The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1946
Page 7
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Y, JULY 2, 19-10 BLYTI1EVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Radar Secrets Kept From Reds Witness Makes Disclosure at lionago Trial. From Bottom of Pacific to You Defense attorneys curlier sought to discredit conlidenUul mtiire of tin: information the Imiulsuinc Hus- Kiun wns iil!u.;eit to have bought from a Miipyiml engineer. "It did," McQuilhln said flatly. He i>iui:;cd. then iidctcil: "The radar and tir ' • (lie •' " Fan Dancer Sally Rand Wins Release in,Court After Run-in With Cops SAN FRANCiaCO, July 2. (UP» —Municipal Judj;c Daniel Slioo m;il:er yesterday, pronounced buu- l>!c-atid-Um dancer Sally Rnnd Innocent of police charges or performing a lewd and lascivious d:\ncc at, her night club. 'Ideal' Agri Officials Fear Hike in Butter Prices WASHINGTON, July 2. (UP) — An Agriculture I3epiirtmcnt s|x>kes- nmn predicted today that the stop- plug of Us subsidy program woulrt add 20 cents a pound lo the retull price of butter and five '.-cuts R pound on meat. The department dlsconllmicd Its subsidy program when price controls expired last midnight. The .spokesman suld Hie notion .would result in prices on milk jumping two to three cents u quart mid on cheese, nine ecnls a pound. The department nls<> suspended Us set-asides on whcal and inoi't. It Instead offered lo buy these commodities on the open minkct at the ceiling price under Ol'A. The action WHS designed lo stnli- lll*c wheat anil meat oilces ncnr as possible to (he Ol'A cclllit The sol-aside oi'der on diili'J proiluels — Including evaponitcil milk, chcddar cheese niitl dried milk—was not suspended. [ The photo above has come o long way—from the bottom of Rikini i lagoon, in the Pacific, through the air, over telephone wires to this ! paper. It shows a Navy diver stirring up "coral dust" as lie moves ;ibout on the sea bottom, 102 feet down, during atomic bomb test preliminaries. Taken by underwater photography used for mine disposal during the war, the photograph was transmitted by radio over Acrne Telephoto equipment to San Kraneisco, where it was pent by Tclephoto on telephone linos to various points throughout tlic country- Hoover Reports To Canadians On Food Survey OTTAWA, July 2. (UP) — Tlic world will inherit "a legacy of stunted bodies, distorted and embittered minds" unless all nations contributed to the feeding or the world's starving children, former president Herbert Hoover declare;! in tile final report on lii s worldwide famine survey. Addressing agricultural officials of the United States :>nd Canada at an austerity dinner held in his honor, Hoover said [hat. coining food harvests would end the danger of mass starvation in all countries except China. However, there are months 'ol crises ahead, he said. Prime Minister MncKcnzic King assured Mr. Hoover that Canada wa s willing to undertake a "fresh incentive" in the fight against "famine. Helicopter travel is estimated to cost only a fraction more than five cents a mile. Ice Cold Watermelons Peaches CUUI? MARKET East Main Street USED CARS WANTED We will pay you the full OPA Ceiling plus your extra equipment. If you arc going lo keep your prcKcnt car let us give you an estimate on reconditioning your motor, body and painting. Credit terms can be arranged. Tires, Tubes and auto and home radios for sale. Lee Motor Sales, Inc. Oldsmohile East Main St. CMC Trucks Phone 519 Janet Blair, above, curvcsome screen star, found herself in i;ood company when the Bobby Soxers of America named her on its list of'"Ten Idenl Women." The croup includes Marga- I ret Truman, Eleanor Koosevelt, ( Dr. Lise Meilncr, famous physi- • cist, and actress Helen Ilaycs. | BEWARE OF PIN WORMS ICccont reports? reveal an nmaimiT imnitvor nf rhiMrcn m»J nrown- iil'B may le victims nf rir«-\Vnrms—often •without, siisjicclinn is wrong I Wnlrh cut fnr llic warninr: si^ns lhat Tiiay mean J'm-Worma in your child or yonr.'clf—esiucf:tlly the lornicnlinc, cm- l-ann.-sir.f;- ilch. J>ocnti5c now you inn :iml jsiiouM do so methane al>out it. ATlcr ccnlurirs of <lis(rcss cnusctl tiy I'in- UnrniG, a highly cHcctivc way to denl with ihtrn tins Inx-ii m.idc l>osa5Mc. IL is liascfl on the meilically rccojinizcti drug called j;cnliati violet. Tltis .=prci™l ilnitr is the vital ingredient in P-W. llio Pin-Worm tnblols developed in (he IMx>rat(iriia of Dr. 1). Jnync A Son. P-W Inhicls aru tmall nnd easy to take, anil I hey act in a special way to remove T in -Wortn-i- Ko If.'VoVi Fuspccl this nsrly infcclion. «k your ^rufe«ist for JAYNE'S P-W nnd follow the directions. Satisfaction cuarant«e«1 oc j«ur v hiur.i:y>ncfc. It's easy lo 1 rcmcrobtr: P-W for Pin- Worms t We Have Them! . . . Baihinefie's "Babee Buoy" Bathers FREE Gift Wrapping TOT SHOP rhonc 2308 105 South Second If telephone service is slower's why/ PACE SEVEN We're taking emergency steps to bring telephone service to people vho are waiting. f We're adding more telephones to switchboards already heavily loaded—more telephones than the switchboards were ever intended to handle. This may slow up telephone service here at the busiest times of the day. , In normal times we wouldn't even consider such action. But many people arc waiting for service. And new equipment is hard to get and takes considerable time to make and install. The size of the job staggers imagination. Telephone equipment is needed everywhere in large volume. That's why it is necessary to load the present switchboards to the very limit; SOUTHWESTERN BELL, TELEPHONE CO. As fast as we can in the face of material shortages we're pushing our construction program; Our first goal is to serve everybody who is waiting.Then we'll restore service to prewar standards as quickly as we can. It will cost a good deal. This year we plan to spend 47 million dollars in the five states we serve. If you don't wait for the dial tone you won't get the number With switchboards here heavily loaded, the dial tone—tho hum- m-m that says,"Numher, please?'' —may be slow, especially during the busy calling hours, in midmorning and early evening. Tho danger 13 that people may dial before they hear the hum-m. If they do, they will get wrong numbers or no numbers at all. Thus, it is more important than ever to wait for tho dial tone before you dial. eneral MacAtthur Food Shipments WASHINGTON, July a. tUl'> — on. UmiKliis MncArLliur, emn- liM- ot U. B. lorcc-s Ui Jn|iiin, is wired; "Send me food or send me so!- I'l's, »ml If you do nut hurry u;>, HI will Imve lo send both." Gen. Dwliiht {). Ulsenliuwcr. eliU-l slnll, reeoivecl this mi-ssiiuc fruni iH-Aitlnir. lie tolil a Semite up- •oprlidlons siibeoiiiinlltee Hint mle- I'Ue funds for food relief' in Juin mid Ciennmiy lire essentlnl Ui inliitnlnhit; l>ence und order In U . oceuiMitlun urens. "The feeding of these eountrles extremely ineinjer; und the IH'O- e responsible hnvc lind lo cut un- I they Imve If down lo iiolhinit but stiimitlon doet," be siiltl in ask- K u $50.000,000 nwiruprlnlUm for ood shlpnuMits. Klsenhower'a lesilinony was nnule uulle lodny. Ff PC Dies Because Funds Were Refused WASMINCITON. Jlllv 2. UJl'l — Tin; .stormy I.'alr Kmployincnt I'nic- lli-i's Commission passi-d out of ex- Istena- yeslcriliiy with |||R wmnlii" Him. since V-J Day. racial and re- Unions discrimination has been mnli- IIIK n tlroiin comeback In iiulusjiy _ In Us llnal tv|«>il to President Trillium, the OHiunlsstnn iwld llmi dinhiK (in. war it was able to ll Industrial dlscrlmlnutlmi ellei'lh )y. llul since luwUlltlca ceased, it mdil. "tlii! nidus made by minority i'.ronii wurkt'i-K begun to dlsnupeiir." The Ih-e-yeiir-olil FKl'O expired at nililnlRlil hccuuno Counrcss hus rc- lustid lo f.lvu 11 liny more money. Six Tug Crew Members Missing After Accident ST. CATHAIHNJ-.S, oni., July 2, iUI')—Hlx crew mcm.K'rs nnpiuviil- ly were drowned und five others cs- pi'd s-.ifely when n 100-font tut; iek a inud bunk In (hi; Wclla-iil *nlp canal tliree miles north ol lii'ir. euiwlml und sunk within a few minutes In '£> feul or wilier. Tile sis missing persons, one ij «'oman, were believed U p al>j>cd nlille HOW'S YOUR RADIO We Give 1 to 2 DII ys Service on any Make. We'll Make It Work! Fred Callihan Phono 2642 We Call KOI- ami Deliver Aullmrlzeil MutmoU Radio Sillrn mill Service 10U South First St. 4% FARM LOANS Kiii-in loans mado (,, Hi ymll . iruiivj,],,.,, llmU) Q ri-ijayim-nl privi ,.,,<, K i'iinli-d all borrow,.™. Ut us o.xphun oni- I'lv-hi.VMH'i.l Kusorvo I'lan. NO EXTRA CHARGES— NO APPLICATION, APPRAISAL, ATTORNEY'S or CLOSING FEES and NO COMMISSION H' wi: (iiTjiiiKe ii Umn will, y ()U j(. j f , , !()O( | busmcua for us lo malio it, 1,1 yoll r m -e,| s \,wt MW farm ton in, are '" l ""' y W ' U '" UlUy " r ° K " ml fm ' lho NOBLE GILL AGENCY I'liniiu JUJil asleep In the cabin of the lug, "Dal. huusle Kovcr." , CITY GARAGE & Welding Shop Auto He-pairs, Welding l>h. 874 400 E. Main ES.ROM Millions of motorists put the "U.S. Rnyul" ^nnme up wlicre it is today. Their satisfaction •i . . the lontf mileajjc they nlwnys >Jet from Royals.; .tlie cxtru safety they enjoy from Royal's famous block tread — make them know Royals us the quality lire. So now that there's u new U.S. Koyul — built with rayon—it's mijjhty jjood news. For here's a U.S. Koyal built willi su/icr- 3trenglh rayon cord —u lire that runs eoolcr — a tire thnt cuts down destructive inner heat. It's lighter —and stronger. It ^ivcs you far greater frcileclioH against blowouts. It's u belter, safer lire! And, of course," it brings you nil the exclusive features of "U.S." construction — famous Knyal block trend, Saftty-Itnmlcil Cords, ventilated shoulder design, and many mure. All the \vuy through, it's u quality U.S. Royal! . This great new tire is iiviulnhle now in ninny passenger cnr si/.cs.* See it todiiy at your U.S. Tire Dealer's — find out how soon you can ho riding on rayon-built U.S. Royals! '1'rcscnt Gairrnmcnt rcf>itlntion* restrict nil rayon construction to si2cs G:50 and latter. 6JL'. Langston-Wroten Co. Sales — BUICK — Service U. S. TIKKS I'luine Blythcvillc, Arkansas MOIIHX^VS IT COUIO HAPFIN! The \vicle shortngc of fnts and oils is desperate. Unless you und c very A me ricau house wife keep turniin; in your used fats, a whole month's supply of soap liiuy be lost to each one of usl to saving way drop of mm «HTT UT SMP SHOnUES grt \vorscl Skim, scrape, and scoop every drop of used fats. Tell your neifthbor, too. Used fats are' urgently: needed for soap • cod otb& peacetime goods 1 TURNINMME ACT 4* FOK'CVEftV fOVHO BY FRED HARMAN WASH TUBES This Ikirfcs No Good QJUT WAS 1T^.. lEta IOCK INTO THE MOTIVES' OF THE BY LESLIE TURNEK TO WE. WWDV. \VE GOT TKE TY<1NS OUT I THOUGHT HE'D TC>( TOBUV THAT 1MB WITHOUT REWM1NG THAT ir WAS fOI? M,<KEE INDUS TRKS... BUT V»WU SOU SEE THE UAS4UERM>£ HE'S USISiG TO OJNCEW. HIS IKNTITV! ITS REVOLTING WWSWESlK YiTL DO TO SWE 6ET OLD WKEE It.rO THE HE'S M.REAOT HELPED SAWE ROOttlMS HOUSE!/WE PL&NT THE FIRST SEEDS OF SUSPICION >& TO HIS SftXITV- LA5V KNOWING TH6f 0 SPENT THE NIGHT!

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