The New York Times from New York, New York on March 4, 1901 · Page 11
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The New York Times from New York, New York · Page 11

New York, New York
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Monday, March 4, 1901
Page 11
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us i 1 ' IN THE REAL ESTATE FIELD The following sales at auction are down for o-day. at 111 Broadway: Br William If. Ryan, foreclosure !, Tboraaa jr. Donnelly, referee, ST1 taniil Street, north side. 43.4 feet tut of West Broadway, 19.8 by Kl by 20 by TO. 3, five-story brick building. Due en judgment. $2u..161. Bv William M. Ryan, foreclosure sale, Edward A. Sumner, refer, 18 and 167 Spring- Birrct. northwest corner of Went Broadway, 43.3 by 714 snd trregulsr. six-story brick building. Due. on ludgnKnt. $22,2&0; subject to other mortgages tot ti.Wk . - - iiv V. Phoenix Ingraham A Co.. foreclosure sale. Frederick A. Ware, ref wee, 314 - Weat Eighty-second Street, south eld(. 158 feet west of w End Avenue. 17 by 102.2. four and five- story stonefronl dwelling. lua on Judgment, 122.032. By John N. Oolding, foreclosure aale, Edmund J. Truesdale, referee, Lyman Dace, northwett side. .'11.8 feet southwest of Freeman Street, 54 2 fcy XX 7 by S4 by 47.7, three-story frame flat. Iue on judgment. $7,007. Hy THer F. Meyer & Co.. foreclosure sale, Vernon M. Davis, referee, 8t. Nicholas Flaoe, east nWit. running through to Edgecombe Avenue, J4fl.l feet south of centre line of One Hundred and Flfty-thl'd Street. 79 by 200. vacant. lue on Judgment, $41,787. City Real Estate for Sale. Ilisv. 4r 7 Umm 42r AaMtar nta WASHINGTON TERRACE. isfith St., one-half block west of Amsterdam Ai-v Eight left out of. row of eighteen; all three-story and basement, brick and tone; hardwood trim throughout; open plumbing: tiled bath and vestibule; can be nam-ed for two families. AUDUBON AV.. 392. between 184th and 185tb Sts., two-story sad basement, brick and stone; eight rooms iin J bath; open plumbing. 557 WEST 183D ST. Three-story and basement, high stoop, brick and stone; all improvements; hardwood trim; open plumbing; a complete arrangement for two families. GRAND SACRIFICE, MORRIS AV., 2383 &-90, North 1S4th St.. 2 elegant frame detached i-rivate houses. 37.0X125, 13 rooms and tath, &11 new and modern open plumbing, hard-aiod trim; elegant location. The above rent from $.10 t.v I'm. or for title on easy terms. $25m to $5uo required, lance same as rent. 0en for Inspection. The above propertios are within two blocks of Rapid Transit station. Apply owners. M. V. A V. F.RVST. 3t Liberty St. An eU-gant resilience, m-wr lark. upper west lie. for sale or exchange for country resilience and acreaae, near by; 2s rooms, billiard snd bowling alley: hard wood, hand carv-iiii;. and inlaid flours throughout; parlor, library, jluing ripom. and butler's iiniry and kitchen on :n- floor; four bathrooms; house 25x100 fe-t; price ft 23.01 Ml; will sacrifice for cash offer. Buyer only apply to K. I,. Bierrick. 101 1st Av.. Mount Vernon, N. Y. "89TH ST., 272 WEST, BKT. W KST KD A V K. A- HOI XKYARI). ITIvato 4-story. Anorl.-n basement, brown-stone dwelling, extension to top: perfect con-Oiiloii; niiuhl entertain an exchanger For permit applv to owners. , .M. L. C. KH8T. &t LIBERTY ST. WAS H I N GTO NH E IG HTS Ideal Houses lu An Ideal Location. ; Several modern. American-basement 'dwellings. il having full extensions, four minutes' walk fr .m 1otli St elevated; inspection Invited. JAMES Jl HAT. 71 B'way, or 21 Hamilton Terrace. 3ulnss block on Third Avenue, near 127th Street. No. 2.3.-.O. forming an I, on 127th Street, f-lng two parcels. Iihw,. and 17.4"xlOO- on 127th Street: great sacrifice to Immediate pur-t-haser; little cash required; will be sold on March fcth, 19ul, For fjll particulars, addruss rtl. hard P.. Costello. Wall 8tret. At a sacrifice, on account of death tn family, a new lit fMt 4 Inches high stoop and thre stories private house of the most perfect and exquisite arrangement, with butler's pantry and .wo bathrooms; located in the best part of Washington Heights. Inquire 142 5th Av., seventh floor. J2S cash" buys five-story double tenement. No. .Vwi West JKth 8t. ; sacrifice price: r year mort-Bgs; 22 good tenants: pavs over $"i net over ail expenses: title guaranteed. Baker. 157 West 23d Ft. 4 -lot of nearly 10 lots, fronting 75 feet on both West Street and Washington Street, for sale. Apply to OfiDEY 4k IAttKSO, 7 ,1'lne St. and 127 fth Ave. Good opportunity for selection of those elegant newly built 5-tory double flats, with lstest Improvements, In 14oth St., near :ld Av., completed April 15. Hagette. cor. M.'Sd St. and 3d Av. on lli-eral terms and readv for Improvement, fad 8t.. in Av. A. 6 lotsllst Av.. cor. With St., 1 lot. -Av. A. cor: 70th H.. 11 lots. Firm of V. J. Carpenter. 41 Liberty St. A. Can purchased at a reasonable figure. foor-story brick apartment house, with stores, a Qreenwloh Av., near Sixth. Firm of L. J. Carpenter, 41 Liberty St. A Rare Chance for Quick Buyer New 5-story apsrtment house; 2 stores; n families on floor: rent. $.",.140; pri-c. 27..'j. Charles Hands. :J72 Iienex A v. A. Will sa'rlflce Krth Av. corner, above 42d St., beM part of the avenue; 5-story double tenement, with store, for less than :;i,tMnt. John 1'. Klrvan, Lroailway. corner 44th St. Elesant cormr. ft-stor. 4 Mores. 5 rooms and hath. 3 families on floor, .tixlisi. Price .'"- Cash to suit. Ragette, cor. 143d St. and 3d A. For Sale or Kxchangc Three :t-family single frsme flats. Kagle r.. near-Westchester Av. ; 1' mipruvetnents; will pay commission. Owner. 2 n :id Av. ts.Viunge Two 4-story brick flats,' block from 141)th St. elevated station. i rooms and bath. for small house. Kichl. 2.X!!i :til Av. f4th St.. No. 10 Fast. Location unsurpassed; Immediate possession : with furniture If desired. s-PPly on the premises. 5isi cash, bnlan'-e B'r. three-famllv frame, all rentHl. thiee blocks from L station: exchange. -Williamson a Hryan. H7th St. and 3d A v. .ivenue store property: 5-story double flat, all rented; fine store, good location; price sitM'io, -tsh $4.ks. Itagette, .x.r. 14kl St. and 3d Av. For Sale or to It Two-story mansard frame dwelling. tJ4 West l.!2d St.. between 5th and Lenox Aves. Robert I: Urown. 20 Nassau Bt. A handsome, two-story building for sale st nronxvllle. N. T. For particulars call at 418 A'h Av. Ijnduutst. Orf-at bargain; fine, extra wide single fle.t house, 173 West-7Wh St. . little cash; 10 per cent, lear. Owner. Otto Diedrich, 4'tf Amsterdam Av. Attention. Ituilders Lots. Ilter41 Toan. all loia-tions. Security furnished good builders. Uro-ker. Room 125, 111 Broadway. H ikhi. -Hronx. detached 11-room house, .full lot, near elevated titrlckPr. 3,04i 3d AV.. LVJth St. H..V 5uth St.. near Hth Av.. elegant 3-story private. 2o feet. Thomas Psyne. ttd Broadway. Westchester Heal Estate for Sala. JO.;.rl. StimrtZ4r 7 limn 4 ir DnMtnr dltpUg. 1HK NoXON,. N. V.. LAW AND REALTY CO. I.NCiiRl'OHATElV CAPITAU II To 21 PARK HOW. TEL. 30M CoRT. tVf.HY l-.KANCH OF LAW HEAL ESTATE. Splendid home. new. 11 rooms: reception hall, dining room, kitchen,' butler's pantry, parlor; een U.; rooms, open fire place; every known iir.prMvement. In a fine location In New Rochelle; one n Ir.ute from railroad station, one block from ""!) . line aurroundings. large verandas; house by 41 feet; an ideal business man's home; price, $7.5ol; $4,000 can remain on bond and mortgage. We also have, In a fine location, a perfect rouRr. li rooms and bath, with stable and carriage house; lot. !sxl5; five minutes' walk from railroad; all Improvements, price, 10.500; easy terms We also have fine house. J rooms, all Improve rnenf; fine stable and carriage house; lot, 75 x ; fruit In abundance: centrally, yet quletl) located: a tsrrfect spot for quiet, refined home; trice. 7.5oO. We have fine block, two stores, four flats, firnt-claes In every way; gilt-edge Investment: rental. 1 -too; flrrt-class location; can be bought r.ow for IM.oOO. VT also have a fine cottage In Al condition; Bine rooms: lot. 50x150; five minutes' walk from station; $4,500. We have fine country furnished and unfurnished houses to rent to suit ail tastes. W also have a magnificent $40,000 Irvtngton Property at $ 2O.0O0. We also have a magnificent property, near the sound, worth 20,i. that, can be bought at jnee for S13.5l. The first one to sea It will bay It; 2iiS front on splendid avenue: THE NOXON. N. T.. LAW AND REALTY CO. INCORPORATED 25.(s CAPITAL. , fc11 TO 21 PARK ROW. TEL. 'MM CORT. KVKRY BRANCH OF LAW RBAL ESTATE. Srantvllle lots, near ' station. 28 minutes 42J; ry cheap; few for $100; city Improvements; f asavsaiuents; title Insured; small monthly Paymtnta. Offenbach. Vt East 118th St. Rtal Estate for Exchange. Wt.arwe Sswe 7Nsu4Sr AHNwi,ltr Avenue property, 6-story single flat with quity 40.0-10. la exrhanse for f ra and :ore. Clear ntry property near New Torlc Ka tte, is.ia Kt. and Sd A. 'lat or tenement wanted in exohange for two-family house In Brooklyn; will add aome cash; ' particulars. R., Bog 10H Times Office. . Choiea ft-story single flat, west aide, steam heat, hot water supply; all rented! equity, $12,000. Jhomaa p. Payne. 86 Broadway. - osaaa P. Payne, V4 Broadway, ha a large tst St choice sfotisrUee fwr sals eu xcbana. 1 Brooklyn Real Estate for Sal. iO. ysr law.' I Nats. 14e 7MsssdSs WbW 49ly. 5 i a. South of Proapact Fatrlc. A section with beautiful detached houses, with sll street improvements made snd psid for the idesl horde for people of refined taste. Onli 35 minutes to Park Row, without change, in commodious cars, tun-uing on a four-minute headway. A 6-Month Record. (Opening Day, Sept. I, 1900.) 7 beautiful homes costing from $7,000 to $12,000 cash, completed snd occupied by owners. 10 houses sold before completion. 11 houses in course of construction. 106 rilla plots sold to homebuilders. (South Mldwood Is Careful It Restricted. High-Class Resideatlnl Property. IIIa Plots &OxlM, a7..HJO and 'op. Houses with sll modern - Improvements from e7OtX to 12.KH. Come snd See SOCTH M1DWOOD or 8nd for Illustrated Booklet. Ceraiaia Real FUafe A lanraveaieat Tjt.. SOCTH MIDWtHiD OFF1CF, 1304 Flatbusn ST. 2 AND 3 STORY HOUSES all modern Improvements, swell and square fronts, box stoops, foyer and salon parlors, restricted neighborhood, near Prospect Park, on Mtdwood Street, just off Flatbush AT. Prices low. terms to suit. Send for Illustrated booklet. W. A. A. BROWN, owner. Brooklyn, 53 Flatbush Av.J New York office. 140 Brqadway. ONRAND TWO FAMILY HOVSE3. Two-story and haaesneut brownstone fronts; eight just completed: twelve sold last alx months; ore up-to-date; open plumbing. Inquire premises. Decatur St.. bet. Howard , and Saratoga Avs. OTTO SINGER, builder. Another one of those rare chances 3-famlly brick house, between Broadway and Bushwlck-Av. : 1 rooms; all Improvementsr only $4,050. Ketrham Bros., 1.5415 Broadway, Brooklyn. Apartment House, Park Av., near 81st St. ; rents for S2.1T0; mt'ge I22.0HO; want an offer. Porterfleld ft Co., 1.254 Bedford Av.. Brooklyn. Long Island Real Estate for Sale. tO-.prrlint Slim-tHe 7ts4?' DovKIit sisslsy Three.-story corner dwelling at Whltestone: will rent for $25 per month, or sell for $4,000; $250 rash, balance lung mortgage; ten rooms, all Improvements; 3 minutes from depot. 30 minutes from city. Baker. 157 West 23d St. Telephone lustt lth. . Queens Real Estate for Sale. Houses. Flushing. Tlroad'way. Baysld. White-stone; improvements: easy terms; $3,000 upward; houses built. John Falkinburg. Builder. B:.yside. Staten Island Property. Grove, 10 acres 000 feet on lower bay; 18 acres, on Sound: 12 acres, OS) feet on railroad. 3 minutes to depot: 1 acre, large house, barn, &c, near water; forty lots. dock, fine roads: all free; long lease. W. T. Elliott. 206 Broadway, city. New Jersey Property for Sale. Kk.rrrU"' ttimr.2 1- 7 linn 42c JtovUffnr hf2a. For ale. at Metuchen. N. 3., on P. R. R.. 25 miles from New York, dwelling house of eight rooms: Improvements; steam heat; barns; abundance of fruit; six minutes from two railroad stations; easy terms. Address F. O. H., Box 204. Metuchen. N. J. $lrt buys 2"-i acres: $35 buys 5 acres; almost given away to close estate; adjacent Summer re-sort; big prices for all produce; boating, bathing, fishing: installments 60 cents weekly. Appleby. 10 all. For Sale Near Summit, N. J., 55 acres, wltt l.Soo.feet front on Springfield Av. ; large house; fine trees: suitable for suburban home or building sites; easy terms. Owner. Box 2.799 New York. TO CLOSE AN ESTATE Large 4-story building. 25x05. store and apartments rented: moderate price. Apply on premises. W. J. MONTGOMERY, 5X Montgomery St., Jersey City. Englewood Property a Specialty. Houses for sale and rent. E. C. Dillingham, 140 Nassau 8t. New York. Country Real Estate for Sale. tO-.ptrlint Sjimn2 U 7 4Sr IkMhU far dfcpfag. Greenwich. Large acreage property, back on the ridge: one of the finest elevations in town; commanding an extensive and beautiful view of country and the Sound: unequaled in the town as a site for a large, first-class country seat or stock farm, or both combined; several building on the property. A. C. Foss. 60 Broadway. For Sale A beautiful estate In Eastern Connecticut: plenty of land, good buildings; an Ideal location fjor an ideal countrv home; on high hill half mile from railroad and trollev; fine view, fine roads; will sell very low to close T'ate. C. D. Peer. Central Village. Conn. Greenwich. Shore boarding house, unfurnished. 23 rooms, stable: shady grounds; shore road between depot and Indian Harbor Yacht Club: demand for board In that locality very large: for sale. rent, sr exchange; Immediate posses-slon. A. C. Foss. 60 Broadway. Shore property In Town of Greenwich. Connecticut. 20 acres, elevated, wooded; a very choice site for a first-class residence; one mile from depot. Post Office, and telegraph; 50 minutes from 42d St.; express trains. A. C. Foes, 06 Broadway. Corner Longfellow and Jennings Sts 2-storv and attic frame house on Ipt 50x100; four 'short blocks from station of projected underground railroad; for sale at great sacrifice to qtjlck buyer. Sharrott & Thorn. 3.855 3d, cor. Wendover A v. 3ik.i acres of splendid land In Dutchess County; hulldiigs, running springs, and all city conveniences; churches, schools. Post Office. Ac. ; sell for k-ss than half cost. Guerlneau & Drake 11 Bible House. Attractive Dutchess County Country House Beautiful location; steam-heated dwelling. 21 acres; near stations; only til.OiKi; rent furnished. Theo. Rogers Brill. 35 1 West 59th St. W. I. Beatty. Real Estate. 755 Broad St.. Newark. N. J Have some first-class property for sale or exchange, city or country; correapond-ei ee solicited. All country real estate a specialty; bargains and exchanges all directions. PHILLIPS ft WELLS. Tribune Building. Two of the best lots In Hasbrouck. Heights. JI, J. ; actus! worth $1,200; will sell for $(W0 cash. Box So, Tappan, N. Y. ReaMEstate Wanted. IQr.nrrHn- SUmti 1 4r 7Hmi41e IHlli'er4lrpUf. WANTED FOR CASH BUYERS, -West Bide tenements, flats, apartment houses, i C. ECKHARDT, 693' 9th Ave.' AnVKRTISEH HAS WAITING CUSTOMERS for good city and country property; correspondence and Interviews solicited, especially from Owners unsuccessfully represented, elsewhere; hours 11 to 3, mention this paper. George B. Dowling. lu Broadway. Wanted A good double tenement between CUn- ton and Eidrldge, from Grand to Houston, must be In jrfect order and well rented. Quer-lr.eau V Drake. 11 Bible House. I want for Spring list, suburban and country house and farms for sale and exchangs. Send full particulars. Photographs desirable. Oswald Lamont. 208 Broadway. Wanted Private house, either for sal or rent, below 5th. Principals only. Folaons Brothers. 838 Broadway. Wanted West side house to rent, Intsntloa of buying latr, 10-12 rooms, latest Improvements. Brumer," Box 185 Times. , Corner property wanted for cash, improved or unimproved; dwellings wanted. t Theo, Rugers Brill. 831 West BOth Bt. - .., We sell, exchange, houses, business, lots, farms, quickly. Call or write, Blber. 204 East 19th St. W buy for cash, quick. If cheap, city and eoua. try property. Trinity Realty Co.. Ill liroadway. Queens Property to Let. vis rtixi tjp a b wta a T mlnotsa walk James Slip or S4th St. Ferry. 4 6 room flats. Improvements. $13.50 to $17 SO. 2-story and basement brownstone, anp'ts, $23. -story cellar A attic- cottage, imp'ts. rant. $20. Call K. E. Office, 187 Jackson Av.. U 1. City. New Jersey Property to Lot. LONG BRANCH. Corner Ocean and North Bath Avs.; ooeaa-froat eottsge, with 13 rooms; Owners, UTU AV. EUaT, 60 Liberty ft. asnnw na bb a mm m wOC u uu THE KfcW YORK TDIE3. MONDAY.': Estate. aSaswKM tttmmtU 7 1 NsAl gswHss sVss'sn. 537 5tll AVE., BET. 44TH a Uivra REAL ESTATE FOri 8ALE. 89f Afeaae el..k su. i " "sl OIUIp BETWKKX BTH K-VDI90?! AVEXtTKS. T,i,HtS'J.bT2Wn,t0?,J,w'llif?J rdwood: exposed PHWn; Tlew of CeatralTFark fr.m frontaod 102d Street, South Side, t BROADWAY s -WESfc Rxo A VERVE. f?T mlcn mVnt; 2-story butler's foe wroom eaaeuaionj private Stairway desired i wired for n bUn' restricted rear. c - - "sviiaiiii VSVPtJlUeUL, W sfnr a .tn s. 1. Z cuing uuuir, -scory nd basement, on X OBTH ilDH, BbItwI K 5 G TII MAD I SOS AVE: IKS, . " "V1 exposed plumbing; hardwoti 1 throughout. ' ' . j 72d Street, North Side, BETWKEJ BBOADW iY WEST EJTD j A V US LB, beauHfSti1 ,w"inr and baasmsnt beautifully decorated; xp sed plumbing. r 34th Street, N rth Side, Wt3T OF 'a.EXI!IGTO!V ATEXVE, satiltL k15 vbM.m"L ' "wnstne dwtlllns; ry.r,r.'chr1 br ' ,urf and elved lines, sld. of "o. 4-story md basement, south STREET, B72TW BROADWAY efc ftTH A K.ME. 27 TH STREET. linnTli sinm ad'toi- h Avenue tbrekstory and basement aajolnlna an r. Ism. k. . , . i. , front each; suitable improveraant. aaxil STREET, NORTH SIDE, uio anu Aiaaison Avenues, for improvement. REAL ESTATF plot of B0 feet front WANTED. thuF&El tOT or t0 rfnt ln th vicinity of To rent for a physician, a To rent house with an rboms, suitable for a boarding house: UOTH TOl GOTH tin Pl'Tii TO UTH about $2,000. To rent - iVE.MESi Rental i s sttri vat em Knuaa ii"W TU aiXtHI. 14TH T K STREETS. BTH TO T1H AVEI E m- v w tj i o: , inn S4TH TO BOTH To nmt . . 1. 1 1 . . ,, "h, , " w"" inea ana power ror or mree-story Duildlng that eV".'?.V" al'ered for m about 44 KKKT WlDEl 24TII TO SUTH IIREET1 sn TO 8TH AVESft'ES. r V"!'l:rs' SD To rent for a OHIO STORE. 34th a 5ft th waa wi sssrsaar ma I Rental: about $1,500. To purchase 4-story hou dr Madison Avenues. 22 to 25 feet fmnt omwet-n oiu jdadlsoa Street, i Avenues, below 50th FOR RENT. 5th Avenuei 537, i 44 TH A .4STH STREETS. entire third floor and rear fin ll04it Mlrakl. half of second floor; heated and electric lighted n arcnitectt steam .'lectrlc elevator rnvaie awening. unfu Hill. 95th 8tnsrt. south unfumaihed. near Carnegie sue, 5th to Madison Avenues. Dwelling house, orth sld of 34th Street, west m "ixington Avenue, accessible to all surface eievaiea lines. MONEY TO LOAN ON BONO AND MORTGAGE APPLY TolTHE BUREAU OF INVESTMENT ' ' OF I -" THE LAWYERS' TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW YORK. 37 LIBERTY ST. Property you desire to sell me: rental commission In vision: of vnti. Hs.n . rent, or buy writs ludea careful super- property for sale or to' leasi t, city and country to mi si standing or- uers. in m. a. K.eeier. 477 Pkrk Av. If you intend buvinv renting a house In no- nee Spest ,M. IT.. i can Sh0W VOU SOfTIA of the', very best bargains obtainable: have some urwium uargains. v. j. dam Av. faylor, 884 Amstrr- To Let .for Busin Purposea. 4 2d St.. east Broadway. 1 Ing: reasonable terms. Fclir-story. wide bulld- J. Edgar Leaycraf M Co., b'way and 44th St. New Building, strongly coilntructed, six stories and cellar. 25xln! lirht i three sides: elec- further lartlriil. rm -trie freight elevator. For appiy to Henry Eggers St.. New York. Co.. 455 West 14th Large and small off cea to let ln MONTAUK B UILDING, 19 Liberty St. and 62 Maiden Lane. (corner Wlllia Modern building, all conv illiarn St.) knlences, and splen- am nun l. J. METCALFE fTHOMAS, IV L.IOerty St. 42 4l 44 BON MASSIVE 7-story a p ST. fid basement f-ON BUILDING. HEAT, ELECTRIC LIOHn- AND POWER. Buiissie ror any ! LOno LEASE and M. B. BAER. Owner, business LOW RENT. Cortlandt St. 8TH AVE. & 33D $T. N.ORTHW EST CORNER Iarafs . briar hs- efn vUh larse basement nuiLame lor Dtcn-daas c lotting or similar busl- J. ROMA1NB BROWN oX.. 63 West S3d St. Adjoining Broadway, on 21 t St.. splendid par- ior iioor store, at tl.DOO i J. EDGAR LEAYCRAFT lr annum. f-v-i B'way. cor. 44. CENTRE STREET. 8. K CORNER LEONARD. Stores, offices, ware rooms; fines, llv! very nigh ceilings; EVERY MODERN IMPRO I? EMENT; MODER-V. ATE RE Supt. on premises, or H. RENT. lope, 1.15 Broadway. A.-93 Warren Street Corner Lofts Two lofts S30; fourth lofi $25. Janitor or P. C. ECKHARDT, 693 9th Ave. A large 4-story house on 24th St.. near Broad. way; to lease at bares In ntal: extension Im- provements suitable for an businesa; formerly occupied by publisher. OooBala eon, u West zstn t. 100 Factories iOO Lofts. JONES A FREEMAN. 803 5th Av.. cor. 42d. The six-story building at north west corner Raade and Hudson Sim. : steam power and heat; will alter to Suit tenant. Apply! to T. a. A w. r-aiien, w Broaaway, Koona Studio, beautifully furnish and with grand nd 1.1th St Art. piano, to pe rented. Ota A dress M. B. Van Duren, 48 West 12th St. FACTORY I.OFTS A O HULDI.GS. . ; CH AS. H EASTO HI,, WISKT 4SD ST. Buildings, stores, lofts. Iflcas; exceotlonallv fine list this snd other deilra ble loeationa. rTJUBOM BROTHERS, 636 Broadway. At Mount Vernon. A .arge very cheap: vacant now. corner afore to ler lnouire on the prera- buts, corner of N. 10th and cuiney av. At 21 West Z4th t. Desire til stors to let. with $75. Goodala A immediate possession ; rent ton. o west ztu St.. Fifth venus Hotel. Business Property Wanted WE WAIT FACTOR LOFTS. Hat v td i K.iA.irs to pi ACE AT OXCIC- - ( HAS. H. EAST Si CO.. TEL. M. 1 4 WEST 42D ST. Brooklyn Hovses to Lit Unfurnished. S STORIES. .SAMPLES Van Buren Bt, ;. . . .$28 Pull Lafayette Av ....... 30 Hart 3 BTORIRS 4ki 8t $.15 at r 4o Van Huren St:..... Uui Pulaski St 4MiMo fa tte Ax 48 droa St 60 Putnam Ar 46 Putpam A 00 e hare very complete list s at present. IUJdCKT A. WKltJMT Tompkins Av. Danolni. Remeys Central Park Dknclhg Academy. 01 5-91 S an tee the Waits, aad Lanclera all ath av., ( ) vs Polka. Two-step, Schottlsc for $3.00 In 0 private and 4 lessons any hoar. Classes d lass lessons. Private Vy. - circular Macdnnaid's Knickerbocker School for Dancing, 44 East 14th Sta, near Brakd away. fnvate ana ciruUr; receptions class lessons dally f send fort vary Wednesday and Saturday, BRADY'S sSSW Amstercsai Ar. WALTZ West 125th 8L Pwif Bssks-wtsa 9A svaa.t-ai BrAadway. cor.' Sfvrtla , Av, HrXKkyrL--4T4wter daocea, buck, cake- ddi iy. At httsa McCaaa'a Dancing School, 31 Kast lfth; . private and class lea son si aaiiy; aaw alaaaca (OTBsCC . Jn City hjouses to Let Unfurnished. . 2s,jmpUm ilkViflt TMsssidts ZWfaW sVipfss. A- To rant. In 68th and 9tb Bta, east of 3d At., modern thrsa-atory lUgh-atoop dwellings: exposed plumbing: tastefully decorated: rent $900. $800, $1,X0, aad $1,100; open for Inspection. Caretakers, 212 East SSth St. and S10 East 68th Bt. Houses pleasantly located ta a block of private residences, i . . Firm L, J. Carp m tw, 1.181 Sd At., near 8th St. Attractive w vrs n. u. a 4-atory, America semen t dwslHnd ass na.aita.-l'O.H ITEKHAIB. simj.iwTj: . min. or ivsiq an. aiev. e...- RKJiT flJJOO. JAME3 R. BIAT. 71 B'way. ar 21 Hamilton Terrace im Madison Ave., the southwest corner of S3d StNow occuoled by a physician; the parti-tton In tha front parlor will be removed U de-lr1; fn sen from 9 to' 11 A. M. and 4 ta r' M. . Robert I. Brown. 30 Nassau SL 45th-St., between 6th At. .and Broadway. Four-story Colonial Dwelling; $l,80n. J. Edgar Leaycraft A Co., B'way, cor. 44th. Airt2aJEa?,t. Bt Modem three-story .high-toow,,lDKi reasonable repairs will be made; rent. snoo. : Firm L. J. Carpenter. 1.181 3d At., near 68th St. Private houses, weat ride, three-story high stoop; rents. $000 to $1,000; four-story American basement. M. H. Meyers. 2.521 8th Av.. ir 1.15th St. , 5th At., 2!. Large house. 2 baths, elevator; rent. $3i0;. caretaker on premises. A. K. Msckay. 6 Wall Str Riverside Drive. 127, Near 86th 8t. Eight rooms and bath; elevator; every convenience; $1,000; also nine rooms. A. Houses, furnished nnd unfurnished, ln ds-alrable locations. $1,200 to $18,000 FOLSOM BROTHERS. 835 Broadway. Country Houses to Let Furnished. FK.HHXT AKD POH SALE. FIR. JISHlill AM) l'SF( RXISHKD COTTAGES AT HELLB HAVK.. URRE. Catskluv Mountains. Elka Park. Tanaersvllle; altitude. 2,rj0 feet; cottage, with 9 rooms, kitchen, bath; all city Improvements; garden, fine foeest: in excellent condition; thoroughly furnished; large plsixas. with magnificent vlew shade, fishing, bathlngv to let. on account of owners absence, only to a private family; rent moderate. Apply to " H. . F. W.," 343 Eaat vth St. SOUTHAMPTON. L. I. Furnished Cottairaa to rent. List os applicatioa. J. Metcalfe Thomas, 1 9 Liberty Street. Coujrrtry Houses to Let Unfurnished. Palisades. A fine, large house; good locality; fine shade apd fruit trees; house contains 12 roP,,,.and al1 "Qrn Improvements; barn and Brown. PalldUN. y.""" w To-It.--Cape Cod. South Hyannls. Mass.. pleasant, old-fashioned hous. 10 rooms; barn, shed, private bathhouse, beach, and small rowboat Pier. For further particulars address C. F. Sleeper, Hyannls. Mass. THE WYCHMEHE SEASHORE COT-TAOES (Cape Cod.) Harwich. Mass' : furnished; homelike; bathrooms, running water, fireplaces, Ac. Clrcu-lar, J., 71 East 8th St. House and barn to let at Yonkers, N. Y.. in best part of city; plenty of fruit; all modern Improvements. Box " Yonkers, N. Y. McntclalrFor rent; fine rocation: owners might" board. 80 Wall SC. Room 24. Telephone 3308 John. . Apartments ta Let Furnished. Or. perils SHwim24 7iim4U DeaUr jot display. Rare Opportunity. Thyslclan or Dentist. First-floor bachelor apartment house; high class-elaborately furnished; private street entrance-other suites. Itonheur Studios. 1TJ West 7!th St. A. Elegantly furnished eight-roora comer apartment, new fire-proof building; service unexcelled. 75 East 81st St. Apartments to Let Unfurnished. JOc per lint i Hsu. f 4c 7 iau,4 tc IxnMt for (Hijlav. Elf'ELYG.. 11 Wnl T8th St. ABSOLUTELY FIREPROOF. Choice housekeeping apartments of 7 large, light rooms and bath; butler's pantry, laundry and steam dryers. Apply to SUPERINTENDENT on Premises. Apartment to Let Elegantly furnished; eight outside rooms; Hth St. and Park; price of rental until October. Address X.. Times fp-Town Office. 1.209 Broadway. Riverside b-tve. 127. near 85th St. Eight and bath: elevator; every convenience; $l.ouo; also nine rooms. 116TH st., 2i8 West. Elegant single flats. 8 rooms and bath, steam heat and hot water supply; reasonable rents. HALL J. HOW & CO., 234 W, 1 1 Bth ST, An Al airy apartment available, at attractive rent, ln the finely situated elevator apartment house. THE TROUVILXE, Broadway. West End Av.. and 107th St. Park Av.. 1.051. near 80th St. Apartments of six l-irge rooms; steam heat; rents $21) to $21; location convenient and desirable and houses extremely well kept. Firm L. J, Carpenter. 1.181 3d Av.; 41 Liberty St. A. 311 E.i 27th St., fourth floor of five large rooms, all oiwntng on the yard: rent, $24; also floors In a to E. 27th St.; rents, $17 and $i. Firm L. J. Carpenter, l.lttl ad Av.. near tWth St. 5)4 Wert 22d St. Second floor, five large rooms; all improvements: opening on the yard adjoining; private house; rent, S25. Firm of L. J. Carpenter. 41 Liberty. 107 East lSnd St. Apartments of seven and eight Itrge rooms; steam heat, hot water porcelain bathtubs, Ac; rents, $:ki to $-"W Firm L. J. Carpenter. 1.181 3d Av.: 41 Liberty St. Flats and arartments In desirable locations. latest Improvements; rents reasonable. FOLSOM BROTHERB. 362 East 72d Bt. Et. Nicholas Av., 17, Near 118th St. Beautiful single flats: 7 large, light rooms, bath; steam heat; $10. Janitor. A Single Flat. 338 West 51st St. Nine rooms and bath: steam hest. Premises, or William C. Flanagan. Ri Bond St. 6th Av.. Corner 86th St. Elegant apartments. furnished or unfurnished; $75 to $100 Apply to janitor. ; City Flats to Let Unfurnished. iOc. sir H ; t iim t4r 7 Mourn 41- M ubh tor cfeplo. MARGUERITE, S.T31 Broadway. Bear 104th St. Six rooms and bathroom.... $40 Elevator..... water Exposed plumbing Steam heat, gas. electric lighting, Ac. J. EDGAR LEAYCRAFT & CO.. B'way, ear. 44th. RIVERVIEW, " RIVERVIEW. RIVERVIEW, . HIOH-CLASS APARTMENTS. NORTHWEST CORNER 148TH STREET AND ' BROADWAY ELEVATORS AND ALL IMPROVEMENTS-FIVE. SIX AND SEVEN ROOMS. RENTS FROM $4Q TO $75 PER MONTH. 133d St.. No. 64 "West. Near Lenox A v. -Refined neighbortijc.d; six rooms and bathroom: hot water supply. Ac: $18 snd $19. J. EDGAR LEAYCRAFT a CO.. B'way cor 44th St. iXHK INorthwest Corner Lexington Ar. Tl XKDO. !118th 8t. Highest Class Apartmenta Passenger elevator, steam heat, all improvements. Six rooms and bath. All rooms light and finely decorated. Rent, $40.00 per month. Superintendent on premises. 21 and 23 East Wth. tnear 5th Av.) Six rodms and bath; pricate halls; from $23 to $26; excellent slrgle flats. T rooms and bath. lth, (near Madison A v. ;) wide street; fine neighborhood: 5th flat. $30. Three, four, and five rooms; hot water supply Ac.; $10 to $16; NEW HOUSES. Inquire fi 914 8th Av.. adjoining northeast corner 154th St. T Jones St., near West 4th St.. lth Ar. 3-4 -room apartments, decorated, $11, $14 50. Coal and Wood. MURRAY HILL WOOD YARD 3ATH 8T. AND FIRST AV. Tel. 379 Madison Sq. Selected Pine and Oak for kindling. Pine Knots and extra dry Hickory for Orates and Andrrona, Inspection solicited. Satisfaction guarantees. Hotels and Restaurant. MOcftr Km $4.t0pwr lita, taUmm. Hotel Balmoral. w and fireproof family hotel, block f I ta 114th and Lenox At.; apartmenta, ' New front. llSth apartmenta, fur- Dished and unfurnished. - H. McUL'CKI. Msasgtr, j Dogs and Birds. ' jSeVysrltse tltmmt4 7ttm4Sr yVmV. tor eWtsfy DOU ASU CAT HOSPITAL. New York Caalne Infirmary, 14 West S3d St.. H. K. MILL E U. Veterinarian. Treatment, board, washing, clipping of dogs; exercising grounds; accommodations for country boarders; dogs sailed for and delivered. Telephone, stl Coluinbua. MAKCH 1 4. 1901. Real Eatatsi AuetfAM per was SNstSffss 7HsmI JtmMam efc. PETER F. J MEYER, Auctioneer . w,n n. at aactioa e . ; TUESDAY, March 12. 1901, at U a' clock, at the New York Real , Estate salesroom, XX Broadway. ' ' 1 BrorderofJSdwiaB. 2fra-a. ta,, aar' Xring Executor of tie Ertmt o Joseph W. Jf eaa-s, aad by Order of Hamilton V. Meekm, .', The . Choice and Valuable Investment Property, . CONSISTING OF 3 5-story stone and brick build-, ings with stores and lots. Nos.26,28&30VeseySt. No. .77 Chnrch Street, ' Wort he-aat Corser. TO BE BOLD IN ONE PARCEL, alapa. etc., at the Auctioneer's, 111 Broadway, andof E. Q. DuvalL Atty., 141 Broadway. PETER F. MEYER. Auctioneer, will sell at auction oa Wednesday, March 6, 1901. , at 12 o'clock, at the New York Real Estate Salesroom. HI Broadway, 4-story brick dwelling, with brick aad frame extension, and lot. No. 23 East lltb Street. between Btfc Av. 4 t'niTerslty Plaee. . ror maps, etc.. apply to Coudert Bros.. Esqs., Any s. Tl Broadway; jto Stem A Rush more, Esqs. Atty s. 40 Wall St.. and at the Auctioneers, 111 Broadway, Business Opportunities. IScjmtKm J limn f 4, 7 limn 4ie DmMmfmr dtfU, $3,500 "to $0,500 Interest In, or entire control of well established business; pays 200 per cent.: can be Increased tenfold; suit younger men; office needed In New York: those with cash please reply; references exchanged. Address Manufr., Iselin, N. J. i . Manager. Reliable firm wants capable nan to manage branch office, taking directions of business; salary. $1,800 and liberal commission: good J.r?TCu ,f du.0c"h required. Address, Box 356, Philadelphia, Perm, CASH Paid for stores, mdae., shoes, groceries, restaurants, dry goods flxt-urea. Kah. 33S B. 120. TeL 613A-79 Incorpoiate your business; corporations are safe, convenunt. inexpensive; we give Information and prepare pajiers for; Incorporation; send for circular. Ronald At Co.; 62 Broadway. Faetory2xl25. 4-story, power, shafting, ele-vator; or will contribute same for partnership Interest In established business. E. Van DuzerT 44 W all St. Partner wanted, with $1.-000 or $2,01X1 Immediately ; enormous profits can be made. Address Sure Fortune," International Advertising Bureau. 29 East 9th St. ' Cuts for printing, half-tone, and -Una cuts; print Ing of every description; lowest prices; write for estimate. The Aata Press, 210, Canal Bt., N. Y. Investors' Directory Co.. 120 Broadway, sell the only genuine addresses of Eastern investors; write for circular, i Corporations organised; any State. Stock ae-ceptcd for services. " Corporation Attorney." Box 192 Tlmea Office. I Analytical A Consulting Chemists ft Assayers. xiaie, o a i Ltey St., Kooms 1 ft 8. Life Insurance In leading companies at big dls- count. F. C. Box 18 Times. Butcher's Shop for Ssle or Exchange. Address Mentes. 161 West 10th St., N. Y. Aua""" Tor 8a i a. Mse Urn MHm 14c 7w4U iVsMthr rstae;. The Oreateat Wonder of the ZOth Ceat- Irf. It wnema k I eat room la Utc mis. nteat Ita TrelRkt worth KOld. Fits any ordinary gas burner. No connections. No odor. The heat of m Gmm Flsms la Increased w i-er teat, just the time you shouldn't be without It. Stop your Furnace or anv oth er stove. Save trouble and money. The last THE IMPROVED HE ATI NO CO..I07idAve. Betw.OSd AQ4th. Open evenings. Sent all over. LE JsthiM CO. CREDIT FOR EVERYBODY Anything you want; clothing, cloaks. Jewelry, furniture, dry goods; open Sundays. ONE SUIT FREE to-morrow to-first customer. 2.289 3d Av.. near 12oth St.. one flight up. I BUY OLD METAL Have yon any old LEAD. BRASS. COPPER. ZINC, PEWTER. TEA LEAD. OLD TYPE. ELECTROTYPE. STEREOTYPE, OLD BOOKS. PAPERS? SEND POSTAL CARD. I WILL CALL. BORNSTEIN, 84 Centre St. WATCHES AND DIAMONDS BOUGHT SOLD EXCHANGED. KEENE, IdO FtXTOX ST., KEW YORK. Watches and Jewelry Repaired. CREDIT TO ALL. DIAMONDS and WATCHES" on small weekly o- monthly payments; lowest prices; best quality ; gooos guaranteed. NATIONAL DIAMOND WATCH CO.. 177-179 BROADWAY. Take Elevator. . DAUS TIP-TOP DUPLICATOR prints 100 copies In black ink from one pen-written original, and 60 copies from typewriter: sent subject to 10 days' trial to responsible parties; it lakes an expert to tell the duplicates from original. Felix Daus Duplicator Co., 6 Hsxorsr St.. New York. - , BICYCLES & PHONOGRAPHS EASY PAYMENTS. S. 6. DAVEGA, AU Kaat 14th St. t2 3d Ave., near 49th St. 125 West 126th St. WATCHES AND DIAMONDS. I . EASV PAYMENTS. Will send repreaentativs if desired. Only Reliable. Up-to-date Goods. American Wa:eti Dlamoad Co. 19 MAIDEN LANE. Take elevator. "Siatw SAFES New i and second hand, of all kind and makes; safes bought, exchanged, and repaired. J. M. MOS9MAN. 72 Maiden Lane. Tel. 1423 John. TYPEWRITERS RENTED All standard makes; repairs, and ribbons free. Sold half price. Telephone 1.S38 Franklin. K. B. Webster Co.. 317 Broadway. J IDEAL CLIPS FOR EYEGLASSES: CAN BB FITTED TO ANY EYEGLASS AND WILL HOLD IT FIRMLY WITHOUT CCTTINO TOUR NOSB. METER ft ELTINO. OPTICIANS. All SIXTH AV.. block above Herald Building. Corporation Manual for Stockholders. Directors. and officers, useful information for those thinking of nco-poration; procedure, management, expenses; send for circular. Roland Press, 62 Broadway. DIE BOLD SWs? SS; of makers. Low prices. Eaay terms. Bom second-hand safes cheap. FILTERS To purify Croton. - Equal to spring water through Lioke's Filter. 1.559 B'way. TYPEWRITERS. Remingtons, Smiths. Bllekea-derfers. Hsmmonda, Wllllamsea, J.wstts, Franklins, Caligrapha, sold, ranted, exchanged, repaired. GORMAN. T9 Nasaaa BtT At Eble's Art OaUery. 103 West 42d St., near Sth A v. Antiques, curloa. old Jewels, silverware, rara fans, paintings, miniatures, and weapons. Old gold bought. Typewriter, (new.) $40: remodeled Remington. Smiths, $35; rentals reduced: repairing, (telephone.) Consolidated Typewriter Exchanga, 241 Broadway. SAFE AT FACTORY PRICKS; EAST TERMS. JVLICB GETER. CORNER MADISON AV. AND 137TH ST. TEL., 29 HARLEM. TYPEWRITERS REPAIRED BY EXPERT! rented, sold, exchanged. Talenhana for esti mate. DURRANT. MqLEAN ft CO.. Saft Broad- way. TYPEWRITERS All tnakaat guaranteed : rented $2, $3 monthly; ribbons, stands free. CENTRA!. TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE. tOS Broadway. Credit. Dlamonda, watches, small weekly pay. mantS lowest prices; strictly confidential. Manhattan Diamond Ce., ST Maiden Lana. Desks, Roll tops. Partitions. Railings, Tables, Counters. Shelving, Ssfsa, Stores, Offices fitted. Finn Bros.. 58-3J Ceatr StT Typewriters sold sad rented; apart repairing dore. Oeneral Typewriter Exchanga 1 Park Place. 'Phone. 1573 Cortlandt. CASH BUYER. I pay highest prices for furniture of flats and houses. M. Marks. World Building. Foot Knitting Co. removed to o ath a v. tin. derwear repaired, stockings refooted'; elevator in BHiwinn, i Elegant mahogany dining room set 8 pieces, (lae condition, sell cheap. A, 23 West ufta ft. . pianos and Organs. - SnhMsfee ysisswdSs JMb disslssi. f A Weber Piano costi you i little more than most others, but the extra cost will be the best part of your Investment. ; It Is the tone of a Piano that gives value and fettles Its trade as a musical Instrument.' Everything about a Piano, from its scale to Its case, if properly constructed, has a part In the making- of this tonal quality. It is because each bir and little part of a Weber Piano Is absolutely faultless, and because of the scientific accuracy of its scale, that the WEBER TONE Is unequaled. It Isn't merely mechanical skin that secures thl result; it's something akin to tennis. WEBER WAREROOMS, ' 5th Av, coc. 16th SL, Nrw York. - 605 Fulloo St. Brooklyn. ; Used by Eminent Arlists. BROOKXYN: COR. FX'LTON PT a FT.ATHTJSa AY. NEW T0RJC: 33 EAST 14TH ST. Ssaad-Haasl t'arishta sf OuoU Makers. $85 $125. Grands. $175 $300. PEASI- PIANOS lOO W. 42d St.. Jast Weat of 6th Are. A Special Sale previoua to removal; $25 cut on the price ofgrvery new and second-hand piano. This Is your opiHjrtunlty: Pianos from $125 up. Call or write fur partlculara. SMALL PIANOS FOR SMALL MOMS; Also f uh assortment of ' large Uprights and ors" RlTt,U$4nupSt,nW"y- MATHUSHEfcT St SON. BVay. cor.47tbSt. THE BIS WEST SIDE PIAKO HOUSE. A small cai.h iiayment secures for you a flna piano, stool, and scarf.-delivered free; balance on easy monthly payments; rents. $4 up" 741-743 STH AVlt. NEAR 46TH ST. Bargains. I'prlgbt piano. $50: almost - new piano. $100: new uprights. $125; Stelnway. $15i; square.. $25. WINTER ROTH. Hi East 14th St : branch us Sth Av.. cor. 15th St. Ws lead while others follow. Emerson, little used, S195: cost S575: great bar-.4"" almo"t new-prlght, $145: good upright, ! .rio'l"", qumpe- 36; ,thr bargains. Summers, 1.1B2 rulton St.. near Bedford Av.. Brooklyn. Stelnway. bargain; upright pianos. $150 upward; easy payments; rented $3 up; allowed on pur- is'5MLn evenln$- O. W. Wuerta. 1.614 2d IIDDIfMIT PIANOS $75. $125 RENTS. $n. urniuni jacob brothers Hp E. 14th St. PIANOS TO RENT. $2. $3 MONTHLY: RENT allowed toward purchase. HEINRICH'S. 600 Fulton St.. Brooklyn. Stelnway. every improvement, beautifully carved"; Bfdo?..TrUsiri4thl8Tant UPrl8ht- nly 73- BARGAINS UPRIGHT PIANOS. $75. $HS. $125-equare pianos. $.w. $ao. $3. HEINRICH'S, 6U0 Fulton St.. Brooklyn. Fu"'?!?.. nnoKany uprirht. almost new, $75. O. Reilly, io FrankUn At., near Myrtle At.. Brooklyn. Emerson: bargains; $195: little used: usual price. $J75: almost new upright, $150; other bargains. Bummers. 1.1M Fulton St.. Brooklyn. $10 First Payment. Balance easy Installments; SJ?hJn'usJnK "tool and scarf. Weser Bnos.. 524 West St. Elegsnt mahogany upright piano, slightly used. for $176: easy payments if desired; fully guar-anteed. W. F. TWAT PIANO CO.. 94 5th At Kara Chan ee First -cls upright Ptanoa : clear At? lbsth! br,in: inUnienU. 70 Willis 13 Jf rents pisnos with mandolin or orchestra .iLuiintm. neeer nros.. UZZ West 43d St. Boardera Wantsd. "B P I 9 i4c 7 lis. 4 Sr Wlf be " j' 11 1073 Madison At., Corner eist St Sunny square room; first-class house and excellent board; American. ? .H J?1 w -Cheerful, warm rooms; elegant table; moderate prices; excellent service; home accommodations; piano; reference -. Wt'T.Wlth-board: Ure d small room with bath; first floor; references. 66th St., 60 West. Furnished room, with board. Clarke m ted f'at' mod4Tae- A. S. ftld St., 122 West, near." L " Station. Desirable large and small sunny rooms; good board: references. WVtl?.K.8tA m. w Large front alcove room 'J'h dressing room: excellent table; table .i.wuinwMitq : reterence. Home for elderly people and others $4.50 upward- tnnH takU n. W. 1.- . r i ito dj Ana s Brooklyn. Henry St.. 354. near South Ferry. Desirable sunny rooms; well heated house; first-class board; moderate price.' Country Board. Graduate nurse will take a few Infanta to care for at home; references and terms on application Mlata DnvAM O . r. . . . Conn. - uniii dl, oumrora, Furnished Rooms. 10. per Hs. 1 rwaw 14' 7 Hmm 4 U DamLU.toy r. 18th St., 11 East. Large and small furnished rooms; hot and cold running water In every rcom; steam beat. 18th St.. Ii3 East" Very pleasant Urge and small rooms; hot and cold running water- good neighborhood. 21t l;1 Wt--N'tly furnished rooms; $1.60 .... w nmvFnwncn, 4Mb St.. 186 West, near Broadway. Nicely fur nlshed second-story front, with private bath- SI 1 ssa w I ssl 4svn 4 1 t ' 48th St., 107 West Large room, with running water, closets; also hall room; gentlemen: references. h St.. 241 West. Nlcelv furnish. Kn . bright and cheerful: moderate. . ' 64th St.. 131 West. -Three Urge, bright, sunny room ! a. II rnnwanlanAu. . . . - brgakfMt; modcrmtc; rrfemicet rquird. 12? Et 4th St,-Two Urse. wurn. rooms In , . -. uuxpbs sr aanua men. Telephone. " : 12Mh SL, 120 West. Sunny bach parlor, running water, and small room; southern exposure. a. Millinery and Dressmaking. rjresa euttlnv 1 . .S I .... . . Nuumf-ry, mor- k oughly taught: $3 starts you. McDowell nuw. aiv-ein ma at isignt school Monday. Wednesday. Friday. $3.50 starts you. Latest stylo perfect fitting patterns. 60c. ' 1 8. Muller, fashtoname ".idles"-tailor; Imported designs, latest styls; fit guaranteed: oweat prices. 1.412 Lexlngtoa Av. ; , H. Goldberg, fashionable ladlesf and gentlemen's tailor; cleaning, repairing: fit guarantied; low-eat pricea 20 East 11 0th St- Mme. Justine, designer, makes children' Outfits. Call or address cars Mrs. Cose. 128 West 67th St. Help Wanted Famalea. .; 10. pmr Use f Hsws 14 f limrm 4! Av,As ttIiis. Wanted Girl to do chambrrwork and waiting: referenoea required. 80 East 83d Bu Ring basement bell. Wanted Operators experienced on children's and misses' whit dresses; steady work; good pay. Holllng. worth Company. lo Wooster St. Storage. .. . - l4 7tSM.SS. JtmmtUtoi mUruUm. UBERTT STORAOB AND WAREHOUSE CO . PARK AVENUE. 4'JTH TO 60TU STaV STRICTLY FIREPROOF.- Separata steal rooms for storage of bst-sehoti Sooda pianos, works of art. Ac Padded, well, ept vans for household mortage; prtvats com. partmeata fbnllt of steel and w$h Yala locks.) in silver vaults. Telephone or write for sstt mate an your work. TeL eaU SOOS-Sfcth St. Lest and Found. '. 2 reward for return t( cans (fosnd en Pennsyl vania t erry a an. sn, to 4 racy, oi wm av. 11 . Help Wanted Males, ; JOapwSvw tHmm 14, 7Um4U MJ.VeW. brV boasa: auttabla S fa mil lea: plot ISOxITS fc; SO trait tresw uUa Uar; goad wiff,r; r"1 from atatioa; 1 hoar froea Jortlandt S2.S00 sua; 11 years' use of Joining-acre $ISO; ail well fenced. At home UU soeS. H. Btanyought. Isalra. N. . . t Cattltmen wanted; experienced end InexparU fTrV lit?,,V,0,P Europe; coma read ta xrarel. rut Sd 6c . i . Men wanted ta s exist feeding cattle an steams his to Europe, 5 CllntonjL.TJWt 6u 6alesAtea.-Twa hrlghc energetic, edoewted mea Roow soS5 prmaBt Pitkjm- ta Av.. W"JL,V',lmb, ."aager to j take child for : parts an4 speelahles; mother taswt aaaompaay har. rorbea. 647 Broadway. Brooklyn. r anted Butlers, aecond. third, land useful men iai at?7-v. , "ra itursaa. It !, Situation Wanted Jamais. THmm 1U j ne.A sW. ChuaaaStaraaalsla. . -.. Chambermaids-By a young girl as chamberwaid : and waltraaa la private family; personal refer- . aaoaa, 121 Eaat 77th SU Mrs. Sack's baU. Chambermaid. See. As cfaambarmald la " Better private house; can sew, wash, and Iron; not aa waiting, aaa East S3d St. ssoond flour, right. Chamberworx. By German glW with four years' -city reference, at chamberwork; can wash aad Iron; no cards. SM Sd At. . i v Cook. By ftrst-claaa Cfermaa la.' small, finis priW fc4 8th At., first flat. .1 Cook. By first-class competent woman parson al cny reierence; city ar countrv: 406 Wast XJ4 fit. - I Jta, DrM naakera, rressmaker. By flrst-ciass Frsnch eteefsnaaksri arork at home or out by day. i ataa. Omblaxd. West 82d St. I DreasmskST-A flrac-claaa iliss.nnS.i Wlabea few mora eustomsrs at bomw or by tba 4ajr. 223 Went 24U Sc Ring Jsstgafa haul. t Oararaasaaa. Governess. By aa experienced and able peraaav as nursery governess; speaks several languages and is a good pianist. Advnrttear, 41 West sstn at. . . i , , j' tatamdlraBasa. Lanndreas. By Uandresw fey day or take noma, gentlemen's work exquisitely done; trrnrMtl reference, Mrs. T S24 Wast 53d SU. - . ' Laundresav By first -class Uoadreas out by day. Bqg T. 1.81S Sd, Av. j, 'Kstraea. j Nurse. By a first-claaa Protestant lafanfa nurse; anderatanda fewr duties tboroaghlys highly recommended by farmer employ v; also ?70! rrca. Call Monday, 16 ; Weat 4Hth St. Nurse. Lady desires position i foe comae tea I. trustworthy, experienced Frenchwoman, whom she cannot tea highly recommend; Infant oe baby under two years; cbargn from, birth; to uerewHis ait Dottle roods. La East 84th L Nurse. By- reliable young Protestant. North of Ireland, experienced tafants' -auras; take an tire charge: bring np on bottle; best city if-erence. Hetherington. 631 Columbos At. Nur?p- By an experienced chUS s nurse, pleasa T c,rd- betwesa 10 and IX 'at IS Ksst S4th St., Monday only, t i Nurse. As good, faithful curse to small children. V" asen at present employer a, 141 West 7 .id St; no cards. , ' ' , Watahlaa;. (, , - -Wsshlna. By a respectable colored woman ta take washing home. E. Carter, 215 Eaat 7J4 St.. two flights, back.' ' i t . Mlacellaaooaus. A German woman desires a few mora castomera by the day; mending, darning. Ac SIS East 40th St. i i Reader. fcc The Rev. Dr. elnnghton. 1 East 2lth SL, recommends very highly a young lady of education and refinement aa reader, seer tary. governess, companion, or visiting house keeper, s. t -1- Situatlona Wanted Male. fc.4vlw ..lass 1U 7 Wsie f IsJ Wsa Baokltaopara.. i Bookkeeper. A bookkeeper having experience la building contractor's office, seeks similar position; familiar with plana; can take off qusnti-' ties; highest refereacsa. M..: Box 197 Tlmea Office. , Bookkeeper. Bookkeeper of thorough esperienca, with undoubted testimonials Edwarda, Boa 1W0 Thnea. . Batlera. i- Butler. French ; disengaged,): family i golnt abroad: honest. Sober; f lae -years' city refer ence. G. P.. Box 218. 1.2a Broadway. . CoMStsaoskj Coachman aad Gardener. By German; singlat experience. Millar. 274 Bowery. Gadeaera.1 Gardenr. An aeoompllshed gardener snd land scaplst of long experience, married, no children, expert grower ef tropical and out-of-door plants, graperies, roses. Ac. competent to take charge of gentlemaa'a private place, aa superintendent or head gardener; best of ref-erencea. Box 51, OradelL N.i J. ; pardener. By gardener, with thorough knowledge oi ois profession, ior many years in cnarge ur fen tVcman'S" large place and In possession trf irs-clasa reference; Is open 'for engagement; married; no children. F. Weber, cars of M1US HoteL Bleecker Bt. I i Gardener. By Scotchman; practical life experts ence with greenhouses: anything connected with good private place; 20 years reference front leading families of America: employer can he seen regarding character and ability: married. K., Box 103 Times. ' Gardener. Thoroughly practical its horticulture, and all duties pertaining to ; flrst-ciass -place J.-executive and working ability; Scotch;, married: no family: written and personal references. B., cars Don, 114 Caasnbera St Gardener. Single. 26 years' experience. In the cultivation of orchids, palma, cut flowers, and landscape gardening: with gentleman oa large estate; beet reference. Schiller's Scad Store. 404 East 84 th SL i Gardener. By a German, married, on a private place; practical experience ! In greenhouses, gardens, farming, grading, and landscape work: wants cottage. J. C BlckeL 93 Walker 8t Gardener. Scotch: thoroughly eartlcal la borrU. culture: conversant In ail branches pertaiatngr io gentleman s place; minaa. 213 Times. i Address H.. Boa Gardener. Single. American. 80: thoroughly ex periencea in toe amerrnt branches ; alx years' reference from last employer.! J. IL. Box S0l Times. i' i Karses, i Nurse. Male nurse d est res a ease: refined. lemamy, near, ana una; errasuate la mas 13 years' practice: nervous and chronla ana cars oi me agea a specialty; highest city! references. Address, by letter or telegraph. J-William Lloyd. Westflcld. N. J. - T . atiaaellaaewTaa. - Collsetr-r. Tarerre years' sxpertenee: dee tree te collect accounts for merchants; or rents oa com- - mission; unrxcepiionaoiy gooo refe tuaries w. Bcnneiie. si Nasaaa St. Correspondent or Secretary. Br a young' mea. w.) lawsModent. la aa office as enC ua or secretary; salary small. . H. C P. Times. - Driver. By sr. By a young colored man. XI: under-nds horses; good reference). t.. Boa 547. sta 1.242 Broadway Driver. Single or double; understands bla business; careful and reliable; references; security. O. A. K.. 1.515 84 AT- ( i ' Druggist. Registered: young man; tea years' experience; competent; Ph. and Ch.; references. Bromoform. 1.615 3d At. Engineer wants work; engineer, fireman, watrh- mso, or isaiw; reierenoesi unoerstaaas tea machines and ail kinds of engines. stee,m heat. Ac. Engineer. 647 Broadway. Breoklyn. N. T. Engineer. Practical, sober, economteal wtta fuel; first-class reftrence. Engineer. S42 Trinity At. Patr.ter, e Painter, paper hanger; first -class; rooms painted, $1; papered, $1.50. fpaper included:) best Work guaranteed. Painter. 1T Avenue A, t Painter, paperhanger, decoratnr. wants work landlords, estates, or - prtvats; nfsai, Diamondatela. 1.41S Avenue A , Painter. Decorator-WlsHeo work from landlords or private: rooms painted, $1; good work. A. Levin.. SO East 110th Et,- ; .. Painter and paperhanger wishes work to ex- -rhange for rent of rooma or fiat. L. Schaelder. S04 East 102d St. . . i Paperhanger wants work: 10a a roll aad apt best references, g. Jaooby. l.2S j.t At. - Plumber sad Bteeiufitter Ftrst-claaa tnechanle-- set 1 ma tea and manages; w Cling to go any-, where; references and bond: estate or ahua. I Licensed. 62. VaaderMIt At 'Brooklyn.; . Porter. By neat-appeasing, ll-fht -colored man ' as porter; not afraid of work: strictly frrst- class references; security If -required. CnarieS' 1 Taylor. 215 Wtat Sath Bt.j, i rar j - - - Beat estate saaa; can take full charge of irros-erty: wants position is office or outside: would ' work oa salsa aad exchanges. JC- Boa lbS -Tlmaa. . . . Tlnrclth.--Flrst-cls machante. - -as - . bench . worker- O. Braunstein. 32a-Broome tU.) . Young snaa. 22. experienced, desires andtioa la warehouse or steacnahto line good penman aad .?rw "T1"- ' ' wf ereneea. J. , Dun- . nelly. 771 Columbue Aa. I - 1 Young man wishes rosltloa In office; e-nerUnoed " and goed ret errncs. J. Z. B., F-reet Av. . ' 1 Toung man. 21, strong, honest, willing, at say ess sjwsaTaTS MHVaa-aTaa SWmW Ws Vaet. H - I J - -A -

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