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WEATHER Last night's low-53. day. Low tonight around 40. Friday--high, 68; low, 45. ning.

Somewhat warmer SunThursday--high, 61; low, 34. MT. VERNON REGISTER -NEWS rain Sunday afternoon or eveTEMPERATURES INCREASING cloudiness tonight and Sunday with some Noon temperature-66. High Sundoy in the 60s. Low MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION SQUARE DEAL TO ALL SPECIAL FAVORS TO NONE A NON- PARTISAN NEWSPAPER Sunday night 45.

VOLUME XXXVI NO. 39. DEATH FATHER OF 2 MURDERED BOYS DIES Anton Schuessler Succumbs During Treatment for Depression Brought on by Chicago Outrage. DEATH DUE TO A BROKEN HEART Had Closed Shop to Devote All His Time to Search for Murderers of 3 Boys. By Associated Press CHICAGO.

despairing, father, whose two young sons and a companion were brutally murdered less than a The month ago, of died Anton cause Schuessler's death was described by a physician as "apparently a heart attack." He suffered the attack, the doctor added. while being given a routine electrical shock treatment for a depressed state of mind. But police and friends of the 32-year-old father of the slain boys agreed that he died of a broken heart. Schuessler's wife, Eleanor, 37, at the news of her prostrates death in a rest home in suburban Des Plaines; sobbed: "It's all the killers' fault. They killed the boys and now they've killed Tony.

I had everything to live for and now I've got nothing." The Schuessler's only children. John, 13, and Anton 11, and their neighborhood chum, Peterson, 14, were found brutally murdered on Oct. 18 at the Robinson Woods forest preserve. The boys had disappeared from their Northwest side home on Sunday, Oct. 16 after leaving home to attend a a a a a a a a a loop movie.

Closed His Shop Schuessler went without sleep in the search for the boys. After the burial of his sons he closed his North Side tailor shop and said he would devote all his time in helping police search for the sadistic slayers. Thus far police have found no tangible clues in connection with slayings. Police have questioned some 100.000 persons and have pursued every lead. Rewards for the capture of the slayers total $33,350.

Schuessler, with Malcolm Peterson, 40, father of Robert, canvassed neighborhood taverns bowling alleys and tramped through the underbrush where the boys' bruised and naked bodies were found for possible clues. Refused To Rest Schuessler refused to give up the search despite orders by his physician to take a complete rest. Coroner Walter E. McCarron said his deputies had told him a week ago that the griefstricken Schuessler was "just fading away." He entered the private rest home on, Thursday. The wife said his nerves were "shot." Dr.

Julius Steinfeld. superintendent of the rest home. described the treatment given Schuessler as "a very normal and routine procedure." He said four doctors nearly three hours in an unsuccessful attempt to revive him. Perfect Circle Workers Reject CIO, 658 To 364 By Associated Press HAGERSTOWN, Ind. About 40 strikers have asked for their jobs back at Perfect Circle Corp.

plants in Hagerstown and Richmond. and a company spokesman said "a number of strikers" are expected to ask reinstatement Monday. The CIO United Auto Workers Union, on strike against Perfect Circle since July 25, was rejected Thursday by the piston ring firm's employes in National Labor Relations Board elections at the plant here and the two Richmond plants. The election tally showed 364 workers in favor of keeping the union, compared to 658 opposed. Dean Detweiler, manager of employe communications.

said that two strikers were put back to work Friday and that others will be given work as fast as production permits. Detweiler said no strikers have been fired "as of but he added that the company will not lay off any who have been working during the strike in order to put strikers back to work. MOUNT VERNON, ILLINOIS SENTENCE BRAZIL HAS BLOODLESS REVOLUTION Army Ousts Luz as President, Installs Ramos; Traps Rival Navy Ships in Harbor. By Associated Press RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil. All threat of opposition to Brazil's new temporary president collapsed early today.

Carlos Coimbra Da Luz, ousted temporary chief executive who took refuge Thursday night aboard the Brazilian cruiser Tamandare, ordered the vessel back into Rio De Janeiro harbor today and said it was his final official act. The air minister, Major Gen. Eduardo Gomes, who rushed to Sao Paula, Brazil's ranking industrial city, Friday to organize a last-stand resistance to the administration of the new temporary president, Nereu Ramos, ordered the air force to halt its opposition. Congress named 66-year-old' Ramos temporary president after pre-dawn coup Friday led by Gen. Henrique Teixeira Lott had toppled Luz.

Ramos thus hecame Brazil's third chief executive in four days. Thus Brazil returned to normality after a bloodless, 24-hour coup won by the army against the open but passive opposition trothe navy Bottle and Up the Fleet air force. There was no fighting. The only shots fired in anger came from the fortress at the mouth of Rio De Janeiro Harbor. It fired five or six rounds Friday morning to warn navy ships in the harbor not to make a break for the open sea.

Police lifted censorship after nearly 24 hours in which all news dispatches by cable and radio were censored. All business houses, except banks, reopened. Banks were ordered closed till Tuesday. A government statement said Luz will be permitted to land when the cruiser Tamandare returns to Rio De Janeiro, perhaps late today. It was reported some of Luz's associates who boarded the Tamandare with him would be arrested.

President Filho Retires Luz, former president of the House of Deputies, had assumed the presidency under the constitution last Tuesday when President Loao Cafe Filho took an indefinite leave of absence to recover from a heart attack. Lott's move made in an effort to thwart was, any possible attempts by military groups to keep Juscelino Kubitschek, elected president last month, from taking office in January. Lott resigned Thursday night as war minister when Luz failed to back him up in an effort to discipline an army colonel for an antiKubitschek speech. After his ouster Luz hurried aboard the cruiser Tamandare, which like most units of the fleet was in the Rio De Janeiro harbor. The navy and air force threatened for a time to support him but later agreed to accept Ramos after the big shore guns at fashionable Copacabana boomed across the entrance to the harbor to bottle up the ships.

Apparently only one ship, the Tamandare, escaped and later was reported to be off Santos, big coffee port in Sao Paula state 200 miles southwest of the capital. ILLINOIS TEMPERATURES Rockford 53 33 Moline 53 36 Peoria 56 39 Rantoul 62 41 Quincy 63 37 Springfield 62 39 Vandalia 66 38 Scott Air Base 70 44 Jefferson County Has Three Key-Club Winners In 4-H Jefferson County has three key-club winners in 1955. John R. Warren of Dix, Delores Clayton of Ina. and Elizabeth Ann Parker Texico, are the three winners of this high award.

This award is given for excellency in 4-H service and for the over-all record in 4-H club projects and leadership. John Warren is a sophomore at Centralia Junior College and has been in 4-H club work for nine years. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tom Warren of Dix.

He attended Leadership Camp this past summer and last year he had the state winning demonstration in Soil and Water servation. Elizabeth Ann Parker has been in 4-H club work for eight vears. She is a senior at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Illinois. She is a member of the Texico Top Notchers and SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1955 25c PER WEEK BY CARRIER FOR COP-KILLER CITY WORKERS IN ILLINOIS ASK FOR PAY RAISE Want First Call on Sales Tax for Substantial Hike.

By Associated Press SPRINGFIELD, Ill. A petition for higher wages for city employes was laid today on the doorstep of the Illinois Municipal League which opens its 42nd annual convention here Sunday. The request was by C. S. Groeteke, an international representative of the State, County and "We supported tax Municipal employes Unionies with a full knowledge that municipal employes are entitled to a very substantial wage raise first," Groeteke wrote, "the balance of the revenue, of course, to revert to the general fund of the treasurer for whatever the city officials may choose to use The: reference was to authority given by the 1955 Legislature to cities to raise the sales tax a half a per cent for municipal uses.

More than 1,000 municipal officials will attend the convention, which slated discussions of city sales tax administration as well as of planning and zoning, traffic law enforcement and new legislation. West Germany Starts Forming New Army Today Associated Press Germany -A new West German army was founded today. Standing under a 10-foot repplica of an Iron Cross--the- ancient symbol of German military might -Defense Minister Theodor Blank handed callup papers to the first 101 volunteers for the 500,000 man force. They were the first of the men who will be enrolled in the next three years into 12 army divisions, a tactical air force. The Germans donned their new uniforms just over five years from the time the western allies decided to rearm West Germany to bolster the Atlantic Alliance against the threat of Russian aggression.

The men taking part in today's ment of 6,000 volunteers ceremony were the initial install. ized by parliament under temporary legislation. When detailed legislation has been passed, 000 volunteers will enlisted as a permanent cadre. They will be the leaders, instructors and technicians to handle the 350.000 conscripts due to be drafted in 1956. Lots of Officers two lieutenant 18 lieuThe first volunteers.

included tenant colonels. 30 majors, 40 captains, 5 licutenants and 6 sergeants. At the stood Lt. Gen. Adolf Heusinger and Lt.

Gen. Hans Speidel. Both held the rank of lieutenant general in Hitler's Wehrmacht. Pilot Bails Out At Supersonic Speed By Associated Press LONDON The British Air Ministry says an RAF pilot is believed to have bailed out of his crippled jet fighter at supersonic speed and survived. Flying Officer Henry Molland, 22.

gave this account: He went into a dive at 40,000 feet over the North Sea off Felixstowe, England. With his speed at about 700 m.p.h--one tenth beyond the speed of sound -he was unable to pull out. SO he bailed out with his ejection His parachute opened at 10,000 feet and he landed in the sea four miles off the coast. A target-towing tug spotted Molland and rescued him. At Ipswichs suffered hospital fractures attendants of the said arm he and pelvis and two black eyes.

900 4-H YOUNGSTERS TAKE OVER KING CITY Boys And Girls From 4-H Clubs Throughout The County See Free Movie And Participate In Parade With Colorful Banners This Morning. Honors Program At High School Begins At 10:00 A. M. Over 900 Jefferson county youngsters streamed into Mt. Vernon this earned over morning a to busy receive year of activity in 4-H Club work.

The boys Retailers--are taking part in ninth annual 4-H Achieve- ment Day. The all-day events got under way at 9:00 o'clock this morning when the 4-H'ers their leaders registered in the court. house basement. As they registered they were handed 4-H tags, which served as free tickets to a full length movie at the Granada Theatre at 10 o'clock. Parade Around Square At 11:145 this morning they left the show and paraded around the public square, carrying big, colorful banners identifying the various 4-H clubs throughout the county.

Watching the parade go by from a vantage point at the northwest corner of the court R. Buford. They serving as house lawn were City Manager or Harlow Richardson and Mayor O. judges in a "Banner Contest" feature of the parade, King City Retailers to award special prizes for the parade competition. The 4-H'ers then paraded down Broadway to the Armory for a free feast, furnished by the retailers, of hot dogs, soda pop and ice cream.

by a large group of 4-H Mt. Vernon merchants, assisted took over the huge task of serv. ing the hundreds of hungry boys and girls. Honors Program Begins The climaxing highlights of the of activities--the annual Honors Program--was scheduled begin at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon in the high school auditorium. After group singing and a pledge of allegiance to the flag.

the 4-H youngsters will receive awards they have won during the year. The following awards are to be presented: AGRICULTURE Achievement Blue Award Group: John Warren, Bernard Ray Moore. Beautification of Home Grounds Blue Award Group: Mary Jane Wilson, Wilma Tinsley, Joyce Elliot, Rosetta Hoffman. Boys' Agricultural International, Harvester Curtis Co. Blue Group: Grothoff, Bernard Ray Moore.

Dairy Blue Award Group: Curtis Grothoff. Electric--Blue Award Group: John Warren, Richard Scott, Bernard Ray Moore, John Kiefer. Entomology Blue A Group: Earl Dean Highsmith, Larry Morgan. Field Crops Blue Award Group: John Warren, Bernard Ray Moore, Alfred Brookman, John Kiefer. Garden Blue Award Group: Marvin Dare, Evelyn Brookman, Roland Green, Wallie Higgins.

Leadership: John Warren, Meat Animal Blue Award Winners: Bernard Ray Moore, Jarrell Harrell. Poultry Blue Award Group: Marshall Highsmith, Gary McAdoo, Richard Scott, Mary Jane Wilson. Recreation-Rural Arts Blue Award Group: John Warren, Bill Randall. Certificates to clubs with blue award rating: Teenie Weenie, Long Prairie Ramblers. Safety Blue Award Group: Shiloh Pals, Teenie Weenie, Marlow Cardinals.

Delegates to State 4-H Junior Leadership Conference: Alfred Brookman. Curtis Grothoff. Jarrell Harrell. 1st alternate, Carlyn Duncan. 2nd alternate.

C. E. I. Trip Winner: Carlyn Duncan, county winner: Thomas McPherson, 1st alternate. Winners of Book.

"I Dare Based on Athletics, Scholarship, Leadership and Character: Frank Stewart. Joan Ann Beal, Jimmy Shields. Robin Smith. Illinois Guernsey Breeders Award (Best Project): Frank Stewart. Illinois Brown Swiss Brooders Award (Best Brown Swiss Project): Tommy Barr.

Illinois Jersey Breeders Award (Best Jersey Project): Jarrell Harrell. Holstein- Breeders Association: Jean Ann Beal. Donnie Beal, Johnny Furby, Wanda Lappin. Gordon Schultes, Marcel Miller. Delegates to Wildlife Conservation Camp: David Greer, Jarrell Harrell.

Illinois Farm Electrical Council Contest: Bill Randall. State Project Honor Members: Jean Ann Beal. Alfred Brookman. Evelyn Brookman, Gary Brown, Marshall Cross. Terry Huel Cross, Jerry W.

Davis, Gloria Jean Duncan, Mary Lee Duncan, Ronald Eller. Nancy Sue Flanagan, Roland Green. Curtis Eugene Grothoff. Jarrell Har. rell, Wally Higgins.

Bernard (Continued on Page Five) WHITE HOUSE ARRIVAL President Eisenhower waves from an open window of his automobile as it passes through the White House gate Friday an the Chef Executive arrived back home from Denver where he has been hospitalized since a Sept. 24 heart attack. Mrs. Eisenhower can bo seen beside the President. (AP Wirephoto) DISCOVER FIVE OIL POOLS AND SIX EXTENSIONS Hamilton County Gets Two Extensions; Devonian Boom On In Bond.

URBANA, oil pools and gas discovered in Illinois in October, according to John C. Frye, chief of the State Geological Survey division of the Department of Registration and Education. They are Redmon North (gas) in Edgar county, Russellville West in Lawrence county, Iuka West Marion county, Wakefield South in Richland county, Kincaid South in Christian county and Murdock in Douglas county. The discovery well of the Murdock pool is the first commercial oil well drilled in Douglas county. Drilling and production continued at a high rate during O- tober.

A total of 378 wells were completed during the month. Dr. ago, in 1945, drilling Illinois Frye pointed out that 10, years dropped to the lowest point since development in the Illinois basin got well under way in 1938. In October of 1945 only 130 wells were completed, or approximately one-third as many as in the last two years, and the trend still upward. Production showed A slight drop in October.

Daily average production was 232,000 barrels, or an estimated 7,180,000 barrels for the month. This over million barrels more than during October of 1954, and over a million and a half barreis more than in October 10 years ago. Six extensions were discovered during October, one to each of the following pools: Cooks Mills East in Coles county, Herald Consolidated in Hamilton county, Eldorado Consolidated Mitchellsville in Saline county, Ellery East. in Edwards county and Dale Consolidated in Hamilton county. New pays for the month were the McClosky limestone in the Louden pool, the Degonia sandstone in the Mitchellsville pool, and the Renault limestone in the Eldorado West pool.

of the most interesting oil field developments at present is in Bond county. In September a Devonian sandstone well was completed on the north edge of the Sorento pool with an initial priduction of 365 barrels per day. During October four more Devonian sandstone wells were completed with initial production of 324, 720, 724 and 960 barrels per days. Seven more wells are drilling and permits have been issued for half a dozen more. Legion Presents American Flag To Catholic School An impressive Veterans Day flag dedication ceremony was held at 3 p.

m. yesterday at St. Mary's parochial school. The occasion was the presentation of a now flag by the Mt. Vernon American Legion to the school.

Present at the ceremonies were the American Legion firing squad and color guard, Legion members. St. Mary's Brownie and Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and the children of St. Mary's school. Robert Wolters, quartermaster of Scout Troop 110, and an eighth grade student at the school, led the students singing the national anthem and thanked the Legion for the presentation of the flag on behalf of Father Burke and the teachers and students of St.

Mary's. Father Burke made a brief: address to the students on the meaning and significance of the flag. JURY OUT ONLY 1 HOUR, 15 MINUTES AUTOMOBILES COLLIDE; FIVE OCCUPANTS DIE Driver Goes Off Pavement, Pulls Into Path of Approaching Auto. By Associated Press VALPARAISO, Ind. A factory worker taking his two sons home from the barber shop lost control of his automobile Friday night and smashed into a station wagon, killing all five occupants of the two vehicles.

Mendel The dead Bryarly, were 40-year-old identified em- as ploye of the Continental Diamond Fiber Co. here; his two sons, James, 12, Jerry, 10; Frank D. Bloeman, 43-year-old construction worker, and Evelyn Bruhn, about 35, a nurses' aide at Porter Memorial Hospital. Deputy Sheriff Ewalt Jahnz said a witness told him that Bryarly's easthound, went off the pavement and then lurched back into the westbound lane, where it was struck broadsides by Bloeman's station wagon. Comedians In Trouble Over TV Skit Plan By Associated Press HOLLYWOOD Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis chalked up a new first today--they have been threatened with legal action on a satire they haven't even done on the air yet.

The two comics confirmed a report that a skit satirizing television's "late. late late movies" had brought them threats already although the skit will not be performed until Sunday night. The two will be on NBC-TV's Variety Hour (7 p. CST). Jerry reported that they take special precautions on the mimeo.

graphing of their scripts so that some sort of secrecy can be kept but the word gets out anyway. The skit features Dean as a movie jockey who comes in with the commercials during the show -of old movies. Jerry plays the part of Tab Yamaguchi, a Japanese movie star who makes a personal appearance on the program during the showing of his latest hit "Egg Roll Is a Many Splendored Thing." "Twentieth Century- Fox got wind of this so now the movie title has been changed to "Egg Roll Is a Many Splendored said Jerry. The change was made after A Fox lawyer wrote that the original title lampooned a current Fox movie, "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing." The skit burlesques various long -winded commercials such items as garbage disposals, vacuum cleaners and coffee. Without various segments exception, groups orepresenting dustries have asked, in legal queries, the comics' intent with regard 10 these products.

The two are already in legal difficulty with rival CBS over a recent burlesque of "The $64.000 Question." City May Act On New White Way On November 21 new white- way street lighting system for Mt. Vernon which has been studied for months by the city council may be up for final consideration lat the council meeting of NovemIber 21. The council, meeting with Illinois Co. officials this week, tentatively favored color corrected mercury vapor street lights in the downtown area and incandescent street lighting eX. tending from the fringes of the business areas to the city limits on all four principal thoroughfares.

A total of 121 mercury vapor lights are expected to he placed in the white-way system, as follows: Main street, from 7th to 15th. Broadway. from 7th to 15th. Tenth, from North to Casey. Ninth.

from North to Casey. Eleventh, from Harrison to Jordan. Jordan. from 9th to 11th, Harrison, from Johnson to 9th. The new incandescent system, with 84 lights, would extend to the city limits on Main street, Broadway, Tenth and Salem Road.

The white-way mercury vapor system would cost the city an ad'ditional $341.15 per month and the incandescent system $90.20 per month. Five Day Trial of Trigger-Happy Richard Carpenter Comes to Quick End. CARPENTER TRIED TO PROVE INSANITY Rolled on Courtroom Floor, Refused to Eat or Shave; Fights Guards After Verdict. EISENHOWER FLIES HOME FROM DENVER By Associated Press WASHINGTON President Eisenhower will open a business office early next week in downtown Gettysburg, about four miles from his country home. Announcing this today, the White House said the President -back at the White House for the weekend seven weeks in Denver hospital--probably will use the for the first time on Tuesday morning.

On Monday morning the chief executive and Mrs. Eisenhower will drive from Washington to their Gettysburg farm, where the president will convalesce further for about six weeks. The President's office in Gettysburg will be in the post office. He will take over the first floor quarters of the postmaster. By Associated Press WASHINGTON President Eisenhower took things easy today, his first full day at the Executive Mansion since returning from seven weeks in a Denver hospital.

No appointments were listed for the convalescing President, except another date with the doctors for a checkup. Plans are for the President and Mrs. Eisenhower to their Gettysburg farm Monday. Eisenis hower is expected there until around the first of the year. working gradually toward a full schedule of activities.

Eisenhower appeared 10 be feeling fine, late Friday as he rea turned Washington and a rousing civic welcome. "I am happy," the smiling President told airport greeters, "that the doctors have given me at least a parole if not a pardon, and I expect to be back at iny accustomed duties, although they say I must case my way into them and not bulldoze my way into them." That "parole if not a pardon" expression in Eisenhower's brief off-the-cuff remarks touched off more speculation about the President's, 1956 possibly plans. it meant no more than what the Chief Executive's doctors have been saying that they won't know for some weeks whether his recovery from his Sept. 24 heart attack will be complute. so.

if health is major factor in Eisenhower's thinking about whether to sook a second term, j1. doesn't seem likely he will be in a position 10 announce his intentions until his physicians decide whether the "parole" advanced to a full No Fatigue On Trip The three doctors who secompanied Eisenhower on the flight from Denver reported he suffered 110 fatigue whatsoever from the five-hour trip. The President. accompanied by Mrs. Eisenhower from Denver, radiated cheerfulness A5 the I couple stepped from their airplano to be greeted by a host of welcomers headed by Vice President Nixon.

Eisenhower's movements appeared a bit slower than usual as he left the plane but his complexion had its usual ruddiness and his manner was alert. Waves To Crowds Riding in A plasticlimousine 10 the White House. he waved time and again to the cheering thousands who lined his route to welcome him home. He spent Friday night quintly with his family including the three young grandchildren, who were waiting to greet him at the executive mansion. The White House gleamed with lights both downstairs and up and on the porticos last evening.

the way Mrs. Eisenhower likes it. Eisenhower wont to Denver Aug. for an extended workplay vacation, and it is there that he suffered his heart attack. BOMBER HITS U.S.

WARSHIP: FIVE KILLED Magazine Doesn't Explode; 200 Men Saved by Miracle. By Associated Press SAN DIEGO, Calif. Sailors brushed death said miracles saved them, when a make-believe attack a Navy bomber turned into A real and deadly crash aboard the destroyer Hopewell Friday, The Skyraider bomber struck the U. S. warship's superstructure and exploded in a sheet of flame a few feet from an ammunition magazine.

Five men were killed--three 011 the bomber and two at their work in the destroyer's office. Five others of the Hopewell crew of 200 were burned. plode. But the ammunition didn't don't know why it didn't," said Cmdr. Mark M.

Gantar, the skipper. Gantar also credited the courage of his crew and the crews of the destroyers Yarnal and Ingersoll with saving his ship. 'The other destroyers helped fight blazing gasoline from the bomber sprayed over the ship and running in streams into the ammunition magazine and engine room. Injunction Suit On House Building To Be Heard Here An injunction suit by the City of Mt. Vernon against Virgil T.

Bailey is scheduled for trial in circuit court here on November 23. The suit, filed this morning, seeks to enjoin Bailey from continuing construction of two houses in Columbia Heights. The city contends the houses are not sot back far enough from the street. City officials went to Benton this morning seeking a temporary injunction from Circuit Judge B. W.

Covaldi to restrain Bailey from continuing with the construction. No injunction was issued by Judge. Eovaldi. Bailey said that his attorney, John Wham of Centralia, talked by telephone to Judge Eovaldi this morning and told him that work on the two houses was stopped last Wednesday and assured him that no further work would be done until the injunction suit is heard. City officials said they agreed that 110 temporary injunction I be issued.

upon assurances that no further work will be done until the injunction suit is hoard. Bailey delared today that when he halted work on the houses Wednesday he assured city officials he would not start again until the case is settled. He said he was not at the hearing in Benton this morning because a notice from the city given to him stated the hour, but not. the day, of the hearing. HIROSHIMA VICTIM DIES By Associated Press HIROSHIMA, Japan A 40- year-old woman, who was slightly less than a mile from the center of the 1945 Hiroshima atom blast.

died Friday. Kyodo News Service said she was "the 15th Hiroshima citizen to succumb to atomic disease this year." By Associated Press CHICAGO The bizarre fiveday trial of cop-killer Richard Carpenter ended Friday night with a quick verdict condemning him to death in the electric chair. In an hour and 15 minutes of deliberation, a jury of eight men and four women found the 26- year-old gunman guilty of murdering detective William J. Murphy as the officer tried to arrest him for robbery Aug. 15.

After killing Murphy, 34, the trigger-happy Carpenter shot and wounded another policeman and held a terrorized family captive for 23 hours during one of Chicago's biggest manhunts. He also is charged with murdering a radio disc jockey last year. He pleaded innocent last month to murdering Richard H. Dix, 24, who was shot to death May 10, 1954, while attempting to defend woman companion from a gunman who forced his way into Dix's automobile. Carpenter, who marked his trial by staging a hunger strike, singing, rolling on the courtroom floor and fighting his guards, heard the verdict quietly and without emotion.

But he returned to his old-type behavior while he was being led from the courtroom. Despite legirons and handcuffs, he kicked and scuffled with bailiffs, until they overpowered took him away to his cell. The gunman refused to talk with newsmen after the trail. Widow "Justified" Murphy's widow said she felt "Justified" over the verdict. Carpenter's two -appointed defense attorneys immediately entered a motion for a new trial.

Hearing on the motion was set for Nov. 22. The defense never denied that Carpenter killed Murphy. Instead, it sought to have the husky dark-haired defendant set free or committed to a mental institution on the ground that he was a psychopath and not responsible for his actions at the time of the slaying. Courtroom Scenes "An Act" The prosecution contended that Carpenter's courtroom behavior was an act to convince the jury he was insane.

A state psychiatrist had examined the killer and found him 10 be psychopathic but sane in the sense of knowing the difference of right from wrong. Murphy, 34, was shot to death on a subway platform just south of Chicago's loop. He had been Two nights later Clarence Kerr seeking Carpenter for robbery. an off-duty rookie policeman attending a movie with his wife, spotted Carpenter in a neighborhood theater on the northwest side. When Kerr, 26, tried to make a pinch, Carpenter shot him and escaped.

Kerr recovered and at the trial. the theater After dashing from Carpenter barged into the nearby apartment of Leonard Powell, a 31-year-old truck driver. The gunman held Powell, his wife and their two children hostage for 23 hours. Then the Powells tricked Carpenter into letting them gO outside visit their neighwho, they said, would be bors. suspicious otherwise.

Once his family was safely outside, Powell went to a telephone and called police. Eight Pupils In Trainable Class has excelled, in Homes Improvement in recent winner of a Chicago trip for her work in five-year room improvement project. Delores Clayton has been in 4-H club work for nine years and is a junior at Southern Iillinois University in Art education. She has been the leader of the Spring Garden 4-H club for three years and has been outstanding her project work as as in her leadership. She has been a counselor at 1-1 and was a delegate at 4-H camp this past year.

These winners will all receive a special gold key from the City Service Company as as as as well as a certificate. The key-club winnors are considered of Phi Beta the fellowship honors ani Kappa in 4-H club, work. It is leadership in 4-H club work. Acting Superintendent Charles Rohlfing reported to the grade school board Thursday night that District 80's new class for trainable mentally handicapped children enrollment of eight. The eight pupils are taught by Mrs.

Mabel Taylor. 'The class at Edison school is being conducted as a part of the regular school program and school district is paying all expenses with no outside help. The board Thursday night reaffirmed its policy of limiting the class to children residing in the school district. The district has no connection with any fund drives to aid the handicapped and will not receive funds from. same, it was emphasized.

In other action the board approved monthly bills, including salaries, amounting to $55,244.34 and hired I. E. Berry as a janitor,.

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