The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1947 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1947
Page 18
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PAGE EIGHTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, WAY 29, !f)47 Lore Bug's Bite Blamed for Extortion Notes Wiitten by Alabama Man HUNTSVILIjE, Ala., May 29. (UP) — A 33-year-old sales clerk today was held here under $5,000 bond on charges of writing three extortion notes demanding $500 in each from his former employers so that he "could get married." Dry Melvin Tliomason of New Hope, arrested by the FBI, pleaded guilty to violating .the federal extortion act In a preliminary liear- ing before U. S. Commissioner Claud Pipes. , The notes — sent to State Rep T. Herman Vann of New Hope nnd to Paul M. Means, manager of ttie montgomery ward store — threatened bodily barm to their families, the FBI said. cently as a sales clerk for Montgomery Ward Co.. and he formerly worked for Vann In a similar capacity at New Hope. He told officer's that "I just wanted to borrow 'he money to be married on" and I ha 1 . "I did not cntend to hurt anyone.' Officers would not reveal ih< name of his fiancee. Arkansas Man Elected To High Masonic Office 'ATLANTIC CITY. N. J., May 2'. (0P!—Karl Rex Hammers. 82 Pittsburgh, yesterday was imam mously elected imperial notentat of the Shrine of Nortn America a Its T3rd annual convention in scs sion here. Others elected today included: Roland D. Baldwin, Jacksonville, Fla., imperial high priest and prophet; Rcnunie L Arnold, Petersburgh, Va., imperial 2nd ceremonial master .and Walter C. Guv. Little Rocit, Ark., imperial captain of the guard. .**& She Obeyed That Impulse FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Ilwy Gl at Stattf Line Phone Itlylhevillc 714 Itaid Courier News Wunt, Ads. "Instead of spending so much fixing this old car, we ought to buy a new one—then wo could save enough to buy some new clothes and look like somebody!" Lewis Griflin W Douglas U S ambassador to Great Hrilain, receives n nearly kiss from Mrs. Elizabeth rinin. 06. wife of n retired miner, after his visit lo the Dcnaby mine pits, Doncaster. FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MEKLULL BLOSSEH Just Look! ©BY MATtEL HOWE raaNHI DI5IRIBUICO BY NEA SERVICE. I By MATEEL HOWE FARNHAM * T1IK STOnYl I vrnn oft I fcoBrdlnjT krKuiil ivhirii <H*rJ4 went lino M iltlkcr of i-xi-lti-im-n over IW fuMi-rnl tiC >-|>UIIK ll »<•« Tolllvtr, «» fliilinriile «k« • anlKlin* RtliUed l.y hi* nidllH • nd i.l«lrrn itml ituw fctHmn «hr Tulllvt-r ulrl"' iH-lml !» (M«ru<> •wlrlj'. l ; l< <0 OL:I! t)Mi 1 fcnd nvvrr hcnrd *.f lluhr • r liny ill lh« olhcr TiiUlvr wfcn wrre in Lrrumt- our toivit mn«l fiiiumii fiimlly. 1'iKl. wrole «hi-y urrc iii-imllrNa in- rdnirrn ivhn hnJ rrutfU Oil- on the Iluherl h!«l Blr> UHltrlle — ivrr npi-nlr tu:iklii i mill iiulli-M iti S;nri Whrii I .- uriirlNc party. Tl/TSS. TOLL1VER and Amy cam -'•*'• hurrying out ot the dining room. In a moment the Jour 'J'ol- livcr's had surrounded mo. They admired ray while silk shawl, they exclaimed over my dress, my sash, my bag. Amy, I found, was a colorless copy of her two younger sisters. Taken alone, she might have been considered pretty, but the contrast with the twins was too great. Instead of a natural resentment Amy seemed to thrive on a vicarious enjoyment of her sisters' triumphs, quite as it she had been 'their mother" instead of their sis"The doorbell rang. Leah gave me a prompting glance. "Why, it looks like a parly. How lovely! Father didn't tell me." "Only a lew ot yoxir dearest friends, the ones who couldn't possibly wait lo see you," Annabelle said. .1 felt a little embarrassed for my host?, wondering how they would grnet these friends of mine who had for many months ignored or snubbed them. I nccc not have worried. Every girl was told ho'w pretty or stunning or lovely she looked, every boy young man welcomed as if jus borne from the ivars. Cousin Sam nnd Mr. Nelson vere the last arrivals. I had once aid that Cousin Sam looked like soured and disgruntled Billikin. Jow he was tubbed and rosy and jeaming. His faded brown hair vus combed hair by hair to cover iis bald spot. Mr. Nelson was nagniliccnt in a white silk suit. Of the two 1 had always preferred Sam, not because he was my cousin, but because lie v:as easy to lalk to. Nelson just stood around looking handsome and dignified and as if he expected to Ijo entertained. He was the kindest man in tlic world and the most thoughtful. But foi- the life of me I could never think of a thing to say. to him. So I v.'ss both, envious ami cha- glined to find that Annabelle Tolliver not only chatted with Nelson with llic ureatesL ease, but was able lo inspire him, not to chatter —heaven forbid—but to make an occasional, weighty remark. [ongs. I was relieved that Sam nnd Flora were there with leather mid Amy and thought no more about it until around ten o'clock, when Sam came up I" me ami asked me crossly where Florabelle was. "I thought she was with you." "Well, she isn't. I haven't seen lev for an hour or more." It wa:i some time before anyone ccAild find FJoraljclle.. Finally Amy brought her in from the kitchen, where she claimed to have been helping dear kind l^cah with the dishes. I knew without l.cah's tellini; me that Flora in all her lincry had not been in the kitchen washing plates. She must have been out in the dark somewhere; with Hob Fin- ncran. lie had slipped away stealthily about an hour before and only just put in a reappearance. RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKI5 OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. Wo PHONE 2642 C:ill for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Api'lwnc* Co. i^rithori'.cil Motorola Radio Sati'.s and Servico 106 South First St Today's free MOM Itccoril WHAT ARE YOU GETTING RED IM THE f-ACE ABOUT, , SUGAR? „, '/->> J'\ \ T.TAVINC5 seen the parly off lo n 1 full start, the Tollivers had the vit to leave us alone. Some of ns alhercd around Ihe old-fashioned quare piano in the front parlor nd sang. Others paired off in the iinly lit back parlor or on the tairs. Father had preempted the ibrary, where lie held forth on he iniquities of Theodore Roosevelt to Mrs. Tollivcr and Amy's chorus ot appreciative- oil's and ih's. Annabelle and Nelson were n the swing on tile front porch; TOIU the piano 1 could see the jack of their heads, very close logelher, and hear Annabclle's occasional light and delicious laugh. Sam and Flora lingered behind I when we left the dining room. T .>'jl ! presently Snm could no Xuiger stand Father's loud anci unrestrained aspersions ort his idol, and with FlorabcIIe on his arm he bounced into Ihe library and straight into argument. Hetwecn songs I could hear the two of them coiim at it hammer and OiMEONK, Annabelle I think, suggested ttuvt \ve all wal 1 - •oiiiid Ihcj block, .nnd most of lid. H was a warm night, HI.. we went without wraps, linking inns, walking four abreast. lUaud- ie and I each have a sense of play, and we encourage each other to act the fool. This evening we guided our nuartct into the middle of the empty street ami started Ihe Floradora sextet. In a few minutes most of the others U:UL! joined in. H was all very '*«* anil innocent. But as we came under a street light at the corner I saw Sam and Flora, Annabelle and Nelson, tching us from the sidewalk. Annabelle was laughing and applauding, Nelson was benign and admiring. Flora wore a strained little smile, but her eyes were hungry. One little while-shod foot kept time to the melody. Cousin Sam looked annoyed w\ a little waspish ami held V>or;-. tight by the arm. I was In a .Hidden rage against Sam. lie might have let Flora (lance at her own party, might have allowed her to be happy and gay and lighthearted the little while she ct,ulu. From that moment I was passionately on Flora's side, no matter what happened. A good deal did liappcn in a ve.i'y short time. 1 (To Me Conllmicrt* Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CIIAS. TUTTNER BILL WILSON River Sand and Gravel Delivered to You Call A. H. Webb Phone /14 Radio Repair ,ul- our collude •xpcrls ku'jp vorking with service . . . no job loo ittle of too bitf! Sjiccial- sl,s in fh;iiiKfi-oviH; -from IwUury tii ulucLric set. Musical Instrumen Supplies and Kcpairs . . . Special orders handled promptly. Cit'L Goods — Office Supplies — Variety Hums Call Sll J. Mel I Brooks Jr. 107 K. Main St. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE -NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 VB/HAT HILDA MEANS IS THAT LOOKING AT YOU IS A LITTLE OVER POVVERIMG/ SUPPOSE IS, , GIMME A BUZZ: SOME TIME, HILDA, IF TOO WANT A YOU TOO, PAT- 1 MIGHT FIND A LITTLE TIME POP- YOU NEXT WEEK I CHAMBLIN SALES CO., In! Sales STUDEBAKER Service Curs uiul trucks (if mitUundm!; ([li;ilily and ccnnniny. Studeljiikcr builds cars and trucks lliiit can lake; it. ASK tliu mun Hint OWNS one! Simirnt-r lioal is tmu;h on c;tr:i ;'.ncl trucks — k'L our skilled mechanic: handle your cur when in need of attention Promptly and rxpeitly! Faot()i-y-A|)])nn r !-(l Methods an; employed for all service and repair work— Complete Truck Repuir:; Made Any Modfl. i:,\i'i-:i;T I'AINTIXC: AND IIODV (.'riinplctl- (if Slmll-liiikiT I'nrls, Scut C.'nvrrs, Vax U^llts. Electric Clucks, liuiniier Cuiirils, Truck Itcllcttiir I-'liurs, lotteries, Tires and Tuljcs. We Buy Good Late Model Cars 1 , . CHAMBLIN SALES CO., Inc. 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COME IN. 3UST FINISHING- WORK ON Mrt M 7ROVED FORM t A "HESE SKUWKS WOU'T SET MNNH! TOO BUSY. BESIDES, ID STUCK. THM YW OF COC>IING VTASriC. WHICH - HMtDENcO ZEFOUE HE CAME TO 1 . HED KYDEK Lots of Takers BY V. T. HAMLIK ALLEY CK)1> Th;il Dcics I! V. T. ] I AMI, IN HA.VS YOU RE.- E5TA9LISHEO CONTACT WITH 1 OOP VE.T VIC FLINT In HY MTCHAKI. O'MALLKY and UALl'H LANE wound op my gift shopping with some e-man cigars for Iitspisctor Growl. , U51B! IIA1JD, CENVTR. IF VOO DON'! GET THIS MSA1GHT, YOU MIGHT MftVE SOWE M1SO IUCX. Sn a gymnasium not far IF THEY'RE S1RON& W mat's us NICE A CIGAR A4 \CU CAN BUY, SIR-- RMtTICUlAI»l.Y tF^ YOUR END LIKES THEM ENOUGH, THEY'RE BCXJND TO BE GOOD i ENOUGH. MAIL THE TO THIS ADDRESS. HiM OL!T OP THAT H'.SHT O'.i'.C«f A PLICK Cr* THE AND. IVHTOMORROW IS MEMORIAL DAV... BUV "- BUDDY POPPY BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES T.ct's Hear BY TODGAR MARTI*

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