The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 7, 1950
Page 5
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, APRIt T, 1950 LK (ARK.)' LKJUK1RH Navy's 'Silent Scrvic*' Pr«par*s f*r W«r G«* (J. S. Navy Submarine Service To Observe Golden Anniversary NORFOLK, Va., April 7. (AP) — 4 The submarine service ot the United stales Navy will observe lls 50th ^jtiversary next Tuesday, at * nl|?e when*. (1) Ihe submersible. a top stra- Icgic trump card, is influencing decisions al poWcal conference tables. (2) The "silent service" is getting lop attention in our Navy's planning rooms. Fleet Kyrs Past And the submarine service, Atlantic Fleet headquarters said today, is marking ils anniversary "by eyeing a past that saw It break the back of rtn enemy power's navy and by glrdins for the potent future Navy chiefs see for it.", On April 11, 1900, migrant Irish schoolmaster John Holland became the first pioneer In submarine development to sec Ills craft accepted by the Navy. Forerunner of today's submersible. Us 54-foot hull displaced only 74 tons. Submarine squadrons, nested alo:nvlde mother ships at'Atlantic j and Pacific bases, will observe the service's golden jubilee .by preparing for coming war games. Teams Seek Sea Cnnlrol Submarine and antisubmarine, teams are pitted against one another hv a race tor command of the. seas. Used as elusive undersea | prowlers to polish up "our own sub-1 Vl/ftinlH' Affor marine .stalking tactics, a Browing YTWIJflll «IICr number' of our boats i\ve streamlined, high speed "Gnppys 1 of Rreat submerged endurance—ultra hard t^tfefect." fleet headquarters ex- 19.11 FRAZER ON' DISW.AV— Chinges 1n grtlhiork, body-styling and addition of the new "Supersonic" sin-cylinder engine mark the 1951 Frazer that went on display in Blytheville today it the 61 ' Motor Co. on North Highway 61. Five body styles are. available in the new models. Shown above Is the "h»rdtop" Prazer' Manhattan, which has a nylon-over-steel roof resembling thai ol a convertible., i _^ : • ' •' ' ' ' ' I .•:.".•'. Physicist Urges Balloon Barrage Irish Premier Seeks to See Acquaintances WASHINGTON, April 7. (AP) — The premier o( Northern Ireland, who wa.s booed on his arrival In this country, says the main purpose of his visit Is to renew wartime acquaintance, H« met American servicemen and biLsine,smen when they were stationed in Northern Ireland, Sir Basil Brooke .said, and he wnntfl to see them again. , • Sir Basil talked to reporters at National Airport, where he was se- rinlnly welcomed last lligbl. It was a sharp contrast to the \>ooing and cat-calling he eot In New York » little earlier— from some 200 Irlsh- Amprlcaai who made plain they regard him as a symbol ot the partition ol Ireland. Sir nasll- said of the New York demonstrations: "Those thing* just don't worry me. They're entitled to say what they like." The pickets In New York were demoiutratins Cor a United Ireland; Northern Ireland is still part of the United Kingdom, whereas the southern part is now a republic with no ties to England, Sir Oliver Pranks, tlin British amboswrtor, is Sir Basil's host on the visit. CHARMING, YOUNG Be Slow to Lose Doctor Advises "This changing of an always touch »ame of hide and seek injo a needle In the haystack affair." it added, "has caused v much head scratching among the Navy's scientists and tacticians who must reckon with the growing Russian un- rfcnvatcr fleet, which has similar subs. CHICAGO. April 7. (ft— Go slow i losing weight after 40, a Washington physician advised'today. Dr. Edward J, Stieglitx says a weight loss of a pound » week or five pounds a month is as rapid *s is usually advisable after that »ge. Writing in the Journal of the American Medical Association, he gave several reasons for this: . Rapid weight losses in trie .over- as the Soviet's, however." Submarines, by showing themselves able to launch guided missiles, have become a threat to land targets as well as to sea commerce. Atomic Prnpulsinn I'nshcd Development of atomic propulsion, which, naval experts say would mean virtually unlimited endurance for submarine.!, Is now being pushed. Also under study is an Improved dicsel engine that breathes Its own exhaust ^ases. Fleet spokesmen said the Navy, "though hard pressed for funds. .V h^-Given.the near : fJK means to checkmate any potential foreign sub menace to our shores its top priority slainp." A hint that a solution is near came recently from Rear Atim., CH. Momsen, who masterminds the Navy's counter submarine program. Yet, testing their weapons in Caribbean Sea exercises last month, the surface fleet was dismayed to find the German-perfected snorkel type submarine still had a decided edge on the score sheet, "Enemy" undersea fornys took a heavy theoretical loll of warships, but surface hunters declared such maneuvers were more than a box score proposition. Though the manpower of Ihe United Slates' wartime submarine force totaled less than two per cent I of the entire Navy's manpower. lt| sat 011 Japan's doorstep, whittled NEW YORK. April 7. (iP>— Sending of a swarm of propaganda-laden balloons across the Iron Curtain is suggested by Dr. Robert A, Millikan, 82, Nobel .prize-winning physicist. He satd yesterday the? U.S. could unleash a balloon-barrage, at a cost of $2 per balloon, that would help give the people of Eastern Europe a true picture of America. Hydrogen-rilled balloons.carrying pamphlets, could be released in France, he said, and prevailing eastward winds would scatter them over Soviet Russia • and Her satellites.. Dr. Millikan said at a news conference that the Russians had been able to jam the "Voice of America" broadcasts, but that "they can't sto" the balloons." . • . With gradual b u t persisU weight reduction the patient does not suffer from weakness or,; exhaustion. Wrinkling of the skin is avoided by slow weight reduction. In a report for the AMA council on foods and nutrition. Dr. Stieglitz said . 40 is a good age to take a health inventory. He added: "In many respects, the two dec- 5 aries from 40 to 60 are the most significant. During these years-of late maturity we help to determine the future health 1 of the aged." -^ He .said the start .of .such disorders as hardening of^the" arteries, high blood pressure and degenerative arthritis occur far earlier than their symptom-. He added that a good diet is the most important single tool for the attainment of vigor in later years. Marshall Plan Helps Europe ^WASHINGTON, April 7- CAP) — The Economic Cooperation Administration -said today the "Marshall Plan hits enabled Western Kurope to "reap rich harvests from thousands of acres of land which never before produced anything of value." •, The recovery agency said European nations have spsnl funds equivalent to .$i53,7pO,000 in drainage and irrigation project?. It said Prance, lor example, will harvest crops this year. from a Normandy swamp "which Frenchmen have been trying to reclaim for con- turies." 3 M : ssco Men Given Paroles Three men sentenced In Mississippi County Circuit Court arc among the 46 granted paroles this week by the Arkansas Parole Board in Little Rock. They arc Roger Gillinin, sentenced Oct. 22. 104K, tn three years on a charge of robbery; Earl Matlock, sentenced March 21'. 1919, to three years on a charge of assault to rob; and M. I. Thomas, sentenced April 15, I9!!>. lo two years on a charge of assault to kill. Blytheville Rotarians Shown Film on Steel "An Orchid for Mr. Jordan." color film on the manu/nctt're and use of stainless steel, was shown members of Blytheville's Hotary Club yesterday. Guests at the meeting Included G. C. Driver. Bill Dyess and Bob Dyess, all of Ijiixorfi; Tull Johnson, Joiner; and Dan Harmon, who was Junior Rotarian. 'owrt* Ha* neluding the Stov* PORT COLLINS, Colo:—(fli—How o lash H cookstove on the back of liorse is one ot the things students horsemanship learn at Colorado A * M College. Official* cltlm Mitlr ooiirM in packing find outfitting l< Iht only one of Its kind In American colleges. To enter, a student must know ho\v to ride and care for a horse. BIG DISCOUNT on brand new 1949 APPLIANCES ThV.'SO models arc here so out go Ihe '.(it's! While they last...vim can jjcl hig discounts on Kelvinnfor refrigerators, ranges, water healers:. .Apex washers, dishwashers, dryers, kitchen cahinels and sinks. Also I 1950 Kelvinalor refrigerator'offered a( special iliscminl because the enamel was slightly chipped in shipment. HUKRY! E. B. GEE SALES CO. South 2nd Street Phon. 2026 RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Friday & Saturday "OLD TEXAS TRAIL" wllh KOt> CAMERON Serial A- Cartoon Saturday Owl Show "AND SO THEY WERE MARRIED" with Simnnc Simon anrl Robert Mitrhum Sunday, Monday & Tuesday "THE HEIRESS" will. Olivia de HivilUnri and Montgomery Clift Warner N>ws and Short ; .8542 f/ff, By bue Burnett Young as springtime and just,a enchanting is this cleverly style frock for sun seekers, : Cut. low i back to keep you cool, dainty sea lops (or neckline interest. Top It with a pert button-on cape for town wear. Pattern No. HS42 Is » scw-rite perforated pattern in sizes II. 12, 13. 14, 16 and IB. Size 12, dress, .T!i ynnis of 39-inch; cnpe, 1 yard. The Spring and Summer FASHION offers many Ideas for a smart new wfirdrolx:. Special fabric edition — more American Designer Originals—easy tn sew styles— gift pattern printed Inside. 25 cents. For" this pattern, send 25 cents, In COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to. Site Rurnett, Courier News, .i30 South Wells Street, Chicago 7. III. Send 25 cents now lor the Spring and Summer FASHION. 4fl pages of new styles, fabric news, special features. Free pattern printed inside the book. Open 8 to 3 P. Sunday S;iliirday "OUTLAW BRAND" wilh JIMMY WAKEI.Y Suliirday Midnilc Show STARTS 10:15 P.M. "DRUMS Of THE CONGO" with a cast of thnnsands Governor Suspects 'Soap-Box Derbyists' Of "faking Licenses • •' BOSTON. April 7. <ifl — Gov.. Paul A. Dever suspects young soap-box racer en^usiasts of stealing his "S-l" automobile registration plates. "If the plates are found," he said, "they had better be attached to a soap box." The governor will use cardboard copies of the plates until duplicates are Issued by the registry of motor vehicles. down her navy and cut her ocean supply lines by accounting for more than half of all her merchant ship losses, America's submarine urm, naval analysts say. is on the threshold of its second great era. Soy It With Flowen" Rlytheville FLOWER MART hfs Hiway Phunc N E W llo\ Opens Wrtk l>ajj 7:»» p.m. Matinee Saturdays A'. Sunday* 'Mai.-Sun. I p.m. Cnnt. Showing Manila, Arfc. Real Estate for Women CHICAGO —/fl*j— The Chicago Real Estate Board was an all-men organization for'67 years. But now it haV decided to.! admit women real estate brokers as members. Moslems Have Marriage Troubles in Singapore - SINGAPORE— (ff>t— Fifty per cent of Moslem marriages in Singapore over the last 28 years have ended in divorce. The rate of revocMinn-r of-divorce has been 10 per cent. statistic.? reveal. An authority on Moslem marriages sairt the high rate of divorce was due to: Husband and wife tiring of one another. Failure, of the hrsbfuirt to maintain his wife and children. Incompatibility due mainly to age differences. Lack of moral restraint on the part of the husband. Sunday Dinner Kniil or iToniiito. .Juice Choice of Meat Only Jack Holt Remains Silent on Plans For 'SO Politics LITTLE• : ROCK. , April -.7. < .Jack Holt Is keeping-nmrn on his political plans for i few more [lays. The former attornes' general nt \d • unsucce-ssful 1948 canaidnte for governor , said yesterdny he \volildn't niake an announcement this week. Holt has been rumored RS a 'cnll- didpte again for govei-nor—although -S[)cc\]l<vtion for the latter position fell off somewhat after roi'mcr Gbv. Ben Laney announced In opposition to Governor McMath. ' Tlolt uns asked about « report he might become Lancys campaign manager. "I've heard that report, but that's all I've heard a!»iit it," Holt said. FH,KT MIGNON STEAK KUIBD SPUING CHICKEN CATFISH or TKNDKRL01N OF TROUT with Hush Puppies ' Choice of a Vegelables Golden Potatoes A.s|iim<Ku.s Corn Fritters Combinnlion Salad Hot. Roils & Butler ' Good Food at a Good Price Sniders Restaurant BLYTHEVILLE Sunciny & Monday "WHISPERING SMITH" (Tn TcrhiiicolDr) IN' LADI), ROBERT PRESTON, BRENI>A MARSHAI.I, The Stole Financial Responsibility LAW Is Very Strict! Before'you have an acci- ricM, call 3361 for automobile Insurance prolcclion. For small premium, we include $10,000 Personal Liability. W. M. BURNS Insurance —ALSO— ,-" SIIKI.I.KV WINTKRS in "South Sea Sinner" Saturday "I'arlners in Time" ".lacare" First Illytheville Showing • Sun.-iMon. ' MM CLARK ..PETER GODFREY Call 6911 for Blytheville TIN SHOP BLYTHEVILIES OMCY ALL WHITE TMtATRE 111 North Fint W« offer OTmpWe Sheet Mtlal s«rvic*.. .gin, oil milt * fe*d mill work, hom« (fiitlers, doct work. Call Taylor Ijtyton, nnnf manager. Ust Day • 2 Rift Hits > Af.AN I.ADD In "Whispering Smith" .Daredevil of Clowls" Friday 'JEEPERS CREEPERS" Saturday "RAIDERS OF SUNSET PASS" Also Shnrtft Offered For Sale This beautiful bricV home Iwatert on Klylhevillc's Main Street is now Dfrered for sale. If you are interested in piirchjiwing i(, call for an appointment and I'will arrange I" show you all the details i>f (he home in a personal inspection. Here are some of its features: Saturday Owl Show "RETURN OF THE APE MAN'< Also Shnrt* Sunday & Monday "INTRUDER IN THE DUST" with CUttdf, J«rm«w - and E. Sh«ri< . bedrooms Living room Family sitting room 'i complete baths 1 hair-bath GE healing system 2-car garage Servant's house Atlic fan Kxtra large screened porch Automatic elevator Spacious lot MAX LOGAN < t >/r • Lynch Building Phone 2034

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