Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 13, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1896
Page 6
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MAJOR GENERAL BIRNEY Oses Paine's Celery Compound in His Family, and Strongly RecoinnibDds.lt. HOPE DEFERRED. No Early Aid for Cuba Now Possible from the United States. M;ij. Gen. Biiney why is now, :i.t tin- .self. It searches out ilio hidden causes • ago of 7~>, pnicck-.ijuf,' law, :uul doinj: tie- ;' of debility. .110.11: aljria. rhmnniUism and par-Cmoivral work in Watfhin;;lou, vlie \inflitifli-iiifr coin'iiKuuli'i 1 , at I lie liati-li' ul 1 Fi-edoricksbur£, cif. Uie famous ."{fill New York regiment, in a letter tu Wells & lUohardsou Company, says: "My wife has boon taking Paine'* cvl- cry compound for somr ni-ini 1 past, and is so -much pleased with il that sin? wish-C'S me to express 10 yon her hi^-h opinion of its merit*. Shi 1 thinks it is the best itauwl}' she has ever I vied," Gon'l Bh-ney's liearrj- a ilnwe t-o-.iv<tiiiMy ivc-urj-isig li Tlif \vur.n-(i".vr. nervous •fl>'*ucs aru in- vt.U'ni-aiUMl. 1'aiii'f's eeilery coiiipouud is the one SIK-CLHSSH'II! nerve resnlator that • euri'M diseases vnirliout a,uy i)ossil)ilky o.f a return o-f the trouble. Take Faliie's eiMury ciwnponud iliis veiy clay. It n-on't do ilo postpwie getting strou.i and woll inwi'l you luivc a vawiWon. Do ;<s .Uioiusanils of other* have douc to t.hd.r .ftrwu joy, 'taJco Paiue's celery ment of the srivat. and lasting ^ood tiiat Iris fa-mily has iwcivi.-il from Tahu-'s Ci-lery coiivpound L< it-pea led. iu substance, in couuMuss lostiiimninls. \vi-Utan i-u the sa-mc ^ratei'iil spirit and sent •from every part of flu,' country. Don't siit with 1'ohlfd arms and do - toward Drive your bloo<l; !>tii.l<l up t.he visw of t,!ic ] Lieut. Jlc.\ll/«ster, coinpouiui! It will invigorate at oueu ycwr [impoverished nervous system. If yiui really want to tftit well, read llie IOI.HTS reeei>V,iy publisl;t>il I'vfini such men as .Tusric-fl Powers, Congressman <5ront, CunL'i'i>.-ss i m:in] Sloreiiith of Vii-^'Inia, Assislant United Stales Attar- ward t'l-tt-iiis riil cf paor iii\v .Tolm C. Capers, Congrossmau AVM- •ive cnit. all wiiimriv.it'S from i bur -ji 1 Ne^v Y<n'k, Conprressman I^ell, ; !>tii.l<l up t.he visw of. t.he i Lieut. JieAll/«ster, Con/yn>ssi«an Neil body with Piiiiuo's celery c.onipiiiinil— j a.nrl in:uiy otliers \vlio are fully a* cnrc- tue one remedy that. lin<? ki.'pl. all i!. u ' ful of what iliey TecoinmeiKl. The per- promiscs in the past. The tired nerves and brain need just the sort of •nourislimeiit that this great iuvJsoratw is able to .supply. Norn- Is the timie when Palne's celery compointid, aided by Hie favoraVjle influences of tho season, fairly outdoes it- urtil of a ..few of these personally s'.^-ued, liearty testimonials of Paine'.s celery ewn^oiiiul will give any one a clear Jdea of wJi.it '(Jils wonderful remedy is doing in every Slate in the Union and in every city and village. H is makius people well. IN THE WORLD t for keeping th« System In a Healthy Condition. CURES Headachy CURES Constipation, Acts on tho Liver and* Kidneys, Purifies the Blood, Dispels Colds and Fevers, Beautifies the Complexion and t> Plbaslng and Refreshing to the Taste. SOLD ay ALL DrrUQOltiT*. . nicely llluntratci! cijrbty.pajre Lincoln Slory Book iriT«M to tirery pnrchiser *t • of Lincoln Tea. Price 25c. Ask your drug-flat, or Lmcnm TBA Cc-Tort W>ijae,l«4 . For Sale by B. F. KEESL1NO. NEW TREMONT TEMPLE. Dr. torlmer'H DontoilChurcli RoTjullt In OurgcouM StylcUrt* Opcnlnff. Boston's new Treraftnt temple \vil! be opened the first!. Sunday "' Mr -3'- This is Kev. Dr. djlorpc C. Lorimer's church. The new edifice la in every •wny an ornament to-Boston and should be Hie pritle of evjsry I^eptist in the world. The exUridr is o£ Berca lig-lit jjandstone, the miuul decorations being- made up entirely- of Christian rym- bols, Tho whole builJin? is a thing of beauty, but the triumph of it all is the gorgeous nutlitoriunj—one of thefmcst, if not the finest, church interiors in America. It,s vast sine, the exquisite benuty of the decorations, the soft coloring- niul the subdued light from the great, stained windows g-o to make up a splendid nchievcinent o£ architectural nncl decorative skill. The ceiling- nncl the organ end are especially beautiful. The whole of tho relief work is a creamy whito, relieved by a delicate tint, of golden yellow. Dr.. Lorimer and his flock are very proud of their new house cvf ivorsli'j\ DISEASES OP THE SKIN. The intense itching uncl smarting iiici dent tu eezcmn, tetter, 8iult-rlicum, and other diseases of the sltin is instantly alliived by applying Chamberlain's Eye nnd Skin Ointment. Many very bad c;ises have been permanently cured by it. Jt is equally efficient for itching piles nnd a'favoritc remedy for Bore nipples; chfipped I.-ands, chilblains, -irost bite?, and chronic sore eyes. For flulc by druggists at Sycents per bor. Try Dr. Caily's Cchaition/Powdcrs, they arc just vhat a horse needs tvhen in bnil condition. Tonic, blood purifier an(li!rermifnge. POLLY IN A FIX. I7i« I'i(.'Ci) Wild n<t Applicable Ono Tluie in Another. A showman at :i fair possessed a beautiful p;i.n-ot which accompanied him everywhere on his peregrinations through town 'ind country, anil excited the admiration of the {raping-crowd by its capital imitations of the showman's voice and tones when inviting the public to step into the booth. One day the faithful creature broke its chain and escaped iiilo a neighboring plantation. Soon a number of men .and boys were 011 its track, but before they had gone far they lienrd a loud noise caused by the shrieking of birds in Uie wood. On arriving nt t.hc spot, whence the sounds proceeded they found poor Poll perched on t'lie withered branch of. a tree, bereft of most of its feathers and surrounded by a flock.of screeching crows that were inerciies4>ly,<pecking. at.-.. ; ;it- with their beaks:., .jXptvyithstaiidlrig this pitiable state; of .a£aji^;the-'crowjcf. of seekers could not refrain irom la-Qgii-; injj- as they heard .the. poor •'..victim scream out a.t'thef.ipp.oi.h,isyoice:."piie,. at a time', geatlcmeinl' Dbu't .c'rush so,'', please! Take your '"'time! 'There's plenty of room!" Cnrloun Coincidences. Tho vital statistics of Steiibeu, Me., for the 12 months just closed show- a curious coincidciice. During the year there were in the town 10 births, 16 deaths and 10 marriages. Ex-Judco Msynurd Drops DcaU. Albany. N. Y., June 12. — Isaac H. Maynnrd, ex-judge of tlw. court o£ tip pea'ls, dropped dead Friday in the Hotel Kenmore. Heart disease was the cause. i President Cleveland of Opinion That Nothing Short of Armed Intervention Would Suffice. Gallup, N. M., June 13.—Senator Stephen M. White, of California, passed through here Friday on his way from Washington to his home in Los Angeles, On the Cuban question Senator White Baid: "The 'president told the committee that waited on him to urse action that the mere recognition or belligerency wouU he of little benefit to Cuba and tlmt.armed Intervention only could put an end to the slate ot aftulrs now oxiaUiiK In th« island. He told tho commlttuu that congress had the powr to apply Uuit remedy and asked the members It they were willing to assume; the responsibility, Of course, tlm-y wore- not willing. A3 the president cannot nnd congress will not authorize armed Intervention and war with Spain there IK litcic prospect of Immediate relief for Cuba." Sonxiitloiml Cdltorlul, Key We-sl., Flu., June 12.—Advices from' Havana, Cuba, say a. sensation ha.s been caused there by ar. editorial on the siuuuior. in the Diaro dc:l Commercial, the Jeiiilingp.'ipcrof Uurcelona. Copies of the paper which resiehed Havana have been suppn.'-shed by dipt. Gen, \Veylcr. The subject of the edit vial is Senor Sagiisla's slnteTiii-nt th:-. rhe war is annually eostinpr Spain .'> •-,1)00,000 pes- ctiif and l.;,t;i)0 soli'..-1-s. but that the conflict, may em! in two years. Says the paper: "The era vest Is not v.-hfll the liberal chlff says, hiit what he withholds. He knows the war will never terminate except In the loss of Cuba. The treasury of Cuba will not lyive resources to cover the expe.'iiJi- tures, nor has that of Spain. The powers of consumption are dried up and agriculture, Industries and business wholly ruined. 'SVC have to accept thu econom'c catastrophe, colOKSiil as It Is, and admit both Spain and Cuba are ruined; and tills catastrophe Is due to the ytupldltles that followed the last revolution. "Tlifi political conventions will soon meet In the United States and they will fan the liames-nsalnfit Spain. Senor Sa:s> ustu will do well to plan for a conflict before the chambers, becausu It Is impossible for the country to accept either the plans ol' Weylcr or the policy ol' war which Is brlne- Inj; us to annihilation with frreat velocity." Havana, Jum> T~. —Dispatches from Madrid say the bankers nf Paris and Amsterdam have ik'cline'.l to advance, any further loans in Spai.-i before next. Novtj nber. ' Jiiisur^onl;^ Att^iTlv Fnr s. II'iiv.uiu, .1 \IIH- -I".— I'liion! Arango. tho insurffeiit le-itler. v.-ifh -i numerous forai;.'attacked the forts of Snn Antorio and 1-lio Ijiaiico, this provi.'iei?. lie UMS r-jpuiseil, but, in tin mot'nwhile. un- oVni-r force of insurgviils burned the tov.-ii. dcrstroyiiig iio hoitsi-s. WHITE AT THE TH17OAT. Fa-tliio" Ulay Doureo Tlmt It Must Be >Vorn. The advance guard of the white col- 'lai- arrived some time affo in tlin little laee-triDimed muslin ta.b-s and-tbc utii- versaJ resumption of the oltl-fnshiwicd linen collar iteclf KC«JIIS imminent. Jt lias already ciieirclcd necks illus- trrous in the realm of fashion, iiiwl it n,ay be taken for g-i-nntcd that it- has come to stay. Oue does .not need to be venerable U> remom-berthe timswhen a g-owii uug-a.rn.ished by a line of white nt'the throat was regarded as incomplete, and to be seen without a. collar was to be seen in a neg-lig-e equal to that of the collarloss maai to-day. A touch of whito about she throat is universally beeoming-, ajid when the edict ot ba.ni.shmeut was first decreed women rebelled and vowed they wound never succumb to a fashion so ugly. But it i.s .a well-known fact, so inexplicable otherwise that psychological influence must be infarred, that whatever is the fr.shion looks well, end whatever ceases to be the fashjon looks ugly, regardless of intrinsic merits.— y, Y. Post _ Silver Man Somniated lor Congress, Columbus, 0., June 12. —The free silver democrats captured the democratic congressional convention of the Eleventh district, held at Athens, and nominated a free silver man, William E, Finck, of New Lexington, for congress against C. II..Grosvenor,. a,nd elected V. C. Lowry, of Logan, and John H. Blacker, of Chillicothe, as delegates tc the national convention. They nre both free silver men, ami they, rs well as Finck, were obliged to pledge themselves for free silver before they were selected. MYSTERIES OF THE LOUVRE. Vaguo Storlna of Imperial Crime Hatch the OutHlUc World. Everyone who has "done" the Louvre will remember the low-pitched and somewhat gloomy haJls. in which are stored the treasures of Egypt. Benenth these lie yet more darkly mysterious vaults, inaccessible to the public, though approached by a wide and handsome staircase, such as would lead one to imagine that it coinmunieaWd with apartments of some importance. Yet One finds at the bottom nothing but broad pa.ssa.ges disposed in the form of a cross, and without any sign whatever of door or window. A recent examir.ation, however, of the solid walls gives experts reason to believe that the irasonry is more recent than the rest of the structure in this, the oldest portion of the fortress pal- nce. if. Yaug-ncux, n well-known critic. believes that many of the bodies of vietiilis killed in the revolution of 1 were inufatired here, nnd Uiat the government was afraid to reveal the facts when the remains of their comrades were collected beneath the C'olonne de .Tnillet. On the other hand, il. Rlondcl, the architect of the building-, and M. Nor mand, the sccreta,ry of the Society for Protecting Parisian Monuments, hold the opinion that these subterranean passages led to the oubliettes into which Catherine de Medicis cnst those who were unfortunate enough to incur her hate, or fear. A judicious exploration would clear up the matter, and settle, too, several doubtful points as to the foundations of Lescot's-original citadel. On fortunately, t.he annual grant does not provide for any such :n-cliaeolo.g-ic;;l research,and it wouJd be necessary to appeal for funds to the generosity of the chamber.—London Chronicle. ui-Mpcnulo Jvillcd. Kansas City, Mb., June J2.—A special •io the World from Fort Scott, Kan., says: J3ill West, the noted'Iinlian Territory di'spi-nido,- and murderer o( United States Marshal Lincoln Kiu- ;>ey, who recently escaped from the county jail at Topeka, was killed in Illinois City, 1. T., Thursday nig-ht, by Thomas Carlisle, while resisting arrest. His body has been identified by relatives and is now in charge of United States Marshal Urowii. The reward of $300 which was oil'ori'd for West's body will be paid to Thonias Carlisle, who killed him. Want Aiuurlcitu GootlK. Washington. June 32.—The Mormon colonists in the Mexican slates of Chihaulnia nnd Sonera want to buy America n goods instead of the English, French and Gerinim supplies which they get from neigh boring Mexican towns. Mr. Louis M. liuford. United Stall's consul at i'nso del Xorte. (opposite £1 Paso, Tex..) has written tho state department on The sul.>;jec.t. saving! here is an opening for American trade. T!:'! colonies established hy t-he Mormo:i.i number ten, of which nine ate iu Chilnuihtia.iind one in Sonora. Hung Crape for HIM Own Funertil. Chillicothu. 0., June 32. — Wayne 'Bowman, aged .73, living near Vigo, hung crape or- the front door, went to hi" Foom nnd put on his best suit of clothing and hnnged himself. He was •ticspomlent over the rewnt death ol his wife. THE JIARKETS Grain. Provisions. Ktc. Chlcngo, June 12. FLOUK—Quiet ant] urchan^eil. Quot- /able us follows: Winter—Patents, $3.(10(;i) 3.SO; straights, $3.23@3.GO; clears, J2.SD(i?3.lO; pp.oor.ds, $2.00{S2.]0; low prades, .?!.7502.00. Sprlnf—Patents, $3.00ff.3.G5: stralRhts. J2,b5 ig>2.!)0: bukcrs'. «2.iOffM.3r>: low grades, SI.GO© 1,75; E.ca ( DoK, SL.2551,-11): Rye, S2.10ji'2.30. WH1SAT—Active and unsettled and hlfjh- INDIANA NEWS. Told In Briaf by Diapatobaa from Various Localities, Family Hkoloton tu Court* Hammond, Ind., June 12.—V sunsa- tiunnl suit was begun here bj' C. F. Pocninnn, a wealthy sitjxcn. Mrs. I'ochinnn bus been an invrlid for many months and was visited daily by Dr. l-annenborg 1 , the family physician, and fiequehtiy by Pastor Wei!, o£ the German Iniraanuel eliu.-ch. ,\ few weeks n ro the wife deserted Mr. T'ochman and Vtcnt to stay at Dr. Tannenborg's home. A divorce suit ;ind , n . suit for $23,000 cV.mcuy was filed by tin- wife, who charges much .ngain.tt her linsb-in']. .\fr. Fochi'ian has filed a?lO,OOft damage s;iit in the Lake superior coin- 4 , a-jainst Dr. tannenborg and IVislor Weil. nllt'S'iiig 1 ti:at they cniiKinl his wife in desert !;.rn. The woman ii likely lo die at, ai:y rnouient. er. June, GUiMCiiG tember, 57T6@5!H£c CORN— Steady. Fifty thousand California steel-head trout have been received by the New York state, fish, game and forest commission ami placed in the Caledonia hatchery by'State FishCulturist Cheny. This is the first experiment -which has been undertaken with the hatching- of this kind oafish. They are said to be gamey aud to "grow to great size. What Zoa Phoira won't do for WOMANKIND no medicine will. For sale by B. F. Keesllng and Ben Fisher. . "'..',•• July, 57C'.'5SVJc'; Sep- x . No. 2, 2TO4£27'/.c : No. 2 Yellow, OTi(ij)28c; July, 2TJSfi:2So; September, 2Sy4(8>2DUic: October, 2!)%o. OATS— Slow and steady. June, ]7Vic; July, J7X<5'l"%c; Sejiteraber, 17?iS)lSc. Samples easy. No. 3. l7VMMS%c: No. 3 White, ISVilSM-Tio; No. 2, ITKfWSc; No. 2 While, 19% @20c. RYE— Buyers scarce and little dalnt. No 2 cnsli, Sll'/ic. July delivery. S3c; September, 3-I'^c, sellers. BA'RLiiY— Remains weak. Demand Is light. Buyers do not want Barley except they can buy It low. Thin, 22'/j(Tc23c; fair weight, but oft color, 2'<327c. Good color, lair to pood weight, 20®29c; choice, 30<5 ; 32c, MES3 PORK— Offerings rather liberal and demand active. Prices Irregular. Quotations ranged at $7,2007.25 for cash; $7.15Jf7.L'l) for June; $7.17&fr7.32VS for July; and $7.30Ji7.50 for September. JLARD— Demand moderate and offerings free. Prices steady. Quotations ranged at 51 203-1.25 Cor cash ; W.15@-l.20 for June; $4.22^4 Q-i.27 1 ,.. for July, and $i.'J5@t.tZ'A for September. BUTTER — Quiet and steady, rather tame. Creameries, 10@l4%c; Dairies, 9@12c. LIVE POULTRY — Only moderate demand. Turkeys, GffiSc; Chickens, 7@7Vic; Pprlns DucKs, I3@15c per pound; Geese, per dozen, 53.CO@-f.00. WHISKY— Steady on the basis of 11.22 for high wines. New York, June 12. FLOUR— State and western quiet, barely steady, unchanged. WHEAT— No. 2 red, fairly active, steady. ' fMo July, K 13-lG@54'7tic: September, December, CSVSWSTic. COttN— No. dull, firmer. No. 2, 84Vic; July, 34%c bid; September, SSlic bid. OATS— No. 2 dull, nominal; State, 25@28c; Western, 25@2Sc; July, 22V«c. PORK— Firm, quiet. New mess, JS.7S@ 9.00; old' mess. $8.2508.60. BUTTER— Unsettled, quiet. Western dairy, SQitiic; -n-estern creamery, 11^!? loKjC; do. factory, 6@llc; Blglns, 15<Sa«4c; Imitation creamery, 10®12c. CHEESE— Fairly active, steady; skims, 2®-Hic; full skims, part , 3— Fancy steady, quiet. Western, Live Stock. ' "> Chicago, June 12. CATTLE— Market strong. Fair to best beeves S3.40<SH.30; stockers and feeders, « f2 50@3.SO; mixed cows anil bulls, J1.40@3.70; *, Texas, $2.GO@3.76. t HOGS— Market active and E®10c. higher. 'Licht S310@3.50; rough packing, $2.S54P3.00; mixed and butchers', $3.05@3.35; heavy /packing and shipping, $3.03@3.27K: plea. .. , Growth of tho World'ii Population. It is now stated that the -ivorld will be j over-peopled at the end of 170 years. 'This brings us to the year 2072, wtum itb-e population, at the present rate of increase, will be 5,094,000,000 people. OppoHltlon to un Kn^aj;ciiiriiL. Delphi, Ind., June 12. —William T. Harris, a railroad telegnvph operator, recently came here from Hammond, Soon it was announced he would marry Miss Carrie West, an adopted child of the late Judg-e Stewart,, who was Jo ft S20.000 upon the death of Mrs. Stewart. A sislerof the late Sirs. Stewart, has commenced an action to have the inheritance set aside, alleg'iji^ undue iiifiuenc-. 1 nnd fraud. This is done to prevent, if possible, the marriage to Harris, which is scheduled to take place as soo:i as lie can get a divorce from his present wife. There is nnivcrfy.iI opposition here to the contemplated nnio^i. Sundiiy School Worker,* Adjourn. Crawfordsville, Ind., June IS.—The 32d annual convention of the Indiana Sunday-School association closed iv ; th the election of officers for the ensuing; year as follows: President, Charles F. Coffin, Indianapolis: vk'C president, Charles Ross, Craw- fordsvllle; secretary and treasurer, Charles L. Weaver, Indianapolis; sMiertntcnOcnt home class departmunt. Miss Christiana Marks, .Logunsport, The executive committee will redact Charles D. Meigs, of Indianapolis, as state superintendent. The executive committee and district presidents ^1 last year were reelectcd. TVnraon Will Control. v Hobart, Ind., June 12.—Celebration of July 4 in Hobart this year will be something new nnd novel. Members ol the Women's Reading club will make all arrangements. They have already raised sufficient money to carry out their ideas of a celebration. The sa- oons, for the first time in the history of the town, -will be closed on the fourth. For one day the town will be n charge of the women, and although the celebration will be a dry one, it will present many new and attractive 'eatnres. \. Rully of Glrtss Workers. Muncie, Ind., June 12.—Preparations u-e now complete for the Union Glasa Workers' big rally and jubilee here Sunday. Among the speakers will be'Pres- ident Gompers, of the Federation of Labor, President Burns, of L. A. "ioci. President Hayes, of the. Green Glass Workers' league, and Eugene Debs is e» icctcd. A big parade will be a feature. The question of federating all gias* unions into one big organization will il;ely be determined at the meeting. . Fatal Kndlnc; of n Hull Game. Bloomingtou, Ind., June 12.—Jackson jheridan, n member of the Indiana Uni- •ersity ball team, died from the effects if being hit with a thrown ball. Sheridan was umpiring n game last Tuesday between the fraternities, when-the ball thrown by the third baseman to the plate struck him on the temple. He was carried from the field unconscious, butsoon rallied and until an hour before his death it was thought he would recover. IT:s home was in Lebanon. KdltorK Atljoarn. Fort \Vay.ic, Ind,, June 32.—The 27th annual session of the Northern Indians Editorial association closed hcte with the election of the following officers: President, J. B. Stall. South Eencl: vice president, E. A, K. Hackelt, Fort \Vnyno; second vice president, Jlrs. James A. Barnes, Auburn; secretary J. S. Conologue, Kendallvllle; treasurer, Dr. A. S. Parker, Kendallville; executive committee, W. D Pase, Fort Wayne: F. W. Willis, Waterloo; Fred Jurnegan, Klklmrt. Maccabees at \Vlnona Fark. Warsaw, Ind., June 12.—The Knights of Maccabees assembled at the Winona park to celebrate their 35th anniversary. The number present was about 2,000. The speakers were Great .Record Keeper McDonald, of New York, Greut ttecord Keeper Ed M. Young, of Ohio, and Dr. E. P. Moss, supreme medical examiner of Michigan. Indiana Bank Fullit. Columbus, Jnd., June 12.—At Edin- Vmrg Thursday John A. Thompson'* bank closed its doors. William Threkeld has been made receiver. Assets are estimated at $200,000; liabilities, less. Lack of deposits is given aa the Wants to Be Lieutenant Governor. Lafayette, Ind., June 1?.—Ex-Mayor 1. K. D, McGinley, of this c-ity, has formally announced his cnndidacy for lie democratic nomination for lieutenant governor, and will innke a vigorous light for the nomination. Went to the Attorney General. Portland, Ind., June 12.—Richard H. Hartford, of this city, has publicly announced that he will be » candidate for the nomina.tion as attorney general b-:- fore the democratic state convention. He was prosecuting attorney. P»™od Away. Lebanon, Ind., June 12;—Josiah S.- Harrison, one of the oldest and most highly respected residents of this county, died at his boms here. He was treasurer of Boone county two terms. Deuth of a Pioneer. Wabosh, lud., June 12.—James Jack 1 son, aged 7T years, a wealthy retired farmer, and one of the pioneers of Wabash eouc'ty, died at hisbomt in this city of apoplexy. "THE TRIUMPH OF LOVB IS HAPPY. FBCITFCL MARRIAfiE." Every .Man Who Would Know the Grand Truth*, the Plnlu I'ncln. tlio New AlMcoverlcfl of Medical Science a* Applied to Married l.llc, Who Would Alono for Pant Error™ nml Avcld rtituro PItfalU, Should Secure d? 'Wonderful Little r.ooU Callcil " Couiplctv lUunLood, and IIo\v (o .It* lain it." , "Here ct Just Is Information from a tlKh' reedicjil source that must work wonders wit.li Ibis ceiieratioa of mcu." The book fully describes a method by which to attain full vigorand waiily power. A method by which to end nil unnatural drains on the system. To cure nervousness, lack »f self-control, •]»- Ervjacieiicy, i-c. 'j'ocy.chftEco a iia'lecl and "worn nature fc.r osc of '.iripljincss, buoyancy and ^owcr. 'j'o cure forever effects of excesses, ovcrv.-civ., vrirry, &c. To fivefullfitreDctli, development, ar.d *cne to every portion and orpin of the bo'ly, AKC no burner. Failure Impossible. Two thousand reference?. Tli« l>ook is purely mcilic.-.l and scientific, iircless 10 curiosity eeekerf, invaluable 10 men l sly v.-honecdit. A do^pairinpc roan, vrlio ]iad np:))icd to nr,, tco:i p f; er wrote: "',Vu!l, I tell vou that f.tft day is one l']l never forpct. I jus,t bubbled with joy. I v-v.:cd to hntr everybody aud tell thooiiny C 1! c'.t had died yesterday, and ray new EelJ vj.-, born to-day. Why didn't you tell TT.C wh-n I first wroto that I would Cnrtitthis way:-" And another thus: "Jf you dumped a cart load of pel i r.i my feet it would not bring ouch Kindness jaio ray life us your method baa done," \Vrite lo the ERIE MEDICAL COMPACT, £"il'a,io, TT. Y., ami ask for ine liule book c.illod "COMPLETE MANHOOD." Effcrto lids paper, and the company promises •ksend the Book, la sealed envelope, without any D:,-i.rk3,ySd entirely free, until it is well intro- 11:0*1. The COAST LINE to MACKINAC —-}—»-TAKE THE-I—H-TO MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers Thcdrestert Perfection yet attained In Bwt Construction-- Luxurious Equipment, Artiitle FurnUhinz. Decoration *nd Efficient Service, insuring the highest degree of COnFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUR TRIPS PER WEEK BCTWCEH Toledo, Detroit /Mackinac PETOSKEY. THE soo,» AND DULUTH. LOW RATE5 to Picturesque M»cttin«c and Return, including: Heali and Berthi. From Cleveland, SiS; from Toled*, $15; from Detroit, $13,50. EVER/ EVENING Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting tit Cleveland with Earliest Trains for nil points East, Soutli aud Southwest and at pctrolt (or all points Jiortn and Northwest. Sundiy Tript June, July, August end Scplembir Only. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay £ Toledo Send for Illustrated Pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ. a. r. »., OITFIOIT, MIOH. Tae Detroit and Maud Steam Hav. DO. POZZONI COMPLEXION WHhcvcry i>oxo» I'OZZOSrSumng- SrovlU'n BOX I* Riven <re« AT DHUGGrSTS Going: For A ake Trip? i 5-r- You'll fully enjoy all i r y ou taku one of the MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S GANT STEAMSHIPS, 5,iHlnz« between Chicago and Mackinac Island four llmti every week. T!ie new sKsol steamship "M«nlton" is a : '-ithiK palace. Travels 'twist Chicago, >. ;r!evolx. Harbor Spring*. Peloskey, ' Island, etc. -Write for our readable reading matter, <rce, or. ask yoxir nearest nRCnt. i Adaress Jos. Berolzhelui, G. P. A. LAKE MICH. AND I-AK1E, SUFEHIOHTU.VNS.CO. Ruih and N. Witer Si.. Chicago, Families in the Country ( Should always keep Brazilian Balm on , hand. It is the doctor in the house, always ready and reliable. For colds, ' coughs, croup, catarrh, nsthma, pleurisy, . rheumatism, constipation, female troubles and all kinds ot fevers it acts like magia , and saves many B doctor's bill an'! many 1 • long sickness

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