The New York Times from New York, New York on October 22, 1895 · Page 15
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 15

New York, New York
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Tuesday, October 22, 1895
Page 15
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Tiro yEW-YQim times, Tuesday, ootodeb 22, 1895. two paiits stxteeit pages. SEWS OF THE RAILROADS Eitensloa of the Florida East Coast SEW USE TO BE OPENED FEB. t Xo Truth fit the ILr ports that Railway Is tobe Dalit Along the. Coral Reefs to Key West , Various Matters. The extension of the Florida East Coast Hallway from West Palm Beach, on Lake Worth. Florida, to Miami, on Blscayne Bar. has rven rise to rumors that a line is to be fcullt from Blscayne Bay to Key West. Eucb a line would have to be constructed along: the partly submersed coral reefs for a distance of It) miles. The project has been talked of as feasible, but H. M. Flagler, who owns the East Coast Railway, has no intention of engaging In any enterprise of that description Just at present. Work on the extension from West Palm Raarh tn Miami is rrofrMilnff ranidlv. The distance is sixty-six miles, and the contract calls for the completion of the new line by the fret of next February. A line of steamers plying between Biscayne Bay and Key West will connect with this road. Joseph Richardson, General Passenger A rent of the Florida East Coast Railway, has Just issued an attractive and Instructive pictorial Florida folder. Mr. Flagler's Improvement company at Palm Beach is constructing a fine ocean pier for the convenience of fishermen. Bondholder Lose Their Case. Washington, Oct. 21. The effort of the holders of the second mortgage bonds, known as the equipment and income bonds, of the Burlington. Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railroad Company to compel the Burlington. Cedar Rapids and Northern Railway Company to pay the bonds met as adverse fate In the Supreme Court of fc TnlAl Ct.fa. T. in -ton Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railroad was bought by the Burlington, Cedir Rapids and Northern Company under a decree made Oct. SO, IMS. and It was not until 1SS3 that the second mortgage bondholders Instituted proceedings to recover on those securities. A judgment by the Circuit Court ef the United States for the Southern District of Iowa, in May. SKti. affirmed the validity of certain of the bonds and declared others to be invalid, but the Supreme Court of the United St a tea. in an opinion rendered oy Justice Shiras, reversed that judgment and remanded the case, with Instructions to dismiss the bill at the cost of the bondholders. Grand Traak Railway. Sir Charles-Rivers - Wilson. President of the Grand Trunk Railway, has submitted a. report on the condition of the property to the Directors In London. The -result of his orltical Inspection of the road was, In the main, favorable. At his suggestion the hoard ordered 1,000 new freight cars, end directed that the unprofitable train service en the Toronto belt lines be discontinued. President Wilson reported that the relations between the Grand Trunk and .the Canadian Pacific systems were friendly. Hays, to succeed L- J. Seargeant as General Manager, the President intimated that some other changes in the staff were contemplated. Chic-afro and Alton Will Not Withdraw. Chicaoo, Oct. 21. The Chicago and Alton has decided not to withdraw from the Chicago Railroad Association. It gave notice of withdrawal about two weeks ago, because objection was made to the placing of Alton, tickets to points in Iowa, via Peoria. fin thu rtfa Khtuita A m 0.1 I ti ir r.f ., v.H. ous roads interested was held yesterday at Chairman Caldwell's office, with a view of settling the difficulty and avoiding rupture. After a long ami animated discussion, a compromise was effected by putting in the rate sheet all direct points in Iowa reached i v in. jmioti via. 1 ft 1 r 1.1 out. Keeuine oil points which have to be reached by indirect routes. . Kaat-Bonnd Freight Shipment. The volume of freight traffic from Chicago to the Atlantic seaboard continues large. Total shipments of dead freight out of Chicago, east-bound, last week were bC0-J3 tons, as against 89,31 tons in the previous week, and 411,504 tons same time last year. The Lake Shore carried ir,3Wi tons, the Erie Railway, 11.78 tons; plttaburR and Port Wayne, ,37 tons; Grand Trunk. S.f2 tons; the, Pan Handle. 7.SU4 tons; Wabash, ",36 tons; Nickel Plate, 7.-.jO tons; Michigan Central, 7.373 tons; Baltimore end Ohio, 6,503 tons, and the Big Four. 3,301 tons. Settlers Defeat tli Railroads. Washington, Oct. 21. The triangular contest btjtmetn the' Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad Company, the Sioux City and St. Paul Railroad Company, and the settlers, backed by the United States, for title to and possession of certain lands in O'Brien and rickerson Counties. Iowa, was settled by the Supreme Court of the United States to-day in favor of the settlers and the United States in an opinion delivered by Justice Harlan. Receiver Bnrleltrb Reticent. Seattlk. Washington. Oct. 21. Receiver Andrew F. Burleigh of the Northern Pacific Railway returned from New-York last night. He declined to Impart any Information concerning the receivership muddle or as to what will be his attitude toward the receivers for the eastern end of the road, Messrs. Blgelow and McHenry. Mr. Burleigh will report to Federal Judge Han ford to-day concerning the resist of his trip. price of Reading; Coal to Advance. Philadelphia, Oct. 21. It was announced this afternoon that the Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company would on Thursday advance the tidewater price of eoal 25 to 40 cents per ton. to take effect en that date. It Is understood that the eompany will, on Nov. 1. probably make a jorresponding Increase in line prices. If this shall will make the fourth advance since Sept. 25. ) RAILROAD ME A WD MATTERS. The Atchison Joint Reorganisation Committee give notice to the holders of Atchison stock that more ttn VJ per cent, of the stock has been deposited, and in view of the small amount of stock still outstanding the committee will allow Ktock-feoldera, if they deolre to participate in the reorganisation, to deposit their stock and pay the assessment on or before Nov. lo, IKKt. The annual meeting of the Pittsburg Pittsburg yesterday.- The gross receipts for the year ending June 3o. 1.V were M.-U7.22. an Increase of 877.1B7.44: net receipts, 1213,4X7, an Increase of $33,200.02; surplus for the year, 'J5,boo.2J. President Thomas M. King and the former Board of Uirectors were re-elected. Deputy Sheriff Hennlng yesterday re- ..i. i . . ; ...... i . wwvi HQ BuarnmeDi. or o,o against the Schuylkill Electric Railway Company of Pennsylvania in favor of Anthony F. Holahan on Van- assigned claim of Charles Smith for 5 per cent, commission for services In connection with the sale of urn mortgage oonus ui toe com- "-Blreciors of fhe Brooklyn and Coney . ina italiroad Company were elected yes- "'7 as rc2iows: 11. w. niocum, w. v in. derhoef. W. X. Iykman, Br. W. Sullivan, M. liurthv V Marshall. O. H Prentiaa. J. M Curran. and Sturgis Coffin. Prident C. p. Clark cf the New-York. w-I-aro and Hartford Road deellnes to . affirm or deny " the published reports that his company has purchased the iierl-ea Electric Koad. aggregate Increase of about 10 per J- in the year's gross earnings Is shown y the recent annual reports tiled by the ten principal lines operating la Texas. ..An outlay of frino.GOO will be made by " Pennsylvania Railroad Company In en- 15 "a improving its snops at age- Stockholders of the Baltimore and Ohio south western will hold their annual, meeting la Cincinnati on Nov. 21. r,JP dte of the sale of the A't'chlson i TW uP'leI foreclosure, has been fixed for v U Topak. ...... BUKGLABS WORKED LEISURELY After TiMting Col. Craas'i Larder and 6e caries Cboic Tood The Selected Much Silver wire and Decamped. ScARiDALX. N. T., Oct. 21. Burglars were busy again early this morning la this town, where, for four successive nights, they have visited different houses and have been more or less successful In securing valuable plunder. They effected an entrance through a cellar window Into the country home of CoU A. B. Crane of the law firm of Crane Lock wood, early this morning. The door at the top of the cellar stairs hsd not been locked, and so they had easy access to the first floor, where they staid, not venturing up stairs, where the family was asleep. The thieves took their time evidently, as they ate a hearty supper and drank a large quanUty of Col. Crane's best whisky. Then they 'packed up all of the table silverware, comprising knives, forks, spoons, napkin rings, sugar, milk, tea. and coffee service; saltcellars. Ac, so that when the family assembled for breakfast this morning it had to use some common steel cutlery from the kitchen. The burglars removed a large photograph from a sliver frame, carried away the frame, and left the picture lying on a table. They helped themselves to other articles which were easy to be carried, and departed. The value of the property stolen is about JJ.ftOO. The family did not hear a sound from the burglars, and knew nothing of their visit until the servants went down stairs this morning. The men had removed their shoes, as the prints of their stocking feet were plainly visible on the hardwood floors. They also used candles to light themselves about, as was evidenced by the numerous drops of grease on the floor and over every place where they went. Col. Crane's fine country house Is about a mile from the railroad station on the New-York and Harlem Railroad. For the past week or more there have been two camps of tramps in the neighborhood. The tramps begged about the vicinity during the daytime and sat and slept about large fires at night. It is supposed they planned and committed these burglaries, and an effort will be made to discover if they are the guilty parties. The residents hereabout are getting very nervous Over these nightly depredations, and are arming themselves to rive the perpetrators a warm reception if they discover them at work. Several of the young men of the neighborhood have agreed to do some night patrol duty In the hope of capturing the thieves, and securing their free board at the State's expense. WOBK FQB FOBEIGN MISSION'S Plan to Bold Special Services and Meetings in the Presbyterian Churches and One General Gathering. The following letter was sent last week to the members of the New-York Presbytery: New-York, Oct. 19, 18t5. Dear Brother: We send the inclosed plan, indorsed by the Board of Foreign Minions and approved by the Preabytery of New-York, hoping that you will five to this work your very cordial co-operation. The scheme designs the preaching of a sermon upon foreign imaaions by the pastor or stated eupply, Eabbatb, Nov. 10, th devoting of the Wednesday evening service Nov. IS to prayer for foreign mlsslona, the holding of a central meeting in each diatrict Thursday evening, Nov. 14, all culminating In a grand central meeting tor the entire ciiy Friday, Nov. 15. It la not necessary for ua to remind you of the crying needs which make auch a movement Imperative. The condition of our Foreign Mission Treasury, the pleading of unevangelized millions, the widespread Indifference to foreign niisalona among Christian people, and the criticisms which are now being hurled at thin work by a hostile world these are a few of the faufe which are painfully apparent to every one Interested in the extenelun of Christ's kingdom. This movement has been Inaugurated with the prayer that It will be brought to a most successful Issue in this city. Furthermore, be repeated, as far as possible, by every Presbytery In the land, so that our whole Church may receive a Divine quickening, a new baptism of the Holy Spirit for a more determined and pelf-denying prosecution of this work so dear to Christ and so vitally important to the prosperity of this Church. Tour very sincerely. ANSON P. ATTERBURT. D. D.. JAMES CHAMBERS, U. U., JAMES IJ. HOAI)LEY, r. D.. A. WOODRI KF HALfiEt. L. .. HENRY VAN IYKK. I). D.. JOHN R. UAVIKS. IX El., Bxecutivo Committee. The plan Inclosed with the letter, which was originated by 'Dr. Davies, follows: 1. Let the city be divided Into districts, and In each of these districts let there be appointed as Chairman a pastor known for his interest in fcr-eian mlsisuns. ' 2. These District Chairmen, with a Secretary of the Foreign Board, with the Chairmun of the Presbytery's Committee on Foreign Miauiur.H, shall constitute the Executive Committee, whi.'h shall take full charge of the entire movement. 8. It shall be the duty of each District Chairman to form in each district a committee, consisting of pastors and laymen. 4. It shall be the duty ot each of these district committees to invite all the pastors or btated supplies in each district to preach a special sermon on foreign mls?l..ns Fabhath, Nov. lo. and also to make foreign missions the subject for conference and prayer at the next Wednesday evening prayer meeting. 5. It shall furthermore be the duty of these district committees to co-operate In every possible way with the Executive Committee in forwardinf the Interests of the central meetings, which shall be the objective point of the whole movement, and which shall be held In each district the next Thursday evening, and for all the city In all probability Carnegie Hall the next Friday evening. Nov. 15. Dr. Clark of Boston. President of the L'nited Societies of Christian Endeavorers, and ex-Secretary of State John W. Foster, will be the speakers at the meeting, Nov. 13. WILL PAY ALL PK0PEK CLAIMS Temporary Dilemma of the Wheelmen's Protective Company. The Sheriff has received two claims against the Wheelmen's Protective Company of 28 Cbrtlandt Street, an attachment for $500 in favor of Charles E. Burnett, and a Judgment for S404 in favor of Robert R. and Edward P. Remington, for advertising. The company was organised In April. HsUl, for the registration, of bicycles. When a reporter called yesterday at the company's offices. In the Havemeyer Building, Anthony J. Griffin, the President, said that arrangements had been made to settle the Burnett attachment. The Remingtons, he said, had no right to enter their Judgment, as the time had not expired, and an answer had been put in. He said the company has assets enough to pay all claims, but has not the cash on hand now. An assessment has been levied on the stockholders of the company to raise the cash, and the stockholders are standing by the company noblyi The company's dilemma, he said, is all on account of an article published In a Chicago paper regarding non-payment of a loss claimed for a bicycle, and a circular extensively circftlated by a rival company. The company is taking new business right along. Two Express Rehbers la Jail. Indianapolis. Ind.. Oct. 21. James Robert Bsrnett and J. Don Farden. who took an express package at Terre Haute containing fie.ixio, are both in Jail here now. Barnett was brought here on Saturday night from New-Orleans, where he was arretted. No money was found in his possession, and he refuses to tell what he did with his share of the llC.tsio. The detectives who traced him did not discover that he had been spending money freely and It Is suspected that he has deposited the money somewhere, or has burled it. Both men will be tried In the United States court. The Government was able to lay hands on them because the money taken belonged to the Internal Revenue Department. He Broke thm Alderanaa'a Arm, Camden, Oct. 21. Aldermen Thompson bad his left arm broken to-day In a chase after an escaping prisoner. The Alderman saw the prisoner, William Miller, abualng a colored man. and took him iato custody. Miller dashed out of the door of the Alderman's oftice. The Alderman ran after him, but Miller tripped him, the Alderman falling hesvily on his left arm. and break, ing It. With his arm hanging limp at his side, the Alderman kept after the prisoner and caught him. after which he put Mm In Jail, and then went to Cooper Hospital, where the broken limb was mended. Maar Hotel Keepers Iadleteat. Rkd Bank. N. J..- Oct. 21. The Monmouth County Gramd Jury closed Its work to-day, after finding 140 Indictments. About forty of these are against hotel keepers accused of having sold liquor illegally. A number of these cases are from Ituog Brawcb. The majority of the remaining ladicsments are for assault and battery. MRS. HALL LOST HER CAT Cams Back to Town and Found It at a Neighbor's House. BOARD FOR TUE ANIMAL DEMANDED Thus the Angors Figured in Couit and Two Women Make Things Lively The Magistrate Decide for the Owner. 1 Magistrate- 13 ran n spent thirty-five " min'1 utes In ths Yorkvllle Court yesterday try-lng to settle a dispute over the possession of a cat between Mrs. Mary Hall of 69 Bast Forty-first Street and Mrs. Anna Stsub-staudt of 8T Esst Forty-first Street. The dispute has agitated the residents of the neighborhood for several days, and many of them were In court when the two women began attacking each other. They kept up their talk until ths Magistrate put his hands up to his ears and commanded them to stop. Mrs. Hall lives In the rear of Mrs. Btaub-staudt's premises, and was the possessor of a big cat. strong of lungs, and great In fighting qualities. Mrs. Staubstaudt also has two cats. Mrs. Hall's feline Is an Angora, and In, addition to his other qualities has such remarkable beauty that Mrs. Hall said some persons In the neighborhood envied her. She told Magistrate Brann that Mrs. Staubstaudt's cats were of the plain backyard variety. One of them was a male and the other a female. She said that her Angora frequently wandered Into Mrs. Staubstaudt's place, and frequently thrashed the tatter's black male cat. " My cat disappeared on June 16," said Mrs. Hall. "I didn't know what became of him. I searched high and low, and had all the little boys in the neighborhood looking for him. All this time the poor animal was Imprisoned somewhere. He never staid away from home before during the eight years I owned him. your Honor. Two days after Z went away to the country, to be gone for the Summer. Before I went away I left two windows and a door open so that If Tommy came back he could get Into the house, and I left orders with two gentlemen friends of mine that the minute be reached the house to ship him to me in the country, but be didn't come back. " I arrived in New-York last Wednesday, and once more searched for Tommy. On Friday last I learned that.Mrs. Staubstaudt had my cat Imprisoned in her house. She refused to give him back, your Honor, until I paid his board during all those weeks." " Have you that woman's cat? " asked Magistrate Brann. "I have," replied Mrs. Staubstaudt. " Why don't you give it back? " asked the Magistrate. T will tall vnn .Tndow " aaM Mr dtuh. Kstaudt. who was represented by Lawyer jifcn H. Whitney of 230 Broadway. " This cat came to my bouse almost starved ten days after Mrs. Hall went to the country. The cat never had enough to eat." " What! " shrieked Mrs. HalL - How dare you! " V Yes; you know it." replied Mrs. Staubstaudt. , " You stole the cat." 'answered Mrs. Hall. " I thought you accused my sister? " " You were always Jealous of my cat." " I took your cat In and fed him as an act of charity, and he repaid it by clawing the fur of my dear Benny. If you think' so much of Tommy, why don't you pay for his board? " "You had the company of the animal; what do you want? You will have to give him back." " I won't." " You will." " I won't." " Stop! " cried out Magistrate Brann, as he Jumped from his seat. " How many cats have you, did you say. Madam ? " asked the Magistrate of Mrs. Staubstaudt. " I have two," she replied. " Well, why do you want three? Give this woman back her cat." " I protest," said Lawyer Whitney. " This woman has a lien on the cat for board, the same as in the case of a stray horse picked up and boarded." "Pshaw! Pshaw!" said the Magistrate. " If you want to collect for the board of this cat, bring action In th civil court. Go home and get your cat, Mrs. HalL " Mrs. Staubstaudt. you return this woman's cat. You have no right to It," concluded the Magistrate. WHERE DUCES AXD BASS ABOUND Fhe Birds Are U anted in All or(s of Craft George Lambden Caught an Ei;bteen-Pound Fish Last Week. New-Rochelli, Oct. 21. There is considerable talk here to-day about the wholesale slaughter of ducks along this shore of Long Island Sound. Hundreds of boats went out yesterday from different places on the Sound. It Is said that there were five or she boats after every flock of ducks. There were rowboats, sailboats, and steam launches. The discharge of the guns sounded like small batteries of artillery. It was not unusual, it is said, to see four guns, or even more, fired at one duck. When the bird fell there was often much discussion to determine to whom it belonged. Ducks have been seen In considerable numbers for a week or two at the feeding grounds at Green Flats. A few have been teen also on Echo and Pelham Bays. Many-hunters were after them all last week. Persons who were out sailing yesterday said that it was almost miraculous that accidents did not occur from the careless manner In which the guns were handled. Blackfishing here is at its height. Fishermen yesterday came In with thirty and forty flhh each. Striped bass are also being caught In considerable numbers. Town Assessor George Lambden last week caught a bass that weighed eighteen pounds. A number of other very large bass have been captured. J10RM0X ELDERS ORDERED TO LEAVE The Letter Sent Then Trne over to at superior Conrt Judge. Raleigh. N. C. Oct. 21.-Four Mormon Elders Robert W. King, Byron Carter. F. E. Smith, and Era C. Robinson brought to Gov. Carr to-day the following letter, signed by cltlsens, which they had received at New-Hill, this county, where they were endeavoring to establish a church and make proselytes: To the Mormon Elders: We, cltlsens of New-Hill and vicinity, acting Uon our knowledge of and InfurnutUon aa to your religious principles, regard you as a nuiaane to the community; therefore we ask you to retire from our community as quietly as you came, aad that at once. It Is signed by twentj-seven respectable persons of that section, among them M. D. Bynum, pastor of ths Christian Church, and the Rev. I. J. Jennett. Gov. Carr has turned the letter over to the Judge of the Superior Court now sitting her. Karraw Escape of Ironsides. Bobdkntowk, N. J., Oct, 21. There was considerable escltement here at noon to-day over the report that Ironsides, the residence of Mrs. Delia S. ParneU. was burning. Smoke could be seen coming apparently from the house, and the Are bells were rung, calling the department. A great crowd hurried toward the mansion: When the firemen arrived they found a spark from a locomotive had set fire to the dry leaves on the lawn, and these In turn set fire to shrubs and brush which have been allowed to grow wild during the past few years. The chemical engine subdued the flames. ' Ironsides has always been of Interest to the town since Admiral Stewart lived In It, and since its aged mistress was murderously assaulted last Spring it has beedftt of more Interest than ever to the people of Borden town, ; Collector for Little EorsT Harbor. Washington, Oct. 21. The President today appointed James E. Otis of NewJersey to be Collector of Customs for the diatrict of Little Kgg Harbor. N. J. IX THE REAL ESTATE FIELD Bales of Dwelling ni Flat" Worth Side Property Bid In The Auction ; , ' Offerings. The Frank t. Fisher Company has sold for P. T. Radtker. at about T5,000, the three three-story brick and brownstone dwellings 829 to 333 West Eighty-fifth Street, each 20 by 62 by 100. Messrs. Stabler V Smith have sold for Miss H. M. Dod, at about $22,000, the three-Story dwelling 163 West Ninety-first Street, IT by BO by 100. . . Mary A. Stlllman has sold to William H. Payne. President, of tha Mount Morris Bank, the three-story anrbasement dwelling 0 West One Hundred and Twenty-sixth Street. Mr. John W. Gray has sold to Clement March the five-story flat, with stores, at the southwest corner of Lexington Avenue and Eighty-seventh Street, 27 by 100. Mr. John W. Betts has bought two lots, 50 by 100, on the north side of One Hundred and Forty-seventh Street. 330 feet west of Amsterdam Avenue, and will erect three three-story and basement dwellings on them. A plot on the west side of Daly Avenue. 81.66 feet south of One Hundred and Eightieth Street. 101.8 by 104.75 by 100 by 11L18, with frame dwelling, was offered by H. C. Mapes Co., at the Trinity Building salesroom yesterday, and was bid in by the executors, John Q. and Andrew. Schuhmann, who put up the property, at $a,400. There was no other bid. The auction sales set down for to-day at 111 Broadway are as follows: By Philip A. Smith, auction sale, 33 West Ninety-seventh Street, north side, about 300 feet west of Central Park West, 18 by 100.11, three-story and basement brick and stone dwelling. By James L. Wells, foreclosure sale, John B. Talmage, referee. 98 Lewis Street, southeast corner of Stanton Street. 25 by 75, six-story brick tenement, with stores. Due on judgment. $11,030; on prior mortgage, $35,- By t. Phoenix Ingraham A Co., foreclosure sale. Thomas McAdam, referee, 105 Park Street, south side, 92.4 feet east of Mulberry Street. 19 by 55.3 by 19 by M.10. two-story brick tenement, with store. Due on judgment. S3.8MO. By William Kennelly, partition sale, John H. Judge, referee. West One Hundred and Thirtieth Street, north side. lOu.8 feet west of Amsterdam Avenue. 6414 by SS by Jog 5 by 183 by SO by 133 by Jog 5 by 10., vacant. By John T. Boyd, partition sale. S. L. H. Ward, referee, 358 Bowery, west side, between Great Jones and Fourth Streets, 10.4 by 102.8 by 17 by 108.8. five-story brick building, with store. THE BUILDISG DEPARTMENT. -s Character of the Plans Filed sad Alterations to bo Matte. Lenox Avenue and One Hundred and Forty-seventh Street, southwest corner, by Metropolitan 8treet Railway Company, one-story brick storage: cost. $20,000. No. 323 West Sixty-ninth Street, by James Donovan of 322 West Forty-sixth Street, one-story frame wagon shed; cost. $1W. No. 232 East Forty-ninth Street, by Robert Nilmann, alterations to four-story brick conservatory; cost, $100. Recorded Real Estate Trasafcrs. Monday, Oct. 21. BEI EKMAN ST. 24: Hania Mandelbaum mnA wlf ,nH 1T-latir T .(.. mmA wtf tA John R. Downey $70,000 SOTH ST, a a. 270 ft w of 6th Av, 20x02; same to William Molr 45.000 34TH ST, n s, 1S3. ft e of 4th Av. 21 x V8.0; Frederick C Train, trustee, to Kd ward A. Manic.. 85,000 38TH 8T, 24 East ; Abram C. Bell and Wife to Mary L. C. Flak 1 WEST ST. 424; Henry Coastals and wife to Marcella Dunn 1 BEEKMAN ST, 24; John L. Lien and another, executors of Loulaa A. Llghtbody, to Harris Mandelbaum and Flsber Le-wtne 100,000 23D ST. n s. S8S ft w of 7th Av, 20z8.; aleo 80 and 41 West Broadway, Vi-part; George Marcua and Charles Lowenatcla. exeoutors of Solomon L. Mayer, to Emliy R. Marcus and another 34.000 SAME PROPERTY : Siegfried W. Mayer; executor of Benjamin F. Mayer, to same. $4,000 77TH ST. n a. 272.10 ft e of Araaterdam Av. .06x102.8: Franklin Acker aad wife to James B. Gillie 1 SOTH ST. S3 Weat; William Buhler to Linda Roll 1 90TH ST. s a. 284 ft w of Central Park Weat, 21x100.8: John B. Smith and wife to William I. Roaenfeld 1 AMSTERDAM AV, a, 73 ft s of 8Sd St. 24.4x0x Irregular; William Wuers and wife to Jamus McKeown.... AMSTERDAM AV. e a. 2f f t a of 83d St. &0x80; William Wuers and wife to W1U-lam J. McKeown 10 10 52D ST. n a, 839 ft e of lat Av, 20x2.x x6; Ferdinand O. Merckel to Helmuth SjAME PROPERTY; Helmuth and Conrad George to Sophie Mercael 1S.30U CSTH ST, B a, 270 ft w of lat Av, 21x 100.4; Cecelie Stelner to Bernhard Meta- ger - - - , I HTH ST, n a. 06 ft w of 3d Av. 25x100.5; Joseph Marren and wife to Anna M. Gaftney 1 S.1TH ST, 843 East; Mary Bingham to Theodore Zimraermann and another .... 12.00O S1ST ST, 611 Eaat: John.R. Downey and wife to Harris aad Flsber Lewlne 1 SIST ST. 515 East; John R. Downey and wife to same - 1 114TH ST, 220 East; Henry Hlldburgh. executor, ate., ot uiua nuaourca to Catharine Hushes 111TH ST, s s, ZiO ft w of Park Av, 16.8s W0 11; Leah F. Moore to William Plcken. UhTH ST, s. loi ft w of 8d Av. BOx 100.11; Lewis Z. and Emanuel O. Bach to William Fisher MATMSON AV. w s. 25.11 ft S Of 116th St. 10 10 6x!5; Morrts Freundllch and wife to Simon Adler -- 60.000 MADISON AV. w a. 20.4 ft n of 127th St, W.ox irregular; John N. Smith and wife to Benjamin Schelm - MADISON AV, w a, 00.2 ft n of 127th St. 69.8x irregular; the White, Potter A Page Manufacturing Company to John N. Smith 1 105TH ST, n a. 8S0 ft e of 2d Av. 43x 100.11: Eliiabeth M. Jerrlng to . Max Sommer 10,s00 LOTS 115. 164. 165. 225, 246. 251. 260. 891, and 886, map of Arden property. East Cheater; Matilda Fraaer to Lily L. Shir-mer lo.ouu LOTS 120. 121. end 128, aame map; aame to aame a, WW LOTS 1W2. 220. 247. and 250. same map; William H. Myers to same LOTS 237. 238. and 510, aame map; aame LOTsa250 and 247." aame map; Walter W. Taylor and wife to aame Is)T 180, aame map: aame to same...... LOTS 76 7U. 08. 475. 476, and 4il. map or Arden property: Charles A. Bucklln to Lily L. Schirmer GLEBE. LYON. AND DORIS A VS. gore bounded by aald avenues, shown on map of Do re Lyona; Anna E. Lyon to Elisabeth Hellman ' ', " ' , MADISON AV. w a, 20.4 ft n of 127th . 80.10x35x30.10x35; Annie P. Smith to 114TH ST 237.10 ft'i of 3d Av. 16. 8x100.11 Henry Hildbu h to Catherine Hughes. . tth AV s w corner of 140th St. 24.11s 76x75x25x00. 11 to street xlOO: the executors of Solomon L Mayer to EmUy H. Marcua i'VoV.w" i". UOITLEVARD. s e corner of 125th St. 176.6x75; Joseph E. Weed to Frank L 1 13THh8T V s' ' 817 ft" w" of 7th " Av,' "7X lOOllf 'Wmism Plcken to Leah F. 7THAV "w si' 24!il "ft s of "Bth ' St. "23s 75 also a a of 14th St. ISO ft w of i?h Aw 25x00 11; . W. Mayer, execu-, Benia-TlnF. Mayer, to Minnie O. tiIwVntein and Emily R. Marcua 147TH ST! V 178 ft - 11' 4.000 1,200 .10 8,400 17.000 ,400 Av. " f tft oeorxe W. Ruddell S2.auv IISU 8T, 10 West; Ph"i Braender and CTOTONa":" tlTu n'et &ilni oe, 25X10O: James Kens i aad wife to J.mT. A. and Eusene T. 1 ANTHONY AV. w a. 76-10 ft n of Berry t 17 10x7e x-x7al ; Charle. Dexhelmer ' nd wife to Thomas Dexhelmer Gift. BAYARD s w eorner of Cambreleag Av. KTOxW; Martin Meagher to Catharine Meagher... 1 liUTH ST B S. ITS n w i.l UJuriiinn A v. 25x100: Michael V.tter to Bee- islsT arnm' 400 ' ft ' w of Co'uVuaa'd't it 60xilV: " B1" DKNMAN PLACE, n a. WO ft of foreat Av. Buxl45.SV Thomas O'Brien aad wife to Annie Leahy - "'".-" '1 L" out. 2.000 uirm ST. a a, 7 n w o at. jrrwino; Catharine Hlldburgh Hughe to- Heary Recorded ! APFEU Frederick, to Christian KJsegtr; 21 Avenue B. swre. Ae Iran . I 'T t'i AV. store. J"'"' nl-RVfiWITZ. Slimund. Joseph 870 BERKOWITZ. Stamund. Joseph Ptap- 34 ?,J'.L!"? IrllCm' "to " Elisabeth "iamborv : 2 17 Emit Sd St. store, o,. three rears . tl4 gf yf-aj BoOlot la fwB ROBERTS, James. M i Gluaeppe Gulrrlere; S East lOoth Ht. I years..........,,., 1.320 Recorded Moetejagfcs. ir, Slmno. to Morris Freundllch: w . AM.d.I Av. S5.ll ft . ot lUin St. "two mortgage.. Installments. ........ .. $.3 BKJtTE. Hrmn A., " Haruca) Kef- m.nri? 10 Weat lBd St. ft years Z3.0u0 BiHHER. John, to Jemima Henderson; a Bi BoVle- Av! 111 ft W Of Pervl St. ft years . ny '' w HAL City Bed Ettate for Sals. Aloneyfo foan ln,4H&S Large or Small Amounts. Apply dtreeUy and save ox TOIL GUARAimExTBUST C? mm mr . M. ... (66 LI 26 Cc M.E. U9 V Jbertr St., N. T. Vntrrt 1 ourt BC. Brook lvn. E. Corner &6tb SC 7th AvV.X. "o uota ot., a. i. CAPITAL SUlLU,y,(X)0,OMl AlCTIOSEEH. AGt&JIT. Ceo. R. Read, REAL ESTATE, PIJTB T. ASD 1 MADISOIV AT. BROKER. - APPRAISER. Real Estate for Exchange, i?irBJANOB roR - HOC8H ON BROOK-tlr,"Jlt'Jor cn Eighth Avenue Btoklya. a 2JJn? modrn our-atory brick house 2 feet wiae, on a oorotr of ta?m ,AT-' TBI VewYark, worth about 70.0uo and mortgaged for one-half. For further particulars apply to FIXE ST. K4tx)7) 1 MADIBOV AV. Vestchetter Property for Sole. FOR SAL H. BEAUTIFULLY LOCATED AT Pelnam Manor on the Post Road. A hanflmu-e plot of 26 acres, suitable for the erection of one or mere haadaome houses and also eligible lor subdivision Into many plots aad lots. Apply to GEO. H. READ, P1NB ftT. City Elats To let -Unfurnished. 33 West 12th St. New nre-proof apartment hease. 841 fMt wide; one apartment each floor; slevator aad all seed-era Improvements; exposed plumbing; saves large rooms sad bath, all light; southerly expo, ore to sua and air; no well, holes; aasurpasaad la finish and conveniences by any la -the city. Apply to offlce of JAMES A. BEARM SON. West 14th St. ' 124 AND 128 WEST 9 1ST ST., opposite St. Agnes' Chapel. Seven roams, bath, and toilet room: parlors in bird's aye maple; diaiag room quartered oak; hard-wood trim ttamughout; exposed nickel plumbing; tiled bathroom; hot water supplied; gas and ooal ranges; steam heat; private location: reals. 850 to tea. CLEVELAND. li TO ISO EAST S4TH ST. A choice flat; unfurnished ; aewly painted and decorated throughout; parquet floor; all rooms light aad open to outside air; owner resident. BARRT. Thomas J., and wife to Frederick 8. Dennis aad another, trustees: a a of 40th St. 881.S f t w of 2d Av. ft years. . ft. 000 BELMONT. Henry, to Isaae Butler; e s of J aft arson 8t, Lot 426, map ef Union port, S years 2.600 QDHN, Samuel, and wife to The Bowery . 'Saving Bank; s s of Oraad St. 24 ft e of MottBt. 1 year 12.00S DEXHE1MER, Charles, aad wife to John D. Beala; w s of Anthony Av, 78.10 ft a of Berry St. demand.... 1,250 DOHERTT, Bridget, to The Farmers' Loan A Trust Co.; 73ft Ivlngton Av. 2 years 2.000 FISK. Mary L, to T1U Ouarantee A Truat Co.; 24 East 28th St. 8 years 60,000 HALL Jeanette, to aame; a s of 144th St. 125 ft of Convent Av. S years 20.OOO HIQOIN8, Margaret J., te Matthew McNa-mara; w s of Madlaoa Av, 83.4 ft n of ' 130th St. 1 year.- 200 JUNKER, August L. and another, to Edward Schweyar aad another, executors, Ac; e s of Trinity Av. 150 ft a of Clifton St. 8 years 2,000 KEHOE, John, and wtf to A L Morde-cml; a corner of Bleeckar aad Wooster St, demand - -- S.000 UWRSNCE, Sarah R., to Joha T. Hunt; s of 158U St, 7SO ft of Oourtlandt Av, years. 1,000 MANDELBAUM. Harrta, arid aatbar te the Title Ouarantee aad Trust Company; " ' 34 Beekman St. 1 year i SS.000 MEAOHIK. Martin, and wif to tb Henry Zeltner Brewing Company; a w corner . of Bayard St and Cambreling Av. 1 year. 800 PICKLN. George W., to Robert Blackburn; n s of 147th St. 17ft ft w of St. Nicholas Av. 1 year... 20,000 ROLL. Linda, to William Buhler; 63 West 80th St. S year - T.000 SMITH. Margaret K-, and another to Eaat River Savings Institution; n a of Hous- ton St. 29 ft w of Avenue B, 2 years.... 4.000 SCHEIN. Benjamin, to John N. Smith; w . s of Madiaon Av. 20.4 ft a of 127th St. (flv mortgages.) 2 years 18.000 SOMMELR. Max. and wif to Henry H. Jackson and others, executors; a s of 100th St, 8s f t of 2d Av. 8 years , 8V200 SMOOT. J. Samuel, and another to the New-York and Suburban Co-operative Building and Loan Association; a a of 7th St. 275 ft w of Avenue A, Installments ; 4.000 TRIPLER, Isabel, to Title Guarantee and Trust Company; 40 Weat 77th St, 8 yeara 2O.000 THRALL. Suaan M-. and another to- Joha Stemme; 483 East 120th St, 8 year 8.000 VETTER. Benedict, to Minnie Trees; a s of 151st St. 4uO ft w 6f Courtlandt Av. 8 years 8.000 WOLKENBERO. Joseph, and another to Samuel Goldberg; n s of th St, 223 ft w of Avenu C 1 year L200 WOLF, Ida. -to Cathartn Stunua and another: 74 Hester St 6 years, (two-mortgages) j 18.000 WOOLF, James A., and other to Kale A. Brennan; n s of Summit Av. 04.3 ft w cf William's Brlflge Road, 8 years....;.. 8.000 ZIMMERMANN. Theodure. and another te Mary Bin ham; 843 East 86th St. ft years - ft, 000. SAME to A. T. Hupfel: a s of 85lh St, , 178 ft w I 1st Av, 1 year 2,000 Assignments of Mortgage. BENDHEIM, Adolpb M.. to Patriek Hopkins . CAVANAGH. John L, to Annie McOov-ern, two mortgages DINKELMAN, Bctaey aad Sarah, te Aanta Mom HUGHES. John M-, to Henry J. Braker... HEN8HA W, Joha H.. to Sara Brusiere... KLEINSCHMITZ. Kapar, executor ef . Charles Geclach. to Joha H. Schroder... KEMP, John H. V., to Emellne A. Kemp. SAME to Amelia Iklenberg MORAN, Jane, executrix of Michael Mo-ran, to Jane Moran...... McW HIRTKR, W. H., to Simon Adler and another M1NRATH. F. R.. xoutor of Sophia Elmer, la Jacob Mtnrath SPIEGEL, Charles, and Sigmuad S. Stelner to Morris Beck SOMER, Amelia, administratrix of Joha Bruder, to Henry Rjeder and wife TITLE GUARANTEE AND TRUST COM-paay to New-York Jublio Library, Astor, Lenox, and Tllda Foundation SAME to Oraoratloa of the Brick Presbyterian Church of New-York SAME to Heary L. P hereon aad othara. xocutor ............. .................. 92.700 5.000 .ooe i 8.50O 3,000 15.842 4.SW5 V. 1 2.450 10.000 r 1 37 SO. 000 40.000 12.000 . . -Lis Peadeas. 28TII ftT, s a 250 ft of flth Av. 44 ft front: StUlman , F. Knee land against Alexander C How and others, taction to set asid oonvey- SAMe'prOPERTT: William E. Thorn against same, (action to set aside conveyance.) ELLIOTT AV. a w a, 60 ft treat. 80x44. Throe's Neck; John Flaherty . against Denial Pwyer an1 other, (partition.) . I0TH ST. s s. 275.8 ft w of Broadway. 26 ft front, Francis M. Carpanier asalaat Elisabeth Tknsipaoa aad other, taotic of attaohmeot.) MORSE AV, aw, part of Lot 2. Tweoty-t hird Ward: Herald Employes Cs-operatlv Bulnlag and Loan Association against Charles E. Mc-Elroy and others, tforcloura f mortgaga) FvRl)HAM PLACE, a . 1 i ft w of Orand Av. ftO ft front; Thomas .Cahlll against Joseph V. McMullsa sad others taction to foreclos at. cbanlo's Ilea.l . . BLOCK bounded by Broadway. ftSth Bt., 8th A v.. and S5lb St; Granite iitat Provident AaaorUa-tkn as a In u Jama O. Benaelt. tautic- of at-tarhmat.1 ftVTH ST. 240 sad 242 Eaat;- David Kleia and thers against Arnold Lentolne sad ethers, tootle ef attachment.) WEST BROADWAY nd Murray St. s W oomer, 25.2x4a7; Joha B. Robert against William Kngel asd others, taction to foreclose machaa. tc's lln- , Haaaaalaa Lloaa. FtlJ "yeaterdar in the County clerk's rBcef Ll'tLOW ST, 00; William Kir by against David Amolsky. owner and contractor. . HTT 114TH ST. a a, 105 ft w of park Av. 100 ft front; clutch K- Gate A Co. against ' Herbert Eserton, owner and contractor. 1.864 MANHATTAN AV. 61 and M; Jacnh Krewdwuin agali at John and Howard to. Van oaIcb, ewnera; Joha In vena n ax, r"nr''t,r 150 14.1TH ST. 6A4 East; Otto Loehr again Eiisa lana, ewaer; Barth Outlaw nalk. eontrsetor .......a - 88 ESTATE, Real Estate1 at 'Auction. PETER F. METER. AtKrtlooeer, . will sell at suction, ea TIICIUDAY, OCTOBER 2U. JJI95. at 12 e'elock, at the New-Tork Real Estate Salesroom. Ill Broadway. . the 4 fl atbry hrtck and stoa aparUnents, with lots. OS. 332. 334. aad 33d EAIT ITT XX MX, Maps, Ac. at auctioneer' a office, HI Broadway. Apartments to LetUnfurnished. . - -I M EN DELS 5 OHN OLkC CLUD , DUILULNO, BACHELOR 1PARTMEITS, 111 WEST 40TH ST.. Between Broadway aad 8th Av. STRICTLY FIHsrBOOr. Suit f twe aad three rooms, with hatha rteam heat, else Lr la aad ga light, elevatee servtea. A , all laetaded lo rent. For Mrtiealar laqulr a the ogle f CLARE ESTATE. 28 W t 23d St.. or f atnC. . The We5tm!nstert 115 EAST 18TH ST Adjolalasr Westaataater lIotoL Raw. Torlc'a oatlr asartaacat hows easaeet-! with av hotsL Meals served la aoavrtaaeats or 1st hotel dJstlagr roosa. The o.atet aad orlvaey of hosae. oosv-yealaaeea aad latdcooaideaioo of at Btotet. UAKDSOMBLT FEIMIIHED SUITKS. Parlor.' four bedrooms, hath; absolutely fireproof. THE OT.TATTA. Northeaat aorner 5th St. aad Columbo Av. Elegant apartments of eight rooms and bath; all light and sunny: finished la oak and mahogany throughout; 2.250 square feat to a floor; tam heat, elevator, all Impfovacneata. lavaalr oa p rem la . City Houses to Let Unfurnished. ft 1st ST.. SIT "WEST. Ten rooms and bath; mantle mirror: excellent order; tnf; keys la 418. JOSEPH CORB1T CO.. 23d St. and 8th Av. Referees' notices. PARK STREET. Superior Court of the City ef New-Tork. MAURICE LEVY, plaintiff, acalast DANIEL VALENTI and other, defendant. In pursuance of a Judgment of foreclosure end sal mad oa tb 24th day of September, 18V6. and entered In th offlce ef the Clerk of the Superior Court of the City of New-Yerk a the 25th day of September, 1803, L th underlmd. th referee la said Judgment aamed, will sell at Subllo auction, at th New-Tork Real Etat alesrooso. No. HI Broadway, la th City cf Naw-York. oa Tuesday, the 22ad day ef October. 18do. at 12 o'clock noon of that day by D. Phoenix Ingraham. auctioneer, th premise ran. tioaed la said Judgment ana were la described sa follows, via.: All that certain lot of land, with the handings thereon, aitaate, lying, sad being to th City c f Naw-York, and which Is bounded describe as follows, via: Beginning at a point oa tb southerly aid of Park Street opposite th atr of a party wall or partition about four lacoe la width, atandlng partly upon th lot ef laod hereby ooaveyed aad partly apoa UM lot ef land adlolaing th . aame n th weet. and raa-alng theaca southerly sloog th ceetr ef said party . wall or partition, sad beyond th same fllty-four (54 feet ten U0) Inches in a atralght line to a point which la Mventy-four 74 feet ten 110) inch distant easterly from the easterly tin of Mulberry Street; thence easterly nineteen 1S) feet to a point which I, flfty-flv 155) feet and three rS Inche southerly from th southerly aid of Park Street; thence northerly as th premises hereby conveyed ar now occupied aad Inclosed, flfty-flv 55) feet and three 8) Inches to a point aa tb said southerly aid ef Park Street, which I ninety-two (92 feet aad foar 4 inche distant easier ly from th easterly Una of Mulberry Street, aad thence westerly along the ald aostherly aid of Park Street nineteen (110 feet to th place of beginning, said premises being known as No. left Park Street. Dated New-York, September th. 1805. THOMAS MeADAM. Referee. LETT STTTART, Attorneys for PlfL, 13 Chambers rjtreet. New-Tork City. ' a30-w3wMThAok . WEST SEVE.NTY-MNTH STREET. Court of Common Pleas for the City aad County of New-Tork. METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, plaintiff. " against HERMAN SCHWERIN aad others, defendants. Ia pursuance of a Judgment of foreclosure and sal, mad and entered la th above-entitled action, bearing date th third day of October, 1(?S, I. th undersigned, referee named herein, will sell at public auction at th Real Estate Salesroom. No. Ill Broadway. In tb City of New-York, oa th thirty-first day of October. 1805. at 12 o'clock noon, by Oeorg R. Read, auctioneer, the premise In said Judgment men-tkoned and therein deacribad as follow: AU that oertaln lot. alec, or parcel of land.' with tb building and Improvements thereon, situate, ly1"S. and being la th City, County, and Stat ot New-York, bounded and described aa follow: ' - Beginning at a point' situated en'th southerly Id of Seventy-ninth Street distant eaghtma feet six inches west of the westerly aid of Columbus (lat Ninth) Avenu; running thence southerly and part of th distance through a party wail aad parallel with Columbus Avenu v-enty-alx feet and eight Inches; thence westerly parallel with Seventy-ninth 8treet seventeen feet; thence northerly again parallel with Columbus Avenu and part of th diatanc through a party wall seventy-six feet eight Inches to th southerly aid of Seventy-ninth Street; thenc easterly along th aam sveatea feet to th point or place of beginning. Th above-described premise lie ta Section 4. Block 1.1 SO oa th land map of th City ef New-York. Dated New-York. October 7th, 1805. SAMUEL B. PAUL Refer. ARXOTJX RITCH A WOODFORD. Attorneys for Plaintiff. IS Wall Street, N. Y. City. oS-2aw3wTuFo21 MACDOUGAL STREET. New-Tork Supreme Court. City and County of New-Tork BA BETTE COHEN, plaintiff, against VIRGINIA C. CLAYTON t al.. defendants. Ia pursuance of a Judgment of forecloaur and aal la th above-entitled action, bearing data th twenty-third day of August. 18U5. end duly entered In th efflc of tb Clerk of the City and County of New-York on th 24th day of August. 1IU5, 1. th undersigned refer, will sell at public auction at tb New-York Real Estate Salesroom, No. Ill Broadway, la th City of New-York, on Wedneaday. th thirtieth 30) day of October, 1815, at twelve o'clock noon, by William M. Ryan, auctioneer, the premises la said Judgment mentioned and therein described as follows: All that certain plec or parcel of land In th Fifteenth Ward of the City of New-Turk, known aa On Hundred and Thirty-three Maedougal Street, situate on th northwesterly sld of Mao-dousaj Street. Beginning at a point en hun. dred and six feet southwesterly from the point where Fourth Street intersect Maedougal Street, thence running northwesterly on a line parallel with Fourth Street elghty-alght feet nln lnche. thenc southwesterly on a lln parallel with Maedougal Street twenty-four feet aevea and one-half Inches, thenc southeasterly oa a lln parallel with Fourth Street eighty-eight feet nine inches, thenc northeasterly on the lln of Maedougal Street twenty-four feet seven aad a half Inch to th place of beginning. Dated Naw-York. October 7. I8S5. WILLIAM C. WILSON. Referee. BOWERS SANDS. Attorney for plaistlO, 53 and 4 William Street. New.Tork City. eS-2aw3wTuAFAo30 ONE HUNDRED AND TENTH STREET. Court of Common Pleas, for th City snl County of New-York. GEORGE SCHWEGLER, plaintiff, against BERNARD S. LEVY at als.. defendants. In pursuance of a Judgment of forecloaur and sale, duly mad and entered la the above-entitled actios, and bearing dat th 27th day of September, -IMtft. 1, th undersigned, th referee la said Judgment nam-d. will sell at public suction at the New-York Real Estate Salesroom. No. Ill Broadway, In th City and County of New-York, on October 25th. 1815, at 12 o'clock Boon of that day. by Bryan L. Kennelly. auctioneer, th mortgaged premises la said Judgment Batatioaad. and therein described as follows: All that certain lot r-f land, situate al Bloom-Ingdale. la the Twelfth Ward of th City of New-Tork. aad bounded and described as follow: Beginning at a p nt oa th northerly aiu f On Hundred and Tenth Street at th diatanc of two hundred feet aastwardiy from th northeaster, ly ooraer of Eleventh Avenu ta wl4ad aad On Hundred an.t Tenth Street; thenc running northerly parallel with said El even la. Avenue" ninety feet eleven nchs; thenc easterly and parallel with On Hundred and Tenth Street, twenty-flve feet: tho southerly, again parallel with Eleventh- Avenu. ninety fet. eleven Inches, to th northerly, sld of On Hundred and Tenth Street, sad thenc westerly along ita Hundred ad Tenth Street, tweaty-flv feet, to th point or plac of beginning; said pretnla being known by the atreet number haf Weet (n Hundred and Tcath Street Dated New-Tork. October 3d, 182ft. HUOH R. GARDEN. Refer. A. HOELZLE. Attorney for Plaintiff, SI Park Row. New-Tor. SUPREME COURT. CITY AND COCNTT OF New-York. ALFRED ROE. plaintiff, against JOHN J. MAHAN. and other, defendant. la pursuance ef a Judgment of foreclosure and sale, duly mad and entered ta th abov entitled action. ad bearins dt Ocio lath, immv 1, tb undersigned referee la said Judgment named, will il al public auetlon. al tb New-York Real F.tat Salesroom. Ill Broaiway. In th City and t'ounty of Nw-terk. on jr. I4lh day of November. 1BSA. at 18 v'Wock actra f that .day, by Philip A. Sony trt, auctioneer, th premise la said Judgment metWnd and thereta dvacrlbcd, Mlowa; All I ho a iru certain lots of land situate In th City. County, and Stat of New-York, which, taken together, ar bounded d decrlb4 as follows: Beginning at a paint ua th southerly aid 4 Oo Hundred and Vry-vent h Wirwet, distant westerly- on hua.lred feet (rvn th swlnt .f Interaeetloa of th westerly line of Seventh Avenu with th southerly Ha of ald atreet ; running theoo southerly parallel with Seventh Avenu to th aortherly lln of On Hundred and Forty-ctsth strti Ihcae weaierly along th tine f Ml Ut-mstlOBd atreet twenty five feet: thenc northerly parallel with Seventh Avenu ta th satuherly aide or lln of Oa Hundred SBd Fony-enth Street, and thc astarly along ta southerly aid of said last. roeattonad strM larenty-flv feel te th point f pMlanibg, Dated New-Tork, 21 0 t,,W, H5. . .. ti'OE.vB u. roMKSY. KVfere. ALFTtCn ROB. Attnewew la PVrsoa, 154 and 15 Broadway, Naw-York, N. T, . Rjfcr:: !':t!:::. IN THE CIRCUIT COUHT OT TUB IN'ITl State for th District ef How' Cxtoh THE FAHMEKT LOAN ASU IPXrr t.o.l- j PANT, complainant. ye. IHfi :a KOI.IN 4. I CL'MBERMMi MAP AND tl'fW HAII WAY COafrANY, dfen1nt. MII Mcrx-ALD, complainant. Va. TUB CAH"U.VA, ( ' M-HKHLANL. OAF AND t JIICAOU KAILWA T COMPANY and othara, defendants, Cocsol.datei Cause la Equity. W heress, at a tern of th Circuit jrt , th United State for th District f Scuih ( " llaa, held st th Ct'y t.t Ornvill In aaid '' , a th 7th day of September. IM.. a decree w duly entered la th abov-entit)ed it. t" --eietng th anorta; of tn tefeniant. th Carolina, Cumberland Oap and Otcao -llwat Compaay, mentioaed and described in tn M l ef complaint an th amended bill of rompltui ef tb complainant, the armers' Loan and True' Company; and, Wheveaa, It I therein rderd, aJndc. ! decreed that - tb mortgage Ml forth In tn. original bill of complaint of th Farmer Ixert and Truat Company, uaJ. by th said dafiant. th Carolina, Cumbarlaad Gap and (Iikmi Railway Compaay, to the eeasiaiaaBt, ti. . rmrs Loaa and Trust Comt-any, besrlne dst the first day of November, 1ft i. I a vsi.l and subsisting mortgage, and eoastitote lien upon th mortgaged premises, property, n franchise deacribed la said mortsss. as I I. low tn word party of tb first part." la aid descrleUo. referring to th savtd defendant, th Carolina. Cumber la ad Oap aad Cl.euax Railway Company : . " AU aad singular, th Carolina. Cnmberlaa4 . Oap and Chicago Railway Company's lin ot : railway, begiaaing at ee near th City ef A ike. la th But of oouth Carolina, or th City " , Augusta, la tb Stat of Georgia, and runnln theao la a west ef oorth direetioa) bimuii part of th Slate f aVsath Carolina, Non i Carolina, 7 ennessea. and Kaotucky, to a pmt not yet determined. In th valley ef tb Or.k : River, st or near Loakrvlll r Lexington. 1 tn State of Kentucky, or Cincinnati, la th frait of Ohio. Tb mala lln of which will b about foar hundred feota mile ta length. Incluumg tit roadbed and superstructure and U. right i wa of said railway, aad all Lands, real estate, raw a, tracks. Bid tracks, bridges, viaduct, buildings, depots, station bouse, car bowse, engine house machine shops, warehouse, tura tables, wall taaka fence, structure, erection a, fixture and Improvements, aad all other things of Whs I- . vr kind thereunto belonging, or In any wise appertaining thereto, or which ha va been o may h acquired, provided, or purchased foe us upoa or la connection with ald railway; and all landa acquired or designed for depots, warehouse, ana other structure at either tee. minus, as well a along tb lln f said railway, and all franchisee, tracks, property, snd appartaaaa purchased or to be purchased of others, to he ta4 as a part of th id lln ef railway of th Carolina. Cumberland Gap and Chicago Railway Company; and also all tr. locomotive. aadr. eaglnea. ear, and ethet roiling stock, equipment, machinery, taatrunaent. tools. Implements, material, furniture, and other chattel new or berea f ler belonging or appertaln-Isg thereto; sad all property, both real and personal, of vry kind and description, wblch aba II be hereafter acquired by parr has foe us ef of apoa said railway; and all th aorporat rights, privilege, and franchise which th ald party of th first part hath and can exercl, or hall hereaf tr acqulr ar becom sd of. La, to. upoa. or la respect of said railway, or necessary for th construction, maintenance, or operation af aald railway or any part thereof, or anything belonging or appertaining or whirl may hereafter belong or appertain ta th aame. r any part thereof, and also Including all th rants. Issue. proSts. toils, and other Income ot aid railway or railway company; and also a.l th rights, private;., and franchise whatsoever, which th aald railway eompany now pososssa, owns, or Is entitled to. and sll rights, privilege, and franchises, propwrtl. real sad personal, and rights and things ta action, which th said . railway eompany asay or shall acqulr. possesa. or becoao entitled t foe th pur puss of said railway, or th operation, use. sad maintenance thereof.1 And. Whereas, it la there la farther ordered, Judged, and decreed that th said property, real., personal, snd mixed b sold under th dlrertioa ef J. E. Ha good, th undersigned Master Cnm-mlaaloner. snd th proceeds of urh sal applied to th aatlafaetloa of th Judgment obtained la tble suit la favor of th complainant, tii Fins. era Loaa and Truat Company, with Interval aad oat; and. Wharaas. It was further ordered, adjudged, aad decreed that said Master Cmm iknr snail sell said property for cash, or for cash and bonda. and as an ntlrty, and without ar. pralsement or right of redemption, at pubiio aucttoa, to th highest bidder therefor, at twelve o'clock noon, at th Park Avenu Cms-. lng ef th Carolina, Cumberland Oap and Chicago Railway Company, in th City ef Aiken, la th Stat ef South Carotin, on a day lo bo earned by the said Master Commissioner ; and. Whereas, It waa further ordered, adjudged, en I decreed that a otic ef th time and place of said sal should bo given by the Master Om--mlaeloner by publishing a notice thereof In Th Chariest oa Nw and Courier. In a newspaper published la th City f Aiken. Sooth Carolina, and In a newspaper published la th Cuy of New-York ; and Whereas. It wss further ordered, adjudged, and. decreed that said Master Commissioner snail not , receive a bid for said property from any pvr.,a or party unless uch proposed purchaser aha II. st or prior to th time of making such bid, de poalt or have deposited with th Master Commissioner th sum of 123.000, In such currency or draft, certificate or cheque as may b satisfactory to tn Maatar Commissioner ; that the deposit so received from tn successful bidder halt b applied on account of th purchase price, and that auch further portions of th purchase price . shall b paid in cash ' aa th '. Court may from tlm to tlm direct, th Court reserving th right to resell th premise nd property therein directed to be sold upon th fallur of tb purchaser or purchaser, bia. Its. or their successor or asala-na, to comply within twenty day with any further order of th Court In that behalf; and that th ha lane of th pure ha a prto may b paid either in east or la bond or overdue coupon secured by it her th aald mortgar abov mentioned, or th Income mortgage of the aald defendant railway eompany to tb complainant, th Farmers' Loan snd Trust Compaay, each aald bond and coupon being received fo. such sum as the holder thereof would be entitled to receive under the distribution la said decree ordered and according to th priority therein adjudged. For more particularity, both aa to th property to b sold and term of sal, referenc I mad to th decree of for-. clour entered la th above-en titled stilt. Now. therefor, public notice 1 hereby glva that Z. J. E. Ha good, Master Commissioner, in pursuanc of the provisions f said decree, will, on Tuesday, th 2bth day of October. IMUG. at th . hour of twelv o'clock Boon, at th park. Ave. tut Crossing of tb Carolina. Cumberland Gap and Chicago Railway Company, in the City vf Aiken, la tb Stat of South Carolina, .sell, at publl auction, to tb highest bidder. In accord-, anc with th term and conditions of aald decree, th above-described property. - lands, and premise, aad apply th proceed thereof a to aid dec re provided. J. E. HAGOOD, ilaeter Commissioner of th' United States Circuit Court for th District of South Carolina. TURNER, McCLUKE A ROLETON. 23 William Street. Nw-York City. . WILLIAM T. GARY.. Augusts. Ga.. Complainants' Solicitors. ol-law4wTuA. SUPREME COURT. CITY AND COUNTY Or New-York. Es'l ELLE M. KEEOAN, plulnuif, sgainst MARGUERITE J. GL'l.NEE. Janic A. Gulne. Frank V. Oulaeo, and Helen Guinea, de-fendanta . In pursuanc of an Interlocutory Judgment of partition and sale rand and entered in "the above-entitled action and bearing date th I4ih day of October. llftO. L th undersigned, tb referee la aald Judgment named, will sell at public auction by William M. Ryaa, auctioneer, ot th New-York Real Eatat Salesroom, No. Ill Broadway, In th City and County of New-Yorn. oa tb l-'ta day of November, 1N3. at 12 o'e'uck aw,. tii premise la aald Judgment mentioned snd tbru described ss follows, te wtti . All that certain lot, piece, or parcel of land.' with the building and Improvement therein reeled, situate, lying, and being In th City of New-York. and bounded and described as follow, vis. Beginning at a point on tn aort her 1 v si of On Hundred sad Seventeenth flllth) Street,' distant ninety-four feet aterly from th northeasterly eorner of said On Hundred and aWven-. tevnta Street aad First Avenue; thenc ruanlng northerly parallel with said First Avens una hundred feet eleven lnche to tn centre line t f th block ; I bene running o,aierly along said oentre ln and parallel with said On Hundred and Seventeenth Street. Sixteen leet eight Inches: thenc running southerly, again parallel with x.l First Avenu and part of th way through a party wall one hundred feet eleven niche. t t,.. northerly sld of On Hundred snd Seventeen: t Street, end thenc running westerly along said street sixteen feet fight inches to th point pr plac of beginning, together with th right to , us and n)oy th westerly wall erortwd wholly or nearly so on the lot adjoining oa th ciat ef -th abov-dvscrm4 premise, for th uppoi of lh beams of th easterly rear portion of th building erected oa lh aald premises twevt v conveyed and which ar Inserted in aald wail; th said wsll to b regarded and used aa a lmrty wall between in said preralsis with lh builumg thereon erected aad the vt adjoining on Lh !- . ward thereof. Aleo all that eertajn other let. piece. r parrel of land, with th building t hereon, situate. -Ing. and being tn th Eighteenth Ward ef tb Ciiy of New-York. ) th northerly ij f Twe. ty-aeeond Street, between th First nnd fmxnd A venuea, bounded and described a follow, tia. hewlnntna- at a point oa th said rturthee-iy ai.i of Twenty-second street on hundred and fifiv feet in a westerly direct loci front th rom. r fnrmed by th ntercti4a of th said northerly Id of Twnty-eeond Street and th westerly' sld of the First Avenue, and running 'them e northerly and parall! with th aald weewrly si-'-, of th First Avenu. plnety-elght feet end run . IrMrheo to th centre of tii block between Twviitv-seeoTtd snd Twenty-third Streets; thenc wreter'y and parallel with sal.l northerly id of Twenu-second Street twnty-Av feet; thenc "jif.-i i and parallel with aald weaterly siUe of the ir.t Avenu alnety-elvht feet and nln Inch to aai.l northerly aid of Twenty-eworid Mreel, an.l then aalerly along aald northerly ill. of Tut-aecond Street went'-S-o feet to th point t.r i.lac of beginning 1 Mle-I New-Tork, tv-tober 17th. M3. MOSL.H HEM R MAN. Referee. EMtt.K RFNTTVILI.K. Plaintirr s Altora. No. TM Broadway, New-York. N. T. PET Ell EAGAS'. OuarJlaa sd ll'ent an Att'v 2v?u-ni-aa.i j To ths Womw of To-dsy TtlD NEW-YORK WCCKLY TinC- la specially welcom. Ita Womaa's Par, .written and compile by women. U unsui. raised for entertaining and useful fewtur.s. I contain weii-wrlilea arttnt-e on eil .. f tern in in topic th adoinment of it . kousshold, , aecia) usage, dress, ti.e c.r vl ahUdraa, kom airuaemcote, Ac la It tlouseholi. rih!o-!. Art, nd Uterrry Lr7-rt - the lUghaet standard Is alw r r

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