The New York Times from New York, New York on September 26, 1895 · Page 6
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 6

New York, New York
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Thursday, September 26, 1895
Page 6
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luv ty. H O -A. -..a... a .. . .. - EPISCOPAL CflDRCH Pc.IvT'j Adiresi Befcre tin Dlcce-ia Cc3Tc:aoi PXILIS3 UXIOXS 1ID STE050 CECT11ES The Consolidation of thejCharchofthe Holy Trinity with Si ef anee Th llovement la Favor of a UaltoA CarUtoadooB. 4 Th snnuaJ conveaUoa of the Episcopal Ourca la tbla dioosss begaa at tbe Cburcb of tbe Holy Trinity, Madison Avenue aad yrty second Street, yesterday morning. With the eelebratloa of the hojjr eofnsnu- loa and tbe address of Um Bishop, la bis address. Blab op potter aald: W are lathered kra tbla morning, paatora and fpeopls. o taaay and various mm, la a relation -t on wider and mora eotnplex taaa that which ordinarily wimm -a. and which la. therefore. e of as, aot unnaturally, of rtnxKif If not Interest. 1 aave often bM uka4 U a dloo-, Svuveatloe might aot wisely tmoibli oaoa la I wo years. Instead of annually, and It baa beea (suggested that auoa aa wruimwt would giro J" oar diocesan work a certaia element of ata-biHty, of which tba poniUi ehaagss of r-"Tfil lawlaiatloe now deprive it, there la forea la tbla. and It would ba craatar If our tendency bora wara, aa It la aot, ta baaty laaialatloo. But evea la suck a eaaa It la wall to reavember that a d tana a ceovsntloe la aot maraly, ar largely, aa occasion for legislation, bat alao and mainly tba opportunity for rendering aa aooount of oar aaauai stewardship, yoa of yours, During the paat yaar tba Charcb la tba dlocaoa iaa maintained aot only tba vigor of Ita Ufa. bat baa revealed that visor by a diatlaet ad-vaaee all along taa line. It would aot have been surprising If, Ta view of tha tlmaa through which have baan passing, tbla had not been tha ease. If. Indeed, baoauaa of tbla, wa had baaa anaatraiaad. at laaat temporarily, to suspend aorea at oar missionary work. It would have been what aooaa of aa anticipated. Bat Inataad of tbla, some f tha rural arc fades coorios have bee enabled ,o aalaraa tbalr activities, and ta all of them, aa If ar aa I am advised, tha (round already won baa eu xuwuy aaio. inia naa aot beea aeoom-pilsosd. however, without wlda and generous co-oporatloa aad a self-sacrinee on tba part of both clergy aad laity which la worthy of moat grateful raeaUoa. Whaa It ta ramumbarad that wo m baaa passing through aa xpartacca at wiaaapraaq nnanaiai uinnun and - naaaurad by flauraa which ara at oooa atartllac E- w ww. iwyywmiM wa may wail rao- rnlsa moat thankfully tha cheerful readlnaaa Ub which, with diminished lacomoa aad atralt-aaad raaourcaa la all our work, both paatora aad itwopla baa faaad aad maatarod tba emarcencr. I . la our rural ; parlahaa aopaclally tbla baa I ftaaa ramarkabla, and calls for special raoognl-tloa. Taa radlatrtbutloa bara, aa alaawbara, la aaa of tha Baoat aoaspleuoua Botes of our gaaara-tloo. Tba pbanomenai erowth of cltlaa, and ,nls Urialy by Vinualsratloa from smaller oom-jaaualUas, Indicates a tendency which grows ) Craatar Inataad of lass, and tha and of which no iinaa may Ventura to predict. Tha Immediate ' affects of It. however. a tba depletion of our 1 rural parishes, ara plain enough, and ara destined. I apprehend, to In voire tha gravest eon-aaouoaoaa ta tha work of tha Church. I am fsjulta free to any, knowing aa I do what this baa I -meant la particular instances. I should aot bava baaa surprised If I had baaa notified that til was Inpoeaibia la mora than ana aura longer o malntala our eervloea. Tba families that gone out from these rural parishes and ; communities have In many cases baaa their chief support. It la precisely at this point that there has aoma to paaa a ramarkabla development of .forea aad energy to meat tha situation. Racog. ailing that, whatever tha Church may bava baaa la tba paat aa tha homo of a cultivated minority, ha must widen her scope and enlarge her sym-kauhlea aad energies, there baa baaa a vary sea. arai movement, not alone la our cities, hut elsewhere, toward tha people, aad aa Ingathering of these, tba humblest aad poorest, even mora than others, which to full of tha beat significance. '1 want with all my heart ta thank those faithful. courageous, and self-sacrlnclng men. our dlooasaa missionaries, and the great body of our . clergy aad laity la almost aU our parishes, to whose wisdom la recognising a critical situation, and ta whose unsslfUh and large-minded fldel-.. Ity la awetlng It. wa owe so much. Tha Church i cannot hope ta ba exempt from those vlclsst- tiides which ara a part of tha experience area , of eeleetlal enterprises when they are conducted under human conditions; but It to matter for de-;vout thankfulness if she can Illustrate la dealing rWith them the wisdom, foresight, and courage that ana eoavert them lata means for bar progress and enlargement. ana; form of such vicissitude wa ara re-mladed by tha surroundings In which wa And ur"T to-day. Tou who have enjoyed lta hospitality during successive diocesan conventions will. I know, regret with ma that It la tha last time that we ahall t i la iki. K...k di .w . last eon vent Ion arran cements have been made for nm mevMiaation of tne Church of tha Holy Trinity with St. James's Church, and this building (un-o as aerated. It may be welt to mention) and Ita fi? ara to ba sold. There baa been concerning thle whole matter so much misapprehension la aaene quarters, aad ta others so much of what I ahould be sorry to aooount aa deliberate misrepresentation, and. moreover, this particular Instance of parochial consolidation la, ta It chief aspects, so precisely typical of Others, that JJTxF'' ,ln. t"1" eannactlon. that something ahould ba said la regard to IL VVlia refers noe to the general policy of which It Is a Bart, there nurht a k. wuwiwin I1" lntelllsnt persoa who baa studied the prob-" af the Ufa aad-work af tha Church la , large cillee oas be In any doubt. I presume, aa Jl!m'nnt 'nPortaaoa of strung centres. 2 Tyw.t . nd. perinanenea of the Church's parochial life, and still mora its aggressive power, aepead larval v uixhi them. n,l M,. w.u...i t record of extinct pariah tie la aa enduring monu-,ineot to tha unwisdom of the hasty creation and ' .1. ,h tod'acrimlnata multiplication of .feebla churches. No one, I am aura, can doubt iS?-"?f rtVL.' th hopefulnass which HglnaUy led to tha organisation of such iPnrishes, nor tha generous toleranoe of those In authority that consented to It. But as little can It be denied, that, la more than one Inatance. tnoae nopea have been showa to have had but a eegre warrant, and a policy of almost tadie-e kiI aoquleacence la the multlpUcatloa of " out scaaiy vinaicatlon. Me this, however, as it ma v ikm Ouestloa aa to the gravity of the altuatloa ss It bas of lata years come to pass among us. What ,Itas happened In this neighborhood has happened elsewhere. Churches la close proximity to each other bava been multiplied out of all proportion to tba demand fur the Oinrii1, ' and. as a consenuence, tba Inevitable fluctuation of population, the change ta those particular con-tltlona that originally called them Into being, the , failure to realise earlier expectations on the basis of which they were loaded with largo debts, have left them sorely. If aot hopelessly crippled. L'n-jder such clrcumstsncea. there has been no alter. I native bet for churches to remove from where 1 aey were aot needed to a more favorable site, or .to ualte with some other parish. This parish baa lOoao the Latter, aut la w-t . -. .T . I bava aeea of Ita actios tha fact has beea care- fuUy suppreaaed that another Holy Trinity Is to be erected, aot. aa here. In a neighborhood close to the homes of wealth, but la a region oa the east side crowded with tenement houses and r!5. wUn population vastly denser than this. Tba edifice to ba erected will hear the esse oc taa Holy Trinity, and Its pastor wilt taa vicar af St. J a me a-a rtuna th- .... tab. Two churches will thus ba freed from oppressive and disabling debt, one strong and wsll- wnwwav venire oi cnurcn worx will ba secured, and the number of those who will ba provided . for will not ba diminished, but greatly increased ' Blahop Potter referred to the lone llat of tha clerry and laity of tha dlocesa who fii Paed away alnea tha convention of V aJid paid an especially touching trib-Jta to tha memory of tha Rev. Dr. Arthur Brapka. He alao noted the deaths during Ml r rl of the Blahopa of the Charcb. Tho Bishop aald: These ever-occurring bereavements ara a part of "T discipline, aad wa cannot afford to mnlsB both their aearar and larger significance. ' - nera cufne. not only new men. but new crises. nd tha wisdom of tha Church wUI to recognise their existence, and frankly and ourageouary to accept their oataaad. A year ago. la this place, I spoke of sums of them which eoa-Kern our social structure, and which are a product V those strange and difficult conditions of which eur fathers never .dreamed, and which tha wisest of them could never have anticipated, , But there re athera, concerning most of all our eccleslas-''e. which to us bare, at any rats, must paeda be of pre-eminent eoncera, aad which we may aot pretead to ignore. Conspicuous. If aot .foremost among them, to a widespread unrest. ?CTI!m."Wd,.m u"rtr" "graphically and eccle- "e awost remote, ny aa earnest and almultaasoua longing for tba teui of areJ port tons of Christ' flock throughout the worte. I aaay aot attempt to trace l heir history bora, bat no one of as can ba unmindful of their " n otnar taaos and la our awa. - A veasrabie aecleaiastlciam. Ixanui i .k-. Peraoa of a venerable and engaging prelate In the Vatioaa. baa lately breathed them out la terms VkT Vlr?7 1 ,r " aU. respond; atter-1 and t a In W - ... I tha times were never so ripe for the lessons which they enforce, and ih- . VLJ. hey lift a matter much obscured by amiable sen-tsseat and by areMtloaary tamper tnto its true Itaht, Never before. I talnk. baa Christendom Uea so Impatient of the things which dlvtdelt-. wlah that I were at liberty to speak here of the aw viainrmation of this which ko whaa visiting those OH- "f Churchea whose temper baa beea supposed a bo the least friendly aad rrataraal-aad aevar wore the hearts af men. at aay rata throughout e MgioHsaxoa world, aa widely or decot tlrred with a d-alr. u,l aot ealy of iae fSta! b-taf one fsltowshlp aad one eder U Jesus fat ar jCbrtoC Blahop Potter quoted at lenrth from tho Y Vtor " ?' Archblahop of Canterbury and concluded, aa followa- tJZZJO"??1 "rVur,n applicatloB."dsar """i la all oar eoinroversiee aad snenuls . Ler Trik,n v-r-IlUSsT; annsirwrttao and definttloa must marts have ita J-old llm.ta.ton both for thTmliJo " auchteenpt,. thee, Ui aa arise to ear rraat opportanlty and peek worthily ta Improve : " V woulj call ouraeivw. tba Amertoaa Z.7.1,. er an-ecttaeas. as hi as aui aououngj aad lJI w "aiaa anstenaom baa "--"w w puiiative, u somewhat vagus, aaoe ta words which are verily both time wise, iner are most timeiv. I tarm topped aoale. tha true mmbsr af poor, af tha aeekar after truth aad the finder; ef tt. of the saintly soul and the retarnlng prodU gal silks. sU walkla ta Ita Ugbt. aad fed wltbi Tho -aftarnooa aeaetnn the mBvaattAtJ waa devoted to the reports of tho various oommtttoea, and of tba several charcb ln-j Ututlona tn tba dloceoe. la tba evening aj tQ us aeiegaiea waa f-iyea p B la bop aad Mrs. Potter, at tbalr borne, il vteeumaon tXaUare. Tba bualneaa of tha Muinillna avflt tbla- afternoon. It la expected that th """"! aewaioa win no especially inter estlnr. for It la aatl that a contest over th election or members of tha Slandinr Coi mltteo la likely to be made At tha el. tkm of members of the Standing- Commit aw tow Australian oalloi system will I oaad for the first tlmo ta a diocesan con re Uon. , A missionary meeting. In tha Interests oi parochial miesions. will ba held tn tha avenJ Ins. Btohoo Potter will oreatda. and nd-J mi laaas wiu Daj nui D v tna rtev. Kotksrt M i Barrett. General Miaaianpr of tha Tarvw.hil Missions Society, upon tha work of tha mo4 C. on tba work of tha brotherhood ni at l iir: BamuM aa II I n vr 1 nAm. mr . -aj Ana raw in country districts, and by Robert Or a ham. General Secretary of tba Church Temperance Society, on u English Coffee Houaea and University Settlements In thai Summer of lfftlO." In bla adrireaa Mr nnj titun will give aa account of hla recant ob-l wtsuoiu oa inti suujact la tha principal VAuwai vi wxwavi '""'n, BIO AUCTION SALE OP SILKS TOM - DKMJLHD WMOM BOVTBEMX UO VMS XBTKCIjILLI ' BKATT. Mar kaa S2OO.0OO Aaareaated for tba. B,fiOO Lota Fair Prl . ' ' Wara Braaa-kt.',- A peremptory auction sale of 5.500 pieces of allk was held yesterday at tha auction rooma of Towneend A lion tan t. 87 and 801 Leonard 8 treat, by order of Pelarram Mey-I r, domaatlo manufacture ra It waa aald the day sale acrrerated mora than t200.00a Thar waa a large number of buyers pres-J ant, representing big wholeaala houaea In! tha principal American cltlca. Aa unuau ally large amount of goods waa taken by dry goods houaes of Mow-Orleans and other Southern- cities. The Southern buyer said,, when asked) tha reason of tbelr heavy purchases of sUkJ that not for a Ions time had tha outlook la tha Southern States bean so fair for 4 brisk and remunerative trade. Jules 8. Dreyfous of tha Dreyfous Com panjr. New-Orleans, who bought very ex lenstreiy. said: "Wi are encouraged tc buy silks because the price for Southern products Is excellent, aad there la promlst of the beat state of affairs the South baJ known for many years." The buyers from the West aad Northwest poke la the same Tela. . - The prices at which the silks sold werd pronounced fair by the auctioneer. Stand ard black goods brought not much lesa than the regular , market prices. There wed a large amount of silks not In season It) New-York, which aold readily to Souther and Southwestern buyers at terms saUsfacI tory both to them and to tba sellers . The staple goods, it was said, were no' more than 8 per cent off price, while the fancy and colored silks were possibly 12U per cent, off price. Though the bidding at no time could be called particularly sharp and gplrited. U was rapid throughout the day. The out-of-town buyers had things much their own way during the morning. Th gooda put up then were not of the shade and weight desired bara at thle saaaon or the year. Many of tha blighter and fancied colors went into the hands of the Souther buyers The goods sold In the mornlnf were principally black and colored faille Fraacaiee and black and colored rhadames. ine xaiue rrangaisa brought from 47 to 7 . yaro, ana tne rnaaames brougl uum ov hi ox cents a yara. The larva New-York and Rronklm fnm took part In the burins- In tha aftemnn when extenaive lines of staple black an colored Roods were offered, lncludina- an rahs, taffetas, aad gros gralna Chicago alao uuusni neaviiy. Among tne local buyers were Hilton, Hughes A Co., Ehrtoh Brother. Simpson, Crawford A Simpson, Jamas A. Heern 4 Son, Sweet ser, Pembrook Col, H. O'Neill A Co.. Stern Brothers, ano Bloomlngdale Brothers Boston was represented by Jordan. Marsh A Co. Wechaler Brothers A Co., A. D. Matthews, and the Llebmann Company of Brooklyn bought considerable quantities, 1 Among the Chicago firms represented at the sale were Marshall Field A Co., 81eret. Cooper A Co., Pard ridge A Netcher, The) Fair. J. V. Far well A Co., and Mandel Brothers Among the New-Orleans Arms represented were X. Fellman A Co., D. H. Holmes, A. Schwarts A Bona. S. J. Schwart A Co.. the Dreyfous Comnant. and Kaufman A lasses Other prominent Duyera were Joan rv anamajter or Philadelphia, Joel Outman A Co. and L. Kaim A Son of Baltimore, Lanaburrh Brothers Of Waahlngton, Fouquereau, Price A Co. ef Richmond, Va.; O. Elcksteln A Co. if oavannan, w. M. wnittng A Co. of Albany. D. McCarthy A Sons of Syracuse, Hengerer, Barnes A Co. of Buffalo, O. W. McAlpin A v VIIIMIIUatlt Dtla, AJmegg- A? Ulltr OI DC. Louis. Hayden Brothers of Omaha, Stem A Schwarts of Cleveland, Haaa A Opel-helm of San Antonio. E. D. Garrett of Gal veston, J. M. Bostwlck A Bona of JaneS- vi nr. w is., ana jemery, tJiru. Thayer A Cp of Kansaa Cltv. I Borne of the light-weight goods wefe bought by New-York firms engaged in the manufacture of capes, for uaa In making So their atock of capes for next Spring, when. 'i ssuu. wiu oa uaea extensively theee garments. . xuo coiorea satin nucnesse aold very rapidly. Among those who. bought heavily of these goods were Marshall Field A Co. ana joet uutman A Co. Pardridge A nnvuer ovHignt noavuy tnrougnout tne e' tire sale. T Colored surah serges. 19 Inches !n wldti, sold at 28 snd 32 cents a yard. Wider and srs-uea orougni ana 41 cents la yaro. Diaca srmures aold at 45 and $5 cents a yard. Taffeta rayes brought 35 add J7H cents a yard. The better gradelf taffeta raya broche brought 60 centa Ta yard. Some Scotch plaid taffetas brought S fMot,a.,a J,ard- Peu d 'e brought frofai 60 to 83V4 cents a yard. The bidding on the black gros grains was particularly lively. ?,d." ra,n P'y t 82Vk centa for the most ahwav alia . m . . . . "L aooaa orougnt over SI la yard. The prices for the most part ranged between 85 and 80 centa. and seldom west stuvvw r iiwgw xor any graaea. BUSBAXD ASD . WIFE F0U5D DEU Robert Fats BeUeveA f Have Conl smltteel Harder aad Salclda. Robert Fair, aa insurance agent, and His wire were found dead at noon yesterday In their apartment, at 607 Third Avenue h Is thought by their neighbors that Fair snot bis wife and then killed himself, fi pistol was found near the dead man's out stretched right hand. I Fair, who was about forty years old. wis married about thirteen years ago. He w is prosperous for a long time, and hla hone life seemed to be a hanor one. Ha bee,n to drink about five years ago, and thfcn aomestlo troubles followed. It wax known to the occupants of the house that he fla- queatly treated his wife' with great brutil- ure xiia aouae pauenuy until about two months ago when she also acquired the drinking habit. Stormy scenes liaAama mam - . . . . . 7 - -uww kimiwui, aux saxaL xfaor Went to hap slat Kama She returned to her old home Tuesday get her clothing. Finding the rooms lock aha nt a Kav to en V w m. cape and open the door. Her ana band was uvuii u av unuiftva steep, ana wa s awakened by the noise she made in packing Iter clothes. The couple were aooa heard auar-rin? TWnU3r' but thv "ooo procured wu,, auu .tnes comparative QUlet lowed. It U supposed that Fair ahot ked himself. KsT Harssrt Foreat Flees Peril. Eoo Htaaoa. M. J.. Sept. S3. rorsst threatened this elty to-day. A cbana-e of eaused the are toenter tba city Itxalta. Ev caaa strong aaaugh to carry a shovel fought flsalaa that, tma ea eavta U.W t . a ware overeooee by tha tataaaa beat. The iwiMava VI arfuajIB X etUUt BAfl a BOW b awasd by Oeorge latamer were totally dsetro; anaa .t.ttk .mKHAt - Branch at the Towns Men's Christian Aasoetatkiai wU' ka' beld at West One Haaarad anoTwen- t- u " OMc tnia evening. i re a it vi . J ' . . "e"H ! "- w uaa ni(na trawationsj Cbarch. wiu deUver aa adarasa. a Cea- and w... w aa-vi aniBBJa .J Akaeia aiul vu. , .j . . r- The entire buUdtaa. taclud'lag the educatloial 84LS ' CT TSZ UlCTLETT ECCZS l -EttUfal KIstal f 131i Soli for t?3.3 ud Jj GomleTi "Bktery f Sela-, wirt Com" for $11 The second aad concluding day of tha sale ef Edwin BarUatra books took place yes terday at Bangs A Co.' warerooma. As on the first day, a number of old and rare examples of . printing were disposed of. Some of the prices obtained were: 8mlth A Deaaes "Journals and Notes of Portland, lit,". Portland, 1849, JZ63; History of HaverhlU." by B. U Mlrick. folding view, octave boards, uncut, Haverhill, 1832, $5.23; thirty-two numbers of " Msster- plecea of ETuropeaa Art," 95.12; f Paradise Lost, pistes by John Martin, full morocco. Xondon. 1850, 94: Donald O. Mitchell's First Gleanings," first edition, large pa per, uncut,- Harper's, 1847, 93.13; Monl- teur da la Mode, , compteta from 1845 to 1855, colored and other plates, ten volumes. quarto, calf, gUt, 912.60; Mercein'a " New- York Directory, quaint cuts, 1821, post octavo, 92.75; Nicholson's Bookbinding. 12mo Philadelphia, 1856, 93. to Mr.' De Vlnnle; J. Q. Palfrey's History of New- Bngland, maps, best edition, three vol umes, octavo, Boaton. 1859. 9A50; Paul and Virginia, pistes on India paper, fine copy. London, 1838, 93.75. , The next lot was a curious literary study. It consisted of forty-twe 12moa. of " Poets of Minor Importance. Among the names Included were Cynthia Taggart, Mlaa Gould. wmiam AUn uutler. hi. I, s-aircniio, aiiaa Meuloch, and Bernard Barton. Many copies were " first editions." but in their case first editions "did not count," as they ail went together at 17 cents apiece. Fourteen volumea of Punch of various dates, went at DO cents. The twelve volumes of Moore's Rebellion Record.' becoming scarce owing to the great number of eopiea mutilated by portrait collectors, ladl-7. brought 913.2U: Ridpath's "Cyclo pedia of Universal History," three volumes. quarto, new, U'rietuys "History oi Rochester. N. T. 1838, 95; Samuel Rogers's " Poems," with engravings after Tur ner, LKotnara. Ac, elegantly bound by Heyday, London, 1838, 914; John Ruskln's " Modera Painters." beautiful, an z raved plates, five volumes. Imperial octavo, uncut. rare, inaoo. isoi-au, nne aet; vox. L, nrtn edlUon: Vol. 2, fourth 'edition; Vols 8, 4, 6, first edition, $110; the Brayton Ives copy went at 9155 a volume. Sandys' g " Ovid," London. 1840, first classic translated In America, broturht onlv 15. against 2 recorded last season. Strick land's - wueens of England." eight volumes, qnarto, Colburn, 1852, 918.40, an advance: t' Salome:' a Traredv." hv l)wr Wilde, one of 500 copies, London, 1&&4, 93. U): Wllks's " KxpedlUon," six volumea, and atlas, 97.20. Alexander Wilson's American Ornithol ogy," with life by Orde, three volumea, mall quarto, ana iouo volume or ncniy colored piateB or oiras. nne Clean copy, Mew-York and Philadelphia, 1828, brought 938; and Wood's V Natural History." three volumes. Imperial, octavo, London. 1865, 88.38. A beautifully Illustrated missal, post, 12mo., Venice, 1515, spotless in condition, with music and pictures, went to Bid well at 120.25. : The concluding sensation was found In Jay Gould' "History of Delaware County and Border Wars of New-York," containing a sketch of the early settlements in the county, and a history of the late anti-rent difficulties in Delaware, with other historic-si and miscellaneous matter never before published. Thla book was Illustrated with a portrait of Piatt, and was published at Roxbury In 1858. The portrait occurs very seldom After a spirited contest for this mall book. It brought 912. TO LIT OCT HEW DISTRICTS Poor' of Aldermen Directed to Convene on ' Sept SO ftnd Beapportlon the Thir - 'teentA Senile District Judge Beekmaa, presiding at an Extra-ordlttary . Special Term of the Supreme Court, yesterday Issued a peremptory writ ef mandamus dlrectl&Jf the Board of Aldermen to convene on Monday, Sept. 80. and proceed at once to reapportion the Thirteenth Senate District into three Assembly districts In accordance with the provlalons of the Constitution. The apportionment mad previously by the Aldermen has been declared by Judge Beekman to have been mad In violation of the Constitutional provisions relative to equality in population in the Assembly districts. - The writ directs the Aldermen to divide the district Into three Assembly districts as nearly equal In number of Inhabitants, excluding aliens, ss may be convenient, snd In as compact a form as is practicable. The division Is to be made In such a manner that no one of the Assembly districts, as compared with another, shall contain a greater excess of population than the number of Inhabitants, excluding aliens, of an election district, according to the State enumeration of 1892. . - The court adjourned until Oct. 2, on which date the Board of Aldermen Is required to make-a report of its action In obedience to tbe writ. The decision of Judge Beekman almost caused consternation in the Bureau of Klec-tiona yesterday. I wipes out the present established lines of the Third, Fifth, and Seventh Assembly Districts, which.are contained In the Thirteenth Senate District, and necessitates the recreation of the three Assembly districts on new and distinct lines from the old. and in turn also necessitates largely the making of new election districts At present the Third Assembly District is cut up into forty-two election districts There are thirty-six election districts In the Fifth Assembly District and thirty-nine In the Seventh Assembly District. The changing of the Assembly district lines will affect many of the election districts as now laid out, and the officials of the Election Bureau will have to do much of their work over again. The reapportioning of this Senate district creates a good deal of confusion. In the first place, the election districts will have to be recreated. It wtll be necessary to reassign the election officers in the Third, Fifth, and Seventh Districts New oath books for election officers will have to be printed, and new maps of the three As sembly districts wttn tne new lines win have to be prepared, and polling placea will have to be changed where the districts are affected.. None of thia work can be started before probably Oct. 2, and the first day of registration la Tuesday, Oct. 8. , . AM B0UIXEX1 PISS TRiYEESED French Troept Sire Surmounted the Last ' Obstacle in the War of Their Con- " - . quest of Madagascar. Paris, Sept. 25. Dispatches from Mada gascar report a great victory for the French troops. . According to these advices, the French, without loss, completely routed the entire Hova force Sept. 19 and captured the pass ' across the Ambohlmena Mount ains The French . advance guard had reached Antoby, which la seventy kilometers from Antananarivo, the MadSsTascan capital, and the objective point of the French expedition. Cot taa Prices Oe Up. Netirs estimate of a cot too crop of 7.200,000 bales, wbea a mock larger yield bad beea an ticipated, gave prices aa upward start la Liverpool yesterday. Tbe New-Tork market followed tbla lead, and prices advanced about IT points. or 1-de a pound, with exceptionally heavy trading.' There were concessions afterward, bat tbe market closed at aa advance of 10 points, or 1-lOe a pound for active options. Bales reached 82.M0 bales. October options elosad at 8 35 cents a pound. November at A 4 cents, with suooseding options at about tbe same ratio of ara uiuaaa at a. ll cents. Bart WAile Boardta a Car. - rardlnand Wagner, a florist, who baa charge of tbe rrssb Air Home at Suxamlt. N. J waa hart yesterday afternoon at tbe Third Avenue Rail- roar a loon. Bear tba Post Office, while attempt- wf av wait m muvina; casts car. . - euwua HJ UN wall Oa a r "ml VlfOQ and thrown to tbe around, narrowly sr spina being ran over by the car. Mr. Wasaer was removed ta tbe Hudson Street Hospital sutTerlna' Maarlee Freasd ladleted far Peri ar ry. Tbe Grand Jury yesterday ordered a. aeat against Maurice V. Frwund. the real estate sealer at ITT Broadway, for nerturv Freuad waa accused of sw sarins talsery wbea called as an expert tn several damage suits brousbt asalast tbe Manhattan Elevated Railroad Company by trooertv aeiava irv -. s Uu wed to appear before tbe Grand Jury yester- -" a nn xanvxtoga xor aa SPfiDCE IV. WINS A RACE Tt8 AncriciB Beat Beaten bj 23 Seconds la 12 Miles. . WISD TRIED- TO BOX THE COMPASS Mr. Brand Outsailed His American Rival and Worn Cleverly Ethel-wvna bad Lots of Lack: Daring the Race. . Szruca IV. won a race from tha Ethel- Wtntn VMlanitv fcv 99 aawvMts Tt was the second contest that waa completed for the Bcawanhaka International trophy for small boats, and now the record stands a win each for the American and English boata. Tbe Spruce won the race by superior tianrflltnar An tha nape ' af nf e Ttretwl- He took auick advantage of - every . little slant of wind, and worked the tide to per- iection. Mr. Brand waa hle-hrer atataul anr bla win. and. when receiving the congratulations of the rachtamen at the frpawanhska- Corlnthian Yacht Club house at Oyster Bay, Quietly remarked that be had had to work to win, and that the Ethelwyna bad given mm a nam race. --The Oneida. Commodore Benedict's flag ship, anchored at the starting- line at noon ana soon naa the course marked and the tiny racers ready to start. Th starting signal was given at 12:30. The wind was from the southeast, light, and the first leg was a broad reach on the starboard tack. The fipruce WSS tbe first across tha Una. with the Ethelwynn a little behind, bat to winawara or tne Englishman. The Ethelwynn at once baaan to outfoor. the, Ennia and after twenty minutes' Bailing waa well m tne leaa. . The wind then hauled to the east-north. east, and the Ethelwynn, catching the slant nrat, gainea a good deal through being: In the windward position. Tbe Spruce tacked to port, and then followed In the wake of tbe American boat. The change In the wina made the rest of this leg a beat, and each boat had to make four ' tacka to weather the mark. The timea taken at the fi" raark were: Ethelwynn. 1:15:13; Bpruce, auMwixixj si ua- ox o nunutes xi seconds for the Ethelwynn. The second leg ws to the northwest and it was a close reach on the starboard tack. The tide, which was running to the west. aided that tlnv raMM v.n -I A V.1 .. Jt . t - .wmw,va etiM, aiiu tiler made quick time to the second mark. The uuiuwiaa cununuea 10 gain, ana turnea the BtsJca A mlnutee A mevAm h.. A . K & Spruce. The times taken at this mark were: btbelwynn, 16 7; Spruce, 1:4U:41. The Ethelwynn on this leg had gained 47 seconds. The wind was still traveling to the north, and as they turned the mark, booms were uu. iw iwi, umlkihb; ix a oroaa reacn. This point of sailing is the Briton's best-but the Spruce gained very little on the Kth. avnn am,t a. , 1. a A V. . . . - " f - ama . u wa IU1 um ruuIlQ the 'Ethelwynn wss 3 minutes S8 seconds Mia ictmi. x no xiiues ax tna nome msra were: Ethelwynn. 2.tr26; Spruce, 2KMJi3. On tha broad raarh tha Rnma .A . i. seconds. " w .On the second round the first leg should have been a beat to windward, but the wind uuiwani w xawr uio yacnts ana backed round to the south again, and so It was another reach on the starboard tack. The tide waa still running to the west, and Skipper Ball of the Ethelwynn stood well j r - - ii um ox il. in doing so, however, he lost the freshening Mr. Brand took every svantage of this w m w a,Mor uu uxi Lul American boat. At 2:25 the wind changed r"? . ""uatiaraoi, xvxiu mo cmeiwynn waa In luck again. She got the change first, and waa quite strong for theee tiny boats, and "i'iwxu xxirvusn me water in rare style. Before the change In the wind the Spruce had taken the lead. The Ethelwynn. however, with the new wind ran down on her rival, and, drawing through her lee, Jupn,amih,a.,tk bot 10 woond in the lead, The time were: Ethelwynn, 2:398: Spruce. 2:39:48. ton this leg the Spruoehed gained 3 minutes 48 seconds. In spite of the little luck the Ethelwynn had owing to the change of wind. The race from this point to the finish was close snd exciting. The wind was much stronger from the southwest, and It was a close reach to the next mark. The Spruce began to creep up on the Ethelwynn. and at . 2:4 had blanketed and passed mT Tbe Ethelwynn, pulled through her rival's lee rn.tut the wind lightened considerably. and b Spruce went to the front once mor- The wind died right out, and for a while the yachta drifted. A UtUe puff favored the Ethelwynn. and she passed the Bpruce for the second time on this leg. Then the wind came In from the south, snd spinnakers were set to port. For twenty minutes tbe two boats ran side by side, and then the wind hauled around to the northeast. The Ethelwynn got the change first, and, quickly drawing ahead, turned, the fifth mark 40 seconds in the lead. The times taken were: Ethelwynn 3:26:59; Spruce. 3:27:39. showing a gain for the Ethelwynn of SO seconds. . Back the wind hauled again to tbe southeast, and then atill more southerly, and It was s beat to the finish. The Spruce began to work out to windward. Mr. Brand worked iha tlda hv .ka . 1 while Mr. Bail made a long board to the eastward. The wind, going to the south, favored the Ethelwynn. and ahe went for the finishing line very fast, but the Minima Club boat had gained too much, and uw oiiun crussea tne line nrat, a winner, at 4:25:44. The Ethelwynn's time was 4:26.-07. On the beat home the Spruce had gained 1 minute 3 seconds, and she won a The elapsed time and gains over each leg were as follows: FIRST LEO. 1 Elapsed Time. - Gain. ....a... ...... l:15:lo 3:17 1:18:32 Ethelwynn Spruce .... : SECOND LEO. Ethelwynn .......0:21:22 047 Spruce 0:22:00 , THIRD LEO. iP 0:2:12 0-4M Ethelwynn 0:26:18 FOURTH LEO. Spruce ......0:82:85 3:43 Ethelwyna ....................0:34:43 ... FIFTH LEO. Ethelwynn .0:47:21 0:80 Spruoe 0:47:51 SIXTH LEO. Spruce . . . 0:68:05 1:08 Ethelwyna OfirUS ... . Following la tbe summary: . - Elapsed Start. Finish. Time. Spruce ,.12:80:00 4:25:44 8:55:44 Ethelwyna 12:80:00 4:26:07 - 8:64:0? To-day the two yachts will meet again over a course to windward or leeward aad return. ' SOMETBIXO ABOUT MR. B.OSE. The CbaUeas-er fee the America's . Cap Kew la Taektisg. LONDOlt. Kept. 25. The United Press has obtained information concerning Mr. Charles D. Rosa, who, through- tha Royal Victoria Tacbt Club of Ryde, Isle of Wight,, baa challenged for the Amerlca'a Cup. Mr. Rosa la the second son of tbe Lata Sir John Rose, Bart., of Canada. Bla mother waa formerly Miss Emmet-Temple of Rutland, Vt, It la understood that Mr.Iaowa. aa American gentlemaa who bas soma horses In training In Eiigland, la associated with Mr. Rose la building tbe new challenger for tbe cup, and experts therefore do not regard tbe enterprise as of purely British origin. Bar John Rosa, tbe father of tbe challenger (or the cup, assumed the maaagsmeat of tba financial . , th Duchy of Cornwall for tn prtnc of Wales, when be settled ta England fifteen rears ago. and is credited with baring greatly Improved the finances of bis Royal Highness durtnxt bis administration. en-ess annas v rmv1 "tnc Sloans Stanley, a daughter of Sir John Rose, was at one time a prominent figure la society at Marlborough HouasT fAeLoadoanel! denee of the Prince of Walea? reai- Concerntng tbe expressed intention of Sir Oeorra New-nee to build a cutter to compete fortha America's Cup. The Field says: "Sir George Newnea. Dke Mr. Rose, has only lately taken up yachting, but MrVRiaeTebal-lenge prevents Sir George from entering the com. petition." Mr. Rose said to-day that a letter embodylae a formal challenge for the cup cannot be written until Saturday, when a meeting of tbe committee ef the Royal Victoria Yacht Oub wtllbTheTd and the form of the challenge considered. The challenge he aald. would, of course, have to be forwarded through the Royal Victoria Club. YACHTS REPORTED. ClTT ISUUTO. N. T.. Sept. Passed East. Steam yachu Marguerite. Guy T?mls. and Bar-racouta. John R. Fell. ' Passed West Steam yachts Em bis, John , H. Haaaaa; Nomad. T. J. Byrne: VaUant. W KL VaadarbUt; Nirvana. W. R. Sa; Maaolu; Peary Belknap, and Tlllle. V. H, rarbuek-bioon yacht Arrow, FJwia O.lver. bononser yacht l.amona, Cotr.meuore H. M. Ollllg. from Larch moat, arrived bare thia forenoon aad went out of eornialsstna. Sloop yacht Kite, R. B. aVtreaaxru. BROOKLTXS 1XCKT WUI. The Oaate with Beatea Waa CaUeel at Ike Km A t tAe Stat A laalba;. Beaalta at Teaterdays Gaaaeo. Waahlngtoo, T; Mew-Tark, A Brooklyn. 4; Boston. A . ' . Baltimore, T; Philadelphia, L ' Cincinnati. 15; St. Louis. A St. laouia, 3; Cincinnati. A " ". , i v (Second gaava) '. . h nttabarg. 11; Louisville. A , . Staadiaa: ef tha Claba. Per Cent. M . AJ .as .548 Mii .513 .60 .831 .297 CroK . Woe. 1 Baltimore ........e..88 3 Cleveland 88 : 3 Philadelphia 77 4 Chicago .............. .70 Boatoa OS - 0 Brooklyn ..... 7 Pittsburg ..............69- 3 New-Tork .....65 9 Cincinnati ,.4 10 Washington 41 ' 11 St. Lou la.. 83 U-LoaisvlUe 34 . 43 4& 50 54 M 5 eo S3 3 83 S 3 .There was reaaoa tor oompUInt wbea tbe Bos-toaa kicked over tbe traces ysatarday at Uxaplre Murray for calling tbe Brookiya-Boetoa gaxoe at Eaatara Park oa aooount of daikiiaas, as tbe sua waa sbJning bright la the West, evea thougb there were heavy clouds overhead.' About 1.600 persona witnessed the game, aad wbUe they ware anxious to see tbe Brooklyns win, they were nevertheless almost as much surprised ss the Bostons when Umpire Murray called "game. Only six Innings had beea played, aad It still lacked two minutes of .3 o'clock. Tbe sua continued to shins brightly for fully fifteen to twenty aalnutea after " game had baaa called, while darkness did aot sat la for aa hear after. . ; - . ... Tbe game, so far as played, was exoelleat, the pitching of both Dolaxv aad Daub being all that could bo expected. Brilliant running patches were made by Daly and Bannon, sad the aeldlag to general was good. . The Brooklyns scored two mas la tbe first malng, one of which was earned. Ortffla lad ett with a clean hit. aad Foots was glvea hla base on balls. Corcoran was then glvea a lite bv Nash, which filled tbe baasa lavohanco went eat on a foul fly to Bannon. and a two-base bit by Anderson to right field soared Orlffln aad Foals The Bostons tied tbe score la the fourth Inning. Nash hit out a ' two-bagger to left, aad after Tucker waa out Harrington waa glvea his base on balls. Ryaa retired oa a foul fly to Grim, but Dolaa and Bannoa hit safe, scoring Nash and Harrington. -- In tha fifth Inning Grim got a three-base hit. aad scored oa GrlffliTs out. This gave tbe Brooklyns the lead by a run. The home team were favored with a little more luck la the sixth Inning, when they added one more run to their boots. Corooraa waa glvea hla base on aa error, stole second on an error by Tucker, went to third oa a sacrifice by t..-. aad soared oa Anderson's long By to DuOy. Tbe score: ' BOSTON. ' I R1BPOAF BROOKLYN. R1BPOAE Bannon, rf..O 1 1 0 0 Orlffln. cf.-l 10 0 0 Long, SS....0- O 0 4 1 routs, rf...l O 0 Cor" o n, bs..1 0 3 L'ch'oe. lb..0 0 And son. lf..O 1 0 Daly, 2b. ...0 0 3 Shock, 3b.. .0 O 0 0 0 4 1 0 0 ? 0 3 0 0 0 3 O Duffy. cf....O 0 3 0 Tenney. if.. 0 1 0 0 Nash. 3b... 1 3 0 3 Tucker. lb..O 011 O Har-g-n. 2b. 1 .0 13 0 Kyan. e o -0100 Dolaa, p....0 10 3 0 una. e l 1 s 1110, p....O 0 Total 3 4 IS 13 Sj : Total 4 8 18 11 3 Boston ..0 0 0 3 0 03 Brooklyn - a 0 0 0 1 14 Earned runs Boston, 1; Brooklyn, L First base on errors Boston, J; Brooklyn. A First base on belle Boston. 3; Brooklyn. 1. Struck out Boston. J; Brooklyn, A Three-base hit-Grim. "Two-base hits Anderson. Nash. Sacrifice hit Lachanoe. Hit by pitched bail Nash. UmpireMr. Murray. . BEATEJT OSICB MORS. Tnla Ttaae th Wasblagrteas Defeat ' : the Xew-Yerlca. Wasrikotow. Sept. as. Wsablngtoa won tn the tenth inning to-day. whaa, with two men out. Anderson singled to right, scoring two runs. Mercer pitched a much steadier game than Dotuvey. sad reoatvad better support. Attead- anee, x.zuu. score: WASHXNOTON - " NEW-TORK. - B1BPOAB Fuller. . t 1 a a n . R1BPOAE Brown, cf..O 0 10 0 Joyea, 8d..l 11 3 0 Abbey, rf...O 13 0 0 MoOulre. a.l 0 a O 1 Tiernan, . rf.l 3 10 0 Van K'a a A t a a a tvnavta h n n a e a Bel bach. If. 8 8 10 0 H. Da via. lb.O 0 13 1 0 Cart-gt, in..! 3 16 8 Crooks. 8b.. 0 10 8 0 De Moat, sa.0 13 10 Mercer. n..O A 9 3 0 uermaa, so.I l 18 8 Stafford, lf.l 1 3 0 1 Doyle. S....S 0 3 11 Dob nay, p..O 10 0 4 Total ...Trt li" Andsrson .0 10 0 0 Total ...T14M1T 1 Batted la place of ' Mercer, winning run waa made. fTwo out whaa Washington ' 0 0 1 1 0 3 0 0 37 New-York ,.0 0 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 Earned runs Waahlngton, 4; New-Tork. 4. First base by errors Washington, A Left on bases Washington, 7; New-Tork. 4. First baas on balls-Oft Mercer, 3 off Dohney, T. Struck out By Mercer. 3; by Doiiney, 4, Three-base hits vn Haltren and Dohney. Stolen basts Joyce. MoOulre. Selbach. Cartwrlght, (2.) Crooks! P"bl Play H. Davis, (unassisted.) Paased balls-Do jri,. (2;) MoOulre. (L Umpire Mr. xxurs. . .' . , OtAee Lea awe Games. : AT BALTIMORE. Baltimore ................8 0 8 1 0 0 0 07 Philadelphia 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0-1 (Called en aooount of darkness.) Be hits Baltimore, 8: Philadelphia. A Errors Philadelphia, 8. Batteries Hoffer and Robinson; Taylor and Clemeats. Umpire Mr. Keeie. AT ST. LOUIS. St. Louis..... .........0 00003318 a Cincinnati- 6 3 1 8 3 3 0 0 .-15 Base blta-et. Loais. 1; anclnnatl. . Errors St. Louis. 4; Cincinnati. 5. Batteries Coleman and Ottea; Foreman and Vaugbaa. Um- a-M w mj. aaui wanaiq. , SECOND GAME. St- Louis 0 1 0 0 0 8 1 0-3 Cincinnati O 3 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 Base hlts-St. Lout. 18; Cincinnati. A Errors 8,t- IS'a i Cincinnati. A Batteries-Breiten-stein and 1 Ottea; Parrott and Gray. Umpire Mr. awa CexJOBAMsU AT LOUISVILLE. Louisville 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 14 Pittsburg a 1 0 0 0 8 0..-U (Called on aooount of darkness.) . Daaw mis Louisviue. a rittsburg. Is Errors Louisville. 8; Plttsburc i BattertecFarbxnd sSnslla." ' umptre-Mr, Batterwortsi ta Caaeh 1st Calif arsUa. SAW FaANCISCO. Sept. 25. Frank g. Buttar- worta, tha full back of tba Tale football team, arrived fmm lha IT -.. . . . . . . . for tbe University of California team durmgtne Sallaaaker Rataey'a Oplalaa. - QuaXKBTOWK. : Sepc 33. Sailmaker . Ratsey and seventeen members of tba crew of tbe yacht Valkyrie HI., who were on board tbe Malestio. are unanimous la their expression of tnrtlgnatka - " , wwwa aaw neva nampereu. she was, by excursion boata aad other craft. CALENDAR OF SPORTS. THURSDAT. SEPT. 3A , Racing. At Orsvesend. 8 P. M. Cycling. Racing at Mineola Fair; road race Ocean Parkway, at 10 A M Yachting. Etbelwyna-Bpruee IV. International VUH rast, tMX V.l.t ! J . . FRIDAT. SEPT. 27. " . ! X9Mt9 Af TlH4ltAea Tanas. ) V TkaT vJ-J'? J.Ma?piM Park Mr mJ evuer wvtKmg, m 7 r aWA Tchtln. DlaBr of 8mwaliakA TMhC Clabs T Va-eyi,waa SISJt Srewfoaadlaad Hewa It St. JOHN'S. K. F., Sept. 25. Sir Herbert Mur ray. who baa Just been annorntad Omwaa. Newfoundland, waa here last Winter aa British Rauet Cotnmlsalonsr, and it ta believed that the practical knowledge ; he then aoqutrad of the condition of tbe colony waa tba chief for bis appointment, which meets with general approval. The press, polltlctans. and dtlaeas of ail shades of politics Indorse bla sppointment. Tba smuggling Breads Is continue to excite pub. u not0- "rti Qpverivment stubbornlj raalsts a- w na wf vuner to prosecute tbe smugglers. The Telegram. (Whitewaytte ami!) la to-day. laaaxe. '.arves notice- oa tneOov. aramant that It wtll withdraw Ita support frnta - aaii mm tvwm a vigorous poucy f-'-Tt am Dug- yawuuf xawaiagixraxeoj. . ; Stala m March Pltt Men. The members of the Lincoln League and John J. 0Brisa association of tba Eighth the aembly District ara trying to fllaunei who la rsepoaauMe for the change la location of aaalllna M.m I. . W . w , .. . . . tba . -- xvaiia aiwum lisxrxcx, X. tear, when TaILkm fnMMi i . r Last v a aaw. xajwaj WUliaQ AB3I BBBsVnt polllns- place, but tbe other side stole a anarch OB VBff'tfTt SBBBa4 BBS I l Bill I I San Sa. a a where. Just who sucoeeded ta having tba eha eLee- inge dis ' " - men are try ina- txv : - - " anen are enjorxng a laugb at the safeties ef thexr appoaMtsT quiet waa xaaaensa uxa an Bars at aacaer. . PEDALERS HEADY TO HAC A Field cf Two Ilasirci Eij!Cl:l la To-day's EIj Hisilcap. WILL BE DECIDED 03 OCEAS P1EXWAT Xlno Fast CTcllata on Scratch and Many Cracks la tbe Short . llArkDtTssIOB Tbe Start Set for lO o'clock. What has coma to be- looked upon by the admirers of cycle road races as the crowning event of the Fall will be decided oa the Ocean Parkway la Brooklyn this forenoon-It la a ten-mile oontsat. known as th Citl- sen , Handicap, aad unless many of the entries back oat at the last moment there will be a field of fully two hundred starters. In this list Is the ' name of every road racer 'af prominence tn thia vlglnlty. a fact which points ta a most intereetlng trial of speed. Arrangements have been' made by many clubs for runs to the scene of the race, snd With pleasant weather many spectators wUI doubtless watch the contest. Tbe first of the lone, mark" men will receive the word to go at 10 o'clock. If plans do not miscarry. The starting point Is near Shaughnessy's, which Is about a, Quarter of a mile below Bauer's Hotel on the Boulevard. Tbe 'Jay and Smith Street trolley cars run to Baders. and all lines to th Franklin Avenue en trance of Prospect Park transfer passengers to the Coney Island - cars, stopping- at Bader. An 'unusually valuable list of prises bas been - gathered, aad ' with theee fine trophies la vjew. some very fast pedaling- hould result. Billy" Roberts, who manages the race, says tne record for the 'distance is very liable to receive a shock. The contest will be looked after by very capable officials. Jamas EL Sullivan, the popular sa chem of the Metrooolitaa. Association of the Amateur Athletic Union, will be referee. Thev other principal officials will be aa follows: Judgae A ' fichwalharh T-nna- TelanA Wheelmen: "H- Rlrumall Vlna-a Pnunl Wheelmen: F. Dl rmmrr V ark eee rirlw. log Club. .- 'rxmers W. 1". Murphy. Klaxs County Wheelmen; Thomas Uegeraan, Williamsburg Atheletlo Club; M. L. Bridgman. Kings County Wheelmen; Charles A. UnderhiU; Harlem Bicycle Club. - .- ClergS of Courae William n Tata -It Brooklyn Bicycle Oub; J. Frank Borlind. Brooklyn Bicycle Club: XX. CL iaextnn Kinn County Wheelmen. The nandlcaos were announrravl last avert. lng, and the pacing men generally seemed pleased with the allotments. Nina men are placed, oa scratch. Thbae bavins- tha short er marks are recognised aa hlgn-claas ped-alers, and It la thought the buttle will be a very Interesting one. " Willie" Joppert of xxi raxxtiue wneeimen naa tne Dlggeat handicap 7 minutes. Ail the entries having starts ranging from two-and-a-half minutes down to and Lncludins- tha acratcb men r. as follows:.. -" M. A Brodnaa. Bartem W ...........3 30 William L. Kraat. Liberty W..,.. I 23 W4)., Davta. Brooklyn 1 23 B. W. Conrad bob. Brooklyn. ...3 23 Leslie Muckrtdge. New-Tork ...3 33 B. T. Fitspatrlck. Liberty W , J 25 T. J. Hall. Jr.. Kings County W .3 25 O. J. Oette, Bushwluk W.............. l Louis O. Uaoh, Brooklyn C C . J 15 M.tC 1st tan. South Brooklva W S.1& Oeorga McKay. New-York ....! 15 Jamas M Ollmour. Bast Orange C-m-,.I 15 Harry Myara, Alpha W ......3 10 James Miller, Brooklyn 1 10 Aoolpa Oevtmaa. Manhattan B. C..... . .3 10 Harry O. Oere, Liberty W ..3 05 R. J.. Stows, Brooklya.. OS B. A. Laws. Kinn Ctnmtv W 00 C D. Fehon.' East Orange C.. ...3 00 John Ruel, Century C C ...........3 00 J. Blndrim, Jr.. Liberty W S 00 B. H. VoelbeL Will lams burs- W too J. Warren Lowey, Flatbush W ....1 W rranjuya nsnor. xnaicoa w ........3 00 Thomas J. Bell, Liberty W 3 00 Pairtok J. Belt, Riverside W... 1 00 D. Qraham, Liberty W .........3 00 Frederick Connlncsby.. Roaborr W -.3 oa ,W. Nelson Valk. Tamaoua W 1 55 kunw e. xirameca. nsnnattaa a, 00 w 1111am xo. xrraaam, aungs county WM..l 45 Bsrbert Blmmons, New-Tork City,l ed J. K. Oreglora, Brooklva 1 40 Major Tar lor. Worcester. Mass t SO C Gordon, Roxbury W ...1 30 N. Roe, Patchogue W. .,.1 to David W. Murphy, LMg Isiand City W....1 30 Tracy Wilson, itoxoury w ,..1 26 Charles J. Llebold. Riverside W ..1 35 C. M. Badrickson, Kings County W 1 SS W. F. : tier. Amphloa W.. ...1 SO Lester U. Beaaly. Kings County W......1 15 W. Sibley, South Brooklyn W ..l 15 Frederick Plage, Brooklyn ......I 16 David Simmons, Pastime A. C .........1 10 C A Hens haw, Greenwich W.. 1 00 Albert Btutsman. Liberty W .....1 00 Ray Dawson. New-Tork A. C 1 OS Frederick B. Egelhoff. South Brooklyn W..1 00 H. K. Roe, Patchocue W ........1 00 Charles K. Granger, Riverside W..........1 OO Alfred- L. Horry. Century C C....MM.a..l 00 John Bennslnger. Kings County W..HH..1 OO F. O. McDooaid, Kings County W... 1 00 John P. Warner, Pequod W. ...... ....... 50 L. O. Hoppe. . Liberty W . to Samuel Brock,- Liberty W ...,: SO W. L. Derma r. New-Jersey A. C. ......Scratch Charles T. Karl. Kings County W. ......Scratch John W. Conklln. Century C C ....Scratch F. D. White. Liberty W ....Scratch W. C Rooms, New-Jersey A. C Bcratck U. A Paige, Kings County W.. ......... Scratch E. A. Bofflnger, Riverside W. ...... ....Scraxok Oscar xieastrom. ureenwica W .. O. Bennett Smith. Liberty W.. ...... leases Lexlasrtaa .OaTer ladaeeaseata. ,i The second annus! century run of the Lexington Wheelmen to New-Brunswick aad return, oa oa Oct. A promises to be tbe bset-aJteadad rua of the Btaaoa. The committee la doing everything possible to make It evea a greater success than waa their rua of last year, tn which there ware over 409 starters, and aa a special Inducement for clube to turn out la full force they will award two band some souvenirs. The first will be a silver Ice pitcher, which will be glvea to the club having the largest number of survivors, and the second a clock, which will go to the club having tbe second largest number of survivors. Entries may ba left any evening with F. Lock-wood. Secretary , 62 Lexington Avenue, or with Capi. H. W. Mills, 14T West Twenty-third Street, any day between 3 A. M. aad 3 P. M. . ' Cyellat .Wllsea'a SI Contract. Newark. IT. J.. Sept. 35. Samuel Wilson, Jr!. of this city will try to break tba road record for 1.000 miles, starting from New-Tork at 4 o'clock oa Saturday morning aad riding to IndlanapoiA A. F. Cushlng of New-Tork will pace him to Albany. Pacemakers will be stationed at different dues along the route ta carry aim from p'-t to place. Wilson holds tba amateur frrlf-ealle raaord of the State, and captured the third time prise la the century race last Saturday. The record to Indianapolis la seven days and six hours, aad Wilson expects to cut It down materially. . ' . AMOXO THE WHGEUIEI. Cyclists wishing to Join the League of XTrwin Wheelmen will be furnished application J..vt aad accessary Information by slrtrssalin Cycling Department of TBI Naw-Toaa Tlataa ' ' 1ka,-. -.. I v a. -. - uua va unr x.iaaa x racing men. according to the Latest reckoning Is as follows: Bald L 105 points; Cooper. 2; Cahaaae, Coultsr. iciW 23: ltW f wby Maddoaj 13; Slavs, li ; McLl. :c5on.fd. S Scott 17; Kenacdy. IS; De Cardy. U: HeUert, 11; Butler. 11; L. A. Cailahsn. 11; Allen 10: C. H. Calls hi n. 10; Bern hart, 10; Bird. 3: Eddy! T; Barry. 3; TarrlU. ; MlUerTA . . mf' ySl.SVltarL VnimMk ew-Tork have " - - . - miih va famri, UM intend furnishing It comfortably aa a clubhouse for the una nT Ita ., A mm J 1 . . venlent location for tha purpose could hardly be found. If this young dub eontteuea to grow aa fast ta the future aa It bas done la tbe few months It baa beea tn existence, the older eyellns organisations will have to look wall to their laurels. . . For tha ten -mile race of the ProsueU. WaeeJ-I" 00 bterrtck Road next Saturday tbe following entries and ha ml traps are aaaounoed: Jf -S- "S0!!1"-. .V80;VBr1"tu Oarlick. 30; C W. Hertae. 4:46; B. Brunaer. 4x: J. ll risrserv m:aa;j. c KKnck. M; J. T. Dtnamore. SAO; K. B. TyreeL 2:45; W. T. Bhsnnoatljo'-J. L. Brush. Jr.. 1.-0O; T. B. EgelbotT. aad Oenrse W. Shannon, scratch. Tbe start will ba mails at m. yrvaiai mm . va tllw rnows IS BStag aiTaagad by tbe Greenwich Wbeelmaa. Tba date forthe anntenta nrlll taa annnnn 1- . club' a cracks. Including Owens, Hens haw Hen-Strom. Greene. Wbelpiey. IPvXnaa. Ksrsssiiiar New, Ford, Oldens tad t. aad Souder are to training for the con tests. .-uns have beea scheduled as follows for the Paraaaoaat Wheelmsa of Brooklyn: Oct to fonrptoesLeke N. J. Oct. 13. to Plalnfleld: N. Oct.. 20. ta Amltyvlllela L. aadOctT 37. to Morrlstowa. There will also be xsnxaroxnotn ruaa evary Thursday eventxvg. "m - , xwrwin ax xvooauya vui attend tT.r n TSL.- 9r",,a Bosuevard thia f . 1 If ! "t , . c t r- n, ... - - e,ev . j That's wbit TTAVrLrr E: we. Dont yoa Trczt cna T CASH OR EAST PATH EXT 3, Our w storea, Emacway. comer -and ST Cortlaadt Ex. Kiilina- School. Lc , caum. Madlaoa Av corner fcjia fat. , laaLlfll.A CI J k?CLl I v wouuu kjulililu. cquahc dl:..: at " MALTBY 'eC IlOBLElr, I"alc PL. and at A end easy- 1 .,, and Tth Av. Kcatlns's r-alcons and Crescent Cyc xwgaxna Is seoons-fcand wheels front 1 THE TINICHAil CYCLE CO., I 303-310 West Bth St. and Warren tx. V City. Brooklya. Newark, and Newport,' lha Turf. Brooklyn Jockey Club. FALL MFnETTNO, ISnR. I nC RACLS TO-DAT, AT JuO P. V 1 L. L R. R. direct to O Stand from 3eth St, B. 3U. N. X, at U-friT . Froea foot Whitehall St.. K. T.. fva C RoutaJ direct to Oraad eund. at n:1a , AMvrinj n. i ii, !,. t-i p. y" Oertle AtUnaoa of Aabury park, aad Mrs. r "'r c xnis etcy, wui be the guests of ' ,B a dsacrtptioa ef a cycle tour to the r ware Water Gap. printed la Thb Kw-Y Timks oa Sunday last, the types asade thi . taaee between Bushklll aad tha Oaa but t ?',',. V U, SB-stake, aa taedisuuio. fully twelve miles.1 ' -The , report of Secretary Baasett thu hows the total membersatp of the league t" 35.02L Of this nsmt New-Tork hET Msaaaohuaetta. ATM; Mxsaourl. LiiO; nr sey. A32S; Pennsylvania. 43uA , " The tea-mile road race of tbe Alcyone w aoxwntSH Wle, Nov- 30 is tbe date chosen for the ar-r0","0".., .f tto , Greenwich Wheelmen. . errant wiU take place) at the Lexlngtoa a,. tpera Mouaa. - -The cycling members of the Fire Done WUI probably take place la the Bear future, ' T1' m axtpected that signboards eontalnlrr t rules of the rood wiu be placed oa the t. laland cycle path next week- -Alexander Schwalbach, wba has aiwsr, t atrabSI.1 Ksa aWWAaavla. n aW W t . m..., .J, V vaoa i.--, aADIS . PLAT GOOD TEXXIJ. TA Stataa lalaad Weaaaa'a Tears a. ameat Beglaa with Flae Play. LrvntOSTOX. I I, Sept. ZA States Island -dety. reiaforeed by a hundred or so vtsitir tennis eatbualaats. mads a brUllaat showing c, the courts of tbe Statan laland Ladles' ask yt terday aftarnooa. v. The aanua) opea tennis tou.-aament of tbe club, wad the attraction, sad star, ail the star lady teaals players ef the eotuii. fathered to battle tor the -"'rmt nrtsw .' fered by the elan, Mies Atklnsos, Mlaa HsDwlg. and Miss Moot atake a grwax.trio ta tbe ladias singies. Mac diaappctntmeot was mi 1 tKa Kiss IL' tasoa did aot play la the singles, ss expect: bet Miss Roblnsoa declined to try eeaeluslou with the cracks, as aha has had ae tournaiaex play for years, and she will eoaftae her affor 10 tna mutes soublea. A nrtatm feature ef e tottrBsaxent Is that the Kings County Teat ClUb Of fine, n naa Bava -7 . - ! Peru in the slsglea. aad oaa ef tha eutaKJe Mlaa Moore, la aa eamember of tbe club, k, d,Ulibt arswtng, aad bar ro. to the saala la a royal esva. Mlaa Atklasoa w. a?-. f -a. . Mlaa Hell wig, to-nvorrow i. mmmw aaanuHu rvuaa, xh tne ma n of tK. a. expected, ss atiaa xi an wig will strala ev- ra tn Anan la. I 7, . . . the championship this Spring. m m VtT i wm aiao ee aa utarastir flgbt. The best match of tbe day in this ev. r. - - . mm - -imm ar. tv . St. fTt tne former team achieving a nraraplete thout S5 trlumpn. Only two seta were r eed. Both Paret aad Mlaa Moore were la fi: . eondiuon, and their team play waa fully ecu v. wir nrorw practioeo opponants, I I" ' at they had never play iJor.The loxwra put up a stiff Van.- --- - - - w-awueoa laooinj orese "wir same, and Perot's smsxhlng did. the nu. 1?'"' BtarW Preliminary Round Miss B-i -.- ' niratvoti oy oecauit: at Hellwlg beat Miss Jessie Branarr. f A a 1; Miss Juliette V irklaaia l V t-yt J. Cuddy, 60. S 1. sUeaWFinaJBotind Miss Beasie Moore beat K Addle Herring, e A e L I-adles' poeUea-8eml-F1nal Round MUs H'" iT u u axixw rfeeate xuanaasa seat aaavnnanwe nxva SL1SS Msnie COtna. Mixed Doubles. Preliminary Round Mies 8' unir exu axiss Lassie x. wards and Charles Wemple, T A -. M as Bessie Moore aad J. Parmly Paret be Miss Juliette P. Atkinson aad Dr. William K Fraser, S . s-z. . . West 8 Ida Teaala ClaA Gaaaea. There was a trills more life la tbe play ea tl West Side Teaala Club's courts yesterday after-aooa. Tbe handicap stngles were bsgus, sad ti scratch alaglsa were pusrisd as far as the arm -nnaL Aa excellent practice) match bet., Flaeber and C . Bands, the Budsba Rlv' champion, exctted enasiderable taterest, tboui i Fischer, playing on his own ground, ootnpletr outclass j tha New-Hamburg crack. Tbe tounu-ment will be continued to-day. Tbe sumatarv: Men's Blnalea. Scratch Preliminary Koead-P. V. Richards beat A. C Post, a T. 3-A 0-4; C E. Fenntssiy beat J. CL Cnajnberiaxa by A-faolt. ret Reund C K. . Fenneasry beat P. T. Rlcharda, a a S 3; A. Tarlor beat C. X C'-dler. 1. T 6; E. A. Crowa lash lord beat A I xyinanxore. a x, 9 a. Mea'a B: i s Bingies. n s nmcap Preliminary imnst-Johaea, U. beat C . yeaaessey, serxu , S 2. - . H. P. First Round I. ir nawiftee thM- beat H. U Bloom field, half thirty. T , 34. FaUZKrcGHTS U TEXAS. FaU Beash . f the Sapreaae Ceart . Likely t Decide TAelr Leallty. ACSTIM. Texas. Sept. XA Tbe Tax Conee-t ef McLenaan aad Hayes Counties yesterday implied te Controller Farley tor priaeftght Hawaarx. hot at the Inatanee of the Attorney General tbe r applications were promptly -refused, the Ccc troller. la a written opinion, holding that Join Hart's opinion, delivered at DeUee last week, vu aot anal, aad that tha anU-prtaeflght law eoc 'I only be nullified by an optaioa from the --" bench of tbe Supreme Court. The Controller ta bis optaioa holds that statute providing for the licensing of prised wds " always void, la that tt was eoatrary 1 ' public pulley. If not to the Coastltutloa ItseJ. 1 yoa license a man to fight, that Is to say. a C between men, the statute does aot even w to give yoa tbe prtvliegu of saying whether t -fight will be with bars kneckles. with fo-with knives, or with pistols. Indeed, they I--tbe right te flgbC They are chartered libert.. to that extent, and I presume they ought to permitted to select their own weapons aad t. -la their awa way. It la understood that tbe sppllcstions we' made at the instance of tbe-Oovernor as a P' " 11 ml nary to bringing a teat case before the r -preme Court. Tbe Collectors last algbt appied i Associate Justice Den man of the Supreme Cu-for a maxvdamua to compel the Issuance licensee. Should the writ be refused. It wui the Supreme Court Associate Justice and Chief Justice of the Court of Criminal ArP at ioer get-needs aa ta the relative value ef ti Jurisdiction In tbe matter. It la believed, however, that tbe s pot Wear' Will result la a sitting of the full SrroresBS 0-sad the rendering ef a Unal aad blading op la. . . . Mr. Fees Wlave at Leaex. . LXMOX. Mass., Sept. 3A Creigbtoa Webb H. Fena of tbe PsJmette Club of Aiken, A C . had a spirited aontaat ea tbe golf links to-day the tonrnaxnent fnr the silver cup offered I A How land Bnfebtaa. Tbe first ovatch played with Mr. Fena at the scratch aad ' Mr. Webb bavins a handicap of IS They b made tha 18 boies la 31 strokes. Wbea tbe waa played ocT, going once around, the & erner re res out vlcter and woa the cup by a sc of 44 strokes. Webb made the rounds ta t Other scores snade were: H. F. Curtis, isrrai: td: Mr. Stone of Maxtcheeter. tscratca.) V7: oa Psarips Stokes. Jr.. i handicap 1.) VT; H. ' Rogers, ta.) 106: W. P. Fowler, lie.) 1'iS; Bo-K Phifer. ua. 10Q; Henry May. 4. It-t; W. Burdea. O.) 107; F. B. H.rfTmn. tlfO 3. W. WUasoa, OAJ UA

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