Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan on May 16, 1920 · Page 12
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Battle Creek Enquirer from Battle Creek, Michigan · Page 12

Battle Creek, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 16, 1920
Page 12
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ftTLB CKEEK, MICH., SUND.VSV M-Vr.JpVIMft THK F.NUtllKEK ANU EVENING NEWS. 12 t SPORTS Happenings in Army and Navy-Collegiate and Professional OFFICIAL SCHEDULE, MICHIGAN-ONTARIO LEAGUE, 1920 AT LONDON AT BXANTTORD AT aU'iuiinn AT HAMILTON AT AT AOIKAW AT bat orrr. AT FLINT f BATTLS HEMS HOME RUN WINS OPENING GAME FOR MISTERS Brantford Beaten 5 to 3 in Exciting, Sensational, See Saw Game. Opening Ceremonies at Park Include Pleasing and Refreshing Spectacle. SAME TEAMS PLAY TODAY; FINE OPENING DAY CROWD LOCAL HIGH IS FOURTH AT KAZOO Weekes Established Record Kalamazoo Wins over 40 Rivals. LONDON BRANTFORD KTTC'H&N tlB. pl.-iy l .i I Then. huvinK de- .i.niisii.niil i;ia. It cm be done, they considered a na'her good batsmun, was abb- to hit u slow roller. Fath-, it vtaisn ut-tiiy caugni tne return each time with one hand, fielded Hie grounder and pitched to Mr. UcPeake who If the bull get away. The attendance was aomcthinc over a thousand, which surprised even the directors. With a less busy day, the park probably would have been packed. At 1:30 o'clock tii- Land and players paraded downtown. NOTES OF THE GAME. , . 1 ! Mr. ih viiiK. bat a-aving. steps - Battle Creek's opening day attend- 1 ui to in- piaie ; a nee, with no stores or factories To h;ivc Iim try. Tiie tcore a tie; the i closed, with pretty nearly every-hour is getting lute. jone at work, was surprisingly good, I 'tr li lt lit id wull the second bulljunl with such u spectacular (iinw i-pi-cds A'i:tly, suivly. tar. . "s that of yesUTday to set the '1 he huinu von, tor that lioniu i'uuj ,,M! stands should be packed beats UlajiUuiUs JulUllug guar, today. I Opening day ceremonies at the lubber Kr.ip's climbing Cuslers, ', Park were refreshingly original and lu.iuiumiK uieir liist game on tua.Ueorge Black's program, carried i. iut. ynai J.i) muled on tile ,out with precision, wu given a fine --'i.-Uulis ut vauaevillu and other j reception. " of i-l'in I tiidt aui'. The hrst i The Urantl'ord plutrs started at ... t :n n. 'in rally a dud. and you wor-,the far end of the right tleld foul i j tiii'outin il. waiting for tiie uct'ine. tho Battle Creek plarrs at ..i come. In liuxiiig. the opening the left, and Mr. Black aud the !! tiininaiy gcm-iully get the bund back of second base. The .nnvd accustomed to the scenery, Vuws and Enquirer moving picture a... i.i.i. i,,e b how b. gins. cameraman wa, stationed at home It x Just like .hat yesterday. !plalc und , fc ''"'J: ",:"'t.,'V'r?t """f Mled down the line single file cross- ...u...... i,wi vail Irani, call i, . v..... -. .1... . l playing unj marching forward. It win ihroiinh eight inning of about I"1" a 'eWtuclc that drew spontane- i snappy. iialiy. spectaculur base-'ou" "I'l'luuse. L..II as could be found anywhere. I ,tcv- talner Maurice Walsh went Battle Creek won, 6 to 3. iu a see- o tne pitchers box, Mayor Kyan ii i w coiitit that was rather rough "ehlnd the bat. Commissioner Mc m tlme afi'licrd with nerves, bull ''fake at f.ral and Kred Whalen at (ius all t li..t the fan who likes Katli'.r Walsh's first offering in . xiitum' tray could wish. iwas mied by Dr. I '.van. The re- .lulmriy Dcvnm's sniuh about turn was '.'.-ttiglii by Father Walsh. irlil feet ovr the P'fl held wall In 'The Reverend hurler proceeded to n.e K'Vi iith inning--In si-con.l cir-Jthrow four balls, two of which . nit clout or ihe year--convinced Mr. Were fouled before Mr. Whalen itinnuw mat in ia.SK lor tno aay v . i a Ikim l.-.-s one. und last night lie llceileil all tile UOttlill syrup t i . 1 1 li ars lm name to lull, if not .::-maei. his griff. .iutiiitiy'.s toui--huc biff was a ii'.glity l'-aiurc, a determining fac-t n. but it was not all that gave Ihe f ins a run for the first day's mon- ". 'handlers' hair-rnlslng JuinpluK l iiiil cateh of Keating's high fly iu i .e fmiiili. l ulling off a score; ; i ipp'm :".ii catch of a line drive in tin. . evenili limine:, for a quick mul'l" liny with Henny Jewell;"t's tine catch of a line drive, ni-.d the work of Wilcox and Jewell m lint wen' other outstanding fea- UM'S. i'iie M'olie.-l was darlc for Battle '."ieii io! Ha- first four and a half! Ii'inii'is. l.i Ih first, with two In. mi. Chambers' indllfereut lleldlng i i'.radv Ket away with a triple to i liter. This was followed by ini"'s hit to left, scoring Brady. iMiL-K in then hit to left, and Urme s- "i"il when Wiicox kicked the hull. ' 'li iiiilx'i s then made a catch of Manny's fly, and Baltic Creek 'a poor lleldlng was ut an end. With one. out in the first, Jewell doubled to left, Kaylor almost Knocked Winslow down with a tcr-nii: drive to the box, but DuKgan'a 1 in Ming caught Kaylor on a play. Stupp lriplc1 to right, Siapl'-tou s liundimg of the ball be- mi; poor, and lUitlle Creek made Its; tii. -I run. in the second inning Boyle got life on a boot, was caught off first with me out. and J l' uiir got an infield I. il and was wild-pitched to. second. Ii'irne's long tly iw center was gath- led in. in the fourth Duggan. first up, hit io center. H'as saerniced to si-cond, iim. I M Kliicoit struck out. Then i 'ImiiiIi m in.i'le ti W great one-hand etch. in III" rnt half of the fifth Home inu' k out to men, us ho had Iu Hie I Inn), lleving led off for Battle Cicck ith a double. Home sacrl-li' i d. Wilcox walked. Jewell sacrl-liccd, IP ving tieing the s-'ore on a f.,uezo play, and Wilcox gelling -might between third and home. K'atilic threw the ball wild to Hili'l. but II was recovered, and ark made a bad throw to the plait.'. Wilt-ox sct'iiuK. I '.rant ford evened it in the sixth, llurne gave Brady, tirst up, the only .tu!k Brantford drew. Urme sucrl-t.ictl. Brady stole third und scored en W'anny's hit. In tho Ilrst part of the seventh, Winsltiw doubled with one out. He was caught in a oouhle play when hitupn took Clark's lino drive and tiM.-d to Jewell. In the last half, with one down. 1 li ving's home run came. Home lollowed with a t-ingle to center. HAMILTON Today's game starts ut 3 o's'.oek. Hoc Bu'lard will probably draw today's aiuiigiitneul, at'hough there is a possibility that Kuhbcr Krapp will go iu the box. Uubber has worked so hard that his pitching arm is in good shape earlier thun he expected, iiu pitched a good game at Brantford, the players say. A quick play and some pret-y clever baseball by Home and Jewell broueht the Custers out of a rather, tight place yesterday. Huggan was on second aud Wanny on first with one down and the score tied, l'uggan was not playing off very far. not was he watching 'he game rather closely. Jewell sneaked behind him. Home shot the all over and Uuggan was caught flattooted. Ted Kayloi Is working hard in right field, when he should be on crutches. Te has a carbunckle on his Jeg that is giving him a great deal of pain, yet he did not hesita.'e lo slltlo into first on a close play. He also fielded a hard chance perfectly, made one hit and was robbed of another. Benny Jewell evidently believes lr. Kellogg's recipe of youth that a man la as old as his arteries. Benny displays all kinds of pep. He shlned Hevlng-'e shoes when Johnny came In after his home run, he did some rutup work for the cameraman and lie luid down two of the prettiest bunts one could hope to see, besides getting a two biue clout. The press box was well entertained during the afternoon. In the early stages the man with the umpta-ta- bugle-de-ooed and when he had railed It a day, a man In the grandstand, just above, recited "aha! ahe!", with tone variations about a thousand times. On t lm tinrlr Until t-i nuint. Wilcox drew his third walk. Jewell J rn were workn8 t)Cfore the game .it. i L'nt'lns ar t Vital tirat i ... lilid out. but Kaylor got his first hit. a single to center, scoring 1 mine. Brantford never stood another show. The wore: IIATIXU CRKBK All K U I'U A t. Wilcox. If. .. Jewell, St, ... Kaler. rf. .. tc.iippp. Kfhy. a b. .. tin inherit, cf. li.'.vl,.. II liuvlng, e .... ilorui', p ... commenced. The following legend appeared "Boost Hard Together. For tiie home team." What It waa all about mystified the spectators. Tiie so en. when oomp'.'e, will read ''Boost hard together: for the ' home team: for the home commun ity. The Toeller-Grant Co. J. C. Toeller took thla striking means of familiarizing the public with the Community c!ub and Ifm slogan of "Boost Hard Together." Battle Creek high school won fuurth place at the Michigan inter-scholaatiu track an dfieUI meet at Kalamazoo Normal yesterday. Kalamazoo won first. There waa a total of 41 schools entered in the meet, anrt tho fact that Battle Creek was ublu to pluoe mo near the nnl .s very gratifying. Weekes for tlw locals won ID of Buttle Creek's 15 ...,1. iii Ma 1ho broke two track rec ords, but only one was maintained, j In tnu 440 yard ruu Weekes cstub- J Ushed a new record in the Class A event. Thla record waa Io turn beAt-en In ths Class B. race Ly Co win uf Cass City. Weekes fc t only bnV; the track record but also lus own previous one. His old record waa 2 minutes I and 3-5 seconds whilo his new one Is an Improvement over the .,1.1 ku n,M firth nf B. HMOIld. Crand Kaplda Central and Detroit! Kastern were tied for second. Detroit Northwestern took third. There were C new track records established. The men who placed tor Battle Creek were Weekes 10. Pixley, 1. Looruls 1, Walters 3. The individual point getter for the meet was Shep-axd of Kalamazoo with 11 points whila Weekes of Buttle Creek and Brlce of tirand Kupids were tied for second with 10. 11 is interesting to note that this Is tho fifth consecutive state meet in which Weekes has succeeded In winning the half mile. . The cities that placed in the meet were Bangor Detroit Central S, Detroit Northern 3. Detroit Northwestern 17. Uruud Kpalds Central 21 Crund Ilapiris South &. Hastings 1. Highland Bark 6. Kalamazoo :s. Kockford 4. Detroit ICastern 21, Battle Creek 13, Grand Rapids Union S, Allegan i, Lansing 1. Plainwell 2, Utsego 2. Baw I'uw 3, St. Joseph 2. Cass City 13. NATIONAL LEAGUE. B.ttsburgh, Ia., May IS. Nehf held Pittsburgh to four hits today and New York won, 2 to 0. Adams was effective except in tne sixth , 11.78't ana sevenm innings wnen tne visitors scored their runs. Scorr: New York 000 0U1 1002 0 Pittsburgh 000 000 000 0 4 2 Nvhf und Smith; Adams, Hamilton und Schmidt. BATTLE CREEK! SAGINAW BAT cm FLINT J cms 14, H xtt Ang. it, jo. It Aug. 30. II. Sept. 1 Job 1. 11. sll Aag. (. ( rr Sept. (). (I) June 14. II, It Aug. , 10. it Sept. 10. xtl May 11. 12 July ; xi7 Aug. Z). (2) Aug. 23. 24. ti May II. 14 Juiy il). (1). ! rS July 12. 13. 14 July 24, 27 alay (24). (14). 1. July il. n. xi4 July 11. t Aug. 2. 27. X2I May IT. SI. x2 Jun 21, 24. 10 July is. 2. It Juiy M. ill Job T. t. t Aug. I. 4 SL 4. X4 June IT. i. x Aug. 14, 17. II Sept. T, I. I June 10. 11. xll Aug. 11. II. X14 Sept. I, I () a.m. May 11. 14 June XI, 19, II July (1) a.m. July 12. 12. 14 July II. 27 ' May (24) a.m. May 27. 21. xtD July 14, II, X17 July 21. n Aug (2) p.m. Aug. 23. 14. 25 . May il, 11 July O) p.m.. t, xl July 1. 20, II July 30, xll May (24) p.m.. 21. July 22. 21. x24 Aug. 2) a.m. Aug. 26. 27, xll Juna 11. 12. 23 Aug. 11, 11. xll pt 1 1 June 14. H, II Aug. , 1ft. 11 Sept. 10, xll June 11, X. n Aug. I. . XT Sept. (I) p.m. June T, 1. I Aug. 1. 4 Aug. 19. II. Sept. 1 May I4). 24l. 25, 26 JUiy 23. Zl XZ4 July 21. 29 Aug. 26. 27. x2l May 11. 12 June 21, 29. 20 July 19, 20. 21 July 30, x31 May 17, 21 x2 July 15. 14. xl7 Aug. 1 1). (2) Aug. 23, 24. 25 May 13. 14 July (1). (1). t, xl July 11. 3. 14 July 21. 27 J una IT. It. xll Ag. It. IT, 11 Sept. T, I, I Jons H, M. xM Aug. 14. 19. n Sept, x4. X4 May 27, 21, x29 July (1) p.m.. 2, 1 July 19. 20. 21 July 30, x3l May 11, May ato. (11), July t. T May xll. alt Job 1. 4 July xlt. all May June x4. at July I. May 17. II Juna 1, I July a4 (I). (I) May 24) p.m.. 25. 21 Juiy 22. 23. x24 Aug. 12) a.m. Aug. 26. 27, .T2S May II. 14 June 21. 29. 30 July (1) a.m. July 12, 13 xl4 July 26, 27 May 11. 12 (24) a.m. July IS, 16 X17 July 28. 29 Aur- (2), D.m. Aug. 23. 24. li Juna 17. xll. s20 Aug- 16. 17. 18 Aug. sI9, 20. s: Sept. 1 May xll. alt June t. I July (!) .m. July zlO. all May It. M May alt. (11) July C T Mar 17. II May (11) .x. Jnas 1, I July a4, (I) a.m. Mar 21. xtt. Juaa xl, at July I. t Juna It. xll, all Aug. II, xlt. all Sept. T. I, I June 14. 15. II Aug. 20. x21. s22 Spt. 2, 3 June T, 1. I Aug. I, 4. S Sept. x4, s5 June 7. I. I Aug. 1. x7. at Sept. 14, 5 Juna 21, 22. 23 Aug. 20. x21, a2 8ept. 2, 1 Kay IT, II Jane b4, si July st, (I) a.m. May 11. Xll. axt May 11 P.m. June 1. 1 July l. I May It, 10 May alS. (11) a.m. July I p.m. July 4, 7 Bay xlt. all Juna I. 4 July xlOv ell June 11, 21, II Aug. f, 10, 11 Sept. xll, sll June IS, x2t. Aug. 1. 4, i Sept. (6), (t) s2T June it, xll. all Aug. It, X14. sll Aag. 11, Sept 1 May . xlt, Jane 1, I July I. t stt May IT, 11 Jon xt, st July at (I), May xtt, sll Juna I, 4 July xlft, all May 1. St May a30. (II), (11) July , T June It, xM, a!T Aug. I, XT, al Sept (!, (I) Juna 14, U, It Aug. I. 10, 11 Sept. xll. all June IT, xlt, e20 Aug. It. 17. It Aug, a2, 10 Sept. 7, I, 9 () Draetea Holiday xDenotee Saturday Denotes Sunday1 Day's Markei Report KEEN EXPORT DEMAND FOR WHEAT BOOSTS CORN Oats Also Advance. While Weakness In Hogs Causes Decline In Provisions. lily the Associated Press) Chicago, May 13. Fresh advances took place today in the corn market. Keen export demand for wheat was the chief bullish factor. Besides, there appeared to be little chance of any immediate substantial relief for the scantiness of grain supplies at the leading railroad terminals. Opening quotations, which ranged from i.c to 7tc higher, with July to 1.7b and September Cincinnati, O.. May 1Z. The Reds bunched hits succcssfullly off Causey today while Sallce held Philadelphia in check and the Chumpions won, to 2. The batting and base running of Uroh was a feature. It was the ninth straight defeat for the Phillies. Score: Philadelphia 2 9 1 Cincinnati 9 14 1 Causey and Tragressor; Saltee and Wingo. St. Louis, May 15. Brooklyn won Its second straight game from St. Louis today hitting Jacobs and May opportunely. The score was 8 to 2. The locals fielded badly, Mamau.t was steady in the pinches and after the first inning was never in danger Score. Brooklyn 140 000 1118 11 0 St. Louis 200 000 0002 6 3 Mamaux and Miller; Jacobs, May and Clemonns, Chicago, May 13. Vaughn held Boston to four scattered hits today, and bucked with great fielding by Terry, defeated the visitor's 5 to 1 making it six straight. Deal's fumble of Maranvillc's grounder let Sullivan score the only run for the visitors. Score: Boston 000 000 100 I 4 0 Chicago 000 230 OOx S 9 3 Killiugim. Jones and dowdy; Vaughn and Kil lifer. AMERICAN LEAGUE. Boston. Mass.. May 15. Chicago took the opening game of the series today, 2 to 1 from Boston, Kaber besting Pennock in a pitching duel. Faber'n double In the eighth, followed by three singles, resulted In the first run. Pennock's single In Boston's half of the eighth, followed by Hooper's and Henosky's singles, evened the count. McMullin singled in the ninth and Schalk's hit to left center which Hendrlx liandled poorly, allowing McMuIlen to score. Chicago 000 000 0112 9 0 Boston 000 000 010 1 7 3 Schalk and Faber; Walters and Pennock. 1 27 T 1 BRANTFORD AU R H PO A E 4 lark. If 4 o 2 o 1 Flaplelna. rf 4 tl O O O 0 Jiridy, 2 r i ' 2 2 .rtne. f 3 1 2 4 0 0 Imvu-tn, 2b 4 O 3 3 2 0 Wanny. lb 3 O 111 1 O M. BIligot. 3 b 3 0 0 1 4 0 l .tella. X 1 0 O 0 0 0 0 K-atlng, e 4 0 1 2 S 0 Wlualow, p J 0 1 J J 32 S 9 24 14 3 Henre by InntBgs: Brantford 3no 1 0003 r-aitle Creek loo 020 2x-o Nummary: Home ran Bering. Three, bite Stopp, Brady. Two baae bits Keallnv, Wlnelow, Jewell. Bering. Difuble Play Stupp to Jewell. Stolen t-nee llrsdr. Baaea en balls off WIb-eliiTv s. Borne 1. 8trnck out by Horns wild plteoes iiorne u maiow j, rlflce bits Jewell. 2, Chambers. II....U. U'annv HradT. LMTL OB BaaaB Bruutord 4. Battle Creak V Time of gamo 1:M. Pmplra Fyfs. There's no reason why former bst- rlco men should not b good auto drivers. There's the free automobile course offered by the various schools being operated by tho Knights of Columbus throughout the country. The first output of finished auto driven who had served for TJnelo fVim during the war will consist of 0.000 veterans. Hamilton, with Shag Shaughnes-sy. tno scrapper of the circuit, comes Monday and Tuesday, London, the league leaders, come Wednesday, Thursday off day and Kitchener comes Friday, Saturday and Sunday. MICHIGAN BEATS CHICAGO ON TRACK Chicago, May 15. Tho University of Michigan triumphed over the University of Chicago In a dual track most today, 87 to 48, Michigan aeorad heavily in the dashes, and middle distance runs, while Chicago plied up points in tho field evenrs. Higglns of Chicago won the discus and hammer throw, while Otis of Chicago also scored two Brats, winning tho mile and two mile runs. Cook of Michigan won tho 100-yard dash In 0.10 1-5 and -the 220-yard event in :53 3-5. Butler of Michigan took the 440-yard event In :60 2-5. Michigan was without tho services of Captain Carl Johnson iu star athlete, who waa unable to compete) because of injuries. CLASSIFIEDS ARE THE THTNG" COSIFIEDS AJIE 'THE THING' New York. May 11. The New York Yankees broke Covelski's winning streak here today, defeating Cleveland. 2 to 0, in the first game of the series. In addition to pitching a great game, Qulnn hit a home run Into the righ field stand with! Bodie on base in the eighth inning, bringing In the only scores of the gme. Score: Cleveland 000 000 0000 4 1 New York 000 000 02x 2 4 0 Coveleskie and O'Neill; Qulnn and Hannah. Washington. May 15. Washington hammered Sot heron hard today and easily won the opening game of the series from St. Louis 8 to 4. Courtney waa effective in the pinches. St. Louis 001 010 0114 11 2 Washington ... 300 050 OOx 8 11 1 Sotheron, Davis, Saunders and Severeld; Courtney and Oharrity. Philadelphia. May 15. The bunch ing of errors by the homo team In the ninth inning today saved Detroit from a shut-out at the bands of Pitcher Naylor. tho locals winnings 4 to 1. Walker's triple and timely hitting and base running by Dykes accounted for all of the Philadelphia runs. Score: Detroit 000 000 0011 7 1 Philadelphia ... 210 000 lOx 4 9 3 Leonard, Oldham and Alnsmith; Naylor and Perkins. LAVYTER TO BOX. Sailor "Bill" Lawler of Battle Creek meets Chief Gachter of Mt. Pleasant at Mt. Pleasant In a 10-round bout tomorrow night, it being the semi-final to a boxing card. He fought at the Camp Custer Perry Hicks benefit show. In 1919 there were over l.tOO sep arate corporations formed for marketing of oil. .107 .119 . $l.C44t to 11. 64', were followed by a slight reaction und then by material gains ut! around. Oats ascended with corn. After opening He to lc higher, lnclud i i ci 1 Q:t&.e hte mar. I1IK jui . " - - , , .1. ,A nllmh 1 Ivci t;tiliuiiuu v v , , m-ll MAa,KS"ra Weakness in hog values tended i bXcf rSV Ltd ) to make provisions aag. Buers inyln were scarce. ' No. 1 White Whent ' 2.! I io. 3 w nite wseat 2.93 I'. S. Uubber Uuodrlch Wustin-,tauue W. V. Telegraph .... ;t. Nor. Oregon .... A. T. aud T AiuericHU Woolea ... Seurs Koebuck H'tUon -er. Cons tleneral Motors Willys uverlund .... Stuilebaker Wblte axou M. 8. O Corn Trodiiets , Central Leather Alcohol Vol. Food Kumle.r Ituuiley l'fd Hlile Leather Utile Leather Pfd. ., Hunkell I'len-e Arrow , Unite Niitierlnr Kelly Sprlngdeld .. liny Dutch International Nickel International rapvr . . Ua' . 01 Vi . 47 . 4'-j . W, . Ill .Wj'-j . t)'i . 13 . SSli . is'; . 71 'a . 01 Si . 111. . 31 "I'si . I . :., . i4 . 331, . 64'i . 1SS . Kl . 4Bi ! No. 1 ited Wheat 3.W Xo. 2 Ked Wheat 2.17 sci'-n Wheat Slldilllnga. cnt 2.e CUli-ken I-'eetl, cwt 2.75 Co(ikt:il Corn Grits, cwt l.t0 C.. feed, cwt 1 CO t'i-N Feed, cn t L'.-S ' Ua.-ley Bran, cwt 1.50 FLOUR. c'EKb .V GRAlS. I (l'lgures by Titus A Bicil.l No. 1 Whita Wheat No. 2 White Wheat No. 1 Ued Wheat No. 2 ited Wheat Oats, per bu Corn and Oat Feed, cwt. ... Street Car Feed, cwt Cracked Corn, cwt Chicken Feed, cwt fjtiliien Hot!, yj n,. sack .... fJllt Eilce Flour. 2; lb. sack Kmn, per ton Fine Middlings, per ton .... Tiuytn: ... 2.CS . . . 2.:ia 1 Millet, (ioltien, per bu 4 (10 Mi. let, Ruugarlan. per bu i.50 Cora, Red Cob Fodder, per bu. . 3.00 Cora, Kureaka Fodder, per bu. .. 4.23 VEGETABLES & PRODUCE. (Flgurca ty T. F. wi'sln Co.) l-'resh Kggs. per doz Xo Creamery Butter, per lb tiS Grnie Fruit, each ... l'J. 12. lo o:lsc .iu .06 2.00 240 2.15 2.20 2. 10 J.'JO .40 een Onions. Der huncn tiranulated Sugar, per .b Coltlen Roil Flour I'lllsuury Flour, 2a lb. sack .... Cllt Ktlue Flour, '.'a lb. sack .... ii -Jl' ! Uold edal Flour ..i!!."!!!!;!!!"! T'liiCsl. Naval Orange. 70c, SOc, We. I Lemons n.r hai Steers Calves . Bulls .. Steers . Bogs .. Lauiba Burin-.. saioc ..10(313o ., 54 Jo .. sgioc ..12141- ..lOdiUc . , - 1 l,VUI'UC, I'tt uiu. ...... sel.ln , iIeM,i Letfuee Der head . .1 111 - . . 1 n h ir.inianea ner nunen .20 A 4.4U 1 Potatoes, ner nk. Cima Annies, ner in. New Cablmce, per lb. 4.40 4.00 2.00 2.1.-1 RO(H) C2.00 BEEPS FEEDS, (i lgurea by Powera A Co.) Burin cr du.. new ....... ay, per ton CIIICAOU LIVESTOCK. Oats. New June Clover Seed Alalke Clover Calf Meal. cwt. Timothy Seed, per bu bait, per bill. Alfalfa Reed ., Winter Vetcb. per bu " ilock Lump Salt Buckwheat Jap, per bu UiK'kwbeat Silver Hull, per bu. J-lllet, Commca, per bu . 1.10 .. 32.00 8ei:ini ..SM.O0 .. 37.00 .. 8 73 .. 7.50 .. 3.2a .. 30 00 .. 21.00 .. .60 .. 3.W . 3 ..Ml .. 3.75 Texas Wblte Dry Onions, per lb. Jersey Sweet Hotatoea Lettuce, per lb Cauliflower 40 and Cranberries, per lb Fiananaa. per doz. 40 ft Spinach per lb Southern Tomatoes, per lb Florida Celery, each Asparagus, per buncb Strawberries, per pt N.w Heeta, per buncb New Carrots, per bunch New Pots, per Ibi Wax Beans, per lb? Green Een us, per lb Green l'eas, per lb .IS 1.43 .IS .08 .10 .12 Mi .40 ..'0 02H 0 KEEP CHARGE MODERATE Overcharging your battery is a? bad as letting it run too low. It overheats, and thus shortens Its life. If on a long run and there Is danger of overcharging the battery, burr your lights, thus taking the load oil the battery. Trucks up to two tons capaelty ln Norway, must be equipped with pneumatic tires, so as to prevent damage to roads and to cut down cost of highway repairs due to wear by solid tires. This is the first country to pass such legislation. Automobile body designers have found their run of new Ideas gradually thinning out and are now turning back to former days when the horse-drawn carriage was the jo 1 Hign of distinction and prosperity. At .13 ! the recent shows In France and England, many instances of reversion to the old styles were noted. Enclosed bodies for general use, and solid panels were taken up by nearly all makes of cars. .40 .18 .15 .20 .'lo .23 LIVESTOCK. (Figures by Binder's Meat Market.) CLASSIFIEDS ARB THE THING' Chicago. May li. Cattle, receipts -? Soft! alow: coinoared with week ago. prime heavy weight beef steers, 26o to 40c lower; others, stady to-25c lower: fat cows and heifers, mostly 23c lower; canners, steady to lower; little change in fat heavy bulls; bolognas. 60c to 75c lower; bulk veal calves, steady to 25c lower; HghtB, 60c to 51 lower; stockers and feeders, mostly 23c lower. . Hogs, receipts -16,000; mostly 2sc lower than yesterday's average; top. 114. SO: bulk light, J14.D0(h14.a: bulk 250 pounds and over, J13.60) 514 25- pigs. 2ac to SOc lower; bulk desirable kinds. ,13613.60. , Sheep, receipts 600, direct to packers. Compard with week ago, best lambs, mostly $1 lower; others, tl to 51.i0 lower with spots off more; shepe, market, around 60c lower than last week's close, and about 60c lower thun this week's opening. EAST BITFALO LIVESTOCK. East Buffalo. May 15. Cattle, receipts 800; heavy, slow; calves receipts 300: 25c higher: $$17. Hugs, receipts 4.800; 22c lower, heavy, $14.60 114.76; mixed 115.50 (S.116.65; yorkers, $15.50$15.i5, light do, $15.2515.50; pigs. $15.25: roughs. $12$12.26; stags, $7 & $K.50. Sheep and lambs, receipts 1,202; steady, unchanged. DETROIT GRAIN AND BEANS. Detroit. May 15. Wheat, No. 1 red. $3.10; No. 1 white. $3.08; No. 1 mixed. $3.08. Corn, No. 3, $2.10: No. 3 yellow, $2.15. Oats, No. 2 white, $1.2; No. 3 white, $1.25. Rye. No. 2 $2.2. Cash beans, $7.75. . Clover, prime, $26.50: October. $24. Tim- olhy. $5.50. Alslke. $26.60. LIBERTY BONDS. j New York, May 15. Liberty . 7 . ..i. m can ! nonus nn.11 puco. 7 lirst 4s, $84.60; second 4s, $84.10; mi 41-. 185.75: second 4 Vis, $84.40; third 41is, $87.98; fourth 4s, $85.02; Victory 3s. $95.50; Victory 4a. $95.62 j NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. j Ciuutationa Furnlabed by Bulburd, 1 Warren and Chandler, S12 Post Bldg. Saturday Close 12 O'clock. I B. and O. Canadian Paciflc 1J : ho. raciac Southern Pacific WJ I'nlon Pac4tlc Northern Pacific St. Paul Pennsylvania Heading New York Central New BareB Erie trie Pfd Southern Kauway Ladies of refined taste will wish to patronize the best. Marinello is the best. It's Different We have an Expert Marcellc Waver with us from Marshall Field's of Chicago. This is what our ladies of Battle Creek have long wanted. Please patronize her. Licensed Marinello Shop 207 Post Bldg. Bell 217 Prof.. Dr. Hillin gs E. C. Fisher & Co A Books 12-14 W. Main St. Office Supplies Sporting Goods Every One Who Reads Write o I ! Can Texn I'acldc Wabash Wabaab "A" Hock Island Pullman American Locomotive American Car Fdy. .. American Steel Fdy. . Prcse Steel Car Mldrale Baldwin Lark Steel V. 8. Steel I'. 8. Steel Pfd Vaa Crucible ltep. I. and S Allis Cbal American Can American Sugar Cuba C. Sugar Mexlcaa Bute Sinclair OH Tezaa OH Ohio C. Gas California Pete Pan. American ....... All. G. and W. I Marine Marine Pfd Anaconda American Smelters ... .one -ip?r in. Cblno Copper p,'i rtah Copper 68 Kenneeott 2414 Inspiration 6214 Rpx 87H . r I I.BT .IIH. Il" Retail Storea 711, 74 33V4 40 1 N5i : 87 , 28-,: ....... llTa 10 ! -v 44 8 1 'j :i ', 112 '. bl 1 131 ' 1 W ' 4.".v; my. ; . .... 74 w loni ! 75Vi ; 138 I WS, 3.1 ' S 12UU swi Itl'lL? 34 484 I 40y 31 104S lOKVi 31 84 ony. DIAMOND ON CREDIT WatcHes and Jewelry For Graduation A large assortment of Wrist WatcHes, Men's WatcHes, Diamond Rings, for Ladies and Men. Set Rings, Pearl Necklaces, La Vallieres, Cameo Rings and pins, Fountain Pens, Ever-sharp Pencils in Gold and Silver. Elks, Masonic, Oddfellows, W. O. W. and 32nd Degree Masonic Rings. Forget Your Worry, you don't need all tHe money to Buy, tHe Graduation, Birthday or Wedding Gift Wedding Rings engraved and plain in all styles and price. See the DIAMOND KING Before you Buy Sam A. Maurer Co. 85 West Main Street All who write should have KYERSHARP men, women and children. LYERSIIAR1' writes 250,000 words with one filling is ever handsome and ever economical of effort, time and lead ever sharp and never sharpened. Smartly made in every appropriate style for everybody with handy eraser, and pocket clip or chain ring. Equally at home in an exclusive club or a busy office. We have them in all sizes and in various finishes. They make an excellent graduation present or birthday gift. . JUST IN KING'S AUTOMOBILE GUIDES Cvery automobile owner should have aoe of these guides. Covers all territory in Michigan and Northern Indiana. Shows you how to get there and back no more wrong roads. Only a limited number, priced at .., $2.00 FISHING TACKLE The E. C. Fisher & Co. is headquarters for the fisherman everything he needs to make a fishing trip successful will be found here in splendid assortments, rods, reels, lines, lures, hooks, tackle boxes, etc. Such well known makes as the Shakespeare,' South Bend, etc. We have what you want reasonably priced. KODAKS ? Yes Indeed All Sizes And not only Kodaks but the supplies as well. When we say supplies we mean everythtny . that a photographer needs complete assortments. WE GIVE TOC A 24 HOUR SERVICE ON DEVELOPING AND PRINTING

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