The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 29, 1947 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1947
Page 17
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THOilSDAY, MAY 20, li BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE ' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION »« Um« _ ——-— -~ ^^A^E^: *S Montli pet lln<j 7JIIIIIZ W« Count pre averac* word* to t&u line. •tojiped before" mlraHDa will b. cliarg- •4 Cor the auujWc of tint, the ad ay- Eeared and adjuttment of bill made ,£_.. Classified AlrerUnlnn copy iiV "J *^LV P" 80 "" rending outilde ot the c y "^Ir* " Accompanied by cash Bates J"V w easllr computed ttom the afcofe Advertising order for Irrecilar Inaer- Uoni takei tbe one time rat* Vo reiponelbUlty will be tokn for •ore than one licomct luerttoi •( any claiilried ad. For Safe Complete stock of Softball equipment, including; flashy colored uniforms. Price Trice $G.<I5, $ii.95, $8.95. Planters Hardware, Inc. 5 5 ck tf for Sol* POWER LAWN MOWERS. See the last word in a power lawn mower—the Pathfinder—the one that cuts to any height and under any conditions. Blythevilte Machine Shop* 4-12-ck-tf I'late wiiiJow gla*s in mi-loin siM'-J. 1'rli-i'il rensonabli-, J>relfus Ji-ivolry I'u.. i'tinno :i7-i:i. ii'Jb'Cli-:!! Slielvailnre refrigi'ralor Phono 1!2" l,y .12" slut, frv.-ra. ilrs. I Mnrri<. I'bonu ^3.14. . 6l2«uk.3l I-'r.-sli row. Sl-jrj.OU. I'tio k rtioltl lions.' will. halh. N'Eri hoo.J. -108 -\. llriuiilnay C: FOU SAI.K: 0 II. i-l-rlrir ri>lriL-i>rntor. (iood ronililion. lilt \v,-^i \'i m > K«fcj ror E>le. TboiiB 2072. Ted Orcen. BABY CHICKS Quadruple A 118.75 u»r kindred. Jim BrowD Htore 816-ck-tl T'liEiro Rtnrk nl sla])l.> .)[»l'iir."».' A|,|il v ',22'ii I'h. aoin. 'J^inal'i iin.l Iji'nu stirks :t .-Mits fti lliirkxlnli' M. tnclnriiv Co S.'., llrruiitu-iiy. I'll. 2011. * !27 ''' k :"J 2 SI1II.KI1 UPC SV'H" ilisnr.gx^ir inslnnltv nvnln I'ninl S Walljuiiirr Klnrn!''" ' hoilrnnin rniivctiioi,! 1 n.ilV. nn:i W. Mnin I'lio 30, 40 & R2 gallon Norge electric heaters are now available at Planters Hardware Co. Ask for installed prices. Elements are available for any power lines. 4-21-ck-tf lle.-imir,,! red. ri-clMi-rrd f.H-kcr Hpanifl |nii>|>k>8. S wrfks ulil. Call 781. Settled woman, stnijle or married, 2.'i <o :!2, fin- cashier and wiles work. Apply Hox DO, ',•' Courier Uouph luniljsr. All VTnds ot I'.i.TS IIHVO liven riMlnoL-ii In farmer* u^ eotna ulter It. O. S. Kollison. on ^<VHL*ai[i|i Aloultrie 1'tione ^:icd r&YV^P,tine(hini: you flon't neeil I Trails or nell it at Swap Shop. 401 K Mam. rbont, 85ft. 4!«0-rli-ir JUST KlitiGlVKU A few luri;.! NN'n^l ler fn-uiera. Also I-^-^blluti Wc'^lii. Sliku holly. Ark.-u. I'o iif. electric wa- omf t;uuil usiij . itr Uu. 1-liuii &ilt;-ek-[f ,ii\v a liiu. .Ill nL-r.' (am., will n ic in IraiU' a |j;i>uil 4.riM)ln hw lilyllit-vill,- us van jpur.-lnise. Si if >..i, v. :u,i n K ,,,,,l furl. I. \V. .M. 1 - ii.f.ljiix, |irai-tkallvr new. Cheap. CnIL Help Wanted News. 2S ck 31 Wunli'il — YoiiriK. ainl,il'.,im lady. !• <> 7 Itniirs work per ilif. f.'M 'M ir, ,v.'i-kly. Car ri.'fi.^arv. \Vrll- I..X AX. u|o Ciurii-r .Nrw..' WS-ok-OII For Rent MeJrooma. 1'honi* l'a*(liire for ujulei, horaeH anil ratlto. I'liulia 8611. 4i2'J.|,k.0120 He.lroom, ronveriient to bath 1'hon :t:i^5. Oil W. Jlaln Bpiiroom an N. othi I'h. 2:t:i T,|U.|ik-C|14 Deilrooin. Close in. aid W Wnlmit Wanted to Buy Wnntoil lo buy from owner anmll 4 <ir f, room koiise. Wi'll loriileil Jk ni(.,lorii. Must liu priced roalonalilo. Anawer lo 1)1. W Caro Courier New... ivilli motor; 1" licit Banilor; '»•• drill press 74(1. or s.-o al A. 1,, liroi'f-ri-, YarLru, 'ar II colored pe<lii:reed i-ockpr |iii|.j.y. :> riK.nll.s old. Mrs. harlmnl, I :IOS llearn. Cleanest '37 Ford Pick-up Call 1I1U9. l Illyllicville. D^r. ruinous .lame-; Mulnrcycle. Like nuxv. rjo miles per trallnn. K.ive -i|i li. fl.OU.UO. It. T. l.i-vvls Cnta. .101 Af.1, -St., lllvllieville. room lijjg.- with liatli. l.anluranl 'Incirs. c..||triilBf l .-alirLi; sysl.-m. elus.- ill. -.-u. be [iii.-v7.'il. :i r<»mi lions.', fronl in'l liafk purrY I'.UO. lt:f i':.sli bitliin'-e. S110 ]ier nimilli. I liav,- Mime choice vneant lots ami iviinmrrriul prliperiy. T. |. HUM lions.',' li> lli« Kllirt Fn5- Icuv. Priced reasniiiiblr. 4 room house *vhh one acr« nf joinitL^; city limits. I'lirnic Sril*. Oscar Ali'vnii'ler, Realtor. 107 W. llain. FOR SALE: Six 80-Acre Farms, (5 miles sfuitli of lilylheville. Finest type loam land, good location. Small amount now, balance this Fall. See Cecil Fr.rls with Noble Gill Agency. Phone 3131 or Osceola 93. 5 27 ck 5 3L DELIVERED PRICES New Ford Passenger Cars Deluxe 8 Cy/. 6 Cyl. COUPE. .'...; $1235.40 $1182.30 TUDOR 1271.54 1218.34 FORDOR . 1360.59 1307,38 Super DeLuxe Coupe $1329.84 $1276.64 TUDOR 1377.44 1287.24 FORDOR 1439.98 1350.84 SEDAN COUPE . . 1412.42 1334.94 CONVERTIBLE 1606.57 STATION WAGON 1692.44 1640.22 SPORTSMAN* . 2120.75 I.islfrt almve are ihe intul mid rnmiilclc iirlrrs 1111 (In- New 1311 FOKI>S delivered In HlyllicviHc. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—RIytheville, Ark.—Tel. 4f>:!_;!7l6 Service! MONKY TO LOAN Do you no*d * Joan to i>r remodel? No down payment, no mort|f«<~s, no red t»P«. MIA approred rate 6*. Ask for detatk. Max Lotftn, Realtor, phone 2084. Lynch Bid*., tUyth«Yiil«. 9-23-ck-tt Let us sharpen ami repair ynnr lawn mower, regard less of kind or size. Gel yours ready now, and avoid the rush. We pick up mill deliver. Itlythevillc Machine Shop, 211 S. 2nd SI., phono 2828. <l-3-ck-l( I'li'.i i.'..iii< , mi | biiiMkltii' ohiUfr,;,,", i-U.lli,.,. Willi,, 11,-lh, l] r ,. fn , mo S __^^J-! J V!)Tk-r.;i> House Mnvinj;. t.'! years experience. IMenly of cfjuip- nienl. Iteferenoes. I.evel- inj;, foundation repairing. Virgil l'\)lcy, phone ,12!>£ 5 2 pit li Z :i(i7ii. Wanted to Rent l.nt or aniall acr A new method in spa rescues is use of chemicals which create a bright glow or "seamark" when tlrop]ie c i on water. ; We Guarantee i RECAPPING ! with ! > i j Hawkinson Treads j i i ! Let Your Next Tires Be,' I GENERALS I \Vill« f..'.T> If or 5 room unfurnished house. Phone ,'ir»0'J. 4-23-dh-ll Read Courier NRWS Want Ads. (1 romu lionsr wilti li.-Mh. linr.lvi-nnil Ihnirs, r»nrrrli> foimiliilii,.!. t'rirf nil 1,, $«OOII.(IO. fur quirk unlc. Tils- sion vvilh tffeil. 1 ']',-nii«. f> n>,>in himsp -tiri.-ctl, ,for. -.,|ii|i:k 5n|i' tJ.'>ri(..(IO. Tfrrns. K,',- II, IK. | ; :t l:»r^.' rfvun] inmlfril linilsl-. rlns,' ill. I'rii-.' f2IHIO.OO. Sinnll <l»wr, pay- 1,1,'iit. ;i r,,,,ln hniiKp in (.'on,! rr|,nir. t l-HHKIH'. .'M'KIO ili>»',i. llnlnnr,. ,'nsy. G i 4ft lionsp on As), Sm*i't. A v;ni>d 1.II}-. .'-".'•i, liv : ..... ,.iiilini-iil null-. 4 r ...... i Imii-"' "•••U 1". Ml.-,] nilli |H, C ,' Ir.l riir.'il ?.T^r,().Ofl. Tpr.ns. 4O ai-r^s !:inii. Closo in l'rirt',1 1o sell. Slum'n l.y np]ni'n1Miriil oiilv. \VV Call i.r ttii- hc> f.i tli..r (ir»y. ll,'.nlli>r. Pim Offir.' Mniinn Willi:iin's Insiiranrr A- ^•fticy. II.-. S. llrcl. I'lumi; 2751. J Cost More — Worth More [ • _______ i ; MODINGER TIRE CO. \ < (IE F. Main Phone Z201 ' ! Hardware Mutual j Insurance Company * of Minnesota Large Dividend Savings Low Nut Cost Protection For Service i i W. L. TAMKE ! 408 E. Davis Se., P. O. Bo* 431 ] Phone 2«7 Blylhrville. Ark. Panama Hats Cleaned & Rcblocked Fur Remodllng The Johns Shop Situation Wanted 503 W. Main For Complete Protection Against All /NSl/RABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glcncoe Hotel BIdg. K 24 W. Ash St. LADIES---Come to U-DO-IT LAUNDRY aiul do your family wash on out- nindom HIAYTAG MACHINES. Open 7 A. M. . . . Clo;;n 5:30 I 1 . M. Close Salui'clay at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. 32S North 2nd Street ent a Kloor Riuuler AT WARDS. iivc money l>y refinishiiiK J'dur own floods. Ad«ls years <if life anU i^ives them IHMV lieiiuty. It's easy d> (in. loo*. iMONTC.'O.MMUY \VA!{|) \- (;()., ,102 i\| :u .__ I'hone Tiill 2-l.'l-tln 1 nil,, rlnlliii.i All work .«• Of, 1. A1a/o Help Wanted HAI.KKMAN . MAN WITH AMHITION .T l.irnl l...... 1 >•!.». .<:» ry. fur ( iv|,,Tl ..... i< fi(r|.|l|.|'«. 11,11 4 12 » ck t Isn't This Too High a Price to Pay? 33,500 Killed 1,150,000 Injured of ponce — of motor nocidcuta — worn grnntor in one year, IDKi, HIMII the disunities of wiir Trom Poarl Il.irlior to VJ Day. DONT GAMBLE WITH SAFETY The- cnst of PRI-;\'l',N r nVl': SRUVICR ia ,s]i K 1]t, Hut tho coat in human mii'ory :uul prnporly dnmiiKO of nvoidulilf! nccidcnlH is inimoaRiirnble. Drive in ROIIII Mini lot's give your car n ooniplfita s:ifoly inspection. This iiivolvo.'t no oliliciilion 011 your part. Ask About the 5 Steps to Safety LOY EICH CHEVROLET (0. TFA'ACO I'MONMC f>7S Day unit Nifjht Wrecker WAUNINO OltltKIt IN 'riti; tniAN'civKV roilii'i <:i!ICKASA\VHA DISTItll'T. MIS S1SS 1 COIINTV. AIJKANSAH Sliivis Asliins, I'hilnllir. vs. Nu. lO.inn .lulin C. Askiiis. Till- (li-ri'licllllll .lulin O. AEklr'S l!l hen'by wiinu-d to :i]H>c:n' wllliln Uiily days in llu- court unnicd 1" ( ,r the i-:i|itioii lii-rcil mul nn:iwi'r Hie complaint or tlio iil.ilntiil MuvlK Askitis. Diited tills 13lli 'Iny nf May, l«n. HARVEy MOHU1H. (Jlei'k. Vii'Bil Circrne, AKuviu-y tor Pl.iinllff. P. C. Donclas, AltiHticy ml lilrm. SKIHKI(T,IN(; TIRRS 301 WALNUT ST. Ncvndn, with n iinpnliitlon nf IjuiiL lin.UUI) iicrsnns, luis lilt; pc'<i]ilt' 1" it of nil tlir sluk'H PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh' Stock Giiiiriintced. Host Prices Kirby Drug Stores I City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 ' For Kxprrt Rep^in 324 East Main St. Felix A. Carney Free Delivery Coll PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickaaawlm LADIES Do Y6nr WasJi Automatically And Save! 35c «p to 9 Ll>s Dry \VeiKht We Ktirnish Soap Rlcarh & liliiiii}?; Free! THE Washerette Crosstown—Main Division THREE SIMPLE STEPS! 1. Place clothing in Remlix 2. Add soap, wait or shop 3. Take clothes home in 35 minutes. Monday, Vnesdjiy, Friday Open till 9 p. in. on Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Site T. L MABRY 123 MISSOURI ST. PH. S«27 KEEP THE QUESTION MARK Our OF YOUR CAR Don't Neglect Your. Kidneys Stnxf'isli luilnrys r:in slfiil your licullh. 'I'liry \>rmill [tie acrutnulalion uf InxliH lliul nuikr you -ilrowsy, arh\', I irt'fl. Don't iH'uh'rt ynnr kidneys. Drink HIP natural inln- cn\l wsifpr innny tlui' lta\ r (! prcsri•Mini for mure (him 7fi yrnrs. Mountain Valley Mineral Water Ciir 75 -Yrurs (lir I'rrsctlfinl Wnlrr ;il IIO'I' SI'KINCIS, AKK. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Muln and Division Blytlicvllle, Ark. i RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Except Cancer) DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic S14 Main, niylliKville, Arlr... Pliane Z»U DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter M»B- BMITIf, CORONA and HEMINOTON PORTABLE 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONK Km (Krerj Tr»ns»»ctl(«i MOOT BB BATIBFAC3TOHT1 I . SERVICE T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. '\ Radios and Heater* • Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 No one knows bettor tlian \vc do how hard it is lo get |>;irts for automobiles these days. But it is still true that a repair job can't be bcttin- than tho parts used in it. That's why we put so much stress on BU1CK engineered parts. are exactly the same in quality, durability and function as the parts used in building (lie car in the first place. NV "maybes", no ".iusl.-as-j?o<xls." No ([iiesliou marks—you know the quality of every part we use on your automobile. " ' — ; Langston-Wroten Company Walnut at Broadway r>lfF CARS SAVf LIVfS • GOOD CABS SKIMO GOOD VHICtS FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS PR ANY EXCAVATION 8. J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILL&ARK. ••• n i Save 50% Chopping Expense § V !*! S S >; Plant Chemically Minted, Fuzz-Free COTTON SEED !»! J >; >: Save Money — fi to 10 Lbs. per Acre. Any corn,' p*a orj= ;j lican planter will plant these smooth, slick cotton seed. >! >; Can lie plowed 5 to 6 days after planting'. ;*j $ ROWDKN 'III! — STONE VILLE 2C — P P & L 14 =l' For Sale By BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phones 856-857 PUICILLA'S POP ^^^^^^#*^f#**x:**:.*:*y.w*v:fx^^^^^ And Skalcs Cost Money Gy AL VERMEEI Listen, PrisdHa! that's th' ides leaving my skates on tlr /_ steps? ' they'd be busted!

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