Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan on July 30, 1941 · Page 3
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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan · Page 3

Battle Creek, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1941
Page 3
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THE BATTLE CREEK ENQUIRER AND NEWS More Than 800 Local Men Are in Nation's Armed Forces Soldiers Serve Coast to Coast Arraigned for Burning Child's Hands Noted American Actors Succumb Here Last Year City Dusk The Malaysian flower-pot plant grows among tree branches and develops small pots to hold moisture for its roots. The streets are narrow, the buildings tall Here in the city. Vain to pause Where the plare of arc-liht and neon fall; Look beyond thfin and find the stars. I can almost forcet. as I hurry by Under their stark and searchine ray. That a you-ig moon rides In the summer sky And a far-off hillside is silver ffray! Josephine Johnson 39th ANNIVERSARY Remnants of 80 Square Percales, plain and fancies, i r yard IOC Battle Creek Men Would Form Full Infantry Battalion if Grouped Together. Eddie Leonard, 70, and Charlie Murray, 69, Die; English Player Dies. The average American home uses ( artificial light seven hours a day , during December, and 24 hours' daily during June. JS'. BATTLE CREEK. MICH., WEDNESDAY. JULY 30, 1941 , twiujii -,.,1 v,m,mlm,lm.m m ' M " . ' V T r ri V t.1i- !.. ' . . - l 3 V MARINES, NAVY INCLUDED Scattered from coast to coast and on the seas, more than 800 men who call Battle Creek home are serving the armed forces of the United ,-Cates. This group, which grows almost daily, is large enough to form approximately one full infantry battalion. But there is no such unity 'kf?en'ice among them. These se- f?ctees (440 in that group . reserve officers and those who enlisted vol-4 lintarily represent Battle Creek not only in the army and navy, but also in tiie air corps, the marine corps and coast guard. 100 Ir Month Go Since the beginning of selective service nine months ago and the 4 . H ' V 1 i. - "i Frank Doladee. 4fi, i right was arraigned in felony court at Chicago on a charge of holding the hands of Between them is the boy s HOLLYWOOD i Pi Three actors, two of them veterans of the American stage and the third an Englishman on the eve of his most important role, took their fuial curtain calls yesterday. ' Eddie Ionard, 70. black face comedian, was found dead in a New York hotel. Charlie Murray, 69. vaudeville and screen actor, succumbed here to pneumonia. James Stephensor. 52, English screen player, died of a heart attack at nearby Santa Monica. ' Leonard's body was found in the Hotel Imperial in New York, where he had lived at the height of his fame during his half century on the vaudeville stage. "Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider," was his best remembered song along with "Roly Boly Eyes" 1U3 cvcnnrtiiuiu .mjii. rirtiimui ' ii 1 1 u.ri n iwiiciicii idiir, uuiiiiiifc; uicui. uti w 11 1111:111 la 1.11c wvj at 1 .... t . . rri f'. th. . j r,J l. ...'1.1.1 .1 V.11J .V.f. f.U,"" JUM DOTUe OIK UIUC J.UC111 uaiiunai uiuil ..ivivaot n,v ; momtfr HIIU till Ul III It 1 1 i 11 lt'U LUUri UlilLIT. UUiaiirtT Jir pilIllOllUlK 111C LllIlU 1UI LllL'lL. VllC Ul tllC strength of all our armed forces. hov's bandaeed hands can be seen. Doladee was released under S1.000 bond for hearing September 4. these men have left civilian life and their families here at the rate of almost 100 a month. Selective service has taken a monthly average of approximately 48 men. In the army there are about 680 Battle Creek men. Next in number is the navy with approximately 110 Fernandes. Lyman K. Fross, Roy E. Fox. John B Frazier. Benjamin H Freeman. John N'. Gardner. Donald f A. Gillespie. Claude R. Goddard, Clarence F. Grl.sirh. Edwin R. Goodenow. Frederick M. Goret.ska. Pongratz. Percy P. Pratt. Allen I. Pritchard, Willard Putman, Robert S. Redticld. Edward W. Robinson, Jack A. Roelofs. Bob B. Rohl. Charles P. Shields. Eldon H. Shot- well. Jesse C. Shull. Foster H. men from this city'.' Twelve Battle i Gove. William E. Graiuli- ! - . ruw S ydeV Julius rrv son. Jr . Roy E. Green. Adolplv .. t. f. i. retn men are serving as marines, - - . ' ,. . , i feOiovay. kov u. squier, Uaniel E. 11 have enlisted in the air corps and i , v-"a"" ,v- ; Squier. Ivan C. R. Stone. Lynn Har- five in the coast guard. These fig- . "' Hau8"e- Jr; " ' i,am i old Tmgav. Marvin D. Unruh. Or- , . . . .... . . Heckethorn. Cecil W. Henderson : .. . .... ... tires were compiled by the two local draft boards, which are supposed to have a record of every local man in service. The Enquirer and News has published the names of all local selectees as they have been inducted from time to time, as thev have enlisted or been called to duty, it has published the names of volunteers and reserves. But because volunteers may. and do, enlist at recruiting stations everywhere, and because re- Heckethorn. Cecil W. Henderson. Charles G. Henderson. Vernon Hen-! sley. Allen J. Herr. Emmet E. Her- nnston. Jack J. Holden. Elwood J. Holton. Gle.sner Hixiker. John L. Hoppe. Ralph E. Horst. Robert Lee Hostetter. Eugene W. Hutclnns, William E. Irons. Harry H. James, Jr.. Martin L. Jeffery, John E. Johnson. Paul A. Johnson. Eerett W. Jones. Gordon R. Jones, Jamc.s ville J. Wakeman. Herbert D. Welsh, Paul W. WiUx, Charles H. Wilson. Harry A. Wing. Mcrl S. Yost. Arnold T. Faulkner. Amos O. Favorite. Richard B. Franklin. John R. Godfrey. Mahlon L. Gore. Ralph Hail. Harvey C. Hansen. George J. Harding. Clifton F. Haughey. Wilfred Haughey. Roy Sylvester Hayes, John C. Healey, Arthur E. Hieber, I CPrl'PC rdmil'B fhnir tnmmnnrue Ii -rert. the newsnnrvr h nt niu-ave I Waterman J. Locke. James W. Lus- learned of them. Therefore, to keep the record as complete as possible, the newspaper publishes the following list of men who have entered service through other than selective service channels. This list follows: Those Who Serve Army Leon Fliss. Donald Leslie Hyde. Clark W Rover. John H. Skoppas. Carlyle Albert Tubbs. Donald R. Ware. Jr.. Walker A. Wood ruff. Robert F. Wright. Chester W. Edward J Allen. Peter Paul Arbic. Michael F. Louis E. T - .-, , T- .. . . i iiiiAtii t. iiiii. ' , . . , ... nil iruiaii, Keenan. Robert E. Keyes. John i ,, ,. . ' ; lin Jackson. Charles W. Jameson, Ellis C. Johanson. WiLson A. John-;son. Charles Spencer Jones. Albert ! Juillerat, Slaftcho Katorsky. Earl W. Kent, George C. Kenyon, William Koltzen. Donald A. Krmer, Duane R. Lawrence. Ralph H. Lemur, bv. Clare R. Lyburger. Carl M ! Ghee. Frank A. McLain. Arthur H McNeil. Joe A. Martin. Charles H. ! i Miller. ElLsworth W. Miller. Charles; H. Montgomery'. Marshal! D. Moon. G. Kneeland. Napoleon F. LaFrance. James E. Leary. James L. Lieb. Ted J. Madden. Donald C. Madsen. Rus- Harold L. Mowder. Morley M. My Oxennder. Clair A. Palmer. Michael L,le Cr; N'cClea- C 'fford ' fw" T Paneck Frr.e-t D Pavberc Jos-, aclc' Geoffrey P. Baldwin. Paul M. 7nh TnLd Robt W PortTr. I T. Barnes. Donald Charlie A. Pulver. Richard C. Rob- : sell R. Marsden. Francis C. Martin. Oeorge E. Wood. Charles E. Bradd, Allen P. Calvert. Manley J. Capron. Jr.. Kenneth H. Dix. Francis C. Flaherty. Richard O. Flanders. Arthur T. Foerst. Robert J Foley. Richard A. Forsythe. Robert J. Freeman. James T. Givens. Bernard E. Godde, Joseph F. Harmon. Du-Waine Hoy. Arthur A. Humphrey, Joseph L. Kelly. Kenneth H. Lowe, Frank L. McCaffrey. Herman A. Pieters. James O. Prickett. Harry Reaser. Jr.. Austin R. Rcide. J. Clark Rigcs. Richard B. Roelots, Donald L. Saxman. William R. Smith. Raw-ley Sternaman. Donald E. Taylor. Robert Lee Taylor. Lawrence H. Walters, Donald W. Wood. The Air Corps Army Air Corns Elwood C. Bell. Kenneth W. Donbrock. John P. Gnidzinski. Carl A. Hansen. Raymond C. Thompson. Winifred W. Wilson. Gilbert E. Young. Paul E. Graving. Charles R. Harpster, Richard H. May. Claude W. Phinisey. Marine Corps Theodore J. Anders, Frederick R. Dowsett, William E. Feller. Robert D. Perkins. John D. Samulak. Elwin D. King, George O. Lindsay. Robert McCreery, Philip C. Marsh. Jr., James E. Misick. Harry J. Rader. Arthur B. Worden. Coast Guard Gordon T. Fin!ay. ert.s. Milton Frederick Rvers. Frank W. Salfingere. Billev C. Sangree, 5ass. Jr.. Orin R. Sayle.s, Schurt, Raymond D. Samuel W Frerienbur!:. Wilfred C. L. Eeard.s.ey. Jay A. Benton. Arlie : 0rav William I. Swanston, Clvde Birdsong. Robert G. Bonn. David ! g uovcj T. Brewster. James C. Brmkley, I ' Niles Bryant. Jr., Donald K Andrews, Lewis J. Babick. Burw'.a St bleton. Lilius E. Steinba-her. Bathrick. Lloyd H. Batterson. Mer- j William H. Stover. Harold S. Tan-ton M. Berkwith. Chester C. Black. ' nenholz. Elmer P. Terwilhger. John Woodrow W. Braden. Alton C. Brit- i L. Thompson. Elmer R. Tiffany, ton, Robert L. Bundy. Paul A. Bur- Russell D. Turnll. Harold H. Van-lingame. Robert E. Byers. Roy War- Wormer. Evergard L. Wager. S;an-ren Caldwell. Francis D. Caluorv. ley H. Walker. Harold A. Way. Har- Louis R. Castorr. Earl Chamberlain. A. F. Chapman. Charles F. Chapman. Calvin B. Chase. Carl Chris-toff erson, Orville R. Conklin. West-ley A. Conley. Lynn F. Cooper. Jud-son D. Crabtree. Joseph A. Crain. Deland H. Davis. James W. Davis, Roy O. Davis. Lawrence A Fred D. Doherty. William Harold ur R. Muscott. Harlev M. Newromb. Dodce. Howard L. Draper. Donald Mace W. Norcross. Earl C. Own. G. Evans. Ted R. Evans. Lawrence ; Ransom A. Packham. Adclph Pa-.s- J- Fellows. Paul R. Fennig, Jean W. tero, Clarence R. Poling. Douglas B. Burg er. Elmer H. Eumham. Robert F. Burnham. Roger E. Callender. Theodore Chappell. William R. Cliynow-eth. Harry G. Clark. Donald W. Cook. Sylvester D. Cotter. Charles W. Cox. James D. Crippen. Myron H Davis. Frederick G. Dryden. William F. Eason. Richard L. Ford. Volney A. Gaedke. Frederick G. Katz." Robert F. Kuerr. Gilbert C. Mef.len, Jolin E. Perkins. Navv Earl M., Gordon E LOCAL MAN TRAINING WITH NAVAL RESERVE Donald M. Harkins. 26. of 86 Main. a Kellogg Co.. maintenance em-1 ploye. has enlLsted in the U. S. naval i reserve and is now at Great Lakes ; naval training station for a six- week training period. He expects to be on leave for two weeks in mid-September before assignment to a shin for trainme. Harkins. who is Miller. Kenneth H. Brace. Douglas the s(m of Mr anf, Mrs Arthur Goo-Goo Eyes." His death was believed due to natural causes. His wife almost 24 hours before, had reported he failed to return to his suite in another hotel after visiting his dentist. 7 Murray, famous for a score of years prior to 1912 as the vaudeville partner of the late Ollie Mack, switched to the screen with the old Biograph company, and for the next 35 years appeared in hundreds of pictures, including a 10-year series of Cohen and Kelly comedies with George Sidney. His last work in films was a series of short subjects in 1939. Last May he celebrated the 35th anniversary of his wedding to Beatrice Hamilton. Funeral services will be held in Inglewood Thursday afternoon. Stephenson, who abandoned a successful career as a cotton broker at the age of 35 to enter pictures, died on his fifth wedding anniversary. He was scheduled to start work this week on an important role in -King's Row." after having successfully portrayed the lawyer in "The Letter" with Bette Davis. Debt-Free Church To Burn Mortgage Central Christian Plans Special Ceremony for Homecoming in October. K 1 p. Barley mall from choicest, jsoltlen-npf grain the bet of imported and domestic hop ... I he resulr: Fox De Luxe a beverage of moderation that ha been accorded lop honors in competition with the world'i fine! beer! m mum 'f,A.'.?2T.,t!.f U'W .'t"". r most bnice lowest tuoitei-savut More miles per gallon, say happy owners! Million-dollar ride and handling ease! lowest repair cost in owners' experience! More money when you trade in! Lewis Auto Sales 222 West Mich!!! Ave. Taylor's Service 457 Capital Ave., S. W. Sm Anwrtca' newttt, most beautiful car SKYWAY SERIES STUDEBAKER oi President Eignt and Commander chassis here in 1934. and has been employ ed at the Kellogg plant for four years. The world's most important lood fish is the tiny herrine. More herring are caught, pound for pound, than anv other fish. rison B. Welch, Jack P. Wetmore. Duane I.. Wilbur. Crawford F. Win-diate. Leo E. Worden. Henry J. Wright. Waller P. Zelichowski. Au- Herman R. Moodv. Gerald R. Mer- j w- P""' Hmari E. Cowles. Ber- Harklns of gouth Bend. Ind.. was genthaler. Paul F. Mtill. Hugh F. ! "ard H. Gibbons. W oodrow V . Mc- graduated from Central high school Delvin. Mullenmeister. Clair Murphy. Arth- ! -"'' '"c " Ir' m- v' rJ r- f,,,...,,' ! B'.oomfield. Robert W. Breininger. 1 Anson H. Brown. Carl M. Brown-! field. Olin W. Bundy. Paul E. Bur-' ;;ess. Don D. Bushini. Stephen J. Carney. Andrew H. Chamberlain. Horace E. Cornell. Donald M. Coz-7ens, Charles F. Curry. John H. De-Shon. William L. Drayton. Jr.. Thomas B. Dugan. Donald L. Eber-hard. James M. Elliot. Walter Forsythe. Kenneth B. Frederickson. Joseph D. Fuller. Lawrence C. Glass. Harold D. Grecnsides, John F. Hal-doran. Gordon Harvey, Wilbur J Hartrautt. Harold J. Henderson. Perry E Hicks. Leslie D. Houseman. Wayne T. Huggett. Harry L. Jacobs. John J. Kaiser. Earl R. Kinneg. Jack F. Levitt, Milton A. Lewis. Gordon F. McLoughlin. Donald I. Malik, Harrv C. Martin. Russell M Martin. Cleon M. Mead, Lloyd W. Miller. Edward C. Morse. J. A. Moulds. Leland A. Moulds. Richard I. Nash. Harold L. Newell. Ford Newman. Joseph G. Odette. Philip G. O Ken-e.ske. Dale A. Palmer. James Pcm-bcrton, Willis F. Pierce, William E. Porter. Sidney F. Pullberg. Robert B. Ray, Russell H. Raymer. Jr . Nor-val E. Simon. Robert N. Slayton, Arthur G. Somers. Richard A. Stie-fel. William W. Tower. George F. Turimi. Donald R. Wakefield. Forest G. Wilber. Roy H. Wilemon. Laddie James Willette. James D. Wise. A $2,500 debt retirement program of the Central Christian church will be brought to a conclusion on October 5 with the burning of the church's mortgage, the Rev. I. T Rogers announced Tuesday evening Making a financial report at the monthly fellowship supper and business meeting in the church dining-room, the Rev. Mr. Rogers said that only $189 remains to be paid on th debt and that the mortgage burning will be a feature of Homecoming Sunday, which is held each year the first Sunday in October. The debt retirement program was begun on Oct. 6. 1940, when in a Homecoming Sunday afternoon service, members of the congrega Knquirer and News Photo. ! CHARLIE MURRAY Charlie Murray, stage and screen 1 star who died yesterday in Holly- : wood, visited Battle Creek in May, ; 1940. His mission here was a j solemn one. He came with the ; funeral party accompanying the i body of Mrs. Leila Y. Post Mont- I gomery. who had died in California. I Mr. Murray and his wife had been ; acquainted for years with Mrs. ! Montgomery and her husband. L. J. Montgomery, and often accom-: panied them on yachting trips. ' Both Mr. Murray and his wife came j to Battle Creek for the funeral. j Mr. Murray had visited the city ' once before more than 45 years ! ago as a member of the vaudeville j team of Murray and Mack which i played in the old Hamblin opera J house. In an interview here, Mr. j Munay claimed to be "the only j actor who went to Hollywood 27 j years ago and still has the same wife." He said he never tired of ': the movies, attending one every' dav. but said he would never re- i turn to them as an actor because "I enjoy taking things easy too much." tion pledged $2,380 toward clearing up the mortgage obligation. i About 70 persons attended last j night's meeting, which included a 1 cooperative supper and a program of vocal and instrumental music furnished by 12 Fort Custer soldiers i under direction of Chaplain Ralph j M. Dean. I It also was announced that the j young people of the church will ; have an ice cream social Saturday j evening on the church lawn at 6 p. : m. i Cushions upon which guests reclined at the colorful banquets ol ancient Rome were changed with each course of the meal. The change was made to match the color of the j food they were about to eat. j I ADVERTISEMENT) Quick Relief from Pile Irritation 30 years ago a Buffalo druggist created an ointment for relief from the itching and smarting of Piles. It brought such quick cooling, soothing, astringent relief that its fame spread throughout the country, and made Peterson's Ointment a favorite in thousands of homes. Ask your druggist for a 35c box of Peterson's Ointment today, or 60c tube with applicator. Money back if you are not delighted with the relief. PAY DAY" Sale! 3 Days Thursday, Friday, Saturday! Open Thursday Till 9 P. M. 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