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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Sunday, May 1, 1887
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A BIQ DAY FOR BASEBALL NEW GROUNDS. XIQBTKCjr THOCIAXD EKTHCS! A.ST8 CB1EB THEIR mil FOR DEFKATIMO TBS KEW-TOBK YISrTORA, . PHlLUELFHiA,April 30. The new grounds ef Oa rfeU4!pfclft BaarkAll Club, at BroacVstxeat and Lsalga-arauaa, vara opened thU afternoon, m4 a8.0OO peopl vn present to witness the Inltla. pu Th figures era bu4 upon fair aod .(Bctal calculation, and tbe crowd was no Jliuihlut I . W .. 1. a. . at. & la - of beawbell tn thU rlty. Among ths guests were a a . . . .... --. . vv nun m cdmihk or wun " f order prevailed, and ere the umpire u trtod wit etrBsldsraUou. Tbs soeommoda-UoM m perfect, tba pUring skillful, and the Mutoi altogether a mot anjoyable one. Every street ta Philadelphia seemed to lead to .ttw rmaivla. Tba street ears carried (Teat TwwdJL He rod oa tba roof and hang to tba -' dashboards. When tba ear reached tba grounds tba aerambbt was ao treat that men Jumped through tba car window In their eagerness - to get good seats, livery ear on tie different lines was praaeed Into 'acrtlo, and tTsry arailabla am Ploy a waa pot on to eolleot (area or drive tba aorsea. : Hundreds of carriages, furniture vans, aod Aurkafr fiioni did a driving business, and many people walked all tbe way to the grounds. The lieadlng and Pennsyvanle Railmade ran apaclaJ trains, lns tralus of tha Pennsylvania - afjintiaJ atlaMiaiitii Jnnaflirii hjtftWMtn 1 K TA de'tloek and 14 on tba Beading at tba bail around. a-. ... . a - . Kaa ka.l V A wtuse w uw rvu uu mmm nut ua. wu nam Job a getting in. Men struggled, and pushed, aud equeesed to reach the ticket windows. Bull no beaVa ware broken, and everybody who wanted to BDand aanarter or a half dollar menaced to get tit. But it took a good man all tbe after noon to aecompiian tueir undertaking. The Bwa who hadn't eeoured UekaU bad to vet la Uue at tba pavilion ticket window, and that Una was a square long for two hour. Politician, broker, bankers, la wyere, merchant, gamhlera, and all aorta and condition of man were lammed acalnat each other, and tba turnatlle wouldn't - la., Iha ava... la. , .a.a.-Aaa a. a. -- Wat .4-1 a wMim rvyra u tawimraj mm i m , mm um w-avftai were sold. Tbe eatfanee for ladlee waa at tbe eoreer of firteentb and Hantlnirdon treeta. iae laaiea awn t nave to pay, and walked up tallaa. an a, wt 1 (i.m - M a... n hai n.naH ,ff eata at tbo north end of the parllion. There were about boo woman preoent. and many of them were In atnnnlng eoatumea. Bo far aa tba Pblllirs were concrrned. It waa a regular old-lime batUnc game. In which runa.- ' were moaa or uia uee 01 mnacuiar power and eraftr base rnnninc Keefa nr-ed . mM Hie - BKiii, uut lb eveuiea impuwuio lor mm to pi ion a nail the Philadelphia batsmen aould not bit safrly. Lat Tharmlay, In the first ehamvtunahlD cima at New-York. Keefe held tbo Fhllllaa down to Are safe hits. To-day fiat aatak 1 -.- -ak a, a t I a. U am m mm ifBivm iut ..v.. whb m hpih u& a. a baaea. which Included a home rnn and Ore two- baser. In tbeeicbth Innlnc, which was afterward eat froes the score, tbe home team hit klm for four two-baser ud a single. Dally led tba Phillies at tbe bat for two doubles. vmw vi ajF aaawwwis w mm auv iuupDe ui w vi uo srama. Focartr hit safely three times, and Wood, altar making a elude, lifted the ball over tberlcht Held frnce, winning a suit of clothes fr making tba first borne ran on the new ' grounds. Ferguson oreanied tbe box for the Phlladel- Shla. It was bis first championship game, and a waa expected to do vreat work. The only one of the 17ew-Yorker who hit him bard was Ew1n, who sent the ball over tbe centre Held ren twice for borne runs. Tba other rlicbt aianta were pigmies in Fergu son's hand, aud tbe six bits tbey made Between mem were wiaeiy scaiterea. i er-guson's support was nut what it should have bean, and a majority of the error maoa ny toe heme team counted in run for tha visitor. " Andrew' mi troubled him, and soma time he would send tbe ball over a player's bead, aud at other time it would fall abort. Thrre ware only two good eatebea made In tbe game, Tiernsn's, while ao-lnjr Into tha centra field crowd, and Daily's, a fly bit from Ewlna: captured after rnn- . ln from deep centre Held to Just behind aeeond base. Clements' play behind the ni was me leaiurs 01 me came, tie neia toe Glanta tiahtly to their baea, and thev attempted Ho risky running while be bandied the ball. 'arguaua lost bis head onoe, throwing tha ball to the some plate instead or to nrt base. F nearly had nothlna: to do on third, and Wood la left field was also left out In the cold. Tbo Mew-Yorker played bravely, but tbey bad a aoft spot on third base. Besides mlsainir a harp grounder and murDnir an easy fly Rlcbard-. sou aacleeted to cover the baa on two one salons when CVKourao mtabt have thrown a runner out. Ward and Keefe mlsaed two chances each, and theae were all tbe errors made. Ewlna on aeeond and Connor on first ei pec laity ulatuv gulabed themaelTea. Tba Fhlliiaa fell upon Keefa In tba first Inning, - and nine bite and nlna runs ware made. Kmch Uuaker made a safe hit aa be same ta the bat. and eight of tha runs were earned. In the third Inning Keefa waa pounded again. Ferguson opened with a two-baser, Forarty and Andrews tsad ainalea, Dalley followed with a two-baser. and then wood sent tha ball out of aiarhtovar ten neia lenee. tfamnton waa sent to nrat on ball. Farrar made a two-baser, and tha 8 runs made were all earned. This aocvunta for . tba 15 runs for Which tha Phillies are riven aredlt, but in their eighth Inning tbey earned morernne, Tha New York made ona bit in tbe first Inning and A run. Kwlna- waa muffed bv Kajrrar. Wri. iwnau nrat on a mispiay oy g ercuaon. u Kourae a a wito in row oy jiententa, umespie made a , - foroe bit. which did not count, and Hlohardaon hit safely to right for one base. Ewlng made ' his borne runs in the fourth and sixth innings by kite over centre field fence, and In tbe , firth VBourka made a ran on hi own hit, a double by QlheaDl and Andrews's wild throw. In tba seventh a wild throw by Andrews and alaalea by Ktobardaoa and Tiernaa let la 8 runs. ' Jew-York earned a run on Want's two.baaer atid Connor's slnjrle In tha eicbth. and two were at, when darkneea stopped fanner play. Tba core, going back to tha seventh Inning, la aa Ktuowei ran. m. l.r jntw-TORX. a. la. ro. a. a. rfsjy,b.S 1 Elu. 8db.S ! ? 0 10 1 I 4 1 Ward, a a .1 O ConDor.latb U IrwiB, a s...l BaalBtoa.rXI Farrar, I b..l Wraaea. Cmeata,a,.l 0 OUlespleTLtl Doraaa, r. Klcb'aon.Sb.1 Keefe. D 0 Tleraaa. c t .0 Ttal.....ll311 7 TotaL 9 11 SI IS 7 Philadelphia .....9 0 6 0 0 0 015 Kew-Yark. 4 0 0 1 1 I H 9 Xaned raas Phlladalnhla. Hi Nav.Yark. .1 Two base hlte Aadrewa, Dally, S; Farrar, Kerruaon, sLwinc. uuieapie. ueaie raae wooti a.wing, . Doable play Ward, awing and Oonnor. Htcbsrd-soa. Ceaaer aad CSHoarka First baae an balls fcalBetoa. Fergaaoa, GUlesBle. First base ea er- SKIN TORTURES Th&t Defy all other Remedies Speedily cured by Cutlcura. afCMILIATlXO XrnpUoaa. Itching and Burn. tag kia Tertarna. Iarhsoma Sores, and very Specie of Itching. Scaly, Pimply. laherlted. Scrot- nleaa, aad Ooalagteas Diseases of tba Bloed. 8kia and noalp, with Less at Hair, from Infancy to eld f age, are positively eared by CtrncuaA, the great Blla cars, aad Cittjcvsa Boar, aa exquisite Bkln ' Beantllar, axUrnally, aad CtmcusA KJtaoivixr, la new Blwsd Purifier, Uteraally. COTKKKD WITH NORES. - I bare been aflUetrt slaoe last March with a akin ' llssais the doc tan called Fen a. My face was , severed with scabs aad sores, aad the itching aad '' burning were almost unbearable. Peeing your CVTKVSA RlKJtDlia ao highly recommended, eon- . eluded te give them a trial, aslng the Cvticl a and . Cvtkvba SOar eateraally aad Rksoltut lateraal- - y, tar tear months. I eall myself cared, la graU- lade aar which I make thla pnbUe atatemeat. Mrs. CLARA A. FKEDKKICE. SbOaO BaoOK. Ooaa. . SCALP. VACS. KARA, AXD RECK. I waa afillratd with Eeaema ea the scalp. earm. aaa aeca. watua ae ariiggia, waere lt year reateaiea, pruneeaoee one ei toe worst last bad eM aader hie aettea. Ua adrlaad try year cunciaa Kaaiauus.aad attar av use my eeelp aad par ef my lace wore ea oared, aad I hope la aaethor week te have Bay days' tuely a. . tteee. aad ta einer pan ei er iaoe careo. . HaJtMAN SLA DE. ltd KaST 4TB-aT, Kaw-TOBS. rrCUIKO DIMKAHEH CVRIO. CrTOl U standi at the head ef Its slsas, eaperlaTly t this taeeaae with the CvncvaA oar. Mavefcad aa naeeaaliv geed sate this euuner, ewtng te tae pro ! mt an agg ravatad term ef tveh throoga Sweae WrailtMe la te ceaatry. ta waieb the Ctn- CtiSA stanatxas araveii sataicry. , . W. 1. ilAMDlOO. Draggtst. wsajarvwa, ay, CTTICTKA KEMTDIEA. Are eM by ,aU draggista Price: CrncraA. SO aentai MBaot.swT. St i aoir ss esaita. Porraa Xaui abb Cmbsucai. Mk, Boesaa. Bead tar " Haw . Car aAia Dtiaa1 TIP A TTrTrT lh oeap'loa and skin by nalag a1 a-1 Um Ct-Ttcviu i wry rotaa, uwaua, eeiatie, sei J Beer aad Sbaasiaa: Paias rU LIm mmm ilaate bv tea rati-parm A raVartwesess Cane. I tail. Atdraggtsta HlMSU. jwfcaet iJM and thsaal! Oa, Beat , ma-Pbiladerpbla, 8Y Kew-Terk. ft. Straek ent Hew.Yerk. . Paeaed balla-O-Rmirta. . Wild pitches Keats, S. Tuae of gams Two Man and lerty atlaale. Dajptrs U r. rmn Baring won two games from tbo bono elab Prealdeot John B. Day, of tba h'ew-York came over with his men to tbem win tbe third. He was disappointed but tnoa it rood aaaoredly. Mr. lav was accompanied by bis wife and C. E. Dllllngham,Ba director of tba rial Uag orranlxa- nun, waa in use aooa ooHipany. iiw Bhlelda, William Van Cote, and Klebolss Bngel were alee of tha party, ana tney u went tn the rhearnnUHtreet Onera Honao in tha evening, aa tbe goreta of tbe Philadelphia Club. Charlee U. Byrne, who la nmuy convmcoa taet ha baa tha rnmlur amerlcaa Aaaoclatloa cnamptoaa In bts Brooklyn nine, thought It was pretty xood bail playms; and waa enchanted with tba gronnds and its aoeommodatlona. DETROIT WIX8 AGAIN. IXDLiBAroua, Ind.. April 80. Tba third game of tbe aerie between the Indianapolis and Detroit Club waawltneeeed by S.0OO people. Healy pitched for tbe beoe teem aad Twltcbell for the Detroit. n-tti w.n, naateailr. ivtna nsnr baaea en balla. The eattlaa mi beih ieama waa heavy, the honors la lala r peel aeiaa rarrwi oh 07 vvauj ana poa bora tor iDdlanapella aad Dunlaa and Tbotupaoa for the Detroit, ecoret nttTBorr. alar.o.x. BTrniAirrTJa a. Dualap. lid b. 4 9ieerr, L f....l J 0 I Hew, s. a . .3 3 0 7 0 OluVk, a at 3 4 S I Hrtb'ra Wlb3 211 1 SjDeany. 8b . .3 4 4 1 1 Th m aaa r Ll 4 10 0 Sb ba'a.Utb 1 8 8 0 0 Oaasal. 1 f.e.l 3 4 1 OMGeiyefO 0 3 3 0 White. Sdb.l 1 0 0 Baaelt,2db.l 0 13 0 H anion, c. t.l 110 8;JabtiL r. I...I 1 I o . BennetLr.1 f 1 S -3 1 1 ArundeL e... 1 3 1 S 0 Twltcbell, p. 3 3 0 3 O.Heely, p 3 3 0 0 0 Total. 14 J 37 18 9' Total 13 17 34 10 6 kClCi SOORKD EACH wsixa Detroit. 8 4 0 0 0 0 0 7 ..-14 Indlauapolla. 0 0 0 0 4 0 1 1 &-U WfMaa --. Taal.aaiu.IU A . TaMit Twa. MIHwU IwUBT'lilUUaHnpvua, i we,iwa, a. v- v baas bit White, tkery, Bhomberg, 3; Han loo. Thompson, Oansel. Three-baae hit Rows, Thompson. Uoms ruus Dunlsp, Hanion. Deonr. Double play uiaaacocs to uaaeen v annmoerjf. f ir,i base en balls feeery. 8; i la .acock, Bhombera. Baa-aatt, C'ahlll, ArnndsL Bennett. Dan lap. Bronth-ers. White. Bit by pitched ball Healy .3; Arundel, Haomnerg. r trst paae oa errors inaianapotia at Detroit, la Biroci owi eooaiD-irB;. aiiiii, uuu.Mp. PaaMdballa Arnndal. 1 1 OanseL 1. Wild Bitcbee Twltcbell, 1. Time Two hours and tea minute. Umpire Mr. Doeacher. FIRST GAME AT PITTSBURG. Pittsbcko. Penn., April 80. The League ehamplonablp waa opened la this city to-day after being postponed two days oa account of bad weather. A procession through tha two cities and a band con cert at Recreation Park preceded the gam. A line day attracted over apeetator wno Deeeme almost wild with excitement when tbe PlUabura took the lead In tbe first Inning and held It throughout tbe aame. The playing ol bo lb club was orvuiaai. Boore: Chicago. 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1-3 rtttauurg i o w v i u e Earned rnna Pltuburc. S: Chicaco. 3. Two-base bite McKlnnon. Anson, Pfeffer, 3. Three-baae hits Ualrymple, McKlanoo, wnituay, Buiiiran. ioodi Rlay Kmltlt, Berkley, asd McKlnnon. First baae on alia iMlth Ulllar U n m a A n win R1t t,V nIt'.haMf ball Coleman. Pfetfer. rlrat bass on balk Whitney. First bsse on error Pittsburg, 1. Btruck ont By riarkaoo,; by Oalvln. 3. Paed balla Miller. 3; Daly, 1. Time of frame One hour and thirty-live minutes, empire -r. uueat. BATTING RECORDS BROKEN. St. Louis, Ma. April 30. The Browns broke tbe record UMlsy against Morrison, making 86 sin gle baaea, with a total of 87 baaea The game was Ion; drawn oat, and Its monotonr was only relieved bv tha Browns' phenomenal luaainc. O'Neill dla. tlnxuiabed himself by matins two borne runs and a iwu-MMrcer, a total 01 1 1 oaaea in tne nim anu eixui Inning a record unprecedented. Boore: Bt. Loula 0 4 3 ft 9 8 0 028 Cleveland. 1 0 1 0 S 0 3 411 Earned rant Rt Lonla. 14. Cleveland. 5. Two- base hits ftleaeoo. O'Neill, Font. (2.) Mann. (3;) Three-baa hits Latham, O'Neill. Fonts. Caruthera: Home runs O'Neill. (3,) Comlakev, (1.) McKean.d.) First base en balls O lesson, (4.) O'Neill. (1,) Welch, 1 1 . ) Ceru there. ( 3. ) Bvlv. veater. (3.) Hotallnic tl.) Allen. Hit bv pitched ball-Welch, struck out By 'onta. 1. Paaaad balla Bonbons'. 3: Beinachlaaer. 8. BV roota, 1. Pasaod balla Bnabona, 8; Baipachlaaer. 8. Wla a.l.xl.a.. I.' .. a 1 . .J .. nl ...... K nlma. .., n. a Two hour and forty minutes, umpire Mr. Cuth- nert. WON BY TWO FIELDERS. Wabhikgtox, April 80. Fully 5,000 people wltneaaed the second gam between the Washington and Boston Club here to-day and were rewarded by a most Intereatmg aod exciting con teat. Tbs Bos- tees ont batted the Washlnxtons but made mors errors. Their victory was due to the marvelous nsuung ox tiornung ana joanaton. ocore: Washington 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 14 Boston. 4 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 ..8 Earned runs Boeton. 3: Washington. S. Two- base hits WUe, Morrill. Kelly. Double plays Burdock. Wise, aad Morrill (3.1 Ollltrkn and Don. nelly. First baa on balls Horn unc. Wlae i2.)Mor- rui, nnaw. rirat oaae on errors Boston, t : waan- ugton. a. Biraca oat By ntemmyer, 1: oy einsw, 6. Time of game Twe hour. Umpire Mr. Wilson. GAMES IN OTHER CITIES. Baltimore, April SO. Mays waa batted bard and often to-day. and th Metropolitan fielder played In wretched form, allowing the Baltimore team to win wiu ease, ocoie : Balttmore 3 S 5 0 3 1 1 S 8-21 Metropolitan 1 001231008 Base hits Baltimore. 34 1 Metropolitan. 11. Er- rore Baltimore. 6; Metropolitan, Id. Earned rune Uaiumura, lUj Matrupoutan, s. PHiLAOBLrHiA. April 3a For seven inninn to-day Tltoomb wis entirely too much for the Brooklyn player. After the eighth, however, he weakened. Fortunately for the Athletics, tbey had seenred a rood lead, and the Brooklvna ware unable to ovsroome It. The batting of Btovey and the naming ei oiita were tne leatures. eitovey wss nun m tne sixtn inning, jtuiugan laxing ill place. noore: Athletle 3 0 0 4 0 0 1 3 010 Brooklyn 0 100010039 l. ..a. V. I, a A ItilaM. ID. Cm., In 1ft T7 .it" ihiomviMi wtwrniju, a a. . au uui Ataiotic, tt; urooxiyu. . atamec runs Athletics; uroouyn, . Ktw-Hivnr. Conn.. April 30. Yale Freshmen. 10; weeieyaarresnmen, 7. NOTES ON TWE GAME. Tbs Brooklyn and Bridgeport will play at the Rldgewood Grounds this afternoon st 8:30 ecioca. Tbe Clnolnnatls failed to put In an appearance on th Loolarllle Ground veaterdar. harlna been detained by a railway accident The umpire awarded in game to tne nome cino w to u. Tbe Vernon played the B. A. Club on tbe Ath letic Gronnds, In Brooklyn, yesterday, defeating them 13 to 11. The Vernon will plav the State laland Athletlcaon Mar 11, and the Barren Points on May 14. They will receive challenge from clubs with inclosed gronnds, and res aad to 453 Lalayette- avnue itrooaiyn. ASKiya tor sptciridTioss. S. B. Eaton, who wants s bill of particu lar of the falsehoods alleged to have been made it bis annual report of the American Opera Company died In January last at Albany, got a stay of proceedings yesterday In tbe City Court in the action brought against him by Jessie Watson, and aeked that she specify In uer oumpiaiui wuat sue means oy tne void "otnerwise" arter giving six item in which the renort la alleged to lie fale. In tbe suit of Mme. Emr Fursch-Madl againat Cbarle E. iAcke to recover 6,7WO, with Interest from Oct. 23. 1886, Lawyer Van Doren. for the defendant, moved in Supreme Court, Chambers, yesterday, that tna piainuu snouia snow cause to-morrow why an order should not be entered directing tbe appointment of Commissioners to take the testi mony oi cuaries Iv. ..ocao at loe Angeles, CaL A FVG1T1TR BANKER AERESTED. Montreal, April 30. George Gustavo Burson. formerly a banker In Brussels, was ar rested to-day by tba elty police at the Instance of Ferdinand Van Bruyaell, Consul-General for Belgium, The Consul-Geuerai arrived in Mon treal this morning and informed the do- teourea -that Burson had been guilty of fraudulent bankruptcy and fraudulent trans ections, as agent aud Trustee, to the amount of S12.UUU. us Bed to Faria aud was tried at Brussels In his abeanc and convicted. On hearing this Burton (led to Canada and arrived in tbia city last night. He was arrested to-day at the ncaeuea uotei ana orougnt Del ore t.x tradition Cotnmiaeloaer Liucaa. He admitted nia rullt and consented to return to Belgium. The author ities are now awaiting tne ueoeesary papers from Ottawa and tae arrival of an officer from fteigiaiu. DISSATISFIED ESOISEKRS. Rochester, N. April 30. To-morrow's Zteatocraf and Ckronied will aar that order have bean leaned by th officer of the New-York Cantrsi and Hudson River Railroad Company for th engineers of freight trains to make "round trip" from Kaxt Buffalo aad Bjracuae. til a necessitating their removal to one or those two points. Un further lnresu- gaUoa yesterday It waa ascertained that the orurr inaiuded all engineers, ootn ol freight aod passenger locomotive. xae engiueera ara grumbliag aad trouble ta expected. Chief Arthur is o si way her to endeavor to ectu matters cttueuy. ITjriOTAL OPERA TROUBLES. Bad Fkax Cisco, April 30. The advartlsement ef the Kattoaal Opera Company reappeared ta the bail- hmlw this at ore Lag. Indii-arlng that th aaaacial diatcalUa eetweea the maiiageat aad that paper have keea satiafactorlly adjusted. It la I an I ea aadersteed that the ebera iager who went out ea a nae aave res laeur aauney aad wui eat la the aredneOM ef "IS ere- aa Meadar Bight. Tate autka. it is aald. tmA te a bitwr pereoaal iie- between Theodore Ihesaas aad Stage Manage Muck, tm vklrt the leader ef theercaeatra aaaara aa have com eat vtetorwat. Thasaas maists-I that with a rwlaeed eneraa the ercheetral eOect ewuld at be aroaerty eeneeited. and the Mbtnlasia te the dasianil U the alaaaca asdieatea that he earried his FIVE GApS OtF JUE IUAVJL OKI MA5 KILLED AXD SETElf PEBSOXS BERIOCBLT I7TJCRKD. Steele, Uakota, April 3a Th went- bound Padfle ex pre on the Northern Pacific Jumped tbe track to-day at akout 1 o'clock, 12 miles out of tl is elty, near Drtsool! Btation, aod precipitated Ire of lta .seren coaches into a Oltcli. Tl b - train was nmcing on a heafT down grade at tbe time, and tbe heat of tbe sun, which baa been eometbina aioaual here at thla eeaeon, bad warped tbe rail. The engine and expreaa car paaeed over to aafety. bnt th five cars following left tbe track i ind turned bottom upward In tbe ditch. Two of the eoacbe were loaded with two companies of I he Seventh United State Cavalry, en route for F rta Yates and Buford. Tbe other three were fiU4d with emlKTanU and Brat-clan paaeengera. meetly bound for tbe Pacific coast. w. u. tsreeq. or Faribault, Minn., waa tne only person HUed. He was accoropaniiM by DIM family, ra route for Washington lerntory. He waa standing on the platform talking to Charles Btanlty, of tbi city, when the crsah came, and la attemptlna; to lump off was eauirbt by aul overtumiuc roach and crashed to death. Btakiley escaped Injury by jumping off on tbe opboalte side. Mr. Breed's family were uninjured. The wounoad are: c m. iray, tnswonn Falls. Me., ciit in tbe arm and bead: Miss Gertrude Hilk Boteman, Montana, badly hurt Internally; rf H. Bcohell, Aasletaut Superintendent Notthern Pacific Telejrraph linea. letrs,badly amabed; Michael McCarthy, neveutu Cavalrr. Fort I Yates, aerloualy cut in shoulder aud collar nope broken: H. K. Scott, B-rcnih a valry. Fort Buford. Jaw broken; Altert Wolf, Seventh CavalFy. Fort Yates, and John C Kelly, Fort Uulut-a. I a) urea internsa:y, out uot seri- ouly. .1 Dr. John Harcourt, or Hteeie, waa on tne tram. but escaped injury, aud at onoe set about attending the woundld. He telecTaphed here for his brother. Dr. wi u Harcourt, or t mcajto, wno w-vlaltm here, slid tbe latter waa st once conveyed to the wreck oh a band car. Only tbe dining car and sleeper remained on tbe rails. It 1 surprising under the diroumstances that a score of peo ple were not xuieo. lO STAY jy THE CLUB. HERMAN OELR1CHS AND THE NEW-T0RK ATHLETIC CLCB. of tlie things talked, about last at ttte New-York Athletic Club Herman Oelrtch' - withdrawal of One night was hi or. Mr. realgnatlfn. The Board of Govern-bad received word from tbe club officially knew it waa Oelrtcbs, Jiald, but nothing of the matter. Tbe committee which was appointed, when Mr. Oelrichs resigned, to see him and try to induce bim to reconsider hi determination has not reported yet. Its re- port ill probably be presented this week. and will then oe oonaiaereo. togerner witn Mr. Oelrichs latest move Tbe members who look at tbe rumpu dispassionately think there will be some feeling manifested, perhaps, but that tbe ulttmtlte outcome will be the acceptance of tbe withdrawal and the reappearance of Mr. Oelrlch in club circles. Borne of the Board of Governor objected to the appointment of any delegation to endeavor to win Mr. uejncns over to a reconsideration. They said: "tie has not been within these four walls wllhln It wo years, and tne club has suffered not a bit through bis absence. If be sees fit to go out why should this olub, with its big membership and its prestige try to have bkn rbange his mind t" Borne of these men aguadtbat they were Justified in their action lcau of tbe 111 feeling engendered when the ub had its house warming ey eay that the Invitations reception. T rnicn were ent out at mat time were worded In sue a manner as to mske It annear that tbe recen on was one personally tendered bv Mr. oeinc s. .Mr. oeirtong' mends claim that this feelln It nnlust. The invitations, tbey say, were pro; rly worded, and the only com- plaint tbat roi t te lodged acalnst Mr. ulrlcb could be tbat hi Inclosed his card In the envelope contalulog th invitation. "But was not this perfectly in ar rdance with custom V thev ask. Mr. Ueiricbs doesn't appear to care whit Is done. " I did nat l inougut was tne right the occasion when this trouble thing to do begun," he eaa, '-but some members were Inclined to look at it In an unfriendly manner. If they prefer to jo that all's well. It's a personal matter now, one that concerns only tbe club aud myself, and I db not desire any controversy." TJ1E wis A 1 HER. Washingtc May 1. For Maine, New- Hampshire, Vermont, local rains, station- ary temperatt winds shifting to west aud south. For Massac setts, Rhode Island, and Con nectlcut, fair eatber on Sunday, light rains on Monday, statloi ary temperature1, westerly winds. shifting to sou eny. tor Eastern lore. Eastern Pennsylvania. and A'etrVerse tearmer fair weather on Sun- day, light raink on Monday, icind ihiflmg to mnUherly. For West Virginia, western New-York, and Western Pennsylvania, threatening weal her and local rains, sligatlv warmer, variable winds, gen erally shifting to southerly. The following shows the changes In 4he temperature for the past 2-1 hours, la compari son with the corresponding date of last year, as indicated ny tne thermometer at uuanut s ptar- niaoy, -u uroaaway lflPS. 1887.1 1K86. ...48 187. 68 64 8 A M dft 44 8 30 P. M 6 A. M 46- 4S31 6 P. M ' 9 A. M 81 49 t P. M. i m ao 61 12 P. M 47 bW ...47a Average temperature yesterday 50 V Average temperature same dale Isst ysar ola 1888. 1887. Ararat for the Week. - 65 3-7 62 2-7 0-V.E W0AV SURRENDERS. Chicago, Afcril 30. The Chicago, Bur lington and uulncy Railroad official to-day notified their associates in the Western Pasgen eer Associatlotu that, commencing Mar 5. the Bur- ungton will all4 w tne tasiern uuea to act as Its the conditions prescribed by agents under tbem In regard to tne payment of coiumitt- slons. This action by the Burlington la the first complete) surrender won by the allied Eastern roads from anv of the Western line tbat recently aomblned to fight tbe great boy- cott. X0LDEMS TO RESUME WORK. CntcimtATl, Ohio, April SO. The local union of Iron moldsr haa rebelled agatnat th authority of th national union and has determined to resume work on Mondsa next at tbe old rales snd to accent the SL Loula patterns or any other that mar be onereo. rreaiaetii riispatrirK, ol the nailonal anion, aa uuieu u coosroi uia men m cinciunatL. yixm ' IvpPts, Iadlgsstloa, 5ervou Dra- 1 An. Ma1&j4& V a a Lrrr Onwinlalatt irawhen taken into ta tomach. uauargoea the aasa twoeeas of oigastioa Ikai r,r.i., npoatlMtood. it S ah)rb--i Into tiva tjttrnm aad li p-ct- a. ' " UHljr oa Uafl Ol- vf aetloa at th aeat of tha disorder i jmo i I h,.kk tl,-. ..1... , aa. - tr aratesa in a aaailhy state. Price, Ms. aad Si a bottle. THWH" TWaWAW-n Waa ma, V -- - "um nifiinus. a sera cere for Woram They bav sa adrantagt, om other f ""J iojuig ta wortas wit eev-aJav h-aft .lu. Ik ....a. ... . ... .... - eanor-ou. Tbey the id. PMraaeeet aaadjl and ara 1 to the taste. fiioa. DEKWTr VXQETASUI Aam-BlXIOTJg (Svigar. J V ATT miaaiea, uamnuioa, stek a VT "pawa. mca ana a, Flaamlenea aad Haartbora. and ramx cskaca and bewala Thay contain no eal-oabar iniurtoua dream, p-tea. sv . k.. pata troai th Mc varrkT.T tr i I . . . a- ixrrtr zzrr.' s "u - vraw vj a mmn inaamee aTe-iakds. &ua-bcra. Cracked Lisa. Ct. Broisea. reatered IlaiagBaila, lBBioeiBa-aaiisaaAtBa Brt.nt l.-x. viijl rtntTTA. AdeUtate rVrparatloa fee Cloanauig. FtnV . m is caevca oacay. ana taaaa i ai aad prarwaa the aeehninlaWen of Tartar. It Im- e ta mouth aad hraata. bear our trada m,,k and .nine without it. For aale by free to aar address in the United atataa reeelp ef price. Instructive a Pallet rree. artrutlTBODl TWTflU Sa 1 a. la- Irlrnii anil ptaia laacaaaw tor tbs aoaaeaold. by ka. Pmf 11 II A. luv U h Ta 1- th iMlaail pay tea ntoat rataat i rsreat ana approesd book ea rtiwaws'hi Biidlrtne aaari um i .lUibyaUr wrtwaa ta plain bells, aaad by earr raadir. 1 ilby aaywriaasef tha algtMaa sbUKitar. an. aaa iavy caa ea tnwuig-inuy V ImW 'a lna-laS aa.iaaa -.a. .ria . - a w 1 . . . kiveieS trae as ilili 1 1. tm tha. rsiti a..' TMiJxjnriBj jMXO. CXX CiitrmrM. SITaear -. TR' ears .1 pans a aaaoioes imgraaoi rrtoa. ate. 1 -3r-Ti abo-v article none are ken arus-aista er datl'-na aa r rra la aa... . anlaI by ewarf BELLE MEADE YEARLINGS ONLY MODERATE PRICES FOR THE IOUXGSTERS. THE DWIIR BROTHEB8 AGAIX SECCBE THE FKIZCS BROWS AKD COREI-OAK ALSO AMOVO THE PURCHASERS. Nashville, Tenn., April 30. Eight hundred persons were In attendance at tbs annual sale of thoroughbred colts and flUlea, the get of Enquirer, Imported Great Tom. Bramble, Luke IJlackburu. Vanderbtlt, and Plenlpo. at Belle Meade Btud Farm, six miles west of this city, today. Tbe dsy was bright and pleasant, and all classes of people rre represented tn the assemblage. Col. 8. V. Bruce, of New-York, ofC-lated as auctioneer, and the sale, which began at 11 o'clock, was over In three hours. Many ladles were present Among the prominent turfmen were Col. 8. D. Bruce, of the Turf, Field, and -Farm, New-York; CoL Williamson, of Mobile. Ara.; William Brown, Georgia; Samuel Bryant, Louisville. Ky.; C D. Farrar. Columbia, a C; James Monro. TTnlon. R. C: Phllln Dwver. Brook- lrn; J. B. Richardson. Islington. Ky.; U O. Appleby. New-York; K. 8. Payne. Knox-ville; J. B. Mackey aod L. W. 8hippy, California. Col. Bruce, before opening tbe sale, r-ferred in feeling terms to the absence of Gen. W. a. Uardiug. the former owner of Belle Meade, whom death bad called away since the laet sale. Prices for the voitngaters were very much lower loan tbne or a ear ago. no very extravagant prices being obtained. Following are tbe anl-nia:s which sold fur over $3K each: Bay colt, to ileal Jan 31. brother to Tonng Luke, nr L.UKR mack num. nam suver .tiaiii. nv imp. B'onule Scotland; to lawyer Brothers, Brooklyn $500 .ay colt, foaled March 19, eligible to atart In (.oney laland 1-iilurity ISt.iKes. 1HH-I. by Kn-qulrer. dam nabee, by Imp. Bounia Scotland; to Dyer Brothera 700 Chextuntc-ilt. foaled March 25, eligible to sUrt in t oney island a nrt SU laouis nturity btases, 1HH8. by Imp. (ireat Tom. dam. Blondlna. by Imp Bonnie Scotland; to Edward Corrigaa, Kansas city 875 Chestnut colt, foaled March 23. eligible to atart in coney Inland and St. Loula Futorlty Htakra. 1HK8. bv Lnke Blackburn, dam Valerian, bv Vandal : to Edward Corrlcnn... 825 Dark bay colt foaled April 12. by En quirer, nam Honnie i"ar. or imp. uonnie .-cotland: to 8. 8. Brown. Pittsburg 650 Chestnut colt, foaled March 20. eligible to atari in conev island Futurity Btaxea. 188, by Enquirer, dam Martica, by Daniel Boone; to Dwyer Brothera 800 rark bay colt, foaled May 8, eligible to atart In coney island t- utonty ptaites. 1888. by Luxe Blackburn, dam Top Light, by Imp. tireat Tom; t- Dwyer Brothera 1.000 Cheatnnt colt, foaled April 11. eligible to atart in i oney lsiana futurity Htskea, 1888, oy Luke Blackburn, dam Tallapoosa, by Imp. Great loin; to bamuel Bryant, Louisville, Kr 450 Brown colt, fosled Msrch 18. eligible to atart in Cnner 1 nn.l St. Loma Futurity ttakeo, ISriS, by Enquirer, dam Bonnie Meade, by imp. Bonnie Scotland: to S. 8. Brown 2.000 Chratnut colt, fosled April 7, (brother to Miss Ford and Znlelka.) by En-julrer, dam Bribery, bv imp. Bonnie bcolland; to Edward Corrl-gan 2.650 Chestnut Ally, foaled April 1 , eligible to start in coney i-ntuniv Btaaea, 1888. oy Luks Blsckbnrn, dam J iianita. by Jack Ma-lone; to John J. Carter, Nashville. Tenn 600 Brown Ally, foaled March 11, eligible to start In Conev laland ami St. Louia Futurity Stake 1888, by Enquirer, dam Brunette, by imp Bonnie Bcolland: to Edward Corrla an.. 700 Chestnut n;iy, fosled April 25. eligible to start in tne coney isiann and si. i.ouis r aturity Rtaiier 188. by ImD. Great Tm, by Imp. Bonnie SooUand; to James Dalley, Nsw-Yorlt 750 CbeKtnut Uly. foaled March 28, eligible .to start la ennev island f uturity stakes. 1888. by Bramble, nam Mohur, by Gllroy ; to IL B. Douglas. Favetteyllle. Tenn 335 Cbeatuut Ally, fnaled April 1:1, by Luke Black. nam. nam lomooy, or imp. (treat Tom; to Randolph Tucker. Loninvllle, Kv 425 Chestnut filly, foaled April 28. by imp. Great Tom. dam Ceara L.. by Imp. Bonnie Scotland; t J. L Harrle, Jefferson County, Ky 625 Bay fllly, foaled April i!6. by Bramble, dam Planet; to Samuel Bryant, Louisville, Ky 400 Brown tiflv, foaled May 6. eligible to atart In Con-y Island Futurity Stakes. 18.H8, by Enquirer, dam Anallne, by Jack Maloue; to K. Tucker. LouiHVllle, Ky 425 Buy Ally, foaled May 4, liy Luke Blackburn, rinni Charity, by Lever: toS. 8. Brown 426 Chcatnut Ally, foaled May 20, eligible In Coney Inland and St. Louis Futurity stakes, 188S, by imp. Great Tom. dam Orphan Girl, by Muggins: to John J. Carter. Nashville, Tenn. 800 Red b:iv filly, foaled April 18, eligible to start In Coney Island Futurity Stakes, 1888; by Luke Blackburn, dam Ooalp. by imp. Leamington : to H. B. Douglaaa, Fuyetieville,Tenn. 810 By Ally, foaled April ft, eligible to atart In Coney Island Futurity H takes. 1888, by Luke Hlackburu. dam Janet Morton, by tup. Leamington: to L. W Shtppv. California 450 Biy ttily, foaled Msy 6, by Lnke Bla Kbnrn. dam wlrejrraaa. by Jack M alone; to W. W. Jenkii. s. Dimn Sprlnen, Tenn, 425 Bar Ally, foaled April 29. eligible to start In i oney Island snd St. Loula Futurity Slakes, 1888, by Bramble, dam Daisy Hoey. by lip. perary ; to 8. M. Youug, Dlxnn Kpringa, Tenn. 826 Ally, foaled April 12, eligible to Coney Inland Futurity Stakes, 1H88, by Lake Blackburn, dam Buttercup, by Imp. Ulen Atliul; to Samuel Bryant 425 Clieatnut flllr foaled March 22, eligible to start InCouey lslsud Futnnty Stakes, 1888, bv imp. Great Tom, dam Bnnntta, by imp. Bonnie Scotland: to J. L. Harris 4 00 Chestnut Ally, foaled April 15, eligible to start in Coney Island Futurity Stakes, 1888. by Luke Blackburn, dam Caatilla, by King Alfonso; to H: B. Donglas i 475 Bay Ally, foaled May 3. eligible to start In Coney Island and t Ixula Futurity stakes, 18H8. by Luke Blackburn, dam Moxelle, by Jack M alone; to Dwyer Brothers 500 Brown Ally, foaled May 18, eligible to Coney Inland Futurity Stakea, 1888, by Bramblo, dam Mellta, by Mugglna; to Howard Young, Dixon Sp- ingH. Tenn 310 Bay tllly, foaled May 8, by Enquirer, dam Tarantula, by imp. Great iooi; to Joseph Cotton, New.York 425 Brown lilly. foaled May 9, eligible to Coney Island Futurity Stakes, 1888, by Bramble, tam Duchess, by imp. Leamington; to Samuel Bryant 9qq Bay Ally. foaUd May 11. by Luke Blackburn, dam V alalia, by Jack Malone; :o R. Tucker . 650 RAILWAY NOTES. Dispatches received in Wall-street yesterday reported tbat the groas earnings of the Philadelphia aud Heading Kali road for the month of March In creased $482,052, and net earnings for the same month Increased $59 735. For tour months tbe net earnings Increased $1,462,119. The Inter-State commerce law Is said to have a depressing effect upon booms. " We have not sold nearly as many tickets to Birmingham and the reit of the Alabama coal and Iron districts since the 6th of April," said an agent yesterdsy. Travel ma. mmy is iH:ruinij uguim inau it waa, and we lay it as much to the new law as to anything else." Boston, April 30. A special meeting of the stock holders of the FltchburK Railroad Company was held to-day to ratify the agreement for tbs cou-soln'.atlon of ibis company and tbe Troy and Boston Railroad Company. I'n-ttitent Phillips said that the earnings of the Troy and Boston hailroad lat year were W75.000. The books showed that that road year earneu more money net than would be required to pay the interest on Its bonds at the re-duced rates, lie had no doubt that the roar! w.mi.i be self supporting. It was votd that the polle be ' " uli.M ... .1 . .m J mk .J.'.OM a. a.. The Fitchburg Railroad has Durctuued tha Hiui-n Hoesac Tunnel and vt estern Hallway, and will take possession of the property J une i next. The Fitch- uurg laxes posai anion 01 me 1 roy and Boeton Rail-roa.fnext Tneadar. May a. This, with the above will give Fitchburg one ol the finest systems in New-England. "". y-Aji., apru au. Articles or inoorpo ration of the i'ueblo Mate Line Kail road Company which Is a Colorado organization of Uia Mlimnri clHc Company, were Aled with the Secretary of State w-u.i . . o, un, nui run irvm rueoio easterly to a point In the eastern line of tha sii- k. tween the Atchlsou, Topeka snd bauta 16 and iue a.auae' raiinu nuwia, wnere it win connect with the Missouri Pacific Koad. whh-h 1. building west from Ness City, Kan., at the rate of Tbe Directors of the Denver and Rio Granita u.n way Company arrived here this morning to sttend 1 11c auiiu.i hi .a, 1 a; ui liio Doaru ox Directors, which takea Dlace Monday, when the realirnaiinn u. Jackson will be accepted and D. H. Modatt will be PalestlnE. Texas. ADril 3a Tntereat 1. un abated here with reference to tbe rumored change of "" " .uicruauuuai anu t rest northern Kail-road, although nothing Dositlve can he lrr.H r.. authorities at headquarters here. All lie inspectors r a v- aa Haa, n nallaw an .a . A . ava v. " i w i hi. uu awca using continues. ice-President Hares, with nth., nrtlr. 1. pected here t morrow. M r Hayes was Receiver of this road six yesrs ago. when he got possession and maeitapajtcJUieMlasourtPauttcVystem. TtRRK Hacte. Ind.. April 30. The Terre Haute and Muslaslppl Railway Company orgsnlied beie to-night. It is composed of tha leading capital: mi.. . . ut oujoti m 10 construct a railway from Terr Haute to a point on th. Mississippi River shout 75 mile below St. Louis. '""""J'B1 At Garden City yesterday the St. !!?,i,.r.W:ior,V.5,e.'0ted Cathedral Bcbool FIGHTISO FOR A CHILD. Ix AaGEiJts, Cat. April 30.-A sensation was created here yesterday bv aa st tern at bv R Porter Ashe, a well known and wealthy turfman. to obtain possession of his two-year-old daughter Alma. Mrs. Ashe baa been,!. k... residina . hera wnue ner n as baud lived In On Tusedar last Mrs. A ah. ..." 'ZZl by her ntother. Mrs. K B. Crocker. iTaialr. In Uw of f'harles Crocker, left here to attend the left the hlld In chares o ,U. .f'5LUv- aVel!,,ra'T Mr A,h" arrirec here, and while Mra Bender had Ui child ont for a walk. seized ber and carried her to the St. Elmo Batd! Mra Alwaa informed by telegraph of the occur-reoce. and return -d hers on a atMMi.i ..u .a. noon, so i a writ er habtea corpus, rt; turns bis this SVIQ THE SICEEL FLATS E0A1 Ekic Tenn.. April 3tt The rietin. the Nickel PUte disaster at Silver Creek wbo tailed te get settlements with the company for their In riee are hurrying matters new berease of the sale of 1 the read anaounred for the near tut are. J. f. Harring 1 i"L.a , " -wropanv, wne was 1 trightXaAy atuumed, sued to-day tor SoO.000 rtsmtgiw. Ail USE HEX IS'. A NIGHT OP FAJRE WELLS. ' Jim, the Penman," and "The Taming ol the Ehrew" both reached the end of their long runs last night. Mr. Palmer's company present 81 r Charles Young's play In Boston at the Park Theatre to-morrow evening, while Mr. Daly's comedians begin their Summer tour at the Chestnut-Street Opera House, Philadelphia. Daly's Theatre was crowded, as It has been every night this Winter. The performance of Shakespeare's comedy was as plight and grtves-ful aa ever, aDd waa as heartily enjoyed. To tbe large number of spectators wbo had viewed the production before the scenic- pictures revealed new beauty, and the aptness and perfect taste of the entire representation were more clearly manifested. The demonstrations during the evening were very friendly. Miss Kenan waa especially honored, but Mr. Lewis, Mrs. Gilbert. Mr. urew, Mr. rianer, ana miss urener vu warm receptions. Mr. Daly was called twice after the third act and at tbe end of the play. In response to the general demand lor a speeca he said: T a-M wa a a hfm.A ami vmrm laillaa mr.A MR. tlemen. to receive thla summons, ft gives me the proper opportunity to thank you on behalf of my company and myself for your priceless and most con- linuous encouragement, without last ws eonid not have accomplished anything; with It we have been able to do all that which yon bars been kind enough to express your-selves pleased with, especially our present production o( 'Tiie Taming or the threw. I know tbat Hhakeatieare haa not always spelled snceesa. a voice, 'nanny ever, J not 1 cannot conscien-Innslr loin with those who have charged that he spells ruin. Hnce I began management 18 years ago I bare never lost a dollar from any of my Shskespesresn productiona. tcrlra of 'Good,' and I am convinced tbat If the great mater be apomacbed with aln-cerity the recognition will always be Immediate snd complete It i late; I mast not detain you; only one worn more, to ask yon to give Mr. W attack's company a hearty welc me when they anpear on theae boards a fortnight hence. Good night: snd I hope you will be aa glad to get us back next Fall as we shall be to return to you." "Jim. the Penman" was nresented at the Madleon-fiquareMor the one hundred and eighty-first time, and tbe audience was as large and aa deeply Interested as that which saw the first per form ance yor. 1, istj. The cast waa un changed, except tn the substitution of Mr. Sal via! tor Mr. Le uoyne in tne part or juartreint. A wonderfully olever bit of character-acting Balvlnl's portrayal of the Baron Is In "make up, " business." ana speech. At tne Lyceum, .miss liauvTay closed her sea. son with a benefit performance of "Tbe Love Chase," for tbe Ninth Regiment Gettysburg Monument fund. Tbe occasion was made most enjoyable. To get within tha theatre one had to pass stacked arms, nattie nags, guards, and tbe other threatening things that betoken martial life, while once within, the surroundings, except in tne matter 01 loyai ana nistono draperies, bore tbe enchantments of full-dress peace. The veterans of nearly all the city regiments were represented in the andlence. They occupied the boxes ana nueu tne lower part of house. Tbe Ninth, with their wives and sweethearts, left no vacant seats up stairs. It was a very friendly and appreciative audience, as the actors bad reason to recognize early in tbe play. After the fourth act CoL Seward rose In his box and thanked Miss Danvray on behalf of the regiment. 8be made a pleasant response, saying that she was glad to play ror so worthy a purpose aa tbe monument fnnd, and taking occasion to express ber gratitude for the success that she had achieved in this city. When tbe curtains parted upon the last act a gold-frlnged silk banner, on which a hand-painted wreath inclosed the names of the plays In wblcb Miss Dauvray has appeared tms year; a tnammotn norai horseshoe, with big nine above and H. u. In tne centre ; a oompanlon piece representing the regimental arms, and a vase overflowing with rosea, made part of the scene. They were tributes of the regiment to Miss Dauvray snd her company. Company C. which did guard duty throughout the play, faced about and helped the rest of the regiment cheer and spell Miss Dauvray's name at the close of tbe act. The performance netted to the fund about 81.00. At Harrigan's Park Theatre there was a crowd and much rejoicing. " Dad's Dinner Pall" was sung many times. Dan's tribulations aroused a great deal of sympathy, and Cordelia's scene of hysteria as usual created an uproar of laughter ana applause. At the ena or tbe may. " Cor delia's Aspirations," Mr. Harrigan ias called iihjii iur a BiriH-u. nt? mm uis company, unaer the able direction of Mr. Hanley. will now stfVt upon a Journey tbat will last five months and take them as far as Ban Francisco. They will return to the Park Oct. 3 to do " The Leather Patch," a comic play that reminds one of Hogarth and "The Beggar's Opera," in Its rich humor and fidelity to nature. Mr. Hamgan has tl niched two acts of a new plav in which be will be seen next Winter as an aged colored man Mr. Dockstader wore that niltit suit of olothea for the last time, and a large number of spectators admired the cut. Stephen Foster's old melo dies wore sung as parting songs, and the new nuriesque 01 "r.rminie closed a successful entertainment and a prosperous season. NOTES OF THE WEEK. "A Trip to Africa" is Still dratvintr crowds at tbe Standard. Mr. DLxey will do "Adonis" at the Biion to-morrow night "The Old Homestead" remains at tha Fourteenth-Street Theatre another month. "8nbscriber." "The Muddy Dav." nro- dnced at the Theatre Comlque, April 2, 1883. Mr. Joseph Jefferson will annear in " Rin Van Winkle ' at the Grand Opera House this wees. " Rome and the Vatican" will be Prof. Cromwell's subject at the Urana Opera House tuis evening. Mrs. Lanetrr's handsome nrodnctiori of " Clancarty" may be seen lor a fortnight at tha Firth Avenue. f Herrmann,the prestidigitator, will trive his entertainment at the Grand Opera Bouse fur a wera, ueariLiuiiig xuay if. The sale of seats for the Conldock benefit It tha kt.r Thn.lM U1l V.. 1 i i l , ' - " v ...... ia J av, UM LTCU UriSB BOU a Urge attendance is expected. Harry Brandon, the bov sintrpr of Rr Jouu's Chapel, will have a testimonial concert at vuicacriuit uui to-morrow mgnt. "The Kindergarden," a ninsical farce by Mr. K G. Morris, already known here, will be presented at Dockstader's on Tuesday evening. "Print- Waldmeister," a new comic opera by Adolf Keuendorir. with a libretto by H. For Good Purposes. Mr. M. A. Dauphin, of Philadelphia, is well known to the ladles of that city from the great good she has done by means of LTD I A K. PINKHAM'3 VEGETABLE COMPOUND, bhe writes Mr. Plnkham of a recent Interesting case: "A young married lady came to me suffering with a severe case of prolapsus and ulceration. Bhe commenced taking the Compound and In two months was fully restored. In proo of this she soon found herself In an Interesting condition. Influenced by foolish friends she attempted to evade the responsibilities of maternity. After ten or twelve days she came to me again, and she was indeed in a most alarming state and suffered terribly.. 1 gave her a table poo nfol of the Com pound every hour for eight hours, until she fell asleep: she awoke much relieved and evidently bet ter. She continued taking the Compound, and In due season she became the mother of a fine healthy boy. But for the timely use of the medicine she believes her Ufa would have keen lost." Your Druggist haa the Cempennd. 1 per bottle. P. MOORE & CO., (8CCCE68OR8 TO MOO BE ft DAVIES.) 749 SIXTH-AV., (Near - L" Station.) I M POUTERS OF TBI CELEBRATED BOGOTA COFFEE, FROM THEIR PLANTATION. -EL DE8-CAN0," e. A. Connoisseurs Tirnnnonra Ihia fnlt.. tf,a f na.1 flavored in the market A beautifully ornamented can. eon taming five pounds, (sltber ground or in the bean aa ordered.) sent CO. D. to any address In Brooklyn. Jersey City, or New. York for tl 50 We keep constantly on band a selected stock of Teae and a Tanetj 01 imported wines, Liquors, and Cigars. COFFEE ALWAYS ROASTING. P. MOORE & CO., (Successors to Moore A Da vies.) 749 BI.TTH.AT.. (Sear L ftatiei WEDDING GIFTS BRASS TABLES, WITH ONTX ASD PI.lSH TOPS, EA4EL.4. JEWELED Flits. SC&EES!, Ml'SIC STANDS, WORK BOXES, FIRE Ve OF THE MOST ELE GANT AND CHANTS DESIGNS. J. S. Conovcr & Co.. 28 AND 3b WEST 23D-ST, ,e loiller Iro Broadway and 14th-st. We call particular attention to the following : Dress Goods. W HAVE JUST REDUCED TO ULOSK OUT THE BALANCE OF 42 INCH ALL-WOOL HEATHER MIXTURES. CHEVIOTS, STRIPES, CHECKB, Ac, WORTH 50c, TO 65c, ALL AT .33 NOVELTIES. ONE LOT Of AO PIECES OF PLUSH KOVELTIE8, IN ALL DESIRABLE SFBINO COLOBINO8, REDUCED TO .59 SILKS. SPECIAL OFFERING OF DESIRABLE BLACK AND COLORED WATERED SULKS AT 9S 3 cases BLACK and COLORED SATIN RHA- DAMES, best value ever offered 11.00 10 pieces BLACK ALL-SILK SATIN DU CHESS, extraordinary value at 1.23 60 pieces BLACK DRESS SURAHS, worth 85 04 25 pieces PRINTED INDIA SILKS, special ale. :. 43 Balance of JOHN BTAPFER'8 6UMMEB BILKS J Full line ot C. J. BONNET'S BLACK BILK at low prices. Embroideries. 100 pieces SWISS ALL-OVER EMBROIDERY, 7 Be. quality, Will be sold at Laces. 175 BEADED FRONTS, worth S3.00 each. duced to $2.00 Itallansr, founded on one of Roquette'r ' Rhine and Wirie Legends," will be heard for tha first time at the Thalia Theatre to-morrow night. Daly's Theatre will bo closed until Mar 16. when Mr. Wallack's eomtanv will be seen there In " Tbe Romance of a Poor Young Man." "Our Societv." Mr. Clinton Stnart'a adaptation of " Le Monde on Ton s'ennule." will be revived at the Madlaoa-Squara Theatre tomorrow night. Mr. Lawrence Barrett will vresent Mias Mltrord's tragedy ot " Rlenzi" In a revised form, with elaborate spectacular effects, at Niblo's to-morrow night. Mme. Janausohek will act Hee Merrilies at the Windsor Theatre every night this week. On Wednesday afternoon aha will aoDear in Mother and Son." Deacon Brodio : or. The Drnihle T.lfe " a play by R. La Steveuson and W. E. Henley, will le presented at a matinee In Walliwkt'a nmi Thursday afternoon. "The QrDaV Baron" will vn nroannfAH at Harrigan's Park Theatre to-morrow evening by tbs Coniied Opera Company, wlta aa elUciont cast and elaborate pageantry. Mr. Richard Mansrielrl will rrmA ne.A "Mr T1 R. Sullivan's dramatization of "The Strange t aee of Doctor Jekyll and Air. Hyde" at the Bos ton Museum on Monday, May 9. Mine. Patti will be bearrl In " I.n-ii." at. the Metropolitan Opera Houso on Wednesday night. May 11, and on Friday In acts of "Travl-ata," "Martha." and "Aida." blirnor NieoUnl will be Khadames. The Temnleton pmrninnv will ainir Tl Mikado," Glrolie-Oirorla." and The Slascot" at Hart's Tneatre Comlque, Harlem, this week. Mr. Hart's benefit, tendered hv well known cit izens, takes place on Friday night Miss Annie Pixlev cont.imipa her oIat-av performances In " The Deacon'! ranchf" the Union-Square. The gayety of her acting Is Infectious and her songs and dances ara charming, while the piece llaolf serves Its purpose very well. Mr. E. C. Chamberlln'a r,r.nfit tl--. place at the Unlon-Bquare to night. Among the actors aud singers who will take part are Mr. aim atra. Kankin, Louis Aidrtch. Ebea Plympton. F. F. Mackay, and J. B. Btudley. The list Is very long, and there Is promise of abundance and variety. This will be the last week of the season at Wallack's. " Old Heads and Ynnnir rr..... .in be the plav to-morrow, Wediiesdav, and Friday nights and Baturday afternoon; "The School for Boandal" Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturdav nights and Wednesday afternoon. The McCaull Comic Opera Company begin the Summer season May 0 with " The Black Hussar." Miss Sarah Cowell's three readines of "Onnallnda at Chirkering Hall, on Tuesday morning, Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning, will be for the benefit of the Indian Training School at Carlisle, Penn., a worthy Institution. Among the ladies whobavetbese entertainments under their patronage are Mra. Russell Sage. Mrs. Cbaunoey M. JDepew, Mra. William E. Dodge, Mrs. J. B. Dickinson, Mrs. Bylvanus heed, Mrs. William A. Hammond, .Mrs, F. A. P Barnard, Mrs. Vlnconio Botta, and Mra John W. lvllis. "The Highest Bidder," a comedy in three, acts, by Maddison Morton and Robert Recce, edited by David Belasco, will be brought out at the Lyceum on Tuesday evening, with thla cant: Lawrence Thornhlll, J. W. Pigott; Bonham Cheviot, W. J. Le Moyne; Sir Muffin etrugglea. Rowland Buckstone; 81r Evelyu Graine. Herbert Archer; Joseph. Walter Bellows; Jack Hammerton. E. H. Sotbern; Parkyn, W A. Faversham; Sergeant Downey, William Pay sod; BUI, Maurice Clvde; Rose Thornhlll, Belle Archer; Mrs. Honlton Lacy, Alice Crowther: Louisa, Vida Croly. At the Caaino concert to-night Mme. Scalchl will sing airs from " Beniirauilde" and "Dlnorah;" time. No vara, a bolero by Ardlti; Mile. Valerga, a waits song; Miss (Iroebl, Dudley Bucks "Where the Lindens Bioow;' feignor Guiile, an air from Trovatore;" Siguor Vlclul, a romatiza; Signor del Pueute, the Toreador song. Tbe "Rigoletto" quartet will also be heard. This will be the last appearance here In concert of Mr. Abbey's artists. "Ermlnie" will be a year old on Tuesdav, May 10, aud Mr Aronson Is golug to celebrate her birthday In a becoming fashion. SHE PROMISED TO HACST HIil. Portland, Me., April 30. A sensational suicide occumsd on Green-street at 2 o'clock this morning, the victim being Miss Alice Cobb, aged 24 years, daughter of Alvln Cobb. reeenUT a resident of Cape Elizabeth. It is stated that for some time past the girl has shown signs of Insanity, accompanied by violent tits of temper. e?be was much agitated on account of having been accused of stealing a pair of gold spectacles, and spoke revengefully of ber accuser. Early this morning the girl's father heard a pistol shot In her room, ana forcing an entrance found ber dead on the Boor with a ball through tbe heart The following note was fastened to the wall with a knife: I am not crasy. bnt my health Is broken. A dead woman's corse on all who have wronged nie. Father wsnta me to die. I will do so. Rut If my spirit ran comeback I wu hannt him nntU he dies. Takemr letters to Margie lor her to burn. I am wearv of living and suffering. Father has driven tne to this. A L1C ta. Mr. Cobb said his daughter had been unquestionably insane, and had been so some time. He knew she possessed a revolver, and deeply regretted that ho had never taken It from her. It la believed a love affair unsettled her reason. WZXXSB8 AT LEZIXQTOX. Lexington. Ky., April 30. The extra day's races to-day were largely attended. The track waa fair. Fihst Rack. Five-eighths of a mile dash ; parse of $)0. Red. tone won by six lengths. M ute second, and Evau gel Ine third. Time 1 -05 bacoiib Rac a For maidens 3 years and np ward; selling race: three-quarter, ndle dash; purse ot S'.'iU. Ban Box won by six lengtli under a pull. Bine Times second. Blxbr third. Tim. 1 :1 kJ Thibu RACa.-Kor all sges; one and one-sixteenth sollea' dash ; parse of f .tSO. Jsohin wan by three lengths. Long bllpper second, Waaderoe third, lima 1 1.13 !. Foubth Rack. For 3-year-olds; halt s mil. dish ; purae of 9i&0. Balance won by a lengUi, bantaaene second. Eleanor C third. Tlni 53 A CBVRCU BLOWX DOWX. The new structure of the Trinity Presbyterian Church at Montelalr, N. J., waa blown down yeaterdav afternoon dnrina- tha wmt storm. Joseph Glister, one of the carpenter at work on the building, waa severely injured about tbe body, and four other workmen were badly bruised. The building was 40 feet high. Tbe eongregatlou expected to occupy it next Kjiaaauejr. IX FA TOR OF KG RE WATER. PALTnrE, Texas. April 30. At a ptcnle gathering hald two miles south of the city to-day Senator Joan H. Reagan addreaeed the dilutes, and in his address he pronounced himself in a ami.i.i. taoa amendment, and cleat ly defined his uoitlaa and a-iw - - t til int snnnlpais IbtsIi siL v WI CONTINCE OCR GREAT HALX OF MORLEY'8 SAMPLES OF ENOL13H Hosiery & Underwear AT ABOCT HALF PRICE. Ladies' Shoes. LADIES' French 8TRAIOHT BOAT, OPKHA TOE AND HEEL: LAD IK"' 8TKAIGHTGOAT, IMJNUOLA TOP. ANDCCRACOA KID PHOKK, flneat qnslitv: sizes 8 to 7. widths AA t- K. worth S. SA CK), aad S3, all reduced to. HI6SK8' French BTRAIOHT liOAT, IN COMadON 8ES'-K )R OPERA 11KEL AND TOE; also. MISrtKS CVRACOA KID. beat -jual. Ity: slsee 11 to 2. widths AA to K. worth S it .ail and ti. raducad to 3.00 1.98 150 pieces Printed Batiste, Extra wide. fS-lnch.) fast colors, .7i Just reduced from 13 Suits and Wraps. 250 ALL-WOOL JER8ET JACKET. TAILOR MADhU worth S7.&0 ...tS.OC 860 PLAID AND CHECK JACKETS, (all wool) aattn-llaee HOODS, regular pnoe rr and aa 5.o 7 Imported CORKSCREW CLOTH I ACK- ETa. TAILOR MADE, worth 10 7.99 60 SHORT WRAPS, SATIN RHADAME, JET TRIMMED; regular price $2i 60....13.M Closing out 600 LADIES' TAILOR-MADE BTREF.T SUITS, in TRICOT, LA I1E CLOTH, and HOMESPUNS; formerly riiand$30 H.99 Complete assortment ot LADIES' WHITS LAWN eUITti 44.30 to2XM FURNITURE. HO MIDDLE PROFITS: DIRECT FHQM WORKSHOP TO CONSUMER. The styles are as correet, and the workmanship as good, as similar wares sold' elsewhere often at three times the price. See the quaintntss in design and beauty of finish of onr Bedroom Snits, in price from $550 09 to $23 00. Very attraet.Ye is the display wi make in artie'es for Parlor aod Library furnishing. Suits and odd pieces especially adapted for Summer nse, uncommon, elegant, and not expensire. Reproductions of all the an tique styles in Dining Room Fur niture, at very moderate prices. For instance, High-back Colonial Dining Chairs, in leather, $4 00, &e. 11 Buy of the Maker." GEO. C. FLIT CD. STORES, 104, 106, 10S WEST 14TU-JT. Ml ana factory 164. 166 Wast 19tl-st, FOUND DEAD IN 1HE FARE. ISADORS LEWIN PREFERRED DEATH TO MARRIAGE. Boys playing about a ravine in Central Park, near One Hundredth-street, and betweea the West Lrle and the Park boundary, dlacoT-ered yesterday the body of a man lying at tba foot of the hill. Examination showed that tha man bad been dead for several hoars. There was a pistol shot In the right temple, and a rerolrer with one chamber empty lay beside the body. The appearance of the ground indicated tbat tbs man bad shot himself at the top of the hill, and had rolled down Into tbe-rarlne, a lie re he mlcht had been undiscovered for da J a On the hill side were found two knives, with the blades oiwn. It la believed that the man Intended to kill himself with the knives, but changed his mind. The remains were removed to ttojiolico station In the Park, and were searched. There was no money In toe pockets, but several pawn tickets represented articles recently pledged, among them a guid watch. Last night the remains were Identified as those of Isadora Lewln. of 113 Eldrldge-street. lie waa a peddler of morocco leather, a German Hebrew, unmarried, and about '2 years old. At 113 Kldridge-street the housekeeper said tbat Lewin bad lived there for six months post, and wa last seen In the neighborhood on Thursday. There waa a rumor In the neighborhood that Lewln was to hare been married to-day, and lately he appeared to regret the step he vt about to take. A VIGOROUS TOUXO CHURCK. The history of the Mount Olivet Presbyterian Church, at Evergreen-avenue and TroaS- man-street, Brooklyn, In which the Kev. Laeae T. W. Schenck, of Wisconsin, has been Installed as Pastor, la Interesting. Tbe new church Is aa offspring of tbe Throop-A venue Presbyterian Church, and grew from a Bur day school organized lo 1S2. In two years the membership of the school, called the Mount Olivet Sabbath fecbool, had grown to 4K), and the present church building was erected for their better accommodation. In January. lejfi. preaching services beran there and were successful, and It waa decided to organize the church, which was dons on April 20. Tha officers are: Elders Moses O. Young, Thorns J. Atkins. Earnest Dennis, aod Hamilton T. Disbrow; Dea-rons John Moor-head, a W. Thornton, U. W, Flea, and Louis Q Koteubuch. TO BB BURIED TO-MORBOW. Undertaker Eyno, of Kahway, haa completed arrangements for tile burial of the unknown girl wbo waa murdered. In the outskirts of that city live weeks ago. Tbo body will be buried to-morrow afternoon In tbe cemetery of ti e First Prrebytertaa Church. The Kev. Will-lam Alfred Oray, Pastor of the church, will orb date at the grave. Coroner Terr til will adjourn the Inquest so as to allow the jurors and the newspaper reporters to attend tha funeral. Tbe reporters will art as pall bearers. Coroner Terrlii says be will wind up tbe inquest to-morrow. The !day term of the L n ion County Courts will open on Tuesday. The Coroner wants to send a copy of tbe evidence taken st tbe Inquest before the Oraud Jury. It la not probable that the i rand Jury will take aoy action In tba matter as District. A tornr Wilson has full authority lo keep up the search for tha murderer. ASBORB ASD LEAK1XG. Block IbLasd. K. I.. April 30. The ship Vary L Cashing, from Nev Vtrk for Hong-Kuag, wltk 59,000 cases of ail and 2.M toes of btaat. asitore aa tba west side of Block Island at 10 e'dorS tbis asuratng. A hoary aea la ranatag aad tae ves-s-ji la puaiuiiag aud leaku. The revenoo eattaar Daxler Mt here this artsraees) for Bloc Island lor r-ar relict Capt. Ws alas ("Be te her assistiiaee wit his i - -

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