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H01I0RLIE1IWHODIED III AMERICA'S WARS I. Memorial Services In All the Boroughs Call. Out Great Throngs. 30,000 AT OPEN-AIR MASS Oetachmtnt of Soldier Attend i Fortbraeno Park Service Central Park Exercieea. 1 Hemortal rvice In th.

fjva bor-lutfiiifrf New Tork Tter4y honored tbt mrtmoiy of Americana whq have diedj tyr their country oa the battle field tot the ware wared by the United SUticaijMnc the Declaration of There were three great cpei ar gatherings, two of which were peij ii Brooklyn, and the attended pY nearly 10.000 persona, on the ahep iieadow in Central Park. Te limrlcee in Central Park were under auspice of the United Span-UhjWar Veterans, who assembled at 2 o'clock) yesterday afternoon, and tnarchel to the sheep meadow, led by the Hjfbrew Orphan Asylum Band. There iliey formed in line before the pekr' rostrum, while on all aides j-atherail thousands of men, women, and rMldrerf In the crowd were hundreds of ioidfer and sailor who have re, centjly turned from service overseas. Th ev. J.

8. Caton of the Convent of Ferrer and the Rev. Puncaaf McMillan, Department Chap-Uini Offered prayers, Department Cmmarider Thomas F. Gannon of the VtUraiU made a. short In ehlth lie emphasised the duty of American clrjxena to remember the dead defender of the nation.

The 'Orphan Aiyluraj Band played The Star Spanfilwl Banner, In the singing of which fie crowd Joined. Hu ta Pert Greene More jthan SO, 000 persons attended the annual) high military mass under the auspice of Gloucester Camp, No. 0. rpanlalj War Veterans, and Long Island Chaptej of the Knights of Columbus, releorajed yesterday morning in Fort GreenelPark. Brooklyn.

The altar was placed it the base of the flight of stairs leading! to the elevation on, which Is erected the monument to the memory of the prison ship martyrs who died In Waliabut Bay during the Revolutionary War. The $rlebrant of the mass was Mgr. John Tt Chldwlok, President of Bt Joseph's at T.i who ws chaplain of the old battleship Maine then it was sunk in Havana He was assisted by the Rev. B. McOulr.

U. S. 1., as deacon and the ReV. li J. Iliirrlhs.

U. 8. A a. wh. tj draw suir deacon, The sermon was delivered Aby the xe E.

r. Duffy, U. S. N. Arthul- Somera, President of the Board of Education, acted as musical director.

The, singing was by the Boys Choir of the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, rii'iubering 100 voices. Edward j. Fltxsirninons acted as Grand Marshal. The altar was decorated with flowers and, lighted by many candles. The military nd fraternal organizations, attending! the mass formed themselves in a holloijr square about the altar.

Among the organizations which sent to attend the mass The COth, Jnfantry, ltth Infantry, la-fan try, land the 13th Coast 'Artillery uie eiut uuaro, united Spanish War Veterans Camps of of New Tork Stat. 4rmy and Navy Unions of U. 8. Array and Navy Veteran of U. S.

A. Vetfrans of Foreign Wars, Knight of tolqmbus. Catholic Benevolent Legion, aed the Ancient Order of. Hibernians. aWrvtces at Caraegia Hall.

A mepiorlai service was held in the I'rei Synagogue In Carnegie Hall with Dr. Heiiry van Dyke, the Rev. Dr. Stephen! S. Wise, and Major General John O'Ryan as the speakers.

vani Dtke spoke in support of the Leaguejof Nations. That Is what religion and righteous-net dffciand." he said. "This Is the doctrtn of Judaism and Christianity. Th! nations victorious are bound In honor make the result of their sacrifice seiiire by establishing a league of International pom-er to prevent a repetition ot jGermany's crime of 1014 and to fortes the rule of reason apd Justice among the states which govern the affairs cf men. Every man "who gave htihselij to this cause, whatever his crd.

tittered a sacrlfica on the altar of the frlRliteoua God which will be accepted LOd bleseed." Of- 4n Dyke criticised minister who dToca. the dropping of the us of- the Old Testament in Protestant Church I21lcft a'd he believed It Let Us Care For Your Securities During Your LLLLJ ier TF you are leaving the prorracced absence, you "c-keepinir. you, bondsj id we will give you receipt describing them. income anrl nnnefna! it becomes due, and remitted or. credited as you lirect.

khen phen you wish to withdraw the security you can flo so at any time, and! should you wish io sell way of them, you, can dp instructions. Our charge fcr this We invite you to FIFTH AVE of New York JU frtth Avenue. N.W. Corner 44th Strf tt 1 1 mii V-v- alwa JL i 17V II-. lill.J.

an effort to reduce religion to an 'afair idci nious parapner- nalia equailr repugnant to Jew and hon vnnstian' General O'Ryan BSid that ihu'lMaM snce of Jews and Christ I an ft lha tn mortal seryle was an example the -pirn loterance that prevailed among the tnea and. chaplain on the Nearly 5.003 ial service at the, United States National Cemeterr in tna fvimu trnia -trict of vThe, en1ce were wnuuetea ny tn Army and Navy Union. Sheriff Daniel, Griffin, preaided and an addrees was made by Countv Clerk William S. Kelly. a.nd.

bene- aiotion were offered by the Rev. John M. KJelV Of th flturoh nl tV. T71 and the Caspar Haff- taapuufl of Army and Navy Union. A volley was fired over, the graves of 8.100 soldiers and sailor buried in tha cemetery.

In. address anerux said "There is no otac in' tw. for Boishevtem. (Thls an asylum for oppresBea or. au nationalities, and in this great land there, 1 an maumi an.

portunRy for every one, The cherished nave left an inspiring example of what thl means. Bolshevism muatnot and shaJl not mar the glory Of the Republic Memorial service for Confederate were conducted In Mount Hope Cemetery at HaUngs-on-the-Hudon yesterday afternoon under the auspice of the' Confederate Veteran Camp New Tork City. The member of the camp came to Hastings on a special train, and were met at the station by Company A. United State Junior Naval Reserve. The Invocation at the ceme tery was by the.

Rev. Dr. Uither Canton, while the address waa daliverMl Commander William S. Klely. The me morial was delivered by Vice Commander A.

Commander Taylor in hi speech referred to the way men from tha South- and North had fought side by aide In the world war. Victory Memorial. Services hold last night at the North-Baptist Church, 232 West Eleventh Street. Members, the and Men's Police Ruervu attended in a ody, -and the the Rev. Robert Y.

Pierce, who Is a Maior on th hLdauxtnra at ik Police Reserves, preached a sermon on in the -fold or tne Victory Colonel' Avery MoDougall com- Service for the thirty-three member of tne Grand Array of the Republic who died during the year' were held last mvnt at tlxj churcb of the Strangers, Ulta Wont e. representing each of the veterans waa 1 4 I tapa" One of the rose was for Colonel Theodore Roosevelt a member of the Spanish war veteran; More man ruu repreeentauve of varion post in the city were at ths rvloes anu Joined in singing the Battle Hymn or the Repubuc." The sermon 'was preached by the Rev. Paul Mansfield spencer. TRIBUTE TO MAIL CARRIERS, Cathedral Service In Honor of 41 Who Died Last Year, More, than' ItSOO letter 'carrier 'attended memorial services yesterday ut the Cathedral of St." John, th Divine la.

memory, of the forty-one "members of the Letter Carriers' Association who died during the last year. 'The carrier were led by Peter Vandenoot, President of the With them-marched a detachment of carriers who have seen service oversea and who bore a service flag with 452 blue stars 'and six gold ones. The Rev. Dr. Howard Robbin.

Dean- of the Cathe dral, welcomed the carrier, saying: i lou nave come to a cathedral 'at a time when It Is raced In inaurninir tor the late Bishop Greer. ICt tftnely that you have1 rcome here' today, for Bishop Greer had ever the Interest of the city employe at heart. One of the last thing he said to me was that he was sorry would not be here to address you in cersonT Tbu have come" her to honor the men who have tiled in the service of the Government, died In the harness doing the work which -they consecrated themselves to do. Just a Bishop Greer died and it 1 appropriate that Hf church should have been selected. "When one thinks' of the Immense amount of work accomplished by a man in the service fifty years, as some of those who died were, it Is amasing.

In term of jnflta, I they, could have walked around the. rlob r.i time, and the 'letter delivered must run into th millions. It 1 gratifying to tnina or tne numper of message of comfort-and cheer you have delivered to mother and families during the war." 4-. The memorial address was mart the" Dr. William T.

Manning, who aaldt Among, all those ln th eervic of the Government there la no body men more faithful, capable, and 'useful than the letter carriers. I hope the time will come when you will secure better pay, more with the service you render and the ever-increasing cost of living. I trust also you will obtain a proper system of retirement oa pension after reaching old age." Vacation dty for cither a short or ar can turn over to us for -stociu notesL mortjeracres. iWrHI ccXertA nmmnrfw so by; ghg us written terviceare moderate, call or. write u.

'1 -'r-. TCTW rpTTirr0 rrw oft LAUDJBISHOP GREER IN SUNDAY SERMOUS Memory'of rf relate Eulogized in Episcop al Pulpits Through-, out City. V. IS: PRAISED AS A BUILDER Ltborlna the End, V. -Honor were paid to the memory of taie tfianop David- H.

Greer at memorial services in XYotestant Episcopal churches la. this city yesterday. Dr. William T. who spoke to the morning at Trinity Episcopal XThurch.

yJ? We are all thinking of the Bishop of thi diocese, called. sine last Sunday into our Lord's presence. It Is too soon for us to. speak manv words of him his-work among JJut can say uus, mac tne central not of his life waa hi desire a true. dlarJni at Lord.

Ko ono could be near the Bishop witnouc knowing that this waa hi aim. No on could know him without fwiinr the simplicity of his purpose, the sin cerity or nia character, and the reality of hi' "It is much to be able to say of any mani and especially of one high In office, charged with srreat resnonaihf1ltla that the chief note of his life was his simple goodness, his personal faith, and hi desire to do God' wllL and tht w. can truly say of him who is taken from ua He labored to. the end beyond his strength, and the call came to him. he would have wished It to come, in the midst of hi with mind and spirit strong xne Right' Kevi Charles.

E. Burch, Suffragan Bishop, said In his sermon at the Church of th Transfiguration: "The Bishop was on cf the greatest builders I have ever known. Every, one who came In contact with him- useu mm as a buiiaer." Pr. Bthra Tavy I ribat. The Rev.

Pr. Ernest Stire, rectot of the Church of 8C Thomas." said "Tbu Will not think' It atrnM I find at least a relaUonshlp at heart perween iavia the King and our dear Bishop. Burely the chief Das tor of thi. diocese was man after Qod'a own Heart He waa inspired by a glowing faith. In an1 his he train tentlonaUy revealed the window of hi own ail of them opened to HI faith mad him an nntimtirt tA an enthusiast He never failed to take me large view, lio could see difficulties, but be Saw that tha fnimlmtlnna were Whatever ought to be aon could be done, and he was ready to begin at once.

He was always a Duuaer. and difficulties4 disappeared wnen this man of faith' advanced. Oreat a waa Biahon Ciwy fith in God and 'In the' success of all 'work done for God, hi faith In mankind was equally remarkable. He had altfc In people and In the sin cerely democratic and had unbounded confidence in the conscience and Intelligence of the multitude. Some could not follow nlm to.

the extent of his position. but WA m.v.lA4 a K. V.1 1 dence of -experienced man of he added, courage. Friendly to that is large, generous, and noble, -he 'was the foe of all that is -petty, timid, nar- kumu. Mnm reapeciea law, DUt he interpreted it in terms of freedom and ant at hmuliini ir.

111 nu. BIHir fully remembered aa a man" of con- v( courage .10 "ftintMn them. Atitat'anlno it.t In our. Bishep, he waa greatest in hU rove, xiia -renaer sympatny was infinite, the sympathy that cares and shares and saves. Those who have watched him and HatAnv4 a klM i Board of Missions, the Church Institute ior negroes, ine city Allusion, and scores of stmiliar societies will tell you mr help.

Added to this, every Interest iun vny tyincrnw nun, wnetner the Illness of a Cardinal pr the needs of us samuon Army. Esteemed by All Churches. A letter from, the Rev. Leigh ton Parka, rector of St Bartholomew', was read at memorial services in th. church.

He was an unusual character," Dr. Parka wrote, in that he combined opposite Qualities to exeat pr -itoni naPfi' Man hAa any man we aow of in man an1 an l.luli.t rationalist of Indefatigable industry auu kcuuo uia enaeanng nature. I know man in my generation who nB nnmnlnaii a eupposed to be. dlsHlmUar. We was a simple and devout Vrfcri.

Uan. He had a profound and lovitjr aimmathv fnr tha nnnr I 1 .1 of him that he never turned his face away irom uie poor and the lowly Yet he administered charity wisely, and was the poor. St Bartholomew's Chapel is a monument his character and energy, a place -there the helping hand u. KKwums race irienutnip with him I neer heard him say a word vi truiciura. againsi a leiiow-clergyman anil ttila tx.

toward tho laity. The esteem in which he was held by the Roman CathoUc Church was shown in the invitation to act as one of the honorary wUbearers at the funeral of only Instance I know of where a Protestant clergyman has been asked to take a place in a Catholic funeral. HIa tiaa hn a l.knv owi career. He worked harder than most of jis, and died ss he would have wished, in the midst of his labors," WONDERFUL BARGAINS IN STATIONERY, LEATHER GOODS, FANCY GOODS, AND MANY OTHER TIIINGS. Specially attractive thowing ef Original Drawings hy the Representative American Artists.

BUTTON'S nrrn at. 4T T. xjay school Facing.Brosdway Overlooking he. Hudson "on the sta(e of Mr; Frank A. Vanderlip Illoetratad eatalor na qat WUJ0RD M.

A1WH. Director. DISCUSS THE DRUG EVIL .1 Women Ar. Addict. MIm MulhaU-Tella.

Audience. Stat Senator Walter R. Herrlck, State commissioner or In speaking iai nigD at uie cnurcb. of the-Ascension. Fifth Avenue and Tenth Street, aid that th control of drua- AAIM far a th Btat was concerned thnnM be under the Jurisdiction a regular SUt department, a number of institutions to ear -for addicts only.

The evening was devoted to a aympo-lum of the drug question and 'the speaker Included Health. Commissioner V. uopeiand. and Mlaf Graham Mttl-halL Deputy Commissioner of Varnntlr. i Senator Htrrick said that the laws th State at the present time were not adequate to cope with the drug Hls.department,' he eald.

had'no control over tn drug addict 60 far aa it could do so. It controlled tho druggist, the physician, th mantlfaAturar. and only th honest amons- thea. whii. tn oianoneat druggist, physicians.

ana manuiacturers. fie aald. could not be controlled. To eontmi tha aituaUon properly, he added, there anouia direct supervision of the addicts and control of their treatment by ospartment of narcotics. He realised that such a department would mean great expense, but he felt that if the public realised the need there would a a at as assy a 1 MuLh.J1 advocated radical legl.

uva oa mm uoject, preceded, how-ever, by public education on th drug situation. Sending addicts to 311 would not anlva tha nrnKUm v. K. 1 ci wu. DQI lu'wo girls and women vu9 uius TiJuiTiJi ana WhOM lTnmwf 11 1 -MsasTarf easrsa a Tk.

1 a under a scientific system of care and TO HONOR SOLDIER DEAD. Gravw of 70,000 American In rranc win Decorated. LYONS. France. Mav 25' Uiavht Presa) The grave of 70,000 American Soldiers who died tn Ptuim will decoraUd next JYiday under th auspice tee turee quartars of a million, foroes of th United State stlU la Franc.

General PershUK. Commandar tn has Issued a bulletin statlag- that all American solders shall participate in tne -Memorial Dy President Wilson wili service in. the American cemetery at near fans, wnere Ambassador Wallace will preside over the exercises. At KAmiflM. tlMf tha AMmnn.

W. a. lit: 1 the Americans suffered their heaviest luawa, uuiwu rerininf win speak --in the afternoon. At Thiancourt where Mlhlet arn huri .1 nn vi.

In General Pershing will deliver suvuwa ih we. inonung at xnut-sur UflM At RAnunt a lkatt.llnn v. ui.murw a v. hi rrnmentai uwu wu ug nooor io in Z.O00 soldier ueaa. na similar aetachments will par UclDala in nthar lar.a oam.t.i.- -Tha flntu Rarl.tratlnn D.u.

the Red Cross will assist in decoraUng ima. a uiiun iiowers ror the resting place of aU the American heroes a. fund for the) purchase of flowers' la beinar ralanJ tnw all are to be provided by the Graves Regis- irauun DciTice, wnicn is oo-operatlnc with American local organisation In an sections In arranging for the AFGHANS ASK ARMISTICE; Commander In Chief Writes to British Political Agont at Khybor. SIMLA. May 23-Th Afshan Com mander In Chief ha written the British r-oiiucai Agent at luiyoer asking, for maa aas uuvutsj.

flt .1.1. their Miss Meya Mortimer, to TTiinam jraaiora wniunore r'aul of otuy son or Mrs. M. Jl. Paul of that city.

Ko date has been set for uu nanover vouniy, vs. announces the engagement of hla daughter. Miss Kathryn Imnrena HaMm-4n a IaUm Wbeeltag, W. The, wedding wUl uo, ytwn tii new xora on une t. Tha Kev Jnhn iuju airs.

Nichols nf VllllBJnatnvn daughter. Miss Margaret Nichols, to the iwi. iwwri xv. varmicnaei. fdlas Nichols, on leaving the Farmlngton School, took up settlement work among Italians In and la nn.

In work In France. Tr. anf Ba. n. mn rtl Slde Drive announce the engagement of their dauirhtar vtk.i n-.

Z. to D. Qulnlan Goldman. Mr. Goldman rrccuujr inurntq rrom jTance, where he was an officer with the Army of Occupation.

Alice Oumpoit, a daughter of and ri. "Vr" "umporw oi vArltng-ton to R- Winter, also or Rrofiklvn -Xfr returned with the 320th Macliin-. Quh uaiiaiion. ou wivision. rrom rance.

Tha Rv. Tir ink. Yi nf St K. vuuicn, eat Ninety-ninth Street and Amsterdam Avenue, and Peters have an. nounced the engagement cf their daua-h-tjr.

Miss Joan Peters, to Willi Ward Far. a son of Mr. nA Mr. ir of Auburn. N.

Y. Miss Pet era' a father wr at bi aiicnaei since and Mm. Rphnanfalil exo 107th Rtrvot thi. Itv mwwivo ui- gagement of their daughter. Mls Flora ocuuraieia.

io Annur lioaensteln. a aon of Mr. and Mrs. Bodenstein of 255 West Eighty-fourth Street. Mia Allen to Act for Hospital.

The Sleepy Hollow Country eiuh wrti open to the public on Memorial ht 1U Garden Theatre, when a per-fonhanoe of Twelfth Night." with Vlnla Allan In td. l. t.l iiuia, will take place Friday evening for the benefit of the Osslnlng Hospital. Miss Allen "crvicrs. eora-e Vivian will be the director, and the play will be followed by dancing.

Tickets may Ha hayl at In 1 xora. A regular train leaves Scarborough for this city at midnight and a special train will leave at 1 A. M. The Chairman of the entertainment Is Oswald C. Herlng.

Diner Greet Mr. and Cob urn. A dinner waa riven to Mr. and tra Charle DouvIHe Coburn at the Hotel Astor last night by their i uremu tojiimonj. or tneir bucccss In Tkn nrtlfl.

Anon. .1. were Marlon, J.Verdery, Miss Emma iua, vwonei ana sirs. Thomas B. Folder.

Dr. and Mrs. B. Madam Tobin. Souvenirs were dU- inouieu.

wnn pictures or Mr. and Mr Coburn in their present roles, and of Mr. Coburn, st the age of 17 as man-arer of tha Kinik i vi- native city. Jubilee Gift to Dean McCIancyv pedal to The New York Timei. MIDDLETOWN.

May 23. Three days', ceremonies marking the fiftieth anniversary of. the Very Rt. Rev. Oeani J.

P. UcCIanev. nf at Joseph's Church In this city, ended today with the presentation of a purs of to.aOO from bis congregation. He was ordained by Archbishop McCloskey on siay isov, ana servea at both Bt. Joseph' and St.

Peter Churches in New Tork. Mrr. Vloonrv of Kt Pat. rick's Cathedral nraachad dun. at tha services this morning, and local author ities took part In the city' tribute at the Stratton Theatre' thi afternoon.

Ex-8enator Spooner Improved. The condition of former United States Senator John C. Spooner, who Is Ut st his home, 205 West Fifty-seventh Street, howed slight Improvement last night, it was announced by Dr. Albert Weed. me attending physician, it waa said at the home that the former Senator bad passed a comfortable da.

I -A LIDSEULIPLAll FOR ROOSEVELT TRIBUTE Offers City State Oppor tunlty to Erect Building in 'Natural History Scheme. COLONEL'SFATHERFOUNDER Report Just Issued Telia Prooeta of v. tha Inatltutlon In tha Laat. Fifty Yeaa. A sumrnary th great progress of the American Museum of Natural Central Park West and Seventy" sevenut Street.

In the last fifty year ha been et forth In tha annn.l maa recently published. The celebration of tne anniversary this year waa mntn plated, but the officers thought It more uesiraue to wait until five years hence. The report also announce that since it Waa th father of tha' lata Thaonnra Roosevelt who brought tor. the the (roup of men who founded th museum. ana colonel Roosevelt who led th Institution' exnedltlan Rnnth Am.W.

and contributed to It collections and cienoflo' publication, It ha deemed It aaviaaw to offer the City and of New Tork an opportunity to erect the main nlnl KtiDtlnv KKQa, rarjnr cntru Parle, a a memcK u. a Thft Tniia-ntn Vmi (114 va l.e i I wuMuuif iiWjCUVOU III VO(V Biuvm rounaea tn llliun VI U1Q lUUgrUlU IlaVVe CAntrthlltfaa arm. a wyA aal lt aav mat at while the con- muuuoni io ina.rermancnt Knaowment tuna nave oeen T.3Z2,707. In the meantime, the taxpayer of th city of for buttdirjr and tor maln- u.imuvv. ipi general or unresmctea endowment, which may be devoted to tha rAnr.l T.rv.

v. 1. v. Mm now approximately SO00.000. while during the last year and a half additional vuoaua ia me lnsutution ror general purpose amount to $2,105,000, Including AAA .1.

a VJO aAfWV- 009. The full amount of the bequests wiu-oe reausea uirougn ut recent action of.Congren In repealing the Fed-aral taw A i poed by th laws of and ll17. ropeaa war was a numbr of iood tiai- lZa.tlOTl anfft rrtfiMtrvatinn avViIKU feftr-hitaVt i BTFastf tK-AVtrti v. Clr-ala jiamea wera pnntl upon tft mtiMum'i Kv frnspiruoua Mrvice in otner alro tlAnM rtawlaAM VII a CB4U I Tt UltJ lntituUon. waa bad of the Red Crou bbvjiu wmt ox vne old or TnatnrSri -arVt A a.A a a Valets mvm TgVT-a Plarf" aMintrv earavA Tw X-aaa.

-waa wvaw a( gltMaf, Vi; man. Dr. Bashhford Dean, Dr. Henry E. Crampton, Dr.

C. E. A. Win alow and The Museum of Laving Bacteria, says fha rBAf h.a nnnwA r. vice during the year In connection with ura ana muuiuiu prooism created by the war.

Although th field exploration' of the mnatiim In amftAM 1 aaaaUaa all v--a -a sm vuvrcfiuru unui after tho war, it waa found expedient plorationa In China aa well aa in vari- OUft of North ant RmrtK AtnMa ajr the report. "Tho year, however, nnai lSen MiA nl tV mAt arlsat iw vA aa.aa, WVW1; SIB Ul vaiuro -jmujwt-TA mo museum in. re a f-H VA4 r.liri1ltfA-i wklak amava aaa a va. SI l- 1 aVBJ ported mainly through the generous provision of the Morris X. Jesup Fund." turn ciiiiunn cna arcDMOioniu tor the past year mentioned in the report arar Unv I-? An.4rAw.

TA.rf i MRiuna, neiir. Kan h. atorrts. Ii. T.

r. nyae. Leue npier. teroert J. eoln- m.ii.

Mtncri ranger and Albert Thomson. APPEALS FATHER'S DECISION Dauflhtar Crle out In Court 'When Ha eentencea Vagrant. Maristrats Tobias, sit tins' tn the Ifan'a Night Court last night, had th unique experience or having a decision appealed by his flaurhter. Mrs. Arthur B.

Kataen. berg, who was In court for th first time to see Her rather at work- as" a City Magistrate. Mrs. Kataenberg, acoom-Panled by her. husband, waa altttna- ant.

side of the rail when an old man named Peter Thompson, with no home, was ar raigned for sentence as a vagrant. Magitaaret Tobias looked over the prisoner's record, which was a long one. and decided to give him an Indetermi nate sentence' of hot more than two yars In workhouse, the limit for wuciiw. xxv pronouncfa sentence as gently as nosslhla. and the aged prisoner exclaimed Oh, Judgei Tha 1 Ma.WA.jl L.

B. Katsenberr. who apranff to her-feet, in papa, don't be eo cruel i iv i Vla Allr4 akajitaal va uav a s)uvMtoi 0 mm Istrate Tobias as he rapped on his desk wiui nin gavel. Mrs. Katzenberg.

hurried through the rate and up to her father. offered to pay the man's fine, but Tobias smilingly refused to accept it, and thtn evnlxlnatl tn hi. n.nkt.. a two years' sentence was a gift to the mendicant that would provide a roof aiiu iuu, TWO GOVERNORS AT UPTON. Weaternera Thdre to Welcomo Men Of tho 69th Dlvlalon.

peU to Tke Xeo York Times. CAMP UPTON'. L. t. mors.

Thomas E. Campbell of Arlxona and S. B. McKelvie of Nebraska came to. camp today to welcome horn the troops of tho.

60th Division, which im here awaiting transfer to camps for discbarge. Governor Henry J. Allen of will join them her tomorrow, when a general celebration will held. There will be a dance and an tart. in.

ment following the arrival of a special train frtn Mm. Va 4.. hundred relatives and friends of the of ficers ana men or the dlvlalon. ana sup- cigareuea. ana candy.

la rtiiniiMl t. V. I leave New Tork at 4 o'clock In the sfternoon. The guts were shown about wuity- vy aiajor oan rt. uurni, ea to offloa r.nvniA.

a 11. -v vr A. Secretary in COAST STEAMER AGROUND. Glencoo la' Refloated, Undamaged, In Newfoundland Watars. ST, JOHN-si Ni May Coastal mall steamer Glenco wvnt aground today while entering Marys-town Harbor, on tha west side of Fla-centla Hay.

There were slxtv nuun. gers on The steamer was refloated tonight, apparently undamaged. Auto Kill Child In Mother' View. Alfred ValinnOtU, year old. of 393 Crescent East New "Tork.

was rah over and killed near 'his horn and in-sight -of hi mother yesterday- by an automobile driven by George. Johnson. a roecnanra or lirant Street. Jersey City. 'Johnson took th body in the automobile and went to Bradford Ho-oltsi.

but th child was dead on hla ar. rivaL, Johnson was plaoed under arrest. Diet After Oil Plant John Fedrocko of 1 John Street, Bay- onne. died In the Bayonn lloapltal yes terday from Injuries received on Satur day when an explosion occurred In the Standard Oil plant there It was aald at the -hospital last night that seven others were in a serious condition. In all, thirty workmen were taken to the hospital following the explosion.

but seven ox. were aoie to leave ye. GERMANY'S GRIP BROKEN. America. Shown to Practically Independent In Chemlcala.

Germanya former hold upon the chemical industry of the United States Is shown by a report of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, la collaboration with th American Chemical Society, which was made public yesterday. Coal tar product, crude. Intermediate and finished dyes, as well as medicinal. r- considered la the repcrt, and It waa found oer cent, of th aniline oa used in this country was Imported from Germany. 'Germany Draetlcallv eon.

trolled the photo graphic chemicals used in this country, and at time furnished the total amount required. Eh scored 100 per cent. In many of the coal tar meaicxnai; Enonnou auantltle not only of anilln- dye but of vegetable coloring matters war sent to th United State from Germany. Sine 1911 th report show that rhara hav been Important developments In the chemical industry her and th dependence of American Industrie for many Important commodities was brought sharply to the attention of the Government. In many cases this dependence ha been minimised, and In others re moved through the creation of new en terprise and the further develonment of old Industries.

Conspicuous example of thi development ar th great expan sion or the manufacture of dye and coal tar-chemical by PrivaU rnanufaofnrers and th construction of large ammonia man uina acia piant ny toe leovern- DEATH OF JACOB GREER. Lata. Blahop'a 'Brother Expiree at Weat Virginia Momt. Special to The Sew York Timtm. WHEELINd.

West' Mar 23 Jacob Greer, brother of the 'lata Bishop uavia Jti. ureer of New Tork. died her today. Mr. Greer had lived an hla Ufa la thi where both he and Bishop ureer wer aorn.

WEALTHIEST. NEGRESS DEAD Mra. C. Wglkar, Real Catat do- ritof, Mad Fortuno In Few Ytars. Mr.

J. Walker, known aa New Tork wealthiest negress. having ao- cumuiated a fortune from the sal. of so-called antl-klnk hair tonlo ahd from real estate Investments In th last four teen years, died yesterday morning at her 'country estate at was proprietor th Madam Walker hair dressing parlors at 108 West 158th Street and other place In the city. Jler.

death recalled th. uauaual story of how ah rose In twelv years from a washerwoman maklnsr only 11 a tn a noaitin or weaitn ana innuenc among mem ber of her Bstlmate of' Mrs. WaOter'a farrniia have rum up to 11,000.000. Sh said herself two year ago that ah waa not yet a millionaire, but honed ta be some not that ah wanted the money for Herself, but for th rood the could do with It. 8b spent tlO.000 every rear fcr.

the education of young negro men ana women in southern college end Hnt all vanthi a 'rs. av.rv vaar Kha mmaii. u. nuionu vonitrmca on iyncning. own iuiy-on years ago, ana waa narrlal at 14 rA w.

at 20 with a llttla 1 rl Ia LL. worked a a cook, washerwoman, and uiv unui mom naa reacnea uie age of about X7. On mornlDf while bend-lna Avar h.r wa.h i ised that1 there wa no prospect on her nwpr. wii oi lajur away skayuung i8be)aad Aoftorl Said i that -on Ught iwruj uwrvira sne nia a a re am ana something told her to start a hair tonic UU.IUCW, wmcn ana aio. in ienver, VOL, on a 1 In a few' years she had accumulated a large sum.

and Invested la real estate in ft cat aixi Doun ana in isew York -Stat hmvU mU th. greatly Increasing In value. She then vwiaesu a ap.w,rV gkumw in UIO IlOrXXMTll IValPt nf ttilm 4-ttV wKlr-k saAffwaa- ah aTai Va ti Kt a4aineyKsM. Walker Kbineon. aaaocUted with her VUPIIlTMt.

fn 1 Ul 7 UlllltU tV.ltr.a I n.nvi vi Ii I '1 Irvlngton. on the bank of the Hudson, a mansion which cost 1250.000. and since then had made her home there. The house, which la one of the show til area In tha vUHnltv. la ihn.

vim ir high and consists, of thirty or more cm fuui inaiaura in mis ooilM an $8,000 organ with furnishings. In- dudlns- brflniA anil markl. iKuin, and paintings, said to be of Intrinsic beauty Obituary Notes. Mrs. ETfGEXTA caTTTKrinaM m.

BY. widow, of Junlua CI. Oalrab of ati.nt. die oa Saturday alsht at 67 Wast oveniyiinn treat. Mra.

BERTHA RITBFiVnTwtM Mrrar Kulianatrtn. a tn.l in Malrten Lane, -died on Friday at bt home. kv awminiaiae avenue, at (Be age ef i. BKRNARn wnvmnf Waataia, Praaidant ot tha-Oordoa Tutu.

Lompanj, aia rvstareay i ot. home. CM Eaat 141st street, ta his ninetieth year. CHARLES C. ABBET, lrrldmt ef the Boatoa Arena Comoanv.

diad vaatard.v Chieopa, ta his alxtr-savanth rear. (Ia had real aatata end baaklag latareeu ta Cblcopa and Bprtnafleld. Mia EMTLT BCt'DDEJl. 80 Veara old. a portrait palmar aad taartiar of art.

aiad reatarday- la- a hospital at flttaf l.M. Vtaaa. CHARLES M. IKIRTWICK. eaa af th.

wealthteat man In New Brunswick, died yea. tarday at hla noma In ht. Jotia. N. B.

A fw yaara anV ha aoid hla astan1-a lumbar land, at Baltnea Klwr to New Tork lntarata. Mr. MARY CRKENWAT WATKli widow ef Luclrti T. Waters, died yaeterday at her homo. 654 Warburtoa Aveeue.

Van-kara. la bwr arrant y-arvanlh vaar. Kh. was torn In New York Cttr. a davchter af the late WUlam and Jane aalth fcTunu Mra.

HARRIET LOtTMH mm Edward C. Fo. managing dlraetor ef the Motet Brest tn of thla cltr. died aaturda nlcht at the Copley plaaa 1 total, Boetoa, af rk. oar naavana ia JOHN H.

ttOKALDHOM. Tl vaara wi ef tha ehlppin- dasartment of tna Amarlcaa Caa Company, dtd on Bamrdar of paratyaie at hla hooM. ST Kichth Av.aua. Broaklra. CMARLKS W1LLMER-WHEELER dtad ett aturday at hla hmw.

"too. Aeraa. Bad ford N. Y. lia waa tha aurvtvtn nhu uni iirra oi onr-r a a.lar.

diss broker, at 12 Faari St rare ZlicD ADAMS-Auddrnly. Ratorday. May 94. m.iasa.. t-taranooa Road Flatboaa.

Jantee Erwla. baabaad af siaaaaa rruuama aaame. rvaaraj Wiee Tuaadar. Mar SI. at H.

the raatdanoa of ale aafco. 1,77 tXt at oraad Army rlteel by U. B. Grant Poet, ALD l. Harry VTUllam.

May iX. at Paorrar. pl.aaaeoor. Pre AMMERMAN. Amy M.

innms. wktow ef nivnn-i ammnM aa e.lura.T. star 11. at the homa et bar dauhter. Amy rMmlap.

II arhennarhora Brooklyn. fynriwservkee Moo day. May M. at a 3u Ja. BAPOER.

At Plslnfleld. If. Cm! order. ay im. xlsaboth Tucker, wife of the lata altar Boott Badar.

la the Tld nar ma. mrau earvtore Will oais at -tna name or bar ana -la-law Arthur L. Ot.teraon, IXM Everrreea A. i is raauaar.a taai ao nann k. a BEIA At Olaa Rldra.

N. Batarday. blay ja, ii. vraoa uaat Hrll. wtfa of Eroaat Rati.

Puberal ervtee aill bo be)d at her late home, tl ItMrtwood Ar, Tee, oar. Mar IT. at 1:11 P. M. BXXftOM.

Mary, (aaa McVtab. k-al wife ef Harry Banaon. Puaaral rraoa J.ha J. Pes (fc-l. 1 BOS Bathcale Tuaeday Mai 7, at 3 P.

M. later-meat Calvarr. BROWVE. Mlehaal. buahaad af the Ute E-uaaoatn Kree-ne.

at hla rreldrnea, rt. flat Hiluriii M.a 1B19. ruiaral Mrvtcre will ta 4. at the Charch of the 111 Baeremaat. roadway, at 71at ea Moadar, at A.

sOadly euit noaare, JJicD BRA ia hi. aar-IT kalov huataad ef llaoa-i Bratm, irvaa mm loving faith.r ef 14a. Aiiem. aa4 Carl Braaa. m-rI aarrw lata rMtdanra.

eno Wat Ea4 a lnur- tnal. TyUj aooralse. Cfcae paaan int, rami S. Carr. aa4 7 r.r- Taarrae Hath m.

as IW. Kkrfeala. aaarataa-. ee'earn, latarakact H. -y- en May U.

greeCy avntvad aaotaar mU wtfeT DAVExrORT-Oa May M. yia. Mary Dev. "port. fmaral aarHa at k-r late r.Mn- tm Oatae Kroaiuy-a.

a Monday evaolag. at e'aiaca. CERMODT. aCae Sarah tmrmmrtr ef i- et the aatM a Oa? aiara. Mra, Jaataa P.

WrOoon, Ht airtnoal A Brnatm aft-r. 1 DI "-77 oaaoan af PhikHDana TA CKmae. at his raaldanna, Tor-Una- A. Proa. Raqulaea maas Monde.

II A. Mot Camel Charoh. UTtn au as baimoat At. iMavaM Ita-. DZ grREOAAt bar raaidaaaa, Vfaat ln aa ai ea.

7-Uaaa CalbraJih irrtae. widow of aaeeore Zar.a aad daachter of the lata WUllam Ca.laedoa Irrtae ef Fall. a.ipuia. rauaaeiptua papers please copy May XT. OTfWr Thorna B.

anw, eatevad Baobaed Cllra T. 'aaa Mah-f) aad (atliar ef Marr. Katbleea. aad Jamee, iera) nxa hu vaioeare. I VtUi Ki Wadnaadav.

May la. SO A- taenre ta charoh ef ut. EusaaMh, ItTth K. aad flwmr- WW a eoiama raavl-m maae will be eelabrata. IatanDeat Bay a a a voDMnary.

riC3TER-At Wavehester. W. oe fat-v rdar. May Uolae BurAatla, dauehtar yaorao n. aa CfeartoUa U.

asatf yaara. ruaaraj nnv M. at bar talAri. a. WOoaa baloved tsasbaad of Ree yvar.

PunaraJ eervtee la the Oread Lodr Room. Maaonto Tampla. th ItX. T- bisaday. the aeta loat.

at e'cleck P. M. wi nT, ia ais torrf aaia rLATKAC rUx. Past Maatoe (imnrT.Tl LODQE r. aad A.

aa Mar 24. a iinerui Ulaaas. Maeoai futMral sarvtoM wttl be heU la the Oraad LsMn Keeea. Maaoele Tampia. Mtk Av- r.

Mar as, at M. latarmant I'Mo Plaid, fan tarr. 1J0 A. M. Tuaaday, XTlh taet.

Brethren pieaae aota CARL. W. STERX. Master. HARRT WKRXXJl.

PLATXAr. rIH, past rnstriet twevtr urend Master ef the 44 Maaoale DtaCrlct, raaarel win be bali qrn4 Led Room. Maaoale Tarn. tk Ot, aad Ota Ar, Mead ay. the la, at a o'clock eharp.

Bratbre the fratanalty are levttad to attaad. CARL W. oTWRN. HARRT WERNUt. aaerotarv.

rLATtAL. Tall i. Mambare ef aad formar PORTT-H BTOVO DISTRICT MAgTKRS- ar baraey ewamonad te art and raoer! evrvWe of R. Yf. FalU Plata-, p.

p. D. O. ta the Grand Lodr ftnora. Maaaeiie Mall.

UUe eranln-. kladim aaaamtie ta M-ooie Oub at airp. of ELMER LODGE nw. aa, r. anu A.

are raqu.atad a attend fanaral eervlra ml ear beaorary nember VmVtx, at the Oraad Lede Roam. Maaoolo Tao.le. Waat ttb aa Moniiar nine. War t. at o'clock.

Il.VEnTKI?i. Master. E. J. gCHWARTZ.

miM a. a. are areaeuy ra-eiMMnad te attaad the Maaaole faaeral rvloae of oar beloved honorary aaara-barv Klcht W-arehlpfel Palta Plateaa. ta InnEM rmo L' RosTW. eonle MaU, Moadar evaalaa.

ku it at clock. Br erdar T-H IT 1 mrvtrr rLFET At naabma. aa i CJrm r- arhtar ef th ITIL1-. WBIl 1t. Rola.

1 4 frUade.sre T.apaii fully In. vltad to attend fuaaral earvtrae at the raatdeaae of bar at -tar. Mr. D. L.

Vaa Monday, au fax ml -Aoatla Jernaaa. May SS, ltl. ba. 27 hwia and M. Oirna ma ilia raer hi aga, Ke-ttc Of fUDaral aaraartaa.

Boetea. May U. Rarrtat Lavtaa wi uwan ran ac tba Copley Mas Hotel. Peaaral aZvCla the Park etreM Cbarrh. Bnataa.

a- Teoday. Mar XT. st 1 A. M. littar- roraoa.

staia. Suivliad by laf ant daoaktar. Rewlrtt, fMra WlTtJam.) Buaday. Mar SS. Il.

aga T4. balevai mm, rivua aj J. ITVeJl jnPr maa an N.lUe jr. Hataoa. aervlee at hr law homo at Praaport.

L. at a P. VL. Wadaeadar. May I.

It la ra- iioware ao Bain, iater- aneot private. for r. 1 a. Cbare. Xh at, aa xweaaay.

Mar 17. at tiSO a'elnra rrLM--Oa May 11. Sara diver. widow of vanklia rylaa. at her ree.

nee. Hotel BerkKqr. Fimorel aarvtoae THB T-NERAt. CHt-RCK. Broadway.

tth Bt, (CaraabaU Building.) Meoday. at 11 A. M. la-termrat Btivata. GtLaJSf.At tho Ha naa ar Ca1a rri uiurn.

wire or toe late Polkr Offwwt ma or raan arar Cltr Hall rian Mxth Ward. Manhattaa. Rama tna at Joaapto H. Bakara. 17 City Hall Place.

Kreuioni aaaae at Bt. AadrvWa Creh. Ihiane Bt. and City Hall Flare, aa Tiit. day.

May T7. at A. GOOp-Aaale Gray dlad Saturday morn inc. fvmTu aai wui he held at h.r late raakt-aoa, 1.4TT Paeine Bt, Brooklyn, N. Toeaday rranlnC at a edoek.

Mar 37. 11. Intarmoat urraawood Comatery. Torepta. CCaaaaa.1 papere plaaa eoor.

GREEN. Buddenly. oa Bandar, xlav M. MIX A. Oreea ef l.Sii paeirie Brooktya.

rvneral earvtcae will be bald at tna New Tork Are. M. Chareb. New Tork Avo. end Ilaan Bt oa Til i day.

May 27. ad JO P. M- HAKIHT. On Suadey, May'tH. lia.

Ylr- nwni. wmcw at oil ban Lawrence Halcbt, aad daachter of tho lata Edward Hull. and Edwtoa WUlott Hall. Pa-aoral aarrlcea st bar late ran-aade Entlcwpod. N.

Ttteaday. May 17. 11 it aT Batarday. Mar ii raderlrk WlllUm. taloved haabaad oi Jennie M.

ll.lartrh. ainaral arvWe at tha Central Cowrantloaai Cburrb. Han-rock Bt, rtaar Praaklui Ae, BroeUy. Tuaedar. Ma Tt.

at a p. Vtfn Jarob Heaa, a Ufa-long reetoent ef niiiiimiin, rvnn, lathar ar axUth Haaa Kuoa, Ralph J. Haae. at SO Fuodar awrrrine. May EV at Nw.

York City. tajriml arao ta hi Bl yaar. latarmant at WIMwond. Wii-. lamaport.

Praa, Tueoday. May 17. vVlU-lameport bepers aleeee cenr. HIT Hoekvtn Contra. Laato falaaA Mar SS.

IWltf Aaetla M.lrta hZl I hie Kih yaar. puneral srrvtoae atile late ratd.nca. 17 Mapte Rockvlllo Caa-tre. Lena I aad, Monday ewaln. a alack, l.l.nn.111 BTJCTnaXMJa Satorday.

May ti, laia. tT widow of Freak Hlnta- tnaxja laa mm aVttla 0.0 tax- Md.r. liar SrookTra. 5f Raaby Road. wife af TV.

i- mMorom itvpp, at WbaaUa. V. aundar. Ma TA teta 1X LVfO.y ud3 aniy at ateey Breek. L.

of tha l.t. 1 I Jbasoa. Puaaral aarvvtaa at tho raat. donee af hie stater. Ml Hie be Brook.

Ira. ea Tuaoday. May tl. at P. of.

latarmoat brtvata. May T3. at bar raat. aanre. HI ITaataant Brook Ira.

Mre. 1 Marr JBnaoA kiow of jamae Jonaaoa. ruaaraj iron iDO v.narea ar Bt. Praada wia ana tajvou at aaorauic at 11 Calvary. XHr May tt.

Ahrtaa. aaa in lata BUrt Ludwi Kapff. rinrV, at hBrtoav L. Oapat, 111 it IT eoraar Meeroe Bt, Brooktya. oa Tialir evaalas.

Mav Tl at a KA AX A LT1K- Ta Batarday. May t. at hie 11 i riuiu av, SraoCra. Tbomas aftar a Uneortng r-oaaa. tar-marly, of Tblrtaaath Ward.

Manhattaa. urrtvad by hla widow. Jila Oaatailo, twe eooe. Lao an AJoyeloa. and daucb-ter.

Lpretta. RanVlam snaae adaaaoar. SO A. at Chwrah of Oar laa. i Cood eouneel.

lataraaost Calvary Come-tarr. Kri-LV Oa Vy -J, ltl. at bar raetdaneo, ta Hi a. nin i aaacntae Uta Tbornaa aad Marsaret availy. Notice ef faaaral latar.

tbd-amJ MlAafbaVakal Sbf Wlaaaa. bia- as. arnai rMM. ai i i i Zl 9 farts fs War II A. hZ.

from hta lite jT0" Jawy Qty. Prtdav. May 22. Jama, "a ot too late a. laae Danraa) aad fathar ef et.psoe the lata Jena IV: HiohareT kZ aod Valiam aad of Mra.

Thome Murray aad Mra. William H. Oark. ra-earel from hie tale rroldaaoa, a Av. ue aiatbwab.

Brooklyn, faora-maie br Brlrhloa to Klare Hlnwar oclork A. M. tbaooe to 6 apbae Roma Catholle tZ. be-taoaa 2d aad Laslnro Ava, Maahet-taa, whore a -aolaa hirh mM af wiu aa eel at 11 e'eiork A. iw mm af BIO aota CeJvary.

AutacaaOUe eertaga. 1 BfOUNO. OVAI, BQUAOg OILOMO. MANQUiag AND THg MrweaT CVTTINOS FIFTH AYTKCX Foarr-crzTa Dic5e t-KX-v- Ve.rr. Mnra) aay-tar eg Ttiemas Laaaee aad th laio Ma-y A.

McAraia aa turHti, Mar SX at 'ha tm- oaro. I Waat (ud Bt. oU ad faaaral kwreafW. LCB IT R. LVRarbat aTrtaaa.

widow of eh tat Mas Lvbotkta. ta bar aid yaar. ba-brrad anotbar Abrabajga. itra. Aara Garfoakol.

Lawiallarmaa, Kr-nard. AJaxanear, Am. Mra. Lous Ov-t-f- Mr. Mark ru-no.

Mrs. Airrad 1 Aaroeoua. Eva, aa Harry, ruwt, h-r bMta real 4 aai tl goat K. LTSAGlrT May Anas balrmf wife y. Lyaaht.

Fvyarl front hay IM nrat VMS t-. VTadnnaaar. at JO A. f. raeuim, waiae at Charch of tba Holr Kajna.

i AV. and POLk St. at lo a--lnrlr MAXOVILL Oa Mar 3. Aar bnlevag atane. taiarr or Hata.

Artkar. Marraa. AJfrad. Mra. J.

rmmmrmtK. Mra. st- Loar. aad Mra. M.

Ooidberg. ITaeerei stARrrv n. -r aa. at iav WKa- oo-. Ulstr, hald of Grao Moore Mania, ta hie Hat yaar.

Pbaarai METTrtN-At r.atkaa- X. 7, May rt. Ir. aaa at. wUe ef Ovy bCntoa.

rtautrai ear time win be held at bar lite reat- Tuaadar. Mar tT .1 1 a KOr7XTTf1 Mr XX. ltl a. rraaw bs both year. Intann-M at WeodUtwa Cksaoterx aa Moadar.

May aa OGLE8BYBuddriry, May U. Eayoala Ca- ttaebem. h.i.vd wifa the lata mm-y ot Atiaate. ia, et tha r-av-fare bar dau.htar. Mr.

RMcaad P. Kllpatrlek. ST rat 74th Niw Trrk Cltr. Faaaral atrrtraa at V- PBTLLIPB rbi May U. Iada baabaad af tae late Aun4 rhitlipa, f.taar of fiay P.

Harrta, Nrtu. rn'Mae. M.r P. toltk, Ida aLaeriiaaa, Dr. Cbarlaa Pbliltpa a a J'ratna ItUi.l..

Pvaaral htaoday. May M. at 1 P. Mayor a mxnt, la Laaos Av. all41r aaul nam.

FTROT-O May rt. after a Sheet Claaaa. XJaimaaj cvray. aoa of tK Uta Job, P. aad Vlrrlata P.

Partly Puoeral evr. toe at the raaldawr af hi OLa-ar. iirm. XnMllay Puliar. Hampotaa.

L. Moaday. alar 24. at X-r. M.

RtTNIOJf Oa Prtdar. Mar Saw- ii in naniua ot auairoaaara, N. J. Puaaral emv-o wvj ao ha-4 at the Leffma piae Chapai a Laffert Plaea. aar Oraad Av.

Braaklra, aai Moaday. Mar 3d. at 2 SO P. M. B.XTO?C Aprtl ao.

XL W. Rasyee. at teta "amaa ia kiii uarae-a. al. oral sarvw.e 1 .2 P.

ML Kay 27. at ttml reidoa of bid brntbar. P. P. Ruryon.

Uvtna-atoa Av Naw Inamlrt al BTAN-Oa May 7X, Maria A batovad L'i ot uaorro a- an Bontaar of lla, tnra. aad Marion T-jb. ria.ral front bar lata raatdeora. 3 FX1I. Av, Braas.

oa m. day. taay a. ltttHa maaa at Cbotvet ef tho fanuiy. Urn HiJ a4 Kaekreek Av, at 10 A.

M. l--rroaat Calvary Ceraaterv. a naa.ikl aM-i. aOTTNLLni-Mra K. Bchladlor.

matbar of aira. alalia wanal aad Mra. ia. OeUuaaa af Atiacta. Pbaaval at AUaaia.

(j. ALiaata a.aara aTMWJOX. WTTIajn Taadarbrt. -era TT. be- fatbrr ot Mary ttlneona A lira aag Praaoie PValdar Siaipana, at hla k.ia.

Maiawaa. N. Ma 2X. 11. runaral rvkoa Moadar.

Mar at 43 P. M. ta the Matawaa Piaatu aai lae Chor-a Trata lrav-a foot of Liberty '('relnU R. R. Of Maw Jaraay, at 1:1 P.

fcf. KMTTH At CWd Bprlac tt. Mr 14. 11. lar.

tudwla tai i lark, fornMraty of Norwala, Coaa, ta the TXA yaar mi TrRBB Fmq Oa May 24. 11 T. XL Hay. an tntirabant. ta bar tod yaer. S3 Waahtastoa Be, Mooaaa. M. oa Moaday, May 2d. at P.

BUT rHX. Oa batarday. Mar 34. Jaae Kevaa Praaer. boiovad wife of Daaraa t.

Batphaa aad daorktar of the tat a Jamao and Baaaar K.r aa Praarr. puaaral wnkw at bar bt. faaidnare. 171 Eaat 10th Bt, aa Taaoear Snareta. Mag 21.

at 1. bUadlr omit laam. TIK'MPBON. Elisabeth mm Batarday. Mar 24.

balevad wifa of J. 11. Tboanpaua. 'aneral saoboe Moadar aft'raaua at bar late waldffira. 'aaoa Boulavaad, Gardaa City.

Trala laavae Loo lalaai aid a Hen. Btatlun at 1 a 'dark. ii arrrate). WARWICK- Cat Mar 14. t.

Rarhel. be- baral aorvtraa will be bald at THE TC KCRAL CHCRT-H. Campball Balldicx. Broadwer aad eath Bt, an Taoaday at I P. M.

latannaat orlvala. WATERS. Entarad Into raat Batarday. MAy 2A. 1W1.

Mary Uaaaaway, widow of Loctan P. Watare aad daabtar of thav ir nunu iTt- mti aaa aaoe vnnaryt Bratth, ta the TTik yaar af bar aa. r'unaraj arVae at bar lata raaldriaai. 4 Av, Yoakvra, at a U' IrMnU at Oaklaad Cetnoterr. WriNrTTEL' Raraard, ta hla Kh mr lnre ratbar ad laaar Uout aad baa.

Kacbarl Iwrnateta. aad Kate JOrarl.bara, Fuaeral Tveeday, May 27. aa 2 af" from 40 Laat lilaTit WHKKLJra At hla Immm. Btoae Arra. ttaaa tore Muia.

jn. -aturday aftrrnon. ill'Li" HL- Chart-o. bltHM.

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