Lansing State Journal from Lansing, Michigan on May 2, 1937 · Page 2
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Lansing State Journal from Lansing, Michigan · Page 2

Lansing, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 2, 1937
Page 2
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PART ONF.-P.c ? THE STATE JOURNAL, LANSING, MICHIGAN, SUNDAY, MAY 2. 1937 LIST Fill LABOR Farmers in Meed of Help in Ingham and Clinton Counties Asked to Aid Camera Art The National Re-emplormer.t SrY-kc, 12V, North W4hitrlon avenue, has rauoilahed contact polnti In aey-fril ton in lit CUnton and Inaham routines lor the benefit cf the larm-rit hrn Uiey an In need of (arm help. Any t timet deslrlnt farm hand or firm couple should iel an application blank ahich he may null to the National Ito-emplu) mrr.t Srnrlre where It U1 be given prompt consideration. Thla at nice Is free both to the employer and employe. farm application blank may be ae cured Iroiu the following plaret: Bath. Rath Farmers' Orator or 8. E. KwUiga store; Buiikerhlll. T. L. Doty:;ie, James Kellrjr Hardware tore; DtWltt. H. E. UrUke rocery store or If. 8. Oriiwuld Ford (arace. Perry Brother Chevrolet taraie, Woodruff Brother bank or Eldridw Hardware tore; Holt, Alberta Orocery and Dry Good ttore. Mobile gas tatlon. p a DR. MAX THOREK Dr. Thorek of Chicago, lnternatlcn-ally known pictorial pliotot rapher, w:12 be the ipeaker at the tleventh annual meeting of the Lantir.f Camera club at the Home Dairy Sunday evening. Fullow lni the annual banquet, start- Shell (it UUon or Bmrlalr ta-ln t o'clock. Doctor Thorea wl.l tlon; Ialie. trails Elevator company speak, show aoroe of hi picture and or Lealia Oraln and Produce; Maaon. exhibit slide. B merit Feed and Supply company. Doctor Thorek picture have been Couch Implement company. Maaon' hung In virtually every aalon to Airier- Elevator company, A. A. HowlrU company: Btockbridge, R. C. Brown Hard- VOTE ON COURT Both Sides Claim Victory Within Reach in Senate On Proposed Change Wealthy Widow On Honeymoon Mrs. Pauline Eogers Wed Secretly in Gotham to Walter Hoving WAS1UNOTOW. May 1 CS ponenta of Preldent Rooeevelf u-preme court enlargement plan tonight claimed 41 aenate vote or only one less than the majority needed to defeat the bill. Thl count, however, was dipited by Chairman Ashurst of the aenate judiciary committee and other admin titration faithful. They declared the bUl tQ have 50 vote In It favor when the final roll NEW YORK. May 1 (CS) Mr. Pauline V. Rogers, widow of Colonel H. H. Rogers, multi-millionaire oil magnate, let sail on her third honeymoon today, with Walter Hoving. i chairman of, the board of Lord and Taylor as her new mate. Their marriage took place in deepest secrecy in the brides beautiful apartment in East 5(th street Friday, with only the closest of their relatives and friends in attendance. By coincidence, or by p rearrangement, the ship they selected for their bridal trip, as well as the time and destination were the same chosen by ware store; E. B. Btik Elevator or C. U. Lai.tu 4: Son. DON'T SCARE ICKES' BEARS IN THE PARK I. AT1W1 A the rift In Democratic rank, over I 'he former Rogers- son. Bradley the court controversy widened Sena-'.D -J B0 tor Burke (D) of Nebraska urged that.ed "fflonSn0d!n- . iZJIa. I. v-.JL Aboard the Monarch of Bermuda. IIKIiUt V 4V St IWAIUIt WVVU to withdraw the measure. Burke made the suggestion in a le'.- . . rt 1 1. -1 , . riifltAt, ., rZiVr ! foursome honeymoon In Bermuda. na?Ta. the measure. know t ArraSeti, would 1- tatta' thf " Bradley to fZZJSSi! awinn in Reno, immedutely she ob-L S t L ner divorce from Louis Reed, of thla proposal to tear oowo our. ,.,. -,, ,k. .,H.n, h,, Judicial JStm. You love our President foreU in a fortnight, the CCC re tachments seek to restore a portion nf th t' formrr timber s-reatness. ,tne motner ana ner new nusoana. ana nunyanesaue. indeed, are the pro ber son and his new wile, steamed tM. K .lthnuch th 19.- away for what might be termed a noo.OOO habv tree? which the CCC boys are setting out in the forest preserve this spring all could have been kwt EMULATE L BUM TASK Manistee National Forest to Have 19,000,000 New Baby Trees as Result WELLSTON. May 1 (Jfh- Backtracking the desolate trail of Paul Bunyan, 800 civilian conservation corps en-rollees are moving through the vast Manistee national forest this spring trying to repair some of the havoc wrought by those who sought to emulate that legendary giant of the Michigan timberlands. The program which the ecu ooy Man Prepares Own Funeral Illness Puts a Halt to Elab orate Plans for Self-Conducted Rites DANVILLE, Ind, May 1 W Propped up in a chair at his home near here. Wade Millman, 88 year old farmer, insisted today the heart at tack he suffered tils week would not interfere with his plans to conduct his own funeral services on May 16 Millman was stricken with a heart attack on the day his wife was buried and for a few days physicians feared he would cot live to carry out his funeral plans. The aged farmer plans to invite friends and neighbors to his own fu- hava maDDed out for themselves l fully as prodigious and spectacular as 'nl ggyyices which win be held ln that of the mighty PauL but. where a gtovt nw .1. He already Paul Bunyan gioneo in leveling uuiclnaj had hls clfkct je. imploring him to withdraw thla plan which seeks to change our lndepend ent supreme court to subservient tri- lea and abroad. He Is a recognised au pert of our people. The letter was in cognizance of an T ACQUITTAL V E RD1CT '(ly4r4 ltm r II you're planning on vlilttr.g or some such placa this summer take hred: Don't wal dirty sl.lrt In any of the government' rippling rills. Don't dig for cotl or oil, or gold or travel. Don't fuh with r.eta or seines or trap or dynamite or drug. Don't buUd ramp within 33 feet f a fire hydrant or a main road, dont have it unattended for more than 4 hours, and don't dig up any turf for foundation purpoM. Don't make any nolte at night tun-ha a bear or something equally ori-ligrrent approaches! and don't play the radio loud enouth for any bjdy tlf to hear. Don't play pinochle for momy. or lug any gambling derlcw. roulette ". "L ? ' pieces of photography ever shown. . h. L -nt i editorial publithed ln a paper owned !?' f, "Hulby Howard crlticliin, BuTke for op- gan and a large delegation of camera POnS the court bilL enthusiast are expected from out 01 town. The aenate Judiciary committee pre pared to resume deliberations Monday on numerous amendments to the court bllL With committee opponents of the measure outweighing proponents 10-S. an unfavorable report U expected when the committee votes on the bill May IS. Birth Control Now Isle Law Mauran Smith, Wealthy Gold Coast Heir, Leaps from 12th Floor of Hotel Man Charged with Slaying His Sweetheart Must Let Jury Decide NEWCASTLE. Ky, May 1 U8t A drienj motion for a directed ver- diet of acquittal ln the murder trial of 3 p R , Miy , (UP) Brit. oen. Henry n. Puerto Rkroa first birth control bill, Puerto Rico Bill Is Signed Despite Stern Opposition Of Catholic Church CHICAGO. May 1 CS) Warning a doorman to "get out of the way, I'm coming down" Muran ("Bud") Smith, ; prominent gold coast playboy plunged to his death from a 12th floor hotel window today. The wealthy 36-year-old heir to part of the Wells Fargo Express fortune had occupied a $175 a month apartment at the fashionable Ambassador Etst hotel. A half-filled whisky bot- Hle was found r.ear the window. ln the vastness of Paul's beard. These young trees are being taken from their seed beds at the Chittenden nursery here and carried by truck to previously selected sites in the government's fast-growing foreJt. When they have been planted, approximately 80,-000,000 trees will have been set out since this reforestation project started more than three years ago. Besides this goal of 19,000,000 trans-plantings which must be completed this month eed beds in the nursery .here must be prepared for new plant ings and 4.000,000 white and Norway pine seedlings must be transplanted T.ithln the nursery for another growing season. Fast Is Ended After 53 Days Tennessee Mountaineer Says 'Lord Has Spoken' ; Asks For Tea and Broth wheels or whatever. Into the parks. A pair of dke may cost 11,000. jMsnlull after both side hsd re-trd. Drnhardt t charted with the flavrng delKned to check the Increasing over- Dotit ahoot fliecrackers or'atar.-t0' hu ""'" M'- vta Garr Ti" Menendci Romas signed it despite vlg- STOOPINQ OAK, Tenn.. May 4 (UP) Jackson Whitlow, mountaineer religious realot, ended his 53-day racf Satmriav with the sudden dec- Mctive for the leap was seen by po- . ' lon th. hM fpoktni Uce in falluri to get in touch dm him to eat. with hi divorced second wife. Mrs.i . . t b , 4d Frn- Alln Cl-ne. now in Florida. He M me t0 tak'.b?1 U "Q population of the Island, became IawjHjte, cordj reVMled he aUempted tt ome squirrel broth, wmuow aaw w today when acting governor Rafael re,rn her at her Chicago home last h1 wa weak volce' mlsslon There may be one change ln the funeral plans, however, Millman first said he did not want a minister or an undertaker -when he dies but today he bad about changed his mind. There was an undertaker for his wife's funeral and Millman said now he 'might" aUow relatives to employ an undertaker when he dies. ABEAM GUEST Queen Elizabeth May Look at Beautiful Maharanee, But Others Barred , 'lor. don old tiira or ride motorrycisj on bridle paths or plant a vegetable garden. Don't take a bath, except at ipe-r a! bathing place, and don't taki a rvw. " . ' .'diet an automobile while diunk or eioct sdvertlilng billboards. I The ca-e l experted to go to the Jury of 12 farmer Monday following orous I church. ! night umUngupaddr;. Th' law 'ttatoute penal rcc d in 1934 with tain and bagged a mr?J fode W Pfrm,t lt lal of. f"tra- a $50,000 settlement was confirmed by broth. has ended Tommy Whitlow, aged father of the ly due to brooding over the former i faster, roamed the Tcnnesfee moun- squirrei lur me opposluon of the CathoUc I That 6mllh-s despondency was part I ,tvf st 1 14 Hit.timli'atlrn rf Infitrnii i . - . ... 1 ...,.,n . Motion fur a d..ecied acquittal v-r-! rnTbh S T wnceiodc , menu. , rlorence wmuow a - was mde on the ground that j ZT Z , : , , , . 71 foiice no lorcro; tne locnea door oi mountain wue oi me man ,the proicutlon hsd not proved Mr. I """," 1 " , the one-time stock broker s apratment jused food "on the Lords oraers," .Taylor was murdired. It was the . . . .... . lound torn pieces or a note aaaressea scnt 10 miles down into tne valley lor i j ,.,. rf. ),.! " uciniB ....... to his mother. Mrs Marv T. Smith of imi C!K,n lire lor Ilirmooo. w ....... ..,i.h v. . ' " '"iswus uujrn, ..u c,,. Mnnir. Cal Thf not- rfart- , , IkfUUKr Hl.lllHtl u. I. .1 u bum . , . . . . . ... . arcp dogs or cat Or operate a mo- , . . ntnurr. iwnui juuuy iia ion- lr!l ,9a. . Before Apill. Mrnrnoez said ctions raided asln.t s IUI StUCly nad Con- I -xv. , r,thin. mnr fr.r m to renin. Saturday, (he defend I?" ST.- te my body cremated." tpecUl prrmlt. or lpe souvenir isrve initials in an thing. The:e a:e numerous other rejulj. lion ai;d more will be publkhca as Use need arises, but these seem to cover the main point PR ESIDENT ROOSEVELT without . ' mtd e rt te.t.mony calculated ' S',cn,V!TLdrahat uvenlr. or ,t thw ,lul 0cD. ; highest publ c mcrah . lie added the evils of unequal land distribu tion In Puerto Rico and absentee land- eral Drnhardt's declaration that his tV,t7rJu in Th. trui : whlrh Warhed Iordiim " Intensified by the tcem-. '.""J'? il'.-i population, increasing unemploy- r.,JL.." '. 'L, " ,ZZ .7, mrnt and poverty. I ABOARD U. S. S. PENNSYLVANIA two ruv. .M. fell olf Saturdav so! "The -Und mu.t continue agrtcui-w-,.h u. S ,h ,u.t .J,:. . f,w n,r,n. r,e in said. "There b no hope of FLEETS NEAR 'BATTLE' IN PACIFIC WAR GAME LONDON, May 1 (US) Even King George himself will not be allowed for a fleeting moment to rest his eyes on one of his most beautiful oriental guests, the Maharanee of Jodhpur, who has arrived in London for the cor onation. It was learned tonight. Queen Elizabeth may see her, but the rest of the occidental and oriental mankind must not "defile" this Hindu queen by so much as casting a glance ln her direction. While her lord and master, the mah-arajah, mixes with his pale faced friends here, plays polo with them. dines and goes to theaters, his little queen remains at home. She will never see or speak to one of her husband's friends. Only her near relatives are allowed to speak to her, for she keeps strict "purdah" (Privacy). Her trip from India was a romanitc one. The maharajah reserved the entire cabin of the Royal Dutch Air liner which took them from Karachi to Croydon. So rigid were the precautions taken on the flight that no male person saw her. Normally, the Eastern mail planes at Croydon are met with crowds of sightseers, newspapermen and cameramen, but when the maharajah and his party arrived the landing field was cleared thirty minutes before the plane TROLLING FOR TAR PON Ith' courtroom. OALVESTON. TV . Mar t UP Prcldent Rooetett trolled for tarpon late today in the choppy water of the CJulf of Mexico. The nay detroyer Moffr'.t, which orount the Prci.k!rnt into MASS PARACHUTE JUMP SCHEDULED FOR TODAY il'f"'h..rough Pleet. May 1 (US) rapid industrialisation to Solve the ' ' -"" problem of unemployment conditions as possible and with the qeunlly, it is our duty to attack the soure of the evil by limiting the popu- a scientific birth con- 8MITHFIELD. O. May 1 UP) - 0fr?M SIlUllS CrOWtl trie Prci.klent into Texas raul "". Hir-ujriu. nun - c . iv water from New Orleans, put in at 'e,r and mam Iraper of the, UtlC 10 dUPei'StlflOU I " Hawaiian Islands as the prize, rival fleets Jockeyed today for a general engagement in their war maneuvers. Admiral C. C. Bloch, leading the "black" fleet, as trying to take the Hawaiian L-land, while Vice-Admiral T. Tarrant, commanding the beef to make the beef tea. "The Lord led me into this and; landed. he will bring me out again," Whitlow a canvas tunnel was borrowed from told his wife and parents who have the Imperial airways and through this been with him during his 53-day fat. the little queen and her malds-in- He refused medical attention, of- j waiting skipped into the covered car fered by Dr R. E. Standcfer. of Dun- which awaited her and so she was lap. asserting "I'll depend on the ' s'lthcl to London. The cameramen I were warned that any attempt to take Whitlow sipped the squirrel broth !? Photograph of the maharanee would aith relish. His wife brewed a second regarueu m sue pot, so it would be ready when he be comes hungry again. Rose Maxine DeFoe Weds Hast in gs Man Spcll to The Sttte Journal: CHARLOTTE. May 1 With 500 Kuests in attendance. Rose Maxine Port Arkaiu. at 1:4 n. m. C8T. It fcml"" '. a rarafnur ciuo. sam too.y 1 the U.t. 8. Potomac, . " , " tied up alongside to prrmlt the Prraidrut t trarvlrr to the Utter vessel, on which he will continue his Il-day fuhing vacation along the gulf coait. KANSAS LEGALIZES SALE OF 3.2 BEER ful club members to make chute Jump tomorrow a LONDON. May 3 (Sunday) fCS i white" forces, is defending them, and . DeFoe. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mur) I at this hour they are feeling each I H. DeFoe. tonight became the bride cf oi Mr. .rfr i Superstition may prevent Queen Eliz-Lj, Dla ,. , , ,hlns:ar.d Mrs. William R. Cook of Hastings. l uhuiui.i. l th from weirlnr hT rrnwn wllen I i ... - j riiu urcu. .a:iSMiii Not.Ir' m,n"w'he holds court with King Oeorge for Af' , T 'JTl'V flt time on Wednesday, the Lon-at Cincinnati, had assured him t oday j . . ,7,. by long dl'tanre telephone that arrangement have been made." all, "IOPEKA, Kan.. May 1 llT The xiurl and the schooner achieved rr-twrlab:lity in Kantas tday alter a -.mir w:lod In whkh C.irrle Nation don Sunday Express said today. Although the former Princess E'-iz- "We have dr.-tuVd to Jump by pairs nal " Instesd of all at once." C.llnuk said.:" ouwn unt coronation cere-Aviation authorities believed It would ; mo"y ln Westminster Abbey, her maj- be the flr.t nonxhlJ!tI.m mas pars-i"1 privileged to wear tne oiamona haik'-d her way lo toi) billing on the prohibition Mage ar.d Kanta srolllsat gve Hie ration the blind pig. The whlfky pony and the gin Jlcer still were out, honrrrr, and a bottle chute Jump In thla country by civilians. CITY IN BRIEF studded platinum crown beforehand, if the arches are removed. Queen Mary always appeared at court wearing her crown, without the arches. But because of an ancient superstition. Queen Elizabeth may de-. card party next Wednesday evening at REGULAR SUBSCRIBERS: If tour Journal hai not arrived by 7 oclock. call The State Journal office before t o'clocl:. Prompt deliver vitl be made. Dial S-9134. "HI I EX OK tLl'BS" DIES NEW YORK. May 1 "J Mrs. Dore I.von. "5. known a quarter of a cen tury aso as the "Queen of Clubs" be-lelde to make her first court appear-; 7:30 oclock at their hall nf wine was bryond the law. for Kn- ri,Uf of her extetuive r'ub actlvttlr. ! ance in a brilliant bandeau festooned1 Grand avenue. as. In erarlng the bene dry bill it re-!aifJ today in St. Vincent s hospital. cua money. tau-d when national Prohibition a she was editor of the Ctuow Oman's The Rev. Russell McConneil read the Episcopal ring service. The bride is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the co-educational school of Yale university. She also attended Columbia university. For several years she has been a senior health counsellor with the W. K. Kellocg Foundation in Barry county. Mr. Cook is a graduate of the University of Michigan, the Carnegie Institute of Technology and the college of Journalism at the Unlversltv of I Missouri. He is editor of the Hast-The Knights of Pythias will give a Banner Following a wedding trip to Wash rrnraled. made proviMon only for the mssaiine and preakient of the com- j nCoLUC.nO flUlsl rLAIliL LOST IN DEEP JUNGLE a of 3 J hrrr. Ipany whkh publuhed It. 212'i South ington. D. C. the couple will be at home after May 10 at Hastings. HEAT YOl B HOME WITH A SAVE FAIRBANKS MORSE STOKER OX DISPLAY AT 41 f !l S. I.OUAX PHONE JUI 2 "pea Tuesday and Thuradj lienlnjc 7 la t McKEE LUMBER & FUEL CO. 30 r .ua-ik a.s w a an (.im .aw. s-wjya u v j i Delayed ) A'i Four rescue partleij slashed through almost impenetrable i luneW anulhweAt of hfr todav in search of a Ver.eruelan government ! "'PP11 scveral en"ies . . . . . . ' Dav tournament at Mars airplane, lost in tne dense tropical growth when it was forced down April 23. Two AmerU-an. both Injured, were Kite Tournament Success As Five Events Are Held camera would be liable to confiscation and special branch men were there from Scotland Yard to see that these Instructions were impllcity obeyed. TON OPENING OPPOSITION DRIVE GOP Chieftain Declares Evils Of Present Administration Must Go 107 E. Michigan Avt. Dial 52924 MONDAY SPECIALS A OUR OWN FAMOUS r-i -v BONELESS fU SMALL Mc STEAKS U vib. 100' ; Purt LARD 12 l2C lb. For 1 hat Tasty Dinner Who! or Sliced LIVER . . . IbslOc Sliced. Kindle BACON TID BITS 17c lb. Boneless Beef Stew. .lb. 16c . Pork Steak .IbTMc Despite the whipping breeze that In the Kite Day tournament at Marshall field Saturday afternoon, the event was pronounced a success by Mrs. H. R. Har- Ivey of the city receation department. I RAir.fH out tut Raturdav and with the plane, three survivors -ho' owtd undtT weelC local fought their way to El Dorado said. youtn en joyed Its first chance to show Co-Pilot Meodora. one of the trio iu handiwork and skill. A wide range who atruanled out of the Jungle, sa-d and variety of kites were displayed William Armstrong Perry, writer, of from cumbersome box-kites of the old-Weatport. Conn, had a probable skull fashioned variety, to "miniatures' fracture: Frederic D. Grab of Chi-1 measured by inches. One of these dl- Many of the entries were eliminated because of Insufficient length cf string. Unfavorable weather during the past WASHINGTON. May 1 (US) John D. M. Hamilton declared tonight the first task of the Republican party is to fight the "evil" in sovernment un der the Democratic administration and to cooperate in the "good." The chairman of the Republican national committee, opening his campaign to rebuilt the G. O. P., in a radio speech called for aggressive opposition to the administration. Saying he spoke for all the Repub lican leadership. Hamilton declared: The attempted prevention of evil in gover- tent is the first task of the opposition. It must be discharged without fear of official disapproval and without fear of popular misunderstanding, for an opposition party becomes again the party in power only through an appeal from passing passion to ultimate sound Judgment." Hamilton told the Democratic party If Vioii M it-1rnn.' AnnAcltinn in rvr- two Saturday, had MW In k;P-:der to make the present administru-ing the boys and girts away with adhere ircips., instad of tain. Five Events on Program Five events were on the Kite Day schedule: Strongest-pulling kite, hlgh- 'est-f lying kite, smallest kite, novelty 'kite, and getting kite up first. Follow-ling are the winner ln each of the cago. United States legation commer-1 minutive entries, less than half a foot 'events: clal attache at Caracas, suffertd con-;long wa modeled on a maple-leaf Strongest - pulling kite: Richard tu.lons. j motif and actually flew. Less spec- Bunnel, Holy Cross school, first: Fred Th. 'h r..r i . .h,..i!tacular entries made of newspapers or! Flake. Oak Park school, second, and i: .u t . i inv material handv. our. ur a aood Bernard and Ray Nolan. Walnut snowing againx coicriui compeuuon. m.ikjui. iuhu. 'blindly following personal leadership.' Weather Data port cn the Cuyunl river GREAT LAKES SAILORS BENEFIT FROM RULING DETROIT. May 1 4l Several thousand great lakes sailors were potential beneficiaries from a court ruling here today upholding a federal statute of 1979 extending preferential treatment to alien sailors employed on merchant vessels tinder United States regit try. Under the atatu'.e. such sailors may attain citizenship after three years of continuous service. Five years of continuous residence Is required by the general citizenship status. lltlRESS WINS DIVORCE RENO. Nev, May 1 (U8 Mrs Natalie Price Ouggenheim Studtn. 'The captain daughter of Edward A. Guggenhrtm ; quite a wreck and helres to the tart Guggenheim "From something that's oil fortune, won a divorce here today' since last we saw land ml'hnut mvilir.t hrr kWitltv a the! "You see. on this ship petroleum hcitcM. r i! - fir- j Now Puff and Penguin are safely on' I deck. j Highest-! lying kite: Russell Scovlll, Main street school, first: Don Morrison. Pattengill Junior high, second; Fred Flake, Oak Park school third. Smallest kite: Robert McQrath. High street school, first; Russel Sco vlll. Main street school, second, and ! Fred Flake. Oak Park school, third Novelty kite contest: Fred Flake, Oak Park school, first: Austin Dal- STORM TAKES TOLL OF FIVEIN SOUTH Damage Reported Heavy in Coastal Louisiana and Mississippi jTVo Still Live After Long Fall NEW ORLEANS, May 1 Flvc n.r,ne t-4iiH lact l'id'.t and to day in a general storm that caused several hundred thousand dollars W property and crop damage to coasu" Louisiana and Mississippi. A tomadic.arm of the disturbance which was accompanied by rains measuring up to more than five inches. lUihtnlng bolts and hail, struck the Phillinston community in Pointe Coupee parish. La., and killed three negro dwellers. A half dozen villages were swept by the tornado ln Point Coupee and Avoyelles parishes, country houses were blown down and trees uprooted. Farm crops, tomatoes, truck, ana the Louisiana strawberry crop were materially damaged. Dr. J. W. Pauche, of nearby Morganra, La., estimated that between 75 and 100 per sons were made homeless in the af fected Louisiana rural section. Red Cross workers took charge of relief. CARS MEET ON US-23; THREE IN HOSPITALS more than 70 persona bare killed residential district below. Officer Forrester said be found k note in the bridge which read: "I Mm Myrtle Ward. 4329 Van Bom Afo-. Los Angeles." The officer said several persons saw the woman throw the child and then leap. " v Young Woman Leaps from' Pasadena Bridge After i Throwing Child Over RnnY f)F WOMAN FOUND ! - . . ...... - PASADENA. Calif, May 1 (.) A young woman threw a child off the 100-fOOt hich Colnradn -tr.t hrlrfu. today. an then leaped herself. Mo- wrejtie ucicer Lee Forester reported. Both were taken to a hmmttai hr. attendants said the woman probably wouiu uie, out mat tne little girl, about four years old. might recover. In the tvo decades sine tv.- o-ro ful bridge as built over the Arroyo aeco, oiucm police records show that FLOATING IN A CANAL I ROCHESTER, N. Y, May 1 (X7F0 The mutilated body of an attracting . rra-nairea woman was zouna xiukii. iin the barage canal near suburban Plttsford late today. f Police said the woman had bef i criminally assaulted, murdered dnd ! then thrown Into the canaL Her right arm had been severed at, the elbow and the were deep (gashes ln her Jeft shoulder. 1 Special to The 8tate Journal: I HOWELL, May 1 Three persons ' were in the Melius hospital at Brigh ton and the McPherson Memorial hospital here Saturday as the result of an automobile crash on US-23. 12 miles northeast of Howell, Friday night. William J. Bristol, 21. of Ypsilantl. and his companion. Miss Winifred Parson, 19, of Flint, were in the Mel ius hospital and Fred East, 42, living near Howell, was in the Howell has-! pital. None was seriously injured. I East was traveling north on the highway when he collided with the car driven by Bristol, it was said. State police said East had no driv ers' license and was not driving properly on his side of the road. When he is released from the hospital, he was. to be questioned by the officers. 7 Mothers Day No ift could he more thoughtful than gift of beautygod partic ularly a gilt of a beautiful permanent wave to enlianie the nat ural loveliness ol while hair. Becomingly styled for (mothers of all afes. PERMANENTS from . $4 to $15 GIFT BOOKS that entitle the holder to beauty eervlcea to hm aa d eat red and the coat ia only $5 ARBAUGI-rS Eeaufy Solon Second Floor Gerald Andersen, first high division. in Cross school, first: Fred Flake. Oak third. Getting kite up first: Oak Park school, first: Fred Fliie. Bernard and saymg: bold pirate band:" Ma:n street school, third. Mrs. Harvey revealed that a city- wice marb tournament would be happened next on the list of you:h activities. I The kite tourney was ipontorsd Joint-there s a ly by the city recreation department Kind The State Journal. S i s tTAT101 a f a . o r5 s ?! S r; S tn Alper.i 6E 5J 5 42 Ciir" BoMon N M 61 4S Our Bullilo N SO il 62 Oir C:iry HE M 0 Clear ChKisn NE SS S S4 Cloudy, Cncit.nail SE 1 " 5S Cifir i NX S4 "I 4S Clear Cochrane. 4J Cieir rjrr.vrr W 1 S PlC'.dT i . r-trolt E 0 ti 47 PtCidy! Di:lu:o E 40 4t it CoutJI Fcrnonton E "0 "4 5' CUar I Ccsm'u ..Ki 54 SI 46 Cloudy. r.rr.l.e E M 5 Bln I nalvciton t 1 '2 Cloudy i Orind Rapidt 8F M f. SJ PtCMv ' Crien Bar H S4 SS 4S Cloudy I iJackaon.:i J M 't 4 Bain ! Kinsu Clly "0 . . 4 Cnidl ! Kfnlooii 40 I o Antelei ... I Ludmrton N so e s P-Cldij Mirquetu SE 41 M 4 Cloudy Mrmph'i 81 so J Rin M'.mi CaJn It SS 64 CeudT M:iuke 41 MmnemoolU RE 60 61 46 PtCldj Mwni! NE 64 70 SO Oar Nw Orleins fcE 11 74 64 Cloudy N York fcE S6 14 44 CUar Prry Sound SW 6S T4 44 P-.C ! Port Ar:hur r 46 46 44 Cloudy 4u Apptll NI 60 26 Cloudy St Loui E 66 T4 5S Bln i!t L City KH' 64 64 11 Oar il FrinciKO NW "6 SO 51 Oar Si ill 8-.. Vlarle 4 so ington 62 72 40 Cl-ar jWlonlpcf E U M 44 Clar FINANCIAL CONDITION . . . APRIL 29, 1937 ami v'& ? V : I-1 i : '-il ' ' ; '; '." v n O :. " ; .T '. . S:-'. wmm sis a m mmmm 7. isiiiiiP' 1200 South Washington Ave. Michigan and Waahington uvea. 1933-1937 ASSETS Cash on Hand and in Hanks U. S. Government Honda: Due S Yrs. or Longer 170.586.41 Due Less Than S Yrs 1.118.468.17 State and Municipal lionds: Due S Yrs. or Longer 579.320.98 Due Less Than 5 Yri 1. 229,427.36 Other Bonds and Invest, menu: Due 5 Yri. or Longer $ 412,jj4.53 Due Leas Than 5 Yrs 1 76,167 J4 Lotna and Discounts: Com'l Paper Purchased J 296.705.48 Other Loans. 1.230.4o4.70 Real Estate Mortgages . . . Due from State Treasurer . Overdrafts Federal Reserve Bank Stock Other Asaeta Banking Houae Furniture and Fixtures .... J2.404.7U7.12 1.2 -"i; '.58 9", 14.5 lu8.74S)l 1.9 1.0 3 14 6 02' 3 6'i 6C; .0'.. Z'c 0' .7'-;. .4',., 588.5111 J7 1,527.190.18 56 1. 407 JO 19.198.2 18.43 19,5(Hl.OO 35.48 225 .0u5 -SO 37 j 18.06 LIABILITIES (Japiial Stock: Common $500,000.00 S.9' Preferred" .... 150.000.00 1J1 S 650,000.00 Undivided Prof ita Net For Benefit of Truat Depositors 0A"t Kevcrvct for Taxea, Inlereit I'aid, Depreciation, etc. .. 02'i Commercial Deno.i 4J)29.91i..6 56.9"v 6609 J3 16221AS Sawnt Depoma ... 2,918.543.41 34.4" 7,74,4iV4J7 TOTAL LIABILITIES 100 0 J,480385.8, TOTAL ASSETS 100.0", $8,480,885.98 None ol the Above Li ted A.ia Are Pledged DEPOSITS INsl'RF.D BY FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION OFFICERS D. E. BATES. Preaident H. F. HARPER. Vice-Preiident A. A. ELSESSER, Vicc-Pretidem C. A. FORS. Vice-Preiident and Ca,hit, A. J. SEYERII-.I). Auditor and A,t Ca.hier A. W. WOOLSEY. A..r. Chi ELLIS VAN SICkI.E. Aatt. (;hler EDWARD ROE. Mgr. South B,"ch SUMMARY OF GROWTH April 29, 1933 .$392,045 A"ri,29 1934 $2,677,747 APril 29 1935 $4,562,438 April 29. 1936 $6,067,235 April 29, 1937 $7,748,455 DIRECTORS DON I BATES, Preaident and General Manager Keo Motor Car Company ALBERT A. ELSESSER, Executive Vict-Prcudcnt CARL A. FORS, Vice-Preaident and Caabicr . CEORCE HAGA.MEIR. Building Contractor HARRY F. HARPER. PreiU'cnt and General Manager Motor Wheel Corporation ALBERT E. HL'RD, Vica-Preaident and Central Manager John Deere Plow Company F. C VREW . .ARTINDALE. Seerctary.Trcaaurcr and General Manager Downey Hotel FRANK A. STOLTE, Retired FRANK H. THOMAS, Real Eat.te CLYDE J. TRL'ESDELL. Lumber Broker THOMAS A. VANDI" R VOORT, Preaident Van-Oervoort Hardware Csmpsmr AMERICAN STATE SAVINGS BANK

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