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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Sunday, May 8, 1887
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tyt gtgflfrR gTxmcs, gmfo jffag.Se 1887. (gjqa&nrplfr ftgft BOSTON WINS TIIE GAME TUB LABT TWO INNINGS FA- 1AL FOB THE GIANTS. SKSCLTS OF TDK OTHER LEAGCS COTS' TEaTf iVD TBI AMTEICAK ASSOCIA- TlOW AMD COLLEGE GAMES. ' Cspt, Ward wasted to play ball yesterday. A Aim an 1st was HfUnit down and (lla promlsa f plasty nora to sob, aad tba weetbrr waa altoffetbar ao VBeomfortable that Hole pleasur eud b derived from tba f sjm by cither play er or apaetatore, bat th player doa't expect oca pleasure, sad the spectators, 2,500 of (beta, were tbers aad already aa eold and na eafortabla aa poealbU, ao perhaps tta Vow Tork CapUla waa wlee la hi dsUrmiaatlon to bare taa gaaaa bejnta. Bometains; aarloua allad Cmplr rower. Erery oae thoasrnt be would all the came at the eloee of the fifth lnnlnc. That waa artdestiy the proper time to eall It. It vu alaest a nark aa waea the ram was waQad oa Ua two preoedla days, aad taa aalst was Heetlaa flowa aa preroklocly aa tt. Cart. ITerd dlda't ear to play boil aay store. The aoara waat Vew-Terk, 4 Boston, X. The fame, too, aslaUt save beea celled at taa eloee of the atala lnnlnc, hat It weaa't- The umpire kept the awa M work until haw-Tork had beea at baa the allotted atae times, aad then, alas I taa aeora atonal yew-York, 4i Boston, to. Taa a-ame waa ooe of sanHe. Vew-Tork at the opening appeared la mac a tba better condition. - Mickey4 Welch ent aa uanaoaliy birr mile were In the box. and Deaaley benina in ' bet. KvM-rthln alaa nnnnl eauailr nromis- iac for a Kew-York Ttmery. Kelly splft flnaer area la a tvr aalnful Mat. , ana no naa 11 fully wrapped a a. Kad boons acted as If every breath he drew la the box hurt him and erery ball he pitched a torture sqasi to the pull-in r of a toota. There was nothing remarkable a boot the Brat twa laniara, aseept la each Boston waat oat one. lwe three. la the third, however. Burdock allowed Gere to reach first and aeeond aad r1a- aad Ward won to Brat oa rail ball, el let's wild throw had let Gore around to third. Kwlaa stole aeeond aad both eoored oa Connor's fly, which was muffed by Horson. Ward eoored oa a baae alt by Derraa. Kelly made two great rape with the willow. The tlret was for three baaee la the fourth teniae, aad a stotnast after he came in oa Wine's twe-baaxer, nankin a- Boston's only ran up to the seventh inning. The other was a fly toOO&ourke vrhlea looked food for at least two. baaee. Kelly came la from the field for Boston's aer-eathtnntnf at the bat (honttnc a war eon; about murine at tae Dai- jsoetoa aid rati y, staav : fa a ran la that mains and 4 In the next. Kelly filed eat the only time In either that he sot a eaaaee at the bail, but he it waa that sang the eaooarnxlnc eoac - M ioker Welch went U to nieces la Boston' last two Inalnr. Morrill and Johnaton both alt him for three beaner, and three heavy singles were made. Gore, Ward. Welch, and Gerhard! made eostly errors, bunching them In a manner favorable to Boaton, aad Kew-York gen-. orally went to nicer. In the eercnth Gore made a bad throw-la of Hornonc's fly aad -Horoang jrostairu. wetea maae a worse tarow aaa tior-nuBf eoored. in the elchth Geraardt muffed 1 the bail wbea it waa soaare in hi hands and let Johnston borne. Ward's error gave Morrill home after a three-beraer and John ton first. . The score tell the lamentable story: tw-roax, a. is. ro.A.t.1 sorro. alaro. a x. Oa )ere. a. L llHornnnx. li.l Kwtne. Sd ?i eny, r. L...1 iwiae, a ....! Ward. 11...I 9 I Cowaar.letb.O O-MMrkeO-M Percaa, r. f.fl Jieeeiey, O.. .0 Welch. P.....0 Oarna'dlS b.O 1 T I I X 8 5 0;Nta,qb...l MemlLletb.X Rardoek. 8b. 1 Jobneteaue.t-t Dalley, aadbonm. a .0 Total 4 II 94 IS ' Total. 10 11 97 IS bcv aooxtcD bach omxo. Kew.Terk........ 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 04 4 i.-10 ....0 0 0 1 0 0 Itaa earned New-York, li Boetoa. 6. Two-base blU-O Rourk 1. WUe 1. Three-baae hlts-Xellr 1, Morrill l.Johaaton I. Flret baee on balla-Oore 1. Kwlnx 1. CTHearlte. 1. Kelle 1. Nh. 1. MnrrtU 1. Jnr bene en errore New-Yerk, Si Bneton. 3. etreet enKew-Yerk. 0i Boaton, S. Lett en be .-New-York. Tf Boeton. 9. On llleaal nltchlnx Denser 1. Dooble play Jobeetonaad Nuh. Paaeed balle-lfoee. Will pltebee Welch, 1. Vmpire Mr. Fewera. Time of game Two honrt and At minute. CHICAGO FIELDERS TIRED OUT. Cuicaoo. IlU May 7. Pltuburg hit Clarkaon awd sad often to-dar. Ther ganged hi alow de-Jtvery from the fifth laalag aad pouaded It until tbe Chleage fielder were tired. Oalrla waa not very eWeetlT tm the box. bat he did aome good work with the atlek. 1 bo aoea ran drive ef Pteffer, Clarkean. ead Kyaa were the loaxeat ever eem ea the croaada, waile the three baee hits of Carroll were to the extreeae end ef the gtwuada Tbe featnre of i aeidlag were Hialth' work at abort aad tfelritr'a t Aim1! doable stay. 1 he whether waa bean- Uful aad .outf peraona were preeeat. Ho ore: rrrrMtnui. a. a t chwaoo. a. la, ro. a.i. 0lry'pla,LL0 le,LL0 9 10 0 C.....9 9 10 0 ,tLi nil r.fib.f 1 S 6 9 Sunday, a t..l Ryan.r. f....l 8 alii ran. Lf.0 Anson, letb.3 Pfefler, ildb.9 WUl'aon.s.0 Bnrna. Sd b.O Darllna. ..l Clarkaon, p..l 9 9 0 1 0 0 4 9 9 wt mcr. rarrolL 1 1 a 9 3 4 3 10 2 1 Berkley, Colemaa. r. i. l a a MoKla' Whitacy. lb Q nilh, a. I Oalvtn, p....9 01(1 9 S 0 9 1 .0 0- 0 0 Total 1016 3719 71 Total 8 17 24 9 10 nttbrf 1 a 9 0 9 9 S O ..10 .Jet-e- i vseoOOS 1 Earned rune Chicago. I; Pittenurg. 8. Two-baae Hie uaivm, Pairyranla, tteaer. Rran. Aneen. Tliree-baee hlie Onrn.IL (X.) Barktatr. Home rwae Oalvln, Ryan, Meffcr. riarkeon. Iooble iye rreirer ena A neon, (a ) nmtih. Barkler. and leVlBnen. PI ret baae on belle Dairyiople, Miliar. Vfhltaer. Mnnday, S. Wluuunaou. Iiirlln. ' Flret baee en errore Chlfaga. Si PHUbnrc, 4. iwrara oan-DairrniDlA. atrKlnnoa. Bmith. Darllne. Paeerd balla tarling. 4. Time of game One Imor and forty-five Btlaaiee. Umpire Mr. DaveSuUivan. AN OFF DAY FOR WASHINGTON. WABHinaTOH, May 7. Tbe Waahlagtons played like echcorueys to-day and were badly defeated by Xhe Philadelphia team. Caeey pitched a strong game from the start, only t scattering hits being mad from hi delivery, while G lime re, whe was wild, we tearbed ap tor IS, t being baaee on belli. Tbe game opened ne In the rata. It drlailed until the sixth laalaa, when a heavy ahewar aet la aad the gam wee eejioa- eeont WASirroa. alaro,A. a I rim., a. 1 uro. a. x. CarreM, L f..a llo OTrrty.M.rkl S 1 o 0 aheck. r. f ...0 1 1 0 too K'i'm. e. f..o ii,e.i .. Mulvey, 8b..O rnrretLadb.l 111 WOOO, LI....V Irwin, a. ...0 M'Carfy.ab.l rarrar. lb.. 3 MeUolre, 0..1 Caeey, p 0 Xneg.letb.0 4 0 O Mark. O......0 0 1 i a O-Hrtea.Mb.O Mil Mrera, a a...O UUawre, p..0 Total....- 1 SIS 10 9' Ttai......4 19 18 1 xmrs eooaxD each imxino. Waatilngtoa 0 10 0 0 0-1 miadelphui 0 1 2 0 Kerned rune Waehlarton. 1 1 rhllaAelpbla, Two base hlta FerrrlL MMtnlre. Donble ulr Mnivey tmrvny ami rurrmr. M stk aan snec. First i aaiie reeerty. renrneoa, vtooc. rerrar, x. lltet baee en errere Waehingtea, 1 1 Philadelphia, 1. Straek out Bv OUaenre. 4t br Caaev. 8. Pa belle Meek. 1. WUd ptteiiee-UllBMre, 1. Time of game Oae hour and forty aunatea. Unas lag. et Philadelphia. mpire Mr. DETROIT'S EASY VICTORY. Drraorr, Mich., May 7. Aa extremely one sided game area played here to-day between Meaators aad Welverlaes, the latter wtaamg with taa graetoatef ease. TwitchalTs fin work la the aaa did much to give the victory to the boxee crab. aaa sis saapon waa exreneat thronxbonv Thasnp-aoa' cateh ot Harkvtraloac hit and snick throw to third, eatrhlne Baeeetv la the second, and Hun ae-banded pick npot Kichardsoa'a bard gTonamr In the third ear tbe aeMlng feature, and Me-tiaeehyaad Raseett did aome verv fiae work. All tae Palmate kit hard, Uaalaa, Mew, aad TwitcheU eanectaUy dlettaa-alefcias; Miens selves. Thompson eatars4 the area etead by makias two trlplsa, eaua when th base were full. By shrewd base Vanning tlantoa soveted himself with glory aad naraotr. alnro. a. a. irtriAxrua a.1 a n.a a. msBiap,X4n ess Useery, L I....O 110 Kewe. a a... 9 OlaeVk. a. aO BrVtaera,lbS Thm'eaa.r.t.I Ulrheee. L 1 1 White, sdb.l Stealon, e. t 9 (easel, e 1 enny, Sdb Q O f be Wrx.l at l 19 0 Mtae-ehv.ef 1 Il.ssen.t4b0 e aiii. r. I...O I Ha. ktl c.O 1'wlloheu. px tu, p x 1 Ul .....iaidKUl'e' OiaMrby.a. 0 Total. Total 9 9 97 14 4 Bcxa aooaxn bach uxiira. Detralt. 9 0 0 9 4 1 4 0 4-18 le4leaaplla . aotaeoao S Karwed ra as Detroit, S: ladlaaaaoUa, 9. Two. base hits Twltebell. Raw. Imalav. Three-baa V ... U . -f-t. , 9 Uu. T. tS-. imubl playa Taampsoa aad While; TwitobelUDun- kaa and aruntners. i r oaaa ea aaue uetrait, i laaiaaaeailm, A Hit by pttebed ball Braataera. trs baa aa error brtrelt. Si ladiaaspelta. X. V track eat Bj-TvltcAeU, S. I at aire Mr. Qaeet. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. BT. Lotim, May 7. Th Brewas waa their third aatssi s vtotory ever Louisville fie-day. i aa sxcluag gaas. Cp to th seresU (aahag Heeker waa aet htt hard, bat thea th ehampiou pouaded him sr els eleelee. aad with three saea aa baaee O'Neill Sreee the bail ever Mt fiekt feaiee fur a heme twa. Tba Brewas' magaiaeeeit base ruaatas acaia Sams late play with exeeUeat efiect The beet tsaiare el the ansae were O'Neill's kittle. Bash aws' bark e work, and Kerta'a Sret baa atavoui (arathere ptthed la eaealleat form, aad eelaula ef l ivet at abort woe plead! suppartad. fla.LeUbx.. Xeaiavtlto. 1-13 1 7 Baee blta-t Ita, IS: LeasrrflW 14. In see PV s; unei naa, ae. a.tiesv Kamed runs t. isaa. 9; s. a: iamvtiMk. . kartlle. a. Twe-baa hue 1-ataaaa. CNatlL at, ttarkee. CaUlaa. Three bass bite CrWetU. raa, Flret base aa beita Meek. tPNeia CalltBa. hlta. atraua ssi ay tarsins. l. Pai i hibag,a. Veaaare atr. ValUae. CuvTboraOktaa May T. The hosaa beam had IS run aa tae atata atauag to-aay.auAtas 110 0 S 0 0 0 a o a o i l tii o o I 9 I 18 2 0 131 0 0 9 1 meseataeA Tfotnlfac a aeeond. When thevfsttors ale aad delared the came until tt waa called ea aeeeaat ef rein. Tbie cave the Cta. eiaaaU ciob a vtctary la a five-toning rente. KuA. lane waa hit aU ever bbe field la tbe elxth. aad Mor-rlaon waa aaetaadv aad wild, bet he wee haadeeae. lr aanperted by BetpechlB. 'Kid" Baldwm' Ciina wee m pnaiipei mtiui. The attend- waa CtnelanatL ; f 0 ft 4 0 CWvelaad 1 0 0 1 0-9 Baee hlta Cincinnati. 13: Cleveland. , Errora Cleclneatl. 0; develaod. 1. Earned rune Clneia-natt. 4 1 Cleveland, 1. Two-baae hive Mean. Belp-ealaeer. MePaee, Feaaelly, BeUly. Jtaldwla (2.) Ftratbaa ea belie-Hotallng. "wfnrT. Allen, irteol, MePbee. Jeaea, Bailly. Cork hill. Piret baee on er- rera ctnruiaau. a. iruex out acrnm r"j. Hellly. Carpenter, Moliaae. Paeeed boHaKei p. achlairW. Wild pitebee M nllane. 9 Balk-Morrl- eoa. une si sane lwe nonr aaa eumn Umpire MC Cnthbert. iutt in mi . ? TVi Athletic slaved uaerbly la the field tday aad batted with effect. Hart pitched la exoeUeai farm, holding the visitor down to lour genuine hlta. Beoret atatetle . 0 a o J o e o a v-i Heuimore..... o u w w w v w Baee kite Athletic. 12: Baltimore. 7. Errore Athletics; Baltimore, 4 i Earned runs Athletic, A. THE COLLEGE NIXES. Hew-Hateb, Cone.. May 7. Tba ball game hetweea Yale aad Columbia waa called at the end of the second Inning to-day because of rain. IT el ther Id had scored. The Tale player were unable to hit the slow drop of dates, the Colombia pitcher, aad It waa quite gensrally believed that the rain saved the Yale nine from her first defeat. Pltrbf rtag, of the Yelee, hae recently refused an offer from the Indianapolis Clnb. Par cx Ton. B. J.. May 7. There was ao game here to-day. for when the umpire waa about to call the game a rala brcaa which soon made mud of the diamond. The Harvard atna waa Induced to remain, however, and the first Princeton-Harvard same of the aeaaoa wOl be called Monday afternoon at 1 :80 o'clock. The ainee will be a follow i Princeton. ......Pitcher.... ....Mercur. ...Catcher .....Hrownlee, Third base Lerkln. Sooond base Kin. Third base Wagenharst, ...... 8bortston. .... Price. Left field. ReynoldA. , Centre fleld.....Kvana. Klht field. bnrell. Boyden. ... .. Heaehaw...... WUlerd... Mumford Campbell...... WleeUlng.... rnever. ......... Blnxbam ... Linn At WUllamstewu veetardav th Williams boy met th Dartmouth, and th result was : Williams 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 24 Dartmoeth.. ...1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 08 Base bite Williams. T: Dartmouth. 9. Errore Williams, Si Dartmouth. 7. The Cornell nine waa defeated an Ita owa ground at Ithaca yesterday by the Elmlraa 0 to a. IrOOBPOBT. S. Y.. Mar 7. Six hand red neonle wttneesed the open Ins of the baeebell aeaaoa her to-day between the new Lock port team and Hyracuse vaiveruty. ia eoor was ixKsxport, i Byraouaa, a, BASEBALL NOTES. The Aemee nlay the Peerless Club at Arctic Park this afternoon. Taa game at etaten Inland between the Brook lyn and the Meta waa not played yeatcrlay on account of rata, Th team will meet to-day at Rldge- wooa rarx. On tbe Mott Haven Ground, yesterday seven lanlnaa were nlaved between the Yale Freshmen and the Potts Vown High School nine. The Freshmen won IS to 19. The States Island Athletic Club and the Ver- noaa played an interesting earn at Wast New. nnxnion, ntaten isianc yesteraar. wmon reauitea In a victory tor the former 6 to 2. Yesterday'a International Learue aames re sulted tba: At Jersey City Toronto. 11; Jersey City. 1. At Hyracnee SUr. 34 s Oswego, 4. At Blnghamton BlnahamtoB, 8; Buflalo. 7. To stimulate base runnlna amona nrofeeslonal ball playsra, tba proprietors of th sporting Tlmtt bave had a very handsome cold medal made which they will present to the nlarer who ahall make tbe circuit el the baaee tn the Quickest poeeible time. Member of tbe New-York. Brooklyn, and Metro, noiltaa team are allaible and a number have alreedv entered for the oompetltloa, which will take place at a time convenient to all. The medal la now on ex. hlbitloa at A. O. Spalding- A Hrether'. 21 Broad way, and attracts mnoh attention. MR. HI ATT H A 18 KO. nE HAS HO IDEA OF SUCCEEDING TREAS URER JORDAN. Washington, May 7. Treasurer C. N. Jordan arrived here to-night from New-York at 9 o'olock, apparently alene, and decidedly not In a knowing or communicative mood. He was astonished when he was Informed that It was supposed be had brought a new Treasurer In the. person of James W. Hyatt, of Xorwalk. Just to present him to the President and Secretary Falrohild, In order that they might see what sort of man he la. "No." said he. "I didn't brtnir the new Treasurer, and I can't say who he will be. I wish I could." He suggested that Secretary Faircblld could name tbe man. but the Secretary, when oueetioned in regard to Mr. Jordan' snoceaaor, looked compoeedly at the ceiling and talked pleasantly snout the admirable dignity ana simplicity of manner of Queen Kaplolani and her party, to whom he extended the privilege today ot Inspecting toe treasure stored away in the gold and sliver vaults. At the White House the mention of Mr. Hyatt's name does not meet with any reply ot a nature calculated to .lnamre the belief that he la tn suoreed to Mr. Jordan's place. Mr. Hyatt, a short, stout. nnxat, ouainess looklnsr man. with a abort, stiff. dark mustache oa an otherwise clean-shaven face, was found at ths Arlington, where he had Just met hia friend, ex-Senator Barnum. lie had not even seen the report published about himself, and when asked tf hi business In Washington waa to take ths position of Treasurer he prompt) v and forcibly answered: " Never heard of it beore; didn't come to see tbe President anout It : came here on entirely different business, and think tbe association of my name with the Treaaurerehlp 1 simply a wild report. It' the furthest thing from my thoughts." OZD AlfD TAITBrXTL SOLDIERS. In their new grey uniforms the members of the Twenty-third Regiment of Brooklyn met In their Armory, on Clermont-avenue, last evening for review by CoL William Everdell, the first commandant of the Beglment, and for tbe presentation or iron crosae to member serving faithfully and continuously for 10 year or over. IJeut. Col.-Bacon was tu command of the regiment. There were nine men eligible for tbe badges, and there would have been 10 had not CapL David Moffat, Jr., died a few week ago. Tbe nine men and their terms of service are: Jobn J. Norrla, Company C 15 years, 10 months; J. F. Craft, Company D. 15 year, 3 month; James Harford, Company K, 10 Tears, 11 month; . W. Hand, Company B, 10 years. 11 months; W, L. BrownalU Company G, 10 year. lumontna: J. u. a. unaeraonx. cotnnanv a. 10 years, 10 month; Joseph Kane, Company K. 10 rears, 4 months; Hershell Hildreth. Company H. 10 years, 8 month, and W. F. Cook. Company a., 1U years, a months. Capt. Moffatt had served 10 years and 3 months. XI SS CLSTELASVS FLAKS. Tbe statement published some little time ago , to the affect that th P reiki net's sister. Hie Roe Elisabeth Cleveland, had com to New-Yerk to engage In teaching, wa a trrfl prematura. Ths matter, however, has been st lenrth dafinitelv ar. tanged, aad it 1 now authoritatively announced that M ueTeiaau wui oecom associates with Mrs. Hylvaau Reed ha th executive administration of her school la thks dir. While Mies Cleveland will share with Mra. Reed the responsibility (Is to I ring upon the heed ot the school, she will herself conduct the studies of the senior end post xradnat claawe la Amerteaa hletory. Miss Clevelaad has also become aeeoclaled la the editorial manacemeut of the jkmrwn Mtin f JUtera. In which her lect- nree deUvered at taw school will be published. She naa sirsauy osua ner eaiional Satlee and will begii her work at the school in beutember. a xiLLioxAiRMrs rcxsmz. The funeral ef Edward Hen. the eccentric millionaire, spec slater, and Importer et smokers' article, took place yesterday from th residence of hi Cashier, Mr. Wagner. 19 Market -street. The clergyman officiating wa th Kav. F. J. Schneider. Manv friends whs bad known the old snmn rinrtnv bis ion baainese career la this city aad hi four urvlvtng relet! Tae war present. ar. nea wa a raaiarkawe man. nota in hi ability for making money and In hi curious mod of life. M waa bora ra th Province of Alaao 69 year aco. and cam to thie country when a Tonne man, abo-lntely peanllres. He had beea Is business at his eld store, Liberty -etreet, tor 40 years, and having few relative had always slept In th office ot his store. HI enlv Uvtnc relamaa are the children et brother, tare aesaewa. annul and sw. diaaad Hen, aad one niece. Josephine Hen. FAILUBKS J3T Bvsnrms. Kew-Oblbakb, May 7. Francis Qot, grocer. has mad aa assignment. Assets. B&.3O0: liabuu tma. a,60a Clbtejlaxo, Ohio, May 7 The Crittenden Jewelry Company, j ef th sMm! honae at Its kind la Ohto. aaairaed to-day. The assets are eTi-mated at a.'i.OOO. the llaulUUee at S20 OoO l'h aaelKaasea la said to bare beea made to erotect Aew. vrk creditors agalnat a loeal eradtaar '"i-t-rl to fore a aetUemaat. ASAKCHJST BOMBS FOVSR. ffr. Joaara. Mo., May 7. Considerable excite-seat was scceslnnsd by the discovery at two loaded dyaaoUte bases la tae cellar et a hemse la Kerth at. Jsasph. aata reeeotiy eccwpied by a saaaoetod A a, arrhtet, The hamb Were mad of gaaplpa. and after aa examination ef them they war thrown into the river. It to tbey were tateaded to be aeed at FaU annag tbe Bedaliat damsnatrataoa CHEAP MTBAWBEKMISM A BE AD. CRATTAiroooA. Taaaw May 7. The Pouthern Express Cnmpaay aad the BaJUnaor end Ohto Ex-prM Cam aa ay. tu nsmsitlsB far atraabsiij shlp-saeata freea Cnarbsansani to the Kevta. hav eesn-msanea a warfare, aad rase ar betas; alaehed by both aad bave beea retraced aver ft per rent, al-ready Cksllsaesja hraa grewar ar r sag lug tarn WHEAT DUAL. rtODAY'B LABGK TEAH3ACTI0NS STILL TBI BTJBJECr OF COMMENT.; Chicago, May .The clique brokers bought a small quant ty ot June wheat to-der, bat most at the time rctnalned the quiet centre of attraction. The market was rather dun. bearing only a mode: ate volume of trade, and prices slid downward about one half cent from the top figures. Ther s waa no development of Importance In the d al, bat the usual flood of rumor was afloat, 1 nd the usual number of mysterious tips we e whispered around by the people who ilalmed to have inside Information, There i as considerable comment on tba heavy selling Friday by one of the reputed elique house t another, and it waa said that one wing of tbe liqtte waa tired and getting out. A member of t le Diard talking on the absorbing snbfect said : The market I In a condition as peculiar as an ' it has seen since It was a market. Manipulate n, or tbe Idea that there waa manipulation, wlich It tbe same thing, began five or six weeknTago, and in all that time the bors bare not found out anything to satisfv them. Some of the sharpest and btgxest specula tors on the board believe this to be one of the ereateet deala dver attempted. They believe not only the Chiiaxo market but some of the others are In tbe dlutrh of a clique with no end of money. Tbls faction explains tbe fallnre of a squeese to materialize In May by tbe allegation of bad sub-msnacement. Then there Is an other faction of equally brainy men who think the whole deal is made np half of sentiment and that It la an enormous A goulper in an eve i milking scheme." : nlng paper ha thi to say ion in wheat Friday: anent the big transact "The purchase of l.i i.OOO bushels of wheat on vtrtuallv one bid yeste trade within the mem iy wa the bWrgeet single in of the wheat trade. Jt was equivalent to the le nn1er ordinary conditions of 100.000 barrels of prk, or 3.000.000 bushels of ore. or a.OOO.OOO bnshtl ot oat, or 15.000 shares of a railroad stock worth par. It is an extraordinary thing for ao much property to be bought in one day by a single trader, bbt for it to be taken at a single bid, within a moment ot time, aad to be only a share of the pnrchaaee of tbe "same interest makes the transaction ao notable that it will be one of the notaMe Incidents In this very notable wheat deal rolillon-bushel transactions are rarities, but occur once In a while Billy Murray took 1.000.000 bushels sf wheat st a clip about three year aero. There are, however, never more than a balf-den traders In the market who can take a line ot 1.000.000 bushels of BTatn. It 1 very seldom that any one of tMese feels himself stronr. enough and confident eaonxh of his position to take on a Tine of that else i an instant s nonce. uper- allow for mistake which a tors In trading- need can be rectified only byh taking on more property at lower prices to reduce Iveragea. A speculator who can afford to carry 1.1 ,ouu ousneis would narniy the same instant and at the dare to take It all at same price. Off tbe floor Hthere have been a half dozen Instance ot much blrx block of wheat ehana-lng band at a slnale trans 13.0O0.OO0 bushels nf a Oeoch-Fairbenk-Walke hand after their April actions as these, howl cuon. Armour took the h wheat which' the Mo. syndicate had on their ornerof 18H2. Such trans, sver, are deliberate. When i block of Bt. Panl owned bv Armour took tbe hns the estate of Mllbank. She deceased Director in that company, tbe negotlatlims were of the same sort. Theee are not to be cxSn pared to those rare and exhilarating sort of pinnae which, like the bnge purchase of yesterday, are) made tn an Instant, In the fireaenoe of the whole market, and which change ike a flash the ownership ot 91.000.000 or 91,600,-000 worth of property.? Maysvtli.e, Ky.J May 7. A number of sales of wheat were uiade here to-day, aegregat- ins 67.000 bushels. Is for export and will te hipped by way of Newport hew. xus price paid l not stated. FJGUTINd AN OBSTINATE FILE. A LOSS OF $100,400 IN A BROAVWAY 8 ORE. The Broadway a id Bleecker-street cars and the c rose-town ci rs which run in Hbuiton and Prince streets wei e blocked an hour end a half last evening, wbi e 13 engines were pumping water to drown ou t an obstinate and dangerous fire which was liiscovered a few minutes before 8 o'clock In tli b rear of the third floor of 538 Broadway. The I ulldlnx is four stories high and runs back to Cros! ly-street, where there 1h an L addition to it. Weber. Gore AConrow and Gore Hrother A- liykman, ilealer in hate, occupied the basement and fi rst floor; D. A. Bahlelu, clothier, tbe second a id part of the fourth, nnd 1. Levy & Bon, nec ttiemaker and clothiers, tbe rest of the building, which belongs to the Lawrence estate. The tire at first did not appear to be of great oonseq lence, but in a very few minutes it bad full possession of tbs two upper flootma the Cn isby-street side, including tbe L butmlmr. It die not go down to tbe nec-ond floor, except st it i extreme east end, but so much water was us id that the building waa flooded. The fire was ut at 9:30 o'clock. Weber, Gore 4 Conr )W and Gore Brothers & Dykman lose $10,0XI to If 12,000 on stock by water damage; they a e fully Insured on a stock of $80,000. D. A. Sabl Bin Is Insured for 130,000 on a one-hundred nnd-sixty-thousand dollar stock. His loss Is 16.000 by water on the second floor and $40,000 by fire on the fourth floor. I). Levy A Son bad a Stock of from 40,000 to $50,000; fully insured. Their loss Is about $30,000. The dam bxb to the building will not exceed $5,000. The Are l supposed to have started from a ess leal . KILLED BT SIS SBC0XD WIFE. G&EEX8BCRQ. Ind., Msy 7. John Fromer was shot and killed this mprains; by hi wife in bis brother Charles's baktf-y. They had separated a short tun ago and Jshn wa living with hi brother. Tbe cause of le cause of I their seDaration was Mrs. Fromer' violent averstoti to her husband's two little children by a former wta. 8inoe the separation she has asked nlm to return land put the children in a boarrtlna; house, which hie refused to do. To-day she talked to him In the balfciry and wss heard Ui say several times, " Won't ybu come, John V As he said " iso" and turned to xl fired. Just then she was tie drew a revolver and I cauxht and disarmed. t-I.e said she intended to kill I herself also. .She talks in sanely. Baying ood' spirit told her to kill her hus band. NEW VSB FOR Bobert Gray, owner tUB OLD 8TATTOX. f tbe Metropolitan Sta- bles, yesterday took ppssesslon of the old Kew- Haven Railroad station Centre. Franklin. Elm. i bn the aquar bounded by arid White street. Horses will be stabled on the mi in floor, ana there Is room for 20O of them. About copied, and th stable in ju or the stalls are now oc- brobably one of the larsest. If not the uirxest, establish lahment of the kindlu the city. Mr. Gray expects to til 189 i In 1893 the ptju to occupy the premise ou- openr reverie to uie cur, Ui It then has not yet been uui ww i to ue done w settled. DR. CVRRAff The Key. Dr. James WJLL PRESIDE i t. Curran, Dr. McGlynn's friend. 1 announced to preside this evening st the Second public meeting of the Anti-Poverty Society that win be held at the Academy of Music. Henry ueorg will deliver an address, and there Will be nusii by th Coucordia horu of 75 voices led br ai is a ftatna M unler, This la reffarrlAil Kthup bold action on the part ot Dr. Curran. and likely to cu u lurmw uieuipiittsirom nie superior-t. PAXTrTB ear nepala, LtrerC - - - . .w inunn a, Fever aad Acne, Balarla, Ner Coaaplalata. Paztae, ja-han taken nroes the same process of direst Indigestion. Kervens Irrs- ervou Dehtllty and - - - - r -"- ua wet operatee ;pw,-'it?f f.6 ae system and Uspeel- ofwiius uajr oa the die- eased parts without maamiaj- health etracturea, caacn. 'ZZ.T. ltSr. ".f seat of tae corder of mmVaeat smrtj to baalsi the malady, leavinc ths ea-tirs system to a healthy stake. Price. Mo. and ajabottl. EBii m ib" nrPKovxh wobjc xzkos. a ear eare for Worm They kae aa adrantae erer other worm maitlrtnss la not ooty atrorbia- the warms wtta TZl.r iD ca'TTpna off the Impurities of the beweis wttheat the as of Wor-ou. Tbey hara th ap-Praacja! eandy and arejplaeauit to tae taste. rMoe, DBWirrjr WTOafTABlU AB-n-BTLIOXTB (Itarar-Osased) PTXXB eare B1)tosar. Coamipaaoa ek aaa rr . . r v" " " wjp. sea reanore k I nrW Mnt.ta BJfOLUa A rsamsdy L Omened Hands and Face. JJ-""l .l'e"ii'dled Inflames Bjre-Lloa, Kub-, Crne ad Ltpa, Cuta. Blraana. Fostered n.r..Wl wwkaaaeadtteBnWatlnieesa. pH"r"'' PTTsUTA. A dettcate rVfparatloa tor Cteaastaat Port- m 1 ' ' . - . nrii oacey. I lawn i hiss prsesnsi the aeeamauutoa ef Tartar. It parte a ds rrtoe, ate. The aneve i bear our trade mark, and whbou it. ror aale bw dracwiata, or dalrverad i to any address ts tha united ate. tee oa pamphlet free. of price. InstrucUva Brrwe-r-BO-n-v-a KT!f0U An evereeady nice tn s Istwesaw tor the aonaahoid. by ToA Boaawr A. Ucn. M. IX it , eteasaaa. anaian tm ui. " " paTBBEsna, rrou aoaaaT A. ucn. M. IX i t. taastraeemt aad approea hoeaae OoteiaUe a-Klicia . iiai s- are isnes emaaorea aadrsnnmm ,i I I by ahyearlane of tae hla-baat standttna-. ? m Bae-ttae, And they eaa be tnaaUtnaUy aad ay ai render. at ihedi-a Iv4 ,77- ,i "Na. raBy Urastraasd aad baedasmety beead. endme to aay addrma to the Catted StaM ea re. art, a, et si. 1 DAmim BTXQ. oa. (xoaxxai, M Testy Bt. X.T. the cniCAcq " ' -"-- r- ' --lsr' iSSamsiai TRADE MAK HOPS MEN ON UlElKE. OSi HCKDRED OCT AT TBK WALXUfG PELIGATE'S COMMAND. The walking delegate ia once more in hia glory, for he has strain shown that the man who works Is altogether an inferior person to the man who doesn't. Over a hundred of the old employe of Richard Hoe A Co. are now kicking their heels against the curbs because the walking delegate undertook to Inform the firm how It should conduct Its business and Insisted that bis plan should bo instantly adopted. The firm had menaced to conduct Its business so successfully for over fifty years tbat Its name become syu-oaymous for excellence of work, and it refused to be dictated to by the walking delegate, is offered to discuss matter with its employes, but to tbls proposition the walking delegate would not listen. He promptly ordered the patternmakers and laborers employed by Hoe A Co. to stop work. Ho completely were the men under control that they obeyed order instantly and without protest. Of course the order to stop work was given at a time and under such circumstances as would be likely to entsll all possible Inconvenience on tbe firm. Tbe lalorers knocked off work as they were loading wacons with prlntinsr presses or transferrins; them from conveyances to trains or steamer. Presae were left In the street or on the piers, and in this condition wie found by other employes of the firm who had not obeyed or were not under tbe control of the walking delegate. All this bappened a week ago, and elnoe tbe beginning of tbe strike tbe slaves of. tbe walking delegate, or as many of them ss could be Induced to engaae In the unpleasant business, have been hard at work threatening all sorts of calamities to those who dared apply for the places they refused to till. The present strike Is an outgrowth of tbe strike of last Spring, and is apparently of little coneeauence to "Hoe & Co. Mr. Robert Hoe said lust nitrht It was a small affair and had caused no particular disturbance to tbe business except tbat men who desired to take tbe place of the strikers were prevented from doing so. Tbe firm employed about a thousand men In its different departments. Borne were more skillful than others, and were engaged on sutwrior work. Tbe best men recetcved the highest wages. There had never been any trouble between tbe firm and Its employes until tbe K nights of Labor assumed control of the latter. Tbe organization. It seemed to him, wanted to lower tbe standard of excellence and make the skilled workman carry tbe inferior one. The present trouble was that the poor workman wanted the tame wages as tbe best workman in the shop. Tbe patternmaker were paid from $2 75 to $3 50 per day. Up to last Spring they worked 10 hours a day. At the behest ot the walking delegate a demand for nine hours was made. Tbe Arm did not wish to make the change, in the belief that Its business could not be satisfactorily performed under its conditions, but It agreed to give It a trial. The men may have expected to receive 10 hours' pay for nine bours's work, bnt In this tbey were disappointed. After a trial of some months' duration, tbe firm was satisfied that the nine-hour plan was of no benefit to tbe men and waa an injury to tbe business. Last Fall tbe old system of 10 hours' work a day was readopted and wages were readjusted, so that the skilled workman did not suffer for tbe benefit of the drone and tbe man who performed a task of lower grade. Tbe demand ot the patternmakers the inferior clang for an Increase was made through the walking delegate, who insisted tbat be should be privileged to walk through the works when he pleased, and that all differences between the workmen and the firm should be adjusted through him. Tbe Arm refused to treat with the walking delegate. Some of the best workmen in the shop were asked to explain the oause of their dissatisfaction. They were not dissatisfied ; tbey were simply bound to drop their tools If the Inferior workmen left the shop. Tbey belonged to an organization wbicb they were bound In honor to obey. They wanted to work, but obeyed tbe command of ' tbe walking delegate. Nome of these men had been in the employ of the firm since boy hood, and felt as members of a family that had always been on the beat of terms with each other. Few of these have appeared near the shop since the strike was ordered. Only tbe poorest material has attempted to intimidate men who are without work and are desirous of securing it. Tbe laborer wanted an advanoe of . cents a day and made tbe demand on the foreman. He said It was not In his power to grant it; he roust place It before tbe firm. The laborers did not give time for this, but struck at once. Mr. Hoe feels that tbe employer cannot afford to be controlled by the walking delegate. His firm is willing to pay its men all tbey are worth and all the business will afford, but refuses to put all skilled labor on the same plane aud pay an inferior man as much as one who does the beet sort of work, or vice-Versa. The firm 1 also opposed to the dictation of people who bave no Interest in it and are much the inferior of many of tbe workmen whom tbey control. Mr. Hoe does not fear tbat his firm will be tbe worst sufferer in tbe present contest and says. In short, that those who will be seriously affected, by the strike are the men who were forced into it. Fiann.vo for " blind tox." Chicago, May 7. A petition was filed today In the United States Circuit Court by Ellse Bethune. as committee appointed by the Supreme Court of 'ew-York over Thomas Wiggins, commonly known as " Blind Tom." to get possession of Tom, who she says Is wrongfully detained by James K. and James A. Bethune and Tbuuias Warhurst. Mrs. Bethune says she was appointed committee In March last on a petitlou filed by Tom's mother. Charity Wigirins, and required to give bond in $23,000, and she procured a home for him with his mother at 7 8t. Mark's-place, "ew-York City. Blind Tom is traveling through Illinois and Is expected in Chicago soon. He is under tbe control of James N. Bethune, bis old owner, and of James A. Bethune, son of James N. Mrs. Kllse Betbune Is a friend of Mrs. Wiggins ami widow of John E. Bethune. another sun of Tom's old master. Her attorneys are A. J. Lercne, of N'ew-York City, and August E. Wilson, of Louisville, Ky. TIIE SPARTAN BARRIERS. The Spring games of the Spartan Harriers took place at Madison-Square Garden last evening, and drew a large and enthusiastic attendance. Tho 70-yards' run was won by A. Maho-boney in 0:7 3-5, A. L. Berwln second, and G. Taylor third. The half mile run was won byT.B. Hamilton lit 2:05. J. S. Apuleby second. The two-mite walk, between the Prospect aud Spartans, was not contested, the former declining to walk with the Spartan team changed from that named In the challenge. The 440-yards' run was won by Charles Kenner In 1:00, H. F. Mi Ionald second, aud W. W. Dovle third. Tbe i!50 yards' run was won by J. 1". lu 0:07 2-o, A. Brown secoud and H. M. Banks third. Tbe U'JO-yards' hurdle was won by G. C Dunlevy, C. F. Bostwick second aud 8. I. See third. The three-mile run was won by T. A. McNally In 16:41, E. Hjertberg second and A. W. Bate third. E. J. Halstead, of the Harlem Wheelmen, won the two-mile bicycle race in 9:0t, A. Pringle second and K. W. Dean, Jr., third. A TELEPHONE Sl?IT DISMISSED. Ottawa, Ontario, May 7. Tbe famous salt of Wright against the Bell Telephone Com-rauy of Canada for the cahcellatlon of the Edison patents owned by the latter, which would give tue itiuuner jKwer to manufacture the commercial instrument lu Canada, was dismissed this morning by Commissioner of Patents Carling. who gave Judgment to the effect that, according to the statement accepted as the true position by both companies, the commercial Instrument as manufactured by the defendant does not embody any of tne elements or claims nt the three Kdisnn patents Impeached, and being of me opinion mat me weight of evidence was in favor of tbat view, he thought tbat the importation of tbe commercial Instrument was not an importation of any of tbe Edison Inventions. PFRSONAL INTELLIGENCE. John B. Sherman, of Chicago, is at the Windsor Hotel. irof. O. C. Marah, of Yale College, is at tbe Buckingham Hotel. Prof. S. P. Lnngley, of Allegheny, Penn., Is at the Brevoort House. Ex-Con BTrssman Philip B. Thompson, Jr., Of Kentucky Is at the Hoffman House. Henry 1 Sage, of Ithaca, and Gen. Anson O. McCook are at the Fifth-Avenue Hotel. Ex-Senator Edward S. Est v. of Itb.3ca, and Je V) ltt C. Littlejohn.ol Oswego, are at the Astor House. RUMORS OF A LOCK-OUT DENIED. A report was circulated yesterday that the members of the Shoe Manufacturers' Association were taking steps to have s general lock-out of the Knights of Labor In their employ A member of the firm ot Usaiian A Son, however, said tbat the association had not even considered the question Th boycott Imposed liy Assembly No. 91 upon the goods of Uie firm, he said, had not injured It One of their customers in the West had been naked by some Knigl.ta to boycott the goods. He refused, and published the fact. Vest nlay the firm received a tU egratu from him stating that since the publication LOSSES HT FTKF Fire la Webb' Block, at Ware, Mass.. yestcr- ear nmraiTir cantul . . . ... - ' ; P V,u,nm,. JU W xioumauu. inruiiure ana narrtwens. lutes 7 alarah Brothera. stores and tinware, 1.500 an atbr u rulunL, llmnt CI i. TV , . ' . .(too 1 the 1 - . -. ..... litt vii t uto pr' waa partially Insured. The building a aa badly perty George W. Koch' mosaic and parquet flooring factory, at ICS t Thirty fourth-street and 4.19 SeTrtjt i aTentir waa dimuiNl hv nuillir ft Iim, uf l.i IHUt .in .i.vk .. .J j t ...... - . -' cm,, Vi.WVVB the Fences and sheds tn the rear of 1.579.1 1.5.3. and Kotirtii-avmi - 5S1, 1U3 o'clock yratorday morning, and about S400 Oamage M. retries t Church, at Dixon. I1L, wa burned yesieraay anerauwu. ihe altuxcu owt 44iJhM www triu,a. ELUEND0XF lEAEtlNGS. i i XZCXmOIfAXLT HIGH FKICX3 T0 Its. SWIGEBT'S HIGH-BKXD TOTJXGSTXBS. LrxrjTGTOX, Kr May 7. The annual aal of Elmendorf yearling waa held to-day naar Lexington, the offerings being made by Mr. D. 8 wigert. The attendance was large, aU tbe principal buyen being In attendance. : There was considerable competition tor the brother to Flrenxl and the sister toTremoot. The former. It is understood, goes to California for ffl.000, and the latter to Dwyer Brother for 94,100, to Join her speedy brotSer in the East Sixteen colt brought $22,950, an average of 91.434. while 24 r) lies sold for $126,275, an average ot 91.094. The total wss 950,075. The following is a list of the animals sold. William Easton, of New-York, acting aa auctioneer: Chestnut colt, foaled April 17, (brother to Firenst.) by Imp. Olenelg. dam Florida, br Vlrrll: to L. K. blmnna.Xaxlmrton. Kr . Sl.000 Chestnut colt, foaled April 80, by imp. Prince i.uariie, uut euuina, oy Lexington; to i o. Simmons 4.500 Brown colt, foaled Kay 34, by Virgil dam La lraviata, py victory; to Appieny dt jonn-son. New.York ... 1.100 Brown colt, foaled April 91. by VlrgiL dam Kltte, by Imp. Australian: to Dwyer Brother. New-Vork 1.400 Chestnut colt, foaled April 35, by Barn ham. aam csmeraicia, py imp. uienelg; to William Hcndria. Hamilton. Ontario 700 Bay colt, foaled May 4. bv Virgil, dam Hello- impe. oy imp. n.nignioi bv. ueorge; u i- E-. Simmons. 3.600 Brown colt, foaled April 14. by imp. Prince name, aam fenny. Dy Jerome Eager; to Freshness Stable. New. York L100 Bay colt, foaled April 1, by Olenelg, dam Petl- oia, oy virgii; to s. a. urown, fitisDurg, Penn 630 Bay colt, foaled March S, by Glenely, dam Mar- mot. by Kentucky: to 8. 8. Brown 800 Black colt, foaled May 13, by Virgil, dam Fair, bv lmn. Olen Athol: to Dwrrr Brother 2.100 Bay colt, toaied April 17, by Olenelg, dam M. A. B.. by Asteroid; to 8. 8. Brown 800 Bay colt, foaled May 2, by Olenelg, dam imp. nan non, oy Macaroni; to u. a. Morns, Charleston. 8. C 4h0 Bay colt, foaled If ay 6, by Olenelg, dam Spray, bv Bulletin: to 8. 8. Brown 850 Bay colt, foaled stay 8. bv Virgil. Aam Asia, by imp. Australian: to Dwyer Brother..; 650 Chestnut Colt, foaled May 29. by Olenelg, dam juii.t. uj aide xear : so o. o. orown oov Bay colt, foaled April 20, bv Virgil, dam Althea. by Monarchist; to Dwyer Brother.. 800 Brown filly, foaled May 3, (sister to Tremont.) by Vlrgu, dam Ana Clef, by Alarm i to Dwyer Brother 4.100 Bay fillv. toaied March 34, by Olenelg, dam Lady Planet, bv Planet: to 8. 8 Brown 1.S00 Chestnut filly, foaled May 36, by imp. Prince vuarue. oem Biunoer, oy Lexington; to v. F. Pulslfer. Chicago 1,000 Brown filly, foaled March 14, by lmn. Prlnoe Charlie, dam Nannie Black, by Virgil; to ADDleby A Johnson 1.500 Bay filly, foaled May 10, by Imp. Olenelg, dam i.a roiaa, Dy Lexington: to ts. n. isrow.n If,30u Brown filly, foaled April 6, by VtrgiL dam Man ola, by Imp. Olenelg; to A. J. Alexander, Boring Station. Ky .. 600 Brows Ally, foaled May 24. by imp. Prince A. Ban- Charlie, dam Linnet, by Vigil to w. Dorn, nieriing, in 450 Bay fillv, foaled March 16. by Olenelg, dam Part BeUe. by Lexington; to Clay A Woodford. Paris, Ky 1,100 Brown filly, toaied April 10. by Virgil, dam Nota Bene, by imp. Olenelg; to A. J. Alexander 1.050 Brown filly, foaled Feb. 16. by imp. Prince Charlie, dam Gondola, by Virgil, to B. 8. Brown 1,050 Brown filly, foaled May 14, by Virgil, dam Return, by Commodore: to Clay A Woodford . . . 800 Bay filly, foaled April 19. by Imp. Royalty, dam Queen of bcots, by imp. Bonnie Ucotland; to Woodford Brothers, Paris, Ky 450 Bay Ally, foaled May 4, by Imp. Prince Charlie, dam Virtue, by Virgil ; to A. J. Alexander. 750 Brown filly, toaied May 11. by Glenelg. dam Pride, by Virgil; to W. C. Goodloe, Lexington. Ky 800 Chestnut filly, foaled May 6, by Imp. Prince Charlie, dam Bchott, by imp. Australian ; to W. C. Goodloe 800 Brown filly, foaled April 10. by Virgii dam Lava, by Australian ; to Aopleby Jolin-OD .1,100 Bay filly, foaled May 7, by Glenelg. dam Hayti, by imp. Australian: to A. J. Alexander 850 Bay fillv, foaled May 38, (sister to Dry Mono-pole.) by Uienelg, dam Pern, by imp. Glen-gary ; to L. A O. Straus. Lexington 800 Chestnut filly, foaled Jnne 2, by Olenelg, dam Finance, by imp. Leamington; to W. C. Good- ' loe 1,000 Bay filly, foaled April SO, by Olenelg, dam Acoustic, by Imp. Australian ; to W.C oodlo.l,500 Brown filly, foaled May 24, by Olenelg. dam .choless, by Leamington; to W. c. Goodloe .1,300 Bav filly, foaled April 13. by Virgil, dam Fair Ladv, by Imp. Glenelg; to W. M. Hendrle 600 Bay filly, foaled May 29, bvlmp. Prince fhsrlle, or Virgil, dam Alala, by "War Dance 1 to C. F. O'Mara, Brooklyn 375 Bay tilly, foalrd May 1, by Virgil, dam Fay Tempieton, by lmp.Phaeton; to Clay A Woodford goo Bav filly, foaled April 1, by VlrgiL dam Imp. Miss Kaaton, by Boapstone; to W. A. Ban-born 500 Bay filly, foaled June 7, by Imp. dSMariha, dam Pun. by Whisper; to W. B. W. Ford, Lexington, Ay 350 RAILWAY NOTES. Erik, Penn., May 7. The Directors of the Erie, Sbenango and Pittsburg Railroad met to-day at Conneautvllle, and elected officers as follows: W. W. Reed, of Erie, President; A. H. Steele, of Tirns-ville, Vice-President: K. L. Litchfield, of Conneautvllle. Treasurer, and A. L. Power, of Conneautvllle, Secretary. Fort Watx. Ind.. May 7. In tbe Alien County Circuit Court yesterday Judgment of foreclosure was rendered in favor of 11. b. Holllns, against W. K. Vamlerbilt and the Nickel Plate Rail, way Company for $281,867. The property affected, which will be sold by the Sheriff at Fort Wayne, 1 the bed ot the old Wabash and Erie canal from the Ohto Mate line to Lagro, Ind., a distance of 3.1 miles, except five mile constituting th Nickel Plate right of way through Fort Wayne. CriNCisitATl, May 7. Two railroads were sold In Covington, Ky., to-day, bv order of the United btates court, upon foreclosure of mortgages. Ono was the Kentucky and Oreet Eastern, from Mays-vuUe to Newport, consisting mainly ot a franchise and nearly tl.OOO.uOo of indebtedness. It was bought by J. L. Kirk land, of New-York, for the bondholders for a&00. The other was the Cincinnati and'Soutbeastern (the old Pound Gap) Railroad, and was sold to Henry F.Huntington for 81.000. The road has 18 miles completed, but the franchise covers 225 miles. Its indebtedness is over $300,000. WALKED JN FRONT OF THE TARGET. Philadelphia, May 7. George Laughlln, colored, sged 40, was shot by a man named Thomas Barrett this afternoon and died in the hospital a few hours later. Both men were Intoxicated, and with several other peraona. all of whom bad been driuklug freely, were In the stable yard tn the rear of a saloon at 731 Booth Front-street. Barrett wss shooting at a target with a small parlor gun, when I-auglilm walked in front of the target ana received the lata! ball. Barrett was arrested and committed to await the action of the Coroner. STOVE FACTORIES SHUT DOWN. Detroit, Mich., May 7. After endeavoring in vain to aocure the object by fomenting a strike among the stove molders, the tljree large stove mannfactorlsa of this city shut down for an indefinite period tonight. The three employ nearly 3.000 men. The simple reason 1 a large surplus of manufactured stock on hand which It ia desired to work oS. And Every Species or Itching and Uurnlng- Diseases Cured by Cutlcura. Eczema, or Salt Rheum, with Its sgonizlog Itching and burning. Instantly relieved by a warm bath with CUTICLE A SOAP and a single application of ClTt-Clra. th great Skin Cure. This repeated dally, with two or three doses of Ccticl'ba RkeOLVkrr, the New Blood Purifier, to keep the blood cool, the perspiration pure and nnirritatlng, the bowel open, the liver aud kidney active, will speedily cure Ecsema, Tetter, Ringworm, Psoriasis, Lichen, Pruritus, Scald Head, Landrail, and erery specie of Itching, Scaly, and Pimply Humors of the IScalp and r-kin when the best physicians and all known remedies faU. ECZEMA. I gratefully acknowledge a enre of Eczema, or Salt Rheum, on head, neck. face, arms, and leg for 17 years; not able to walk except on bands and knees for one year; not abl to help myself for eight year; tried hundred of remedies; doctors pronounced my case hopeless; permanently cured by the Clticlba Rkusoics. WILL MCDONALD, 2,512 Dearborn-sL, Chicago. IU. ECZEMA. Horns flv months ago I had the pleasure to Inform you of my improvement In Uie use of the C't'TI-CL KA RkMkuikS In my case of severe Chronic Eczema Erythasuatoaa. and to-day cheerfully confirm all I then aaid. I ronnuler my cure perfect aad complete, nnd attribute It entirely to your remedies, having used no other. FERN AN ESENCHAKDO, 3,306 Penna-av., St, Louis, Mo. ECZEMA. I have suffered from Bait Rheum for over eight Veara. at tunes so bad that I eould not attend to luy bnalnees for weeks at a time. Three boxe of Cirrl-cira and four bottle KsaOLVEST bav entirely Cured me of this dreadful disease. Mr. JOHS TH1EL, WUkesbarre, Pens. CtTTICCRA KEMEDIE Ar sold hy all drngglaU. Price : CX'TICCBA. 50 eta. ; htsoLvuv. l ; Soap. 25 cta. Prepared by the Pot-Ts Dsio AKP CHEMICAL CO.. Boaton. Mas. Send for Hew te Cere feata IHaemaee." HEAllTIFV th' Complexion and 6km by ' using the CCTICL'BA OAr. I CAN'T BREATHE. Cheat Peine, Knmbnea. Boreness, Harking Coagn. Asthma. Pleartsy, end Inflammation relieved 1st ene ) by the Cwticnrm Aed-fale Phtater. Nothing UA it. At drugr L la. 25 coats. Fetter Drag and Chemical Co-, Boetoa ECZER1A AMUSEMENTS. K0TES OF THE WEEK. XTtta n tlaniil ...... t ...... 1, T.,1. Tba OM TTomestead" roes on at the roartaeath-BtreeA Theatre. "The Main Line" will be thi week's play at the Harlem Theatre Comique. Mr. Boncicanlt and The Shaughraan" remain at the btar another week. Herrmann will provide the entertainment at the Grand Opera House this week. Mr. Dixey and "Adonia" eem to be as popular aa ever, and the Bijou Opera House is tilled nightly. Mile. Adele Cornalba baa returned to New-York, having finished a highly successful season of 35 weeks. Prof. Cromwell will closo bla aeriea of Pond ay night Illustrated lecture at the Grand Opera House to-night, when his subject will be Ireland and the Irish." Miss Pixley haa made anch a hit with The Deacon s Daughter." at the Cnlon-cjuare, that she Intends to hsve a " professional matinee" a week from Tuesday. " Our Society." Mr. Clinton Stuart's clever adaptation of Pallleron's bright comedy, will successfully hold the stage at tha Madison-Square Theatre until May 26. This will be the last week of " A Trip to Africa" at the Standard. - Oasparone" win he produced next week, with a handsome stage attire and a strong distribution. Mrs, Langtry will do "The Lady of Lyons" on the last three nights of the week at the Fifth-Avenue, and Clancarty" will therefore be withdrawn after Wednesday night. On account of the illness of Mr. W. J. Byam, Miss Uowell'e third reading of "Onna-linda," that was to bave been given In ("nickering Hall yesterday morning, wa postponed. " The Kindergarden" seems to be a great go at Dockstader's. Mr. Morris has recently added new songs. A youthful comedian. Master Thomas McShane, concerned In this performance, is very amusing. Miss Clara Morris will be at the Windsor this week. Her list of plays will Include "Miss Mnlton" (to-morrow and Tuesday:) "Artlole 7," (Wednesday and Thursday.) and "The New Magdalen," (Friday.) with " Camilla" lor Saturday afternoon. The photographers haTe taken tbe hint given them in The Timks last Wednesday, and pictures have been made of Mr. "otbern and Miss Archer in the turnstile scene of "The Highest Bidder," which, by the way, has been drawing large audiences at .the Lyceum Theatre all the week. Mr. Lawrence Barrett's formidable assumption of the role of Rlenil in Miss Mttford's play seems to bave struck a sympathetic chord In the popular heart though perhaps tbe boy choir struck the chord. The production, which 1 resplendent in Its pictorial features. Is certainly successful, for Nlblo's is crowded at every performance. The first anniversary of " Ertninie" will be appropriately celebrated at the Casino on Tuesday night. During the year tbe operetta ha hail 374 performance, including matinee, and It I as popular a ever. The house will be elaborately decorated with flowers for the celebration, and appropriate souvenirs will be distributed. The roof garden will soon be opened for the Summer, many changes having recently been mnde there in tne decorations and method of Illumination. Mr. Richard Mansfield will try a new lay, a stsge version of "The Strange Case of r. Jekyllaud Mr. Hyde." at the Boston Museum to-morrow night. Tbe versatile skill of the actor will be severely tested In the Impersonation of the strange dual character Invented by Mr. Stevenson. If the attempt Is successful Mr. Mansfield will present the piece In tbls city, at the Fifth-Avenue Theatre, next Winter. During bis Summer engagement at the Madlaon-Square Theatre, beginning May 30, he will be seen as an eccentric English nobleman in a new comic play by Mr. A. a Uunter. Mr. McCanll will begin his Summer season of comic opera at Wallack's to-morrow night with an elaborate revival of " The Black Hussar," tbe most popular of all the German operettas transplanted to our stage by this energetic Impresario. Mr. Hopper will be sagacious Hackenback. of course, aud Mme. Cottrelly simple-minded Barbara. Mr. De Angilis. a newcomer, will be Plflkow, Mr. Hubert Wllke Fred erick, Misses Manoia and Ellis the two mischievous girls, and there will be a large and comely chorus. "The Black Hussar" will be kept on the stage a fortnight only, and will be followed by "Falka" and "The Beggar Student." " The Pyramid," a new comic opera tho music by Charles Puerner and the libretto by Mr. Puerner and Csryt Florio will have its flrxt performance at tbe Star Theatre a week from tomorrow night. Mr. Pnemer has for some years been leader of the band at the Fifth-Avenue Theatre, and Is a cultivated and ambitious musician. Tbe fable of The Pyramid" concerns tbe adventures of two young American travelers, who have startling experiences In the tomb of Ramses XXVIL A whole-dynasty of mummies are viyltied. There Is a hint of Throphlle (iautl. rin this. Mr. Voeghtlln and M. Gaepard Maeder have painted new scenery, Mr. Jesse Williams will direct the orchestra and chorus and the principal parts will be taken by Messrs. Harry Hllllard. Paul Arthur, Frank David. Ellis Ryae. and Herbert D. Cheeley ; Mleses Addio Cora Reed, Helen Standlsn, and Rosa Cook. Mr. George Riddle has wisely and bravely recalled some words to which he gave utterance wnlle in a U; of bad temper. Here is Mr. Riddle's manly apology sent to the Boston nw- papers: "I was taught at an early age not to be afraid of acknowledging myself In the wrouir if I honestly felt myself at fault. A short time ago, while smarting under what seemed a sense of Injustice and unfairness. I was iiuiielled to write a letter which my calmer Judgment declares to hsve been Injudicious and unreasonable. Emerson says: 'The key to one riddle Is another riddle.' Will you, therefore, kindly allow me a littie space to do myself the Justice of saying publicly, and at the cost of a little pride, that I am able to bear defeat! lam not impelled to make tbls statement on account of the amount of censure I have received, but simply to satisfy my own sense of what Is proper and fitting, and to lay my service freely at Boston's feet," " As already announced, Mine. Adelina Pattl will appear lu two additional performances of Italian opera at tbe Metropolitan Oixra House next Wednesday aud Friday nights. On Wednesday tbe oiera will be "Lucia" On Friday night the programme will comprise the first act of La Traviata." the second act of Martha," (Including "The Last Rose of Summer ") and tne third act of " Aida," as well as a ballet divertissement led by Mine. Malvlna Cavalazzi. A better selection could not be made with the single purpose of exhibiting to the best advantage Pattl1 woDderful voice aud her command 0f the art of singing. Signor Mcolini will be heard for the first time this season as Alfredo and Rbadamen. Signor Gullle will be Kdgar'o ard Lionello. Signor Del Puente Eurico and Uer-mont. and Mme. Scalchi Nancy. Mr. Abbev announces that on Friday Mine, Pattl will positively make her last appearance In New-York. The season at Wallack's closed last niirht with a brilliantly effective presentation of Sberl-dans "fcchool for Scandal," true to tbe spirit of po ite English comedy in every detail and splendidly realizing tho humor aud courtliness of the play iu lu central figure, ti e Sir Peter Teazle of John Oilbert, Although Mr Wallack's season at his own theatre has dosed, however his company of actors win have three more weeks of work before the Summer vacation Tomorrow night they will begin a sene of seven performances of old comedy in Brooklyn, and on Monday, May 16, the fortnight of Mr. Wallack's company iu Mr. Daly's theatre will begin. Tbe play cbosen, "The Romance of a Poor Young Man." Is admirably suited to the stage of Daly's Theatre, and the new scenery, a charming woodland view by Mr. Goatchor aud two Interiors by Mr. Roberts, will make an appropriate setting That the performances will be successful there la no doubt. The cast will Iik IikIm Mr. Gilbert as blufl Dr. Desuiareta, Mr. Bellew as Manuel, Miss Annie Robe as Margaret, Mme. Fouls! aa Mme. Laroque, Mr. Henley as the aged privateer, and Mis Helen Russell as Mile. Helouln. On Tuesday afternoon the important dramatic performance at tbe 8tar Theatre take place to commemorate the completion by Charle V. alter Couldock of.50 years of hard work ou tbe The eTent nt'y honor a worthy man and efficient artist, and it ought to bring into his purse a substantial sum of money. The name of touldock has been prominent In tho theatrical records of this couutry for 88 years. He made his first appearance hern. In the old Broadway Oct. 8, 149. acting tbe Strauger to the Mrs! Haller of Charlotte Cnshman. 1 11 those days his list of characters Included Lenr aud Macbeth. St. Pierre, Master Walter, Benedick. Jaques, and Wolacy. He first acted Luke Fielding. In "The Willow Cop," at tbe Walnut-Street Theatre. Philadelphia, May 14, 185-J, and was seen for the first time as Louis XL st Laura Keene's Theatre In September IS.) He was a popular "star" for manr r..r. .r' ing these character as well as Iu Verne't. in "The Advocate:" Bob Tyke in Tk, i.., 1 .. Corner." His fine portrayal of Diimtin during Atu.v.u., i luuny, in " 1 ns 1 h I m n v the long ruu of Harel Klrke" at the Madlsoo-Bquare is well remembered. The tory of his career Is one of dJLrenee. ramoslne, and well directed effort. Mr. Couldock completed his seventy second year April 21 The programme arranged for hia benefit Is long and the performance will be remarkably interesting. Tbe veteran will confine his own energies to a recitation of " The Vagabonds." Edwin Booth will appear in Aet III. of - Hamlet;" the screen scene in " Tbe School for Scandal" will be given bv John Gilbert as Sir Peter. Robert Mantell a Charle, John H. Barnes as Joseph, aud Fanny Davenport a Lady Teazle; Uvrts Barrett and hi company will do the tent scene of "Julius C.vAr," and the third act of The Rivals" will Introduce Jieph Jefferaon as Rob Acres, Mr. John Drew as Mrs. Malaprop. James O'Neill a Sir Luelu. Kyrle Bellew as Jack and Annie Kobe as Lydia. TICTORT. FOR TBE PRINCETONS. BAirntoBjr, MtL, May 8. The Princeton lacrosse team defeated the Baltimore to-day by a acree4 3 tol la th six game plaved between the two club during the last three year, this is the Arst gam won by th Priucwaa. GEO. C. FLINT CO. mam ONE PRICE CASH. LVEXPEXSIfE AND ELEGANT, Wnndartnuy handsoen ar .our new oak and cherry Bed. iroom Salts, In nation style, richly carved, aad enly tg: BEDROOMS. and other In solid oak, eight pieces, at g22. Also, In mahogany, syeameve. haxeL Ac j aome rarely stylish pattern a. For rilnfn tmtni k.L. - r - nir IMIillini are Early English and Colonial jstylee, and la the we ar 'making a lare and iTMnM DIMXG K00.U3. ally attractive exhibit at yary moderate pricea Slrieboarue. 10 an . lleather Dining Chair, t3. Jte. Those looking for Parlor Far- nislang! should see our preeeat design in Suits, the od.tat, quaintest (hapv, yery hand- seme, and In elegant coverings, S0 to flat ind upward. Alae, PAKUUlaS, die. I we make a specialty ot good tor Bummer use, lew la price light and elegant in coostruo- Uon. Willow and Rattan Good-. Settees. Couches. Eay Chair do. To Architects. Builder, aaa others. Wood Mantel. Iala!4 Floors, Cabinet Work, and Interior Decorations mail U order from apneial designs, al r-ECORaVTIONS. our factory, 134, 156 Waal 19th st. if Buy of the Maker." GEO. C. FLINT GO,, 104, 106, ASP 103 WEsT 14TH.ST. Before the Wedding and while yon are wondrrlnj; what to give, do not fall to examine tny stock of DCPL1CATE WEDDI.NO PRESENTS, and you will be kure to find just what you want and say from lO to 60 per cent. To those living; ont of town or an able to wlslt my store, I will send a box containing a choice selection of gifts tn Solid Silver and of the beat makers, such aa TIFFANY, GOB HAM, WHITIXU, and math uiadcg their wholesale prices. J. H. JOKNSTOH, lflO Bower) , !V. V. Send me your duplicate presents nnd I will bay or exchange them for more serviceable articles. If you will expreaa me your empty allverware caaea I will aend eertl fled check for their cash value. J. H. JOHftSTON, 150 Ilotvery, . Y. Duplicate Wedding- Presents bong-lit, sold and exchanged. Diamonds. In baytnz Iuplleate Wedding Pre ents I also buy all the really fin diamond offered me. 1 have none but one good, carefully matched pair, ranging from 60 to 3, 000 J Lace Pins, Itln, ett ., (10 to $2,000. Biirsn are assured tbat my prices are ruidi below wholesale rates. J. H. JOHNSTON 150 Hemcry, V. SO Tear LYDIA E. Kecord PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE CQMPQUKO, PotUWeCar .L o t-ca PsnfJI S CorrpUr4! rA csed t'OUDt sr.4 nstsct SO cymrron ur W , atco--, ghte.-s. will nr entirriy oori rtaa vr vatfiArJ roaMas, iiiflam ma- tiue. e- I Ur tioa. rjUif ast XHjjJacesicat. (T BaJraa, d is partleajariy - A M , i A tn f.-. Ths Womnn'i Sure Friend e hj'. -Atinu, it wax r rrarons avi'iic!. orrRaTir-Tcs oa cms Cajicva.atrrrr wax croat 11.1. nir'nn'"'.' ' rr a ASM XT TTH TUX LAW OT .TTM. n"TLT yU or sc YXJtr) now, car-sura ritv. e kittfrr atcLACfaa, B XLwaTs rnnunuTLr mxt bt its rir. AT-Held ky Drn csrlsts. Price 9 1 per bottle. Krs. Plikkam's Llrsr fill cur contti nation. ic. FIRE-PLHCES: An entirely new Une ef UliF.-Fl A( l of lb snoet elrannt sad extensive variety ef deaisiM, in BRAM, BRONZE, AMI I BUM, freea the c keenest te tne meet exveoalvc, ever shows la this country , at greatly reduced price. J. G. Conovcr & Co., 28 & 30 WEST 23D-ST. NOTHING LIKE IT! Price from 60c to $7. Head fur circulars. " Tale Triumph," warranted unconditionally. YALE FOUNTAIN PEN CO., l-2 WliXlA.n.KT. 3EW.YOHK. TU CP.WWJI OFFICK OF TUK TIM Its l.'i BROADWAY. Advertise aaeaus received maxU P. at. 1-T 'sy V? It K 1 J ,( M ft L il J ! t X A1LTA IT

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