The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 1, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 1, 1951
Page 7
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1W1 BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FAGS Our Boarding House with Moj. HoopleiOUTOUR WAY By J.R.Will ioms TWENTY-FOUR MAWZANfTA S7KEET-- TCLLJW ME WHEW TO GO HOME--TMATS MV BUSINESS, MINE ALOM6/ Announcements Subject to Municipal Election November 6, 1951 F*r M*rw DAN A. BLODGKTT I. R. JACKSON For a jaded appetite la tt« apriog, Meyar'i Br«ad to just the thtog Oron-freeh, tender, light, Oood *t morning, noon and night! Quality. READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE : BlMk»—C<ttr«rt« JOHNSON - BLOCK CO. H »twmr •«. VH "AMAPOLA DEL NORT15," "• Holly Dunstan repeated alt- tr Hra dowry. "What data tb»t mean?" She moved »way from him towird the fountain which was splashing its spray into a mosaic tiled basin. 'A kind of flower, «enorita." Jose Monten followed her, and stood close beside her. "But it fe not so beautiful as you, Senor- Ka— you wbo are ao pale and love- For ont who didn't know the language, she thought with _ touch of amusement, Jo«e was doing quite well. She wished » could have been Steve out there with her, and she sighed involuntarily, Jose beard the sigh and misinterpreted it He caught her to him swiftly. "Yo» right Th« language « ton, Senorita! R needs no words! He kisaed her several time*, and although she struggled, afae was angry to discover that the moon- Kght and the icented tropica 1 night, and her lonely yearning lor Stew had broken down her defen- ce*. Jon was handsome, bending o»«r her, handsome in the dashini Latin way so dangerously attractive to » redhead. " " ~ Sow yon," he mannwred, be- ^QBae*. "Marry me—tomorrow?** She escaped him, finally, flushed and breathless. "Please—Senor! she gasped. "I—I hardly know you. Why, I net yo« less than haU an how ago! And besides- I thought you and Carmeiita Her nandez—' •AM- he cried, and hfa face was radiant with joy. "So yo» bav :nown ot me! To be in your loughts. Senorita—it is an overwhelming honor! But the Senor- ta Hernandez and I—it is true Senor Hernandez her lather ar- nged a betrothal. But now—now she is to become affianced to the •landsome Americano del Norte. "he Senor Esteban Tracey. You came here to be with him—no?" "No," said Holly, confused at rrst by the Latinizing of Steve's Irst name. Then, "I work for lim. I am down here as his paid cretary. But I happen to know hat he does not intend to marry the Senorita Hernandez." "It does not matter," he said soothingly. "Do not be jealous Amapola. The Americano is handsome, yes, but let Carmeiita have him. Do you not have me?" please take me inside," Holly said, desperately. In another moment she would either laugh hysterically or lose her temper am slap his face as Carmeiita had slapped Steve's. . ""But I shall see you again?" he bepged, softly. "Soon? Yes?" Tm afraid—no," she said, gent- r. He aghed. "It win be but the tweeter for the waiting," be said She was glad Steve met them a the door. "My dance, I think," he said. CHE conscious of bis ques tioning eyes upon her as h swung her_0ut.on t)ie floor, an conscious too of the flush in he cheeks, and suspected there wa brightness in her eyes. Afte an ft was thrilling to be made lov to so tempestuously by a handsome that hombre annoying Hong Kong harbor fe IT (quart illAB in Bra. man. "Was you?" he whispered alter a moment. "He told me he admired me, that my hair is beautiful, and he asked roe for a date," she told him, feeling it might be wise to hold back he rest That is hardly annoy- ig. It is very nattering." He looke'i down at her with a uzzled expression. "Well, sure, 'our hair is beautiful," he said. She sighed. "He's a tropical teat wave on feet!" she breathed, "And he's engaged to Carmelta," he reminded her, sharply, and he can have her, and Heav- n's blessings be upon them." "Not any more. Papa's making m arrangement with you which will leave Jose free to marry me." "Well, Isn't that big ot him!" 1KB noticed before she glanced away, that he was looking at ler differently. At first, back there >n the dock that first day, he had egarded her as an embarrassing nistake, an annoying blunder. Then he thought of her as an ef- icient employee. Now, suddenly he was seeing her as a beautiful ;irl to be danced with, perhaps to be taken out in the moonlight. The music stopped and he let ler go abruptly. "You fell for itl" he flung at her bitterly. "Any guy with a line—!" After the dance they all went down to the dock to see the ship set out for the open sea, through :he bobbing stems of discarded bananas which floated on the black and silver water like some weird, aquatic plants. Then they went jack to the plantation house which was heavenly quiet and peaceful now, and there they could sleep as long as they wished undisturbed by chugging engine, snorting trucks, and shouting banana picks' The next morning Holly was in the study before Steve finished his coffee. She looked up his article for she wanted to read again what he had said about Jose Kontcra. The book-type file which contained his manuscript carbons was misplaced on the shelf, which struck her as odd. But when she founc the article she found something even more strange. The sheets were puckered under the staple a one comer, and when she glanced through them she discovered tha one had been ripped loose, leaving a jaggedly tern corner under the staple. Continved) in area. Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Mil«» Extra Power Get The Best I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 Jrlonei} from AN OLD FRIEND -hat's what we offer with no ifs, ands, or buts. We have been filling the personal loan needs of many people in this community for 5 years, and are still doing business at the old stand. For a prompt and private personal loan on your auto, furniture, co-makers, or just your unsecured note, come in and see us, or telephone. You'll like the way we do business. General Contract PURCHASE CORP. 106 South Fifth Slr««t-Phone 6803 Blylheville, Arkunsci Real Service Whatever kind of ear yon drive yon're invited to bring it to as for expert, dollar-saving service Try M. T. I/SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler- Pi-month Dealer 121 E, Main Phone 2122 STUDEBAKER CHAMBLIN SALES CO. i Ath Fk.m» SSM I.«r tritnttj gt«4ek*ker Dealer BUY NOW and save on a new Stnde- baker car or truck. We have a Tew novr on hand. Better buy before the price ralsel T. M. BEG. U. S- PAT. Oft. FRECKLES AND MM FRIENDS By MBBRLU, Expansion "Now that I've retired I'va tinally got time to get what I've always wanted—a tailor-made business suit!" « RRST bllLT RECORDS I 'THE" ^ IN WERYTHING FHOM / SHOT-W IT" POLE-VAULTING TO /-nJar vXi SHOT-PUTTIE/ >4EMa> ! ROtl5>. THEWOftLD/ AftOUT ANOTHER. 'CIR3T*? MOW THE FlRSf TRACK PRISCILLA'S POP Seat of Hig Trouble BY AL VERMEER \ WAS OFF TO A CINCH TOUCHDOWN! ...BUT I STUMBLED OVER MV OWN END) I CAN SEE IT DN YOUR FACE, m CARLYLE! YOUR TEAM LOST! WARMED YOU OFTEN ENOUGH TO WATCH AKID IT WAS MY FAULT! BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY nnd RALPH LANE A STUDIO Y LEAVE ON THE FOURTH / THAT FLOOR THAT NO / TO AAC ONE KNOW* 'A HOMORIA/ ABOUT SHAKE- 5P6ACB/ rr* NOT EVEN IN MV NAME. BUT WHAT ABOUT OUH PURS.U6R? HE'S READING THE NAMES/ THI£> THERE'* NO NAME I RECO&N1Z&. I'LL OU&T TRV ONE AT RANDOVW ^^-'^--•-- AT ^'iw'aY NEA &NVICC. mC. T. M. MO. U. 3. PMOTT. CAPTAIN EASY A Stayer BY LESLIE TURNER Just What The Doctor Ordered! After Ton Me the doctor, bring rour pre- •crlptinn to BS. Wa wiD All It exactly th« way h« woald want It. ST. FRANCIS DRUG STORE 423 West Ash DR. W. A. TAYLOR Veterinarian ST. FRANCIS DRUG Phone 3507—NHe, Z8U PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed B«at Prices ' Kirby Drug Stores 1947 CHEVROLET A beautiful 2-tone Tudor Sedan equipped with both radio and heater. 1948 CHEVROLET A good-looking black 2-door Sedan with both radio and heater. WE HAVE A NICE SELECTION OF '42 AND OLDER MODEL CARS. 1946 DODGE 154-Ton Slake Btd Truck . . . offered at a real bargain price. 1946 CHEVROLET This V4-Ton Pickup Ij a mighty good buy. See It today! 1949 STUDEBAKER ?a-Ton riekups— 1 nice truck! (or you to choose from, 1947 STUDEBAKER li-Ton Pickup ... an A-l reconditioned truck. Drive U. The above trucks are equipped with heaters—some also have radios. STUDEBAKER YEP, I RfcCKON UNCLE OLEANDER K D* CKEMN OF PA KMtlKW CROP, JW&.C! DA, COLONEL WILL W>D PIGNITY TO DA TO1M! V DAT IS, IFFEM VOO WN'T TOO/ FINICKY &BOUT fc SLIGHT H&U! 1'IA WILLING TO OVERLOOK AUYTHING WITHIN REASON! BUT IF HE'S ANOrHER JAILBIRD I WOW'THIRt — UUCLE OLY AIWT Vltfi. BEEN IM JAIL! FUDPER MORE. HE'S NO FLV-BV- NIGHT! HE ST/WEP AT PA LAST PLACE FEE. AGES MJ'DEV STILL TALKS OP WANTIM' HIM BACK! /IF YOU'LL PUT ME IU TOUCH WITH WHOEUER. HE WAS ASSOCIATED WITH, ni INQUIRE AS HIS OTHER QUMJFJ NO PKISOM RE-CORD. EH? THAT IS UNIQUE IMVOURFMWLYi AX DA MAN WHO STICKS WtTH A JOB! HUM.. LEMME HAVE Oft HERO DOC AT 0A ME HTM. HOSPITAL IU CHAT7AH00CHIE BUGS BUNNY Perfect Caddie WHECE'C> VA, GET THAT KANGAROO? TH' SILLIEST I KNOW OF T VJfV^TE VER V/fTH GUVNOf? BUT WHNT 1 * I /VA/XNPA •SHE'S ALREADY ME TH' PRICE OP A NEW COUP BA6 1 ALLEY OOP But He's IJusy Now BY V. T. HAMLIN THIS IS TH 1 DAY WE BEEN WAITIN' FOR... TH 1 LWOFTH 1 PAYOFF FOR DaWACHORFJ/AFUSS" ANGLE VOU KfJOCKOFFA GENERAL WITH .-'THAT'S GOT ME HAJ?DLY A FUSS , AN' A BIG HUNK /WORK1ED.THERE Sf ROME BELONGS TO US.' V MUST BE *• *>* EW-JTFMFNT PREVAILS ni ROMEASTHEGREA GENERAL SOAMSOCUS. (LRJREr, PROMIMENT SPORTS MAN AND POL1TICIAN.5K3N5 TO MEET ' 'EIGHTEEN 1 . 1 THE OJKRENTCHAMPION OF THE ARENA, IN A WINNER-TAKE-ALL CONTEST TO THE DEATH. SOMEWHERE IN THIS DEAL.' YDU'VEGOTf WELL.NO.NOTl THE TIME- /ENTIRELY BUT MACHINE /I'M REASONABLY FIXED? / SURE THE VIEW SCREEN WILL FUNCTIONL. .i>O WE CAN AT LEAST SEE HOW ALLEY OOP IS MAKING OUT WHILE V/E'RE FIXING TO BRING HIM BACK INTO THE TWENTIETH CENTURY' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A Lesson BY EDGAR MARTIN

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