The New York Times from New York, New York on June 2, 1898 · Page 10
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 10

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1898
Page 10
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10 HI THE REAL ESTATE FIELD 14me BuUm 'aj.t - Brwkersiray.. : era r Eait lU Properties Tha Frank 1 Fisher Company has sold, in eonjunctknt with J. R. Dunning-, the four-ttory .browutone-front dwelling 115 West lhy-ascond 8treet. lft by 69 by HXX for about $30.0(10. XuU W. Dlnkelspiel aire, to Morris B, IlaJl In payment for tbe apartment bouse 88 Manhattan Avenue, reported sold last week, tht old butWtar S4Oreat Jones Street. 20 by 100. . . ..-A ;.: . Vary McKeatney faas sold tb Are-story Bat 1,681 Lexington Avenue, 25 by 86. . wrwa bm soia to Chane B. SaSmawarr C??lrrT brownstone-front fey 9 . oorteenth Street. 25 jJr?4" hM WW ' E. D. It T. H. rrls h five-story flat 195 St. Nicholas Avenue. 29.8 by 82 by 28 by OT. "cno" tiSlK W" iiud,le11 h old 140 West One -Inn.' ?r2LaJ ,"wenth Btreet to Mrs. Wlna Bruckheimer, the third of. a row of live houses recently completed. icil2M7.pnUll Broytb successfully f 12 Jf two .Pe the lower east ' Vast -rMf00' ytrday. No. 4J i-ast Third Street, a two-snd-a-hslf-storv V yu,1'ajn' on a lot 20 by 60. went to ok10.1 brlck lenient 200 Avenue C. r?b7.:!b w" purchased by Adolph Jacobs ..iTJi im". Auctioneer slw sold In fore-fi?"" to the Plaintiff. James Buchanan. VlZjti-& itwo-Btonr brick- ' . fr F i'JelV Co- ld 1 torecloeure to the plaintiff, the Twenty-third Ward Co- SS?r.ta,7UBJi.Ud,n Loan Association, i iiaMa'?Su1tb two-story frame dwelling ' regular Avenue, 30 by 74.6 and lr- .The sale of the Casino property In foreclosure wss subjected to another adjournment yesterday, but it is stated by those in charge of the matter that the litigation is JL,a.n ,nd, and that the property will positively be sold next Wednesday. ' Todays Aaetloa Sales. The following; sales at auction are down tor to-day at 111 Broadway: aBjrTBryan I Kefmelly, executor's sale. irL P'arl Stret, west side, 62.2 feet SS11 k aLy I,,aU Plao. 28.1 byM.2 nfr 7Z3 two-story brick: ouHdmg-. with store and one-tir? fm?VenB,on5 755 Tenth Avenue, Rfrli S,? t""1 nortn of Fifty-first wifla h.? bjr i'JH three-story brick tenement. '2?.hi7';,$!0.Wei,t Forty-fourth Street 5? k iTl? J35 foet WM,t f Tenth Avenue, rt'7. ki ,whretory brtck tenement, with 2i0I'v5.16 WeBt Fortv-fourth Street, south ??,. feet. of Tenth Avenue. 25 by 100.5, three-story brick building at rear and Vacant. fay William Kennelly, foreclosure sale, Ed- u.w.raoi,,reiere, a East Sixtieth street, north side, as feet east of Third Avenue, SO by 100.5, three-story stone-front tenement. Due on Judgment, $4,600; subject to another martgase for aiOoo! ' By William Kennelly. foreclosure sale,' Frank D. Shaw, referee, 1 to 671 East -52 2.nre anl Fifty-ninth Street, north eWe. axt feet west of Elton Avenue. ISO by 100. six four-story brick flats. Due on Judgment on the foregoing- parcels. C15.4T2: uojeci io oiner mortgages for 32,0B. By William Kennelly, foreclosure sale. Thomas F. Donnelly referee, 1,273 Hoe Btfeet .. and 1.15l to i.lffi Freeman Street being the northwest corner of the streets r imed 58.7 by W.H by H4 by 82.1, two-Mory frame dwelling on Hoe Street, four two-story frame dwellings on Freeman Street. Due on Judgment. $17,160. - SiL'if .?laIoney referee..- Hoffmail raitiuc, uiuc iront rrom one Hundred snd Eighty-seventh to One Hundred ana ElgBty-eighth Btreet, 304.6 by 87. va- cani; uoriiiara Btreet, northeast corner of One Hundred and Eighty-seventh 8treet. 2.1 by 98 by 04.1 by 18. two-story brtck dwelling: Lorillard Street, pant sMa a feet north of One Hundred and Eighty-seventh, Street. 82.1; by 98, vacant; liriUard Ptreet. east side. 47.8 feet south of One Hundred and Eighty-eighth Street, 32.8 by ea. two-story brick dwelling: Lorlur3 frtr?f weat J",e J.46-2 feet outh of One IVTo '".ct; Lorillard Street, west sMe. 128.10 feet south of One Hundred and Eighty-eighth Street. -40.2 by 90, vacant. Due nhugment on the foregoing-, parcels, . THE BUILDISG DEPARTMRIT. Ust mt Plaas Fllsd far New Straetarea , ' Alteration. '' - Avenue A," east side,. Elghty-flrst Btreet . to Eighty-second Street, and East River, for ' a one and two story brick stable and office. 103 by 32; P. Brlnkman of 439 East Seventy-fifth 8treet. owner; Charles Brann of 219 Eighteenth Street. Brooklyn, architect: cost 94,0110. . Elghty-nfth 8treet south side, 178.10 feet yest of Third Avenue, for three five-story brick flats. 25.0 by 86.4; Jacob Schlosser Son of 28 East Elghty-flrst Street, own-tr'wwf316 Steginayer, architect; cost, $54,000. . No. 243 East Thirty-fourth Street, for a rour-story and basement brick clubhouse. ? by 60 by 98.8; P. N. Ooddard of 52 .Last Fifty-seventh Street, owner; T. A Gray, architect; cost, $23,000. . Fulton Avenue, east side. 700 feet north of payard Street, for a two-story frame dwelling. 21 bv 44: William Attw- tt nui c. Avenue, owner; William Albert, Jr.. architect; coat. $3.000. - ' Elton Avenue, northeast corner of One Hundred and Fifty-eighth Street, for two StVtt?17 brtck flat 25 by 85 by 05; Morlta .Wandelsteln of 118 East Ninety-eighth j Street, owner; W. 8. Baudessen of 438 ylasant Avenue, architect; cost. 935,0tia Samuel Street, southwest corner. of Mapea I"viuT-18r a iwo-siory rrame dwelling. 22 by 50; Charles BJorkegren of 2.083 Crotona Avenue, owner; J. W. Limer of 2.557 Third lAwnue, architect; cost, 93.7.V). Third Avenue. t iM, rr o , biiu x uirijr-iourin oireei. ror a one-story brick store, 4L8 by 21.2 by 22.6; : Alsrgaret 8. Ferrler. ownor- Jim.n.mtt architect; cost. $400. Alterations. ' ' ; ' ". Terrace View Avenue, north side. 162 feet . west of King's Bridge Avenue, to two two-Uor? and attic frame dwellings; Mrs. E. , T. Maxmann. owner; W. W. Luyster. arch-n ltect; cost. 9500. .9ne.:Sun.lra and Twentieth 8treet. north aide. lOo fvet west of Amsterdam Avenue, to a two-story brick dwelling and work- rnop; wuuam Patchell of 607 West One unJ!, and .Twentieth Street, owner: Kuchman Delsler. architects; cost. $800. One Hundred and Sixty-third Street. 65 , wi mi m om Avenue, to a two-story frame dwelling; Margaret Geraghty of 245 Kast One Hundred and ixty-thlrd Street wner; M. J. Garvin, architect; cost. $3,000 u jriuuurt-o sna . Deveniy-eignth Street. fioutb side. 21.T feet east of Creston Ave- ana a iwo-siory irame aweiung, 20 by ;4T; Frederlcka Ulrlch of 489. Mount Hope .llace, owner; Arthur Arctander of 561 East One Hundred and Thlrty-nmth Street architect; cost. $2,000. , ; Addltloa ta the Slaver Balldlas;. Architect Ernest. Flagg has filed plana at the Building Department' .for a . fourteen-story addition to the Singer Building, to be erected at. 85 to 89 Liberty Street, and covering a plot T4 feet 10 inches by 03 "feet 8 inches. The ground was purchased by the Singer Manufacturing Company at partition sale last Fall. The estimated cost of the new structure la $450,000. . . V Reeeraed Real Eetata Traasfera. - Wednesday, June 1. '--... AVENUE A, e a. 40 ft s of 11th Ft. 90s T5.6; ans Kalb and wife to K. W. Klster V AVKNUB A. 1.84. 25x96; Carrie Baedheim to Henry O Leist..... .......... . , AVENt'B A. n e eorner of 84th St, $5x98; I Julia Prlt to Oorga EtirM . SUECKER St. IM. and S3 Maodouga St; ' . I X.000 106 1 tt.- 1 j I s 100 josa HZ. unmm aaa aaouer, exacatora ' c. to Edward B. Uaye 6 years. ...... OllV-iBD, w a 60 rt of 21 Pt, oasxlOO; The Metropolitan Improvement Company to Thomaa J. licGuira.. ...... BOTD AV. w a 125 ft a of Jefferson Av, mxlOi- John O'Nell to Ernest R. Eokley ROADWAY, w a 213-1 ft a ct Grand Bt, SL5x)0.9 to Mercer m. x26.6xS0O.S; Jean J. ReubeU and another to Tbomas t Keattng BROOK AV. w a 62 ft S Of ITCKh St, 8x S5; Joha Schickung to Joacpa Trap-. JvR YANT ST. w a 151.8 ft a of Hone St. xloO; tha North Nw York co-oper-lUvt Building aad Jaa AaaoclaXloa to Charles W. Hunter..... .............. FORT IXPKPKNUSNCR 8T. w a. n half or not 7U, map oc wiuwia uu uiiea, - Twenty-fourth Ward: Joseph C Van . Ctira to Btepben O. Williams.. ... . . J. . . CREEKE BT. 175 aaa 177. w a 0xi00; . Isaao A. Hopper and , wife to Smily Rlfenbenr HARRISON' AV. Lot S3, mas of KlngaUnd . estate: Frederle B. Camp sad another. executors, to John N. Way land........ KING'H HR1IX1E ROAD, a w enroer or Oakea Av. 10&1x11O.1x1O0x11S.b: Boyd -Av. e a 106 ft a of JelTenoa Ar, SMx 100; Fox Av, w a - 30 ft a of Jefferson . . Av. 79x100; Jefferson At. a w eorner of Tax Av. 60x1 Vx Irregulars Christian P. Keck to Ida Keck.. ......... . -1 1.065 HT 3T-J- . aad to. a s. 60x501,:.. . Jtrr,r' X. tkalard to James J. DoUanL . r 1-724 part , 1 X?li,J,T' U& ; Lewis 8U 121. 25x ' Hnbe?'7 Brunin to Amelia M. ii. U-xoraira' 'av," a.'"w'"il"'iia: 1 Emanuel schleiaiaer and Wife to William LXXISGTVN AV. 883. w a 30x70;. . Willlso, Goldatlcker to Esaannal , JSchJeianoer snd wiia. 1 LOT 64, map of KlngaUad estate; Fred- f rte E. Camp and another, executors, to ' . V. D. Ealepoe 1,066 MADISON AV. s w eorner of lOlst St. 25.11XS6; laaae Mayar aad wife to rr- ruocio A. VivanU -v in AV, w a, 23.11 ft a of 101st .. ZS"; laaae Mayer to i Am- . 2 " e-e e' a a s a a'. e a a i a a r ICO MAWLTON AVr61, 60.6x65; r. WV Pi!1 aaother, txecutora, to Her- .,, bert B. Turner, ; j U!LJlV'J ft a of 63d St. w TSrlf.V to B" , U.NI1 XFTi?. s " w " corner' of "io7ta .8t-M llxM: James and wile wVJtTS???" I"?,1"1 D1 enother...., 10 BU KWxJJie: WUliam 8. Pax tea to Michael W. Divine 1 PAKCfeL, - OJf . CENTRA UNIX - BR- . - tvecn 4Stk rf Tth u- . w ata H. McArthur to laldor S. Kora aad ''K V.' s s." "ail tt a of slat St.' 'x . SiL.001',1 P- Inxraham. referee, to J. rreaeno Kemochaa. as trustee.......... 12.000 6HEKJFK KT. . rVtt . OT lUClnrtoA - ?t7 40x757 Arthur McConnell and wile to - Isldure Jackson ..- , .-. i ST. ANN'S AV.- n w comer of 141st St. 2Sxs7.4x2SxM.s: F. H. Smith and aaota- xacutora, la Char lea Lane - . ' 1 ST. ANN'S AV. s w eorner of Utith St. 2Sxbex trrecular; Louis WUth to Adam Moescn and wie io STATH ST. a e a, adjoining v, aBd 11: : Pearl St. a a, adjotflns land f John . -cJf d Joaeph Corre, ia.6xlxla.fix fci.6; being , 11, i gtate St and 10 . and 12 Pearl St; Kerrln X. Dol- ,'.afl?..Jamr J- Doilard. l-72d part ' 1 VANDERBILT AV. s a eorner of 18th St. UxdiH; payaon Merrill and wife to JYi C-Turner 1 WAL, AV, a a, 1S1.8 ft s of 14th St. ?-' J?ri a A. Smith to Jane Smith- 600 WASHINGTON AV, a a, 117.6 ft a of 163d St. KluxoU.vxlOOxiW.5: laaae Boebm and others to Joseph Levin 100 "ILiJS AV. ekUftnof 144th Ft, 25 x . 9S.4; John Cullea snd wife to Edward J. Dwyer 1 I,A'. w a 00.1 ft a of 123d St, 25.2xW; Adam Moeach and wife to Louia Wirtb , 1 and Exchanga D-,V, w a. 130 ft a of 17 2d St. lOux 5-fi; George f. Langbela,. referee, to John F. Kortr 23.000 ,D AV, w a. 62.3 ft s of 151st St, 82.3X 6x29..7xl0e.4; Julius Heberleia and wife - ' to Joseph MeaterschmJdt t 6D St, a s, 62.11 ft e of Avenue C, 48.1x106 . "48. 4xlU6; Abraaa Perelmsn to Bernhard ; Klingenstein 4TH AV, n w eorner of 74th St. 102.2x 100: Alfred Mitchell and others to Krneat '-O. Stedmna....................,, .. . t 5TH ST. Oil. a a S4x97; Samuel Onei feld and wife to Kmanuei Weiss 1 6TH ST, n a 00 ft w of Avenue C. 24. Bx 7; Bartholomew Welaa and wife to Samuel Greenfeld t 'Tf1 AV, n w corner of 130th St. 109. IO . ft to 137th St. x 100; Eugene C Potter ' and wife to Bfrthold Slnauer; i TTH ST, BO. it a, K0 ft e of 2d Ar, 35x ; Julius B. Fox and wife to Jacob Kilns' -ensteln to 7TH ST. 69, 25x block; Jacob Kllngen-steln to Julius V. Fox...... , t ST", AV. e s 25.11 ft n of 119th St. 25x 100; Henry Marks and wife to. Rachel Levy and another i 8T' -?47- ft of 3d Av. 18.9x75; Harah O. Kennagh to Solon L. and Samuel Frank, quit claim t 22D ST. n a. a47. ft e of 3d At, 18.9x75; Cecily Collins to Solon L. and Samuel Frank A.90O 32D ST. n s. 247.6 ft a of 3d Av. 18.9x75; Solon L. and Samuel Frank to John Mullane 1 68TI1 ST. IS East. 23.9x98.9; Andrew H. Smith to Edward W. Sheldon 1 50TH ST. n s, 325 ft w of 10th At, 25x 100.5; Quinton Corwine, referee, to Theo-dore Oreentree 4.000 60TH ST. n a 125 ft w of 9th Av. 25x102. 11 x25.2x99.8: Hannah Wallach to Peter Vollner j l8? '. J00 ft-e of Amsterdam Av, 100x100.5; August Oppenheimer and wife "to Ursce Institute, a corporation 29,000 72,tL8Xi.n a 25 ft e of Wert End At, 25x . M0; William E. Diller and wife to Dave H. Morris j nan KD ST. s s. 400 ft e of 2d At. 1.8x102.2; ' Abraham Levy and .wife to Peter La-ctna ................... . a 000 TH ST n s. im ft w of Park Av, 75x 102.2; Robert W. Tailor and wife to Krnefit G. 8eJmnn 100 T9TH ST. n a. l5 ft e of 2d At, 20x . 102.: Ellxa Samuels to Michael Berger.. 1 83' n . UK n w of Madison at. 20xlie.2; Charles Lesinaky to Mary Hershfleld . 65TH ST, ss. 239 ft w of Central Park West, 20x102.2; Meredith Dryden to Anna H. Sturla... ino 87TH ST. n s. 125 ft w of 1st Av. 25x100.8; Edward Browne, referee, to Hai-rle Quackenbush 1.80O b,S n a 391 ft e of Columbus Av, 21x100.8; Abraham : Boehm to Ida Boehm .....4. ....... rrif. 93D ST. 255 Vest. 18x100.8; Olivia A. m 1 o-.YxnotcnM''.7. 1 HenrT 8. Lawrence.. 4,600 MP ? m 144 5 ft w of Madison At, 2ixl00.8; Josephine F. Burr hard to May Herman - t 64TH ST, 11 East. 20x100.8: Magdalene Brlner and another to Sigmond Kraua.. 1 105TH ST, n s, 285 ft a of Sd Ar, 24.10 x irregular: Charles Koch to Wllhelmlna Ernst, nee Ortlleb 106TH 6T, 63 to 65. n a 199.6 f t e of Madison At. 50.4x100.11; Peter Vollner to Hannah Wallach ....I 100TH ST. m . 1OT.3 ft e of Cblumbui Av, with strip adjoining on e s. 0.2ixl00.11: Albert L. FosJ to George Hessela and wife , 1 1(?7HnJ?Tl "."'w225.1 of Amsterdam At. 75x100.11; John H. Havena and wife to Jacob Kopp .' . jo 114TH ST, 116 West. 26x100.11; Alphonse . .Vf enauer and others to Mary M Taylor 1 U5TH ST. n a 273.6 ft e of 3d Av. 16.4X 100.10; Josephine W. Farnswortb to Katie Lauber j 151 ST ST. a a 150 ft e of Cburtlandt Av) 60x236,10; Agnes M Etrebeign to Oeorge Stoia.... ................ ..... j nLS'Zwa " ISO ft e of CourtUndt' Av, 60x236.10: Agnes M Strebeigh and an .tJIer4'ateculora- to Qeorga Stola 20,000 16?D a. 640 ft a a of Courtlandt' Av, 25x100; Timothy Oleason to Margaret Gleason 1000 I8UTH ST. n s 85 ft w of VanderbYlt At West. 20x92.1x20.1x90.4: Charles H. Thornton and another to Joseph Trap- nell. Jr 109 1KD ST. n a 275 ft w of Webster At. 25x 5!2Mt Eckley to John 0NeU... Norn. 184TH 8T. n a 475 ft w of 11th At. 50x 8f.ll; laa Batton and wife to James Roeera r. XVtl ST, n a 225 ft e of 11th At. C0x 189.9 to 188th St; John Batton and wife to James Rogers.... . ........ 1 Recorded Leases. CURTIS Robert G., executor, to Hush Slevln; 3d Av. 2o3 and 202 East loth St. 9 years $3,120 GL1MM, John E., and another, executors, to Edward a Hayes; 189 Bleecker -St and 93 Macdougal St. 8 years 2.000 LEVY. Adelaide H.. to Abraham Kauf-man; 3d Av. 2.895 aad 2,897. 6 years..... MOORE. Marian T. B., to EJlzabeVhRl ' 1,500 Stanton; 23d St. n a 194 ft e of centre of block between 8th and 9th Ava 22.4X f 117.6. 21 years .. S75 TRU8TEES OF SAILORS' SNUG HAR- bor to Charles Sehlang; th 6t. s a 134 ft .w of 4th At, 25x93. 11. 21 years 1.000 WrTNKOOP. Henrietta, to William M. ., Slld'r,rri 6ln St. 246 ft e of Avenue B. 25x97. 11 years goo Recorded Mortgage. ARKSTEIN. Emanuel, to- Isaao Marer; w s of Madison At. 25.11 tt s of lblat St. 1 year .- BERGER. Michael, to Ellsa Samuels; a s of 7vth St. 165 ft e of 2d At, 3 years... JBLOODGOOD. William, to Mary M. Bul- L000 10.006 2,000 2500 2.000 6SO0 4.730 29,000 Daly Av. 6 years. ... BURKE, Andrew, to Julia A. Warren; s s St. 132 ft w of Ttn At, 1 year.. CIRRITO. Joseph, to Don A. Uaylord; s a of lnh St, 100 ft w ef Columbus At. 6 months......... ..... . DWYER. Edward J.. to John A. Hardl man: e s of Willis Av. 50 snd 75 It s of 145th St. 1 year, ttwo mortgages)... DWYER. Edward J.. to John A. HrU ?mai e a of Willis Av. 60 ft a of 144 lb FOX. Julius B., to Benjamin B. Johnston: n s of 7th St. 250 ft e of 2d At. 6 years. OARRECHT. Mary M. to Matilda Gar-recht: e s of Prospect At. 150 ft a of Lot 67 ea the bus of Woodstock's West Farms, 1 year., GREE.NFELD. SamueL to Conrad Stein: 651 East 5th St. 6 yaararrVT.. HALL, Lucy A., to George M. Weld; a s of 65th St. 256.4 ft w of West End year...... ...... HALL. Lucy A, to George M. Weld; 123 and 126 Cannon St. 1 year.. HARRIS. Bamet. and wife to Solomon Jacoba; 233 Division St and 244 East Broadway. 2 years..... BATES, Edward 8.. to Beadleeton at Woers; 189 Bleecker St and S3 Mao-dougal Bt, leasehold, demand BERSHFIELD, Mary, to Charles Lea la- 2000 12.600 6.506 6.500 2.000 4.508 24.006 1TJM0 4.000 . . h v. ot, Mrmm 1 w oc aieiilaon Av. 6 years HETMAN. Mary, to Josephine F. Burs-hard; s a of 3d St. 144.6 f t w of Mad- Hon Av, 6 years. HBTUAn. Nathan H.. to Josephine F. Burghard: s a of 94th St. 253 ft w of 4th At, S years HOLLAND, Edward, to the United States Trust Company of New York: a s ot 147th Bt. lWttwot Amsterdam At. 5 . 16,000 HOLLAND, Edward, to the Untted SUtes Trust Company of New York; a s of 'w ov. m w 01 Amsterdam av. 6 years......... ........ ......... HUNTER, Charles W.. to the Nortn New - York Co-operative BnUdina- and Loan - AsaoCatioc; w a ot Bryant St. 151-8 ft a of Home St. Installments... JACKSON. Isidore, to Belle Honsteln. exerutora c. j e s of 8beriff St, 60 ft of Rlrtngtoa St.1 year ... KEHOK. Morenos W., to James Rogers: s a of 183d St. 252. IO ft w of Amater - dam At. 1 year.. ............ KOPP. Jacob, to the Baroa de Hlraca Fund: s s of 109th St. 250 aad 275 ft e U00O ' - I 1.- 1900 15.606 6.400 ammernam . at, years, iz gagas,! . 40,006 THE NEW ' YORK TIMES,. THURSDAY. JUNE -2," 1893. KOPP.I Jacob, to laaae Stera and anotn- :. er. trbitees; s s of l(4th St, 226 ft s of Amsterdam Av, 2 years :., 20.000 KLfcUJ, Joseph, and wife to Georga Her- ' manjij 1U3 piu St, 6 years " 6,000 KLEUd Joseph, and wife to Heart Stres- ' bourxsr; e s ef Pitt St. 1W ft a of SUntea St. demand . 1.006 XLE11 Joseph, and wife to Hugo Coha; 103 Pitt St. year 600 KKiiCrm, Asgust. to Katie Gtutler; w s , of 10th Av. 76.6 ft ef 46th St, leaas. bold. 6 years , 16.606 LANE. Qjarlea. is Freliag H. Smith . and i nother, executors; a w eorner ef SC Ai la's Av and 141st St. 1 year 2.500 J-EVI.V Joseph, to Isaac - and Max -. - BoehJb; a of Washington Av. as . w4an' H7.10 ft a of iud St, 1 year. 4.000 LEVIN Joaeph, to laaae aad Max 8. . Boebi i: e s of Waahlngtoa At, as -widen 4. 117.16 ft tf of 163d St. 1 year.. a,006 MAHOJiET, Annie, to bereheimer ec Schmi d; 45T Hudson St. leaaanold. demand H . 6.006 MAKCI E8E. Caroline, and Catharine A. W eller to the Metropolitan Savings -Bank; a s of 109th St. 14o tt w of 2d Av ' 1 rra 6,750 MARCI iESR. Caroline, and Catharine A. Wellei to Susan Planning; 244 Kast 109th .St. 1 rear 100 MABO. . Henrietta V. and William R7. to Denis Uorgaa; 646 West 6otA St, 6 ' years, ..... 6,000 MASO . Henrietta V.. to Matilda B. Browi ; 649 Weat 66th St. 6 years 20.000 McORA rE. John J., to Joaeph Headorfer; a e urner of 138th Bt and Alexander Av, 8 rears 2S.000 McOUIl IE. Thomas J., to the Metropolitan Impro rement Company; w s of- the Hour-erard, 60 f t s of 02d St. 1 year 66.600 McOLI IE. Thomas J., to the Metropolitan Impro rement Company; ar s of the Boul- - -vard. W ft a of Kid St. demand 40.006 McWAl TER3. Mary, to Michael Flnalgaa; 24 an I 24 Weat 99th St. x 6.006 MENKIIN. Oima toLoalaa Freytag; Khlngton St. 2 years, 600 MENK1.N. Alma M.. to Louia Josepbt thai; ir s of 1st At, 69 ft s of 17th St, ' .6 yeai i. 12.000 MES8E s'GEIt, Henry, to Samuel Riker: w s r 2d Av. 19.11 ft S of 75th St. 1 . ' ' ar j.; 1 000 MEYEI , Frederick W and another to -Beadli irton tt Woers; 786 2d Av. store iemnd....i ... - 2.500 M.IFS? if Adam and Amelia, to Louia - . - Wlrth ; s w corner of St. Ann's Av and "2h St. 1 year 1,000 MORRI 5. Cora and Fiances t. to the Boweitr Savings Bank; Beaver St, n w .ner of Broad St. 3 years , 60.000 MULLANE, John, to Solon; L. and Sam-?l r "k; a a of 22d St. 247.6 ft a of ,M Ai, 6 years. . -. 6.400 OE8Tl G. William C, to Samuel E. Bruce e s of St. Ann's Av, 76.4 ft a ' SV. Tears 13,000 OESTIa, WUliam C, to Samuel E. . Bruce e r of St. Ann's Av. 100.4 ft n of 141st St, 6 years 11.000 OESTU a. WiUlam C, to John T. Bruce; e s 1 nt. Ann's Av, 60.4 ft a of 141st St. 3 rears 13.000 PEREL !aAN, Abram. to Fanny Staab. . ex ecu t -Ix; 280 East 3d Bt. 5 years.... . . 25,000 PEREL MAN. Abram. to Solomon H. Kohn; 278 East 3d St. 5 years 23,600 PETTY HOLLAR D it WALKER REAL-ty Co npany to Ellxa W. Fielder, Individual y and as committee; n s of Teas- ' dale 1 laca. 54U. 11 ft w of Trinity Court, 6 yen ra. , 10,600 POTTE t, Frederick, and another, trust-eea t the Title Guarantee and Trust Com pi ny; 49 to 55 Lafayette Place, and Ator Place. 5 years 200,000 QUIRK Ann, to Kate Warner; n a of 92d St 825 ft e of Columbus Av. 6 years. 80,000 RANCKB. Adolph. snd others to Mitchell alenllne; w a of Madison At, 43.11 ft a of 1 0th St. 8 years 16,000 RANCH K, Emma, and Ida Helns to Mitch. U Valentine; w s of Madison At. 62.11 : t s of 110th St. 8 years.... 16.000 ROE. 1 nnie B. and Joseph B., to Ger-manla Life Insurance Company: n a of ' 147th U 130.1 ft w of St. Nicholas At. 8 yeai h 6.000 RUBEN STEIN, Louis, and another to Moaes T. Pyne and another, trustees, a-c, a id others; 2u3 Canal St, 5 years... 43.000 RUPPE IT. WUliam V. to the Harlem Col operal ve Building and Loan Association; i a of 12th St, Lou 205 and 151. Map if Village of Wakefield, installment 2.000 SALTO: r STALL, Frances G., to German-Ameri an Real Estate Title Guarantee Compc ny; n s of 97th St, 308 ft w of 8th Av, 5 years 12.000 SCHAE EK. Mary, to Peter Cook; 219 East U7th St. 3 years C00 SCHEI1 EBKUG. Merman snd Fannie to Aaron Carter and others, trustees. Ac : 61 Eaj t 103d St, 3 yeara 14.000 6IMPSON. John B.. Jr.. to Thomas A. and 8s rah E. McGraw; n e corner of the Southc -n Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue, 6 year - 40.000 SMITH. Winifred L. to Bernhelmer tt Schmi. ; 881 and 883 Park Av, leasehold, deman. I L750 SMITH. Thomas, and others, to D. Willis James s w corner of 107th 8t, and Man- eiaiJ?,n K7' 1 year 67.000 SMITH. Thomas, and another to George J oung 51 Weat lottth St, n w corner of Manhu tan Av. 2 years 75,000 BTEDil IN. Ernest O.. to Alfred Mitchell and ai other; n w corner of 4th Av and v.1 rear 65.000 STEDMi N. Ernest O.. to Robert W. Taller; n a of 74th St. 100 ft w of Park . 1 reru , 75,000 8TOLZ. George, to Agnes M. Btrebelgh and ai other, executors; a s of 151st St. iI60 ft of 'Cburtlandt Av, 2 years 16000 8TUR1W . Anna LL, to Meredith Dryden: e s of S5tk BU 2a ft w of Central Park West., f months g 000 TAMS, : tlanche E. 8.. to Bertram de N. Cruger and others: a a of 22d St, 121.3 and 13 f.6 ft e of Lexington Av, secures bond i guardian, for. . . . 13, HJ THE CHURCH OF ST. STEPHEN, to The E nlgrant Industrial Savings Bank; s s of 2uth St, 120.2 ft e of Lexington Av. 1 rear 8.000 TURNEi t. William C. to Payson Merrill: a a of 180th St. 140 ft e of Vanderbtlt Av, 1 ear 28.000 TURNE '.. William C, to Noah C. Rogers, s e co ner of Vanderblit Av and 106th St. 1 y ?ar , 29.167 TURNE S, William C. to Payson Merrill; s s of 186th St, 140 ft e of Vanderblit A' . 1 year 63.633 TURNEi t, William C. to Noah C. Rogers; s e co ner of Vanderblit Av snd 186th St. 1 y par 24.500 TURNE L William C and Lucy E.. to Mathll. a Ginsburg; s e corner of Vanderblit Av and 18Cth 8t. 1 year.. 43.000 TURNEd L, Herbert B., to the Farmers Loan nd Truat Company; 136 and 138 West I .-th St. 8 yeara 40.000 TURNEi I, Herbert B to the Mutual Llfa Insurai ce Company of New York; Madi- vr??.". Av ...' corner of 53d St, 1 year. ..120.000 VIELE, Juliette H. and Egbert L., to the Mutual Life Insurance Company; s e corner of Riverside Av and tvith Rt 1 year .A VOLLMBR. Peter, to Hannah WaJlach:"n'e of 5thlSt, 125 ft w of 9th Av, 2 years.. WALTHA.USEN. Johann H. A., to Frank 6.000 2,000 lin oawuga nan; west 41st St, 1 year 8.000 WAKNEfl. Maria I. to the Lawyers Mortxaare Insurance CVimnuvr w . 1st Av, 75.5 ft n of 119th St. 6 years.. 13,500 WARNKEN. Fred, and wife to Maurice Ahl; 7 8 East 134th St, 1 year BOO WEBER John, to George Ehret; n e corner of 83d St and Madison Av. 1 rear 150.000 WEBSTI R. Henry A., to the Oood Samar- tan ii -pennary ; n s of 120th St, 143 ft e of I nox Av. 3 years WEISS. Emanuel, to Samuel Greenfeld: 6.M Ea t 5th St, InstallmenU WILLIA lIS. Alpheue A., to Henry A. Braun; s s of -Mix St, 176.1 ft w of 7th Av.. 1 month WIRTH. William, to Helen Adams: ii 64)00 2.000 4,000 HrnomHSt, 1 year 20o0n 86TH si. n a 120.6 ft w of Lexington Av, 30100.8: John Qutnn.- to The Emigrant kidustrlal Savings Bank, 1 year... 14,000 AkilgsmraU at Mortg-ages. BROWN, Sophia E. C, snd others, exaca- tors.. .. io oopnia r. j. tirava.. g.136 William H-, to Emma Kauf- El"lxabetKtoAlbert"Bunkerr!I! Z250 BAKER, manr CULLEH, W.MCEl Hollenifrr Auiue, uKuoix, to xrederlck 2,600 1,000. DAVIS. fe)eniamln it anl T t. u to Morris EVERDBLL, tv-F'MAri ........................ ii wuitam K. to Henry B. two assignments MowellJ ta GIESZLKR. Nom. 3,000 12.000 7.128 2,000 UKKMA.f Title G HAAS. ,L , . . oiengei.. Ljeopold. to Miriam Moses ....... rnmK.H . i . - . HASSEY i. o.. vt .Meyer li. UU- mann KNIGHT Carrie A. and Jaenb tm.illl".!. r Joseph . --. w 16000 LKISH elenvr O.. to Can-la Rm'hn LAWRES. 2.250 4.500 t'H afc J.. to Katharine T. land another, executors.......... Martn MIDDlEIlROOK. cnange IHanlr two PA8CA, STOLZ. Taylor! berger. uuuiw ., tj auce a. Snoea- wo assignments.'. vm ins j.a lyn to :ime i fiUe Guarantee and Trust Com' pany TITLE pany GUARANTEE AND TRUST COM- Tract TITLE is a'vvw x lira iirv kj. t- a ana gL'ARANTEB "aim" Vd 6,500 Pany toi Company ojauoani s"inance and Trust TITLE tj ARANTEB AND TRUST VxM-' pany t-i TITLE pany GUARANTEE AND TRUST COM- . of the 'I wnenu i neoiocicaj Semtnarv frotestant EplscopaJ church, two assignmVnta TITLE 'ARANTFR A Vr7 TT"r-iT 'AXY.' 0.606 pany toi W tors, to 1 . tT;,-.,,- ca- BROWN, as wasavs A. WW -2. 500 7.029 ' 60S 6.006 Samuel ecutora W. Bridxham and anth..iT Taylor! dlebrooM Morton "j," "to Frederlo" J " Vild- TROW IDGE. SM vln IX andOeomL ax-to James A. Trowbridge..;.".. - ecutors. W ARRKJT, trusteeal .i,nnn u.. soa another, to Lucy A. Martin. -.' signmeres) warrei, Marraretta 7.000 Tt.. eiMf trusteeal to Edward R. Reynolds, as ' ' .xoninal Mechaate Lie as. TI' : Henry Wendllng sgainst Max via. ."IL. .n-g jasmrstcr, owtsr: WEST 3?.fT M and 66: Abraham Dial 668 . 7. 7 r VT , A en. V CT".3"1 "anpany and Franklin nan f?r "PSv.?wS?r" racors... 3D ST. East; Thomas Graham against 1 Danabauaer. owner sad contracIsctT. 166 236 MINXKFORD AV. e s, 176 ft s of Ellxa. beth Bt. 225x300: Harry T. Booth against - Emit Waldenberger, owner and contract- " or n ' 230 BT. NICHOLAS AV, s w eorner of 151st - - St. ai.llx93.3: John W. Rapp against ' Claude w. Mick, owner aad ountractor 76 - Lla Pradeas. BOND ST. 88; William Rankin sgainst Catharine Taylor and others, (forednaare of mortgage:) attorneys. Quark er. bush aY Wise. BRADHURST AV. e a 4 11 ft a of 148th St. 25x75: Paul T. Kammerw aaainst Prank W. Gilbert and others, (forecloaure of saortsaga J attorneys. Rider Smith. BROADWAY, s e eorner of Walker Bt. 28.6x173 to Court land Alley x29.axl75; Jotaa W. Hat ton against Albert K. Phyfe and an-. o her. fact too to recover amount, attorney, - M. B Duffy. 19TH ST, 137 West; George Alexander aad aaother against Robert Lipoid and othera, 0?ore closure of aertage; attorney. K. Simon. 47TH ST. a a 1UA9 ft w of th At, 81.6x100.6; . WUliam Raskin agalaat Catharine Taylor- and othera, (foreclosure of , mortgage J . attorneys. . Quackenbuah Wise. 78TH ST, s a 185 ft e ef Id Av. 13.4x162.2; Margaret Montgomery against George Devlnney. 01 h"rm- 'Partition:) attorney N. Mayer. 116TH ST. e a 260 ft e of 5th At, 60xl00t William Hers sgainst Harris Fordlnsky and ethers, fforecloaure of mortgage J attorneys. Wolf, Kohn A CUmaa. ...... 117TH ST, as. 1X3 4 ft e of Amsterdam AT. Emma C Heaaamaaa agatnat Carrie 8. Kennedy, (action . to bare Judgment canceled J attorneys. Lenney A Donovan. 1T" ,8rT' la-JP ft w of Bt Ann's At, lOOxlOO; Ferdinand Foracb against William Jeffery ani WKtK ",rtW.;) nttoraeys. 1BfrH. 8I- " ft e ef Bonlerara, T5x9S.ll; A". . GTT'? hst Thomas Alexander O W McA dam 04 mortr";) attorney. lsI?t T.n ft e of Boulevard. gnxsn.Il- Trlna Pries aaalnst Thomaa Alexander and ' S.h"- '"reclosure of mortgage a attorney. U. v MeAdsgt. FEDESAI. C0TJSTS. 1 leadar for Tharaday, Jam a. UNITED 8TATRS CIRCUIT COURT.-LacMobel Ins-. ,ft.7r."r! V. BUUO- 1MI. h. uiti 178W-I'lckhardt vs. Er-l 12273-Lykka " vs. - Ma- . nsroi. 1132s-Menks va Hed-den. 11004 Greeft va Bad-den. 17539 Lsatlenne vs.- Er- 17966 Lest leans va Er- namu 11903 Outtermaa ra Magona, 1S967 GreeS va Ms- gvna, STATE C0TJBT3. Kew York Caleadars-Tsils Day. SUPREME COURT-AppeilaU DtTlavoc-Recaas. SUPREME COURT-Appeilate Term For the PPl from Oty Cburt and District ri-JIwJ1 unU1 Monday, June 6. , hPiU.M5JX)URT-'l:1 Term-Part I.-Co-aen.J. Opens at 10 UK) A. M. Litigated no- J Rnw ... T3 2-People. Ac., ra Mut. J7 T n. RIbhiiImi 38 People, s-c, va Oer- nnirai lre Assnc-n. 8 Munroe va WaydelL 4-Oolla va Flther: o-illen va Met. BL Ry. Co. 6- 8acha va Jackson. 7-RusaeJ va Clayton. H Hrhmltr saaa TT t 1 inaine. 89 R. W. Oilman Mfg. to. va ataronanta f v. 40 Bridgewater vs. liempsey. 41 McGrane va Palmer 6 In re N. Y. Mutual Ins rv. 4.t Steams va Stearna 16 In re Amsterdam InJ 44 H. B. ciania Co. va Ellin. . . 46 Boskowlts va Btim- . launent tjo, 11 In re Cohen. 12 la re Onn. Oaa Co, 13 la re Kramer. 14 Lynde va- Lynda 15 Moses va Hatch. 16 Tucker va Mse-naughton. 17 In re Nelson Av. 18 Qulnn va York. 19 iiowen va liowen. 20 U. 8. Glass Co. ra 46 Vasques vs. Vasqnes , rwirn, vs. etraigni. 48 Megros va Momson. 49 Krsnk va Haoket-berg. 66 Chichester va, Hol- tnMfi Urnm TmA Pa 51 Welntraub va Smith 52 Hatch va O'Connor. 53 Van Orden va Van 21 Vfi" 81cl T- Rus-Ui-Patterson va Patter. rnea orden. 22 People, ate., vs. V. c ..... . - 55 Smith vs. Caldwell. jiul acc Aasn. 23 Fuerstenberg va Am. Soda Fountain Co. 24 Haskell va Os bourne 25 Gennania Life Ins. as waiter va McAllister. 57 Kyle va Kyle, .Vi Rt iiimb n. Rnil &4 I'eople ex rel. 26 Hohlweck va Lath- i weatnereov va, enter. 60 In re Wilson. - 61 Grlswold va Caldwell. 63 Garfield Nat. Bank va Dolge. 63 Knight va Stanley 27-McCarthy va Board 18 Schlosshelmervs. Fry 2 People ex rel. Wag- 30 People ex reL Herr- 64 Bank of Metropolis IKU VS. HIBt, 81 People ex reL va Guilfoyla va eame. 32 People ex rel. Money-penny va same. 33 People ex rel. Wens-ler va same. 84 In re A. Shrtmpton A Bona 33 Austen va Far-man. 36 People. Ac, va liuck- vs. uoige. 6S IJ n W)ill,liut ' 66 Butcher' va Oon. Trust Co. 67 Brown va McCbr-mlck. 68 Zanders va Porter. 70 Frasler vs. Ferry. ii niixmuii va uoaro ot t'ouoa. , iey. SUP REM R COTJRT-Speclal . Term Part II. Stover. J. Opens at 10 JO A. M. Ex parte bust- SUPREMH COURT-Bpeclal Term-Part IV. . May Term adjourned until July 18. SUPREME COURT Special Term Parts TXL, V.. V1L. and VIIL Adjourned for the term. SUPREME COURT Special Term-Part VI. - J Opem at 10:30 A. M UUgated motions from Special Term. Part L SUPREME COURT Trial Term Parts L, rt, ut?-ZYr Yv VI V1L VUI - Ix- x7 xl. and XII. Adjourned for the term, . . SURROGATE'S COURT Chambers Fltxgerald. On.n. . . 10--JO A V, 1 Estate of Mary Stnppi William P. Mtjlry, Mary A. Hall. Mien C liidwm ins ror rrooate. At 10:30 A. M Sarah H. Herrington, Daniel 8. Moore. Llzxle C. B. Gladwin, James C Lav In. Jacob Wen del. Bernhard Newmark. Davld Adeladorfer. SURROGATE'S COURT Trial Term-Arnold. 8. -yP-11 t- 10:30 A. M. Held In Surrogate's Court, Trial Term, ground floor. In County Court House. 1385-Contested win of Samuel M. Prlngla ' CTTT COURT General Term Adjourned sine dia CITT COURT-Speclal Term-Schuchman. J.-Opens at 10 A. M. Held on nrst 6oor ef Brown-stone Building. (Chambers Street.) Motions mut be made returnable at 10:30 A. M De-faults on motions wUl be taken at 11 A. M. CITY COURT Trial Term Parts L. IX. IIL. and TV. Adjourned for the term. COURT OF GENERAL SESSIONS Part I New. berger, J. Opens at 10:30 A. M. Assistant District Attorneys Osborne. Cowan, sad Hooey for the People, 1 Joaeph Robinson. 6 Frank White. 2 Alexander Greenfield. COURT OF GENERAL SESSIONS Parts IX. IIL. snd IV. Adjourned for the term. Referees Appointed Kerr York. SUPREME COURT Cohen. J. Noxen va' Perry M. C HolUster. Matter of Berkeley Athletlo Association George C Austin. SUPREME COURT Stover. J. Sloans va O'Hea Horace Secor. Bowerman va. O'Hea Horace Seoor. Moller va Jacoba Franklin Bien. . SUPREME COURT Blscholf. Jr.. J. Matter of Magovero Francis B. Delehanty. - Receivers Appointed Sew York. SUPREME COURT. Cohen J. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company va Aaa R. Davison Thomaa F. O'Connor. Frances K. Llpman vs. Leonliard Schuster Louia Hanaeman. Ger-mania Life Insurance Company va Jane M. Hamilton (10 caaea Henry W. McVlckar and W illiam H. Rlcketta Equitable Life Assurance Society of United States va WUliam H. Stur-tevant (3 cases) Albert J. Adams. SUPREME COURT Stover. J. MelTtn E. Donal-ly va Donally Manufacturing Company Andrew MeKlnley. HOTELS. THE SCHUYLER, A NEW HIGH-CLASS FAMILY HOTEL STRICTLY rotEPROOT. 69 and 61 West 46th sL. between 6th and 6th area Apartments consist ef vestibule and two of three rooms snd bethruom; er 6ve rooms snd two hatha rr!". "eluding bathrooms, hare outside light and air no -dark or court rooma Improvements have been Installed that are not to bs found in any other building of tta kind la the clty-auch as long-distance telephone, steel safe, rerrlgerator, running Ice water and unusually sbnndant closet room. An water need In bulld-i" ,.t,r1- Apartments engaged now will -as -!2S0'!iSLt0-rUiLi'n,,5it Apartments can be TerT day between 12 and 4 o'clock, plans TOMPA.V' 7",E JMPRJAL REALTY ttJMPANT. owner. 116t Broadwsv. eorner 26tk St.. or A W. RACER. Manager. 220 Rroadwy CTTY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. ACCnOXEER, AG EXT. . . Geo. R. Read ; REAL ESTATE, '' ' IO Wall Ma 9 rt.. 8t, t M.dlsasi Air. BROKER. ' " APPRAISER. - COU3ITRT HOC8ES WAITED. - VriXTTJnU bT mn 'Ily. eortags la Adirondack Mountains la easily iri l..U 1 cation- willing to pay about ll.Ood rent for period f0" iTmJn,' August to and SeptemberrAd-drcaa O. H.. P. a Box 1.188. New Tork. COCXTRT BOC8ES TO f FT PTM. ."V wished. ' THE WYCHMERE COTTAGES. Sif: Harwiehport. Mssa:) sheltered aoaad; 87tk SU Orouiar. J Tl East REAL ESTATE. Owners of Houses who intend to' spend the summer. months In the country should - have the plumbing: of their town houses Inspected at the present time. 1(1 Case repairs are necessary (an- unsuspected condition of too many City ' houses) these can be made while the family are away, thus sparing: them the annoyance of sharing their home with ! mechanics. V. FULL rf FORMATION WILL ' BE OIYEJf . UPOX REQUEST.' '- , BUILDING ; &"i iSANlTARY ; INSPECTION CO. . r: 874 Broadway (Mclntyra BuDdiai). " rORMERLT AT U LTBEBTT! 8TBXET. I TELKPHOXE B5 .18Tn IT, . OveleTs fa-r lavs-peetlaaa saay alsa srtvea ta tka we-taHsal Heal Estavta LeeeUera tkresgsest Sew Terk. - OFTICES WASTED. WAN i tf A a orSce ta a bn Tiding Park Bow and Pnltoa gt, at Slo or all Addraas J. D.. Box 190. Times OSVoa. BBosna. SOfMCR RESORT. Iong Igland. Manhattan Beach Hotel . WILL OPEN THURSDAY, JCSB It, - Oriental Hotel ; WILL OPEN THIRJDAT, JCJfE XS. T. F. Siller lc. Misaatr, BOOM 22. 193 BROAD WAT. N. T. ARVERNE HOTELai ARVERXE-BT-THK-BEA LONG ISLAMTX '. All the lmpreremenu of Greater New Tork. This popular and wej-known FAMILY AND TRANSIENT Seashore Hotel. . baring- been sot la thorough order and - first -class condition smdee new ownership.-will open for the season oa June pth. Accommodates tb gnesta Magnlfleent "f Al7r rooL ao-salnote train aerrtea. RAILROAD FARK, by new arrangement between Elerated snd Long bland R- R., REDUCED TO HFTEEN CENTS from N. T. CITT "" Suit a with prints bath. Koo.ns mag now be booked at the Murray HIU Hotel, where plaas and all Information may be ha- B. H. TARTX """ "awsaeBBnaesBSBBaaBnBawBBsi saBBSBsaBMassaBaBaSBWaBaaasBwaaaBMBSaiSBaassBBwssaBaf Summer Homes on Long Island. - BT THBS OCEAN AND BOUND. : "ten Island," an Illustrated descrlptlre book, and ' Bummer Homes." a book describing hotels and boarding houses on Long Island, free noon application, at 113, 6VJ. l.iii Broadway: ticket omees foot of East S4th Bt. and James' Blip, foot New Chambers St.. New Tork; 233 Fulton St.. Eagle Bummer Resort Bureau, and Flatbuah At station L. L R. R..- Brooklyn, or. send a) eants In stamps for "Long Island.- or (4) cents for "Eammer Hotnes.M to EX. SMITH. Trsfflo Man. agar. L L R. R Long Island aty. New Tork. EXPRESS TRAINS THTg STTMMER. " -TO AND FROM AMITTVILLE. L. L " ' HOTEL NEW POINT; Thirty miles from New Tork; OPENS JUNE 2S: eJwayecool: 150 feet from Great South Bay: table and eerrtoa of the best; electric llaiits: rooms wtth prtTata hatha SPECIAL RATES FOR TOt'KQ MEN. Good roads for bicycling: man la attend, aace; accommodations for 40 horses: reaaonahla IS- Jf HATHAWAY, at Times BuTwIas IRoom 4A, Nsw Tork. Wednosdaya THE EDQEMERE EDCEMERE. L. I.. : Will Open June 20th. A , Jv H..BHKSt,W, MONONOHO INN riJBIUKB fBT a kin blT -m Opens Jose IS. Send for Booklet. Addreas ' Q. U HOPPES. Bethlaham. Pa. ' Saratoga. Sprlng-a. Saratogas XEbe (Branb TUnfon pens 3unc I5e WOOLLirr dk gekkakb, : For dlagraai ef rooms, terms, a-r apply to Mr. rKrirfc C. KIM? UoOataa Bouse, Snta St. eatraace. HUESTIS HOUSE, South Broadway. Saratoga Bprtnga M. X. Open from May to NoTembor. W. B. HUE8T18, Proprietor. HOTEL DATARDO, -Saratoga. Sprlnga N. T. Opens June 1.' Located on North Broadway; acknowledged the "TTster den Linden" of America; perfect appointments and aervtca. Send tor booklet. D. B. WING. Prop. WORDEN'S HOTEL, Broadway corner DtTlaton St.. Saratoga Bprtnga, N. T. Open year round. Elevator aad steam heat Rates W a day. W. W. WORDEN. Prop. CatskJH ai oun tains. CAT KILL MOr7TTAIT. KIIKATOM RETREAT HOCSE. " ' th season; M to S per week: low rates fee June: free boating snd fishing; high deration ; grand mountain scenery; location unsurpassed -table and bede first class: plenty of shade. W. p! FH1HEK. EUaKATOM. Greene Co.. N. T. CATSKILL MOUNTAIN HOUSE CATS mo, K Y. OPEN JUNE 25. New Jersey. HOLLYWOOD HOTEL AND COTTAGES, HOLLYWOOD, WEST ED, JT. J. BEAUTIPVU RENOVATED. ENLARGED. t.. J"in't Ihl" handsome resort wlU opes s"sss ' offloa Imperial Hotel, for terms R. T. DUNLOP- . LONG BRANCH. West End HoUl and Cottagts. OOTTAOE8 OPEN JUNsl 1L HOTEL OPENS JUNE 23. Xew Terk efflee. lis Broadway. (Room TO.) - ' .- W. E. M1LDRETH. Mgr. : ON THB OCEAN rROXT, i-6EVKN MILES BELOW LONO BRANCH.1 MONMOUTH HOIjSe LAKIS BEACH. N. J. Write for deacripUTe pamphlet fulalnlng tarns aad Information. m, me . BENJAMIN H. TARTX Somerset Inn, EIGHT COTTAOE. BERNART8VTLLK. N. J Open toNor. 1st. mile, from New Tork on S" W-.R-JR".'r1 Barclay or Christopher Be Perry. Altitude. feet. Manr Improremenui since last year. GEO. W. TLTTLE. Manager. .j' NORiMANDIE-BY-THE-SEA. lfonnaadla (near SeahrlgM.) New Jersey, fronting on the ocean aad Shrewsbury Rlrsr will open Wednesday, June 2fXh. undertha ?mZ. XTLTTlC, HIOITLANTXl. N. JFor'sman fara. Uy of adults; three bodrooms and bethTprlTite t tewsi va Btmr or: rfi Addreas OWNER. P. O. Box. 1W X. T. Lake Oeorfs. dalftrj ELM say. 7 weak; elrcaiara. a. M. skiuaa. ItHsEK BXS0RTS. RICHFIELD SPRINGS, N.Y. Oa Lake Caaadarva. LT30 ft. above soa WvaL IS.AN IDEAL SUMMER RESORT resnlaSlst taoeharsaaaf Lake. Mean tala. aad Spa. THE GREAT WHITE SULPHUR SPRI.NQS BATHINQ ESTABLLSHUENT, Orwosite Hetel Earl rralon. - wtll June te October. The Sulphur water tt a spe-elAe for rheumatism, goat, sciatica, sVo. V as built la 1K0. aad cantatas all tn aeeoptad Eu ropean snot hods ec treat man t eg tae HOTEL EARL1NGT0N. ; Madera aad Completa. . TCLL ORCnUTRA aad CONCERTS DAXLT. ; ST. JAMES HOTEL, Lsoatad la Eartlnanos Park. Mnoerato ratea The above not .is will be open Jl.'Js'K te OCTOBER. Waloatha Oolf C(uh. Blryrle Oral ra Earl. Ingtoa Para. BlIMard Hall aad Bowtutg Alkeya. rtaea drtrtng aad Mcycte roada Por ratea, law formauoa, llroetrstMl wM, c. rati or soars - K. M. KAHLB e SOW. - ew Torlc Oflleo, eko Waldarf-AstaHsw . JLdlrondacks. THE ALCOXQflw And COTTAGE. Oa Lower Baranae Laka. Adliwadarfca. ' Open June first. Special rates for June. XUae. trated naaapnlet oa appHeattoa. Ooir iinka JOHN HARDING. Aigoaqula, M. T. JTrw ZngrlAad. - WHITE MOUNTAINS Oread Centre of the beet drlrea walks, sports. ana auraeuaea Aeaiuocaj bathrooms aad neat' u uiracuoea soaiuoui naLnruonw aaa B(. I appllajtces, taodera plumbing, patftat systaia drainage, lmntteed omoa foyer. U. B. Post Bee, Telegraph, aad Long Dtstaaos Telephone rag appl or an OtBee. la tha Hot.L Private Cottages s rear, Oolf Uaks. Opens July S AINSLIE & WEBSTER. Managers . . uatel Xlsjeatle, Haw Task: City. MAPLE WOOD COTTAGE. Aa adjunct ef MAPLEWOOD HOTEL.' Many lmproremeats. pvxlain plumbing Opens Jane IS. LEON M CXLLEY. Manager. Maplewood. M. H. PASSAC0NAWAY INN TORJC CLirPS, afs. ' Pine Tsehtlag. Pishing, snd Btcyerlng. OolX course close to Hotel. Por circular apply te MAR VET WOOD. TS Commonwealth Ava. Boston; Room 111 A. 2) Broadway. New Tork. OCEAN HOUSE. NEWPORT, R L Opes Jus 2S.. VARRFJ LELA3TD, Jr Hasagrr, NEW TORK Oma AT WINDSOR HOTEL. THE MAPLEWOOD. 7TTTSFTELD. BERKBHTRR CO. MAS! . WiLL OPEN MAT t8- Bend for folder. A. W. PLUMB, : FenngjlTaiilA. MocNTAnc norE, ' ' ; Noeember. Location unexcelled. Excellent table; pun spnngwater. no malaria. Send for booklet. Mrs. THEO. HAU8ER at BON. . . JUsceillancons. s u r.i n eiTh o n e s LONO THB ERIE RAILROAD: IX HORTnr.RT 'vscw Jra irr - nw. AJCE, BCLLIVAJf AXTJ DELAWARE COCSTTKS, XEW TORK. AID FTKJ3 A5D WAY3E COCXTLES. PEjrXITL- A11A. . . ' To those who axe Interested tn finding loaatlons for the Summer amid the most sttraotlTe sur- roundlnsa, oar emar Rural - may be of east stance. .1 V 1 A. .V . ... . " nwa. IB MJ A. ivnena ul era! Paasenger Agent. 21 CorUaadt BU. New Tork, or call at the Erie Railroad omoas: 11L 11. al. 401, snd 967 Broadway. 12T Bowery. I Sd East irth St.. and T West 12ftth SC. SI Onluinbus Av.. New Tork. orooaiyn: HI and M9 Pulton SS Broadway. Btatloaa; Foot Cham hers BC Foot Wast Z3d St. HEALTH AND PLEASURE . Por the Bummer months eaa be had AT MODERATE COST '"the Mountains of Orange, Bullrvaa, Ureter, snd vw uiaiun, n. x., on u mala line aad branches of the New Tork. Ontario and Western Ry.. a region of great beauty aad absolute beaMa-fulneaa, J.0OO feet above the sea. Pure Air. Pure W ater. Pare Milk. Send easts for postage to the undersigned, or call and get tree at offices dsjow in. naaasome xuuatratad Book. SUM sum nusttt, or lev pasea It gtres Ust of Hotela )tn mnA tinnliii. Mm... .ka. kx- tkm. ratea attrsrtlona. etc. IN NEW TORJC; IIS 1K 1 Tl en Sma Broadway. SS7 4tk At., gpark PlaosTjoornal Kecreatton Bureau: T3T atb At.. 201 Columbus AT.. IU E. ljtS St.. STS W. 12T.fl. a... Tvr Ofneea Franklin aad West aid Rt Pieii.s. -I.N BROOKLTN: 4 Court St.. bm Fulton Bt M Broadway, oOl Manhattan At., Eagle Offlae. , r senger rates now only 2 rents per mile. C ANDERoON. Oenaral Passenger Agrat, M Beaver BL. N. T. SHARONSPRINGS,N.Y. r-AVIUON HOTEL. Open June 15. . JOHN RV GARDNER BOM. SHARON HOUSE, Opesi Jmn 1st Oe. 1st.' ' ' B. P. SHARP PROP. BaTai. ai .. a-;T fa , W Li's" " Pamphlets oa appllcatloa. Nyack. N. Y . PROSPECT HOUSE AND COTTAGES OPEN MAY 30TH TO NOV. ' tt ratll IBMl iVlJtgak NraVwF YVMrftr rV.rn.aat tl ftssa ptr meftth. AccenaMdAtf 90. OrrtMtr. . au sisaHatt slij wiusnaaj JJ aCTV rt sTTOfJOfU; 409 THE ALGONQUIN ST. ASDHBWI, N. R. . Oa Paaaasaaeiaoddy Bay. The only It hols Ml eomras of as. B. jit. swill, Tin a tag. aahlag, - For elreumrs. aaa. HARvn a WOOD, grg . roaaraonweaRb Ae, """ mm srau.M. Atv.iorr. Wcslport-on-Lake Champ!ain.N.Y. . i nr. lwhsttokt lnn. - -. "Star.'; Mealth record very high. No mooouitoea, un a rv r nivtrt t. v, atrtre itrw r m. m w v All year round. Beautifully 'situated oa Mirror Laka Circulars. E. a VI ALL. OOCSTRT BOARD. WANTED. TOR BOT OP 15. T5ART TN TP-tor a famflr: refersnetea pmuIm u flee Box 467. ' ' - ' .'rXRIIIHED ROOIU.. . , , A PRITATB PAMILT. WTLL RENT A-LARrtB rroot room, dmmg room, e loans, and adlaoent oath to two treat lemon; hauae near 3d Bt. " V!2HZ? tn" rark. Addraas B. tk. Boa 1st 43TJ BT, aUsTDeeJrable i with ettrate saina: sis eocea reoalred. BITTJATIOVB WAJlTEIe aTEMALEa. KO EXTRA CHARGE. ." ; Bta year Meaaengar Call Bex ar lesre yew AdTartlaaments at say aswlras tatrtet Tele. graph ee Postal -Telegraph as st Publication Omoa CaLretah;er-a. CARET A KKR A tadv deatr tta excellent woman tor caretaker of Koaee during guud hnuaw lieim luu dreat Ar. Ad- tor retareaua, Mrs. Davis, 14 Casvaaawraaatda, CRAMBERMAirx By young girl as chamber-maid la private family. Caa be seeaT.reat diiSdt?TA,i pioyef a 1 West aad St. raaawt eaw CHAMBERMAID and WAITRl8.-By a young girl as chambermaid aad waltreas; slae year beat erty reference. Kit Park At. CHAMBrHMtlU Bra nrsuolaas caajobarmaid f?aeamreao: esoallont rWersaostrearMas AVTXXe TEMALEA. . SO EXTRA. CHARGE. Xing year Misneger Cad Bog or tease AdvorUoaiassts at any sswlnas ZMstrlot Tela. grapa or rostai xaaagrspa turaoaa Cbargas i aa at Publication OOoa T Cbasnbersaalds. , CHAMrrERMam. a-e. Br VSgueBn a be seen at pr-mnt eenpenyer-a ll Ijrm. ak tT CHAal-LHaAlri, dea-Ooo. wits taanry or sewing; rao ""Plor ra. 24 Weat AUa BC Ceeka COOfC WArTREaa. Ry two Freach . girla fcT gthee or aeparate; one aa Brst-rtae. arm -sC. ? T?' wl" the work of email tlTZ . Ir; Seat of references; city or country. Lr. 1J Waot llwh St. ' COOK-CTIA MBERMAID eg WATrRaeX-y IT. reanertabea girls; one as conk; ecbe as berraald or waitress; foe ct'y or ooastry: rx d-aTETi rdm- nu: CHAMBERMAID. A lady would l!ke te pZoa ber esoaJletit cnarnrrmaid, wbma she eaa Wejt link St- Tharaday. bet we. a IS sad U CTtOK. By a Srst -class eeek la a arreate ram. Ily; waderotaade all ktada eg meats Sad m hmm ! rnr refeeeaoe from ber Ust oa aast lta SW-; ring bsM four tlaaaa. COOIC-Ominetevr: smtaMe; bread aad bisoans ft?' .,lL'n5 : . "rrr"-t asauyi city er eos.1 try. Ml Park Av. i COliK snd UUXDRIXA-Ai can sad UanX. ITn;8t!tr C CO"UT; e,lr leteroaoea, A4 Weal COOK aad LACNDRIS!U1as ars-oaaa oaokt ! BBsMnaAsnMraeai ft ussi - as a l Ir atea . try; beat eity rofa "a 1H West KSd St. C2aoaTa MadTAv? , Ueuewerk. HOtJKEWORrL -Br a Ownu etrt 4o 'A. work: Bat preferred. P. F, IU East XSd Be L4t4ys Malda. j! MAID. By Tissue, maid; middle as.rl soon Piamstreas and hslrai.aasi; yoed pacaar competent la all her dot lee; best raferene. Agatha, Boa a Times Cp-towa OtRoa. LSa rtroadwuy. MAID. A lady waibas sttaatioa for .competent maid. 1 tumm aKe rm - - - tmmm RT. COO OIKD lent In traraUng; erpertea Jiy Thursday and Friday, th gu lrnt la trmrailngt errWienoad In sickneea. Aa rxosB 19 te t. SO West MAID vA lady m to ptotute s sttasrtnsi foe ber English maid; thoroughly naderataada bee dutlea. sad will assist wtth light rhamliei sg Preseat eenptoyefa 1 East 47th Be . - MAID aad SEA MBTREB& North German; greTI (nmi oraaamaaar, aatroreeoar; goad reker: bert references: soaatry preferred. A Bog 10, UU Broadway. ; XUCNpREBS. By s girl ss laaadria. earn da upi soma nmi. enilars nicely; good, etty ref. erenoa nag 8th AT- foorta bsll. LAUNDRESS. la a prrrate family; Bret -class washer sad traner; last amnloyar eaa ba Bid East 00th St. wrar cas as soon. r irunSK.AMjnirm to Infant er young tint: aw "-a i auiesiant suras: take fun charret anderstaada aU bottle foods: country t perwaai - 217 JTtre. Call Wednesday aad Tauraday! 1 East ftOtk BL. WhltfordTbelL KiS500JCA -vlng the rliy wiatA F'frfo' her aura, and eoofc. Mm. C M. " nnooitu Hotet. N"Rf'E- !?T. k reftaed American girt as Apply Wednewl.T -rv ... ' XTRSEL By aa English Protestant worn. . mi. .k. ..w. . . . ivrr mure merge; onrtg t bottle; personal reference. a West 7th It." KITRSli By a weU-ednoated. Amertcaa-barn sotako fall cairn of chlldroa ta alas fas rrt KVRa or MAID. By a auras er maid to wait -r itLitiii,. ua aaa oc INFANTS NURSE. By a North Oermaa girl as Infant's nurse or to do chsjnbsrrork ani ZUJ2i. Sna7 I V tnlareaoa. Parlsrraalaa J PAWXIRMAID. CHAMBERMAID, or WATT. KaJ-ntorougnly ezperieaeed; has Irvad wttsl beat famlUes; aigheat dtT sod Newport rofar eooes; any or ouuatry. SO Weat BTtb Be WaJiraaaea. t - WAITRESS. A lady sot keeping bona aSrrtng tUa for ber waltreas, who baa ttredwlia bar two yeara Baaed. tOI she caa nigtJv SO Madison Av. nuiKua-iatr wishes a Di rw sr i fore IS o-cloak. SI Weat ta St. caa WASHINO. Aa By a eompeteat sm.iis ss go out oy us nay or week washing, tronmg. ee bon sac loaning; best tverenea ZX Eaag 2iA St. Ml e MATRON. As matron ta a eollege er any sab. Uo lasotottoa. or ftrst-ciasa aotat:'rr- smauon. auapiial I liana ganeTlHa a. Toronto. Ontario. "7 arrvATioss rr nun Batlera. BUTLER er VALET. As butler or wslet f nnnimcsi; uu; -mgnest can snaTS sad take full ears ot Heller. B41 Weat Beth 8u BUTLER PARLORMAID. By aad wtfef inw uaa s: unseat i Maaoa. East bsth Bt. CARETAXER& Br trust to ears for gontlemsa's months- wife first -class rook: best eity referee Chrtstla. aad Want STta sX. OOACHMARV-By a eoenpetrat. enbar uawougnty arMerstaads the pre par care of See camaawe: is highly raormtmoaded by two highest families ta New Tork Oty Bar past lg -. i Teot eath ax. u Cas:BC.H?C8irP7Hat fnarriedt all-aroaad aaa; sampsrato; wife eoannetsat ta COACHMAN. Sy young araaohawa: eanele; swat doretande his bt.rts.rn; will tVfoaad aoberT hooest. and obliging; goad rafareaoa. . M. Ix 1.143 Broadway. -j. COACHMAN By a thorougliry eorawMerd etnrte w,.oo geoeraiiy aarful; la eity or- mua-try; arst-claas references. DnaWiraan. lwS Weag fbeVS iL s CO ACHM A NMarrW ; sgs. SS: city ar evwrtrrt oMi. 14T East lU it. COACHMAN. EapsHeaeed; srrictry temperatsT wiaaing s Brat-class rasa, til West lata StT COACHMAN, . By a eoaeenaaa: willing te or muniry: seraoaaA references. CoafA. 8X1 Weat lth tt. f"" COACHMAN aad GROOM, By thoroasr one. wrak'AT' " COACHMAN yirst -class; lesTtag oa lamiiy oreacing ay; employer eaa bs 4J East both SC. Oardowera. OARDENTTr" Engllah CMnseteai. la t. k. ri'm JL theewary ".Place; beat o refaraaeee. R. . " srsoB, anoia ca OARTJTCTR an rLOnrgT-Marrted: Htr -o-t c." '- f0? rsisrsnoa. post rxaos bal wwatnTwu FA. L ewemel M SECOND MAN. A lade te Bad 'a alaeo or aa eaceueat aerrng highly recommend. Uo S4ta Bt. . whom She ce be sean at 41 1 SECOND MAX.-Engtlsh: etty refereao.; era. oeisoL. s i eat g lara as. Xrana. bQC stA BECOND MAX. By aa etaeileiMod voanr Bum has ezeaaat etty twfereaoas. U West 4th bw MlswIUeM.. i CLERK or OrnCK WORK. By young ret. ararwMry esseamrs;. -w t 1W MAXACER- By raetsarsat mas ec larrs buaU awsi ssi-d HW-W w SSSSB W P sTW BBsOUnBS WW I O- Bos MS Tlaaao Omoa HELP ''WAJtTED JTXMXLES. ClOARETTE ROLLrU, CHEROOT Rli I. LLii a, f at L MTOer Boa'a IU Croabr BL. near Rsastea, HELP 'WAKTED MALXB. 1 WANTED A pouag mas of eaterartse std l tty to aolkclt advertiaeflMata lor a i.a lark Paper. . itea litl Tlsaas Ofoa, ITT ATI 0.11 W fXVTSE. A mdy marlng etty wlabee'to m Mtustloa for bar Arat-aaa rook, wnara ahTeZ. bla-My reonenmeae; utsorstaaas all triaeaTj . eoope, saeata. ash. aad gam; alt kinds of .,, erta; exoelleat baaar. 1T Wast- S4ta aZ! yreaeet tap4oyera i ro . l tortbr ssaa sad wtfs bouse for .smmor la; aieo good Call ar

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