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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, December 25, 1871
Page 3
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-.' .'I .1 . 1 : - X . 1 . BBSe BStdBtfO Tbe Mmt ia BW asweasbly liwMiT M sbe FlMr-laifM. stem f -. i , rrsaa Ow On OtnMWtm 5 Fabb, Friday. lKr.l,inL " Tbia moroinf tb itrerii of I'mxis areeev- nk im for im dm time several year, and It would toe rccal esceUebt sleighies; aftacrewere Any sleighs. The told is intense. Yesterday aaoreiBg ioow began to fail, beceisw tog a regular snow-atorm in the si tern con. and covering tbe ground before Bigot. -A boot 'lock tbComnibos lines Lad suspended tbeir trip, and the eabe bad taken their horses, to tbe Cbsopany'a stables, for, exter mid-day., it was alaaoet Impossible for a torse to keep upon bia leetj or to keep wagon in Baotiea. . Tbe aoeeea ef yesterday ettnlog were very paibful. feet ae oki for tat- aa for borers, end I pttledlbe peer, overworked brotea of late crtv, who bare e Bmci to whose lAey can loos for sympathy ead prolesueu. Tbe French are noted for amaJI ooowosbbbs. Abodc tbelr ennee&tee Is tbe cost e hiring tbelr boraea prepsrlv abed. Tbere are not few jtt daya dari the ordinary Tturimv Winter, and, ae (t . coat . aoMtbntf te awk a . bores re abod. be hi jeft te do toe beet bewaeee : bis Bteooth fcaipaier abeee. Tot Uw te ervideotly 1ml oaay. . Tbere M a very Bee era! de-' stand for, eabe tale aaermncetnee tee esBaibue Mnee havs mot yet beg aa their Ml pa, but not one be found npoa tbe beeleeerde. Tbe loss la-ewred by this aaa idle day eeOetent te pay for sbbuiag; aad eerkiac, er' aSerplag," ell tbe j borsee beiesgiag te tee company. ' - ' ni raniNHtKNici. Next to thai great snow-storm, the meet iu-portaat topic of tbe day te the mesedge of M. 1 Tkieba. Tea bare already bad a telegraphic ebetraet, even at tbe bonr 1 write, and. probably bare enoagb te enable yeeite ma ce your appreclattoas ef lie nertte. Opoton. here ' la varied, end eseeediorty erede. M. O mtiirrTA'a paper beeine by denoeeeiag tbe fa-et that M. - Tmius dared net mm tbe word itepeblle from bea-tnmoK to end. A boat tbie poln t there bangs a tale wbieb I shall relate fartber en. ' Alt ef tbe Hepnblleaa Joereale eriUetee tbe wjraaatr aharp-ry.aed And In it eery eleax proeytbet M. Thikbs basatleoirth fovad btmaelf 'Arooc eooach to eet leeee froai (be - lft," soU epeoly ebow hie MonareBieaJ aynspetbi m. Ob tbat point I have not pertiele . f doubt. The ao-alled eonarrratiee uroa!a ndicule tbe neekeee ae a ir" -rsJ tMn. ' eaillor it -bosh" and b'eeet' ae nwaninirlesa State' peperae waj ,,er mud. Tbere, 1 eo' net eeree with these jooanale. To my eaind. M. Thirm baa epokee cleverly in faeor of the Mooarehf of July , h8 bae openly denounced the treaty with tr and baa pat bimaeif te eiroM eppeltiM x 'the Awmnl; n the quw-Uoa ef eblirato ry mllitaj-y aerrioe, to which it wm supposed tad been oonrorted. Furlher. the aaessaae ihews ne tbat M. Tmeas siiTl clings - to the ideas of 1830 UD1 tbat be is still a pro teetioolat gt tbe atrongeet type, and the same aort or a Teirtielan be was under Lorn Phil- Lirc Tt t te a bad pmspeet fur tbe Repablie-sas, b'4 wbat eaa be dot M. TmKBS aeat the meiab era Oot on tbetr eaeatlon with the mission to P'et themselves into eommnnleation with tax eleetore for the psrpoae of nseertaiaina; wljetber tbe eon a try should be reorganized " eoordiBC to tbe glorioas traditions of thon aod yrars.or whether tbe roontry abandonlDxit- eelf te tbe torrent whleh in tbe preaentday drives haaaao society on toward tbe nnknown. H to pursue ita destiny ttuder new form." And dow comes tbe point to wbirb I referred above. M. Thikbs completed hie message last week, and oo Friday read It for the secood time In Coun cil.' On Saturday be began to talk vita the Deputies who bad returned, and gave out tbat if woo hi be neceesary to make eome ebaugea in tbe text,' and kenee'lt would not be read on Monday. He held still further eooveraatione on tbat day, and made still further charges, and It was not until Wednesday night tbat tbe message wae completed for tbe Assembly. What wet e the reports wblcb led to these audden ebaugea t ua imi point mere are not two answers : Tbe Deputies have eome bark diseoeraeed and fiigbteeed at the growth of Republic an 1 Meaa In ' their communes, and be lieve ' that the country le rapidly run ning to another revolution. ' To atop thla, they believe tbat tbe Assembly must take matter Into their own bands, assume tbe right . to declare theirs power permanent, bud make monarchical government as soon as possible This, It is satdi Is the reason why M. Thtbxs hastily revised bis message. striking out tbe word Republic wherever It occurred, end em- phaalslng tbe policy ef tbe Government where it accorded with tbe views of the Right. It is also said that several leading Legitimists nave been eo frightened by the growth of revolutionary Ideaa among tbe peasants, tbat they are quite ready to aceept anything In tbe shape ef a monarchy. The peaaanta are beginning te wonder why they should not gain something by revolution as well ae the Parisians, and at leas one neb proprietor bad the saUafartloo. of bear ing that bia estates bad been divided up into email farms, the owners' of which would be prepared te. take possession when the "new reveluooa should begin. Tbe idea tbat It is to begin, and tbat. tbie time, the : peasants should profit by it. baa undoubtedly taken m strong bold upon tbe ml ads of tbe eeuntry people. Under this state of things should constitute a powerful Government at oaee, but wkk-bf Certainly the one which divides the people the least, but what that is. I eennot pretend to amy. - - ' tt. TRIE AD THE OS LEAKS mtltCBS. Another . point Is toe eauslog very general diecusniou. For some, time there baa been rumor that tbe Due d'Actuals and the Prince hi Joiktiu-b Intended to take tbelr seats iu tbe Assembly when it reopened. ' M. Tbieu flew Into a rage whenever the subtest was mention ed. On Monday he met the Due. and, the sub ject beicg nemuoued, M. Thicks spoke vary -nbarply.and there, are -rumora of .high words between tbe two. At any rate the President left tbe Due in anger, and at once began to address friend. "I wlU never give my consent,' be aid. with very emphatic gesture. It Is a vio lation ottbe engagement entered into with me. If they insist upon taking their seats In spite of their word, I will ,'ge before the Chamber and force It to choose between them and me. In tbe worda of M. THtcas .: " Choose It is one or the other; them or me ; and this was followed by a very positive threat to throw up kit hand and " utter IX tbe Chamber allowed 'the Due n'Acat At-aVto sit aa a Depute. ' We are at a loss te account for' ." president's euergy. ' I will give the circumstances of the esse. 'When the law for the abrogation of the law of exRe came up 31. Tint r fsroied if, "but put off the vote tor the moment. Meantime tbe two ' Princes had beeu elected to tbe Assembly, and with this title they took tbe rwht of entering Praoce, M. O- betta bad issued decree making it illegal for any member.' of "auy family which had bee a upon the. throne to noll office. 'but M. Tunas not only allowed the elections to go . on. but wUru coinpleiej he bcaIo mentioned the law on ciia aud as he haa made no oojeciiou to the entry vt the Princes,' and, as they' were fre ouent gusts at bis houe. the law" wae speedily repealed. But It wm said, before gitini hit tn-Uuenoeln favor of tbe law, M.'Tuicks drew sniciM from the' Priooes that they would not try to tke tbetr seats while the country was in Its crovutlonal aru unseiiiea eiaie. aiici m Rivet proposition, X. Tataa published de cree. or several as for that mttex, la which it waa akatxd that the Republie bad been eon-s aututedby thi vote, and thla taet, ceeogulaed by the President, fjimself," claimed by the Prteeea as a release from" their engagement not te take their seats whils the country waa laa. provisional and unsettled state. Either MVTBrnag waa wrong aaytng ike, the Eire propo-sitieowith which be waa ao well pleaeed) did ' establtah tbe Repubiic, or the Prtaeea ara mv right U aaymjt that they are relsased from. " tbetr aagagewMUt. Tbesr ebmtian was iwralar, and the Assembly baa verified tbelr pewe- rrtweeo- Wtm1 """ T"- f-""" 8Wa8KonBBaBB WiMMMMMMH rWamwnjanm-aBBWBM presents t The most probable thsory is that ht, TBOxaa wisheeto reinstate oka Oaxauns family; mad hence deea not want the Pilaeaa te tower then- dignity by- estertag -the Caamtser. f Tba eewad theory to tank the Due zr-Atnuui wewTd at onee become n leader of i tbe majority v and bav absolute ceutrel In lu Hltherte there aoa beea a very decided majority in the Chamber. but tt baa been useless for the want X a leader. t- Taiaaa fclmaelf bae controlled it . vea .when w ijt, out ae eouia, rot do so, for a momeatiftbe ms)onty wsy under a capable ieaoer. aa the Left la under. uiuBrrrs. ) TUB MKMUOk IXTHK 1WHILT. Despite the eeie. I w,.Bt Verraillee ed Mew-day laet, wbeghrte lrjaoible M. BAaa refused me a fteket aa usual,-, I waa forced te look up a Deputy fxieed n ain admlttaoee. lie informed me that tire message would not be read, and that the aeeaioo would end In nothing. Throuab hla krndneeaT was furnished with a tseket for yesterday's session and was thus able be avoid tbe am table Bam, the terror ef all Journalism and one of the few men in tbe world everybody likes to avoid-. 2fot that people are afraid of bim. but beeaoo be has tbe power to be Insolent, and uses It,' lairing back upon bta j parliamentary privileges for protection. Tbe care were fearfully eo!d. A large number of Deputies, and of women who bad been provided with tickets to tbe session, filled the train, which made a dreary passage of an hour and a ball. At s o'clock the balls ef the palace were crowded. Half an hour later afme. Tineas and Mile. Doexn entered tbelr box, and the President waa soon after seen cere ring tbe Deputies' door.., Ha waa immediately surrounded by a number Of. trie ads, whom he seemed to treat with hauteur and scant cour tesy. A large number of Deputies were upon tbetr benches before tbe session commenced, and M. Gaxvy was l& bia chair, The di pie-mat io box was flUed to overflowing. All of ; tbe Ministers were a their seats, and Gambxtta and Tkocbc were at their places near the Oooe. M. Gaavy rose as If to eall tbe House . to, order. At that moment M. Tuitu left hla seat, and, crossinfc-the floor, whispered in ;M. Babtrlbmt Sais-oIIilairk's ear. Then tbe two ' went out toretber by a aide door, leaving tbe Chamber In wonder ever tbe little mystery. When M. Thikbs came baek be bad a his overcoat, and this was probably tbe cause of bia conference with bia secretary. Meantime tbe Deputies were lounging about in every direction, talking loudly, arguing violent ly, and making a clatter very mcub like that of the Gold-room, or Stock Rxchange. M. Gbevy again rose and rangr Auiariers began to shout,' men. If you please l" bis little ben. Tbe To your scats, gentle- " Silence, gentlemen. if you please r " Be(seated 'gentlemen. If you please." and many aimllar cries, mingled with tbe now constant tolling Of the President's bell. The kuitntrt abouted tkemselvea hoarse, and paid a visit to the bar. but when they came beck tbe noise stall continued, and bolt upritrht. M. Orkvt eonanued to tap bis bell. Durlnir this time M. Taiaaa bad j taken hie seat on tbe Ministerial bench, and eat with folded arms, gaziog upon tbe Boor, lifting his eyes from time to time and carrying them from M. Gaavx to the boisterous crowd. With an air which seemed to say that they should pot be silent until they pi ased, the Deputlee naally lounged into tbeir aeata, bnt a few continued to argue. Aa the majority were now silent they Joined forces with the President a4d the Awissters. and soon brought tbe (hall to comparative alienee, which Is something like the silence of a village school when all of the scholars are mumbling over their lessons to themselves. In a few terse and well eboeen worda, M. Gkbvt opened the session. This eminent and moderate Republican, like Victor Lkeranc. always speaks to the point and with no suneifluous words or Idle phrases, tie has no time to waste in abusing the Empire, nor in developing dresms ot the Utopian social Republic. It is a pity that France haa so pew men of M. Orbvt'0 stamp. Altera few words of thanks to tbe members for again electing bim President of the Chamber. M. Grew announced that the floor waa at tbe seivice of "Monsieur le President de la Republioue." TUB EXKrCTlVB IS THE TRIBUNE, -There was an immediate hush throughout the hall, and amid the most profound silence M. Thiers ascended the steps of tbe tribune. Notwithstanding tbe heat of tbe ball with lu numerous stoves, M. Thikrb did not remove his black overcoat. His first effort is a common one with bim, and cqoststs in taking out his handkerchief, and, folding it very carefully, laying It down upon the desk. Tbe appearance of M. Thiers m tbe "tribune is very curious. His exceedingly small I but solid form seems to add considerably to thf size of his head, which IB Surmounted by two locks of hair, which mount like two borne on either side, and his wbtae cravat, give htm a sort of ministerial expreestoo. Tbe peculiarly grim jway be has of looking about . the ball before speaking ia indescribable. At first bis voice ia harsh and weak, but if grows more forcible in a few moments, and soen nsee to a key far above tbe beginning, where It la held without great. modulation. The first worda ot tbe message,1 meaning nothing- but j congratulation on tbe return of tbe Assembly, urew forth cries of (res Hen from tbe Left, wile tbe words " We found anarchy at Paris," sent the Right off into a round ' of cheers. - Tkus the two sMes played against each other throughout! tbe entire speech. At every mention dt the insurrection of Pane the members ot the Lejft were profoundly silent, while those of tbe Right broke; out Into applause, and only onee were the two sides fslrly united Tbe President began to reckon up tbe losses, so many milliards up to Mete, so msny up to tbe fall of Pans, tbe cost bf the war in the provinces, the money paid for keeping the German troops, the cost of the Government ot t b8eptem ber, two provinces and tbe clory and grandeur of France, and after adding up the sum be charged It Jn lump to tbe Empire. At that moment both aides "cheered. And well they may, for both Bides know tbat they are fighting hard to pre vent tbe return of Hafoleox III., who. despite their constant abuse. Is still cheered by a majority of the people of France. Tney dare aot put the question fairly and squarely before the people, but, fearing they may have to do-so, they do not like to lose an opportunity of black ening the Empire If bey cab. I doabt If Mdb Pbbsbxseb, the Protestant! pastor and Deputy tram Pans, ever preaches a sermon without speaking of the " eighteen years of Immorality god corruption ' through which the codqtry has Just passed. When jit came to attune ef the Empire ai d there, waa a good deal f it la tbe message-j-both. sides applauded ike men who are fully aware that their constituents were against them, and tbat their public careers would be over were those constituents to pro- Boo see for the Republic or for I Ai-oi.tox ill. That they will do oka or the other is so certain .battue present Deputies are ready 'to go, for- any monarchy. which wuf prevent those! re-ulta, and hence ni one need be surprised to aee tbe Compte De Paris speedily called to i the throne e or rAsemWcs Afioaate. During tbe latter momenta devoted to tbe message i tbe Reanblloana were1 r silent. - There had . been rumora -. that , this message would give Striking, recognition .of, the Repub!)c. 8ome bf the Ministers bad also let out the secret that 'Jf recommended the return of the Chamber to Parlef All that bad been expurgated, and. as the Orator drew near xae ead tbe Republicans grew 4ad to find that not oooe j had the word. Repuhlln been used by the President. besides, there were some 'points whieh did aot please all. M. Tinkas was a little hard on Eng land, for example, and asserted tbat no ene would pretend to doubt tbat the French Gov ernment bad acted well In the matter, yet, pv rtbeleaa, tbe treaty was to be denounced for the purpose of Increasing the duties opon certain materials The military men were quite Idisgnflted with the President for proaeunetag se 'atrongly agaiast eompulsorr service, and with the strength ot ats expressions apoa that point. Compulsory sernee, ha said, could never be la 'time of peace. , The moment It waa made the lav France waa jtost, Giave fears were! also aroused by" the fiaaaeial poller, for tbe Presi dent favors tM tnereaeed tlrcatatlan ef the AH?Y. ijm ga raei lot ; ax - io de ,.. n 3jS0S ....- H pS,raF.7mJL.G.ks.. n raABASel. A Waa. let, xsns TJ. B. BJS cu avjwi uaos v naaoa-'nva.Msh st. ju. mv.... wi tne Mee. A Ka. M.. wM, tssrjtw.kCMm ssa de.4.... msh Mr CM TeL B. ueo mil a ft p. 1st, I.C. 1st-. SB sjeooi auim. sdCbs am uwo.amc, ur.iu soe do. n i Meotr. a.t-ita. a&twi M Vs. ss. Com.... si k eo... i lease eo. .ass. at raate 3. c ss. etd I bds,MB 1AW B. C.H4., ' ' Jsajulvau Mi 1.MB do 34 e.e La. aa.tev. bds, rz Z-OVO MkM. Sa-.b. s. M XWOastaOsal etMd.. B eo 40 a. 100 Kr. 9 ,Z laoOTot, Wsb. West. a pw WU. m H. 1 y..Kb. ms c (?.. cam. a a7r'n !. JMwCbav m i.m im, st wm, 1st. VI iwt Leog Islaje.... 41 Mom hat. Dee. yA. M. e General Trade, of tbe paar. week was active in Cot too and Cotton. 'Goods. , Tbe stocks of tbe latter.1 of favori mills, have beep freely bought; up, and tbe Domestic CooiraiasioTi mem are Indisp'jeed mae engagements abend except at aa advance in prieea. Tbia would indic ate that mill ownw ere at borne anticipate, s titter figures for. tbe raw material as the rjovemeata of the crop season develop tbeyaaelvea. It js doubtful, however, whether, the Manchester people feel the same 00-n fide nee in tbe future of Cotton Goods, aj tbeir Colonial markets in tb East and. the marketa of China and Braail and tbe Continental markets, are supposed to be 'm danger of a glut, if not already overstock. Tbe receipts of Cotton at all the portr. of tbe United States for tbe week. were lriO,000 bales, equal, (for the first instance, for some time past,) to the eorree-pootfing week of last year. ' Prices, however, continue firm in New-York both for Cotton in band and for future delivery, an advance on the casb price being paid for the 'Spring months. While Gold has declined, to 1061 to 106J cent, since our last weekly review, and Money to the Brokers has ruled ud usually dear and stringent- tbe ; Stock market has advanced from 1 to 3 F cent, on the Bail-rands and continued firm on the Public Fnnds of the' United States, and tbe feeling as tbe close of tbe week waa decidedly buoyant on increased speculative orders and new combinations for a rise. ; The weekly averages of the Associated Banks, Local and National, reporting through the Clearing-house for the week ending Saturday last, Dec. 23, compare as follows with the previous week, and also with tbe corres-ponding week laet year. To which we add tbe Gold and Currency balancea in the New-York office of tbe United States Treasury at these dates respectively : -.... tll.7SS.7M ... J,IM ... atvxe ... ismo ... 4S8J(a lleereasein Deposits Decrease In drcolaUon. DftK TO Dee, IS, 71. Dec la Tt. ration Canital .S73.43S.000 S7l.7S5.nC0 B71.78S.Oie 1MB Capital 4 UbUVN iti8.aoo t7.l,900 2718100 ZZ.7S4.700 41,21700 19U.34S.70O 2X.S7k.00 h Total Kl,5V0 Loans .164.811, 129 (ioM and Oold NoUsa, Other Iefral Twndeis. 4S,7,HHS lpualta.. IM.748,J64 (iroulalton (2,m,lS la Uub-Treaaurjr....). 7a.70S.030 87.01tO 28X179,700 26,7!U,e 44u,e 2i7i9je xe.ieaws 7Jt70.43 I j The Bank return published this morning exhibits tbe relative strength of tbe movement in respect to toe lawful money held as against the circulation and deposits, to which we add tbe potation of the movement the week before, and also of the movement of the correspond) uir week last veax: Dec 18. 71 Dec ZS. Tt. Dee. 24, TO. Dnpoetts. tiiTwi.XOO gisu4,700 lrco lotion 28,033300 2575 BJ88,)),7M tz, issues BZ20,B81,737 -rrtfm r,w,4ib oent Total Ba4S.Zt,IOO rZ27,Z3.S00 ! Required Z8 ct.. BU.7S10i (ivld and Ureen- i backs 70.2SS.40S Bas,W0,67B jn.aje xeess t8.S6Z.1ZB B7,001,K5 $8 S6Z.1ZB 7 cent. jRate (or money. ... 7 cent. 7 1 cent. The Bank return shows a very large liquidation of Loans aud Discounts, and even a .inuch larger increase in tbe general line of Deposits, with an unexpected loss on tbe jGold average. Tbe diflerence against the I Greenback average was looked for. There ;ita considerable share of the decrease in 'Loans and in Deposits, due to tbe fact tbat 'the outside Banks, not members of tbe Clearing-house, whose reports have heretofore been included as a matter of courtesy, are now dropped from the Clearing-house return. t j Decrease la loans.. , , tll.7M.70O ol which oaauoe banks. 4,533,700 Aeuial oceresM ta Clearing-bouie. Decrease in deposit , ... Ot which outside banks... Actual decrease In Clearing-house. . B7.zrt.ons , 4.74Z.800 . tltUMOO . a,go . 4S 1U0 . BXMLJK0 . B3.S14.e00 S4M0O .IXSSBOO .. B4S8J0O 458.B0O 4.90S Dncreaaein gold... , . Ot which outside banks.; Actual decrease in Clearing-house. Decrease la creenbscka - Of which outside banks.: ! Actual decrease in Clearing houae. Deerease In rin ulsUon....... ......... Of wbich outside banks I Actaal decrease m Oearmg-houss. Tbe Import Entries at New-York, embracing foreign Dry Goods and General Merchandise, for the week past, were $5,235,030, as against $4,874,656 for the corresponding week last year. Tbe Exports of Domestic Produce, other1 than Gold and Silver, were $5,338,506 against $3,903,096 same week in 1870., The Export of 43old and Silver, $297,-882. against $430,127 same week in 187a The Customs in Gold paid into the New-York Ofbce of the United States Treasury for the week were $1,625,000. Tbe receipts of Cotton, coastwise and by rail. 18,076 bales. ' Tbe Gold values of the Import entries of Foreign Merchandise at New-York, exclusive of Foreign Specie, for tbe calendar year 1871, are as follows, the figures being official to Dec. 1 and since semi-official from tbe Custom-house: i. January... February... March. AprU........ May June Julv Anna.... .B?.681.X7f September U.eieA?t . Sl,Z.7ZSiOeoMr.... a0M.S S&.448.S70 Nevember Z4-.-. 24,lOk4t 1 BASS4.77lDse. 1 BA44,3S i M.I4AUliDec B .07,l , 30J48.4I1 Dec IS....'. Ml.17 i BMS&04 Dec SZ. tli.OSS 88.0SS,81O Total since JUL 1. Same date 1970 Increase is 1871... 1374,987.2X7 S04JMUS7 a7B.Bat.47B ! The currency value of Exports of Doxn ratio Prodoce, and Misoeluvneoos Goods, including Foreign Goods re-exported , from New-York since Jan. 1. is as follows: J anusry . . ;.. . .B18.8S73781 August. tit.siajn February....- i,7a,74afcpteoibeT.. .. J06S,n March... 72, 1 32Z' October ZXJK.!7 April...... U,Bo.04TlNevaKiber U,2SZsr May l.0l9.TMlDec S B.M7.43B June..: 1S,1Wi10. a........... 4.174, IM Julv.M 17,a.6W Dec 20., MM.SSS Total 'since Jan 1.'. .tZA.K8.4IS 1BZ.7BM7B S34.SS0.B37 Met,eeeut. Same date W7B.. ...r--- i Increase In 1871..... Gold Dec tt 171...,. ........1101, e cent. i The Exports from New-York of Gold and Silver Coin and Bullion, since Jan. 1. are as follows t -' r m , C Januarv. '...S2.14,!ilt8ettember $2,130, r February. 4.SZ5.08Ocber. :. . 1 0M1 alaixh. 7.V!i.-0).NoTeniter . X,1Z43 AprU..i. Bu3,u!lee. B..... Mjt-m B.15,o7 Dec B ,.,... SS24 June..T.. I... a0O4,788 Dec. id............ 7H,4t July ....k..lU2S. Dee, U..: 2W,(3 Auust 1T0UZS7I iocal alooe Jao. 1 ..Bm,7(TI.7lt Came date 1S7U...... ; - Iacrsssennce Jsa.1. ..I. 1S.Z4S.9R1 lau.7iB ; Tbe following are the Custom receipts in Gold, and tbe interest paid on tbe Public Debt in Gold, at tbo Jfew-.York office of tbe United States Treasury, since Jan. 1 : I -f : Cnstoms ' ' OoM Interest ..1 received. . ' paid. Jsnuarv ..;.. kiZ.80B.KB Jsuuary.... . ...BiH.ns4.1ns Tinciurr 1 iz,l.ev leoruary. ....... tM.ui iarvh. ........... l.l.BoS March.... 4.' ADCil. lZ,8d0,SVB AprB-... 1.0M,iat iV, 7.. 1Z.1SV.IS1 May... MAZ0.4BS - ....,. 10,878,S14 J BDe.... . . ... Z,t7S.B4 Ji7.." .. I.. July lI S-2ii Aagaat . 1TX4.34S Aagmwt .... leeu&s Bcntember, 18,Z).Sh6 fteptember O08.SJS Oetober..... 1X.77BJB8 Oclaber..-. - t.nsm yTraatMr B.S2t7 Kevssaaer 1X.4 Das. B-t.- B8Z.S4B Dea 1 .- BT7SB So. B .- l'A7 Pee. B.... , Cl ue Bet i...."!.. l,BU.USUe M Bee. 1,Q0B Total , 1871 Bui. sm,44 TeSal. 1871. .k-Al.aju naif Tetsi. U7ft... bBamib ' -'vTseal, bsSB., ia.esjA,r?i..i ? btaos TjjLaasrvava-rM law v. sv i-ato. es.iu 4 tans v. a. as, -u. cjnt SAAos V. a. aa. "BU k -Tb CottDB avTrimexit at all t3WoTta; far the week and eaaoxv eoorpares a: followB with last aeaaoai -1S7S.- i -4'.; WVk. Reeerets.. .........ISnjlB IJt,m BBA1I B774S4 a4eeee ; see 4MwHw SM rorasx or rax stock mabxxt Aeer1ean Held lOHis1s j. a. t-rs, ay sad Nowiber....lisKe C B. S-a, Jaavarv aa Jlr....-liel 4. B. eenta. MMOs ..10 t KS k CtnlrMMMnta ieaBMB( Vntoa Psetne 4V ccaia. Mew-Terk Central ..BZSW Mew-Tecfc Cantral Svdp..... 88 Reek-Island Kn?ievv !ertA-weat Ciii w - Si eS North-vest frieierred tmm llaeyitiig...-. 111. wiU Dtv.talllaa. OaAeSBd Mlaslasrppl 43 S 4I Ha. Paul Vromnam Bt. Pan! Preferred 77 ToWoaad Waaasa..... ise1. Vntoa raetflc I7ai, F.rte. .SlHeCH Weatrrn TeAtmph SSS o Pacific Mau... mi4 Lahe Shore l ann Lass bhars Bcrip. s)4 st a BH T7 M 2 4SS B IV Tbe Stock Exchange on Saturday adjeum-ed early, and even while in session could register but few of the transactions made because 6f tbe Christmas Eve carnival which the 1 members, old as well aa young, feel bound traditionally to observe with peony whistles and sucbjlike noisy dexnonstrationa. After the adjormnent there was considerable buainee dote in the Flail of tbe Exchange between tbe Brokers, and at strongly advancing ttces on nearly all tbe Railroads, and on some of tbe Bailway Mortgages. Little r no regard was paid to the Bank Statemesjt, although leas favorable than looked for. and the month of December had before known no sach Bullish market as today. New-York Central 8 took and Scrip, Union Pacific Stock and Bonds. Sock Island, Wabash, Ohioe, dus., were all in strong demand, and from 1 to 2 cent, higher than on Friday. The First Mortgage Bonds of the Union Pacific Road rose to 94 cent, and additional dealings were had in tbe Land Grants and Incomes of the same Road. Tbe Stock Exchange Building was closed np at 3 o'clock. Tbe following quotations were made as compared with Friday night, Tbe Southern State Bonds were exceptions to the general firmness. The Public Funds were steady in prices, but not active. Gold sold down to 106 cent, in tbe forenoon, bnt after tbe Bank return. showing an unlocked for loss on tbe Gold average of nearly three millions, (accounted for by some of the Brokers by tbe exceptional loans made of tbe Banks early in the week in Gold by way of raising Money outside.) the price stiffened up to 108. f cent CIX8ING PRICES DEC. 23. Fridu. Saturday. United States 10-40e 109 109J United States 5-30a of 1862.. .1091, 109 United States 5-20s of 1867.. .115 115 American Gold.!.. lOtH 1081 Bills on London, 60 day s...... 109i 109 K. Y. C. and Hudson 93. 94J N. Y. C. and Hud. Debt Ctfa.. 88 . 88 Reading.: 110? 111 Chicaxro and Rock Luand 1042 106 Nortb-west Common......... 631 64 North-west Preferred 89i 89 Pacific Mail 53i 541 St. Paul Preferred 771 771 St. Paul Common Ohio and Mississippi Toledo and Wabash. Western Telegraph.. Erie Union Pacific... 53i 54 44 441 67t 68J 681 6Si 324 ....... 2&f 281 Lake Shore, Ex Scrip. 91 1 92 Lake Shore Scrip 84 84 At the very close the market was strong. Tbe Virginia Legislature on Friday resolved aot to pay the January Interest on any part of the Public Debt of the Commonwealth, and thereupon adjourned over tbe Holidays. ..The return from tbe Rank of England for the week ended tbe 6th of December gives tbe folio win g results when compared with tbe previous week : Heat A ..... . aU.077.38S. . Increase. 8.736 Public deposits...: S17.400.. Decrease. S37.S48 Other deposits. 11,841.1 47.. Decrease. 2.0788 Government securities. B.00l,n28..No alteration. Other securities B,077,4b2. . Decrease. 127.533 Botnauaemployed B.XZO.BVO.. Decrease. I5S.B1S The amount of Botes in circulation is 24,409,720. being aa increase of 195.470; and tbe stock of bullon in both departments is 24.411,245, showiig an increase of 17,661, when compared witl tbe preceding return. ! While the foregoing synopsis shows a deerease of 2,078, other than Government deposits, tbe oficial state of tbe Bank shows a correspondjjg increase in tbe poet bills, (or certificate! of special accounts.) of which 2,000,000 sterling or $10,000,000 belong to the Treasury of the United States. This deposit is subject to tbe control of Mr. Richardson, tbe Aaustant Secretary of the Treasury, now, ant for eoine time past, in London, and if nrt all inverted in the ? called " bonds of 1162, owned in Europe, before his return, the balance will be transferred to the Department at Washington, and tbe Bank of England post bills exchanged for Gold on this aide. The Treasury reported as Coin on hand on Saturday night $109,397,284. of whicl tbe Gold in the Bank of England no dotbts constitutes a part. Tbe Gold Circulation of the Treasury is now $34,989,000. which wrald leave the surplus of Gold in the abeolnti ownership of the Treasury $74,408,284. ' i . ! BmwGi.TBn.ii.iniL UNION PACIFIC BONDS. . : The undersigned ofer tor sale, at the current markeW rates, the firat Mortgage and Land Grant Boads of this Company. ! The First Mortgag Bonds, due 1896. bear the same rate of Iutenat as United States. Five-tweBtiea. (Six per Ceit. gold, free of tax ;) they are a first lien upon be Bead and Its equipment, i The Land Grant onds are a first mortgage upon the remaining 1.599.853 71-100 acres of land Belonging to the Coups ny, the proceeds of all sales of whlca are alely applied to the redemption of the Land Gnat Bonds. The total sales f land to Oct. 31. Id. were 4,141 39-100 acres, for fcl.033,831 ?, averaging $4 23 per acre. The Bet earnings for tis first six months (of the third, fiscal year) Ending Sov. i, 1371. were gl, 450,119 94 more tkan. twice the amount of tbo interest upon the First Mortgage and Land Grant Bonds, aud atout three times the amount the Interest upon the First Mortgage Bonds. The annual lnterec upon the First Mortgage Bonds ts $l.S4,n gold: tha 'annual interest upon the rematattg Land Grant Beads is rjK currency. , ' . ,-' i i;. , MORTON. BLISS CO.. So. Broad-street. 5ew-YorS." BAXaMxc-Hsrsa or Hsaar Ciaws Co., I : Na. xx Wall-at.. New-Tork- wi rrrria or credit roi tbavalees. aUas Coantstcial CretlUjaaaeil. BvaUahia tareagaoal ta werlrt. - . BUla ec exahaaee sa the Isaparbd Bask ef Leaden, Xaateoal Bank at Hnatlsad. AvaaouU Baak at Ireland, sad all their Bitncese. , i tiraita ana i isesmiiiw immni v i W est AtMuaaaae an parts ot tae t Deposit aeeeonts iseatved ra stUW sen easy sr seeaTsmeleeB te eaetk as stgnt, wataa pass tajsegh taeCleanag-aaawsaatf drewa apoa aardtyhaaks tMTMTMU. mteresl aUowed an alt aalr tilmiii rear par ess Cerwllastes Dan 8 Issasd : Ketaa, DraXla ead sdt aevaaeee mats aa aBvrsvedeai. Pliers ox ess W Ta-reatwuit Psilroad lrsa. CLKWS. HABICUT Si CO.. i II QM Brsadsl. I bbbbb. msia ' BVS7B - SOL 4 .... n.axs .... atSB. fna wux . . . Dee. 14. in. 1I0H S lie s:h 7S tJT THZ WEALTH OF tsTDIA. CHINA i9D '"" JAPAJa,-- J " ' t OBEAT BKTTADr AJTD AXCRICa. ? The trade with tae Cast ladles aad the statural aeenmuladoav at wealth thereby has beea the real basis ef the present great flaeaelal power of the Brttiah Kingdom. ; Tbk trad- has beea carefully amrserl and jeatosMly gas nn si by aD Brttiek statesuteav, Few asaay years tae aaoatope-ly ef this rich trade ceo bed la Londoa, but tbe completion of the Feelflc Railroads add the establishment ef a Hne ef steam snips between Baa Franeascex. Caiaa and Japan ara eaeatag tale great source of wealth te drtft toward tbe rjmted etatea. Nearly all eg tbe teas, silks, and ether risk products Of China and Japan new eome to tbie country by a team to Baa Fraaelsco and thence by rail to the Saat. ' This trade has grown to such so extent that already ever one hundred ear-loads of teas and silks pass over the Pacific Railroads to the east each month. This business Is bound te kMreaat with time, especially whea the steam ship, service between, fan FrancMco and the Cast Indies Is , doubled, which will take place at aa early day. Men at business smderataad the importance of the taring of distance as It af-feets the condition ef teaebnd silks, and also the stfU greater importance ef the saving ef time ka the interest aeeoaut. Experience bar demonstrated and the necessities of trade! require that the distance by rail between the' Atlantic and Pacific eoaets. eaa and must be shortened. Tbe accomptiahaBOBt of this prom see to be a fact ef the early future, by the com pletion of the 8t. Joseph aid Dbkvbb Citt RArLBOAD rnon 8t. Josarn to Fobt Keabbt. en the TJnloa Feetne Read. A large portion of his enterprise use been completed and la sue eeaaf ul operation for some time past, . Only a comparatively small part ef tbe Western Divi sion remains to lie built, and a soon as this la done, the dlatanoe between eaa Francisco and the Eastern and Middle States will be terlally shortened. Everything indicates large traffle for the road from the very start. we are now offering with eur unqualified l dorse ment the remaining balance of the Eioht ran Cekt. Gold First Mobtoaob Sihkiso Fchd Land G kant. Bob ds or tbb St. Joseph ABD DBRVKB CITT RATUtOAD COBPABT. Westbbn DmsiOK. with both principal and in terest In gold, and tbe Interest payable either at New-York, London, or Frank fort-on-the-Maln. These bonds sre secured by a first mortgage, oa all tbe property and franeatses ot the Com pany, whieh cover 1,500,000 acres of land, pro nounced to be among the very best to the United 8 sates for farming purposes. The moitgage In denture forbids the sals of these lands a lesa than () four dollars per acre, and the proceeds must be paid te the trustees The Fakkkks' LOAit axd Tbdst Co mf ant for the sole purpose of retiring these bonds. Tbe bonds have thirty years te run. and the. Interest Is payable in Feb ruary and August of each year, free ef tax. The present priee im BT)B and ajeerned interest In er- rency, from Aug. 15, 1871. They are receivable at par and accrued loterest in payment for the Company a lands. Our firm buy and sell, tbe same aa Government bonds and other securities, the bond f of the 81 Joseph and Denver City Railroad Company; and those of the Eastern Division, whleh were sub scribed for through us at 97)6, are now quoted at 101 H to 1023 and accrued Interest. Ws refer with tatUfaetioH to M faet that these hondt Save commmtuled a pmrnis ea (As euftsw ipstoa pries eser tinee the loan teas all told, and we have no doubt tli iwe of the present loan will rank equal ly high after its close. TANNER A CO.. 11 WAIA-BT. i gar EIGHT PER CENT. FIRST MORTGAGE GOLD BONDS OF THE MOBILE AND MONT' OOMIRT RAILROAD COMPANY. INDORSED BY ALABAMA. $11,008 A MILK CVt A COM PLETED ROAD. PA RT1CC LARS ON A PPLICA TION. FOR SALE AT NINETY-FIVX AND ACCRUED INTEREST BY NO UTTER dt CO.. i Na 8 WILLI AM -ST. CVTHR WEST WISCONSIN RAILWAY IS eomplctd to Uurtaon. and will have trains rnnningto Ml- ranj oj tae eemaieareiaent 01 tae coming year. Thla nmte will be the trunk Hue for the Eastern and Weatera b Balnea of NoTtbera Wlseoaaln aud Min- nenota. aa well aa tor the throuah baalneas to tbe East, the line being IDS muss aborter tnaa by the present route. 1 ne graia ana ramoer eaainess of ine road Is very considerable and etaadily Isiniajilin yieldinc snfficlent return to pav interest. The Land Oraat and orooertv of everv deseztDtAsn beloaeliiaT to tbe Companv is worth more than doable tbe amount ot the aiortgage, and la haM aa security lor the bonds, whlcn sre parable, Interest and principal, ia gold, bearing aevea per ceat. per anaaaa. Bonds are for aale at 80 and accrued interest in onrrencv. bv WHITE. MORRIS A XK. No. It Wall-et.. and OWYANK. JOHNSON A DAY, No. IS Wall aC, asjeuw 1 or we uompuT. UABOTS BT TLQBAFE. CmcAOO. Dee. n. Flock dull and unchanged, Wat at dull and a shade lower; No. 1 Hpring. Si 21 So. S do., fl 1H; No. 8 do., BtSAH! No. 9 Sprtaur. aeller Jaaaarv. Bl 18h: last half aaouth. Si I9h: Keb- ruarv. fl 81 k. Cons dull and a shade lower; No. S Mixed. 4CHO. AtOSa.; Rejected, asc; Mixed, eeUer Jannarr. SOHe.- Febrnarv. 41l,e.avnke.i A MIL 48fce. a 44c 1 May, 48Ve.47a. Oat a till and a shade lower; flainsc) nejenco, x4.wan.; no. x, entr J an-uary, a2a-i May. 87 kc Bra dull and a abode lower No. tat S2ko3ke. Bablst arm and to fair de- mud: No. 1 bpring, SUkcaeiKe.; No, do.. 48o.aHwc; ao. X Spring, seller Januarv, 82 ke. Poax dull at til ; seller Janaary. l luoSlS 12 H Fenruarv, Bis 86S811 40: March, til 808IJ M : ApnL SIS ava til TO. LASOdaU and drooping: sales at 8 e4 seller Jaaoaty. Site.; Febrnary, SVe; Marca. Sc. HAMS to pickle, Hc-Mc Bulk M SATS tralet and unchanged. Green Mkats nachanged. WmsKT. Be asked. Ra-ctiprs 5.000 bbla Floar, UAOO bushels Wheat. 121 COO bushels Corn. 84.808 busbels Oats. 1.0O bnabels Rre, 11 AUS boaoela Barley, atoo Uoga. BmrMtnirs tjaen bbla Floor, 8.000 bushels Waeat, 8.008 bushels Com, (100 bnabela Oata. xjumy buaaala Bartov. Z.0US Hm Total number ot Hoga packed this season, CJB.OOB. The noaea ot xraoe aoia ne sessooa atnanay. 1 Nkw-Oklkahs. Deo. 83. Cottow quiet t Mid- dllng, ltHC aine.; net reonnita. 10.030 oaieo; gieaa. 10,-4M bales ; exports, to Ureal Rriiala, Xa bales; eoast-, wlae. 2.704 bales : sales, 8.090 bales: stock. liSJBV oales.' Fuoua scares 1 no wuperSne bars 1 Doable Sxlra. 87 78 ; TTeoie .sjxtra, asass uh. .xaa lower, se. uats. Biai ib4 Bai BBeaanawd. Foaa dull 1 rtMattt 814 BaoohNo eboulders ; Sides doll st 8c deli o. SuoAB anil ana nacnsagse aw issrs eaator amie. rior, I0c.'18e.; oommoo, 28c ajoc. fair. BAi.wtte rtane. 88e.40c.; strictlv pxxbm te ceoiee. 41c. eH4e. Coma advanced 1 fair. 14c- aMBHe.: aood. S8We rlasa. Sle.eni4 caasce, BUtsv KxcaANoa Btao nag. lUt i New. 1 ork bight. dlaoount ; Uai. H ! ST. Louis. Dee. S3. General market- dull, and buetaeesvety smalL Flovb aacaaared and ems. WnaAT dull aad nominal: only small saaaDlo lota wereaoM. Ooaa k'Uir I aotai rtoanoni; ro. t Mlxea tn the ale ts tor. 43e.aaie. ua-ra quiet aae steady 1 Kalkilht eosvstar s8 BSo.7e. RTa aad Bablst aethlng dooe. WHiaaT doll at 80. Meas Fokk held u I11B1 at sales. Drv saktea nun Sail ereoplag ; Jobbing lota Locos Hbeelders. 4c; Clear Rib Mules t be. : fweaea Lets. bsl. so. aad She, B BBchanged; only order prado. Laao dull at 8kca te. Live Boos dall. dealers apart 1 saull miss st ax teeet, eat 0017 at asaa au. varrut nav fhsagBi ' -i 1 i ciMCTBBATi. nee. . block ana ub aix uo- ehanged. Pobk dull and lower : sales st f 18 87. Laid dall aad SxeopUx aaies tt Bteaat at Site, Bulk Mkats quiet and weak: Baking- for Shoulders, k-t Clear Bib Bodes, Sa.oMke-; dear Bides, 816 sales. 100,000 Ka.; sales of.Shouidera at Ike., seller Feb. ruary. Bacon dall aad anchaaged ; Shoulder. 8c.: Clear Rib sides or clear Sidea, 7e. Hams. 12 Hew USc . fcreea Mkats dall and market anssitlsd ; asking 4ke.roka; Uaaum piskladnll; sales at Sc tut, - '( . -- . -. .., 1 LorrigvixtJE. Dee. 33. Baootko quiet and steady at uitawUHe. Flovb aotlve aad flmeri Fauiijy, Bt Bx WbiaT flrater and higher, evttngte hght receipts ; ebotoe Red and Waive, aa arrtvat, tl S$1 su. COaa ia fair dssaaad: sea, 66c.. for ear and anelled, ia bulk-. Oats steady ; Prune, 40c Rts Una at7ie. Livs Uoos dull at 84 a 84 x - PkovnuoM si early and unchanged. Pou, (14. cash, for round Iota. Balk Mkats Bides. c-. Clear Sides, 7c. packsd. Sugar-eared Hams, new, 14c., packed. I. A no. LlAa WBkAX talel aad steady at 8ocls. , - r I Clkveiaitd, Ohio. Dee. 33. Flock unchanged and quiet, Obaik Notkuag done. Pxtsolai m woaav aod eastori Retined. la ear lota, iJCanai,r amajillota, &c.3te. d gauoa 1 Crada Sail at 84 7UaA4 rebbA, j WiLMiaoroN. Dee. 33. Spirrts ot Tbbpbbtot qalet held st 84c RkaiN flrni at 84 !S fur Strained, aad 88 TS ft Pals. Crade Tt ara8Tikg Braweat U a lor Hard, & SO lor Yellow Dip, and ta 8i far Vngin. , i Albaht. N. Y.. Dee.' SS. Wh.t Osl ! no omr No. 1 Tread well at tl ST. Bra daU and aomt-li ai. LXM nogleoved. Babuxi very qvtet ; male BUB bags swe-rowodatate attic Oais very dull. .. a !' MA ay His, Dec. J3. FLor Fall prices asked, bet ae demand t paces wachsaged. Cobb fcs ood do-maadatsuewsso. Oats qiuet aad aactiaaaed. KuiK rBmqsao8sSBMaaed . - ; . .. , 0AVAK9AB, Dee. S3. CoTTOir qnlet j Mlddlmg,-38e.'18c; net receipts, 14e bales ; sxporta to Oreat Bntaia. LaaO b lo ; eeaatwMS, jW kalsei aaksaijitt beies; stock. 7VAS7 bales. I CBABixsToir. Dee.' 58. Oottov q-tnet : Mtd-Cllag, 18C-; set receipta. 3M bales; exports to Oreat fen ilia. 1A18 balesi eoastwaw. Sad baiesi Sales, 3u0 boMaw Stack. 3871 BaAaav. , . r - -I Oaxvbstok. Dee. x3.-Cottoi( flrm ; good Ordi-Bwry. tTte-t ass teesoBtaxami be lost exports letlrssS rvtaia, Uli bales seise, LBS) bakta; atosx. 8a,7s bales. - '- ' - "- - '1 MoaiLB. Zee- --rrow MkldhBe. 18c; act reeeipta. t48 bouoat sale sab saww aeaaa. jv-j ,s .i,.v;.i: AowOSTA. Dec ka, Cotton strong, ta geed da imaaatt MMMfWng. 18kei8lC iweelBta, ijut bsoas f .ankab sahBa a -.(r.-.-i f; lrt! 1 1 f.iii;. I Alr-AITAISS.' n.YaU vanSa IW. VA 1 Tberosotpioavtbe f nanpal iae ot lwlue "tat have beea se letkrwa i tt PorB,-pha. . . . ..i SABoeL aka. . ' 04 kSM CsM-aaeota, Iks... IBM tas - ICS 1AM IV 118 lrApaa.... ........ fr Uiflnrtoii pkA-....... Jj'r- bla.. JCI Bler. la. Waeat, boanele. 11 are hae. r... twra, bnhels......wou) TaiMw. pas. IV. Oata, bwabeta ......... T.I4& fui aoi a llotra. No... B7B 1JU, Rira, pka. . , . 44 Malt. I Barlev. taok !...... on Hct. imm tirsaaseod. baoja 1.IT3 1-4 arc a. oim. .. Beana. bbH ITS ""kins. bale. .- ra awal. bbao ua,To. baU .hwtsM... Hops, bak-s-.- 164 Tobacco, hbds....... HioVa, Me-. .......... A44eW aafcy,btam.p....x o -.1 e iaaer. KMiea s.e,WooL baJee- at Keaim. le . ... ... uo oma a pa as. btiia.. .1 The expert elraeea atace ooT laVt. marred at tbe Merc haa W Bvrbaaayo. ru oVm. bae baoat aa follows: By tbe ateaooer Xwetavag. Bar UVerpenl rj easea i amps, uis Boxes Bai-oav, lao iaols I era, s.u4 bwaeero Wheat, ca bales Cottea. as tea, betbes. US gmUoni Bomb. ia lard etl, 40S boxes Kxtract Lovweod. U obia. s paav aoea wax. MS pas. tlMns ia nana aca. IS caaes Tetewe. 150 bees CMirrr-aerd. ii tea Hocks. 4 tee. Toanoea, IB bbis, Fork, Sum Barf.. Ml bbie Tallow, tut) tea. Lard. By tbeateeaier tWps JVsavrset", far XJrsrpsdl-s pka ikmsawd Fnrs,lraea Machinery. IJ bo ire JPacom, soo tea. BAre, e BOXfox.larka. 8 tea,n -8 baVa (tKtou. OS lk-. Huttcr. 1AAU8 baahe.a lee ten. Beat, BBS km 4lever-eeA ssspka. Fork. M ooseaowM, i aosee Maat, 4 aalra Leather, SI paa. Oyatern, sss bases Cheeae, dt bexea HboaMera. IS pka. Tongaea, 18 boxes Meat, r Pka Lard. It oka. Batter. By the aalp Anial. tor Llywrpusl -la hbda. Tl-tow. bbla. TsImmt. 188 boxes Bacom. Al4! lea. Lard. IAS" bex Chmv, SO touarxtpper re. M bane. To-1 neoen, BO tee. Aieaf. lit belre Cvttoa. uat eta. IB are, Toaraea, n - . By one ackooair . H. larkar. for Dexuerars-l.O08 bbla. Fksor, Bat bbht tWa-noeal, 180 bbla Perk. Ill IB HaavSOS bbla. Bread. SOB buabcla Cora. 3Ut baoh- una. an aaeneis reaa. TZ.SOO Kta. Lara. Jl asa. v;neooa, ace bbla. rxalnea, 7 earbega AeMkak Oil. . Bv tba arkaae V ar m iiln ao Im K! UM bbla Floor, ijm tNa. Butter. BO bbla. t-vra-mraly oeia. vrauera, s asaa, vta-aieai. mm tssea avi By tbe atesiaST NbrtA asortaa, fetr Rie JBaetra. Ae. .ess Bta. batter. Izbela. Oahtoa. BOB bcle Hay. 1TB Ita Ton-sea. en galloaa Petroleum, I Truck. 47 casea Sowlnarmachiaea. Scaseo Tobacco. 8 boxes MsrhlDci r. SI pka Car-wheels, is aka Drags, 3 pka Lisas ware, 4pks.PlstiBg MalrnaLSpka t arrlave aterlaL to owe. iinr, isn enssa.74 cases AJeaweauea. as aeo Cloeka, 8 eases Laaipa. dw we g Balase, for Porte Hello 7 pka. Twraet 3 pka. Drugs. M pka. 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Beef. 40 tea Beet IBS pieces Oek.7S8pka. Hope. .80O Btavea, S03 pka DrUKS. AS bbla. Blacking. 2w reama peper. 60 cases Beet. COFFKK Haa beea beM with xsneb confidence at prices. j most iaeiancea, above tbe viewa of bayera, ehaektng basrnoas, t bough . the ' iBiaisnd baa beea fair, nartlv speculative. Quotations re- tnabx aa beBors, - bat holders die - not wiotne aellera at the flgarea. I a tbeir monthly circular of tblsdate. Meaora. WM. Horrrr A Hons eaa rp the reeetpteof Bio aad Saatoe at the porta of taoTJanod Htotea, atnoe Not. X8. aafnllowa: At New-York, from mo, ja.ot Bags: new-iorx. iroia i-arope, 14,.jI hags; total, Si.O bags; st Baltnuere, M.cut bags ; at Mobile. X.4U0 . bags ; at Nsw-Orleaua, A00 baors; xeaktne a total ot 1BU84 lain. ikad the aalee ao hiUawoi a.t Nra-Von. uoii boors : Baltunore..LS3a bears : Cbarlceton. I.OJO baaa : Mobile, ldO bagbi Uoiraaoo, Bus . befra i - New- urieans, ao.M bag. Stoek in first Hands today, 77,:B1 oaga,aa euiowsi At new-rorx, 4a.ew sags: xtaitt more. 7.900 baca : Mobile. 2.000 baas : lalvmou. X:M bsgat Jiew-)rlaaa, is. 443 bae. . A Boa and loading sor unitea nweo, tm.jnu uaors. CXTTON--Uaa bean dull sine trar laet, with prices quoted nominally unchanged. Sales. 1,040 11 for eartv delivery, inelodlnc BIB bales te shlpa. 842 bales to aplnnera, IS bales to speculators, and lot balm In transit. For forward dettvarv salee have beea coav naea to S,3Wl baleM, l.7O0 bales on Friday onuunr, auil BS baleaoa Saturday.) bans ol Lew' MMMflntg. in. Janaary, ISO bales st iBe.; BOO balwat iBlo-iak, leu bales at lI,c 200 bales st IB 1&-I8C.:' February. 200 bales st SOke.; April, MB bales at 30 ll-l&CL, MS bales at Mc; May. IOB bales st r., 100 balos at 'JO 1-loc And today, tor December. BW balea at IBSe., ISO bales all ii-lac. HO balea st MS-. 0l Da es at IB 1116c.: Janaary. KM balea at l6., HO balea at 18 1116c 8,0 bales at 18 be.. 100 balea at 8 11.16c.. its bales at lVe.; Febrnary, 1.000 balee - at"20kc.; Marrh. 6 boles st 20S a, lofi bodes at JOScU 80 bales at 20 Sc. 500 bales at 20HC; Apru. -v naiea at xdc; may. iro sales at :ic. iw aTerac anovatiuoa 01 yeeteruay-s lore aru -tietiv ertea. aa othcially reported upon the " Bulletin, were aa fellows: ' December, 18 70c; January. raeoe.; fonurj. au.iee.; aiarro, au.49C; April, 30.710. Tbe receipta at tola port - today were Z.82S bales, lnduttiiur l.Zil bales froni Char'.entun. 1.008 bale- frotn savaauah, B8 bales from Kraaoa, Texas, aod S4B bale per rail The reported re-eipia at the shipping: pone tor tbe week were lBSBi balea. against 7X1.870 Balea the oreoedlnT week. Tbe rr celpta at all the ehrppuig ports atnoe sirpt, 1 havb been I.T4J.744 osiea, against bales wuo time I878L Tbo fokviwtaa oUVaal anotaooae aw based oa UoUoi runnlno; lu quality not more than haif a p rail e aaovo or waa tae graoe qaotooi : ClotiNg trier vf toMoot i Sew- York Tia . Vplanda. Ala. N. O. Tixta, arainary 17 . . n 17 . j tioud Ordinary IB 191, ' 19 V U - LowMiodUog 1S '' li 30k J'. Middling 3k Jl , uooa aiiaaiing -1 11 fci . . xz FLODBrAMD M klAlSIaie aud Western Moor baa been partially nefclectd, today, aud t1ik bare been xooro or leos- aouilnal. The deabaaa hove Oreo eonllDed to Job lot. wanutd for prompt uim. with:a our prevkMoa raoire. salea bays baca reported nlaoe ear last of l.BuO bbla., all told, including inferior to choice Superfine Stem and Western atsoBOatS; tofenurto rood KxtrabtBte.SS3SSB&: vi rr zxhmI to fane at 88 ft87 ss ; poor te very gaud ablpping Kxura Westt-ra atatzasvssu; poor to oroou snippiuar brands roaad hooo JCiJn Ohio at B8 im4 7k S bbL BVeouote: No. 3 Floor, bbl 84 aa-BS 25 Hour Floor 4 75o S oa -oopernoe tta;e and Wcatern. . , t n a ua Kxtra state. 8 4tw 3 i. Jlxtra City, shipping braoda. , 8 era? 7 aiB-lUOaMN .u 7 S9a S W Kxtra Ohio, round hoop, shipping brands.. 8 u t u Extra Ohio, trade and family braodo....... a Buo B 00 Bxtra Weatera, ahipping brands... 8 30w 8 88 Kitra Wcetot a. traoe aad family brands. . . S 7Po BBS Bxtra St. Loula, ordlaaiy and taacy. ....... 7 Oka la so ' southern Flour baa been doll aud nearly nominal. Sales have beea reported stnea our last of awi bbla st Bboas lor oroiurrio Tery irooa, ana ati Oliu -a lor very gooa to caeoee -itxira, y shm. - Aura k'loa euti na nce very quiet at B4 av oqo as f ODL: aaiea, 70 1 Oora oaoai ass aora aoaotivo at at Mawa at aw Wait and Yellow Western, 81 7od3 88 for Jersey, and 84 30 a84 38 for BrextTwne. bbl.: aalee, 88 pWa. Jbaek- wneai rwar. aa wotiwy iw mm. UBAIM Bsavnoos to wheat has beea eoadned te a lew ooat-ioaos 01 no. x atuwaaxee sptiag st 81 A. a Si 83 , afloot. aod Bl SB to store, aormuuaa; pm-paaaa. and some car -lota of Red aad Amber Winter at tl Slav at Si. Tba demand waa Tory limited, and values neoa. lnauy anaiterwa. Aioraers of um altls esmplee if mi ad todlffuraat about aiaclns; at opt Cora haa been less sougnt arter, and quoted soenowbat lees arm, elostng tamely. Tbe main inquiry waa far Now Mixed Western. Sales have beea reported stnee our last of SAA08 taohnlo at- TTHs wTSHa for old Mtzod Weatera. in store ana aonat; 7Stc. W77!. tor now ao.; 7Be. a'uuu. tor I enow- let Bin, uon -iraeB 1 afloat : 77c for (11SO0 bushels) Whits . W era : 7Be. wese. for Waits BoaUmrn.- a bwahel Byo and Barley bavetbeea qmte dull at preriaua nominal qwoCatfooa Of Barivy-oaH.Balea have bra rcBorMAod oaly tAOB beaHnls Old Weatera ub y-buabeL .. .Oats have beea ta very Me bt request at pre-vmmbb dgarea.whiea ware onereer leao nsmiaaiaor full lota, sales bavs beea reported atnee ear last ef 17 AOS bushels at 8s4s.aMoe, for Mixed Westers, afloat ; 84c tor prime do. ia store 1 8Sc.-38He. tor do. from track, the lataer rata fee choorw f Be.utit. Bar XMaCA ; see mr auw awio ato: tae. wise for adtau. to omotoe w arts W and White UaAe, treet traak. aa store and afloat. e buahet. xxiDiiiH ror Airy hum mi is Inquiry at flrm aad baoy sat rates. Tba eealiasa have aeon too no an ia asn hiiiu, wy we areiwyy of esv alrsble totaaad the seaot ogrlns to arrive. Wee, sailed . Texas MMae aeve met - wrta a free sals at stronger rates, a iair inquiry naa neea noted for Ual sutts Hideo at tail araw. la at net Binds at ata tbere baa bean mueb acttvtty. Tba week's raeei aare ' aeeav mvaas iiion amsv ss aa Balea, 88.048 Hides aad US bales da. ter Including, accoramg to Mas ara. Halt. A fxx; 33.878 Dry Buonas Ayros, part to arrive. 32B-J fas-Mte.lr37e., gold, selected ; L78S Dry Bean as Ayree? Becorala, 33a34 ttsu on arrests terms 1 830 Dry Banns Ayros. Kips. IS Kta, X7c: l.ous Dry lous Bios, to arrive, 22 tks MAC, suld. selected; B7B Dry Knire Bloa, wide, SB BSe nrtyate terms 1 4.40B Dry Concordla. part te amvs, Ul Ba.. 38c: 8,W Dry amiorwoo, mn w am re, are-xiit Ka., asciaratcj J1AM Dry Bio Oraade, te arrlya, 3U tM.. part at 3bca 00 Dry California. a-, 8840 wld, eeleced ; tM Dry Osatral American, irarzi Jba.. . rCc. mod. as they run ; 1.4BB Dry Boojosa, 31 Bm.. pal rate terms r foo Dry Weak Indka, U17 !. pnyate term; AA Dry bl atamoras, 24 Bie.. 31 Vc. rold. aa they m:t Dry Matanauraa. Kips, 11 Bia, private terms; tAao Dry Mexican, to amve. 31 bt, pnvata term a; 2.A08 Drv furpoa Chrtetl. 34 31 1,01. noaL aa they runt BAA) Dry Texas. 33 Bl, tocfrSHc: 11.800 Wet ami ted Texas, aart Ba arrive. 8670 Bm- Uacttlltc carranor. aa they run j 400 Wet-salted Texas. Kips, 33 Bix, prtvate terms; L3U Wet-aalted Rod, Atlaec; 80 IPs, vorrency. oa oey rui io ity aiangairr. B0 BVa.. Ae ou kc: cauveney. semctod 1. LA bales Cslcaita Baflalo, 30 Bta, private tsrma' 1 be ateck on hand m iw.aus juaee amT47 balea, taocae tluie last year ,1M Hides and 383 baios.) as follows 1 ItijJOS Dry Buenos Ayree, JmrB Kins, -Lr $ 3u Dry tAllfornm; 8.0US Dry and waited Mexicaai 3.000 Dry sad Heia-d Tease aad eamtbonot. BA mmmm CaArmta t ow aad BuAaki 88 bales caag aad MAau LuX-tale, j ' - 'V.--I e..J t BBLATQEB Hemlock Sola has been ra quick re-aoaet. tbo sales" largely exceeding the am vale, and trading te a material redaction of tbo svallable snp- p.y. PilemkovobiiaaaiiiaiaaatdaoMarssit. staoarlolfy for plump middls we-hta.-A good, inqairy has beea potod for Keawh Lea liter aad fur Paeon Crop at buoy. Ba8 prices. - Ws quote 1 Hemlock Boouos Ayrra, Heavy. 8bCs?BC-t Middle. Lie fit aBc.s.-7ct Caafuraia. Heavy. Kkcae.; MaMie. k7Hasri.i Light, Sftcw-JBcr Ortatoco,- Ac. Heavy, Bse.wae.r Mkbe. lac a. ; -f" - t - T aiml. aa kinds aad wwc-hsa. XM.1090.; poor Iraaiaa i .1. all kiaoo aod amtgJuA i;cawve. .iumgh. 2nu.Ajo.i ajaioa-oeyjadrMeayr, aac arrrc : Miudla 84e.e.; Ilrkt Sao. a7a 1 Heir Wo.- i7o.oli. 1 O&k Koturn. ail retghU.kX.wJ7c 1 Atoufih bouthora. all WMghta, ITo. toaue, BV -. - . , 1 - ... .. - . MOLASSES-Ass beea qnlet thtounhuet. ded valaas for fad tu aiaws have tauaa oonoaut war or Bala. Of New-Orleans. MS bbla. were piaced. la Iota, a oaASMda. ST-ganse. we quota t Mow Lawp poxte Itaeoattrom aka. warn.: Oaba. I to. Azlc for old. and jssw-Orlnaaa vm wafts tar eld. aad tJc AUs. lor tor. I SiVAt BTOKETeeB kava beea quoted rafhi aamsitiar Bar Boost kiame ef saoek. eat ttgntar saBariag boat She rapertod a losses bave baaa anaimporuaua, "VTa now qnoce I eptrtm Tarpoatma a8 Sfve-a-awt. fr laatonls f Cradodav.amiiaaA Boata. 84 as 8ll Bv, the Batter for extra eklre White and -Wiar T8g,8p BB, jifaafw a f bbk, j . jBaa,paa...a....u BiwMbBrB.baies... - rKTItOLKUkt Tt 101 has boom oorv bttisraH 1 sav aknwnntjoe. and arlreo bare beea) noailsallv aaa. nMered Keftaed haa beea Sail to tho MM-! market, with 3ft BO Na anmlaal mVee....At' FtMlaaVlpbaaj oaieo wire minaot 8o bbla , la's em tn 'iery. at, Sit, was roaBrm....Beaeod Otkla ooa.ded at 3sa oBrsSa balk, baa beea qoaet at IBbcav ' svr. v .gaiiao..nuppiB: tTtu at rt&io.... . Naphtha, Ukooiiv. im Mpput omw, trek reports ore of a tame anal ket. with qaolstlooa Bar Lpperaad Lower Bosd oetlvenea at 4 bet SB 4f . MtOVIKlO.TP For sTJ k:ndssTWk' tbe Waorv baa beea very Unitd alaos our mat aad vale) haoo btea Si'pl 'tm A and mora or Iras aominai. fall a have been repayte 1 a jtotom- mat od mv IMS bbon oarlv doiarei-r. at 813 88 for Weetrra M-o SIS SS Bar aw . Meaa, siw 4o All &1 for Pnmo sad Kxtra Prims, $13 BB oft: as for ew Kxtra Pi aaa- f bok Pav - . fnrvrard deUrery tSNe baa beea B very bm- , . Itrd rail aoerd for easessi Mmm. oa tbe boose ' of I tit a; v, at 14 Zi. sailer Jau-Aary te afarra, Iirsoard Boas have been tn tight leuaeat at Bitc.Bme. -Hvt'liy and cA",c fur Woavra. BV Oat moeS ' " have beea la anederately aesreo Swmsnd at ScQc lur Um, sio,eer. Bar hamiJe. q 8N4 sales .. . . equal to S'' pks. mcludlag 330 pka. Dry aad Shoulders, part Januarv delivery, na ' IHt'lVc-. sue -T.i pks Dry Salted Hams at kbaap 8k A 4 a..-.Bacoa hasstlracted area atumtiae at bme , buovaat prieea, Sates, 71 boxes, lacludiag Bar early . d livery hers AO boxes Lsadt t-taar at T be. oV7 Wc km ooxes r-nort v:iear Mt i oj at aaxia iwoejoaa SSC. B BS Lard baa beea oflVred with rather mm freeitom. and rriceo hare favored ami bamia em a Bioaerata mov-tnet. Mare have beea n pasli a of 1.4V ts. satd Jwve icbieSr aaaa ovraiH) tor early aa. hvsry at Vs. !,. for No, 1 to rbatce steam sad. Kettle rwdereL. rbjeflv Vc c for Ws maun, part to arriv 8 V-AvSc- for KotUe-rooleoti r b-ute. Bar C3tv : 8e,emal (or Na 1 1 ana Bo.w Bf. for BeSned. Far- trvorA aVtUvwry thai aaqaMrv . bat beea liabt st drooptug rales, aalee reeotaed of 180 tea Waatera. steaaa, lacludiag 35 e , ar Kr Jaaaarv. st Bc: abd SA tea, aotter gebruary. at B lt-tso.t alao, SO rca. January, oa prtrate terma. ...Beef cooUaia wttlun the ruuo ut from BTtoaBiaas for SiBa0a'8i:ssfor rxtra Mens 1 mlaBobte. Beef bae been inactive at from tllafli B for aad aaat " new ITtmo Meae, and A'-4Ulie tor India Mean, aad Brl WetS Bar B snry Mr, do.. ateroo t Beet Ho a is -oneunao In Wght daanaad, at pri for aw....liat.t Br and Cbeeaernio very dull at about prevmsaqao. taAooa. We quote fair to extra Staxe Butter at vac. w Bee., ta Brklsa aarf balt-flrkms 1 'fair Be tansy State ' '. peJIa si aucsiaTaj ardmsry to extra W esters stPma T S B Uood ts extra State Faetory COecee. lar-k tkc.;eood to extra state Farm Detry at lHacAiaci , , V 0 1 a. totiiinoo to pntno. Be eita. y BV. - 8EKDH-O-wer has been quiet and beawr aalea.-BVObagsat like -ll Sc. for Intiisaa, aad lie. bar Ohio. ethiog new In other km da . , v 8KlNs-4loat hare beea rreely dealt bt at fall, . prfcre. Nabav Z bales MexisaB. 10B oalea O.caita, Zl bales Par la. 2-1 bklea Cape, and 14 ba.ea Re Rarbe. Kereipia, 20 lalse Buenos Ayree, 8 hairs Msx ran, at balea Ksat iBOIavs Wo quotei leuof fwrnpioe, 80s BP fc-s.; MaUmoraa, S0cri2c: Vers Crux. 48C.a60r ,q B gold : Bacons Ayree. 4Me.w8ee.: Psyta. 47.; t'mef en. - r kx oMKc: Care, 88c. Aa-ax. 4 m Madras, See toac t ' , I-atos. Oe.i- earb Curreeey. Dose have been tat ' -goad taFurand'at Bdysueriig prieea. saleai sane Ba ' Cerirral-Amerlrsm. -.eo-aka Para. Ave Ba. hi ata--Baeraa '-loBcetpts. 140 balea Para, tt boles Mexico : and Tclaa. We qnoUt; Tawrw H nadaras. OC: Sam'-Jima. Soc; Anmetirrm, Xc84nc j Sial. Vera Crea. ChsarTro. BBc.; forte N Abel 10. 47S.t Fata, 474ct Southern and Texas, anc eaoc, 4 av, eur- ' reax-r. ' - - -I (4'.UAR Raw have beea modWttnry enoortit aMer,' alsioat wbclty bv pnrcbasrrs for reUnlBg purpoeeo. as aiHHit prevaooa rstes. the advaatajs betne in raver v 01 btvrm - rmtrs bave been reported of 80 bbdsv ' ' DeiiieTara. Utue tram. atMrSCA 3.JS9 boxes Havaam. ! aoB clareu. No, 10, at BHe. ; C30 boxes Musenyade a Bc and 4.oa raraw-PeruaBibuce at oc. B BV. Wsqueto 1 BoinuutUy : Fair Beauing Cuba at 91, a. : reed deS ' lU.Bt'ir.: nrlute do. at ie, s r. nutria- Porte B juoeimrato mime, at 8lic-avc (Irm-erv n-aoes PorloN ttaro. imr ro rf r.ctiy c no ice, at 1f m iu c m. t no. 1-i'Iva4 IW. ttrcv-.v aLe 4 V r- . l .nil . 0m lan. ' 7 V-'rsc. ft. KeflnedSuxoqii!eiati8ke.sllc-i eobeertreroea. -- --1 1 TAl.lAiW. Ai For prime gra ies 01 ts-how; laete - ' haa beeu a fairly acuve eall, partly for abipmeot, at flips pnene. Other kinds of Stork have beea In light rrqnesL Sates hare beea reported, olnco our mat. of 1.000 Bt prime to choice .TaAlow at Bi,c ee kc B. . W HlokV-rHAi beea la muileraK dcuiaud at ate A t r. rtlion :' 8n!a iw bbts. ; I FREIGHTS The tub rket nts been feneralty very dmi. In the way of be:tu trrrtit, there has bee Umlted lminlry for Drain room at sboat prevmws Sg- " urea? and aum call forOottonnod Pruvunvn room, wtia rates quoted In tavor of sbipper. For the two- - neut, the chief fifleriugs weieof Pronslona, In whir It there waa a ntrtiy lair betlutse tvpsrard, with rates quoted about edy. Tba chartering moawiuat haa . bern nnuanafly Mie'eaa. and tue blda mad fell no I SiaV-mbly below tbo vie ws of Ship-owners, partisularlT . -! eaels . aUapVod to tbe Petmlema trade, preventing I tree - Bmrotmlioaa The,, .arareiiy ; l efi till was -alo emnat . aa sri.vo ealwsrd . aneveuient. Vor Liverpoot the reported enrageonenra. s' - taooosr last, iaclmto are amo, Ovttoo, by stenm-aa . hS. a-1ml 4 lb.; 7.800 buMbela Corn, by do.; to Bll Bp. pnmpi ot-tivery. at aqa.; u.sw ousaoioook, mmu.w Sol bushel ; 100 bbla Fork, by 00.. at a. M. bbLt . 3 A boxes Bacon and 180 tea. Lard, by do, at Boat e toua Ore. by rail, at Ua. p tan. For Londma. 7.SOB bunholatiisin. by aa 1. at Ml. for Corn, ersiad. tor Wheat, e busbcL For Antwerp I. MS tea Baenoi ' and 7 Ml tea. Lard, by sail, at It. e Bon 1 ala a Bor- :. wrrian ahip, Biu tens., placed un the berui (or tvueral carao. For llottoronmi. 1AB aka Tallow at ta. B u uai. For llut-uoa Ayrea. a tuition hark, ilk tons. uritU ajenerai cai go, on private tern. a. t r Cewrt Caleadara. i - ! at-rsaata cotht tiact'ir. . if JMMTt J. - Adjourned for the Term, i : i , trar. vx oonarr ciacwrr. 1 - IMrt II. HUt cm hraittt, J. Aajouraed ts Jan. 3. 1S7A at it eoleok A. M. M'HMt OOUBT lentdAt. TBBM. Adjourned unul Tuesday. Dee. 28. 1871. St PilKMa (X-UTCH AKBBBa. JUld by Cardozu. J.rtmrt snovtr au at, A. Af.-CsO- ctuaar sbkiso) tw m. iiiMnap, fta. Not JS-Leslie vs. Brunswlek 188 smith vs. Dixoat - snd Albany Kail ; ISO H.Hloway va. Stspn- roartt.j - I 94 Lncnter Fire I DR. I 187 Oeorg vs. f you. ' " e.v W hitney et aL 171 In re o-tluoo ot Kye. Una Sluaa. Ul Harvey as. Kelloy. 1.. lr lloyor vs. I'beips, rii Elood va Neuaa. 13v Cona va, 4piatL lC-Oiwiiin it uottge-l U-oti- , I . I . SI rEBlOS COL'KT. Adjourned for Tarns. - r- ' . CXiaVMOa riAAa. t r . Adjourned Tor Term. i - ' . 'MABUTB COLBT GBSXRlL TBRBf. " ' ' ( Held bv AfXr. urottand JacAiea, JJ. Cmlendme - . j alU4 ml 10 A, At. Tmaaap. I Nob I .No. , !, i llnber et sL va. Mein-iU- Ph-lp-t. Jr.. Va' Mas.. . 1 ' at-J et aL I rutin. ne va Same. da Hataei v. Herar ' ' W. at isUle SaytngaUAl Mei.utro vs. .McMaL rbnik ra NewtoaL lea. - 4- St hmUlttr , st si. VA t Kwell.- - - ' a Mucu. l(. Cement Ca S va. Howe 1 5 Laarits va. VaaOrden. .1 lames vs. Kucker. a hloiben va Baxter., a Levy Va Steinberg. IB Allison va (aotleberg. 14 Miles va Smith. 11 Clark va Jones. ! 1 " ' is undorhUl va sacfotd. IT Lass vs. Baker. li Oatlagber vs. T Ata. . .. , r 19 Shannon vs. trBrtew.' XK -jo CaUin. Jr. vsLdlordoa. 71-Holawonb va.rLow. 1 ' 22 Polak va Feemay, . , . St- Alt US TS. Hod A 1 - f- . autaprs corflry tbial tkkm. art J I. lit I Bp ShtM. y. kmrt a pen ead trudge , raua a ra. a. Jm. CotfONrtsr ee j AursdB. JMs. tsL . Xom. ;3Zv-Mlttziaeht va.tteksrj747 Pirkert vs. Sheaorat. Joi.naoa vaMetxger. 7asMoChedecy va " 7383 Boos va Donnelly. 786S w Ul iamsoa vo-hIl - Aaron, . . , Raw -011 va. TfonaaA. ' 8w Sinuels nWi eh in. t , 7331 Lebmaaa Ta. Botaa- ' cniio. . 7470 KeevU va, Emaa. Baus Wsber va VoihardL 7457 attia va. Dtnaasura 8311 Oroas va Scott. 6s Uier n, The Stay- 7517 Cummincs va. roAfra, t: 1 TiEW PUBLICATIONS 1 1 4- TUB LAST VTEBk! i NO. t05NA9Ati-ST. Wo sra seBlug this week OTFT-BOOKSJ FOB. CHILDBK7S. - wtr I'Bwaa ua uamwxo roiiait. , wsm, n i.e. k. n oirr books tob school raSBiTa. ,, .,.:( 1 GIFT-BOO K FOR TBB -,; ,fJ, . J i I. BOLIDATB,-. j - ,.fJ1, i AT HALF FRICF, . TBK NASSADT. CHKAP BpOKBTOBK. . . j. . M. DOOLADT, Afwat, NO. MB NABSATT-ST, COBNB OF Aivw.pp.1 " Tt R t? n K B Itf g,i tilfll.lTaHa nmu ret Aa mmtt lea l.f A hm.. " I. aamma Btea to serve them ia ail pmees ef public trnaa. Tjown with daasfnstlsa. d.iwnaioly and poitilcal rtauys, aaaaV ; i up with aobrtetv, virtao, tntegrtty. pstriotmm. rtghu ot ssBioaOsSBaaaa eaPUAtaNOLOOlCALJObiax' 3AL.81 eenta. or 81 a rear. Nowsmea bay H. OTB LtPb-TOVBUDVER-B UM: TRirir " LIpsi Tbia lias AU about tbe Lips -as thao r Month i How te Beautify, or Bo Spoil tbe Lrro and the . nr m miwvii rnvai i xrwa babbmbi lam M eet A It LCMUCAL tbe JAN I 1A BT Hl'li8kRrHktMU' saU. sr tl aycar. NewsT4 A 1UVK5AL 304 ycac i have at, -. ' ! t !V E xritaaaio.v a.-v mrM.mj as, s't as bb Art aw t FEATCIlbw !SMhiBg for arUata, otUwiHt''' otnv ead phi tneoohr sf exin salsa, by Sir CnABtaaav I JANCjABT NCMBKB PHBKNOLOOI." ; Bill. In JlMlUT NCMBKB PHRkTNOIKJI. ' GAL JO ntSAl.; Only a ctmAs, or t ayeag. axe wa-7 a BAsawsp ssa. 4- Aj-ar vr roi,.; wo. l, now RRiori- ' i.v LaefuL CBtefiAminc. mdwaanaahis I . 4lan i. Health. Oood Habtta ; llZw to trala np a Child ;' Bow bathoses a Pursuit ; amt bow to tend ear lastly , , tbs cbaractrr of tboso wo meet, are smoca the ob jects of She Illaoteated JPHliBKOlXKilCAL Hi Bt NAL for 1873, Omy S3 s year, or 8 conua a Bumber. NewaBneu aappir at-' CTnbbod wirh enher et Masvt- prr'asr other 14 maraslns tor 88 ; aod with CArtstisa t ansot, kt ead a pate of rttraaaiia Bia that as. tbj worth ot M ali tor 8-i 80. by BV L W1LLJ, na tae BisaSsay, Bow-York. 7 i . . : . rt a r ITlXax bLjKvV Of PBOalHKa as ha.v,j . ta Intercoro noun lea tion Among Men. 1 be I'eora. trata Caooa. Ker-o, Wheels, oblp. rSSeam, lle Magwia net In JaNUAKV M'kBLRPHRiMiliKiIcil. JuiiRKaLi eaiy- 3B seal a, ot 38 a jiai Biaiaii) j IAHIN44 COLD ITS CAl'rK. lln ' tectt, aad Its cure ea Bvriewie priaciplee, Ii riora j ' Hbtt rMftc.uiiKijUAL. t m sect 3ev Voiassa,! JoCKNAUBS coats. suMS bars it. IB1ZV BII.KBS 8 84. 0 .U t: ALIUUI.A4 sad Kara, attorn to Andrew l-itina. n, null . AHV KCMBLB PHBXN0LOO1CAL JOCBNAL, snly SO oouts, or tl a year. Kewsmea have ts. ... AHBIAiig A,VBtim. aaascaaa, . tit. V Polvramlatat Tk. .naMMia . . t . ABi PABY NUMKlPiiJtKiiOLOtJlCAL JOUaw . AL. 88 oea 'A, sr 8i a year. NowsaMa bavs IA I.vrM'eckg vsHitara oie tLa-s. MATKv Value ef arsaatt duty of ra aeroa. Ing tho pLantra m of tress sa every farm.m J a N U A B Y" txCMBLH. lUiU-SOLOlilCAl. JOCk.NAi, 3d eonU, or tl a year. Ask your aowamaa ter It, - " - rtHkkt B?fttaTB Oar ANCIENT a ALUjXaS JUuLkas TlktAJt-Wwraaait st. , Moaaow. tjowab Iaobv aaa rran Id JANCABV Uooplo, Now-Vork.- son. Portland, Bm-vanvente, t'Laragev NCMfJklM PU K avNOtAas it At, BJ4ALiMtta,exajBa.iiC aaiBsk) I t

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