The New York Times from New York, New York on June 20, 1878 · Page 6
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 6

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1878
Page 6
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u u FFXAXCIAL AFFAIRS. uiu at ths rrocs ucvivet-jm 19. Mfiimn stocks -10-. 15 a. st. r. . a, ni.c. U. tk. Kl, r. C.S.41-l.ft. lo3VS5.oo..b..10Sa (.... 1P07.C Ck.H Ca. 0,000. 01 l HI,tNMnU0 liouu lUO i. . o. , eu, . 15.000..B,e.lftdlT 1 . E."ll At 'Kit i ovmuurorv mou-11:15 a. sc. V I ..:. M B . ( . , si.6oo.....iutJ oo. iiovi,ooo..b..03a VAHHL U.S.4, 1WI7.K. ,l..kvloVl 10,000. 1O0V ran OAn& 10:30 A. M. I. Ts, eon. fTM. A Hs.. inilooi Ce-treL 1.0-M Tf ,!ioo :.b.e. 60 V loo -.he, ss fc ;. , m-M. WwtmCiiv. !lou......... 8H"s i0Ow kVUo..b... eSWIOO S3 ri.vatkc. i4. wye cai IS.'. .. .. 4, X A H. :leO..,...b.e. 8 117.0. I Erie Iwlw.,. chi, a N. w. a. d, 1.kmi 109V7O0 ...b.. IS lluO.-....b.. 41 M.ASwP.'. ;100... ... 16 V lOO - ,000.... 101 V0l. Is I MX. 47T it.'w. d'6T t 200 - 16V2imj.. 47 S J.OuO 7v0 16 3K luOO )V40O...... 7oo ...... lit (1 CmIIi MalL IVOO loo ..b. 17S o...... 7.KX...,. win. ays'. P. 1st 47e 0.J00.......100 Mor. E. et 1,010 I.J C. F. Mia. lt 2,O0O.... VO C. X C. 1st 3.000 d l'.KJ 17 11X. 1400 17V1OO0 200 X 17 loo 4, 7o0 ed. 17V10O 47 "o ...... J 7 C an. w. pf. - 700- 17 1 100 h,e.. 72 LOW tj SOU- 16',' ltxl. 71i 9. MH.. ...! it. y. .. s ouo.....lo4 10W slO. 1UV lOO 711, lou 14 V 100 a. 71 IOO- 16 v loo fl v. v. o. i ..' iSiHI Id. IM 71 I. l.OOO 1S1IMI 71b V. III. i(OI . JH; WaWh. 1..0OII lOV'OO... 18 2 l,aiX,T.lit. IC-a. of K. J. IMorrU liwi. ..loa 1IW)...K. Sl Vn......b.. 031, Ba.pM.lM. 20 SI lt:..U.t.K 4VrToa FMllle. 400 tk. 60 A. T. It ln V710........ 4. . l.OOO H9 6 eOO....... 4 J. a 1 son. SOn...... 69 VOO.. 4!S 1.0OO h.4. 11 .0-. h 4K. 4 K. J. UlM,mui. fOO.... tM iio,. tf . SJ.OOO 71SiU K. M. So. l00... . b V. i. l lst.THl AO.. k.c.bS. 69!!20k 60 K.WW lUW 54O0........ 6VV14W1 60 T.;V!U.MM3. 6ViJ0 49. 1 mU cwp. !liMI ....-69 S MoO 60 I.000...... 73V loo 59S a. M. "t. P. pfc 4.DOO 7i!JoM) toVfco0..b.e.b:i. 7o rmt W. ad, 4 1 V? 6w,&.. U Wwrt. "77 p. 10. 6tt I Vi .... b. . o. BS t.tMMt 65 WXHJ . r.fV!oO...... 7T,19Jt 6V"0 67 0UO 10i SOO S. 6SV 401. .... 67 L.H. 1M, wo. rw. 8ol 6,'7oO. 67S .OH....10irtMlL. K I loo 67S (Urn Ki. Umx ( c. U. U. 7 ..1OTV14O0 BUC1 2O.....7..10lV Amaricmn El I7"R... lOO 4H 2'1 , IS 4'1'M , Ontario KUtvt. I !.. . e lOO.-kaX 'o0 3 -Wi w ........ 64lOh4oa MlMV Of H 3H1... ti u ioo... W)V 100 bo. tt'm H OOrBKKMKIT TOCKS. -1:30 . V. . . R.. !. C. . "81. l IT. S. B, !. C. io.K) atv'-' . iw i'.B.a-'.o.a.'.7. t'.4u,iiM)7. 0Vloo.uoO...101a 5 OOO. 10dS I .kT(l.C. fwiooo 13 V bo,ooo..b..loJS, oncKMerr trroc Jc 2:30 r. vl r. . . a, -"l. it-.s,i.o. I M.OOUU .. Xi,OUO. ao3Hi la. T. arm. Wtni. TTmlon. IChlo. a K. vr. 1.6UO TBV ,;oo....iu-. Hft lo..b.e.aS. 47 iaoo 47 A ik. or uAOtiioi, M.lMH..b.a. 84 M. R. ta '71. lftoo. h, Uoo d& 47 loo 47 clue, N. W. ttt loo....b.c. 71 0O.. H5 I.000....'.. tb9Hi u'100 3. 4H 1.H. K..-V1. Joa Xrl HtL - .ooo....lc7, 1 1"0. 4 u: loo. 71 1O0. e. 71 iioii. bo; N. T. U. M. !.. C C4L Jl. . IMk fit, B7, f.OOO Jl .b.-J0N, '"O b.e. 87 .JOt Cbl.AK.1. a.tKo..iio4 L. H. 4 If. Mrk. I'ilX) k. I .VOO.. 10aa;10t..l.a.b3. 8SV 119 Can. So. Ut, t Itf........ 6Hk, 100 118 3.0OO...... 765lVOO.. 68. Cbio Mll.8t. f. SO.iHXl. 7"ilKNi.... f,sH lMX...b.e. 60 W P..riW.C.M. lVih 5S ltK bS. 000. 104g 10M...aS bH, 1(M t0 C P. lt,ClO.Br. Iooj.... 6Ha1400.... 49T 6.00O..b.. H2V JIBS. f'Kll 6'MI...... nu I1U0O ftl00 b3- CO, 6.000..B.C.131V A1nia XaprMa. is :.ioa O". (KI OO Joo...... 8. :oo... 60 CMlTOO........ Witt loo......bS. BH', SOO 60di 14 4Saj HOO ....H. AH, On. mt K. J. IO....U0.0. 81 ftOO Kb. 134 D.. U.A Wa-t S0 b.. 400. ttH 700. -j, IMS VulokaUTar pr. i l0O...b.a. S4H .HHI S. &i 7oo fm v . j (Mi. st (Dtario Hllvar. VOO ba. 6 l'arln Mali. Vi...-.b.a 17 100 . 17H 6K. It rt Rallwav. IWHI ss lloo.....;.. Miy Mlcblaaa OvittraL VOO b.e, 67 M 3O0 ..4 6 2K). . eo,ioo. 6Ha oo s, 67 fanama. ti KctlS IlllnoU Can. '2 K-i Chin. A Alton. ioik. :. 7U ML b.0. 78 C. S. A vj. 10 b.e.1061. H. A St Jo. nf. l'auabS. IflV 1 lo... ....... 1 n i'a u. r. id. loa.. b3. id uoo.k..a;. lOO b.. 87 V tAUCS FROM S:90 TO 3 p. St. T. of C. S.6Sa f'JS.OOO..... 64 i. W, & eon. S.IKX.... 43 N. J. i 1st con. Eria RaUwuT. NortJa-weitrrn. sK I.H. 16H SOOa 47S xoo...too. JHt UlMlw..M.b. 16 Mlrh. Central UMl.... 7 lAknaanra. - arxn-waat. nr. SftO, .73 200 714 O.. C. C. A L 10,H0 kbt h. r. r.u. it. 1.000 6.a lOO. 27 kv Paul. HOtlk........ 89W IL A Uud. 3. nwia 2oa 50 lOO. 004 100 66 Wamtera Calon. nou...... DI.t WW T-0 I'M'-....., fV Wu a3.. 60m iw. 60 SOO... 85 V, 4O0.pM...a3. Hi loO.i H4H Punatna. St. Paali. 126 rittsboiK. 2rt r 1IM..... 78T, Wtbuh. lOO 134 IX. U A Vm. jou ltd PaoUto Mall. Voo nt . T. C A H. lOO 108 lOO . 7. OiK 3 7K IOOO 68 a '.'OOl . 7 buu PaoUla. MTO STOCK nCHA5fttillhJraiHi TntiT iaiK-ix a sc. Amarlcan CoaoL Uewatv I.ner 7J....r.. 7"t 9V.M.blO. .Ml UerAtM. l(K)b.e.b 0. .81 loo.b-cbSO. .St AtW.bab lo. .SI'io. .81 .81 .SI loO....aS. .si 2t)0....bl0. .31 :W. bio. .31 10O....b3. .si SKCOXB a 4Xi 1 P. K. lACrAaMb rVOO.b.aaia .30 loo..a.atA. .HI 6OH.tM.bl0. .81 ftO0..b.abA. .SI lOOObsblO. ..SI f(W....b.1rt. .31 O0..blO. .SI Uflrafi. .ftnma. 5N .blO. .31 l0o....b30..10 Callfarata. A 1 00. .. .. lO-.-an. l',4.05 lOO... ..a, ltf IMooaa. tb loaaaa, 1 00a. .60. 8. 10 loo -....10. .17 loo aa.3.10 UOO.aa.bSO.3.20 io CALU 2:SO p. Mm oia Plaoer. lUtrToata, 1"0 a.a. .S8 ji 00. b.e X .90 )00.-..b.a. .M l.lMH)babS0. .31 lU0....b2at05 1 LarToua, OO.baa3a .30 OO...b... .SO 5vW M ,34 ' WlDlfSSOAT, J autt 10 F. 5t The stock "speculation to-day was fairly Ictlra, with aa Irreirular coarse of prices. Laka Sbora coDtlnuad to be th centra of pacu'atlfa 1 tteraat. and the transactlori in tba toeka4nrrdatad naarly half ta entlra day's busineaa. 1 S baar rumora la regard to tha dirVdend wi ra agaia pat afloat, and. eonpled with tha h btt aalea. cauaad a daeliaa in tha f rioa from. 601. to which it had adranead at ha openifig, to 08 Tha decline caused a eorarinc morement, under which tha ahaiea ralliad 4r eant. Tba mock aem for tha rao-BMot to ba tha key to tha market, and future development ia regard to It axe awaited with tntanea intaresl. Tha other speculative shares moved to a great extant la svmpathy with Laka Shore, bat the fluctuation la them wrre confined withia comparatively narrow Uaiita, with tha exception of C, C. C and L, which lost tha improvement of Testerday. Amonir investment stocks New-York Central sained l1 v senL, while Illlnola Central lost 1 Ej V cent, oa tha day's transactions. Paelflo Mail was weak on tha reports that tha company's claim ajrainat the Government had beea rejected. Western Union and tha eoal stocks were firmly held. Tha Delaware. Lackawanna and Western Company aanoance tha sale of RO.U0O tons of be ran ton coal at auction to take plaoa on ednesday next Western. 12,300 liie, K.80O North-weetera, 7,7011 ractnc Mail. 7,7l0 We tern Union, I'.OOO Michlfaa Central, l,4Mt Pituburt:. 1,1'UO Ohio and Mlssiaslppi, 1,1100 C.C,C L, and l.lOONaw-Jeraey Central. Lake S bore, after ad vaacinar from 59 19 to CO It, fell elf to recovered to &. and closed at M1, Kew-York Central rose from 107!-i to 100, and reacted to 10334. G, C C. L dropped from l!s to and recovered to 27. Jdichiiraa Central declined from tS7lo to wwu, nun reuini to win., iiuaoii tentrai opened at b'3, airalnst b5 at the close yesterday, and reeovernd to K1L North-western ommea advanced from 48 to 4mh, fell off to ttii. aad closed a 47s. The preferred, after a advance of V cent., to 72- ex dividend, dropped to 71 14. recovered to 72, and reacted to 4 1 , St. Paoi eommoa advanced from 50 te 60L fell off to 4Uh. rallied to 50. and cloead at HOI, the preferred advancing 3 cent., to 78. Ohio aad Allsis)ppl declined from 8Vt to 7T8. and closed at 8. Wabash, after decUnias; 1 V sent., to 121, advanced to 13 V lelaware, Laclok wanna and Western declined from,&81 to &7I9, roee to 5894. and cloead- at f8V Kew-Jeraey Central drorped from ill 3 to 31 and rallied to 81 U. Western, Union opened and eloeed at 85. with tnterrenrna; aalea at K5Vaand 844a. Paclfle Mail fell off from 18 to Itit-j. and recovered to 174. Eria advanced from 15V to lttk. Rock Island from lis to 1184. Morris and Essex from 81' 4 to 831. 1 saa csnton irom 1 1 to 18 sates, and la bid. Plttsbors; opened at 797, aainat 78- at the close la.t eveniAr, and raeaid to- 78tS. liaaaibaland St. Joseph eommoit deollaed from 12 to ll, preferred from to 27u alwa Psci&o tnm Cda to 6 "V. QulakaUTac prsf et from 35 to 34, sad Americaa Ex prees from 491 to 48. The Money market eoutlnned te work easily, borrowers oa call sopnrylac their requirements at 3 to 3 v east. Prime mercantile paper was la dsnsea at 3 to 4 cent. The following; were the rate of icLutrt oa New-York at the nndermantloned eltteei ISavannah. barliurpar, oiling premium ; Charleston, easy, U-10 prtmlnm; Xew-Orleini, eommerciil M8, bank la: tit. Lodia. I-IO premium; Chicago. (Opramttim, snd BMtaii, 120. discount. The foreifrn rdvicee reported a steady market at London for Consols, which closed at US3! iBL, for both money and the account. In United States bond new 4lge advanced to 09a10rS4, 18tl7e to IO634. and new &s to 107h 107'4; while 1 0-4 Os declined 1J4 cent., to lt93n. American railway hares were Irregular. Kne common declined I4 4 eenu. to lii. and advanced to 1 V Erie preferred declined to 31 b. and Heading to lU. Illinois Central dropped I a cent., to KSa. and recovered to 80. Pennsylvania advanced from 30 to314. New-Jeraey Central roae from 307H to H'J, and dosed at 31 V do. consolidated bonds declining from 87 to 8H. Bar Hilver declinei te 53d. ounce. The Bank of England lost 20rt,000 bullion on balance to-day. At Paris, Kentce declined 5c, to 1 12f. 60c, and subsequently rose to 112L 721-jc The Sterling Exehanre market was strong, but toe volume of transactions was small. Actual business was on the basis of If 4 8 4 f4 85 for brokers' W-d..y blllm $4 8 (4 87 for demand, $4 8U44 87 for cables, and f4 82 34 83 t or commercial bills. Gold opened and closed st IOOJ4. with intervening transactions at HHIm- On Gold loans the rates ranged from 2 cent, per annum to 1-04 cent, per diem for tJe. Government bonds were strong and advanced 11-2 cent., the Utter in registered 18 Is. The 12:30 call at the board has been sunpendetl until Sept. 15. In railroad bonds the transactions sggregated 175,000 "shares. Alton and Terre Haute Incomes declined to 30, Canada Southern Firsts to 70l472. C, C. and 1. C. Firsts to 38&3m!, Delaa-are and Hudson Firsts, of 181H, to 1021... Wabash. St. Louis I M vision, ex coupon, tn 72 14. and Union PaciUc Kinking Funds to lOift, (with 1029 suMe-auentlvbid. ) Kansas Pacific Incomes were offered at 15, against 17at last sales. New-Jersey Central Consols advanced to 80 1. do. assented, to 7 1 a. Central Pacific Firsts, California aud Oregon Branch, to O'JL., Union Pacific Flrt IOkIm. South Pacitic Firsts to 84. Erie Thirds t IOVk. Lehigh and Wilks-barre Consols to 48. Winona and St. Peters Firsts to lOO, and New-York Elevated Firsts to 82 ij. In State bonds Louisiana Consols advanced to 78 1, and District of Columbia 3.U5s to 84. UwrriD STATES TBEASrRV. I Nsw-Yoax. Jaae 1. S Coin receipts 3Xl.lll 5 Colnpavments 7.41 t7 Coin btUanre 125.080.787 i4 Currency receipts 1.7M1.397 65 t'urreuey psymei.ts .. I.IOH.871 47 Curreney balance 4--',547.wl Cnstom. 2 IO.OOO OO Canceled aoM certificate sent to Washington. fcOO.OOO OO CXOSISO QXrOTATlOXS JTXE 10. Tae'lT.'Wednely. American Gold 1 100 United States 4 . 181. coupon... 108e United States 5. 1881. coupon lo." llMi United States 5-20. 18rt7, conpon..l077H lOMts HiUson London 84flS4 811 4 H4a'c4 M.I Kew-York Central l7a 10S3 HorkUlsnd 11H llSl Paclne Mall 1 171 Milwaukee and lt. Paul 50 50t4 Mliwankee aud St. Paul preferred. .. 7H3g 7c Lake Shore 59 n 59 Uj Chtcaco and North-western 4 8 4; V Chicago and North-western pref 7 1 r4 7 1 Western I'nion 85 . 85 Union Pacific 6'Ja S7s Delawar. Lackawanna and Western. 58 5q New-Jersey Central :J13t 314 Itelawara and Hudson Canal 50 ftiij Morris and Kssex .i Panama 122 12:1 Erie l."7,j lo4 Ohio and Mississippi 814 8 Barlem HO 140 Hannibal and St. Joep 1.14 11s!) Hannibal and St. Joseph preferred.. 2H 274 Michigan Central t573u ininols Central 85 83.j Ei dividend. The extreme range of prices in stock and the number of shares sold to-day are a follows : Tf. of lllghett. Itireat. Share. New-York Central. l(l 107 tg 2 Erie 1U 1519 12 3UO lk Shore IHU-i 70,4.'' Wabash. 13 : 20 North-we-tern 4S., 4ti fi,:UH) North-western "Drelterml... 72 a 7H U.'MKJ Hock Island. ..11H US ."U Milwaukee A Kt. Itiul. . . . . SOin 4i"t 17.U50 Milwaukee fc St. Wulp. 7ts 7Kig 400 Pittsburg...- 7TH 78., 1.48IS DeL. lack. & Western 5 57ia 1.4K New-Jersey Central 313 31 1.1 OO Iel. A Hudson Canal M r(- 4tH) Morris Essex 831 8:ili 200 Michigan Central 7a M:1 S.OtiO Illinois Central 83 hi 83 MH Union Fadne M ."0 Clev., Col. Cin. & lmL 2 7 Hi Vrttj 1,2M) Cbleago. Bur. A Vulncr lOKM lor.i km Chtcaco Alton 714 7f44 1IMI Hannibal A St. Joseph. ... 12 1 1 V ::x Hannibal A 8t. JoaephSnf. 274 -"'4 Ohio A MissUslpnl t 7"s 1.200 WMttra L'nkia 85a P1 7, Too Facifl Mail IS la 7,7r0 ?uieksilver preferred 34 31 2or Anton t so " m m Total aaW 159.151 The foltowloftr taMfl ho wh the naif -h.ourl y fluctiiaUons In tbe OoJd market to-iay : 10O0 A. M.."....M10O9il:O0 P. M IOOj 1030 A. M .100h!1:30P. M 1004 1 1:K A. M 10)112:00 P. M lfKs 11:80 A. M ..J0Ott2:O K M HKlt 1200 M ..10i3i3.00I'. M. lOOi 12;30P. M .l!WMr The following weretho clotlng quotations of Government bonds: Pl.t. A.Vcd. Un!ted9Utes Currencr 6 s 120 12oa United Sutes Hs, ism. re vl"terd ..loii-V 10ti United .States Os, 1881. eo, joq lOO s lOlli United Htates 5-2, 1 n ew.reg. . 1 02 W, lO-J V4 United Htat0-'JO,lHtin. nc ,wup.ia lOt United iState 5-20. lt7. re V lo."Ve lO.V United States 5-2K 1 K67, cot tpon. . 1 Oh m IOHI4 United States 5-20s, 18HS. reg 107:a 107s United States 5 20s, 1808, cou; pn .l lOto 1 1 1 United States IO-iOa, registered ....107 108 1 UnitMl StatM IO-IOjv. eoapon. . 107T9 lOMl t'nllel States 5a, 1S-41. ra-iter 1M Hh;i United State 5. 18-11. coupon KM' IWM United .States 4 h 1891. register edlOai lo.1V United Sutes 4 . 1 9 1, eoupou . 1033 103 1 United States 4 1907, registered. -lOOi 10)3s United States 4s. 1907. coupon .101e 101 '4 -The following were the Gold c searings by the National Bank of the State of Ne tr-York to-dav : Ooldeteared 10,603,(K)0 Gold balances 1.325. 1( Currenev balances 1.421,421 The following is the Clearing-hoi tse statement to-dav : Currency exehangea ?55. 397,389 Curreurv balaneea. . 2.67l.59t leold exchanges.......... . , 5,3SH,kS7 Ooldbahuwes 1,919.074 The following were the bids for t: ie various State securities : AUbama 5s, 1S83. 44 Alabama 5s, 18MS. 44 Alabama 8s, lMftl. 41 Alabama 8a 138. 44 H Ala. 8s of 1892 2( Ala. Ssof 1893.:.. 20 Ark. 6s. fnnded 23 Ark.7sLK.AF.S-is. 5 Ark.7aMem.ALK. 5 A A. NO. 5 Ark.7sM.UAK.Klv. 5 Mo.6s.du SDo r'OO.lOfiia MaA-ojU., due '92.10S Mo.K. ba, due 9 t 5.10S M0.6s.Ha-St.J0. V 103St Mo.6tH.4KLJ. 7.1054i N.Y.tia . K.lMrt 7.112 N.Ctts. old.J. & J. - lt N. CUt A.4 tl..... Iii4 S.CN.C.R, J.AJ. TO N O.. N.C.K.. AA-.I.I. N.C. NCK-.e-off J AJ. N.aNClt.e.oir A0 N. C. Os, F. Act,'. N.C.Os,n. bdaJ.&J. N.aOs.n.bds. AJt . 70 2, Ark.7a Ark. C H 5 Connecticut bs. .... lOO Georgia s 10 IV Georgia 7s. new bs. 109, N.C. so. tax. class 1. Georgia 7s,lndors'd.l.e1a; class 2. Georgia 7s. gold b Kwig OMo 6s. 1881 103 Illinois eouu.i.'79.102i11;)hlo Os, lHrt 107 IlUnots Wat Loan. . IO J I..; R. I. f.C..lkiJ3-4..115 Kentucky 6s lO'JV.Soutb Carolina Os.. 4t Louisiana 6s f0 LouisianaBs. nw ba. 50 S. C. 6s. J. A J 3i S. C. 6. A. A O 30 LsvOanewH t gd bt 50 lv7aPenitentiary. 50 La. O. lvee b ." 8. O. 6s, F.Aet'66. 30 f S.C.aLC. s9JAJ. 4 T ;.S.a6LC,,8.AAO. 4 I IS. C, 7s of 188... 30 La. 8. Levee b. . 50 La. 8a, L. ba. of '77 . 50 La. 7a Coasolidas 1. 77 Tennessee 6s, old . . 31 Tenn. 6a, n. b.. n. a. 35 4 Virginia 6. old 2 Va. 6s, n. be, '6.. Ya, 6s, n. bs.. '67.. 23 Vs. 6s, CouaoL bs.. 72 Ya. 6s. ex met. C. 59 V Ya 6a. Con. 2t s.. 26 I a. 7a, smalt bonr Is. 75 Mo. 6a due tn '7f I..102t Mo.tU,dae'S2orVsaiOi Mo. 6a. due iu M lot. Me. 6s. du la tf 7..106 Me. 6. due in 'f ,8..10Ha Mich.7al8!HX ....108 Va. 6a Deferred ba. 4 Mica. 6a l7v -9... 102 VD.of C.3.65. 1924. 83e Mich, 6a. 1883 lot i And the fo Jewing for railway mortgages: "R,H. AErSe 1st... 14 CP. A Ash, aewha.HO it, n. aj uttl.. 1--3 nat. t two new ot.iiii B. C R. A M,. 1st fta. 69 IHnf .A Stat Llne7aln5 Ches. O-Ajs. 1st.. 29 O.MAT.lst's 1 906.1041a Chlo.A-Als. 1st HtfU'Lake Shore Dir. be-HOI- StL. J. ds C Ist...l05t4 LakeShoreac.lst.113 l li. A O. Con. 7s.ll2t LakeSboreaK.lst.10914 CKLAPJe s.l917.e.l09'-4 Lake Shore C C. 2d.lOO CKLATAia.l917.r.lOOeiM.a Con. 7 1U02.110 a ItofX. J.lst.90.11 14 N. Y.CesvOs. ls-3.10 U K.ory 84 CkntH J. as d... 71 1 C R. vtOi- J. e. as d. 70 I W-B..o. d. 47 : 14 aVWf. B.. as d... 86 M.AtPUd7 S-lOFIl 1084 N. Y. t en. 6a, 1 887.1l4e N. Y. Oen.6. Seb..l3U V.Y. CAH- latC. 121 H.R. 7a 2dSF. 1 8s5-1 1 0a Can. bo. 1st g'd 76 North Missouri 1st. 1064 MAt4.Pilst7sigRlX10Ae as ! Con. S. T..101 4 M.6sfSJP.lsttraD.110 lO. A. VL Cm. , 1014 MJrO.latl) M.103 Cea. ietne Gold IS M-A5tJMt.I A1X.1014 C. P. t-Wa J. B. tl M.Att.l'.KU.iD.lOlisC. P.. 1 ACr.lst W2e ILriV. Coa. sv.101Sm! Watar a Faelae be-lU4 If. A 81 P. 84..... ara. Padils 1st U-10 CsS.W. eoa. bds. 1 09 ' Un. Pae. L'dOt 7s.l07J C. . W.a O. Be. &e,Un. Peeifte 8. P....102i OalftaaAChLlU.107l Pae. R. Me. lt-.104 Pealawala lst.eenv.llO IPae. K. of Ma. 2d....7e tl. A MU. 1st.. ..110 Ae. Faa of Mo. 1st. 84 tna A Sa P. 14.. 1b P- W- - le.120ie C.aCALli7tSf.l04 IP- ?t W. A O. 24.114 leL. I AW. IM..lOHt1' ' AC SM 10-l PnL A W.7a 1SK7. 10'ejClev. A P. ea. 8.P. 10 H.B.A NT. lit 7i. 1 W vJOiV. P. 4UiA F.107 Morrl. AKaa.xlrt.117 id. C 8 L lit 97 e torrlKM Sta.lOla'W W. AO.aM.la4. 83 I. EL 7e Ti-.. 4. 1. AV I- M- -.. JO M. A E. 1st O. O . 2Tu:Ait. ST. H. lt....llO 1). h,Ll02t: Alt. ft T. H. 2d ft. 75 Alb. ASus. lt....lll I Alt. A T. JL 2d tea. 35 Alb. A ha. 2d loa T, P. A 7 Rea.A8ar. lt. e..l 1 Ken.ASar. 1st, reg.1 UToU P. W. 2d ... 2rt Krie 1st eitenHH.,1 13s T..P. A W. Con. 7s. 2rt Erie 21. 7. 1M79..10!, ToL A Wab. ex coo. i'-ht Erie 3d. 7s. loss. .107 IT.A W.lst.ScUIMT. P En 4th. 7a. 10104 T. A W. ex mat. C 2e Erie5th7a, I8S...10L4 ToLAW.Kquip.bds. Long Dock BoBHs .HMlt.Tol. W. Cons Con. 4 V B..NVAElst,l10.1O7 Great West, ex eon. 16 H A St. J. seonv. 3 W.Cn.bda,lO0,C.10U C F. A Mica. 1st.. VO I PHILADELPHIA STOCK PRICES JUKI 19. Bl-l. . Akd. OtvC, new Hi, United Railroads of New Jersey 123V 13 J Pennsylvania Katlroad ?0 8OI4 Heading Railroad -- Ihigh Valley KaUroad 3" gTj Catawiaa Preferred 84 V 34 ht Pltiladclphln and Erie Railroad. ' " Sehurlkill Navigation Pro.'srred. wt J Northern Central KaUroad 1 i I-high Narlaation J"TS . Pittsburg. Titnsvtile and Buffalo.... 5 Hestonvllle Railway 8 Central Transportation S8g The coupons due 1st of July. 1878, upon the "compromise bonds" of the City of Memphis will be paid at maturity upon presentation at the banking-house of Henry Talmadge & Co., No. 3: Pine-street. New-York City. Bonds and eonpons of the City of Memphis can be funded into the " compromise bonds," and information obtained in regard to same at the same place. The Hsnover National Hank has declared a dividend of Ihrrt and a half cent, free of tax. raveble Jnlv 1. The Oriental Bank has declared a dividend of Jtv 4 oesit, free of tax, payable July 1. THE LIFE STOCK MARKETS. Nxw-York, Wednesday. Jnno 19. 187S. Trade in llveatoc pcneralljr wa iepreel In feeling on tbla foren'ton. The 'arrival were heavy and sale era now t current rate Tn market cloacl weak wth a downward tendencr, there UHtitr un.old rnanT hen's and fn-k. At frUtleth -Street Yard Bee sold at 8ac10Hic. tb.. wsiglit to 8Siewt. At Hri-ma Core Yard price ranged fnn He S10V. Tb.. weicht 6 to b3 owt. From 6S to 60 16. ba been aPo-ed net. A very few Steer obtained 57 tb. net. VuHltty wve reported ranid f-om poor to fair. In one-l cre and rather lean. Milch Cow sold at S3Sdisr 4 hi.l. Calve tucluded. Vcai were not iuote.1. Buttermilk-fed Calve aold at 24" S l-Mc. in.: oTdinarv quality Calve at O-.aCec. - Bneka ..Id at S.-. m Sheep at SV lV- IS., with one lot of selected onal:ty at 5tc 4 !b. Lamb M at 4Sc. Th nock a above ouoted ranged from e-.ane to choice, betntr la ireneral fair. There were no live Moss on sale: I ltv dressed opened at 45c5c. 4 IB., all weights lncludvd. SALES. At Sirtirth-Strrtt Yard T. C. Eastman oidfnr elf ;f3 earn ot horned Cattle, palei a- follow: 17H common Illinois Steer at H-. we'.Kht 7 to 7 ti-Kt fiir-Hlinol Kterr at H-c m., weight owt Rr fair Illinois hterr at 10c 4 lb., weight 8Vt owf.: 177 coarse M-iKouri titcer at iC.P PI., wewrlit htoHl cwt.; 17 fair Missouri Steers at lilc TS.. weight H cwt H. V. Bnr -harl fvhl for C F. Kcyuolda .4 common Mi-onrt titeerti. 37 head at c ttt.. with SI off head on 18 head, weight Cu cwt; 17 head f fc. a-clght 7 cwt. for Kankni A Thompson, 73 grass-fed Illinois Steer at 4 K.. weight G1 est. scant. Utiles A Brown sold for elve. 20 fair Illinois Steer at 94Clotc m.. weihta 7 to Xa ct. llcry A Carer sold fr ulves. 82 common IlllnoU Steers at SOicaS'.e. f tb.. wats-ht 6 cwt.-. 61 common Illinois Stew at Ve. Hie. P rfi., weights 7 to 7ii cwt. Coon and Thompson aolil selves 53 senoraliv fair Illinois Steers, lo head at Itc. 4 m.. with l on f head : 2S head at Pc. p 16.. with fit V. on 4 head on l . head ; 10 hvad at lOc P ft.. wt:h 1 on pheil. weight 73 ewt J. Kahn sol.l for Kaon A Co. 71 stlll-fcl Ohio itee at fO-jc. 4 (6., weight 6' to 04 cwt: 32 Bulla live weight 1.24M 16. hi-ad, at :t a.r. ewt : 19 Bulla, live weiirlit 1.460 tb. P heed, at 34c lb. H. Eissner sold for self 78 common Illinois Steer at 9c, with 50c. on f head on r)2 head at 1"ac. lb., weleht 71 ewt.; . 15 cosrs hot fat Illinois Steer at lOc. 16.. Wflsht Ml cwt. K. Jocih aold for self S s-rass-fed Illinois steers, at 8 tic t lb., weight lirwti 20 common Illinois Steers at Pe-SHt.. ft . w-ujhts tj to 7 a cwt.: 14 fair Illinois htcers at il-jc 4 Pt., weight 7 ewt: 41 fair Illinois Steers st lOcaiOc 4 th.. weights 7 to HI) cwt Lt.ivts A Hsllenbeck old X bnttcnuilk-fel Calve, weight 197 tt. P- hea l, at 3"c. p 16.: HO h:tttemilik-fed Calves, weight 16s PS. V h-d. 11HV. P 16.: 75 tmttermilk fed Calve, weight lwm. beao, at HUaf In.: 42 Kentucky Sh.t W"ijlit 10O lb. p hcail. at 3 V- ' to.: 43 Kentucky She, weight 85 16. p head, at 4c. PI6 : 25 Kentucky Khevp, wctght 12S m. p head, at (': ?. Iluuia. illiott A Co. twld 1!I7 Buttermllk fcd Calve, weight 153 ttt. head, st Sc. rfh.-. 9 buttermilk -fed Calves, weight ll;i 16. 4 bead, at V- P 16.: 32 Calvo. weight 150 16. P head, at tiiie. P th.; 3."r Colorado Sheep, weight 73 16. head, at 3c p th.; 114 Colorado Sheep, weight 74 16. P bea.1, at itVsC. p 16.,- lltO lambn. weight 04 to. head, st fl'c. P IB. J. Klrby A Co. sold 29 buttermilk-fed Calves, weight 150 IB. 4 head, at 2:4c. p 16.; 42 bntteroiilk-fcd Calves, weight 149 Pt. P head, st 3c. tb.- 15 Bntterntllk-fed Calves, weight 164 lb. head, at S3 15 P cwt; 32 bntterndlk-fe.?-alve. wigut Iti8 tt. P head, at 3Vte. p 16 ; 13 .tittrrailk-fed Calve, weight l.Sti lb. p ht-ad. t Sie. p lrt.: SO Calve, weight 1 5s tb. P head, at ttc p 16.-. to Calve, weight 147 16. P head, at bis. f 16.; 325 Ohio Sheep, weight Ss m. p head, at C. P P.t 72 Ohio Sheep, weight 87 16. p head, at th.: 64 Kvutncky Mtecp. weight K7 th. P head, at 3Tc. p p,.: 17 Kcntneky Bhcep, weight 11 In. P head, at 4 t-e. P 16.: K2 Ken-tuckr Inibs, weight 61 Pt. p head, at 5c. P 16.; 65 Kentucky Lamb, weight Hit lb. P h. ad. at 6c tb. Jel-letf... A-Co. sold 54 lalvc. weight 147 Tb. P Acad. at. i.';Vc.a,31-c. P 16.: 53 Calves. w.-itdit 16 th. p hi-ad. at '-"ec. p P-.: S7 Calve, wcisht 172 IB. P hL st ;)c p m., all buttermilk fed: 73 Csjvs. weight 172 16. p hnul, at '.ie. i 16.: :t4 Cal .es. Meight I'.'S 16. T head, at 3 W. Th.: S Calva. weight 19! tti. head, at 83 44 p cwt, all buttermilk fed . 23 Calves, weight 12S 16. p llCACi, It f IB. At llarrlmui (Vr rrvf CoriPV .1 Merhrton sriH for rfel1Teran? Wlo.lw Brother! I Bftll, 1 i weight 1.7-JO TT. .t th.: Otf hi ii ceil Ohio .c HV- ' - 4" tb.. welirl.ta H to li St ewt.: for i. Nmlth 14 returaliy tiliio Meers ai vgc. wiw, f id., veieni e ewt: forC. '. ItoTiioJils 73 common xiwonri hteers st bV. Vi is", p Vs.. weights 11 t to evl. W. E. lndy sold tor elf and I-rt. 5 Hulls, livs weight j 16. he I, at :ic 4 ttt.: 15 Ohio Kt,rw. rrva f.l. at Mt. a. o.. weight tl cwt F. Samuels soul for N. .M .rri. 01 Illinois Steers, from common to fair, I) baad st l V. P 16., with I off p b-al, 113 head at i "-jo. P th.. 10 head at H V. p th.. with SI off P hea.l. 9 head at lOc. p 16 . weights 7 to 7 1 cwt, 49 common Illinois Steers at 9 t-e. 'rrkt !vc In., with f,ftr. on 4. heal. weight 7 ewt M. OnhWhmMt sold for Brown oV Sons 8 Bulls, live weight 1.23016. Plied. atSW-.pp.: 12Uui.s. lirew.l.-ht 1,475 th. p hsd. at 3l4C.;P ft.; 0 Bulls, live weight l.'i-it to 1 . tl'O Pt. P heal, at 3 1 P Pt.; for Moms '.' 1 common M -"iurl MT ti"-jc. 16.. with SI on b.d on 5 h-ui, weights 11. 7 v. t. H t-wt.: XS aeneraily nomiwin Illinois stoers at tc. 10"c. 16., with 1 Steer aold at PSjc th. and $1 on. weight ", 7 to 7a ewr. Biel A Mi-rer sold for X. Morris : common Illinois Steer t V Hjf V lb., with 50c on P head on 18 head, weights 7 1, to v1!! cwt. F. Joseph sold forneif K6 common Illinois Steers st 0. P tl... with $1 off P head oa 32 head, weight ti cw t Vogel A Kegenateln aold on et .mmisMl, n S ooace ILitiols steers at S4e. 4 Pt.. w-igtit 7 cwt; 37 common Illinois Steers ar 9c P gt.. wttU el off head on :2 bead, t V-ir. P fh.. wait-tits 6 to 7 ewtf 2 coarse but fst Illinois Steers st a4i p 16., weight 8l ewt: for selves 142 still-fed llltiioii Steer KOhead at i,c- P 16.. weicht ewt; B9 head at 9c 4 t6., with 50c en P head on 27 head, and SI on P head on 24 bead, weight fiSi. t3. to 7 cwt: 23 bead atHe P 16., weight 7 cwt.; Hi heal at 9"r- P tb.. weight i ' cwt M. Lauterbach sold for Wsiiel A Allcr-t n. (t3 grass-fed Illinois Stoers 34 head st 8c p 16.. with 1 on heal, weight 51 cwt; 15 head at 16.. weights cwt: 1 7 head at Sc 4 Pi., weight t' cwt; t7 common Iilinois Stoer. DV-. p 16., weiuhvs 'i to 7 ewt: is fMr lilinuis Steer st 10c p ft., weight 7 j cwt ToCTV Son sold for K. Morris 15 grsas-fed 1 lUuois Steers at Sa4-. P 16.. with 50c on P h.-ad, weight 7 eti 17 eomu.ton Missouri Steers at 9c J rtv., with 4H on P heL weight 7 cwt S. V. Sherman o!tl for Valxel Jt Allervou US gra,,-fe,i Illinois steers st S ve. Pv, weights tl to ti ewt, scant: 17 coarse IUln'oi Steers at tic P 16.. weight 7 cwt Newton Holme, sold 2 Oxen, live weight l.OtfO 16. V.head. st 4Sic pj.: 47 common Illinois steers t to l4c 4. p, w:gtit 74 cwt: 7 common Ouio Steer. 9 heed at pc -If ft., 18 head at 0 c. 16.. witli SI ou p head ; 40 hi-d at 9 r. 4 16., with SI oil p head on 20 bead, weights G to 7 4 cwt; 2 fair Ohio Steers at 9 14c P IB., weight 7 cwt, s.-ant IS coarse but fst Ohio Bteers at 1O-.310V. P 16.. weight Wscwt; 2 Calves, weight 20 ft., at 6V-. ft 5oOhlo Sheep, weicht 4.410 ft., at S:iPOprwt; 15 Ohio f-hct. weight 1.3.J0 16.. at IV. P 16.; 142 Virginia Lambi, weight ,S;0 ft., at 4-,cp i6.; 24 Virginia IjuhIs. weight 13.270 16., st 5c p 16.; 245 Virginia Lamtia, weight 13,2HO ft., at 5tHC p ft.: S5 Virc'.nia Lsmla weight 4,!50 ft., t 54-. P ft.; 13! Virginia Lambs, weight 7.7oO ft., at 5 Ho p cwt; 495 Virgitta Iambs, weight 2S.340 ft., st 5ac P ft.; IO Virginia Lamb, wxight 520 ft., st 34C P 16.: 2ilO Virgin! Lamb, weight 15.120 16.. at 6c. P ft. Judd at Buckicghsm sold 230 Ohio sheep, weight 2O.390 ft., at 4c p tU; 23 Kca-tueky Sheep, weight 2.1S4I ft., at Sc-POi.: 1911 Kentucky Lamb, weight 12.000 ft at 5c p ft.; 04 Virginia Sheep, weight 6 ti3u ft., at 4c p ft.; Jtt5 Virginia Lambs wdgnt 9.120 ft., at 5 Sic p ft. Kaae at Fidcock sold 2 Backs, weight 2ri0 ft., at 3 -. p ft-: Pe Ohio Sheep, weight S.4H0 ft., at 3 P ft ; 107 Ohio Sheep, weight lti.9Ml ft., at 4c P ft.: -229 Ohio Slice j, weight 1-..P40 16.. t 4 Vs. P l.i 1x9 Vir-giniaLamb. weivbt lUem ft, a (Vt V 217 Virginia Laanb. weight 1.210 16.. at 5 oe. P IfV; '1 94 Vtr-frluia Ural, weight 11.410 ft., at 6V-. P ft.; 244 Virginia Lambs, weight 15.03O lb., at 6s. p ft. RXOSIPTa. Fresh arrivals for yesterday and to-dv at SlztasUi-Streat Yarua: l.OTtl head of horned Cattle 31 Cowa l.t'.-i Veals and Calrea. 1.732 Sheap and Lam I. Fresh arrivals for yeterdav and to-day at rortiath-Strcet Hog Yards: d.P71 Hog. ' Fresh arrl-al for yestentay and to-dav at Harslmns Cove Yard : 2. 1 7 head W horued Catua. 3,514 hnssn ane Laacba. f.56'2 Hum. ro arriv!s at Wcehawkcn YsrUs tor week ending Jane 17. 137: 1 Beef, 1.PH5 Suevpend Lamba. 1 Cos 470 Calves. 4,esi Uogs. lo Uorava, BtTMlo, June 19 Cattle Receipts to-day. 2.2t5 head; total for tb weak tha far. 7 62 keadi for til same time lt week. l.31ti aaad; receipt ouo-aitrned throagh, 34t cars: decree tn receipt for the week, lo2 cars: Diarrt vaster, bat not quotsbly lower on good to rbotca shi4.prs' graltw; common stock c lower; sales of choloe Steers at SU SO 45 2 : rod khitper. SI 504S4 70; metlium do.. SSt to 1 x!! rrrUD tsVsMifsa, saTwrsV4tri ST 1 lOO to 1.2UO ft.. S3 SOS4 JOt light butchers'. SJ 909S4 IS: Bads and Oaen nnchana;li quality of Wjek la eoaumon to eood i at tend an oe of buyers light, aheep and Lambs Kt'ceipt to-day. 1.70O bead : total fur the week thus far, 7. St Ml head; for tb same time last weea, 10.000 head: cooignd throua-h. VI ears : anaraet demorallTed: sjltpr ar not trymftj to opera sale of 1 ear Western Sheep to Ineel bade a SJ 75 '. 5 ear resnaia tn tb yards naaold. Hogs lteeir4a to-day, S, 45o head: total for tb week the tar. 13,b50 heads for the same time last week, 1 i.b-40 haad'i receipt consumed throngh. ludsani market active saM lOc Alio, algawr fue Yrkcra: aotabia. Yoeaara, S3 o 3 05 : b.y. aj 03 bO; ogertaau sSMwaZr of eood quality 1 all efferiaa dispose d of, CaiCAOu, SB 19 Th Zrwvr' Jawrwal reports: tt"T hseslBla. lft,V0J haadt abipi&eata, 3,000 head; sssTket evefd end 10e.lSc mrbert heasw grades soU a SJ 75aS3 P5t light gmi. S3 ) 7t mlstit and raw a. A3 SOS)S3 SO. Caetl hsastpta A.OOO haadt ablpssaBta. SO hwad: snarke IU sasbaafeil taney Sfrs a hd WI as S3 WHS SO j rtom aad Uftcun. Si SOS S3 90; batebr- ataady. with a fair demand; Cow. S3 43 6O1 Bail. 91 70S1 1 X'aaaaa. WJ 7VWH. mmv wsmiiins. . .'v -" j"5"lf- 8Oaa4s swpply Lab t Ht Tons Jan 1 11 Oattl moderatalr hot about e low- en all mattve 1 pnsaa to ebolee BitiTiihiprlng Stem, II 60W 10 j $3 90144 40: fair to choifS bstcnerV. 13 259ft! da, 5owaaa Usr. tTSSai 85, ataekera, S3 f3 BO aiaas Ta Sisara. Vw3 is Cow, el 7 w OS t neetpas. 3.VOO beaX How aauv. Arm. soH i hlgtfrs light grades, S3 20-SJ3 49: packing, WJ ( butchees' to faiicr. $3 WJM t30i receipta. 3,500 head. Sheep oui t ; good butchers' demand : choice to fancy. S3 37 ' cTS1: good. a39S3 25 j common a fair, S2 12 .' 27i racipta, 47u fciL EsstLibsstt. Penn.. June 19 Cattle Receipts to-dav. 5 lo had of through and 442 head of local stock, making a total f-r the pat two daraof 610 bead ef throaa-h aad 1 Otis bead of kseal : seUine at 10a.a i5a, aavanceoa last week prices. Hum Receipt to-day. 1,210 head of thronrti, tnakin' a total for th las two days of 2.810 bal; Yorken, 03 fiOS3 65; PhUadel. phlaa, $:i 7 5 S s3. Sheep keeeipta to-day, 700 head, making a total for th past two days of 4, 6O0 I ssiirSet Usui at yesieraay prus. THE COTTON MARKETS. Nsw-Oar sap, June 19. Cotton oall t Middling, 11 Vc: Ler Middling, 10 V--: Oood Ordinary. lOc: not receipts 25 bales: gross. 258 balest export, to Great Britain. 3.7 bale: eoastwtee. 1.183 bale i sale. HOO bale; last, 0u bale: stook, 40.L17 U a. Mobilk. June 19. Cotton quiet and easy: Middling. 10 -4e.dnoe.; Low Middling. lOiecstlOVc, (mod Ordinary, Pvc; act receipts, 96 bales; exports, roastwlaa, 193 bale; sales, lOO bales ; stouk. 6,2t9 bales. CHABLCSTOg. Jane 19. Cotton quiet; Middling, 11 -c: Low iliddline. 104C10e.: Oood Ordinary, lutc10eL: net receipta 4 bales: export, eoaatwtaa, 64 bales; sale. 25 bale; stock, 41 bale. Sataxvah. June 19. Cotton easier: Middling. 10 V-: Low Middling. lOVc.: tod Ordinary. 9sc; net reeeint. 550 bale; gross, 763 ba'e.; axport, noastwisa, 1,377 bales; sales, 60 bales; stock. 2.2SO balsa. fokeigxTma rkets. Los-DOlf, June 1912:30 P. M. Consols. 95 7-16 for money snd 9'S'a for the account Cnited States bonds, 1S1J7 HtiJ4 : liMo. lo: new live. 107 i Eric, 16: Illinois Central. 8tls; Pen nrvvanl Central, 81 : New-Jers-V Central, 32 : Reading, ltS. 1:;0 P. M. New Ji-rer Central Consoia, Sti : Illinois Central. S5V ; New-Jerscy Central. 81 . 3 3o P. M. Theamoon' of bullion wit hrl rawn from the Bank of Eng!n.ion balance tolsy Is 2Vtl.OOO. 4 P. M. Silver is unoted at 53d. P ounce. 4.30 P. M. trie. 1H: do. oreferred, 31H: Illinois Central. Sfl ; Sew Jerery Central. 31 3. 5:30 P. M Paris quote 5 p cent Rente 112E. 72 Sic. for th account Livxaroou June 1912:30 P. M. Cotton dull snd easier: Middling Upland, tld.: Middling Orleans, b? lrtd.; aaltis, S.01M) mile. Inelndlnr l.OOO bale for speculation and export; receipt. S.i'OO bale, including 2.550 bales ASDcrican. Futures S-lir at 1-S2.1. decline; Uplands, Low Middliufti cinuae. Jura delivery 8 7-32d.i Cidand. Low Middling vlanse. June snd Jnly delivery. 6 7-32.L: t'plands. Low Middling clause. July and Ana-oat dnlivery. 6 7-32L: Cplanua, Lrw ViddJing clause. August and September delivery. 6 t-32d.: Uplands, Low Middling clause, September and October delivery. 11-3-M. 130 P. M Provisions Lard, 35a 6d. 4 cwt for American. 2 P. M. Cotton Upland Low Middling clause. Jnne and July delivery. l 3-lbd.; Utdanda, low Middling clause. Augu.t and Septemier delivery, ;titc Upland. lw Middling clau. September and tlctobeir delivcsy. HMliiL: Uplands. Low Middling t-lnnae, artober arid November delivery. 9-S2.L: I pi and a. Low Mlddllnr c'anse. new orop, shipped November and IeceBnber, sail, 6 7-321. 5 F. M. Cotton-Futures steadier; I pi and. Low Middling dansc Jnne delivery, 0 3-llld.; Upland. Low Middling clause, June and July dellvary. ti S-lAVd.; also, 6 7-;-t2d.; Uplands. Low Middling elauae, sew crop, shipped Octob- r aud November aail. tf 31m1.: Cplanda, Low Middling clsute, new crop, shipped November snd December ail. 6 3-16d.; also. 6 7 320. The sales of the day included 5. 106 bale American. Loxnos. June 1H 5:3oF. M. Solrltalof Turpentine, 21. a 24a 3d. P owt. HAMm-Bi. Jun 19. Wilcox's Lard dosed at Sd marks P lOO ft. Havu, juue 18. Wilcox's Lardeloeqyl at 47 P 50 kilo AwTwear, Jans 19. Petroleum, 25 .f. for fine Pale Americaa. XOSTOX WOOL 3IAKKET. Bostow, Mass.. June 19. Wool, Very little doing ; buyers continue quite indifferent and from present Indication the new clip will ia reiy slowly into th bands of dealers snd manafactnvera, Tb Woolen Oooda marxet Ik ttt such an unatgifactnry state that manufacturers have no courage to b y Wool to any extent ahead. Sale rowipnae ohi. and Pnnvlvanla Fleece at S4-.a3t.ic. for X and ; Michigan, New York, aud Wtaconi'in Fleeces st 3tcd35c and Super and X Pulled at HOC. 40c. Corah ag Wools quiet and firices nonilnaL The new Kentucat y Combing on market still helo above the views of buyers. Spring California is in fair demand at 290.SV2SC , mostly at 22c 2tJo., and Fall at 15c a viOc. CIIAKLIEK INftTlTl'TE, 39TU-ST., OX CENTRAL PARK, BOARDINO AND DAY prrto K1L FOR BOY8 AND Vol'NU MEN OF 7 TO CO. FUPll.s PRKFAKKD FOR COl.LiXiiO, fc.CiE.Vil.VI0 SCHOOLS, ANX BUSINESS. The twenty-fourth year "wfll begin Sept. 17 next. Commencement June 19, Wsdnssday, at 7:30 o'clock P. M. Prof. ELIE C TIARLIER, owner and bead master. Last June a pupil, without extra training, wa admitted to Harvard with hon sr In Latrn and Mathematics and it there now In the snvaiiced aectiun of Latin and (treek. Many former pu sis ar now in Yale, Colombia, Princeton. A former pu sil is now Professor in the Naval Academy at Aunap. gia. where he irraduated ; . two bve been assistant Pro i saboos In West Point where they graduated. Buiidicg nr mrpspd fur location, ventilation, ana school conven K'ncie. French, uerman, Spanish taught by native te tcher, and spoken with them, French and German e! .ecially. tT. JOdIVS NCHOOI-Boarding and Iay Sch ool for Voung Iadiea-and Children, Kis. 21 and 23 West 32d-st. Between Bma I way and Sth-sv., New-York. Rtv, TilKOUOPi. IKYING, LU l., KcctW, TU Pall erm ut-gint Oct. 1,'lttSL AVOIINH rilrt'I.U'IA5l tf lINtXIJEPTIOK. hi. morsl cam. tar siwl rsf.i miue but wtttoowt suens, cle.tres a bo r.m lu torn. smUmuh'i family. In eoiiaiileration of t iition of children; caa arcisre for eollfk-e, Ac. Addt ess rUl'SlCl A.N', Box Xo. 137 7'imri OtUce. K. AMI MUM. J. II. MAKSF. IVOIXD TAKE to the ea-n. trc aa boardiUfti jt-uplU for'ihsr summer four young ladbrt; refereuces, Wlillsm CuLletx. Brt ant, (ieorire William Curtis. Address Mrs. J. K. AloUoE, Myauula Fort, M g., or No. 1.267 Broaawav. MLI.K. Ul jN KlKN'l'K AND KM'iLIHH chooL No. 5tJ7 Msdlson-sT., New Yorlt'.for young ladles snd Utile girls, wid roupen otpt. Ifi. Chuulars sent ou application. Sl'MMKK HOME KIIK BOI'NNTO lit Y'.KAKS old, Hiintlajrt,n. Ijonjt Island ; Dttniler lira St U t four. Atsdrasa JPKINCIPAL, T. L. KUogg a sohoua. No. 70W ttth av. i;. ELIZABETH Il.tNA'N BOAKIMNO S:hool for Younit La lies st .aumstown, X. tvoper. on WEDKEsbAY, Set.t. 18. IM KUMI COIJ.EOE, NVAI K. N. Y-Botli Mtxtc ooen during Summer : SH per quart en ao extra auteeat auv time W. H. frm 1)EEKshll,L(.Y.) .MILITARY ACADE3TY. . St-nd for Ilaistrated Ciruolar for 1878-79. Miscp:LLAy ?:ou.s. LIEBIGCOMMNYSEXTrtACT OF "JfKaT. FINEST AND CHEAPEST mi:at elwocring stock for soups, male lishes and sauces. L1EBIG COMPANY'S EXTRACT Ok MEAT. "In success snd a boon for which nations uliould feel gratsful." See ' Medical Pr.." Lancet," " British Medical Jonrnal." 4e. CAUTION. tiennine only with ths facsimile of Bsron Llebig's signatare in Blue Ink acrosM the Lxbl. " Consumption In England iDci-caaed tenfold in ten years." LIEB1G COMPANY'S EXTRACT OF MEAT. To be hsd of aU Suort-keepers, Rrticer snd Chemists. Sol Agents for the Cnited States (wholesale only, C. David A Co., 43, Mark Lane. London, Knglasd. JPPS'H WICOA. GRATEPUL AJD COSTFOKT-.Jing; each package U UbeWd JAUOi EPPS A CO., Hooieopathle Cheiaist. No. 48 Thresvtneedle-. and J'0-,1,'0 ipffiWrj London, England. ew-York Aespot. SMITH VANOER9EEK. Park-plac. IOR ADOPTION A HEALTHY MALK INFA NT, 3 weeks out Addree. M. U.. Boa to. 317 Tvaws t atr OJla, No. L,2ji Broadway. AUCTION SALES. IN nANKnrPTCY. ASSIGNEE'S SAIE. IN KB CHOW ELL H. KYNO. Tha -undersigned bureby gives notice. In compliance with the ovier of John W. Little, E... Kegiwer, and with the Atatute and Huleii in -uch case provided, thai he will u at public suctiom by William Topping and Compaictr. Auctioneer, at 122 and 124 loiM-treet, at lo o" clock A. At, of Jtdy 12th, 1 , . ad the stock of goods of said bankrupt, consisting of fixes good, buttona, trimmings, kc. anal eertaiB shares ot stiK-k. aa follow : 'JO share of NatUxnel Tal-grapb Co. atooa. par value SlOO or share , t T shares of Labor Saving Snuttle Oo. .tock. par value 41 Od per hare: 52 share of Excelsior ( art-t Lining tk. stock ; 20-lwdwTh- WILLI A.M E. BAILKY. A.'Mrnea. F. Anct'onxcr. CfECIAL NA I.E OK MICH IIOrTroI.O tfurnsture carpda, plaaoa. mirrors, Uroase . aiocka, n oil paintlur. THIS DAY. Thnrdy. fan ao. at 1 1 o'clock, at tb eaiaoroom. Xo. 6W Bros away, ba-low Houston-st Th eatt-e evtwmsiv furnl tur of a Hadioa Klvar residence. Super ci parlor swi in blue saun. aurtaas en ait. mas-noetarw rearr t el, a collection of fine oil painting and bronavs. aU tb e elegant bedroom and dlnimc-roum. furniture, wing b. snk rafia. Ao.. tn good condition. IIV 2la Sf H. 1 1W A aaarn. A V-a A. T 0 lt.?'W,t L-CKAVYAXSiC, AND Western Bailroad Company will sell 50.000 Tons s. iuvtiiv rnit. at public atastlon. on WSUJifSOiT. Jane V", - 1 J - - Kts,Hftr-proL avAMUXL SXXJAN. Pn aidant LOST AXD FOUND.; T Z?,? SC5OAT. JTOE lei. rjf THE I vTRSET OMen LWavsras-pviao m4 25th st, a smal ( 00i.D H UNTlNt WATcH,rddgur w toe 'si letttaiae reward trtU be aia te aag eae at 20 Lataistte-14 as. DRY GOODS. MOURNING FABRICS AND BLACK. DRESS GOODS. SUPERB A830RTXIXT, INCLUDISO AXJ. THS XiATEST NOVELTIES IX GmiDtKU 1X0 ItVMIB TlSSCli AT RIDCCED PKICEeV. A.1.STEWAET&G0.; BROADWAY, 4TH-AV ITTII and 1 STTIl atTS. BAXKKUPT NOTICES. DIHTRHT (XICKT or TIIK ISITEtl atasa for the inatnet of New-Janer. Ia Bank-ruDtcy. Inthemstterof WILLIAM IL bPEER, bankrupt District of Mew-Jersey, sa This Is So give a otic that oa the 27 tb dsv ot May, 1878. a warrant of bankruptcy was issued out of the District Court of th United cuate for the Diatrtct of XswJwwj acaiaat the ratal of William H. bpeer, of Jersov City. In th County of Hudson, tn said district, adjudged bankrupt oa his owa petition that tb pavmeut of any dents and the delivery of aay pnaperty heloncing to each bankrupt to alas or for his ase, and tb transfer of any property by him, ar for-bidilea by law. aud that a met lug of the creditors of aid bankrupt to prove tlietr debt and to choose on or more Aigne of his estate? will be held at a Court ot Baukruptey, so be boldest at No. 1 Mont-otiis-y -street, ta Jersey Cttv, New-Jeney, bbfove blasts K. Morri. Eq,, Kegister in Bankruptcy for said district, oa the teuth day ef July, A 1). lo78, at 10 o'clock A. M. K. L. HUTCrTIXSON. U. 8. Marshal for said District, DISTRICT CUIKT O K THE UNITED STATEd ft r the District of New Jersey In Bankruptcy. Ia the matter of ALBERT L. BABCOCK, bankrupt Dia- trietof Ne-Jmsv. sa A warrant In bankruptcy nas Lm him1 h mmld murt aa!nt tn estate ef Albert Lj. tfeen iawuRd by said court lis brook, of tn Countv of lis brook, of to County of ksawx, and Stat of New-Jer- set. in said district who has been duly adjudged bank- rnpt upon petition of his creditors, and tue payment of anv debu. and the delivery of aay properly aalonaing to said bankrupt to him or to his uae. snd tb transfer of any property by him, ar forbldoea by law; a meeting of the creditor of said bankrupt to prove their deot and choose one or more Assignee of his estate, will be held at a Court of Bankruptcy, to be bolden at 063 Brosd-sC. Newark, in said district, on th 6th dav of Jul v. A. D. 1S7. at 2 o'clock P. Ml. at the office of Steal 6. Morris, Eatiulre, one ef the Vgistrs la Bankruptcy of said district R. L. HUTCH INSOS, V. 8. Marshal for said District IN BANKRUPTCY. IH THE DISTRICT COURT, of toe United State for th Southern District of New-York. In tbe matter vf-WILLIAH A. MOORE, bankrupt. Notice is herebv given taat a petition baa been tiled tn said court by William A Moore, in aaid distrt t duly declared a bankrupt under th act of Congress of March 2, 1x07, and the set amendatory thereof, tor a discharge and Certificate thereof from all hi debts and other Tlr'"- provable under said act, ana that tbe sixth day of Julv, lo7S. at 2 o'clock P. M . at the offioe of Edgar Ketchum, Esq., Rerister in Bsnkruftcy, No. 139 Fuiton-treet Bennett Building, tn the City of New-York, ia assigned for tb bearing of th same when and where all creditors who have proved their debts and other persons in interact may attand, snd show cause, if anv they have why the prayer of tbe aaid petition should not be granted. Dated Naw-York. on th loin day of June. 1873. OEO. F. BETTS, Clark. J13-law3wTh ! IN BANKRUPTCY. IN THE DISTRICT COURT of the United State for th Soutnern District of New-York. In th matter of OaBRIEL SCHWAB, bankrupt Notice is hereby given that a petitiou has been filed "ba aaid court by Gabriel Schwab, in said district, daly declared a bankrupt under tbe act of Congress of March 2, ld7, -fur a Uischarge ami eertifleat thereof from all his debts and other claims provable under said a-t, and that the eighth day of July, 147 S. at 12 o'clock M., at the ofllce of John Fitch, E kegister in Bankruptcy. No. 345 Broadwav, "in the City of New-York. Is assigned for the bearing of tbe same when and where all creditor who have proved It heir debt, and othar person In interest may attend, and show cause, if any they have, why th prayer of the said petition should not be granted. Dated Nw-York, on the loth day of June, lSTS. OEO. F. BETTs, Clark. j13-law3wTh IX BANKRUPTCY. tN THK DISTRICT COCRT of the United State for the Southern District of New. York. In the matter of HOWARD W. COATES. bankrupt. Notice is hereby given that a petition ass been Hied In said court by Howard W. Coatea, of the City of ew-York, in said diatrtct, duly declared a bankrupt under tb Revised Statute of the Cnited State, till " Bankruptcy." for a discharge and eertifleat thereof from all his debt and other claims provable under said Revised Statutes, and that the 27th day of June, ls7rt. at 10 o'clock A. M., at th office of Mr. John W. Little, Kegister tn Bankruptcy, No. 4 Warren-street, ia the City Of New-York. I assigned for the bearing of th same, when and where all creditors who have proved their debts and other persons In interest may attend, aud show cause, if any thoy have, why the prayer of the said petition should not be granted. bated New-York, on th 3d dav of June, lt7d. OEO. F. BETTS, Clerk. Je6-iew3wTh IX PURMCANCK OP AX ORDER MADE BY the Hon. George M. Van lloesen. ard of the Judges of tbe Court ef Common Pleas la ana fur th City snd Countv of New-York, sitting a County Judge, on th 14th dav of June, ln78, notice Is hereby given to ail the creditors and person having claims against JACOB FRUAl'F, lately doing bastnass at No. 130 Ludlow-street tn the City and County of New-York, that they are required to present their said claims, with the vouchers therefor duly verified, to tbe subscriber, the duly Bp-pointed Assignee of tbe said Jacob Prueuf. for the benefit of his creditors, at bis place of transacting business. No. 123 Bowery, in tb City of New-York, ou or before the 23.1 dav ot hep tern tier. 1S78 Dated New-York, June 17, 178. JAMES J. COOGAN, Assignee. Jour M. Macxat, A try for AWguce, 233 Brosawsy, New-York City. je20-law6wTh IX BANKRUPTCY. IJf THE DISTRICT COURT of the United State for the Southern District of New-York. in the matter ef JOHN F. PHELPS. bankruptNotice I herebv given that a petition has been filed In said court by John F. Pbelp. m said district, duly declared a bankrupt under the Kenned Statutes of the United States, title Bankruptcy, for a discharge snd certificate thereof from all his debt snd other claims provable under aaid act. and that the Stn day of July, 17M. at 12 o'clock M-. st the office of John Fitch, Kegister tn Bankruptcy. No. 345 Broadway, in the City of New-York, ia assigned for the hearing of the aamc, when anil where all creditor who have proved their debt, and other persona In interest my attend and show cause, if any they have, why the prayer of the aaid iietition enould not be granted. Dated New-York, un tb 5th day of June, 1S7S. Jcl7 lswawM GEOBGEF. BETTS. Clerk. IN TIIK DISTRICT COt'ltr OPVIIK iiMlTED Mttfttee tor tli Kouthoro li.rtot of N'ew-York. In the nialtfr of KOiiKLlO llEKot'Es, bsnsrspl In Baaikruptey. SoaHwrn lietrtot of Kew-Vork, as Th aid bankrupt having applied to the court for a dis-fuarg from hit deliU: By order of tbe court, potloc U hereby given to all creditors who have proved their eVbt. and tttnev persons in in tem.t to appear on th ninth y of July. A. i. 1H7M. atelewn o'clock In the foe-rioon, at Cbsmbsrt of the said IHstnot Court, before laaao llsytou, one of tbe Registers of ths aaid Court In Bankruptcy st hit office. Number s '2 Hrvs lwar. In ills City of New-Vork. Room Number ll, ard show cause whv the prayer of til said petition of th bankrupt should not be granted, and why a ritar-hnrge should not b granted to the aaid bankrupt Datd New-York. 11th June. 1H7S. Jeia-lawdwTh OEO. V. BETTS. Clerk. IN THE DI?TRltrr COURT OF THE CNITED States for the Southern District of New-York. In the inauvrof ZACUAK1AM KTKHX, EMANUEL STVMeN. and SAMUEL A. BECKHARD, bankrupts. In Bankruptcy. Please take notic that a second general meeting of th creditor of tbe above named bankrupts will be held st number 7 Bookman-street, New-York Citr. in ths said district, on ths 2d day of Jnhr,187H. st 3 o'etiek In th afternoon, at the otn-e f James F. Iwibt Ksw.,oae of tb Keatsrer In Bankruptcy tn said district, for the purpose named In aeeuous 5.O02 and 5.U93 oi tha UevUed Statin of the United Slates, title LXI. Bankruptcy EDGAK S, UlOKS. Assignee, wjuux IlriJikKTU Fixu, Attorney for Aamipioc, 237 B roadway. New-Tork City. IN THE DISTRICT fOI RTOK THE CNITED States for tbe Southern District of New York. In tbe matter of WALTER BROWN, bankrupt In Bankruptcy. Before Jama F. Dwighf, Kegtaler. To whom It may concern : The undersigned hereby atvea notice of hi appointment as Assignee of th estate of Walter Brown, of New-fork, County of New-York. State of Kaw-York, within said district, who has been adjudged a bankrupt upon his creditors' petition by the District Court of said diatrtct Dated at New-York, th 23d day of November, A. D. I "77. JOHN M. GU1TEAU. Ai n-a. -Je6-law3wTh OS Broadway. f NTHKDIiwTRIUTCOl'RTOPTHE UNITED A state for the Southern Iismctot New-l ork. In 111 matter of SAMUEL . THOMPSON and EDWARD P. OILSON, bankrupt Bef John W. Little, Register. To whom it may concern : Tbe undersigned h-eby gtve notice of his appointment a Assignee of the estate of Samuel E. Thompson aud Edward P. Gilson. of the Clrv of Sew-York, in the County of New-York, sad Stat of New-York, withiu said district who have been adjudged bankrupts upon their own petition by tne District Court ot said district Dated at New-York City the Sth day of June. A. D. 1S7S. LOUIS B. KADEli. Aeaiguee. Jel3-laa3wTh UNITED STATE 81 DISTRICT -COCRT. Southern District of New-York. In Bankruptcy. Southern District of New-Y' ork, . At the City ot Saw-York, the 21st day of Msy, ls7s. Tue undersigned hereby give notice of hi appointment as Assignee ot JOHN J. REYNOLDS, of tha City of New-York, in the County and State of New-York, within said diatilct wbo has been adjudged a bank ru jit u;hms hi own pstltiua by th Duttt Court of said district. JolIN" H. PLATT, Assignee, Ja20-law3wTh 40 Wall-street New-York. NITKD "TATtt DISTRICT Cfll'UT, Southern District of New-York la Bankruptcy. Southern District of New-York, ta At tbe City ot New-York, the 11th day of June. 187X. The und-r-signed hereby give notice of his appointment as Assigns of WILLIAM C MOORE, ot th Citv of New-York, la the County and State o' New-York, withia said district, who has beea adjudged a bankrupt upon his e'n Iietllioti by the District Com t of sa d district JOHN H. PLATT. Assignee JeVO-lawSwTh 40 Wall-Mr-iei, New-York. IX BANKRUPTCY. DISTRICT OF N tV-J K-sey, aa. -t Newark, oa tb 6lh day ef June, A. IX ll7i. Tb undrrulcned herebv give sol ted of hi appointment a Assignee of PETER W. HOAOLAND. of Newark, In th County of Essex and State of Nw-Jr-aev, wbo has been adjudgod bankrupt upon creditors' petition by the District Court of said duuiict F. U. SMITH, Assignee. Ac. JVerMawSwTlr 715 liroad street IN BANKRI PTCY. DISTRICT Or KEWJER-sey, . At Newark, oa the 5th dsy of June. A. U. laTS. The undersigned hereby give notice of his sp-pointmaat as Assignee of DAVID M. DAY, of Bloom-field, tn the County of Essex and State of New-Jersey, wbo baa tweet adjodeed bankrupt upoa hi owa putitloa by ta uutna toun or saia oirnn r. U. OkUlit, Jsl. Asaign, Ac (IS btoad-street. 6-lsw3wTh TEACHERS. TEACHERS' Rt'REAU. NO. 97 VYEMT S5TH-st Scaool ad famllle supplied with competent taschers, professors, tutor, and tevirnnsss; In.'ornsa-ttoa given of good school her and la Europe; priecipel r. rttlTOR, Or GREAT EXPERIENCE DESIRES M- Hamrjrr sstgaceTneut : Cltv or eountry : pre-naras t T cntlevw 1 blgbsst reference. Addrase STUDIOijai, Boa Kis 2dl Turn- Osywa cafw. lko. L25i Broadwsjr. SITUATIONS WANTED. rKJUALAJt. TUR Uf.TUH tfPVlCR TtlR TIJ1JU. TbesB-toaa efBee of THE TTVTa Is 1 n rats i at Rvl.st5M Reeast si ar. ewstth-eauss eraer ef31U . Ow4dlv. sn4av tawlatsa. rrots tA Ratirj hi Slsirriloasreeetvel sn4 septay THK TIM SS for sal. ADmnsccms KEcr.nrro vm t r. t. Rkle('TABI.I VOt'Ml WOMA LI VI MO as houM il.isln s w.k. to wt an ke.a sssm la ovuev tfaviar tb abaewe of tbe ftuU r va the ntry 1 beet Clly rWcreoua, Cavl at Nov Sod 8 la v., top 1 CIlvIPAJiHIN-BT A LADT. 0EADUATE OI Rutarer Feniala AeadUmyi good musician, earr. pead.nt and reader: aoana kaowleilg of FreacS ; travsitag pvvrsrrad. AvdswssS J. H. tit, ease of As. 4. Weeks, New-York: Momsana btatioa. CtlMMRKR.MAID AND WAITUKM BY A yrepctbl airlt w-mld do boa- work iu smaU pr -v4e family t '1r . r enentry: trsft w-tt so meah a a gMd husnei xorLWut nluaaoa Call at Ne. 2Vs WesS oOih-st. Cllt.MUER.MAID AND WAITUES 4IK Light Houae-work. Hy a respeetabl yuan; Americaa woman. Call or addnsa, far tw days, Sa e Ftta at. Room No. 12. CilAMBCK.MAlll ANU WAI1KEMS BT A yontig Pr,fttetnt American giri. or lo t sW ears of children; no objection to the eonn'rr: tie -t Cltv reference. Call, for two day, at No, 1 15 West 15th-t. rear. CIIAMKRR.MAIO AND M'HSE BY A PRrtT-atnntgirl: or aura) ami plain ssrfng: ao objection to counter . heet City relarano. Call or address No. 63d taat 17th-st C HAMMER. MAID AND V A f Tit K"l. BY a Swedish gtri a flrt-ela cliambar-maid and waitre. or laundress; beat City refentuce. Call at ho. .10 siss-at ,11 1 Mnirn .. s v t. te 1 to va nv A a ... , . . . . , . , v . . ,v . . . v . Vvraspectabln yoane sin : City or eountTt Ottv l enea. Call at No. 023 UOl-av, betwuaa 30lh and 7ia sta, ia fruit stftire. "tllA.vlllER..f AID. BY A RESPECTABLE Vyyoting r'rl a eiieuibr-tnl T. end would assist with washing and Ironing : he City refereaea. Call at prssv ent rmplojer'a No. 17 Heat 32d-t CtHA.MUER.MAID AM) NCR :. BY A XiM. patent voong woman a chsmhor-msld and nans , is wUllne and ooliglng. Call or addras S2S East S i'he' C1HA.VinElt.MAII. WILL ASSlriT IH ANY pother work 1 is competent, rellabl. and trnatworthy ; Cltv reference. Cad at No. IS Wart loth st. Clll AMI1ER..1IAID. BY A OIRL AS CHAMBKR. mald snd waltrw: good City rafamios. Call at Ke. 12 Wast 4 Ith-st WOK-1 IIAilllEIt-nAlD.-rV TWO EXCEL-ylent rlabl g.rls: roo-l cook, wa.her. and Iroaeri chamber maid an waitre, or excellent laundrtsssi would ro together or aet-aratelr: City or country 1 good City reference. Cll at No. 212 East 41st-st C'OOK. BY A REsPr.CTABLK OIRt. AW "WOD yeook. washer, and lronen no objection to City or country; has beat City reference. Can be seen, for .two tlevs. from 10 till 3, at Ne. 273 MadUoaav., preatetu- pioyera COOK AND 11AKKR. "Y A RESPECTABLE young woman : I sn excellent washer and troner. and can furnish best City reference ; no obteettoua t a short distance In the eountry. tall at No. 4:U Qrsssl-Sf . eeeond floor, front ; can be a. en for two daye. CtOOK BT TWO t.lRLS. M sisters : one tliorou&rh cook and assist washing and Ironing: other a chamber-maid and srairrsaa or assist with wa.hlnc: City or country 1 irond City reference. Call, for two dayr, at No. 3o7 East 2tlth-t. In store CIOOK. etc. CHAM BEIt-vIt ID. Arc BT"a7 yrespectabl woman to ctok. wash, snd Iron, with danghter to An chamber-work and waiting; City or cm n fry ; good City reference Call, fur two days, at No. 351 East 31st-st . (IOOK. AS Fl RST-CLASS COOK ; WOULD ASSIST in washing and ironing: willing and obliging 1 beet City referenow. Call at No. 3J West 43d-at, between Bth and 6th avs. ' CIOOK. WAMIIKR. AND IRON KR. BY A flrst-rate cook, washer, and irooer lu private famllvi bot City referene. Call tl So, 1,UW 3U-v heti U2d and 63d sts., second floor. COOK. BY A COMPETENT PERSON AS COOK t is also an excellent laundres; will be well recommended. Can b seen at her present mpluyors. Me. 906 Lxlngton-ar. fTvOOK-BY A YorNG WOMAN; EXCELLENT Vyeook and bskrri forth eountry: understand ear of milk and butter: will be found competent 1 rf seen ec Call at No. 404 East lith-st. rear. COOK. AS OOOD FAMILY COOK . EXCELLENT .laundress: will assist with washing and Ironing: City or country: best City reference. Addre FL, Bos No. S'J4 TV) Vp-hMm ufrtt. No. 1.2.18 Broadway. CIOOK. WAsHKK, AND IKO.H Kit. BY A RE-.spec-table girl la a private family ; Clly or country; well recommended. Call, for two days, si No. 120 East 2Hth-st, present employer's. CIOOK, Arc. BY A PROTESTANT WoMAM 1 ygnod plain eook and baker and laundress ; no ub I notion to country 1 good City ruler uu. Call at Mix 217 Eaat 25lh-at. CIOOK. BT AS EXCELLENT PLAIN COOK, ywtll assist or do entir wash of small private family 1 sntisfacinrv Citr refervnee from last employer. Cell at No. 110 East 27th-t CIOOK. WAMIIER, AND 1 It O E It. B Y AN English voung woman t heat City reference : no op-Jeetton to the country. Calt at No. SOO East 24th-st. thro flights, front : no earda CIOOK. VVAHIEK, AND IRONKK. BY A yvonngjglrl, with three vesrs' rnfereuce, to cook, wash, ana Iron, or to da up-stsirs work. Apply, before $ o clock, at present employer's. No. 40 Went 22d-it OOK. BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN as first -class cook In a private family ; lt City reference fr-m -last place t City or eountry. Call at No. 5 1 East 33d-st COOK, WA11ER. AND IRONER.-BYa KB-spectabln clrl In s small family; willing to go to the country. Call, for two days, at No. IS Wet 27lh-st OOK AND LACNDRE".-BY ATyi6ROUVB cook snd laundress; b-st Citv reference: will gn In the country If requited. Call at No. 124 West 49th st gOOK. BY A THOROUGH COOK IN A PRIVATE Vyramilv: Citv or eountry; 14 year' City rfrnce. Call at No. 1, 1 IS Broadwav. grocery. CIOOK. BY FIRST-CLASS COOK ; CITY OR COUM-trv ; list ths very best of City reference. CsU si Jio, 6!)!) lltH-tr.. foruef of Mint., drag itora. ; (IOOK.-BV A ft EM P EOT A & I- E WOMAN AM FI RST-y -lava, eo-sc ; sr---l "y rfcr-T -. PsaJ 1. for t.wo Astvyat. t No. 37 VVaat i7tvl-t-. proaant vimplorer'i. riOOK.-BYA KESPKCTABLE WOMth A MUST Vcla.t eook; good rf"rene: tin oh lection to td eonntrv. Call at tf 19 2d sv.. betwaen 35-.h aud Stlth ata (lOOK.-BY A YtH'NH tUKL LIVING FOCR jyrr In a fam'ly as rook. Call at N 31 East 30 that., present smploynr'a. gstlOK AND AI4T WITH WAMUNU.-lT ya ontnetent yotit.g won-ian. Can ba seen at i.rasiil etniiyor".. No. 1 40 Ksst ,Sstb-st, tor two dara. tOK.-BY A GOOD COOKTO HI IS THE CO I'M rv. Seen and hljhtv rwomuv u dad from her praa. ettt place. No. 16 Ea.t 2:th st CTooK. WAsillKK. AND IKON Kit. BY A yg-irii best City refen nne. Call at 1:13 Weat 5th-t CSOOK. BY FRENCH COOK AND BAKlKi BEST yCity reference. Call at No, 625 tfth-av., first belL REOIAKKR.-WIHIIES TO GO OUT B? the day; ran rat ml At and mak over neatly. Ad-dres M. TC. Box No. 301 Zifavrs tV4nca OJlet, Ha 1,250 Broadway. UESS.MAHEU.-DOES WORK IN THK latest style nasouably. Uisa Barber, No, 120 West 42d-st; aoaign. RF.r-M A K Kit. BY A THOROUGH DBESS-makcr in private fam'lies. by day. a few mor customers ; beat City reference. Call st No. 458 4th-sv. UIH..MAKEK.-BVA COMPETENT DREsH-uisker i will engage for S7 a week ; good operator. Call at No. 417 West 35th-st, fourth Door. Ct F.NERAL FAMILY HE A MITRES AND K Dreas-msker. All the styles by th dsv or month children's suit, and terms low. Adtlrrss Pre a msr. No. 152 Delaacey-st. OtSK'WOKK. BY A RF.SPECTAULE GIRL for general bouac-work. or tak care of children t willing and obliging : Cltv n-f.rtiice t no earls. Call at No. 1.6'M3d-sr corner Mlth-st.. first floor. OI E.U (IIK.-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman, or as Isuridr ; Cttv or country: good Olty reference. Call at No. 457 Oth er., between l&lh and 4 let st. HH HE-WORK. BY A PRoTESTANT VOUNO woman to do work of small family i good washer aud lrouer: good plain cook ; good rcfurenue. Call at No. 619 West dtithrst nOIrK.WORK-BY A RESPECT A BL.K YOUNO girl, lately landed, to do crencral house-work willing and obiigLtut . Addrssa No. 210 Eaat 69ta-at (H SK.MOIth.-BT A RESPECTABLE GtR-man eiri. In a pr. vale family, to d gmeral housework. Address Miss Henncman. No. S22 3dav. Ot SK. WORK. BY A GIRL To DO O NERAL bottle-work In a small prl-'ate family, good reference. Cell at No. 1.624 'd-av. AD Y'H MAID. BY A TOl'NO SCOTCHWOMAN Ja iaiy maid: sew, aud drassc hair nicely; beat City r-ferences. Address J. W.. Box No. 321 Tnars tp-ora Ogtet. No. 1.2 S Broadway. AIIVN MtlD. BY AN t-.XPER! Kft'CEU SiVEu-ih lady's mlJ aud scamatress : n f.bjection to tbe eountry ; pref r to trarai ; Cmml City reference Call at No. 24 East 47th-frt LAD Y'H MAID. Oil NURSERY CQVER.sESS for grown children, or as rouriar to a fumPy traveling in Europe. Call, uutil engaged. At No. 2li Wt 5titll-st, prMnt uployer'a AUY'8 MAID. BY A FRENCH WOMAN; UN-derntnnd ha r-dres:u : goo-l searasteM; Citv refer. en -a. Call at No. 490 tftb-av, Ror.m o. 1. IAINI)RKV-AA FIRST-CLASS LAU.SaK-.Hi Joeat City refsteoen, Addre L. C, Box No. all Xtsws t-o;a Oi, No. 1.253 Boadirsy, TAt'NDttFH-i AMI CHAM RE It. M 4 1 D JOt. or country g jod reference, Call at No. 100 Wt 24th -t. . aFnURE!". BY A LADY A PLACE FOB AN excellent laandreaa. Call at No. 214 Wa 3sth-sv A I'N D H EH. BY A FI RsT-CLASH LAUNDRESS, Jtour year' refereoca Cad at No. 107 Wt 17 that VIHSK AND HEA.uSTItKS,OU CRAMBER-1' work. Protestant ; understand r- making t operates: willing to be.aaefnl snd go in tit country. Call at present employer's. No. 12'J EaU 89th-st VI RSB AVI) MEAMriTREiH. BY A RESPECT. 11 able girt, or do Ugii char avtr-work i Cltv eeountryr tts rear.' rat fens frees bar eanpi yera. CallatNavSls Eaat 3:ith-t l'K.IC A.DlEAMHTI(F.!Si.-Br A PROTEST. ant voting wocuaa a cure aal seamstress t tw veer sad a half la is plaoa. Cad st Y. W. C A. Va 7 Eaat 15ta-t. TVVK.Hr BT A FRENCH FEE-SON jrsT LANDED, it ta a prtrsas famllv te take rare ef aklidrau ; teat rf-esutvse. Call at So, lao East iid w SITUATIONS WANTED. FEMALES, TtOSII AND SlEAMaTRKt, OR As Vr.w 1 bsvaldfod S-a.ara-iey M Aai-rtii M,, eouauTi b4 City refmece, Caa be a, fu ,11! day, a No. ISO Wsat lota-s. , w "WJT StSftst BT A klSPICTlBLI AklsKlI a. A. sstM a4 o plain .wlsi : willing t rrsM whs T ldy; wears saps i See Ter' rateesese. CaU at ba t t N' V R A:e--PI.AI!t KCWlKt A X l ah t. Tj ebtldraa by a m aa nt stpwKme , sn.aa i. Crry sr ssaaauwy. Aspiy. t las ey a a. 1 a ,3 am J'UR.tK.-BV VoCNO-VYOtlAV AS XCIUS,' t'lS I Uk. aoriM ft. ... e ft. - . . ' v take tavalul lady , a Ob) 1W s. tasvj City rel.reaaa ci at K voi Leie?t,i.. avs of ry I ".-r-. " t a. niiKA.Si CAN TAtI 1" entire rherg of sn Infant snd sew ; Citr rW. AJ. AS., boa No. M JV-issfsAoiTk 1.-J5S Broadway. WAITRE!. BY A FRo 1 1T ANT t'idLi OS II cbaniiftar-w.k and watting eadertaela sm. sad saUda t wl.bng end obilgtnr , best tifm for two tiara a Sa 14 Wast wstk-st """ AY A ITK Est. ST A girl either as flr-els wsltrvsa, rises e -mail J al bouse-work , bo objection ia rl, eosntrr , a i CHy ref Prias. AaU at No. 43J Em 14skt genera "r'IYREl, BT A R'SI'K-'TaHI.R gIUI.t "lj? 1 1 tb car of silver, and snak. ,l salads; Cltv or count rv j several rears' bass M.f , CaU at K 150 Wt 2stb-J. ' tfWA AITKCSS.-BT tf would A: thriWvort st4 s lest of A ity ref vrwnra Csil st ao. 2o5 i at HmlL -VAITREjh.-a lady le vvini, fTrvrJrjT ' ' ere to procar a mtaatioa tor k-v wartees. ... she esn iwesu way, appty at ".' 4a ,. WAITREswS OK FAHI.OK. V14IO.-1 7 un.. family. " ' ' r i t...t s- er a No. East 37th-jt llVAaHIN.-8Y A RePirrAbL". OUlkLO tf lsandre either 11 V or gentg whlnf tiki, fiome. a wUi fo out by lbs day. Call at he. lit V. ClOACHRAN AND .UIOH.-Ui a v.h.T elas cmw i also -od rstasever If tanatrW, thornughly aasierataad takmg full ekarg W sai raferrace. Address C. T., Baa Ns Ilea . - i - - ..i.e. sv year l ite OJtes.No. 1 . 1.25H Broadway. . ' i Ml At II MAI AV1IH1 irt . S E M SI ASIXv.1.1 A Protectant mam can tsk g,i u cheer, ot a nu man's pleo r H a good esrfui dr,r la City e o"npv, caa milk and two a gaol emsn pi tn sd rd. ha th beat raftsTwao, Address 1 aL. Boa a, mi .tsw. Office. ' OAf'HMAN AND I1ROOM.-BY A Plksiv classy. rang maai Protetnt single: tcM.w. ftti u...... , g .igm, ann Stn IK . 11 Sears' reference from beet families. Additss. f, i.. aya L At, Boa Ke. 2IK1 1aw C'jslswa tcxTsa lii! Broad wsy. rWAt'HJIAJi-lai'vllUKSiAe-BY MAS A.MS VWlfetln.njfti tOMlimtO. STroutu. tw fs.s.M. 1.-. . weight i wife as laundre. chamiavr aia'.d. or tbaeaesel ' ehildrea. and sew ; both arayeun-; wag a mmu a , bast of refereneaa, A ldra A. J., Baa '. HM o--ipaw ar. So. 1.258 Breadwav. Cs IOACHMAN BY A PROTESTANT MASlia 'man. ao tncuaxbvaae. as eoaehmaa. ar v.a.1 r.. rare of a genttemsa's Placet Is a "od garri sa milk, take aarsof lawn. Jresa walka Aa: wife SfiMstswa, uratai; win cn omwe!t rreofnmvaueu, lauoaors, dress R. AC. No. 430 East lllh-st (COACHMAN AND ..ROOM BY A bINLS mivii ; th'roagdy undemtaods his luminal asisa stead r. caretul City or country driver i a chisnirsi to eooatry : willing ai ebJtgtagt Wet Olty . country reference from last employer. 4 ililiis. is day. C.. No. 8 Eat 81-st. CtOACHM AN AND IIKOOII.-HT A riHsf-yclsse etiarhaiaa: anderstaads treat meat snd eae si horse, ssurriag. Ac; striotlr attmttv I ba dtt willing to be useful aronnd th plao i flrat-elaes Cltf refer nee t City ar eountry. Addees. twe dsv. IX T. Boa No. 2S8 itssss t'p-towa Org., Na 1.25s Snalwey. CMIACHMAN AND J ARIIEN E tU-Sf a HI glemaui tliorooghiy undorstand tb eat st htftrsat andramagea, snd geueral work on a twntlamaVs 1; ' willbefonud eivtl and obligtugi flrst-cisas City rtfsf etice. Addres J. B.. Box No. 20 TWsomoa CtllACHM A N-H Y A El RST-CLASS MAX ;SJ .S.JLl, nnderstauds gardening, farming snd rare of horss ar.d general work on rcstlcoan s placet Is not sfr!4 y work i five years' fi rat-elan ity rer.reee, S4iltass,a four days, D., Bos No, 23(1 THa. Oil e. OAt'flMAX. BY A BEsPEirrARLE hl).0U young mm thoroughly understand tn rr 4 horse an4 esrrlagne ; leave his plaea oa aoroant f Mm famllv going to Europe. Call or address A, It, Aiu, 144 Wast Otb-t, private stabla rtOACII MAN. A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO 0 Vytaia a place for hi rxsv-hman (sn Englishmen) koj he caa rvcomraeud as a thorough eoO'Pelaal eisatb willing snd obllcirg snd strictly twprts, AdUrsst 0, B.. Post OfSee, f onkfa. M. Y. C10.ACIIM AN AND 44 A R DEN t. R. SIV ILl": ymiddl aod i City or eountry i xcllent gmots sm driver i six rears reference; wage S16 to S20. AoVina Cachmsn. Bos No, 922 Timet L:evwa 6Vs. No. L2j Broadway. CX1ACII.MAN AND tiKOOM.-Mr A fcTEAbT. J psnvnoed man ; esn furnish flrst efsas refsfesa) from his la t employer, aith whom he has lived lu veara. CaU at So. 1.C59 (Albany Buitdiag.) Brosdett, in th hru store. COACH MAN-BY A SMART YOUNO MAX Of naat aipearano i is tborouguly cap!, son-, aa4 obliging ; Is recommended by last employer at tb tw man he has bad lu 4l rears: other sxceiieat reofSssbs; tiona Call at No. 15 Eaat SOt h-st - - C" OACH MAN AND 4J ARDEN EM.-liy A gl young man i can nd.k ; will b found wtMaa sober, and Industrious i caa be well recommended fnne last etviployer. Addi, two days, T. S., Bua N.l ytsxrv ITp4om Ofiiar. No, 1.25S Broadwsr. CAO A f : II AI A N. BY A SIS'M.E ToL'NO A J will! na to work in a garden and Soak htoasif s erally uawaul t is sober and steady ; vry bea ( false ance. Address T. C. Box No. 232 TW offlca IIUrirHiV.-hYol.VOfiMiJfAICflAillIi.ti y fl rwV-. ) mi Cltv feceni mensstlon i fii'tsi at esntHnrw ea s .p. AiMw at. t. st.tq. Xo. ft, liAsl sla CtOOK. y A FIKHT-CLAH WHITt MALI IXK' An s bummer hotel, boanllng hnnae, of yaolilt vl f nmuh ref rrenes trim lst sic i liyuf. AdJreM i, aaJtl, Boa No. 223 Taw Pint. AN AN If W'AITKIl or A OOOB footman and assistant welter, with eood Olty lurs i wag p nbjsct i City or country. ST; i. !.. B it .Ne. it'Jd luui l'p log vflci, Va IU Broadway. C A It It EN KK. MAURI til i N IMtH'MSHASt it gunderstsuds grawu-lvi'ise. grierlMa hot sadsiei good grower of flowers, lii-tabir and fruit i oJCuf reference. Address P. U.. Bus hu. 310 IW ipaa tj , Nu 1.2.i8 Ilrudway. AKIEEK. ENGLISH ; l I UUI.B-A'.in t V derstaud arrowm p. Mi I., vine. Ate srrtsi ss'' Auenmbraue f wife g-xid Kk or laaadrca; mtstfattoO reference. Addrusa tiarleaer, Oranga N. J. A tt lit Kit, tfeC-bYA MIUDLE-AtiEDEti at fanlener. t n')f, or gpnral care laker 1 r.rA years' referare from last place. Addrs kC But Aa gg yiss Ontcew.. GAIIDKNElL BY' A THOROUGHLY COSfS-tent mao ; hs seven years' good lily mfsrsnet trie his last employer. AdJre B. C, No. 44 OraoSt-tV r i VI I stvir, e. GARDENER. EXPKRIENCEO IN SKhHOCa -apart, la.i.ig out groumla. ana geueral aiatias mcnt it of a gentleman's place. nnexcptlunail wtatens Iraas torist, Box No. 225 Tisw Olijoai Address TA I.K.T. BY A HIGHLY RK OMMKNbKO YoJ-d Kagitsii man as valet; uud-rst.-uids but dark a ueb. Address English Vslat, Boa. No. 270 ! d Soe Offtf, No, 1,258 Broad say. . : VC 4 ITEIt. BY A PiRnT-CLAMb MAN tESlLl'j If tn a privet family; tlioruaghly aJiiia botui La toug and sstl.s-t.y City ifuasi ew be highly rrtconnaeudeft by laf employer. AJSessi, t'odav. Hail, Bit No. .'S Tim t - Oft, 1.258 Broadway. - . VrAITF.K. BY A'M.TAUl.K rflfcd 1 Y wsit.-r ta a private family 1 best of re.-.. 1 ies ls for capability, b -o 1. sud e-.unety, and of gosd s- Addres W. L. l' Bos Nov SIS Jmms Up-aw OJba 1. 25 Broad wsy. WAITER. BY A KV 8lK!TA!il.E YOt 'M0 0U ored man; can tak car of borsn Cl'f 'Tr ence. Address W. p., Boa he. 2sl Tim C-sw lri. No. L25S Broadwsy. WAITER. BY) A riltaT-CLAbP COLOaW f waiter In a privkt family: City or ,-omitrTi ksst" r.frtl.-a Address P. M., Boa Jl JW Ir- Oxc. No, 1,2o Bruvlway. VAITEtt.-BT A Man as WAITER I t " vat family j Otty or cnuiitrri hs good rcw from last place. Apply at No. 1 22 West l-tat HELP WaVNTED. asr 'wv vi.ii n t. s-aiVTl't - . . .., -. -., " ft ft. vr .- -4. salary, ten dollar s ween sn 1 epene: sv no risk 1 sure pay. MANAGER, ho. 301 Wsst ll PUBLIC NOTICES. f M ALL WHOM IT .M4Y C(.NCKM-rJ-i A notice, that ti fjliowlng 1 a dasviiptioa tT-I or name need, and pnvat mark or mark sts" ....... 1 , . , . , .ftaftVia ft " - S 1 , m. " . sis. tur of snlt Ibtsyir,) uuoiirbuita bobesda half barrels, easss, half casks, quarter aittt , and this la tiled and and In pursuane of TIL Uiied ' Aa act ia relation to th aaia us, end tJTi of batu, hoaetieada, barmla ess, or kr( 7 .7 mannfacturvrs v( malt Huuors,'' jae-1 April br th Lreisiatur uf tn Stale of hew Tot. 278. session of laws of 1J4. sni th set a" " thereof. Dated Nw-Ytrk. May 29, l"7s. ' DE LA VVERG.SE BT- Maanfacturersf Nsm. Brand sad ht-Uarmas Bt-T. D. A AV, New-York, sad JOHN U DE LA VERvNE WILilAMH. BURR. (Cuanposlug tb Ann of bt Ea Vcxgne A Burr.) Hen a ana . Lrswsry. my 30-1 r3 wTh 4 wi ll a 1 1' int. xtui nina or Ao", ,r IN CLAIR AND GREENWOOD LAKE KAIL' COMPANY. By virtiswof aa order ma le la CasaeetJ New Jersey, la a eertaiB see wbereia a W. ul and'aptber are compiainaala and said Railway '. are defatadanta, dated tba .Aith day of May. A you ar hereby notified to cotu lu beir me aa your claim aaalust aa)a Ball wsy Cotupaay ndr UZ ftthrraatio or oabarwise, ss I shall direct, to atf m j tloa, withia tour oiontbi frvu the said leentieth l j Msy Instant ar you will be escUd.4 from lb beD" saeh divi.isoa a may ba th after declared b Cart of I Sana tty ot A'nJ rsay ewt at tbe A said eorporatiost Dated May K4. lt7. GARRkT A HOBAST, -Eseetesr ef the Xgtitalalr aad Oruwod Lak k--W Coameasi - , AeAd-lawAiA . MAX WITH A Lr7Tk EX PEK I KliVlC A At general manager In tb rw ail dry im JJ would ilk aiin! ar lis snth any SestSsa ,7,7 East Wee', or boatn. West prxfvrreA. Addns . . -No. l.VO liseMi. r '

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