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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 6

New York, New York
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Monday, January 20, 1862
Page 6
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' 4 ; t i i' 4. 51 "Si - i --i: "it Hi :.:i S; 4 4 ; ; i 1 i i rows. , m km a ax or 4ov. K.IBUWOOD. t Oar. Kickwooo, of Iowaln bU nnol me- ce discos at length tbe tabject of taxation. Of the 8U' finances be aye: , - " Ii n judgment, there U mot another State In Ike Union la waits the proteeurm of tbe. Uovt-r niueiu 1 extended 10 as large ppulaUoo, so widely scattered, snore ecot.otoioaU,' tliun our own lint while lliat U true, HU cqoady iru that our finances are BUlu4 ln-atlhy condition.: The report of the Auditor of Suite disclose tne somewhat iartlng fact, that of the State lax tW IKd end preceding, years, tl.ete was at the date of td-i report tho 4tn day of November. lOCl f llaqueut ana enpniu wo um ui wu,i uv . x tdan sufi.cient to cover the entire ex- oeavetof our eui'e Uovernment (tr one yeaxi This Urge UeliJtjueury has occurred mainly wiUitn if laat four ycart, and the now report shows tkoie ee at Cm him dat) warranis arawn a the Treasury to the amount of 103,645 J which were rooaid lor stant o( fund, most of which, are drawing- iaiere.4 at Uie rate of eight per cent. ter u-jaiiiu. f i ' ' i - ' lirKca revUioaof the revenue law, In order to t;iti re prompter paymeii of Ujw, andMyat Vve may eict to be called on to pacurirt tr.e ?etent year a f:eral U from of OOii.UJO tu 7i 0XjO. i4i U recuered neceatary by Ue heat y eipeixluiee Ut urrcJ by Ue firiral Ouvrnment la preparing to pui don the reb illoti In crlhlrt Sthtea ot tbsilJiuoo. A j et rt to loa.n ktai tetn, and taurt coMtnue to De, eceNiarT to meet thebe cipviitf, awl pnuictice and omul eruoomy require thai tlo Ueneiai UoeriiBient uittiul be to.cljed to borrow tnoncy to ty the lulcre.t cruin von ha luao. Tko lutereft uon kf ma ie aod u toe nii!e murtbe met by actual py-men(, Htvl not bv tocurrir.B ftirher irvlebtwlriet". The eaitaiisUof the eountry hae thusfar refponced nof'ly to ihe p-all tna'te upon the in by tne Goernintnt, aia hevep.lveDUaydtt&nce anJ support a r.eoekry a$ that rnlerei by the aoWicr lit the field. Six hundred ti rxinnj ealiaut toen, of waom tvken'y tltuaiid are if. n our own 8Ute, ae In arm. clir.(? tttir laLor, !- Maith, and their Me Uir the ooun-ry. and eov Uif cntl ciim: to in who are at h.ime, nn' e are akedt i g a little of iultaace U tne fiime fat ti y. lour r.aalry, tnrce bti-ria of urtlllery and mttH HKMintoi cuiiltiiy tor Ifoii.ter aervtce have betn . In .! lieM. ileRurClug erfciUua on the; bolder, iinv. lv:tKWwl ya: j 1 ' , 1. -..t-v.-rs-l o c t!rna dur'.rgtho aon w!fn r.f : la had, or appeared lini iy ; eet. citri tn Hla.ul, nmcH t;ir:.lHow extsiet! alor.g a.- : .u.heru Uroe. ;t tl.ey h.ii..d iittrm,,t an tn-a t our iV.uie, uoh, frr vanj..of a.;rn, our 1 ueit nt tiroj erly prepnre 1 to rcMat. j liniit-i..- ,v af'r the nlie .f the extra e.-Mn of V,t e.vt A-mblv, I juSnM Cu. J-s Epwieus and C. Co Uu.:riY. my At IK, with large discretionary V ta;;t lor the prcaervat.on ol Ir.nujIn.'Uv tn li.e douilifrn BDrder Cou;i't:. 1 was well aatthlied Ik-iv-m-Mout 8uieouUI be move i aMly pn.tervtl ty .'.I, -ndla luvel. n than by repelling lu nl taere-fcrc. i could not oiJer our tSw.uMroope bernnu our a eline, I instructed CoIb. nwwa and Uta-cr.ufd Uwo'itb Utcmthe troop unir their coin-irw...;, that if at any time the -loyal men of l1ern Mlaibml " Ieri' andle-Klfed .,-: tlicm fur alatat.c, they had aa full au-thou ras 1 could jute litem, to lead Uieu men iuiu MiMi'iii to tlieaLlof tne loyal men Uiere, and tny pr..nlM uion their return' that inv ter ulioiild be mmm :o lue utmost extent tori otcct tl.em If called in uu.ii.-.for aodolDK. Under lhee circumf tniieea. nd In M)me cea at tn iitur.ce of officeraofttie Uhiied btatea, Cola, EnwAtB and BcaT, and Col aiuu:DO,o Pa.o County at diHerent Uines led tm-lti eol InwaUooTM Into Mltaoun and kept them iriaen ice lh-re until their pi esence wu no longer r c'ctl. and I ant well a$nred their sfrvicrs wei hir-hly valuable, not only In preserving Uie peace d our tttirder an 3 piotetr.lnn our own rtt-ople. but hi mr-rortire an.1 trenrthning the Uuton meu of Nimouri. The epenta imiurred in thee cxixsdition? are. In mr Jo'igmeuUpioperly chargeable to the General fJoen.iueut, and 1 am now seeking their relmbure- m4;r t enesnlneM al.o existed on our Western and lS'ortiiern txrder, h-t the Indiana in Dacotahand iMlti-nHi! n-.leht be led bv designing men to take ad van-Uic of tl.e- troubled itnte bf puullc affuirs, and commit depredation on our o n people in that teg:on. The RreaioHtance of thut f art of the State from tne ylt-ce whero my ot tier dut;e compel me to kevo my hiidquarte a. and the want of peeJy commuulcii-non inerewiA, -either by jrallroad or teleRraph, ren-dereJ It, in niv juJirrnent, fcluoiu'.ely necessary 1'iut I aituuld conler on u1ia! e pvr&ons the power to act tor me promptly In ruse of emergency" 03 fully as It 1 ere urtat-nt to act in person. 1 accord .ugly con-forred ai'inli nuthoiity on; Hon. Ctm Baliivis. of Council Blutfa, and Hon.: A. W. HukBian, Of bioui City. Urulerthis autitoilty bo-'les f mounted men rtie cuiled into acrvlce at different ttniea for hort terio.Jr. and 1 am hai;pv t be able to atuto that lUc tranriuilttv of tbt portion of our State &! been pre eaiveu." LAW REPORTS. r rt r.i.iHinr This Dat. KnPEr.MB (Jucrt i-PiciAt. Tkrm No. 7, 32: Dernurrei-a. Law and Facts, ol. 4, 23-i, 38, Siifl, M0, 20 1, Wi, 203, Ht.3, 20J, 207, 2A 270, 273, 274, 14, 97. IV 1UCL 14 '. 174. 2(12.: Siirux CocnT tuertT Pttrf .No?. S39, I67f, 1341. D3I. -1V73. 1J75. 1W. 1!X, 13, I. 1VS7, 1, ln 1UJ7. lnu'J." !iel. 2i05. 2iH)7. 20OS1. 2111. Part II. No. lf'fcH, 174. lblS. tb20. 1(34. 1836, 1838, 1M4, IMd. HSi, bCS, I2ti4i 1S00, ltd, lbOO, 16J8, 17, ,6.lf. roriv Part -Noa.663. 1233. 1P39,8992 1013, 3O47.SU40, 1912,3179. 3IM,3l-3, 31b5, ' 3lb, 319, 193t 3197, I'urt 11. Not. 2104, 2072. 2VM. 422, 321)4, 44i, 3444, 3150, SIM. 34U2. 3 164. 340 3470, 3472. Pat t Jll.Kol 207, 2bii. 2S71, 2673, 3199, 3201, 3203, 3205, K(7, 3, 3il 1.3213,32134 3217,319. Part I K. Nos. 1131, S0, 3210, 3174, 3478, 3476, 4W, 34c4, 34a6, 3itl, aiun liu-' 3404. 91jo. 349tL . Cot xt ov Comkos PuiAB Part I. No. 805, flOfi, P0854. , fm, 810. 811, 812. 813, fe!6, 128, 268. 780, 679, 119, I mi. rmri it. iutw w, iwu, v, 410, 611, 873, 758, 759, 60, Hi, 7C2. t Froefe tat Artiena of Arreet Tbe Detiea of Refereea jlrpelnteA to Take Tentlmooy. trrtr.ux coitt cbavck&s. t : -Rrv 4mUm LMCar. Cktrlet tSorff ! James Dunn vejlVm. C- WUlutms tt . Thl waa a rooUoo to discharge the defendant from axreat The plaintiff, in resisting the motion, asked leave to submit new affidavits tend- In to aliow other frauds cotemporaneous with the one upon the allegation of which the order of arret! u granted. This was objected to, on the ground that uch new affidavit mould only tend toiltov. new cauae of arreit in the action against the defend ant, and that they would, therefore, be improperly ad-. mitted. If allowed in opposition to the motion. The Conrt held aa iollow i . r Larva a. J. Wt.ere the ordeof arrest U founJed on affidavit, ahowinr. la the first fcnrtanre: that the defendant wa cullty of fraud la con tt acting the obli gation nnoa w men tne aeuonu orougrn, proi 01 outer cotempoVaneou fraud of a like character ha a tendency to suAtalu the charge of fraud upon which euch order of anet was granted, and i admisalble. The proof of otherjooternrancous fraud does not mat out a new cauae oi arreM in uie action, out enable the Court better to decide on the case of con flicting affidavit of the panic to whom credence ourhl lobe riven. - ! It follow, then, that on a motion to discharge an order of arrest in mich a case, on affidavits introduced on the part of the defendants, In support of the motion, that tne plalntifl may suttaln the order and resist the motion by proving other cotamporaueoua trani'ihv tha defendants. It will not be a departure from the case originally made, oa which the arrest was granted. It Is the busi-. nes of a referee appointed to take evidence, to take avilthatUoCered.ard leave it to the Court, oathe bearing of the matter, to oetcrmmo want is, or la not. oompaieni, - i The author it v of the referee here wu to take the evidence and report it with hi opinion, aottohear and decide anything. The plaintiff must have leave to hand up any affidavits which they may thlna proper, for the purpose of reeiitiPir the defendants' motion. W. W. Peck lor motion ; Peter Y. Cutler, opposed. tvs. . i Pectalooe . ; grrittioK coct t?rrciAi txkx. Tie Exckanzt Ve utterance Comfanv of the Citf flirts-York n. Tmtmr and Otksrs. Tried by the Conn w Itliout a jury, i u ueirnco not prpveu ; judgment of foreclosure and for a sale of the mort-araged premises, ordered, swar vs. 7mk. Tried bv the Court without a jury. TneplalntiS has not proved facts entitltng htm to' f'HIl an nclion IO compel aeiciuiant vu ciecute a renewal leas, on n rent to be ascertained and fixed srv ths Court. OomrJaint dismissed. JMswftwwvs. Tiy-ar. Judgment for plaintiff on Ids Msnnrrsr utaetendant'stourtn ueience. CO03I fLIAg CHAVflRS. . .. Tw dj Ki4y. .'"' . f Keen. vs. iie. Motion denied. - ' '- tUyaUs vs. JtwAwsa 4 iM4. App'.tcation de- GENERAL ' MARKETS. Kiw-Voax, Saturday, Jan. 18, 18626 P. IL The reported receipt of the principal kinds of rrodurs since our taa nav oeen, i bbl. Ashes, tniKT hhk VI.-inr.TSC'bbls. and t.173 SUklRnm SC38 butbel W heaut JWI busheU Corn, lts bnsheht Kye,3Ji) bushels Barley. X.i7 nusneis Oata, i bmdieU Malt, iS33 pxes. FroTtstons, 1,07$ tUa, WtilttV. . . - . ASHES Sale 30 bbts- at $8 ST for Pots, nnd M n for f earls. V 100 a. Stock la the Inspection Warehouse, this snornlntv I bLU laclading 31A Itbis. rot, ana S47 bbl feorie. - - . - COAL A tnoderate demand prevails Cor Foreign. Sales have Oea mad since our last, of &442 tons, including;, according to Mr. Ouit, 300 tons I nee Hall House CanaeL at $8 37M$d $0 1 530 do. Dixon' Merwlth Steam, $3 ; 304 do. Ued TVelab Steasn, 44 30; 37$ do. New Ftlwn, $3 S3; S74 do. Feaaler Ci Gu Cannei, $4 23 ; t00 do. kllainrnoclc, tnm T yard;, M U, and 200 do. WUbaw. from yard, fi T5, aU COTTON la Inactive and altogether Bomtnal lit price. -1 . - . COFFEE Ralea 1.100 bare PJo at 18c.19c. fi . FLOUK AND WEAL The demand rut beta 11 nv Ited to-ftav for all kind of State and Wectern Flour, at drooping prtrew The retorted aalea lnce oar Jt have bee: bbla.. including evper- fine Slate at $3 4StJ 45; lnferk to choice tra SUte at $J73 90, malnty at i tOj -Dnnerane W evternj Inferior to Coolre. at at 13 45$J lis extra iowa, WmcoosU and illlaoia, at J3 70io 3dt extra Indiana ami Michleaa, at 13 75416 40 1 inferior extra Ohio, at $3 W3 83: roond-hoop exUa Ohio, bipptng brand, at 5 9Uw td W boi. . I j Bupertire Place L...i.... f 43 S3 S3 90 t xira State 370 Supernj.a Western. 3 43 Extri Iowa. Wtaorntdn and UlinoU.... 3 70 Extra Indiana and Michigan 5 75 Inferior extra Ohio...L...t. ...... ...... 5 M Extra Ohio, round hoopjitipping brands 3 90 Extra Ohio, trade brand. 6 05 Fancy Ce5ee......;....L 3 95 KttraGepee 6 10 Inferior to Choice Extra Missouri A 00 s u ft 30 6 40 3 83 O 00 a 83 ft 05 a 7 00 7 00 Boninern Flour continues dull and heavy ; sale 800 tbi. at $3bn36 2o lor poor to root super fine Baltimore, anu $6 30918 S3 forfancy to very choice extra hi and. LbL Canadian Flour is quiet, includ ng uerftne at 83 50 f 5 55 : extra at 85 73d 10 75 Y bbl. ; sale 400 phis. Rv Flour 1 K.actire, at 3$4 30 for fine And superfine, ft bbl. Corn Meal is more inquired fer at $2 5$3 for Jersey, and 13 25 a 3 30 for Brandy wine, i bbl. GRAIN Wheat has been In limited request at lrres;uhr prices. The principal holder re not eager io sell at present. Sale 24,300 on bit-el, incliidmir White Western on private terms ; Amber Western $1 43 ; Red Western (Winter) at $1 37 fl 40; Amber Io want $135; Milwaukee Club at $1 3J)ife$l 33, and Chicago Spring at $1 30 3 busheL Corn la Inactive a'd itenuing downward. Sales lB.tiiO bushel at 64c. 465c. for Mixed Western in store and delivered, and tic for Southern Yellow, $ busheL Oats are selling siowlv. including Conadinn at4lc.42c. ; Weatern at 4lJ4c.42H,c.; State at 42c43c., and Jersey at 41r. a42r.. ' buhel. i Kye is .in fair request, at 82c Mc. biithel. Sales". 4,900 bushels. Barley is sroree fid quiet. S.iles 3,000 bushels, including State at f!r., rind Ca-lihvnlu on private terms. HY N r"i R: .er is in demand and Is quite firm at Mcotl fi 100 Es. ; HOPS Are In f iir reduest at steady rate, inelud-!: p :ew at 17c. 24om the: latter rate for choice, f tfc. IHU.KS Iteceipta and Sales have b''U about eual iii aiiiO iiit duriMK tne pat week. Prices are very 1. 1 n. The receipts comprised 39,699 hides : sales 37,-4f'u hide and 51 bales djo., including, according to :csr?. Weiiel & Wiidxnetir, 40,0;.ij BuenosAyres, 21 it'J? S.s , 24kc.iii25c., 4 months, usual selection; 2,TW) Ciiiitornia. to Arrive, 23 lbs., 24c, 0 mouth?, usual selection; 5,550 Orinoco, 20 ths., 212;c, 6 month, usual selection ;!2,000 Porto Cahcilo. 22 s., I'JMc. ai'oc., months, rejected bad hides ; 6-10 Bogota, 21 Bis., on private terms i 5t0 Aspinwall, 20 lbs., oa private terms'; 25 bales Calcutta Buffalo. 22 lbs., on private terms; 25 bale Calcutta Cow, 9 tbs., on private terms ; 900 wet salted Montevideo, 55 lbs., on private terms ; 470 do. Demeraraj. 50 lbs., on private terms; x,5(0lo. California, 30 &s., lie, 6 mr-s., usual selec-t:on ; 3,500 Washington Slaughter, 75 lbs.. 75ic. cash. i ejecting bad hides ; 3,200 Western do.. 55 70 .s., pail 7ic., do., do., do.; 1;,5)0 Countrv dp.,6bEis., on private terms ; 3,000 City do.. 70!?0 ts.. 7kc.47)c.. cash, rejecilng bad. Hide!. Stor k in importer s and Fpecuiators' hand: 233.0PO dry Hides, 10,700 wet salted do., I, M0 Horse Hidei, and 1.0C0 bales East India Hides. I IRON Has been inactive, here, to-dav. In Phila- !rlphia. dtwinp the weeW. sales were made of 1,000 ton? w lilto forge pig at $j7, nnd soma No. 1 and 2, In lots, fit S20 for the former and $19 for the latter, mostly cash. i LEATHER The businessof the week. In the prin cipal kinds, Messrs. Wtitn. fe WxrcsMirxx review thus: " Hemlock Snle The inquiry for brime middle and heavy continues (rood ; sales are being made to a fair extent, and in all directions, at gradually advancing prices ; holders.-in general, are quite firm, end sutidrr desirable larire parcels are held entirely h'-yond the range j of i market rates. Ocii Soft Iti- fair request, ! at firm and steady rates. There have been no Speculative movement in iliis article. Wtrklu RtciipU of sole leather about 3 i,(H!0 side. The imoorters and lobbers in foreiun :tlfskius, and other kind of foreign leather, have entered into an agreement to adopt the follow-in? rules in regard to credit : The loi;rest term will be sixty day, with a discount of; three per cent, on our six months' pi ices ; four per; cent, for payment in thirty lavs, and five per cent, lor cash, within five days from date oi mil" MOLASSES According to the annual statement of the Moiaaes trade of the United States, (exclusive of California and Oregon.) for the year 1301, prepared bv the editors of the Skip pint and Comnitrciil Lift, i tie receipts oi Molasses at tuts port, ootn toreica and domestic descriptions, have been smaller than b'Sforc In several years, and the average pricos have also been below those of former years, notwithstanding tne largely increased aulv. l tie nuctuatlons in prices have been considerabie-j-Uie lowest point was leached ut the ciote of Mav and lin the earlv part of June since then, values have been steadily advancing the highest range being attained, on foreien descriptions. tn uciooer, ana oa Louisiana, lu necemoer. I tie ronuuipliou of foreign descriptions at this port the phst year w as oyz4'.t,7a7 gallons, against a consump tion in lfitfo o7,s'.i3,722 eal!ow, being a decrease of over 20 4-5 cent., whye the total consumption of foreign and domestic in, 1!?C1. was 8,400. 26 J gallon,. acainiit a total consumption in leou ot lO.S3r,5rJ gal Ions, being a decrease of over 20 2-5 cent. The total receipt oi loretgn 5lolases into the United States tor the year ending Dec. 31. 1S&1, were 133 QOri llrvnt airi.(r.c u tnlal lmrnr In tAft'l of 31,126,615 gallons, I and Die consumption of foreign descriptions I was 20,Sb3.556 gallons, aganiAt a consumption in isoo ot 20.72405 gallon, while the total consumption of foreign and dohie.-tic in lswl was 40.11,56 gallons, against a total coDSumptionin isno ot 7,3it,bi7 gallons, being a ae- crease in the consumption of foreign of over 20 fl crnt.. and in the consumption of foreign and domestic over 15 9 cent. If to the above furures be added the quantity of sugar -house syrups made by the refiners. whicn is estimated at aometw-entr millions gallons. anu t-yrups gatnerea iroin tne maple tree ana sorg hum, say ten millions gallons, the total consumption of Molasses in the country the past year would be over 70.000.OW gallons. I The consuraptioa of foreign xiaiasses na& been nttnerto governea entirely by the extent ot the domestic ; crop, but tor tne present no part of that Is available beyond the immediate region ef It growth, and the want of the bulk of the con sumers of the countrv, must be entirely supplied from loreign markets, llie west Has taKen annua wv direct irom new-uriean irom nine to twelve million gallons that source of supply is not now accessible, and their wants can only be met in the markets on the seaboafd. The high cost of the article laid down in most of the Western cities, owing lo expensive transportation, will militate greatly against the usual consumption ; besides which, the present nign price oi uoias-es; aro syrups nas given a great impulse to the culture of the Sorgho and Implies in several of the Western Slates the crop maue the past vear w as considerable, sutficiently large in low a and Illinois to interfere greatly with the sale of other bwrup, ana mere is no oouot out mat tne present year win witness a very saianaea culture ot Utese eacctia- rlne Canes, which was found a more profitable croo man orn, even wnen prices oi Kotasaes were mucu lower tnau mey wut oo tne current year. I ne crop of Louisiana, i exas, now oewig made, is large, ana cannot tau xnucn, it -any, snort ot twenty-tnree to twenty-fire millions of pallons. oely a small portion oi wucn can ne usea m mat region, i ne exiraonu- narv vield of ilia Cant? betas of Louisiana, and tha high prices that rule for their products, and which must continue to rulei under Uie present tariff, mav hare a more important bearing upon the political status of that Statethan could be exerted by the pres ence oi neei or in pressure ot armies." Total centwmptitm of Afofssxr imtht Citt4 Statu drmf tack Mr last twtlvt gear. . GaliaM. i OatlM. I80I .40.181.558 Including Foreign... ..20,383 555 ...28,7-4iilJ ...2S.2,210 ...84,795,374 23,206,404 1S60.. 1859.. 1853.. 1857.. 1856.. 1855.. li'4.. .43.313,877 including Foreign... ..w.zno.imi including roretgn... ..45.109.164 including Foreign... ..2S.503.784 including Foreign... ..39,603.878 Including Foreign... ..47Jr06,H85 including Foreign... ...S3,0U,87S ,..2333.423 ..36,493,019 Including Foreign.. .24,437.019 1 851. ,. . . .55 538.821 Including Foreign. . . .. .2878,821 1852.. ....4S.237 ,511 including Foreirn 29.417311 1S51.... ..43,949.018 including Forein......Si33a.278 1850 37 .019.2 19 including Foreign 2-Uoo,94 NATAL STORES-4-Resin, Tar and Crude Tnrnen- ttne are mactivo ; o no is. ? pint mrpenttne hare been disposed of at $1 454S1 32 H. closing heavilv. wttn no aispositton to pay over tne lowest rate, st gal lon, ana 1 PR0V1 steativ rates; sates to-day, t,b50 bbla, at $11 75tlt 50 f Mess; $18 7$13 50,ln nart, for Priino Mess; $8- 1 t ae tor rnme, m ecu uressea nogs, 4ci4 -i6c. A . Cat Meats are tn Ie request, at 3c.) 6 He. for Hams, 4c.4Hcfor Shoulder, ft S. Ba con t salable and steady; sale 650 boxes. at 6Xe.e7e. Lard Is olaaty and tieovy. oaies lMJ uerces and barrel poor to choice, at 7 VcHe-. r . Beef oontlnne in donand sales since our last. 475 bbl.. at $13 50 1 14 for extra Mess, sad $11 wf 12 for new repacked Mess A bbLt frtaso Hess.' $20w$31 j India Mes.$23a$2t HUerce. tteei Hams, sisi4 T9V DDL: Batter U in some reqriest at I lc 15c. tor Western, and lOcCzlc, ! .for State, V B. Cheese continue inactive at . . - SALT An unusually active speculative Inquiry prevails, especially for Liverpool. Including Fine at SI SI 15. and i. round at aOo.f SOc sack t Co. raroa at X4C, ana i urx-s isiana at wc ni cmsnet. sEKDS.-sales tn irnuaaeinrtia. durtng tne week. 3.000 bushels Clover, at trom $4 25 to $4 75 ; mostly at sa Ma sa D23 w puso-. as w men rates mere an mora buyers than sehers and the receipts llight; 300 bags rrcleaned seed in ahipping order, at tfcc, and20u ao. v 1 k s Have been In rood demand nt full prices. PICES Sale, to-day, 30 bags Ptrseato, on prt-VBi bran and 104 bars PenoeT. at 19He. ft t. SUGARS Sales to-dy. nave been confined to 104 hhdi. Cuba: at rkeiwdke.: n small lot of China white, at 9 fee, and ;SM boxes. Havana, on, prlvnte i TaLLovt Ul2Leiattke.$Mo.!m. WaisKTais, since or iart. ijsOO boia withiB tnfixt u rxotn X3Mc.r2Qa. nuoa. ;- fi$ :S!gflrTv. imes, gEftrrflag,. gmncrrg so,, lgga, WOOLThe letnand lia 'been nurVave "ouhng the paU week, ies so for lew nd sneuiosji graoee, txirea cf which favor buret a AiiaU'lv. The better : qsalittea are held wita snore &riae, and are attract' ' log more ft'tenuore. Trie week's wie wu up ih.iaaj Bm. DomCMtc, inctuimg feeve at 8e.j53caaa super pulkd at IJc.tic.: ion bale MelUa, her aat in boi-ton, at 23A.r2e.; lie bales Smyrna private terms ; 50 bales Cape at 25c.; 70 bale Deoskai at 23c, ad 40UX o . AiiitJtn, washed, to arrive fr m Liverpool, at 40c. ft ft. In Bostoc. during tho week, sale wee made of 200,t)00 at pi ice tanging irom ic. 53c, and choice' lot of super nod eUa pnlled as high a 54c.j5c fl .; 360 bales Mestixa, Mediterra nean and boulh , American at various pnees a to qitaiitr. KJSIOHT8 The market na ceen qoien io-uj , rale have favored shipper. For Liverpool Floor 2s. 6i.42s. 91. V bbl.; Wheat. In bulk and bag-,d.9!d.; Com.8?id.i. bush.; Beef, 6s.e7a. 6d. e tee.: Pork. 4s.44i. 6-t.fl bbU Petrolium,8. fli.; Bacon and Lard, 2ts.Cd.w33s. flutter aua cneese, -!- oo.a. and by,' steamer 65s.; Tallow, 27. 6d.fc3U. t ton. For Glasgow Fiour. 8s. bbl. ; Gr.ln, 9d.3l0d. T boshei; Bacon and Lard. 308.35s.: Butter, 40?.; Tallow, 30s. ton. For London riour, as. a i. a 3. 6d. bbL: Grain. 9HdVai0fc:l. bushel; Pork at4s,6d.5a. bbL: Beef. 6s. d.7. 40. II tee.; Butler and Cheese. 35a. 40s Baron and Lard.-35s. 4240s.: Tallow and Oil cake. 308. too. tor Cork A foreirn brii. with Co8n. in bulk, for orders, at 11 &d. $ busheL For Havre Floor, 70c bbl.: Wheat. Ifc. busheL The latest charters, aacordine to the Sktvvinr hut. hare been : A bark, 303 tons, to Gibraltar tor eraers, 600 hhds. Tobacco, at $10 50 if to Cadiz, and $11 75 hbd. if to a port in the north of Srain ; a ship. 433 tons, to Montevideo, $19, or if to Buenos Ayres, t-'J ; one. 531 tons, and a bark. 528 tons, to Montevideo or Buenos Ayres, $19 ; a new schooner, 1 7 ions, Grande, S-2.'2 4) ; a Biltlsh schooner, 700 bbl., to Ja maica and back, $700 ; a brig, 198 tons, to Kingston, Jam., with privilege of a second port, and back, $1,300 ; a British schooner. 1.2iK)bDl8, to Jacmei ana back. $1,050 ; a British brig, 192 tons, to Humacoa, P. R.. and back. Sugar 4t)c. and Molasses $3 ; three Brit ish brigs, to south side Cuba and back, one 2S9 tons, 4t'c. and $3, one 176 tons. $1,900. and one i tons, 4. i aiA . m Umma. Kurlr ATA tnm In Aniwern. shin forest Ct7y,492 tons, to load in the Eagle line, for Rot terdam, and Hamburg snip ueutri.m tons, to oris to i, on private terms. noTemenu or liaropean Steamers, raoif idxcp. Citv of Baltimore. . ..Liv-rpool ITew-Ycrk ...Jan. ...Jan. . . . Jan. ...Jan. North American Liveroool.L Vortland. . Aratiia Liverpool New-York i;!agow... Liverpool ew-1 orK .... Liverpool Boston .iiiirhLmnfan. . New-York Hammonia Anvrica. ... . . .Jan. Jan. 15 Liverpool. . .. Southampton Southampton Southampion New-Yrk....Jan. in MHnfa .New-ork....Jaa 22 .New-York....Jn. 29 Bzvaria.... Borusna.. Kew-York.... Feb. U rr.OM AMERICA. John Bell.. New-York. . .. . Glasgow. ....Jan. 21 ar, .Boston... ..Liverpool... ....Jan. 7J Jan. 25 City of Manchester.New-York.. ... uverDool. .. ..Liverpool.... . . Liverpool ..Liverpool... . .Liverpool.. . ..Liverpool ..Liverpool... ..Bremen i 1 1 bernlan Portland ..Jan. 2a ..Svik. 29 Arabia New-York.. Glasgow. Ntw-ork.. ...Feb. 1 Luropa Host on ..Feb. 6 City c-f kVaahington.Ntw -York. . America New-York.. ..Feb. 8 ...Fob. 13 ..Feb. 16 liana New-York.. Departure of Enropean Mails. The mail for Europe by the steamship Canada, from Boston for Liverpool, will close at the New-York Pot- ofSce on Tuesday, at 634 P. M. Mails Close at the Post-office. North Malls close at. ...5 A. K. and 3:30 P. M. "oath L' ails close at 5 A. II. and 4:30 and 10 F. M. Western Mails Iril Erie Railroad) 6 A. M. and 3:30 r. K. Ksstern Mails clone at 5 A. M.. 2 P. it. and 6:30 F. If. Mails for California. Oreron. Washlneton and the Sand wich Islands close daily at tli Ncw-xork Post-omoe at 5fc A. M. and 3) P. M. On Sunday all Mails close at 1:30 r. a. TO LET. ltlGUTllobMS, and steady power, - at low rates. - By JOHN GAUDP. No. M2 Walker-st. T'O LET THE CPPEI; PART OF A TWO-STORY 1 bouse, in Franklin-av.. near M vrtle-av.. Brooklyn ; rent very low. Inquire of Ph'TelR A. BEKT, Real Earate rou A (rent ana Auctioneer, AO. aoz uranu-st., n 1111am burgh. fliO LET THE TWO STORY AKD ATTIC BRICK a dwelling house No. 30 Lispenard st. Kent $VK.-l'ot- resslon :tumeliately. Apply to IS. U. STILWKLL, No. 11 t;nnmieri-st. TO LET-THE FOUR LOFT3 OF STORE NO. 101 Chiiinbers-st.: one of the best and moat central loca tions ia New-York ; will be let low to a good tenant. Ap ply on the premises, to JOliA 1). LRWli). rpo LET AN OFFICE ELIGIBLY SITUATED. A Apply to C. PAULSON , No. Tti Rewle-t. FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET. mo LET. A NICE I. Y-FC RXI S H KD THREE-STO- X ry and basement house- to rent, until the 2Kh of April. t xcKlleot piano, silver ana linen, aua every otner requisite for house keepiDe left. Street auiet and hiahl.v re- SDectalile. lo a responsible nrtvate lamiiv onlr. leruia. t.H a mouth. Uoue-agents need not apply. No. 6s East 2:th-gt. LOST AND FOUND. CAUTION. LOST OR MISLAID. A CERTIFICATE for ten (10) shares of stock of the Pelawars and Hudson Canal Company, No. 6.513, dated Nov. 21, leftO. In the name of liEO. T. OLYl'UANT. All Demon are hereby caunnora against purviiM-iug or ucaoiiaxing uic sauie. is aw-1 oaa, Jan. , ina. T OST-ON THE EVENING OF JANUARY 17, IX Ingoing from 16th-st., near Kth-av., through stn-av.. up nh-tr. to Ta-st. ana iwn-v.,.a plain evai bana UKAthLHii'. wnoever retam tne same ion. v. Bl RD1CK. No. 93 Wall-st., will be cuiUbly rewarded. DANING A.DOD WORTH'S DANCINU ACADEMIES, Io.i4t utn-sv, ooraer smb-si ee-xoct. No. 137 Hontague-U. Brsoklyn. rt . .Iiparv, vo cuvn.w- : 1, v. . ! I.U1 U CCUJL X O Mill AUA R O 1. BEWBIIlt ' 1HtKr-ni.un uva i a ua ba i urva so us. s ; Cursulars for term, tc, may be had at either Aeadsmy. TTILLGROYE'S DANCING- ACAttEMY- XXNo. aibfUi-av-. near 2lt -St. Ctahses are now formins for theoeond quarter. on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS. AFTfcKNOOX and EYF.NING. All ths faabioDahle and approved dances taught. Pupils may conuneoc at anytime. Apply as above. . . I?BRRERO'S DANCING ACADEMY NO 9 A Vtet 14th-st. Classes ednesdays and Saturdays and Moadava and Thnrsdav. Quarter commences from the day ol entry. . rrivate classes ana scbooi attended. PRINTmi KEW- YORiTtYPE -FOUNDRY, - f ESTABLISHED, 1823,) NO. 29 SPKrCE-STREET. PRINTERS ARE INVITED TO CALL ON A. tbe suescrilter, w litre they can be sunolied v. tth hiVKKY STYLE of PRINTINO TYPES, mads from I NEIVA1.ED HARD MfcTAL. and finished in the most accurate manner, with Presses and every article they require, at the LOWEST PRICE fer cash or approved paper. KLECTKOTYPING ad STEREOTYPING; Second-hand Presses and material bought and sold. Type cspperfacsd to order by the Newtan Company- Old type taaen in caonaage r new si i" cenci per pnuna. rnT&K V. COKTKLYOC GROCERIES t PROVISIONS. WM. A. READ t CO., Wholesals and Retail Dealer In BUTTER AND CHEESE. STAND NOS. 61 AND 3 CATHARIN'K MARKET. Opposite the Ferry. New-York. GROCERS AND SHIPPING Supplied at the lowest market prices. BURNING FLUIDS, OILS, &C. ; J. S. STANTON, MAN L FACT LUElt f or COAL OIL, COAL OIL LAMPS, AND 'BURNING H.ITID. DEALER IV ALCOHOL AND CAMrHKN E. CRUDE rttTROLalCM r rm oet weiis 00 on c rees, renusyivanla. REFINED OIL. PACKED IN CANS FoR EXPORT, . I SU.!OVBtMIiVllMt nsn-iu, 1 PUBLIC MEETINGS. ate o'clock. Panetoal attendance is reoue.tI. L i, K: -OS. President. C w. w necorcung secreuu-y. PROFESSIONAL. ; ,1 TXTATHANIEL WILSON, LATE CLERK OF i ' ljuul um! Judiciarv Anoeala, in tbe DtMnivnt .r tk. Interior.) ttractioes before the Cowrts awd Execotir D. partanent. w asningion. u. m. urnce at. a iAoanaana-av. Refers to Hon. J. T Hcffman. Recorder, NeV-York City: . 11 oi.w a. 1 1 i r 11 1. 1 r - pen. k. aumo. p.. . j w w y. t " Vsefci rii METALS. ? ' rpiIOS. J. PtPE, NO. V JOIlN-HTM N. Y- a. Antnracite ana enarooai oir ana nar iron, an-eet fm mm me aoa sbuks; intwina ota enpper, acumony, spel sr. in, teaa, so-; raiirowa irons, wa ana new ; cat naiia. FIRE-ARMS MAN rFACTURRns.IN WANT of gun-eiiKks. can find responsible party to enter Into n eocttracS to furnish, finished, snhiect to Gm. anent Inspect ioa, any nnrnber of storks desired, at abort : Aajrm uniun. wiiwa w , inK-vmca . lOHR OrXTT. UKtli KHTITK A at n lioue Agent, Ne. LK 4tn-v ketweon M.m and Ui ! Bowses let and rent collected 00 moderate terms. Wanted ftor respectable and reiiahls partite, tarntabed tesesea and perisefi ftgnJahod bwMen, Ad4ztnt, TlUfall wp tyw iafa as assrrs. . ... . ;.. ASSOCIATION 4F EXEMPT FIREMEN-ANNUAL MF-KTIN. The awual meeting will be Kel.t at Firemen's Hall. TUESDAY E YKXlNOlsii..- GOODS. 1 7 i.i "TAlliLYDRY GOODirCr ARNOLD, CONSTAT LS fc CO . . , will eCer at retail oo ' 0J?0Af,Jan.2 an tmssence stock of SUPERIOR FAMILY GOODS, oonsisting in part of LINEN SB SITING 3 AND SHIRTINGS. TABLE DAMASKS. ; TABLE CLOTHS, j NAPKINS, ' - TOWELS AND TOWELING8 COTTON 8HEKTINO AND SHIRTINGS, SWISS JACONIT AND NA1N30CK MUSLINS ' ' ef every description. ' 'Also ., BLANKETS AJjlD FLANNELS, all of which will be offered it prices that will give entire satisfaction to purchasers. CANAL-ST-, corner Mercer. BREAKDOWN IN BALDlOKAL SKIRTS I WE SHALL OPEN THIS MORNING, 1,000 fall six Balmoral Skirts $1 30 1,000 full site Balmoral Skirts. 3 00 1,000 full else, best in the City.... 2 60 R. H. MACY, No. 204 and 206 eth-av.. i Two door below Uth-st, AT KISZKV'S. T tl5.M0 BANKRUPT IMPORTER'S STOCK TO BE SOLD. JB I UKUtii t ilt AoSSiU.J!.a. AT KINZEY'8. i GREAT KLSH LAST WKt-K, Jr UK BARGAINS. Sale continued this week. Lot wide Dress l arletans, lie, lac., lac Lot of Lining Silks. i:;c-, lie Is Wbiteeilklllasions,3c;.6c Millinerjr Good, Ribbons, Flower, Feathers, Nets, Ac. Embroidered Loliitrs. tc-, Uc, 25e. breaiiast t.aps. 'ioc Worked Seta, $1 SO. Llnon Sets, lC'c I,ce Veils, 12c., 19c , 25c. Worket Bands, 10c., If:., IPC. HANUKEKCH1KFS. 7,5-30 gents' Handkerchiefs, : . Kc , l'-'c , IN: Nj0 UKlies' white Linen iiaDJi.erchieis, Di'.uy, c., Be. 2,&)0 ladies' Cue I.incn hemt'-itohed, ltc, ic. 1.5o0 liidic-s' rich Laoe ltand'iercnitfs, s.c, sue., i5c 20,d0u pieces Cotton and Linen f.duigs. yi pieces. I Util-.Al fcAllt.Htfl i. ! GOOiJlS MIST BE S01.D. GLOVES GI.I' KS. 2,000 pairs ladies' and genu' best Kid, spotted, 2Sc. 1,:'X( pairs ladies' black Kid Gloves, zic. 3,000 pairs hulies', misses' ahd gent's iicid Silk Gloves, 18c. O.iAKl pairs ladies and miste O loves, i.e., sc., i"c. i UAttlJ IS tins n AT KINiEY'B IN HOSIERY. Children's farcy plaid wool Hose, He. Children's fancy tucked wool Hose, 6c. 2,N.o pairs misses' cotton Hose, 5c., Cc, 8c. 6,uou piiirs ladies' cotton Hose, tic, He., lbc. 2,000 pairs gents' coxton naif Hose, de., o We. uents wool anu merino nan nose, vc, ii., iao. Ladies' ribbed wool Hose, ilic. Ladies' merino fleeced Hose. I'-y.- BOSOMS, BOiSJl S. BOSOMS. lJiRtiK LOT SHIRT B080MS. Gents' hirt Bosoms, 3c.. tc . 8c, 10c. Genu' Shtrt itooins, 13e--, lAo-, "sc., 20c Gents' 8birt Uosoms, 2c, 35c, 28c, Lot genu' silk and wool Neckties, 6c. SPOOL ; COTTONS. Best 200 yard Spool Cottons, white and black and colors. Good 200 yards Spool Cottons, 3c. Good Spool Cof on, 1c. French Working Cotton. 2c. r rencn Marking CoUon, 2c 1 ine Linen Tapes, 1c. i Sewing Silks, per doten. Sc. i A.t.lll.r.3, rua, uumbo. Best gold-eyed Needles, Se. paper. Best solid head Pins, 3C. paper. Best English Hair Plus, fc. box. Skirt braids, -'c.. tc. Rubber oound Combs. Sc. Fine Jet Bracelets. 25c. PERFUMERIES, POMADES. TOII.i.1 AND TOOTH POWDERS. Closing out very low : Lot Lubin's Extracts, ciosli.g 25c w ooien txooos eioring out cneap. Zephyr Wool !sleevcs,loc., Via. Zephyr Wool Slits, he. Zei.hvr Wool liiods. 23c. 31c. 3Sc Witn a large stock of other goods not mentioned. (3 ALL UUMUMyttS HI1KU1I, V A. 91. Jobber and retailers iurpiied at lea than importers" prices. W1L.I.1AM atftfltl, not. za ana ess mi-av., otween xist ana z:u iis- HOU8EKEEP1MG OOOUS, dec. A. T. STEWART CO.. Are offering still further attractions to purchasers In IRISH Ll.NKNS, SKEKllNC., FILLOM LINEN.,! DAMASK TABLE CLOTHS and NAPKINS, DOYLES. HUCKABACK and UAMA"K TOW ELM ana TOWELINGS, AMERICAN and ENGLISH LONG CLOTHS. ENGLISHand FRENCH PKRCALES. MADAPOLAMS, PlutIN, HKCKtu and FIUliKKO MU8LIXS. TABLE and PIANO COVERS. BLANKETS. DOMESTIC and FORKIGN FLANNEL8, FIN aland EXTKA FiNIv Qi. 1LTS, W 111TK UOOOS, to. FRESH and DESIRABLE OOODS, Manufactured expresslyfor THEIRoWN RKTAIL TR.4DE. And at the VERY LOWEST CASH PRICE8. REAL INDIA; CA.MELn' HAIR Long and Square Shawls, Scarfs, io., French Cashmere, Broche. Stotch Plaid and (ients' Traveling Shaw!, in every variety, at popular prices. -i- BALMORAL SKIRTS. NSW AND BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS, And Fall Widths. Jast received. A. T. STEWART CO. EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS. 800 pieces 4-4 Irish Linsns at 28c. per yard. 600 nieces 4-4 Irish Linens at 30c ner yard. 1,000 pieces 4-4 Irish Linens at 35c. per yard and upward. A. i . eissaar a vv. SILK REMNANTS. A Urge lot ot MEDIUM and HIGH COST, In leogths front 1 to 12 yardAescn. , DRESS GOODS. WHITE GOODS, 4c, C DECiDKD BARGAINS. i A. T. STEWART h CO. ITS. II. IUAC-Y'8, NOS. 204 AND 296 A f.t. . i , , . v . . .til -1 tk..l tWO VWfW l.W-n.1 VU WtU Ml W . UUU a full stock of ribbons, laoes. handkerchiefs, embroider-ies.white roods.nne nan nets, bounekeeping goods, carta in laces and moslin. hosiery and under-wewr, ladies' made-up under-clothing, Ae. N. B. Tbe only houe in Netr- ler inat sens taaier aonar aio gioves lor 03 cents, iny mdU fi eenU,) and always a full assortment of sizes and colors. ZEPHYR- WORSTED, FROM 12 CEXTS, stocking yarn 75 cents V lb ; cheap worsted goods, Soatags, hoods. Inggin. Enghah bosiary, and nnder-gar- menu: also a larire variety of Winter cloves and mitts. dress trimmings, velvets, buttons, bindings, small wares, N. B. Alexander's gloves, nice fitting corsets. 75 cents ; hoop skirts, 60 cent, at ELGER'S popular store for first class goods, No. 0 and ? Broadway, near 19tli-st., east side. Kememoer e- TJARGAINt. FUR BONNETS AND CHlL- mJ dren's futr hats, new styles ; sonnets at bargains. Mack velvet bonnets, oriaat Bonnet, reception ana aveniag bonnets, straw bonnets, gibbons snd flowers. it. sinAa, Aiiuinery. So Ml Broadway. No. 581, up stairs, opposite Metropol itan Hotel. r f LECTURES. GENERAL SOCIETY OF MECHANICS AND TRADESMEN. Dr. J. G. HOLLAND (f Timothy Tltoomb") will lecture TBIS (Monday) EVENING, Jan. 30, before tne above Society, at Clinton Hall.) S abject IVorlrr and & lurk nf. ; COt RTSHIP AND MARRIAGE. AN ENTIRELY NEW! HUMOROUS LECTURE ON CewrtsAw smsi uarnage, will ae delivered uy Mr. DE CORDOVA, At Trrlns- Hall, on MONDAY. Jan. 90. at o'clock. Ticket, at the Masic-eioree of Messrs. Firth. Pond A Cm . Ha. MT Broadwar. and Messrs. William Hall A Son. N. 643 Broadway, and at the door on the evening of the entertainment. 1 BUSINESS CHANCES. a REsrECTABliB ANU ENKKUBTIC tun meu man. with WHI cash, can secure aa eaual In terest io respectable sad paying business of four rears' I way. KoomNo. ' randmg, ov applying to a. puuiak, no. ojo tsroaa- o. . IJOR SALE A TEA AND COFFEE STORE. NOW Ainc a larn basinasa: lecation either Yeaey. Cathe rine, Bowery or Graad-et. To a real eastomer, for ca-h. ied induce meet wui t oaerea. Aaaress n. ttox is a. V4 ras Office. ' I STATIONERY. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST INK. AMERICAN UNION INK. let blark. flows freeiT. and doss wot corrode. ISeld as No. 4 Ludiow-st- and at the eOKttooers gneraiiy. -. ! . .1 - boajt tt. Ktis. ChOTE tfe JANES. Stationers. Printers And Blank Book Uxufitcforera. Nd. S3 aiton et. -uraers respecsmiiy snuatea. 1IATRIMONIAL. C41RKESPONDKNCB WITH. COBLEBS, Station B Poet-ofLc,. wul demoostrato that a gentie-lnen sX nndottbt ed respectability is sincerely seeking n wist, possessing lovable aaaUtia. social poait.on, and wMwns. Ne interview Is aeaired untu eorresnondeno nas demoojcrsAed mwtnal sincerity, eligibility and real merit. nfAHBLE TTIANTELS,' JLT KLABER'8 tilllAiuitt takus NO.S4 xsi-av.. near oo-st., ana K. lis Kast Uth-elL. assmr 3d-ar. Sold at astoniahinely tow prices, to salt the Umes. Mantels pta np in any part f Utttatary. ' '1 ' ------ . . rU8B PAID FOR OLD NEWSFAFJEM-S VsMmptJeta and blank beets ot wery ai w.i ifon. -urn sivvasaaw at- v j it n-f Trggg, - .sistj"J i ts.1 14 i is r SITUATIONS WANTED.- AS COOK-WANTED, A SITUATION BY A Kspectable Scotch vstsns.M n perfect cook, who n-orstitids her lmineie in all t branches ; is an excellent bread an.Lt: .ike oaker: ha tn nest cur rersreme. Can beseenfr tws ttaya at No. 33S) ad-av between 21st and masts, first fioor. - ClMlKH. CHAMBKRW.tlDN v AlTK'tM, N ORSkS. SKAMSrB14fSES. HOUSICWOKKIIRS, Ac N. B. Poti vely none bat nice. tody, sober, nauesi. competent and obliging girls need come. ?Jv frooj familie? nnd firnt-cla ervant hirnialted at lA)WkRKk.'3 office. No. 320 4th-av , near 25tb-st. AS FI UST-llATK V U U iv f " TJill, aniwi. i.i.mmin. a flnt-rsie coos , In a ptiyats -m. I -vtt a tmd'mr family or a respectable private boarding-bo ise ; r:der- tnnda every variety of cooking and all Hindi 01 dskidk and ptatry: tbe be.-4 of City relerenca. Can be seen irom IUOClCK A. M. Ull Y. S .1S.H nn Sour, back roin, nntil suited. A SI LAIN COOK, OR GKNEUAL SKR. IviUT-i .ituutnn wtnird leither in the t ity or country) by a smart, industrious servant girl; I an excellent waaher and ironcr; neat, ooliciut,'. and trus-worthy ; will try to please, at moderate waires. Ke-cr-encea unexceptionable. Apply at No. 113 Atlnntio-st , near nenry, crooaijn. AS CLERK OK SALESMAN Aftifci'. oi a young man of experience, a posion as clerk or salesman, in any kind of store, dry or liquors ; undoubted references as to character ar.d ability. Address, for an interview. Box No It f 'o-: - Bice. I; ar-lem. .".Yor G. A. CLARKK. Box No. 154 Newport, K.l. AH COOK, WA8HKII AM UOKK. U'minl . .itnation. bv a i'rotestiint eirl. wi'.b iCood references. Applv st No. 148 Tth-av., between 2-ta and 2.4tsta., ft.r two days. AS GENERAL HOUMKtVtilfla ist. - in-n M.i An i wa,-ut h a Prntnitaut v.mnu' wouma as general houseworkcr ; is a good cook and baker, and a first-rate wanhcr aud ironer ; can do up gentlemeii l.n-en in f-tyle : can he well recnnnemled. Can be S'-en at ACKEUUAN S. No. 7 4th av u'ar 120vt. u limisl'K KKPKIt , nrKif -IE L-sitnation wanted by a widow lady fn'ly comreton; for the position ; is a good seamsties. Autlreas it .i, I'nion-sqaare rosr-omce. AS IIOIJEKEEPKIC. r.-AJi a ."4 f . tti e. . widow lady desires the posiMon of houseke'-per and general suterluiendeiii in a Krni;ein;m . go..d sea-nstress. unilerstajid-ng Mi kinds of f:imily sewing. AMressMrs. SACKETT, Vnion-siuare I'oht-oaioe. A 5 L t. tests ! LAirNDRKSil, &f. WMNTE'i, BY A PttO- nnt Tfn? woman, a situation ns nuinare- .r chambermaid and Inundresa; understands French t!u:ins-: h-wexcelleut City re.creuoe; no oloeeti'i. 10 utv. fmniry. can be sn for twe days at tbe Proii-at -nt i-.ttiploynient Agency, No. 1254tb-av., bet. van aua warn. ,VTV H'.ttl VI . .v t . AS M'RSK. WANTKD, HY A f.M'AHl.r. 1 tuu-Mi ni wnmnn. a Kitnatinn ss wet nur-e : &n lake en tire charge of a baby from its birth : is w.lii-V to as- Hi in se-.ring aud mslre herself useful ; no objection to City or country ; has tbe best City reference. Call till engaged at No. 13 llniau-court, Universiti-phicc, between Lth aiet i-'ths's. SEKYANTS, PROTESTANT AN CATIIO-I !P In mat nnmlicM. with in ve'titfntd rv ar.tcters snd qualifications, including German aud P runed. Seotcu aud English, may lie found at Clin on Hall, on As'or-p!a--e and Mh-st near Broadway, i ady in attendance. German aud French lanuges spoken. A I,ADY WOITLD LIKE TO OBTAIN A I place in a gtliery to color picture, sell oases. c. or would color lithographs, maus, or ar.vthinir in that line. Address COLORIST, Bo ix No. I'd T'.nr oflice. M A L BS AS COACHMAN. SITUATION WANTED. BY A young man who understands his business ; has had many years experience; is a goou ann carcrui anver ; has had much experience in the grooming nnd treatm-ut of horses ; will be found willing to make himself ute.ul. ;ood City reference. Address K. f , i-oacnraan. at Air. Weexs' saddlery store, corner OI soio-st. ana orettaway. or Box No. 190 Times Office. A COACHMAN. WANTED. A SITUATION AS coachman bv a Protestant Scotchman ; Is single, and of genteel aldrecs; understands his business wtli : is not afraid of work ; is willing to make himself generally use ful to a good family ; none others need applv ; the best or references trom some of the first families, both in City and country. Apply by letter to A. M., Box No. 195 Ti-nes office, for two days. AH COAC11MAN.-desirousof ortKUrintr -A CEXTLKMAN WHO IS sit tuition for his coachman. vlwm he can highly recommend for honesly and sobriety ; is a careful, good driver, in which ripacity he l.a lived in the Citv for the last 15 years: has the best of City refer ence. Can e seen till engaged at his present employer s. No. 1 West 4TUi-st. A S COACHMAN. A YOUNG ENGLISHMAN, 1 juet arrived from London. detires a situation ; ha also a knowledge of joiner and mason work, and would lr.aVe himself generally useful about a gentleman s place. A '.dress K. a., Coatrnman. Box o. IMS limes ouice. A S laKDENEIt AND FARMER. ENGAGE xXment is wanted, by a Scotchman, aa head gardener and farmer : wife will attend dairy and poultry : no in cumbrance; reference unexceptionable. For particu lar apply or address AttMiDU r-.IS, No. is MarXet-et., New-York. AS EXPERIENCED SALESMAN. WANT-ed a situation ad experienced salesman, or to do the outride business of a floor or grain store. Address SALESMAN', No. 100 West-st-. New-York. 17KEK TO EMPLOYERS. HOUSEKEEPERS wiil please notice, that we furnish, free of any charge, female help, such as are well qualified and highly recommended to fill any station, in City or country cooks, chambermaids, waiters, nur-es. seamstresses, hoasework-rs, Ac. Call at LO WERRE'S first-class Agency, No. 320 4th-av., near25th-st. A NEAT AND RAPID PENMAN AND ACCU-rste accountant, of four years' experience as assistant booLkeeper in a large dry goods house in this city, wishes lo obtain a situation. Refers to late employers. Address W., Box No. Id, Time Oflice. HELP WANTED. AGENTS CAN MAKE $.3 PER DAY-MALE or female, selling Lloyd's great steel-pinto Military Map and Oaxeteer of the fifteen Southern States; five feet suuare ; worth $10, price only fifty cent. Lloyd's luu,U00 steel-plate Topographical Man of Virginia, five teet square. This Is the only map used by Gen. McClellan. worth $20, price 25 cents. Lloyd's official steel-plate Man of Miseeari ; worth $3, price 26 cents. Lloyd's Railroad Map of America, 3,ooo,iM copies of which have already been sold ; price 25 cents Agents supplied at halt the reUil price, and map warranted. Map tent by mail anywhere fir two cents postage. J. T. LLOYD. American Hap Publisher, No. 164 Broadway, and Louisville, Ky, $100 Wanted, a smart young man to open an oflice in Cincinnati, and take the exclusive wholesale agency for all of Lloyd's great Military Maps, which sell like the wind. One hundred dollars is sufficient capital. To a young man who will follow Hit, tractions, 1100 a week may bemads. Also, agents to go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Canada, Detroit, Indiana poua, and Rochester, N. Yn and very other State. $500 Wanted, an enterprising man, to go to California, and take the exclusive agency for all of Lloyd's great Military Maps. A fortune can be made on these maps in California. Over 3,0w0M)0 copies of ons of my mnps have been sold In the States, already. Also, a man lo go to Havana, South America. Mexico, Germany, and Italy. France and England are taken, and agent coining money. LLOYD'S MAPS ARE IN FRENCH. SPANISH. GER MAN AND ITALIAN. EVIDENCE OF THE C0RRICTNES3 LLOYD'S MAPS. DcrAKTMIiTT Or 3? ATI, 1 WAssisaxos. D. C., Nor. x, uwl 1 i. T. Ltern. PobtUher Sin : Please forward Immediately, by mall, directed to tbe secretary of State. Copies of Lloyd's Topographical Map of V irginia, Lloyd's Military Msy and Gazetteer of the Southern States, Lloyd's O facial Map of Missouri, sad Lloyd's American Railroad Man. Send your bill to George E . tsaker, Disbursing Clerk. Also send me circulars of all new snaps yon may issue. Respect! uLy , yours, J. C. DERBY, Librarian Stat Department. From tie New-York Herald. Nov. 2. U61. Ws have received a fine copy of Lloyd s great Military Mas of the " Seat of War in Virginia Thw U the best and only official map in existence, taken from sctaal survey by order of tne Execative- It ia beauUfully printed from steel plates, and colored with great perfection of art, and Is the only map nsed in ths planning of oar campaigns in Ywrlnia by our Commander-in-chief. Ths pablisher is J. T. Lloyd, No. let Broadway. Bon alo, N. Y., Nov. 8, 136L J. T. Llotb, Esq. 81a : I am well pleased with your Map of Virginia. It is altogether the best I have seen. I inclose $1 for three copies of Lloyd s great steel-plate Military Map of tne Southern States. Respectfully yours. MILLARD FILLMORE. ACOOK,YASHER AND IRONEK. WANT-ed, agirl whole a good cook, waahar and ironer, and willing to do general housework. None bat P rot--slant need, apply. JU'" " " Apply at Ko. 14 Booth Ut-sL, Wiliiamtbargh, Mrs. REED. A COOK AND LAUNDRESS A CHAM BERM AID. Wanted, two Protestant women, one as cook and laundress, snd tbe otner for ohaaaberwork aad waiting. Good reference required. Apply, after o'clock A.M., at No. 115 East 17th-t. A LADY'S MAID. WANTED, A FRENCH. Swias. or German lady's maid, who nndersrand.dreM-ing hair, to wait open a lad v ; City references required. A ppiy at 10 ana o ctocs, trui-av. oiwi,n. et. A NURSE A SEAMSTRESS-WANTED, A x wmmiii vhrt a mmiietnt Is take eharffe rtt . lh. frnei ita birth, ales a good sssmitiw who can work an Wheeler A Wilaoae machine. Apply, for thrso days, at Ko. aa East leth-st. . A;NCRSE 'ANTM SEAMSTRESS WANTED, a nur.-e and seaautress ; must have good City reference. Call Monday snorning, at No. si East UtnW near adar. . .... ... v . . - . A (SALESMAN. A HAT AND STRAW GOODS salesman, with n good near-by aonuaintanco. san make an arrangement with a well-established hooso, by addressing, witn real name and foil paiticnlars, A. B. C. Box Ne. a Pest-ernce. - . A WAITERS-WANTED, A YOUNG MAN ABOUT list-M. an waiter in a boarding-Boose. Also, a bell boy, to tend the door. Must bring good refersneo. Apply at ACKEBMANS Employment Institute. No. Vt aih avbetwwea Utn aad 13ih stsat It A. M. - : ANTED A RESPECTABLE ANDCOMPETCNf swan who thorwwcnlv smdarataiicta thaenltiwstLna e zrnits, cowers ana egetaiiie. also glaas colters, also tbe care aau management ia norses, te take enanre or a smau wrivate place. - A nootchsaan er Proteatawt IHsnmaa pro. served, fees referencee reaulred. Nans Mrter nsed an- pl. Addiem te itAKan Alt Xauwe OSot.' .BOARDING AND LODGING, rpo LET VVITlxBATiroTO TWO SIMwidi gentlemen or a married eonple, a roomy back parlor . also, te a single lentlcinaa, pleasaitt fnrnlshed ball bed room, la a private family. Caa, Ac In the bowse.- TertKe) ntbderatc. Eel re nee required. Arply at Ne. UK Katt Broadway. BOARD WANTED. A GENTLEMAN AKft wife, intent and servant, wish board trom Feb. I ; location between 3d and Ufa avs. and 1th and atin sts- N. Y.; room en second or third Coot, with gas. Croton waer. ib, to. Terms most oe raw, tann luentmrea m answer. For a comfortable, ouiet home, one montii's board alwsyn inadrance. Refereucesexcbar.fed. Address KluN YON, fcox No. 152 Times omce, lor lite diiys. IIOAKIl IN BROOKLYN. A PRIVATE FAM1-AJIy wwwtd let. with board, a iargw. cicely-farnishrd front room, with tan try, on second noor. to a gemlrwtwa. nd wife, or to a single gtnueau.o. lieierenot reqnired. No. 64 W est Warren-jU BOARD IN BKOOKLYN.-SlNt.LK GKNTLE-men. or givtlemen and their wives, can beareomtno. t.ausl with furoiidietl or uniurnUhed rooms, with boards at No. Adams-st., fcrvai;n. The hoto has gas. oatus, 1101 auu cotu waier, cc OARD fN SOUTH BliiKi.Y.N.-'!iONT Aana oacx panor. s-tooti1 Dm, wesr-South ferry and a few steps ?rm Folton terry cars ; snit-ab'e for a gentleman and wlte ; term mudct-aM. Apply at No. 20 llarrison-SU, between Clinton and Court st. WANTED BY A LAuY, (? If (VT, IN A GiiN-teel private family, not above 3tlh stp a pleasMit, well farnisbed room and bedroom, tr privilege In the parlor. She wants either to furnish her own tabio, or pay full board and have a private taru'e. The house emt be n x-ceptionable in ail resjwets, and refcrene will b rMtuir-ed. Address, wtatlnp terms, lo-ation. Ac. Mrs. P., ttatloa, D., roM-ofSce. ant:l the 24th of mouth. IV O Vt V A CAN T.A SUIT k"o F " I !ANDS J I ELY 11 furnished front rooms, cons.'stlrg of parlor, with f. urn two to four l-edrooms, batli. Ac. in t':e Hotel 8t Germain, corner of &th-av. and ld-si. Frivate table, or board at table d hole, JAJO.13 EAST IGTIi-ST. .SUirF. )F I'.isiMS 1 von the first l!o"r, a parlor and be-1 room on the second story. 1 front, 1 newly and him 1 Homely furm-ihed. to let. with or without lo-irl, t s nlo eutkmcn or faio-iliei without smalirliildren. INSTRUCTION. t 'OTTAGE HULL SE.VI 1 XAR Y, PtL'J!l- KIEPSIE. ON THE H 1 ' Us o. A VERV Srll.KCT PClIt OL Fli Yf-rXG LADiKS.-Kev. GKOI.cK T. ltllKIl,A M , (or the Fpirnutd Cburth.) Hector. The-' neit eini-aT!nu:il e.-: n ojkts on the Ur.h of January, l.iit thirty loarriing puviiy are re..-:ve!. 'there are now five vacanci:;s. Mr. F.KX KT Pi-. U SO, tbe .-slebrted Tenor, and Mr. FK. RnXDFL.ot ll ? Acr.d -my of l.-si;.-n. are engaged at this school et nsire'y. Catalogues rmi-tjininx references, terms and course ot stu'l , m.iy be had at Appleti.n's. or ol the Hector, by po.-t. rttt E " I R VING I NST IT L'TK, TARKYTO WiC A N. V wiil comintDce its Fortv-eishth senui-anuiial session on FRIDAY. Nov. 1 Ittdt, for hoys only. Circulars can bs bad of Jss. 11. W ni'el. ud. No. 117 Nattsau-sL. Rontnsof A. B. H. M. 8.. ofEre ( Manhattan Printing Ink Co.. No. 1 Spruce-st., or by addiesiutr tbe Frmcipwt. l. sJnwi, M. AT VOTICE .AN El'ISCOi'Al. CLEi'.iJY MAX, 11 pleasantly situated within tet. mi'es of the City or New-York. (teamthaU land a fjn to Is fio u aid.-nco several time during the day,) could accommodate sir h"jiinhis fami'y with board and tuition. X rms, 2M per annum Address Uox No. 2,2V- New-York I'ost-ofTice. A TP A IN E'S BOoK-KL KfTsG IS TA UG HT AT J. vtbe nominal pries of $11. unlimited lesson, fenman-s 1. 1 1 and arithmetic, per quarter. .H lea-jii each. iti. Lvtie' writiiip lesons f-2. 2d Its- ns. PAIXE'S Ier.-nn-tile College?, Nos ta Bowery. New-Y'ork, snd Ji9 Ful-ton-st.. Brooklyn, i MOUNT WASHINGTON COLLBGIATA ttxinsnitir., ncxistta-st., on wsmdki.m WasttlDgbn-sanare. corner of MacdouKil-st.. (CLARKE A FANNING, hon ors, with twelve assistants,) prepares pupils of all gts for business or College, IGHLAND COLLEGE, NEWHIIHGH N. Y. For civil and military education, uieler the direction of Rev. C. S.-liENKY. D. !.: Prof. i.KOKGK W. Cti.EENE.M-A., and Rev. E. II. CKKSSY, D. D. -Tne second quarterly term will begin Dec a. 1-6L CRD AH GLEN SEMINARY. SINtl MINGT N. Y. Young ladies hoarded end educated, under t-n, $125; over that age, $151. Lornlitm tinsvirpassed. Circulars supplied by Mrs. FREEMAN, Principal. MR. GEORGE CANTHOXS CLASSICAL) French and F.nelish Schf.l. with l reparatory De-fartment and Gvmnasfom. Brosdwav. corner 1BJ h-st. TEACHERS. AS GOVERNESS.-WANTED, A SITUATION by a young lady of highly respectable connections, whert the could teach the branches of a thorough education ; she could also give instruction in ain;riur-acd, to some extent, on the piano ; her object is employment in a good family at a moderate compensation. Unquestionable reference. Address GOVERNESS, Box No. 2,fi'5 Post-office. T'O PRINCIPALS OF SCHOOLS. AN EX- A perier.ced teacher, a college graduate, now teaching in a boarding school, desires, within three months, to so connect himself with some school, that its interests and his own may be considered permanently united. Fartieulars and an interview may be had by addressing SAXK Ac. SKINNER. No. i Beekman-st.. New-York. AS VISITING GOVERNESS. A LADY, who has much exderience in teaching, desires to form an engagement as daily tttacber, to instruct in English French and music, or any of the above separately ; best references as to qualifications. Address M. L. G., No. loO" Pacific-st.. Brooklyn. A LADY, Fl'LLY COMPETENT. AND OF long experience in teaching children, would eevot n few hours each day to teaching ths Englkh branches in a, private family; the highest references given. Address A. V., Box No. 170 TW Office. AS TEACHER A GENTLEMAN OF TWO years' experience in teaching desires a situation In town or country. References given. Address A. R., Box No. 127 Times Office. COUNTRY RESIDENCES. 7OR SALE THe'hOUSK AND GROUNDS Or the late Dr. Bxexma?, in tbe village of Kinder book. The house is brick, two-stories with wings, situated in av lawn finely shaded with forest trees, and connected with, it a farm of 12 acres of land. In a high state of cultivation any part of which will be sold with (he benso. For particulars inquire of Mr. JOHN S. V03BURGH.No-H06 Greenwich-st; Mr. JOHN FRISBEE, oomerof Dunne and Church its. ; Capt. J. P. ACKER, St. NIchotasHotel r E. G. BEEKMAN and THOMAS BEBKMAN.SQ tho-premises. WANTED-ON A LEASE OF FIVE OR MORS years, a large well bailt oouatry house, with front, five to fifty acres ot cultivated land, and suitable outbuilding ; the place mast bs easy at access, aad in a good neighlKtrhood. on the Hudson River not above Tarry town,, or en ths Fast River within thirty mite ef this City; the vicinity of Fort Washington preferred. Address, giving; description of property, rent, fcc, H. T. C, Box No. 3,6361 Pust-ofBoe. N. Y. ORANGE, N. J FURNISHED AND UNFUTt-oiahsd noases, beautirully sttststod. one nontvL-ssn. New-York, te let for tbe season er year also, eowatry cats, farms and vill site to rent and lor sale low, br KANBY B. BLACEW ELL, Ne. so Wiiliam-et. New-Tor k. tell A. M.: No. 4 Main-si-. Orange. 1 tot P M. COUNTRY HEAT TO LET OR LEASE AT Fort Washington, with sevsn acres fins grounds, green house, stable, gardener's cottage, gas, water, far-naco, Ae. Ar. Rent $1,500 a rear, te a private family. Apply to H0MJ5R MORGAN. Pine-st nsar Broadway. FARMS. FRMFOiV SALE CONTAlliixtrABuTSii aeree situated In Wisoonsin.aboat 70 acres nnder ul-Ovation, well fenced, farm wall watered, plenty of timber; bouse, bam and oat-buildings: would as change Aur property ia New-York er King. County. For further-particafars iequirs of T. i. NORTHILL, No. 3U Fal-ton-st., Brooklyn. SMALL FARM FOR SALE 21 ACRES, GOOD house, barn, granary, carriage-house ; buildings new ; apple orchard, pear trees, (BarOetts.) raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, currants. Ac; good fences, principally stone ; brook of watttr, well, aod no waste land. Ash rly on toe premises, to O. B. HAMMOND. M. D-, Nsmwet. Rockland County, New-York, price $4,0fiQ, $1.000 down.. I?ARM9 FOE SALE OR EXCHANGE . The subscriber offers for sale or exchange nnmber-ef choice farms, and a quantity of good unimproved btnd,-In quantities to suit. In Sullivan and Ulster Counties, N. , Y. For pnrticniars, apply to M.T.MUNN.NalM West-st., up stairs, between lUi and 11th avs. TARM OR RESIDENCE WANTED FOR: x wbica wui be given a nrst-ciass eatinc- which will be given a first-class eating-boase, hand' somelv fitted in two saloons, well -located, down town. with cash. For full particulars call between and t r address ERAISTED, No. 100 West 45d-st, AfenUnescL not apply. . --. - - : I.MKH WANTED A PRACTICAL FARMER rbo give vefereness from tbo best Coonecticni farmers, aad also City references, wUhes to hire er taksott- hare s good farnt. AaarassA-ox n o. 347 New-Lonaan.- Conn., fost-omee- . 1 . OR SALE, A fiORTH RIVER VAR3I Ost 30 ACRES With fine views, abandance of sbotcO fruit, good plain budding: i mile from land ine, srfV. 30 miles from Kew-YorkTPRICETO SUIT TH tt Tib s-S. C. H. OLIVER. NO.H LIBERTY Bf. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE.' rOR SALE OR T5BAMMTHXTfATOM? m n os. Mi ana is w est-36tn-t, 1 artb ArMnal ews brick bunding M feet by fcO, and iron foundry 40 by td. A toam engine. 2ljorse power, aad shafung. trill bs sold Jf desired. Possession given unmedrntely. Apply te VAX. j ENTINE A BUTLER, Mo. aW Broadway, or WU TAlVf LOR.N0.O loth-av. - -. - - 1?OR. SALE HOUSE AKD LOT ON 3&TH-8l. between 7U. and 'Jt avs.; now JLng for oer P.L, WlO AnrJv SA JllriS MoT! 1.141 Broaa way, near aist-st. ... , PRINTING. STEAJCl iOW PRINTING AT LOW FR1C4 ; -". A. WMITXH0RNB. : - . . ; ns.tiASet, sour aoars east of Ws BRUSHES OF EVERY BEeCHIPTION At the Brnah Factory, No. Sit Fearl-L, Harpers' ai4 lag. All articles at tbe lowest factory' pricew. Pioa . Enuhc ef a Mptrk ttuUty aout acUy m hand. , , sTouaxeHofrrx. . 6 t H r i r -.;v 1 j '-.- i .r,"V r -i-4' 1 s 1 sji. il k4 ir" -. - -.. 1 i 'it! :.t;s- i -- ! ' erf E a' 1:1.3 L .-, I "i TJs'tr--

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