUarota, collars, sleorea and Si lrJ"r,t' mads t e-der. loans WIT aUTf CARTER'S Pans MilU- Mass amff ' 1 a a. a . n m.v " - iiwt, eeiw aeeara pain aa Hotm. aTPr GRATIS Tha aubstribsr effere tk- . a i mm m .mwwm t wtn amo aar wiatev. Oantleaaa nreiemaa eta keen thear anu2.a tk. Ctti llfe BOKerats nee aad aood w;l Jlcll at their earliest "Ove:eaoa. H. Dla&aWW.Rwing SetutuU Ma at training. sethv. aAIV,!,,a HatJlst PAIR- The sUbrSitere al a. . ' eirtma reoeive me nasouaa oa inir onaran m reo KffwI;ag their eertrnceAss of entry at Ha. til l-at-. Patweeasjryar PBIOrAI',' MILEjajBRTMra. WM. Slw-filLJJNa K'H FALLSTYLJES of PARIS iiiu. h?u " p,iFttar U," eapectioa at her First WANTED. SITl'ATIO.T WASIKU.4, ye lag a. seamitran.'aad to tUnd aa elderly lady f-ha wouid read aad wmis fog her, hang ree.rve 1 a g od educaiKm ; or weald taka Ihe enure ebaagw of so tag hlldrra ware their mother as abla ta a'tsod to thm. having tiled n siruetkn s tnilar lor five yearn Addreaa. by setter, R M M .at this ". SITCATIOej WahrkB-araaaipanaaaii '( woaaas. to da gaaerai heo-eeoat is (oa fity or cvua-. try. Is a Brat-rate washer tad 'ro-er, a geed pM e t and baker, and would d- el' ia her nearer to a'sse her employer. Salary aot so muen aa object ss a g aol horns. Has good reference. Pknse call at No to bo err. far ts-etsjs. SITrATIO" W4ltTEl-syariciia.- eaoa. Osa cook ia a privais fs el y ; ia a g od eonesur tker ; lltieaiwialar aad aro-arr No objrrtioo ta so ia the eaoatry Undoratam a making huttoi he has ied m enyaad country rail at IM lh-a . beteooaSth an J 7th nva. Good -ves Pea he e-ee neve. SlTl)iTIU Albls ! IV e Protestant young woman, aa chambermaid and seew-eeieas. or child re ss maid and seimtre. ehi-ii eapari-tieashe hea tJled satisfactonl . sad has e best o' t'.tr refererce Csa be area fur tao Uajs, if ao. engaged. Call at No. 14 Ctiatoa-ot. SITCATIOWS WAPTElP Aa a good coo and to wash and in n in a povste faa-ilv. by ewe ; and aa chambermaid and waiter, or as ehamcersaaid aad laundreas. by the other. Iheae girls are verv noaneacM, at.s nave eiceUant City reference. .Call at No. Ti 6th av. ia ths bonksture. CITCATIO.M W1NTLD-By twa steady, iadae-Otneus girls. whe.have lived two aad a half years in thssr Isst sitssiions Ons aa aurss nad aosmstrees. or as chambermaid ana seametreee; the othir aa cook, aad te wash and irra or to re the houeework of a private family. Call at No 72 atb-av., ia Ihe bookstore. ITUAIIOS WAITED By a competent woman aa a cook ; understands a eels, paetrv. As., or oon'd taae a place ss cok, washer aad iroaer; or aa a small famiiy. gf aeral honserwovh. Hss sicelient leferenoe frvm this City No oojeetion to the country. Please call at No 74 3d-av , old No. M SITUATIONS WANTED Aacook, sn to wash aad iron, to do tha hcasewtrk of a private lamily by oae. aad as a nurse and e suiati ess, oa as chamhermaul nod seasastiess by ihe other. Tliase girls areeypenenoed and hava excellent City reference. Call at No 71 6th-ar , in the bookstore. SITCATIO"! WANTED By a mast resuectaMe .woe. an in A f,rst-c4aes family; ahs is a rs-rate plaia cock and baker, and is willing to assist with tie wattung sid ironing. Ths best of city reference can e pr aeured. I lease tall at No. 217 West 40th-et . belweea 8th and 9th-avs. Cun be seen for three days. SITUATION A KE JNOW READY-At the n-w sgenry.No 141 Atinntie-st., Brvoalyn, for all aiada of emplo. meat for good se'Vanta. Several fir.t rlaes cooks anted immediately. English, Scotch, Go I mas and colored Proteatant servants waated. STTUATIONS WAPTTED By two very comneteat girls, with good City reference One (a Proteatanil aa rot k and to waeh and iron, ia n private family ; the other as chsnbemia d sad fins lauadrsss. Call at No. 72gtk-ar., ia the bock strre. SITUATIONS. WANTED By two girls, to on IBs oora of a private famil. Caa furnish toe best of City reference from their last place. Call at No. 39 Hudaon-at , nrnr Canal. SITUATION WANTED By n respectable young moman, aa rhamnermaie aad waiter; uaderstasds her buaieees perfectly. Can be seen nt No. 316 1st ar , brie sen IWh nnd 19th-sta. SERVANTS Beat aerranta for every kind of work viz : ro.iks. laundrasees, chaa bermaida. waiting girla. nurses gills for stores and gsoeral houssworg, all well re rcn, sr elded ; also, a faw Scotch English and Oer aa girls 'aa al eays be found ia great at MO iiBI 4 fc COHNEB r'e Establishtreat, ra ill Broad ay corner oi jten e-st. ana uermae me naaics, orts, farm-jrs, wai'ers, kc, at this and at ths Branch Office, No. 14 Greeawica-sl. PROTESTANT COOK A young, reapeotsMe wonan wants the sitnstlon of cook in a reapecta'il fevily (Ftaten Island preferred,) but no objrotion to the City, will neaut at washU g.and caa be wr 11 rt comma ndnd from her last place, which ah. has left only a f w daya Caa ba aeea for Ihteeearsat Mrs F1TZGFRALD'8 rr .ton Lo Ige near Clifton Houae SUten Islnaa. or any letters addressed to M F , Post- Office Box No. 7o, will receive immediate attention. COOD SPItVANT. FemiHet in wart of oid help fur the! 1'i or com try, caa obtain such by apjlying, either persoi s'ly or by letter, nt Ihe office. No 34 Broadway, wreie eTery effort te used ta give aatisfectioa Female domes! ies are aot charred until plaeeo are nrorured . DREYEB ti KllfM api. Agents. MALE ANU PEMALE HELP of all kinds mav be ergertd at the Offinea of the American nnd Foreign Inugrast Protective snd Employment Soc.ety, No. 7 Greenwich at ana No. 130 Ninth-st , corner of Broadway SALESMEN WANTED Ten good salesmen waated. to sell articles wai ted in evrrv famllr : can make 1 to ti per flay ; also one to drrre a botes and wagon. Call oi address No. Jl7 Bowery. EMPLOYMENT WANTED By a young mac as aa. latent bookkeeper, or ie any other capacity where be noulo bars a I ern snent situatioa Is a guoj penman Caa furnish references as to character or abilities from his last employer. Address HARVEY, at Wis Office. BRCOK LYN Wanted, a young lady who plays on the pint o to teach a pnpil, with the privilege of taking others, and to pay in part her own boarc. She can. also, here the best advantage of education herself. Address E. M , Times office. rpo IX'R MAN UP AC MIRERS. Ths Operative 1 Furriers of Naw-York aid vtcieiir. havng orgsizei thenaelves in'o a body, called the NEW- foRK FUR-BUBS'' POCIEIY, b-g ta suggest to mat uiaetarers re-quinns seai stent operatives, the sd ran luxes taey will de-ne by addressing K T , Times Office. Such men oaly as may be wanted will be recommended. JOHN YOUNG, OF THE PROTESTANT AGENCY, No. 7 Carmire st., has cpened the Female Servants Registry, No. 1454 Bowery to ensols him to supply the increasing demand cf his friends and the public with servants Subscribers to aithar have the advantages of both offices. STATE AGENTS WANTED FOR OTIS' IMPROVED PATENT LIGHTNING-RODS With right to manufacture. A lucrative business. reqninngmoderste capital Pl-ipnetora LYON MANUFACTURING CO., No. 343 Broadway. t PARENTS. GUARDIANS, PUPILS. fce.-Sa-k- ii g ibe b-at Schools in City and country, wul be sup-nl-ed with Catatoauee Circulars, and other i nDortant in- . formation, free of expense at WILCOX'S United Statta School Agency, No zV3 Broaderay t RUG CLERK WANTED One who ia thornuxh-iv aruuainted with the business, will lsara of a desira ble and pern an-nt situn'ion by applying to X. T. GatEEN, ro. eve nroaowsy, coraer waiser-ea. TO LAWYERS. A younrlswyer who has had charge of the law business of aa office in this City for the past year, wants a situation is aa office where his compensation will enpport bun. Address M. N. H , Tmeesofnce. ENGRAYER WANTED TO GO MOTH-Must ban good workman. Oae competent ea a jewelry joa-ba.r nod salaam aa preferred Apply to FELLOWS a CO., No MNaseau-at. TIN AND SHEET IRON WORKERS WANT I D Four good tin nnd sheet iron workers. None but the best workmen need apply ' JOHN LIDDLE, Troy Stove Warehouse, No. 37 Broaderay WANTI D I will sell on receipt of SI, pre-paid, some 29 receipts :or making articlss now in greet demand, and by selling which $12 to $13 per week caa ba made. Address Dr LEWIS DAVIS, Brooklyn Poet-Office. BOY WANTED. Aa active boy, from 15 to 17 rearg old. who can write a good hand, and ia willing to be seeetslly useful. Apply to E. 8. BARKER A BRO., Koe. tz7 and XT Ckrvstie et BOARDING. BOARDING Axd aa elegant euite of furnished rooms, en the first floor, eoBaiatiag af a parlor aad two bedtooma, w- h closets Also, a parlor and bedroom on eee-oad and third floors, and rooms for augia geatlemea. at Noa Maadst Eaat3d-at. BOARDING. Te Let. la suite or separate rooms . oa thssecond floor, ia a ssodsra house pleasantly situated, opposite Chelsea-equate Also tooaas for aaagie geatlemea. BoloroBcee given nad required. Apply nt tag a set teth-st. BOARDING. A pleasant froat room ta lntita. board, to eingle gentlemeaor a maa and wife, at Mo. lit) Delaacy-st. f OARDING. A gentleman aad hia wife, aud two or a-Pthrae mngie geaiiemta. can do aorommodBlea with board aad pleasant ro t rooms nt No. it td-sv. B OA R D ING Rosens with board at No. 66 Ha -et. BOARD IN BROOKLYN. Gentlemen and their wivee. or aingle gentlemen, may ba aocommodatei with hoard aad oleaeant rooms at No. tag Hsnrv-at . be tween Ceerreee and amity, within Bra mieutoe' walk of Wall et or I Bonu a Ik Ferriea. BOARD IN BROOKLYN. a gentleman aad his wiie or two single geatlemea can be accommodated with board and pleaaaat rooms by- applying at No. 67 lleary St., Brooklya. BOARDING AT NO. 509 HOUSTON-ST Fur-niahed or aniuraished rooms, singly or in, with ail tha modern uaprovemeata. Bear Broadway and the totals. BOARD IN JERSEY CITY. Pleasant rooms, fur-nifheo. or unfurnished, but a few minutes' walk from the Ferry, at Mrs. VALENTINE'S, No. U Eeeox-st. HOARD UP TOWN. A gentleman and arim or two Usuigls geat emea csn have board e nh pleasant apart- ' mmmm le.iuiu aemning na, xio. aja ivta-at. tsaA, Data-rpoan.Ac BOARD WANTED IN BROOKLYN By a gea-tlemaa aaa lady aaat two ehildrea. ia a reeooitebla private ramily. Apply at No. IM Cllntoa as. between Aaaaty and Patafle els. IIOtRD WANTED Br a aaatuascan and enfa- A pari or aad too loom, or one large room with close al lacked aa eecoad or third floor, aot below Bloockor-et , (a ama mmmm ea, Addreaa Q. C , Boa Na. l,4a p O., stating terms. BOARD WANTED la a private family where ao other boarders are laksa. by a gsailesena, wifa, child nad anraa. Twa ar throe rooms will ba roe e red Leee- snsi aaove w aaaingaoaa-pmce aaa neaow aad i i at. Aadroea. elating heonuon. laox rt o. ijn roea-ajnije. MURRAY HILL Several rooms, ia a strictly evirate lamily, are jat vacated by a family leaner for Ea-lepe. rirst-rlaas boardare, either a family or auwrta beard-era, will bad a home at No 4S East tha at., near Maduea-av. Salisfartoay raforaaota aeajuued FURNISHED ROOMS -For Mngle geatlemea, iTa private ranur.oa be ootaiaod al No. 11 leta-st . betweea atk aad ath-ava. Also, a fine suitable reoaa for a Ieatlemaa and hia wia. Oaa aad bath ia the house. I eels served ia the looses if d seared- URNISHEDTpARTMENTS TO LEF-ult-abie for a aoiatlemaa aad w lie, ar wagle gsaiiemea. laquirsat No. 113 Suilivaa-et. Befirsaess givsa aad required. ; FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET la suites, or aecaratelv. to aeatlemea ealv. vu breakfast, if re quired, by applying al No. 141 What., third door froaa Broaava ay, and aiaa at Ha College-place. ROOMS WITH BREAKFAST la a private family, where ao other boarders are received, oaa oi at i eg af a laage situaa rosea aaat bed ream, mutable for two areatle-aern, mtnated ia St. fie meat's-pis oe, near (th-et. and Wsoav-tnartiiei tmiare. keferrmes givaa aad required. Apply lay Box No. 1.47, Lower r-eet-OuVo. ROOMS TO LET, WITH BOARD -At Ne MS I leer t er st. Tea mat aad back rmaane oa Ihe lirnnil story, unfurnished. K together er separate, to $ antl aiaaa aad their arivee. ea to maa-ie esaiiiaaa Aha. tare oar th ee fuaBiaajod reame lormtrle arentloaaeai Termassav rate. Also, a large froiU eince.auitaiUe lor a rhrvinaa RWbMS TO LHT IN BROeKLYN-A PtaltA-bl.fc: FBONT KOOtt, wauteef retaa, I aafwaua-oa ) sad board, may be sbiaiag by a e-eatlaavsm am has el'a la a dm ; aaa I aa e. ar Ut Fulton aad Wallet. re-nee. At-iy at Ho. M WiUeaghav-et. mafereaces ex changed. BOARDING. TaOOfl WlV BO A? WA "7 KTJ - An uarar-1( amhed fVeet .oa.1 " ' t hoard far a gee ta rn aa eila and rhl'd. "" ",T -here there are ao other boarders, la aeirboorhood ml Irvaog slacs. AddrseeMEaiCHANr e "a Jaw Ol&oe, staung eneo asd lecatiea, with Saeeristiea ft preanieoa. RtaOMS TO Lf.T. A frsmt rv.-en. nossjy fnreianod. A lew a a mall reom as fa 4 Lav' . franuag St Joha a Park, to let lo geetlenaea d seen ag seitmeete arith-aut beard. The hoaeo is supplied em the eeveaionnea of (as. ba:hs, lie Terms rsry reasonable. Raereaoea axpeed. RtlOMB 1 O LITA large front room, with mad "a mpioarmeata, suitable for a gentieavan aad his n'. Also, twe amaller looms, for eiegfe gen Us men, pleaaaaily situated at Nc. 44 4th at., Albion place ROOMS W I H BOA K D. THs oa two aaagie rontle-men cn b- sca-osumodated with a planannt roeea and board at No 73 Znt -av. fENTlE.'virN CA BE ACCOMMODATED I with PLE afiANT HOOKS aad BOARD at Si 7(1 S a sos ST., Brook lya rpo GENTLEMEN AsToeabto Roosns ta let. mm 1 sna) small, furr-iar ed or unfurnished, ia suites or separately, with hot. cold anr ahower bnthe A R f LUMLET. No. 17 Bond at, DRY GOODS. CLOAKS AND MtNTCLLi. GEOBOEBULPIN.NO StH BROAOWAY. Peapec .fully announces to the Ladles that his assort. ' mrnt of CI OA K1 FOR THE PRESENT FALL X ft -D ' is now realy, and ha has much hi ensure in obsorviag that, cunrg his r east visit lo Europe, be hat taken advantage of the ei triors'. nary depresaiia eximmg in tne manufaa-turirg diet icts of an1 Geimsny, t make such extensive purehsses snd oon trace as wil enable hist ta ' place before tha pubbc a most etquiaite aeeeablage of RICH AND COSTLY NOVELTIES, at pr'cee never before heard a.f. A eitgle iBapactica of his Btock will be thoroughly coa-vinrmg of this im artant fact. Paris mantilla emporium. No. 36l Broalway. FALL GOODS EONIVELL, BRO.VIV, HILL & CO., Noa. 7 and 0 Barclay-st., ( Near the Attar Iluutr , ) Have now ia st re their Fall Stock nf Foreign, Staple and Fancy Dry Goods. A full a Be or 'meet lor Clo hiers and Merchant Tailors LADIES' IRSS GOOI 8 In great variety WHITE GOODS AND HOSIERY ia all their varieties FBENCH MFRIK08 FOM AaSTION We shall be receiving almostdsily from the auctions daring the season, large quantities cf Goods, to which U.e atten'iou if rash and prompt paving customers is iavited. INDIA AND PREACH aII Wltt. The subscriber invites attention to some of the most superb and costly specimens of INDIA CA VI EL'S HAIR SHAWLS STtr exhibited in this City. Also, to sn unrivaled selection of FRENCH CASHMERE AND BROCHl 8H.WLS, both lrpg and equae, all of the aewest and most recherche designs, at prices to coincide with the present ' presiure of the times." GEO BULPIN. Cloak and Shawl Emporium, No. 31 Bros la-ay. DOMESTIC GOODS. The altentvti of Families, Hotel-keeprs and Upholsterers, is paitiruarlv calle to on - extensive s ock of BfcOWN AND BLECHED llOOjS, ti every srade s d wto'h lICKIKfiS. DEMINO. e,HIRTIlf TRIES. CANTON FI.ANaJELtt. DRILLINGS, kc, a" of which will be sold on th- loo-eat terms. ALL WOOL FLANNELS in every variety. 1 here Iitk s of goods, barb been the special eve if oos of the members oi the Fnm. whtase kaoyn ezprif-ase it la e J pec I e- will suffi.r e-.i'l. cue aaee tne Stock LORD h TaVLOR. Grsnd-st. corner Chrystie. JAMES S. 1IAVIE ic CO. IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS OF HOSIERY, kc No, 7 Park-place, Invire buyers to examine their large and well aaeortea stock, which will be sold at tUe.loweal market prices. CAKD TO IHE LADIES IMPORTED WOTt y t'heKTN GaYNOR Lasthe largest aad chap-eet stock of French al d Vnglieh Wove Coraete ever oered for sale at' retail in thin Cite. Mr GAY NOR beinr direct sgi-t fareeveral European mai uracntrers and cenatantty rrrcivitir la re aitai titles (or wnoieea e travel enables i b.roauppty her numerous patrons (st retsil with the ' latest mfet improved aid favont- siiap -s at half the i prices uausl y ct sif. d No 4i S.l sr . cetr lOth-at. N. B - lso Misses' and ehaldrer's corsets. , mllaT'lAMFACirREt.-Th. inbsT bar has el ! Oeipoitin atPti'Tiim PhlfiS i larta aescit man- of FM BROIDERY H'H FRP'flE HODLERl' Bi Wl0 TBM end ORONZIME ILK is col a jr in gum. Also COTTON and LINEN TH'()la large ' Inks, and spot's Noa 16 -o 190 au ! WOJiTiDaiJ COTION l ARW. lS'i to3:' a i r d'i .rs f .-r roicl lace aid tjimming n.anuf A-".uera geoirahly, fa qu mtitiei to suit. J S .H tPTEB, No. 233 Psarl-st. PhJOTIt'E. The subsrrbeTS beg leave to m'-vm their llcn-to-Lara snd other, thst ih--ir stock of RIO -I . I ACESanc Pa-ia FM BROIDCRI FS sui pass any thins in prevct)s aeavons and are offered at manuiarturuig p-ices : Ir. their late importstim s are some new uiakss of laces . sid novel design of etnbroide ies Ladies "h i take aa miereat m such tfaron are invited to eall anl examine . them. MILLVR It GRANT. No. 371 bioadwsy. CJEWINO BILBS. SATINET. Ice E. H AR-r?NOLL, No 14 Bear ern. . sole aarent in New-York foe the eale of Chinacei's " aewing-silks in b:ue-blacks, gra en-blacks and colors Le:ters OO. O A. B C. D. Also, agent for the " "1 roy Woolen Company's" satiasta. ana lironx j ape ajompany s stay uinaings. LOW ERA AN O FEATHKKk No. 37 BIOID-WAY Costly Peris feathers ia olumes, ftovreia la buachea. eoifTeU's and bndal erreaths for toilstta appointments mournia g flowers. eH assarted, and wax fruits ia profusioa. J AMIS Tt'lkEH. Ko. 387 Broadear, up ataira, betweea White aad Walker-sts. LOOR IIL-CLOTH.-(l DILLIN3HAM A CO have eonstantlv on bead from their own factories, a rge assorunest of painted floor cloths, which they oner to the traoe on liberal terms , at No. 120 William-st , between John and Fulton-rts. . - MEN'S PINE HOSIER Y.-J M DAVIES. TONES A CO. have now in store their full stock of Fall aad Winter Hosiery of the best qualities manufactured and selected expressly for their retail sales. No. lea Williara-at., corner ol John et. FURS. LADIES' FCR STORE. EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN FURS. J. H. HARLEY Has opened for the season his usual splendid assortment of FURS, Consisting of Sables H. B. M axtik, tronm MaBTTit, Mink M astir, Rotai. Ebmisc, Ac. , Besides every other variety, suitable for LADIES' WEAR. Hia assortment of Furs for Tiiwinoi ia large and deal-sirabls Also, a fine assortment of LADIES' AMD CENT'S TVM eLOTBS, SLBIOH a LAP KOBES, AO. All ths above articlae are made ia tha beat stylo aad wairanled. FCRS REFT NT8HED IN THE BEST MANNER. J. H. HARLEY, Ne. 14 John-et. , New-York- - LADIES FANCY FURS! BCLPIN-a NEW STOCK FOB THE APPBO ACBIBO SEASON IS NOW READY, And comprise a a most superb assortment of every fashioa-ablo garment, vis. : Victorines. Tippets, Riding sBoaa, Cases, Cloaks Cardinals Muffs and Cuffs in Russiaa sad Hudson's Bay Sablea, Stone Marten, Mink, Squirrel, Ermine, Geaet, Chinchilla Brown Marten, Ac., Ac .all aswly manufactured of choice and wall seasoned skint, aad at extremely moderate prices. GEO. BULPIN. No Ml Broadway. HOUSES, ttc. WAiYTED. REAL ESTATE WANTED. The Society for pre-metiiig the Goepel among Seamen in the Port of New- ork. invite proposala lor the eale of a plot of the hounds of the bast River Oli.srst. , East Brnadway ani Piker-st , of dimenrins suitable for an edifice for the Marinen' Chuich, late of Roosevelt at , wfth aumciant roa m adjoining for light and sir aad separation from aeiga-boring buildirgs ana for a Paraoeage ; aay about ons hua-drtd (lOu) fret square, or if oa a corner, eighty (to) by one hundred (ljXlfeet Addra ss by ) otter , coataiamg a atesenp-tioa cf the property and the price, to JACOB L. BALDWIN, Insurance Building, No 51 Wall et. FARM WANTED From- to M aaree: alee, one trvm 36 to 40 acres ; both must be easy of aoeees te New-Yatk. For sale. S lots cot aer of Van Bruat aad Sea-taneg-eta : a aa, 1 lota oa Cong-eee-st ; alao, a three story and bane meat brick house oa Sarkett-at. near Court We have for sale a large amouat of Real Eetate. improved aad unimproved, located ia Brooklyn aid New-York, to which wa would eall the ettenhoa of puichaseis NATHAN bTEPHENS fc r0 . Real Eat ate Agents, ; No. lea Nasamu-st , New-York. HOUSE WANTED. A genteel boose from Nov. I till May next, loiated ia a plea ran t neighborhood, between Amity aad 33d-ets ,e -d witbia tha range af Leiing-ton-av. and Avenue C. Rant. $7sa to ftsu nor e--" Addreaa atOWEN, Naw-York Poet-Office. HOUSE WANTED Ta' a' genteel neirhbarhood ia theappar -art of the City, with all the modera im- rioveaaeais, aoiiabla .a a smsil ramily. Address Bog Ne. ,le, Poat-Offiee. OmCE WANTED By a physieian. am e4Eeo. with full - partial hom-d , a haaeaaeat omeo, oeey of aeeeaa, pi of erred ; snort be betweea Pth aad SMh-ata. Broa-iway aad Sth-av-; reference a exchanged. Ac dross, statin- leca-tioa, he ,M B Tmut Omee. OFFICE WANTED IN BROO RL YN-Hetweea Iraabeny and Rsmsea eta , suitable for a phyaatuaa. Addreaa J W. BO, BrooalyB Peet-Omce, r"' g ssea- taaa. anramiiTaodalieas aad tar ma. CARRIAGE HORSES WANTED.-! wish to purchase two pair of weU-maiched, gsatle carnage hot tea. Blood bay s preferred Apply to K. A. ALLEN. Ja., No. Kg Fmltoa-st. MAGNETip POWDERS. Sleep, th at katta op tha raveled sleeve af care, Aial to be had if any bogs are there. '' ONE FLASK. OF LYvN MAONKTYC POW-Dk-Rwill. however, destroy aay quantity of these, or bbv other aoxious Insect' See that yoa have the ge assist, with engravings of four aatiaaal moaiels and LYON'S aateerraph tig aat are am the label. Central Depot, Na. 4M Broadway. I FARO RLAYLNG CARDS. F ARO PLAYINO ciRDYerv"o!d"siaj' eli, toaed with all the vanoua other gtLsiite af faaea and BDttoe oareemade by SAM. H AhtT ak CO . tar eale te the xaade and club h ea sea al their stove. No. I Bejelay-eC, aja. posits A. toe h ouee. , ' - - WINDMYI L ws whs be esvflrxed world hare V IraAeO I. r I or To. er rent arioe. H 4LLA DA V 'J SEt,-ItCOVLAl'IKtl WINrtMlLLwilt bo oaa ojafcubaasoa at tne eLele Faar. pbaaaeVelbhla. a.-. x7 toss. Mow-Yoak. 4ea. g he. rlew-Hav.a. Oct. leaoit. '-..- ' H Al UAPAT, MCU1AI A CO, Klltngrtaa, Canva. ' ' , ' . V- V -, KEW PUBUCiTIONS. JUST PUBLISHXD. " THE LADIES VUIDK TO BEAUTY. ' A COMPANION TOM TMXTOILtt. ; ' Price enl 15 oanta, s- fr af P eta e. ' Contaiamg Practaeal Adnce ea Imaewriag ths Oa Baotarx-loa, the Hnxr.tae Haada, aha. Fee-as. the Tewh. ta Eros. ae Feet, the Featarea, aa aa ta aaat h higbaet dagng of f eifectiosrof which they ara Bsceptails. Aad aape up-waida of Oaa Haadral Reeip a for various Coemstics. Oils PeaiSdss. he , boiag th rrant if a cemblaatioa st Pisctiral aad r?cleatiae 8 a ill By gir Jaaxs C-BE. Prt-vais Phywdaa to Qaaea Victoria. Raviaed aad Edited by aa America a Physaclaa aad Chemist GARRETT A CO., PuMiahcrs. No. It. Aaa at. FASHION AND FAMINE, Eays the Pub ic. aay the Editors, aay the Critics, aay Everybody, ia DELIGHTFUL. ADMIRABLE, ENTERTAINING. Fall of Genius, full of Power, full of Beaatase. FASHION AND FAMINE ta published la oae elegant lzmo. vol anas of 42a pagaa, cloth, gilt. Pnea St. BUNCE A BROTHER. Pablishere. Ne. 134 Nassau -St., New-York. WILL BC ISSUED ON SATURDAY. THE ILLUSTRATE! MtGtZIMR OF ART ' FOR OCTOBER. The Oetober aumber of 'his popalar Maa-azlne eontains, among other supeab fta-graving., aa excel eat useaeee of tieneral SCOTT. Price Xi coats ; 3 per year Hack velumee from lbs eoa-meaceaaesl constantly on h aad. Alao. cases lor btnoiag CONTENTS. Florintine Moanie Work The Turk tea Army. Letter from C'opeiihaa aa Gotmaa Chariot ol ihe Sixteenth Century. Peligioos Cuttoeua .f the Kslou eks Bn tab Psrbam atary Orators Tne Toad. Joha Hub er Roman Monomeateat Tnrbta. The W aliarhiaa haSber Cioebtt Edging. The Matquis ot Lat-Moarne, K. G The Cmraat ntt Santa Engracaa at Saragoesa. The Lake of Saarnen 1 he Footprkuts ot Buddha Shaktya Moaai. Ibe Amenead Red-wtngtd starling. A Bull Fight in 1 janon The Asoyiiaui Has- Reliefs in Ihe British Mueeusm. lgnaiiua lyela 1 he Watee -Camera el Peru. Goa "1 can't write." Chinese and Iranian Fiehermoa. . Ihe Foiged Will. Ihe Book-Trade ia Germnay. Lance's " Pantry " Ornamentai '1 e 'mf oe-Box Peers ana M , P 's Lincoln. The Olo f ngn.h HaU Cro Let D Oy . y. Breughel De Veioura Jamas "tells Tae Exhibition Picture II. Fine Ai Is la America Tba Gaarnun Eihihilien. LLUSTBATH1NS : Floren'ine Mosaic Wufc separate plate ) G. irain Cham-1 of the H'xieen h Centary. Ksliaioas oa nate of the Kalmacsn The CiBBOi Toad ; the Natter -jack Tetd. l orliait ol Joha n outer I'ragnieau ot the Inscriatioa of Augustus oa a Door- w.v af Turbia. Kuis el the To or of Augustus at Turbia. C'lotchot-Eogtng The M .j qui of Laaadoame. The ojvea.t el Santa F.aarrac a Lahe of haarneu. The Footprint of huddha ahahaya Moadi American Red-winged btarlwag Warriora ia Battla. Hoisemen Puisuiiig an kxemy. Wa nor Relurt ing from Rattle. A KUg Seaieging a ity Water-carriers of Pern. General bcott Aa Indiea Fisherman. K e rl L andera ana Disroverrd the Chest. "The lax try " An Ornamental To aco Box. The Ciiy of'Bad Hail ' Pma of WordUau Hall Croxhet D'Oyley. P et ail of meughnl uo Velours, wits Mignette. The Koefside Chapel Tbe Country Camaga. A is Ihj Neihboihood of Bruges. Porrsii of Steils, with Vignette. Tba fcetura fiom Work. ) he Dance. Peter Denting Christ. Pub US' ed by T. L. McELR ATH It CO . No, 17 spruee-st. A NEW HISTORICAL SPANISH RO X hNCK, bUiVa BliAACk OP NA VaKRE. by ion raaNctsco navabbo tilloslada. Puhl shed Ibis day DONA BI ANCA OF NA-VARhE awo'k of peal substaaiial merit, giving a truth-lul expr-ait'on of the m.niera nnd eustnaae of the Spanish reope ia the Fifteenth Ceature At the liuie, ibis ook possessso aa unusunlde-gris of int rtst to ibe Aiueiican ipsia ia bow i at it wa.a st thst period one vast held of ctrat ware aid mai Isrti.vja ' Dona til an a "posse, see a high ey. cer of exceli.nce, wntieu bv a m--dara Siia-iish Aithor. Its an syaes has b. en u Sra, br luant and immeese Ia ire pages ttere are bleadel together the startliag ev.ata of HtsU.r), with the fesciiiaioa.a nf Fictiia. fuming n a -v-ftet irfure of f pai tab Life a picture stretch ng oat inO one gr jod mi rug Oanorsmn of Kings nad Queens, Knishts sne reieente. Pneet( and Nuns Banni ti and Mi iAi . Cauls ik1 rot'aga. Hern, it axe anl F eld of Bat-I1-. Moui tsia Paasaad frnnt y Fieb a. relieved by sparkling vit, api ry da' gue and vanuiae humor. 1'AflLK OF COMTEK TS Fessan Gill ai. . I'svsliars. lTra.elereaad Hermitesa. t onat.b'e ai.r Lover llii Hi w-l'ii r-owaDice-pl"je' and einpls nibat f a(iieand li'erslor. Ptiati rem and Pn.tle. l.i at l ouul Marriage Banqn.t bi..ll.i r. Fin, aad Path to the Crown l'ridirrxiro ana Nun. Leper 1 ' ai. t Done Queen an Favorite. '.eruption and Hermitage. D ea C'lalina. Cniooelioa aa- qoet J teen's CoureiL iT.eroec ed Visitor. Evbrce of t ie Aeeaisia. Half of the Dareer. M,sieinus Rsceptroa. Scoryef the Broken Daggers. Nurse and Discovery. Retrospect, vs. . Bridal louraey Revenge HafQed. Explanation. (.at tain cf Fr. e Companions snd V euro lsar Two Lovers and Qitees Cot flictof lve aad Jeal co.y Counl and Page crrtc i ai d Mine t Ring. Iriuiunh of Countess. Hul c f the lewrrs Ooblet and Pledge of Friendship. Price rf s Crown. Cavalier and Friar. Queen, Doctor, and Count, lavali" and .'aaket fhareonl of Diaua'veie. Poieon and Stee at Work.' Approach of Vengaanoe. " Vengeance and Finale. Oae elegant I3ana velume. Price $1. For sale by sll ksellers nrd Newa Agents threjirn-out the United States a-.d Cans das. Orders from the Trade reepectfully eolisited. T. L.SIAGAGNOS A CO . Publishers, -No. I Beehmaa-et., New-York. ABTa SCIENCE, MECHANICS, AND INVENTION. tux scientific american, just Issued. Contains articles upon the fallowing subjeita : Rope Making Machinery, 4 OBgraviags. Stave Dressing Machinery, t engravings. Hot-Air Engines Napier's, I engraving. Cicer Mill Cutters tearravinge-Beeoias Roller snd Harrow t eegrpvinga. Chain Hor k. Improved I engrnving. Reaping Machhie History, 4 eagre vl age. I lecaro- Che mistrv balteneo. SepUBtmg Silver from Lead. DepoeitiBg Alloys Artiijcial Production of Qulnme. Coavertirg Reetillinear te Rotary Motion. Impi ovsd bbsftitg Hsnger. Bell -closrag. Water Faucet. - Hub Bom g Machine Securing and Setting Harrow Teeth. Improved School Desk. The Water Wheel Cbsjletge. Gold Firh Curious Fish. The Freech Exhimtioa. Beef. Cause of its High Prine. Nova Scotia IndurfTinl Exhibitioa. Mouths ot the Mississippi. Baby Exhibition Expaneieoi of Cm 1 1 -on . SU sm, and Ether Engine. Cheating ia the Weight of Coal. Recent Foreign Inventions. Subrsrmnenn Watera. Claims of Nsw Patents, (BP iarsntions.) Mai ing Diamonds Great Tiiatof Fire Engines. ; Sire, nnd Fir Saziaee reek Tombs. Tba Telegraph New York Stats Fair. Volume la of the STIF-NTTFIC AMERICAN has jaat con. me need It is published weekly, by MUNN fc CO., at their ex'ea.ive Amencan and F 'eiga anl Patent Omee, Na ltsFulton-st., New-Yolk. Terms, gt per annum. Foreign OSiees: Loud os. No 1 Castle at : Pana, Ho. 2 Boulevard Bt. Mania ; Brussels. No. Boa D'Or. THE GREAT FASHION BOOK.. FRANK LESLIE'S . LADIES' GAZETTE OF FASHION, PABT It, FOB OCTOBEE, PBICB ti CBMTB, ' Will be published oa SATURDAY aeit, Sth last. This is tba beet aumber yet lasted, aad eoalaias the only reliable Fall fashioaa. LIST OF LU.PSTBATIONS M Patterns of Bonneta. I I Patterns of new Dress aad Cloak Trimmiagt. It New style of Cloaks. 1 Biding Habii. i g t hi drsn's Dresses. ' 1 Baby's Babe g LaoiaV 1 Ccllara and Lace Aiticlea 4 Fauusy Articles ' 2 Nsw Fancy Feathers g Netting aad Cieichet. t EBgTBvv-ga fiom new Baoka. . Poruait of Harry Eytn go. La ixe Fat-orna fir Faiacy Needlswork. Paper fatter a for a loax New Masio Birthday polka. Chess Pr bleat aad Lessons. Wax ModtLag Tale By a rs Aaa . SUphsBB. t-. J Jlerary items. Pariua I uana V.ln.hU Bniwa. Be TBINE La-bLIS. Ne. g Jahn at.. If ew. York, at d all Booksellers ia the Uaited Statee, - . BOONS LIBRARIES FOR SEPTEMBER, THIS DA T RECEIVED. . I XXVOPHOast ANABASIS: Oa, KXPEPITTON OF CYRUS AND MEMORABILIA OR MEMOIRS OP SOCBATIA Translale with Nate. Commeotary, An. Bv Bev. J. Watson I Tel. (Clasatoai UanryJ n PRIOR'S I-IFh OF BUh EE. New ediUoa, revised with fins Portrait 1 vol (British Cnvc III CHARLES LAMB'S JJPKCJM ENS OF THE ELIZABE1HAN DRAMATISTS. Mew editioa. 1 VJt- IVBEWORKFfip PHILOJTOjEUVN'Z, taaaslaiedfiom tha Greek. Vol. L (Eecissiastioal L- b,TTAWPIR'l COMPLETE WORKS. By Sour NET With Mesaoira. Crrereepeauleavco, TrnaaUueaa. he .aad ft No. la Para -row. A TENNE8SEAN ABROAD. i-VT1LL BE PUBLISHED TO-MOM.ROW,mXFT.lm, A TBNNESSKAN ABROAD; OB. LETTERS PROM - ' EUROPE. AFRICA AND ASIA. By Randal W IfAeOartrcs, A. at s. lalaol ISsb Pne,$L ; - . ' 8TKONTMS OF THe'wEW f ESTAMENT. Being ths Substance of a Course af Lectures Addressed te the Theological gtadeatn. King taueee. uraaoa xry airs ABBCHENhng tbebcsj author eg the Btudy or ' Wanh. -Lass bus raPieirae,aa .A. J S. REOFIELD. 11 aad At N esse a at, ' n1 LANK BOOKS, PAPER AND STATIONERY. SI HTK A JANES, ktalieaera. Ne M Fait am at.. Bar W lib am. won Id invite the attentates of bowers te their asaortsneat ef Bleak Books. Paper fee., whaoh theyeSer at reasaaabie rate a - g penal attesatioa levees erdees fcr Ltthogvaphmg Cheeks, Near. Draft. Be. tosraosag aad PriiJTasia every forxa. BilVboe Ceaea, BaakssV em, Cepym? Preaeoe. Goad Peam, Lead Peneila. 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THE RFPROF THE REPLT. : M IHE EDITOR AT LASSs, i n A YANKEE DIOOKNAS ! M. EDITORIAL "OTH. . LlTEBATCBE Aaaa-racarnaraa! rview. 4- Ciirirru. Beyanad all cavil, thaa k atezine ia a credit ta trie Mtts-try a credit to A m erica ant era- Mao. to Ataencaa litera ry, artistic and i ypographieal tea's, aaad may faroraMy be eompaied with any Bgiieh aaonthiy aew is i Bold, i . WhmiehaU C'eranaart ' "Parties aad Polities" is oae of teo a Mast papsra of the 'rare, nrd will aitvaeta large share ol attention to theater-ting publscatia ara ahicb itappeara v Jaferrer f eeiery ePme. It ia admirably written, showing a roaster hand. j i tessarar. Articles of this rhaiaciar, emaa itimt from those who caa surver the political arena from a ataad-point elevated above partuan pivjuttiee. may be pro-ieeitve el anraoh Seoat. C P. PUTNAM ak CO . Pvjbbahere. i Na 10 Park-paaoe.N. T. BOOKS FOR YOCMQ PEOPLE. ( PublliBadby , EVAKS A DICKEBSON. No. 6g7 Broadway, Am! for sale by bookssllars geaerally throughout the com r SCRIPTURE HISTORIES FOR CHILDREN. Illustrated with 16 engrsvirara. Price 74 oonte. DAY OF A Ba.bY BOY. Being tee diary ef n little oae" from its morning bath to its bed of grateful sleep at night : wKh fine illuetrnianae Prise 30 coals. CAT AND DOG. Beautifully UluetrntsoV Swing -ths adventures of ths dog " I'aptai-." hia youth, omrtehie. advonturea. Bo, lie. An anrn, ing and inslitactivs bejk. Plica Se cents C OuSiN aUCT.'S STORIES. A eerie s ef capital stones, by that p vpular v riter for the youjag, Mm. Jtaa. Price Ad een s. , PLE it SURE AND PROFIT. Bv rs. Mannees. Thia book as intended, in numerous cap ira ting stones, te illustrate and inculcate the taseoos at d apt it of - Tae Lord'e Prever. How well tha author haa succeeded is host told by the general favor -.ilk wharh tils l,UAe book haa heoa received. Numerous'; illustrated. Price SO cents HOW TO BEHAVE: OB. T HO VIE AHO ABROAD One of the best and most popular books oa tae ma ' nera of children. By Mis. MankKAs Ermy chaad saoud read it Price 59 cents. NEW BOOES IN FRESS. ) EVANS A DIHKEBSON have nea-1, rendy, aad will publish on SAT UKOaY, the 30th af September : i THE TRIUMPHS OP PERSEVERANCE AND EN- 7 AHrKiSk. This win form oae ol the meat beautiful aad instructive books for the young which haa appeared ia a long time. It illustrates the crowning imporane of per-aeveratce and enterprise in the fotmation of charneter. by citing illustrious examples froaa the grsat Btthare, statee-men, nrators artists, itilaathropl.ts. sad bust seas maa of an una it aaa soma tareniv portraits aad other eaia, aad ia got up in good style.- Price g71 cents. j ALSO JUST BEAPT: j THE FOFSIL-SPUtlT ; A lior s Dbsam op GgOLaQY. By John Mill, M. D. Ii this admirable bsok does aot aerv to awahea ia the mitada of youthful readers a thirst lo know more of "the beautiful mraterme M Nature," thee much tact, eloqueace aai knowiardga whieh t v arift-ed author poeaeaee a u large meaeure, will have beea exerted in vain. 'The work is illustrated nrofeeely, aideaa-iot faal to iaterreet aa erell aa nenetit iu readers. Price tl-WiU bs ready ia a few Weeks : HARRY'S VACATION A great book for the Holi-daya. HiI8 DAY PUBLIbHED. EVENriDB, Bv Er Pig Aptob. One Volasse, 11 ao., OA Pegs a PRICE. ONE DOLLAR. The orntacr Gexeffe says : We hare every reason to believe our literature has ia her a person of wuom we may well fee proud bhs writes with a goot moral aad we hope will prove the Edgewerth of America. The AtlaM sn;s : "we ae atroagly impressed with the oris tnaiity. vigor, nad fresh nee. of tne author a style. , The wo'k ia 1 owbere tame or comuma-lac " i The A'auiet- AoAiaro suss: We h rent he least idea who Efli- Alton a. Lot a. e have an idea, indeed a full 9o.-viction, that 'er book is na excelleat nnd m et eaiet'-ainisg one. full oi grwitue reading reading tuat haa the jirht ling snd flavor Themalogna is free, easy, natural; a d the rbaracteie w ll aliaa and perfe ly euMaunaad. We coma end the h- ok ae oae of m ch marit. aa. what will be m-et wetcome at the Sree de of th i family. " Aa ee antly go up vi lurte of some four hus red pages, f ltd with iai hi a ami sweet th mhie is this ' Even tide Th- wo k i wrii'en in ao modesi, sr u. N-. t-nding a trie. mat tas reaoer necoauee lascin .tea niter tar poraaai o; a few pegea. Pott. We doat know who ia tha new aspirant fer literary fame, but a eramiaatioB of tae work a isles us it is " bound to go." AfaV. ( h! read-ngpu iht, we aUal apoa yea mid ths falling thadowsand lay ' Erentl"e" at y nr f eet , aa ae, geatls reefitr. Isv our c rmanedatieiia of the wo-k at your tvet with the aseuran-e that you will avail yourself cj the ear-litet opportuniiy for procuring its gl aaraa. - GARRETT A CO.. Nj. IS Aua-et- Swtdish aad American Lira Contrasted. LAST OF HIS NAME. BT ELBEBT P1BCB. Traaelator of Fmilie Oar1 are's Swedish Stories, ltao. Cloth, $1. Puihahed THIS DAY. R1KER. THORN A CO.. No. 19 Faltoa-et. Mr. Peree haa aahieved aa enviab!e aotonoav as Trans-la or of Miaa Carlen's Staribs, nnd rf his owe book be received with tae same favor as hie Translations, ha will rave bo reaeoB lo complaiB of ths puolie. FINE ARTS. HAND-BOOKS ON ART. The Art of I-or-rait Para tie g in Oil Colors..." ti casta The Art a' Landscape Pamung ia Oil Colors ...ti coats, lbs Art of Landscape Painting in Water Colore.. 31 een "a. Tha Art of Sketching from Net ere 3aeente. The Elements of Pepectiva- SB een'e Also, a la ige sssertmeat ef the beat English and Freush Artiata' materials of ersrv deeenptioa. stodiee by Juliea. Hubert, Csla me. Fsrurio. lie. Cataloaraee aad Price VurU will be seat, free of exraenee. te any part of the Uaited fitstee. Ordei. reepectfully eolieited. W. SCH 4.TJS, Importer o Arti.ta' Mntoiialaand Engravinga. wholssslsaad retail. No- lag Broadway . FANCY GOOSTATIONERY ENGLISH AND FRENCH FANCY OOODS BTATIOI.ERY. I EC. . A laarwa atoe.s am aaonu rbw aerw.ieoaay amTiaf.wwBs Basilars are invited to rnsperrt RICHARD MOSI OSLKT k CO., Importers, - rao. JS Jraaet xvew-yorx. BUSINESS CHANCES. I IIO kllLEt-Hmi, WURIERE-HOTICK-One of the most Valuable and aaaful pa ton is that haa aeon grunted withm the last ten years, hue been aoaaaal to WM WKBaTER.of Mamnao, rr. V., (lot lore paUeaat Bated March ra, IBM ) for a novel and invaluable machms Jaw aaaakiai: from S.Oeeto 1 grg feog of (say hind) SHEET MET AX. TCBiNtTperday. This mschiae is aew being rxhibrted between tie hears of IA. M aad 4 P. M., ia room (o. IS. at Ne. -II Wall -et., Naw-York City, arhero ail in-tereeted are gotictted to eall. Towns, citiee eonaties aaat state rights for sals. All com mna ira tioa (post peal aroasptly replied te ia their order. j.vmy -i-' "W I LI I AM WEBSTTB, CHARLES MILLER. Sole PtowriettiTB. N II Wallet . Neea-Vork ETAIL DRY GOODS STORK FOR SALE Tha lease, good wail, and fixtures of a well eetahlishod Dry Gooes Store, ia at a of the beet etreeta for ratal mg la tha Cily. will be disposed of on liberal terms the arose at owners navirr mnda arreturemeats te ga ia Ihe whole ale trade oa the 1st January peat. The stock caa bo rods tad v-1 y low, it treeireo I nere itai.aiui i-sosaa oobi Adorers c Mn bob no. 1,44a, roes. umce. D pi X as ni vnr,' rvaa wjsajbe. ivaa voeouaaoa, LQOlBf aueu ouaoioeOf w.aa eaaaeaeaa aaau i m.iei .i I, taa-cated oa one of the principal awnue : a ood epportamty fur a youag phyeusiaa. Addreaa WlilXE.No. S East X3d- A rrt AAA TO LOAN On Diamoada, e.Tll.lMlll i.aaelrv. Ac . ar bons-ht for ar lehea, 3ood Pity Stocks, notes, needs aad mor gsates. bills efexchaace, Ac., negeiia ed Puarnesa coafidanual, and promptly .roes ted. al No lot Nateaa et . r em No. t THOMPSON A CO, Biotoro end Commissioa Merehaata. - - ..yv oaa fA !. A Oa Aim da, iawelry, .he W.m ..h eftUU.tlUUwstehea and cigare. or boeight Buelaea a aetea City stecka bonds sad ssortgegss aegotm- t4, steal eetate reugnt, soto ana excaaa area lAate Peught, sold and exchatged i CHEFSPMAN. BRAIdTED ft CO ,-aad commtasaaa moiehanU, No. i John -at. Brokers -a ro-i 4300D OPPORTUNITY For a aaaa ep I dUn h eeia 1 seaaa to eannaaca a sefttable ba-s.aess in eitr-erofthe Eaatova er a Patent Right for said places is for saio. (aaeaev nnd P'eeeaat baa-siaoaa.) At drees, fcr 3 days, PATENTEE, at&oe ef thia paper. - ' ....... i f CO Cnfl WANTED A bweimoeo sea a, with thia dp .aUV .amouat, to engage ia a eaeh maaefectaanag haviar a moaawoiv. aad will aar S la.gog per aa- Bum. For Betare ef bueiaeea, a .appjy at rao gjf J way, slice Ne. 3, ap ataira, from At to 1 o-cioek. $25,000 J?gJ City. Apply t JOHN F. T nig ON MSB ASD MOST- QK On troduetrve real eetate ta tela ttAmauax,aaaa. as ssvaae weea . , . i ' WATCHES, JEWELRY, Sep: CVoLD TEST CHAIN A GOLD CURB 1 CHAINS '-- hs ti COLD W VE VEiT CHAI-8 lt M COLD ADELAIDE VESa CJLttnt.....,... lie M GOLD JENNW LIND VEST AINS. .. 13 t 4 GOLD CHASED A PLAIJg Vrsr CHAINS.. 15 to ti GOLD BITAIWN YMTTHAI J - IT to. GOLD WARSAW VEST CHAINS Ase M GOLD QU ARE VEST CHAINS -.. 11 to 4 GOLD ENGRAVED VIS t CH UNS... Id ba W GOLD CHA88D-EST CH I NS ..... ...., 34 to. 44 GOLD t ROSTED VEST CHAINS ... STte. IS Aad aU ether styles tor sales leea thaai the astral prieea. mm tA ti. A a. I. a ra , Isuorer of Waschee and Jswalry, wbel eoaea aad retail, N 11 WaAl-ataegsreadayBr. md iiiar. BLOOPER WATCHES Gold Cooe-r, Aapioad LTwai WAlCHiS. sveuo Aa if-nltm, Caa eeua. 4 Lssehoeeers. for erne vrry low, at whoJie ed ry ..I, by O C ALLEN, No llWalt-at . ae SeeB.aaagAreaaV way, Iar potter of Watchae aad Jeweaiy. ) rTITuoWoMYTER WATCHES Very ana Chrew Ciwh'ci r?t aay poreopiibr. v.ri.Uu-, . te. C Aasevmters of Wetcaee ana jeweiry ra . rao. a a .i -m-. - a 1- -..a tABst em ad aia se gwrtwa tiSnaP-k atr "FS, I' af '' V..- m nrAoeW , II W Al-E.. J I 17,B- "-fl jfr-reT- pi WeOokM U sjarwry. 51 THE ADVERTSER wishes toea. Ql.UUUnge with aaoihor party ia sooao eetahhaa-ad haeisees No ame ia the liquor trade, or any a-her aat a priaesipal need anewer thia Addreaa P O. T-. Taae of-hce, stating basjaasa aad where aa latatrisw aaa be ha. !.ArT AAPTH OPEIA.-: raVrf .. - : . iiawn h m a wr a ,.'.,.' 'v FRIDAY EVEN I Ft t hd. g. ! : Will be pr wonted . . r-H T . la f . I no pnacrsaj or vrwerera ay m assess MAhlO Sigaor ataauH Pignor Cuturt loors aeea at i i Pmrotmanee b a scat eg Hesas at S3 each; Preaneaade Tieheaa a at ft r at .. s wa- . , w -Kn mrwmm w w wieue mm r-i . w . w , aeay ae msaaaaa tram w o eioos a ta . j ' - ma i rmmrn w, aaaai m vj v - , fa t .i . a r w uw, tun Maaee Aero V. M Bieaiear AW ur iy. AVsa, at Braadwap) T AT Ticseta oo sloe VT.rK.T '.aw ra, ree. XJ rV""a ll. Ne 4 Wa' 1 a-", """we Castas ajaaralea re the av easing. " ' a ucsaaa aes aresMtxea til if o. . S TCARr'tC SLTtJi"V vJi ii c penae iatmrred ia proeu nog new art:etee for 7T tmZw ' o r . i mrw w , , , mm seaaa aaaa mm ii. - . Anrreiara aavo resolves to llxireaeethe praae a a.aaae mteemrv to PTVTY cb.ts ; ehildrea half pries a...TT auawamataraa. he, will be admitted at redwood retee Awards will ba mad to F.zhibatere oa 1AM, pertacelara ad whach will be duly aaaeeaord , . . JOHN H. WHITE. PreoadeoC V IB LOS vARDEN.-BENKFir FOB TrlH VA-lOW aad ORPH AN CHILD RE g of the lata . SAM ITF.L NICHOLS. i ONSATJRDAY EVENING, 8 ipTyJagBB M : The Committee ef Arraaaemonts boar teaaaeiaee khes they are ea.Mea). in eoaaaeeaac. of the biad nssreliaa or Al.LTHEMANAOrBSINTHSCITr. . aaagBBISS pill, laeianiaa ' i I sill, aau airr-e- .r j WON DC PUL TtAYEaaS. mir vnr a uiruiii t THE rrariV PLACIDE, MrFRAZER, Mr THOMAS PLACID. - Mr. APT SaTMAS, -Mr JAM tn BROWN. . (The celebrate H-t-TeL GEOBGB I 'BDON. MraafAFDFR, Mr. W VINCENT WALLACE. Mrs. BUATok. i PBooBaaiMB. , i . TTTRWINO IKS TABLES. ' ; Jsek Hampareye .. tr. ehartsa. ! rlempe i , m.m.Bi O. Jwrdaav ! iPaUyLarkiae Mra.Sarteet i ' "ABO TOTS AN HOUR. j Sam Uohbe....Mr Pi PlHcile riirk I a rv . Mr. T. Plaaada hal'SICAL INtKRMEZZIO. . . By. Hr. aad Mrs W . V. Walla, bar. Prasar aaT Mr Aptommas. i ' GRAND DlVERriSKMVWT- i which tbWoaaerru4 RareU. M'lle Yrca Mathlas.aad tha ealare Ballot t oaa pave y will appear. i. , Pt-BTY AND FIFTY. ! Mr LiUywhlta...Mr Brown Mrs LJlywhim.Mrs Msader Tirketa M coots te ail eerto; tebahs-l at the itit sal netala euares and members of the Comeai'tee . f iv ate naxea.Si; Oroaeotra Beets, L Box-beak i Doors opea at Hi te-c latTygelaark. GBEAT SOirrnEHN ClHCCa ANA AUPPaA-DKOM P. united at Madiea-equare. .4 i EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING1 Beside a a grand eavtertainaaeat ea the eaueae ef tbvrTrp-pedroaae, a full Circus nerforaaaaee wilt ba g ve ta tha aawly ceaaan reared cimie, without addmoaaleharge. Tba following are among the dull- gushed oqaostnaa artiata who will eppa a' thia week : MTe M RIE. of Laistaaa. Prtaeipel KeweetHoaita Big. FILIX CANE, the famous Italian or TrlnkCmara. America CIowbs : GEORGE DK MO TT aad FRANK WHiTTAKER. , Freewh Clrrema f ATJOTSTE SIEORIST ami TSAR-Ct.Io 61F.OH8T. 1 m Iloxee AS cents ; ehl' Area half pnoo ; Pit tt eenta. I RLII'h OaRDEN. Doers epea at ak tat stT4o'cioea liraeis wan parts 01 tna rrrrata xlov-.. ea; ureneetra neate. at. . FRIDAY EVENiaiU. Sept . IsJt, f, in ths aew peatow,inae. by Jerorae Ravel aaT ASPHODEL; OB, THE MAtilC PEN . Prod need at aa immenee smsaat af meeey and hher. acd pioaouaeed by all to be tae best ef the Revais' prod interna. MLLE YRCA MATHI4X, inDiverti tea m act ol the 3d aoess of La Pi aquita, ,Naapv fee as amox 1 ziaenraiia. Toeoaa.meaco wlthihs Ballet P af ;t H ; "c JOCtO. The Ape ............. ..Mr. Ma METhOMiLITAn IHAaiah- BROADWAY HENRY WALLARD Proprietor.-Paicxs or Aoaam-biom : Fifty cents teal) pane of Ibis manitVoeat theatres Private rtoxea.' $. for ail paraoaai Baleoey Beaee. TS eeata; Orebeetra 8ralls, fl.-Ta.lJ EVENING, Wlil Be peifcmasd the play of - PVADNR. ' Evsene.. Visa 3 DasnJ olaasa... Ms. X. Eddy. lo conclude e it a i - , IHE ANGEL OF THE ATTIC. B ROADWAY IH1.ATKE E A. MAiiAHAlJL obis Leasee Doors opea st T o'clock, and lbs perform- eatmnca prscieelr et 7f Boxee end Paiaeette, M ecu's; lamiiruire'e una upper 1 iarr, o eeata: fravaate Boxee, (A aatf g FRIDAY EVENING. Bent. A, l -. Will be p rtbeav d tha PI ar eg f , ...... DAMON AMD PYTHIAS - Damon..... ..'....Mr FonerCalaatba.... ...Mrs. Ahhett . le eoxelOA e wreh tbe Fa-ee of ,m , THE TWO BONNTCA8TLES. 1. " Br B TON'S.-CTCIQITALLED BILL FOR THll EVENING Two seiaHi med Comedies suetsiaet by Ihe bestecaue taloat ta tha country. Mr. BURiOJl ta, two great carts. '; .... FRIDAY, tha original Amartcaa Cowaadyes' . .. ; . NOW-A-DAYS. . Fern. Mr Burton : L oautstei4o, Mr. Tardea ; D.mslaa, Mr. Fieb'Ti Mrs 6aivel,Mre. Hagbee: g'aeey, hare. Burtoa; Mrs Brown, Miaa y- -a - as t.-,.-Mass kLate bxon.wih tbe ' , SERIOUS FAMILY. 1 AsuaidabSlgak ..............Mr. WALLACE'S TTfEATHK Doorsapentl o'clock. eartaaa will rise at T, Dree Ciradee and Parqeet id eenta : Second Tier, ti cents ; Orchestra Stalls, SI ; Pri- -vale Boxer. aad T. FRIDAY, Sept. U, will ba paeeaaled O'Keefe'a comedy of ...... WILO OATS. ' ' ' ' Sever. ........ .Mr. 'Wallack I Lady AaBaraatk. Mra. Hear Ye conclude wi'h the farce ef . MY WIFE'S SroONTJ VLOOR. Jacob Cloee... Mr. Viaeamt Mra, Tophsavy. Mrk. Staawrt TJRDYTS RATIONAL THEATRE AhaaWsj Drees Circle and Dppar Bone, XA eeata : Pit Ut eon aot Orthseiia Chairs M cents: Prrvato Bases SV pair's pen. s te tnrrw sei, pi; a irony bob pa iiusari m INS, Sea t the Entertslsmsate will a am ressfal rirama of " FASHION AND FAMINE. After which a ill be performed, mxth tuns auaiAvna, , Istaeh... Mw.J E. Beet I Iaoia,.. .Mr ft F. NicHooB GEO. CHRISTY Si WOOD'S ftlTNSTRELej. tae 444 auvaatway, betweea Howard aaa 1 -an fists. H. W OOD. Bueiaaaa asnager: ttaOBIaA Clua-uaV 1,rtlxi8 KVENlNiJaB EVERY NIGHT - during tha week, Hagra t&aaTtrelay Faaey aad Ceoue Dmn, Baaaaraa) Opera. ka.,ka. Aa entire ehaage of prnarraeame every aweaiBf, Dean epea at Ml iat7A clock, aV-TaYaAa'Brmawi IrVIIIAsvt aa 700D1 AN IrTINejTRFLS.. m an 1 sjwoib- j sgp sj-j a iggvt m obva w grg a . a x.a a II M ECHANICS HALL, NO. 47 BROAD WAY. WOOD Basino Maa agar, SaV PROGRAMMS FOK Artia v trairais 1 -Ilhioplaa Minstrelsy 2 N'rro Jigs sad Faaey Daaola I Ballads ; Baso, Guitar aad Y loll a Solas. -,. , Caudiag ariUavery lausaabis - LeaiterFsrt. ia which ah .', H ',vi. 'IsinutableBIBCK-s.w . ,' --,:- !-.- ' 1,. --near. . . . at sT eole meneo Cf T aVleea- - f " Tickets aA eeata. - - ' r CCltrTt ETHIOPTt.f raWr-R A-Pyt7gr ate. AJS Atreearway. kv AatX rt HK at T e'eiaah . Tiokata as seats 1 1 . war wow mntra anrra' Negro Minstrelsy " and tha grand bejlaonw ea LrCRIZTA BORGIA, ;J ta three acta, wb. aew aooavary, dramas. An-, A, aad pemerfaleaet: - - ; rf-tHP, BRYAN GALLERY OF CHRISTY A2V M. ART. A coUectioa, the moot caamplste aver mailt eg sae person, es aa theatre Pantnroe. try Gende de Bveaaa - A. Ii. laJL) Cimabuo, Giotti, Memrnl, Parwanai, Leoeatt -As Viaci, RaphaeLCorrea-gie, Tttiaa, DimaeairMne, r-iivrtea Rosa, Valeeqaes, Munllo, Rubeaa, Vaa Dyke, lea era Laly.Bembmodt. Oatad. Ruvodaol. Peaieaia, Claae Lor, raiae. Pir Joohaa Reynolds, Hogarth, w eet, Oreaao aa-Horaee Veraart. Na EM Bread war. ddmieeina tA ae.'. a GOCRATJIFS MEDICATED SOAP, A. This ar tade ie the great eat beautiber ef the eomplexloa I hat bee yet been ctieewverod.' tsstuthot We hoard Ued eeateaee tall from as pretty a pair af lips ae are ere head our peepers apoa, and of a moot beaatiftl i m The aaaae pretty aseaih teed ae, siea, that six aenaise are she had a onnapiexiea as agiy aa eta 1 that her feeo was rouath, freekled. and full of blotch ea I was disgusted eniB myeeii every a ame a -eosee in inariao taoaee go- roa moa aoneeo ma ae go ae ed mete goto as BroeJwey GOURAlD'Spiaca, h a. gT Walker st.. ariose it. bat awMralf it kill time ttaaa aaythiag else. I Daravad.4 af I lie seed to aU the arettv. eieer-- ekmnod young Isey oho attends the et ova-had to aey about the TSOiP.aad the LILY WHITE. Seni I mado a puremaee af both All 1 hava te aay ia. look at me a w." ' We did look, end aaade ap oar minds that tbe M EDif'A TED SOAP bad eertaiBAe perioeraaeet a mtraei 7 Bag said young lady is ta marry a mast deaervmg fnead ears before the Fir ramchss No. so. 1 er tae tnire voauove. knew ha Boasaosoe toe good taste to has sear msmed a yvusg wnmaa with "hioteaes" er fte-tlee. Ceaaaqaaatry our mala friend ewea Goarand a aoneiuovej-bieeabtef gratitadetor he Sony if aot hieg e'-e. te we areevueo the voaine ttvdy paid far the MEDIC ATA. D bO A P 111 1 is piaoeeaa xo. oa w aian-n . wm 1 article ia ths serraneery line, of a choice character, ia ie be bed thee. All 'hs Baahiaaebleeioaag aad aad la -a eteat hie at ore, and ind thau reward In at, er taey vr.uo a. Mr. Pick don't go there to get beautined, bnt a nowadlyaVepame-feaeveuiig t have a pieaaaot euatof See miBBtB, erahe starves broad way taearoeete hadeoe-e. lathe above aotica. Mr. Pick ears njoiaing a-vot a eorrally ealebrnted LIQUID HAIRDYE. POl it -TILE, tar am so ting hair frora laaiear u-oor lipe 1 -r . t, Ak. i ner hmbaomtinal L1QUJO ROtTf. -i f"v e-'.r--. a pi dbpa, aa haa woade rful B A I R G LOo.1-1 VVI. i. " Boston Areart.J.L. BATE4, Ne. Wa -.. CALLENDI.R, Na. M South Pd-et , Pi.., - ; CARLETON A COLeerell j H. ROli.VJ0". r " ; McNARRT ft BUCK. HartArd; fcl-io ft L-A ..... aat No g Waikir-et .that we know of. Every ta. MAI Ba, araeijra . a.w mvvrs vs -rrrptirg FtfTLprafl S -a . . 1 . 1, lr,..rf. ..! ths euu " t - ' e i . ( a ajaraaovciivui laiuiia ao ,n.n. K. . haa oeeaed ku new ars 6 'ture waiereon- N " . la eia.ei . aaaaoM aeeetof Btoodosy, whore h. . ' y oa head a epleadtd asronsaal of tbe Has tbbEUiHs.hwteiii.1 af every emoreeter aaat -style, from tne ar. 1 a laaHaaryef Cera. Una. Boxer ft C.. .r.0 m, tarre stock ed stors Fa4aaats Bad aliaar Ai' ea aay deaerrptiea suit-Ms tor res. ,..r, h-'-rs , g. p. easmld iavne the at'eati rheeaeg eleowhere. aa he goiters btmeeii ' ' Illt-d it haa estW.fhae.t thaa a uTa. r -Plaaamag aeo raej ....s -".. . i i , as. attera-: ad te ea horet-rfoee AUj Amjmr mmm, ... Irehsseat warraaAed. Jech ai Ne 1 Aaaew aaouan, m ciae-ea. laa-ntprTX'S weallsusa deeroos of . 11- - ...I . . - w, mm mm, ' , mi Ti T iTisv-et , " New-York Alia-S irtaJ , , lZ MeL it. Mediral prac,t.n- .. st - -. SrerxVaJ. ead -'l YW a--,.i U ?.7e .ilthe dui..sol tssdent.. ; I' ,M iaepT"'l m"iH AM I A mwo 1 m e.d b r . e A.a A w no baa aa O . i t f ree year r.i.'"re,ar,a monetae - ea to a . . ' 1 I lari lane. s. and wr at e.i or in .1st .. i. (la hot e at. O. 4.9 A kfi, r." -rt ; . aaa. at A laird st . f . AiAkA-a. Aae. 1 . . . taa-av, SreesUjs,, f i 'b ',) it 4" . KS jw4 V4 a-i'a oJa-

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