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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 31, 1944
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Savi Walfe P apcr / H ,, va , uoW <, | 0 tho Wor fftortl -J/w Boy Scout, will collect your Scrap Pap«r .very Saturday BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THi DOMINANT NIWfiPAPiR nw NOHTH«»RT luiriuan, A.™ ,,~r™ '•«• W » ^^ TH* DOMINANT NKW8PAPIK OF NOHTHIA8T ARKANBAB AND BOOTHKA8T 1U88ODRI VOL. XLI—NO. 113 Blythevllle Ditty New* BlyibevUle Her»!d Blythevlll* Courier Mississippi Valley Lender BIA'TIIKVILLE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, JULY 31, •SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' GRANVILLE PORT FALLS TO AMERICANS TOD AX'8 WAB ANALY8IH May Repeat Strategy Used At Cherbourg By JAMf.S HARPER United Prea SUM Writer General Eisenhower's early strategy in Normandy worked so well he may try it again. 'Ilie battle for Ihe Cherbourg rcninsula Is all but over and the battle for its twin, thc Brittany Peninsula, may begin at any time. In the early days of thc invasion, American soldiers, walled off Cherbourg outcropping and then cleared it of entrapped Germans. Now, sit Avranchcs, they arc in a position to work the same plan on BriUany. Several Courses Open * The American dash for thc west coast of thc Cherbourg Peninsula began at Carcntau. The dash for Brittany's far shore may begin at Avaranches. That town is a crass- road. From there, thc Firrst Army hmy move routli or southwest into 'BriUany. It may knife southeast directly Into thc heart of France. It may wheel ciisl toward Paris or northeast lo encircle the Germans around Caen. But iis likeliest move seems to be toward Brittany. Five miles beyond Avranches, the Nonnnndy Peninsula turns into the Brittany Peninsula. Wheeling west beyond the city, the Americans may begin thc long march across the base of Brittany. Once across they would have walled off the Germans on that giant thumb of land which is tipped by the great port of Brest. But the battle for the Chcrbotir Peninsula would be a small-scale operation compared with thc battle for its bigger companion. While the first measures 25 miles across at its widest, the sec.ind measures 155 miles. While the Cherbourg Pcnin- tula covers 400.square mites, Brittany covers .1800. Allies Need Ports But even though the battle' may - be -4)ard(jr.,],i5,h < JiyfetOj*l^PUld_ 1 be greater. : 'Brest, ''Brit'tany^j la'rgcst port, also is one of the largest i France. In pre-war years, it handled 240,000 more tons of freight, n year than Cherbourg. It boasts a land-locked roadsted 14 miles long and four wide., And botti its naval and commercial harbors arc carved out of rock. Nearly a mile of docks Hue its waterfront. Conquest of Brittany also would yield other ports. Lorient, for Instance, a town of 50,000 with dry- docks, wharves and shipyards. Or St. Nazairc, a city of 45.000, with several miles of deep-water docks, a protected anchorage and an 1100- foot drydock. On top of that, the peninsula, with Us saw-toothed shoreline, Is studded with numbers of smaller ports—Vannes, Morlaix nnd La Rochcllc, for example. The Allies sorely need another harbor. One single fighting man requires one ton of materials a month. Before the war, thc port of Cherbourg handled only some 30,000 monthly tons of freight. Some time ago Allied engineers said they could triple its capacity. But, even so, that would enable it to handle enough equipment only for 00,000 men—a fraction of tile number we now have In Normandy. War I Hole For Brest If thc Americans actually intend fo flow around the rim of the Gulf of St. Malo into Brittany, the British drive in the center of the line at Canmont probably is Intended lo protect their flank. Should German troops mussed near Caen try lo swing, west, they would run directly into this British salient. Beyond that, the attack may be Intended to out-flank the Germans in thc Caen area and force them to withdraw back loward Paris. More and more, llic Allies in Normandy arc following the Russian plan of hitting hard in one sector then—when German resistance stiffens—swiftly shifting to another. First, the British attacked near Caen. German nrmor streamed to the embattled strongpoint. Then, the Americans attacked at the opposite end of the front. Next—with German strength drawn to the fianks— thc Tommies struck at Canmont. But it ts the American drive that holds thc greatest promise. Since their ofFcmirc started, the Yanks have averaged seven miles and 1700 prisoners .1 d.iy. They now arc In a ixreition to turn the battle of Normandy into thc battle of Brittany. Brest, port of disembarkation for the American army In the last war, soon may slip into its old role. Mrs. Jettie Taylor Mrs. Jettie Taylor of Newport, sister of Mrs. Anna Holland of Blythevllle, died Thursday in a Eearcy hospital. She was 37. She leaves her husband, three daughter, two sons, another sister, nnd n halt-brolher. Weather ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy Mon- ri.iv and Tuesday. A tolal rainfall of 1.71 inches was i-ccorded In Blylhevillc for the 24- nour period ending at 6 p. m. Sunday, Two Die As Cars Collide Head-On Near Leachville Lcachvillc Farmer, Young Manila Girl Are Accident Victims Two persons were killed and three others injured in a head-on collision of two cars on Highway 18 near Buffalo ditch, Iwo-and- one-fom-th miles east of Leachville, about n o'clock last night. The dead are N.' R. Tillcy, about GO, of Lcachvillc, and Cora Inez Griffith, M, of Manila. The injured, none critically, who were in Robinson's Clinic In Manila today, are Mr. and Mrs. Sam Griffith of Blytheville, and Mrs. Lawrence Mayes. 24, of Lcachvillc. Mr. Tillcy was returning to his home in Leachville from Manila when Ills car collided with that driven by Mr. Griffith, who was en route to Manila with his wife and sister, Cora me/,. The cause of the accident, which claimed the life of a passenger in each vehicle, remained n mystery today. Mr. Griffith, an employee of the Blytheville Army Air Field and Mrs. Griffith and Cora Inez were returning to lib .sister's home after taking his mother, Mrs. U. S. Griffitl) lo Scnnth, Mo. Mr. Tillcy, a Leachville farmer, was accompanied by Mrs. Lawrence Mayes. The condition of th c three injured was reported as improved today by Robinson Clinic attendants. Mrs. Griffith, 26, received a broken left leg and severe lacerations about thc left eye. Her husband, who is 28. suffered a chest and pelvic Injury, and severe bruises. Thc Griffiths, former residents of Manila, are making their home at the BAAF. Mrs. Maycs, 24, received severe lacerations o.l the face and throat. Her- husband is in the army., Funeral arrangements fnr ihr. tu-o victims were incomplete th}s,-niom- Mr." Tilley had farinc'd near Hockey, south of Lcachvillc, for about 10 years. He came to Ihis section from near Mountain Home. He is survived bv his wife; four daughters, Mrs. Nellie Wallace of Monette, Mrs. Eula Keith of Little Rock, Miss Irene Tilley of Leachville, and Miss Marie i'illcy of St. Louis, and four sons, Pvt. Jewell Tillcy, stationed in England, Pvl. Giles Tilley, stationed in New Guinea, Seaman Don Tilley, overseas, and Charley Tilley of Leachville. The Griffith, girl leaves her parents, Mr. and Mrs. U. S. Griffith, her brother, Sam Griffith, and two sisters. Mrs. Evelyn Flceman and Miss Bertha Mae Griffith, both of Blytheville. Howard Undertaking Co., of Manila is in charge of arrangements fo rthe Griffith funeral. ' B-29s Bomb Manchukuo! Germans Claim Battle For Pisa Tower Has Been Destroyed Yank B-29S bombed the Mukden area of Mand.ukuo to strike at the heart of Japan's Asian Industrial empire. This tclemap pictures thc flight plan. (NBA Telephoto.) Death Claims Two Members Of [W/tw famnainn W. R. Moore Family This Week ^ ? PP Gets Underway Death claimed two members of In addition to his hillicr, lie Is the W. R. Moore family within n survived by his mntlinr, Mrs. Addle week, with one losing his life on Moore of Amory, Miss., nnd Inn the battlefront in France, and his sisters, Miss Kii/.abelh Moore of uncle, for whom the soldier wns Amory, and Miss Gcnn Mae Moore named, dying in a Koswell, N. ,M., - - - - hospital after n long illness. Scrgt. Earl Moore, 25, son of VV. R. Moore, was killed In acllon July 25, eight days after he landed overseas, his father was notified Saturday. Mi'. Moore's brother, .Earl of Red Bunk, N. J. A former resilient of .Baldwin, Miss., Mr. Moore and his fain ly moved lo Howell six "yeinij,'ago when his health .became ba'cu'Ule lind visited often in Blythcvifc. • He leaves . his .wife; Mdoi-e, "63,' tiled nt '12 o'clock Inst- Henry Moore of Ttipcl'lo, find An-' night, afteV ah lllnes, 1 ) of more than dcrson Moore of the Navy; a sis- years. Sergeant, Moore enlisted in thc U. S. Itifnntry two-and-a-half years Moore, George Moore, /and John ago. Prior to entering the service Moore, all of Blythevllle. he made his home in Tupelo, Miss. Award Contracts For Levee Work Parts Of Levee System In County To Be Improved Contracts for the enlargement of thc Mississippi River levee and raising of grades In Mississippi County were awarded reccnlly by the St. Rrancis Levee District. The projects call for thc movement of approximately 2,204,000 cubic yards of dirt in this county. Sections to be improved, contract winners, mileage involved, yardage find unit price bids were as follows: Osccola — Jones-Glllis Co., four miles, 420,000 cubic yards, 36.75 cenU. Golden Lake—Driver Contracting Co. and W. L. Sharpc, three miles, 733.000 cubic yards, 28 cents. Pecan Point—Clyde LaPlant. W. Ingram and C. W. Volmcre Co., three miles, 557,000 cubic yards, 31.40 cents. Joiner — Clyde Lcl'lant, W. Ingram and C. W. Volrnere Co., four miles, 494,000 cubic yards, 31.40 cents. Japs Feel Sting Of New Weapon Secret Device Proves Sensational In Tinian Campaign By Yanks By United Press Th c Japanese apparently arc bc- I ginning to feel a manpower short- The Tokyo radio announces that the Burmese puppet government is systematically inducting Burmese men into Nipponese armed services. The broadcast says an army recruiting committee has been crcal- e.d to smooth out what it vaguely The Japanese manpower situation is not hclng improved any on Tinian Island in thc Marianas. American Marines are slogging through the rain In a battle of annihilation against remaining enemy forces bottled at the southern tip of Free French Fleet Is • Ready To Fight Anywhere CHERBOURG, July 31 (UP) — The secretary of the French Navy says his revived sea force Is ready to fight In Pacific as well as European waters. The official—Louis Jactjulnot — fays the French Navy has reached Us 1927 size of 300.000 tons. Some 50.000 French volunteers nre ready to man the vessels, Jacqulnot recently visited Chcr- nrg accompanied by the commander of French naval forces based in Great Britain. N. 0. Cotton Mar. . 2100 2107 2078 20V9 2088 May . 2082 2088 2060 20G2 2070 July . 2065 20C6 2042 2045 -2052 Oct. . 2134 2143 2112 2112 2129 Dec, . 2115 2123 2093 S093 2107 calls the job. various problems of the the island. New Kcarft Wenprm _ body wns sent today to Baldwin where funeral services will probably he held Thusvday. Among those attending from here will be Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Mrarc. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Nabcrs nnd [laughter, Mrs. Melvin HalseuY Mr. urn! Mrs. John Moore and daughter, Miss Bca Moore, Mr. and Mrs. George Moore, Mrs. J. D. Lunsford, and Mr. and Mrs. Boyce Moore. Michael Thro Injures Eye Playing With Knife A rusty pocket knife in the hands of n five-year-old had near tragic results Thursday night when Michael Thro, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thro, punctured his eye with the kn fc blade as he was playing nt his home, 1519 Chlckasawba. The child's injury was not discovered until he awoke Friday morning and complained of "not being Rule to see." He was taken lo the Memphis Eye, Ear, Nose tmd Throat Hospital where he underwent an operation that afternoon. His condition was much Improved today and doctors hold t»e hope thnt' his vision will be only slightly Impaired. Tlie Thros also have another child, Mary Lee, age two. Mr. Thro Is manager ol thc Rlce-Stlx factory.- Tlie extermination is being aided by a new American secret weapon. The device was used for thc first lime a few days ago In" thc caplur c of Tinian town and in the herding of surviving Japanese troops into Hie southern pocket. The pocket is said to cover an area of from two to five square miles. Details of the new weapon cannot be disclosed. Hut a front dispatch describes it as truly fearful. The report adds it is doubtful whether anyone could live within a 100-foot radius of the weapon's target. On the west coast of nearby Guam. American planes are operal- hn,' from an important airfield on thc Orotc peninsula. Our supply ships are steaming Into the completely-cleared Apra harbor naval anchorage. S'aval Bases In Use Just six weeks after the opening of thc Marianas campaign, American forces now hold fire airfields —two already in use—along with wlll , nl>!i . several potential naval bases deep Coca Cola In Japan's outer ring of defenses. On the northeastern New Guinea ocu M0 iors coast. General MacArthur's ground Montcomerv wVrrt forces continue to mop up unite of N Y CenlrM the trapped Japanese I8th Army. "•""«' 1400 more Jap troops were ... week In the Altape-Wc wak sector. in china's Hunan province. u> T .. saining in inteasity. Both sides ,, * suffered heavy casualties in a 24- u hour battle during the weekend To the west, on the Salwcen rl'vci front, the Chinese have cut Into the city limits of tlic bastion of Tengyueh. .er. Mr.s. C. L. Nabcrs of ISlythc- 'illc, and three brothers, W. It. Two Cadets Killed STUTTGART ARMY AIR F1KLD, Ark., July 2D (U.P,)—Two aviation cadets from the Stuttgart Army Air Field were killed when their twln- cnginccl (raining plane fell near Wabbascka, Ark., last ntghl. Thc dead arc Aviation Cadets avifi Grponbcrg, 22-ycar-olrt son of Mr. ancl Mrs. Meyer Grccnherg of Los Angeles, and 21-year-old T-aith Warren Itanscotu, s'in of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence L. Hanscom of Portland, Me. Tost Commander Colonel C. p. West says (he two men were on a routine combat training flight. The scene of the crash Is 20 miles southeast of Stuttgart. New York Stocks AT&T IM Amer Tobacco 123-4 Beth Steel (52 3-8 Chrysler M 1-2 132 1-2 Gen Gen Motors 60 741 310 3-4 75 1-4 SUidcbakcr rd of Corp IB i-a 55 1-4 1-4 Chicago Rye open high low close Japanese Sept. . I05',i 106S I05',j 105VJ lOfi Deo. . 1C8K 103K 107S 'Country Cannot Face Another Roosevelt Depression' He Soys H.v Untied 1'rcss Governor Dcwcy of New York curried his Republican presklentla. campaign Into Pennsylvania today arid accused thc Roosevelt ndnitnta- trallon of falling to prepare foi jiosl-vrar problems. ,Al a news conference In Pittsburgh, Dcwoy said, "The Unlta. Slates simply cannot face another period . . . with 10,000,000 unemployed continually over n period of eight years." Dpwey labelled the period "Ihe Roosevelt depression.' Pittsburgh Is thc first stop in n Ihrcc-statc Junket Into Pennsylvania, Illinois and Missouri. Dewcy'i campaign managers say he needs thc 80 electoral votes of those stales to win In November. The G. O. P, Candidate says he will discuss Ixilli political matters and reconversion to peace time production while In the steel city. Hn Is scheduled to Ire In Springfield, III., tomorrow for po- Illica] later, Industrial nnd tarn, conferences. Then he'll attend Ihe two-day governor's conference In St. Louis. Dcwcy's tiltcmpts to purge Rc|: Hamilton Fish from the Repnblicai. party provides one of the highlights In primary clccllons lo be conducted In four stales tomorrow. Fish seeks rcnomlnatlon In thc New York 2Dth Congressional district. Missouri, Virginia and Kansas also arc holding primaries. Tlie return of congressmen to Washington to resume work tomorrow has been panVd by a warning that they must act quickly on reconversion legislation. New York Cotton Mar. May July OcU Dec. 2093 2100 2072 2072 2087 2056 2002 20lfi 2040 2128 2130 2100 2109 2110 2117 2089 20BO Bombers Again Roid Oil Refineries In Bucharest, Plocsti Ily lliild'il I'ri'M A Uerlln rudlo lm>mli' w tower uf I'lsii In Uuiy has I,,. ilroyod by Allied artllleiy live. There Is iiu coullrmaliun, nnd Allied headquarters have not reported lhu historic monument as 1111 objective as yel, nlthmiRh It was Indicated thc ClerniHtui were uslni; the leaning'lower us an ol»;crvallim post. Below I'lna along the south hunk of tlic Arno river, (lie Americans havo Ixrn stalled for several days To tho cast, (he lirlllsh have" thrown buck n series of ilc.vpuriitu German counler-allacks In an attempt lo crack Llio slcgc lit Horeiirc. Nonr Arcraw. thc grim slory ol one of the worst reprisal miixaicres of thc Italian war came to light when Allied troops captured Ihc (lies of u Fascist chief of police. Tlie evidence disclosed Hint the village of Blla—25 miles noi-lliwcst of Avex/o—had become another Lldli'c. Tiicjlics wild Iho Niixls .shut down the lownspcoiilc In a hetirllcss mns- »nnn> after ivirtlsiim had killed two Gemiaus. Morn Ilian 100 bodies Imve been Identified—some, 50 wunicn. HahlcK nnd Krnmli»»lliorH yvcro iitiionc those shot. In Ihe southern nlr vrurfurc today, American heavy bombers have raided cjininy oil Trflmirlcs ui HII- charest and Plocsti, In Hmnantn. liclliiblc sources In Ankara told thc United Press Inrtny thai Turkey Is nlxjiit lo break off diplomatic relations with Germany—imsslblv wllhlti 2-1 hours. The dlsputc-lv wns passed by the Turkish icensorshlp office. The govei nmunl's decision Is expected to be cIlscldsM today to members of Ihn Turkish press but prob ably will not foe Fimmmiccd publicly until Wednesday at the Grand Na tlonul Assembly. Berlin nowspiipcrs cull the break "Imminent" and predict Hint Turkey will cede air and naval base.-, lo thc Allies. To Consider Conversion Of Helena Army Air Base verslly of Arkansas Is schedule to meet with « number of Phillip Comity clli/ens tomorrow. A proposal lo convert the facilities of thc Army Air Forces training school nl Helena Into an nt>- gitailtiira! nnd mechanical school when the nlr school Is released by the Army Friday will be discussed. If plans go through the school would be controlled and supervised 1 ' Ihc University of Arkansas In >-o))rrallon with Iho Stale Department of Vocational Education. It would bo carrying out a rehabilitation program (or farm boys when they return from service with the - Ily tlnltrd rrrss Tho 'linUln for Warsaw, capital of I'oliuid, Is raging at white heat. A cicnniiii military spokesman says the two ((real armies -arc .. ilhiR II out only six nnd onc- liinrtei- miles from the Polish cap- •Inl, wllh Ihe main iii'llon nl 1'i-ngn, i suburb of Win-saw, 'Ihc German hlsh nunimmd ctul(jw Unit n .strong Ulisslan bioak-throimh lo Warsaw was pirvi'iiliv: In hcnvy flRhlhii,'. I Moscow, meanwhile, Is keeping (inlet nbmil Ihii biiltle, following its, lollcy of not roveallni! ,|he progress ' «f a fl«hl for n Mroiichold mull II has been caplurcd. The Germans, however, Eiiy Red Army Forcivi nre driving (oward Warsaw from the fioulli, cast'nnd iiorllu'nst. Tlic Imi'd prossrd Germans iiduill Ihcv have been forced .0 abandon Ihc 'big rail Junction ot Sledlce, 50 mtleji to the cast of the elly. The Clcrmnn.1 luive iidiuUled :hc loss of another strongpolnL — Ifnunus. the pre-war capital of Lithuania 1111,1 last keystmic base before Kast Prussia. Thc city of 10,000 wan Ihe seal of the Lllhunn- liin Government until llio Russians shlflcil It lo Wllno. To (lie southwest, Jewish General Ivnn Chernlakhovsky Is leading his troops Itmnigh n wclor of Poland nddcd lo Knst Prussia In IDill). At the lust olflclnl report, he was only 22 mill's from pre-war German soil. Thcsn twin drives threaten not only to push Into Clcrnmny, but also to cut the escnpo of KUIIIC MO.UOO Gi>r- innn troops remaining In upper Latvia and Kstonla. Sub Building To Be Curtailed Pacific Successes . ..Cited As Reason .',,,^.. For Suspension By United Tress 'flic success of lhu war against Japan Is reflected more 'In thc news from Washington today, than from the far-flung battlefront.-i. The Navy has Just announced that It Is planning to cut down thc number of new submarines to lie built . The reason given Is thul thcre'K less need for (he undersea fighters IL.I.I in.i.u iui mi; iiuia-l.-iL-ll llglllUJS HKI.EWA, Ark., July 31 (UP) - In Ihe Pacific war. In other words Ihc Iward of trustees of the Unl- the enemy's fronts have been ST. J.OUJS, July 31 (U.P.)—Hoga 12,!)DO, salable 12,000. Top $H.7o; 1SO-2'IO pounds $M,VO; MO-ISO pounds $13.50 to $14.50; sows 41335 to $13,60. / „„.„ „„„, Cattle 8,000, salable 7500' cnlvcn 2075 2082 2055 2056 20T,8 2,500, nil soluble- slaughter stc<"- mnc 9n<w ->MK ->ntn 5 r)50 $10.00 to $17.00; slaughter heifers 2124 $8.00 l.o $10.75; stocker and feeder 2104 steers $7.50 to $H.OO. pushed so far back, and the hunt Ing grounds for thc enemy's diminishing surface fleet of warships and merchant vessels has been shrunken BO much that fewer submarines arc needed to cover It, The reduction lie accomplished by cancelling the start, of construction on a number or submarines which were scheduled for completion . toward thc end of the building program. " The men and women released In Ihc next few months from thc six cubmarlno building yards can be used on other parls of the Navy and repair programs, The number of workers which will be released has not been specified. American submarines have accounted for more than two and one-half mllltoi tons ol Japanese shipping sunk since thc beginning of the war. This Is more than onc- Ihlrd of Japan"s merchant fleet at llio start of World War If. Chicago Wheat open high low close Sc|it. . IS5!i 155 I55K 155S 155T. Dec. . 156% 155',i 155TS 150% 15G!i Nazi Stronghold Penetrated By U. S. Fighters Yank Armored Units Drive Into Hoarr Of German Hold City Ily United Press > American armored forces have driven, across Ihe Bee-river into Ihe heart of Avianchcs, German DlronehoUl al Ihe base of the Nor- niundy Peninsula. ' What Supreme Hcatltiunitciscalls n "pretty strong" toicc of Americans has established, Itself liisMo the town after.a 12-mllc advance. I'orl Fulls Thus, the Americans have-already smashed what could huyc been Hie anchor of an enemy'fide river drive. They have removed the Germans 1 last chance of scaling thu Allies Inside the peninsula . United Press trout reports rcvc'M Unit tlie Americans have captured tho big purl ot Granvllle, on tlie western short" of the Nonnniuly Peninsula. To the cast, they hi\ve selwid Torlgny-sur-Vlre nnd :tlvc mllllsh have laken St, Martin DCS Ilocages. In another .significant, mo\e, the British In tho • Caumoht sector have overrun Hill 30!), whose lO'OO tool height make 1 , It Iho giealcst Lluvatlon thus tat achieved by the Allies' In Noinmndy\ The British also have driven Into Galct, sK miles below Caumoni. The cnsternmosL American troops mill the westernmost • British lic.ips are swinging toward each other. Once they meet they will have carved on I a pocket of Germans to he mopped uri al wilL The Amnrlcon drive' has ilrxlni alcd five German Infantry divisions and one paratrooper division Tlie bag of, prisoners, Is rising fast?,; Thc Germans nre losing general? as well r.s fool soldiers Irr-Nnr- nmmUv ! A gcncial commanding, cither,''the'" 17th, S-S, Elite Guard illv!slrm,.or tho 243rd Infantry Is, rcuortfrt. to have been killed by bc-mbiflfr pinned .2200 Tlnne, Hit N»7ls News' of' the, Nazi commander's death cynics from an Amciican soldier-'who saw It while a prisoner. The bombing attack so dls- •irgiinlitcd. the Nazis that the sol- Jter rounded up , nl.vjul 80 docile: Gentians nnd made his way \vjlh iiciij lo tho American lines. An uiioll.dnl Investigation among cl'.Jllaiis and captured qcr- mans tench lo confirm r'eporls tjial Marshal Rpminel wns uouraled J-y an American plane and may linvc died o! 'its Injuries. Incidentally, liomnicl hii.i been consplculoilsly absent from Gcrirmii prcpagnnda. for over a week i 1 Stockholm says German 'spokesmen refuse lo deny, thnt RomVncl uyis Injured. Madrid dispatches say German military sources llevo Ronirncl has lost an eve. Some 2200 or more American plnnes fanned out over 1 thc continent from Drrjaln today to hit a long list of targets. Munich was raided with 6500 tons of explosives. Part of the 1200 heavy bombers, convoyed, by 1000 fighters, struck at a network of enemy airfields In Fiance. And thc German DNB News Agency says other formations swung 35 miles northwest of Munich to blast Augsburg. Tlic ; Germans struck back by .sending' more flying bombs over London and other sectors of southern England. One --of tho robots landed, hi the' .middle: of a road and destroyed several houses. j. Fulbright Campaign 'Shifts Into High Gear" With Laney And Sims Pledging Their Support far as Arkansas ccrued. LITTLE ROCK. July 31. fUP) The United Slates senatorial campaign has stolen thc spotlight as politics Is con- Thc senatorial pre-runoff primary drive look top priority In the political news following thc withdrawal ot former .Stale Comptroller J. Dryan Kims from the governor's race Saturday night. Only Hen Laney, Cnm- den business man, remains In the race for the governor's sent. War Veterans Aid Ailkins But It looks as (hough the senatorial race will provide plenty of Interest by Itself. Now that they have gotten the gubernatorial contest oul of the way, the campaign managers for Sims and Laney have , _ .iLciunb^i a iui tjiuio HUM Ljitllcy ILilvu ~° pledged their support In the scna- * torhl campaign lo Congressman J. W. Fulbright of Fayeltevllle. And a large group of war veterans met in _ luiftv fti"wt* VJi WIM V^LL-KIIPn IILCL, l]l ^•-';;.•.'••••.•••"""•.' ,n T x LIUlo Rock yesterday to pledge their Republic Steel 10 1-4 51U)port ^ Qov H omcr M. Adkins —the other senate aspirant. FulbHghl's headquarters have np- 1 A l x)lnlc(1 Howard L. Clayton, sheriff 3» 1-1 O f Dcsha county and campaign man- ngcr for Sims, as associate campaign manager. And Laney's man- ogcr, Arthur L. Adams of Joncsboro, says he will give Fulbright his "unqualified support." vlllc Tills Is what Adams said In announcing support for the Fayctte- lc conBreMrnaii.- "Itie scnalorlal race Is of major Importance to the state and to the individual citizens. Careful consideration of thc men, the Issues and conditions now and hereafter confronting us leads me to give Ful- brlghl my unrniallfled support" Unity Held Vcsfcrday On Ihe other side of the fence, a group of war veterans gathered together to pledge support ot Adkins. The meeting was key-noted by Prosecuting Attorney Henry W. Smith of Pine Bluff. Others participating Included: Stale Senator W. II. Ablngton of Bcebe; Robert L. Gordon of ncrmott; Dwlght Crawford of Arkadelphia; Oran Vaughn of Senrcy; John Veascy of Hope and Bab Ed Lofton of Fort Smith, The purpose of the iricellng. as explained by Adklns's headquarters. was "lo formulate plans for an intensive campaign to bring lo the attention of Iho voting public Ihc need of having cx-scrvice men In the U. S. Senate." Senator John L, McCIcllan, who will become Arkansas's senior senator January 1st, still hnsn't expressed himself on tho Senate race. However, McClollan held several conferences with Fulbright yesterday, and attended a Fulbright open house during tlic afternoon. McClellan also conferred with Governor Adkins Saturday afternoon, nut political observers point out tlic political fence for four years. Sims Mukcs Statement J. Bryan Sims, who broke Arkansas political precedent by dropping out of thc run-oIT race Saturday, made it plain yesterday that he dropped out of Ihe race on thc advice of Ills advisers. This Is the statement Sims made: "It Is Intimated thai I sent a committee or group of supporters lo Ihc Laney headquarters to negotiate my withdrawal from thc governor's race. In order that tlic people of Arkansas may be fully and correctly Informed, no person, committee or supporter was authorized by me to . . . confer with the Laney people or headquarters for any purpose whatsoever. M/ decision to withdraw from the race was predicated solely ui>on thc unanimous judgment of my advisors after a survey ot the political situation In tlic state. No other factor or consideration entered into my dcci- Kidnapper Must Pay With Life For 1934 Crime :, CINCINNATI, July 31 (UP)—A Federal circuit court of appeals lias ruled (hat Thomas II. Kobinson must die for tlic kidnaping of :a wealthy Louisville, ICy, society woman In 1934. . -.' Robinson, 36-year-old former University of Vandcrbill studei)!, had been convicted hi December. 1H43' of violating the Lindbergh Kidnaping law in the abduction of Mrs. Alice Speed Stoll. Ke Wai sentenced to death, but appealed. The Gih United States Circuit Qourt of appeals upheld, the cteattt sentence today. Federal agents captured Robinson In 1936, 19 months after .tlie abduction of Mrs. Alice Speed Stoll. He was sentenced to life Imprisonment al Alcatraz. He served more than six years, then won hls'fc-. lcA.50 and a new trial after charging that he was Insane nt the time of thi kidnaping. He- also charged he was not represented properly by counsel at his. first trial. During- Iho trial, he testified Mrs. Stoll "Barred" to be kidnaped and that' he gav e )ier half of the,$50,000 ransom he ^collected. Mrs. Stoll denied sli c ever, saw Robinson before the kidnapping. He took her to Indianapolis ana l\eld.hef:.lri an apartment for seven "days' before Freeing her' .alter recelvinB t

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