The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 5, 1949
Page 9
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER I, IMf OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams HOW DtO *XJ fi€T SO FAR KJTD BEFORE NOTICEP HAVEN'T OR»J A CLOSED FRONT HOW HIS SPOKT SHIRT GGT tWTO MY DRAWER? SHIRT foe TlUENTy Wl-rV MOTHERS SET 6RAV Our Boarding HOUM with Moj. Hooplc (AKK.T COURTEH WEWS P.AQK MINI •wagLAe* j* PSHAW/ intoee A M«TAUX i*I^ P^»»TYO> j| TeeiOC, MACTHA IS PUftfc nOCR-1 MATM NO*) M 1 WILL M OUT IM —IJM< SHOOLO T VTUFp A < F6V4 DOZ6M R0566 IM THAT STOHB VASB 668CQT 6A\)t SWIM OM* HZDMTW* FLOOR; AROMA—"SHe'LL) \AMTtOOTe ? SOUND A HORN/ V-rs-«>a Ol4tK»PtAV/r ^^32^ FOR SALE Concrete culverts 12 inch Ui 411 inch, plain 01 reenforccd AJs« Concrete Building Hl.H-k:- ubrap ei than lumhei for barns chicken huuses pump house*, tenant houses, tool sheds We deUrer Call us For free estimate Phone 69] OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS vLESSI That's whj you'll *sa('H yourselt many a dollar by having your shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next tlrnt try ua H-fl LTCRS Q ,'qL'T f SHOC SHOT 2i w ^ o sj S — For the Finest Prescription Service WOODS DRUG STORE Say It . . With KLower> * THE FLOWER SHOP Ciienco* Itnlldlnc Phone 4491 01 zui Steps THK STORY i GayBci T**r**« I M«lker EMlLy. her braiber !>•••? •Md ro«»K*r afotcr Pal all tare*< her t* Marry Barry ••labrlrii*. • r*k»C MllllAMMlr*. ••( Gar** 1 ' •*• ••44*«ly 4li»r«v«rr4 tfcal «fc* ta tmm* •* fwitm Pnymmm. a ?•••• • r*..»«»<m»B C •»•«•! la **«•%!- wi»a*r *W h*r lawH7. •»** w«l t- !*—*• bail • •**• r*4»ce4 I* a>«4«ral* h*ld a »«b •>« Pai to ta* r*«a« *• w«rk. Harry baa »raaa*r4, bait <i«ya*l ha* •»( •>•> jrt «7<T«a hlaa her answer. Vritx ha* m»H aaih- H>IE »f Mari-lanr. ha I Ihr-rr >• ••* H •««•*-.•« kin ibai ahc rcBBeamh«i«. • • * XIII r PHE White Dove, Barry's ISO- loot yacht, was anchored off Mackinac Island. H had cruised through scenic Georgian Bay, on up through the great locks of Sault Ste, Marie, through which passes more traffic than any other canal in the world. The rest of the party had gone over to the Island for the day. leaving Gaynel and Barry on board. Emily and Melvin, with Miss Pierce (or audience, were going to have a game of golf on the Grand Hotel links; Pat wanted a swim in the picturesque outdoor pool; Miss Cupples, going in for educational pursuits, meant to visit the old (ort "Are you sure you didnt want to go?" Barry asked. They were stretched in steamer chairs on the sun deck; Gaynel looking like a little girl in her brief halter and shorts. "We could have gone horseback riding through the parks; they are really lovely, you know. Or driving in a carriage, had you preferred." Gaynel wriggled in sheer comfort, settling deeper into her chair. "No, thank you," she said. "I'm not in any hurry to put my foot on land again; tomorrow or the next day will do very well. I hope 1 didn't keep you from going; you didn't have to stay to play host." Barry said, "You know better nan that. We haven't had much ime alone." It was dear of you, Barry, to bring ihe whole menagerie along." He denied the "dearness." saying it had been his pleasure, since Emily had wanted her friends. "You know," she said, "this has been belter lhan any flight to the moon. Barry. It's been almost like being on the moon: (he rest or the world seems so far away, as though it no longer existed." Barr.v said. "I'd take you to the moon, if you'd let me—you know that." • • • E said, "You're a darling," and tossed him a smile. But she kept the subject bound to safer ground; she had not made up her mind about Barry, yet. "1 wish Denny would have come," the little fine line that mention of Denny often brought came between her brows. "There wasn't any reason why he shouldn't. He doesn't start with that new firm—thanks to you. Barry, per usual—until fall. I'm afraid the reason was his latest heart-throb. And Barry, I'm worried about Ihis one." He said. "I thought you told me you'd le» all your jitters behind. There's no use worrying about Denny; he changes his current love interest even more often than his jobs. Now I," he leaned over to smile into her eyes,,,"keep the same one all the time." "You're an old spoofer," Gaynel said. Was he going to be sentimental? "I'm really worried about Denny's new love, though, Barry Denny wouldn't leave town in this awful heat—and this current interest has lasted longer than ever before. She's a divorcee, two times removed. That should give her an experienced technique Denny's such a gullible idiot." "Denny's nobody's fool. If there's anything 1 could do "I thought you might look her up and se« if she's as bad as she sounds I doot mean 1»d.' really. leaven knenvs. I'm no prude The woman may nave had a mean deal 1 wouldn't ask if 1 didnl hink it looked pretty serious And at that I nate it- II seems I'm always asking you to do things and never doing anything foe you." T-TE said seriously. "You couldnl ask enough. You know I'd move mountains, or the whole earth, (or you. ij I could. As [or what you can do for me—there's onlj one tiling. Gaynel." 'I know," sh* said, her cye« meeting his in a brief second, then ooking awaj "I'm still hoping. Barry darling, the answer will tit :he one you want. But I have (• sure." "Tell me. Gay—is there anyone else?" "N-no." Gaynel shook her head, with onlj a fraction's hesitancy. There wasn't, was there? She thought she was giving Barry the truth. There wasnt anyon* else, unless she counted Fritz. Cer- lainly he had yever let her think he had marriage in mind. As a matter of tact, he had told her quite pointedly, and more than once, thai he had no such intention. There had been that one night, of course, at The Goat's NesL when h« had kissed her. Bin even that night he had told her h« hadn't the tenacity or funds required. Barry's face WM much IKK tense. "Even if there ever should be, or if you can't make up your mind to take me for any reason except the size of my bank account. I'll risk thaL I told you I'd want you, anyway. 3 " She said, "I'll always remember that. You couldn't have said anything nicer. Barry. But please remember the bank account was only one among many items. I promise not to keep you waiting forever; we'd both be too feeble to enjqy that moon by then. I promise to let you know as soon as I can." "I couldn't ask for anything more." He seemed satisfied. He could afford to wait. He had so much to Rive her. She had not hurt him this time. <T» Be C*nUn>e4) In Englond It's th« Chemist Shop In France It's th» Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescript-ion Service More than a hundred kinds of birds have become extinct in the flst 200 years. RENT A CAR Drive Anywhen Voe Pleaj* Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 "Oh, I started on a JrrO«strmg . . . / got a loon on my cor from GCNIRAL CONTRACT PUR- CHASl CORPORATION." SHRUBBERY We ode- a complete line ol Stark Landscaping plants and treet. Ordei now foi Fall planting Stark's 131 years experience In this field assures your getting the most f&r youi money Allow us to give you % free estimate Telephone SS4 toriay RLYTHEVnXE WILLYS SALES COMPANY 1.1*» ir w* u.vici. UK. T. M . urn. „. , , M „, +J&-X*i 1-f "Why is it when w* borrow an umbrella lt'» alwayj leaky or broken? Why can't we borrow our good ones back?" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOBSEB .Small Malltr #.53& THE CCA Or A <bW GETTING M\D OVER A LtTTlE THlf^G- YE5, BUT WHY DO THEY CALL IT LABOR VIC FLINT To tleiiri((tiiirtera BY MICHAEL O'SIALLEY »nd RALPH LANE Nichols Drug PHONY •STUDIBAKER Hare You Seen The 1950 STUDEBAKER Brilliant New Styling Increased Luxury No Increase in Price You'll AgrM !»'» th« Cqr for You Chamhlin Sales Co. "Your Friendly StwWwker Aih TUDEBAKER I JU5T GOT SACK FBOM/50TH ERE WOUIDN'T\ VOUR WWOYER WAS A MuBDEBf R MISS SIADE-A MUBDEKR WHOSE CONSCIENCE flNAUV GOT THf BETTER OF HIM. THE VILUGE./WR. CHRIS- iBf ANYBODY ABOUND TOPHER WAD SENT ME \ WHfN HE SHOT ON AN KRAND — ^T^ HIMSELF H.IKIT ANO.f ARE TAKING MISS SIADE IN TO HEADQUARTERS.YC '.TAVHSRE TILL THE COCONEE COMtS. I'll 5f NO A CAR BACK FOR -*>U. RIGHT. INSPECTOR/ WASH TUBBS <!ij? Will He Busy BY LESLIE TURNER HE SOUBD6D LIKE HE KEEP THAT DikTE WITH 3&N 1ONV3MT, TONIGHT AUD MM &E LATE GETTM6 W I'l» WMTJUa FOK ACAB . ONE O' THE ALCOHOUCS HE'- Vi'kV, NO. I BEEW WORKING WITH JUST CAUED.. &IQ 1SMT HERE BAP. BO 1M TENING TO LDCME— OK. MeVEE MIWD. . HEEL'S G*G MOW! BEEN MMJTIUG! SHE DRESSES BUGS BUNNY How/.a Control C'/WON, BUGS.' "\ I CAN'T &O VOU'Rg SUPTOSECVTILL I UNLOAD T' PITCH •t 77T ''THESE T-T-TOPAY/ YL/\ PER YOU'LL B-BE LATE/ YOU WON'T HAVE T-TIME I I KNOW, TO WARM /AN' MY WATCH OUT PER TH' NEXT ONE.- I'M GONNA TRV A CURVE/ FLIPPER'S GOTTA BE LIMBER IF WE'RE GONMA WIKI/ Count Hint In, Ton BY V. T. HAMLJN TH' WAY THO5E SAU<:ef35 HANS ONS &o~f ME - . . _.. you PZISONSZ. \ SAVVY HIS 5/VS IT'LL ^ LIN&O ? BE TritZEE FDEK CHOP5.' '"•P ALLEY OOP AND OSCAE BOOM REACHED THE NOON, TOOK A PfclSONEE. FTOM A V/RECKED SPACE SUP. AND LIT CUT FOS I A .RTH WITH A FLEET OT FLVIN* SAUCERS IN HOT PLKSUIT. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES KY EPCAR MARTIN TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL Beware of fraudulent operator*! Use the protection afforded ky the State and demand a licented •perator. Experienced, Reliable. Termite* Household fertm. BlrtheriKe's only licenced •pern lor. WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE Rle. 1, Bax S-W. East Mate St. Phnnt 3792

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