The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1953
Page 3
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.WEDNESDAY:FEB. 4, 1953 POW Take in Stalled Korean War Dwindling By ELTON c. FAY WASHINGTON OR _1 Th e bag o new prisoners Is dwindling to vir luaUy nothing In the stalled Korean War, where both sides sit i heavily fortified positions. Records made available today bj Uie Defense Department in re sponse to a query showed that during December only 29 Red soldiers were captured. By contrast, (he total take o, prisoners,by United Nations forces when the big Allied offensive was cutting up Red divisions and rolling swiftly northward In October 1950, was 61,868. The monthly flg- Cooler Weather Around Corner LITTLE- ROCK If; — Arknnsans can expect cooler weather late Friday and Saturday, the u. S. Weather Bureau said yesterday in an extended forecast. The outlook for today through Saturday was for temperatures averaging S to 8 degrees above the normal of 40 to 6fl, Cooler late Friday and Saturday. Precipitation moderate. Showers about Friday. Mail Box Not Some . BRANDON, Canada If) — A new arrival from Italy who tried to mail a letter In & fire-alarm box received a courteous explanation from police that mail boxes are not quite the same thing. The explanation was made after the woman was surprised by the arrival of a fire truck. ure showed « slump after true talks started In mid-1951 nnd tin been droppingr -almost continuous! since winter set In that year. In stockades on Jan. 10 of th year were 122,658 Red prisoners o war. By far the greater par 101,555, were North Koreans; th rest were Chinese. To a consirte able degree, this reflected th huge groups of North Koreans ca| tured in 1950, before the Chines entered the war. No overall total for United Na lions personnel taken by the Red Is available. The U. S. lists 2,H2 America military personnel us captured b the enemy. But tills figure Is e.< sentially only the total reporte back through international chan nels. To it should be added «t leas •some of the 9,269 currently !iste< as missing. It Is difficult to say how mam, of any given number of missing men may be captured. A. rougl rule of (numb would be (hat nbou 25 per cent or less of the missing on any one day would be captured perhaps afler being wounded. Tha would be in a static situation Mich as exists now. On thts basis, the monthly tola of Americans captured by the enemy-is even lower thnn cncm> prisoners taken — perhaps a dozen — 15 against 30 Rods. Prisoners are valuable In war especially on a static front. Except for air reconnissance nnd craps of information gained Iron agents, prisoners wilUhgly or un- villingly provide the only intelli- lence on enemy strength', deploy- nent and intentions. gLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS shows route taken by slave caravans. Family of 14, Grandpop, Two Dogs, Two Cots, Pig - All on $50 o Week ear a family of 12 young dnu B hers and their grandfather—plus wo dogs, two cats and a guinea Dig—on $50 a week? Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Brooks are olng it—but it isn't easy The couple, both 37, and their amily live m a remodeled school- louse four miles outside this vil- age. Brooks earns 550 it week in woolen mill. '"Living on J50 a week, we don't ave pies and cake every day " ays Mrs. Therees Brooks. '"We do ry to have it nt least on Sunday "Everyday living on this amount equires a lot of thinking and mak- ig stretchy dishes," she snid in n interview. > The heartiest meal is supper •hen all 15 are at home. "We have potatoes, one-halt peck meal, plenty of vegetables and Tiilk. We have either meat or fish nee a week nnd use about four or ve pounds, depending on the kind. "Pot- breakfast we have cooker! erea,!, requiring about a ImU ackage, canned milk, toasted bis- uits or graham rolls (30), coffee id cocoa.. Raise Own Food "Al noon the four little ones (the iris range in age from u months o 15 years (grandpa and 1 eat at wne and have what is left over Really "SOCKS" RHEUMATIC, ARTHRITIC PAIN Thousand! arc grnlefu) for the way the ulicylale action ofC-2223 speeds relief (o rheumatic, arthritic, muscle pain. Many call it "the old reliable" ... uie C-2223 tune and again to enjoy more pleasant periods of E reater comfort I Price of bottle back if not satisfied. Get C-2223. Add zest to food.,. nave a Colce wt!i meals Coca-Cola is a distinctive meal-time beverage. More and more restaurants arc serving Coke with food. Next time ypu're eating out say, !T11 have a Coke." * H o regltrered rrorfa-morl. I WS), tH! COCA COU CO",»AW olde^d^er'a Sent "at Maine Central institute, carry tlieir lunch. The other seven oat at school, three working during the noon hour to pay for theirs." •flie family practically i lve5 ollt of Ihe garden in the summer. "We raise siring beans neas several kinds-of greens, cm-rot? els, turnip, cabbage, squash cu' rnbers, lettuce, radishes 'ami sweet corn," Mrs. Brooks related We put up i,, j ars as ]nuch „ we can spare ,or winter co™ u4! I'pn. Also, all the older girls and I Pick as many berries ns we can- strawberries, blueberries. ,,,sp] Jer . ios and cranberries, also canning them for winter use. Then, loo we EO clamming nt-the coast brinptnsr sonic home to steam, fry nnd t * make chowders." Great amounts of vegetables given the Brooks by friends, neMi- . Fortunately, says. Mrs. Brooks. Ihe iMiiily doesn't have to buv n,'i c ' olhln S- " We J"St couldn't Other than shoes, coats and snow suits, njost everything is given to Unless there is a pay raise the 550 is going to have lo feed another mouth. The Brooks ure expecting nn addition to their family in mid March. Signature Meant What it Said BEDFORD, Ind. (/TV-Officials of the Citizens National Hank took one look at the signature "U. R. Hooked" on a $10,37 check yesterday and promptly / stamped it, "No funds." Cashier Ralph Moore returned it Highest Prices Paid for Scrap Iron, Tin and Wire. Hester's Coal Yard Phone .'tlSG Flu Vaccine Perfected by U. N. Group UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (,T) _ scientists of the world health orsati 1/atlon have developed n preventitlli vacclno (hey hope will complete! wipe out the scourge of IntUicnz by next year. The discovery was announce here by the United Nations Ins night, shortly alter the sciolist delivered their official report on th new serum to Who's Exeeullv Board In Geneva. Switzerland The announcement said the vac cine — not yet available In la™ quantities - was the first spcdfi antlflti serum developed that coulc be used In advance for an attack It was developed by .scientists working in 55 laboratories in M countries under the supervision o WHO and the World Influenza Center In London. The scientists said the new vaccine would work on all tj., )cs of ,, v ruses. They added that the available supply greatly limits the num- i»r of people who cnn be Immunized but ?nld they hoped the output would be Increased rapidly. Casualties Identified WASHINGTON f/P,-T,io Defense Department today Identified 61 Korean \vnr casualties In a ncu- list (No. 1-12) that reported 15 killed 44 wounded, 1 missing nnd 1 inured. :o grocer Ray I,ec, who hnd cashed t. and wrote below the signature 'You sure are." RELIEF AT LAST For Your COUGH Chronic bronchitis may develop if your ou 8 h, chest cold, o, acute.bronchitis s not treated anil you cannot afford o take a chance with any medicine ess potent ilmn Creomulsion which joes into Ihc bronchial syslcm to help ooscn ami expel germ l.i.Icn phlegm nd .-ml nature to soothe and heal raw endcr, inflamed, bronchial membranes! Creomulsion blends be cell wood rcosotc by special process with other me tested medicines for coughs. It onlains no narcotics. No matter how many medicines you ave tried, Creomulsion is £uaranlccd o please you or druggist refunds noncy. Crcomutsion lias stood ihe est ot many millions of users. (Adv ) Convicted Reds Are Held in Jail VOHK MV-ThlrU-en sec- i' lg , Comm '" n)s t Idlers sen. l to from one ,„ lhrce r, l™. 1 , Ou<1ec Edvrard J. Dlmocfc fixed ball to t.20,000 U> »25,000 ycs- ter, ay for the 13. who nre appealing Iheir Jan. 2j convictions. The appeal is expected to delay their nol- M Imprisonment lor months, U. S. Atty. Mylcs J. Lane argued /or JICO.OOO bail apiece, or preferably no ball at all. He pointed out that other convicted Rcdj hart Jumped heavy ball to escaps imprisonment. makes your crosonic for your Valentino CupJd'j arrow points Ihe way | o love ol first sigh, wi Yes, tl, cre it a cW, e , ence ' n ,, 10 Acrosonic Q enco a.ncb.ivoV ,„„*„ ,.„ our new Acrosonic'cat, g ,M.P.P in or write for your copy. Also Good Reconditioned Pianos Adams Appliance Co., Inc. « W. »!.!„ J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. '. ,,•„„„, 2W1 —with more great improvements than any other low-priced car! Entirely New !n Appearance with . . . New Fashion-First Bodies by Fisher Mare models (16 of them!) . . . more bcnutilit!, more cam/or la hie bodies . . . and more color-choices (23 single-lone and twg-tonc cofors!) . . . than are offered by any olhcr low-priced car. And, even richer anil roomier color-matched interiors and even sturdier Unislcel construction, lor your greater protection I Enlirefy New Durability New, stronger, more rigid construction imparts even greater durability and dependability to a car iong famous for these qualities. Entirely New in Performance with . . . New ITS-h.p. "Blue-Flame" Volve-in-Heftd Engine* The masl powerful high-compression engine in the low-price field in Powcrglide models; and a greatly improved 108- h.p. high-compression "Thrift-King" engine in gearshift models. New Power-New Accclprolion- Now Passing Ability You'll find thai Ihe ncw Chcvrolets, with cither of Ihcsc two great engines, bring you more power, Increased acceleration and greater passing abilily, as well as sensational ncw economy. New PowerglicTe Automatic Transmission* gives faster getaway and greater gasoline economy. New Extra-Easy Power Steering Gives finger-tip slccring-casc and parking-case. . . . reduces driver faligite . . . exclusive to Chevrolet in Us field. (Optional at extra cost.) Entirely New fn Convenience with , . . New Center-Fold Front Scat Backs (in 2-door models) for easier entrance nnd exit; New ignition-key starling; New Automatic Choke on all models; and Ncw larger, roomier, more convenient opening for easier loading and unloading. 'Combination of Foxtifliile automatic enxine optional on "Two-Ten" anil fiel standard equipment antl trim Illustrated Entirety New Jn Comfort v/ilh . . . Ncw Crank-Type Regulators for Ven- Itpancs. Ncw Foot-Form Clutch and Brake Pedals. And Ihe softer, smoother Knec-Aclion Ride. Entirely New In Safely wilh . . . Improved Velvet-Pressure Jumbo- Drum Brakes. E-Z Eye Plate Glass (optional at extra cost). And Safety rlr.te Glass in windshield and nil windows of sedans and coupes. FnlireJy New In Economy, foo . . . More miles per gallon-more over-all economy of operation-and it's the lowcst-priccil line in its field! Come in-sec and drive this great ncw car. trmsmMon and Uf-l,.p. "Bl M .FI<mc" A\r moMs m cx,, a C ott. (Continuation of 11 dependent on availability o/ material.) MORI PIOPLI .UY CHIVROLETS THAN ANY OTHER CAR! SEE THE DINAH SHOBE SHOW ON TflEVISION tt»nr Tu«tdoy and Ihundoy tvenirfli, NBC-TY N«>worV -, «maa* «foi «| r f i LLY A N - N E L S O N CHEVROTETTa

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