The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1953
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY FEB. 4,' 1953 Army's Coldbar F'ghting Suit Passes 1st Test New Anti-Winter Clothing Is Used In Sub-Zero Cold By JIM HECKKK . CENTRAL FRONT, Korea U1— The U. S. Army's new Coldbar suit has received its first lest in combat and a palrol loader who wore It i»ave il hearty endorsement. "It's amazing." said LI. willia B. Aaron Jr. of Lyon, Miss. "These new suits kept me nnd my men warm in spite of zero weather." Plans call-for (ho brown-colored plastic suit, named from a contraction of "cold barrier," to be Issued to 3,000 Infantrymen of the 32nd Infantry Regiment for mass testa. Aaron and bis palrol engaged a Communist patro] the night of Jan. 16. Tests under combat conditions were continued for several days. The'suit is worn next to the skin without undergarments of any kind. It Is covered by regulation cotton twill flcid trovisers and Jackets to prevent snagging the spongelilce material. If the suit is snagged it can be quickly'patched with special lape Issued wllh each garment. The plastic suit creates a vapor layer next to the skin which keeps body warmth in and outside cold out—like the vapor barrier bool first used last year. The Coldbar suit welglis ab'oul four to five pounds—eliminating eight pounds of ordinary™ winter combat gear. The man wearing the new suit is in a perpetual "steam" of his own perspiration, but Aaron said the slight discomfort was more than made-up by its warmth. As Low as 50 Bllow An Army team beaded by MaJ John W. Irving is supervising the Coldbar test. Irving says the suil will keep a man warm in tempera- lures as low as 50 degrees below Bero. Due to its muHicellular design, the Coldbar gives a buoyancy thai will keep a man afloat even when weighted down with weapons. The small amount of water that seeps into the suit through ankles and wrist holes reaches body temperature in less than » minute. The new and highly successful Mickey Mouse boois have been issued to front-Una soldiers. They seal out the cold and prevent frostbite. Meanwhile, gasoline for heating bunkers and tents have been pul on a quota basis to cut down black m?rket operations in fuel. Eighth Army supply officers said fo'.ir men living in a bunker get Klishtly more than five gallons of gp.?ojine a day for their stove. "No man will go cold," an officer said. "We haven't had anj complaints yet." As for the reported shortage ot ammunition, supply officers claim artillery and mortar shells are issued to imits under a quota system, but they ars Jn plentiful supply. An Eighth Army officer explained, "We hav« found the troops .here are shooting slightly more ammunition than they did in similar situations In World War n. So recently we increased the shell allotment." A front-line visit appears to ron firm that there is no real shortage of anything for U. S. troops In Korea. As one Infantryman put it: "We get enough of every th'ing- except sleep and rotation points." Screw Drivers [Are Handy Tools LOS ANGELES W—Six fire companies roared lo nn alarm from the I'lth f!oor of ~tt\e Los Angeles Coun/ Hall of Records as downtown i'owds gathered yesterday. |Wlth axes pofeed, firemen rushed | the puolic delender's oflice. liere thv found the trouble — a oklng flnorescciit lamp . ne screw driver — all that was dcd to dismantle the fixture — .out the "lire." Officer Skips JENS (flv- A Bulgarian army hss surrendered himself to leek frontier post, telling the that "Communist terrorism" him to flee his homeland. I officer also confirmed reports owing Bulgarian military th alone the Greek and Turk- rontiere, characterizing the n Forces ss under domina- Soviet officers. ITZ [THEATRE ^Manila, Ark. WED-THURS 'ARMY BOUND" S(;tnlc}' Clements FRIDAY " " ACTORS & SIN IWward G' Robinson Kddie Albert - Marsha Hunt COURIER TUA1NINC. AT LACKLAND'— Two Roseland Air Force men, Charles Bowman (left), son of Mr. and Mrs, Otis Bowman, and Elmer W. Arnold, son of Mr. and Mrs. c'. M. Arnold, are taking their basic airmen training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Anlonlo. Te.x. News of Men [n the Service Army Cpl. Lavon Reynolds, son of Mr. and Mrs. Neal Reynolds of Blythevllle, Rt. 4, Is returning to the United States from Japan for release from active duty, Stationed In the Par r7v>t for the past n months, he • lias b^en serving as an Instructor at the Army's Etn Jima Specialist School Cpl. Reynolds entered the Army in Feb., 1951. ' Serving with the Second Infantry Division in Korea Is Pvt. Sherman R. Dean, son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Dean, 604 South Sixth Street, Hayti, Mo. Pvt. Denn. an Hirborne infantry man, was stationed in Japan be-, fore his assignment to Korea. Capt. William H. Morse, son of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Morse, 118 East Kentucky, Blythevllle. is a student • In a six-months course offered for' medical service company officers nt Medical Field Service School, Fort Sam Houston, Tex. Tlie course provides knowledge ofT tactical and administrative duties for officers below the grade of major. AKTILUmYMAN - -Pvt Lonzy L. Pair, son of-Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Fair of Blytheville. is taking basic training with the Seventh Anti-aircraft Artillery at Port Blfes, Tex. He entered the service last December. Clyde C. Fowler, aviation electronics technician third class; UEfT, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Fowler of. Blylheville, is serving with the Fleet Aircraft Service Squadron 119 at the U. S. Naval Station at San"ley Point. Philippine Islands..Fowler enlisted In the Navu in November 1947., " , Charles T. Lauderdale, seaman, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. T Lauderdale of 315 St. John Street! Osceola, is serving aboard the destroyer OSS Shields In Korean combat zone. Pvt. L. Alfred Lackland, son ot Mr. Alfred Lacklanri of Blythevilie Rl. \. has been assigned to Camp Roberts. Calif., to begin his military training. He has been assigned to Company D. mh Armed Infantry Battalion. . • - ," " AIR, FOKCE TRAINEE—Thomas R' Steward. 19, son of Mrs. Alt: Oreen';' Caruthersville, Mo., Rt. I, is Completing His Air Force basic a 1 r.iri e rt -' /indoctrination course at-tackiana- Air Force Base, San Anfdnio, i'ex. STATIONED IN TEXAS—Oran Eugene Mays, son of Albert w. Mays. 1621 Hrawley Street, Blytheville, Is stationed at Lackland Air Force Base', San Antonio. Tex., while taking his Air Force basic training course. •^"^^^•^"••••^•^^••^^B NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Communitj'. Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 WED - THURS ''Bloodhounds of Broadway" Milzi Gaynor Scott Brady FRIDAY "Al Jennings of Oklahoma" Dan Duryca - Gale Storm MOX . Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Suri 1:00 Always a Double Feature LAST TIMES TONITE 2 Features H.Xi»s5,.! > S-5 r :: r ?;!. l ;KS OBEO "=""«' •«*n.!ij..,, MM im. —Plus— JAMES MASON-JIM HAVOC "LADY Comedy THURS - FRI 2 Features Olivier-Jones *WJLUAM WLER'S A Parjrcmnl Pictur —Phis— WOMAN OF THE NORTH COUNTRY House Passes Bill to Continue Ike's Reorganization Powers K.v WILLIAM F. AKROGAST WASHINGTON «l-Presiclem El- senhower's first legislative request was halfway through Congress today with a clear and fast track ahead. H'.s « bill continuing for two years Ihe President's power to reshuffle executive agencies—subject o congressional veto-a power list given to ex-President Truman In 1049, The House passed Ihe bill yesterday, 380-5, just one day after lie President requested sciion In his message on the stale of the union. It was the first mi\J— House action ol the new session. Senate approval, perhaps next week, was expected. As passed by the House, the bill would give Eisenhower reorganization powers identical with those held by Truman. These permit Ihe Mosquitos Like California LOS ANGELES HP) — This has been one p( Southern California's wannest, balmiest winters. The word has even gotten arouhrt to tlie Jnosquitos, • • . Dr. Oeqj'ge M. Ulil, Las Angeles city health officer. 1ms received complaints about unseasoiial "bites by inefquitos. Yesterday h'c ordered nearly 50 acres of surface water in West Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley sprayed to control the pests. Go/den Wedding on Form CLINTON.- Canada''- (*>—Mr. and Mrs.:. Aaron C. Fisher celebrated their golden wedding, anniversary on Ihe farm to which the groom brought his bride 50 years ago, and which they still operate. Their four sons and five daughters came home for the big occasion. President to reshuffle agencies or functions. The plans become effective in DO days unless cither the .Senate or the House, by a constitutional majority vote, vetoes Ihcm A constflutlonnl majorltv of Ihe Semite is -19 votes. In the House It's 218. Chairman Hoffman (n-Mlcli) of the House Government Operations Committee sought lo curb the President's power by permutlne a vclo by a simple majority vote of either branch—a minimum ol 26 in the Senate and 110 in (he House. The House shouted down that proposal. - :' Senate Majority Leader Tnlt (R- Ohio) said the House bill probably will be sent to Ihe" Senate Government Operations Committee, which voted last week lo approve a bill requiring only a simple majority vote of either House to kill a reor- ganisation plan. But Taft said he doesn't believe there will be any difflcully in Betting a committee majority for Ihe House-approved bill. Before President Elsenhower made It plain that he wanted continuation of Ihe present law. the proposed version with the, easier congressional veto provision hrul the backing of 15 Republicans and the opposition^ of .14 Democrats oil Hoffman's committee. '- '•••; A'fie'r taking several hours. of needling and tanriling from Democrats', Republicans explained that their original position was due to a misunderstanding ' of what Ihe President wanted. . . '-..'..-. - : HAPPY HATTITUDE-Amcr- ican comedienne June liich- is' tickled wilh the Fealbcral heartbeat- which she wrars us the tlar of ih c Oisino dC Piii'is lloor show, in Paris. Read Courier News' Classified Ads Re! eve COLDS'PflIN Wi 3i T»Utll 2k-100 T*l<l! «c-2» labltll TV RE PAIR Neil Ross, Trained ll'inlin ft TV Teflinl- t-hvii (JrHiliih'tc, has u^cntil a shop In Blytiicville. For TV or Kndlo Repair ... Call 3816 for Prompt Service. Earthquake Rocks South California SAN DIEGO. Calif. M'j-A window-rattling earthquake startled residents In parts cif San Diego and Rlrersldc Counlles last night. No serious damage was reported, although there were reports of plaster Bhakcn loose In one home. Tlie ouake was felt from El Cajon Valley, 15 miles east of here, westward through San Diego and La Jolla. and also at indlo, Perils and nlverslde In Riverside County. Indio Is about ico miles nortlieaU of here. Tlp-Toeliu? EleplianU Elepljaiil.i «-nllc on their tin toes. The bones of the fool slant abruptly upward from the toenalls and there Is no bone near Ihe sole, which portion consists of a soft, rubbery mass ol flesh. Because It »onUined two of tick Item, Ihe handy Navy "ditty bag" originally wu «»lled * "dltt» bag." "Hot Flashes" Stopped or stfilcingly relieved In 63-»0%* of cai.i In Joclon'totfi • It you're miserable from th« "bo( /lashes," and accompanying irritable restless feelings of •'chanse of life"— yon may be sullering unneceisaril;! ™'f£ r '"'' t "*'* ** d octorj...Lycli. Pinknam's Compound »nd Tablet* brought rclleflromsuch functionally, caused suffering to 63% and 80% («- specllyely) of the women tes edl Complete or itriktns reUeft l " teal teinS 1 <?o 5carc t h > '"*' P, m "l <lJ«s« mM. Icuies ttiorouytttii modern in action ha» «li<mn you where to look for reilgi Horn those dUlrMMnj. icrrou. "SSl of sorl." leolmg. of mid.lit. "cbVnge"' So...not Lyill. E. Plnkh.m'« v««Ubl« Comfxjund-ot new. Improved ftblefiL ?u£Xi'" 1 t '"V" IW«"*«r/"l,«oo. "o° (ft 'l jjalni of minjlnial period?' '' "" "i 1 !""*' • *<»»u'« DOCTORS WARN AGAINST Laxative-Menace Y Many Laxcrtiv* Drugs Impair HmaMi Why Many £axerf«V. Drugs r Caws* Man/ Serious Digestive Disorders Rodon denounce Jiabit-forminj! laxatives and "purging" ealhurllcs that Irritate and shock the system Ihcj- vc seen Ihc serious cfvocls on' fiMA'ea and rligcsllon. Thev sov Ihc habitual use of Irritant c'a- Imirtics such as cascsra, aloes senna, castor oil, phenolphthaleln' tic., is a most harmful iiractico and may provide tlic b'isis for serious gastric intestinal dislurb- NOW . . . there is » new SAFE way lo gain nnd niainlaln comfortable regularity without dosing with vitmus drugs that punish your system — undermine your health: A new co loldal substance has been proved so perfect that it may replace all harmful laxativea. — ' Do, lor. Pr«[|. N»« sy A i COH.M Medical teila on hundreds ofcon- Jtipatlon victims prove that it Is • «bsohn>lye/Te c U ve I n d c ompletel y 1IUGHKS DRUG STOKE Main »( i , v . ON DRUG STOKE ,. M iitn at Dlvlst« safe — even for aged and Infirm. This amazing new substance h primed and prescribed by leading Doctors because it develops easy, natural rcfiiil.-irity without a trace ol ill-nation, discomfort, pains or embarraKmont. Gel thla 'corree! live-Way" to natural regularity -today by asking for INER&EL '•'••'.lfftcllv l ..Dr'u«uVi INIBCI1 "'- -novi . - ablets never upsel the svs- r ,• \i ac "? n W™ '"hen they re.-u-h the colon. Th»re INERGEl,'' becomes a soft jell-like sohitiort Ibat proltcfs — as its absorbing moving action, brines comforiinJ natural elimination. Bto™ Vnda n : goring jour health - get INER? ^ i or snfe ""'''rinp relief. At on e enuine.. ineroel .j.ii-t«»> f ^tobii, JIcDoakcs Comedy A Carloon T HRRR'S a big story in the price of this beauty-but an even bigger one in what you get for that price. You get the; highest horsepower and compression ratio ever engineered i.ilb this Buick Serfes-from the extra- thrifty F-263 Fireball 8 Engine newly designed for this Golden Anniversary SPECIAL. You get an even wider front seat than this roomy Buick had before-plus a new t'ilt-away feature that means easier m-and-out. • i You get real big-car comfort, from deep, soft cushion! ^villi new zigzag type springs in both the seats and tho backs. You get the steady going and the sweet handling ease ' that come of n still finer Million Dollar'Ride. Steering ratio is increased. Front wheels have been brought to zero-caster. And here, of course, you get coil springs on ' each wheel, full-length torque-tube drive, rigid and massive X-braced frame-ride features you get in no other ear at the price, ' , But-yon get the idea. And when/you realize that the figure on this big, brawny, beautiful Buick SPECIAL is just a few dollars more than you'll pay for one of the so-called "low-priced tln-ee"-we'i-e sure you'H say: "77m is for me!" Come in nnd try it out-then tell us if we're wrond or right. ' - r< 'Vl".°n'''«ol-l»««UIGKCHX:USr/6u«-.».r//o«illir««iifa» THE GRtMtST • • ^^^ BUICK IH 50 GREAT YEAR 5 • WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBItES A« BUILT BUICK Will BUIID THEM LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK CO., Walnut & BroadwayTPhone¥55 f»l.r GtNfSAt MOJO*S J19/.CM IIITM HIGHWAYS COWfSF St. Von, luhl, D fo l, r far co*l*,l bbal, onrf lull Mamnlnn

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