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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, April 16, 1887
Page 2
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J - -. the lutm angar ntim neve entire! r eidaaed tram market whirs geographically bwloag la then upon all grade f Kifan made bribe baa ErncW refiner. The rootinlMki mi a bearing to-day to the representative of the krchmoed, Fredericksburg . and Potomac Railroad, vko mm m argument In favor of the euspenalo of tbe operation of uu rotiria ffttr et far m It applies to that mad loe Bcraunl of th watrr eooipeU-tlow whlb the rewd aa la meet. a m nrnwwuuTKn ririt rwao running eastward from I'sorta, 111., were board la eup-fwirt of petitions lor the suspension of the npera-lloo or lb fourth serrio aofara it applies to tba transportation! of grain eastward. They et forth to r1rrotooe of competition uader waken tba Peone market labor, boib with water line and with trunk Baca froia hirage t "C foul. Tba statistics of lral and of the Iwvsna of iba toad vera given iu detail A representative of th Ce fear end Yadkin Teller Kallroad af Nona Carolina mad a brief - argument In eupport of a petition to be permit-. tad to meet com petition at certain junction points. During tbe race betwaen the moraine and - afternoon areeton tb commission ebeoged it . quarter from tba room a? tba oeologlcal Bur- : vey to IU perm aa eat abode In Iba Mum Building. , The published tatenical that tba rommlalon , aa appointed a ftarretary I pronoanred Inror- - - wmw , .-".n' m unifltuu ,u raw-bed yesterday with respect to excursion rata, No eioo waa bald yesterdsy, and no de-tisWa a poo tbal subject baa Imn Diada. A lar naiubaref petitions have been received from theatrical pwipla aakinc a auapenalun of ilia law aa applied to ma auiiiaemaat profeMimi m4 aiirh an tnierpretatlim f tba law aa will )Mratlt railroad i-uajpanloa to craiit redurad rl m barriofora. Tba comnilaaion. baa rati I tad that II rannot praauma tadatermiaa wbat I ha Dwlley of tba railroad" ahall b in Ibia regard. TbU Uauoaiaallallr adoclliiHtkiii to make a r olio apon tba acilijeot la advahoa of an ac tual aompialnt alUtn( n Infraction of t lie law In vwia recard. ' A lona eonimiinlratton baa ln reealred frota lh JCiMutir CommlttM of lb (tilrago Fi Uhl , liuraan, an aaaorlallxn fompotad of inerehanta, Oiaoufaaturera, and Iba Hoard at Trad of CM , protiMliiia; acainat iba tiMprnaloii of tba one and abort liaol fratura. antiarlaUr aa af- - featlBf iba larritorr north of tba Ohio and at - of tba Mlaaiaaiptil Kivar, aioeptltif on Pacllla aoaattraOto, and that aondiMonallf. Tba law without curb auapenalon la bellnred by lb aa-aoeiatkDtob "utonly Iwat for tba wiuntrr at lara. but ' for tba future turreMful -oparalloa of tba law in tba territory mbim." Tha tomporarr auapanaion of tba - vrovlaion with racard b tba Houtb waa. In tba )uda-ment of tba aaaoriatlon, tb only prartical aoluUonof tbadiffl;ultr praaentod; but It "rlew with alarm tha elaet that deolalon ronat bar upon tbararneraof tbl aartton of tbaconntrf la eoavermc, perbap. a tacit, altbotiirh nnwar- . rauimi, oeiiar mat aiiuiiar relief will ba arao tad . n other twtloca of lb country where uncott-: tmtlad water eompctlt Ion ran bn eltrd a oora-" Ka for auoh relief." The rommtinluatlou con- tiaaaai " Bonpoalnr, for Inataooa, tb roada run- on traflla between ma point named on arcount of lake eompetltlon. The earner would ell yon . to tba fart that tba lake afford a royal highway I .' tbat the Government reg-later of arrtvale and da- panurea or reaela rrom c bleaco eirecded tbat of any other port In th United Htate; tbat tha rata fur waUirtraneportitUoti batweeo the mlnta Hamad waa at a minimum aa compared with any other Interior water navlratlnni and aunnoainv. for llluatradcin, your honnrabla board (rant tba , carrier' request and auH-nd the lone and . abort haul urovlalmi. immi-iit. ately uton rrantlnf aorh petition tha 1 11 tills iMlllMtf - It.mlZ ,1 . 1 would appear before your roramlaaion In ern r by petition, rlalnlnaT Justly or otherwise (ttx-penolntf upon rates to Chii-ago and the rata rastvprd from Chlrarol tbat all cereal product lolatly tributary tot'iorla or ( hirauo were tia-ln drawn to thlraro to moot the rale mails by 1b laka carriers, and ibn rate tho lali carrier . from Chlrnco to Hnftalo were authorized by your omutleioa to niak tn competition with auch i irii, anii mat in omer to meet this competition they, too. must be allowed to ebarre a greater rate from Intermediate points." r'u inn piiiik ruuiin, me aasoniaiioa says, noca sland.-lfaonihal. Kaat Kt. Iouls. and all Inter- lueditiUi commercial centre would petition for relief Iiioiiih tltlou with I'eoria. and the I'enn- ylvaula CtHiiiiaiiy would then come la with a repreweutatlou tbat Hittsonra; stauils In the same relation ae doe llnrfulu-to tbe eareal products of the Wast. Tha association, therefore, asks that tba lon and abort baul feature be not luspendnd ia any 'iiisianre until ciicrienoe utiUnr tba opera lion of the art baa proved that f-ature to be deirluicbla) to the brat Inturnat of 'the country.' " . Kotwlthslnndlnir tha nnttlher ana Importance of lh wtlilon already laid before the romiiila-alon It ba pracili-nlly but one question under exntslilaratlon iiiat relet Ina: to the loutf and abort haul foatute of tbe law. OTJIIiRS WriO WANT RELIEF. iNblAMApiil.trt. A i,i II IS .1. At la. lit mm t in it r t tl Hoard of Trade lo-nay tbh followlnj re-port waa aD4tiltnuly adopted: . . Year eammltte would respeettnllr report that tb blislueaa of Hi i lly nf lurtlanspnlls, and espe-dally the Msnnfaeiurlna. wm.worklnK. araln, mill-In-, lumber, pork, and elevsU.r Ititert-sts, sre at , iirvsnni feraie,, ami will be pernianrnllr rriiplud lir the larlriif Islr and U-Kttltnat miuiietltlnuaiuona . lh ralltiNMla, as th result of 'th IntarpreUlioaa Iiut utws vailiius set'lliiiis at tbe lntsr ntste Cum-iirc art by tli rskway eompsnmsaml the sohatluls of rates Ibvieupna mluujct by Hieni. ami w rwuin-- I'm th Hos.tof Tradeof laitlauapolla ptl - tlon til tuU-r-HtuLa'umiMree I '..minimal. in t-, dlatuly laterpret !o us tba s-uil. third, and fourth Srvllou. Slot Mist oorll.iu of Ilia twsntjr seeoud sac-tluu wliluli pt Ulns W lb tssttaut of uillaaa tics-' O'a "Vour eoinMilttee Anil that while the aald act . p"lliv'.y iiuilits iHM'liiia sinntia tlis rallruals, yet lit Hi Iota uretallea nut unon ths law lir tbetn tha rsllrusdiof tbeaounlry Har Bow a more raat-Iron ' lti IIikh baa-ever eil-tud betore, aotun ly ereatlna ' uatlet tna new law what It waa tnteudeft siionld b . eltaoiutolr roblhitt br It And bellvin that tha . voaillUniit of Ilia tieirtb elauss at ssld act ara the oust tHUiriuus to aluiiuera and ara maita tha basts ' lur lsTin,in hi the rsilmans tlis aahedule of rates X whl a la wurklua the ereatesl Injury to th business v of tills clly, we would furl her JMtlltlon th oommls. . iea te sosiiend th operstie of tha ssld clause, and aur a ail :i other p'lsioiis of sal1 art wl.uh may eo0i,.t with Ire competitive nnc lbs transportation rwwwanlea of tha country, uutll such tim a . Contra eaa Bieslaed provide iwruinnent railef. ' "is reaimitl would ioilher reeottmieiid that ' yen prill Inn lb rouinussloa Air rt-llrf from th el--ipui ( th raiirirful la reirsrd loth Isstilna of OJltae tlekaia. W augsest lliat tbsy either hsv a rtfUl to ! at al. wlilvh w A not roaed to ' be tU tuWMt of tb law, or, batrlna (ha rich! to do o. w no twesoii fur th elvaos abor former raUaolaJOpar l.ono mil. W lak th posiuoa - tbat tttete la no rvso nor authority for any la vi ease lu raiea, and Utat tb ssme should not aiod 20, whl b w beiwr b reasonable and juat and . wit Ma the scop t th law, and thai tli issuing of . BJileai Uikels is psnullted by MclluB 'J of th act " Voureonitaltlea further reeoniwend that a oom- ' aaltte of tlirs be ppuinlit by this itoard ef Trad, wbUb, after saeurtug further fact and causae lor couildsJal such aa may be brought to their attention, hall Immu pew rd lo a it son before th Inter-Mat Cwuauiarts t'uuimUsloa and plsfs before thsm, and a tale sad the bainesa lateresis if th country at tarxe, tbsa aad all other aiattera courerntng tha AMMlilM uf til ttttar Iktete ,Hm mmrt-m law i-kik auay be foundiletnaieulal to oar lo Urea is; th ei en of said eoiuialt lee to be boras by Uila Board afTraaa,', Iti le probable lhat ex-Bcnatnr Harrison will be eelected aa oue of tha couoiltlae euggeeted by thervyoTs, ; . - . fan xkxibY maoazi.yb. TLa Jmrriona Magntitu, of wblcb tba first BUtnber la tha number for May, now jnat ready, : la thr periodical eouie time tlnoe announced ai tha turtheotiilng successor of tb'o Hrvoiclun UaoaHu. Tha lattor publication bad completed It fifth -. Voluai, and bad fllld la the adjoining city a plaea of III own with some success and wtib ron-. alderabla snterurle uf a eertaln sort. Just when -It emoted to have beeoaie aa established thing i aa nnwiiisi uea tiea aw m trainiaw ur x iiaa aHhla.t ifwa Mrltlwh tSmst' I ti wnl at awl l.aa tstatas- ' Ilia Ikf fclvaa ' k11alial4 1 n a. Ikgiilllv ft-aitm ' aUruokl)ft. iia tU hmling of aa fTlr for ll in .. twora ntal aad ltnirelva change baa occurred ' la tbe Interior of th magailne. la which one Mwwv.HV-a w - . w r' ww liiira,ivil. -,M m reeognlaea ecarovly anythmg as a aurvlvor of s! tbe old enterprise. Tbe advance made here la Very dlattact. lietter paper la aaed ; the typo- erenhlettA nnsiMBits ts I n sthnr muiIv better the author eugaged ara auch aa ap- - Sim Is Illustrated Aluonetha H. Kl.leW. J. T. Trowbridge. lr. J. P. KeWman. - Itoee kyuoge, and t U While. Tha Uluslralloa ara quite aumeroue, though their quality le uu- .- oven. The Interior ot the old corner book store la Biietou. aad th fronttspieoo portrait of fr'rao-els tajrk auajft are twbaoa tna beSL A faw ,,r tbe email Portraits are passably good. Frob- ebly tha least euecsmaful of all tbe Illustration le tke new oi vr. moiomw istuoy la nesviOB-aireei, r uoatoa. toneioermoi aatae advance is, now aver, the epportaatrr reuiaia for atlll further ! Imorwveaseal. it for aa great a step ap higher, tbe BvaaaxlM estskl ta laOeire aottd encourago- tooat, aad dowbtleea will, with aa added bop that (rvalar tbuff nay yet be uooe fur iu we lare, . . . err uts tnsoAT rsojt- sax to sab. ' IxtiAj,UDUeV April 15. -i deliberate aaardor viae eweatulttrd at tha Itouthern rrtaon. la Jeffeeaoavtna. title evealag. aoout d o'clock. Freak llama, ka waa asml titer from Putnam l Mat s aswve tbrwo yeara f"T larceny swing I e vkfJa and slea-y ttaraew Ike parpeirater of uwe4 iaa two were mpkye4 la the shoe triatrial at, aad. aa far a eewld be learned. MiM.'i4 aay pwrurwtar grwdc again I Ik ' etaw. few suiaate bwfor quiuiag time 'haj,i ee la ha wbattlsUI eaoahaife, ',; Ml swsws.' the Uote: I wtll kill - ta ' S so i4 ay atuatloa t kk resaerv. ew --"ing aaalaal esea the threat wassv W be bad malahrsl W hotting tbe kauJ. ha wtsd over n tha baah w here llama etaa atlitng aa. BiakfuaT e desperate thrust al too taiiere tnraaa. s.n ii epwa rraea ear to ear. Us a-trpast ap beklad kta tie tin, taklag him - a aaw are. Hama diad a few hsMir later, lie ss s avuet lasSsasiT mtsa, H'arMr la oae of tba asuet desperai eharwcWxr la tha prlaow. He kae awmmltud three saunter. Uls Ant vtatU waaaenuea af Terr Uaato, aadha earvad kwraa la Iba KortOaca PflMa fog tea enaia. U la , aw seniageol a SI years' eaaleaae farklUlaVg . Buaaaa at w aasuttaTHM, vWM vombvt. BOTH HURT AND : HELPED I I ' HOW riTTSBVRQ FELS OYER TUB NEW LAW. ! TtELraD nr mx lojio aud abort hacl CLACSr, BIT L0I1X0 ITS TkClTie COAST TRADE. ' riTTant'ito, Penn., April 15. Tbe amoky city for It la amoky and rdmy yet In apibe of tba tgbt between natural fa aad eoaj ha received a kick In the back and a porooa plaster through the Instrumentality of the lnter-State commerce law. She can no longer market ber product on tha Fertile ooeat or ship coal to Aibtabula for dlstHbotloa. On tbe other hand, tha lonf and abort haul clause of the law enablee ber merchaota to laka freight from Cblcago and rrahlp here to the eaatorn seaboard without haodlnf over all tha proSta to tbe railroads. Before the luter-Btate oonimeroe law became tha fashion abe paid 174 cent per hundred weight on Chicago freight, half tha card rate from Chicago to Boston, and If tba through rate to New-York was SO eut Pittsburg paid IS cent to ebip benoe to tb seaboard. As tba card rates to tbe aeaooard were only nominal It not seldom occurred that tbe rata from Chicago to Pittaburg waa higher than tba actual through rate from Chicago to lioaton. Now tba Chicago rata to tola point and tba rata on ahlptnenta hence to the Eaat ara only 6 cenU mora than tha through rata from Chicago to New-York. Tblala satisfactory, and repreeenta tba porous plaatar, Tha kick represent tbe loea of Pittsburg's trade on tba reeiflo coast and ooal market on the lakea, Juat aa aoon aa tha commission find Itself able to turn around without bumping Into ap-peala and argtimenU It will ba requeued to Klva Ita opinion of an arraogemaut ald to have been made under tba authority of the Central Trafllo Association between tha Pennsylvania and tha Hocking Valley Roads. Last year, for Instance, the latter earned coal from tbe Hocking Valley to Cleveland for 83 onbt per ton. The Pennsylvania charged tba an price for placing the coal of thie region at Aah tabula, -although tbe haul over tbe Hooking Valley Boad-waa much tbe longest. Under tbe Interstate commerce law the Hocking Valley Koad maintains It old rate, while tbe Pennsylvania Increases Ita rate to $1, thus shutting Pittsburg coal out of the lake market. Pittsburg shipper ask If thli la nondiscrimination, dome ot tbem ara not certain that it la not one of tbe mean adopted by railroad for creatine public sentiment againat tb bill. But why houM tba Pennsylvania Kallroad desire to create aontlment againat tb bill I Is a natural Inquiry, it la wall known that the road la reaping a rich harvest under it provisions. The answer given to such a question Is tbat the road as represented by Ita stockholders may not favor auub a ecbeine, but tbat mauy of lie agent may. Once more tbe arranger aaki for light and la told that only a small percentage of the road'a General Agents In tbe vicinity are poor men. The majority ara therefore supposed to favor a system In which rebate were nut unknown, and In which discrimination was not a crime. It I an open secret here that railroad men have for year had a stake In bnalnesa Interest which have been carefully fostered bv the railroads to the disadvantage, and sometime tbe eitlnctlon, of competing Interest which have attempted to do battle on their merits. I). Ii. Oliver, of tbe Arm of Oliver Brothers at Phillips, iron master, known throughout the country, la not certain tbat a more unsatisfactory law could have been constructed. Although the firm's alilpraenta are Immense its quota on March 31 waa 101 carload be would lie entirely satisfied with a law tbat protected the small shipper and gave him tbe same rate aa the most powerful competitors, and to Tub Tixts's correspondent he advocated Government control of the country's railroads and telegraph systems. Yet he considers the long and abort haul clause an unmitigated evIL Tbe law, be claims, I tbn offspring ol tbe Pennsylvania Kallroad. If the law (remains In force for live years." be said, " the Pennsylvania Hallroad Company will be the moat iowerf ill corporation In the country. The Htaudard Oil Company will lie uo comparison to It. Under tbe law it carries all of Puts burg's buslnesa to the seaboaid. The long nd abort haul olauae enables It to do so. The 1'enu-s Kama's route to New-York la AH mile long, audit rat i 1H cents. The New-York Central's mileage between Pittsburg and New-York 1 over tMK) mile, and Ita rat I 21 conta. The Cuntrar rat from Youugatown la 21 cent. The Pennsylvania also touches Youugatown in another direction, and IU rate thiiiue to New-York Is 21 cant. Tbe Central cannot reduce Ita local ratea to auch figures aa will allow It to compete from this city to the seaboard, and consequently the Pennsylvania has a clean sweep, t hen ft also carries all tba freight shipped from Pittsburg to Ht. Louis. Tae long and short haul clause enables It to do that It la tba only company that own a road that si rstohes from Pittaburg to East Ht. Louis, tba Pittsburg, Cincinnati and Bt Louis, There are other way of reaching UU Louis, of course, but tbe longest single road ouly runs as far as Marlon, and theae routes, wade up of several roada, caunot compete with the Pennsyl vania, When It became evident that tha Inter-State commerce law would do all thla for tha Penn- aylvaula, I expected Its stock to Jump up 125 poioia. i ivisourg is one oi me citira toat naa no need of sucb a bill, though tha Chamber of Commerce resolved that It waa a measure that abnuld ba adopted. It I a great railroad centre, and we have no water competition except by river for a few months. Iu a muutb or so without rain the river wtll be as dry aa a cork. At present n is an advantage, ana we can ship to Cincinnati by water for 8 cents, while rail cost IS. We wanted no long aud short haul clause. Under the law ratea to the East ara all right, but aa much cannot b said tot Western ratea. Walt tilt tna far western. North western, aud 8ou to-western farmer is heard from. It look as If tba law would coin pel tbe Oakuta farmer to burn his wheat for fuel. Parineri of tbe tail and Welt, too, and even beyond tba Mississippi, will probably be benefited bv the law. It killed our business with tbe Paolfie elope. The old trans-ooutlnantal rate was from SO to 65 cents a hun dred pound to Han Francisco. Tbe new rate Is pi 7. a Jump from to if cents a pound. We looKea for au advance and withdrew In time. There were more people tn favor of the bill than thuM era f tha Mr. Oliver la only one of the many, however. who hope that tha inter Btate commerce law ts out tba lurerunuer or satisfactory railroad legla lation. MARIE BLAXCUARD DEAD. SUB DIES Of WOUNDS INFLICTED BT HERSELF. 1'oiLADKLPUiA, April 10. Mario Blanch-ard, a pretty girl of 18. died this afternoon at the bouse of ber uncle, Wheaton Berault, a wealthy lawyer, of V.lnaland, N. i. On April 1 aha ahot herself, and since then aha hai been hovering between Ufa aud death. Hor unci Uvea In a handsome bouaeon Elmer- street, and Mlse Blanc hard, who lived In New York, bad been visiting there since March 1. Her father I drad. Hr stepfather la John V. Coyle, au editor on a New- York paper. It was at (1:110 o'clock In tha iiiorulnj? wbru tba fatal ahot was- fired. When aha waa found by ber unci ah gasped "accident." Dr. II. Adams wa sent lor. He located the ball near tha twelfth rib. He telegraphed for Dr. William W. Kern, of thla cliy. Tb physicians probfld for tha ball. It waa a delicate oiieratlon. Tba doctors said she could not live if tun nail waa not removed. In wa found that the ball in entering four tuebea enure the navel on the rlglit side nad fractured tbe ninth rib. entered tb abdominal cavity, clipped tbe edge of tbe liver. rnssed through tbe stomach and out, making wo boles, and a large bole one and oue-fourlh Inches Ion gin a small Intestine; cut an artery and a large vein at the bead of the pancreas, causing agooddenlot hemorrhage; passed through the mecutery, made a large rcut in the left kidney, and finally rested In the right flank, where it wa located. Tha holes In tbe stomach were stitched with silk and the hole In tha in testine required IS siltche. The attachment around in wounded kidney were severed and tbe kidney was taken from tha bodv. Tha arteries and vein were ligatured aud the aouoaiau i wa aewea with ellrcr ' wire, bince tb) operation tbe girl ha been con scious at Intervals. Dr. Beck, who attanrie.1 her part of the time says that ahe told him tbat ana snoi nerMir purposely, lie thluk that she waa receiving attentions at her home In New-York from a young man who was distasteful to her family, ahd that on going away trow home aba brooded over bar trouble until It upset ber mind. Tbe girl's unci al tha tuna of tha shoot. log declared tbat tha shooting must have been an aciirteut. Miss Blanchard was a remarkably handsome girl, ebe was educated at lUe Convent at tbe a acred Heart at Manhattan, aud b spokeseveral bsoguasee fluently. Hhe waaaa aeeompllabed auualolao, ka had Visited Part and had traveled extensively in Kurvpe for on so young, hhe waa to have made her debut tn New York society aett winter. tltXXMBVXttOUT ilf y LA M KM. UlDDuronD, Ma.. April 10-2 A. M. -A large Bra la In progress at Kenaebunkport. Half ot the bualac eertlon of the town has bea cofceutaed. Tha Blddefora fire engines have bn telegraphed for aad ara about to leave oa a special train. i sctciVM or a MtcDtxt. N. Y April 15.-Domeslie difficulties tn tha tsajlly of Frederick Ueaaer. of Prassla. ae worked apea tha mlad of Ida wile tha ahe took a lerre qmaatlty at Fart grwoa aad Jaia aad lata a wU yMrlay tress wkla aa waa teksa gead. as taavea aevaa atdldresj aa. waa ealy W rears ef age. - i CUAl'QBD WITH POlSOXjyO. A KOTHia-If-LAW AJUtcim FOR KILL-, ISO HER SOX'S WIFE. TOROifTO, ipril 13. Th particulars of a korrthle poisodin esse In a amall village called Tbedford, A both a hundred miles west of here. on tbe lire between Toronto and Detroit, have juat become known. Last Fall Mrs. Martha Jane Byckma i, an old woman and widow of a farmer, went to Hokesville, Vs., with her son and bis wife, v ho waa tba half litter of tba Rev. Albert Kennet y, a prominent Methodist minister. Tba bt sband bad eonaumptlon, and tha trip wis taken for tha benefit of bla health. (The party topped at tbe bouse of MaJAr Daniels, a wealthy Ponthern gentleman, who is a brother In-law ot Martha Krcka-ian. While at Daniels's house Laura Rrrknatn. tha roang wife of tbe con sumptive, took a dose of aalta prepared for her oy ner motbei -In-law. Bhe took auddenly aick aoon after and showed symptoms of poisoning, vomiting . ant suffering lrom a pain in ber stomach. ftn chnlne waa found In the salts tbat remained In the house. Lanra Kyckman recovered, an I the party determined to return to Canada. Tbe day before they were to leave for home Lauaa again took suddenly 111, but this time tbe symptoms were different, though tbey indicated thai aba had taken a new kind of poison. Hhe riled a few hour after having taken tbe poison. Ttie body waa brought home and buried on Cnrtatm jay near Tbeuroro. Laura's buahand stisnected that bis wife had been poisoned and It Is said communicated bis suspicions to .frs. llandrtoka, an old lady who Uvea in Tliedfi ird. and wbo waa a slater in-iaw nf bla mother. Mrs. Hendricks was visiting the Hyrkmana a ft w months ago when she took suddenly ill and died, tba cause ot her death being apparently similar to that of Laura Ilytikmaii. It was aacertulned that Martha Kyckman hud bongbtenntigt strychnine and arsenic In Tbedford before lea ring for Virginia to kill several hundred men Hh told tba drug clerk who sold It to ber It waa to kill rata, and tbat ia would leave It with her daughter in, TI dford. Tba latter aayi she did not get tbe pol son. A few weeks ago tbe body of Laura was i ihumed and an Inquest held on It. An analysis of the contents of the stomach resulted in the discovery of auflluleut arsenic to cause death. Tbe Coroner's Jury found thatl-aum came to her leath by poJaon administered by Martha Jane Kyckman. The mother-In law could not be tried lere. a the death of Laura took place In tha I' tilted Btatea, but steps are being taken to hav her extradited and tried lu Virginia tor tbe n order of Laura Kyckman. Last Friday when tbe verdict was returned a aon of the lau Mrs. Hendricks caused the arrest of Martha Ry kman. charging ber with tba murder of his raoiher, whose remain are being examined for pplson. No less than three other suspicious deaths, Including the husband and a niece about 'J years old ot Martha Byckman, have occurred In the Rvckman family. The prisoner's marrtara was not of her own choice, but was forced on her by her parents. Bhe did not live happily with her husband. It Is said, and used frequently to express the wish that be and all bla cbtldrrt were dead. It la alleged she corresponded wih a man In Toronto, ber first love, and was engaged to be married to him. The neighbor! of tbe woman say she has been handling polgon for years and that she caused tne death of at leaat two of ber children, her buahand, and two near relatives, and tbat ahe perpetrated tbe murder to secure for herself valuable family property. WE AIIIANTA'8 THIAL IMP. RKR PERFORMANCE NOT LP TO THE REQUIRE stENTS BUT SATISFACTORY. Washinoto April 19. The oRlotal report of the trial trip of the cruiser Atlanta wa received at tb It avy Depa: tment thl morning from ths Com-mandant of tlis Xw-York Navy Yard. Tb report Is as follows; UKrrcD STATts ansasRir atlaxta. bicokdj Rati, is ivv Yahd. MW-Voik. Anril 14. i Commojort hakcroh Utifrardt, Commandant Aavy lard, fftta. 'orkt SIS: In obeiliAnce to vour order of the 12th Inst. to "proceed wldi the trial of tb Atlanta on the 13th. as set forth tnjths Instructions you have received from tbe Navy Pepartinent." the ship left the ysrd uoa. at on lias i.i tn. nam nan on ooarn ner nailery, two sml s I hslf months' provisions and stores, and !I6ft tens ef coal. Her draught was: Forwent. It teal 9 inches; amidships. 17 feat: alL 19 fel A Inch. Order were given to take Indicator cards, and other data ; t half hoar Intervals during tha six hours' run, am! al 10 A. M tha run began to do th heal p isslbla with tba engines tor IS consecution bonrs. Tb followlug I a summary of tha sit hours' rani Aversgn speed fur tin six hours, lift kuotsi evsrsKe revolutions per minute, H7.J7. Avsreae steam press, are H7. 1 poumU Avsrage slip ot screw. 4.44 ur run I. Avarsa cauaciive oors power, a, mm. i ns uors power Is now l-tni accurately ineaaiiroil from the indicator cardsJaml will be forwarded to yon, with tha cards, as son aa the necesarv Cnmuiilatlons aro com tile ted. Auj appended table gives the dale re corded by thelhalf hour. Th ship anchored off w nitesione at i". m. last mgui, auu selling umtnr way at 7 u'cloc i this morulug, arrived at the yard t 6 M A. U. ry respectfully. V. IMTNt'IC Captain Commanding. The tahl stt died to the report shows that the seswas smoot: i during tha six bourn' trial. Thn highest spead i ttatuetl was ltt.UJ knots per hour, aud the lowest t.74 knots. The revulutlous of iho engines ranged llrom 63 7 per tuluule to UU. 1'he re port naa aosnewnat uiysuneu navar eiperia. As staled In th reoi t tbe reault of the Indicator test bss not yel bees exactly ascertained, but the areraue bursa power maintained during the si hours' ruu Is set dowu al 3,30. If this should prove to he correctly Slated as well as ths avarkge speed 16 knots it wonld appear that tbe Atlanta baa succeeded In au talniug aa extraordinary rate of speed on a low horsepower. The general data on this subject now in the possesaldp of th Navy Pepartinent la, bow. ver. xlremrl.ltneagr. althongh recsnt ddlliuns to th reords dlsdloae lb fact lhat the performances ot foreign vessel upon which th deoartroeot has baaea Ita cli-uUona, for lis own designs, have beeu grossly exaggerated, principally through suppression of luiSurtaut qualifying ciicumstauors. In tha caa Of tba oelehrated Japanese cruiser N'anlwskan, WBlch vassal ha bean adopted as the modal for on of lb cruisers now halldlajc in this country, th speed of th vessel was reported at 1M.U knot per hour! Information lately received shows that-tb trial cdurse wss but H H kools lung. Tha veasel surted ' wltb a steam pressure of 90 pounds and lii revolutions, but these fell off lo 7 J Si pounds and 117 revolutions befor much I mur thsu one-half of ihn return trip wis mad. At thla point tli trial (which wa the twnly-lxth came to an end lor the reasoa that thui boilers wr not supplied ilh wster during tb runlto rsplac that whluh had bean vst- rated. CarelUjl Inquiry Into tlis Performance of a Usraaan ateamar which bad ba cited to th department as able to) develop a bersn power on a mervol-Ously low censatnpltea of cual ha resulted in showing thai th scjual oousumpUoa waa at laast 60 par cent, greater than reported. Hpoaklng of f i report, Secretary Whitney to day laid s " Th result of the trial ot the Atlanta sho her still deOcletit of the requirement or the contract Tb co'ftract bss no condition whatever relating to psdlnd tb trial bad nottiing to do with a speed trial If It bad all Would bar been loaded dowu to hr prpr Una tor th djlurpos of a speed iris, wowq ws putfloa. i us cuiiHict requiroa tliat bar engine should develop H.ftOO collscto.1 In. dlcated bura po 00 war i or six consecntiv noois Bhe made 3 about. Tb accural calcuia- tlon of course has not yst been mail. The tha failure contract provides tbat In case of of tbe ship to slevalop th power, she shall be ac cepts,! if it cad Us shown to the satufacllou of the instoj Aavisisry noara ana ins ecreiarv uf tna "Kavy tbat thlaj failure waa du neither to defective worxinai snip Board will act lior materials. The .Naval Advisory ba the matter first, when It will coma to lus for coukldaratlon. I have already uotlhed aha has been in our them som moaih ago that possession slrsniy aooul a year aud a half, when ver ab could luak a tlx hours' ruu showing lair result, althodgh not up to tbe contrail reuutre. to en Is, sh ought to be Bccssted. Mi will pruLablv b atospte uu. tb result ot this trial.' fiJ'EKLKUOLDKS. Misi Mary LVrclia Stnele, dang liter of Cant Henry . td i, of tha Heventh licgiment, was married to M Ooorga Albert Hidden, last evrn- lug, at tba ral Church. Madlion-Avenuo Methodist Lplaro- Tbe ceremony was performed by William Lloyd, assisted bv the He v. the Iter. Dr. Wilbur K. C taft. Tbe bride wore a gown of white satin, tulle veiL Tbe maid ot llh a front of uoint laoe. aud jyari ornameut were also worn. Honor was Miaa Joaie finger. Tbe bridesmaid avere Miss Mar lowualie-ud. Miss Edith Hoiden Ml Alice Whltmere. Mis Heldett- berg. Miss tidi te linger, and Mis Mamie K Mills. J. T naiaer, jr., was beat man and the of the ushrri were E. B. Hoiden. hrothi-r gtkiom. O. w. Plum. W. U Wetmore. O IW. BplUner, H. Frank, and Ulrard Kouiaine. Thd enureir waa crowded with fHshlou- able people, reception to immeuiaieiy arter the wedding a members or tbe families of th bride and grfjtu was given at tha residence of tha bride's mtber. aa i-at Eighty third slreet. Among those proeent were id ward K. U olden. ia ts. rotter, ol. Kmmons Clark,- Mr. and Mrs., John l Townsafcnd Mr. aud Mr. Vi oodruff Notion Mr. and Mr r. O. V hitman, of New-Hare MUs Belle tell Uy, of Chicago; Mr. and Mr Lyman Broaii i, wmiam Keith, Mr. and Mrs. . button. ,aui Mr. and Airs. L A. SUigar. UOSTKtiiL MKRCUA XTIt a IXDLKD, Montreal April IS. A young N Yorker, wbo cams here a tense that of a leading L-ave his name as Frank Bralated jfew waeka agi, and on tbe pro be waa about to open a branch ew-Ynrtr hantr klMil .. .. - the Oeat stores i number of e tl.OOO to n Ml. Jamaa steeat anil n . . inloye at salaries ranging fro k.lSHl. asaellna fr..,,, -..I. T iu ot tbem a da lwaik la proortlon to tbe salary. -A IS AilttBrflurf I h lesdiag new -- - - ,w tun iMH hara. ttavtue all hi aj,,., tbe Pe with checks wblcb, oa Iranamiasioq to Nsw- York, pr 4-1 i ow lurgwnw. w art an U a taken out fur bla erreei. tha detective, went tn ti.a were at oi but when Balmoral to klgbl It was found that Braided bad cleared out Ibl morning, after paying his and recelrt bill with a bogus check ig S1C5 tn change. It wa he had been buying clothing, all tbe faablouablo stores, his account la checks for about tbe amount and pocteltcg a. Bralated waa arrested en learned tuaq Ac, from and peyiug ; four lime the dlfferei New-York ffor emberiling $9ou. and lu being admitted to toOO ball fled to Canada. U :a said lo be a well-to-do merchant. father, waa b-tng 111 at rriends to the praaeai um. nas aeot on eome hla aon, who la eaiv 2'i rears a4 THEIRGAME WELL BLOCKED 8LEVI&8 FRIENDS 1BT 1AU- MAMY TACTICS. KKAL ESTATE MEN MUST NOW WAIT fOR RELIEF AN ASSAULT ON WATERED STOCKS. Albany; April 15. Tbo rHef sought br tbe New-York Real Estate Exchange and by lawyers generally who are compelled to patronize tbe odloe of Register Blerln cannot ha granted this year. For thla tha Bcglater himself sod bis friends must be held responsible. By -the action of the ' lattery ln the Assembly to-day the Hamilton bill, which promised some succor, was killed. Messrs. Itci and Cantor of New-York and Bbeeban of Erie, by rallying their Democratic associate! and making a party matter of a business proposition ubmitted by Mr. Hamilton, must share tbe responsibility between tbem. As members ot Tammany Hall Messrs. Ives and Cantor felt bound to support such legislation as Slevln wanted, and to oppose any wMch proposed to hold htm to a stricter accountability in the discharge of tbe duties of his office. To tboir folly chiefly waa due the tangle Into whioh tbe House fell, while tba inefficient Mr.'lTaU waa In tba chair this morning, and tho cohiquent fAllure of tba Hamilton bill. At tba request of Mr. Wartdlnftrm and otlieri ottbe Iloal Estate Exchange, Mr. Hamilton, early In tha session, introducst'. a bill requiring, aiuoag olhnr beneficial ollons, that searches sliould bo rturnd within li days, Heglster Hlnvln sent his counsel. John Strahan, here to oppose the bill, which had ound lodgment In the Judiciary Committee, atul. proceeded himself to set lu motion the political machinery which should control the comtnlitea, Including tha Chairman, Mr. Haker. Ives manipulated tha come 'tee. Affairs were In auoh a shape that It seemed to Mr. Hamilton that tha only way ba could get any legislation nt all would be to accept a compromise presented hy sievin'a friend, Air. cantor, oo be yielded, deterw ed take tbe matter Into the House. Assembly alll No. 1,017 wim toe result. There waa a verv light House, this morning. and tbe Republicans bad barely a quorum, If they had that This was the opportunity of Slevln's friends. They determined to pass the Hamilton bill without giving Mr. Hamilton an opportunity to amend it. This was the application or tne snap-primary meinooi oi Tammany to a legislative liody. Mr. Cantor called up the Hamilton hill, and bad it placed on its passage, a situation which would have neen reached anyway In a few days The bill declares of searches made within 'JO days tbat tbe Register "shall be liable for all damage and Injuries resulting from errors. Inaccuracies, or mistakes in his returns so certified by blm." Mr. Hamilton moved to amend the bill so a to hold the Register equally responsible for tbe three days' searches which this bill authorized blm to make. Notwithstanding the fact that tbe register waa allowed by tbe bill one-ball fee extra for making three days' searches, he evi dently wanted to mirk responsibility aitognrner on this class of searches. His friends voiced his views on the floor by attacking Mr. Hamilton'! proposition. In vain tliaf gentleman protested tbat a search without a guarantee of Ita accuracy waa no search at all. Every Democratic vote In tho House waa rallied to defeat It, Including the vote of aeveral Republicans, and the amendment was lost. Mr. Hamilton told his Republican friend! that the bill In its existing sbspo wa practically worthless, and he set the example of voting against It. Tbe Mlevln crowd would hear no arguments snd listen to no proposition to lay the bill over. They were bound to pass It then or not at all. Tbey missed fire, for tbey could only muster .'fl votes. Then Mr. Hamilton sought to mske the usual parllmsntery motion to iitbln the defeated bill, so as to secure the opportunity formaklng one more attempt to pas It. The author of a bill la alwai s recognized by the Speaker to make this motion. kA w 111,.,, IK. Ian u.n .............. .. , K . .. I. I - in. , ihiii iud irniiini; w, v u iu b o fcu-l until, chose to disregard all precedent and recognlxo ir. iva. mm gentleman moved to reconsider the vote aud then moved the previous question. The effect of full wa altogether dim-rent from what tbe loaders nf Deniociatlo thought upon tho floor hail calculated. Instead of driving Ilepuiillcans to vote with tbem it drovo them solidly agajnst ny and every move executed by tho Democratic) side. Kx- Hl-eaker krwin at miking In bis anat, an un- u-uai course tor nim, and ne utterly refused to help his party out of the tangle into which Mr. Plait had dragged it. It I exceedingly unfortunate for the party that it hits auch a loader. a fact that a great many-rnninliers of that patty aro begiiitnug to realize. The )e-imhllcaiis refused to vote, the Democrats could muster no quorum, mid a scene of excitement and, disorder ensued. Speaker Husted had returned, aud pushing Mr. Piatt to the rear he took charge of the House and straightened out the snurl. Tho roll was called on Mr. Ives's motion to reconsider. The motion was lost aud with It the bill, felevlu's admirers had overshot the murk. 8omo of them swore roundly and ottemptedto blame tho Hepublicans. forgetting that they never would il up tbe bill If tbey bad not beltnved tbey were in full control of the House, and had enough Democratic votes with their few Uenub llcan allies to pass the bill In tbe ahape most favorublo to Hlevln. Senator Traphagrn, alio of Tammany, sought to repair tbe folly of tho New- York Assemblymen by introducing the bill In the Senate. There is a rule of both houses, however, which forbids a bill killed in one house from being Introduced lu tbe other and again put on It passage, except by unanimous rousent This it will be exceedingly difficult to get. Mr. Erwln's Hotel Flro Escape bill waa passed after some debate. The bill provided thai e Very hotel exceeding i wo stories In height nhall before July 1, 1887. cause a half-Inch ro)e to bo placed In each room above the ground floor, to be used as a Are escape. Tho penalty tor violations was Imprisonment for one year or a fine of fl.OUO, or both. This was amended by Mr. Finn by providing as a penalty of violation imprisonment for 30 darn or a tine of BJfto. or both. On motion of Mr. hailon the bill waa so amended as to provide that the rope shall be securely fastened al tbe Cop Instead of tbe bottom of each window, so as to make It moro easily used. Tbe bill was theu passed with only one or two dlsseotlng votes. Tiie Henate ordered to a third reading to-day Mr. Cullen's bill concerning unclaimed deposits in savings batiks. The bill has been greatly amended, and now require! the savings banks to report to the bank superintendent at tbe ei;d of this year tbe names of all depoilton whoi accounts have not been added to or decreased for the last IK) years and aro claised unclaimed" and the respective amount of deposits. It I limited to deposits of over $10. The bank Superintendent Is required to Incorporate thce fuels In bis next teport The bill In this shape Is likely to pass, althousu as tbe Superintendent already has full power to obtain the Information prudent Senator will rote against It, as It Is reasonably certain, if passed, to encounter! tbe Executive veio. Senator lialy haa again Introduced his bill of two years ago to prevent tha watering of rall-roud capital. It prohibits the Issue of railroad stocks aud bond to au amount In excess of the actual cost of construction equipment, and right of way, and requires tba certification of the Htate Englurer and tbe Hailroail Commission to tho fact tbat tho proposed lsiue of securities duel not not exceed tbe cost of construction, Ac. before slocks and bund may lie Issued and put on the market As the bill stands It virtually prohibits the construction of any more rullioails in th Stale; but Mr. Daly means lo use it as a basis on which to ronstrn. t In committee a more carefully drawn measure to accomplish the deal red end. Still another liquor tax bill made Its appearance in tbe legislature to-day.' It wus Introduced by Senator Balm s, and Is In the form of au amendment to tbe goueral excise law. It provide tor a Slate tax upon all places where liquor Is sold ot double tbe amount of tbe local excise foe. This tax Is to be collected hy local Excise Commissioners at the i.lnio the local license Is issued and paid for. anil I to be turuod Into tbe State Treasury within -.'10 day to meet lb exicnse of Slate UoverumioiL Senator Kellly todny meekly apologlxed to Senator Fassett for bis abominable outburst of yesterday. Scuator Fassett accepted with dignity the humiliating admission of the N'ew-Aork Senator that ho hod made a donkny of himself. Assemblyman Devereux Insisted upon Mr. Platt retracting his language lu committee yesterday afternoon upon tbe Pougbkeepie Bridge bill. The roughkeepsle editor tamo right down tbe tree and thus obviated all necessity or shooting at him. He told Mr. Devereux tbat w hile be bad characterized his bill as a strike, he had never implied au unworthy motive to its introducer. The Senate Citiel Committee hai reconsidered It determination to strike out from the buh-wsy Commission bill all the ex offleio member ve the Mayor. It U tho wish of Chairman uoaurioa mai me commissioner of Public Work hall be placed ou the commission together with tho Mayor. The committee will take the matter up again next week. SOT EXTIRELT BA Motxau April 15. -Some sections of Nova Kcolla do not appear to regard th siclus.a of A merles u flabenosu from ihsir ports as aa unmlisd blessing If oa rosy bell.vs the Cap Mabl Adurtu fl, i iHlUt" cialia," llsays. "has eolso fsrlu.ljHid lorward a setuaiusnt uf the rtUtmla hli 11 ba deprived our Irsp aad rl loss the opportunity of making thousands of dollars. This, as aa other Had uf Ilia Aluerluui OitiiTtwu lu oor porta was formerly (,, immense beurOl to us. T. U','l'i"" U'.U "ar "huor hsv hero neither th UOlJ nor ths chief su Oarers -' DOQOFTrs MtoXT ACC0CXIS. FlTTsarka. Feno,. April 15,-Tbe reported discrepancy la tb account of . J. Doggstt, Cashier at lbs general freight office of th fma Handle Kad. Chicago, was confirmed to day br Assistant Cob troller Joha w. Knar. ef thl city. Mr. Hnner sid tbat th story a told bv Traveling Auditor K. B Horns was abtaaUalir true. Tb corneas T. h said. Is secure.1. and If Iwriatt la ' ,t.. prosecaUoa mast b earned en by his bondsman, 1 Th shortage ram entirely la a hnilaeasiit war tk roach the Aailitiu iJeuaj-tai.nL. TWO ASSEMBLIES AT ODDS. K0. 49 M7XI3HE5 ITS EVENT BT 0B PEKING A STRIKE. Tba hatred that Aaeembly So. 49, of th Knlghta or lAbor. baa ra to Assembly 'o. 120, which la composed of carpal weaver, and that of tha members of tha Home Club agalust Master Workman John Morris in, of No. 126, was again manifested yesterday t y the calling out on strike of tbe 150 carpet wea vera la Hlggint'i factory wbo belong to No. 49. Tha 111 feeling that exists between tba two district assemblies ts or long standing. Xoat of the members of No. 12(. formerly belonged to No. 49. and John Morrtaor. was a member of tha Home Club. When thli select circle developed Into a ring to dictate U, and tyrannise over. Assembly 49, and all tba rest of the order, Morrison protested against Ita action, left It and Issued a secret circular exposing its methods For thia tha Home Clul never forgave blm. It has done all In Ita powi r to remove him from bl a office of District MaiU r Workman and to injure bis district assembly. When No. 120 ordervd a strike In Hlggins'a carpet factory about March, 1S0O, to resist a reduction of wage, thtisu of tba weaver who belonged to No. 40 psat lined at work. No. 126 won the strike, biijr pd not take any ateps to discipline those whAtnyt called "enab," During tbe great coal handler ' strike Assembly No. 411 ordered out tbe engln-ters and fireman In Hlg-rlus's factory ami supped tba work there for two weeks. Tbe reason given by the leaders of No. 41) for this action was tbat "scab" ooal was used la tke factory, hui as tbe engineers lu other places were not ordere 1 out by No. 4U, but were merely advised to strike work, tbe member of No. 120 concluded thi.t tbl order was a blow directed specially at tb era. In tbe early part of last March soma half a dosan weavers who b tinged to No. 126 left the order, and shortly afterward they ware discharged from tba faetirv partly for being Incompetent. They then joined No, 49, and It asked for tbelr reinstatement. Mr, lligglna refused. A complaint waa made to tbe General Executive Board of tba Knlgbta of Labor and John Bailey waa sent on to Investigate the matter, lie called ot. Mr. Hlgglns, who Informed him tbat No. lie controlled tho work in his factory, but he was willing to have the matter Investigated. Yesterday morning Bailey again call id at the factory and told Mr. Higglni that be must reinstate the dlschargnd handi or be would order a strike. Mr. Hligina again refused, and Bailey told tbe men oi No. 49 to strike, Tbey all did lo, but many of them very unwillingly. The firemen, who also belonged to 49, began to draw tbe tires prepare' ory to a strike, and there-UKn Mr. Hlgihns ordered that they abould be discharged. Tbe machinery was stopped for AO minutes and then District Master-Morrison brought other nreoiei, who belong to No, 126, and work was resume L TR0F. SAJIULKA'S BENEFIT. TOE ENTERTAINMENT 0IYEX BT THE SEVENTH KEG 1MENT ATHLETES. Prof. F. 8. 8ahulka. the instructor in gymnastic of tha Seventh Kcglmont Athletlo Association, waa thn recipient of a complementary testimonial rroru the member! of tba association last evening. Tho audience, aoma 200 In number, gathei-ed In tbn gymnasium In the armory building. After a performance on tha parallel bare by Q. D. Balrd, Company F R. D. Nelson, Company B; W. H. Wbettal. Company O; H. 0. Marline, Comiany 1; and E. aL Wolff, Company (J, a sparring bout occurred between II. B. Baldwin, Company A, and O. D. Cook, Company A, which wn icleutlfjoand interesting for three rounds, Bab I win getting a little tbe best of It, Horlzontil bar practice followed. Messrs. Wbettal, Balis I, Martine, M. L. Hansom, of Company O, anil P B. Young, Company F, participating, and ii spirited sparring bout between J. E. Schuyler, Company, B, and W. W. Davenport, Company ll.iurceeded. Kansoin and J. Woth.irspoon, Company H.then contested at high kicking, tbe former scoring 7 feet 9 Inches, and Die latter 7 feet U. J. K. Cuinmlngs, Com piny A, and H. K. Baldwin, Company A, then npe-red. Baldwin being overweighted, and Prof, rauiilka gave some arUstlo club twinging. Tbtfi-nof tbe evening was tha match tbat followed b-itweeu E. W. Todd, Company O, and A. 1'. Wadds, Company O. They were entire uovlcer and volunteered, and aa tbey turned themselves Into steam hammers and attempted to batter each other Into powder the audience roared. 'Iiarles Coster, of Company I, then sparred with ItoI. Sabulka, terminating the programme. Tb bone lotary realized aiiout S'JfjU. DKTRCTIYB WDJtK THAT MOW 8. I'lTT'ouno, Penn.. April 10. It appears that tha noil Important arrest tu tbe Pan Handle caae Is yet to be tnsde. A formor conductor on tha road named Cotnolly la aupposod to bava been tbe leader of tha gang, and to have gotten away with an lrt.miuse amount of plunder. Somehow" he got wlni eome time ago tbat the raid would be made and skipped. He la now In Kansas, but an ottloer has been seut after him, aud it is expected than be will be arrested and brought back to thia lty next week. Between UU and 3." ot the arrested railroaders will waive a hearing and will glv bouds to await tbe action of the Grand Jury. It la understood that tbe principal defense of many will be to establish an alibi. In speaking ot tha robberies to-day, Special Agent Hue said tbey would be able to Identify every artlole recovered, however amall, to tell by whom it waa hipd, tbe data of shipment, the carlo which It was coutalued, the name of the engineer, fireman, and crew of the train, all the places at which the oar laid over, when It w aa robbed, bv whom, the hand! through which tbe stolen articles passed, and the name of the partv to whom each irticlo waa consigned. " We know alao," said be. where an Immense amount of plunder Ii stored lu this city which we have not ;ei disturbed, but upon which we could place our bauds at auy moment We kuow of goods burled under th ground, by whom burled, and whsre.and who will come and dig them up. The goods are still burled, because the thieve wbo are atlll at large, intimidated by tha arreaia of others, fear to take them away." SEC0XD XJQBT OF IBB B0WB SALB. Seventy-aix pain .i tigs from the collection ot Oeorga Fawcett R we and tbe lata Augustui L. Brown were sold at auction at Moore's Art Gallery, 290 Firth-avenue, last night. Th bidding was light In mo; case, and the only palming which brought a price above three figure was a landscape by Munkscsv. It brought f 1,775. Lawbor's " Keening," which came next, only ran up to V130. Emil Levy' "haul and Virginia" bad a lively rise to tkKHI, but it wont no higher, aud Victor Palmaroli'a " Admtratlou" did better to the extent of $"200. Th a plot urea whloh brought 25u tud over were: "The Scribe," Kaemmorer $00 Landscape, Munkacav i 775 " Adniiiailnu," Ksrillut.nd Wsgner 274 1'aul aud Virginia," Hull Levy dim) ' Mother and child," Meyer vou Brsmsu tflo "nn Oiorglo dell balule, Vuulos," A. K Banner 325 ' Admiration." Victor Pslmaroti Moo "Hllll Life," A 11 tome Vollnn a75 "Coming In," Koulugna. Thsoriore Weber " InUrlur aud ahssp' ICugn Joseph Vi hoses hovi. 910 "Ksrly Morning," Paul Marcotted Uuiviars. ViMJ "Moonlight," tsllx.lsm ilia Tbn total a nount reallxed waa a little over $ 11.000. "The Letter," by Ulye, waa thn lowest In price of any picture sold. It brought 7. The ttrst night1! sale amounted to about 10.L5O. BSTEIITA1X1X0 TUB ALVMXI. At the April reunion of the Yale Alumni Association, tbe sixth ot tho season, held at Delmoulco's lust eveulng. a now departure was taken whloh every one present voted a great improvement on the usual programme. The custom at these social meetings has been to hare a paper or discussion on some literary subjects. This time Marshall P. Wilder was invited to give some of his sketches. There was a good attendance of Alumni, among tbem being Chauncey M. Depew. thn President; Braytou Ives. E 111 1 era t ton Commissioner Tain lor, Eugene Ktntth. Cnarlet Miller. Horace Barnard. Thomas Thatcher, Dr. Beebe. Henry W. Taft, E. C. btcd-man. A. W. Evarta, and J. 1'. Clarke. Mr. Wilder kept the company Interested for au hour br his facial aud voeal mlmlri u. ! abowed how railroad engineers salute their sweeiuean w hen passing through a village, described ocean steamer and street car experiences, and mimicked Dr. Talmage'a manner of giving out church announcement. The triumph of the evening wa his Imitation of Mr. Depew. The Alumni were delighted when milder stated he would attempt to burlewu their dlgnlded President's maimer right before bim. lbe little man mouuted a ebair and huwd how Mr. Dpw, when be got exolted, used bi arioi vary freely ana forcibly, much more so, lu fact, than be was bimaelf aware, lon'lnued bsnd clapping rewarded the humorist, and Mr. Deiiew himself ackuowlad the truth of th Imitation. Tbe Alumui voted thanks to Mr. Wilder, and be In return said that be had never been more kindly meeived. BiRLiirS FATKWTW VlAXH. The month. y meeting of tba Harlem Inde pendence Day Association was held at tbe Ninth J u- i diclal district Court room. In Essl On liaadrsd ' and Twenty flth street, last Bight The meetins wa fairly attended and stoat too was received by ' t! Treasurer. Twsnty-av abet riptton books wer i distributed, among the gsatlsiuen whus names I wcr added to th Ktecuttvt Commit' are tbe Hod 1 A. P. Pitch. Us Hwv. Ir. U H auiith. th Hon. R. I B Martins. Dr. I. B. Rad, A. U awn lard, th Hon j 1. m. unrov. ana n j. suiu. Th coeucltu B3W cnaslsu el ovr 100 ellUMns ( Hsrlem. They ar all taalvua to mak the odabreUoa wt l7 x. OMd Iba akKlo ot laat jreas 1- i-'i -i--1 1 "" ..'.T...! hobokek u'k mMm WATER. SE0I81ER ItURPUi SUDDENLY DISAPPEARS. LZATTXa BEHIND HIM 0O0D REASON1 TO TEAK TBAT HE nAS DEFAULTED TO A LAKGE AKOCXT. " ' Michael IL Murphy, for 16 eonaecutito' years Water Register of tba Democratlo little town ot Hobo ken, has mysteriously disappeared and nnder circumstance which have given rue to tba graves! eoaptetaaa aa to bla official honesty la tba disposition of tha city's funds la his charge. For long time past th clause against tba city of the Hackenaack Water Company, which supplies Hoboken wltb water, bare been to a degree disregarded by tbe Water Commls-elonere, and tba pressing demand! of this corporation for money doe It bava led to the alleged discovery tbat Murphy, hy whom all money concern! of tba board were transacted, la a defaulter to the amount ot from 913,000 to 920,000. , Thla alleged discovery wa made on Thursday night. The Hackensack Water Company, which has filled Ita Hoboken contract for years, baa rendered Ita bills to the Water Commissioners, or, more correctly, to Register Murphy, and baa from time to time been put off by thai officer with vague axcuae. Tbe Register asserted, when pressed by the company for money due it, tbat water rente were very bard to collect, and that tbe city'a money, therefore, was "short." Tbli sort of thing waa kept up, small Installment being occasionally paid, until tba city was Id arrears to the water company to the extent of 9-0,638 31. On Dee. 3 last, when the arrears wrre about SAI.OOO, President R. W. De Forest, of tho water company, wrote to tba Water Coinmlssloners-ths letter was, aa usual, addressed to Register Murphy making a pressing demand for the money, or, at least, for as much of tbe total amount as could be then paid. Tbli letter, it la aserted, nevor wa communicated to tha Commissioners, but on Dec. 31 90,000 waa paid on account. Iu February last another six-thousand-dollar installment was paid, reducing the amount In arrears to tha flg-ura given above. Sine that time no money has been paldJ The water company claimed that the failure of the city to make Ita payments promptly and regularly embarrassed It greatly, and it very much desired that tb Commissioner should adopt a ly item of auch prompt and regular payment. In order to discus the question President Wlagea, of tbe Board of 'Water Commissioners, directed Register Murphy to call a meeting of the board for laat Thursday night. Mr. Wiogea explained to Murphy the object of the meeting, and tbe Register sent out tbe notice la due form. Thl was on Thursday morning. At 8 o'clock the time mentioned In the call the Commissioners, Messrs. Wing, Pfelf-fer, Fayen, Lehman, and Fltslmmnns, met at the board room in the City Hall, but Murphy did not come. The Commissioner waited for blm and sent message (or him, but tn vain. Murphy could not be found. At his home nothing was known of his whereabouts, and hli usual .haunts in the town were searched In vain. Then President Wlnges made the startling announcement tbat, using bla prerogative as President, be had paid a visit In the afternoon to tbe First National Bank ot Hoboken, where tbe water acoount la on deposit, and had been furnished with a statement ot tbe oitv'e water account there. Instead of 92.VOOO which should have been to the city's credit, something over S 7.00O represented the sum total on deposit, f this amount 93,407 Oil had been paid In by Murphy that afternoon. Thl statement was a bombshell. "Mike" Murphy, genial "Mike" Murphy, known and liked by hair of Hoboken, a defaulter It could not be believed. There must have been some mistake. Murphy could not have stolen money in his care. It was absurd, the member said. Mike" would turn up all right and "fix things." But " Mike" has not turned up yet, and tbe only way thingi are likely to be fixed li by the payment of the ten-thousand dollar bond which bo furnished at bis last election. On Thursday night thn Commissioners waited until 11 o'clock for Murphy to "turn up" aud than went home. Yesterday morning inquiry at bla borne resulted in the discovery that he had nut been there the night before, and that nothing was known of him by bla family. Then tbe belief tbat he had ' skipped" began to lie entertained by every body, for the news filled Hoboken like a flash. Yesterday afternoon tba Water Commissioner! bad a special meeting to take action ou the matter, but as to tbe actual amount of money whloh waa short in Murphy's accounts tbey could form no aocurate estimate. Ilia account! would have to be carefully examlnod, aud that would take time. After issuing a peremptory order to Murphy to appear at an evening session of the Commissioners aud show oause why he should not at once be removed from office, which order wa served on Murphy's mother, the hoard adjourned uutll 8 o'clock in the evening. At tbat bourMurphy waa still absent, but a motion to declare his o trice vacant was poatponed uutll thla evening. Mr. William 1L Mary, Hecretary of tbe Hoboken Land Improvement Company, was appointed as expert accountant to examine Murphy accounts. Mr. Mucy accepted the appointment on the condition tbat he obtained permission from his superiors to act. If he obtains that ne'.tuls-slon he wtll begin work this morning, aud I.', will take mm probably a week to Oulh. Until then the real amount of Murphy's deficit can only bo guessed at. Besides the S7.000 on deposit In the First National Bank the Water Commissioners may be able to collect from f 1.500 to e'J.OOO from water rents in arrears, and this, will be all the money they will have with which to meet tbe Hackensack Water Company' twenty-nlne-tbousand-dollar claim. This la tbe estimate given in the light of present circumstances. In the examination of Murphy's accounts It may turn out tbat there Is money due the city about which nobody but Murphy knows anything, and which may be sufficient to cover the deficit. But this ll a vague hope. Murphy's boudimen are Martin btelln and John Brunlng, each for $5,0O0. Theae gentlemen were seen by a Tim reporter last night, aud, although, to use tbelr own words, tbey are "paralyzed" by the new, tbey stand ready, if necessary, to make good their bond. "MlkeA Murnby I a Democrat and was serving hli fifth three-rear term aa Register, having been re-elected last Spring, ill salary wus $..'.500 a year, and, although he spent money rather freely, in a hearty, jovial way that won the friendship of every one who knew him, be waa considered by bli friends to be living within bl Income. He was not married, living with his mother, lister, and brother in rather poorly furnished roomi at 318 Park avenue, and bow be managed to get away with tbn ('JO.OOO. if get away wltb It ho did. ii a mystery to bis friends. He bad no exponalve tastea aa far as any one knows, was not addicted much to drinking or at all to gambling, bad lived all bl life tn Hoboken, and never until now was known to do a wrong thing- It is stoutly aaeerted by many persons tbat MBrphv's absence will be sails-fuctorily explained when he return, as It ll confidently predicted he will. Another theory has gained considerable headway, and was expressed last night by Mr. Wlnges. wbo said: "Murphy will never he found, but his body may he unearthed from some unfrequented place. That he ba commuted suicide I feel sure." When asked bit reason! fur thli belief Mr. Wlnges said tbaton the day before, whan Murphy had been directed to call the board meeting, be acted strangely, and appeared to be " very much downhearted." Murphy was a very sensitive man, sir. wmgei said, and If he hail committed crime he would never have beea able to face tb disgrace, Ietb would be innniieiy prererame. Murphy made his last deposit at the hank Just before it closed, and must have gone away lmme dlatelr afterward, without leaving a trace behind. Murphy fought through the rebellion and is a member of the Major Woerncr Post, No, Hi, U. A. R, HI war record I good. MR. TAX AXTWERl'H TROUBLES. William Van Antwerp waa before Judge Truax, yesterday, to ascertain whether hli recent arrest by Plnkertou'i detective in Jersey Cltv was not Illegal. He wa put Into Ludlow-Street Jail Feb. 10, upon au execution against bis person got by hi wife, In a suit against him for tbe wrongful con version of $ 1 Hl.OOO of bond belonging to her. A limited divorce bad beeu obtutned by ber ou the ground or abandonment, and soon after tbe decree of divorce she obtained an order for bis arrest because he failed to pay the alimony whloh had been awarded her. Tbl waa not served on biui, however, and. having Induced Edward fjcheil and William H. Well to become hi bondsmen in aUO.OOO. Ahe Major left Ludlow Street Jail and took up hi abode lu Jersey city. Hi bondsmen became frightened, had him arrested, and surrendered him. Major Van Antwerp'! oounielcial tried that iurb an arrest upon a civil pruces outside of the Jurisdiction of th but wa Illegal. Judge Truax reserved bl decision. 1 b Major got some good out of tbl laat performance, however. He had a ult pending against hi mother In law. Mary L. Trotter, and another against bis brother In law, Theodore Trotter. In each of which he claimed large damage for th ailauatlon of bla wtr' affection Yesterday, by agreeing lo drop tbe suit, be Induced hi wife to relinquish her order for his arrest 011 account of tbe Lou-pymut of alimony. hCllOOXKU MVS K UT A TI U. The tug A. J. Loughlln collided with the schooner m A. Illggloa abont 3 ocloca '?. tenlay morning, whea Bv miles southwest of th PrafUM Light. Long IslanJ oan4 Tb tug tried to b-ech the scbnetier. but si. ssuk lu few mm ut, s. Her crew wr Ukm uu toar.l tl,. tag ami no oris was hint Tb Khimotr wss built la i-, t Hoaton. sod beliid m i'roviaccluwa Uas aha measured 09.47 ton, net ,V1T 1I0XET FOB PERC. List. April 15. Th nw two and flr sole Bote, ordered from 9w.York to rapiac U aua-kondred and Sra-baadredol no Us. wewu wr euly received at a large discount, bar arrtvod aad boaa als. ssd ta c lrc alalia. QUEER FJSRSIA2T WAYS. '."iBTtM . M - khT Itll A wet - 1 ' 1 .7 . , rTO oibivi auniKftT UISTORT, ThrwerwfewTascatitBeAU laatr-wnlni In the Sunday school room of fit. Stephen's Prov estunt Episcopal Church, In West Forty-euth. atreek Mr. Varvo M. Keesaa, a missionary . dent from Persia, told about tbe custom ef hh) country In inch aa IntemUng manner that tee audience waa kept wide awake and good nature, and the absence of fresh air waa an evil aoarealr noticed. Mr. ean appeared tn various reraiaa costume, bnt dellaered moot ot hi lecture la grayish suit, the bifurcated portion of which, gave the Impression that be bad raided tba wardrobe of eome " dress reformer." Mrs. Doo man. a Persian lady, alao spoke, wearing the native eoetnme. At tbe c'ose of the lector a cot. lection of Persian embroideries and 1 tool menu wa exhibited. ' 1 The roung ladiea of the audience laughed when Mr. Kreean lold. bow tbe Persian tooth waa allowed to take one kiss from hi filter wife on the eve before their marriage, provided he could find her in a dark room full of other ladiea. Tbey were silent and sympathetic wbea ba told how, although be was engaged for three yeara. he never got one kiss iu ail tbal time. Mr. Nee sen was forced to rentes tbat tba Persian newspapers are rather slow. They ara divided into two elsee-tuos published every week and those published every sevsnth day and all Persia ha Just one of each class. Bom time after Cleveland wa elected Mr. Neessn received a copy of one of these paers. He looked anxiously to see If tka election return bad reached the enterprising editor, but 1be wile mention be found of America was ltdlarotrr by on Christopher Columbus. II doesn't x. peot to live loug enough for tb editor to go through tb subsequent history of America aud give hli readers som comparatively recent uewa concerning tbe United btatea. BEAD IX PL Y 310 VTn CHUBCB. Home disappointment waa felt by those who attended tbe prayer meeting In Plymouth." Church last night tn tbe expectation that the letters to be road, wblcb bad come from Individuals and organizations to th church at the time of Mr. Beeoher death, would prove Inter estlng, both a regarded tbelr source and their -content. The nature ot tbelr announcement had led hearers to suppose thft some literary tid-blt had been held In reserve to revive Interest in tbe business meetings, and tbe eonolosloa of the reading of the letters yesterday evening was hailed with a aigb which seemed to have sprang from a spirit of diss p pol n tment and relief. A characteristic letter from Dr. Lymam Abbott aroused some Interest: so did a communication from the Pastor of Westminster Chapel, London, which alluded to Mr. Beecher! last visit to England as " made all the dearer because Mrs. Beecher came too;" but the audience gave the deepest attention to a long aud verboss communication from the Chicago Congregational Minister!' Meeting the aame which refused to aend ita aympathy to Mrs. Beecher wherfher husband was dying whloh characterized Mr. Beecher aa " an enemy to Intemperance, slavery, monopoly, and selfishness," aud aoknowadged I. . .1 I. a W . - i . 1 . ,. ua, wua.M,,-r nie usvisviiin iruui congregational Church doctrine, be bad an ever-lnereae uig love or tn saviour." The other letters were from th Rer. Charles H. Hall. Company O. Thirteenth Regiment, th Brooklyn Logan Memorial Committee, the First Congregational Church of Grand Rapids. Mlea., and a oolored citizen' organisation of Albany. A member of the Advisory Committee of Tea reported that it bad been at work, and requested that suggestion bo sent to it hy member of tbe church ou matter worthy of deliberation by tl and the Boards of Trustees, and Deacons. He also announced tbat member ot Plymouth Church would be called upon by committee appointed for tbe purpoee and Invited te Join la swelling thn subscriptions to tbe Hirer ber memo- elal fund anil ,!-, - - ul. . ....... tmi ' ' .. - ' ' "iir-l ll.l l It ll i, , nurr had been appointed committee to oversee lbe compilation of a handsome volume ai a souvenir of the acenes ami services eonaectei with the last days and burial of Mr. Beecher. FERSOXAL ISTELLiaEXCK. K. K. Falrbiink, of Chicago, ia at tho Hotel Brunswick. State Honntor C. 1'. Vcddcr ia at the Murray Hill Hotel. Col. Do Lancev riovrl . Tones. ITnltaJ States Army, la at the Victoria Hotel. Senator John U. Mcl'licrsou, of New-Jet-aay, is at the ilrcvoorl House. f Secretary of State Henry C. Kelacr. of New-Jersey, Is at tbe Ollaey House. State Senator John Haines ami Assembly, semhlymeu D. E. Alnsworth and F. M. Parson are al the Morton House, ' Secretary of Stat Frederick Cook, of Albany, and Btata Auditor Emil Kieaewetter, of Ohio, are at tbe Belvedere House. Senator Nelson V. Aldrich, of Ebode UU and; Ixml John Hervey, of England; A mo Townseud. of Cleveland, and Assemblyman Uoorgo Z. Erwln are at the Fifth-A venue Hotel. IMPROVED 6TEERA OK A fCOHitODA TIOXB. The Hamburg-American Packet Company has decided to make Improvement In th steerag ae-commodallona of Ihsir iteainshlp Bohemia sad Moravia, which are now raenlog on Its HslUo lin. "Outside ststerooms" will b put up In thsswwrss ot both vsssels for women trsvrllng alon snd lor families, wbll In th ceulr hem has snd Utile will be placed. Klerti to . llglil will be added to tb steersge attraction nf th-so ts-k-I.. I lis Bum. burg Amerli an l.ln hss lor some limn iiiwt provided a sUersg steward, fur each of Its vessvis. TWO XBW I'ORTUA ITA The portraits of Commodore and WMtarn H. Vanderbllt, tb former by Jar ail B. Flsgg and the latter by Xaetaiaa Johnson, whhh wr ordrd som tltn ao by Cornelius Vsnderbllt for lb Ckanv ber of Commerce, liars bean delivered snd now haag oa th south wsll of the t hauiber. iioth ar sinklsg likenesses. The family uf Oeorga T. Trimble hsv alM presnted bis portrsit, by Huntington, to Ik iTiamber It ba been placed In th rww with taf Vaadarbllt plotura. LOST JX TUB BO VXD. Pbotihc btow w, Maa, April 15.-Teiegram rclvd to-day report tbe sinking by collision la Long Island bound last night ot th Provlacctowa scbovacr Emma A. Ills-glas, Capt. Hatch. Nw-Yrt for Provlaoetewn with cargo of real. Th HlgrUiS w botlt in East Boston In leo. wa formerly ownd in Welldeat. and has been eoiinored In mackerel fishing from this port the past two year, aa waa principally owned by apt. Andrews, aad reguv tersd 04 tons. Th car so was Insured in NsW York and th vessel waa partly Insured. itCHONG. Nkln Dlaenaea Instantly Hollered by Cut I cur a. THE ATM It NT. A warm bath with CiTU.PIA Hosr, and a single sppUraiiou of ( unci. ia. th greet hk Id Cure. This repeated daily, with twesr ikra do Of CtTIClBA IlKsOLVSKT. lh N'W ttlong Purifier, to kp th blood cool, th perspiration pure and nnlmtatlng. th bowel open, tns llrsriad kidneys actlT. will speedily urs K sema. Teltat. lUngworm. Psoriasis. Lichen. Pruritus. ecU Head, liaudrnff, and every specie of Itching, Bcsly aa Plinply Humors of th H.olp and akin, wbsa the best phyalclans and reload ins falL F.CZE1IA ON A CIIIL1I. Your most valuable ClTtct'UA KkllKtirM have done my child so much food lhat I fi-l liks saying thl for Uie beuetltof those who are troubled with skladhteeae. My littl girl w troubled with KVi-isma, asd I tried aeveial doctor and medietas, bet did not do her any good until I used the CXTiCCli ItKUXntits. which speedily cured her. for whisk I owe jroa many thanks and many n!gh ts of rest. ANTON HosrtMIEK. 1.u:blsgh. iro. TETTER ON THE MCAI.P. 1 was almost perfectly bald, caused hy Tetter at th top of th scAIp. I used your Ct Tli L'kA Kias-Olka about six week, ami they ciired mr Kslr pe factly. and now my hair Is comlag back a teKk a it ever wis. J P. cnOlcK. V.'Hlltsuyko'. TtAAA rOVERPD VVITli BLOTCH. I wnt to tell you that your tLTji t. as l'.tfJITESt 1 magnificent. A boat thr n.onlhs fo my face w coveted with Blotehe. and slur nlng threw bottla ot USSOU g. I wss perfartly cured. KKi-UlC Hi'. K liAlTRt S 81. CltAItLswsT.NlcW iiKLlAHs. La. OK FHICELkTwW TALI K. I rsnnot speak m loo hih terms ef yoar CCTt rt sa It is wnrtii lis wrlgl.t in pur gold for ski di-eas. . 1 allv ll has s equal. w w. foftTitacr. 1.016 Ilaraey si. umaha, sU ol-J everywhera. Price ffnn ii. tO e : Xi'kr. 9rts. HtaoLTSsT. al 00 Prepare bylk : ruiis lin u asp IHUIill. t o. M.ai4,a. staaw i iM-ad fur " Kow to Care ekla ilsra" PIM PLKH. Blackheswis. Hk.s H!-mlahea. aad feakf H umors. us Ck lb, I as koat BENT W1THPA XJST Cem Do to laflasaad KMaeya. Wa Back-. auu AAnaia, Acuioa jiiim aa bkms. uevew ra waa aslwwt by law leocsia Aati-Pahs Htasser. Xtvrr taAls. Al drnggUt. Ii ua: 3v lur $L7 FetlsSs eaaav. di ivi ep a-, teTUf tad ChaKftkaU CtaU batja di--

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